Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 9th

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12:00 AM BBT – 1:18 AM BBT live feeds down for POV
1:18 AM BBT Kevin and Will are talking in the HOH room about Kevin winning POV. Ika comes in to get her makeup in case she gets called into the DR. Dillon and Bruno talk about not pushing people. Kevin thinks that keeping Dillon is good for his and Will’s game. They want Emily gone. Sindy joins Dillon and Bruno and they talk about how Sindy was feeling about Dillon. Sindy tells Dillon about how Jackie is talking about Sindy behind her back. Dillon believes he is wanted out of the house and that he’s been a target since week 1.
1:30 AM BBT Dillon is sent to the Diary Room. Bruno and Sindy want Dillon to stay. Jackie comes in and talks about her tranquil spray. They all goof around and then Big Brother says good night to all the houseguests. Sindy wants Jackie gone. Ika and Demetres talk about getting Jackie out of the house. Ika closes a lid to a container. Demetres, Bruno, and Ika joke around while eating. Bruno and Kevin talk about how Ika is using them for her game. Kevin and Bruno eat a snack before going to bed.
1:45 AM BBT Demetres eats apple slices. Ika jokes with Demetres and he runs after her. Kevin and Bruno talk about how they need to talk game talk some time soon. Dre comes in and talks in French to Will. Will responds in French. Kevin cleans up his food, and leaves. Will and Dre talk about Kevin and talk more in French. Dillon tells Jackie to not campaign against him and to campaign for herself. Dillon tells Jackie that he won’t be campaigning against her. He tells her he wants her to stay. Big Brother says good night to all hgs. Dillon and Jackie Dillon and Jackie talk about going to sleep. Dillon asks Kevin if he’s sleeping in the HH room. Kev says that he is sleeping in the HOH Room. Ika brushes her teeth in the bathroom. Demetres applies Vaseline.
8:00 AM BBT The HGs are asleep
8:15 Am BBT The HGs continue to sleep. Lights appear to be turning on and then the feeds drop.
8:30 AM BBT The Feeds are down. The HGs are now up. Dem and Jackie are showering. Karen is laying on the bench in the WR and Ika is playing with her hair. Karen is wondering if she has edges and Ika assures her she does.
8:45 AM BBT In the BR, Cindy, Dem and Dre are talking about William and Dillon kissing in the house last night. William and Kevin are in the HoH bed; William is playing with Kevin’s hair.
9:00 AM BBT Make-up application is happening in the WR. In the BR, Sindy and Dre are talking to Emily about her relationship with Dillon. Emily is looking to take a shower, but she is being told by Ika that there’s not much hot water; she should give it about an hour. Bruno, Dem and Karen are in the Kitchen. Karen says she was hoping the boys were in the kitchen making everyone pancakes. Bruno says he knows how to make them with a recipe; he makes them for the kids all the time. Dem is going to ask BB for a new dish washing sponge and some pitas.
9:15 AM BBT The HGs continue to get ready to start the day. It’s shower, make-up and breakfast time. Dillon and Bruno are hoping it is a sunny day; Bruno wants to tan. Bruno and Dillon say that their brains haven’t woken up yet; it is a slow start to the day. Neda and Ika are talking about car dealerships and Ika’s job. Sindy is doing yoga in the BR. In the Kitchen, they are talking about having kids. Dem says his kids will be little shitheads. Bruno says that when his kids are bad, his mother says that it is payback from him growing up. He says that the personalities of his kids are very different. He says they have drawn on the walls and an expensive couch they have.
9:30 AM BBT Neda, Ika and Karen are talking about Adele and how nice he is. Ika clarified how “Wake-Up Canada” came about. She says that Adele used to say “get up Canada” and Jon threw in the “Wake up”. Ika and Neda are whispering in the WR. They are talking how some of the HGs want Ika and Neda to turn against each other in order to split them up.
9:45 AM BBT Ika and Neda are talking about how Sindy messed up Ika in real life and she is doing it here again in the game. Ika is telling a story about when she passed out on the floor in the BB BR and Dem picked her up and put her to bed. Sindy complained that she couldn’t stay in the BR as Dem fed Ika food in bed.Dillon and Emily are talking about teas in the kitchen. Emily decides to rest her head on Dillon. They are cuddling.
