Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, April 10th

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12:00 AM BBT Kevin tells Will that Jackie thinks that if Dre goes home, that Will will be close to Dre. Jackie tells Emily and Dillon that she thinks Dre hates her for trying to allign herself with everyone. Will and Dre talk to Ika about Ika trusting Dre. Ika leaves, and Will and Dre talk in French about Ika. Ika and Demetre cook in the kitchen. Ika steps away and goes to talk to Dre. Ika and Dre talk and joke around. Ika eaves again. Dre and Will talk in French again. Emily told Dillon that she told Will that he could put anyone else up and they would get voted out.
12:15 AM BBT Dillon tells Emily that if one of them gets vetoed off the block then he wants Karen put on the block. Emily tells Dillon that she’s so stressed out. Dillon agrees and tells her that that’s why he wants to go to bed. Dillon tells Emily that he keeps being told by Bruno that he shouldn’t worry, that he is safe. Emily and Dillon agree that everyone is fake. Dillon tells Emily that she is his number 1. Will is in the HOH Room by himself. Ika, Dre, and Demetres talk about how Dillon is telling Emily that they are being messed over. Kevin and Will agree that once Will is putting Jackie up on the block and she will be pissed.
12:30 AM BBT Will and Kevin agree that Jackie is a flip flopper. Ika nd Demetres eat bacon and talk about how they want Dillon out. Kevin thinks that getting Dillon off the block and getting Jackie on will bring him closer to Dre. Will puts his sleep mask on and tells Kevin that he is so tired. Kevin agrees. Dre, Emily, and Dillon talk about how Will will probably put Jackie up on block if Kevin uses the veto. Dre wants Neda and Sindy to be blind sided. Dillon tells Emily and Dre that he’s going to act like a sad puppy to Bruno tomorrow. Dillon tells Emily that she’s sleeping with him tonight. Dre agrees and tells Emily and Dillon not to talk about game in bed tonight. Dre tells Dillon and Emily that she is going to bed.
12:45 AM BBT Dre tells Emily and Dillon that Ika is nervous that the plan will backfire. Dre and Emily agree that Karen is fine. Dre is making sure that the plan is in place with Karen in the morning. Dre tells Emily and Dillon that they can’t talk about the plan in the bedroom. Ika tells Demetres that Jackie is coming after her. Demetres agrees. Ika tells Demetres that she doesn’t like Dillon here. Demetres agrees and tells Ika that he thinks he’s been eating too much bacon. Ika is going to tell Kevin not use the veto tomorrow. Dre and Karen are talking about how Kevin is playing Will. Dre asks Karen if she heard her name, and Karen tells Dre that she did. Dre tells Karen that it may be Jackie or Bruno on the block if Kevin uses veto on Dillon. Dre tells Karen that Wil is acting so innocent and convincing Kevin to use the veto on Dillon.
1:00 AM BBT Karen takes some medicine in the bathroom. Ika and Demetres tell the cameras to go away and that they are going to sleep. Karen lays in her bed. Karen goes out of the bedroom and sits in the living room. She says that she’s got a really bad sinus headache and that it’s terrible.
1:15 AM BBT Demetres tells Ika that he kinda knew that Dillon was playing sad all day. Ia jokes with him and he tells her that he is pretty sure. Demetres tells Ika a story when he was at the pool. Ika tells Demetres that she usually lies. But she hasn’t done that. Ika puts her hair into a scrunchie. Ika Brushes her teeth while everyone else is asleep.
1:30 AM BBT Demetres tells Ika to go in the other bedroom because he thinks Bruno will think something is wrong. Ika and Demetres lay in bed and talk in whispers.
1:45 AM BBT Demetres tells Ika a story. Ika tells Demetres that when she hears something scary she runs.
1:51 AM BBT – 1:54 AM BBT All Feeds down.
1:54 AM BBT Ika and Demetres talk quietly in bed. Demetres tells Ika that he’s not worried, that he can contribute. Demetres and Ika kiss.
2:00 AM BBT – 7:45 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
8:00 AM BBT Lights have been turned on in the house. Feeds have gone down.
8:15 AM BBT Feeds are still down. Feeds come on with Kevin and William talking in the HOH . William has been asked to fix his mic. Ika and Demetres are waking up. Big Brother has told all the HGS to get up. Ika has been told to put on her mic. Emily is complaining that the bedroom they are in is very hot. The rooster has crowed to wake the rest of the HGS up. Sindy has been called to the DR. Dre and Jackie are in the washroom. Karen and Ika are in the bedroom talking that Bruno is freaking out because he seen Emily talking to her. She figures that Bruno thinks Emily has been telling them everything. Ika is saying she is going to steal some of Demetres clothes for the day. Meanwhile in the HOH Room it looks like Kevin and William are talking about what to make for breakfast. They have decided to cuddle some more.
8:30 AM BBT Meanwhile in the washroom Karen Emily Dillon and Bruno are having a general conversation. Neda and Ika are in the bedroom talking about what Emily told her last night. Ika is telling Neda that Emily told her that if she stays she will not work with Neda Bruno Kevin or Sindy. Dre has entered the room so the conversation goes to general topics. Sindy is telling Neda that she stretches everyday. Neda asks her how long she does it for, she says about 15 minutes. Ika is saying that she is sorry for keeping people awake last night laughing, she stated that she has a hard time falling asleep. Dre is saying that she wants sleep in the HOH one night. She is saying it is not Kevin that is giving looks at night it is William giving her looks to get her to leave the HOH. She is saying she would like to say cute little couple but she can’t because she doesn’t know what is going on over there.
8:45 AM BBT Meanwhile in other parts of the house Bruno and Demetres are going out into the hot tub area. Dillon has joined them. Bruno is asking if the Leafs made the playoffs. He said it is after the 10th so they have started. Demetres says he would be disappointment if they didn’t make it as they had a good team this year. Bruno says back in the day he use to drink water from the garden hose, he is talking about when he was a kid like 16. He says nowadays you say yea don’t do that. Demetres is telling a story about some guy at work who drank water out of the chemical containment container at work. Meanwhile Neda and Kevin are talking about what Ika had told her. Neda says Emily is being sketchy. Neda is telling Kevin about a conversation Ika told her Sindy told her. Neda is saying I never said that to her but you. Neda says if you use the veto than Bruno will go up. Neda says if you use it and Bruno goes Jackie will jump ship. She is advising him not to use it as then it will be only her and him.
