Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th

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12:00 AM BBT  In the HOH Room Demetres tells Ika that when she first came in the house that he thought she was going to tear him up.  They talk about what they would do with the prize money.  Ika says she is a hateful person.  Demetres asks her who they are going to align with but that when it’s time they will cut from them.  She says that they put her in the house with people she likes so BB may not get any Ika moments.  Dallas come into the HOH.  He talks to them about the speech he will give tomorrow. He is promising that he will not disappoint them.  He is comparing Emily to him and who will fight for him.  He says he will not retaliate against him as long as they give him the way to stay and that he will have his loyalty.  He said he doesn’t know why Emily will be better for his game and that he is more brawn than brain.  Demetres tells him that he is a dangerous player and Emily is not.  Dallas tells him that if they get Emily out this week that they can target Dillon next week and that keeping Dallas is better for their game.  Dallas tells Demetres that they are a lot alike. Cass comes into the HOH room.  Demetres says that there is a lot of time before the eviction.  Dallas says again that if he stays that he will keep his word.  Dallas leaves the HOH room.  All 3 of them leave the HOH room to go to the kitchen.  CASSANDRA PLEASE GO TO THE DR.  Demetres and Ika sit at the table in the kitchen and talk about the conversation that they just had with Dallas. Ika tells Demetres to be honest with Dallas and tell him that they are evicting him so he doesn’t give his speech.  Cass returns from the DR.  Demetres leaves the table and Ika tells Cass that Dallas is not going to stay.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th
12:15 AM BBT Cass tells Ika that the benefit to keeping Dallas is that he will go after the ones that Demetres and Ika want out of the house. Cass says that they would have the votes to keep Dallas. Ika tells her they do not have the votes. Demetres returns to the table. Demetres asks if they will take the dog away from him. Ika says they will. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Ika says she never gets in trouble with production. Cass asks if Ika talked to Gary. She says that he went to bed early because he was upset. Then she asks if she has spoken to Emily. Ika says she can not stand Emily so no she did not talk to her. Cass talks about the Oreo dunk challenge and that Emily told Cass that she was upset with them. She tells them that Emily asked Cass if she was going to vote for her. Cass asked Emily if she did stay who would be her target and she says it would be Karen and Demetres. She tells them that Emily says she is close to Bruno, Kevin and Dallas and she tells Demetres that he can verify that with Jackie. Ika says she can not understand how Emily is so confident in the house but that Emily hasn’t spoken to her once. Ika says she knows that Emily will come after her. Cass says that Emily will be coming after them. Cass reminds Demetres that if he keeps Dallas that he will be loyal to him as well as go after Dillon for him. Both girls ask Demetres what he wants them to do. Cass tells them that Dallas told her that Bruno looked him in the eye and told him they would save him. Ika tells Demetres that she never did that because she couldn’t promise Dallas he was safe. They talk about different scenarios about what would happen if they kept Dallas and who they would put up instead. Cass tells Demetres that he has too many people in his head telling him what to do. Demetres says he is just going back to his raw instinct to put Dallas up but that with everyone talking to him is swaying him back and forth. He says that Dallas isn’t gone yet but at some point he will be a pain to him. Cass says then to keep him until final 4 because they need strong players to get further in the game and that they can get rid of him at that point. Ika says that there are too many scenarios and that he should go to bed and think more about it. Cass reminds him that tomorrow is the ceremony. Demetres says that BB has not told them to go to bed yet and that is because they are killing the live feeds and everyone is watching them.
12:30 AM BBT Cass says if they get rid of Emily that Dillon will be crushed but Demetres says that or he will get a fire under his butt because of it. Demetres say she feels bad that he caused all this chaos. Cass says it wasn’t him, that it was Mark and whoever was helping him. Demetres says that Kevin and Bruno are good at their social game. Ika says she feels bad they are putting Demetres through this. But he says no that it is good that they are going through every option. Cass tells him that she has talked to different alliances and who they will vote for. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION Cass reminds Demetres that they will be stronger with Dallas. That they need to target Dillon. Demetres says he doesn’t want to watch this back and find out that Dallas and Dillon had this plan the whole time. Cass reassures him that it is not happening behind his back.