10:00AM BBT Ika said I was scared to tell you neda   Neda and Ika are in the WR area Karen said i should have at least got 6 Karen said if i could have watched the video i would have been okay Karen said i like doing whatever challenge there is Karen said i rather drink oil again Karen said i would rather take cold water compared to rocks flying Karen said omg i am hot right now Karen said i don’t know what’s going on Karen said i love orange soda Karen said i am going to make more coffee Karen said she uses a lot of ice
10:15 AM BBT Karen wants a wet mop Dre asked if there is ice that’s already Ika is explaining to Demetres how to use her makeup Emily said i am going to jump and Dillon said i saw you jump Emily said she couldn’t spell yesterday Emily said if they gave us paint Emily said her mom was really good at art Emily said i had a nose bleed last night Bruno asked if it was a bad one Emily said do you want to try on one of my pinky rings to bruno Bruno said Emily you have tiny hands
10:30 AM BBT Emily said can i feel it to Bruno Emily said i am getting hyper and it’s not good Emily said you can’t touch it i have to feed it to you Dillon Emily and Dillon are cuddling Emily said what else is new guys Emily said i heard Menopause is the worst time Bruno and kevin and Sindy are chatting Bruno said i am definitely closer to you Kevin Bruno said i think William is the glue because dre and jackie don’t like each other Bruno said that nobody sees him as a threat Bruno was talking about karen Bruno said do we think we are on bored with what we is going on
10:45 AM BBT Dre and William are talking french Bruno said if Jackie goes over there we have a problem Bruno said if she goes over there we are in trouble Bruno Said if Dre wins we are in trouble Bruno said it’s scary Karen has no targets she wants to stay to the end Bruno said our hands are full Bruno said Dillon doesn’t like Ika and Demetres and he is pissed at William and Dre Bruno said he is so much better than we thought Emily thinks that she is staying Bruno said as long Bruno said i am watching William with all the challenges Kevin said i think William is feeling safer with you to Bruno.   Bruno said Demetres and Ika right now are pairing
11:00 AM BBT Bruno said i don’t want to sit besides you on the block to kevin bruno said if william thinks we are close Dillon said if Jackie or Dillon winning is huge if she takes them out Bruno said Demetres is scaring at the end Karen said Sindy loves Ika Bruno said Sindy is a swing vote Bruno said we need neda to get fired up kevin said we have to fight for numbers for us to stay Bruno said worse case Dre Bruno said i don’t know if karen likes Sindy bruno said right now if i win i will put up them up Bruno said when sindy said he trust us then Dre said he trust us Bruno said i try not to talk in the shower they can hear what i say Bruno said i like ika and i can see what she is doing it’s not a good game Bruno said William and Dre trust me and that’s not good
11:15 AM BBT Dre and William are talking French Dre is eating peanuts Bruno said it’s going to be tricky Bruno said winning the HOH this week is going to be big Bruno said neda is a player Kevin said if we go to the final 3 together i will take you Kevin said Ika and Demetres could have flipped Bruno said Cassandra was not coming for me Kevin said there is a lot in stake this week Bruno said i know it was 1 of us on the block if the veto was not used and Jackie said i feel like if Dre was not here than william would be closer to us Jackie said we need Sindy to stay Jackie said what kind of comp do you think it’s going to be Jackie said what is best for our game Jackie feels that Emily talks more game
11:30 AM BBT Jackie said i don’t know if people are going to try to go for neda for that for the immunity Jackie said i am happy that i have you guys Kevin said Dillon and Emily are pissed Jackie said i am Nerves Karen said i wonder when is Gary coming i wanted to play with gary Dre Karen Demetres Neda And ika are in the WR area Karen said that was the look that came in the house Neda said i was shaking Karen said oh my god that these people can’t be real Karen said bruce is like you know Karen said i tan darker than ika karen said i get so black karen said this is so pasty karen said i have olive skin Karen is asking is the backyard opened Karen said i wonder if we are going to get something for Easter
11:45 AM BBT Kevin is talking about the days to Jackie. Ika said I am so happy that Karen is here. Karen said it’s going to be like how am i going to be able to let this down they asked if Bruce is going to fly finally Dre said i think you would appreciate that if you see you’re family
Karen said i don’t want you to fly 10 hours for 5mins Karen said i feel shaky Dillon said the house wants to break me up or get me out Bruno said it’s not good for me either i want you both in this house Karen said i don’t know if they used them all
12:00 PM BBT Ika helping Dre in contouring her face in the bathroom. They believe Bruno is a nice spot in playing all sides, but they don’t trust him. Dre believes that Dillon is the best one to go. Dre likes Emily. They believe everyone wants to keep Dillon because he will work for them. Ika thinks Sindy is playing the game harder than anyone else. They will get along with her now….until it’s time to cut her. Dillon is lying on the downstairs couch and Emily is lying across the back of the couch. They are saying Emily should go and talk to him…not that she will change his mind, but to let him know that it’s a wrong thing to do. Dillion whispers that she makes him think of wild things to go. He talks about under the covers and Emily says she is running late and has to go. She joins in with them in the kitchen where Karen, Jackie, and Dem are. They talk on how Karen will not be able to tolerate the cave and on slop especially depending upon who was in the cave with her. Karen and Emily like to hang out in the pantry. They say they like Kevin…he has to go. They are not sure if Bruno sees on how much he lies.

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 9th

12:15 PM BBT Kevin and Dillon talking in Blue Room. Kevin says that he could not use the veto on him because Bruno will go up and that would mean Emily will go home; Dillon does not want that. Kevin says that there are ppl in the house that wants Dillon to stay though. Kevin talks about how much closer Dillon is to his family and to get back to her 4-year old niece.
