Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, May 1st

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12:00 AM – 4:00 AM BBT Feeds down
4:00 AM7:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
7:35 AM BBT Ika and Dem talking in bed about who they can put up. Ika tells him they should concentrate on her staying this week and worry about who to put up after they’ve won HoH. Ika saying she wants to be everyone’s number one: Ika’s #1, William’s #1, everyone.She says that Bruno and Sindy had given Dre information about Ika, and she held onto it. She says everything happens for a reason, and this week has shown them they can’t trust Dre.
7:50 AM BBT Ika and Dem talking about the dance party last night. Dem says that it felt like they were out of the house. Ika got to eat. Feeds keep cutting as they get frisky.
8:00 AM BBT8:30 AM BBT All feeds still down.
8:35 AM BBT Feeds back; Ika no longer in the pink room. Lights on. And she comes back in to snuggle with Dem. Ika wakes Dre; she can’t figure out why she’s just in her underwear. She says she hopes she didn’t walk to bed in her underwear. Ika teases she was making out with Dillon; Dre says she was drunk, not crazy. Dre leaves and heads for the WR. Karen, Jackie and Dre getting ready for the day. Jackie says that they slept in the HN room last night, that BB made them. Karen says that last night, Will and Kevin were in the blue bedroom, interlocked and fast asleep. She then went into the HoH room and Dre was sprawled across the bed, listening to music. William comes in, brushes his teeth, and says that he feels like he only slept two minutes.
8:45 AM BBT Ika and Dem in pink room. Dre comes in and Ika tells her she already apologized to Karen in case she bumped her in the HN room. She doesn’t want Karen telling people today she trampled her. Feeds in the BR cut; only active feed is Jackie alone in the hot tub.
8:48 AM BBT Feed on cam 1&2 back. Now focused on WR and Karen getting ready for the day. Feed switches to Kevin and William lounging on the outside couch.
8:52 AM BBT Dre and Jackie sitting outside by the hot tub. Virtually no talk.
8:55 AM BBT Ika tells Dem, who’s in the shower, that the PoV ceremony is going to be in half an hour.
8:57 AM BBT Feeds cut briefly and when they come back Ika is telling William that he came for her edges so it’s on. Ika asks Dre if Kevin’s putting up Jackie; Dre says she thinks so. Ika says she’s calling on her ancestors to help her. Ika says that she has Dem’s vote and Dre’s vote, and she’s hoping to stay, but she’s stressing out. Dre says this is what they came to do. Ika says that Thursday is so far away and people could change their minds. Dre says this game is based on perceptions and whether or not their perception is correct, it’s what they believe.
9:00 AM BBT Kevin heads to the DR. Dillon lounging on outside sofa. Karen, Dem, Dre in WR getting ready for the day and are soon joined by Ika.
9:06 AM BBT Feeds cut briefly. Ika and Dem talking about the ceremony. Dem asks about his speech and Ika says, “Nothing that will get me in trouble. I’m still on the block.” Dem says every one he comes up with in his head doesn’t end very nice. She says, “Not while I’m on the block.” She says it’s a good speech, she just doesn’t want to suffer for it. Dem asks if she’s talked to Kevin this morning and she says no, but that Dre told her that Jackie is going up. She says she doesn’t think they need to talk to him because they already did.
9:15 AM BBT Ika, Jackie getting ready in the WR. Dem has made his way to hot tub. He’s talking about the next HoH comp with Dillon. Dillon saying that this week pretty much has to be a double. Dem asks Dillon who Jackie would put up. Dillon says he doesn’t know as he never talks game to Jackie at all. Dem says he’s assuming that if he doesn’t win HoH he’s going to be filling one of those seats. Dillon says he won’t put him up and he doesn’t think Kevin will put him up again, either. Dillon says he wants to get rid of the softer players. He says Dem, Dillon and Kevin are the strongest players and the rest are just floaters. Dem says if Ika stays, he and Ika would be back on the block. Dem says he’s pretty much come to terms with his situation. Dem says he hates to say it, but Ika is not winning a mental comp.
9:22 AM BBT Ika and Dre talking in the WR. Ika says that “they” came for her this week and tried to pit her best friend against her. Dre leaves to get ready, Karen comes in to touch up her face, and Ika starts trying to do something with her weave.
9:25 AM BBT Dem and Dillon talking about their whiskers and how they don’t know how girls kiss prickly lips and face. Talk turns to Dem’s test drive. He’s worried about driving in the city when he comes from a one stoplight town. Talk turns back to the PoV comp they played and how tough the puzzle was.
9:30 AM BBT Karen and Jackie getting ready in the WR. Dem and Dillon talking about how Jackie is a block star.
9:35 AM BBT Ika makes her way to the hot tub area and retrieves Dem. They make their way back inside to the pink BR where Dre and Karen are getting ready. Back in the kitchen, Kevin tells Jackie she’s going up. He says it’s between her, Dillon and Karen, and with her being a solo player, it’s better for his game to put her up. She leaves and heads back to the WR. Ika and Dillon join Kev in the kitchen. He says the ceremony is going to be right away and gets called to the DR.
9:40 AM BBT Ika takes Dem out to the pool area to run the reasons why it’s best for him to use the veto on himself and not her. Ika says she has a better chance of surviving than Dem does. Dem suggests that most HGs have written Ika off already, so they’re not worried about her winning comps. Ika says that Dre told her that Bruno and Sindy were trying to pit Dre against her.
