Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, May 6th

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12:00AM BBT Karen tells Ika that Demetres really cares for her. Ika says that he’s such a good guy. Ika says that Kevin probably thinks of her as a monster. Karen says that that’s probably how Kevin sees her (Karen) as well. Ika says that if Big Brother Canada would’ve never existed, her and Demetres would’ve never met. Karen says that it’s lucky that there were only 8 newbies and was one of the lucky ones. Ika says that older people don’t make it so far in the house. Karen says that she said that she was going to win the first HoH. Ika says that she wishes Canada would’ve given the [triple eviction] veto. She says to Karen that it would’ve been given to her. They talk about the veto. Karen says that she hopes BB can give her something that she can win. Ika reminds her that she beat everyone that has been evicted this season. Ika and Karen talk about being in the final 3. Ika says it’s her dream to be at the BBCAN awards show.
12:15 AM BBT Karen says “let’s make it happen.” Karen talks about what she’d say to jury members. She says that she’s not going to be nice, saying that listening to Sindy talk is like sandpaper to your ears. Karen leaves the pink room to get ready for bed. Ika lays in bed with Demetres.
12:30 AM BBT Ika says that she regrets saying to put Dre on the block. Ika keeps talking game with Demetres, softly, but Demetres says that she needs to stop talking. Ika says to Bruce through the cameras that Karen is amazing, but says that they need to break her. Ika says that she didn’t realize how much she needed Karen, saying that she’s smart and has a really good heart. Demetres says that there was no way he was putting Karen on the block, even if it made Dillon mad. Ika says that she’d rather here the truth that she’s being put up, rather than lied to. In the bathroom, Karen is talking to Dillon. Dillon talks about a final 3 with them and Demetres. Karen says that Kevin needs to go. Dillon says that they need to get final 2, but needs to figure out how. Karen says to Ika in the pink room about her convo with him. Karen is suspicious that Kevin is getting in Dillon’s head, pulling a Dre on him. She says that Kevin is going to keep working him and working him. Karen says that she told Dillon that they should wait ‘til the PoV. Karen says that she’s tired of people keep going to her to talk to her. Karen says that she’s not indecisive.
12:45 AM BBT Karen says to Ika that she is their best bet at getting Kevin out. Karen says that she knows that Kevin’s not taking her to final 2. Ika says that he’s taking Dillon. Karen recalls a quote from a humorist writer, Erma Bombeck. “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I want to be able to say I used everything you gave me.” Karen says that that’s how she feels. Karen says that 2nd place isn’t good for her. Karen says that Dillon’s okay with 2nd. Karen goes to the bathroom, and say that if anyone goes up to her, she’s going to rip their head off. She says that she’s not an indecisive person, and anyone who approaches her, trying to change her mind, is a sketchy person. Karen leaves to get her water bottle, then to the toilet.
1:00 AM BBT After a while, Ika is getting herself a drink and snack in the kitchen, then heads to the bathroom to brush and floss her teeth. Ika goes to the bedroom, surprised that the lights are off. Demetres says “I don’t know what you did, or changed your makeup, but…” He then kisses Ika. All the houseguests are in bed now. Ika gets ready to take off her shirt to adjust something, then the feeds go down.
1:15 AM BBT Kevin is asleep in the HoH room, and Dillon is asleep in the blue room. Ika is whispering to Demetres about the game. They make out a while later.
1:30 AM BBT Ika seems to be adjusting her clothes perhaps. Ika and Demetres kiss some more.
1:45 AM BBT All houseguests are still sleeping.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:09 AM BBT LIghts on
8:11 AM BBT “Good morning, houseguests. TIme to wake up.”
8:14 AM BBT “Good morning, houseguests. TIme to wake up.” “Demetres please arrange a battery exchange.”
8:17 AM BBT “Good morning, houseguests. TIme to wake up.” Demetres up collecting batteries. Karen in the kitchen making coffee.
8:20 AM BBT Ika and Dem cuddling in the pink BR. Karen in the WR. Neither Dillon or Kevin are moving yet. Ika and Dem saying Kevin is not a logical player, that she’s very emotional. Ika says if Kevin was a logical player, he’ll renom Dillon if Dem wins PoV rather than Karen. Talk about how Kevin is trying to stay close to both Dillon and Kevin. Ika tells Dem not to take anyone but Karen to the F2 with him, if she’s gone. Dem says that if Dillon thinks he’s going to take him to F2, he’ll keep him, but if Dillon thinks he’s going to take Karen, he’ll keep Kevin next week. He says that he has to throw Karen under the bus a little to Dillon to make him believe he’ll take him to the F2.
8:30 AM BBT Dem and Ika snuggling in the pink BR. Kevin still in bed in the HoH room. Ika tells Dem the game is over in two weeks. She says it’s flown by; the days were long but the weeks were short. Dem saying how he thinks he’s the target this week, and if he doesn’t win the PoV he’s toast. Dem believes that Dillon would vote to evict him. Ika says she doesn’t want to be here without him; Dem says it’s not fair that one of them is going home. He hopes a miracle is about to happen that will save them both. Dem says, “Imagine if it’s an endurance comp.” Ika says that Dillon won’t last, Kevin will hang in there but not beat her, but they need Karen to beat Kevin and Ika is skeptical that could happen.
8:45 AM BBT Ika says she honestly believes that if they had teamed up with anyone else, other than each other, they wouldn’t be here now. Dem says that they’ve been the biggest threats in the house since Gary left. Ika says she thinks she’s still there because she’s not winning comps. Dem says that Dillon tried to make an outside cash deal with him, and Dem stopped him from speaking because he didn’t want to get disqualified. He says that if he finds out that Dillon made that deal with Kevin, he’s going to be pissed. Dem says he’s sure that Kevin would have stopped the conversation as well.
