Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 30th

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12:00 AM BBT -1:15 AM BBT Feeds still down for POV
1:22AM BBT…. Dem Wins PoV.   Houseguests in the house everyone is so hungry and tired. Everyone is in separate rooms during the comp and the music that was played. Production says to stop talking about production and they talk about Ika possibly kissing Demetres during the comp. Kevin goes into the pantry for some food and the others still talking about the comp and Dre mentions a puzzle. Karen says congratulations to Demetres.  Jackie mentions the challenge that BB 18 and the news casting. Kevin, Dillon and Demetres joke about Neda going on a trip with them. Kevin tells William that it’s not the best thing to happen. They think to replace Demetres with Jackie and still vote out Ika.
1:30AM BBT Kevin says that he’s tired and wanna go to bed. William says do you think that he will use the veto on Ika. Kevin says no. They wonder if he should name his replacement tonight and they both agree to wait till morning. Dillon comes in and he tells him his plans to put up Jackie. They both agree Karen thinks she’s the replacement but she’s been thru enough. Kevin says he needs to go calm down Karen. William and Dre talking in French. Kevin in the mirror talking about how he threw the comp and that it was his plan to keep Demetres and that there will be friction between Dre and Demetres on who to vote for and keeping Demetres will make him the biggest threat and keep Kevin another week. William and Dre talking about not being able to find their clothes. In the have not room Ika and Demetres talking about his strategical game moving forward. Ika says that he should go after Kevin.
1:45AM BBT Ika says that if he takes Kevin out of the house he has a better chance of winning. She says that if Demetres works with Kevin he will probably tell everyone just like he did with Ika. Demetres says that Kevin trusts them but is scared of them and that’s why they are on the block. Ika goes into the kitchen to have some slop. She tells Demetres that she is so happy for him. Ika says that the houseguests want to split them up and take his heart away and step on it. Ika says do I have more pull in the house than Kevin? She says that if Kevin is on board with keeping us than we can count on William and Karen hates Jackie so I might can pull her vote. She brags about having the baddest guy in the house and how he is her super man. Demetres says he should have not won this and that’s just proves how dumb the people in the house are. Dillon comes in and Ika says that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her she has really has sucked at comps during this season. Dillon asks how can we arrange this to keep the both of you. She tells him that Kevin has no power anymore and that they have all the votes to keep her if they wanted. She says she hopes that it’s Jackie sitting beside her and that Jackie has no loyalty to anyone. Ika says last week we gave our word to keep Jackie safe and now she goes back on us. They say Jackie really forgets fast. Dre, Kevin and William talking about the replacement and who he wants out now. Dre says she feels like it makes no sense to not use it for himself and William says that Ika will try and push him into keeping her. William says can I say that Kevin wants you out and that’s how I’m voting. Kevin and Dre both agree that it wouldn’t be a good thing because of Demetres. Kevin asks Dre well Demetres thinks he can take himself off and him, dre and William will vote to keep Ika. Dre says they know better that William will do whatever Kevin wants. Ika and Demetres talking to Dillon about their next moves and who Demetres should take on the ride. Dillon says Bruno because the girls will just talk his ear off about nothing. Dillon says he should either stop being mean to everyone or bump it up and make it 10x worse.
6:30 AM BBT – 8:29 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:30 AM BBT Feeds have gone down. Feeds come back with Ika Karen Demetres and Jackie are up and in the washroom. There is no conversation going on. In the HOH Room both Kevin and William still in bed. In the washroom Ika is in the shower, Karen is brushing her teeth. Demetres is just sitting there not saying anything. Karen and Dre are in the bedroom having a conversation. Dre has been told to put on her mic. Karen and Dre are talking about who will be the replacement nom. Dre is saying that when Kevin won HOH he said this is for you Bruno, I don’t think he meant that he would back door Jackie. Dre says if she sits on the block next to Ika I am going to feel like a bad person. Karen says if I’m there I know I have Dillon’s vote. Dre says on one hand if we keep them they will always be a target, but Demetres always win the POV. Karen says the backyard is open so I am going in the hot tub. Ika has been told to put on her mic. Karen says we were up til after 1:30 and they got us up just after 8, why did they do that. Dre and Ika are still in the bedroom and Dre is saying she hates this part of the game where we all start to turn on each other. Ika is saying that Jackie will go into Kevin and throw Karen Dre and William name out. Dre said it makes sense for Jackie to go up. Ika says that is because Karen wants to go home. Ika is asking her what the best option is. To go talk to Kevin, if I tell him I will work with him then if it gets back to Dillon I don’t have Dillon’s vote. The feeds have gone down
8:45 AM BBT The feeds are down at the moment. Feeds come back. In the hot tub area Karen and Jackie are talking about the fact that when Ika came in the have not room at 4:30 she woke everybody up. Jackie says yea she talks in her normal voice. Karen is getting into the hot tub and saying the wind is cold. Jackie agrees with her.
