Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, May 8th

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12:00 AM BBT – 1:00 AM BBT Feeds down
1:01 AM BBT Dem is cooking bacon Karen is heading to bed Dem tells Ika she looks good in her swimsuit.  Ika tells Dem she’s had enough of bacon. Ika tells Dem Dillon likes a girl to build him up in a relationship. Ika tells Dem she feels horrible how she talked to Kevin during the veto ceremony. Ika tells Dem they have to keep things going so Karen keeps Dem. Ika tells Dem she’s going upstairs to hang out with Karen.Dem tells Ika he will finish his bacon. Ika tells Karen she still don’t understand how Karen made Kevin put up Dillon and Karen says watch the tapes you’ll see.Karen tells Ika she will tell Dillon last minute and tell Dillon she’s been with Ika and Dem all Game and she’s sending Dillon home.  Ika tells Karen she feels bad Kevin is all alone and Karen tells Ika that it’s not their problem Kevin has nobody.Karen tells Ika William got played by Kevin and William doesn’t know cause he’s young.
1:15 AM BBT Karen tells Ika the jury will be shocked Dillon will walk in jury and not Ika. Ika tells
Karen they booked her husband’s flight already.BB tells Karen to fix her microphone. Ika tells Dem she will shower in the morning she’s too tired. Ika is talking to Karen about the trip to Niagara falls and  telling Karen about different alumni that all go.Karen asks Ika if she will talk to Dre and Ika says no.then Ika asks Karen if she thinks it was game or personal to with Dre. Ika tells Karen Dillon is all mopey and he’s just wanting Karen to save him.Karen tells Ika Kevin is just all game and that’s all he thinks about and it consumes Kevin.
1:30 AM BBT BB says goodnight house guests Karen tells Ika she’s in the same position as she has always been .Karen tells Ika Kevin is scared to make moves and he will not win that way.Karen and Ika are talking about Jeff and Jordan and they got married and had a baby boy.BB says goodnight house guests.Karen goes to bed and Ika and Dem are heading to bed to. Ika asks Karen if her and Dem will make it together after the show.Karen tells Ika goodnight.
Kevin and Dillon are sleeping.Dem goes downstairs to get some apple juice.Karen asks Ika when Dem’s birthday is and Dem comes in the bedroom and says march 5th.Dem has a cramp in his leg so he’s stretching it.Dem says his leg feels weird and he needs to work out more.
1:45 AM BBT Ika tells Dem she feels bad what they did to Kevin today .All house guest are going to sleep.Dem tells Ika he’s ready for it to all be over. Ika tells Dem that veto will be hard .Ika is explaining to Dem what the pov would be.All houseguest are quiet and in bed sleeping.
2:00 AM BBT -8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep (8:04 AM BBT) Feeds have gone down looks like it is time to wake up HGS.
8:15 AM BBT Feeds are still down (8:18 AM BBT ) Feeds come up with Kevin still in bed in the HOH Room Ika is doing a house wide battery change. Karen is making coffee. Karen and Ika are in the pantry. Ika is saying that we need to study the HOH Comps and POV comps and who went where. She says Kevin knows this, and we have to be fast. Karen says I have been thinking about this That I truly believe that no one can say that the final 4 no one can say they don’t deserve to be there. Karen says the fans won’t understand because they haven’t lived it with us. She also says Kevin’s best move would have been to put Karen on the block, then Demetres would have left. Karen says each BB player has always taken the weakest to the final as they know they can beat them. She said I am the weakest. Ika says she honestly thought Kevin and Dillon were cashing the cheques and you can’t do that. Karen and Ika are going to go in the hot tub, they are going upstairs to change into their swimsuits.. Ika has gone into the bedroom to get her swimsuit. Demetres is still in bed. She leaves the bedroom and heads into the washroom to change. Ika and Karen have been told to put their mics on. Ika says she feels lucky and can’t believe she is final 4. Big Brother tells her again to put on her mic.
8:30 AM BBT Karen says she never stays up past 10:30, but now she stays up til after 1 am and gets up at 8:30. Karen has grabbed towels for them and gone to get coffee. Karen is asking someone off camera if they want to go to the hot tub. Karen has entered the hot tub area in the washroom Ika and Demetres are there for a minute than Ika leaves heading to the hot tub with Karen, she says good morning to Kevin and Dillon. Ika says today is Monday, do you think we have something to do today. Dillon says yesterday was a busy day. Ika says Karen said we will have a task on Tuesday, they both laugh and Ika heads out to the hot tub. Demetres enters the kitchen they say Good Morning. Demetres is having a protein shake with Dillon, he has a towel with him. He asks Dillon if it is nice out. Dillon says yes. Demetres tells Dillon you have to rinse the protein cup out or it is hard to clean. Demetres says all the stress here has his chest breaking out and he has never had that before. Dillon agrees that it is a stressful lifestyle.
8:45 AM BBT Out by the hot tub area Karen Ika and Dillon are sitting. Ika says I can’t believe that they got all set up to enjoy the hot tub but it has been cleaned so they can’t go in. Ika says she wants to go in now that it has been cleaned. Karen says it was a good thought but not happening today.That feed goes down. Back in the house Kevin is lying down trying to get some more sleep in the backyard. Both cameras working are on Kevin snoring away. Big Brother has told Kevin to wake up that naptime is over. One of the feeds come back with Ika and Karen sitting outside in the hot tub area but goes back down. Looks like all HGS but Kevin are out by the hot tub with Ika is telling Demetres that they need to study the POVs and HOHs. Demetres says in Season 2 was a board game, he says that the players were walking on the board. Then they had to answer 3 questions. Ika thinks it maybe questions like How many times the POV was used. Demetres is trying to remember what past POV’s for final 4 was. Ika says so we have to take every single hgs and what they did and when they left. Karen says you do it by HOH that way you know who left. Karen says you know how many times people played in the POV Comps. Karen says everybody has to do what they do to remember because this is how I remember. Ika says who has never been a have not. Dillon Dre Neda Dallas and Mark. Karen is telling them that they have to stay calm because Kevin knows they are all after him. Ika says Kevin is studying for the exam of his life. Dillon has rejoined them in the hot tub area.