BB makes the ANNOUNCEMENT: This is a 15-minute warning. The house will be off limits; all HGs are to make their way into the BY.
Dillon says being evicted is almost a blessing; this house is hard. He refers to the game as meaning only a couple thousand dollars and not millions! It’s amazing on what some ppl will do for a little bit of money. Neda came in to get a jacket since she’s always cold and lets them know the BY is still not open. Two of the feed cameras go down. Karen is in the HOH Rm talking to William. She is saying the strong, man-beast must go. Emily will be weakened if Dillon is gone. William says he is still thinking about it. They agree people are telling him what he wants to hear. Karen thinks she can influence Emily more than Jackie. Karen says that they think she is with no side. That is why they feed her information and for William not to rat her out. Karen makes it clear that she wants Dillon out. There are 3 big guys on the other side and need to eliminate one. Karen leave HOH Rm. Karen comes into bathroom and shows them how she bumped into the doorway bruising her upper arm. Dre and Ika is whispering until Sindy comes out to the bathroom. Because Sindy feels like today is Easter Sunday, she dressing up. All camera angles are back on. Neda and Dillon are in the pantry taking gummy and other vitamins. Sindy and Jackie comes in for ice and other foods in preparation of being in the BY soon.
12:30 PM BBT Dre and Ika still messing with their make-up while talking between themselves. Emily is applying make-up off by herself. Kevin is in Blue BR talking to Bruno. Bruno believes that Dillon would rather give up than lose. He says he wants out rather than the risk of being voted out. They laugh at how he will be staying…there is no need for him to lay down his life Emily. Bruno also says being in BY may be in preparation of some Easter thing. They prepare to be out in the BY possibly for some time. Kevin joins William in the HOH Rm for some hugging and kissing across the bed. They also believe this could be something for Easter–Easter supper they would love! Most HGs have made their way downstairs; the BY is still not open. Neda chuckle that Bruno came down ready…they need to have bags packed ready with bathing suit and towel just so they can grab and run. They all think it’s an Easter surprise! They laugh at how big of a container BB gave them of chili flakes! Bruno brings items out from the pantry to prepare a sandwich.
12:45 PM BBT They are awaiting the BY to open. Dre and Ika were still in the bathroom. Dre goes to talk to William in HOH Rm. She also agrees with Karen that Dillon will be the best choice to go. If Bruno feels like he can pull Dillon into their group…knowing Bruno is playing both sides…it’s not a good thing. They believe Bruno is also in a group with Sindy and Kevin as well.
BB ANNOUNCES the house is now off limits and for everyone to go to the BY. Many choose to go into the hot tub area. Dre and William continue to talk in HOH Rm. Dre does not feel Dillon is go for them (Dre and William) and not good for the 4 (including Karen and Ika). BB reminds them again the house is off limits and the scramble out. Ika runs back to pee. William grabs food on the way out…Ika makes her way outside, too.
Dem tells Ika off in the pool area that Dillon and Emily made out last night. Dem laughs on how this morning they made the comment of being the first showmance even though they (Dem and Ika) think that they have not really hidden their attraction. Ika chuckles saying that it’s so gross if Dillon and Emily made out. They talk more about their (Dillon and Emily) relationship more and whisper something about Dillon’s girl back home. In the HT area, Karen says the flies are back. Jackie talks about the study she did about the offsprings of different types of flies. Neda states how she (Jackie) knows all about flies but never learned about how to do her taxes.
1:00 PM BBT Jackie, Sindy, Neda, Karen, and now Dillon join into the discussion of breast implants. Jackie says that now lying on the back she sees something black going back and forth. This has happened since the one comp of getting something in her eye. They say she should tell BB and get it checked out especially since she recently have been having headaches centralized behind her eye. In the pool area, Ika tells Dem that Bruno sketches her out. All feeds go out at 1:02 PM…feed comes back at 1:08 with Dre taking to Ika and Dem. Ika trusts Dre but not the feeling of Karen will ruin her. Ika says Karen can not ruin anyone. Dre goes through everyone on who all does not like Emily. They speculate on what each hg might do if they won. The girls in the hot tub area talk about restaurants. Sindy talks about how people eat every 45 minutes going on a cruise. Sindy mentions that all large ships also have a morgue on board…some people choose to die out at sea and others fall ill all of a sudden so they have provisions for that.
1:45 PM BBT All feeds went down at 1:15 PM and remain down now. Thirty minutes prior to the feeds going down, BB sequestered all HGs to the BY. They had no idea why, but speculated it would be something Easter related. (They believe today is Easter Sunday.) Feeds were back at 1:52 PM. It appears as if they are having a birthday party…party hats, table decorations, favors. Bruno is sniffling as if he was crying. He leans over to reread a card. Sindy says they should have sung “Happy Birthday” before cutting into the cakes. There was a candle in all 3 cakes. Everyone is eating the variety of cakes. Bruno is looking over the things that his kids made and sent him. Karen and Sindy give him a hug. They’re celebrating Dre’s and Sindy’s birthdays as well. Sindy has a couple of mylar balloons and asks BB if she can keep them.
