Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, April 15th

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12:00AM BBT Dillon now tells Kevin maybe he was a little harsh with the 2-faced part about Jackie. Kevin sits back down and they talk about all the HGs and who is with who. Kevin again says how reaching that deal together with William and Dre was good. Sindy lying between Ika and Dem. They are advising Sindy about her ankle pain about using ice vs hot water. Ika goes to get some hot water for it. Sindy further describes the pain as discomfort; she doesn’t think it is as bad as a sprained ankle. Dem is tired. Sindy references that all they did was nap today. Meanwhile in the pantry, Dre is relaying her conversation with Dillon to Ika. Karen comes in with a piece of cake for Ika to try. Ika likes it! Ika now has Bruno to believe that she trusts him. Karen comes back in dragging in the trash and getting a fresh bag. Ika says that Bruno needs to leave. Ika feels that if Bruno wins HOH, he would put Ika on the block…or if POV is used, she might be the replacement nom. Ika hopes to have Dre’s help to protect her. They agree that Bruno is super loyal. They do not want Bruno, Kevin, or Sindy to win HOH. Ika lets Dre know if any of the three win, she will go up. Dre wants to win!! Dre is confident she will not be on the block next week.
12:15AM BBT William, Dre, and Karen oversees Kevin’s attempt in masking the slop taste. Meanwhile, Sindy and Dem talking in Pink BR. Dem is recalling the time he left his wallet at the mall. Ika says that she could not find that “thing” (hot water bottle?) and leaves again. Dem and Sindy continue to talk for a bit more. Bruno eating the slop Kevin prepared; it was very spicy hot! Bruno says his prior season on slop was way worst. Karen reiterated how she is old enough to have every one of the HGs as her own kids. She would have been 20 years old to have a son Bruno’s age. Kevin continues to fry his spicy slop patties. Kevin tried his fried masterpiece–it is not good. Karen says they need to try balsamic, BBQ, or jalapeno ketchup on it.
12:30AM BBT Ika and Dem go to hot tub area and discover it’s dark outside and cold out. Ika says how Sindy likes to talk about herself. That is why Ika just had to leave. Ika tells Dem about her convo with Dillon. Dem thinks Bruno is pushing for him to go. Ika feels that he would want Jackie to go, but wouldn’t mind if Dem goes instead. Dre telling Dillon in HOH Rm her frank discussion with Bruno. Dre felt like Bruno likes to lie about everything…she tried but now distrusts him even more. She also mentions on how Ika plays both sides…even though Dre loves her to death. Dillon knows she does play both sides. Dre felt that she would be on the block if she didn’t win the HOH. Dre says that Ika does want to turn on all the others (the vets alliance), but now is not the time. However, she just wanted Neda out first. Dre says that Ika will protect Dem before her. Dre fees that both Dem and Jackie are good people. Dre does feel that Ika should have protected her more instead of Dem. Dre says 100% that if she wins HOH, Kevin and Bruno will go up! Dre says she would not mind if Ika does go up on the block. Dillon says whatever he hears will stay with him and not travel anywhere else. Both Dillon and Dre likes Karen. What Dre doesn’t like about her is that she talks. Dre prefers Dem gone over Ika. because Dem is a stronger comp player.
12:45AM BBT They talk where each HGs stands. William is so undecided seeing how Kevin kept sleeping with him when he was HOH. She tears up a bit because William did hurt her a bit. Dillon again says how she can count on him! Dillon asks if Dre is trying to make a Final 2 deal. Dre says that she would like to get to a Final 5, then go from there. They both agree to listen to each other and hope they can use that info to make better game decisions. Dre wants all vets to go first. Dillon is sorry be made the deal with Bruno and Kevin. Bruno comes in…and then leaves. Karen comes in announcing she is going to bed, and now wants to know if she can help. She mentions the plan is already in motion.
BB tells the HGs goodnight.
Karen says their side of the house has the votes to clear the house…. Karen again says she is loyal! Karen believes that Bruno/Kevin/Sindy are scrambling all day long because they know they will be picked off. Karen wants to “clear the house!” The vets no longer has the numbers…Dre and Dillon wants to continue to allow them to think they are with them.
1:00AM BBT William comes in looking for people. Karen again announces she’s going to bed.
Karen and William leave. Dre wants to change Karen’s mind on wanting Jackie out so bad. Except for Ika for now, Dre will always vote out a vet over anyone else. In the Pink BR, Bruno and Sindy are talking on who Dillon would want out. Bruno says Dillon doesn’t really care at this point. Sindy wishes Bruno or Kevin won the comp. Sindy asks Bruno if he thinks Dillon will keep his promise and not put him or Kevin up as a replacement if POV is used on Jackie. Bruno feels as if there is still lots of time left! Their target is to break up pairs. Sindy says she wants to win HOH this week….it will be her 28th birthday on Thursday. Sindy says how they have 40 days left to this game. They realize any of them can go on the block and the other side will have total control on what happens.
BB comes back on again to tell them “goodnight, sleep well.”
Bruno says that Sindy is his girl and gives her a hug. He feels whatever is said to them, it’s immediately spread to all of them. Bruno keeps his positive outlook. Sindy says they now need to win all comps for now on. The room clears out. Kevin, Dem, and Ika are in the pantry saying that they are in trouble if she (Jackie) wins POV. Kevin says tomorrow’s comp is big! They say it may be in 2 days depending upon the set-up time. BB says to stop talking about Production.
1:15AM BBT Dillon goes to HT area for a smoke. Kevin cleaning up in the kitchen; Dem starting to fry something. Ika wondering if everyone going to bed. Dre tells William about her convo with Dillon in the Pink BR. She says Dillon is probably leaning toward preferring to get out Dem over Jackie. She makes William swear he will not tell Ika. Dre is having doubts about Ika and Dem really being with them. Sindy comes in and they talk about how the Blue BR is so hot. In the hot tub area, Bruno and Kevin talk on how besides Jackie. they are in a terrible spot! They realize how Sindy messed up sooo bad in the double. Bruno is nervous seeing Dre with Dillon all day long. Bruno says how they NEED Dem to go. Kevin says how Karen knows she is in a great spot! Where it went awry is when William pulled out the HOH win. It just hit Kevin today. They needed to break apart the pairs. Bruno knows that Sindy is with them…before being with Ika and Dem. Bruno/Kevin know they don’t have the numbers.