9:50 AM BBT Kevin and Will in the pantry. Will saying he didn’t say anything. Kev leaves to toast a bagel. Dem asks him about the shirt he’s wearing and Kev says they just gave it to him. Dem says he didn’t realize how much he liked that colour until he came into the house. Talk turns to how much fun the dance party was last night. Kevin says that Will threw up; Will says he made himself throw up. Karen says that she cleaned up the spilled drinks and was in bed by midnight. She says Ika came in right after her.
10:00 AM BBT Jackie and Karen are in the washroom getting ready. Kevin and Demetre are in the backyard. Kevin is talking to Demetres about what will happen to the bed. Demetre is eating breakfast. Ika joins the conversation. Ika wants to breakup Dre and William. William is getting up. Dillon and Kevin are playing pool.
10:15 AM BBT Dre and Ika are chatting in the bedroom. Dre is asking why there is a lot of chatter when Bruno left. Ika said that Bruno told Ika Dre was using people as a shield. Dre said the vibe changed with Dillon and Karen. Felt like she did anything wrong. Dillon and Kevin are playing pool and singing a bit.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds down. POV Ceremony

10:45 AM BBT -11:43 PM BBT Feeds down
11:43 AM BBT Ika and Dem in the pool area, jackie outside by the Jacuzzi in the rain alone. Demetres says that when he was in the Bridge 2 names poped out Dillon and Dre. So if he wins HOH then that’s who he is targeting. They discuss a lie that Dre told Demetres and how she is willing to lie to her face. POV Ceremony is over POV was used to save Demetres and Jackie is the replacement nominee. Ika says when Emily was going home Dillon didn’t tell her and that was ruthless. They both want to know if they are going home they don’t want it to be kept from them. They discuss Dre and how Dre must think Dem is so stupid. In the kitchen Karen is washing dishes, Dillon is cooking, Kevin, and Dre are cleaning in the kitchen and William is walking around outside the counter. They are talking about Critical Kevin, William heads upstairs to check on Jackie who is in the WR. jackie says thank you for checking on me, they say 4 times a record for the season, no one wants to be a pawn but there’s confidents. Will says lunch is Chicken Burgers you want one? She says yes. Swaps laundry, brushes her hair, and organizes her her make up and toiletries. Demetres and Ika start to head into the house after making out a moment. Dillon says they are having Chicken burgers and Fries, Kevin is cleaning the table really well, Dem makes some slop for Ika, Jackie has come down and joined the Kitchen counter.
11:58 AM BBT -12:10 PM BBT FEEDS OUT
12:10 PM BBT everyone is in the Kitchen area besides Dre and Ika who are talking in the pool area. Ika says she can not be left alone she goes crazy with out Dre. Ika explains to Dre the conversation she had with Dem, playing it up a little bit and trying to reel Dre in further to keep her close. Ika says that Dem feels Dillon is being fake and avoided him when he was on the block and now he’s off he’s trying to be Buddy buddy again.
12:15 PM BBT They discuss how Dillon let Emily get blindsided and Dem/Dre would never do that. Dre feels that’s the week Dillon really clicked and started playing. If kevin had not won HOH then Dillon would have put up Kevin and William. They compare him to Jackie say he is the Male version of her, and flip flopping. They discuss how Dre is living under the bus and Dillon wants Demetres and they need Ika to leave. Dillon told Ika that Dre was throwing Ika and Dem under the bus and letting her go up and didn’t fight for her. They need Williams vote to keep Ika and they need to talk more because there is too much confusion. Ika feels he is a liar and working with Kevin. Ika says she tried to make a truce with Jackie and she really meant it. Meanwhile inside Dillon, Dem, Kevin, William and Jackie are eating, Karen is in the kitchen making slop. Kevin says last night was FIRE due to the alcohol and party they had last night. Kevin jokes about giving ½ the house with alcohol and ½ the house maids, Dem tells about an old season of Australian BB with Tim and how it was similar to haves v have nots.
12:30 PM BBT Lunch continues in the house and Ika and Dre still out by the pool talking about things that have been misconstrued. Karen in the Kitchen mumbling to herself about hating the slop how she can’t eat it because it’s so gross. The table talks about the American BB and how it can be hard because they don’t know much about the US and so they don’t relate. The kitchen table talks about how long and what seasons they have watched of BB. Jackie heads upstairs. Outside Dre says it’s time for a Turn up and they need to do something. They review about it how all the conversations have been to make Ika seem so untrustworthy when she’s the one who has been so upfront and out with her feelings. If Ika can leave this week, Dillon, Kevin, and Dem will be the 3 strong guys in the house running the house. Dem joins them out in the pool area. Ika mention how Dem will be gone most of the day for his prize and it will help show they aren’t so “paired up”
12:45 PM BBT Dre tells Dem that she doesn’t trust Dillon, they are going to try and pull Kevin and William in they might be able to make something and go farther. William has trouble trusting both Ika and Dem, and they talk about how do we go about getting Kevin on board. They want to have them both on board since William will be sleeping in HOH with Kevin. Ika tells Dre to keep with Jackie and that way she can’t Campaign. They feel that Jackie is being underestimated because of that she is seen as a good replacement Nom and that’s why it’s so important for Ika to Campaign smart. Dem feels that kevin was super smart to put up Jackie and that way one good smart mental player leaves this week. Dre is going to try to get William and then if it doesn’t work she is going to try Dillon. Dem heads back inside to check on the slop.They talk about how Dillion is trying to cover his ass from every direction. Meanwhile in the house Karen is cleaning in the Kt, Demetres, Will and Kevin at the table talking about how this house is going to shorten their lives from the stress. Dre heads into the house where they are talking about Sindy being evicted 3 times in 2 seasons. Dre and Will speaking French in the Kt. Jackie on the patio laying on the couch alone, Dillon inside in the Living room laying down next to Dre. They discuss their thoughts. Dre doesn’t want to do something she will regret. Dre tries to explain her game coming in and how it might have to change.