8:50 AM BBT Karen and Dillon in the WR chatting. Karen says that she told Kevin beforehand that she thought it would be a triple. She says that he shot her down saying Canada didn’t like the triple so they wouldn’t do that again. Karen again explains to Dillon that there’s only two weeks left. Talk turns to Robin Williams and his suicide. Karen says it’s proof that money and fame don’t buy happiness. Ika comes into the WR. Karen says that every time she looked over, Ika was draped across Demetre. She says that Ika doesn’t let Dem sleep, that he hasn’t slept in 56 days. Karen blow-dries her hair.
9:00 AM BBT Kevin and Dem in the kitchen. Dem making a shake for Demika. Karen, Ika and Dillon in the WR. Karen leaves to refill her coffee, Ika decides to shower. Dillon says that Karen’s going to win today. She asks what she’s going to win and he says PoV. She asks if it’s going to be a gardening comp? Or a guarding baby bunnies comp? She tells him he better not hold his breath waiting for her to win. Karen says if the comp is negotiating contracts, gardening, doing laundry or dishes is the comp, it’s hers. Karen says that she’d love to win the lottery, but Bruce doesn’t think she’s trying hard enough. Karen says that Ontario always wins the prizes. She plans to buy a ticket when she gets out before she leaves the province. Karen complaining that her eyelashes are ‘glumping’ together. She says the good thing about makeup is there’s always a product to fix it.
9:15 AM BBT Kevin eating breakfast in the kitchen. Dillon, Karen and Ika in the WR. Karen speculating that Dre is running her mouth about Dillon in the jury house. Dillon says when you lie to yourself so much, you start to believe it. Dillon and Karen talking about how Sindy always talks about herself. Sindy is the reason that Karen doesn’t want to go to the jury house. She says she’d take her on a canoe ride and drown her. Talk again returns to what the PoV comp has to be for Karen to win it. She says that they need to be mom-related. She accuses Dillon of not doing the dishes and Dillon gets upset. She says that she’s saying it to piss him off.
9:30 AM BBT Karen and Dillon in the WR discussing distribution of chores in the house. Karen says that when she gets to the jury house she’s going to tell Bruno that he needs to spill the tea with her. She wants him to be real about the game with her. She wants to hear him say he campaigned against her. Dillon tells her she already knows that but she says he wouldn’t admit it in the game. Karen asks who hurt Dillon the most in the game; Dillon says Bruno. Karen says that she thinks Bruno is a genuinely good person outside the game, but the game skews him. She says that William got screwed over by using the secret PoV on Kevin. Karen says that if he hadn’t used it, Kevin wouldn’t be here now. She says that Kevin doesn’t deserve to win. Dillon says that Demetres deserves to win and Karen says that she’s glad Dillon sees that. She wants to see the right person win and it’s not Kevin. Karen tells Dillon not to take Kevin to F2. Dillon says he’d love to have it be Karen and himself F2, but he knows that won’t happen. Karen circles back to Kevin and how he didn’t even try to argue to save Will during the triple. She says she was crying for him, and Kevin was emotionless. She says if Kevin does get the money, karma will get him in the end. Dillon says that he’s said all game that he said $100K wasn’t enough for him to lose his morals. He says Kevin is heartless. Karen says she told Will in week 4 that he was getting played by Kevin and it took Kevin until week 8 to tell Will there was nothing between them. Dillon says that William is going to regret the way he played this game, and so will Jackie. Karen says that Kevin is already counting his winnings in his mind, but there’s a lot of game left. She says she’s going to tell Will that Kevin didn’t even argue to try and save him in the triple. She says Will is a really good kid. She says she had promised to not vote him out, but that promise was made before she knew it was a triple, so she doesn’t think she lied.
9:45 AM BBT Karen says she has one job left to do before she leaves the house and that is to get Kevin Martin out. Dillon says all she needs to do is win the HoH next week. Talk then turns to the PoV next week, and Karen says that that is why they need Dem here next week, so it’s two strong guys against Kevin. Karen says Kevin can fight when he needs to. Dillon says that he threw a couple of competitions to keep the target on his back smaller. Karen tells him those days are over and he better turn it up. Karen says she’s giving it everything she’s got, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s 53, and not getting enough sleep, and living in a stressed-filled house and she’s trying the hardest she can. She says she’s not a complete laughing stock, and Dillon says people aren’t thinking that. Karen says she needs to get Kevin out; and, as a fan, she wants to see Dem win it. She says he’s the most-deserving. DIllon says if they keep Dem, Dillon is going to win the HoH and PoV next week. Karen says she can’t wait to watch the season; this may be her favourite ever. She wants to see how it played out on television when she has all the inside information. Karen leaves to go get dressed. Feed changes to Kevin on the bed in the HoH room. Brief shot of the discussion between Demika and Karen about Dillon offering Dem $20K to let him win it all. Feeds cut on that cam quickly.

10:00 AM BBT Cam 1 and 2 has Kevin sleeping in the HOH room as 3 and 4 are down. No other activities going on. In one of the bedroom, we have Karen with Ika and Demetres chatting about someone trying to earn jury votes, believing that they are talking about Kevin as Ika thinks he has no friends in the jury and that they think the only person who should really win the game is someone who played hard. Karen thinks that Kevin doesn’t deserve to win over anyone and she wants to stay in the house until at least Kevin is out. Kevin is now alone, sitting on one of the sofa upstairs alone as Karen with Ika and Demetres are basically bashing him as a player and his way of getting far into the game. Feeds keeps cutting in and out with Cam 3 and 4. Karen is asking them if Dillon and Kevin have a deal together and no feeds on those cameras again.
