Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

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12:00 AM BBT Gary tells Jackie that he will not play the game dirty Dallas explaining to Ika what happened when he talked to Karen he said that he told her the truth and she didn’t take it well Kevin and Dre talking about how the game is stressful and tiring Dallas explains to Demetres what happened between him and Karen he said she is sucking the life out of the house Demetres said when Karen told him about he thought it was because of his nominations Bruno Emily and Dillon throwing a sock around in the living room
12:15 AM BBT Dallas said that he wanted to tell Demetres his side of the story before he heard from 6 different people Cass is helping Gary go on a diet HN room Emily tell Ika even if she stays that means Dillon goes home and she would have to be in the house without him Emily said she feels like an idiot that she put all her eggs in one basket Ika tells her that you never know what might happen Karen helps Bruno take the mascara off that the girls put on him today Gary tells Cass that Jackie is playing a good game and Cass wonders if she can trust her when she says that she is her number one
12:30 AM BBT Sindy and Demetres listening to music in the HOH room Emily asks Dallas if today counts has a day towards being on slop she said when she went to take a shower earlier the water was freezing cold Karen asking Cass questions about what happened on her season of BB Kevin tells Jackie that he hasn’t heard her name she says the same about him he said that Karen called him and Dallas snakes

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th
12:45 AM BBT Neda and Bruno talking about their alliance Neda can’t believe that it is only week one they need keep it up and not get too comfortable they will be good this week as long as Cass and Gary don’t win the power of veto this week Neda said she just wants to win everything and has long they don’t throw any crazy curve balls at them they should just be able to play the game they will be good Cass tells Kevin she doesn’t think Bruno would put her up if he was HOH Gary asks William if he anyone has been talking about him
1:00 AM BBT Gary and Cass talking about who they should vote out his week Gary thinks they should go for Dillon since since he is a strong physical player Dallas telling Neda Dillon ad Kevin his side of the story about Karen how she lied and said that he was yelling at her Gary tells Cass they need the vets to think they are still with them Gary said they can use the vet alliance to get to where they need to be in the game Cass doesn’t think it will last long
1:15 AM BBT Gary wants to keep Karen in the house has long as they can he likes that she can suck the life out of Dallas BB announces goodnight HG sleep well Most HG go to bed Gary tells Demetres not to underestimate Emily, Cass and Sindy think that Karen instigated the fight with Dallas Ika said that Dallas doesn’t lie Cass said she was surprised when she heard that from Karen
1:30 AM BBT Emily asks Cass when they stop having HN Cass said she can’t remember even though she was in the house a year ago Emily asks how the live feeds work and if they are being watched all the time Jackie tells Dre that Karen is a social threat to her because of the way she goes around and says things and make things up
1:45 AM BBT Gary and Karen talking about the fight she had with Dallas today Karen tells Gary that he grew up a lot on his season he said that he has learned to pick his battles He asks Karen if she trusts him 100% she said she does and more Gary tells Karen about how he fell for the plan last week to get rid of Mark Karen asks if there is a backdoor plan to get her out this week if someone comes off the block
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

7:15 AM BBT All HGS are asleep
7:30 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping but Ika who is up and doing a battery change.Karen has now joined Ika in the washroom and doing a battery change. Karen is telling Ika that she is still tired. Karen is saying she believes that they are trying to backdoor her. She says she told Dallas to not be such a drama queen.
7:45 AM BBT Ika is in the washroom preparing for the day.
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping including Ika who went back to the have not room to lie down Karen is now up and in the pantry. Emily and Sindy are talking in the Have Not Room. Big Brother has asked them to do a battery change so they are making their way to the washroom. All the girls are up and in the washroom preparing for the day. Neda has been called to the DR. Feeds have gone down.