1:00 PM BBT Dre tries telling Dillon they are not a duo they are not inseperable. They make their own decisions. William is practicing Juggling with socks right by Dillon and Dre. Dre says he thinks people have tried to get in her head and she’s not okay she needs to keep them out of her head. Dillon asks for her perspective but the juggling is loud and covers most of the conversation ass they are talking really low. Dre wants to either win or go home and be happy at how she played. She is concerned that she was headed down a bad road and hoping to turn it around. Dillon tries to explain it and how he feels about it. Ika and Kevin up in the HOH talking and Ika says one hundred percent we need to talk week by week to keep moving forward. Ika explains how everyone will break the promises and they need to look at actions. Ika says she has 80% trust with Kevin and no matter what they need to talk. Ika says that no matter what they want to work with him. Ika feels that she has Dem and Dre and needs one more vote. Ika stresses how loyal Dem is and how she doesn’t trust Dillon or Karen. Ika expresses that if she is HOH and is told to put up Dre she would as she knows no one else is going up. Goal is Ika, Dem and Kevin F3. This is Business and they have to win it doesn’t matter what happens after the game. They both just don’t know each other personal. Kevin says he will talk to William and try to get him on board to save Ika.
1:15 PM BBT HOH room shake hands and confirm the business deal and share a little info on Dillon. Ika says they can put differences aside to make this work. William is no longer playing juggling but Dre and Dillon still talking very quietly. They discuss how Ika told Dem to try to get Sindy for his ride tomorrow as she will have info from all angels and Bruno just got out he may not have enough info. Ika shares that Dre confided in her that Kevin is the #1 on her list. Business meetings when everyone is sleeping, and reconvene every night. She shares how loyal she wants this to be. Kevin says he knows that Will would choose Dre over him but if she’s gone then Will is all his. Ika shares how quickly Dillon was trying to kiss up and make a plan to keep her to keep in good graces. Also brings back up how Dillon let Emily get blindsided.
1:30 PM BBT Meanwhile Dre/Dillon still talking downstairs and Dre mentions how this is the 4th time Jackie will survive the block. William is layin on the couch across the room. Ika and Kevin meeting breaks up, ika heads downstairs. Kevin talking to himself in the HOH room saying he doesn’t think ika staying is the best thing and he doesn’t care about the business partners but he will pretend to be a business partner to get through the final 7. Ika is out in the backyard with Dem and Karen talking about selling houses. They talk briefly about AZ where Karen lived and met Bruce. Karen tells about how she trained a kid who was a hussler and he did fantastic. She explains that there were times people made comments that would offend her but she had to hold her tongue.
1:45 PM BBT Dre and Dillon talking Dillon says she hasn’t even come and talk to me. Dre says she doesn’t think she (Ika) would turn her back on Dre. Dre says they have to have enough trust that regardless what happens they have to not turn on each other. Dre feels she would be at the bottom of that group. Dre tells dillon no matter what she is not going back on her word she is voting to keep Ika, Dem is voting to keep Ika and she hopes Dillon will. It’s not about trust it’s about Dre as a person. They agree that Ika doesn’t practice so hard because she has Dem and Dre to protect her. Dre opens up more perspectives of what can happen based on HOH and moving forward. Karen, Dem, and Ika still outside talking about how jackie was being over the top nice and it came off very insincere. Karen tells about how people will turn your words and twist it and make is seem like you are the bad guy and they are the victim. Ika tells about how someone came at her in her last season and she flipped on this specific occasion.
2:00 PM BBT Dillon tells Dre to put up Kevin but for her to only play half of her game.Dre thinks that she keeps Ika, Will be upset to keep her. Dillon says that she has to stop playing with her heart. Dre thinks that they will hold a grudge. Dillon thinks no one will he thinks maybe Sindy might on him but no one else will he says that everyone will end up being friends in the end. Dre asks him if Karen will be upset he says no. Maybe at first but will understand it’s just a game. Dre says that it was ruthless especially when it came to Emily leaving he tells her that she had no votes. They are talking about being F’d over. He says he has been so many times that’s why he’s ruthless. Dre says she can’t be ruthless she thinks that she the feeling that people will hate her. Dre says she doesn’t understand why people lie in this game and people believe them. Dillon is trying on Dre’s glasses. They are talking about how she can’t see without them. Dillon says if Dre can influence him to vote Dem and Ika out she could. They are saying that the both of them are so indecisive in life in general. And esp. In this game. She would put Kevin and Dem up on the block if she won HOH. She just wants to be proud of the game she plays when she leaves. Dre doesn’t want to have this convo anymore and decide on Thurs. Of who to vote out.