10:15 AM BBT Back in the bedroom, the conversation between Karen and Ika and Demetres are back talking about their decisions of who they have kept and voted out. In the meantime, Kevin is still sitting alone upstairs. Ika is asking why does the HG hates her, so Karen is saying it is because you are a good player and winning. Ika is saying that Bruno told them as he walked out of the house that her and Demetres would be next as he wasn’t kept safe especially once Kevin won HOH. Dillon is sleeping, but, not for long as BB is asking him to wake up as nap time is over. Karen was very frustrated with Jackie as she was a flip flopper in the game. Ika says that Kevin only got save by William and thinks that he has not done anything in the BB house to deserve to stay or win. In the HOH room, we have Dillon and Kevin talking, as Kevin is saying to Dillon that if he stays and makes it to the final 2, he truly believe that he will have enough votes to win the game. They are both wondering what the next comp would be. Dillon is mentioning that he hates people think that he is loaded but he is saying that the check he does receive is not that much.
10:30 AM BBT Ika is explaining the conversation she had between Dre and Jackie as she was telling them that if she stays in the house, she will make it hell for them. Kevin is saying that he hopes to make it to F4 and truly respect Demetres’ game. They are discussing the different scenario of who is going to the jury next, either Ika or Demetres and that Karen is just happy to be here but has not played much of a game. Kevin is wondering that if Ika wins the veto, would she use it to save Demetres?! Who knows says Dillon. Dillon is saying he has a hard time believing Kevin that he will take him to F2 but would really appreciate the gesture as he needs the money. Ika is saying that it is weird that Dillon has been in the HOH room for so long with Kevin. Dillon is saying that the game is all up in the air and it all depends on who wins the vetos throughout the rest of the game. They are both talking about different ways to win and how to get to the final 4 and then 3. Kevin is saying that Ika has yet to win any comps and that basically, she has been riding on Demetres’ back. Sounds like Kevin is almost pushing for a F3 with Dillon and Karen as he is saying to Dillon that he could win especially if the comp is an A or B answers. And that Karen has actually played a good game, maybe not physically but her social game was very good.
10:45 AM BBT In the WR, Karen and Ika are still talking about some of the other HG’s game and how Kevin has gone so far and being a poker player in real life. Money, power and greed are the things that take people down is what Karen is saying to Ika as she walks away and Demetres walks back into the WR. Being in the BB house and playing this game is so good as it helps certain HG and their career. Ika is now left alone in the WR as she gets ready for the day. And Kevin with Dillon, still in the HOH room chatting, while Karen has walked downstairs into the kitchen area to start cooking breakfast. No game talk in the kitchen between Karen and Demetres as she is preparing an omelette. Kevin is saying that when William got the secret power of veto, it wasn’t anything that needed strategics on his part but just pure luck but still amazing that he used it to save him. Kevin is mentioning that he has met Neda outside the house a few times and that they have no personal connection but as far as game, he was happy that she would be perceived as the leader which would put a bigger target on her vs him.
11:00 AM BBT Karen is still in the process of cooking breakfast but nobody is talking. Dillon and Kevin still in the HOH room chatting and that Dillon hopes to keep this music thing after the game. They are both talking about how about there are quite a few of music artist that has come from very bad situations with their upbringing that they work hard to make it into that industry as it is the only escape they have. Karen is finishing preparing breakfast downstairs and tells Demetres that it is ready and time to eat and that they both are surprised they are still in the house at this point of the game. Ika is in the WR finishing her makeup and hair. No chatting at this time from anyone as Karen and Demetres eating their breakfast and Ika is alone in the WR.
11:15 AM BBT Demetres is joining Ika in the WR and they are both talking about what could happened and how the votes would go for evictions. Demetres goes back down into the kitchen and is amazed on how much time Dillon is spending with Kevin in the HOH room. Dillon is just listening to his music. No one is talking. Kevin is now in the kitchen with Karen and they are wondering what day would be the finale and then cams are out for a couple of minutes. Dillon is walking around and headed downstairs joining Kevin and Karen with Demetres. They are all trying to figuring out what day would be the finale. Karen is saying that paranoia can set in very quickly in the house and she is saying to them that she saw the triple eviction coming.
11:30 AM BBT They are all saying that Canada seemed to have like triple eviction and they think that Canada like Dillon. Karen is saying that Bruce, her husband thinks that she is a “witch” as she seem to know what will happen next. BB is asking them to stop talking about production as Kevin saved his life in the BB house if he did not find the secret veto and Karen is saying that she knew it as she actually saw him crawl out of the big hole in the BY where he found the veto. Kevin is explaining that William had 2 weeks to use his secret veto. And that when the veto was actually used without him knowing it was William, he was very surprised.
11:45 AM BBT Karen is saying that a lot of the HG thought she was nuts when she was telling them that she has a strong feeling that Kevin got the secret veto. Karen Dillon and Kevin are talking about Neda and how she told him he was bad. Karen says that you were offended by me saying that is why you you all lost. Karen says you guys turned on each other there was a lot of ego. Not a lot of loyalty. She thinks Bruno lost because of the slop, it took a lot out of him. She says she thinks he went to far away from who he really was. Karen and Kevin are the only left in the kitchen and She is saying that she will go off on the other HG as she sees them. In the Storage room, Karen and Dillon talking about what BB has given them. They are saying that today is POV. Demetres is sitting alone in the dining area.Karen is saying that she does not have a big ego now vs before when she was younger. Kevin and Dillon are now eating and Kevin is wondering if BB would ever allow them to see the hatch where William got his veto. Karen is saying that she cannot afford another injury and really thinks it will be a very hard comp as BB have been busy outside building something. She is mentioning that she has a 100% chance in playing in the POV. Dillon is saying that he has been eating a few yogurts as Kevin is making himself something to eat. Karen is wondering if Jackie will embellish how her eviction took place. BB has asked for one of them to go into the DR and looks like it was Dillon.