9:00 AM BBT Kevin has left the bedroom and has gone to make breakfast. Meanwhile out in the hot tub area Emily has joined Bruno Demetres and Dillon. The conversation has switched to general conversation about boxing. The conversation is still on women boxer. Dillon says they need to pay homage to Rhonda even tho she has lost her last few fights because it is because of her that women are boxing. They think the other lady boxer’s name is Paige something. They are now talking about Holly. Dillon starts telling them that professional fighter all juice. Feeds go down in hot tub area. Over in the rest of the house Karen is in the washroom putting makeup on with Jackie and Neda. Karen is telling them what she eats. Ika is saying that she can’t eat here. Karen says you may have to have the liquid supplement. Neda is saying she contours to be wider not thinner. Jackie asks her if that is a real thing. The conversation is about weight. The other two cameras are down. The conversation is now on the internet and bullying. Neda is wondering how people who bully justify it in their heads. Karen says anybody can pick anyone apart, Karen says after being in here she will not read it, both Neda and Ika are telling her not to read it. Karen says she is worried her son is fighting her battles and she doesn’t want him to. Neda says her sister is running her twitter account but she worries about her mother who only has FB which according to Neda is the worse for mean comments. Big Brother has now shut down those feeds as well. Feeds come back with William and Dre talking in french. Dre is filling him in on what Ika told her about her conversation with Emily. Dre is telling him that Emily may blow up everybody’s game on that side. She is telling him that Emily is saying if they keep her she will not work with that side. Meanwhile in other parts of the house Demetres and Emily have joined the ladies in the washroom. Bruno is there as well. Ika is saying she feels sorry for Demetres as we are soo mean to him poor guy. Karen has told Emily to sit down so she can help with her makeup.
9:30 AM BBT Kevin and William are in the pantry. Kevin says it will be in the next half hour. Kevin is asking him how he feels. William says fine. William leaves. Kevin is talking to himself saying he is going to put up Bruno, it’s too good to be true. Kevin has left William in the kitchen to go shower. Kevin enters the washroom and tells those in there that it is the POV today. Ika has decided to assist Karen with putting on Emily’s makeup. Bruno and Dillon are sitting outside by the hot tub area. Dillon says that he is pissed, Bruno is telling him to stay calm and trust him, Dillon is saying if he doesn’t use the veto he doesn’t have a team. Bruno says relax you have a team. Bruno says we all know that I am the replacement. Bruno says stay calm and you’ll be fine. He is telling him to stop playing these scenes in his head and getting worked up. Bruno has left Dillon out by the hot tub area and joined Jackie in the kitchen. Bruno has gone back out to the hot tub area , given Dillon a hug and says it is all good. Dillon says if I don’t come down I go home. Meanwhile in the blue room Demetres and Karen are having a general conversation about having every bed full in the house again. Demetres asks if anyone has a lint roller, he is told Neda has one. Karen is complaining that her hair is not working with her today. She is also complaining that she is sweating today. Sindy enters the room and Demetres leaves to see if anyone is doing laundry. Dre and Sindy are both in the room but not talking. Demetres is gathering his laundry. Bruno enters the bedroom with Neda. Neda gets told to put her mic on. Dillon enters the room conversation stops. Demetres enters and asks to borrow Neda’s lint brush. Bruno says you have one of those bad boys.
9:45 AM BBT Demetres is telling them the story about when he bought that shirt. Bruno is telling Demetres that he has a good selection of clothes that match. He says he has plain shirts and striped shirts. Bruno is saying Emily was being weird yesterday. Bruno said one is talking and the other isn’t. Demetres says if veto isn’t used one of them goes home. Demetres says every week it is the same thing stressful as someone goes home. William has left the HOH Room and Bruno has entered. In the washroom some HGS are putting the finishing touches to their faces before the POV Ceremony. Ika asks if they think it will work. Ika tells Emily that they asked her what she said she says she told them she was just campaigning to stay. She tells her they want her gone. Big Brother as told all HGS to go to the HOH. Feeds are going down.
10:00 AM BBT -11:15 AM BBT Feeds down. POV Ceremony
11:30 AM BBT Feeds Back. Neda picking her splits, Bruno sitting in sun. Dillon breathing heavy. He tells Emily he doesn’t want to leave her outside by herself. (Bruno/Neda outside with them) Dillon talking about spring, flowers blooming. Ika tells William to go talk to Jackie about the vote. William asks Jackie if she knows what she is going to do about the vote. Camera turns to kitchen. Dre/Karen/Ika/Kevin. Ika says to Kevin that must be really hard, and Kevin says ya they are my friends. You can hear William talking to Jackie but can’t see it. Camera finally switches to William talking to Jackie outside. William telling Jackie that Kevin wanted to use the veto and backdoor Jackie. Neda walks by and talk stops. William asks Jackie to go by the pool with him so they can talk. Argument outside by hot tub. Bruno shouting, Emily asking Bruno why he didn’t talk to them about it if they are supposed to be in an alliance with them. Bruno is telling them they are like brother and sisters to them. Emily says why did you tell Kevin not to use the veto. Bruno is like who told you this, I want to hear a name right now. Bruno tells them “ I have been with you since day fucking one” Bruno asks who said that, tell me a name. Emily is asks if we are in an alliance then why didn’t Kevin use the veto on us. Bruno says cause William was going to put me up. Emily says no, William said he would put up Jackie. Dillon says “ok Bruno, Ok”Karen is out there too. Bruno continues to shout and argue with Emily and Dillon. Emily is calm, so is Dillon. Emily says I just don’t understand what the point of an alliance is, Emily says to Bruno” so you never said our name to be put up, who did you say to put up. Bruno says he didn’t say anyone. Emily continues to say “ you said the same thing to me that you said to him (Dillon) and Dillon keeps saying “ ok Bruno. Karen continues to watch. Bruno finally leaves the Hot Tub room and goes into Kitchen where Dem/Ika/Dre/Sindy are eating and not talking, Kevin is in there too. Bruno goes back to HT room after getting something to drink. Emily says she is just hurt and Bruno says he is too. Bruno continues to say that he has been with them for thirty days and the other side got to them in one hour. Dillon says “It is not thirty days and one hour, actions speak louder than words” Bruno counters with I don’t have the veto around my neck. Dillon says it is Kevin they are talking about. Emily says I don’t think I am even in the alliance, there is an alliance and I don’t think I am in it. Dillon says they are easy targets. Bruno doesn’t say anything. Karen talks about the weather and leaves. Bruno says” I don’t know what kind of play you guys are trying to make” Bruno says he understands they are trying to save yourself. Bruno is trying to convince them by jumping over the other side
Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, April 10th

11:45 AM BBT Emily/Dillon/Bruno arguing outside. Dillon tells Bruno if Kevin wanted to be part of the team he would of let them win veto. Emily brings up Kevin lied to William as well. Emily says it is hurtful that you say one thing to me and one thing to Dillon and threw our names out there. Bruno tells them he connects with them on a personal level by far the most.
