Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, April 17th

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12:00 AM BBT Dillon starts singing and gets told by Big Brother to stop singing. Karen tells Dillon that the spot on the face that he applied the cream that Ika gave Dillon to put on his face was drying a spot up. Dre pours Sindy a drink. Bruno tells Dillon that when he saw Dillon’s girl that he is wanting more than ever to see his boys. Kevin, Dillon, Ika, Dre, and Sindy are talking about going to the club. Ika tells everyone she doesn’t do lineups that she usually gets in. Bruno sits in the HOH room by himself.
12:15 AM BBT Dillon tells everyone that he likes to sit at the booth. Dre and Sindy agree that girls are nicer when they are drunk. William and Dre talk in French. Ika does her hair in the bathroom. Ika then puts a moisturizing cream on her face. Demetres comes in and tells Ika that his back is really sore and Ika takes a look at it. Everyone in the Have Nots room is asleep. Dre tells a story about when she went to a club. William talks to Dre in French and she answers in French. Everyone is having separate conversations. Kevin calls Karen Karebear.
12:30 AM BBT Kevin tells everyone that he’s having 2 beers. Dillon is in the hot tub area walking around. Kevin, Demetres, Ika Sindy, and Dre are getting pumped tomorrow for the birthday party for Dre. Everyone in the kitchen gets in trouble for singing. Kevin asks if they can get get clippers for tomorrow. Demetres cooks bacon while the girls goof around. Dillon and Kevin are talking about Ika getting put on the block. Kevin is pushing to the max to try to make Ika be put up on the block. Dillon listens and tells Kevin that he’s leaning towards Ika. Kevin tells him that he has his vote either way. Kevin is pushing and trying to convince Dillon to put Ika up on the block, giving him “evidence”
12:45 AM BBT Kevin leaves and lets Dillon go to sleep. Kevin joins William and Dre. Dre busted her ankle and. William brushes his teeth. William gets told off by Big Brother. Dre asks Kevin if he’s flat footed and he didn’t know what it is. Dre explains to him what it is and Kevin wishes he wasn’t flat footed. Ika joins them and jokes around with Dre.
1:00 AM BBT Ika, Dre, and William run to the bedroom laughing and being loud., and it wakes up Karen. Kevin says good night to everyone that is up and goes to the Have Nots Room. Dre and William are talking in french while Dre takes a shower. Kevin tells Bruno about his discussion with Dillon. Kevin and Bruno go to bed in the Have Nots Room. Ika and Demetres talk in bed.
1:15 AM BBT Ika and Demetres talk in whispers in bed while everyone else is asleep. Demetres tells Ika that there was something off about her today, and he was just like whatever. Ika tells Demetres that he’s a jerk as a joke, and laughing with him. Ika and Demetres get loud and wake Sindy up. Ika asks Sindy if she hates her and Sindy says yes. Ika and Demetres quiet down.
1:30 AM BBT Ika tells Demetres a story about the guys of her past. Ika tells Demetres that she went out hf her way for one of her guy friends. Ika feels like she is open and when guys piss her off, she shuts down her walls. Ika says she thinks a lot. Demetres agrees. Ika tells how she believes how a guy should be trying really hard in the beginning of the relationship. Dre and Will talk in French in the other bedroom. Demetres tells Ika that when people bother the woman he’s with, he will ask them about it.
1:45 AM BBT Demetres tells Ika he can tell what she likes. Ika tells Demetres that she will tell him what’s going on but she says that it is hard. Dre and Will talk in the other bedroom in French. Ika and Demetres kiss and Ika tells Demetres that he’s smart and patient. Demetres tells Ika a story about he got in a car accident. Demetres tells Ika how Demetres and his dada are bad drivers. Ika and Demetres lay in silence for a few minutes. Ika and Demetres talk in whispers under the covers. Demetres tells Ika that he will never find anyone like her.
6:00 AM BBT – 8:14 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping
8:15 AM BBT Big Brother has turned the lights on. William is awake, and heading towards the pantry to do a battery exchange with the rest of the HGS. He heads into the Have Not Room and starts there for battery exchange. Kevin says good morning. William heads upstairs to do other HGS. He exchanges Dillon’s and now goes into the washroom. Jackie and Karen are in the showers. Dre is entering the washroom. Karen says Happy Birthday to her. Ika joins them in the washroom. Demetres has now entered the washroom. There is no conversation at all in the washroom as the HGS start their morning routines. Demetres asks to talk to Ika in the room. Ika says they are okay she was talking to Dre and fell asleep. Demetres is telling her to stop lying to him. She says she doesn’t care. Demetres says it just seemed like she was upset about something he said, she says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.