12:00 PM BBT Ika said William started crying Karen said Dillon will confess that i didn’t say William’s name Dillon said 100% chance to play in the POV Dillon said Karen can you see the oven Karen said we probably won’t go til 5 Ika said it so funny i don’t care what 1 of the jury members would say Karen said it would be nice to hear what the people are saying in the jury Demetres said it was a split vote to wasn’t it Karen said that is where they got screwed up Karen said that is where she did it wrong Demetres said it was weird i have never watched season 1 Demetres said season 1 was good Karen said i have waited 18 seasons before it came to the Canada Karen said i could go and work in Seattle Karen said that they are totally confused
12:15 PM BBT Demetres is juggling an orange Karen said i have lived here 11 years before i became a permanent citizenship Kevin said i have to win the comps dude or i am out Dillon said what are they Kevin said that there is no point in talking to Ika and Demetres so i am just sitting up here Kevin is explaining to Dillon about the chart that he had made Dillon said that Jackie made him a small chart Kevin said that Karen has a chance to win Kevin said let’s go big brother let’s get us out there Karen said this is driving me insane Karen said how much hamster wheeling can you do you gotta let it go
12:30 PM BBT Karen is going over what she needs from the DR Kevin is laying down Karen said what else was the other one Demetres said i am trying to keep moving Demetres said i wonder if the pov is going to be about days Karen said i will go in there with you while you make it Karen said i don’t know if this shirt came out clean Karen said i still think he broke the spell thou. Ika said if you win Karen it would be Epic Karen said she could have used nuts or anything Karen said Demetres is trying to study leave him alone Ika said okay i will come over here Karen and Ika are going over days and competition
12:45 PM BBT Karen said hold on we missed a day in between Demetres is making his bed Karen said Demetres won again and he put up William and Dre on the triple eviction Demetres said it’s tough Karen said what happened on day 28 Karen thinks that this pov is gonna be very hard Karen said the POV is the hardest comp ever Demetres said i almost don’t want to re watch this season on the TV
1:00 PM BBT Kevin is blowing bubbles in the HOH room Ika said i had fun this whole time Karen said i don’t think you would have fun if he wasn’t here Karen said i was alone a lot Karen said don’t talk to me you had a chance to talk to me Ika said i fake cried to Neda and she didn’t buy it Demetres said i got the first couple right Demetres said that they hated her Ika said you should call out Dillon Demetres said if i win you have to get rid of Dillon Karen said he got that line from me
1:15 PM BBT Demetres said i’m gonna go and eat Karen said then i will go and work on Kevin Karen said actions speaks louder than words Demetres said where you napping in there Dillon said it’s so bored Ika said we are playing it’s crazy Karen said waiting the day away Karen said do you want some kool aid Ika said i’m sure the live feeds are on right now Demetres is juggling his orange Karen said Jackie is a quiet sleeper Demetres please go to the DR Kevin is working on his chart
1:30 PM BBT Kevin is working on his chart in the HOH room Ika said i have tormented so many people Dillon said either of you tormented me Karen said that Ika got mean to me the first few weeks Karen is talking about the people that had tormented her the most Karen said i feel so much better that she is gone Karen said i can see i have eyes and that she can compete against Neda.  Ika said she looks really good with the makeup Ika said i thought that she is a pretty with the makeup on Dillon said her sister on Jackie sister is hot Kevin is going downstairs Dillon said i like Dallas
1:45 PM BBT Kevin is laying down on the sofa. Dillon said 16 characters. Karen said i wanted it. Dillon said i couldn’t handle that one Karen said i wanted to win the HOH and i got it Karen said for him to see say now that he wanted to be with the strongest is not true Ika said that Dillon can not stand me Dillon said i want to take you to the club and have fun with me Ika said she was a team mom at 18. Kevin said my life is not on the line with this final 5 veto.
2:00 PM BBT Kevin is alone in the HOH Room counting. Karen said that they have 12 days left in the house. Ika is shocked and nervous. Karen tells Ika that Demetres was called to DR. Dillon said he gives good speeches. Ika said that she’s shocked that Jackie and Dre didn’t like her. Karen tells Ika, and Dillon that Cindy went behind their back to vote Neda. Ika said she was nice to Neda.
2:15 PM BBT Karen, Ika, and Dillon are talking about Neda’s game as well as Sindy’s game. They said Cindy was used to get rid of Neda. Dillon called to DR. Kevin is listening to Music and walking around the HOH room. Kevin is taken his clothes to get washed. Demetres is making a pasta meal. Not patient on boiling water so puts in the pasta early. Kevin is alone with his bear in the HOH room. In deep thought. Camera shows POV Competition today in the living room. Demetres is walking around in the living room.
2:30 PM BBT Ika and Karen are talking about Bruno. They are saying when Ika talked to Sindy, it drove him nuts. Ika said that Dre worked overtime campaigning. Karen said worried people are squirrels. Demetres is is getting something to drink. Karen tells Ika that she almost self evicted on day 18.
2:45 PM BBT Ika and Karen are remembering dates. They are talking about Dre talking behind everyone’s back. Karen and Ika are trying to nap. Dillon and Demetres in the kitchen talking about the final veto. Demetres and Dillon agree there is a bitter jury. Demetres and Dillon are going through scenarios Demetres wins or not.