8:15 AM BBT Feeds are down
8:30 AM BBT Dre and Cass are talking in the blue room. Dre has been told by big brother to put on her mic. In the HOH Room Demetres and Cass are talking about how he slept. He said last night he slept well for the first time. Cass is saying Ika is so tiny she felt bad for her. Cass is saying she never talks to Bruno and he stops talking when she enters a room. Demetres says this house is going to give him good habits like making his bed brushing his teeth at night flossing and whitening his teeth. Cass thanks him for letting her use his shower. Meanwhile in the yellow room Bruno Kevin and William are talking. William is helping Bruno pick out his clothes for the day.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

8:45 AM BBT Kevin is sitting in bed talking to Bruno . Bruno is saying he has to unpack as he can’t find his clothes. Bruno has told them he can’t dress himself that he needs help. Demetres says he is making bacon and eggs for them. Dillon walks in saying he had a terrible sleep. Bruno and Demetres are talking about how they need to plan things. Bruno says as long as they both are not on the block at the same time they are good. They give each other a bro hug and go back to preparing breakfast. Kevin and William are in the blue bedroom talking about how people will start to come after them so they have to keep their friendship under the radar. Kevin says the only time he has heard William’s name is with Dre. Kevin thinks Dillon came of to hard. William says Karen is in trouble now. Kevin says because she bothered people. Dallas has entered the room. William asks them if Big Brother gives them a day to sleep in. Dallas says no. Kevin says they will sound the roosters if you don’t get up. Kevin asks if there is hot water Dallas says he didn’t try. In the kitchen Bruno and Demetres are still preparing breakfast. Demetres says he is only cooking for a few people as cooking for this amount of people is to much. Bruno tells him it is the thought that counts.
9:00 AM BBT Demetres says coming in he thought he would be the person who cleans up. Bruno says he is an awful cook so he doesn’t mind cleaning up. Demetres says both his parents are awesome cooks. He is telling Bruno is dad has owned a couple of restaurants and now owns a pizza place close to a bar. Bruno says your parents remind me of my parents. Demetres says he is very close to his mom. Dre Emily and Ika are talking about being have nots Dre is saying she can’t be a have not. Ika says your turn is coming the same as Gary. They think Gary will be funny on slop. Emily says when does slop stops. Ika asks Emily if the slop bucket was cleaned out. Emily says no she didn’t know. Ika says Sindy told them but she forgot. Ika is telling Dre to wear the green dress. Dre says her booty isn’t in shape for that dress. Dallas Kevin and William have been told by Big Brother to get up. Feeds have gone down. In the kitchen Demetres Bruno and Dillon are talking Bruno is saying he has to eat but isn’t hungry. He decides to have a protein shake. The boys tell him he has to eat something. The conversation goes back to the rooster and how the 3rd time it went off it was loud.
9:15 AM BBT Demetres and Bruno are talking about when they get the gym back they need to work out. Demetres says he likes the weights. Demetres says he started at 135 lifting and is now at 290 he is telling Bruno it is getting your mind around what muscles you are using. Bruno says he knows shit about weights he does cardio as that is what he knows. Demetres has been called to the DR. He asks Bruno to watch the bacon. Bruno says sure, as soon as he leaves the room Bruno asks Dillon to watch the bacon as he is not a bacon kind of guy. Feeds go back down.
9:30 AM BBT Feeds are still down
9:45 AM BBT Feeds are still down Feeds come back up with Dallas asking Demetres if he can use his shower. William is going into the shower so Dallas decided he would stink all day. Sindy and Dallas are talking about different POV comps. Sindy is saying her POV comp in her season was not physical. Players for POV were drawn. Dallas is saying he isn’t investing a lot of emotion in it as he doesn’t know what it will be. In the kitchen Kevin Jackie and Demetres are talking about Neda being safe til jury. Kevin is saying that is 5 to 6 weeks depending on if someone comes back. Bruno is saying when it was announced he thought Gary or Neda. Jackie says you all have a big following. Jackie thanks Demetres for cooking breakfast.
10:00 AM BBT Cass has joined Demetres Bruno and Kevin at the table Jackie and Dre are talking about Karen.Dre is applying makeup. William told Jackie that your earrings are hot Jackie is talking about her earrings Bruno asked if the oven was open for a reason. Sindy is talking about all the different Pov competition that there are.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

10:15 AM BBT Dre said i hope they don’t do the Double Eviction again Dre is talking about her pimple that is driving her crazy Ika said it’s hard being on this slope business Dre said i am going to try to win the POV Sindy said that Canada likes the under dogs. Dre said to Ika i don’t know if it’s a good idea to pimp your pimple Ika said to Dre that you should have popped your pimple last night Ika is looking for hair oil. Gary is applying makeup he joined Dre and Ika Ika said that she needs to shave her armpits. Jackie and Sindy are talking Jackie said she doesn’t know what to believe.