12:45 AM BBT They are having small talk about smoking and if any of them have tried it. Demetres tells the girls that everyone is telling him what he wants to hear. Demetres says he just doesn’t want it to be a last minute thing like it was last week. Cass tells him that he can control the vote. Cass asks him what the middle people are saying – Demetres says not much and they are just happy not to be going up. They start talking about different questions that BB could ask them in comps like the number of stairs. They begin talking about the water problems and BB cuts the feeds. GOODNIGHT HOUSE GUESTS SLEEP WELL. Demetres goes up to the HOH room. The girls stay at the table.
1:00 AM BBT Cass asks about the vets group meeting and Ika tells her that’s how she know that they are not going to keep him. She tells her after his talk with them, if that will not sell them then nothing that Cass can say will sway them. Ika tells Cass that their faces during the meeting were blank. She tells Cass about what Dallas said in the meeting. She tells her that after Dallas left she turned to Kevin and asked him if they are going to stab him in the back. She says that they told her that why would they vote out someone who is not coming after them. Meaning Emily. Cass tells Ika that Kevin told her that the vets were voting for Dallas to stay. Ika says that the house is planning on keeping Emily because they know that she will not go after them. Cass says she isn’t interested in being loyal to people who are not loyal to her. That she is not going to bow down to them.
1:15 AM BBT Cass says the only people who are really loyal to each other is Kevin and Bruno and that she is going to start to distance herself from them. She says that they think she is the perfect person to work with because she will do their dirty work for them and then they think they can get rid of her later. Cass tells Ika that she needs to talk to Demetres again tomorrow and remind him that Emily will go after them. And that Dallas will be the strong person on their side. Ika says her brain is shot and Cass says they should go to bed. Cass says she wishes that Dre would win HOH so she can put up Kevin and Bruno. Ika says that if Dillon or Emily win HOH that they will go after her and Demetres. Ika says she will talk to Demetres by the pool tomorrow and that Cass needs to keep Sindy occupied. The girls begin to get ready for bed.
1:30 AM BBT Cass forgot her mic in the bathroom and BB tells her to go get it. Before the girls go into the HN room, Ika tells Cass again that she wants Emily gone. Cass says – well the HOH has a crush on you and you can talk to him and tell him. She says she will see where his head’s at one last time, then after that he will make his decision. Ika says she doesn’t want a showmance but Cass says they do not want Sindy to be the showmance. Ika says she feels for him like a friend and doesn’t want any part of a showmance. The girls go into the HN room and get ready for bed. All HG are sleeping
2:00 AM BBT All HG are sleeping

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th
7:00 AM BBT Ika and Karen are talking in the washroom about who is a bigger threat in the house. Karen is saying she feels she is a bigger threat than Emily is in the house. She also says Dallas doesn’t like her and will try and get her out. She thinks Kevin will just go with the flow and vote who everyone else does. She also feels that Dallas is in a strong power position with 3 groups in the house and can work to get either of them out. Karen thinks they have enough voted to get Dallas out. Ika asked who are the votes she starts naming names of who to vote for. Karen thinks that Jackie Emily and Dallas are working together. She thinks Sindy is very loyal to Ika. Karen says she could be wrong because it is just a feeling. Karen asks Ika if she trusts Dallas.
7:15 AM BBT Ika thinks for a minute then says I trust the girls more then the boys. Karen and Ika are talking about Karen’s hair. Karen says she has too much hair oil in her hair. Ika is telling her she can’t curl it with that much oil, she needs to maybe put it up until they get water. Karen says this house takes a toll on you. Karen says talk about high stress and it isn’t going to get an easier.Ika says she wants to do her laundry but will wait til people get up. Karen says she doesn’t do well with the big hair clips because her hair is so thin. She says she used to much oil in her hair so it is really greasy. Karen says the last comp she did was so hard on her. Feeds go down for a minute as she is talking about the last challenge.