3:00 PM BBT Dillon said he needs to study more. Feels like he has the days down but needs more practice. Demetres said he has a whole week to prepare. Karen is in the pantry. Making something to eat. Demetres and Ika are hanging out in the bedroom talking. Small talk. Now they are talking about the Conversation with Dillon and Karen.
3:15 PM BBT Demetres and Ika are talking about Dre’s personality. Kevin, Karen, and Dillon are talking about some of the jurors. Ika is talking about her family.
3:30 PM BBT Kevin, Dillon, and Karen are crunching numbers. Kevin is uncertain about food. Especially sour cream. Karen said she’s delusional. Karen said that Gary hated Cass.
3:45 PM BBT Dillon is alone in the kitchen eating.
4:00 PM BBT Ika talking with Demetres on what to day to Dillon. Ika telling Demetres to ask Dillon who he is taking to final two. Demetres says they will just figure it out after the veto meeting. Ika says if it is a endurance comp I can win it. Demetres says yes you can. Ika says they only way they are saying is if Karen wins. Demetres says not necessarily, if he puts up Dillon. Ika says the problem is getting him to put up Dillon. Demetres says he is going to say to Kevin that Dillon made a final two deal with everyone. Demetres says who do you want to be in a final four with,because we are all gunning for you and you have better odds of winning the final four veto with Ika and Karen both here. Ika says to remind Kevin that Dillon has an excellent chance of winning the first part of the HOH comp because they are usually physical endurances and Dillon is likely to win that one over Kevin. Ika said he has to say no one is going to take Kevin to finals so he has to win. Basically they are discussing that Kevin’s best odds are keeping both Ika/Karen there with Demetres (they are talking as if one of them wins veto. Demetres say he is so happy they talk about what is best for both of their games. Ika says you don’t have to come into this house and make decision by yourself and it makes you a better player, we did this together. Ika says how she didn’t control Demetres decisions, they worked as a team. Ika tells Demetres that he underestimates himself in this house,she tells him his social game is impeccable. Ika says you are a huge physical threat and people still want to keep you here. Demetres says he thinks some people think a social game is lying and manipulating. Ika says if you don’t have to do it don’t, Ika mentions on a lot of people think that is the way to play the game because Dr. Will made it that way. Ika talks about how Kevin did nothing for weeks. He did nothing for his alliance, and William used the SPOV on him. Now he finally won some competitions. Demetres says he is still not taking him to the final two. Ika makes fun of Kevin yelling ‘YES’ when he won the veto and hoh. Demetres says when I won HOH on the triple I just looked at you. Demetres says they started out that day of the triple with Ika on the block and eight people and ended the day still there safe, with five people. Ika tells Demetres that he has to take his parents to go visit Karen. Ika says it is a far drive though. Demetres says there is lots of stuff to do in that area. Ika asks him when he goes to Greece. Demetres says August or September. Meanwhile Kevin is sweeping and cleaning the house. Demetres talks about traveling in Greece, Ika asks him when he goes to Thailand, then Demetres asks her if she wants to go, he needs a traveling buddy. She just smiles at him. Demetres is now telling her that because of her he hasn’t snapped at anyone in the house and she makes him think about things and keeps him in line. They are now laughing about Ika when she gets mad and yells at people, Demetres tells Ika she thrives on it. Ika tells him she thinks she would drive him crazy if they traveled together. Karen walks in and says ‘what are the love birds doing’ Big Brother says “ please wake up nap time is over” Dillon is sleeping.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, May 6th

4:15 PM BBT Karen saying she has a tin heart. Ika and Karen saying Demetres has commitment issues. Karen jokes that when she met Bruce and he wanted to marry her after six days she thought he must need immigration papers because no one likes her this much. Ika says she thought her husband would be older, Karen interrupts ‘with lots of money’ Ika laughs. Karen says she told Bruce her next one is going to be rich and pick her up on a plane and go to Paris for lunch. Karen says Bruce says find him now so we both can go. Ika and Demetres laugh. Karen saying that after the show they will see what life is like. Ika jokes that after a year he will be looking for a way out. Karen says why wait a year. Karen tells them Bruce gave her a ring after three weeks and got married 4 ½ months after they met. Ika gets called to the DR. Karen is saying Ika would be the one to run first and Ika says no he will. Demetres says she is going to miss me so much. Karen says you will be miss each other. Ika leaves and Karen and Demetres continue to talk, Karen talks about her husband and how much she misses them. Demetres asks if he will come up for finale and Karen says she really doesn’t know. She really wants everyone to meet him. Karen talks and Demetres looks like he is trying to keep his eyes open.
4:30 PM BBT Kevin is still sweeping, now he is on the stairs. Kevin now in HOH room, folding clothes. Feeds out on other cameras. Karen in WR cleaning the sink. Ika in the kitchen doing the dishes.
4:45 PM BBT Ika in kitchen staring into the fridge, Karen cleaning the bathroom sinks. Nothing else is going on. Ika says she wants bacon then goes upstairs with a package of oreos and fruit salad and a drink. She heads to the pink room and stops in the bathroom to tell Karen she brought them a fruit salad. Karen is too full to eat. Demetres is sleeping in pink room. Ika leaves WR and goes to pink room she peaks in and whispers “ ahh he is sleeping, I will let him sleep” Ika heads back downstairs. Ika says this place is clean, all those nasty people are gone. Demetres wakes up and goes into the bathroom, says what a nap, Karen says did you get one? Demetres asks her how long he was out for and she said about 20 minutes. Karen goes back to cleaning the bathroom. Ika in the storage room going through the fridge. Demetres comes downstairs and walks into the storage room. Ika says “hey honey” Demetres looks at her and starts to laugh and Ika stops, and runs away, she sides by the door to the bridge with pillows in front of her face. She says they heard it I am embarrased. Demetres says she is so cute. They go back into the storage room and talk about what to eat. Demetres says BB woke him up and he asked them for 20 minutes. Kevin in HOH still folding clothes talking to himself. Karen comes back down stairs and Ika/Dem/Karen talk about what kind of comps each of the past comps where: physical/mental/endurance. Karen firmly believes it will be soon because it is usually around dinner time. Karen thinks the POV will be mental. Kevin goes into the bathroom, looking around. He opens the dryer and takes out a sock, then throws it back in and turns the dryer back on. .