9:00 AM BBT Dillon leaves and Karen says Dillon does not think I would do that. Ika says they talked to Dillon upstairs, Karen says Dillon told her he could have beaten Kevin but he felt safe. Karen said she told him you do not throw comps. Ika said Karen gave them a speech about lying. She says her husband will tell you she loves giving speech. Karen says to Demetres I was in a burning building and you panic and threw me back in the fire. She goes on to tell them that William told her about a dream he had where we were on a roller coaster, she said your hair was awful. She said that people will say why is she keeping him. Ika is saying Karen has always had a pecking order since week 1. Ika said the game started with the Neda thing. Karen said Dallas got in your head you hated me. She says look it Neda threw my name out right away when Sindy was HOH. Karen and Ika said Kevin told them both that he told Sindy not to put Neda out. Karen said that she doesn’t understand why they didn’t vote to keep her, the vote would have been 5-3, instead of 7-1. Karen says if she didn’t go (Neda) then Ika would of went the next week. She thinks the final 4 would have been Bruno Kevin Sindy and Neda. She says you go with the devil you know not the one you don’t know. Karen says it is like her and Kevin out at the hot tub that time, but that is how I talk.

9:15 AM BBT Karen is telling them a story about the rabbit. Karen and Demetres are talking about why people are scared of blood. Karen says she is wearing it like war paint. Looks like feeds have gone down again. The only feed up is on Kevin sleeping in the backyard. Feeds for the hot tub area look like they are up and running again wrong they are still down. They come back on with Ika asking Demetres if he had anything to eat this morning. He says a protein shake. Demetres says he is so tired lately that he can’t think, Karen says she can’t remember after day 48, so they are going over those days again trying to see if they can help each other remember as they go over days in other parts of the house Ika and Dillon are in the washroom. Dillon brushing and flossing his teeth, Ika doing makeup.There is no conversation. Dillon leaves. The only conversation is out by the hot tub where Demetres and Karen are still going over dates. They are going over the POVS. Karen says if we just keep going over it again and again, it will make us remember it better. Karen is talking about a comp where she could not tell the difference in the voices she didn’t know if it was Neda Cass or Jackie. They are now going over the days of the Veto. Karen says the 21 st and 29th were the screw up ones.
9:30 AM BBT Demetres says he is going to have to rearrange his gummy bears up stairs. Ika has rejoined them in the hot tub area. Karen says most of the tasks are on a Tuesdays. Ika says Dre and Karen won the advantages. Dre first then Karen won. Karen says she will tell people on the street that it is real. Ika says she has been thinking of how long Dre has not liked her in the game. They are saying that she would not play calling Ika Queen so they could win a pizza party. They are saying she would not play. Ika said that is why she ate the slop dry so they could have pizza. Karen said she knew Dre was not going to call Ika Queen, Demetres said she told us well I don’t like pizza anyhow. Demetres said he knew that Ika would eat the dry slop. Karen says she felt insecure ( Dre ) about Ika. Karen is saying it was like Cass and Neda. Ika says she went on social media during season 4 that Cass is the best female BB player. Karen says Cass’s problem was she worked both sides to early to hard. Karen said the only thing is she should have pushed harder to get rid of Dre. Ika says Gary was good for the show. Ika said for the show it would have been good for the show but keeping Dre was good at that time. Karen is again teasing them about them putting her on the block.
9:45 AM BBT As we check into other parts of the house Dillon is in the HOH Room listening to music. Kevin is not on any feeds. It looks like Dillon is alone there so we head back out to the hot tub area where the only conversation in the house is happening. Ika says Kevin thinks that Karen is going to vote to keep Dillon so he can cast the deciding vote. She says she isn’t going to let him do that. Karen says I’m still here. Ika is asking them what their biggest game move. Karen says identify threats and working with people to get them out. Karen says Bruce asks her what she has to offer, she said her honesty and trust. She is telling them that although you are the biggest threat but you are also my biggest alliance. She said you two have been here for me. Karen says she doesn’t feel she has made a mistake yet because I am still here. Ika says she has never seen anyone play the game like her. Karen says I have always know what floor I was on and how to get higher. Karen is telling them a real story that happened to her in real life that her husband gave her. Demetres has been called to the DR. Karen decides to tell Ika the rest of the story and the feeds go down.
10:00 AM BBT All feeds are down at the moment. Feeds come back with Karen saying What have I lost. She says nothing I have lost nothing, what is important can’t be bought. Ika said why they had everything and lost everything. Ika says Karen you don’t live for money you make and spend. Karen says her kids say to her all the time , save some money Mom you and Dad could retire. Karen says that would not make her happy taking a trip with her husband would make her happy. Karen says I know how to make a lot of money but you can’t give up your family, your sanity, she says what has it cost you to get there. It is always you have to give up something. The conversation gets personal about Ika and her son and the feeds cut. In other parts of the house Demetres in in DR. Dillon listening to music in the HOH and Kevin still sleeping in the backyard. All feeds have gone down again. Feeds come back with Karen saying remember when you throw me in the burning building. She says Bruce said I could have murdered someone and been out of jail and you are still bringing it up. Ika says I think I am going to be like you in 21 years, Karen says okay. The conversation goes back to Ika’s son and the feeds cut.