10:30AM BBT Dillon said there just talking game and shit Sindy said i hope they bring it back PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES Sindy said Ika don’t you dare touch that. Cass said she is so happy that she didn’t get picked. Cass said i hope i never get chosen for a Veto. Cass please go to the Pantry.
10:45 AM BBT Demetres said he likes this song William is in the Kitchen with Jackie William is washing the dishes.Jackie is making her bed ika said juicy is her favorite song Dre is singing. Dre and William are whispering. Dre told Jackie i am think too much. Jackie said to Dre you never know you might win money. Dre said i am not going to add sugar i haven’t had sugar in a long time Dallas please fix your microphone,
11:00 AM BBT Dre and William are talking French Dre is Chopping up a apple Bruno and Demetres are talking about music Kevin is talking to Bruno Jackie Demetres they are asking if they wonder if Mark is in the Jury or if he will come back in the house. Jackie asked Kevin what was your Favorite competition Bruno is talking about a comp that he liked. Bruno said that are competitions are amazing and that they out blew American. Please stop talking about production. Karen and Gary are talking Karen called Gary honey. Gary is putting on makeup Karen said her family is close. Karen said you should not watch Towels with cotton you should wash your clothes separate Karen said i’m not wearing them because my hair came out good. Karen is talking about her Necklace
11:30 AM BBT Feeds are out Feeds came back on at 11:34 am Ika is helping Gary with his eyelashes.
Gary is Applying his eyelashes. Gary said look ika you cut it wrong ika is telling her how to apply it
11:45 AM BBT Dre and Gary are chatting jackie is eating Sindy is talking about her tea detox and water. Please Wake UP nap time is Over. Jackie said when she tried it she felt full. Gary said he has a Nail kit Gary asked ika how is your nails coming
12:00 PM BBT   Karen said being a fan i never saw this a hard core.
12:15 PM BBT  Gary and Ika are talking Gary said who is going home. Everyone is waking up and getting ready. William and Dre talking in French. Jessica and Dillian are talking in the living room.
12:30 PM BBT Kevin, Ika, and Cass are talking in the HN room about how to make slop. They are talking about Karen’s paranoia. Everyone is getting ready for the Veto comp. Dallas tells Emily that if he wins POV, he will use it in order to take Karen out.
12:45 PM BBT Dallas called to DR. Hosting Veto. Called himself “Host with the most” Feeds out.
1:00 PM BBT -1:45 PM BBT Feeds still down for veto
Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

POV Players: Dillon, Emily, Demetres + Neda, Karen, Dre. Plan is to backdoor Dallas if POV is used.
2:00 PM BBT Feeds still down.
2:45 PM BBT Feeds back at 2:54 pm. Gary talking with Demetres in kitchen, Demetres saying he wants to keep the nominations the same. Gary, Bruno, William, Kevin, Dillon talking in HOH about having good days and bad days. Camera 3. Neda and Ika game talk in Have not. Ika telling Neda she talked to Demetres and asked If Cass and Gary through her under the bus. Ika wants to find some reason to go with Demetres. Ika said Cass is a snake.Ika says ‘they played me” Feels that Bruno played her to try and keep Mark. Neda says she thinks Ika’s gut feeling is right.
3:00 PM BBT Neda says she is happy with her alliance. Ika telling Neda Bruno got mad after
Mark was voted out. Neda doesn’t think Bruno/Kevin were trying to go against them. Neda says keeping Bruno/Kevin is good because they are always targets above Neda/Ika. Ika says Cass ‘hates’ them. Sindy walks in and Ika starts to tell her what she was telling Neda.
Camera 2: Cass and Demetres talking about options if Dillon wins veto. Cass convincing Demetres not to put up Karen as replacement. Cass telling Demetres not to stress out. Cass says she is going to have not to see what those girls are talking about. Cass in HOH with Neda/Ika/Sindy. Ika talking about comp? and giving people numbers. Neda says at week 5 we can start bitching at people. Girls in Have not still talking about giving people number scores. Neda said she can’t do physical things. Neda says she hopes this veto the winner gets $5k and lifetime supply of oreo’s. Sounds like something was sponsored by Oreo.