7:30 AM BBT Ika and Karen are still talking about Karen’s hair. They are wondering why they are awake so much before wake up. They are going downstairs for coffee and tea. Karen is making coffee. Ika is going to fix her eyelash while Karen continues to make coffee. Karen has served them both coffee. Ika says you get picked for a lot of challenges so your body keeps going thru it. Karen says yea and I’m old I’m not use to doing stuff like this all the time. Ika asks her if she thinks she would be good at mental challenges. Karen says it depends if she has the time she will do okay but if it is one where they have to go really fast she doesn’t think she would do good.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th

7:45 AM BBT Karen says she is surprised she won the challenge she won. Karen says she thinks Ika is strong in both types of comps. Ika says she wants to try real hard to win the next HOH. Karen says she asked Dillon how much weight they had on them she told Ika Dillon said roughly 50 -60 pounds extra weight. Ika says she doesn’t know how Neda did it running back and forth in the milk. Karen says she had more milk than she needed, she was scared she was going to fall on her ass. She said she didn’t want to get body chopped either. Karen says she feels like she has been beat to hell. Ika asks her if she thinks the POV will be held today. Karen says she thinks it has to be today. Karen says it is strange how this game goes. When you are in power you destroy one person’s dream then you have to start to rebuild the trust with the other person. Karen says she can’t wait to see the show to see who started the tension. Karen is saying on her HOH they were telling her one thing about who they were voting for and it changed. Ika tells her she thinks it changed last minute that it wasn’t a planned thing. Karen is telling Ika about when Dallas stabbed her in the face. She said they were all drinking but her and Dallas said she was lying, time will prove that she wasn’t lying and it was all Dallas. Ika is asking her if she is worried about going up. She says no not really but she knows that Dallas and his crew are in Demetres ear to put her up. She is hoping that Demetres’ is smart and knows that getting her out is good for their game not his. Karen goes to get them more coffee. Ika says the coffee is not working she doesn’t feel more awake. Karen tells it will. Ika says she is not a coffee drinker so doesn’t know. Karen says she hasn’t done ny campaigning and isn’t now but is just having a conversation with her. Ika says I know I know. Karen says she thinks Ika is safe and has never heard her name mentioned. Ika says I know but I don’t want to be too comfortable.
8:00 AM BBT Karen asks Ika how she looks so beautiful in the morning. Ika tells her she isn’t and to not worry so much about Demetres putting her on the block she hasn’t heard that. Feeds have gone down. Feeds are back up with Ika saying that she wishes she could win HOH. Ika is telling her Gary says he is only going to go after people who are going after him. Karen is talking about Demetres talking to her when she was HOH . She is very hard to hear. She says she doesn’t see the need to backstab yet.She thinks Dallas is trying to get in her head and throw her off her game. She says she is the type of person that hold grudges and that maybe her downfall in the game. Ika is saying she can not sleep in the Have Not Room. She says she can’t get comfortable in that room. She says if she doesn’t sleep she can’t think. She is telling Karen that in there you can’t get comfortable so you can’t shut your mind down so then you just can’t fall asleep. Karen is telling her that Cass told her that she will not do good as a have not. Ika is saying she won’t eat the slop and thinks she just got not use to eating.
8:15 AM BBT Karen says she feels like her mind is mush as she has several people coming after her. Ika said she knows how she feels as she doesn’t feel comfortable either. Karen is telling her that Demetres was saying the vets the first week and now she isn’t sure if that is still his plan or if they got in his ear. Karen has once again brought the conversation back to her conflict with Dallas. Karen thinks she is the week 3 target. Ika is telling her she doesn’t think so that people are just saying that. Ika is telling her we are past that she needs to get over it. They have decided to get more coffee and go upstairs. Neda has woken up and Ika is filling her in on everything Karen told her this morning. Ika said Karen told her that Emily feels safe on the block because she has Bruno Kevin Dallas Jackie and William saying they won’t vote for her. Neda is saying let’s walk . Feeds have gone down. Time to wake the rest of the house guests.
