Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, May 5th

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12:00AM BBT Karen explains to Ika about when she caught William coming out of the secret hatch Dillon is waiting to get into the BY Demetres tells him that he could tell when DIllon said he was voting to keep Ika that he meant compared to other times he asked him who he was voting for Dillon said one of the hardest things about being in the house is when their on the lockdown Demetres agrees and both admit to having meltdowns on the house Karen asks Ika if she thinks canada hates her
12:15AM BBT BY finally opens up Karen tells Ika that she knew she had trust issues like her from the very beginning Kevin, Demetres and Dillon hanging out in the HT area in the rain Karen gets called to the DR Karen back from the DR tells Ika that she didn’t have make phoney alliances because she knows people
12:30AM BBT Karen and Ika discuss how Ika never thought she would come into the house and end up in a showmance Ika said to Karen she is surprised that she could hear her and Demetres talking in bed and never said anything Demetres said he never liked Gary until he watched his season Karen tells Ika that they should have went after Bruno and Kevin on backwards week Ika wishes that Kevin was sitting out on the last HOH
12:45AM BBT Ika takes a shower Demetres asks Kevin if he gets to play in the next HOH Demetres thought he did Dillon Demetres and Kevin list all the people that have been evicted Dillon said that anyone that got close to Jackie they would be evicted she was bad luck Demetres said he is superstitious and hasn’t eaten her food in weeks Kevin says goodnight Demetres goes back inside the house Karen joins Dillon in the HT area Demetres scares Ika in the shower Karen tells Dillon that if William had not se his secret veto could have used it on himself tonight Dillon said unless there was a deadline to use it
1:00AM BBT Ika tells Demetres that there is not point and going to Kevin and burning bridges there Karen explaining to Dillon about how she saw William finding the secret veto Ika and Demetres talk about if Kevin can play in the next HOH Ika thinks that he does
1:15AM BBT Demetres and Ika making bacon in the KT Karen Demetres Ika and Dillon talk about how the crowd was cheering for them today
1:30AM BBT Demetres, Karen, Dillon, and Ika hanging out in the KY Karen tells the story when they played telephone in the HOH room Kevin in bed sleeping
1:45AM BBT All HG in bed
6:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:25 AM BBT Lights on
8:29 AM BBT Karen’s up and makes her way to the WR.
8:30 AM BBT “Good morning houseguests. Time to wake up.” “Ika please arrange a housewide battery change.”
8:32 AM BBT Second call to wakeup. Ika gets out of bed and heads downstairs to get the batteries.
8:33 AM BBT Karen and Ika in the kitchen. Karen saying she went to bed 7 hours ago, but she kept waking up wondering if that really happened.
8:34 AM BBT Rooster crows. Karen muttering to herself in the kitchen that she didn’t get enough sleep. Ika comes back down and Karen says she doesn’t understand how Ika gets the same amount of sleep and doesn’t have bags under her eyes. She tells Ika she’s got good genes. Karen and Ika saying they’re not going to campaign to Kevin; she’s not going to act any different than she has the last 56 days. Karen says Kevin has been more tolerable the last two weeks. Ika saying she wanted Kevin gone this week, so the F4 would be Karen, Dillon, Ika, and Dem. Karen talking about her need to use the bathroom. She leaves to try and Ika fixes herself a coffee. Dillon still undercover in the blue BR. Ika takes her coffee to the pink BR. Dem says he had a leg cramp in the middle of the night.
8:45 AM BBT Ika and Dem in the bed in the pink BR; both complaining they’re tired. Kevin out of the HoH room and into the pink BR briefly. He leaves and Ika tells Dem there’s no point in talking to Kevin because he’s going to do what he wants and last time they talked to him, he put them up anyhow. Ika says that Karen feels bad for Dem because Ika always lets him down. Ika told Dem that he was giving Kevin a look like he wanted him gone. They’re saying that Kevin really flipped out last night when Dem put him up. Dem says he felt bad about it and really wanted him to stay. They agree that Kevin was on fire last night, winning the PoV when he needed to and then the HoH right after.
8:55 AM BBT Kevin and Dillon in the pantry, gathering supplies for their smoothies.
9:00 AM BBT Ika telling Dem that he can’t let Kevin corrupt Karen and Dillon because they will be votes for Dem at the end. She says if Kevin hadn’t won those comps, he wouldn’t be here. Dem says that if he didn’t win the comps he did, he wouldn’t be here. Ika says the difference is she and Dem have played a good social game. Dem says if they hadn’t connected with Karen and Dillon the night before, he would have been targeting Dillon last night. Ika says she regrets putting Karen on the block the week Dem was HoH. She says it’s her only regret. They continue to talk last night and how things may have played out differently but Ika says things moved really quickly. They say they played it the best way for their game, otherwise they would have burned every bridge. They talk about how Kevin freaked out; Dem says Kevin was just stunned because it was a triple. Ika says she thinks Kevin knows he can win in a F2 against any of them. Dem figures Kevin wants him out this week because he’s the only one who could beat him in the final HoH. Dem thinks there’s an incentive for Kevin to keep Ika over Dillon because Ika is the ‘weaker’ player.