9:00 AM BBT Meanwhile in other parts of the house Dre Ika and Demetres are talking. Ika tells Dre to wear something bright and colorful today. Dre agrees to. Dre leaves the room. Ika tells Demetres that Dre told her she is going to talk to Dillon and Kevin. Ika says if Dillon keeps his word to Kevin not to put him up if he wins HOH then Dillon is protected by both sides. Ika says Jackie doesn’t feel safe right now so she will try and cover her butt. Ika says we have to sit back and let them hang themselves. They are not talking at the moment so in other parts of the house Karen and Jackie are talking about what Ika and Demetres are going to tell Dre that as long as they both are in the house, they will keep her safe. Jackie says she has fallen for Ika’s lies, she asks Karen if she has fallen for them, Karen says no she hasn’t fallen for them. Karen says she isn’t going to react the same way she did the first time she was put on the block. Jackie says it is stressful when you are on the block. Dillon has entered the hot tub. Jackie is going to get coffee, she offers to get one for Karen Dillon says he doesn’t want one. Dillon tells Karen that she is not the one going on the block, he tells her he already talked to Kevin and he is putting up Jackie. Karen tells him that Dre is going to have a hard time voting against Ika. Dillon is telling her about the comp, he says once he figured out that you had to deal with the shapes not the number, it was easy. Dillon says at least we get one of them out. This is said as Jackie comes back with coffee. Karen is complaining again about Ika waking them up at 4 am and her “ having her old lady problem” of once awake have to go to the washroom. Conversation has stopped.
8:15 AM BBT Meanwhile in the bedroom Ika and Demetres are getting dressed. Ika has left the bedroom and Demetres is there by himself. Ika has reentered the bedroom. She says the top Demetres has on is nice. He puts on sweats Ika says wear it with jeans so he takes the sweats off. Ika leaves again. He puts on jeans. Kevin has been called to the DR. Meanwhile in other parts of the house Dillon and Karen are in the hot tub.
9:15 AM BBT In the hot tub area there is no conversation going on. Dillon yawns and Karen says she feels the same way very tired today. She says she looks at her eyes and there is no sparkle. They are joking around talking with fake accents about being on television. Jackie has joined them in the hot tub area. Jackie gets in the hot tub complaining about her blister. In other parts of the house Dre and William are talking in french. They stop talking. Dre is telling him that Karen thinks she maybe the replacement nom but is going to stay calm this time. In the washroom Demetres and Ika are kissing, Ika is putting her makeup on for the day. Demetres is lying down in the corner saying he likes this corner. She says it was Gary’s corner. She is telling him that Gary made her change places. Ika has been called to the DR. She asks if she can finish her makeup. The camera switches to the hot tub area, Dillon and Karen are still talking in fake accents joking around.
9:30 AM BBT In the kitchen Dre Kevin and Ika are talking. Ika is getting the slop. Dre leaves and says she is going to go get ready to go in the hot tub. Ika and Kevin are talking in the kitchen. Kevin says he is thinking about putting up Jackie. Ika tells him that if she stays she will not go against him. She says she won’t come after him. He asks her if Demetres will come after him, she says no. She says that even if they don’t think even if they don’t trust each other they can work together for awhile. Kevin says that is why he was freaking out before noms, he thought this might be a stupid mistake. Kevin says that Demetres will vote to keep her, Dre might and William will if he tells him too. Ika says she will drag Kevin to the end if he keeps her. Jackie comes back in from the hot tub Kevin asks her how it was. Ika has finished washing the slop bucket and says it is breakfast, lunch and supper. Big Brother has told Dre to put on her mic. In the kitchen Karen is putting her housecoat on so she can take off her towel. There is no conversation. In the washroom Ika is putting on her makeup and Dillon is in the shower. Demetres is still lying down in the corner. Demetres says people come in here and talk before they realize he is there. Ika says she is hungry but doesn’t want to eat the slop. Demetres says not even with sugar. She says no, but the good thing is she isn’t a big eater. She asks Demetres if he has eaten yet today he says no, she tells him to go eat as he is bigger than her and needs all the food he can get. Back in the hot tub area William and Dre are talking before they go in, they are talking in french. They are taking the cover off the hot tub to get in. Dre is saying it is cold. Meanwhile in other parts of the house Ika is still applying her makeup, Jackie and Dillon are in the shower. Karen walks in with a coffee. She tells Ika there is new slop, Ika tells her she washed the bucket. Both Dillon and Jackie get out of the shower, Karen asks if there still was hot water, Jackie says hers was still hot. Karen is saying she can’t stretch out in the have not room. Ika and Karen are in the washroom but not talking. Big Brother has told Kevin to wake up Naptime is over. In other parts of the house Dre and William are talking about Karen and Demetres but it is in french so not sure what it is about. The other cameras are on Ika putting on her makeup. Karen says she hasn’t eaten since yesterday. Ika says the only person she has talked to today has been Demetres. Karen says she has always talked to you I have not never talked to you.
10:00 AM BBT In the hot tub, Dre and William are going through the days. Some in french, some in english. Karen and Ika are chatting in the washroom. Karen is telling Ika how hurt she was and is putting her up. Ika didn’t know that she was hurt. Just thought she would prove her word with the vote. House is quiet. Karen said that there is new slop. Karen and Ika lost too much weight. Ika said she’s skinny. Ika said that William is good imitating Sindy. Karen is going to get her towel. Karen is going to shave. Forgets what to get from the bedroom. Ika and Jackie are putting makeup on. Karen is in the shower.