8:30 AM BBT Meanwhile in the Have Not Room Bruno is awake but just lying there deep in thought. The rooster has crowed signalling for all the HGS to get up and start their day. Bruno heads up to the HOH Room to use the washroom. Kevin is still in the Have Not Room sleeping. In the washroom Karen is out of the shower, Ika is starting to put her makeup on for the day. Dillon has gone out to the hot tub area to smoke. Meanwhile in the bedroom Demetres is lying in bed with Ika and Dre is talking to them. Dre is telling them that William doesn’t understand things. Ika says he really doesn’t understand, Dre says he gets it now after she talked to him. She says William is emotionally involved with Kevin and doesn’t think of the game with him. William is confused by what Kevin tells him, she says William says one time Kevin says one thing and then tells him another thing. She is telling them that William will not vote them out unless both Demetres and Ika are on the block together. Dre is telling them about something that happened in the washroom with Dillon. She says Dillon is telling the other side that he is putting Ika up so that Bruno stops bugging him. Ika says she trusts Dillon. She says that Dillon has a hard time lying to people. Ika says the fact that Kevin and Bruno are fighting so hard to keep Sindy that something is up. Ika is telling Dre that her and Sindy were planning a party for Dre as it is her birthday. The decision was to throw the party after POV. Dre says she doesn’t want Karen to know that they have William’s vote. Ika says her body is sore so she thinks Demetres beats her up when she is sleeping. This statement was made because Bruno walked in the room. Ika is repeating a conversation she had with Jackie. Dre says Karen will always vote a vet out except maybe Ika. Dre says she doesn’t trust Karen and tries not to tell her anything. Ika says the only true people she trusts in the house are Dre and Demetres. She trusts William because of Dre and Dillon has a good heart. Ika says Bruno and Kevin will protect no one, she says they are slim. Ika says Kevin is going to push for the HOH and the 3 of them are going to be public enemy number 1. Demetres says Dre is the only one in the house who has not been mad at them at some point in this game.
8:45 AM BBT Meanwhile in the washroom Sindy and Jackie are applying makeup. In the upstairs common area William and Kevin are cuddling and talking. William asks if he wants to go in the hot tub. Kevin says no but he will come hang out if he wants. Back in the bedroom with Dre Ika and Demetres they are talking about the upcoming HOH. They say one of them have to win because if Kevin or Bruno 2 of the 3 of them will be up and if one of them wins the POV the other will go up. Ika says Bruno has a twitch that she doesn’t think he can control himself. Big Brother has told Kevin to get up. Dre says she hopes the HOH COMP is not a puzzle. Ika says Jackie wants to win Dre says we have to make sure she doesn’t win. Ika says if it is between Bruno Kevin or Jackie they will have a better chance with Jackie, as the few times Jackie has given her word she has kept it.
To Be Continued…… Check back later for more hour by hour updates.
9:00 AM BBT The only feeds up are on the 3 in the bedroom. Demetres says Bruno and Kevin were trying to rally votes before the POV to get him out. Meanwhile in the HOt Tub area Dillon is having a smoke and Bruno is in the hot tub. Bruno asks him what type of music he likes. Dillon says any type but country. Bruno says he is the same. Bruno asks him what type of music is played at his bar. Bruno asks him if the POV is today. Dillon says yes. Bruno says was it on the television, Dillon says yes. Bruno is telling Dillon that he was crushing the comp, Dillon said Demetres was catching more in a row than him. The conversation now goes to the spider web and how full it is of bugs. Bruno says that spider is going to eat good. Dillon goes to make a shake. Bruno says I can’t have one. William and Kevin have been told to wake up or be prepared to face the music. Meanwhile in the washroom Sindy is applying her makeup. There is no conversation going on. In the common area William is telling Kevin that he is going to the hot tub. Kevin says if he goes to sleep he will face the music. In the bedroom Dre Ika and Demetres are still talking about repenting if I made that deal with Bruno and Kevin I would be. Dre says she is not going to try and convince William to vote out Kevin but will encourage him to vote him out if he brought it up. Ika says if Dre could convince Dillon to go back on his word and backdoor Bruno. Dre has told them that Dillon has said to her I wish I never made that deal with them. Ika says Sindy leaving is a drink. Bruno leaving is a block party. Demetres says in the end it is his decision, but it better for his game to put Bruno up. Big Brother has told Dre to fix her mic.
9:15 AM BBT Ika says if Bruno is gone Sindy will need them. Karen has entered the room, she says to Ika okay princess get up and get dressed it is POV today or you will be going to the POV like that. Karen says Dillon has had enough of them. Ika says she feels sorry for him. Dre says she is going to shower. Karen says yes birthday girl go get your birthday on. You are having a birthday in the BB House. Karen is telling Ika what Sindy said to her last night that no matter what happens at the POV today, we are having a party. Ika says yes because she thinks I’m going up. Karen says they are walking around so comfortable. Karen says she wonders how they feel about them. Ika says first time around she had people who hated her and who loved her. Karen said her and Bruce talked about it before she came into the house. Karen says when Ika was on last time she was sitting at home saying just shred the letters. Ika is telling her that everyone in the house planned to backdoor her. Ika is saying that they did a good job making her look good. Karen says really that was what made me scared of you. Ika says she is petty in the way if you don’t like me I will make your life a living hell. She explains that in season 2 no one in the house liked her where this time around there is people who really like her.