2:00 PM BBT Karen said did you try Sindy’s it is so good Bruno please go to the DR Karen is talking about birthday candles karen said your hat matches your numbers They asked Sindy what did you go do last year for your birthday Dre said i don’t do anything ever for my birthday Dre said i like celebrating other people’s birthdays Dillon is crying Dillon said he is thinking about his girl Emily is with Dillon Emily asked Dillon does your daughter understand where you are at Dillon gives Emily a hug Dillon said i thought i felt love before emily said i wish i could see pictures of her
2:15PM BBT Karen said it’s beautiful cakes and balloons Emily said i will know how you feel it’s crazy Emily asked if you want one Emily said pretty Sindy said where is Bruno Demetres said my french is awful Karen said to dre you are adding on to your sisters painting Dre said look Dre said i am telling her i am just adding a little details Karen said i need to put stars on my bottle Emily said do you think they will let you hang on to them in the house Karen said oh look i have many stars on it Emily said pick a number Neda said every night i have had the most awful dreams in the house Karen said is there a machine that makes these things
2:30 PM BBT Karen is talking about other people birthday Dre said i am happy that she is washing me i didn’t think she would be watching me Ika said to dre i am so happy that you are here Dre said to Ika do you think that we can keep it Dre said i am so happy i didn’t think that my family would remember my birthday Dre said i am happy for myself Demetris said it was hard to watch Bruno because he was tearing up Dre said i am so happy that my sister actually did something Dre said at least my eyebrows are 100% ika said 26 was so old to me ika said everybody in there 20’s are still young Dillon and Emily are outside Dillon said i have been missing her but now its physical hurting Dillon said she is so pretty Kevin please go to the DR Bruno asked how the cake was Demetres said i want to see a seahawks game you guys Kevin and Karen went to the DR Dillon said do you have to give the thing back to Bruno
2:45 PM BBT Dre and Ika are in the HOH room they are listening Dre and Ika are dancing Bruno said hopefully the next win will have images of my kids Bruno said i can’t believe
Bruno was talking about his Childrens teachers and his children’s day care watch the big brother show so they know what’s going on Bruno asked if Karen and Kevin if they are still in the DR Demetres said screw it i am not putting on pants today the Backyard is now off limits
3:00 PM BBT Bruno said it’s so crazy Bruno asked if you got 3 Sindy’s said my brother was so busy Sindy said her roommate watches the live feeds Karen and William are cleaning up Demetres asked if the backyard was open Kevin said no more birthday William is helping Jackie Demetres said Hey big brother can you open the garage door a little more so we can go outside Emily said i am just preparing stuff i am not that hungry right now she is preparing tofu stir fry
3:15 PM BBT Kevin and Demetres is outside in the backyard playing pool ika said people see you as a parent and they judge you Bruno said that’s so funny i love it Emily said here catch to dillon dillon said that’s all i wanted Dillon is cutting a pepper Ika said we talk about everything but sometimes i will go thru it Bruno said it’s good that you have a relationship with your son bruno said i got to bring you shopping with my kids Kevin said i want to see what happens after the POV ceremony Kevin said that Emily is a good competitor Demetrie said i will give my pitch to william Kevin said let’s finish this game off it was a weak show by me
3:30 PM BBT Kevin said that William is pretty good competitor Kevin said it sounds pretty weird about the jury Demetres said i am going to take a little snooze Demetres said that Dillon knows that we are not dumb Kevin said ugh big brother it’s so hard not to sleep in here please wake up nap time is over Demetres said they opened the backyard again Demetres asked what are you making Kevin is playing pool by himself Jackie is taking a nap in the Backyard Emily is in the kitchen Emily said she is sad that the birthday party is over Emily said to Kevin so you are not using the Veto than Emily said i am not that really hungry Emily said i really don’t know what i am doing can you tell
3:45PM BBT Karen said the cake was so good Dre said after the club you always Demetres is talking about a piece of lettuce that he dropped Emily said i really don’t know the difference between olive oil and vegetable oil Emily said i hope this is working and frying it and not making it soggy Emily said that this week is going to be hard Emily said sometimes i think we don’t have much common with anybody Kevin said that the birthday party was just so sad Kevin said it is good to get the emotion out Kevin said we need hair cute Kevin was asking about do you think it is a double eviction and was talking about the Jury Bruno said the cupcakes are all mine since i put my nose in them Emily asked if you had cake he said he didn’t have none Emily asked if you had to give you’re thing back Bruno said he is not going to give it back Bruno said i don’t know if Kevin went to change or work out Bruno said you its soft for the marshello because it’s out Emily said i don’t know how this is going to taste Bruno said i am going to make another sandwich Emily said i miss Cassandra a lot
4:00 PM BBT a casual day on the house. Not much happening. Everyone is board. Karen, Sidney, and Demetres are in the bedroom chatting. Neda made lunch.