8:30 AM BBT Feeds come back with Emily being called into DR. She is doing a battery change. Big Brother is telling the house guests it is time to wake up. Dre has awaken and is changing batteries. In the washroom Kevin Bruno Demetres Neda and Karen are talking. Karen is saying she feels bad that she could not get out of the bowl. Karen has been called to the DR. Bruno is asking if the roosters really crow like that in the morning. Demetres is telling him Oh yeah as soon as the sun comes up, it is unreal how loud.. Bruno says he didn’t mind the pink room last night. Cass has joined them in the washroom. Kevin asks if there is still a plumbing issue. He is told yes. Dillon has entered the washroom and Cass has left. In the Have Not Room Cass is talking to Sindy about a conversation she had with Emily. Cass is saying she told her that she can’t give her, her word until after the replacement nom is made. Sindy said her problem is she hasn’t talked game to them she just talked to the boys. Sindy is saying that Dallas’s problem is he hung out with Dillon, she says he never talked game to her until he was in the hot seat. Sindy is telling Cass she trusts Dallas because Cass trusts Dallas. Cass says Dallas’s downfall is his heart he cares. Sindy said she told Emily to asked Dillon to use the veto on her. Sindy said she also told Dallas he has to interrupt Demetres before he says it is over. Ika says Dillon said he said that it looks like his girl and his boy on the block he is going after Demetres. Sindy says that she feels that they should get rid of Emily. Demetres says he doesn’t think Dallas will come after him. He is saying maybe he should put up Jackie up and tell everyone to vote out Emily. He also says he doesn’t think this week is as big a deal as he thought it would be. Cass is saying she is just too moody. She said she said good morning to her and Emily never answered.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th
8:45 AM BBT Demetres says if you look at it in terms of who deserves to be here Dallas does over Emily. Demetres says he can’t wait to see the look on Dillon’s face when Emily leaves, as she is just his puppet. He says he doesn’t think Dallas will go back with Dillon. Sindy says you all like hanging out in this room. Dillon asks if that is where Sindy sleeps. She says yes. Cass says her back is sore from sleeping there. Cass asks Sindy if she gets massages at home Sindy says no she doesn’t work full time and can’t afford it. In the living room Bruno Kevin and Ika are saying they must be fixing the plumbing because it smells over there. Kevin says he had a terrible sleep. Bruno has left the area and Ika and Kevin are deep in their own thoughts. Ika asks Kevin if he is okay and feeds go down.
9:00 AM BBT Feeds come back with Cass talking to Demetres about the fact that Sindy is getting a crush on him. Cass says he loves the fact that everyone thinks Demetres is dumb but he is smart and thinks for himself. She says let everyone think that way. Karen is talking to Demetres about not able to use his washroom. Demetres goes into the pantry to get something to eat. When he comes out Karen says the breakfast of champions. She tells him she hasn’t eaten more cookies since coming into the house. In the washroom the girls are getting ready for the day. Neda Sindy Jackie Emily and Dre are all putting on makeup . Neda frizzes out her hair and asks if she should do this for eviction day. Ika says no don’t do it.
9:15 AM BBT In the yellow room Ika Neda and William are talking. Ika says Jesus is walking with her today. Neda says good we need him with us with all these evil men except you William. Back in the washroom Dre Gary William Jackie and Sindy are still getting ready and the conversation is on general topics. In the dining area Karen Kevin Dillon are still talking about the plumbing problem. Karen is complaining that her body is so sore today. They are talking about a movie called 300. Karen says she never watched it. Demetres says we are going to the POV Ceremony pretty quick. Kevin says unshowered. Demetres has been called to the DR. Dillon says the only days they could have the outside they can’t. Karen says it is not their fault, Dillon says he knows that. Ika has taken the spices to the Have Not Room to do something with them. Looks like Ika is trying to figure out who is with who with the spices. Kevin is leaving the HOH Room it looks like Demetres is putting Jackie up as a pawn. Kevin says he is going to talk to her too. Dallas is filling Demetres in when he is going to call Dillon out. Demetres is telling him he wants to work with Dallas. He is also asking Dallas to keep Jackie if she is put up as a pawn. Demetres says he is excited about this. Dallas is telling him he is going to drop a bomb today where Dillon will not come back to work with him. Dallas says he would like a shower as he stinks. Jackie and William are in the kitchen, preparing their breakfast.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th

9:30 AM BBT In the Have Not Room Ika and Neda are saying that Bruno is playing everyone and trying to be friends with everyone. Ika says he is going after people who are going after him. Demetres enters and says he is thinking of putting up Jackie. Neda thinks it is a bad move she thinks they need to get rid of Dallas. Demetres says he thinks that if they vote Emily out Dillon will be alone. Neda says we are second guessing our gut and our gut is normally right. Neda says it doesn’t affect her because she is safe til jury. Demetres says he thought about it last night and feels good about putting up Jackie. Neda is telling him to put up Dallas and then we have a couple of more days to decide to vote out either Dallas or Emily. Ika says if Dallas wins HOH he won’t put them up, Ika thinks if Emily stays she will put them up. Neda says humans are the only species who don’t listen to their gut. Demetres leaves the room stressing out about what he should do as Neda made some good points. Everyone is called to the HOH Room. William says he needs to do a movement.