10:15 AM BBT Dillon has finished listening to music and is headed downstairs. He is walking around the kitchen looking bored. Kevin is still sleeping. Dillon is swinging punches at the camera. Still only feeds up and running are Dillon pacing in the kitchen and Kevin sleeping. Dillon has moved into the washroom to lay down. Feeds are still down on Ika and Karen. All feeds have gone down.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds have been down since 10:20 AM BBT and are still down. Feeds come back with Dillon in the hot tub area talking to Demetres about going golfing in Niagara. Dillon says he can get his manager to bring his clubs. Demetres says all we really want to do is just drive the ball. Ika asks if there are golf courses there. They tell her golf courses are everywhere. Dillon has been called to the DR. Ika and Demetres are applying sun lotion on. Ika says the white lotion looks ashy on her skin. Demetres is telling Ika a story about a story about ashy skin, that he heard. Ika says the reason black people look younger is because black people use lotion our skin, because we don’t want cracking ashy skin. She says the key to looking young is lotion. Ika says you will never walk into a black person’s home and will find lotion. Demetres says so say you came into the house and you could only have something for your hair or lotion. She says I will take lotion. Demetres says okay I will use lotion whenever you do. Demetres says here is the problem I like having dry hands. He says he doesn’t wear gloves at work. He thinks that if you have soft hands that even at the gym your hands will hurt, so you have to wear gloves. Ika says she has lathered her body in this lotion as moisturizing is life. She says her skin is soft because she moisturizes all the time. She says applying lotion is habit like drying off after a shower. Demetres says he doesn’t go down the lotion aisle because he thinks it is a waste of money. Ika says if you don’t moisturize you will have cracky skin when you are older. Demetres than says we have to study, as we have been given a miracle.
10:45 AM BBT They are trying to decide what is the best order. Ika says it is best to go by the people first. Demetres says we have to make this happen. Ika says Karen has been like a fairy godmother to us. Ika says Karen has been like a real mom to us. Ika says I feel bad for all the times we left her alone. Ika says how does she know this game, she has played a great game. Demetres says whoever wins that HOH we can not put her up. Ika says no we have to put each other up. Demetres says whoever wins this HOH is going to final 3. If Kevin wins this POV he will send one of us home. Demetres says we have to hope he just worries about the POV. Dillon walks in the hot tub area Ika says we are talking about lotion and black people. Feeds go down.Feeds come back with Ika asking Dillon if he put the sunscreen are. Ika is saying her legs are thinner than Dillon’s arms.
11:00 AM BBT Demetres says we were all laughing at you and the bunny. Dillon says it was cute. Ika says it had red eyes, she doesn’t think red eyes are not natural. They are telling her that she will never live down the red eye bunny. Demetres says his 4 year old niece loves bunnies. He is telling them about his pet snake that is a rescue snake. He says he booted his neighbors door down and rescued them all. How funny would it have been if I acted like that and won that comp. Ika is saying that Big Brother has been trying for her every time. Demetres says so you think that Big Brother planned to bug you. Karen and Kevin are missing from the feeds. All feeds are on the hot tub area. Ika is saying she has never spent this much time outside. Demetres says he is going to shower than lotion. He says he had a girlfriend that lotioned and he thought it was just her but he has learned all women lotion. Dillon says yea they like their skin to be soft. Ika says Dillon your standards have lowered. Dillon says I am going to still be picky, maybe not this first one. Ika says don’t guys take a break, Dillon says maybe some guys but not this guy. He lists when he would like to get it, morning afternoon delight night. Ika says she would date someone for 3 months before she has sex with them. Dillon says move on. Demetres says I’m rethinking my whole Big Brother strategy. Ika says if I gave you orange juice everyday you will want apple juice. Ika says I will give you freshly squeezed orange juice every day and you will go buy store bought apple juice. She tells Dillon she would withhold the orange juice, Dillon says I will move on. Demetres says he thinks the problem is you do not want to squeeze the orange juice out. Ika says you are not turning this on me. Dillon says Demetres nailed it. The feeds go down during this conversation
11:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with Karen deciding what to wear. Kevin has finally woken up from the backyard and is sitting in the HOH Room sleeping. In the kitchen Dillon Demetres and Ika and the feeds go back down. Feeds come back with Ika and Demetres talking in the kitchen. Ika says there should be a 2 week period where there is no sex. Demetres says when does the 2 week start. She says whenever I say. Karen enters the room and Ika says Karen would you give Bruce fresh orange juice everyday, Karen says yes you should not hold out. Karen asks someone to make her a sandwich for when she comes out. Dillon said Karen understood quite well and gets it. Demetres and Dillon are discussing the best way to defrost fish. Ika says to Karen I am too busy today. Demetres says everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you just happen to be wrong. Ika says this is coming from a guy who is afraid of commitment. Dillon says why would a guy commits to orange juice when he never gets it. Dillon says wait you have had orange juice in the house. Demetres says no other oranges.
11:30 AM BBT Demetres says I will say this I have never taken apple juice, when I have orange juice. Dillon and Demetres are talking about all the orange juice they have had. Demetres says he has never had Apple juice but admits that he has some commitment issues. Ika says these boys are the perfect example of what she’s talking about. The only feeds up are on Kevin sleeping in the HOH Room but you can hear the other HGS in the house who are not on camera.
11:45 AM BBT All cameras are down at the moment.
11:50 AM BBT Ika and Dem in the Kitchen saying that he was caught and that the truth came out, They agree to disagree, Karen enters the Kitchen begins making food, where Ika and Dem are in the Kitchen cooking as well Dillon in the living room talking with them. Dillon comes in and grabs a fish burger to enjoy with Ika and Dem. Ika asks if they asked Kevin if he was hungry, they don’t know where he is but Karen goes to find him. He heads down and asks what was the OJ conversation they all say let’s not go back there. Dillon and Karen are looking for Pitchers to make purple drink. Dillon says the salmon burger tastes processed, Ika says that they should be used to processed things. Ika asks if Karen believed in with holding Orange Juice she says NO! With holding means deprivation and punishment. Ika asks Kevin about it and he says a girl should have it when she wants it. Feeds cut!
12:00 PM BBT – 12:25 PM BBT Feeds cut
12:25 PM BBT Karen in the Kitchen cleaning dishes, Ika Cleaning up the stove, Dillon is leaving the WR and headed downstairs. Ika says that BB is so petty then will do this to us all day, Karen says she likes the task. All feeds are on the Kitchen area, Ika is looking for the pot cover so the chicken doesn’t dry out, Karen is sitting down to eat.
12:29 PM BBT-12:45 PM BBT Feeds go back out.