9:30 AM BBT Meanwhile out by the pool table Dillon and Sindy are having a general conversation. Sindy is telling him her parents really shielded her. She is telling him a story about judo in school. She says her parents used her period as an excuse as not taking judo. Sindy says at that time an Asian kid was kidnapped in Toronto. She is telling him that her mother used that as an excuse also saying see that could have been you. She is telling him that in High School she came up with creative lies to her parents so she could stay at school. She says she still never did smoke drink or do drugs. She says she wanted to be that person who left her town and came back for a 10 year reunion and had made something of her life. Dillon said he was allowed to do anything. He tells her he never got grounded. Sindy says she got a job at 15 and her parents were mad at her because they wanted her to work in the family nail salon for free. She said her mother said we brought you here, we clothed you , we feed you and put a roof over your head and you want to be paid to help your family. The conversation goes to a guy and their feed goes down. Meanwhile in the washroom Jackie and Karen are applying makeup. Kevin is sitting in the corner with his eyes closed. Dre has just gotten out of the shower. Kevin asks if there is hot water left, someone tells him no. He decides to go jump in the HOH Shower. Karen says it is better in there anyway. 2 of the feeds have gone down. Both of the feeds left are on the washroom where no one is talking just getting ready for the day.
9:45 AM BBT Ika is messing with Demetres hair. Demetres asks her if she wants anything for breakfast. She asks him what he is making. He says I don’t know some shit. He asks Karen if she wants anything for breakfast she says no she is good she had a banana. Demetres is making bacon and eggs. Ika has gone to the washroom to start to apply her makeup for the day. It looks like it is just her and Karen in there. They are not talking at the moment but concentrating on applying their makeup. Karen has been called to the DR. Jackie asks Karen to return something to DR. Ika and Jackie are talking about working together and no one figuring it out. Ika says we can do stuff to each other and just look past it. She tells Jackie she is sorry she ripped up her stuff. Jackie shows her what she did. Ika reads it and laughs. Jackie says if she comes back to do it again this is what she is getting. Ika says you are funny Jackie because I would have just said Oh Okay. Karen comes in saying they are driving Dillon mental. She says he has already told them he is putting you up. Ika says I hope he keeps to it. The washer has played a little tune signalling that it is time to put clothes in the dryer. Ika goes and does it. Meanwhile William has finally made it out to the hot tub, he is telling Bruno that his hotel room he could see the CN Tower. Bruno asks him if he is going to stay around Toronto. William says he doesn’t think Big Brother is that big in Quebec as not a lot of people watch English television. Bruno says Big Brother is big on the east coast but he doesn’t know about Quebec. William asks him if he is known in Ottawa, Bruno says not as much as before. He is explaining to William that he lives in a suburb, he knew people before. Bruno says at first it is very interesting Bruno is telling him that there is a lot of people from 50 to 70 watching this show.
10:00 AM BBT Ika and Jackie doing ADL’s in WR. William/Bruno talking by hot tub. William says it is weird when he came in the house he was a total stranger, but when he leaves people will know him. Bruno says don’t get me wrong, people won’t be chasing you. William says he knows, he won’t be a Beyonce. Bruno saying people come up to you and they are kinda shy. Bruno says he tries to break the ice with them, he will ask them something. Bruno asks William if he likes the show, William says ya, Bruno says that is the benefit cause he likes the show, so you can talk about the show with the fans, gives you something to discuss with them. Jackie/Ika still getting ready for the day. Sindy comes out of bathroom and washes her hands. Dre walks in and says she wants to wear something sexual, Ika says ya cause it is your birthday. Dre debating if she wants to show off her nipple ring, Ika says what is the point of a nipple ring if you are not going to show it off. Dre gets called out again by BB for not wearing her microphone. Meanwhile Karen joins Will/Bruno out by the hot tub. Will joking if someone comes up to him he is going to do a southern accent and say no it’s not me he is French Canadian. Karen asking Bruno if he gets recognized, Bruno saying he does live in a smaller area. Kevin walks in. Karen asks Will about the chemicals in the hot tub and has him check the levels. Karen says it needs to move around the water. Karen helping William turn the jets on. Karen gags at Kevin’s slop. William saying it is good, he is trying to put it in Kevin’s mind it is good. Bruno leaves to go get coffee and Karen asks him to bring hers out with him. Karen apologizes but says she has to move away from the smell of the slop. She moves away from Kevin. In WR Ika still getting ready, Dem comes in and sits near her. She says ‘ Is there a reason you are sitting here while I am fixing my weave’ (jokingly) Ika asks what Dem made for breakfast, he says bacon and eggs. Dem leaves and silence while Ika/Jackie continue to get ready. Out by the hot tub Karen talks with Will and Kevin eats slop. Feeds cut on that camera. Back to Ika/Jackie. Dre walks in and says Ika’s jeans are tight on Dre. Ika is still getting on Dre for wearing something good on her birthday. Ika/Sindy in pink room. Dre walks in. Dre says she is going to “dress up dress” up tonight. Ika shows Dre a dress and Dre says it is too short, Ika says it is not as short as she things. Dre saying she does not wear short dresses, because she has hips and thighs. Ika refuses to let Dre not look good on her birthday. Ika gives Dre a black dresses and makes her put it on. Dre leaves and Ika comes up with something else she could wear, she pulls something out of her clothes and goes to Dre. Sindy leaves the bedroom with Ika. Bruno walks in HOH and tries to get Dillons attention. He is sleeping listening to music. He asks if he can take a shower. Dillon says yes.
