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12:00AM BBT Jackie jokes that the only friend she has in the house is a fly Emily Jackie and Dillon wonder how late it is Jackie said they haven’t gotten the goodnight HG sleep well yet so she does not feel bad for talking All other HG sleeping except for Ika and Demetres whispering to each other BB Goodnight HG sleep well BB dims the lights in the LR
12:15AM BBT Emily Jackie and Dillon trying to figure out what brand of sleeping bags they have and talk about getting new phones when they get out of the house Jackie tells them about when she dropped her phone in the toilet they find it weird having all the cameras on them since they are the only ones still awake
12:30AM BBT Jackie said the lighting inside the house is amazing she had never seen anything like it Ika and Demetres talk about when they were drinking last night Ika hopes they don’t show it on tv because she was puking
12:45AM BBT All HG in bed
6:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
7:45 AM BBT All Hgs up and getting ready for the day. Dre is telling William that it’s disrespectful not to talk to the HoH before noms. She still pushing for Will to nominate Dillon and Emily. Feeds cut.
8:00 AM BBT Feeds back. Bruno, Karen, Ika, Dre, Demetres and Neda in WR primping and preening. Emily, Jackie Dillon rolling up the sleeping bags.
8:10 AM BBT Demetres out of the shower saying he doesn’t know what to wear today. Karen says that his fans would be happy if he stayed in the towel.
8:11 AM BBT Sindy and Kevin talking in the storage room about Kevin telling Will about Sindy nominating Will. Kevin apologizes for it and asks what he should do now. Sindy says they should both just leave it alone, or it will look suspicious. Sindy’s going to go up to the HoH room and listen to music and see if Will will ask her about it.
8:16 AM BBT Kevin and Sindy in the kitchen making something to eat. Dillon and Emily join them. Feeds cut.
8:20 AM BBT Ika and Dre talking in the HoH WR. Ika says that Dre is annoyed because she’s not entirely sure what Will’s doing. Dre asks why Kevin is throwing Sindy under the bus if he’s working with her. Demetres and Will come in and talk dies off. Ika says that Dre can’t go crazy because she’s Ika’s only friend in the game. She says she’ll give her two days to get over her period and then she better snap out of it.
8:25 AM BBT Sindy telling Neda what her cover story will be if Will asks her who she voted to nominate. She’s going to tell him that she lied to Kevin, and that’s why Kevin told him she put Will up.
8:30 AM BBT Will and Kevin in the kitchen. Will saying he hopes the noms will be now. Feeds cut.
8:45 AM BBT  -11:00 AM BBT Feeds still down
11:04 AM BBT Emily said i really need to shape up before the POV Dillon said win it and use it on her that equals 5 and that’s all we need Dillon said he was F****N mad when William put him up Emily said you that sucks at winning the POV William and Jackie are chatting in the HOH room Emily said Ika hates Jackie Dillon feels like if he is on the block that they would take a shot at getting him out this time Dillon thinks he is a target all the time
11:15 AM BBT Jackie told William i have your back Jackie said we have to see how the week plays out Jackie said out of the 2 i really love Emily and i like Dillon Jackie said alright let’s have a good day now Kevin and bruno are in the WR Bruno said i am going to talk to Dre and see if we can build something and move forward Kevin asked Bruno did you eat lunch Jackie is telling Emily and Dillon about her conversation that she had with william Dillon said it’s easier for us up as a target Dillon said Sindy is playing both sides of the house William said try to win the POV
11:30 AM BBT Sindy said i lied and said that so that i wouldn’t have a target Sindy and Dre and Ika are talking Dre said to Sindy did you voted for William Sindy said i think Jackie voted for William Sindy said i am not going to say anything to kevin dre said if you did it Sindy i think it’s stupid and Sindy said i think it’s Jackie that is trying to make william feel stupid Dre said i am not okay with that how they make William feel Dre said i wouldn’t mind if they played the veto video again Ika said Karen doesn’t strike me as a liar.

11:45 AM BBT Dillon said that we mine as well toss them out if nobody is going to eat them Ika said who was the last one who did Gary vote for Dre said why did Sindy vote for William Ika said i am going to confront Sindy Demetres said Guess what today is the POV today it came on the screen Dre said i have to play for my Baby william Dre said i have to stop acting like a mother Karen said it’s not over until you’re a** is out of the door Dillon said that last time Dallas made his own bed.
