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12:00 AM BBT Ika tells Demetres she doesn’t want Demetres to see her cry and that she’s so embarrassed.Karen is in the bathroom getting ready for bed and Dre is laying down on the couch in the bathroom and Dillon walks in and Dre says good morning.William is handing out new batteries. Dem tells Ika, “If Dillon had a girlfriend back home, he sure doesn’t have one anymore. Ika wrote “I Love You” on Dems chest & he tells her that he was writing the same thing. Demika are writing “I love you” on each other.
12:15 AM BBT William heads to bed says goodnight to Dre.Kevin is in bed sleeping.Feeds cut Ika and Demetres are talking in the pink room and Demetres tells Ika he will tell his mom Dre is in the kitchen sitting by herself . Dre in the kitchen alone looks like setting up for coffee tomorrow. She goes in the bathroom and starts getting ready for bed no one else in the house around.
12:30AM BBT Ika and Demetres in the pantry room looking for pudding in the fridge he says that he doesn’t even like pudding but he’s determined to find them. She sneezes and he says nothing. Ika says she is so stressed out that even if she could eat she couldn’t do it. He calls everyone a pig for eating things that he can’t find. Ika decides that she is going to have some slop while he has his snack, she pulls out the bucket and wonders if it’s still good. Demetres talks about just surviving this week and next week whoever wins the power the others will scramble. Kevin walks from outside to upstairs and no words are exchanged. Demetres asks what the world is like after you get out. Ika talks about a surprise party her friends threw for her.
12:45AM BBT Ika says the party made her mad and she just wants to be left alone after she gets out. She says that this week right here will bother her when she gets out. That she regrets talking to Jackie and that how it has ruined their game. Demetres says that it will be weird going home , and Ika says that the weird part (the most frustrating) is people that tell you how you should have played and the folks that ask what’s next. She says nothing I’m just a person not a big tv star leave me alone. Demetres tells Ika that she played a good game and that she is not subtle enough to play this game and she came in looking scary the way she handles herself. Demetres laughs and says ya act like Jackie. Ika says that we need to win pov and show his hand because his next person he puts up will show who his next choice would be. They laugh and say that if it’s Karen and she starts freaking out Demetres says he will not be able to keep his mouth shut. Ika says that she could have worked with Kevin and the three of them would be unstoppable. Ika says he is not gonna leave William behind.
1:00AM BBT Ika says that the jury house hates her so much that they will either respect her or hate her in the house. She says that she will be proud of the way she played when she goes home. Demetres says he has to figure out how to play without her and try to be like how she talks to everyone. She says that’s good because that’s what happened everything she said her words were cross referenced and blew up. She says that they are so codependent. Demetres says that Kevin is full of shit and she says that even after the game the fools will still be lying about the game. Demetres says he is gonna take a shower and she says she wants to come hang out while he does this. He starts telling her that he watches her while she walks and in the mirror. She laughs and calls him a creeper. She goes in the blue room and gets some pants to put on because she says it’s cold. She says that it’s bedtime and maybe they should wait till tomorrow. They decide that they should lounge in each other in the bathroom. They say that they hope William and Jackie not play in the pov. She says that this is horrible that they have to sleep apart. He’s falling asleep on her so they decide to go to bed. He tells her to study one last time for the pov tomorrow before bed and she says yes I will.
1:15AM BBT Ika goes to bed and Karen goes to the bathroom. Everyone in bed but you never know so we will listen for some whispers.
1:30AM BBT sleeping.
1:45AM BBT sleeping
2:00AM BBT sleeping.
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
8:08 AM BBT Lights on.
8:13 AM BBT “Good morning, Houseguests. Time to wake up.” Karen and Ika immediately moving to get out of the HN room.
8:15 AM BBT The only feed is on Karen in the kitchen getting coffee going, and mumbling to herself that she’s ugly. Ika comes in and asks how she’s doing on the slop. Karen responds, “Not too bad. It’s a state of mind.” She then proceeds to scoop herself out a bowl. Jackie comes through the kitchen, and then Will. This is the fastest I’ve seen them up and moving all season. Karen cleans the slop bucket, empties and refills the ice cube trays and puts a bag in the garbage can.