10:15 AM BBT Bruno asks Dillon if he can wear his shirt, Dillon says yes, Bruno says “ sick bro, this will get some time” then goes into the HOH bathroom. Dem/Kevin in kitchen. Dem saying how when he makes a mess he immediately washes his own dishes. He says as soon as the kitchen gets a certain kind of dirty everyone says forget it. William asking Kevin for some clothes and Kevin tells him it is dirty. William looking for a shirt, Kevin says most of his clothes are dirty, he was going to do laundry today. Dem asks Kevin if everyone is outside, Kevin says just Karen. Dem finishes loading the dishwasher and starts it up. Meanwhile in bathroom Ika is working on Dre and her birthday outfit. Bathroom feeds cut. Dem cleaning kitchen. Kevin tells Dem his story about golfing was funny, then leaves the kitchen. Kevin goes outside back by hottub. Just Kevin and Karen. Kevin asks Karen when she thinks the POV ceremony will be. Karen thinks ½ hour, she says it is usually quicker but everyone took long time to get up. Karen asks Kevin how much he weighs, he says 200, he is 6 ft. Kevin asks Karen if her boys are big and the feeds cut. Feeds come back and Sindy is outside now with them. Karen says Bruce is big, broad shoulders. Kevin asks Karen if her boys have girlfriends. Karen says Cole moved to US and Shane has a girl he dates, Hunter has had girlfriends on and off over the years. Kevin asks Sindy how her ankle is, Sindy says it is a lot better, she can put more pressure on it now than yesterday. Kevin says Day 38, he likes it. WR Jackie/Ika still getting ready, Will getting out of shower. Feeds turn to HOH. Dillon is breathing. BB calls out Bruno for not wearing his microphone. Bruno is out of the HOH shower. Bruno asks Dillon if he should put a jacket over his shirt or leave it. Dillon says he likes it. BB tells Dillon to take off his sunglasses. Dillon and Bruno continue to go back and forth on how great Dillons t-shirt looks on Bruno. Bruno looks at Dillon’s picture of his mom and says how great she looks. More ‘brothers, man, bro’ coming out of Bruno’s mouth. Bruno says it should be soon (POV ceremony) Dillon says “ what does Karen know” and laughs. Bruno says ya but she is usually right. He laughs and leaves. Meanwhile by HT Sindy is talking about her season and have nots. Talking about if someone did more than two weeks in a row. Karen says Alex in season one had to do have nots three weeks in a row, but it wasn’t that bad cause he got poutine one of the weeks. Karen saying she never had poutine ever in her life. Sindy talks about poutine. Karen asks if they think there will be another vote from Canada on something. Kevin and Sindy think for sure there will be. Karen saying Jackie hopes Canada will save her from the block this week.
10:30 AM BBT Will getting changes in bathroom, Jackie/Ika still getting ready. Ika laughing with William because she thinks he put something in her makeup spot trying to kill her. Talk of peasants and queens. Karen/Bruno out by hot tub, feeds keep cutting out. Ika telling William how to wear his shirt. Dre putting Ika’s microphone on her and William is messing with Ika. Ika tells Dre that William is not welcome over their house for dinner. Ika says they did an arrangement for soldiers and land and William picked a peasant boy over her. William says he feels like a beer, Ika says it is too early for a beer but if she was hanging out with peasants she would want one to. William says why are you coming for me, I am going to come for you. William tells Ika to watch him, and he runs away. Sindy/Kevin playing pool, no game talk. Sindy can not reach the ball with the stick. Kevin is trying to help her. Dre asks Jackie if she can use her dryer to dry her sponge. Feeds go to outside. Karen, Bruno/Dillon outside. Dillon/Bruno shirtless getting a tan. Karen talking about her relationship with her husband and how they were inseparable. Bruno says he was the same with his wife. Karen saying it is so hot they can get their suits on and lay out after the ceremony.
10:45 AM BBT Sindy and Kevin still playing pool. Sindy says she really hopes Dillon puts up Ika. Kevin doesn’t say anything. Karen telling William about her trip to Paris. Bruno/Dillon, eyes closed laying in sun. Karen says she didn’t even have a hotel booked. Karen and her grandmother were there. Karen continues to tell William her stories of being in Paris with her grandmother. Kevin and Sindy go for another round of pool. Ika walks in and sits on the couch, little to no talk except for about pool and Sindy trying to woo the balls into the pockets. Sindy sighs that it still won’t go in and Ika says it won’t go in just because you are cute. Sindy keeps missing the balls with the cue stick. Kevin lets her do it again.