12:00PM BBT At this time, we have Neda, Demetres and Ika in one of the bedroom chatting. They are trying to figure out the votes. They would like to confront some of the HG about how the votes went on as Demetres walks out of the room. They all think that Bruno would have been a better option for nomination and Jackie could also be another option. In the meantime, we have Kevin and Bruno in the bathroom getting ready for the day as where the rest of the house seem to be pretty quiet. We now have Kevin and Bruno in one of the room talking game. Bruno is explaining that everyone seem to be on the same page and that this week is huge for them and that he really doesn’t want to play in the next competition. If Jackie gets picked for VETO and wins, it would be great for their game. We now have Emily joining the conversation with the boys while Jackie comes in as well. They are all discussing the veto, who should win and who to send home. Dre and William are chatting in French on and off. Dre is saying that she believes that Emily would not go against them two. She is telling him that she trust Sindy more than some of the other girls. She is expressing that the other side should start picking at each other one by one before coming after them and that is where Sindy would be an asset to them. Sindy trust more William than some of the other guys.
12:15 PM BBT While that discussion is taking place, there is another one going on in another room with Neda and Bruno and Sindy. Seems like there was some kind of confusion after the noms took place. Sindy is saying that she didn’t want to lie and that she does trust Bruno in the game as Dre is questioning her loyalty with certain people in the house. William and Dre are still talking in the HOH room. As Dillon and Emily are on the block, the house are trying to be nice to them, which is what Dre is telling William not to be feel guilty about his decision. Dre is saying that she wants to play so much for the veto comp. They are both wondering what kind of challenge it will be!
12:30 PM BBT Dillon and Emily are in one of the bedroom chatting and are discussing the Veto competition and he is saying that he will try to win but that he wants her to push herself to the max as he wants her to win. They both regret that they should have made a F4 with some of the HG. Dillon doesn’t trust Bruno as he has a very good social game. But who the F4 would be? They are questioning themselves about what kind of competition they will have. Dre and William are still talking in the HOH room. She thinks that it will probably be a memory game. He is expressing that the comp that involves booth where you can’t see the other opponent is hard for him as he does not always understand every word and cannot look at anything is scary for him. Dre is saying that she was praying for him to win the HOH comp. She was so happy to see him win that she had a hard time to contain herself. Dre lost her concentration regarding the HOH comp as fas as remembering the answers to those questions. She knew the answer but lost as she put the wrong letter. But, yet she is very happy that he is the one who won.
Kevin with Karen, Neda and Ika all in the bathroom having basic chat as Sindy walks in.
While in the other room, we have Emily, Jackie and Dillon chatting. Jackie thinks she is the backdoor plan and would like to see if there is nothing they can do to make Sindy look bad to turn the target away from them and would like to them to talk to her and see what kind of information they could get out of her and then use it against her. THey are wondering if Kevin would flip.
12:45 PM BBT Jackie, Emily and Dillon still chatting in the bedroom and would like to corner Sindy as Dillon is walking out of the room and presuming that he is going to look for Sindy.
Sindy with Ika and Neda are in the bathroom preparing their makeup and hair for the day but no game talk for the moment. In the meantime, we have Bruno and Demetres downstairs chatting about the Veto competition like who could win and would use the veto and save someone. Looks like they are all waiting for the veto picks.
1:00 PM BBT Dre is chilling in the HOH room alone. Neda and Demetres are lounging in the LV and also wondering what kind of comp. They are talking about the Cube comp and he is saying that he would like to do something like that. Kevin and Bruno joining in the conversation. They are talking about some of the other competitions that took place in other BB game such as the egg comp or the one that is the memory game. And what was the Fav one in all? Doing the baseball/soccer game would be a fun one is what Bruno is saying.
Upstairs, we have Emily with Sindy and Ika talking about how Jackie keep switching alliance constantly.Ika is telling them that she thinks Jackie is so fake.