12:50 PM BBT Ika and Kevin at the table eating lunch, Karen in the Kitchen area talking about pictures that were taken and how Karen always says his full name. Kevin says it’s funny though how I called it, Ika says ya you did. Feeds cut 12:51 PM BBT
12:54 PM BBT Demetres in the livingroom end of the KT table, They talk about how the Hg and what jokes or comments were made about them. It was unreal to see real actual people. Dem says that he was ½ dressed when he was called to the DR. They speculate how long this will last, they think all day. HOUSEGUEST REWIND all hgs have to go backwards of what they were doing. Karen and Ika up stairs, Dillon working out, Dem in the WR… HOUSEGUEST PLAY.
1:00 PM BBT Dillon and Karen begin to play a game of Pool, Demika up in the WR talking about potential comps coming up. Ika makes a comment about Oj, Dem says he feels he can’t even have a conversation with her when she’s taking it outa context and she will use his words against him. They go back to discussing potential questions for upcoming comps. Ika said they said something like… Dem was a stud of the house and a comp beast Ika was a fiery angry don’t try her, Dem says ugggh this game never ends he is flustered that this Task might be part of a comp. They will know if they keep rewinding and bringing other people in. HOUSEGUEST SLOW MOTION. Ika and Dem kissing, Dillon and Karen are playing pool and talking super slow with Kevin asking about something. Demetres heads to the bedroom and back to WR. HOUSEGUEST PLAY Demika in the WR ika doing make-up and Dem cracking jokes about things they have talked about. Dillon and Karen head out to the Jacuzzi area, Karen wants the doorbell ring again to see people come into the house. They head back into the house/backyard to play pool.
1:15 PM BBT Karen hollers out to Kevin if he found his goggles or if he waited 20 min before getting in the pool, he says no to both. Demika in the WR still talking about jury votes, They feel the only people who can and will win this game are them or Kevin. Days, houseguest, challenges, and there are no distractions for Kevin and so they need to work hard it will be a battle. They talk about Karens game and how well she did playing her own game. They discuss how they need to study and what to study to get them farther. Dem heads to the Pink room to rearrange the Gummy bears. Dillon and Karen still playing pool, Kevin in the pool swimming. Ika joins the pool game and asks whos winning. Ika goes to grab her food. Ika says do you think they will bring their families in? They talk a moment and Dillon says he would lose he would move and the entire house would be punished. Ika says she would cry and freeze, they agree that the 4 year old wouldn’t understand that they can’t move so it would be his mom if they brought in family. Dem sits quietly on the upstairs landing couches. In the backyard they discuss what edges are and explaining some slang to Karen like turn-up, edges, etc..
1:30 PM BBT Demetres heads out and joins them out in the backyard, Kevin heads to the Jacuzzi area from the Pool. Ika and Karen heads to the jacuzzi area with Kevin, Neda Thought she was the head of the 6 alliance but Kevin said he was leading it.
1:39 PM BBT-1:51 PM BBT Feeds cut
1:51 PM BBT Karen, Ika, and Kevin in Jacuzzi area laughing about the portion of the task that just happened and how Kevin had 2 cans sprayed on him, Dillon got a smiley face, Ika and Dem are dark enough they got nothing and Karen is in long sleeves and pants so she wasn’t sprayed either she says it’s cuz she is dark enough as it is. . Dillon heads inside to try and clean up, Feeds cut back out 1:55 PM BBT feeds return Dillon is changed into a new shirt and headed back down stairs. They are talking about the end of the comp and how Will was coming out of the wall and what he shared with Kevin. They discuss about how Karen caught Will and then she got on everyone about cleaning properly. How Ika and Dem didn’t believe her about anything and they should have. feeds cut again briefly

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, May 8th

2:00 PM BBT Conversation about OJ and old OJ comes up again. Karen heads to the restroom Ika calls after her. HOUSEGUEST REWIND, HOUSEGUEST PLAY Dem and Ika are talking. BB calls Ika to the DR. Dem tells her to walk there backwards and keep her eyes open and watch for people. Dem sets the pooltable up, Ika comes back out just a minute later and asks Dem if he thinks Karen is getting a liking toward Kevin. He says he doesn’t think so but is acting weird. Ika says its just a Monday. Dem says that she has gotten along with Kevin and says that they just can’t get to paranoid. Ika says that she knows how he felt when she was on the block. Ika said she was most stressed and Dem says he is more stressed when she was OTB then while he is there. They are saying that they are not entitled of Karen’s vote and is hoping for her voting Dillon out. Ika says she just wants Thursday to come and Dem still there. Ika says she is just scared. Dem says to her it’ll be ok. Dem says that he feels like he can handle him being on the block more than worrying for her. Karen comes in and Ika tells her about them counting out the people that has come into the house. They are talking about why Kevin is all of a sudden being friendly Karen says its all an act. Ika says Karen is good at picking up on things and they say that it is because of her Sales job that helping her. They are talking about relationships, and looks. Karen says she has a cat at home that meows at the door to come in and Bruce says beg me to come in and Karen slams to door on it, she says that’s Ika. Dillon joins in the convo. Dem is playing pool by himself.
2:15 PM BBT HOUSEGUESTS FASTFORWARD.Karen and Dem rerack the balls and play. HOUSEGUEST PLAY. They are talking about when the time Ika was drunkie and Dem was carrying her up the stairs he had to carry her down the stairs when BB said houseguests rewind. BB calls Ika to the DR Dem runs towards the door thinking someone is coming in. Ika says they are all going crazy. Karen tells them that Kevin is playing this game hard and they are figuring him out. Karen says that Kevin is being manipulative and they think that he is telling them his game moves. They are discussing why Kevin is lying and they have him all figured out. Dem says that Karen has flipped Kevin’s game. Ika is saying that Kevin is calling out Dillon’s game and they are not buying it.