8:23 AM BBT Ika has made her way to Dem’s bed and they’re snuggling.
8:25 AM BBT Rooster crows. Ika says she’s going to have a quick shower, but Dem convinces her to stay and snuggle instead. Dillon and Jackie in the showers in the WR.
8:28 AM BBT Feeds cut on Ika/Dem so all we have are Dillon and Jackie showering.
8:30 AM BBT Kevin sitting up in the HoH bed. Rooster crows again.
8:32 AM BBT “Kevin please get up.” He gets out of bed and heads to the HoH WR to shower. Feeds cut at 8:34 on cams 1&2. Feeds 3&4 on Ika and Dem in bed briefly and then cut.
8:35 AM BBT WIll and Dillon in the blue BR. Dillon getting dressed and Will still lounging in bed. Dillon leaves to go to the DR, leaving Will alone.
8:38 AM BBT Dre in WR. BB calling her out for not having her mic. She goes to get it and heads back to the WR. Jackie putting on makeup, Dre brushing her teeth, Karen showering.
8:45 AM BBT Ika and Dem in the pink BR. Ika saying that alliance was the death of their game. Dem says it looked good on paper. Ika says that they should have kept Gary. Dem says that all the moves they made were the smartest at the time. Ika says she wishes they had Cass and Gary in the house rather than Dre and William or Dre andJackie because they’re more deserving players who actually played the game. They go back to snuggling. Ika saying they want her out so badly; asks Dem if she’s such a horrible person.
8:50 AM BBT Jackie and Karen putting on makeup in the WR. Karen says she’s definitely getting the full experience being a HN this week.
9:00 AM BBT Jackie, Karen and Dre putting on makeup, getting ready for the day. Virtually no discussion at all on the only active feed. BB can be heard in the background asking someone to get up.
9:09 AM BBT Ika and Dre in the pink BR. Ika telling her that she loves her. Dre says that she knows; they’ve been together for three years. Dre assuring Ika that outside of the house they’ll still be friends. Ika tells her that she has her back no matter what. Ika joking that being the comp beast she is, she’s going to win the PoV to watch them all shit themselves.
9:11 AM BBT Ika telling Karen in the WR that this is a game, and she didn’t mean to make her cry. Karen says that Ika is mean sometimes. Ika says if she’s going to dish the meanness, she better be able to take it. Karen says she can have sensitive feelings and still be a bitch. Ika says that she doesn’t want to upset Karen. Karen tells Ika that she is the reason Ika stayed over Sindy and she’s done nothing but come after her since. Karen tells her she’s been bitchy for a week or ten days. She doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t want to confront her. She says every time Ika laughs about it it makes Karen not want to spend time around her. Ika says that if she’s upset about yesterday, she apologizes. She says she hasn’t been mean to her the past ten days. This started as a joking conversation between them, but has escalated. Ika says that Karen used strong words “vicious and mean” to describe her for the past ten days, and she’s going to call her on it. Ika says she would love BB to roll the tapes to show her when she was vicious and mean to her. Karen asks why she’s not allowed to feel that way; Ika says it’s untrue and she doesn’t want Karen telling others that she’s vicious and mean. Ika acknowledges being cold to Karen, but is really upset about the vicious and mean. Ika apologizes to Karen for being cold, and Karen apologizes for using the words vicious and mean. Jackie decides to pipe into the conversation and Ika promptly tears her a new one and shuts her up. Karen says that Ika has treated her like dog shit beneath her feet; Ika says that she apologizes making her feel hurt. Karen says that she felt used and abused when Ika abandoned her. Karen says that she doesn’t want to fight. Karen says that Ika has been cold to her since Monday. Ika spends a fair amount of time explaining ‘her truth’ to Karen. She says that she was the best bet to put up as a nom to ensure that Bruno went home. Dem breaks in to say that he hadn’t even thought about a replacement as they didn’t think the Veto would be used and it was a spur of the moment decision on his part. Ika says she thought that once Karen saw that she was safe, she’d be fine. Ika says that Karen told her how she felt, and she’s tried to explain her side of it to her. Karen says that