1:10 PM BBT-1:40 PM BBT feeds down

1:40 PM BBT feeds back Dre, Kevin, and Karen were picked for POV Dre william and Kevin up on the landing talking Dre said she’s excited for the costumes. They talk about the oreo competition. Dillion, Emily and Karen are in the SR and discussing how to get Jackie to go home if Karen wins POV. Dillion is willing stay on the block and let Emily come off so Jackie goes up and goes home. Karen warns them their alliance with the 6 is a bunch of lies. Karen exits the SR and William enters.Dillon says he hates being in this position and william kinda pushes him off. He gets a pudding and heads back out, Emily asks if Dillons pinky is okay he bit it and made it bleed earlier. Heaven forbid they don’t win it they need some help. Emily says she can’t talk to anyone else she gets lost without dillon for even 20 min. Dillon says it’s a social experiment and they experiment with their hearts.
1:50 PM BBT Dillon says they dont want emily to go home and leave him in the game he will be the biggest meanie in the game. Karen comes in and tries to get some nuts and drops the container spilling all of them. Dillon and emily go to get the broom and Dust pan to help her. Karen says their new BF is laying low (Jackie) as she knows shes next up if either of them come off the block. They all exit the SR and Karen tells Dre I dropped ½ the container out. Dre says she’s cold cu she is on her Period and has bad cramps. Up in HOH William and Kevin talk about who would use the POV if they won. Kevin says no one will use it on them they have to win it themselves. Kevin Promises he won’t use it even though they will try super hard to get him to use it. Dillon, emily, and Neda are in the LR and talking about maybe doing the amazing race after this. Emily says she’s great with maps and directions. William asks Kevin I thought you liked Jackie. Kevin says she flipped to our side but I am not close to her she was with Cass.
2:00 PM BBT Kevin asks William if he thinks the POV will be right away, William says no but thinks it will be soon. They are now just chilling listening to Williams Ipod. William says it would be cool if they could ask their family to send them new clothes because he is getting bored with what he has now. Kevin says he is trying to stay away from Dillion because he is so mad and asks William if he was aggressive with him, but William says no he was just giving me dirty looks and just intimidating him about winning the POV and come after him but he doesn’t understand what else he could of done because he wouldn’t put up Ika and Demtres. William then asks Kevin if Pili is a BB fan and Kevin says yes and he really misses her and William says there is a BB mexico and Kevin says that he would watch her. Kevin says so if we win Veto and the noms stay the same do you think that Emily and Dilion would campaign against eachother William says no i don’t think Emily is here to play the game she is just here to have fun.Kevin thinks they will be upset for a few days but they will be ok. William asks if he thinks Emily is trustworthy and Kevin responds that he doesn’t know he doesn’t really talk to her. William says Emily lies like when she said she wasn’t working with Dillon, and Kevin says they hang out all the time it is hard to not think they are. Rest of the HG are down in the LV room just having general chit chat. Dillon is pumped for the POV to get started and he says this one is a bit tougher and Emily says you have to win it because you don’t have anyone else and Dillon says that Ika and Neda are in the WR just laughing their butts off. Dillon says that Ika and Neda are faker than a 3 $ bill and he knows this is what the game is but he just can’t bring himself to be that way. Dillon makes a comment that the reason that Neda and Jon got so far because they were super loyal to each other,. Dillon again says he can’t bring himself to be fake and the people that he doesn’t like are going to know he doesn’t like them he says he can’t stand Ika and she knows it.Emily says Dillon can’t leave she can’t be in this house without him and Dillon says what do you think i will do i won’t even last 3 days.Dillon say this time i just can’t leave you on the block this time he just doesn’t feel safe about it.
2;15 PM BBT Dre, Ika, and Demtres are in the pink room talking and Ika told Dre that she has gained weight and has been wearing more clothes and thinks she needs a pregnancy test, (joking of course) Kevin and William are still hanging out in the HOH room listening to music. William and Kevin are talking about Karen and how Kevin thinks she is a nice girl and would get along outside of the house but here we just don’t get along and everything he says Karen has a way of twisting it around. William agrees and thinks Karen is too much. Kevin says he should get some more food before the comp.Ika, Dre, and Demtres are still in the Pink room teasing Dre and pretending to be her parents.Dre says that she needs to get into the zone for the POV comp.