1:30AM BBT Karen says they need William to see Kevin is not with him. They want William to know this is a game despite his feelings for Kevin. This is Karen talking to Dillon in HOH bathroom. Dillon wants to do some damage control with Jackie. Karen suggests Dillon give her as little of info as possible but also to tell you that there is a bigger plan. Dillon can say he had to say those things so that they believe you are not with us. Depending upon how the POV goes, they might have to cut her anyway. Dillon is in full agreement that him, Karen, and Dre are for sure working together and the most trustworthy of all.
1:45AM BBT William is asking if maybe he can sleep on Dillon’s couch. Dillon says they will not allow him. William says the Blue BR is just too warm. BB has given them a couple more ”Goodnight”. They know BB is serious and wants them to go to bed. Bruno and Kevin return from the hot tub area. All are heading to bed…. except Dillon who heads outside. Brushing teeth for most then more goodnights from the HGs The feeds of the bathroom go out 1:50AM. Dillon is still outside on his second cigarette. He makes his way back inside, stopping by the kitchen for another flavored water drink, and upstairs to the HOH bed. Kevin is still settling in bed in back of The Cave…feed off at 1:56AM. Ika back up in the bathroom, but the Pink BR finally became quiet and lights out. William is in the Blue BR by himself and moves into a different bed tossing and kicking off covers with lights out.
2:00AM BBT Everyone is in bed. Dillon lying in HOH bed, eyes wide awake. Dem and Ika lying in bed. Ika is telling Dem the story about the time she stole $20 but had to give it back; it was her experience seeing a psychic (in Jamaica they call them something else–more scarier name than just psychic). Ika continues to ramble about aspects of her life. The last of the feeds went dark (2:15AM). Goodnight all!
6:00 AM BBT -8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:10 AM BBT “Good morning, houseguests. Time to wake up.”
8:12 AM BBT Second wakeup call. Demetres replies, “I disagree.”
8:17 AM BBT Dillon outside for a smoke, angry that the cameras are following him. He’s one of the few who’s actually moving. Jackie and Bruno still in the HN room. Dillon calls out the cameras and feeds cut.
8:20 AM BBT Third wakeup call. BB must have something planned for early today, but the backyard is still open. Ika, Dem and Sindy still haven’t moved out of bed; Dre is finally sitting up.
8:25 AM BBT Jackie and Karen showering. Rooster crows. Dre dreamt of a pink pepper. Dem says it’s a lame dream, Dre says his face is lame.
8:28 AM BBT Rooster crows again. Kevin and Dillon preparing their breakfasts in the kitchen. Ika, Dem and Sindy still in bed. Karen comes in and talk turns to her love of Kevin.
8:35 AM BBT Bruno and Karen have joined Kevin and Dillon in the kitchen. Ika telling Dem about Jason Roy from BB17 and BBOTT. Ika then lists the people she wants to see at finale: Sarah, Kenny, Neha, Arlie (because she might need him to attack people for her) Da’vonne and Jason.
8:40 AM BBT Bruno and Dillon outside. Dillon is telling him he hopes that the noms stay the same. Fifteen minute warning for the BY to be off-limits. Bruno says he didn’t sleep at all, though the cameras showed differently. Dillon asks who hasn’t hosted a PoV; Bruno says Dre, William and Ika. Jackie, too, but she’s playing.
8:45 AM BBT Ika telling Dem and Sindy about going down for a BBUS finale. She went to the studio for the taping, and then to the after-party. Ika says that she hopes Emmett comes into the house for a comp/reward.
8:50 AM BBT Dillon and Kevin in the BY. They agree that this has been a crazy season with an awesome cast. Kevin says this is probably Neda’s first day at the jury house; Dillon says that he can’t imagine how she feels. Kevin then says that the 6 was formed on day 8 and it’s the most dysfunctional family he’s ever been a part of.
8:52 AM BBT Dem tries to push Ika out of bed to get her up. Ika says that she’s sure Neda’s fans hate her. Meanwhile, Jackie and Karen in WR getting ready for the day.
8:57 AM BBT BY off-limits. Will telling Karen he feels terrible and is so tired. Bruno in the HoH room sucking up to Dillon. He asks if Dillon’s niece will be in Niagara and Dillon says he’s unsure. Bruno says that his wife is bringing his kids, so Dillon’s niece should come, too. Bruno says looking at Dillon’s pictures make him want to win it so he can see his kids. Dillon says he appreciates Bruno letting him have this one. Bruno says he knew Dillon wanted it because he wanted to see his niece and he knew exactly how he was feeling. They hug and Bruno leaves.
9:03 AM BBT Ika, Sindy and Dre still in the pink BR. Ika complementing Dre’s body; she says she wants someone to make a Twitter account with the name DreTheBody. Dre asks what she should wear today and Ika tells her “something cute-ish.” Ika says that she feels bad that Dillon is the HoH and Emily isn’t here to enjoy it with him.
9:07 AM BBT Will eating breakfast. Kevin resting on the couch. Bruno goes into the WR saying he thinks they’re out of toothpaste. Jackie has some hidden in her drawer he can use, but he must put it back.
9:13 AM BBT Bruno goes into the pink BR and Ika asks how his peasant room is. Bruno says it’s brutal and he can’t wait to do it again tonight. Karen comes in and Ika tells Bruno Karen is calling them Demika, so she’s calling Karen Kevren. Discussion about how expensive Karen is, and what she would expect from a first date. Karen goes into great detail about how times were different when she dating. No cell phones, men had to walk their ass to the door to pick up their date. She says she had a pager when she was dating her husband and Ika says she wants one. Karen and Bruno explain to Ika how pagers used to work.
9:25 AM BBT Karen, Bruno and Ika talking about cell phones and how dependent people have become on them. Ika realizes that relationships were probably stronger before technology took over.
9:30 AM BBT Bruno saying area codes only came out about 10 years ago, I’m pretty sure he means that’s when 10 digit dialling started. Karen talking about old fashioned phone numbers like “Fleming 69698.” They all say that texting has has replaced human interaction.
9:37 AM BBT Ika and Bruno talking about the differences in the pink room and blue room. The blue room is quiet, while the pink room was always raucous.
9:40 AM BBT Ika finally makes her way to the WR to prepare for the day. Karen says that all the really good eyelash glue is gone. Ika says when they get out she’s going to buy Karen expensive eyelashes and glue.
9:45 AM BBT Sindy and Kevin sitting on the upstairs couch congratulating each other on still being there. Sindy says that in a couple of days they’ll be at the half-way point. Karen comes down and Kevin starts calling her Kevren. She tells Kevin to not call her that. Kevin and Ika laughing and joking about #Kevren. Dillon called to the DR; Sindy figures that they’ll be picking players for the PoV soon.