Camera 2: Kevin and Dillon sitting on white couches. Kevin tells Dillon he thinks he will win POV. Camera switches to Demetres/Jackie talking about how this is so different than real life. Jackie telling Demetres he is in a great position right now. Demetres says if veto gets used he will try to do what betters himself, and doesn’t care about what benefits the house. Jackie says there is a lot of manipulation going on in the house. Demetres says he didn’t realize there was so much game talk. KEVIN”PLEASE FIX YOUR MICROPHONE” Sindy/Dre talking in HOH about if this is money involved in comp to try, SIndy saying Dre has an advantage. Gary comes over and game talk stops. Bruno walks in. Talk changes to nailpolish.
3:15 PM BBT Camera 4 Emily/Dillon/Kevin living room. Emily saying she talked to Demetres about noms. Emily thinks she may go up. Talking about pictures of themselves. Dillon says she is hotter in person. Bruno leaves HOH and comes downstairs. Jackie/Demetres still whispering at table. Jackie says she doesn’t care about Emily, she knows she will get voted out eventually anyway. Demetres says since he started this thing with Dillon he has to take him out cause Dillon will come after him next week if he doesn’t. Jackie/Demetres conversation ends Kevin/Dillon talking about Ika/Sindy, putting them up next week. Dillon says he has to win veto first. Kevin says this house does a number on your brain. Dillon complaining about how some people won’t talk to other people. It is like high school, but it is good tv. Kevin mentions how Dillon and Emily get along really well. Dillon says ya they clicked right away. But he is worried it might hurt his game. Kevin agrees, talks about him being with Peely in Season 3. Kevin says its a good idea to keep two people that are butting heads to go after each other, but it is not good to assume people won’t mend fences. Jackie says she did a speech on ‘Three ways to eat an oreo cookie’ and won 2nd place in Grade 8. Feeds down at 3:28pm BBT
3:30 PM BBT Demetres/Cass/Ika/Sindy in have not talking about whether they have Drama in their lives. Cass said this first week is more Drama than she had her whole season. Ika agrees, the letter shredding was less Drama than this first week has been. Demetres says at least wait until after Veto to start whispering. Ika hopes Dillon goes home this week, talks about his ego. Ika says Dillon think he is the star and they are the peasants. Ika says he is too big to win endurance. Ika and Cass tell Demetres they like how he doesn’t believe everything he hears. Talking about Karen is Karen and she will put her own foot in her mouth. Ika mentions how Jackie is paranoid. They also mention how they forget she is in the room sometimes. Ika thinks Jackie is dangerous. Demetres tells them Jackie was worried newbies are getting picked off one by one. Group decides to wait till veto is played to decide what to do. Ika still says Jackie is smart, if Jackie wins hoh Ika thinks they are in trouble. Sindy leaves to go to the restroom. Talk about Jackie continues.
Dillon, Kevin, Jackie, Emily talking about how Emily had two boyfriends at once. Dallas joins the couch crew still talking about random things, no game talk. Talk turns to Sex. Dillon says he wakes up sexually frustrated every morning. Jackie thinks girls can handle it better. Emily says 90% of a female orgasam is mental. Demetres walks by.
Cass/Ika in HN room Cass says they need to put Bruno/Kevin up. Cass is telling Ika she really wants to work with her. Neda walks in. Cass says we need to keep this real, Neda and Cass are hashing it out in have not. Neda mad Cass said to throw Neda up.
3:45 PM BBT Cass/Ika/Neda talk continues in Have not. Ika tells Neda Gary pulled Cass in a room and started throwing Neda under the bus. Camera switches to Dallas and Demetres in storage for a bit, now back to have not room. Neda/Cass defending themselves. Cass blaming Gary, Cass admitting she knows there is a divide between her and Neda and wants to mend it so they can work together. Cass saying she doesn’t like Drama and she wasn’t part of the Drama during her season. Cass saying she is trying to prove herself to the people she is working with. Neda says she doesn’t start things with people she is working with and trusts. Neda saying she likes to play as logically as possible, Cass is apologizing for what she did. Cass says they need to figure out how to work together, Neda says it is a rebuilding of trust. Ika and Neda said they loved how Cass played the game in her season. Ika thanking Cass for being true and rallying votes for Demetres to stay. Ika says she feels that Gary is Cass’s person and she wants it to work between all of them.