9:45 AM BBT Demetres is stressing out, he is saying this is hard man. Demetres tells Dallas 100% he is still safe. Everyone is gathering in the HOH. They think production is probably cleaning the mess from the plumbing problem. Ika is telling Demetres to go with his gut. She is telling him that she feels Dallas is being real. Demetres says it is a catch 22. Ika says we know Emily will come after us with Dillon. Neda is now joining their conversation telling him to please trust her this week, and put Dallas up. The conversation is on general topics. Feeds have gone down with everyone in the HOH Room.
10:00 AM BBT Feeds are down Looks like POV Ceremony may be under wayDaily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th

11:00 AM BBT Feeds still down
11:15 AM BBT Feeds back after Veto Ceremony, Dallas and Dillon, into a good yelling match. Dillon says Dallas sold him out, Dallas said something like “Creme de la Creme” and made some sarcastic boxing remarks. Dallas and Dillon yelling “f-you” and ” no, f-you” back and forth ika and Neda in storage will. Sydney telling to Bruno in washroom. Sydney says Dallas does not talk game to her. Bruno agreed. Karen talking about Iraq and Iran war and movies.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th

11:30 AM BBT Bruno, Cass, and Ika talking about their past seasons. Ika is talking about Dillon’s speech. Dillion is upset with Dallas about what he did on national television. Karen is telling Kevin about Jeffrey Dahmer. Dillion is pacing and cursing in the kitchen.
11:45 AM BBT Feeds out. Dallas and Dillion hashing things out. Dillion mad at his alliance for flipping. They both are going after the other. Dillion doesn’t like how his alliance flipped and selling their soul for $100,000.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th
12:00 PM BBT Dre, Dillon, William, Cass and Emily are in the kitchen. Dallas is in the HOH room. Ika and Bruno are in the HN room and talking about Emily telling everyone they are best friends. Bruno is telling Ika they are not. Bruno claims he is not talking game to anyone in the house. He says he has no loyalty to anyone and to go ahead and send Emily home. Ika says that she would like to see Emily go but she also says at some point they will need to send Cass home because Dallas will be loyal to her before anyone else. Bruno says all he needs to know is who to vote out because he is not talking game to anyone. Bruno says he has been minding his business. He says that Cass is coming for him and Ika tells him if Cass or Karen win HOH that they will come for him. Bruno says he will not turn on Ika. In the kitchen Dre is talking to Dillon and is telling him that she always thought he would be loyal. Dillon tells Emily about how many votes they need to keep her.
12:15 PM BBT Dillon and Bruno are talking in the bedroom about Dallas flipping and he says that he can not be trusted. Dillon tells Bruno about their conversation last night about being kicked out week 5 in his season and he didn’t want to be kicked out week 2. Dillon says Dallas can not be trusted. Bruno tells Dillon you know I am good with you and please don’t ever doubt me because I would never do that. Dillon says he thinks Jackie and Gary will vote for Dallas to stay. All HG are in bedrooms and are in general conversations.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th

12:30 PM BBT HG are locked in bedrooms. Dillon, Bruno, Emily, Jackie, William, Gary and Kevin are in one room and Dallas, Demetres, Ika Cass, Sindi, Karen & Dre are in the other. Everyone is laying down and waiting for the lockdown to be over.
12:45 PM BBT HG are still on lockdown in bedrooms. Karen tells Cass that Dillon cornered her in the bathroom and told her that they need to keep Emily and get rid of Dallas. Cass tells her that Dillon and Bruno were pushing hard for Demetres to get Karen out. Karen says she knew they were. Karen tells her that Dallas came and apologized to her. Karen asks Cass if everyone wants to evict Emily and keep Dallas now? Cass tells her yes. Karen says she feels that this was in the works for a while and that it makes her think. Karen says since she is not HOH no one talks to her anymore. She says if she wins HOH she will be very cautious on who she talks to. Karen says that Dillon will come after her. She says she is not safe with Dillon or Emily. She says that Jackie also pushed hard for her to go home and has said terrible things about her. She says that Jackie is smarter than people think. She says she talked to her all day yesterday but doesn’t trust her at all. She asks Cass if she wins HOH who she would put up? She says Dillon and Jackie. Karen asks if she trusts Jackie? Cass says no.