9:50 AM BBT Ika, Sindy and Jackie getting ready in the WR. Bruno and Dre talking in the bedroom about how Bruno didn’t call his employer, he just didn’t show up for work. He says they’re very supportive of him.
9:53 AM BBT Karen talking in the kitchen about the #Kevren and how the only man in her life is her husband. She tells William that the only showmance Kevin’s going to have in this house is with William or a bottle of lotion.
9:55 AM BBT Sindy and Ika putting on makeup in the WR is the only active feed.
10:00AM BBT Demetres is talking about the house that his buddy brought Ika said i want to know all the business Demetres said i wonder if the veto is going to be a time a time bomb Kevin said it’s going to be an individual comp that we haven’t had that yet Feeds went out
10:15 AM BBT Feeds Down
10:30 AM BBT Feeds Down
10:45 AM BBT Feeds came back at 10:44 AM BBT Demetres asked if there was a can opener of on the scissors Kevin said he needs another 15 mins Dre and Sindy are in the WR Jackie said i am so tired William and Dre are talking in french said we have to go the Dr and request it Ika asked what is a cobbler Karen is explaining it Dre is talking about the feeds Please wake up Nap time is over ika and Karen are whispering about the POV Ika said me or Demetre will have to try to win the POV

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, April 15th

11:00 AM BBT Karen said I am trying to be nice as much as I can to Ika about Sindy. Ika said I hope that Dillon doesn’t fall for it Demetres said that this will be my third veto. Karen said it’s the best juice that’s the one that I buy at home. Karen said you’re going to have to go in and ask for sugar i think that all we need anyways. Ika said it does taste different. Ika asked if anybody was in the bathroom, and Sindy asked Ika are you making an movement Kevin said good luck, Sindy. Ika and Dre are chatting, Ika and Dre are saying that we can’t trust Jackie.
11:15 AM BBT Sindy and Ika are doing their make ups in the WR. Kevin said i feel better and that he needs a haircut Karen and Demetres and Bruno Karen is talking about the Bears that she see’s at her house Jackie said i normal get a good sleep Jackie said i wonder what the comp is going to be Jackie said i like that i think it looks good
11:30 AM BBT Dre said i am going to be the host and i’m glad that Sindy got picked thou finally Dre said i wonder what it is Jackie wants to eat Jackie said i am going to try to rest my eyes without getting caught Kevin said Sindy first POV and Ika and William are playing the POV Kevin thinks that Dillon is going to backdoor him and that is way 2 fishy Ika said to William you are my king Dillon said i think i made the wrong decision Jackie said that there is a good chance that i can pull myself off Kevin said i really wanted to play Dillon said that they are shady at the moment
11:45 AM BBT Kevin said it’s going to be so cool after the show Dillon said i fucked up i know i did Dillon said I have to think about that one Jackie said i am going to pretend that i am mad at you when i am not to Dillon Kevin said compared to Day 1 your english is awesome William said i know it was my dream Kevin said so honestly you are happy that you stayed Ika is in the WR and Sindy is also in the WR Kevin is plucking William eyebrows please stop singing
12:00PM BBT Looks like Kevin is having some one on one time with William by grooming him while in the other bedroom, we have Karen and Bruno chatting about other HG and how the friendships constantly flip flop depending on who is the HOH. Basically, Bruno is explaining it is all about manipulations as Karen thinks today is very important after the shake up that just happened. Bruno is telling Karen that she is not a threat as they are bigger fish to fry in the house then them worrying about her. They both think that they were in better shape when they walked into the house as of now as they came prepared and ate properly before entering the house but Bruno is telling Karen that as far as regular comp that do not involve physical, then they are all on the same level. At this time, we have Ika walking into the room, Karen walks out and Demetres walks in as well. In the HOH room, both Dre and Dillon are chatting about different scenario of who to keep and send home. They are expressing that the newbies want the vets out and Dre does not trust Karen and it looks like Kevin is on the radar as a potential player to get rid off but then Dre is letting him know that putting Sindy as a replacement, it may be better and will cover his a** as she has put him up during her HOH.
12:15 PM BBT Dre and Dillon are discussing the pros and cons on who to put up, get rid off and potential backdoor. Dillon is telling her that he does not like to go back on his word but then it is BB and only a game and really wants to go as far as possible. In the meanwhile, we have Ika and Demetres in one of the bedroom chatting about the different comps and what they should expect for the Veto. Ika is feeling that Kevin is getting too comfortable in the game and that she does fully trust Sindy. In the storage room, we have Bruno, Sindy and Kevin talking game and to watch what they say around Karen as Bruno is building a relationship with Karen in order to have the numbers and to keep her on their side. Bruno is entering the HN room as they all planning to convene back in there soon. Minutes later, Kevin is joining him. As Bruno is talking to him, he is expressing that he feels really good to have had a conversation with Karen as they seem to trust each other very much in this game. ANd Kevin is realizing that the relationship that Bruno is having with Karen might actually be a lifesaving move in the BB house. They are discussing future comps and who should win in order to keep them safe.
12:30 PM BBT In the HOH room, we are still having both Dre and Dillon talking and listening to music. They both feel that they had a great discussion and that all scenarios were talked about. So, now the HG are waiting for the Veto to be played and see who will be the winner. Dillon is saying that he would like to see Demetres go out the BB door and join Neda in the jury house and he is saying that his nominations should not have been a surprize has the HG knew he wants Demetres out. Back in the HN room, Bruno with Kevin are still talking about Dillon’s decision for the noms and that he should keep his word and that if Jackie wins, then Sindy might go in as a replacement. They believe that all of the “neglected” HG should be part of their group just for numbers such as Karen and Jackie. And that the worse case scenario is that Demetres wins the Veto.
12:45 PM BBT As their conversation continues in the HN room, we have another one in one of the bedroom between Karen and William and they are having a french lesson as poor William is trying to teach her “3 rivers”… trois rivieres”! LOL … as well as teaching her how to pronounce Montreal. With adding on how to say his name. In the kitchen, we have Bruno, Ika, Demetres with Sindy having a normal conversation while cooking. The things they like about the opposite sex, the eyes, the smile or the different features. William is coming in and joining the convo as Sindy thinks that as they get older, the attractions about the different sex changes and becomes less about physical and more about attitude. Ika says she isn’t cooking for them to eat she is cooking for her to eat she is starving and needs to eat. Demetres says deep frying the chicken was a good choice. Karen comes in and says she is going to have a hogi and asks what the bread thing is. Karen tells Dillon he is going to eat ½ her sandwich he says OK. ( he’s a man he ain’t turning food down) Bruno comes by and says okay let’s do this Kev. It appears all the Hg are in the Kitchen area, some eating others watching. Kevin asks how is it sticking to the wax paper referring to the Slop mixture he made and cooked. Sindy and Dillon discuss wanting to make crafts.