William called out by BB for sleeping. Karen and Gary in bathroom and tells Karen to stop being the staff. Karen saying she hides stuff and then it gets hijacked. Gary admits he doesn’t help he just takes care of his own stuff.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

3:57 PM BBT Gary continues doing his make-up and Karen continues laundry. She is disgusted by the gross Kitchen they talk about wasting food and hiding food because it’s rationed. Feeds Cut for a moment. Cam 1 Neda, Ika, Cass still in HN talking about how to work with one another, building trust and liking the character of each other Sindy Joins them. Says she tried talking with the couch crew and said she just couldn’t it was too much Sex talk. The Keys and Locks metaphor. Demetres joins the washroom and they begin talking about Floss. Sindy tells the girls she feels worse now that she ate some slop than before. Back in the Washroom Demetres says he’s trying to get a break away from the game but it’s everywhere, Gary says he feels they need more fresh air they are always locked in, then they talk about a game they played. They discuss the Mark/ Demetres on the block thoughts and feelings from the attention Mark got. Dallas comes in to wash his hands shares that they are stacking chicken fingers to measure their private part size. Sindy comes in right after to use the restroom. They begin talking about stepping in slop and picking it up off the floor.
4:15 PM BBT Jackie and William in the pink room lying down talking “the left overs alliance” and how great of friends they will be outside the house. William is confused about Kevin and tries to explain it to Jackie. Jackie says Kevin is smart and one to watch out for but while he is here they need to work with him. William is in a great position not being with either big group and just lying low. Jackie suggest talking with people and keeping relationships up. Only Dre and Jackie talk game with him. Dallas joins them. He says something and Jackie responds with well POV is soon then. They talk about Karen and a freak out over her pillow the other day. They say Demetres is smart not telling everyone his game plan on noms. Dallas says Karen is his target when he gets HOH. Discusses why she is his target and how they tried to comfort her and she won’t accept it. How it’s hard to talk to her because she flips everything and make you seem like the bad guy. They discuss the days and events that have happened, Earlier Dre got an advantage for the upcoming competition. Day 7 HOH “Balls to the wall”. Dallas leaves Jackie and William leave the Pink room head to HOH to get cool air as they both feel ill from the heat and lack of food. Jackie says she started having a panic attack.
4:30 PM BBT Dre, Demetres and Bruno are in HOH talking about life and how good the USA/ Canada has is until you see how bad others have it. Down in HN Ika, Cass, and Neda still talking about how they played their games. What has changed about the game for Ika and how she is playing this game. They agree they all respect each other and their game play. Ika explains that women tend to cling to a guy for safety and this all girls alliance should work because they know better. They talk about how to eat slop to be able to stomach it better. They discuss how Dre deserved the win and she did so well and it was surprising coming from her. Neda called to DR. Ika and Cass stand up and talk about how Ika helped to Hash it out with Neda and Cass. Jackie, Kevin, and William are in the SR talking. Kevin heads out munching on something Jackie tells William that’s good you are talking a little more opening up a little bit with others. They discuss that Gary is a good one to have on your side until someone targets him. Cam swaps up to HOH room Bruno and Demetres chilling, Bruno wants it to be a fluke comp and Demetres says its better then it’s only a 1 on 6 chance Dillion wins. They think Demetres can take Dillion in a physical competition. They talk about the past POV and how heavy the Rock would have been for Dillion. Kevin Joins them and they think they need to make a name for the group of 6 of them.
4:45 PM BBT No one has thought about a name yet but they discuss it. Demetres says Cass is catching wind of the 3 girls. They like having Sindy for endurance physical comps. Jackie Joins them, Demetres says it’s hard to talk in the whitening strips, Jackie says the blue room has been locked for a while now so POV should be soon. They talk about Baths. Down in the washroom Gary does Emily’s make-up

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th

4:54 PM BBT “ Please go to the HOH”- BB Gary continues to do Emily’s make-up in the HOH talking about ambitions and Gary’s work, Sindy joined the conversation telling about her friend who is also an artist.
4:59 PM- 8:32PM BBT Feeds down for POV

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, March 18th Dillon won POV, Congrats

8:35 PM BBT Feeds Back!Ika, Sindy and Neda talking about blankets. Neda and Ika talking about Cass, saying she has a sneaky Sabrina vibe, and Neda pissed about Cass’ fakeness- saying she has a feb BY and would NEVER come back to play BB “and guess who’s back!!”. Ika has also told her that Cass said she shouldn’t have won Canada’s vote (for safety) and its only because she was a crybaby. Karen and Dre talking. Dre saying Karen and Jackie need to take a break. Karen says Dallas is the biggest target and is safe 3 ways with groups of people. K says they have enough votes to put up and out Dallas. Dre feels like not all the votes would be solid. She thinks Cass would flip on Dallas. Karen says they need a strong boy to go.