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, April 17th

11:00 AM BBT Dre putting on makeup in pink room. Ika comes in. Ika laughing how one day Dre called upon Rosa Parks and Shaka Zoolu. Dre says it worked, I am still here. Dre/Ika talking about backwards week and Dre was not nervous Dem was going to vote her out she was nervous the vote would be backwards and she would go. Ika tells her Demetres never wavered keeping her. Talk turns to Gary. Ika laughing at how whenever she tells Dre things she gets so mad, Ika is laughing and saying she is just telling her things. Dre laughs too. The girls talk about the first week and how stressful it was. Ika says that first week she knew Neda was with Bruno. Dre says that William told her that Kevin told him before Dillon got hoh if Kevin got hoh we would put up Dre/Karen. Ika saying how Kevin is opening up more to options now. Ika telling Dre that she told Kevin if he puts Dre up he is going to loose William. Ika says men like that…look at their season, they had girls that just did what they wanted, go with the flow girls. Ika saying Dre and Ika are not like that. Ika asking Dre what she thought during double when Ika got up to talk to Sindy about putting up Neda. Ika tells Dre she didn’t tell anyone she was going to do it, she just did it. Dre said she felt like she was going to do Neda or Dre as replacement. Dre says you can’t just put an idea in some one head, Sindy had to be thinking about it, somewhere the idea is there, you just pushed it out. Dre saying how when she walked in there she just wanted to see if her name was out there. Ika says Neda did say Dre/Karen. Ika says if Neda stayed things would be going down right now. Ika saying the week of Williams HOH she thinks that is when Ika showed her cards by accident to Neda. Ika says she told Neda she wasn’t going to vote for Emily cause that wasn’t what William wants and Neda said who cares what William wants. Ika said she then told Neda she is not going to go against William. Neda told Ika” well we need your two votes” Demetres was there and Neda just ignored him. Ika said Neda didn’t think he has his own mind. Ika gives an example when Ika wanted to keep Dallas and Demetres did not. Ika saying the only reason they didn’t keep Cass was because she was too stressful.
11:15 AM BBT Jackie/Sindy talking outside on grey couches. Sindy saying she has as very public social media, she does pageants. Sindy saying how if people see you all the time they think they know you. Sindy basically saying sometimes when people say they know her she thinks they really don’t KNOW her. Meanwhile Ika is continuing to spill to Dre things Neda has said and what happened over the last couple weeks. Ika saying her and Demetres plan was to make those people (Neda/Bruno/Kevin) think they were dump until it was time to strike. Ika says Neda told Sindy that there was no “SIX” that Ika/Dem are a foursome with Dre/William. Ika thinks Sindy thought Neda meant she was done with the alliance and that may be part of why she put her up. Neda told Sindy during double that it was a mistake and Ika/Dem were going to go after her. Ika laughs and says ya it is true. Dre says she is going to go talk to Dillon and see if they can get this Bruno thing happening. Ika perks up and says ya, Dre says because if Bruno goes out this week it would be Sindy/Kevin on the block with Karen as replacement. Ika says she is seriously legit scared though of the Jackie curse, she doesn’t want to get to close to her. Dre says she feels bad because she is alone. Ika says ya I like how we are playing the game, we are not playing on an emotional level. Ika saying how having a truce with Jackie is a good game move. They talk that Jackie doesn’t even need to win HOH. Ika saying Jackie is not the kind of person that spills tea unless she thinks that person is spilling tea on her. Ika says Jackie did not spill Neda’s tea and only spilled Cass’s tea after Cass did. Ika talking about girls that bond over their hatred for other girls. Talk turns to Bruno, getting him out, and who will put them up. Ika brings up Bruno/Kevin is a lot stronger than Jackie/Kevin. Ika brings up Bruno is the bond, Kevin and Jackie will not get together without Bruno there. Dre says ya she has to talk to Dillon, Ika says tell him to repent! They go to bathroom. Karen is in there. Karen asks Dre what she is going to do and Dre says she is going to do eat. Dre leaves the bathroom. She asks where everyone is and Karen says everyone is outside by the hot tub. Dre says she is going to go outside and check. Dre walks by the kitchen and says it is so clean and says thank you to however cleaned it. She then goes in the storage room.
11:30 AM BBT Outside Dem is tanning on the hot tub, Bruno is sitting right next to Dillon. And William is laying on a chair. They are talking about Seinfeld. Ika comes out and talks about the sun, she goes and sits next to William. Dem telling Ika he is getting a tan from today. Bruno/Dillon/Dem continue to talk about sitcoms, talk about Tim Allen’s new show, they can’t remember the name. Ika doesn’t look like she wants to be out there, she says she doesn’t need to be tanning, she is already chocolate. Ika asks William if he tans, William saying his legs are always the darkest part of their body. Ika agrees. William asks Ika if she likes to tan, Ika says she doesn’t have to tan, Will asks if she gets darker and she says yes. Dillon leaves goes to HOH. Dre is making food in kitchen. Jackie/Karen talking in bathroom. Karen saying if people get super aggravated they may do something else (talking about people talking to Dillon) Jackie says it sucks that the three of them can’t talk, Karen says because people are constantly manipulating him. Jackie says she really needs to talk to Dillon, Karen tells her not to campaign for one person, just tell him you have his back. Karen says here comes Ika. Jackie leaves and goes to HOH. Karen talks to herself and says “Jackie don’t worry, you aren’t going anywhere, you will just lose one of your numbers” Ika tried to lay in bed and BB played the rooster. Ika says’ Don’t do me like that’ Jackie is in HOH with Dillon but no camera’s are on that feed, so we don’t know what they are talking about. Dem outside talking about alcohol with Kevin, Bruno, and William. Dem puts his clothes back on and goes inside. Says he needs water, dying of thirst. Ika talking to Dre/Sindy about club HOH in kitchen. Dem walks in just as Ika is twerking and laughs. Bruno comes inside and gives Dre a birthday hug. Bruno goes upstairs.