4:15 PM BBT William and Kevin are in the HOH room. Demetres and Ika chatting in the washroom. Ika and Demetres want Dillon out of the game. Ika says that her and Demetres are playing both sides. If Ika was HOH, she wants Dre, Jessica, and Karen out in that order. Neda hates Sidney according to Ika because of something that happened in season 3. Demetres said it was stressful.
4:30 PM BBT Bruno, Ika, and Demetres are speculating it might be a double eviction this week. Neda, Karen and Dillon are in the kitchen. Dillon is doing dishes and Neda and Karen are cooking dinner. Karen was wondering why people were missing. Thinks it’s part of a competition. Bruno asked where’s William? Neda said that William was called to the DR. Neda and Bruno are in the bedroom. They are hatching a game plan. They are figuring out if it’s a double eviction or 2 people in one week. Neda hopes there is a knockout competition. Neda said that she wants Sidney to keep thinking she’s not leaving and then blindside her.
4:45 PM BBT Neda wants to work with Ika, but if she continues to be mean, she will be next to go after Dre. Bruno and Neda are going after Emily and not Dillon. They want to keep Dillon close for votes. Neda is happy that he got a letter from his kids. Bruno said he is happy too. Neda is going through all the alliances in the house. Neda said that if she wins too many competition before her immunity is up will put a target on her back. She also called herself a game bot. Emily was given french lessons from William.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 9th

5:00 PM BBT Karen said she’s retiring to the couch to take a nap. Emily and Dillon are chilling in the bedroom. Dillion got up and went in the washroom to rest. Dillon stole something from Emily and they both enjoyed it.
5:15 PM BBT Emily and Dillon are talking in their own language. Emily is going to change. It’s Bruno’s Birthday. Ika and Kevin said that it is different in the house without Gary. Kevin is getting a cup of coffee.
5:30 PM BBT Sindy told Bruno that Ika has had her back to her and was totally ignoring her earlier as if she has done something wrong. Sindy tells Bruno It’s frustrating because Ika and I were really close at the beginning. I know Demetres replaced me. Sindy tells Bruno, My discussions with her (Ika) aren’t discussions anymore. It’s more her telling me how things are going . Sindy- I don’t feel I have a #1. Bruno- Sindy, don’t even talk like that. You are looking at one right here. Sindy to Bruno- I never have to question you. I understand everyone has their own agenda but we still have 7 other people . Sindy- I think I just need him (Kevin) to talk more. Bruno- She (Ika) knows he is closer to us and she wants him out . Bruno- I think Ika and Neda are already starting to butt heads a bit. Sindy- They have always cause they both want to be the leader. Bruno to Sindy- Game wise, Dillon needs to be in this house. As long as he is here, we are all behind him.
5:45 PM BBT. Sindy is alone in the hot tub area trying to calm down. Karen is cleaning the kitchen counter. Kevin and Karen are talking about art and what they could do for Emily’s birthday party. Karen, Kevin, and William are making art. Bruno is going to make nachos tonight. Ika and Neda are in the bathroom discussing who to vote out this week.
Ika tells Neda, I was on board with getting rid of Emily but that’s not what William wants to do. Neda- It’s not like he (William) has a vote anyway. Ika- I would not vote out Emily if he didn’t want me to. Demetres tells Neda, If Will says he wants so and so out, I will vote so and so out. It is his HoH. Neda- Jackie and Emily are going to be two people now that are coming after you. Ika- So is Jackie, Dillon and Emily. Neda- Isn’t the sneakier person, Emily scarier? Ika- I am not disagreeing. We pushed that to him, William. Ika tells Neda, Why am I doing all the fucking work? Kevin should go do it. If you guys want this done, let Kevin go do it . Neda- You know I’m going after Dre and William. Ika- Dre and William is not even talking about you. Neda- Because they can’t. Ika- I’m not going to screw William on his HoH after he kept our alliance safe. Neda- That’s fine. Ika to Neda- If we do that, we are going to have Dre angry at us, William angry at us, and Jackie and Dillon. Everybody else is safe.
6:00 PM BBT While Kevin, Bruno, and William are doing Arts & Crafts, Karen says that she’s really not into Arts & Crafts, and prefers eating instead. In the bathroom, Ika and Neda are working on Demetres’s hair. Neda says that she probably screwed it up. Ika puts on too much gel, so she spreads it out. While they’re doing his hair, Ika and Neda say that they need Sabrina in there. Back in the dining room, Karen is making her initials, KS. As Ika is doing Demetres’s hair, they’re talking game while Neda’s using the toilet. When Neda comes back, Ika and Neda tells Demetres how his hair should be.
6:15 PM BBT After a while, Demetres gets dressed in the pink room, and the others in the dining room finish up their Arts & Crafts projects. In the bathroom, Demetres says that he needs to look in the mirror, so he can emulate the haircut later. He then does a runway walk. The feeds cut at 6:28pm.
