Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 16th

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12:00AM BBT Ika is talking to Dillon, telling him to let her show him by actions. Big Brother told Karen to go into the DR. Dillon is making lemonade and Ika tells him how to make it in his bottle. , Jackie is talking to Demetres about how hard it is to be up on the block. Ika tells Dillon that she will follow Dillon’s advice on who to vote off. Dre comes in and is sent to the DR by Big Brother. Sindy tells Bruno how she thinks that Demetres is using his POV on himself and she may go up.
12:15 AM BBT Karen tells Ika that after Demetres uses his veto that Sindy will go up and get voted out. Ika tells Dillon that he can’t trust Bruno. Ika tells Dillon that Jackie thinks that if Ika goes up on the block that she would get voted out. Ika tells Dillon to go with his gut. Dill agrees and tells Ika that he is going with his gut. Ika tells that Bruno is playing too hard. Dillon and Ika agree that Dre is real. Ika tells  Dillon that she will have her back.
12:30 AM BBT Ika tells Dillon to go with his gut and to trust his gut. Dillon tells Ika that he’ll ride or die with her, Dre and Demetres. Sindy and Jackie are talking in the living room. Ika tells Karen and Dre about her conversation with Dillon. Demetres joins them. Demetres gets in trouble for taking his shirt off. He gets in bed.
12:45 AM BBT Sindy lays on the couch in silence. Ika and Demetres talk in whispers. Dre and Karen are talking about how Dillon is flipping out. Karen tells Dre how she had a discussion with Dillon, telling Dillon to go with his gut. Karen tells Dre that she told Dillon if he went with his gut, then he trusts her,if not then not. Karen tells Dre that all the squirrels go home. Karen says that Jackie is a squirrel. Sindy is trying to convince Dillon to not put her on the block and to put Ika on the block. She mentions that it’s her birthday on Thursday. Dillon carries her from the back yard to upstairs and put her on a bed in one of the bedrooms. Dillon walked to the HOH room out of breath and laid on the bed until his breathing calmed down.
1:00 AM BBT Dillon is laying in bed listening to music and is told twice to turn down the music player. Ika and Demetres are in bed talking. Ika and Demetres lay quiet for a bit. Demetres tries to start a conversation with Ika but she tells him that she wants to go to sleep. Everyone is asleep except for Ika and Demetres. Dillon has music going while he falls asleep. Ika teases Demetres that he is a show off. Demetres tells Ika that his dad has him do work for him from time to time.
1:15 AM BBT Demetres tells Ika the difference between metals. Demetres tells Ika how he was fixing a really high roof. Demetres tells Ika how he was putting on the last tin sheet and the rope broke. He tells Ika how scary it was to start sliding off the roof. He tells her how his dad is able to cut a tree down with a chainsaw in one hand and the branches in another. . Demetres tells another story about how he was hung over and his dad called him early in the morning to help him do a job.
1:25 AM BBT – 1:35 AM BBT Feeds Out
1:35 AM BBT Ika asks Demetres if he thinks that he and she are still close. Demetres says yes and that Ika thinks too much. He then kisses her as she tries to fall asleep. Ika tells Demetres that she is so tired and so selfish. Demetres says that Ika is so soft. Demetres kisses Ika again.
1:45 AM BBT Ika and Demetres talk about the POV comp. Ika and Demetres talk in whispers. Ika and Demetres talk about TV shows. Ika mentions that opposites attract and then when the couple really realizes how opposite they are, they end up breaking up. Ika says goodnight to Demetres and rolls over. Ika tells Demetres to go to bed and they kiss. Both roll over and lay silent. All hgs asleep now.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:00 AM BBT The HGs continue to sleep
8:15 AM BBT The lights are coming on and the HGs are beginning to stir. Karen is getting in the shower. Bruno is on battery duty this morning.
8:30 AM BBT BB reminds the HGs that it is time to wake up. BB is playing the rooster and still trying to get all of the HGs up. Dillon told Bruno that his room was bright and hot, and he had a bad night sleep. Dem is telling Ika that his parents used to make him go to school unless he was violently puking. Ika says she lets her son stay home if he is having a bad day. Ika says that her parents believe in spanking. BB calls out Kevin and William to get up. Dem wants to make bacon for breakfast and Ika suggests that they make breakfast for everyone.