10:15 AM BBT Kevin and Jackie are talking in the bedroom. Kevin was wondering if Demetre was going after him. Jackie said no. Kevin was going to talk to Demetre. Demetre said that’s a lie. Kevin is going back to the bedroom to talk to Jackie. Jackie is trying to get herself out of a corner. Kevin said that there are five votes this week and there is no tiebreaker vote. Kevin said his goal was to break them up. Not to personally target them. Jackie is going to vote for Ika for personal reasons.
10:30AM BBT Dillon and Demetre are playing pool. Ika and Karen are in the washroom talking. They are talking about Jackie. How Jackie can’t be trusted. Ika is fixing her hair and Karen is blow drying her hair. Kevin is up in the bedroom talking to Jackie. She says she was trying to pump him up for the comp., so she told him if he stays on the block, she will vote him out. She says she never said he was Kevin’s target, she said Kevin didn’t have a vote this week and it wasn’t up to him. Kevin says it is between Jackie, Dillion and Karen to go up. Jackie says if he doesn’t put her up, she will not put him up if she is HOH next week.
10:45AM BBT Dillon called for Karen. Her slop cookies are ready. The HGs are eating breakfast. Karen is getting frustrated with Dillon. Kevin is investigating and he said she said between Jackie and Demetres. Demetres says Jackie told him he is Kevin’s target, Jackie says she never said that. While talking to Ika in the bathroom, she swears on her kids life if he helps her stay, she will not put him up next week and neither will Demetres. Demetres comes into the Bathroom, and they tell him Jackie straight up said she didn’t say that. Demetres says now that he won POV everyone is talking to him again. Ika said that Jackie swore on getting Kevin out then said that sorry she was being fake last week. Kevin tells Ika and Demetre that Jackie is going on the block as the replacement. Kevin says that if Ika goes him and Demetre are the biggest targets.
11:00AM BBT Ika, Demetre, and Kevin. Kevin thinks William would cut him over Dre. DemIka tells Kevin they think William would choose him over Dre & Dre thinks the same. Kevin tells Ika & Demetres she would need to get Dre & William’s vote because Dillon & Karen are wishy washy. Ika says if I stay we three need to stick together. DemIka asks to squash any issues they have so they can go forward. Demetre said that he trusts Ika and Kevin more than anyone. Karen is really hungry. Karen is hoping they can eat before nominations tomorrow. Karen says she’s so out of it. Demetre said that Karen would be more entertaining on slop. Karen said it’s mind over matter. Ika and Dre in the Pantry, she tells Dre that if Kevin keeps her, she won’t go after him. Ika tells her that Kevin said William will always pick Dre over him. Dre says Kevin knows we aren’t that close, he just wants to protect William so him and William don’t end up on the block other. William and Ika are imitating Cassandra. William asked William if they were close. He said yes. William asked Ika the same question. She said yes. Ika says that Cassandra was stressful but in a fun way. William is having a hard time deciding what to eat. William picks something and leaves the Pantry. Ika and William are still imitating Cassandra. Ika said that to stay off the block. She would have a fight with anyone. Ika said Cass can be mean but funny. Ika tell William that if she leaves him/William/kev are the next targets bc they are considered 2 separate duos.
11:15AM BBT. Ika and William are talking in the kitchen. Ika says she’s like a peasant on the block because she’s a have not. Ika said that at least she’s having fun with it. Kevin, Demetre, Dillon, and Karen are in the washroom. They are talking house and Car payments. Dillon is explaining why people fix their houses. Dillon said he bought a car for $10,000 then wrecked it and got $15,000. Ika said that everyone thinks she’s evil and William says he’s not gay. Ika said that she’s not evil. The bunny from the POV competition is evil. Ika doesn’t believe it. Ika tells William that if she doesn’t like someone, she will tell you. Says that Jackie lies everyday in the game. Ika is making Pizza. Ika is singing “Oh Canada. Ika asks Dillon what time it is. Dillon said roughly 11:15. Ika says she’s hungry. William agrees. Karen is talking to Kevin and Demetre about Dallas about being loud. Karen and Kevin are going on a run. Kevin, Sindy, and Gary sunk their own ship when they left. Kevin says the game is different with only eight people.
11:30AM BBT Karen and Kevin are going through dates. Kevin said he was impressed with Karen in the first HOH competition. Karen said that when she entered the house she accomplished her goals. Says win or not she will go to work. Dillon and Dre are not going to play a soft game. They are going all out. Looks like Jackie is going up for a third time. Dre and Dillon think it’s not best to send Jackie out the door. Dre said that Jackie needs to win a comp first to stay in. Dre says that keeping Jackie always ensures a replacement nominee.
11:45AM BBT. Dillon wants to get rid of Jackie but Dre is having second thoughts. Dillon said if Ika stays Dre will be next. Dre rethinks the plan to go after Jackie. Dre said Dillon got played. Dre is going to shower. Dre is preparing her shower. Kevin is brushing his teeth and Karen is getting her shoes on. Dre is taking clothes out of the washroom. They are making lemon chicken.
