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12:00 AM BBT Feeds Down
6:00 AM BBT Feeds just recently returned…Kevin won VETO!  He thinks he needs to evict Ika. If this year is any thing like last year and IF Kevin holds true and evicts Ika…Tonight will be her last night in the BBCAN house and probably the last night of feeds. Al HGs are in bed now.
7:00 AM BBT – 9:59 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
10:00 AM BBT  Karen is awake and changing the batteries Good morning HGs time to wake up Good Morning HGs time to wake up
10:15 AM BBT Karen is making Coffee please put on your microphone good morning HGs time to wake up the rooster was going off Ika is talking about BB all stars
10:30 AM BBT Ika said i would have loved it if it was an endurance comp Ika said Karen is probably down stairs by herself Karen and Kevin are in the WR area showering
10:45 AM BBT Karen in the WR area showering Kevin is getting dressed in the blue room Kevin is in the kitchen cooking
11:00 AM BBT Kevin is eating Kevin is cooking
11:15 AM BBT Ika said good morning Kevin Kevin and Demetres are in the kitchen talking Kevin said how is Ika Ika and Karen are in the WR area Karen said what does the back of my hair look like Demetres is talking about what he should cook a bacon egg sandwich and asked Kevin if you would be down for that Demetres is talking about how they stocked the fridge
11:30 AM BBT Karen is putting on makeup in the WR area. Karen said i was so tired. Karen is telling Ika what she did in the comp. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Karen said i can’t wait to tell you stuff in the outside. Ika said he didn’t start playing his game on day 48. Ika said William is the reason why he is here. ika is putting on her makeup. Karen said i get your opinion but everybody has there own opinion. Karen said and the people that do hold it against you are not your true friends to Ika.
11:45 AM BBT Karen please put on your Microphone. Ika said i don’t want to talk to Neda. Karen said i can’t wait until Karen and Demetres are out of the house. Feeds cut out. Ika said hey you to Demetres. Ika said i have to go into the D.R Feeds cut out. Ika and Demetres are in the WR area.
12:00 PM BBT Ika and Demetres saying they are both disappointed in themselves. Ika telling Dem that he can’t win everything, that she should have won this for herself. It is ok! Ika saying after they revealed that Kevin won she said the first thing that came to her mind was she is so happy that Demetres did not throw that comp yesterday. (the HOH comp) Ika telling Demetres that Karen said “ do you think he will keep you and stay here with strong players?” Ika said no, she told Karen if you ever should feel safe in the house it is today. Ika saying everything happens for a reason and she wasn’t meant to be in final two, she tells Demetres he was meant to be there, she reminds Demetres that he always said that only one of them was going to be there. Ika tells Demetres that Karen is going to tell him a story because she has to go to the DR. Ika asks Demetres to grab her comp clothes for her. Meanwhile Karen is in kitchen cleaning up. Ika reminds Demetres to tell Karen she wants her to tell him the story. Ika is continuing to get ready for DR. Kevin is called out by BB to wake up. Demetres and Kevin go to kitchen and Dem says he is so exhausted. Kevin says he is going to sleep for a week after this season, he says they have been through so much. Karen says she is too, they are both mentally and physically exhausted. Karen starts talking about the banging outside the bedroom and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Karen says when she woke up she felt like she got hit by a mack truck. Karen telling them she got a big bruise from the challenge. Karen tells Kevin she just wants to go over the answers from the POV for herself. Dem and Kevin review them with her. Karen saying everything she knew. She says that at 3 o’clock in the morning her brain is fried. She says she felt so much pressure. She said she was freaking herself out. Karen said she went up and down the ladder eight times, Dem said he probably went up it like 30 times. Demetres said he fell off it. Karen complaining about BB making them do the POV so late at night. BB tells them to stop talking about production, Karen continues and get’s called out personally for doing it. Karen apologizes.
12:15 PM BBT Karen/Kevin and Dem continue to talk about the POV comp and how hard it was. They compare strategies. Karen basically said she was just too tired. Kevin says the final vetos are no joke, Karen is fried and Demetres says yesterday was a long ass day. The day ended at 5am.