11:45 AM BBT Jackie in hoh sitting on couch as Dillon puts on a shirt. Jackie says she just wants to tell Dillon she knows it has been stressful but she will support whoever she puts up. Jackie tells Dillon she had a good talk with Ika, Jackie says she just needs his support with Dre. Dillon says Dre is not coming after you to Jackie. Dillon says Sindy is going up. Dillon said Kevin told him whoever his replacement is Kevin will vote for. Jackie tells Dillon what Bruno said about Sindy can’t go up, Dillon says Bruno and Sindy definitely have a thing. Jackie said when Bruno said what he said she knew Bruno did not have her back. Dillon says Bruno has been shady, every time they talk it has been about game and is getting to him. Dillon reassuring Jackie she has the votes to stay. Jackie tells Dillon she had a good conversation with Ika and she is ready to play, Dillon says yes it is not about a personal thing anymore. Dillon saying Bruno has lied to his face, where as Ika tells them to their face if she is going after them. Dre walks in and Jackie tells her they are done, Dre says she will go clean up the water she spilled first. Jackie sits back down. Dillon says if they win HOH next week it will be Kevin/Bruno on the block. Jackie saying she went to bed so early last night so she didn’t have to be in the cave with them last night. Dillon saying Kevin came in last night all wide eyed trying to get Ika up and gave all these lists, Dillon says no it is best for Kevin’s game not him. Jackie says if Bruno/Kevin say they have her back they have so much pull then why did Sindy put her up, as much as they say they have her back, they don’t. Jackie says they are all going after Bruno/Kevin. She is so fired up, you are finally meeting Jackie she says. Dillon says he likes it, firey Jackie. Jackie leaves HOH. Dillon lays down and listens to music. Bruno is playing pool with Dem. Ika/Kevin/Will are dancing. Kevin is trying to help Will dance for club HOH later. Ika shows them more dance moves. Jackie in blue room.
12:00PM BBT Dre comes to talk to Dillon in HOH Rm. She announces it is her birthday. She is assuring Dillon is not going to break his promise of her not going on the block. Bruno and Dem stopped playing pool. A couple of the feeds are down. Dillon goes through the numbers saying on what good position they are in. Dre is not as confident with Jackie being on their side. Eventually they stop to listen and talk about the music. Ika is still coaching dance lessons. William says Ika is a bad teacher; Karen disagrees. Dem is sitting and Sindy appears out of it on the white LR couches. Karen says how Bruce, her husband, will not dance…even not their wedding.
12:15PM BBT William and Dem watching on as Kevin fixes his slop creation. Jackie also walking around in kitchen and pantry. Bruno comes into kitchen and they decide to make up some drink. Kevin continues to prepare his slop.
12:30PM BBT Two camera feeds are still down. Only thing shown are those in the kitchen…Kevin fixing to bake slop with Jackie, William, and Karen looking on. They talk about which fats are bad for the body. Dem and Ika talking in the Pink Rm. Ika said she tried to tell him to put up Dre…Dem says that would be so great. Otherwise, they are thinking that Sindy will be going up. Ika says the ideal situation of getting certain people out will not work out that way–this is Big Brother. Dem pressures Ika to start studying. Bruno talking about his fights with Dillon in HOH Rm. They make their way downstairs to the kitchen. Different feeds keep coming in and out, but now appears all feeds are down (12:41PM).
12:45PM BBT Many have congregated around the kitchen. Bruno left, but Dillon, Kevin, Karen, William, and Jackie remain. Dem mentions to Ika that Bruno and Kevin are not talking game at all to him anymore. Ika is letting more things go with her this season. Ika is calling Neda a loser….she says she is like this in real life as well. Ika feels like she might have had a good chance in winning if she was chosen to be the Final 2. Dem says he realizes that there are certain skills he doesn’t possess. Ika thinks Big Brother is about building relationships among a variety of social differences. Dem says there is zero chance…but Ika cuts him off saying she does not want to talk about it. Dem wants the POV ceremony over with so then they can breath. Dem is calling Bruno and Kevin such losers. He does not think they are playing the game well–everyone sees right through it (except maybe Dillon). Ika says it might be a blessing in disguise that Dillon won HOH because if it was Bruno or Kevin, one of them would have been backdoored.
1:00PM BBT Kevin is still excited about his slop development this time. Karen thinks they should be able to use anything from the spice rack into slop. Kevin is adding hot sauce. Those in the kitchen (Karen, Dillon, William, Jackie, and Kevin) talking about going out to quickly catch some rays after the ceremony is over. Everyone is waiting… Bruno come to kitchen; they all talk about slop. This is Bruno’s 3rd week. Dre and Sindy comes in from HT area. They admire Kevin’s Slop Tuniboats. Jackie is being very protective about the iced coffee she made. She says Sindy can only have 1 cup since getting ice is a rare commodity and they, have a HN, need to live off of the little remaining iced coffee. Everyone is trying to tell Kevin how to french fry his slop. Kevin is striving to find Hope (for the slop) by trying different ingredients and cooking methods. They assure him there is Hope.