Bruno keeps saying ‘thirty days man’ Dillon says so you are telling me you trust Kevin. Bruno pauses and says he trust everyone in the alliance. Dillon says but our alliance fucked up. Dillon brings up if Kevin was in the alliance he would have let Emily win, but Kevin went as hard as he could to win the veto so one of them would go home. Bruno says he gets it but then another one of the alliance would have gone up. Bruno says William said he was going to put Jackie up. Bruno says William is not part of your alliance. Emily says but William said everyone said to put us up(Em/Dillon) Karen in SR talking to Kevin and he tells him to go out there and find out, it is like “ awkward’ Kevin says to Dem every time you get power in this game people just lose it. Dem does agrees, and says no matter what people will be mad, its part of the game. Back outside Emily says Kevin is the ring leader, Bruno tells Em/Dillon ‘they did what you wanted them to do’ Emily says I am not saying I am with them, I just have to figure it out. Emily brings up if she was in Kevin’s spot she would have used the veto on them. Bruno again says” I don’t understand how this happened in a one hour conversation” Dillon says it was NOT a one hour conversation Bruno! Emily does not spill any information to Bruno about knowing about the POV backdoor plans. Emily says she still feels like people are trying to get her out. Bruno just keeps saying everything is crazy to him. Meanwhile in HOH William is confronting Kevin about not using the veto. Kevin is saying Dillon/Emily are throwing him under the bus. Kevin says maybe it was a bad decision. William says to Kevin “I feel like you are playing me” Kevin tells him no, tells William that he will see on the feeds that he was happy and excited. William says again, I just don’t want to be played. Kevin says Dillon and Emily are pissed and William says he is pissed too. Will says Jackie is going to go after me and Dre, I don’t understand why you didn’t do it. Kevin is blaming it on Emily’s speech sketching him out and he didn’t know what to do. Kevin telling William he didn’t say a word to anyone. Will asks him “ you didn’t talk to Bruno?” Kevin says no, Emily sketched my out, Will says he never talked game to Emily, ever. Meanwhile outside Bruno is continuing to try to convince Dillon and Emily they are going to be at the bottom of the ‘other side’ alliance. Bruno telling them if he won hoh they could put their feed up. Bruno says if you are telling me you want to go to other side, you are going up, the numbers are there. Dillon asks Bruno if he is threatening them. Bruno said no I am on your side man. Dillon says shit went downhill really fast, Bruno said it didn’t have to and Dillon said no one did anything to help it. Dillon takes a drag of Emily’s cigarette and starts to rap. Feeds cut.
12:00 PM BBT – 1:00 PM BBT Feeds down
1:00 PM BBT Feeds back. All the houseguests are having a good day. Some are having game talk. Kevin said he didn’t use the veto. Emily and Dillon are fighting to stay.
1:30 PM BBT Neda and Sindy ,Bruno, and Kevin are talking to Emily about turning on them and about her speech she made today at the veto meeting .Bruno tells Emily what did they say to her for her to flip on them in a hr last night .Emily says she needs to feel like she is part of the alliance if she is with them .Neda tells Emily you can’t get mad at the alliance cause she went up on the block it’s william that put her up and and Neda tells Emily she expected for Jackie or Bruno to go up. Neda tells Emily and Dillon the other side is wanting to cause a rift cause that’s how it goes to break up the alliance.
1:45 PM BBT things are quiet In the house. Emily and Dillon hanging out together. Some of the HGs are stressed.
2:00 PM BBT Outside, Dillon, Emily and Karen are talking about noms and veto. Dillon says that their alliance excuse for not pulling them off the block is the fact that Dillon and Emily cuddle and they feel uncomfortable around them. Karen says that’s not true. They talk about why Emily didn’t sleep in the Blue room – she says it’s because she wanted sleep, not because she was staying away. Dillon says that Sindy is tip toeing around the house like a joke and he is annoyed. Karen says she makes fun of her. Dre and William join them. Dillon takes Dre’s sunglasses. Karen says he looks like Elton John and he talks in an English Accent. They continue to make fun of Sindy and the way she walks around the house. In the blue room, Jackie, Kevin, Sindy and Neda are talking about Dillon saying he doesn’t want to be in the house anymore. Neda says she asked Dillon last night where Emily was. She says that Dillon told her that they had some “fun” in the bed and that they are not sleeping in the same room. Sindy says that they just had their first kiss only and nothing else happened. Neda says they just need to stop hiding it in the house because everyone has seen it. Neda says it’s not ok for them to be doing it because he has a girl at home. Neda says if he is willing to accept the consequence of what will happen after their are out of the house that’s fine. Sindy talks about Emily telling her she is worried about her dad seeing it. Sindy says that he already has and they might as well not avoid it. Feeds go back to the HG outside.
2:15 PM BBT Emily says that she thinks that Neda doesn’t like that her and Dillon are so tight. Karen says that Dillon is like John from Neda’s season. Dem joins them outside. Emily says that she may be going home and it’s scary. Dillon says if Emily goes home that all hell will break loose, that all of Sindy’s makeup will get watered down and all the fake lashes will be torn up. Emily says that Ika’s stripper wig will be ripped off. Dre asks Karen about numbers. Karen says that the other side of the house is losing it. Karen talks about Kevin freaking out when she walked in on the conversation he was having with William about who to put on the block and that he was caught. Kevin comes out and wants to get in the hot tub. They take the cover off. They dare Dem to cannonball into the hot tub. Emily tells him not to be a pansy. Feeds go to the blue room where Neda and Sindy are talking. They talk about Karen not wanting Sindy to talk to her people. Sindy says that Karen is trying to build trust with them. Neda tells Sindy things that Karen has said about Sindy. That Karen says that the season 3 players will always stick together. Neda starts telling her what Karen has said about specific season 3 players and Feeds go down from the room. At the pool table, Bruno and Ika are playing and talking. Ika is also talking about the things that Karen has been saying in the house and who she is saying people can trust. Ika says that they think Sindy is by herself. She says that she heard Emily say that it bothers her that no one mentioned Sindy’s name. Dem joins them at the pool table.
2:30 PM BBT Ika gives the cube to Dem and she goes to get something to eat. Dem tells her where everyone is in the house.