2:30 PM BBT In the Blue room Kevin is by himself talking out loud his game plan. Kevin is wondering what else he can do that’s fun during this challenge. Kevin is saying that he had to put up Dillon to guarantee Dem going home he says that if he put of Karen she’d be going home. Kevin is talking about other seasons and other players game play moves. Back to the convo at the pool table they are discussing Jackie’s game and how she came to Ika and calling her a bitch for putting her on the block and Ika says that Dem is his own person and can make up his own mind. Ika asks Dem if she is mean to him and he was quite and then says he doesn’t think that when they were talking about orange juice. Karen says she knew she’d be here from the beginning because of her winning the first HOH. Ika wondered why they were still there.
3:04 PM BBT FEEDS BACK to Karen washing her face off from whipped cream and says now BB she has to redo her hair and makeup. Dem and Dillon got it in the face. They missed Ika’s face but got her in the arm. BB says for Ika to put on her mic. Ika is laughing. They jumped into the shower. Ika says BB you didn’t get your way this time. Dem says that was fun. They are talking about what SHE Sarah-(the lady who came out and pied them) said. Ika says that (Sarah) told her that no one can hear screams for outer space unless you’re Ika Wong. Ika wondered if she really did scream that loud and Dem said yes. And hopes that everyone listening in the other end (feeders) don’t hate them for being so loud. Karen says that she has to go get a new mic that they messed up her mic. Dillon is in the blue room changing. As Dillon coming downstairs asks who’s cleaning up all this sour cream or whipped cream up and someone say they have to. And goes into the pantry. Camera goes into the Pink room where Karen is getting stuff. And goes into the bathroom where Ika and Dem still are getting cleaned up
3:15 PM BBT Everyone is trying to get cleaned up after getting pied in the face by BB. During this task. Camera’s goes to Kevin and BB says to put on your mic so he goes back up into HOH room and gets it and cleans it off. Kevin is talking about what Sarah said to him for encouragement. Kevin goes into the WR where Karen and Ika are they are talking about memes about them. Ika and Karen are talking about what Sarah told Kevin about his game and said that he acted super happy. Karen says that she wants to hurry up and get her makeup back on before the next task. She doesn’t want to go walking around looking like she’s dead or something. Dillon asked where the mop was and Ika told him to us a wet towel. Ika washing the towels and dirty clothes. They are talking about Sarah. And what they were like before this week. How they were crying all the time and now able to laugh. Karen wants to tell Ika her story but can’t until the show is over. They are talking about Ika being on the same season as Karen and Karen started calling Ika the Queen Isis.
3:30 PM BBT They are talking about cookies, and makeup. HOUSEGUESTS SLOW MOTION Karen is putting on her mascara in slow motion and speaking very slow. Kevin is walking into the room slowly with the towel and Ika says how Kevin Martin slithering around. HOUSEGUESTS PLAY. They are talking about his name. Dillon talking about what Sarah said to him. Kissing everyone in the house. Says to him his hairline is in outer space. Karen is blowing her hair Kevin gets called to pantry for the mop bucket. Ika is touching up her makeup. Karen asked Ika from a show perspective what will the show be perceived. Downstairs Dem and Dillon in the Kitchen Dem is wiping off the pool stick and Dillon is fixing a sandwich.
3:43 PM BBT Feeds Down
4:15 PM BBT Feeds returned Dillon is crying ika and Karen are out by the pool Feeds went out
4:30 PM BBT Feeds returned Kevin said his grandma made his robe Karen said it was such a good day
4:45 PM BBT Kevin said his grandma is watching the live feeds Dillon is talking about the secret power of veto Karen said he was gloating i was so mad Kevin is cutting up a tomato in the kitchen Karen is talking about the bruises that she has on her legs Karen said it was super fun yesterday Karen said i go to the movies once a week Karen said that there was a lot of good movies lately
5:00 PM BBT Karen said can you believe you haven’t seen your mom in 59 days Demetre said i haven’t seen family since March 1st Kevin said he is the middle child Ika said you are going to see them soon PLEASE STOP SINGING Ika said did you see the flintstone the movie Karen said i told the dentist i want my teeth to look like halle berry she said the dentist asked who is halle berry they are talking about the battery change Feeds went out Feeds returned stop that Ika said i can’t believe this is it
5:15 PM BBT Karen said your mother came into the house today Dillon said there is so many things that i should have said Karen said i can’t wait until people call ika and demetres demika Karen said how did you come up with that name can you tell me Karen said his fans are loving me now ika said i didn’t know they said hi insert your name here Demetres said i don’t get it what am i supposed to say Demetres said i am the loudest one ika said was your other sister laughing Demetres said i must’ve been asleep and they tossed out my hacky sack please wake up nap time is over
5:30 PM BBT Karen said that was so fun Demetres said i don’t remember how she said it Demetres said i am definitely going to call my sisters Karen asked what the Hot tub temperature at Ika said can we go in there Karen said that the banff hotel was beautiful castle ika said is it in vancouver karen said it’s in alberta Karen do you remember spring bank Karen said that there is a lot of money in calgary
5:45 PM BBT Please stop talking about brand names Demetres is talking about the photoshoot that they did last night Ika said i am saving room for the chinese food Karen said i am so excited the Chinese food guy is finally going to show up Karen said that she was the shield that’s what she said and that he even admitted it today. Feeds went down 5:54 PM BBT – Feeds back on 5:59 PM BBT. Feeds come back and the HG are talking about what Ika said to Kevin about screwing himself. Karen asks what the viewers are going to think.
6:00 PM BBT Feeds go down at 6:00 PM BBT. Feeds return at 6:06 PM BBT. HG got Chinese food. They are all sitting at the dining room table eating. They are in general conversation about things that HG have said in the house. They talk about Jackie telling Ika that she has been nothing but cruel to her all season. Ika says that Jackie did like Dem.