8:45 AM BBT Ika is talking about being out up on the block. She tells Dem that he can’t talk about her today unless someone bring her up to him. Kevin and William are still in bed. Dre is telling Ika and Dem that Karen has to go. Dre says that Karen lies. Dre says that even though Karen can’t win comps, people believe her. Ika says that she is starting to trust Dillon. Dre says that Dillon is in a good position. Ika, Dem and Dre are talking about Jackie. Ika is laughing and saying that she will not look her in the eye and she keeps her distance from her.
9:00 AM BBT Ika tells Dre that she doesn’t want to go home. Dre says she hears her. Ika feels that Jackie is cursed, so that everyone she gets close to gets evicted. Ika says maybe that’s why she doesn’t have friends in real life. Ika is telling Dre and Dem about a guy she dated and after she got home from the date she got sick, so she never texted him back and never went out with him again. Dem is telling Ika that he is superstitious; he has lucky boxers and puts his left shoe on first. Kevin is in the bedroom, talking to himself, having an imaginary conversation with Dillon. He is saying that he had a good night sleep and is thinking clearly. He feels they need to take a shot at Ika.
9:15 AM BBT Ika got called to the DR and Dem plans to go shower. Kevin continues to talk to himself in the BR. BB called out Karen for napping in the bathroom. There has been no mention of it being Easter Sunday today in the house. Karen says that her stomach is bothering her right now. She says she has taken something, but it takes a while to kick in. She has heartburn and feels that it was because she ate a lot of fruit yesterday. In the kitchen, William, Kevin and Jackie are talking. Jackie is preparing french toast and Kevin and William are having ice cream sandwiches.
9:30 AM BBT Kevin is telling Jackie and William that he had a really good night sleep. William said that Kevin took a lot of the bed last night. Karen and Sindy are applying make-up in the washroom. Karen is talking about how there are chirpy people talking at night. She blamed Sindy, but Sindy said it was not her. Sindy is still nursing her hurt ankle with a cold pack. In the BR, Ika and Dre are talking about Dillon. Ika says that Dillon has some kind of connection to Bruno and her feels like Karen is a mother figure. Ika is worried that Bruno may be telling Dillon that they can get her out.
9:45 AM BBT Ika says that power goes to people’s heads in the house. Ika says that it is her goal to stay in the house and prove to Dillon that she she means what she says. Ika and Dre agree that they have to be the last ones to leave the room tonight before Dillon goes to bed. Ika says that if Emily was still in the house, she would be working with them and not the other side of the house.

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 16th
10:45 AM BBT Ika and Demetres are talking about a conversation Ika was having with Bruno before Sindy had entered, she told him she would feel bad if he went home the first week it would of been because of her. She said she knew Kevin was lying when he told her he wanted to keep him the first week he was on the block. Ika is telling him that they were worried he was going to put them up on the block the second week for voting against him the first week. In the rest of the house they are playing trivia. The next question is How many pennies are in a dollar. William says he doesn’t know what a penny is. William and Sindy are tied at 11. They both get the next question wrong.
11:00 AM BBT Meanwhile in the washroom Karen and Jackie are applying their makeup for the day. Bruno is walking around the washroom. Demetres entered the washroom and Bruno tells him they got the toothpaste back. Demetres leaves. Karen says there is not enough makeup to take away bags. Bruno says you look beautiful, she thanks him but says she wasn’t finishing for a complaint. She asks him if he thinks they maybe on television today. He says maybe, she says okay guess I’ll keep working on it, she applies more makeup. Kevin and Sindy are talking about games they can play in the house. Sindy is explaining the game Quest that she hosted when she was working on a ship. They are going to play Trivia again with Dre. William and Dre are playing against each other. Sindy asks a question and Dillon answers. Kevin tells Sindy to ask real questions not trick questions. The score is 3-1 according to William. Dillon is now asking a trick question. Dre is answering in french, and she is suppose to answer in English. She complains that she thinks in French. Ika asks a trick question. Kevin says we need to ask Trivia questions. Meanwhile in other parts of the house Karen is still trying to cover her bags on her eyes. They are having a conversation about parks in B.C. The conversation goes to burial sites, Bruno is telling her his family has a family plot at some cemetery. Karen says she thinks most people get cremated now. Karen says we all come and go. Big Brother has told Jackie to wake up that nap time is over. Karen and Bruno are still talking about life and death. Karen says she believes when you are born there is already a death date for you. She says the problem is filling in the time between the 2 dates. She says some people waste the time between. The conversation now goes to movies. Big Brother tells Jackie to wake up again. She tells Big Brother she is not sleeping just waiting for her hair to dry so she can straighten it. She rolls her eyes and shuts them.