2:45 PM BBT Dem asks Bruno if he understands everything going on in the house. He says he doesn’t even understand it himself. Back in the blue room, Neda, Jackie, Sindy and Ika are talking about previous seasons how they kept track of things in the game – Like Goldfish and Gummy Bears. Bruno joins them but lays down in the different bed. Sindy talks about her season and how she was never really a target but that she at least made it to Jury. She talks about the info she gave to people in her season that helped others games. She says that in her season there was a triple eviction. She explains how the triple eviction worked. Dillon yells from the kitchen about something he wanted to eat/drink. Juice Boxes. Ika yells back that they are in her stomach. He yells that pretzels are making him hungry. Ika leaves the room and goes to the kitchen. Dillon tells Ika that she drank or hid all the juice boxes and she needs to prepare for her makeup kit to be watered down and for her brushes to be broken. Ika says she wants the saboteur  to come out and admit they hid the juice boxes. Dillon tells her to hide her brushes like she hid the juice boxes. She goes to the WR to hide her stuff.  Ika goes back to the kitchen and tells them that when she was in the blue room that no one talked to her when she walked in. They talk again about who hid the juice boxes. Dillon says that now he has to drink nasty water. Ika asks BB to put on the screen from the cameras who stole the juice boxes. Outside, Karen and William are talking and Karen asks William if he likes the Canadians and that most of the time the French does not like them. And if he didn’t like them before he came into the house. William says he has a lot of friends so it doesn’t bother him. He tells her it’s because the usually act snobby to the French Canadians. Feeds go down to the outside. In the Kitchen, Dem and Emily talk about the Juice Boxes. Dem tells Emily that he hid the ones that were in the fridge. Dillon comes back and says that Ika hid the cold ones. Dem says “what a bitch eh?” and laughs. Dillon asks Emily what he can do in the house to set things off. Emily tells him to start to be mean to people. He says he can be meaner. Dem says he can be meaner too. He starts yelling about the pretzels again and makes them laugh. Karen comes in and he starts to yell at her. Then he tells her that his now thing is to be mean to people. She says then she can put him over her knee and spank him. She goes into the storage room and Dillon and Emily laugh at her. Dillon yells “Bring it Karen, how about that!?” Ika comes into the kitchen and she says again she didn’t do it. (juice boxes). Feeds switch to outside. Dem and Will are talking about people in the house losing it. Dem says then he is just walking around by himself and breaks up conversations all day. They talk about what day it is in the house and Dem says that there is another 3 days of people trying to swing votes. He says he thinks it’s going to be a close vote. They talk about Jackie flipping and Dem says “Pick a side”.
3:00 PM BBT William says that he talked to Jackie and that he told her who was mentioning her name to him. He says that she will listen more to Neda then to him. Dem says she is just getting manipulated. He says it’s just a game. All 4 Feeds go down at 3:02 PM BBT.
3:15 PM BBT Feeds come back 3:15 PM BBT. William, Emily and Dillon are in the kitchen. Emily goes to hug Dillon, he says I don’t hug, I don’t have feelings! They still hug and he pats her on the butt. In the Pink Room, Karen, Ika and Dem are talking. Karen asks if she should call Bruno out and ask William who he said should go on the block. Karen says Bruno is a liar and that he is trying to play every single player in the house. That’s his game mode and that’s how he played season 3. Karen says she can’t be fake and that she can turn into the witch she is. Dem tells her to let it out. Karen says that Neda has been playing both sides of the house since she came into the house. That Sindy has done the same thing. Karen says she doesn’t want to wait until Thursday to get going. Karen goes to lay down. Ika tells Dem to keep her awake. They talk but so quiet it is hard to hear.
3:30 PM BBT Ika says that she is going to talk to certain people in the house. Dillon and Emily come into the bedroom and Dillon jumps on the bed next to Karen. Karen asks them what he has been up to? He tells her that she will find out. Dillon says he is sabotaging the other side of the house things. He tells her not to eat any pickles. Karen says if she goes to touch anything they sabotaged that they need to use the code word “Karen did you finish the laundry” so she will not touch anything. PLEASE WAKEUP NAP TIME IS OVER. Dem says he disagrees. Dillon yells at Ika and says that’s what she gets for hiding all the juice boxes. Ika runs out of the room and says if she is being accused anyway she will go do it now. They all leave the room. Karen is looking for clothes to change into in the WR because she says she is too hot.
3:45 PM BBT In the HOH room, Karen is talking to Dre and William. Karen is telling them that the other side of the house is all mad at each other. That Kevin is throwing Bruno and Bruno is throwing Kevin and they can’t get their stories together. They are saying that after Dillon goes home that the next people on the block will be William, Dre, Ika or Dem because the other side of the house think that Dem and Ika control too much. Karen says that she can hear the HG in the Blue room talking. Dre says it’s stupid that they turn on each other. Karen says that she thinks the other side of the house is trying to make a deal with Dem. Dre says that he is just playing the nice guy to make them think he is with them but that Dem and Ika will never drop them. Dre says she can not believe that Bruno and Kevin are turning on each other. Karen says it’s only temp because they are trying to regroup because they know they have the numbers right now. Karen tells them about Dillon sabotaging things in the house. They wonder why Neda wants Emily out of the house so bad. Dre says that if they send Emily home that Dillon will not be ok. She says after him saying he wants to go be with his niece that it would be disrespectful to keep him over Emily. William says they need to get HOH. Dre says that it should be Kevin and Jackie on the block if they win. She says Kevin needs to go. Karen says that Kevin thinks he is playing a great game but that he is panicking right now. Dre says if Neda wins HOH that she will go after her. Dre says that when she talks to Neda she knows when she is lying and that Neda knows when Dre is lying and that Neda has a good sense of that. Dre says that if Dillon stays that she will not let them take him to the other side of the house – that she will sleep in the bed with him to keep him on their side. Karen says that Kevin told the house that if they pulled Dillon off the block that William will put up Bruno. William gets upset about that. Karen tells them that she walked in on that conversation. Karen says after that conversation they were trying to cover and that after that they were using their names. Karen tells William that they have to be cool but that’s the kind of things they are doing. Dillon joins them in the HOH room. Karen asks Dillon if he said that the excuse that Kevin used that William would put Bruno Up? Dillon said yes. William said that he never said Bruno, but that he would put up Jackie. And that’s why they said they couldn’t use the POV. Dillon said that he really thought they would use it.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Monday, April 10th

4:00 PM BBT Karen said that Bruno said he had no idea that the POV was not going to be used. Karen says it’s all lies. William said again why would he do that, he never said that. Dre says that they don’t know what to say and that’s why they are all locked in the room trying to figure out what to say. Dillon says that’s why he put sugar water in their pickles. Karen says they are plotting to keep Dillon. Emily says that Neda told her that she was going to keep her. Karen says that they can not stay in the room all night – that they have to come out to eat. Emily says maybe they should get everyone in the room to talk. Dre is mopping the floor and says it’s disgusting. Dre is saying that in the game she can back up her stuff and that people can take it what they want to believe. William says he never fully trusted Kevin. He says he hopes Canada sees how he is playing. Karen says that Bruno doesn’t look too good either.
Jackie and Neda in SR talking about the drama from earlier. They exit the SR and talk with Dem in the Kitchen area. Jackie has a hotdog, Demetres heads to the living room with Ika and Sindy stands next to Jackie talking about the sprinkles from the cake. Ika and Demetres talk about how Dillon hid the candies and messed with foods that the other side likes. Ika says it’s funny how resentful they are.. Now it’s their turn to be worried for once. Ika says the reason they are hated is because they are hanging with Jackie so they seem fake. Bruno and Kevin are up on the Blue room talking about evicting Emily over Dillon. The lines have been drawn and it’s more dangerous to leave Emily in the Game.They talk about how Dillon has sabotaged the food and they don’t really care he might even self evict. Bruno feels that Dillon and emily are telling the other side everything. Kevin says the war is between Ika and Neda the leaders of the 2 sides. Down in the Kitchen Dillon asks emily when the last time she ate was. She says 45 min ago with William.