2:30 PM BBT Dillon says that we need to look on the bright side if neither one of them win the POV then they will probably vote Dillon out and Emily says no we can’t have that and Dillon says well you want to play the game and EMily says well so do you and he responds well i already played but was hoping they both would of made it to jury. Emily says her biggest fear is only one of them will make it to jury and Dillon say that would suck because we would have to wait so long to be able to see each other. Dillon say no that’s not going to happen and if he does leave then you have a fresh start to the game and if i stay then i will probably leave the following week. Dillion says he is battling in his head rather wants to win the POV because he wants Emily to win it so bad. Jackie and Kevin are in the Blue room chatting, Jackie asks who Kevin would put Karen beside and Kevin says i don’t know it is a long way away and maybe next week may be jury. Jackie says that she is worried that she maybe a backdoor plan. Kevin asks if she is close to William and she says yeah but everyone he is close to as well has told him to put me up and he also didn’t use the POV on me but i not going after William at all he isn’t on my radar at all. Kevin says that he really likes William and he really needs to win this veto so we all can get close to William. Jackie says she really want to know who the host is and Kevin says sometimes there isn’t a host and its a timed comp. Jackie asks Kevin who his number one outside Pili or his Mom and he said he put both and made them exchange numbers and figure it out between themselves and Jackie says he put Cliff her BF and her mom then put any siblings. Jackie asks if Sindy has talked to him at all and Kevin responds no she hasn’t at all and he says that he honestly feels out of the loop. Jackie says that she realy wanted to trust Sindy but knows that she brought everything she said back to Ika like don’t come comfort me and then not
2:45 PM BBT Kevin and Jackie are going through dates of when the comps took place.Ika asks Karen if she feels trapped in her marriage and Karen says no but Ika says she would feel trapped and Karen says it depends on who you’re married too, Jackie is talking to Kevin about creating bonds with people and would never want to put someone up even tho you have too and
Kevin says you always have to remember that this is just a game. Jackie says she misses Cliff the so much and Kevin says yeah i bet especially with the hostility and says she has had some shoots and Jackie says that she probably had it the worse.Kevin is talking about how certain comments or jokes can be taken the wrong way and when he was in the house the first time he was only 22 and had nothing to lose but this time he does and he doesn’t want to do anything to damage his relationship with pokerstars and then the feed switched to Emily and Dillon,
3:00 PM BBT Emily is wondering when the POV will be she wanted to eat but didn’t want to eat right before the POV comp but it’s been an hour and she kinda wishes that she had something and Dillon said let’s go have a bite but Emily doesn’t want to feel full. Bruno says that they should go through the days cause he forgot everything and Emily says she may not have too and Bruno says you need to not think that way. Ika, Demtres, Sindy, and Karen are in the Blue room chilling before the POV comp. Karen says she really misses Gary but she doesn’t miss Gary’s kitchen mess, Bruno is showing Emily some wrestling moves but Emily starts laughing because she farted and Bruno wont do it again. Bruno now demonstrated with Dillion
3:15 PM BBT Ika and Demtres are talking and she is telling him that she honestly feels that all the memories and their relationship will end when they leave the house and they wont date or get married. Demtres says he hopes she finds someone who hits all that she wants in a person. Ika starts telling a story of when her and Topaz met a guy a well known Athlete and the feed went down. Neda, Jackie, Emily, and Dillon are in the kitchen having a bite to eat.
Feed return with Ika talking about Jillian from S1 she brought something of hers in the house and will wear it under her clothes when she needs to win a comp and says that Jillian and Emmett are such great people.Ika is talking about how the past HG will plan the Niagra trips and the hotels and clubs that want to see them. Ika and Dre are talking about how much they love D’vone from BBus and she said that she will come down to meet them after the show for the Niagara trip.