sometimes it’s very tense in the house, and she’s not looking to battle. Ika says that if she’s contributing to Karen’s stress by being mean, she’ll stop. Ika says she really likes her and doesn’t want to have this tension between them outside the house. Karen says that Ika has the advantage because she’s been in the house before and Ika explains she left early last time and hasn’t experienced many of these things, either. Ika says that she understands that Karen has a big heart, and she’ll try to not be antagonistic in front of her anymore. Karen says she’s only upset because she cared about Ika. Ika says she’s sorry for making Karen uncomfortable and/or Karen feels like she ditched her. Ika says she now understands what it’s like to have someone’s back from Day 1 only to have them abandon her. Karen says she doesn’t want to be a victim, and it’s pissing her off that she’s crying. Karen says that she knows they’re in a game, but she can’t help her emotions being involved. Ika says that this is their real life right now. Karen says she doesn’t want people to think that Ika made her cry; Ika says that Jackie will tell everyone, she’s sure.
9:45 AM BBT Jackie, tired of pouting alone in the blue BR, makes her way downstairs. Kevin called to the DR. Feeds cut
10:00 AM BBT No live feeds available at this time. Veto Player Pick
10:15 AM BBT Dem and Ika in the Bedroom. Ika is mad she pulled Jackie’s chip. Karen and Jackie in the kitchen as Dre and William in the bathroom with Dillon, but they are chatting in French. Dre says she has a weird feeling and Dillon is saying that it is good that Karen didn’t get picked. Kevin is joining in on the conversation. Karen and Jackie are chatting and talking about whoever wins the comp gets to take a drive and choose a guest. In the meantime, Dre with Ika is talking in one of the bedroom with Demetres. Ika seems to be very upset and Dre is asking her not to do anything while in the house. Dre is saying that a lot of people are watching what they are saying especially knowing that cameras are always watching them and they do not want to be seens as bitchy people. As the conversation continues, it seems like they are referring to Jackie. Wow… Ika is so angry with bitter and restless regarding certain HG that she almost self evicted. On the other side of the house, we have Dre and Karen in the storage room talking as Dre is saying to her that she doesn’t condone Ika reactions but on the other hand, she sees her point. In the HOH room, Dillon and Kevin are practicing the dates. Kevin is joining Karen in the storage room where Karen is saying that it is only morning time and there is so much drama in the house.
The veto players- Kevin, Demetres, Ika, Dillon, Dre and Jackie. William Is hosting
10:30 AM BBT Karen, William, Jackie and Dre in the kitchen chatting about cooking ingredients with certain dishes. Karen is asking if any of them needs anything as she is about to go into the DR. As William has decided to go to the DR first, Karen has given him the list of what to ask BB. Ika and Demetres having some PDA in the bathroom as they are talking game and he is making a point as the house is getting very divided, he doesn’t care anymore about who is on the block. BB is asking Ika to make sure her microphone is on. Demetres is saying how much he hates all of them and he is saying that Jackie has own absolutely nothing except for one and that he needs to transfer his anger for winning the veto. Dre and Demetres with Ika are in the bathroom talking about how they need to win the veto and that at some point, they really need to watch how they act as the cams are always rolling and that when they watch back the episodes, they might be ashamed on how they were in the house. In the HOH room, Jackie with Dillon and Kevin are talking about other HG behavior. Jackie constantly feels like a target and how Ika is mean towards her. Jackie is saying that Demetres seems to start getting annoyed with Ika’s tantrum. Kevin is expressing that you don’t have to like everyone in the house but to at least, have the basic courtesy. At this time, they are reviewing the video clip about the car as it will be used for the next comp and they need to remember as many details as possible. Jackie is repeating as much as she remembers such as the license plate, color with exterior and interior informations regarding the car.