11:15 AM BBT Meanwhile the other HGs are all in the living room talking about how they act if they like someone. William says he could never pick anyone up in a bar, Kevin says someone would have to pick him up, William agrees with him. Demetres says he has never gone to a bar in Canada and picked some girl up. Kevin asks if they have ever worked in the service industry, Sindy says yes and she has been hit on and has hit on people. Sindy says she flirts with people when she was working in the service industry so she can get a bigger tip. She says if they don’t tip her big she won’t date them. Sindy says some waitresses will get in trouble if they give a customer their number. William is telling a story about when he worked in a store and had to ask someone for their number. Kevin tells a story where he was rejected once. Dillon says rejection is part of building your character. Dillon is asks how he would try to pick up someone. He says he would just go up and touch the person. Dre says if he did that she would scream. Kevin is trying Dillon’s way. Dre is explaining what she accepts as a touch in a club, it is nothing like what Dillon says he does.
11:30 AM BBT Karen and Bruno are talking about how hard her kids work. She is saying her kids go nuts when people their ages are bumming for money. She says they have a hard time with it because they are working 40 hours a week. Bruno is telling her a story about him and his wife being on a cruise. Bruno says it changed his life. Bruno is trying to tell her a story but she keeps interrupting him. Bruno says the bus driver tells him a story about a homeless man who showed up to cut his grass for the money. The end of the story the homeless person became a business owner. Bruno says it changed his life because 1 person took a chance on someone. He asks her how amazing is that. Feeds go down on them. Feeds soon come back with the other HGs talking about going out to clubs and being hit on. Kevin says that is why he respects Sindy because she will hit on guys. All of the HGs in the living room are all have separate conversations and like in normal life they are all trying to be heard and talking louder over each other. Back in the washroom Karen and Bruno are still having a conversation about how much cash they carry. They both say they don’t carry a lot of cash on them. Bruno tells her his wife gets pissed at him all the time because he just carries his credit card in his pocket and he loses it all the time. Karen is telling him a story about when her husband picked her up one night and a 70-year old woman was begging her for money. She said she thought the woman was mentally ill. Karen says she knows that people didn’t like ROB FORD but he cared about the people. The conversation goes to a video of Rob Ford and their feed goes down. Jackie is still waiting for her hair to dry she is lying in the corner not talking. All feeds have gone down again.
11:45 AM BBT Feeds come back with Ika, Kevin, Dre, and William in the living room. Sindy and Bruno are in the pantry. Sindy tells Bruno she is making him a tuna sandwich and upset there are no apples for it. They are not in the kitchen and Bruno is eating a pudding. The HGs in the living room are laughing and generally enjoying themselves. Bruno is helping Sindy drain the tuna. He tells her to make it with love. Bruno says whatever you make Sindy I’m good. Bruno and Demetres are waiting for the BY to open so they can go work out. Jackie and Bruno are in the bedroom. They found a necklace that they think may have belonged to Neda or Emily. Jackie is going to put it in the pantry. Jackie, Bruno, and Sindy are in the pantry bringing out pizza. Sindy gives Bruno a tuna sandwich and a bowl of tuna to put on crackers. He offers some to Dillon who says he ate too much this morning, Bruno says (as a HN) there is no such thing as too much today. Looks like everyone has decided to make something to eat. Dre says they are going to say final warning and she is still going to be here. William and Dre are in the pantry talking. Dre comes out and says William is crazy; Ika says you are just learning this now.
12:00PM BBT Six HGs are eating, and Dre still in kitchen. Others appear waiting around for the BY to open. No game talk, just general chit chat. All feeds are of the living room, dining area, or kitchen. Feeds went down again.
12:12PM BBT Feeds come back on about 6 minutes later with Sindy on BY couches and hearing Dre and Kevin playing pool. BB announces for Sindy and Ika to wake up–naptime is over. Camera shows Sindy and she is clearly awake. Bruno, Karen, Jackie in hot tub area soaking up the sunshine with Dillon in sweatshirt smoking; Dillon leaves. Eventually not a word is spoken. Dre and Kevin playing pool and Dem walking around, Sindy, Ika, and Dillon are lying on the couches with William sitting watching the pool players.They are locked out of the house. Dem alternating lifting weights and walking. Everyone is rather quiet with little talk–no game being discussed.

12:30PM BBT The only change in everyone’s status is that William and Dre are the ones playing pool with a lot of laughing and talking in French. Everyone except the pool players are being quiet and possibly asleep…except for Dem who finished working out and sitting in the hot tub. Some are complaining that they are sore from the competition. Karen talk about how today’s cloud overcast is not a good day. She, in BC, is used to having very sunny days.