6:15 PM BBT Ika said that Jackie told her that she didn’t want to leave the house before her. Then Karen said then they sent out William and Dre. Ika said that people cheered when Dre went out. Kevin said it was a lukewarm cheer when he won the veto. Ika said that the cheer when Dre went out showed that she was betraying her. Kevin tells them that William was losing it that morning of the triple eviction. Ika says that Dre ruined his game. Ika tells them when she told William about Dre and her intent to put Kevin up and then put William up next to him and that Dre walked in. Then Dre told him that it would be the logical thing to do. And that William started crying. That William said that he has been loyal in the house. They talk about Sindy and Kevin said that he started not to trust her when he thought she threw the endurance comp.
6:30 PM BBT They talk about the time Sindy threw the double eviction comp by saying she erased the 0. Ika says that Sindy came to her about an hour before the live eviction and Ika told her that she went around trashing Ika. She says she told her that she should have spent the 3 days trashing Jackie and not her if she wanted to stay. She said she would not save someone who trashed her especially if she was not on the block next to her that week. They say that anyone who aligned with Jackie went home. They talk about week one and they ask Karen if she liked the first week. She said no. She said that she didn’t know anyone so she tried to sum up people as best as she could. She said you don’t understand the show unless you have not done it before. Kevin says that William was so upset that he made an alliance without him and Kevin says that he didn’t realize how emotionally invested William was. He told William that after the show that there would be no relationship and that William was hurt. They say that they told William that Kevin didn’t like him as much as William liked him. And that William was so blinded by liking Kevin. Ika said that it made Kevin look bad. They tell Kevin that he was William’s first real crush.
6:45 PM BBT They talk about Bruno and that he would have thrown Kevin under the bus. Dem said he tried really hard to trust him. Ika said that he didn’t play a very good game. They talk about Neda being very toxic and Kevin said that she was known as the best BB Canada player and that it was weighing on her. They said that she was a feminist but that she talked bad about women. Feeds go out at 6:52 PM BBT They return 6:54 PM BBT. When feeds return the HG (all but Dillon) talk about the goals they had in the house and who they could go with on the block or who they would save to get the goals done.

7:00 PM BBT Karen said that Cass needed to go because she was a liability because she was loyal to Dallas and Jackie. If she would have stayed with them she would have stayed in the house. Ika says that outside the house she liked him but she hated him in the house. She said she could tolerate Kevin but she hated Bruno. Kevin said that Bruno was strictly business and didn’t care for air time. Dem said that he was 100% himself and didn’t care about the cameras. Ika said that he was fake to her. She thought that Gary was better for the show and that she thought he should stay. She said that the big show people left like Dallas, Cass and Gary and that they left Neda and Kevin. She said that they got rid of all the big personalities early. They say that Karen is one of the best cast. Dem said they found a Gem with Karen and that she added so much to the show. Ika said that she was real and raw. Karen shakes her head no. Ika says when Karen said “That Kevin Martin slithering around” Karen asks if Kevin knew that before. They talk about her making up names like Damika. Karen tells Kevin that she has more names for him. Ika said that they hated Jackie and Karen says that she just wanted Jackie to shoot straight with them one time. Karen tells them when Dre told them that Jackie was the only person in the house they could trust. She said at that time she knew Dre lost it. They talk about Jackie playing the victim and Kevin said that he didn’t realize it until later in the game. Karen says that she doesn’t dislike Kevin as much as everyone thinks she does. But that some of the things she says can be seen as mean spirited. Kevin says that he hopes that Neda is ok in Jury since she had something bad happen after season 2. They ask what happened after season 2 and the feeds go down at 7:12 PM BBT
7:15 PM BBT Feeds return at 7:18 PM BBT and the HG are talking about the goodbye messages they left for the evicted HG. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kevin said that he didn’t care for Emily. That he likes Dillon better. Kevin says that he is the last remaining Blue Room member. Ika and Dem say that Dillon is a blue room member. Karen asks Kevin how he thinks he is perceived in the house. Kevin said at the beginning that he was a no one player. He said that then he won the Veto and didn’t use it. He said that he was more recognized with the secret power of veto. Dem said that he is scared to watch the season back because he doesn’t know what people think. Ika says that he is likable. Ika says that they need to thank Dem because if he was not in the house she would have been worse. Kevin said “so we got the edited version?” They talk about Dre and that she was in Ika’s shadow.
7:30 PM BBT Ika said that they can sit at the table and break bread together but in comps it’s all in. They talk about speeches and BB says PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. They talk again about Ika telling Kevin to go screw himself when he had the veto. And that after that happened they didn’t speak to each other for 3 days. Kevin says that Ika is a common denominator for the reason this season and that season 2 was good seasons. That she brought out the best in karen and Dre. But he said he wants her out. They ask for more beer from BB. Ika says she thinks she is funny. Karen says that she liked Bruno but she thought he played a bad game. She said that she didn’t trust Kevin and that is what kept her from working with Bruno. The clean up the table. They talk about Kevin and Karen and the things she has said about him. Kevin says that Karen called him a snake on day 7. Ika says that when Karen says things that she thinks is mean that it comes off funny. They talk about Kevin using the veto on Ika and that he asked if someone could reject it. He said the veto ceremony when he gave it to Ika was the weirdest one ever. Kevin leaves the kitchen Ika and Karen are whispering but too low to hear.
7:45 PM BBT They talk about Dillon wanting Karen to go home. Ika says that Kevin flip flops though. Karen says they can’t trust Kevin ever. Karen said that Dillon is different. Karen said that she thinks his mom whispered something to him. Ika said that seeing him mom that he realizes he should have fought harder. Kevin comes back and they stop talking. THE STORAGE ROOM IS NOW OPEN. They scream when they go into the storage room and they walk out with beer. Karen says let’s sit at the table and be human beings. Dillon comes and gets beer. Feeds go down at 7:54 PM BBT Feeds return 7:57 PM BBT. Ika talks about a time on her season that she had where she was rambling for 45 minutes at the camera and shredded letters. She said that a fan re enacted the entire scene of her shredding papers. She said on Season 2 was a season that if you don’t like someone you don’t talk. Kevin asks if this season has been more tense? She said season 2 changed every week but this season changes every hour.