1:00 PM BBT They mention about William eating a specific item ( looks like pudding or yogurt) and how there won’t be any left soon as he eats a lot of it. Karen tries to talk in French with William and Dre helps correct the words. Dre asks William if she can have a pudding with marshmallow and then asks who is eating the fries she says she will eat them all. Lots of small side conversations hard to distinguish all the different ones. Karen talks about Dre’s B day is Monday (4-17) then she joins Ika’s conversation about a movie/book “A Time to kill” with Samuel L. Jackson. Jackie and Karen talk about Coffee while Ika tells about the story/movie. Ika says it’s one of Matthew McConaughey’s best movies. Kevin tried to make raw Slop and added Salt said it’s not good. Karen says no the only to eat slop raw is with sugar and sweet. Jackie pulls the slop out of the Oven and tries to cut it up. Dillon and Karen go into the SR to look to see what they plan to cook later. Shrimp and Salmon with Veggies and rice is an option. They plan to use the spicy tai sauce on the shrimp and veggies. They will bake the fish in the oven.
1:15 PM BBT They exit the SR and tell the Hg what the plan is to have for dinner. Karen is talking to Kevin about slop. Kevin apologizes to will for teasing him when he was on Slop. Will doesn’t remember but they discuss maybe baking it and then deep frying it. Jackie and Kevin begin to try and make new slop. WIlliam and Dre speak in French while Kevin and Jackie cook. Sindy and Bruno up in the Pink room laying down. Ika and Demetres on the white couch in the living room whispering. Dre heads upstairs to the WR with Karen. Dre is cleaning her shirt as she spilt on it. They discuss cleaning the kitchen after the slop people are done so it’s easier and quicker to make dinner. Karen is tells about the dinner to Dre she is excited. Karen reminds Dre she’s hosting the comp and she is excited for that wants a panda costume. Karen whispers to Dre that depending what happens they need to take a big guy target out. Demetres and Dillon will be the targets if the “other side” gets HOH. Ika enters the WR. Karen asks if Dem is sleeping, Yes, and Karen informs them that they want Dem gone and that’s the plan. The other side is looking for an extra vote. They wonder about William as Kevin has been spending so much extra time with him. Bruno and Kevin are plotting to get Ika, Dillon, Demetres out. Ika uses the restroom to make a movement.
1:30 PM BBT The other two whisper super quietly. Kevin and Jackie still in kitchen nibbling the Slop William just sitting by watching. It is not the Worst it’s been but it’s not very good either. Fees change to Bruno and DIllon in the HOH. Bruno is asking about the photo Dillon is looking at and sharing a story about when the 2009 photo was taken by his stepdad with his mom and niece and him. Bruno jokes about looking sharp at his wedding and never again. Ika says if they lose William it’s Dre’s fault. William came in to use the RR and they tell him he should use the HOH then they all leave because they realize he had the peppers in the pita last night. Demetres is on the white couch and Ika joins him and says we need to go talk, Dem says he is being weirded  out. Dem is aware they are campaigning to get rid of him, Bruno and Dillon are talking about home and Bruno’s kids and how fun they are and how full of energy they are. Sindy is laying in the pink room napping. Dre and William come in speaking French and they leave quickly after. They sit upstairs on the landing couches talking in French.
1:45 PM BBT Dillon and Dem in SR Karen says we have to win we have to get you off the block. Karen says we need to clear them out they are plotting to get him out. Karen tells Dem what the plan for dinner is, She breaks up the Ice while Dem leaves. Kevin asks Karen how high to cook the oil to deep fry the slop. Karen looks to see if there are the proper pans to make apple crisp. She is going to make a pseudo-apple crisp since they don’t have flour. Demetres is putting dishes away to help start the clean-up of the Kitchen. Jackie says Oh my goodness I have never been so tired in my life. ( they had a long HOH comp very little sleep and she’s a HN so sleeping in the Cave.) Demetres asked Kevin are you deep frying slop? They are almost ready to try their deep fried slop. Karen in the background quietly making her dish. French Connections still speaking French. Karen realizes that they need more olive oil, and needs a cutting board to cut up the apples. Jackie says if we eat too much deep fried it will make us feel sicker, Neither of them expected it to be so bad.
2:00 PM BBT William, Dre, Dem, and Ika playing around on upstair couches….the King, Queen, and Knights… Stop touching me, etc. All is quiet downstairs; only Karen still fixing a dish and Kevin eating fried slop drowned in salsa sitting on the kitchen stools. Karen asks if it’s delicious or hating life. “All of the above,” says Kevin. They put it in perspective of like when Cass was on slop for 2 weeks! It’s mental torture. Ika and Dem talking in bathroom. They go over who is playing in the POV and what might happen if certain people win. Dem is anxious and just wants to do it. They don’t care what Dillon wants, they have got to win the POV.
2:15 PM BBT Bruno asks Dillon in HOH Rm who he would want to vote out. Bruno agrees with Dillon when he says probably Dem. Bruno wishes he was picked to play in POV. Bruno speculates on what might happen depending upon who wins. They both would be cool if Ika left so Dillon is saying that Ika will be the replacement nom. Bruno says Sindy definitely trusts him. Bruno also says that Jackie will forgive Dillon for putting her up. Bruno says that if Dem wins POV to tell him they will vote out Jackie, but if he takes himself down, Ika will go up. Then even if Jackie and Dem remain on block, vote out Dem! Bruno takes full credit for the housekeeping Dillon since Sindy was the swing vote. Slim chance Ika will ever win, except maybe endurance. Dem and Karen comes in to HOH Rm. Karen tells them her apple crisp is in the oven. Dillon agrees to whip the cream to make whipped cream. She wants him to make it now so that it’s ready when the crisp comes out of the oven. Everyone but Dem leaves; he’s listening to the music.
2:30PM BBT Dillon with Karen looking on making the whipped cream. William and Ika talking on upstairs couches reliving the double eviction vote. Bruno walks by and shows how he has lost weight on the Slop Diet. Dillon is playing around making it splatter out of the bowl onto Karen. She threatens to use food to fight back….ask Bruce (her husband). Dillon doesn’t like that it’s taking so long to beat it. Karen will not allow him to stop.