12:30 PM BBT  Karen is talking about your value in the house is different, strength, brains, social. Talk turns to The Walking Dead and Kevin asks how many seasons there are. Karen says when she came in it was six. Karen talks about Fear the Walking Dead and how much she loves the Talking Dead. She explains what it is to Kevin and Demetres. Karen telling Kevin that she likes the show because you wonder what you would do in this kind of world. Kevin talks about a video game he likes about saving a girl who is immune to the zombie apocalypse. Karen’s favorite characters in The Walking Dead are Carol and Daryl. Kevin says when he was on twitter one day he saw people were freaking out about Walking Dead and saying it was so brutal. Demetres says he is a zombie right now and Kevin says we are the walking dead right now. Karen saying how she would not buy the shirt she has on normally but she is trying to embrace it. Demetres says the same about his shirt. Karen is surprised and says guys like him look good in Camo, he is like a real life GI Joe. Karen talking to Demetres about the next HOH comp and Karen says remember when they asked them questions about the houseguests and what they would rather be? Karen is talking about past final HOH comps. Kevin left the kitchen before this comp started. Demetres says they need to win that comp so bad, Demetres tells Karen that Ika said you had a story for me. Karen tells Demetres whenever she goes into situations and she asks herself why things are happening and things didn’t go the way she planned. Karen tells Demetres the story she told Ika about the women who had nothing when she grew up, no electricity. Demetres asks he if it is a true story and she said yes, they are Canadians. Karen tells Demetres they got really wealthy, worked hard their entire life. She tells them how they lost everything in the 80’s and had nothing. Bruce asked her how they went from everything to have nothing, and she told Bruce that she grew up with nothing, she has her kids and husband and says what did I really lose. I gained, I have things that money can’t buy. Demetres says that is true you didn’t lose 100k. Karen says it is not over, you are still in the arena.
12:45 PM BBT Feeds down. 12:50pm Feeds come back and Dem and Karen are still sitting in the kitchen sighing how tired they are and how disappointed in themselves about not winning POV. Karen goes to put on makeup. Demetres sleeping on the couch.
1:00 PM BBT Kevin in the blue room moving pillows around. He puts a empty drawer on the floor. Kevin doing laundry, brushing and flossing his teeth.
1:15 PM BBT Kevin still brushing his teeth. Karen and Demetres laying on couches. Karen is asking him if Sindy told him about the time…and she is repeating all of Sindy’s stories. Kevin tries to go in the DR and Karen tells him he can’t go in there, Kevin asks if Ika is still in there. Kevin asks them if they have ever watched American Ninja Warrior. Talk turns to the Celebrity Apprentice. Kevin asks Karen how the show works and Karen explains it to him. Karen is enjoying herself telling Kevin all about the show and who has been on it before.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, May 13th

1:30 PM BBT They are still talking about Celebrity Apprentice, Demetres says Canada should do a version with O’Leary. Kevin tells them about a time Scott Baio retweeted one of her tweets. Karen says Nancy Sinatra tweeted her one time, the person who sang”these boots are made for walking” Frank Sinatra’s daughter. Kevin thought Jessica Simpson did that song. Demetres tells him it was a remake. Karen calls herself OG. Kevin and Demetres are barely keeping their eyes open and Karen is rambling. She reminds Kevin they get to watch Survivor soon and they are both excited. Karen says she could eat rice every day over slop. She talks about back in the day when BB had PB and J instead of slop. Karen says it sucks the life right out of you and it took Bruno’s soul away. Karen says her Karanoia is thinking Ika got kidnapped. Demetres says she is in the DR and he is sure she is fine. Karen gets up to go to the bathroom, Kevin and Demetres are sleeping. Big Brother says “ please wake up nap time is over” Demetres says that was a long nap, thank you but I am exhausted. Kevin rolls over and keeps sleeping. Karen is cleaning the railing on the stairs and Demetres says she has to be the first person that has done that all season. Demetres says there is an avocado on the shelf above the tv and it is there. Kevin gets called to the Diary Room and Ika has not come out. Kevin says here she comes, Ika comes out and Kevin goes in. Ika asks if they missed her.
1:45 PM BBT Ika out of DR Ika says she is pretty sure the POV ceremony is happening today or tomorrow. Ika asked if they ate and she said they should put some wings in the oven. Ika says she is going to try and juice the tangerines because no one eats them. Demetres called Ika beautiful and she makes him look good all the time. Ika asks Karen if she is doing the wash and Karen so no Kevin Martin is.