10:45 AM BBT In the kitchen, Karen with Dre and William are talking but doesn’t seem like it is game. William is saying that in french “ je suis plein comme un oeuf” means, that I am full like an egg means that person is just full and not hungry as he is doing the dishes. Karen is expressing that one time, she was given bed sheets for the HN room and that they looked very dirty and that Dre doesn’t realize how bad is the HN room. In the HOH room, Dillon and Kevin are talking about who might be next out of the house and are talking about maybe having Ika and Demetres on the block. Jackie walks in in the sits down as Kevin walks out of the room but no conversation is made.
11:00 AM BBT Karen walk into the bathroom as Ika is showering and Demetres is just lounging on the bench. Again, no conversation. HG are actually quiet. But, not for long. Demetres walks out of the room with Ika as Karen is straightening up the bathroom. They are both getting into one of the beds. Demetres says that most of the HG would rather keep Ika then him as he is a strong competitor. Demetres is expressing that Dre has done nothing in the game and regrets having to have trusted her and always seems to be in everyone’s ear. Ika is aski
11:15 AM BBT Dillon with Kevin and Jackie in the HOH room are not chatting games but rather woman… that “ more than a handful is too much” referring to boobs.. LOL Dre and William in the kitchen preparing lunch. Chatting in french and Dre is thanking him for cooking and that it tastes very good. He actually bring Kevin a plate for him to eat. They are talking about what features of the different sex are they attracted to. But, soon they are wondering if the next eviction could be a double and what the next challenge would consist of. Dillon is asking Jackie if she feels that he has “messed up” while in the BB house. And Jackie is saying that as long as him and his GF has discussed the possibilities of what could happened while in the house, then he should not worry. But, Jackie is saying that his feelings towards Emily seemed very genuine so it would depend on how his GF sees it and that every relationship that is worth it can works itself out. In the bedroom, Ika and Demetres are trying to remember things from the car video clips as it will be used in the next comp. But, as they are in bed together, the talk stops slowly and more PDA develops under the sheet. ng him if maybe having Bruno out of the house was the best move for them? But, he answers says yes it was.

11:30 AM BBT Karen is now in the HOH room with Dillon, Kevin, William with Jackie are talking relationships in and out of the house. Kevin gives William his socks as they are too small for him. Karen is saying that most relationship in the BB house are just for the moment but they do not last in the real world. Karen is saying that she made her husband watch previous show so he would understand what BB is all about and that she told him there is live feeds that he can go on and check on her. So, she wanted to make sure he would understand the living conditions in the house. While they are talking, we have Ika and Demetres in one of the bedroom talking game and the remaining HG. He feels angry and kind of wishes that the HG would send him home at this point. Back in the HOH room, the other HG are talking about the game and how much it is a roller coaster. Ika and Demetres are talking about different conversation they have had with the HG like for Dillon example and how when he drinks, then his personality is different vs being sober and his flirting.
11:45 AM BBT Dillon, Kevin, Karen, William and Jackie in the HOH room. They are discussing that Bruno should be in the jury house now and that the HG should not be disrespecting the brand. Karen is saying that her relationship with Bruno was up and down and she hates that Bruno was not being cool. Karen is saying that if she goes to the jury house, she would not tell anyone what is really going on in the house and that she does like Bruno as a person but not in the game as she did not trust him as a player because he really never talked to her and was way to cautious. They all realize that playing BB can get be tortured as it is very mental. In the bathroom, Dre is just laying there on the bench and relaxing. Karen is expressing that she cannot be fake and that there is time she cannot hide her feelings. They are talking about Ika and how her reactions and her actions can he very mean towards other people and Karen saw it first hand.