12:45PM BBT Bruno joins him in the HT while Karen talks about house prices/real estate. Dre and William continue playing around shooting pool and laughing. Dillon, Kevin, and Sindy appear to be sleeping in the BY. Dre, William, Ika sitting up but no conversation. The 3 are now talking very quietly (doubt if it’s game). She is describing a game–like Monkey in the Middle or Dodgeball?
1:00PM BBT The conversation in HT area turns to taxes. Jackie leaves and Dem gets out of HT and leaves. Bruno brings up the veto this week. Karen says he thinks it’s wildcard. Karen goes through who might be the replacement noms. Bruno says he will be very honest and says he thinks for everyone it should be Ika. Karen again says how Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy are a threesome and Bruno denies. Bruno is trying to promise Karen that Kevin would not put up Karen up. Bruno keeps mentioning the pairs to take the attention off the threesome. Bruno wants her to forget the first relationships (that include the 3). Karen says he trusts Bruno,not Kevin! Bruno assures her that Kevin is not going after her. Bruno keeps wanting to go back putting the attention on couples. Karen feels that Dillon is confused because he’s getting info from everyone. He doesn’t talk to her. She feels like the 3 to get out are Sindy, Karen, and Ika. Karen keeps bringing up past alliances and Bruno keeps saying he is being straight with her in that there was no trust so they really were not working together.
1:15PM BBT Bruno’s bigger picture that he sees that needs to be dealt with is the foursome: Ika, Dem, Dre, and William. Karen sees herself as a number no matter what she does. Ika is working 2-3 different angles; Bruno says Ika is very manipulative. Next week then Dem needs to be on the block again. Bruno says that Dem is a bigger threat than Dillon. Karen doesn’t want to be naive and no one really knows who is after who until they have a chance to get rid of them. Karen does not want to believe what Bruno is saying…he says Karen is safe. Because they never talk game to her (unless on the block), Karen does not trust Kevin and Jackie! Karen jokingly says that she knows Bruno has a Final 2 with Kevin and maybe Jackie, too. Bruno just laughs and says to get those thoughts out of her head. They agree this week is very important on who goes. Bruno wants Ika gone. All Karen says is that because of agreements, the only options Dillon has as replacement nom is Ika, Sindy, and herself. Bruno says he can’t leave without a hug. Karen calls him her son…a real sucker-upper. Bruno decides to stay since clouds are parting making way to a blue sky with sunshine!
1:30PM BBT Ika and Dre having their own conversation on the BY couches. Ika talks about all of her younger friends/relationships. No one else are shown on the feeds. The BY feeds went down (~1:35). Bruno and Karen convo continues talking about the next HOH and what comp Karen will win. Bruno wants Karen to get rid of the negativity. If Bruno wins, she wants Bruno to put up Jackie and Kevin….haha. Karen says that she honestly would put up Jackie and Kevin. Bruno wanted to hear that she would finish the job of getting Dem out (with Ika going this week). Karen is reasoning that getting rid of Kevin would be good for Bruno’s game as well. Bruno says he is not dragging Kevin along. Bruno says there is no trust built between him and Kevin. Karen is pissed off that she does not have a bestie to take her further in the game. Bruno asks her who she is talking to now!?! Feeds only remain on in the HT area with Bruno and Karen. Karen keeps reverting the convo to how nice the sun is coming through. They talk a little more about their house relationships and Jackie returns.
1:45PM BBT They are enjoying the outdoors and now Karen asks what they think might be in there when they get to go back inside. Karen says it could be a Prohibition test, but she hopes not. Bruno (all HNs are relieved from being a HN today) plans on feasting again when he gets back in. The BY feed remains black and no further talk among Bruno, Karen, and Jackie. The clouds rolled back in… By looking at the sun positioning, Karen believes they’ve been out there for about 3 hours. They are prepare to go inside and now all feeds are now down (1:49PM). Feeds slowly come back on 2 minutes later. Jackie sitting at a BY table eating pizza. BB tells Sindy, Dillon, and Kevin to wake up. Karen says this is BB second time saying it; they slept through the first announcement. They are all hanging out awaiting the house to reopen. Ika and Dre having their own conversation but absolutely nothing coming through their mics. Dre and Bruno shooting pool. Kevin and Jackie talking about what they could fix for dinner. Dillon and Sindy could very well still be sleeping. Karen is now also lying down.