6:30 PM BBT The feeds have been down for 2 minutes (since 6:28pm). The feeds return at 6:34pm. Ika and Neda are hanging out downstairs. Ika calls Demetres downstairs. As he walks down, so does Dillon. They cheer for Demetres, so Dillon asks “What am I? Chopped liver?’ Ika laughs and presents Dillon. William shows his artwork to Ika, explaining what it is, and Ika says that it’s very dark art. Dre and Demetres are chatting in the dining room. Dre compliments his hair, asking if he now feels like a strong black woman. In the bathroom, Karen is relaxing, chatting with Bruno. She says that during the day, you can feel so tired, but at night be wide awake. Bruno says yep.
6:45 PM BBT Bruno talks about his family and how they’re superfans. Bruno tells Karen that people who she’d never thought would watch the feeds, are actually watching. In the blue room, Neda is talking to Bruno and Kevin about game. Neda says that they don’t have numbers, and asks how to change this, and says that they can’t just give up. Bruno says that he can talk to Sindy. Bruno suggests some scenarios. Neda says that Karen, Dre, and William are going to do what they want to do. Neda says that they can’t say anything negative about Ika and Demetres, ‘cause then it’ll just get back to them. Bruno says he’s pissed that Dillon’s just given up, saying that that’s what Greg did in his season.
7:00 PM BBT Bruno says that Dillon has been sleeping a lot. Jackie asks Bruno what happened on Day 24. A while later, Jackie wonders if Cass said anything to the other houseguests, to make them mad at her. Bruno asks her if Dillon should stay or go. Jackie goes over the pros and cons of Dillon and Emily. Bruno says that he’s pissed, ‘cause he almost had it.
7:15 PM BBT In the HoH, Karen is talking to Ika. They say that Dillon’s not a liar. She says that he said “why be in an alliance if you’re not going to stick to it.” Ika tells Karen that she (Karen) needs to win HoH next week. She then leaves HoH. After a while, Dre says that Jackie “is in Neda’s butt.” Dre is called to the DR. Karen and Emily are talking in the hot tub area. Karen says that people are suspecting that they’re working together. Karen says that once it gets to 7 houseguests, people need to start playing individually.
7:30 PM BBT Bruno and Dillon are talking game in the backyard. Bruno says that Ika and Demetres wanted him gone since Week 1. Bruno says that he needs to look at the bigger picture. Dillon says that he’s looking forward to seeing his family on Friday. Bruno says that he shouldn’t be looking forward to that. In the hot tub area, Karen asks Emily if Jackie is with French Connection. Emily says that she doesn’t know, but sees her with William a lot. After Dillon comes into the hot tub area, and asks Karen to vote for her (Emily) to stay. Karen says that she 100% will, if he wants her to. In the blue room, Neda says that it’s going to be a Days comp if it’s a double eviction next.
7:45 PM BBT In the hot tub area, Karen wonders why a HG voted a certain way last week. She wonders why Dre got 7, and he (Dillon) got 5. Dillon says he doesn’t know. Karen says that everyone “crawls up your butt,” but then once the PoV ceremony is over, they leave you alone. Dillon tells Karen that he wants to go home, saying that he cries everytime he wakes up, saying that he goes everywhere with his family. Dillon says that he wants to walk out with his head held high and his integrity intact, saying that the money doesn’t matter. Dillon says that he doesn’t want to stay if Emily is going. Emily is still in the hot tub area, hearing this.
8:00 PM BBT – Ika, William and Dre in HOH suite. Dre is giving William some tips on how to deal with the backlash of his noms and how to pull in the person who doesn’t go home. She thinks they’ll be more pissed at Kevin and Bruno for not saving them. Dre thinks Canada would be super happy to see Bruno out the door. Ika asks about Sindy. Dre says 100% Bruno. She says I know you think I’m pulling things out of my ass but I’m great at observing people. Ika says if Kevin pulls someone off the block, Will should say, “Jackie…. you stay right here, Bruno sit your ass on the block” Ika says it’s great TV. Dre says she will hang herself if she leaves before Bruno and Kevin. Dre says they need to start making moves or they’ll get picked off. She says she can’t speak to a Neda because Neda can tell she’s lying. Dre says she doesn’t care about who gets the credit but she doesn’t want the other side controlling everything. Ika says we hear you but William has to decide. William says he doesn’t want the blood of putting Bruno on the block. They are really working on him but you can tell by Williams body language he’s very averse to the idea. But Dre is right/ they’re really doing the Core 4’s bidding since Dillon and Emily were just on the outside of the group anyway.
8:15 PM BBT Dre says she needs to talk to Dillon about thre plan without revealing details so he can’t spill much to the Core 4. Ika says Will has to seductively convince Kevin to use the Veto . And Kevin will love it because he can go back to Dillon and Em and take credit for saving both of them. Then they turn around and chop Bruno. Ika and Dre says they really need to work everything out tonight because he POV is tomrrow and could be early. William seems very hesitant to make such a ballsy move. He probably doesn’t also want to screw Kevin.