5:00 PM BBT Back in the kitchen Karen says he wishes she could have done spelling because she is good at it. Karen sings “20% chance to win the pov” Ika tells Demetres she cut some fruit up for them, it is in the fridge. Ika saying her stomach is in knots, Demetres and Karen say theirs is too, Karen says this is super important today. Kevin back to the HOH, pacing. Downstairs Ika says the kitchen is clean now that the pigs are gone. Karen says her and Kevin were saying the same thing. Karen says Jackie was awful, she never cleaned anything. Demetres says William was too, but he got better. Karen says she yelled at him about it. Karen says she feels like she needs to use the restroom but she can’t .Ika says yes my stomach is literally in knots. Karen says she gets so nervous. Karen says the BRICK POV was at 9pm, maybe even 6 to midnight. Karen says they get locked in for about an hour, then they go change. Karen talks about the runway comp and she hopes she doesn’t look bad and Demetres/Ika says no she looked good. Karen talks about ‘candlewax legs’ she says it is when you lose the elasticity in your legs. Ika wants to take her for a consult and Karen says she has been botox free since 1963, she is scared. Karen says she doesn’t want to look like a caricature of herself. Demetres asks them if they have seen John Travolta lately, he says he can’t even act because you can’t even see expressions on his face. Talk turns to what Ika should put on her chicken. Kevin is not back in the bathroom washing his hands. Ika saying she has a cleaning lady. Karen says she does regular cleaning and Bruce has somebody come in and do the heavy cleaning. Karen says in Victoria she can stay on top of it because it is a 1200 sq ft apartment. Kevin talking to his Mom. Dillon wakes up and comes into the hallway. Demetres/Ika back to talking about what the POV might be. Demetres thinks it might be a puzzle where they have to connect things to players. He says he hopes not. Ika and Dem start to study. Dallas only HG not to play in a veto. Dem continues to quiz Ika and Karen. Kevin upstairs spouting out days and studying. Kevin comes downstairs so the studying stops. Kevin asks for toilet paper and goes into the storage room. Kevin goes back upstairs and then studying continues.
5:15 PM BBT Karen/Ika/Dem studying POV’s in the kitchen while Ika cooks. Kevin in HOH by himself . Ika has played in seven POV comps. Demetres tells them he has a gummy bear set up in his drawer. Kevin is using toilet paper squares to do a slide puzzle. Demetres talking about how he thought Kevin knew the Toyota video and he didn’t do that well. Demetres says he heard him acting while doing the comp. Ika saying she thinks he is putting on an act in the house and totally different in the DR. Ika thinks he is putting up an act as a timid person but he isn’t. Karen whispers something about Dillon. Karen now whisper studying. Ika says Kevin is playing us this act and in the DR he is playing it up. Ika says that is why he thinks he is the mastermind. Ika says he is completely different then he was on his season. Ika says he is tricking people with this behavior. Karen says ya I liked him on season three. Demetres says he is happy they made Kevin look like an idiot last week, and he was so mad. They all get called out for talking about production because they keep mentioning the DR. Ika says I am just talking about his game. She starts again and gets a ‘STOP THAT’ Ika says Kevin asked her for a hug after Sindy left and Ika said don’t touch me. Karen questions whether Canada sees this and Ika says yes, Karen wonders if they are good with that. Ika saying when the hole vote thing happened for the reveal Kevin went right up to him and said he voted for Karen and Gary. Ika said then the whole thing came out and Karen had no votes. Karen says Kevin said his whole alliance was mad at him for doing that. Ika laughs and says then when they revealed the whole thing he got caught in his own lie. Ika says she saw it, the reason why she can’t read him is because he is acting this whole time.
5:30 PM BBT Demetres pacing around the living room snapping his fingers. Ika and Karen still talking about Kevin and his game. Ika says his game is to act innocent. Karen says ‘Fake’. Ika says when we played him he felt embarrassed. Demetres says yes he did. Ika says because he thinks he is playing us then we made him look stupid. Karen says Kevin is very concerned what Canada thinks of him. Kevin comes downstairs. Karen gets called to the DR. Kevin goes back upstairs. Demetres is throwing a ball in the air and catching it. Ika is cleaning her dishes. Ika goes over to the couches and says to Demetres. She says Kevin said to her he has changed over the past two years and he is a different person. Demetres and it was a lie. Ika says if she saw his body language during the slop vote, how confident he was. Ika says her intuition is telling her he is showing a different side to Canada. Ika says when she asked Kevin why he wanted her out he said “ I was trying to get out Sindy” which was a lie because he wanted her out from before. Karen comes out of the DR. Karen/Ika and Dem are playing toss with the orange. Demetres says this is good will keep you sharp. Kevin is talking to Dillon about sitting in the finale with Dillon over Karen if he knew he had to votes because he knows sitting in the finals means more to him (Dillon) over Karen. Kevin says to Dillon if he gets to pick who goes to the final two with him don’t pick Kevin pick Karen because he won’t win. Kevin asks Dillon if he thinks he will beat Ika, Dillon says no, I am not 100% with anyone except Karen. Kevin says Bruno will vote for Ika, Neda will vote for whoever played the best game. Kevin making it out to be that no one can beat Ika. Dillon says he wants to get Ika out this week or next week, however it works. Kevin says let’s get them dude. Dillon says he would have to pull some miracles off in the final three to get him and Karen to the final two. Kevin says he really thinks Dillon/Karen will be in final three for sure. Kevin says it is about competitions now, he never got to this part before. You can hear Ika/Dem/Karen talking in the living room. Dillon says he is just so blessed to be here.