8:00 PM BBT- Ika talking through the process of her talking aloud before she shredded the letters on S2. She says she thought for the opportunity to get the money, production “deserved” to hear her thoughts. She doesn’t regret it because she knew by the time the vote came around, they’d evict her anyway. They make fun of Andrew saying “hold me back” from beating on Ika. Karen says there’d be no empathy from her, she’d shred them immediately. Ika says she had Adel who wouldn’t leave her side. She says her and Sabrina had a huge fight. Ika says she could tell the minute the first 5 let Alison win the Veto, that she was being backdoored. Karen wonders what they’re doing in jury? Kevin says bitching. He says he had to segregate himself because his season wouldn’t stop talking game. He said on S1 people were getting so crazy with game talk that they were threatened with slop if they didn’t stop talking game.
BB tells them to stop talking production which they ignore so feeds cut.
8:15PM BBT feeds back up. Karen/Ika/dem talk about Sindys awful gas. Silent but deadly. Dem says she’d pass wind and leave the room so everyone suspected someone else . Kevin said William never had a boyfriend. Karen said he was a total tease to Will and it was painful to watch.
8:30PM BBT-8:48PM BBT feeds down
8:49PM BBT feeds come back as Ika is in WC with Karen. They’re both talking about Kevin dissecting their games. They’re annoyed at Kevin. Ika says she doesn’t think Kevin knows how close they are. Karen says non of them do. Karen thinks Kevin’s mom whispered something to him. Feeds cut again. As feeds return, Karen whispers that Kevin said congrats on final 4. Karen says everything he does is a ploy. Ika says Kevin’s trying to figure out all their games so he’ll know what to say in finale.Ika says she doesn’t like Bruno at all. Karen says the whole gang was a drag, none of them had any fun. Karen says they wasted all that time studying for nothing.
9:00PM BBT Karen and Ika say they can see Kevin’s shenanigans but the boys just don’t get it. They think Karen’s being paranoid for thinking it’s all game with Kevin. Ika loves Sarah and says Sarah loves strong women and likes Kevin because they were on the same season. Ika asks Karen what Kevin said after the Veto ceremony. Karen lies and again tries to take all the credit for deceiving Kevin. Kevin tells both her and Demika that she had no influence and he knows he’s all alone. Karen says he’s all ego. That’s why. He doesn’t want to give her any credit. Karen says she saved Demetres week 1. She took all the credit. She is doing lots of work these past few days to try to get Demika to see how much influence she had. Karen say she almost self evicted Day 18. Karen now trying to take all the credit for Sindys eviction. Says she got her with one bullet. [Not sure if Karen deserves an Academy award, or a room at a mental institution.]
Ika wonders if they’ll get questions about Sarah coming to visit. Karen says no, then says she doesn’t know. Ika says they did season 1 that’s why she was wondering.
9:15PM BBT Ika tells Karen if they don’t win that POV they’re screwed. Karen agrees. Karen thinks Kevin will take Ika because of his ego. Ika says no way, NO WAY he takes me. Ika brings up Demetres. Karen says the fans want Demetres to win, she’s sure of it. Karen asks if Ika thought Canada liked her in her season? Ika says no. Ika says she won lots of comps her first season and now she can’t win to save her life. Ika tells a story about home and working hard and how hard it was. Ika says she needed money to take care of them because she feels financially dependent on their dad. She whispers that even now she had to move her stuff in with her kids’ father to be able to come back on the show
On another feed, Dillon is eating toast alone in KT and silent. He finishes his toast and goes to lie down on inside loungers. Feeds back to WC. Kevin is there and says the HOH suite has never been so tidy because he had nothing else to do. Kevin says the stuffed pig means everything to him. He gets called to DR and they immediately resume strategy talk. Demetres comes in and Karen tells him exactly what she told Ika about how Kevin was trying to do everything to GT ammo for finals. Dem says there’s no scenario where Kevin takes Demika to finale. Karen says it’s an ego thing with him. Demetres thinks that’d be a stupid and risky move. Karen says nothing is genuine with Kevin. Karen says Kevin obsessed about every minute detail.
9:30PM BBT Ika repeats what Karen says about Kevin taking credit for his move and not give any credit to Karen. Karen says Kevin played right into our hands. Ika says if Kevin was smart he would’ve put Karen up and not Dillon because he didn’t know how close Karen and Demika is. (And didn’t think Karen would lay down her game for Demetres ). Karen says Kevin says let’s get it out on the table to get info. Karen says she told Kevin what a shitty game he played and he wants to have some credit and solid points. Dem says Kevin’s going to take one of us to the 2? Karen says yes I do [wrong again]. Karen says whoever Kevin brings he will lose and she will make sure of it. He wants to make sure he has giants at the end so it won’t look like he was fooled. Ika believes absolutely everything Karen is saying but Demetres looks a bit hesitant to believe her. Karen says Kevin thinks she’s a complete idiot. Good she says. Karen says Kevin thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Demetres says if Kevin thinks he can beat Demika he might as well ride with it. Karen says exactly. Demetres says we just have to focus on the Veto. The Veto is everything in final 4. Demetres tells Karen as long as Kevin doesn’t win Veto he’ll let her evict Kevin. [ That would mean Ika would be on the block? Hmm ] She says she’s been waiting for week 1 to get rid of him.
9:45PM BBT Demetres says we should pump his tires and tell him he’s got it in the bag , Karen agrees and says she’s been doing that all week [she JUST got finished saying the polar opposite- that Kevin had a shitty game and will not win over anyone]. Karen tells Demetres William won’t vote Kevin. Dem thinks Sindy would vote for Ika but not Demetres over Kevin. Demetres doesn’t know Dre would vote for him. Karen back beating the ego drum for Kevin. Demetres says if Kevin wins final Veto he will evict Dem and take Ika. Karen says Kevin said today he wants Ika gone [then why did he just save her with the Veto Karen?]. Demetres says Ika gave him the eye. He said she’s mad at me, again. It’s so frustrating because I never get mad at her, I overlook it. Karen agrees and says the stakes are high and it starts to weigh on people differently. The only reason Ika was pissed at Demetres is because Karen kept fanning the flames telling her Demetres is blabbing to Kevin downstairs. Karen says every single thing he says , is thought out. Karen says Day 17 was when Kevin asked Karen why she hates him? She said you know what Kevin? Not today. He pressed and she said you really want to know? It’s because you’re a fake ass bitch and you’re disingenuous. She said we had the same convo on Day 38 when we had to clean together, and she gave a new set of reasons why she has no respect for his game. Demetres tries to change the subject by asking a question about days. Karen answers and then goes immediately back to trashing Kevin again.