2:00 PM BBT Dre and Ika are chatting Dre please fix your microphone Dre was talking about her sister Kevin and Jackie are talking Kevin said we refer to them as magic powers in jury Kevin said the stupid tile thing i picked at Dillon asked if you guys still have snow to Demetres Dillon asked when does winter start
2:15 PM BBT Dillon said a couple times i would pull over and take a nap especially after doing my training Demetres said if you have eat sunflower seeds you can’t go to sleep Demetres said his sister is a doctor Ikaa and Kevin are talking about a show Ika said Karen to shut up Demetres said if i had to do it again i would do more thinking about who to allain with
2:30 PM BBT Dillon thinks that there will be another double eviction Demetres please fix your microphone Demetres said 1 more double than we are on track we have 6 weeks left Demetres said how many returnees do we have left Dillon said i don’t wish slope on anybody Ika was talking about the people that she loved from previous season of BBT Ika said shout out to JP we love you and that he is supporting us
2:45 PM BBT Dillon said i wonder what the live feeds are about Demetres said my sister is probably watching the live feeds and that i have never watched the live feeds before Demetres said that they should send us on a bb golfing trip Karen said William will tell you that i was scared Karen said uh oh we are in trouble when neda came in Dillon said to Demetres do you think you reach the top of that where my things are Demetres said i feel like i am going to go to sleep Jackie said i don’t think Kevin or Bruno will keep their words Dillon said i think you should go and talk to Ika to Jackie Jackie said do you think i should go and talk to ika Dillon said if Ika wins HOH next week that she is putting them up Dillon asked Ika what are you up to Ika said Damn look outside
3:00 PM BBT Jackie and Ika are chatting Ika said why do you think they didn’t put me on the block Jackie thought that she was cool with everyone else Kevin said to William that you are ticklish William said i am going to cry Kevin said that last time there was not that much bad stuff about me Ika said i don’t hate people in the house for a reason Jackie said i can honestly give you a truth William asked Dillon if he’s losing the pool game William said that was close Demetres said i am just sun tanning IKa please fix your microphone Ika said i did it’s probably broken bb
3:15 PM BBT Jackie said i trust you stop that Ika said i will put her up Demetre told ika him and dillon had a chat but it wasn’t game talk Dillon and Dre are playing pool please wake up nap time is over Kevin asked if that bathroom was open Kevin said that the Hobbit movies was not worth it it’s just wasting money William said if my mom is watching right now she was saying he is so annoying
3:30 PM BBT William said to Kevin common did you fart again Kevin said i did over there but its trailing back William said i am worser than Gary at pool Feeds went out feeds back at 3:40 pm BBT Sindy said all the food and snacks are gone Demetres said do you think live feeds are on Demetres said i bet my sister is watching
3:45 PM BBT Ika and Demetres are talking about movies William said he loves bumper cars Kevin said i don’t like amusement park that much William said you don’t like rollercoaster Kevin said i like water parks more than amusement parks
4:00 PM BBT Karen, Bruno, and Kevin are talking about BBUS. Karen says she won’t watch the show the same again. Kevin said that after this season he is done with Tv. Won’t apply for Survivor. He wanted to have Duel Citizenship. Then he said if this were Survivors It will be over in 2 days. Kevin and Karen love Jeff Probst as host of Survivor. Now they are talking about Past seasons of Survivors. Now Karen is asking everyone what’s their first BBUS season. Karen said she’s been watching BB since season 1. Karen said she got hooked on season 2. Karen likes Rachel but not Brendan. Karen and Sidney said that Zach from BB15 become a realtor and worked with Amanda. Kevin and Karen said that the comps have been larger than life. Kevin said he didn’t see the Jeff/Jordan original season. William asked which BB pairs have done Amazing Race.
4:15PM BBT Bruno and Demetres are in the hot tub area talking about past BBCAN seasons. They are trying to remember all the houseguests names. They are asking Dre who was pre jury in season 2. Now they are asking Ika. Karen says she is covered with the pillows because she has the chills. Everyone else is hot. Ika is talking about her bowling alley being remodeled. Said they added a light side and a dark side and a DJ. Ika and Demetres both want to take out Dillon. Ika said it’s weird that the house changes minute by minute. William is chasing Dre with a dirty sock.
4:30 PM BBT Now William is chasing Ika in the backyard. Ika said he’s nasty. Ika want’s William away from her. All houseguests are still under lockdown. Most of the houseguests are relaxing on the backyard sofa. Demetres and Ika are snapping their fingers. Demetres and Ika are Bored. Demetres said that he still can’t believe Sindy caught them.