12:00 PM BBT Karen is talking to Kevin and Jackie Karen said now you know how i felt Karen said i have a headache so i am going to go down and get a tylenol before the challenge Dre is in the Wr Kevin said you never made me feel uncomfortable Dre and William are talking French in the WR Karen walk’s in the WR Ika and Demetres is talking about an funreal in the documentary
12:15 PM BBT Kevin walks in the WR Kevin asked how is your back doing William said look at my arm pits Kevin said let me see your other one William said should i go show the DR about my allergic reaction Dre said i try not to get into the hate full vibe feeds went down Feeds came back at 12:25 pm Karen is talking about perogies Karen said i am not going to complain i am just going to lose weight Kevin Dre and William are in the WR area Feeds went Down
12:30 PM BBT feeds are back ika said i need some ice Ika stirring ice in her cup Ika said i gave her the dirty look for 4 mins Dre said yes to Kevin you can get of the bathroom now Ika said they are going to call me to the DR soon they just called Demetres and i want to look decent Dre said do your makeup girl Ika said is Demetres back Ika said honestly i don’t have a problem with the girl Ika said don’t act like that if you don’t like somebody Ika said did you know that there is more people have gone to space than people played the game Ika said i need a special airplane Ika said she thinks that she has grown
12:45 PM BBT Karen said i rather have it said to face personally Ika said william what do you prefer ika said thank you william for giving me permission ika said i am just taking your advise william Ika said she was thinking of cutting her hair Dre said she wants to shave her head again Ika is singing Kevin said let’s see if we can make a ark with the 3 pieces Kevin William and Dillon are having a pillow fight Kevin said it’s to fun we are losing our mind Kevin said that floor was awesome Kevin said Bb we are restless Karen said she is not boring to Ika Ika please fix your microphone Ika said I do feel like singing
1:00 PM BBT Ika said i am really proud to be living in the Country it can not be america or Jamaica it has to be Canadian Ika said i am very proud of it when i got my citizenship i cried Karen said i just have to trim this so bad Karen said i just want to cut a few of these split ends i will feel better ika said Karen do you feel better Dillon stop that Karen said there is 8 people left in the house Ika said i am going to have fun no matter what Demetres is cooking William and Dre are talking French Kevin said we can roll a dice and see who is up to tell about a story Dre said yes i want to listen Kevin said everybody pick a number Dre said yay Kevin said 7 i am safe Dillon said since you picked a 7 you have to tell your story Kevin said let’s roll again William said i don’t tell the story William said i don’t understand the roles William is talking about a story when he was little
1:15 PM BBT Kevin said now the story club has to rule the dice again Kevin said that was a good story Kevin said Karen do you want to join Kevin said if you roll a number than your safe Kevin said Dre your up Dre asked what is the rule again Dre said she is not really good at storytelling Dillon said what is your favorite movies Dillon said remember we all have to appreciate it Dre is talking about her childhood story about her mom and sisters that her youngest sister drove the car Karen said it’s me Kevin said quick do you want a snacks Dre said i am not a good story teller Dre said what could i tell Karen said it’s still her Kevin said Dre Dre back to back stories Dre said i have no stories Dillon said i want to tell my stories Dre is talking about gymnastics and that she has a really big basement in the house Dre said i thought i could do a backflip Dillon said to Dre would you able to bring me the popcorn you storyteller
1:30 PM BBT Ika and Demetre are eating and talking Dre said i am done telling stories Dillon said that was not a real story any ways Dillon said tell us a good story Kevin said tell us a story of anything Dre said i have a good story about school Dre was talking about an essay that she had to right for school Dre said i didn’t finish the essay dre said i finish the essay dre said three days latter i didn’t get a response she looked in her draft folder and it was there she then emailed her professor and explained to him what happened and he understand and gave her a A + Jackie is talking about softball game jackie said i think we won the game it’s all good Demetres said William Dre Jackie And Karen free ride
1:45 PM BBT demetres said one of them don’t like Kevin but they are down there Dillon said give me a 6 Dillon said what’s wrong Dre said i don’t get it why is the dice picking on me Dre is talking about her lips she said people call them tires Kevin said your mom sounds awesome Dre said her mom lived in a poor neighborhood Kevin said it’s my first story Kevin is telling about the hospital Dillon said i heard that story before so he had to come up with a new new story Dre said you have 2 tell stories Kevin said i will tell the story of the charlie in the chocolate factory Kevin said everybody was going crazy
2:00 PM BBT Kevin is telling some of the houseguests the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The houseguests are impressed. Ika and Demetre are hanging out. Kevin is still telling the story. Everyone is listening to Kevin.