12:00PM BBT Dre is talking about how her sister use to be in a group where she represented Canada. Ika and Dem are talking in the pool area on who she could trust and who should go up on the block next. Dem recalls events that have happened. Karen joins them. Meanwhile, Dre recently got out of her shower and Kevin is popping William’s back zits or blackheads. No talk; William doesn’t want Kevin to stop. Dillon is sleeping on a BY couch; Karen now sits out there with him saying she is going to try to talk to Kevin. Karen is telling Dillon that Jackie is presently telling Kevin that they were going after him. Everyone else will tell Kevin it’s all a lie and this is what Jackie was doing earlier in the game–can not trust her. Feeds went down at 12:07pm; feeds back 5 min later. Karen is in HOH Rm talking to Kevin. Kevin says that her and Dillon needs to trust him right now. Bruno had told him that Karen and Dillon will work with him, so that’s why he’s keeping them totally safe. When Jackie goes up as Dem’s replacement, Ika will go home. They want her, however, to stay “squirrel” so that they have a reason to get her out next week. [They do not know there is a triple eviction on Thursday this week.]

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 30th
12:15PM BBT Kevin confirms he wants to work with Karen and Dillon. He knows William is more with Dre than himself. Karen continues saying what conversations have taken place regarding the replacement nom. They know that Ika needs to go home, but don’t want Jackie to feel comfortable. Karen says Dre is torn on voting out Ika; Dre has forgiven Ika each time she has been betrayed. Ika, talking to Dem, goes through each HG and who they would put on the block. She says in order for Kevin to stay in the game, he has to work with them. I believe Ika believes she is staying. Ika sits on top of Dem in the pool area and kiss between talking. Dem and Ika still talking on how it will play out if they take Kevin to Final 4. The only problem with keeping Kevin is if he wins POV as a Final 4. They do not plan to cut Kevin next week–they will honor their word against a bunch of dishonest people in the house. Dem does not think anyone will do them any favors for the rest of the game. Ika states that they have kept their word all season and it done them no good so forget that for the rest of the game.
12:30 PM BBT Dem is wondering if there is a double or instant eviction this week. Ika says they’ve already had a double, but could be an instant, but she doesn’t know know exactly it works since she was never here for one. No comps and once someone announces the noms, there will be an instant voting to evict. Karen continues reliving incidences in the house with Kevin and all the mistakes she has made as well as the times she was on the bottom. They both are talking bad about Jackie…she is not loyal and can not be trusted. They agree that Ika needs to go, but not to let Ika know or Jackie know that she is safe. Karen keeps wanting to work on Dre to plant ideas to question if keeping Ika is really a good move. They need Jackie’s paranoia and as much chaos as possible. William comes in HOH Rm saying people are cooking food. As Kevin and William comes downstairs, Kevin tells him it was a good talk….
12:45 PM BBT In pantry, Kevin says he is the most popular person right now! Everyone wants to be his friend! Kevin tells William that Karen took Jackie and threw her under the bus! They continue to talk about the lie they believe Jackie told before POV comp about Dem wanting Kevin out just to protect herself. Karen comes in with the ice cube tray to freeze, and they all go back into the kitchen awaiting Dillon’s cheese quesadillas. Ika and Dem mixing something else; Karen preparing to bake herself some slop patties. All feeds are of the kitchen as they prepare lunch for themselves; all but Jackie and Dre are in the kitchen.
1:00 PM BBT Dem and Ika in pantry says that Dem is gloating–he is so happy all of a sudden. Dem checked the outside. It’s chilly but getting into the HT would feel good. Karen says this is Day 4 on slop and she is hungry and feels disgusted after eating–slop does not make you feel full. Ika is still making something with peanut butter and crushing in Oreos. She covers and refrigerates the “batter”. Feeds occasionally go does briefly. Ika called into the DR. Jackie and Dre was in the WR. Dre leaves which Jackie continues folding clothes. Dre fixes the last of the frozen quesadillas. Dre talks about black girl’s hair and why she didn’t want to mess with it today so choose to wear a wrap on hers today. She talks in French more about it to William. Karen tidying up the kitchen.
1:15 PM BBT Ika goes up to BR to change for “DR stuff”. Dem is lying across the bed. In the pantry, Kevin is hiding something in his hand. If William doesn’t choose the right one. He owes Kevin a foot rub. Kevin goes to the pantry wall and mentions how William went on an adventure and has all the fun in this house. They flip through the black binder in the pantry. William chooses the rest of the cold pizza to eat. Jackie is now sitting at the kitchen bar drinking coffee. They talk about knowing people who won playing the lottery.
1:30PM BBT Kevin and Dillon in HOH Rm talking. They know when Ika is evicted, they need to befriend Dem. Dillon says that Ika already said if she does go home, he should work with Dillon. They talk on next week’s nom possibilities. From Dillon’s recent conversations with Dre, he feel as if the opportunity presents itself (like now), she will vote Ika out. It would have been much easier if someone other than them won the POV. They talk on how close they were in winning the puzzle. Dem and Ika lying across the bed in Pink BR. In kitchen, Dre clarifies….the winner of yesterday’s POV will go on a drive with a jury member on Day 53. Karen adds that Dem does not want to go with any jury member! Karen and Dre said that if it was up to them, they would choose Sindy. Jackie would have chosen Neda. Karen sits while Dre and Jackie are eating. Karen says she never took food for granted; she can’t wait until she’s off of slop. They continue to talk about the comp and how the logistics will be for this test drive.