1:15PM BBT Dem lying with Ika in Pink Rm. He is telling her about his/his mother’s dog that had to be put down right before Christmas. Jackie takes the battery change box around. BB announces for them all to go to the HOH Rm. Dem and Ika huggy/kissy before they leave Pink BR. The others are slowly going upstairs as BB requested.
1:17 PM BBT- 6:35 PM  Feeds Down
6:36 PM BBT Feeds return with Jackie and Kevin talking about tv shows, William laying on the couch outside Dre and Karen upstairs in the Pink room talking Ika enters the room with Drink for Dre. Karen says when they talked to her week one is was all about safety. Demetres enters the room and Ika said she was just about to go get him. Something is back up on the screen and Karen is excited. She just wants to hurry up and get this done with, they are driving her nuts. It appears the POV ceremony has not been done yet. Bruno and Sindy in WR talking about votes. Sindy says her only concern is Karen’s vote. They can’t let Ika convince Karen to vote out Sindy. Sindy says that the Bragade is done Cass and Neda have gone home Ika has split from them. Sindy tells all about the Bragade just to inform him what’s been going on. Sindy says Karen told Ika before Sindy about calling Neda Geppetto. They feel Karen is getting close with Ika and Demetres.
6:45 PM BBT They wonder about William if he would ever put up or vote out Ika. They want to try to get Karen to vote with them to get Ika out. Little do they know it will be Sindy on the block. They both leave the Wr to pretend to do something and are bored. Bruno needs to do laundry, but heads downstairs. Ika and Demetres in bed together talking and laughing Karen and Dre in the other beds talking and laughing. Hard to distinguish the two convos at the same time. Sindy and Bruno Join the crew outside. Jackie is talking about a job she used to work at, horse races and a game themed job. Sindy let’s William know his laundry was done she put it on his bed. They talk about the most memorable interview they have been in. kevin says the ones for BB, Dillon says he doesn’t have to do job interviews he just does press interviews. Jackie used to lifeguard and a bad experience of a party. They tell stories about embarrassing moments for them or family.
7:00 PM BBT Jackie tells about team swims. Jackie asks if they like swimming in the ocean, DIllon says yes, Kevin says no, Will says it’s scary, Jackie tells about a Jellyfish sting she got while doing a one mile swim at the beach. Kevin says he thinks he would die if they took him out one mile dropped him and told him swim back. Someone told Kevin that most pirates never learned to swim because overboard meant the end anyways so why struggle and die when they could sink and die, he wants to know if it’s true. Jackie tells about the 2004 premiere of pirates and Disneyland and she didn’t know what it was till a few years later. Jackie walks inside saying she is sore.
7:05 PM BBT- 7:30 PM BBT Feeds Out
7:30 PM BBT Ika and Dre in the pink room talking about someone being Jealous of a relationship in the house. She’s not jealous of Ika she is Jealous of the relationships she has with people. Dre tells Ika that she needs to let Dem sleep he is still a child and needs sleep. Karen in the WR putting a load in, Kevin brushing his teeth. Sindy comes out of the RR and washes her hands. William joins the pink room and smacks Dre’s butt. They still have not had the POV ceremony and Dre says that she thinks BB is trying to help her have a good B day and they know it’s going to get tough after the POV Ceremony. They discuss starting to get ready for the “party” tonight so that way they can just party after the ceremony. Sindy comes in they ask her her opinion on getting ready now. Dre feels like no one is in the mood to party. Karen is alone downstairs getting ice and water. Sindy says that Jackie is up in a salt bath. Dre suggest slowly getting ready for the party. Ika says tell the girls, Karen heads outside to Dillon and Demetres. Karen thinks it’s almost 8 and Dillon says no way it’s like 6:30. They talk about where William made contact just now so it was in a vag not Butt. Kevin heads outside as well and Karen heads in. 7:38 PM BBT feeds cut briefly comes back and Dillon is talking about the party and how it will be interesting with no music. Karen says Bruno look what I found, 3 more water packs for the mics. The boys all head in to see and feeds cut again.
7:41 PM BBT -10:00PM BBT Feeds out
10:10PM BBT Bruno and Jackie in the hot tub, Bruno says that he really believes that they are going to vote Sindy out while Jackie says I know but I don’t like to assume stuff because it never works out. In the kitchen Dillon, Karen , Ika, Sindy, Matthew and Demetres making food. No real game talk looks like they are talking about food. Bruno still with Jackie but there conversation is nothing just relaxing in the jets.