1:00 PM BBT Karen asks Cass if the original 5 girls still strong? Cass says she hopes so. Feeds go down.
1:15 PM -5:30PM BBT Feeds Down
5:45PM BBT Feeds Down Feeds came back at 5:53PM
6:00PM BBT Feeds return. Cass is making slop for dinner. Dillion is in the bedroom. Ika and Gary chatting about Cassandra. Ika says she can’t trust Cassandra anymore. Ika tells Gary that she feels like Cass is pulling down her game. Gary says it’s a good idea to distance herself from Cass. Dre and Sidney doing Makeup in the washroom. Houseguests are getting dressed up for a dinner party. Ika tells Dre not to trust Cass. She says Dallas strengthens Cass’ game and Cass is the devil.
6:15 PM BBT Ika tells Sindy/Neda/Kev that they need to stop seeing Dallas as a vet and instead as Cassandra’s minion Sindy, Neda and Kevin confirm they are voting out Dallas.
Emily in the BR with dre and Jackie She says, “ I need your votes I have a master plan, if Dallas stays they will pick us off one by one “ Emily campaigns to Dre and Jessica and tells them if Dallas stays they’re just picking off the newbies. D & J say that they promised Dem that they would vote with him. Emily and Dre said that if they win, they will be sending a vet to the block. Emily says Ika is the ringleader.
Cass in the BR with dre and jackie, Cass says no one is loyal. Jackie says everyone saying they will work with everyone at this point .Cass tells Dre and Jessica that she feels like Emily hates her.
Gary and Ika helping each other getting ready for the party. Dre, Ika, and Emily are all in the purple room and agreed to work with Demetres. Emily believes Dallas doesn’t trust his alliance.
6:30 PM BBT Dallas and William in the kitchen eating a slice of pizza. William got two slices. Gary is losing things. Thinks it’s a saboteur. Dallas tells Kevin he has Jackie, William, Dre, Cassandra, Kevin and Bruno’s votes. And that all he needs is Ika’s. Dallas also said he’s going to talk to Neda. Kevin and Bruno solidifying 2 vote out Dallas and counting votes, they say that dre & jackie will float to the end but r no threat . Dallas tells Bruno and Kevin that his #1 target is Karen.Dallas, Bruno & Kevin in the BR Dallas is pitching getting rid of Dillion next week. Dallas, Bruno and Kevin finish their conversation in the planet room.
6:45 PM BBT Dallas and Dillion making dinner for the people not going to the dinner. Dallas is now talking to Sindy on the couches near the front door. Sidney and Dallas planning on working together. Dallas says if he wins HOH he would be open to anything and not go after Sidney. Dallas to Sindy, I have nothing against you, I have to go after Dillon, that the real deal. Can you help influence others? Dallas tells Sindy, I give u my word I got your back, I will keep you off the radar. Dallas tells Sindy he won’t go after her till the final 7 or final 6. “I’ll keep you off the radar.””In a perfect world it would be the 8 vets at final 8. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Sidney says in her season she got backdoored. Dallas wants to keep the vets together. He wants to work out a deal with Sidney. Sidney says she doesn’t look that far ahead. In the bedroom, Ika and Dre are finishing getting ready. Dallas: “I’m doing everything i can to separate myself from Dillon. I’ll look you in the eyes, It’s him vs. me.” Sindy: “Good” Feeds are out.
7:00 PM BBT -7:30 PM BBT Feeds still down

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, March 20th
7:33 PM BBT Feeds Back. Sindy, Bruno, Ika and other hg’s are cleaning the floors with a toothbrush. Cass and Dre are eating dinner. Ika is not happy. Demetres -server
Karen, Sindy, Ika, Dillion, Bruno , Gary, William, Jackie, and Kevin are cleaning the floor with toothbrushes.
Dre and Cass are getting to know each other over dinner. Cass tells Dre she’s a marketer for a dealership. Cass and Dre are talking game. Both want Jakie on their side. Cass says Dre is a target for the newbies and Cass is a target for the vets. Dre tells Cass that she doesn’t like Dallas because he went back on his word with Dillion. Cass says that Dillon will vote to get him out. Cass and Dre don’t trust anyone. Cass and Dre made a deal during dinner to make a final five deal. They will bring Ika along. Cass thinks Neda will evict them. Dre and Cass are thinking they have Gary in the alliance. Cass is head over heals with Chocolate cake. Says she didn’t eat hardly last week.