2:15 PM BBT Kevin and Dem is playing pool. Ika and Jackie on couch having small talk. Dre and Dillon are setting up strategic scenario of who can they beat. They are wanting to send Karen home. But for this week need to send Jackie home. Dre wishes she should have make a final 2 with someone so that she could say it wasn’t her that sent them home when it came down to it. Dillon says for f2 with him. Dre says after this week she wants to start becoming ruthless. Dillon laughed. Jackie came downstairs and sat on the couch in between Will and Dre/Dillon. Dre says she is evil and BB says to fix your mic and she repeats it louder. Dre says she is gonna go to the bathroom and then have a talk with everyone/everything just to get through the day and week.
2:30 PM BBT-2:40 PM BBT Feeds down
2:41 PM BBT Feeds came back to Dre and Ika chatting in the Pantry about what Dre and Dillon were talking about. Karen, Ika, Will, and Dre in the kitchen. BB says to watch their language and Karen wondered if it was Dem. Ika says maybe. Dem and Kevin still playing a game of pool and talking about game of what will happen this week. Dem says to Kevin that they aren’t going after Will so they are talking about Jackie’s game. Kevin says if Ika staying that is better for his game.

2:45 PM BBT Kevin and Dem want to know if keeping Ika because she is not winning any comps and she is not really a huge threat. They are talking about the comps. Kevin says that people could tell they are discussing game on how bad their game of pool is. Dem thinks that this Thursday could very well be a double. They say that Dre should want to keep Ika over Jackie. Dem thinks that Dre thinks he’s dumb. Dre just wanted to keep Ika off the block. Dem thinks that if he is up on the block then he has no chance he’ll go home for sure. They say that if by chance Jackie stays it’ll be the 4th chance and she’ll end up in final 2. Karen and Dillon in WR talking about wanting Jackie needing to go Ika doesn’t know much about studying the game as much as Jackie has. Karen is wondering what Dillon thinks where everyone’s heads are at and where the vote is going. Dillon says that Kevin told him that either Ika or Jackie going this week is no point on his game. Karen says she won’t betray him and says that Dem and Ika will. They are talking about Dre trusts Dillon and Karen is trying to convince Dillon that Dre is working with him, Jackie walked into the WR and they changed the subject to his fighting. Jackie was using the restroom, as soon as she left the room they went back to talking about Dre. Karen thinks that when Dre is in the blue room she working on jury votes but Dillon says that she is just studying with Jackie. They think that this week is a double. And Karen is just concerned with where she is on the list. Karen thinks that the only one’s in a bad position is her and Jackie. Jackie the most because she is working alone. Karen has at least Dillon. Dem has Ika for now. Kevin has Will. Karen is talking about if Bruce comes for only 2 days. But not sure if she is just going to have him stay home or if she goes to Jury house.
3:00 PM BBT Karen thinks that someone is out in the hallway because of the camera is pointing out that way Dillon thinks she’s being paranoid then Dem walks in goes to the restroom. Dem leaves, Karen see’s Will go downstairs and calls him a little brat. Karen is trying to change the subject when someone comes in. They are talking about if Jackie wins HOH Karen and Will go home. They are doing small talk. Thinking about whales and fish taco’s. Karen thinks that he is being sucked into Dre’s game plan of not working together. Dillon thinks the need to get Ika out.
3:15 PM BBT Karen thinks that Dillon needs to get Dre convinced to vote Ika out. Karen thinks that Jackie has betrading everybody. So She needs to go to. Karen thinks that the vests needs to go and get the newbies to the end. Karen wants to have him help her to get them out. Dillon says he is going to talk to both Kevin and Will together. Camera goes to Dre and Ika in the Pink room talking about not putting up Dillon and Will. She wants Karen and Jackie. Ika is telling Dre that if she keeps her over Jackie she will be willing to work with whatever she wants to do next week. Dre doesn’t want Dillon to go up. Ika says that Kevin is trying to put up Dillon and Karen. Dem wants to go after Karen and Will and Dillon. But is saying that Dillon wants Dem all to himself. They want to work with Dre. Jackie called to the DR. Ika is talking about what everyone is telling her. Trying to get Dre on her side to vote for her to stay. Ika tells her that Dillon and Jackie just sits and lets everyone else to do the talking. Ika says that its only Ika, Dem and Dre in the game. She says that next week everyone will drop Kevin and pick him off.
3:30 PM BBT Will, Kevin and Dillon in HOH room talking about everyone’s game inside and outside of the game. They say they want Karen and Jackie out. Saying that Jackie is vengeful at Kevin. Jackie shouldn’t feel comf. Because no one likes her over Ika. They think its going to be 5-0 if everyone wants to vote out Jackie. Kevin says at first he was gunning for Ika and Dem but seeing how Jackie is acting to go after her. But Kevin says that he’s not against either one of them going. Dillon says now he’s confused more now then when he went into the room. They can’t believe how comfortable Jackie is feeling. Kevin says that can’t stand when someone feeling in a good spot. They say that Jackie knows the days better than everyone else. Dillon leaves the room. Will and Kevin are talking. Camera goes to Dillon and Dem on gray couch talking about raining outside and feeling fat. They are talking about driving tomorrow. And the cars they have. Talking about Dem’s neighbors car and he wants to give him a couple grand to see if he sales it to him. Dillon and Dem has been catching themselves swearing the F word and telling BB sorry. Dillon wished they still had pictures on the wall so they could point and laugh at everyone’s picture. They start talking about how Jackie is feeling very comfortable being on the block and she shouldn’t. They are trying to figure out what to do. Send Jackie home over Ika. They think that next week will be a rewind week and they are trying to think of what kind of comp it will be. Discussing where they stand. And who will go up.