9:10 AM BBT Dillon and Kevin talking downstairs. Kev asks if live feeds get boring once they’re down to five players. Dillon says they must. He can’t believe people sit around and watch them drink protein drinks. There were 8 people yesterday morning and only 5 people this morning; Kevin says that almost half the house left in one day. Kevin asks Dillon if he wants Dem or Ika out. Dillon says, “Demetres, right?” Kevin agrees that that’s the smarter move, they just have to ensure he doesn’t win the PoV. Dillon tells Kevin he’s in such a good position, and he doesn’t see anyone beating Kevin in F2. Kevin agrees he has lots of friends in the jury house. He says Ika doesn’t know her shit. Kevin says how Kevin, Dillon and Karen will be in the final 4, they just need to see if Ika or Dem joins them. He says if Dem goes into the F4, he can play the HoH and the PoV. Dillon agrees the kid is a beast and they need to get him out. Kevin says of the 16 people who walked in, he can’t believe this is the F5. Kevin tells Dillon if he hadn’t won the Oreo challenge he would have been gone week 2. Dillon confirms he grabbed a wrong shape yesterday, and when Kevin won he was heading back with his third piece (which would have been his 4th if he hadn’t chosen the wrong one.) Dillon says he’d love to go F2; that’s the first step of it. Kevin tells him he’s in a good spot because he’s got two chances to play for his safety in the F4. Kevin tells Dillon he doesn’t get to play in the F4 HoH.
9:20 AM BBT Karen telling Ika and Dem about how angry Kevin was when he was nominated last night. She says he was red-in-the-face angry when he was talking to her. Karen says she felt bad that William left last night. Ika agrees that William was negatively affected by Dre and Kevin. Karen goes on to tell them about what she said to Kevin last week. Ika and Dem tell Karen they snowed Kevin last week. Karen says she couldn’t believe that Kevin was telling them last week that he didn’t care who left; it made her paranoid that they had a F3 with Kevin. Ika says that days ago Dillon asked her if they had a F3. Last night when Dillon told her Kevin said they had a F3, Ika immediately told him Kevin was lying. Karen says she’s not campaigning to Kevin this week as she has nothing to tell him. Ika says that Kevin told her they have shown by their actions that they would take Karen & Dillon over him. They all agree that should be obvious. Ika says that Kev showed good faith in naming Jackie as the replacement nominee, and she believes he did try to convince Will to vote to keep Ika. Ika says that she thinks Kev thought their F3 was the real deal; Karen says he must have believed it because he screamed at her that they lied to him. Karen says anything they’ve done to get here is fair game. Karen says they’ve been working together since Day 1; Ika agrees that it was Karen’s HoH that brought them close together.
9:30 AM BBT Kevin and Dillon on the downstairs sofa. Kevin saying if Dre had just chilled out, she’d still be there. Kevin says that Will knew that Dre was wrecking his game. He thought that he was okay when he thought it was a double, but once he knew two people were leaving, he knew he was going to be one of them. Kevin says he was flip-flopping last week because of it. Dillon tells Kevin that he was too. Dillon says that they laughed at and with Dre about how many times she flipped in the last eight days. Kevin says that the comp was ‘pick which day it happened’ and he knew he had it. Dillon talking about how speeches were part of the challenge. Kevin says Dillon has been in a lot of verbal confrontations, and everyone who was in one with him is gone. Kevin says, “Now Demetres.” Kevin says that when Dem blew up at Dillon, it was a game move and nothing personal. He says how Cass went around gathering people to watch it because she had orchestrated the whole thing. Karen comes downstairs. Dillon tells her to have some of the protein shake. Kevin laughing at Karen giving Jackie the “flip-flop floaterville” line. Kevin says any time he spoke to Jackie, the entire house would know what was said five minutes later. They all say that they feel bad that Will suffered collateral damage. Karen asks about Will’s special PoV. Kevin says that he only knew about it after it had been played because Will was told if he told anyone, it would be wiped out. Karen tells Kevin about showing Bruno the hatch Will came out of and everything she witnessed. She says she tried to go into the hatch Will came out of and immediately got, “Karen, stop that!” Kevin says that it would have sketched him out.
9:45 AM BBT Ika and Dem still lounging in bed in the pink BR. Ika says they want to win, and that’s why they put Kevin up. Ika tells Dem to tell the viewers about the rules about her weave; Dem says he’s not allowed to look at it, he’s not allowed to touch it, and he’s not allowed to talk about it. Dem says he doesn’t get how it works. Ika says that he understands that telling Canada that he wants to share a bed with Ika is not a good idea. They both laugh and say she made him pay for it. Ika says that Dem was very naive when he started playing the game but she and Gary educated him. He understands that her list of important things is: edges, him and then the BB game. Dem says he’s done so many things and deserved everything he got in this game, except Ika.