4:45 PM BBT Demetres says he doesn’t follow the houseguests after the show. Ika and Demetres are chillin by the pool. Ika and Demetres said that Neda and Jon from BBCAN season 2 dominated the season. Ika tells Demetres that Dre is in a good spot. She has Ika, Demetres, and a few other houseguests that will protect her. Demetres says that the first week, and should have watched the game more. William and Dre are playing pool. The series is tied 1-1.
5:00 PM BBT Demetres and Ika are remembering events that occurred in the house for a upcoming comp. They are trying to remember 10 days. Ika keeps asking Demetres if he’s correct. He says yes. Ika wants to sleep but she knows BB will wake her up. Feeds out. Feeds return, Kevin and William are now playing pool. Ika said that since hey are a target, her and Demetres are a target. Ika also hops that the POV Ceremony is tonight.
Ika says if she is HOH, she will nominate Kevin and Bruno and if one comes off she will put 5:15 PM BBT Karen as replacement nominee. Feeds out again.
5:30 PM BBT Bruno and Kevin are talking about the ramp comp. They are talking about the worst comp players. Kevin and Bruno are going to help Jackie get off the block. Feeds out.
5:45PM BBT-8:15PM BBT Feeds down
8:20PM BBT Feeds up! Jackie and Sindy talking about bottled water vs tap water. Everyone quietly hanging on the loungers outside. They are on lockout and looks like they have been for some time now. There are remnants of dinner on paper plates and waters, looking like they may have been fed while on lockout. Ika, Dre and William are laying on the loungers. Ika went to refill her chips where it looks like BB set out a snack bar outside near the pool table.
They are talking about gas and Ika thinks it’s gross that someone passed silent gas and William could identify by the odour that Kevin was the culprit. Gross.
8:30PM BBT Ika telling Dre that Karen told her they shouldn’t be seen talking. Karen’s game is to paint herself as a lone wolf and she says the reason she’s so distrustful is because she cannot be trusted. Ika says that Karen has influence over Dillon and that has to be taken care of. Ika says she wishes she had Dré’s intuition and realized Dillon was loyal.
Dillon gets called to DR and gets a reaction from everybody since they’re on lockout.
Dré says it’s getting to the point she may need to show her boobs and she’s not afraid to do it.
Demetres comes by and starts talking about the guards in Greece and their dance routine. He says it’s during the Changing of the Guard.
Ika starts telling a story to Dré and Demetres and keeps changing words , Demetres says “are you trying to translate this to white?” She doubles over laughing because that’s pretty much what she was doing, although some of a words are common knowledge. Ika describes something she calls a fritter but it sounds more like a fish cake. (Flour, salted cod, spices).. Demetres thought of a fritter as a pastry or doughnut type item.
Kevin is lying down alone on the white lounger on the other side of the BY. Eyes closed and unintelligible whispering.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, April 16th

8:45PM BBT Ika tells another story of her doll and she cut its hair because she thought it’d grow back. She says the doll looked like Chucky.
We hear a lady PA over the intercom saying there’s more pizza and wings by the hot tub. (They just ate this same meal yesterday but everyone seems happy about more)
Kevin was looking and sounding sick and he just announced to the HGs that he thinks he’s coming down with something so he’s quarantining himself.
Ika goes back to her Chucky story. Her uncle basically terrorizing her with a doll who resembled Chucky. Demetres says this is why Ika is how she is. Ika continues to tell childhood stories and everyone else is quiet, eating and appear deep in thought.
9:00PM BBT Karen and William talking about how the pizza is mediocre and how spoiled they are. Karen says Kevin is so thankful because he’s a HN. Talk turns to what they miss. Karen says sleeping- not being able to wake up when you want. Will says family. Karen says that doesn’t count because they knew when they signed up that they wouldn’t be able to see family. Will says haircuts. Karen says she misses being able to just get what she needs at the store. William says time, not knowing what time it is. Karen says food restriction, she finds it harder than she thought it’d be. She say when she eats again she starts bingeing like she’s going to be executed. They talk about privacy and open showers and how great it is to be in a room alone. William says how hard it is to go to the washroom when you’re looking at the camera.
Karen says the competitions are harder than she thought they’d be. William says he loves the challenges and doesn’t find them harder than he expected. They talk about how fun it is to do certain things for being fans of the show that seem surreal doing, like voting to evict HGs, and doing before and after comps. William says he feels like he’s always surprised more than a million people are watching. He says being in the house and being watched by cameras has normalized for him. Karen says she’s still conscious of it all the time. William says he was close to self evicting at the beginning because he had such a hard time when they first arrived. He was concerned how he would be perceived and started to regret signing on. Karen says everyone feels it coming in and nobody who hasn’t played can understand.