8:30 PM BBT William and Ika both tell Dre she should make this huge move on HER HOH. Ika says she’s call a truce with Jackie to attack that side. Dre says she hates you. She doesn’t want to work with you. William says he will talk to Kevin. They all go downstairs to eat. Everyone except Bruno and Kevin are in KT playing a gross game of would you rather. Karen is cleaning up the stove area.
8:45 PM BBT Ika and Demetres talking in pool area while Ika is working out. Demetres told Ika that Dillon offered Kevin $2500 for the Veto. They are tired of being in the middle and think it’s going to affect their game. Ika says she’s voting with them but not helping them anymore because they’re selfish. The core 4 want Emily gone and Neda have Ika and Demetres a death glare when she found out they were voting Dillon. Kevin comes up and Ika tells him she’s going to vote the way William wants. She says she’s not burning bridges just to help them out. She says they’re all safe and they should be okay with that. Bruno comes over. Ika says Neda is ungrateful . They already pushed him to put off whoever they wanted and now she wants them to stick their necks out and go against William.Ika says all six are safe and Neda still not happy. Bruno says Ika’s request is fair. Neda worried about 1 person coming after her so wants them to stick their neck out and have 4 people after them.
9:00 PM BBT Ika says they can’t get big egos. Kevin says they should stay humble / they are helping each other and he’s so grateful that he hasn’t been nominated for 5 weeks. Kevin and Bruno leave, and Demetres tells Ika she handled herself well. They talk about how annoying the Core 4 are. Demetres says about Neda “you don’t get your own way this time, princess” and after she gets half the game handed to her. He says that’s bogus. Ok says she’s boring and dry. Ika says at least Gary and Cass were entertaining. Dem talks about it potentially blowing up on them later (working both sides) Ika says they can’t really because from the Core 4’s perspective they’re doing exactly what they said they would. She said the only thing that would end badly would be if Dre found out they were with the 4. Feeds to Neda with Bruno and Kevin. Bruno dishing to Neda about what Ika said, Neda says she really doesn’t think Ika put in much work.
9:15 PM BBT Emily and Dillon outside playing pool. Very little talking happening. All other feeds are down. They finish and Bruno comes out and they talk on the loungers. Emily says she’s worried because noones come to speak with her. As soon as Bruno leaves to get changed, Emily and Sillon say how sketchy he is. Feeds to Kevin, Bruno and Sindy and Neda near the hot tub. Sindy talking about the mistakes people make when taking and choosing photos. Someone mentions the full moon and we get a rare glimpse of the top of the wall of the BY.
9:30 PM BBT Demetres saying his dad had a pizza restaurant and 2 family oriented mom and pop restaurants but sold them all after lots of violence. People pulling knives on him for a pizza. Karen, Dre and Ika in bedroom. Karen says will needs to get rid of Kevin because he’s trying to manipulate him. Karen tells Dre that Kevin told Dillon he can’t use the Veto on him because he’d put up Bruno. Dre says what??? Will would put up Jackie. Dillon doesn’t want to make a move becaus if he stays he feels like it’s at the risk of Emily’s game. Ika says we need to get Kevin out. Karen says Sindy is done. She says Sindys the mole who has been feeding info back to Neda. Karen says they should put up Kevin and Sindy. Karen says Kevin thinks he’s jplaying the best social game ever. Karen says once Dillons gone they can work on Emily. Jackie would put up Ika and Demetres, or Dre and Karen. Karen says “they” want Neda and Bruno to win. Dre “Jackie is inside Neda’s ass”. Ika says we have the numbers if we win HOH. If one of them win HOH, one of us is leaving. They says they have to stay strong and send out Dillon.
9:45 PM BBT Dre says she’s gonna cry. Karen telling her that Will is being played on tv. She calls Kevin a puke. Dre says William really does like Kevin. Dre says Kevin needs to continue believing that William is wrapped around his finger. As Sindy walks in, Karen seamlessly transitions the talking to Epsom salts. She leaves right away. Dre says Kevin’s not going to win HOH at this point because he feels so secure. Ika says next week is a double so it’ll be scary. She says depending on who wins out of the 4 will come after ika/ Dre/ Demetres. Karen says Emily has been hiding info from her side. Feeds to WC with Neda/Sindy/Emily. Nedas brushing her teeth and Sindy is flossing and asking BB for baby wipes. Neda calls her the house spokesperson. Emily asks what they’re thinking about this week. Sindy says she honestly doesn’t know. Emily’s like really…? Did you know Dillon wants to go home because he misses his family.Emily says she thinks he didn’t know it’d be this hard.
10:00 PM BBT Emily says that BB should’ve given them makeup remover. Sindy says that they probably gave them baby wipes ‘cause they’re cheaper. Bruno and Dillon are talking game in the backyard. Bruno says that this is a shitty situation. Dillon says that he knows that he’s going home. Buno says that he wants him to stay this week. Dillon says that he feels that if Emily stays, she’ll have a clean slate. Bruno says that Emily will need her more than ever. Upstairs, Ika and Emily are talking game. Ika says that it would be in her best interest to talk to Dre and William.