8:47 PM BBT Neda/Kevin/Demetres/Ika talking. Kevin says how Dallas is freaking about the re-nom. Kevin says he’s just going to say Karen is the word. (So target DILLON must’ve won POV)As Kevin leaves the cave, Cass comics and brings the girls a tea. Sindy comes in with a pillow. Neda is offering Sindy and the HNs soft stuff. Demetres says Cass is onto the 3 of them. Sindy says she can’t know about the renom. They’ll tell her Karen is going to be re-nommed. Sindy convinced Demetres how getting rid of Dallas is good for his game. Demetres says well dude turned on me last minute so he can go. Cass and Neda come in as Demetres and Sindy seamlessly switch to talking about Karen going on the block. Cass leaves. Neda says Bruno and the boys want Dallas out anyway they just felt bad saying so.
9:00 PM BBT Neda and Sindy in the cave (HNroom). Neda says she actually doesn’t mind Dallas, but on a game level, she gets sketched out with people like him. Otherwise she would’ve stayed with the vets.
Feeds to Gary and Demetres in HOH. Gary says Cass needs constant reassurance as does IKa, and he says giving them constant feedback gets really old. He says he just knows who’s being fake and who isn’t. Demetres says he genuinely likes everyone in the house and it’s hard to put people up. Gary “ They did it to YOU the first week!!”
9:09 PM BBT Feeds down
9:11PM BBT Jackie and Dallas talking on upstairs lounger, Cass comes up and Dallas says he’s going to talk to Demetres to suggest Karen goes on the block. Cass says that’s not the right way to pitch to HOH; just let her have an hour with him first to convince him on someone else. She’s sure it won’t be Karen. Dallas thinks it’ll be a strong male. Dallas wants to pitch a one week truce so he and Dillon won’t be coming for him next week. Dallas says Cass is up to something.
9:15PM BBT Cass speaking with Demetres in HOH. Demetres says “they planned this, last minute” Cass continually building up his ego. They’re wondering what the next comp will be. Cass says physical, Demetres says questions. Cass teases how can it be questions on week? There’s nothing to ask. Demetres says maybe something like a jug of milk over your head you have to hold up.. or a guess how many litres in each container. Cass thinks they should start studying days. Cass is making it sound like Dallas is just a dufus and he doesn’t mind cutting Dillon in a heartbeat. Demetres says Dallas is a wildcard. Cass says Emily, Bruno and Dillan have an alliance.
9:30PM BBT Sindy enters, and Cass leaves to get a drink. Demetres immediately tells Sindy that Cass is gunning for Bruno. Sindy can’t believe it. Demetres says there’s no wasted weeks because people like Emily have to go sometime. Demetres says it’s pretty obvious what to do (put Dallas up for renom). Demetres asks Sindy how to pitch it? He wants Sindy to keep up the front (on Jackie as renom) so they’ll think it was his idea. Sindy wonders if they can tell Jackie so she won’t cry (but Jackie is friends w Dallas)
Demetres says “I changed my mind last minute, just like you did” as Dallas voted against Demetres last minute last week., Cass comes in, she asks Demetres what he’s doing and he says he’s going to decide last minute. Talk turns to eyebrow and pedicures before Sindy and Cass came into the house. Feeds turn To kitchen where Dallas talk to Dillon about putting Ika and Sindy on the block. And insinuate backdoor Demetres. Dallas says “unless he takes our deal. If he takes our deal we honour ours”
9:45PM BBT Dillon tells Dallas he needs to stay in Ontario a week or so after the show to celebrate and rip the town up. Dallas says Hundo. Dallas says they’ll have a wad of cash to party with. Dillon says this comp will look dope on TV. Dallas says they’ll look like geniuses if this pitch works out. Emily comes out and Dallas tells her the pitch. Take off Dillon, put up Karen, send home Karen , (or we’ll nab your butt the next week) Dillon keeps saying he wants to talk to him tomorrow since Demetres is “so devastated” that he lost. Dallas about Demetres “as soon as that crowns off his head, they’ll act like he has AIDS..”
Gary enters KT looking for something to eat. Emily asking about slip and saying she doesn’t miss food too much. Gary doesn’t believe her.