Ika wonders where they got the wings from, they are amazing honey garlic. Demetres asks Ika how she is not tired. Ika says come one guys, I want to have fun before I leave. Ika asks if Karen told him the story. Demetres says seriously she runs on no sleep, no food. Demetres says she is like and electric car and he is a gas guzzler. Karen saying she just shovels in meat. Ika says come one guys let’s get up. Karen says I am up princess. Karen asks Ika if she wants her to twerk, they all laugh. Demetres tells Karen they are going to twerk their way to the final two. Demetres likes Ika’s shirt. Ika tells him he looks so tired but she wants to keep him up until she leaves. Ika cutting tangerines to make juice. Demetres says he can’t wait to get out of the house, Ika says ya the winner. He says he didn’t care before but now he does. Ika says please don’t let Kevin Martin be the winner. Ika telling Karen she has made a lot of records for the next old person to break. Karen saying how she doesn’t think she has been kept this so much at night since she had babies. Ika tells Karen if her last night is today they are all sleeping in the pink room so they can keep her up for old times sake.
2:00 PM BBT Karen tells Ika she can never feel the pain unless it’s one of her kids.Dem is making some fruit juice.Kevin comes out of the diary room and Karen says speak of the devil.BB says Karen please come to the diary room.Dem tells Ika they already did the jury questions in the Diary room.Kevin is getting his clothes together to wash them.Kevin is in the blue room taking a nap .
2:15 PM BBT Ika tells Dem if Kevin really thinks the best player should win then he should take Dem to the final 2. Ika tells Dem their games will run circles to Kevin’s game.Ika tells Dem if Karen really thinks a good player should win that Karen should leave and let Ika stay.Ika tells Karen she looked so tall coming in the house.Karen is talking to Ika about the first night when they all came in the house.Karen says she loves strong women in the game.Ika tells Kevin he’s slithering around the house.Karen tells Ika she didn’t have fun in the house with people she didn’t like.Ika ,Karen and Dem are eating wings for lunch
2:30 PM BBT Karen is talking to Ika about face time on her phone.Ika tells Dem and Karen she is really bad at checking her messages so just text her instead.Karen tells Ika that Kevin and Ika are different people then when they played before in her eyes and she likes Ika but not Kevin.Ika tells Dem can you imagine if they were morphed into the same player.Kren tells Ika that Dem and Ika need to do amazing race together.Ika tells Karen and Dem she doesn’t think she can do amazing race.
2:45 PM BBT Ika is explaining to Dem how amazing race works.Ika is explaining how Jill and Emmett did on the amazing race and how hard it was.Ika tells Dem Jillian lost it on the amazing race because she was having a hard time with the challenges.Dem tells Ika he doesn’t have a issue with heights.Ika tells Dem and Karen theirs no way she can do the show cause they make you eat things she couldn’t do it.
3:00 PM BBT Dem tells Ika she could win a lot of money if she does amazing race with him.Dem tells Ika he thinks he can do amazing race a lot better.Ika tells Dem he has to win the next few comps to win the game.
3:15 PM BBT Ika is talking to Dem about the awards they did yesterday.Ika tells Dem if he doesn’t win and then Dem says shut up don’t say it.Karen tells Ika she’s on the crazy train all the time. Ika doesn’t want Dem to go in the Dr and she laughs and tells Karen BB took Dem away from her.Karen tells Kevin bb was so loud in the room when they were taking the comp down from last night.Karen and Ika were talking to Kevin about when they will do the ceremony.Karen tells Ika she was so scared of scary movies she needed a night light in her room.
3:30 PM BBT Karen is hollering at Kevin and asks him what he’s cooking.Karen tells Ika and Dem they the real life barbie and Ken.Karen is just laying down on the couch looking at the ceiling.Karen tells Ika Ken is probably looking for barbie cause they been apart too long.Dem has to go to the diary room again and Ika is trying to keep Dem from leaving her again.Karen and Ika are talking to Kevin about when the first time it was when Ika and Dem had their first kiss.

3:45 PM BBT Ika and Karen are talking about William and Kevin when they kissed one night.Kevin tells Ika Nikki was grilling him hard yesterday about his showmance with peeley and William this season.Karen tells Ika they all have had crushes in their lives.Ika tells Dem to behave himself.Ika is telling Dem Kevin and William kissed on day 6.Feeds cut
4:00 PM BBT Feeds out. Feeds back. Ika and Demetres are in the HOH room. Kevin is heading to the washroom. Kevin is alone in the washroom. Karen is talking to Kevin. Karen says that Kevin would make final two if Demetres is gone. Kevin is throwing a hypothetical out saying if he’s in jury and Ika, Demetres and Karen are in the finals will they cut each others throat. Karen said she’s not sure. Karen tells Kevin that Dillon was playing for second place not first place. Feeds out.
4:15 PM BBT Feeds down
4:45 PM BBT Feeds return. Arisa calls housegusts to the living room. Arias tells the Houseguests,  In less than a hour a surprise eviction will happen tonight. Feeds are over for the season.


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