2:15 PM BBT Kevin is almost done with the story. He’s on the kid who loves TV. Kevin is finished with the story. All the houseguests liked it. Dre, William, and Kevin are hugging while going up the stairs.
2:30 PM BBT Jackie joins in. Now they are going down stairs. The house is quiet. Demetres is alone in the bridge. William and Kevin are in the HOH room brushing. William and Kevin are finding things to do before the POV.
2:45 PM BBT Kevin and William are spending time in the HOH room. Their calling the alliance a flirt mance. Karen and Dillon are chatting in the Washroom. Karen is dizzy from lack of food. Karen said she has four more days of slop left. Karen tells Dillon that they are friends now but before they weren’t. Kevin is “upset” that William threw his stuffed pig.
3:00 PM BBT Karen and Demetre are figuring out when the Veto is. Kevin and William are “married. Everyone thinks its a solo time veto. Karen is asking William about a Relationship scale. William thinks it’s a 7. Karen says to William that one of her kids is the same age as William. Jackie and Kevin are quiet in the living room. All the houseguests are board.
3:15 PM BBT William and Karen are talking about her family. Now the conversation switched to Generations. Karen said that Williams generation are putting labels on things compared to her generation. Karen said the labels need to go. Dillon joins William and Karen. Karen said she loves the drama this season. Ika is all alone in the washroom doing her hair. Ika is talking to Dre. Ika said she’s stressing.
3:30 PM BBT Ika is in tears. Demetre is waiting outside the washroom. Ika said that she felt that Dre turned her back on Ika. Feeds cut. Feeds return. Dre is in the pantry getting ice. In the bedroom, Ika and Demetre are hanging out. Demetre is trying to comfort Ika. Karen is in the bedroom laing in bed.
3:45 PM BBT The house is quiet. No one is talking to each other. Dre, William, and Jackie are making something to eat.
4:00 PM BBT Dre/William singing in French in the kitchen. William is dancing around. Jackie comes in for some juice. Ika/Dem making out and whispering sweet nothings in each others ears in the pink room under the covers. Dillon gets told by BB to wake up. Ika pretends to interview Demetres and asks him “ Demetres what was the turning point when you started to like Ika?” she jokes and says “ when she was throwing up. Meanwhile Jackie saying how first couple weeks she didn’t feel comfortable to cook, she didn’t feel like it was her home yet. Now she doesn’t care. Kevin comes downstairs. William jokes Kevin is his husband and he has to cook for him, Kevin says get away from me. William calls him the Martins. Ika telling Demetres when she was in the pantry she was trying so hard not to cry and she made Demetres close his eyes because she didn’t want him to look. Ika saying she feels bad and Demetres tells her to stop, it is just a game. More kissing. Demetres pulls the covers over them and she hear him say you know Karen is in here. More sounds of making out and breathing. Meanwhile in the kitchen Dre.Jackie/William and Jackie are talking about juice, nothing game related. Dre asking Kevin, for him to clean the microwave what would he want one of the houseguests to do for him. Kevin says he would want Dre to give him a sponge bath in the HOH room. Dre asks what a sponge bath is then makes a gagging sound. William says that is my job Kev. I am your husband. Kevin tells William to get away from him. Dre says she will make a deal and only do his bath. Kevin says no, everything you would have to clip his toenails and clean in between. Dre keeps asking him to make a deal and Kevin tells them to gamble for it, throw the dice. Dre won and Kevin has to clean the microwave.