Feeds to Ika and Demetres in bedroom. He’s saying Sindy’s getting a little too close to him. Cass comes in, they’re mispronouncing Sindy as Sydney. He says “she’s….just not my type” They ask what is his type? He says his last GF was a bitch, in a good way. Ika and Cass “Like Sindy!”
10:00PM BBT  <There’s a loud sawing noise in background> all three wonder what’s happening. Ika and Demetres say they’ve never seen or met anyone like Gary. Ika says she could just picture Gary at home, with a bell. Demetres, Cass, and Ika talking about avoiding a HG. Cass says the boys are worried. Demetres says “F them.” Ika says that Dillon has insulted everyone. In the bathroom, Sindy asks Dillon what he’s going to use the money on, other than shoes. He says that he’s also going to spend it on his family. In HoH, C Demestres thinks Dillon working with Emily. Cass says that she’s been doing some spying, and says that she sees Dillon and Emily and Bruno talking together. Dillon aggressively tries to talk to Demetres alone, but agrees to wait. Cass says that when she wears her hat a certain way, she’s spying. Cass offers to hide while Demetres talks to him. Ika says that Dillon scares her, and that people usually don’t scare her.
10:15PM BBT The girls leave. Dillon comes in and asks to put up Karen. Dillon says that she’s been “killing the vibe” for the past 4 days. Dillon says that it’s no blood on his hands if he puts her up. Demetreds says that he doesn’t see Emily going home. Demetres says that he doesn’t talk game with the girls. Dillon says to Demetres that he’ll gain a friend if he puts her up. Dillon says that if she goes, it’ll stop the crying sessions. Demetres and Dillon talking about how they did with the milk jugs in the last comp. Dillon says that it’s great that they think they’re against each other, but aren’t. After Dillon goes out of HoH, he asks Demetres to tell Ika and Cass that they weren’t talking about them, ‘cause he says that they’ll think that. Dillon then goes into the blue bedroom to tell Ika and Cass that they weren’t talking about them.
10:30PM BBT Dallas, Cass, Ika, and Kevin talking about who should go up. Before Dallas goes to talk to Demetres in HoH, Cass stops him, saying that he shouldn’t threaten the HoH ‘’cause that sends you home. Cass and Dallas talk in pink bedroom. Cass says to take it out of his mind that Karen is going on the block. Sindy complains that she hasn’t been called to DR a lot, and mentions that she was in there a lot her season, since she was part of the storyline. Cass and Dallas are talking in the storage room, warning Dallas about Bruno.
10:45PM BBT In HoH, Gary tells Cass that a certain HG is sketchy. Cass says that he’s the sketchiest person in this house, and needs to go. Cass and Gary going over past comps. Cass reminds Gary that you need to also remember who competed in the comps. In storage room, Demestres suggests to Dallas to cause chaos, then say that the house flipped. Demestres tells Dallas that Karen leaving isn’t great for his game.
11:00PM BBT Dallas tells Demetres why he switched his vote. Dallas says that he didn’t go in alliances the first week ‘cause that screwed him over last time. Cass in HoH tells Ika that Dallas is shady. Cass tells Ika that Dallas is in an alliance with Dillon and Emily. Ika is stunned, and asks if she’s seen it. She says no, but can tell.
11:15PM BBT Cass says that people in the house didn’t like her, and her and Tim planned every week. Ika says that she doesn’t have the guts to put up a vet. Cass says that Bruno would put up a vet. In the bathroom, Sindy says that sometimes the have-nots are chosen at different times: sometimes right after HoH, and sometimes after a comp. BB then says that you are not aloud to talk about production. Sindy says that even though she wanted the $5k, she’s glad that she didn’t ‘cause she’s allergic to cold, saying that she’d break out.
11:30PM BBT In HoH, Dre and Ika are chatting. In the bathroom, Sindy talks about her phobias. Sindy says that she tells people that she has pure blood, ‘cause there’s no drugs and alcohol in it. She says that because of it she got bit by mosquitos when she was hiking in Ottawa. She tells BB that she wonders why there’s polka dots in the house, considering her phobia.
11:45PM BBT In HoH, Gary talks to Demetres, saying that Dillon said that Karen lies, but Gary tells Demetres that Karen hasan’t lied, just told people what she’s going to do, to their face. Dallas is getting ready for bed. Dre and Emily are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Sindy is getting ready for bed. GARY PLEASE GO TO THE DR

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