10:15PM BBT Jackie says that she needs to study the dates while Bruno says he’s behind the last two weeks. He says that they should go chill with it in the cave since no one goes in there. Dillon comes outside and the talk becomes none. Jackie says she is going in and Bruno asks Dillon this was no good and what had happened because he said something else. Dillon says he panicked and decided that Sindy had put him up so he did it. Bruno says that Ika had her do that and that Ika does not like him at all. He says that if he would have put Ika up he was worried that they didn’t have the numbers. Bruno says it’s cool and it’s done, don’t worry. Bruno says he would have put Ika and dem up but he thought he was going to do it. Bruno says don’t worry it’s ok, no worries. Bruno says that since day 1 Demetres and Ika have been gunning for Dillon. Bruno says 100 times that it’s good and they will take it next week. William comes out and tells Dillon the food is ready. Bruno in the hot tub alone. Inside the kitchen it is everyone to eat but Jackie, Kevin and Bruno. Demetres asks if he should get them to come eat? Someone says that there is only seven pieces of salmon. There all celebrating that it’s Dre’s birthday. Kevin comes and sits with them and they all do a roast for her birthday. They all say that the food is good after eating pizza the last three days. Dre asks big brother for some music and someone else asks for booze to celebrate her birthday. Someone says that they can listen to the iPod on high without wearing the ear pieces but someone says that big brother won’t let them do that.
10:30PM BBT Sindy is talking about silent discos and how they have them in Europe. Demetres says he has been to some of them before. Kevin and Bruno in the kitchen most likely making some coffee since they are have nots. Jackie comes down and goes into the kitchen with Kevin and Bruno. The other seven are talking about social media and how Karen is oblivious to some of the slang words of the young people. The three in the kitchen talk about what it’s like to not be able to eat. Bruno says that he is going back out to the hot tub in a bit.
10:45PM BBT some of the people talking about what they are going to wear to “the club” while Dre says she is wearing a dress and plans on dancing tonight. Dillon bragging about how he is awesome at chess and has beat like 1600 people. Kevin says he has played in a chess/poker tournament before and he won the poker part. They end up talking about Bobby Fischer and the movie about him. Bruno and Kevin sitting at the table talking with Dillon. The girls all get up and get ready for “the club”. Supposedly it’s going to be the HOH room to dance and have fun in. Karen makes a comment under her breath about someone not helping clean up. The only one that’s helping her is william. Kevin and Dillon talking about chess still and Demetres asks if there’s any money in it? Dillon only like the top guys but the big guys have real jobs and stuff and are like scientists and geniuses and stuff. Demetres talking about playing hockey and how people that play and don’t play for a long time can not warm up and drink a few beers and then get out on the ice and they are still great.
11:00PM BBT in the bedroom where the girls are getting ready putting on makeup the conversations are about nothing. Jackie says she feels like she aged ten years during her time in the house. Dre says yes that it’s the stress of the house and it’s so hard. The girls make up a pretend group of guys that are going to be at the party. Jackie asks what to do with her hair and Dre tells her that she should do something wild since it is a club night. Ika says she is going to look for her make up dress in Dre’s bag and they are all talking about if they should wear dresses or what. Kevin and Dillon outside and Kevin tells him that he understands why he put up Sindy. Bruno says that he is going back in the hot tub. Demetres talks about what he is wearing to the party and Bruno says he’s wearing his swim trunks. The boys laugh and say you probably won’t make it in. He says ok, that’s an early night for him then. William in the room with Kevin, looks like they are getting ready, Kevin comes out of the covers from changing into his swim trunks, he says he is gonna hot tub for a bit before the party. William still figuring out his outfit.
11:15PM BBT Jackie and William in the bedroom getting clothes to wear, Dillon in the HOH getting stuff to put on. Karen and Demetres in the HOH talking with Dillon. She says that she has a problem with people being selfish and lazy and there was someone who didn’t cook or clean up but it won’t matter because she is going home this week. Karen is saying that Jackie is mad and that Kevin and Bruno Will ask her who she’s voting for and she will say that she is voting the way Dillon wants and she will do it like they did. Karen asks for a box of wine and 4 pitchers of beer. Demetres asks if is he’s pumped that Bruno will get off his butt now? He says no he has still been going after me still. He tells Karen everything that Bruno says. Karen says she is mad because he thinks they are all stupid. Karen goes off that they are mad because we are going after their numbers and it will only be the three of them now. Dillon says that Karen and Demetres need to win the HOH, Karen says that they have to. Karen says that Sindy has never talked to her since week one but she ain’t falling for her fake self now. Karen says that she’s done with that stuff now. Karen says that she’s not getting dressed up, she’s wearing what she has on until it’s bedtime. Karen says that they can’t trust her and that if Jackie wins hoh she will go after than Karen and Ika. Karen tells Dillon that they should stay on Demetres and Ika’s side because at least they are straight up.
11:30PM BBT in the bedroom , Ika and Dre making pretend situations about the party tonight. Ika says she is ready and wants to go. Everyone is ready except for Dre. Kevin and Bruno coming up the stairs to get ready for the party.
11:45PM BBT Bruno and William in the bathroom getting ready. Kevin and Demetres walk thru, William gives Bruno a machine to steam his shirt. Kevin’s shirt is really wrinkled so he decides to wear a vest to hide it. Dillon and Demetres begging big brother for booze and productions tells them to stop talking to production. They holler at the girls that the bridge is open and Karen pokes her head in and says that there mouths will drop when they see Ika. Dillon and Demetres say that they need to win the hoh and if it’s a endurance they will win for sure. But they both agree that Bruno and Kevin are strong competitors. The party starts and there is tons of hooting and hollering. They all scoot down to the bridge to hold the party there.


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