3:30 PM BBT Neda and Kevin are talking in the Blue room. Neda is talking about how they need to just keep staying in power and if Dre won it would’ve been really bad and Dre will be the next Neda would want to leave, Neda says they really need to win POV Kevin says even if its a prize even he will take the POV. Neda says that she really needs to start studying the days and Kevin say he has been too stressed to study. Kevin says Sindy knows the days pretty well and can study with her. Neda asks Kevin if he finds it harder without Pili in the house and he says yes it helped having someone to hold to relieve some of the tension. Neda says the game is so much harder this time around, Emily and Dillon are making a parfait and Bruno is telling Emily that she really needs to win the POV she says that she’s been on the block twice and been a HN two weeks in a row her luck isn’t good, Bruno says she really needs to win POV and if Dillon leave it will be good for her game and it will take some of the target off of her and he really loves Dillon and he’s a great guy but honestly your game will be better without him.
Bruno and Kevin are talking and Bruno is asking Kevin who he wants to stay and they both agree that they need Dillon but he might just let Emily win. Kevin says if he wins he will keep the noms the same if he wins and they can talk to Jackie and say we are not using the veto and if they keep Dillon everyone will be pissed because they want Emily out.
4:45 PM BBT Ika and Demtres are in the room and Demtre says they should call Karen swearin Karen. Ika says she feels bad when Karen was made a snack wrap and they put prunes in it and she says she is not that old. Ika says that Karen knows that Her and Demtre are a coupld but Sindy is in denial about it and Demtre says that maybe she thinks she won me over with the sex talk she had the other night. Ika responds that they seem more sexually compatible.Demtre says since he has talked with ika and spent time with her he thinks very differently about girls now and Ika reminds him that they are his support system right now and Demtre says well yeah i will continue to be a whore. Ika doesn’t think that Bruno or Kevin will work as hard to keep them safe.
4:00 PM BBT Demetres is talking to Ika about the nominations Sindy and Bruno are in the Wr area Bruno said it’s a pretty cool brush Sindy said i got it before i got here Emily asks Dillon do you have a pen licence if you get caught writing you will get a ticket Emily said what can we write with i was using a piece of chalk yesterday Emily said to Dillon i will already know what i am getting you for your birthday Dillon said don’t tell me I already know what i am getting you for your birthday Sindy said i want to talk to Dre Bruno said it should have been easy for them Jackie said she took a hour nap in here because the lights are draining
4:15 PM BBT Bruno said he is smart but maybe it’s a social game Jackie is talking about William about the Slope William said that the Slope he was hard Jackie asked william when is your birthday Jackie said i know i would regret getting a mattress William said the camp thing was cool Jackie said i feel that this season they got good shots of you Jackie said on Bruno birthday on the 11th that she could wish her brother a happy birthday on Bruno birthday Jackie is trying to figure out how close William is from vancouver Jackie said i am so hungry Jackie said i was just not hungry i was feeling kinda sick i think everybody in the house is filling sick Jackie said i wonder how much longer until POV Jackie said if your on slope next week i am going to tell you should have ate it Kevin said i use to be a bible camp counselor is talking about pea soup Sindy said to Ika why are you so naked Ika said i had to beat him up Ika said i hate you to Demetres Bruno please go to the DR
4:30 PM BBT William said i had pudding Ika said do you want Salmon and Salad Karen said i am so tired let’s do it Karen said that was so nice Demetres was talking about an roller coaster Kevin said i do scary movies or games Kevin said i rather laugh than cry Karen said it’s scary and oh my Karen said you will see us all on our bellies crawling around william said i am getting an headache Karen said then he cornered me in the pantry Karen said i told them they don’t need to talk to me they need to talk to them Ika and Demtres are in the pantry ika said you’re not sorry to Demetres Demetres said i will be sorry in a minute Karen said he is not that smart he will fight Dre said he should be a gentleman and take her down Karen said the tables turn quickly Karen said but kevin will try Karen said i don’t trust him he is sneaky just like jackie