4:15 PM BBT Ika/Dem making out under the covers in the pink room. William and Jackie are eating chips and Kevin is cleaning the microwave. Dre starts eating chips as well. Dre is telling Kevin she appreciates the commitment. Kevin takes out the turning tray and it is gross. William tells Kevin he is making love to the microwave. Kevin says he was just sitting on the couch napping and now he is washing the microwave and they are all eating chips. Now they are drinking beer. Kevin asks for one and they all laugh and Kevin says are you all going to sit there and drink beer while I clean this. They say yes. William says one for you, one for you, one for my man. Kevin chugs his beer, where he bites the can with his tooth and chugs it. (Shotgunning it) He is not showing William how to do it. Jackie tries to do it and it explodes. William tries again and he can’t do it. He cuts himself. Jackie does it again and does a nice job. Now Kevin is showing Dre how to do it. Kevin tells Dre is she does this in front of a guy he will marry her. Dre tries it a couple times. Meanwhile Ika and Demetres are talking in bed in between making out.

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, April 29th

4:30 PM BBT Ika and Demetres are talking about someone looking good in a bikini, Jackie and Demetres says no. Ika laughs and tells Demetres not to worry she won’t break up with him if she goes to jury. Ika says she feels bad for whoever has to go to jury because they all suck. Demetres says something about Bruno being a slimy piece of shit the last three weeks and they had to send them packing. Ika tells Demetres that Dre said Bruno told her that Canada is laughing at her because she is Ika’s shadow. Will/Dre and Jackie are in kitchen. Will is cleaning the bottom of the guacamole bowl with a chip. Dre says what a clean microwave. Dillon walks in, takes a chip, says he never used the microwave. Dre asks Will for a spoon so she can lick the guacamole left in the bowl. William says he needs to change because he is wet from doing the shotgun beer. William says he is going to make some cream cheese jelly thing. Dre asks for a bite. Jackie saying she just can’t wait for the POV she wants to win so bad. Dre says she wants to go in car. Dre says she thinks the winner of the pov gets to take someone in the car. William tells Dre he would like to be chosen. Dre thinks the comp will be something with time because there wasn’t that much to memorize. Will wonders how he will be dressed. Dre thinks it will be a race car driver costume. Dre asks big brother to give her something good for her butt. Jackie thinks maybe they will be part of the pit crew. William is hosting. Ika/Demetres decide to get out of bed. Demetres walks downstairs. Dillon sitting on living room couch. Ika comes downstairs, walks right by Will/Dre and Jackie and says nothing. Will glances at Ika, then Jackie. No one says anything to her.
4:45 PM BBT Ika making slop. Dre/William eating something William made. Will brings some to Kevin and asks if he wants to rest. Dre goes to storage room. Jackie picks up her juice, drinks it, puts her cup in the sink and goes upstairs. William sits down and talks to Ika. Jackie goes into blue room where Dillon is sitting on his bed complaining he is tired and bored. Karen comes out of hiding and William asks if she wants one of the jelly/cream cheese thing he made. Dre asks her why she has her shoes on and Karen says she is cold. Dre tells Karen she shotgunned a beer. They say it is a west coast thing. They start to talk about what is west and east. Meanwhile Jackie asks Dillon if Karen is ok, Dillon asks regarding what and Jackie says the whole thing earlier. Dillon says she is alright. Kitchen talk about what to eat. Karen decides on salsa. Karen says today is her 5th day on slop, third day this week then two other days. Kevin and Will talking, Will asks if his ipod is charged and Kevin says no, it is still on the pantry. Kevin looks like he is trying to avoid William and not really talk to him, William gets up and moves to the other couch. Kevin gets up and goes to kitchen. Kevin goes into blue room and says the HOH is locked, could be costumes. He sits down, Dillon says he is ready to rock, ready to play, ready to go outside. Jackie claps. Kevin says they should get the backyard tonight too.
5:00 PM-12:00PM BBT Feeds down for POV comp


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