2:45PM BBT Sindy and Jackie talk about hair in the BR. Jackie trimmed her hair and then braided each side to trim off any of her split ends that stick out from the braid. Jackie says what terrible time she has had in the house. She hasn’t had time to have fun since the states she has constantly been in. Jackie feels she is worrying so much that she can’t even enjoy herself. Sindy says it will only get worst. Bruno comes in and they continue talking about bad haircuts. Bruno is going to check with Kevin to see if there is any more deep-fried slop left. Ika is impatient on trying the apple crisp. Karen hopes it turns out since all she had was rolled oats. They agree it doesn’t appear all that great now that it’s out of the oven. Ika, William, and Dillon trying it with the sweet whipped cream Dillon made. They say it’s horrible..to make the HNs feel better. It’s definitely better than it looks but wish they had flour. Karen remembers it also would be good with vanilla ice cream. A healthier treat with fruit and a chance to use up some of the apples.
3:00PM BBT Dillon wonders what the comp may be since they haven’t been building much. Dre is in the DR so Ika says it may be soon. William and Kevin talking in the HOH Rm. Kevin says that he would care if Sindy goes up since she’s a friend. Kevin says he believes Jackie will go home no matter what. Dre calls for William from the kitchen. Karen is going to save Dre a piece of the apple crisp. Kevin tells William that Karen does not talk to him. Kevin just wants to make sure that Jackie does not win the POV. They continue to listen to the music and feed goes out (3:05PM). Feeds also went out with Bruno, Sindy, and Jackie talking in the bathroom. Sindy said she has to be assured on who the replacement nominee will be if she would ever use the POV to take Jackie off the block. Sindy says she is sorry, but she has to protect Bruno first over her. Jackie said she understood. All feeds went dark; most probably to play the POV comp [Dre is hosting w/players: Dillon (HOH), Dem (nom), Jackie (nom), Sindy, Ika, and William.]
3:30PM BBT Feeds were down for about 25 minutes. Feed came back on (around 3:21PM) for seconds before going down again. Karen, Bruno, and Jackie is in bathroom wondering how things will be handled when they leave. They wonder all the clothes are given back.Bruno says it will happen and not to worry. Karen says she has done so much laundry since being in house. Bruno thanks her since they probably would still be using the towels since Day 1 if it wasn’t for her washing. She is wondering where all the towels are since they are so short on them in the bathroom. Bruno leaves…to find towels in other rooms and comes back with a full load from just 2 rooms. Jackie still complaining that she needs a haircut. Sindy in Living Rm explaining how twins happen. In with the conversation is Kevin also downstairs and those on the upstairs couches are Dre, Dem, and William. Dre also further explains the different type of twins (identical, Siamese, etc). Dre says about all the medical advances that are happening. Everyone is just sitting around waiting with general chit chat among them. Dillon and Ika are the only HGs not shown on the feeds.
3:45PM BBT Dem is in HOH Rm with Ika. Ika was listening to music and using that excuse to to why she did not hear BB tell her to wake up. Ika and Dem make their way downstairs and see Sindy and Kevin also lying down quietly on the Living Rm couches. BB announces, “Please get up.” Ika and Dem go into pantry for a little hugging and a kiss. Ika is so tired. Dem wants them to just win it and then they don’t need to worry about what others will do. Ika in Living Rm telling Sindy she wants to just stay away from Jackie. She has a curse about her and she’s scared to even been in the same room as her. Bruno, Jackie, and Karen are still talking in the bathroom about pregnancy/childbirth. The others (except Sindy and Ika) are lying around–possibly catching a wink of sleep.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, April 15th

4:00 PM BBT Ika is fixing her some coffee and Sindy is laying on the couch. Sindy hollars at everyone to come try the non alcoholic beer they got.Ika tells Sindy and Demetres it taste like real beer. Ika is asking Demetres how do they make beer with alcohol or non alcohol.Demetres tells Ika he’s sick of everyone in the house .Jackie was called to the Diary Room.All House guest are waiting for pov to start and they are trying out the non alcohol beer .Dillon and Demetres each drank a beer upside down to see how fast they can drink it .Demetres is talking to Kevin about a beer contest he was in. Ika wants to have a party to see if anyone would get drunk on non alcohol beer.
4:15 PM BBT Ika tells Sindy she needs to try the beer Sindy does not drink alcohol at all.Karen tells Ika,Sindy and Kevin , Dre and William she likes to drink lime a rita. Karen tells Ika it’s usually barley and hops to make beer.Dillon is cutting sausage to snack on and Ika tells Sindy she don’t like onions in her food.Bruno and Kevin are talking about the veto and what Dillon would do if noms stayed the same or if its used.Bruno tells Kevin Dillon said he made a deal to keep Bruno,Kevin,Dre and William and he wouldn’t go back on that.Bruno says to Kevin they have to wait and see what happens after the veto then figure it out.Kevin tells Bruno they need to break up ika and Demetres and William and Dre. Kevin tells Bruno Ika can’t win the pov and Bruno says they need Sindy to win the veto.
4:30 PM BBT Bruno and Kevin talk about they good with Jackie and she’s on their side.Kevin and Bruno say if Ika wins veto that’s the worse thing or if Demetres wins it’s bad.Bruno tells Kevin by the sound of it Dillon will keep him and Kevin off the block and honor the deal.Kevin says to Bruno he told Jackie good luck in the pov and after the veto they can see what they can do once pov is played.Kevin tells Bruno they need to spend time with Dillon together today and chill this afternoon then once pov is played they will go from their on what they need to try and do.Kevin is talking to himself and Kevin says to himself William is playing him so hard but they both playing each other but William is playing Kevin so much harder.Kevin says to himself he needs to spend more time with Dillon and Karen today to work on the relationships. Sindy is talking to Bruno in the blue room and Sindy tells Bruno she told Jackie if she knew Dillon would put up someone else and not put up Kevin and Bruno if Sindy won veto she would use it to save Jackie..Sindy is talking to her cousin and wishing her all the happiness for her wedding today .Sindy says to her cousin she loves her and to take lots of pictures cause she can’t be there at the wedding.
4:45 PM BBT Sindy is crying cause she is missing her cousin’s wedding tomorrow and she hopes its a beautiful day .Sindy says to herself why is their no tissue in the room when she needs one .Dillon is talking to Dre ,Kevin about someone stabbing him but he would just take the knife out and stab the person over and over and will not stop. Sindy is eating a muffin and she asks Dillon if he wants half.Karen comes down the stairs and Dillon is trying to hit her with the towel and Karen says stop that you’re gonna give me a big whelp on her leg and to stop that.BB says please wake up nap time is over.