4:45 PM BBT Karen said he knows i am on to him i see him with her that makes me automatically freak out Karen said he wants to keep Jackie safe because she is in her alliance Dre said that he is trying to win the Veto Karen said did it look like i was trying to win the veto Karen said you can not trust if they are telling the truth if you’re in the HOH Dre said i am not winning any competitions Karen said i am here to fight to get the power William said i am not scared right now Karen said you wouldn’t expect it from me Karen said he fought so hard they believe that they are safer than they are we take out one of there sides that puts us even Karen said i believe Sindy and Burno are playing 2 sides Karen said than Neda is not going to be safe next week Neda is not talking to anybody Dre please go to the DR Feeds went out Feeds Came back at 5:00 PM BBT
5:00 PM BBT Karen said i would be wet mopping if we could get one William said it’s so gross Karen said we are suppose to clean the bathrooms Karen said why don’t they wash things Karen said you need to tell Kevin you need to mop Karen said they know mom cant handle that Karen said i don’t know how i can do it for a week Demetres said it’s rough Karen said you took it like a champ Karen said i thought at first that they were going to say April fools Karen said that the only thing is if i could lose 10 pounds William said i don’t know how you could do it Karen said i am never getting on slope Jackie said your so cute Bruno i dare you to eat it Burno said i think we can honestly do that Sindy says she is so cute about bella
5:15 PM BBT Burno said there is 41 more days Sindy said there is 75 days William said i will 25 Ika said it’s good it’s not dry to the fish Demetres asked if the coffee was fresh Bruno said if you had to choose between Dre or William to go home who would you have picked Karen said you are living with somebody mom Dre and William are talking french Karen said hopefully no frogs Karen said you magicien to Bruno Bruno said rules are made to be broken Karen said i am ready to play Karen said are we aloud to watch it on the tv
5:30PM BBT Bruno said i guess 500 then i switched it to 700 Burno said it was hard Bruno said we used to Ultimate Karen said i bet it is still shitty outside Burno said it feels like we didn’t get enough sleep last night burno said it must have back wards week we thought it was bed time Karen said i heard the water running i was going to say that was the long shower to neda Neda said i would if the water didn’t run out Neda said she likes taking long showers Neda asked Dillon if there was there hot water left Karen said Surprising there is usually a lot going on in the WR area
5:45 PM BBT Demetres and Kevin and others are talking about movies Dillon is laying down Emily is putting on makeup
6:00 PM BBT Sindy is talking about how Paranormal Activity was going to have a different ending than what it is now, but it didn’t sit well with its test audience. Emily and Dillon are cuddling in the bathroom. Sindy talks about a scary show that she was on, but she didn’t know it. It was Scare Tactics, and was paid $300. As it was going on, she was figuring it out that it was a show, ‘cause “everything was sketch.” She asked live feeders to find the video, if it aired, which was in 2009. Kevin later tells a story about how he and his girlfriend went to a casting call for Interstellar. She got a role, but not Kevin, so she kept bragging that she was going to be in a movie, and he wasn’t. The role was for a homeless person.
6:15 PM BBT After a while, Kevin tells another story where he announced the winner of a coloring contest, he “Steve Harvey’d” it, as Ika called it, and accidently told a girl that she won, but she didn’t. After a while, Ika and Karen are in the pink bedroom, talking about how they’re glad that she got called to the DR, saying that she’ll finally stop talking! They say that the only thing Sindy likes to talk about is herself. They talk game. They discuss who should join their alliance. Karen says that Neda is playing both sides this season. Karen says that people get to the end by having solid alliances. Ika says that she thinks Neda and Sindy are together. Karen says that Sindy knows that she’s not a solid with them. Ika says to Karen that Bruno likes her (Karen).
6:30 PM BBT Ika says that she’s scared of the double eviction. Ika says to Karen that Kevin is coming after her (Karen). Ika asks Karen who she thinks is coming after her (Karen), other than Jackie and Kevin. She says Neda. Feeds go down at 6:37pm, then come back at 6:40pm. Demetres is chatting with Karen & Ika in the pink room. Karen is talking about her family, recalling a horrible dinner, due to a bad mood. Karen says most of her family is in the US. Demetres asks if people can watch the live feeds in the US. Ika says that there’s a way that they can. Karen says that the show is a skewed version of what they lived, and says she prefers the feeds. Emily is sitting by herself in the storage room.
6:45 PM BBT In the pink room, Demetres says that he’s interesting in watching the first week, ‘cause he trusted everyone. Karen gets called to the DR. Sindy and Dre are talking game upstairs, whispering. Dre tells Sindy that she trusts her.
6:53 PM BBT The feeds go out.
7:00PM- 12:00AM BBT Live feeds down for POV

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