4:15 PM BBT Jackie and Neda in Kitchen cooking/ making food not saying anything to anyone, Sindy leaves the bar area Dillon and Emily back in the SR moving food and hiding it. Fees cut. Meanwhile in the Blue room Neda has joined the boys and spilling more information that she has. Neda says that Emily cried to Dillon about how others were against her. Neda says today is the day to jump on the Sindy bandwagon and leave Ika out because she is on the other side. They run scenarios of who to vote out and what the results be if either one stayed who would the other side put up. Dillon and Emily out in the backyard throwing something back and forth, Sindy and Jackie laying on the couches out there talking. Neda says if she wins HOH Dre and William are her targets and back door Ika if one comes down. They still aren’t 100 with Jackie but they trust her more. Neda tries to explain to Kevin that William isn’t really into him he’s just using him. They go over the days, and make sure they all know them. Dre, Demetres, and Ika are all talking about who to evict and that they need to win the HOH. Dre says Karen is a witch and feels Dillon is going home and then Karen is next. They wanna put Kevin and Bruno and Jackie as the replacement, if either of the boys were to win they would take the other off so they have to put them both up. Dre heads upstairs to clean the room and Karen enters.
4:30 PM BBT Karen says Neda, Jackie, and SIndy used all the ice and didn’t fill it back up and they made a mess in the kitchen then left it to be cleaned by others. Ika says she need to start eating so she can compete and win in the competition. Ika comments about the dirty pants and socks of Demetres from him wiping his hands on his clothes. Upstairs they talk numbers and weights of the items around the house. They run numbers of where everyone is in the house. Neda said she had to put her foot down today with Ika and Sindy so Sindy knew the truth. Neda informs Kevin that Ika has been against him since week 1. They need to keep Sindy locked and make sure she doesn’t believe Ika and flip. Ika and Demetres head to the SR and Ika doesn’t want to hear what Dem has to say.. He is trying to say that if Ika were to go home he would be better off playing alone than making alliances. Demetres says when he pissed off Ika it’s because she provokes him. Then comments how sexy she is. They look for something to eat. They think about a fruit smoothie with protein powder. Feeds swap to outside with Karen, Emily, and Dillon. They discuss how Sindy is playing a better game than anyone thought. As soon as they knew that Jackie was 100% to them Emily and Dillon were expendable.
4:45 PM BBT Karen says that the names that were thrown out were all Emily and Dillon and the only ones to give different names was Kevin. They want to talk with Bruno and William together to find out what happened. Dillon says they looked like two squirrels getting flustered and heated and stumbling over their words when confronted. They feel that both Kevin and Bruno are equally as bad as liars and it hurts coming more from Bruno. Karen recalls a conversation from week 1 and explains her theory. Karen says that as long as it’s not her she’s willing to vote out anyone from the other side. Karen says that when Sindy and Bruno talked last night she was woken up and not sure what was said but she knew something was up. Blue room still talking about what to study and keeping Sindy close. Neda says they throw in personal Jabs when they think they can get ahead with it. Feeds change to Ika, Kevin, and Demetres in the Kitchen. They are all laughing about a story Kevin was telling, they talk about how Karen and Kevin have hated each other since week 1 and week 3 he finally threw in the towel and stopped trying to be friends. Ika says that Em and Dillon have talked to Karen and Karen comes back to Ika and Dem with the information. They laugh about how Karen uses Kevin’s full name when talking about him. Theylove how karen is a character for the show and compliment BB on finding her. Ika says Karen equally HATES Jackie but yet she doesn’t say much or chooses not to. Kevin loves the rivalry and says if they can be paired together always do it. Karen told Ika about how Dillon messed with the food and she doesn’t care because she wants them to starve. Demetres is sent on a battery change run.
5:00 PM BBT Feeds Cut in the Kitchen, Demetres makes it outside to collect batteries. Emily and Karen are still out there talking. Karen says it’s unheard of to be in a 6 person alliance and with 12 left nominating and voting 2 out. Karen asks who is the puppet master of that side and Emily says Neda and Bruno and Neda’s 5 week safety was BS and unfair. It should have been for newbies only. Karen says I wonder if Canada would change now that they see what has happened. Emily explains how she tried to start a newbie alliance with Dre in the beginning and they haven’t talked since. Now there are 4 vets in an alliance and running the show. Karen says Dallas tried to warn them but it was hard to believe what he said because he was always spouting different stuff. Karen says she only really had Gary and only week 2-4 where Emily has had Dillon from day one. Emily isn’t sure how to talk to anyone because she has nothing in common and it’s hard. Karen says she gets a sketchy feeling anytime Bruno tries to come talk with her. Emily knows the game is about lying but she isn’t that person and she just doesn’t know how to do it. Karen says she know what she is going through. Emily feels week 1 was the only time anyone voted for themself after that it was all about the house vote. Karen explains how she wanted someone backdoored when Dallas left and that it was for the best. Karen said last night was tough because everyone was in uproar.
5:15 PM BBT Sindy, Ika, Demetres, and Kevin still in the Kitchen area talking about how karen has been able to stay and how here game is. They feel they have some of the best most entertaining people this Cast of BB. They discuss Cass and how she played and tried to make a peace offering with Ika of Cranberries. Fun times with Gary and conversations and how it almost made Demetres puke he laughed so hard. Bruno and Dillon up in the Blue room, Dillon says he thinks Emily will be okay she just doesn’t trust anyone. Bruno explains how the other side is giving emily attention because they want the number, where Bruno and Dillon have been cool since day 1. It’s crazy how those things work out, Months before the season started Dillon requested to be friends with Bruno on Fb. Dillon just wants to sleep in one day says its long days. Dillon says Kevin and Jackie will be the ones on the block if he wins HOH. Bruno shares how the other side is the ones who have put them up both chances they got. The Core 6 hasn’t turned their back and has stayed loyal Kevin didn’t use the Veto because it risked his BF going up. Bruno explains over and over how his side has been his friend and helped and how the other side has come after him more than once. Jackie and Ika in the WR talking about how she is a scary player, Ika comes in so they change the conversation to when her sister hurt her foot. Ika leaves and they go back to conversation about Dre and the other side. They feel the other side is super shady. Jackie said she wants to win HOH and just shake shit up next week.