8:00PM BBT inside the house they are cleaning with their toothbrushes scrubbing each square one by one. They are talking about how long it’s been and how there fingers are starting to have blisters on them. Demetres is called to the diary room, he seems happy. Dre and Cassandra are sitting at a table eating delicious food and discussing that if Dallas leaves it will hurt their alliance. Cassandra tells Dre that they should work together and she can be her Tim 2.0. Cassandra says she is eating a bunch because she is a have not but she doesn’t want the others to know exactly how much she ate. Dre tells her to eat up and keep it in reserve. Cassandra says she doesn’t have a problem making a guy get into her and then make him indebted to her. Cassandra says that Netta is jealous of her because everyone thinks she’s a better player than her. They both agree that she’s smart. Dre talking about she needs to look thin and beautiful in the house. They are worried about Dillion Emily and sindy coming after them. Dre says that she thinks Emily just woke up and finally knows she is on BB.
8:15PM BBT Cassandra and Dre talk about Dillion and Emily being really close and that if they were his girlfriend back home they would not be fine with the way he was acting. Ika and Emily in the bedroom talking about Emily needing to get close with someone else besides Dillion because no one knows her and that is not good for her game. William called into the DR. Emily is trying to tell Dre that she is not coming after her and that Dallas is more of a threat to her. She thinks she needs to have conversations with the others. Dre says that her word is her word and that she doesn’t hold grudges and she’s a straight up real girl. She tells her that she should get Dillion to tell Demetrie that if he helps Emily that he won’t go after him next week. She should get him to work with him to help her.
8:30PM BBT Most of the house guests sitting at the table eating and having general conversation. In the HOH Sindy is listening to the Walkman and dancing till BB tells her to turn it down. Karen in the bathroom telling Emily that she was told she was going to be a backdoor target and that she doesn’t believe Dillion and Dallas are in a true fight. Karen saying that Dallas is trying to save himself and get Emily out and they both agree that Dallas should go. Emily says she is going to talk to Demetres, Karen says that Jackie, Dillion ,Emily and Dallas said that she was the biggest bi*ch and that they can’t stand her. Emily swears she never said anything like that and she says that is crap. Jackie comes in and is doing her hair. Karen still trying to ask if the comments are true. In the HOH Ika comes in and Sindy stops dancing and she’s called to the DR, Ika asks her to come back when she’s done and she said for sure.
8:45PM BBT Karen still talking about Demetres saying he would not turn on her. Cassandra comes in and she tells Karen and Emily about her food, wine and cake were so delicious. Karen and Cassandra and Dre now in the bathroom where Karen says that everyone is being mean to her and that Jackie was talking about her and that Karen knows she’s Emily’s target. She just goes on and on and how hurtful it all is. Dre leaves the restroom and Karen just tells Cassandra all about what’s she’s paranoid about. Dallas comes in and talks to Karen and she starts all over again, he says he tried to put her up but no one wanted her up.
9:00PM BBT Karen talking to Dallas about if he wins HOH that he will come after her. He says that he wants Dillion out and that he gives his word he’s not coming for her and he won’t back door her. Ika and Dre talking about what side of the house they are on. Dre says that she doesn’t trust Kevin and Bruno. Ika tells Dre that Emily is coming after her and she should try and make a deal. Dre said that Emily is going to come after the female vets first so Ika needs to watch out. Dallas in the bathroom saying that if he wins HOH he will let Cassandra help him with who guys on the block. Dallas says that he has come to a decision that it’s ok to let Karen float. It’s ok to bring her to the end because he doesn’t see her as a threat.
9:15PM BBT Ika,William and Dre in the BR talking about who they like and trust. Gary walks in and says that he’s going to the DR and he isn’t ready. While he starts primping they all agree to go with the house and it’s good on the second week plan that they vote with the house. Dre asks should we try to win HOH and she says we should wait and see and play it by ear.
9:30PM BBT Dillion and Karen in the bathroom talking about the fight. Gary is in the restroom applying makeup and getting ready. Karen asks Dillion are you coming after me and and says he doesn’t think so. She’s asking Dillion if he called her a evil bit*h, he says no. He tells her that he’s honest and he doesn’t need to win and it’s not in his nature to lie.