3:45 PM BBT Karen and Jackie in the WR discussing who’s left. Karen is wondering if she could win a smart comp because she hasn’t been studying. Jackie tells her to start studying with her. And how the strong guys are left and not to many girls left. They are discussing that it’ll be Karen, Dre and Jackie that will always be on the bottom. They stop talking when Karen sees Ika. They talk about the toothpaste and whitestrips. Camera’s ¾ goes out, camera ½ Dillon and Dem talk about what could happen after Thursday. Ika comes into the room. Dillon tells her they are just trying to figure out who to vote for. Dem jokingly says it’s going to be a unanimous vote just not sure which way yet Ika throws a pillow at Dillon and tackles Dem. They talking about what Kevin is going to do this week. So it just depends on who wins and who is on the other side. They are talking about who the targets are. Dem says that He really wanted Bruno gone over Karen. But now wants her gone.
4:00 PM BBT Kevin and Karen are chatting Karen is talking about Jackie Jackie and William Kevin is talking to Karen about Jackie Karen said that nobody trust Jackie Kevin said can we have both of them out Kevin said trio is dangerous
4:15 PM BBT Kevin said at least you have the Hoh under you and a slope past Karen said and i got the first guy out Karen said you can’t smell it it smelled like freezer Karen said i am so hungry and you know what i did last night i sniffed the ores and then i ate it Karen was pretending on who they could talk to they pretend that they called Bruno and she asked who we should vote out
4:30PM BBT Dillon said dogs thrive on having a schedule at 8:30 and at 5:30 the dog gets fed the dog will stand there and look at you Demetres said to Ika you said you got up super early Remember that Canada is watching please watch your language
4:45 PM BBT Jackie and Karen is in the kitchen Karen is talking about the weight that she had gain Kevin said the game play is so much harder this season Dillon said because we were sprinting this season Kevin said to William who do you want to stay he said i think Jackie Kevin said i got to win the power of veto if not i’m going home Kevin said the live feeds were off last night which is a good thing
5:00 PM BBT Karen and Dillon are outside by the pool Karen said i don’t want either of them here Karen said has Ika and demetres talked to you yet and who are they targeting Karen said i don’t trust besides you anybody that is i the house Dillon said i don’t know where williams head is at and i don’t like Jackie Dillon feels that it’s gonna be a double Karen said if Dre wins then who is going to go up
5:15 PM BBT Ika and Kevin and Demetres are in the cave chatting Kevin said so i can’t trust dillon at all Dre and Jackie are talking about the jury Dre said i am so lost Jackie said is that worth with ika being mad at you Jackie said Dre you can’t let your emotions coming over you Jackie said then again everybody gets mad being on the block Demetres and Ika were making out in the Cave
5:30 PM BBT Jackie said we only have 2 weeks left we are near the end Dre and Jackie are talking about the double eviction Dre said what am i doing Dre said you can say whatever you want to say Karen said to dillon you can suck face Dre said William didn’t listen to me Karen is blowing her hands she said before you roll the dice
5:45 PM BBT Karen said then we break up dre and him Karen said the Pov is the only one that i have not won yet Dillon said what am i supposed to do Karen said fight like a champion that you are and win Karen said if william wins Hoh who is going to go up and it’s true i have an headache 2 Dre said it’s less people it’s fine now we can get to know each other better Dre said you know Karen runs her mouth
6:00 PM BBT Jackie is outside saying the air is refreshing, They discuss how the Cmas follow Dillon when he smokes. Dre says that William is scared of the public once he is out because his relationship with Kevin. Dre asked Kevin how much hate did you get outside the house last time, Kevin said to be prepared there is alot of hate and lots of homophobic comments. Feeds cut from the conversation meanwhile in the Hn room Dem and Ika are cuddled up talking Karen comes in and asks what the love birds are up to. They say watching Tv , they discuss how crazy it is to try and sleep in the room and how Brutal it is. They were all excited to see the HN room and then realized it and then realization hit about where to sleep. Karen asks about Garlic and wants to make something with it while being a HN. Dillon in the Kitchen with Kevin and saying he feels like he is in a terrible spot. William comes over asks what Kevin is eating. Corn beef and crackers. Karen comes into the kitchen and tells them what she is going to do. She tells them she needs garlic because she tells them about her gut and that she feels the garlic will help her lose weight. She says she is going to make a roasted olive oil garlic and mayonnaise. The boys are making pizza and she says she can smell it. Outside, Dre and Jackie are talking about who they put on the block and who they would use as a replacement. Dre says at this point that they will be putting each other on the block so it’s important to win POV. Dre says she did not see it coming and she feels stupid. She said she tried her best to win but she felt that if no one else could win but her that her brain would have worked better.
6:15 PM BBT Jackie says that Dem acted like he didn’t know anything then pulled it out. Dre says that Dem does know things. Jackie said if she didn’t mess up the prompter she would have won. Dre says that she would have been done in 10 min if she didn’t tell herself at the beginning that she couldn’t do it. They talk about the puzzle and the ways they tried the puzzle. Dre says that the comp was either one you would kill it or not. She said she felt like it would be Kevin or Jackie to win it. Dre says she did everything the prompter told her to do. Dre said that she feels that Thursday will be a double or instant elimination but that she does and does not feel in danger because you just don’t know. Jackie says that she feels in danger every week. Dre says it was good that Bruno felt way too comfortable and it was good he left. She says that the only one who should have not felt stressed was Neda because she had immunity. Dre said she didn’t like when Neda laughed at Cassie’s speech. They talk about Neda and her attitude in the house and that she took her time in the house for granted. They talk about if she acts like that in real life and Dre said she was disappointed in her. Jackie said she knew her more on a personal level in the house. Dre says that they were using Jackie as a number instead of an ally. Dillon joins them outside. Jackie goes inside – Dillon says he feels that Dem and Ika made a deal with Kevin to be safe next week. Dillon says who else do they have to go after. Dre says if no one is going after no one then they can just stop playing he says exactly what he was thinking. Why did they make a deal and not talk to him. Dillon says he doesn’t know. He says he saw Kevin and Ika smile and hi five each other in the WR. Dre says that William is weighing his options for who will not put him or Kevin up. Dillon says if Jackie goes home then it will be him and Karen next. Dre says there is still time – it’s only Monday for everyone to change their minds.