5:30 PM BBT Karen enters the washroom and the conversation has to change again to one of Jackie’s male friends. She has a lisp when she lays down. She has known him since grade 6 and how cute their relationship has been. Jackie tells the story of how they met in Math class. Kevin enters the WR conversation continues. Kevin prepares for the Jacuzzi and joins the conversation. They have been dating since Grade 11. Kevin says he is headed to the hot tub with Sindy, Ika is downstairs on the couch with Demetres. Feeds turn and it shows Ika and Dre in HOH WR with William on the HOH bed. Emily and Dillon in the Blue room laying on the bed talking and sharing what Bruno has said to him. Ika and Dre talk about how they were playing where there was no line but really it’s been there from Day 1. Demetres comes in and asks if Ika is mad and she says no. The food is almost done they offer Dre and William to come eat with them. Demetres says that Bruno and Neda were talking and he walked in and definitely interrupted something. Neda wants Dillon to stay and they don’t know why. Dre doesnt feel like Dillon really wants to stay but Neda says it’s true He’s trying to stay. In the Pink room Neda and Sindy are talking about Ika and Kevin is feeling like they need to talk. They discuss why neither of them came to each other about what Ika said because they didn’t want to cause more mistrust. They discuss a man outside the house that was involved with Sindy and Ika personally and how that story is getting all misconstrued. Fees cut in the room.
5:45 PM BBT Jackie and Kevin are out at the Hot tub talking, they are blessed to be here 5 weeks in. jackie says Neda opened her eyes to listen to everything before making a judgement. They compare it to Survivor and all the components to BB and how exhausting but fun it is. Kevin says he wonders when the next twist will be all they can do is practice and be ready but you will never be ready enough. They talk about getting compliments from the other HG and how it means so much more in the house. Demetres enters the Hot tub area and conversation continues. Demetres asks where’s Sindy, Kevin says she went to get sunglasses and use the RR. They say that it doesn’t matter how dirty the HT was Bruno would be in it. They discuss that they haven’t seen Bruno, William or Dre all day and how the HOH hasn’t been called out for napping. They all discuss when and where to nap and get away with it. They are curious if there was a rainbow after the rain.They plead with BB to let them have more sleep. They say Sindy Ditched the HT and then Kevin and jackie talk about when they came in and where they flew in from. Sindy makes her way out and to the HT area. Kevin says on the TV you see the alliances and he thought it was more secretive but being in the house it’s pretty clear and open. They all say that Live feeders have serious commitment. Bruno heads out and into the HT.
6:00 PM BBT Karen said then Jackie would be going home Emily said i don’t know what to do now Emily said i don’t want to them to know that i am with you guys Karen said Jackie is the swinger Dre said that her Stomach really hurts Neda and Ika are in the WR area Neda said i don’t want to be upset at anybody right now Ika said i can’t wait until i put her ass on the block Ika and Demetres are talking Demetres said thursday is so far away Sindy said she doesn’t want to win this hoh she wants to win the one before her birthday
6:15 PM BBT Demetres said i am on it Karen said did you put the glue back with my stuff Emily said i just know that Dillon wants to go home and see his family Emily said if i stay i will be a mess Emily said i have to do laundry to because i have to pay for it at my apartment Jackie said it’s gross it is not a funny joke Dre said i would like to go home and see my family Dre said i need to see my family Emily said i get it a game and stuff
6:30 PM BBT Dillon said Emily do you want to go outside Emily said honestly thou it’s kind of perfect Ika and Wiliam and Dre are talking Ika said i just heard a noise Ika right now the target should be Sindy and Neda Ika said your job is not to hang out with us your job is to hang out with kevin Ika said you have to make Kevin feel bad Ika said i need to see you with kevin Ika said i don’t want to see you leaving his side for the next 3 days Ika said don’t hang out with us Ika said go find kevin Ika said to william you look sad all the time ika said people in this house is crazy
6:45 PM BBT Ika said she is very selfish person Ika wants to send her of to jury she dosnt like her at this point i like Emily more than Neda Kevin and Emily are playing pool Ika said i don’t know what we are going to do Ika said Dre or Demetres is going to have to win the HOH karen is not going to win it Kevin said i don’t understand how i am suppose to do this Kevin said to Emily i think your going to win the game i don’t know how i am going to get the ball out Ika said Kevin is strong and physical Dre said i wish that we could convince Kevin to switch sides Dillon said what do you want to do Emily said i am going to go and pack Emily said i miss gary i wonder what he is doing right now Kevin is playing pool by himself Dillon said this boredom is killing Dillon said i can’t stop thinking about my niece
7:00 PM BBT Please stop talking about prediction Dillon said Neda Doesn’t like emily at all Dillon said how do i do this Dillon said i am not getting any sleep i wake up all the time crying Kevin said i don’t have that so i can not relate Dillon said we will see what the vote is i don’t know please wake up nap time is over Neda said that is so sweet Neda said 550 is so sweet Neda said i am already planning to move in Sindy said that’s if my roommate don’t move out William and Kevin are talking about the veto Kevin said i am having a hard time telling you what is true what is not Kevin said you will see all the DR that i am not playing you and i know that you probably can not trust me Karen said Neda might not be safe Karen please fix your microphone
7:15 PM BBT Karen said have you noticed that Neda has not won any other competitions and Karen said She is trying not to have a target on her back Bruno said be real with me man Bruno said Dillon is a fighter Sindy said we fought about it a lot she is talking about her boyfriend William went back to ika Ika said i have a question William said kevin said it feels there is a line
7:30 PM BBT Dre and William are talking in French Bruno said i hope tomorrow is nice i can get some sun and a Tan in Bruno said Bruno said i am telling you Dillon that everybody is fine Bruno said how old is your Niece Bruno said trust me i had this same thing happen on my season but trust me they’re fine it’s not easy Bruno said you’re missing home i get to dillon Dillon please go to the DR Dillon said i don’t wanna Emily said i think it would have been different if our side one Emily said i have been trying to hang out with dillon i know one of us are going to be going home
7:45 PM BBT Bruno said i don’t want to see Dillon give up Bruno said i am okay with thinking that i am the 3rd wheel Emily said trust me i never have any drama in my life Emily said i don’t deserve to leave when Dillon is begging you guys to let him go home Emily said Jackie won’t talk to me Neda won’t look at me Bruno said you took shots at us Emily said i keep getting weird vibes Ika said we are going to lie and lie to jackie Ika said 1 thing they believe in the house is what we tell them they believe it Ika Dre said i work alone better with Sindy Ika said call her out to Jackie ika said you blow up on jackie Bruno said both times they put you and dillon on the block and you are believing them.