9:45PM BBT Emily and Dillion talking to Karen about the crap that’s been said and that Jackie has manipulated stuff that went on between Karen and her and made it worse than it was. Dillon says that his argument with Dallas was possibly fake but not his side because now Dallas is all buddy buddy with him. Karen tells Emily that Jackie hates her the most. In the bedroom William and Dre are talking French. Dillion braiding Jackie’s hair, Cassandra whispering to Jackie about some of the stuff Karen’s been saying. Jackie and Cassandra go into the bathroom where Karen is, they start brushing teeth and using the potty and absolutely no talk Is happening. Bruno, Kevin and Dallas in the hot tub just chat happening. Emily talking to Dre and William about how they should stick with her and Dallas is a big threat if they let him manipulate them. Dre says she hears the same thing from everyone and wants to know who is against who and Emily tries to tell her who she thinks is. Emily says that they should try and put a strong vet out.
10:00PM BBT Kevin and Dillon are talking about Dillon said if Emily goes home he would be so hurt Kevin and Dillon are going to hang out. Dillon said he wanted to win the soccer challenge so bad. Jackie said you have to have Demetres on your side. Emily said you have to think in advance who is going to help you next and Demetres is not going to be the HOH next week. Karen please put on your Microphone Karen asked Dre have anybody Decided who they are going to vote for Dre and William are talking in French.
10:15PM BBT Dre said they are not going to hate us because we speak French Dre said you guys can translate. Kevin and Emily are playing Pool. Kevin said he is going to emily a store sometime about his ex Girlfriend feeds Dre said she is going to change the alliance name Dre said to William and Jackie we can’t be hanging out all the time because they will know that we are in an Alliance Dre was asking if she should wear socks Dre and Karen are talking. Karen asked Dre if she had leftovers
10:30PM BBT Emily said she loves Mussels she has never been with a man with Mussels Emily said he is good at comps Emily said that dallas is stronger at comps Emily said she is going to campaign her butt off. Emily said that Dillon is just trying to save himself this week Emily said the Sindy and Ika cast scares her. Emily doesnt think if dallas stays that he wouldn’t go after Dillon. Emily said if you guys have a chance to get out a big player take it.
10:45 PM BBT Gary said look at this kitchen it’s gross. Gary said i clean the whole kitchen when i wash the dishes William said this kitchen is so disgusting jackie said we should make a sorbet. Emily said i think its so dumb if the house decides to keep a strong player in the house. Emily said we don’t know whose side Dallas is on Emily said if you have a opportunity in this game it’s best to take a big player out. Emily said if she goes that she won’t get another chance, Kevin asked emily if you did a companion to every one Emily said if they do it’s growing into his alliance Bruno said he would feel safe if Emily won HOH.
11:00 PM BBT Gary is cooking said to William so william this is your breakfast for tomorrow Gary said we have to hide this gary said to William don’t sing Bruno said to emily it’s because they know you and Dillon are safe Gary said sorry Big Brother Gary said is it really no soap Bruno said look at my suit i can’t wear it Bruno said he likes dressing up Bruno said do you Jason from the American Big Brother he came to toronto and we chilled Bruno said that Jason brought him clothes. Bruno said he feels closer to the people that he dosnt work with.Gary said no more shaking the Blender
11:15 PM BBT Ika said to Gary i think i am going to go hide your Makeup brushes.Gary said Ika will really hide it from me Ika NO Gary said how many do i need Kevin asked if we were recycling the bottles or are we saving them.emily asked Ika if she is hungry. Emily said Do you know where Sindy is Emily Asked Dallas how do you about being on the block.
11:30 PM BBT Jackie said she has a boney butt Dre said i don’t know what it is with Butts but i like big butts Emily said this game is stressful for sure. Emily said that was rough cleaning the floors with toothbrushes cass said she is missing home cass said she is so grateful that people asked her to come back emily said she doesn’t take advantage of alone time
11:45 PM BBT Dallas said i can’t offer this deal to everybody. Dallas and neda are talking. Emily does not think that she is a big threat Emily said it sucks that dallas is on the block because i really like him emily said she will be heartbroken if she does get sent home emily said that demetre is a huge threat dallas and neda are talking cass said that she wants to go to the end with emily

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