6:30 PM BBT Dillon says he feels that they are getting played. Dre says that if Ika i not playing her then Ika will come back and tell her it was to cover her basis and if she doesn’t tell her then it’s a real deal and put Kevin up anyway. Dillon says that then she could do the same to him. Dre says she is going to give her vote to BB – Dillon asks what that means. She tells him if Ika tells him it’s not a real deal she will come tell him and she has until Wednesday and she will not ask her. Dre tells him that Ika said that whoever will keep her off the block is who she will ride and die with. Dre tells him about the time when Sindy was in the house and putting people on the block when she was HOH and that she chose Neda instead of Dre. Dillon said that Sindy putting Neda on the block was a good move and Dre tells him that his putting Sindy on the block was a good move. Karen comes out with them and tells them about her garlic olive oil. They talk about going into the hot tub. They talk about Jackie and if she has cornered any of them. Music starts to play and the feeds go down. 6:45 PM BBT feeds out by the hot tub.
6:45 PM BBT In the blue room, William and Jackie are talking. Jackie says it’s hard not to piss someone off in the game. Jackie says that Karen looks pretty set in her decision. Jackie asked about William trusting Ika. William says that he has seen things shows him that Ika is playing him but that he thinks that Ika is fully committed to Dre and Dem. The only one that she would vote against Dre is if it was Dem. Jackie says that there is a time in the game when you need to put your personal feelings aside to win – that he will need to decide what he has to do to get to the end of the game and win. Jackie tells him if she gets votes it wouldn’t bother her but people can tell her they have the votes then turn at the last minute. She tells him she hopes he never has to be on the block because it’s stressful. Jackie says second place sucks about the puzzle challenge. They talk about newbies and vets and William says if they have only newbies then that means kevin is gone. Jackie asks if William thinks something will happen after the house. William thinks that Kevin is not ready for a relationship with a guy. William says that he wants to go in the hot tub.
7:00 PM BBT In the WR, Ika and Dem are talking. Dem has a face mask on. Ika asks if he is ready to wash it off and he says he likes it. She takes his mask off – she tells him she doesn’t want to go home. Dem says he will do everything it takes to keep her. He washes the rest of his face and Ika is going to put more things on his face. She puts something on his face to dry out his pimples and he says it hurts. Karen comes in – they talk about Jackie and that she had time to think about what she was going to say. Karen changes into her suit to go to the hot tub. Dem and Ika talk about how women go through things that are painful. They talk about waxing. Kevin is laying down on the couch down stairs. William is looking for his water bottle. William goes to the kitchen and talks with Dre in French. Dre is eating pizza.
7:15 PM BBT Karen and William go out to the hot tub. He teaches Karen the French word for Flip Flops. Karen is in the hallway bending down doing something. He leaves her in the hallway and goes outside. William takes the top off the hot tub and starts the bubbles. He is getting in. Karen joins him. They talk about Jackie and that they have caught her counting things and the things she is studying. Karen asks if Jackie has talked to William. He says yes. She asks if she is telling him wild stories? He says a little. Karen says it’s hard because who do you believe and it’s hard because you don’t trust. Karen says that no one thinks she will win HOH. Karen says in her mind that Jackie has to go soon. But that Ika and Dem are strong together but that she is not close to them and that Jackie is a wild card. William says he doesn’t know what to do because he knows that most everyone wants to go after Kevin and that he will be on the block with them. Karen asks if he thinks that Ika and Dem has a deal with Kevin? William says no. She says that whoever wins after jackie goes home that Dillon and her will be the next to go up. Karen tells him if anyone is telling him that she is going after him that it is a lie because that never came out of her mouth.
7:30 PM BBT Karen says that’s what worries her because Jackie says a lot of things but that also Ika and Dem are strong together. William says that Kevin will not go after her. She asks if he thinks if Dem and ika would put him up? He says he doesn’t think that he would be next to Dillon. William says for his game he would look at which one would put him up then that would be his target or if they were to target Kevin. Karen says she know because that’s how she felt when Gary left but that she was not on the block with him but Dre was but was not very close to him. Karen says it’s only Monday and there is a lot to think about. Karen says now people are making new deals. She says she is glad that she made it this far. They sit on the edge of the hot tub. They talk about the water being low. Karen says she feels that she can talk to him like a friend in the house and if anyone tells him about her coming after him it’s a lie. William says that he believes her. She says that if they are saying that they are desperate but she knows it’s part of the game. And trying to get people to mistrust. William says he wonders if Gary is in Paris. He says he had so much fun with Gary but that he made up so many lies that he couldn’t trust him. Karen says that’s what she feels from the last couple weeks too. Karen says she feels this week is a double. William says if it’s not this week then next week. Karen asks if it’s better to go after HOH in the double. William says that it’s best for her game not to because no one is coming after her. She asks who Dem would put up? William sahs him and Kevin. She asks about who Ika would? William says he doesn’t know and Karen says do you think me? William says no. Karen says she doesn’t want Jackie to go much further in the game. William says that he thinks Jackie is trusting him so he doesn’t think she would put him up. Karen says that but can she trust that?