8:00 PM BBT Ika and Dre in upstairs HOH suite. Dre says Sindys a liar and now knows what Sindy looks like when she lies. She says Sindy is getting close with Neda. Ika says girls in the house bond over their hate for other women. Dre wants to find William but Ika says William needs to get his love on with a boy. Dre heads downstairs where Dillon/ Jackie/Demetres/Neda are in KT. Sounds like food is deep frying but turns out Neda is cooking with way too much oil. Jackie tells her to just use oil spray. Neda says she doesn’t cook much. She screwed up so badly (cooking eggs!) she had to throw them out and start over. Feeds turn to Dre and William in the BY are on the loungers. They are talking in French code but Dre says she thinks she convinced them to put up “the big one and the old one” so Karen and ? Dre heads back up to speak to Sindy. She asks Sindy if Kevin is playing Will. Sindy says she doesn’t think so. Dre says she’d feel so bad if he was. Dre says she does really feel Kevin’s gaming William. She says love is a strong word but he has a crush on Kevin. Sindy says she doesn’t feel like Kevin’s the type to use people. He did fall in love with Pili. Dre (the truth comes out) is bothered William kicked her out of HOH so he could be with Kevin. Is she overprotective or is she jealous?
8:15PM BBT Dre trying to throw Kevin under the bus by saying that William wanted to put Jackie up, but Kevin wouldn’t use the Veto. Since he wouldn’t, this is proof Kevin is playing William (?). Dre says Kevin is hiding something. Sindy says she thinks Dre is jealous and just trying to find excuses to dislike Kevin, and says she thinks Dre wants the HOH suite and is better William kicked her out for Kevin. Dre does one of her laugh/squeals.
Dre is confused why Dillona md Emily are pissed at Bruno and says that doesn’t make sense. Feeds turn to Kevin and William. Kevin says he would never come after Will personal and he can’t believe someone lied about that. (Someone told William Kevin said he was his boytoy and had William wrapped around his finger). William looks really sad and asks Kevin to swear on his mom’s life. Kevin does. William says he wouldn’t be mad he’d be disappointed. He said someone is feeding William malicious lies. Dillon goes outside to talk to them. He says Sindys talk is too much for this environment. Emily comes over with a yogurt/honey/chia concoction. William says he doesn’t like honey unless it’s honey mustard. He says every time Emily eats yogurt it looks so good. You can feel the tension between Kevin and William but Emily seems to not notice or care.
8:30PM BBT Emily asks Kevin and William what’s up? She says she’s sorry she was angry; she was fired up. She says she wants beer and whiskey. Feeds to Neda and Dillon in WC. Neda tells him she wants him to stay. Neda tells him if he wants to stay, he can stay. She says he’s a champion, why does he want to leave. He just doesn’t want to campaign against Emily. She says Ika and Dre were stirring crap up and that everyone wants him to stay, they just don’t want Emily to freak out again. She tells Dillon he doesn’t need to campaign. Jackie comes in and Neda relays the convo she just had with Dillon. Neda says she’s going to keep lying her ass off to Ika and Demetres. Jackie says she’s so glad Bruno talked some sense into him. Neda counts their alliance (both of them, Sindy, Bruno, Kevin and Dillon) she says if we can’t win this, we’re idiots. Feeds to William and Kevin in bedroom and Kevin is pledging to William he has never said any of those words and is not using him. William says he heard that Kevin told people William wanted to send home Bruno. Kevin says let’s put the game thing aside and focus on the personal. He says he never slanders anyone or make attacks on people’s character. William says okay and seems to accept his explanation. William says those people must be f’d up so bad to make things like that up.
8:45PM BBT Dillon comes in. He says Bruno told him his family’s okay and he shouldn’t quit. Kevin says he’s fired up because he has stuff going on at home and for people to lie about personal character is terrible. Neda and Jackie come in. Nedas trying to convince William to take off his clothes. Dillon leaves and Neda starts talking about previous BBUS seasons. Kevin says he hasn’t watched old BBUS (surprised!) but says he feels like he watched it because of all the YouTube clips. He says he only saw seasons 15,16,17. Talk turns to kids and William says he hates kids.
9:00PM BBT Feeds to Ika and Demetres and Dem says he has a weird feeling the alliance has turned on them (they have). Demetres says he’s done with it, and if he wins HOH he’s going to chuck 2 of them up. He says they’re so ungrateful, they kept them safe and now they’re turning on them. Ika trying to calm the waters a bit but she says if she wins HOH she’s putting them up too. She says it’s time. She will put up Neda and Sindy. Both from the Core 4. Demetres says this game makes him realize how shady people are. He says he’s going to have an epic speech too. Demetres says he’s going to make coffee. Ika “so close to bed?? Actually, I’ll have one too” . Ika says Dillon told her “they” want to keep him. Ika says they see the 4’s true colours now. Demetres says one of them is going home and he really wants it to be Neda. He says he’d love to have her leave the first week of jury. Ika says her too. She says she feels like if they’re feeling this way, the 4 probably feel the same way. Demetres says Bruno was acting weird. Ika says this is a good thing. Powers up for grabs and now we know what we gotta do.Ika says week after week, we compromise for the group and the one time we want to go a certain way, they lose their minds. Ika tells Demetres they do know how they’re voting, they’re lying to you. Demetres says he knows and they’re really bad at it. Demetres says on a normal season , there’s usually only a couple people who can play, but this year the house is filled with them (he’s right and that’s what’s patently unfair about a vets vs newbies season, the deck is stacked so heavily). Ika says girls are so catty. Demetres “who wants to see my HOH room??? .” They both burst out laughing. Demetres says we gotta try over the next few days.. smooth things over to ensure they don’t go on the block this week.
9:15PM BBT Demetres says Dre’s gonna lose it if we vote against Will. He says we really might have to keep Dillon. Demetres says wasn’t it just this afternoon we were talking on the couch what a perfect position we were in. Now we’re screwed. Ika says things are going to turn. They agree they’re past the point of being seen as a pair. Ika says she feels bad she put  him in a bad alliance because she trusted those people. Demetres says don’t worry, it’s not like anyone dragged me in. Feeds to WC where Karen’s talking to Emily. Karen says Kevin and Jackie keep throwing her name out. Emily said she’d just be a pawn. Karen reminds her that pawns go home.
9:30PM BBT Karen and Emily horsing around in WC . Will comes in to go to bathroom but they tell him Neda just went and recommended they don’t breathe in for the next 30 minutes. Dillon comes in and Karen is playing around, cracking up Emily and Dillon.
Feeds to Jackie and Bruno in SR. Bruno says how glad he is that Dillon now wants to stay. Jackie says she can’t wait to see their faces. She says William is counting on her vote. She seems to think she’s the swing vote. Jackie comes into blue br where Neda is counting and studying. Neda says we have to stay on top of Sindy all week so Ika won’t get her claws into her. Sindy was worried about Ika getting mad after. Neda tells Kevin she’s scared Dillon will screw up and say something he shouldn’t.
9:45PM BBT Karen/William and Emily still playing around in the WC. Karen says we need to practice our entrances. Dillon gives a good voiceover as William and Karen strutt in. Karen says Jackie is a bitch and will come in and report back to the 4. Karen and William go to find Sindy to show her their moves on Dancing With the Stars Canada.