1:45 PM BBT Kevin is in HOH bed while Dillon on HOH couch. No game talk. Dem and Ika talking in bedroom. Dem just says to concentrate on you while you are here. Dem says he needs to keep Ika here; he needs to start thinking like her. Dem is too tired to make the bed. Ika says it’s the messiest and they lay down to cuddle/kiss. Ika says he might have a different perspective once he gets back from his test drive car ride….seeing trees, people walking, etc. He says he doesn’t think that will matter much…and the slop must be getting to her! Kevin and Dillon talk about teen years…young and dumb and no idea about growing up. They would watch movies just for the boob scenes. One morning Sindy told Dillon all about her bfs since Grade 5! Dillon talks about moving to Florida when he was young. He grew up young having to be the man of the house. Feeds goes down in HOH Rm (1:57PM), but remain on Ika and Dem in BR. Ika talks about the ideal body size of women vs athletic built.
2:00 PM BBT Dem and Ika are laying in bed talking about her legs and boobs and about a guy that was trying to talk to her and talking about her legs and boobs and she didn’t want anything to do with him.Ika tells Dem she has to lay off because people are getting scared of her.Ika tells Dem she controlled 2 evictions in the game.Ika tells Dem the showers they take together is fun and Dem tells Ika he loves soapy Ika.Dre and William are in the bathroom then William goes downstairs to go by the pool .Dre runs away from Dillon he’s trying to kiss her.Dillon asks Karen if it’s nice outside and Karen says to Dillon let’s go find out.Dillon and William are throwing pillows at Karen and Karen says stop that she doesn’t have good balance and she will fall down the stairs.
2:15 PM BBT Dre tells William let’s go outside and get some fresh air.Karen scares William and William says she made his heart pump fast and Karen says she has a bad headache .Karen tells William to tell her a story and Karen asks William when did he know when he was gay and William says when he was 12 it was the starting point when he knew he was gay.Dre,Karen,William and Jackie are laying down on the couches and playing a game.Feeds cut.William is trying to stand on his head and he says it’s making him dizzy and tells Karen it’s her turn she says she can’t .Dillon is standing on his head now to see how long he can last.
2:30 PM BBT Dillon last for 50 secs and Karen says where’s Ika and dem and William says in the bedroom .BB calls Karen to the diary room .Dre and William are talking in french .Dem tells Ika they can get out of jams better than anyone in the house and Ika says she doesn’t trust Dre to keep her.Ika tells Dem you know when you said i was your best friend in the house that’s when she wanted to be with him more .Dre asks what cinco de mayo mean and Dillon said it’s a mexican holiday.
2:45 PM BBT Karen comes out the Diary room and is acting out how dre acts and Dre laughs and says yes that’s how she does.BB calls Dre to the Diary room.Dillon is hiding by the bathroom to scare Karen and karen walks out of the bathroom and scare her and Karen says she will have a heart attack and laughs.Karen walks out the bedroom and Dillon scares her again and she said god dammit and says stop that and laughs.Karen says to Dillon lets go play pool he says ok.Dillon breaks the first for their pool game and Karen hits the ball and Dillon says she has to hit softer.BB says to William nap time is over. Karen says to Dillon they should have a family meal tonight and Dillon says Kevin is cooking dinner for them all tonight.
3:00 PM BBT Dillon tells Karen he sucks at playing pool Kevin comes outside and Kevin is fixing to work out .BB tells Dillon please stop singing.Jackie comes in from outside and Kevin asks her if it’s nice out and Jackie says it’s very windy.Karen tells Dillon nice shot and says he’s good at pool .Dillon is joking around with Karen and she just keeps laughing at Dillon.BB says please stop singing.
3:15 PM BBT Dillon tells Karen good game she beat him twice so far.Karen is stripes this time they started a new pool game .Kevin and William are laying on the couches outside watching Karen and Dillon play pool.Dillon tells Karen she has to cook for him cause she lost the bet they made.Karen says to dillon when she’s not a have not and Dillon says no before that.Karen goes to get ice and water and Dillon goes and scares Karen again and she says you scary man beast and laughs.
3:30 PM BBT Kevin is napping on the couch and Dillon asks Karen does she want to play another game then go watch a movie.Karen tells Dillon and Kevin she beat Dillon 3 times today.Dillon and Karen go to the hot tub and tells Karen don’t worry she’s not going up and Karen says the plan is and stops.Karen says the plan is to not say who’s going up not to tell Jackie just like the Sindy vote and to get 4 votes to send Ika out.then Dem will be mad at everyone so if he wins hoh Dem doesn’t know who to put up.Karen tells Dillon she’s getting a little hungry so she will make tea.
3:45 PM BBT Kevin and Dem are making something to eat.Dre is talking to Jackie in the bathroom and Dre tells Jackie she hopes Karen goes home soon and is talking to Jackie about if it’s Jackie or Karen to go up.Jackie says to Dre it’s her 4th time going up but she hopes she can stay off and vote for Ika to go home.Dre tells Jackie she wants to go talk to Kevin and says to Jackie it’s gonna be a long week and annoying week with Ika trying to get the votes to stay.Jackie says to herself she just wants Ika gone and her to stay.Kevin asks Dillon if he slept good and he says no he’s tired he did’tn get to sleep till about 4:30 and Kevin he’s sleepy to.