7:45 PM BBT William says that the worst thing that would happen to her is that karen would be a pawn. They talk about a split vote. They talk about the dance party and how fun it was. Karen says that they have had a lot of fun in the house. William says since they don’t get a lot of alcohol that when they do get it that it is more fun. Jackie joins them in the hot tub. They talk in general conversation. They talk about the Jury house and if they have a hot tub. They talk about what they would do if they were in the Jury house. They talk about if they would talk about who everyone was rooting for in the house. Karen says it’s so different being a player vs a fan. Jackie says that in jury minds can change. William says a lot can change too since Neda left on week 5 and then it will be week 11. They talk about who Dem will pick up in the car. They say that it should be Sindy. They wonder if he will get to drive the car or not. Jackie says that also Sindy knows information from the Jury house if she could tell Dem to get back into the house.
8:00 PM BBT They ask if Sindy would really do that feeling betrayed by the house. And Karen says that Bruno could have told them something that we don’t know he tells them. Karen says that she doesn’t think that they would help Dem with any information. Karen says she will still be on when the cameras are on like she usually is but Sindy won’t give any secrets. Karen says if it was Jackie though that they would have told her or Kevin. Jackie says that they kept her over Sindy and she can see resentment for that reason. She says she didn’t do anything to Neda. That Bruno would have been resentful if she was the replacement nom. Karen says that if Dem chooses Sindy that she will talk about her stories. Karen would love to know how Neda was received by the audience. Jackie and William say they don’t think anyone will be able to talk about it. Seems petty anyway since Neda’s out so it doesn’t have an impact on the game. Jackie mentions audience members having on Team Bruno shirts, and when he got out he looked at them and it was his family. Karen says she think whoever Dem picks may not want to reveal much since that info will in turn help Ika. She says they’ll all be rooting for Kevin right now, he has 3 solid in jury. Jackie says she was so close to winning and she would’ve gotten lots of help. All three are glad they can forget about the stats on the car. Jackie says it’ll be drilled into her head forever.
8:15PM BBT They start to do houseguest math, and they think it’s all set up for a double this Thursday. No one suspects a triple. Karen wonders if this will be the last week for have not’s. Jackie says if that’s the case her slop pass would only have been good for one week, so she suspects it will go for another week.
Meanwhile, Dillon and Kevin are playing pool and Demetres is on the lounger watching. Just making small talk.
William says he’s going to have a jaw surgery in august and will have TPN nutrition. Karen trying to talk him out of it. She says her son was encouraged to get it done and she said no way. Will says it’s not just for vanity, he’s in pain. And he knows people who got it done and they were all happy. He says he’ll be on liquids for 2 weeks and total recovery of a month. Jackie asks Karen if she’s ever had surgery? Karen says oh yeah but won’t elaborate. Jackie asks for injuries or other? Karen says both, and when you get older the healing time is extended.
Demetres comes out, and talk turns to his picking up a juror. Demetres says production already asked him who he chooses and he says Sindy. He leaves. Jackie is getting hot and wonders how Bruno could handle roasting in the hot tub for so long. Jackie wonders where Marsha has been.
8:30PM BBT Will and Jackie get out of the hot tub, and Demetres stays outside to clean up and rearrange the furniture. Dillon and Kevin are still playing pool, while Ika, Dre and Karen are on the loungers. Dillon wins again 6-0. Demetres comes by to watch as well. Dillons starting to give tips to Kevin and Kevin’s doing much better.
8:45PM BBT Ika/Karen/Dre are talking Real Housewives but the audio’s on the guys. Demetres asks everyone if they want a steak. No talking going on except rating the characters on the housewives shows.
9:00PM BBT Kevin asks Dem and Dillon how to do rail shots. They finish the game and Kevin starts his walking. He asks Ika and Karen about the housewives shows and they start talking about how great it must be to be sooo rich. Ika thinks it’s none of people’s business if someone’s with a married guy. Ika now talking about ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and explaining it to Karen. Kevin continues his exercise by running up and down the steps. Karen says she’s lightheaded and needs to eat something and a tea. Kevin says one of the Toms tweeted him one time about poker. Both Ika and Karen go nuts.
9:15PM BBT Ika wonders if Demetres parents hate her? Karen and Dillon say no. Ika thinks she may not be the typical girl next door. Ika asks them if she’s nice and nobody knows what to say. Ika asks Kevin to choose 3 words to describe her. He says, real, strong and funny. Dillon says insensitive and obnoxious. Karen says beautiful. Ika can’t believe none of the three in the house will say she’s nice. William walks in and says she’s not nice. He chooses, loud, naughty and a bitch.
Dre comes and agrees Ika’s not nice. She calls her petty and scary
9:30PM BBT Dre says it’s awesome to not be called nice, people call you nice when they don’t know what to say because you’re bland. Dillon and Karen tell her being normal sucks; it’s boring. Karen said if you’re normal you don’t make the show. Ika says Dillon has the most empathy. He says if not for his mom he’d be a POS asshole.