10:00PM BBT Karen and Demetres talking about how real Karen is and how everything Kevin says is fake. Demetres says that Jackie was like that too and he says that it is so much happening that you start to overlook the small things. He says that they just need to slow down and just thinks about it. She talks again about the bay watch comp and she had to stop. Demetres talks about the car comp and he didn’t know any of the signs and he only had the first two right and the last and he had the other six right. He did he had to adjust two at a time until he fixed it 100 percent. Kevin and Dillon talk in the hoh about Karen and dillons talk about how she is gonna vote him out and not to worry she is gonna be behind him. Kevin says that he didn’t want Dillon to win the pov and risk him taking Demetres down. He said that sorry Karen has been my final two pick for a while now. Kevin asks do you think if Karen makes f3 with Ika and Demetres who will Demetres take? Kevin says he is a competitor Demetres will take Karen. Dillon says that this yr since last game yr. is a completely different Kevin. Dillon talks about how if Kevin’s mom is ok with what he is done in the house, he says I’m sure it’s fine she knows it’s a game.
10:15 PM BBT Dillon leaves the room and kevin says that if Dillon tells Karen there is a chance she keeps him. He says that he thinks that if he would have put Karen up he thinks Dillon would have sent her home. Dillon asks Karen to be honest with her and tell him the truth where her heads at. Karen says that from day one she was with Ika. She tells him the story of the back and forth between what was happening, she says that he has put her in the worst place and she is gonna be in fourth place with either one she works with. She says since she can’t win she has to be true to someone and she’s suing it’s Ika. Dillon says that Kevin is a snake and he can’t stand his game. Karen says that by putting up Dillon she is trying to make Karen look bad by sending Dillon home. Karen says you are probably going to the jury and Kevin did it. Dillon says yes I know it. Dillon thinks that he thinks Kevin, Ika and Demetres are together. Karen says no, they are not. She says that if she has anything to do with it Kevin will go home.
10:30PM BBT Karen says that this is a game to kevin and that he did this on purpose to mess with them. Dillon asks if there is no shot. She says that she thought she was going on the block and he didn’t because he wanted to send Dillon home. He says he gets it but it’s a tough pill to swallow. She says it’s hard for me to do it but I gotta stay true to them. Dillon says he is trying to take Karen to final two and she says that it’s a lie because if it was true why is he keeping Ika and Demetres. Karen says why did you take Ika off the block and he said so that you would decide who goes home. Karen calls Sindy and Neda a piece of garbage. Karen says she is keeping demetres so that Kevin doesn’t have the satisfaction of sending him home. She says you said that yourself. Karen says it’s not easy for me to send you out. Demetres and Ika going over comp wins and loses, details about houseguests and who we have nots. Karen says if Kevin really wanted Ika and Demetres to go home he would have done it already and again tells Dillon that if there’s a tie Kevin will send him home.
10:45PM BBT Karen says that she has a problem with turning her back on ika and Demetres even though they had she cannot do it. She again blames Kevin. Dillon smiles and says no hard feelings. She says I do and that makes it hard. They both laugh and talk about going to the jury house. Karen says if I act funny it’s because I have a heavy heart but it’s this jerks doing and he did this. Dillon says that when he put him up he is going after a powerhouse and wants one of them gone. Dillon says that Kevin told him to work on Karen about keeping him that she is his saving grace. Dillon talks about how tortuous these people are. Karen calls Kevin a pos. Dillon says that Kevin is planning on taking Demetres or Ika, Karen agrees. Ika talking with Demetres still about house guests and they are going thru each one, one at a time.
11:00PM BBT Dillon laughs and talks about stealing Kevin’s pig. Karen tells him to threaten to negotiate after the show. Dillon says that Karen is so gangsta. They think that it would be hilarious. Dillon says that it’s been a emotional rollercoaster and he’s ready to shower and go to bed. Karen says that she invited Kevin to eat with them because she felt sorry that he is always alone. Dillon in the pantry getting a snack. Kevin comes into the kitchen for a drink and mentions to Dillon about spring rolls, Karen walks they and tells Kevin she is going to bed and he says he has been there for like a hour but the lights were on so no luck. Ika appears and starts looking for some food, Karen mentions leftover Chinese. Kevin eating a sandwich and Demetres comes in and they discuss how focus he looks and they say he must be studying.
11:15PM BBT Karen in the bathroom cleaning her face and Dillon taking a shower. No conversation from them. In the pantry, Kevin looking from food to eat while he’s talking to Demetres and Ika. They are just playing around about how much longer in the house they have had so much in the house. They laugh and talk about they made it and survived in the house. Ika and Demetres talk about Karen
And wonder if she is sincere and that now since Ika is staying Demetres won’t take Karen to final two.
11:30PM BBT Ika gets a bunch of alphabet cereal and says she wants to write things out. Ika laughing and tells Demetres that she called Kevin a queen in there fight the other day and she laughs. Ika, Karen and Dillon in the bathroom talking about skin care and lotion. Ika and Karen discussing makeup Karen calls Ika “gary” because she has used all her eyelash glue.
11:45PM BBT Karen tells Ika that Kevin is evil and that you will not believe what Kevin told Dillon. Karen says she had to tell Dillon the truth so that he will stop going over it all over and over. Karen tells Ika what her and Dillon talked about. Karen says that Kevin said that when he entered the house he left all his morals outside. And that if he has to steal, lie or cheat he will do whatever it takes no matter what. They all say that it’s horrible that Kevin told him that he played Dillon.

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