5:00 PM BBT Sindy yells why is she eating so much.Dillon asks William if he wants a pudding snack and William says no he’s ok. Dillon tries to hit Karen again and she says please stop that and she can feel the sting on her leg and it hurts.Kevin tells Dillon Bruno,Kevin and Jackie need a back massage since they have nots. William tells Dre he’s just gonna  get a banana.Karen says to Dillon her leg hurts so bad and Dillon says to Karen you’re just acting like it does and she’s lying.and playing the victim card. Sindy gets called to the diary room.Ika tells Dillon to eat some peanut butter and not drink anything and Ika tells Dillon he’s always going after her. Ika tells Dre to tell her about genetics and talk about it.Karen and William are in the storage room eating chips and Karen tells William let’s put it up or she will eat them all.Karen hits Dillon back and tells him if he’s doing a task right now he will fail.Karen is trying to fill up the ice trays and Dillon keeps trying to hit Karen but they laughing and playing around.Karen is handing out fresh batteries to everyone.
5:15 PM BBT Karen tells Dillon if he keeps on he will get in trouble and Karen heads upstairs to finish giving out the fresh batteries.Karen asks if Sindy is still in dr and Ika tells her yeah.Kevin is telling a story about the enemy archers and bows and arrows.Karen tells Dillon that’s Sindy’s and Karen tells him to leave her batteries alone he will drop them.Bruno is talking to Jackie and tells her to relax and they will make a plan after the veto that it’s gonna be alright.Jackie tells Bruno Sindy is still in dr but pov probably will be coming soon.
5:30 PM BBT feeds cut off possibly pov comp feeds come back on .BB calls Karen to the diary room.Karen walks by Jackie and asks Jackie if she’s ok and Jackie says yeah she’s just tired. Demetres is talking to Kevin about a murder Bruno joins Sindy in the bathroom and Sindy tells Bruno she thinks it will be a timed pov and Bruno asks Sindy if she wants to win and says she does. Sindy and Bruno are talking about sending Demetres out if they can and Sindy asks Bruno if Dillon would join their side and Bruno says he thinks so.Sindy tells Bruno she wants to win hoh cause it’s her birthday and she would put Dre and William up on the block if she wins.
5:45 PM BBT Sindy, Kevin, and Bruno are laying on the couches resting. Ika has Jillian’s bathing suit top and she tells Demetres it will give her good luck. Ika asks Demetres if he thinks Dre trust her still. Demetres Ika tells Demetres they need to win pov or they in trouble .Ika says to Demetres if they don’t win hoh then Dre needs to and they in a good spot.Ika says if William wins hoh he would never put up Kevin they would go up with bruno or whoever .Ika tells Demetres she wants to win the pov and that Bruno and Kevin are mad they not playing in the pov .Dillon took Sindy’s lipstick and he put it all on his face and he wouldn’t give it back then finally he gave it to Sindy .Bruno says when he gets off have nots they all will each have a bed to themselves.Karen is talking about Neda was her bed partner when they first moved in the house and then she won hoh and then when Karen came down she slept with Neda one night then from there on she has had her bed to herself.Ika tells Karen she needs to use her kit to sew something. She has trouble finding it, but quickly finds it. Bruno and Karen are going over the comps they played in, and the order. In the pink room, Dre tells Demetres what people are telling her. Dre says that now with William, you have to take his info with a grain of salt.
6:00 PM BBT Demetres says that he’s getting a vibe that people are trying to get Ika up. Dre says that it would be logical to put up Dillon. Dre says that replacement will be Sindy if there is in fact a replacement. Demetres recalls what happened on the first night, saying a corny joke. He says to Dre that she gave him a look, an eye roll. Dre says that the people she wants to go are Kevin, Bruno, and Sindy. She says that Ika is the only one that can stay. Demetres says that Ika can seperate the game and life. Dre says that it’s weird that she didn’t spend a night inside William’s HoH room. In the bathroom, Dillon is wearing a face mask, talking to Sindy and Ika. In the pink room, Dre says that Karen stresses her out, like Cass, always talking game with her.
6:15 PM BBT The feeds cut at 6:15pm. The feeds return at 6:23pm. Dre and Demetres are still talking game in the pink room. Demetres says that in his real life, he doesn’t have catty friends. Dre jokes that Ika probably does. Demetres says that he’s looking forward to watching the show. Demetres says that he didn’t really care that he was HoH, just was glad that he was safe. When he got the tequila, that’s when he started to appreciate it more. Dre is called to the DR. Dre says that’s her cue. She starts to leave, and tells Demetres to do his best. BB calls houseguests to HoH. Dre asks if she can pee first. Dillon asks if they can go to the blue room. BB calls houseguests to the HoH room. Demetres says that’s where the costumes are.
6:28 PM BBT The feeds cut at 6:28pm for the PoV competition.
7:00 PM BBT The live feeds have been down for around 30 minutes for the PoV competition (since 6:28pm).

7:00 PM BBT- 9:03PM BBT: Feeds down for POV
9:04PM BBT Feeds back! Jackie/Dem/Bruno/Sindy/Willa/Dre/Karen/Dillon/Kevin and Ika outside in hot tub area. Sindy and Kevin talking about the comp, sounds like it had to do with throwing balls over ridged areas. No mention of winner yet. Ika’s in the fetal position and completely silent. Sounds like they’ve been locked out for a bit; HGs are saying they’re hungry.
9:15PM BBT Dillon’s jumping up trying to reach the top of the set and gets called out by Big Brother. Ika wonders if the guys could tell the difference between non alcoholic beer and the kind with alcohol. Demetres says he could tell right away, although the prohibition brew tastes about the same. Karen is freezing so her, Ika and Kevin go into the hallway since it’s heated. Bruno enters the hallway as well.
9:36PM BBT as feed go up everyone is walking in the house and screaming and thanking BB. They have pizza, wings, pop, and prohibition beer and a note from BB saying they are all “haves” for the next 24h since they had to start HN early. Many of the HG were talking about a “launch party” when they were locked outside. Thinking prohibition Budweiser sponsored this competition. All HG are quiet, just eating.