Jackie is fixing her nails and toe nails in the bathroom.Dem made him a sandwich to eat and Karen is just watching him.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 30th

4:00 PM BBT Demetres/Kevin/Dillon/Karen outside talking about getting stabbed if you should pull it out or leave it in and go to the hospital. They think leave it in. Karen tells story of a golfing where the club got stuck in him somehow and they said at the hospital he would have died if they removed it. William/Dre in HOH talking French and listening to music. Ika joins the outside crew. Dillon says if he had a few strands of Ika hair he could make a fishing line. Ika says so if they drop you off no food, no water nothing, you would survive. Dillon says yes. Ika says no. Dillon thinks he knows the woods of ontario and he would last with nothing. Dillon telling them how to make a fire with sticks. No one looks convinced. Ika walks away, Karen has her eyes closed. Demetres and Ika go into kitchen and Dem says “ what the f*** is he talking about!” Ika says he is nuts, Dillon said he would throw rocks at birds. They go into storage room and back out to kitchen. Demetres saying he could see the pain on Kevin’s face out there (listening to Dillon) Ika making an Oreo ball cookie thing. Demetres saying he wants to go out there and listen to more stupid shit. The two are flirting and cooking. Karen/Dillon and Kevin chatting about Sindy. Kevin tells them they got a mild version, Sindy was quiet this year. Karen says Ya I told her she talks too much. Karen says Sindy said she can’t be in a room with more than six people because she can’t talk about herself. Demetres and Ika talking about whether they should be worried about Dre. Demetres tells Ika she would be stupid to think she 100% has her vote. Demetres is 80/20, 20% she would vote her out. Ika is more 50/50 about it. Ika says if Demetres didn’t win the veto he would be gone for sure. Ika says she doesn’t think anyone trusts her. Demetres says the only thing that Kevin doesn’t like about Ika is she has connections and he doesn’t. Ika brings up I don’t have those connections now. Ika tells Demetres he doesn’t even act like her cares. He says he does he is just trying to think right now. He tells Ika she knows better what is going on then him. Demetres says Dre won’t even talk to him. Ika says it seems like he has been very happy since he is safe now. Dem says “ seriously Ika!” she says maybe it is the slop.
4:15 PM BBT Ika/Dem arguing in kitchen whether Demetres cares that she is probably going home. Demetres tells her they are in trouble either way and he was just laughing at Dillons ridiculousness. Dem says if they run around and see where everyone’severyone’s head is at they will probably rub them the wrong way, they don’t even know who is on the block yet. He says he has been pulling his hair out all morning. Ika is getting annoyed with Demetres. Ika tells him to stop pulling out his hair. Ika says she is not mad he was laughing at DIllon she just felt like he was sad for about two seconds then he was happy because he was safe. Ika says she thinks as soon as he is safe he is fine. Demetres says what the F (quietly). Ika says ‘ Am I just here for us and you are here for yourself?’ Ika and Demetres continue to bicker. Ika says she is not mad she is just asking questions. Dem is not saying much. He does say he is trying to think of what he can do to show her. Ika says again she is not mad, she is just saying.
4:30 PM BBT Dillon is sleeping on outside couches (breathing and snoring) Karen is sitting there. Ika and Dem are talking at kitchen table. Ika says POV ceremony is tomorrow. Demetres says for his game next week if he doesn’t have them going after him it is good, all these people are going to turn on him next week, he will be caught with his pants down. Demetres says if they Ika/Dem don’t win all the other people are not going to turn on him they will go after Ika/Dem. Ika asks Demetres if she won veto would he have wanted her to take him down. He says no he would have been mad if she did that. Demetres asks Ika, “ do you want me to use it on you?” She says no. They talk about convincing Kevin they needs to stay and Jackie has to go. Ika says maybe I should be like Dre and play solo. Demetres say what is wrong, what am I doing that is rubbing you the wrong way. Ika says there wasn’t even a discussion and storms out. Ika says where is this girl f’in laughing, I have to go find her. Ika looks around the upstairs Jackie joins Karen outside in backyard and DIllon is still napping. Karen asks Jackie what it was like outside and Jackie says cloudy and muggy. Demetres and Ika are talking again. Ika says why am I fighting for you all the time when no one in this house fights for me. Demetres says nothing and walks away. You can hear Dre screaming and laughing in the background. Kevin comes into kitchen. Ika goes upstairs into HOH and tells them they are being loud, she just wanted to tell them. She says they are having fun in Club HOH and she didn’t get her invitation. Ika goes to the pink room and Dem is in there. He says he is just thinking. Demetres is explaining if he comes down then they have two votes, his and Dre and they only have to get one vote where as if he was up he would only have Ika’s vote. Ika mumbles she just wants to be off slop. Ika says she just wants to feel that people are fighting for her.