5:45 PM BBT Kevin/Dillon talking in blue room. Kevin says they get little bits of confirmation but really they go three months without knowing how people think about you. He says it is a weird environment that humans should not be in, they are not made for it. Karen/Dem/Ika talking about when they had fights. Demetres telling Karen about their first fight. He says he was not 100% sure if she liked him but he knew he liked her. Demetres remember Dallas’s speech, well they made it look like Sindy was manipulating him. The plan was for Demetres to get close to Sindy so they could blame it all on her and not Ika. Karen says well it worked. Demetres says this is how I knew she liked me” we are playing this Sindy thing out and Demetres gave Sindy a hug and kissed her on the cheek and Sindy looked at him like he believed it. Demetres says he ran to Ika and told her and Ika gave a face like she was not happy. Demetres says this is like day nine, Ika wouldn’t give him any signs so how was he supposed to know a peck on the cheek would make her so mad. Demetres says he thought he lost his chance at that point. Kevin and Dillon talking about Kevin’s Brick reward and get’s called out by BB. Back to living room where Demetres is saying he told Ika he came in there not looking for anything and Ika was mad for like ½ a day. Demetres says it worked though, the thing with Sindy, Ika says yes it did. Ika says what pissed her off was one day they were out in backyard and Sindy came out and told Ika she had a crush on Dem. Ika says she asked her if there was a connection. Sindy said their was flirting. Sindy then said the night Ika left the HOH that Demetres was cuddling with him. Demetres says I did not, Karen says no, I went up there he was not. Ika brings it back to the cuddling incident. Demetres says he was laying there, Sindy did the roll over on him and he just layed there. Demetres says remember the conversation and he says “ ick” Ika says Sindy was talking about how good she was in bed. Karen says who says that, is that a generational thing. Karen says so is that all the fights. Ika says ya, Demetres so no we got more, we have fights for days. Demetres says he had a bite of cake on his fork and Sindy asked for it and he gave it to her. Demetres says to Ika, ‘let me ask you this, how many times have you spoon fed Dillon?” Ika says after that I did, Demetres says you did it three times! All the fights have to do with Sindy. Kevin still telling Dillon that he wants to be in the final two with him. Kevin says so Karen really wants Demetres to stay to take me down. Dillon says ya she really doesn’t want to win. Kevin says so if Ika wins the POV she will use it on Demetres. Dillon says he knows the only chance he has to win is to take Demetres out this week and then take you on.
6:00 PM BBT Kevin says that he’d need to lose the final 4 HoH. Dillon is called to the DR. Kevin starts to talk to himself about his game plan. He says he has to win the final 5 PoV. He says Karen and Ika are going to use it on Demetres. If he wins veto, he’s going to take off Ika and put up Dillon. He says that if Karen actually wants Demetres in this game, she’s going to have to vote out Dillon. He says that it’ll force a tie ‘cause she won’t vote out Dillon. He says that he can then send Demetres home. In the living room, Demetres says that normally when a girl gets mad at him, he doesn’t care. Karen says that after 24 years, they do figure out your act, and it doesn’t work as good. Demetre says that that’s why he’s not looking forward to rewatching Day 22, the day Ika got mad at him for the slop vote. Karen says that she can still do the silent treatment and get what she wants. Demetres says that he never felt that bad towards a girl. He says that he couldn’t sleep ‘cause he “felt so shitty.” Karen asks what it was about. Demetres says the slop vote, and Karen says that it was nothing. Dillon comes out of the DR. Karen jokingly complains to Dillon about not bringing them anything from the outside. Back to the slop vote conversation, Karen says that she used to really torture her husband in the beginning of their relationship. Karen tells Demetres that Ika was so afraid. Ika denies it, and Karen says that it’s so true though. Ika says that Demetres doesn’t like commitment. Demetres says that she’s just racking up reasons. Ika, Demetres, Karen, and Dillon go over days and the slop vote count.
6:15 PM BBT Karen talks about a time when her husband went to the US, and she kept crying before he left. A while later, they talk about Dillon kissing everyone.
6:30 PM BBT Karen, Ika, and Demetres chat about family. After Karen leaves, Ika and Demetres kiss. Ika wonders if people are watching them kiss on the feeds, and wonders if they’d show them kissing on the show, hoping they don’t.
6:45 PM BBT Ika and Demetres are talking, goofing around. They talk about how they feel about commitment. Karen and Dillon are talking in the HoH room. She talks about a fake twist that BB did. Karen says that they would’ve blown up and BB would’ve had to intervene.
7:00 PM BBT Karen says that Ika reminds her of herself, but she used to be much worse than Ika. Karen says that the first time she was in that booth is when she was shocked that she was on BB. Dillon says that was on week 3. Dillon says that $100k isn’t a lot of money, but the experience of being on BB is so much worth it. Kevin comes in with a drink, excited that he found some. Karen says that it’s a good day that 3 of the 8 newbies are still here. She says that she didn’t expect this old woman (her) to still be there on Day 57. Karen recalls the beginning of the season, and asking Dillon “hey big guy, you gonna keep me safe?” Karen says that they doing the PoV late, like last time, ‘cause they’re filming the jury segments. She says that she’s just guessing. Dillon says that there’s more than one camera. Dillon asks Karen if she’s gonna try for this veto, or throw it. Karen jokingly calls him an asshole. They recall how many comps each of the HGs have played in.