10:00PM BBT Demetres and kevin playing pool talking about the house and how today was so horrible. Demetres says that he hates watching the girls being friends with Jackie. He says that since she figures out that she is the swing vote and now everyone wants to be her friend. She should tell everyone to fu*k off. Kevin says that it was so hard the day that they sent Gary home. He says that sometimes people hate each other in the morning and that evening they are laying around snuggling. They both agree that this week was a good one and whoever leaves is a win. Kevin talks about who he feels would put him up. He says if Jackie wins HOH maybe we can get her to put up Dre and William. Demetres says that him and Kevin are on the same page and the rest are all over the place. Dre still talking to Bruno about working together, she tells him that they need to build trust. He says that he isn’t coming for her but he does think that others are trying to put them against each other. She tells Bruno she does not trust Kevin and feels like he is playing William. She says she doesn’t respect that and he seems very sketchy.
10:15PM BBT Bruno tells Dre that he thinks that Kevin is socially awkward. Bruno asks if he was possibly a target this week. She says no if they needed to they were going to put up Jackie. Bruno tells her well we really need to talk seriously. Dre asks Bruno who is his targets are and he replies that she needs to promise it all stays between them. He asks again if he was the target and this time she says well yes you could have been the target. She tells him that he doesn’t have a good pull with Dillon or Emily. She asks if he calls her and William the French connection and coming after her and he says he was only going to go after them because her and William were coming after him. She asks him if she trusts Sindy? He says yes. She asks if Kevin is playing William and he says not that he knows of. And he thinks that he is attracted to him. He tells her that someone is against them working together. She says if I put Kevin, Emily, Dillon and him would all your stories match. He says I only know what I am saying so I can’t tell you everything. Demetres comes in so she goes out to grab some food.
10:30PM BBT Ika and Neda sitting and talking in the bedroom and Ika is crying. Neda says that one day she was going one way and the next she was going the other. Ika says that the plan was to use the veto and put up Bruno and then it changed. They talk about Sindy is just a number and now they are praising her. Ika says that emily is good at bonding with people and if Dillon leaves she will be fine. Ika says that Emily can go and then dillons girlfriend will sleep better at night. Ika says that Sindy will say whatever to make things go smooth. Ika tells Neda that she doesn’t want to fight with her and that she needs her. Dre and William come in and tells her why are you crying. She denies it and then they walk off talking in French. Karen,Dillon and Emily in the living room Emily says that she really believes she is going home. Karen says they have the votes and Dillon is staying. Karen says that they think that they can control him more and she asks Dillon to help keep her safe. Karen says that Jackie is with them and is only hanging with Demetres and Ika to be a mole. Bruno walks in and says he’s going to bed and Karen says she’s headed that way to. Dillon says if he stays that he will freak out on the house. He tells Emily that he cares a lot about her and asks if she can tell. Dillon says that if he wins HOH that he is going after Kevin and Bruno. He goes over to the couch and tries to pull her pants off. He whispers that there is so much stuff I wanna do with you. Emily says that Karen was going nuts and losing her mind tonight. Dillon says that Demetres, Ika, Karen and Dre are going to keep her but the others will send her home. She says she wants to stay so badly but doesn’t wanna go against him.
10:45PM BBT Dillon and Emily say that they are gonna talk to Jackie and ask her if she’s heard what was up and he says I doubt she tells us but we can try. Ika, Dre and William in the HOH restroom talking about his conversation with Bruno. Ika says that when he said William and Dre she should have snapped that he is coming after Ika and Demetres. Dre says that he could be going after Neda and Kevin and Ika said that from what you were telling him he thinks that it’s me and Demetres that he shouldn’t trust, she says if you feel like you walked away from him thinking you put doubt in his head that then you did. Dre says the conversation showed her he didn’t trust Ika and Demetres from the beginning. Ika says when she was crying in front of Neda that it was fake. Dre says she will fix it and Ika says that the damage is done. Ika says she is pissed and that Dre threw her and Demetres under the bus.
11:00PM BBT Ika says that Bruno and Dillon are liars. Ika says that Neda told her that they are keeping Dillon to go after Demetres and Ika. Ika says that even Emily knows this. Ika says that Bruno hasn’t been talking to us all day and that Dre just put a bigger target on them. She went to bed and Dre asked her to please not act mad because it will make it worse. She storms out and mumbles something about her fake crying to that stupid dumb bit*h. She says she hates all the fake stupid people in this house. Dre is in the bathroom talking to Bruno and is asking him about targets. He says let’s just say that she doesn’t have to worry about him and he won’t worry about her. She Shen throws and Ika, Demetres and William? He laughs and starts brushing his teeth. Emily, Sindy and Dillon in the living room talking about television shows. Emily belongs to a bachelor fantasy league.
11:15PM BBT William talking to Dre about Kevin, saying something about something Emily told Karen that made William upset. It is that Kevin is using William in the game. Dre says that she is aggravated with the game. She feels horrible and is upset about the Ika , Demetres and Bruno thing. Dre says that she is going to self evict. She says that she can only fix it by winning HOH and she will go over Kevin and Bruno. (Wow didn’t she just make a deal with Bruno). She is upset, holding her face and saying what do I do? William says it’s done and we need to get some sleep. Emil and Dillon outside she is smoking. She asks if he’s mad, and he says why would i be mad ? Dillon asks to sleep with her and she tells him that she didn’t sleep well, that they are on tv and that he’s being a baby. He says I can be , cause I really really like you. I didn’t really do anything to terribly bad and she continues to smoke and he just stands there and waits. She tells him he’s being a girl, he says he is an emotional person and wants to lay beside her and hold her and kiss her. She says stop , our families are watching. He keeps saying that there is nothing he can do.
11:30PM BBT Sindy, Kevin, Bruno and Ika in the kitchen talking about the day. Ika tells them what Dre told her about Bruno giving a vibe that he didn’t trust her or Demetres. He says that’s not what happened. Jackie comes in and says that she has something for Sindy. Dillon walks in and the conversation turns to what Jackie has for Sindy. Ika and Kevin in the bathroom starting to talk but Dillon comes in so the convo changes. Sindy tells Ika, Emily and Kevin that they are going to have a hot tub party for Bruno’s birthday tomorrow. Ika is reapplying her makeup because they are calling HGs to the DR.
11:45PM BBT Ika talking to Kevin about Emily calling her out for the six. She says she had a small talk about what happening. She says they are in a tough spot because William wants Emily to stay and the six want Dillon to stay. Ika says that Sindy told people that she is coming after people in her alliance. Kevin says he feels good with her and Demetres. She says she really trusts William and Dre. She says she doesn’t trust Sindy and today was a weird vibe. Ika tells Kevin that he should stay on William and Dre’s side. They say that tomorrow has to be a better day. Emily in the restroom with Dillon she is pulling her fake eyelashes off, they are stuck and she is worried about how it feels.



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