10:15 PM BBT Emily says that she’d put up Kevin if she wins HoH. Dillon and Kevin are chatting game in the kitchen. Kevin says that if there was a twist, that’d be nice, to be the replacement nominee. Big Brother gives a 3-minute warning, that the backyard wil be closed in 3 minutes. Sindy and Neda are chatting in the blue room. Sindy is stressing out. Jackie enters. Sindy leaves after talking to Neda. Jackie and Neda talk. Neda tells Jackie that Dillon wants to be voted out. Neda asks if Dillon would be mad if he stayed. Jackie says that they’d end up being targets. William and Dre are talking in the HoH. Dre says that William needs to be careful bcz he is being manipulated. She says that she loves humans that the two of them goes so far and it hurts to see how the house treats him. And he hopes to win and that Emily doesn’t want her to spill any info.
10:30 PM BBT In the bathroom, Neda whispers something to Kevin, but she doesn’t have her mic on because she’s taking off her face mask. Neda says to Kevin to keep telling Dillon that they’re keeping Emily. In HoH, Dre says that if things work the way it should, then it would be great. Dre says to him TO kiss ass as long as possible to get as far as possible. And that everyone thinks that William is a toy! She says she hates to lie but if something happens that the blame has to go toward Bruno and Kevin. Demetres and Dillon are chatting in the kitchen. Demetres says that it’s a tight spot to be in. Demetres asks Dillon if he wants to stay. Dillon says no. Dillon says that if he had his way, there would be a twist where they both stay, or he comes right back in after being evicted. Demetres jokes that they’ve been expecting a double eviction every week, this says that the next one HAS to be it!
10:45 PM BBT Demetres asks if he’s going to campaign against Emily. Dillon says that he’s not that type of person. Upstairs, Ika tells Emily that people want her out of this house. Dre joins to convo. Emily gives Dre a scenario where Kevin uses to veto. Emily says that Kevin is playing William, and Emily is frustrated ‘cause William is a nice guy.
11:00 PM BBT Emily says that Kevin is the ringleader. Dre asks what’s the point of Kevin wanting to win. Ika says that it’s ‘cause he wants Emily gone. Dillon joins the convo. Dre says that she’s trying to convince William to convince Kevin to use the veto so Jackie can go up.
11:15 PM BBT Dre tells Dillon that she knows that when she talks to him, she knows that he’s 100% real. Kevin is talking to William in the HoH, and Ika says that Kevin won’t leave that room if he sees them talking. Emily says that she’d rather be in a final 6 with them, rather than backstab them. Emily says that Bruno has a weird look in his eye, keeping asking if she’s okay. Ika says that Kevin needs to leave the room, so they split up. Kevin and William are going over Days and Speeches. Dre enters, and asks to speak to William. He leaves. Emily enters later. Emily says that it’s huge that they’re loyal to each other. Dre asks if Kevin’s going to use the veto. He says that he’s going to do what he (William) wants. Feeds cut at 11:28pm, then come back seconds later. William says that they should leave. Dre says that they need an excuse. Dre leaves a while later.
11:30 PM BBT Emily says that loyalty can work out in this game, and that you don’t have to be a snake. Emily leaves shortly after. Kevin comes back a while later. William says that Emily is always campaigning to stay. William says that Dillon isn’t campaigning, so Emily can stay. Kevin says that he has feelings for Emily, but William says that he has a girlfriend back home. Kevin says that he doesn’t judge. After Kevin leaves, William says that Kevin doesn’t judge, but plays with people. Then acts like he’s choking. Kevin returns, and they go over Days. In the blue room, Jackie Neda Dillon and Bruno are chatting. Dillon gives a scenario where they keep him, where Karen goes up.
11:45 PM BBT After Dillon leaves, Bruno says that Emily’s campaigning. Bruno says that Dillon wants to stay. Neda says that his memory is on point and can win the next comp if it’s a memory comp. Neda says that at least you know where his head’s at, and won’t go to the other side. In the storage room, Dillon is talking to Emily and Demetres. Demetres leaves a while later. Dillon says that might be the best acting job he’s done. Emily says that people are campaigning for Emily to go, so that they can control him (Dillon). Emily says that she’d rather go to final 6 with them (Ika and the gang). Emily says that Bruno told her to meet her in the blue room. She says that she’s going to put her acting face on. Dillon walks with her. She enters the blue room, saying that she’s stressed out. “Emily says that she asked Ika if she has her vote. She says that Ika doesn’t trust her. After asked about “Dre, she says that she said the same thing. Emily says she hopes that she can convince them to keep her. Emily says that she won’t have anything bad to say about Dillon. Emily says that she needs to talk to “William to see where his head’s at. Neda says that it’s frustrating that people are only doing what the house wants. Emily asks Neda Jackie if they have their votes. Neda says yes.

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