4:45 PM BBT Ika/Dem in pink room. Ika says she hates everyone in this house. Ika tells Demetres he has no idea what she is going through. He says what do you mean I don’t. Ika says you don’t, it is hard, you don’t know how hard it is. Demetres says I was sitting in here on day three and was told I don’t have any votes, I know exactly what you feel like. Demetres says if I give you a hug are you going to push me away, she says yes. He pulls her too him and they hug. Will/Dre listening to music in HOH talking in French. Demetres and Ika talking about how to make it work so they both stay. Ika says she just doesn’t do well on slop. Dre laughs in the background. Dem says he can’t stand her laugh, Ika says she could never stand it, Ika says I feel like she copied my laugh a little. Dre/Will silent singing and moving their arms around while listening to music in HOH. Demetres and Ika now in the cave. Ika is changing her clothes and they are laying down together. Making out session begins. Demetres says he doesn’t want this to end. This whole thing, you me, this house. Ika says I know. Demetres says Kevin is toying with Jackie. She is going to be so far up his butt now.
5:00 PM BBT Demetres asks Ika if Dre wins next week who would she put up. He asks if she would put up Dillon and Ika says no she is working with him. Demetres says we have had her back the whole time, especially lately. Then as soon as we get on the block she bails. Demetres says he will chuck her on the block just for that. Ika says she will too. She is not even a target, you can’t twerk your way through the season then call us liars for playing, this is Big Brother everyone lies. Meanwhile Kevin is talking to Karen in the back yard. Kevin talking about work. Karen says in twenty years she probably only had two pain in the ass clients that she fired. Karen says her clients are awesome. Karen says she has to go to the bathroom, she can’t eat that shit (slop). Jackie says ya it is bad, what day are you on. Karen says hour days and recaps her days on slop. Back in the cave Ika/Dem talking. Ika keeps bringing up how there should have been a conversation about what to do with the veto. Ika goes back to talking about Demetres eyes and how his pupil will adjust with the light. Ika says looking back she wished they would have kept Gary. Ika says there is nothing that anyone could say in this house to get her to turn on Demetres the way Dre turned on them. Demetres hears someone outside the door and says ‘Do not come in here’
5:15 PM BBT Kitchen is Karen/Dre/William and Dillon. Karen says she is going to go pee while her delicious meal heats up. Dre busts out laughing like that was the funniest thing she has heard. Karen took an oreo, smelled it and threw it out. Kevin comes in and continues cooking. Will asks Kevin if he needs some help. Kevin says no because when everyone eats the most delicious meal they have ever ate he wants all the credit. Kevin called to DR. Jackie asks about cream cheese, Dillon and Will talk about salt and vinegar on cucumbers and things. Back in the cave Ika is apologizing to Dem about giving him a hard time and he says it is ok, you were right. Demetres says how did we find ourselves in such a bad spot. Ika says he probably didn’t anticipate his partner would be so sucky. Demetres says the knew they were in trouble but they were hopeful and now they are really f’d. Demetres and Ika talking about him being good at comps. He thinks he has been a little lucky. The second HOH there was luck involved. Ika says he doesn’t give himself enough credit, they is why she hates it when he wears that stupid top. Ika says she is attracted to smart people. Demetres and Ika think the three people they need to get out are Kevin/Dillon and Dre. Ika says Dre needs to go on the block, Dem says and get scared, Ika says no to go! More making out and Dem says she is beautiful and he likes her so much. Ika apologizing for how she was acting. NO game talk in kitchen, just about food and cooking. Karen saying the slop she made is horrible, too sweet.
5:30 PM BBT Demetres telling Ika she loves when she drinks because it is so funny. Ika rubbing his neck. He says she has less filter. Demetres asks Canada to hook them up with a secret power of veto. Demetres says if he won one he wouldn’t even tell her. Ika says she is going to leave hickey’s all over his chest. Ika brings up that if Demetres uses the veto on her he only has one vote.Ika and Dem talking about who would have what votes. They talk about how Kevin said he loves those type of comps (this weeks POV) and Demetres thinks he was mad he didn’t win it, They leave the cave and go to the kitchen. Dillon and Dre in WR. Dillon brushing his teeth. He slaps Dre’s butt with a towel. Dre is opening up floss. Ika and Dem go upstairs. Ika says she stayed in his HOH room the entire time. Ika/Dem walk into bathroom. Dillon walks out. Dre/Dillon get called out by BB for singing. Ika asks Dre if the votes are still there. She asks Dre if Dillon is still good and she says yes. Dre says she thinks Will is lying and Kevin really doesn’t want Ika to stay. Dre says Karen is mad and she isn’t going to vote for her. Dre is pushing for Dillon to work with. Ika is asking Dre what is their best option moving forward, who do they work with. Dre says Kevin, Dillon and Karen. Dre then says William is coming. Then she talks in French to William right away. Will brushes his teeth. Karen and Jackie talking in kitchen. Karen saying there are certain people that can go without eating and she is just not one of them. Jackie alone in kitchen. Water dripping in the faucet. WR Dre talking to Ika about William and he said to Dre, do I look like someone that can be controlled, because everyone seems to think it is you or Kevin controlling me. Kevin walks in.