Sindy’s wondering what people want for dinner tomorrow and no one’s answering. Sindy wants to do something with tuna (I think they were out of several condiments including mayo). Karen says they don’t sit together at the DR table enough. Karen says she was going crazy when she saw Ika for the first time. The vets thought she was bluffing but Jackie says Karen really was hyperventilating. They talk about meeting Gary. Jackie says she felt bad telling Gary he had lipstick on his teeth. Karen says she never really believed she would be on the show until she met Arisa. Sindy said she and Neda cried. Ika says she was nervous. Demetres says he had heard it would be an All-Star season and he was thinking “it can’t be an all-star season, I’m on it”- then he got bamboozled. Sindy says she was excited but it was scary since she had to quit her job. Karen says she was intimidated by the size of Dillon. Demetres says he was hoping to be in the first group, but they could hear the first group when they were onstage. They talk about Neda going to hospital night 1.
10:00PM BBT Sindy talks about Mumzie season 2 being the police; she’d like to be the swear police. She says with each infraction they could lose a personal item. Dillon says he’d have nothing left by noon. Karen gets up to make apple crisp for the HNs. Bruno’s helping her peel the apples. People are starting to get up from the table but no one talking game yet.
Demetres hits the shower while Dillon goes up to his HOH suite.
Kevin congratulates Demetres on winning Veto (CONFIRMED DEMETRES WIN) and says they have the votes (tokeep Ika safe ). Kevin goes upstairs to talk to Dillon. Dillon says he wants to put up Sindy. Dillon says he would want Sindy to go home. Dillon had asked Kevin earlier to bond with Karen and Kevin says if he wins next HOH he won’t put up Dillon or Karen. Kevin says Sindy is his friend but since they were both working with Neda and Sindy backdoored Neda, he doesn’t feel bad getting rid of Sindy. Dillon says the reason he’d choose Sindy is because she put him up during the double.
Dillon is wondering if they can align (the last 5 during the HOH) and Kevin says that’s a good idea. Dillon mentions possibly putting up Ika. Kevin goes silent and then he says Sindy makes more sense because he has a reason since Sindy put him up, and also that if Ika went up and out, then Demetres would be gunning for Dillon.
10:15PM BBT Dillon says he’s in a good position. He says he deserves to be here and has decent relationships with everybody. He says he could break up that duo but since he’s square with them right now and Demetres and Ika both said he was safe and he doesn’t want to “ruffle that feather” right now. Dre with Ika and Demetres in other bedroom. Ika says she wishes Dillon didn’t make that deal w Kevin and Bruno since they’re such strong competition. Ika says if we don’t win next week, we’re fucked. She asks what if William wins HOH? Dre says will is throwing it. Dre says Dillon is putting Sindy up. Ika believes it but she says she doesn’t need Bruno whispering in his ear for six hours. Dre needs to cockblock everyone from propositioning her name to Dillon. Dre says he doesn’t need to be sketched out because he doesn’t trust many people. Ika says she knows and that’s why she hasn’t been in his ear. Ika says if Sindy won HOH again she would put up Dillon again. Demetres says this POV was perfect for him to win. Dre says Jackie got close too.
Ika says they’ll be hooped if Jackie wins HOH too. Ika wants to know what William will do if he wins by fluke? Dre thinks William would listen to Kevin. Demetres wonders if he can kiss Kevin and come in between them.
10:30PM BBT Dre saying William was thinking of throwing a comp for the first time during this Veto. Ika wishes William would listen to Dre before Kevin. Dre says William doesn’t completely trust Kevin but she doesn’t know who he would put up right now. Ika says it sucks when you align w people who aren’t on the same wavelength. Dre says at least, right now he’s a number. Dre says William does want Jackie out because he told lies about her and it came back to her. Ika says her trust in William went from a 90% to a 40%. Dre says it’s not that she doesn’t trust him but he’s just emotional. Ika asks if they could have Dillon as a number to get out Bruno and Kevin? Dre says yes. Ika says she could vibe w Dillon. Ika says this time she literally feels effed. There’s less people in the house, and more of them want to come after them. Karen comes in and the convo changes right away. Karen says Sindy twisted her ankle. Karen jokingly asks Demetres if he’s going to use the Veto on himself. Demetres plays along, saying he needs to think about and talk to some people. Karen leaves. Ika says she smells like chicken and needs a shower. Demetres leaves to get a drink. Ika to Dre “can you imagine if Sindy leaves, Nedas going to be ‘I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!!’”( that if she put Neda up and out, she’d go next)
10:45PM BBT Ika says Bruno and Kevin are going to push for Ika to go on the block (Kevin didn’t- he swayed Dillon to Sindy). She says Sindy thinks Ika will be the one to go up and doesn’t feel in danger. Ika says she’d rather take a run with Dre , Demetres and Dillon and fall, than work with “those people”. They fist bump on it. Ika mentions that when Sindy won the double, that she pulled Bruno and Kevin in, and not Ika. Ika says that was very telling, that they are a trio.she mentions calling a truce with Jackie to save her (when they were going to save her anyway) so that they can hedge either way in case Jackie won next HOH. Ika says if they win HOH she’s putting up Kevin and Bruno. She says they don’t owe Jackie anything, they’re already saving her. Ika says you know Demetres will go hard for us. Ika says she had many regrets on season 2. This time she will play w no regrets . She wants to play w people she has feelings for and not people she doesn’t trust or like (the Six)
Bruno and Kevin in br , Bruno says he told Dillon not to put Sindy up, he wants him to put Ika up. Bruno is pumping Dillon saying that Ika is the big target here. They say they need to push BAD because if they lose Sindy they have no one left except Jackie leaving them in a very vulnerable position. It’s shaping up to be a battle between Bruno/Kev vs Ika/Demetres. With either Ika or Sindy being the casualty.
11:00PM BBT Bruno talks to Jackie, lies to her and says he has no idea who dillons putting up.she says he needs to put Ika up. Bruno says they need to push hard for Ika. Bruno says he’s sticking his neck for her. Bruno thinks Ika and crew will vote Sindy out. Jackie says no, they’ll vote her out (she’s wrong but I can see why she thinks that). Bruno lets it go and says they both need to put in work independently for him to put up Ika.
William /Sindy and Karen in KT eating apple crisp.
Feeds to Bruno and Jackie outside in hot tub. Bruno says we can make this work. If he puts her up, she’s gone. Jackie says he has no reason to go after Ika. Bruno says of course he does. Ika has been going after him since Day 1.