9:38PM BBT Feeds go down

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9:45PM BBT Feeds down
10:00PM BBT in the pool William and Kevin swimming as Karen and Jackie look on and laugh as the pretend they are racing saying that William has won. In the living room Ika and Dillon talking about who they will put up if they win hoh. Ika says that she thinks that William will keep her in the house. They discuss Karen and they both say that they like her and he says he can’t put her up. Ika says she likes her but she is watching out for him, Demetres and Dre first. They say they will put up Kevin and Dre to see where Williams loyalty is it. Dillon says if Karen wins she’s going after Kevin. Ika says she feels sorry for Karen.
10:15PM BBT Dillon says that the next two out will be Kevin and william. Dillon says that every time Demetres goes on the block he wins pov and comes off. Dillon talks about the big move that Demetres gets and that could you imagine if it would have been Kevin or William that won it what would have happened. Ika tells Demetres that she asked everyone if they think that his parents like Ika and everyone said no. She asked for descriptions and she said no one said the word nice. They all laugh and Dillon said he said the word “vain” and Demetres says I don’t see it. Demetres says that if she was clingy or something then i could see it. He says that as long as I’m happy then they will be ok. Demetres is in the kitchen cooking steaks and fries and Dillon goes in to help. Dillon talks about a pub his friends own and how he is in like a partnership with him. They are about to open another one.
10:30PM BBTdillon and Demetres both eating talking about how delicious the food is. Dre comes in and Dillon offers her some. You can hear Dre whispering on the side with Ika and they talk about Jackie is moping around and Ika says that it’s disgusting that she acts like that. Ika says that people don’t think that they are so close since this past week. Ika says that Dillon doesn’t know that they know and that he is playing both sides. Dre says she doesn’t trust him anymore. Ika asks Dre if she thinks that Demetres parents like her. Dre says that they have to show the soft good side that they have. Ika says she cannot believe that he didn’t offer to use the veto on her. She says it’s not that he didn’t use it on her but she didn’t even offer it. She says that he didn’t even consider it till after the fact. Ika says that when they went on the block no one talked to them and now he’s pulled himself off Dillon wants to be his best friend. Ika says that the only votes she can truly depend on is Demetres and Dre and that is quite alarming. Ika asks Dre about William and Ika says he said he would tell me on Wednesday. Dre says he says it’s because he wants to make sure who you will put up if you win and Dre says he is watching out for himself, Kevin and Dre.
10:45PM BBT Karen in the kitchen talking to the boys about eating the steak and how good it was. Karen says that the fries look so good. William in the hot tub and Karen comes out and sits and talks to William. He says that he will probably not be on a lot of episodes this week because he only went into the dr one time. Jackie comes over and hangs out. Karen says that whoever fights with Ika will get some tv time. The three go over the days this week and what all has happened. For instance 50 was pov and it was Saturday. Ika, Dre and Demetres in the living room discussing Ika not eating food because she says that slop is not food. Dre asks when are you leaving and he says tomorrow and Ika says then we will see what it’s like to be in the house without you. Ika says that he will go out and it will be so different, with flowers and trees and such. Ika says that no one said words to describe her that were nice. Dre says I cannot believe that you are worried about these people think.
11:00PM BBT Dillon comes back in and joins the conversations Ika still going on about not being considered nice. Dillon alone with Dre talking about what she thinks about him. Dillon asks Dre if they are going to keep Ika? Dre says yes and he says him too and then Dre says that she believes karen wants to keep her too. Dre says that for at least right now that’s the plan and he says what would happen to make us change our minds. He says what would make me change my mind? She says things happen everyday. He starts getting worried and says I’m gonna think about this from now on. She says today you said Ika was in the bathroom high giving Kevin. He says no that was last week. She says are you sure maybe you’re mistaken because you told me today and he says no last week. Dillon says that Dre wants her out but she doesn’t wanna be the one who does it.
11:15PM BBT Ika and Demetres in the kitchen talking about how important their game together and that they made it this far by working together and Demetres says that they were not given a free ride Demetres says he does not care for Dre right now but he is gonna not hold a grudge but he is not happy with her. She says that she likes Dre but she should like her more than she does but she can’t. She says that she doesn’t fully trust William and they need him out. William and Dre in the living room talking in French. Dillon and Demetres in the bathroom brushing there teeth, they are talking about the next comp and how Kevin can’t play and Dillon says the week they want Karen gone he will throw the comp.
11:30PM BBT Ika and Demetres put their legs and feet into hot tub with Kevin. They talk about the car and that Sindy is going with Demetres tomorrow. Jackie says she is going to bed and heads out. Demetres and Kevin talk about cars and the vehicles that they have. Ika and Kevin talk about what they will do after the season and if they will go to the after party. Ika says that so many people want to tell you what it’s like and how you should have played your game. The feeds cut off so we can’t hear the story. Jackie and Dre in the living room talking about the game, they are talking about pass evictions like Emily and Neda and such. They both wonder what was showed on tv. Dre says that she feels like it’s gonna be a double eviction this week, William comes back and is eating some cheesy something. Dre and William talk about how much they cuss in the house. Ika and Kevin talk more about the world after the game.
11:45PM BBT Dillon tells Kevin that it will be so much fun and he will have dozens of ladies wanting to go back to his room with him. Finally Dre and William go into the kitchen and jackie heads to bed. William serves himself some watermelon, then back to talk to Dre in French. Dre brushing her teeth for bed she tells William stuff in French as he showers.


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