9:15PM BBT Karen says her kids are gone now, one of her sons moved to the states and the others live together in Victoria. She says living with younger people doesn’t bother her at all. William says his parents aren’t disciplinarians anymore but still ask where he’s going when he has plans.
Finally the blinds raise so they are allowed back inside. Kevin goes around to open the doors to the HGs. Jackie heads inside. William and Kevin are tidying up some of the supper mess outside. Demetres says Day 37- the day we spent outside! (The inside looks the same so unclear why they were locked out so long). Ika and Dre are whispering outside on the lounger. Saying Dillon is misunderstood. Karen comes out and says everyone is pissy from sound nothing all day. While Ika goes in to brush her teeth, Dre tidies up the lounger and says if she doesn’t move it, no one will. Karen helps by moving all the snacks inside as well.
9:30PM BBT Upstairs in the HOH suite WC Dillons cleaning out the tub and listening to music. All other cams on Jackie eating ice cream sandwiches. Bruno goes in SR and looks around while saying he’s not hungry.
Ika and Karen are back on the loungers. Ika calls Dillon a gentle giant and that Bruno is charming just to get what he wants. They discuss his only options of putting Ika or Sindy. Karen says Jackies running around like a squirrel. She says Sindy/Jackie/Bruno/Kevin- they all need to go. Karen says she tells Bruno that Kevin will cut him if they get to the end. She can’t stand the smug arrogance. Ika says we see right through him, I can’t stand him. Ika says she’s happy Karen sees it. Ika says it’s funny because Bruno’s trying to work you, and you know you’re being worked and are working him right back. Ika says Bruno wants Sindy to stay so bad. Karen says Bruno flips out and says she doesn’t understand. Karen says he talks in circles and he won’t say any names. Karen says she asked him if he had 5 or 10 final 2’s? Bruno says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And he has no deal with Kevin. Ika says she feels bad for Dillon that he’s getting no break from campaigning from Bruno. Karen says Bruno’s annoyed because he isn’t making headway with her. Karen “Jackies only spoken with her twice and both times her ass was on the block. That doesn’t sit well with me” Bruno says she has to get beyond that.
9:45PM BBT Kevin/Demetres/Bruno in hot tub area, Kevin asks the deal on replacement nom. Bruno says he doesn’t know. Demetres says it doesn’t really matter (if they have the votes- trying to play it cool) Demetres says it’s not his place to go upstairs to push noms since Dillon just nommed him. Bruno says he’s gonna go up and put pressure on him tonight. Talk turns to the POV comp. Demetres says Dillon was getting pissed. It was one of those marathon ball comps where you have to catch it several hundred times without dropping and maintains a rhythm.
Kevin tries to make it sound like the critical element was getting Jackie up and out, and now that Jackie didn’t win, they don’t have to scramble. Even though him and Bruno are pushing HARD to get Ika out this week, and Demetres knows this and is pushing for Sindy.
Meanwhile, Karen/ Ika/ Dre talking about Ika and Dre being on Bruno’s radar. Ika says she would put up Kevin and Bruno. Karen said she would put up Kevin and Jackie and if Jackie wins Bruno goes up. Dre and Ika say both guys need to go up together because if she puts up Kevin and Jackie, Bruno will win Veto and take off Kevin. This way at least one of the guys will guaranteed go. Karen wonders if Demetres would get back together with Bruno and Kevin. Ika says absolutely not! Karen says she’s not stupid and doesn’t want to be played as a delusional old lady fool. Neda used to call her the delusional old lady and there is nothing more aggravating than being thought of as a fool.
She mentions Bruno playing them all for fools for denying that he has a threesome with Kevin and Sindy. She is annoyed that Bruno is telling her how to play her game. The only person they help is him. She can see right through his BS. Karen says Sindys sitting on the top of the stairs so she has a direct view to them. Dré says she trusts Dillon and she doesn’t want to confuse him by pushing him too much. She’s going to leave him alone and trust that he will put the right person up for renom (Sindy).
10:00 PM BBT Kevin says that Mark has been out of the house for a month now. They wonder if he watches the show. Kevin wonders what the alumni are thinking, wondering if there were alternatives. The guys in the hot tub area talk about games. Dillon joins the hot tub area. He mentions that he couldn’t fit inside a certain area, and mentions that he could tell that the camera people were poking fun of him. Demetres is called to the DR. In the backyard, Ika and Karen are talking game. Karen asks if she talks to Sindy. Ika makes a face, and says that she doesn’t trust them. Ika says that she’d vote her out if she goes on the block. Karen says that William needs to know that he’s in danger.