Dillon and Demetres out in BY, Demetres assures Dillon he’ll not put him up. He says how Sketchy Bruno and Kevin are. Dillon says he only put Dem up because he was such a strong person and he’d look dumb if he didn’t. Dem “those guys, don’t give a FUCK about you”. Dillon says he’s not stupid and he gets it. Demetres says he’s not going up, 100%. He says we have common friends and common enemies too. Dillon “I need that assurance” Demetres “you got it man” . If you don’t put her up, It’s Sindy. You want her gone, she’s GONE, and they are a solid 3”. Dillon says Bruno was a little too adamant that he couldn’t put up Sindy. Demetres laughs and says once the Veto ceremony is over, all the ass kissing disappears. Dillon says just know they’re pushing HARD to put Ika up. Demetres says he knows.
Bruno stresses how important it is to get Ika up next to Dem and not Sindy and send her packing. Dem is not ½ as valuable without Ika, Bruno asks Jackie to promise to put up Dem if she wins HOH.
Demetres meets with Ika in BY and briefs her on what he just went over with Dillon. Ika says no way 100% would he put Dillon at risk, and she would 100% vote out Sindy. Demetres says Bruno and Kevin want you up. Ika says she knows.
11:15PM BBT Jackie and Bruno still going over scenarios in hot tub. Jackie saying Ika’s being awfully friendly w everybody and she must be harbouring animosity toward Dillon for putting her showmance up. Bruno says you’re not alone, you have a team, I’m pushing HARD to get Ika up there. And if she goes up, she’s going home. Sindy goes out and their convo awkwardly stops. Meanwhile, Dillons back from DR and hanging with Demetres/Ika/Dre. In KT, making small talk. In hot tub, Bruno tells Sindy and Jackie that Ika and Demetres are trying to strike a deal with Dillon because they have no other play but to push for Sindy (Dre is his only other option besides Ika and he’s said he won’t put up Dre). Bruno tells Sindy she needs to spill to Dillon that Ika has been targeting Dillon since day 1. Bruno says all Demika cares about is keeping each other safe. As soon as they get power they’ll put Dillon up. Bruno says as a pair, they’re very strong. Sindys not sure where Karen’s vote lies. Bruno says don’t worry, as long as Ika’s up there, we have the votes. Sindy wants to know if Dillons believing Ika and Demetres’ pitch? Bruno says he is believing it. He keeps reiterating they not tell Dillon about the deal. He says if it gets back to Dillon, Bruno’s going to say go ahead, put Sindy up. Bruno says that’s why you have to be nice to him Sindy. Sindy kind of goes off . Bruno shrugs it off and lets it go.. he was just trying to give her advice to help her own life. Bruno’s going inside because he’s scared Demetres and Dillon are draining while playing pool and doesn’t want to miss anything. As he goes to leave, Dillon walks outside to have a smoke. Meanwhile, Ika’s hopping in the shower , Karen and Bruno are also in the WC- Karen’s taking off her makeup and Bruno is drying off and changing after being in the hot tub.
11:30PM BBT Sindy talking about her injury and not using this opportunity to talk any game with Dillon. Sindy gets called to DR, she’s not too excited since she’s only been in the hot tub a few minutes. She tells Jackie she probably won’t come back out after. Feeds turn to Dillon and Bruno in BY setting up a game of pool (round 2 of Bruno’s hard pitch). Things start tame as Demetres has parked himself on the outside lounger steps away from the pool table. Demetres mentions to Dillon how much it sucks putting people up. He says how empty it feels after the double. Bruno leaves a second and Dillon tells Demetres that Bruno’s “peakin’”, that he can’t make it two steps without Bruno running after him to go after Ika.He can smell Bruno’s desperation. He mentions how at least Kevin was more neutral. Demetres says Kevin is smarter. Now Demetres and Bruno start playing. Bruno immediately asks if Demetres was talking game to him? Demetres says he didn’t say much, he wanted to give him some time to think about it. Demetres “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Talk turns to the Veto comp. Demetres says he got lucky, It was a good comp for him to win. Karen’s upstairs talking to herself trying to work out the vote. She counts on her fingers and says Sindys going home. Karen “jackie is working with them. Jackie cannot be trusted. God, he needs to put up Kevin. I know he won’t, but he needs to. I’m gonna tell him”
Small Talk continues with Demetres and Bruno at the pool table. Demetres says he can’t wait until bedtime. Bruno says he got in a few good naps today and every time Bruno tries he gets busted. Demetres says he can’t wait to “do his Veto” (ceremony?) Bruno asks if it’s his first and Demetres says yes. Bruno says he won one on his earlier season, and a HOH. Demetres says how fun the comps are. Bruno says he wishes he got picked every time. Demetres says he doesn’t like getting wet. He was disappointed and embarrassed that he did so badly in three last HOH.
11:45PM BBT Dillon and Karen go in SR. Karen tells Dillon she told Jackie too much. She says Jackie was lying to her. Karen says we can’t tell them who we’re voting for. Karen says they have the votes to get out Sindy. Dillon says he’d telling them he’s not putting them up but they have to vote the way he wants. He says Bruno is ALL over him about not putting Sindy up and in a really weird way. Karen says they cannot trust these people. Dillon says we need Demika, and Dre. Karen says we have them but we need Sindy and Jackie to not know who’s going home. Karen and Demetres can barely hobble to bed. Dillon heads outside where he’s walking around casually and smoking. Bruno runs after him . He asks Dillon how he feels? He wonders what Dillons biggest concern is. Bruno says he’s doing the house a favour by putting Ika up. Bruno says people created a problem to get them to come after each other. Why is Karen after Kevin? He tells Dillon this could be a $100k decision. He says they’re tough to get out. He says he’s never steered him wrong, and he’s not steering him wrong now.
Dillon says no matter what I do, are we still good? Bruno says oh hell yeah! And I will win HOH and put up and out the other half (Demetres). He says after that Demetres a lone wolf. He says Demetres good. He reminds Dillon if he puts up Sindy, that hurts his game. Dillon says if that’s true why didn’t Sindy put up Demetres? Bruno says Sindy was horny to get out Neda. Bruno says he has his back 100% and taking out Demetres. “Kids gotta go”.dillon “I didn’t wanna put up two people, now I gotta put up 3”.
Dillon says that’s his dilemma, whoever he puts up he wants them to go. Dillon says he’s gotta sleep on it. Bruno says sometimes it’s harder to see from inside the box. He reminds Dillon that Demetres and Ika wanted Emily to stay and him to go. Dillon says he wants to sleep on it, Bruno says he’s just trying to help. He keeps beating the same few points over and over but now since Dillon thinks Bruno is being sketchy, this high pressure talk is not helping things.


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