5:45 PM BBT Dre telling Ika that she thinks Kevin threw the comp so Ika/Dem could stay and Kevin could say it is not my fault and he could work with you guys. Ika says but if we stay we know who kept us here. Ika tells Dre that she listens to her and she trusts her. Dre says she thinks Dillon is still trying to find a team he would be good with who he can ride with. Dre says she feels like Dillon would be good with it. Ika says so you think me, you. Demetres and Dillon should ride it out and keep William safe. Dre talking about how William will need to go on the block in order to get Kevin out. Dem brings up how he has never been on the block yet. Dre says ya he has been playing his own game this hole time. Dre telling Ika/Dem they can’t stay in the room they have to get out and socialize. Ika says she is scared because Kevin keeps going around saying she has a great social game so she is afraid to socialize. Dre brings up to Demetres that he has the veto so he needs to work with these people. Ika asking Dre advice. Ika keeps saying she doesn’t know what to do and asks Dre to tell her. Ika gets called to DR. Dre telling Ika that Karen was mad because Ika kicked her when she came in the have not room last night at 4am. Ika leaves and Demetres continues the talk with Dre. Dre keeps saying she doesn’t feel confident about the votes. Demetres says if Dillon wants to do this four things then he has to keep her. Dre says she is worried that Dillon is telling her he is going to keep Ika then he is saying something else in DR. Dre acting like she is voting for Ika to stay. Demetres says if anyone else wins that Dem/Ika are going to go back on the block anyway. Dem gets called to DR and they laugh because he has acne cream on. Demetres goes to the DR with it on. Ika/Dre continue to talk about who Demetres should take from the Jury on his car ride. They think Sindy. Ika bringing up how everyone sees Ika as the one controlling Demetres. Ika talks about when he is HOH he always chose the nominees. Ika brings up how with Kevin/Bruno all three of them (Ika/Dem/Dre) decided on Kevin and Bruno. Ika mentions to Dre that she is the one who said it was better for her game. Dem comes back down, BB told him to wash his face. Demetres then asks again who he should take.
6:00 PM BBT He washes it off, saying that it still tingles. Ika said that if she could’ve controlled Dem, Dallas would stay, ‘cause she wanted Dallas to stay. Dem fixes his hair and goes to the DR. Ika says that she physically can’t seperate her emotions from the people that she plays with in the game. She says that people might think she’s ruthless ‘cause she only works wwith 2 people in the game. Dre says that she understands that now, but didn’t before. Ika says that she’s not the kind of person that only thinks of her own game. Ika says that people will say whatever, but look at her actions. Ika says to Dre that she cares more about how she feels about her. Ika says that in her life the moment people she cares about, has issues with her, that bothers her.
6:15 PM BBT Ika tells Dre that Bruno’s resentment towards her (Ika) started with her (Dre). They talk for a while, about the lies that Bruno said, and the stress in the game. Dre says that if BB asks her to come back, she’ll say no. Ika says that when she thinks of BB, she doesn’t think of power, agendas, and control. She thinks of it as building relationships, staying true to those relationships, and going far with those people. She says that that’s probably what got her this far. Ika says that they’re jealous and want to ruin it. They talk for a while. Dre says that people probably know that she and her (Dre and Ika) are close. Ika agrees, saying that people aren’t stupid. Dre says that she feels that people are lying to her. Ika asks Dre if she thinks that William is lying to her. Ika says that she feels like she’s doubted William in this game, but she says that he hasn’t given her a reason to. Dre says that he has had some shady actions. Ika agrees, and says that if he was going to vote against her (Ika), that she’d tell her (Dre). Dre says that she doesn’t feel like he’s lying, but is withholding information. Dre says that Kevin says that he does what the house wants. Dre says to Ika that Kevin said that if Ika stayed, it would be better for his game.
6:30 PM BBT Ika talks about jury. They think Neda and Bruno will be bitter jurors. Ika says that if she’s in final 2, when Neda asks her a question, she’ll say that she won’t answer ‘cause she knows how she’s going to vote. Ika says that at least one juror will ask a rude question every season. Ika says that she will drag. Ika says what she’ll say if she’s in final 2, and says what she’ll say if she’s in final 2 with Jackie. Ika says that Jackie will cry when it’s convenient, be nice when it’s convenient, etc. Ika complains about Jackie’s actions in the house.
6:45 PM BBT In the hot tub area, Dillon and Jackie are chatting. Dillon is talking about people in his life, abusing his friendship to get free stuff. Jackie says that she wass the only person in high school that drove, so people would ask for rides. Jackie says that this one girl would act like she’s her friend, but would just take advantage of her. Dillon says that family is important. Jackie says that she was a brat in high school, ignoring her family, but now her dad is her best friend.
7:00 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the kitchen, talking about TV, and bring up Big Brother Canada. Karen says that Peter Brown is so arrogant on the Side Show, criticizing everyone’s gameplay. Kevin tells the story of why he had a bagel in his hand during his eviction. Kevin says that JP was being arrogant and made a sandwich for Godfrey, saying that he can eat that sandwich when he gets evicted. He then says that after JP got evicted, Godfrey said to him to “go get your fucking sandwich.”
7:15 PM BBT Karen asks Demetres who he’s going to take for the ride. He says Sindy for sure. The feeds go down for a second. Ika joins the houseguests.
7:21 PM BBT Feeds go out
7:20PM BBT – 12:00 PM BBT Feeds down.



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