7:15 PM BBT Downstairs, Kevin is looking for eyeglasses. Karen walks downstairs, asking what he’s doing. She recalls Dillon having them last. Kevin jokes that he’s looking for a black hole, trying to find a secret PoV, something that will guarantee him final 2. Ika and Dillon go downstairs. Kevin jokes around, saying that he has a secret power. Ika runs towards him, and Kevin tells her to go ahead and do a strip search. Kevin runs around the house, and Ika chases him. They say that they haven’t seen his glasses since Week 3.

7:30 PM BBT Karen says that Kevin didn’t see her, and suggests that BB gave them a secret advantage, and that’s the last thing he needs. After a while of accusing Kevin of lying, the HGs do a mock trial. Kevin says that he was in the DR to look for his glasses. BB says you are not allowed to talk about production. Kevin says that to BB to prove that he was looking for his glasses to tell him to stop that.
BB doesn’t say anything. Karen tells the HGs that she’s suspicious that he’s looking for a secret power, ‘cause he kept looking around the house. Demetres says that he’s sure that he wasn’t looking for his glasses. Karen and Ika look around in the blue room, looking for a possible power.
7:45 PM BBT Karen pulls the mattresses up, to look for a possible power. BB calls Kevin to the DR. Ika shouts that he failed the task. Demetres says that the camera was going towards a certain area, suggesting that the camera was giving him a clue. Kevin walks out of the DR with a serious face, walking towards the kitchen, saying that he’s making tea. Karen notices that the HoH is locked. Demetres says that Kevin is probably just messing with them. Karen and Ika go to the pink room. Karen says that BB better not give him an advantage, saying that coming back is already an advantage.
8:00 PM BBT Karen says that she’s going to be pissed if they give him another advantage. Ika justs wants the PoV comp to end! Karen is anxiously wanting it to start!. Karen says that an area of the pink room is suspicious. Karen says that Kevin made the bed, and Karen says that hjtryhe maybe just did it to make her paranoid. Ika says that she’s scared to touch it. Karen says that it’s cursed, since everyone who’s laid in it have gone home.
Karen walking back and forth while the guys are in the KT area looking bored and waiting for the Veto to start. Kevin is tidying up a bit. Karen coming out of SR eating a banana. Demetres thinks that’s a good idea. All feeds go down. Is it POV time?
11:14PM BBT Feeds back! Kevin walking upstairs to WC where Dillon is showering and Karen is drying off. Kevin mentions they get to watch a full length movie but don’t know when. Kevin says that comp was awesome. He says they’ll show it on tv and people won’t believe how epic it looks. .
Confirmed: Kevin won POV!
Karen says this shows she’s too old to play this game. Kevin “Karen… you’re in final 5 of BBCAN, you’re not too old” Kevin talks about the devastation on Demetres’ face. When he lost. Dillon said he made a really dumb mistake all he needed to do was swap 2 puzzle pieces but thought for some reason he was missing a piece. The Veto was Baywatch themed. Kevin says he left a lot of water in his dummy. Dillon says he splashed the camera guys so bad. Sounds like there were multiple tasks- ropes, dummies, puzzle. As they walk downstairs to eat, Dillon hopes for some booty action on the movie. Kevin says there’ll probably be beautiful females.< That’s a weird way to put it.> It also appears Kevin had to choose who got to watch the movie with him and he chooses Karen and Dillon. Karen’s going to talk to Ika and Demetres but it’s not showing on the feeds. Dillon and Kevin talk about fuzzy rules where they were concerned Ika would drop everything to help Demetres- and apparently she did help him, but not until she was pretty sure she wouldn’t win anyway. They are SO excited to watch the movie, but Dillons worried they will only get to see a sneak peak. Kevin says they aren’t gonna stop it in the middle.
11:30PM BBT Karen comes back and says Demika doesn’t want dinner. We finally get feeds on Demika , who are talking in bed. Demetres feels awful. Demetres says for once he doesn’t see a way out. He says let’s get dressed and go downstairs. Ika says she wants to go to sleep. Dem says we shouldn’t be sore losers. Ika says we are just taking a breather. If we go downstairs upset, that’s being a sore loser. He agrees and they cuddle some more. Ika keeps asking what he wants her to do– she wants to help but there’s really nothing to be done now. Demetres says they did good, and it is just a game, no ones dying. It finally hits him how he lost the puzzle – by concentrating on the words instead of the outside. He says he’s been telling himself all season “when you get to the puzzle, chill out and take your time”. Ika keeps blaming herself for being there and increasing the stress.
Ika tells Dem Dillon was so happy when he lost. Dem says he really thought he had it the second time. [he made two attempts with the puzzle before Kevin won]. Demetres says you know what? Ika “what?” Dem “I don’t regret a FUCKING thing… except maybe putting Karen up. Kevin just beat me- that’s it. God I hate puzzles”
11:45PM BBT Ika going through scenarios, Dem isn’t really in the mood but is going along with it.  Ika and Dem talking about Kevin taking Karen to finals. She’s trying to run through who of the two of them has a better shot of getting to Final 2 . Dem says he’s not having this conversation. Dem finally says he does have a better shot but Dillon won’t keep him. He says he has a better shot of winning F4 Veto and then having the choice from there. Ika agrees. It’d be harder for her to send Kevin out.

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