10:15 PM BBT Ika says that she’ll take out Bruno when she wins HoH, and will not rest until he’s gone. She says that it would’ve been Neda and Bruno if she would’ve won HoH during the double. In the HoH, Dillon joins Dre. Dre goes through scenarios. Dillon likes Sindy for the block. Dre says that Sindy is working with a few HGs. Dillon says that Karen wants the vets gone. Dre says that Karen is her next target, saying that Karen will talk to the other side after you talk to her. Dre says that she’ll let her do that ‘cause maybe it’s her strategy. Dre says to Dillon that Jackie’s going after him. Dre says that Jackie’s going after Ika and Demetres. Dre says to Dillon that he’s okay “at least for next week.” They talk about deals, and Dillon says that he had only one final 2, with Emily.
10:30 PM BBT Dre says that the best case scenario is that Sindy goes home next week, Dre wins HoH and Kevin or Bruno go home, then Ika wins HoH and the remaining one goes home, then William wins HoH and Karen goes home (she laughs), then Jackie wins HoH and Ika or Demetres goes home (she laughs again). Dillon says that would be so perfect. Dillon says that Kevin or Bruno should go first, then Jackie could do what she wants. Dre says that she doesn’t tell Jackie anything ‘cause she worries that she might tell someone else. Dre says that Jackie’s not stupid. Dre says that with some luck, it could work.
10:45 PM BBT Dre recalls the night they were the first 2 that boarded the BBCAN Odyssey (the house). Dillon says that it would be crazy if they were the last to leave. Karen enters the house, saying that they don’t have any more toilet paper. She grabs some from the HoH room. Dillon asks about a final 3 with her and William, and asks her if she’ll vote out William. She says only if they’re in the final 5 with Dre, Dillon, Ika, Demetres, and William. She says that if that’s the final 5, then she’ll make a final 2 with him. She says that she’ll defend him 100%. When Kevin enters the HoH, they start to dance and sing. Bruno enters a little while later, and they chit-chat about music. Sindy brings in more toilet paper to the HoH.
11:00 PM BBT After they all leave, Dre says that she has trust in him, and to tell her what he hears. She then asks for him to not blindside her. He says that he won’t. Dre says that she won’t reveal her vote until she votes. As Dre is talking to Dillon about her strategy after the vote, BB says that they’re not allowed to talk about brand names. Dre looks confused, and Dillon says to BB “I think you have the wrong room, dude.”
11:15 PM BBT In the pink room, Sindy and Bruno are talking. She says that Dre and Dillon have been talking a lot. Sindy says that people don’t really talk to her, except to ask how her ankle’s doing. Even Ika isn’t saying to much he asks where she is anyways Sindy says the Cave she isn’t feeling well has a migraine. Based on her conversation with Dillon last night she believes that he will put Ika but the risk is still there. Bruno says I have tried to tell you for so long Ika was against us and ugh. Unless there is a huge intense plan to change it they think it will be Ika as the replacement nom. Kevin and William are layin in the other room talking about the word and travels while Kevin lightly caresses and massages Will’s back. Bruno leaves the Pink room, Sindy says it’s very frustrating to work wht Bruno sometimes. Just because someone in the house and you aren’t getting along doesn’t mean they are my enemy too it’s getting super freaking annoying. ( little does she know Ika has been against her the whole game). She lays there silently looking at the ceiling. Bruno has joined the boys in the Blue room. Conversation is about Dre and her B day tomorrow and Sindy on Thursday. They plan to make a special Dinner for her. Bruno’s was 4-11, he is 34 years old, Dre is on 4-17, and SIndy 4-19. They talk about where they see themselves in x amount of years.
11:30 PM BBT Ika has entered the Pink room with Sindy. They plan out Dre’s birthday party. Sindy asks Big Brother to play some music. Ika suggests just dimming the lights. Sindy goes into the blue room, telling the guys what to do, asking the guys to hit on Dre. He tells the guys to dress up like they’re going to the bar, club, wherever.
11:45 PM BBT Dillon makes a new friend in the hot tub area, Pete the Spider. In the HoH, Sindy tells Dre that they didn’t forget about her birthday, and tell her that they’re going to celebrate in style and dress up. Dre is excited, and says that she’s down. William and Kevin mess with Ika while she’s in the shower.



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