9:50 AM BBT Karen and Kev talking in the living room. Karen says she has no love lost with Dre. Kevin says that Bruno didn’t like Dre; Karen says that Bruno didn’t like most people in the house. Kev says that after Neda left, Karen was closest to Bruno after Kev. Karen says the more you try and control people, the crazier they get. Kevin says that he can’t wait to watch the season. Karen says that she wants to see how she was portrayed in relation to Kevin and Jackie. Kev says that she probably looked bad at the hot tub when she flipped out on him. Karen says she hopes that yesterday showed that the audience didn’t buy into the Jackie deal. Karen says she was worried that Jackie would be there for the days comp and beat Kevin. Karen says that Kevin won by 3; it wasn’t even a contest. Kevin says as a game player and a fan of the show, he wanted to Jackie to leave last night. Karen says that on Day 3 she found out she couldn’t trust Jackie, and it was over for her. She is sure she’s going to come across as the biggest bitch ever on Big Brother Canada. She goes on to explain how she is on the show is how she is in real life. She says Bruce may give someone a second chance, but she never does.
10:00 AM BBT Karen says that she won’t ever have anything to do with Sindy outside of the house. She says that Kevin has a better chance of being Karen’s friend than Sindy does. Kevin says their relationship has made it on the show. Karen thinks Canada is wondering what he’s doing associating with her as she’s evil. Karen explaining her blowup at the hot tub. She explains people are allowed to have a difference of opinion without being “wrong.” She says you can beg to differ and agree to disagree with someone without being wrong. Karen says that she and Bruce often talk about her need to always state her feelings. Bruce tells her that it comes off bad when she tells people what she thinks of them, Karen says she understands that logically but emotionally she has to tell; it is her truth. She says that’s why she said what she did last week when she talked to him. Kevin says that she overestimates how much control he’s had this game. Karen says she really believed Kevin was the reason that Bruno was close to her. Kevin says no, Bruno really liked her. Dillon joins them and Kevin says Karen needs to win the PoV. Dillon agrees that she’s overdue for a win.
10:15 AM BBT Dillon, Kevin and Karen talking in the living room about past HGs. Dillon says it’s going eat William that he let so much of his game be manipulated by Dre. Kevin says that he’s so glad Dre is gone; Karen and Dillon agree. They agree that last week was crazy, that everyone was flip-flopping from hour to hour. Kevin talks about how many people told Dillon this year said they weren’t scared of Dillon; Dillon says it happens to him all the time, but they’re really terrified. Kevin talks about how he really thought his F3 with Ika and Dem; talks about their alliance “The Business People.” Kevin says Dem made a mistake putting him up, and Dillon says that’s why he needs to leave this week. Kevin says Plan A is Dem, Plan B is Ika. Kevin talking about the F4 party in the BY. He says hopefully Ika is there in her dress and Dem is in the jury house. Kevin says he feels like there’s no more alliances or groups, everything is on the table now. Dillon agrees and points out it all changed in one night.
10:30 AM BBT Kevin and Dillon resting on the couch in the living room. Not much talk. Ika and Dem in bed in the pink BR critiquing HGs. Ika says they need to stop telling people their tea because they always spill it right away. Ika says that when she first saw Sindy, she wasn’t happy they were in the house together. Ika says Sindy craves attention from men; Dem says that she could not eat food for 3 months and she’d be fine but she wouldn’t survive a day without attention from men. Ika says Sindy worked hard for them. Ika says when Sindy was on the block against Jackie, she trashed Ika for three days and then came to her the day of the eviction and begged Ika to help her stay. Ika says that when Sindy asked her to fight for her the way she had fought for Dem, it broke her. She says she was a great ally. Onto Bruno: he was the most untrustworthy person in the house. They say that they entertained Bruno and Kevin’s plea to work together, and understand how it would have been good, but they couldn’t sleep at night if they kept Bruno. Ika says if Bruno was on the block with Kevin they would have kept Bruno. Ika says that Bruno trashed her 5 minutes before the live eviction to Dem so they have no regrets voting him out.
10:45 AM BBT Karen putting on her face in the WR. Ika and Dem still talking about this season in the pink BR. They are up to what happened last week. Ika talking about how she tormented the people of the house even before the PoV was played to try and sabotage her game. Karen comes in saying there’s not enough makeup in the world to help her today. She then talks about how bad she must look to Canada for her feud with Kevin. Karen says as a fan she probably wouldn’t like herself at this point in the game. Karen says the only true thing Bruno did in this game was when he said he wouldn’t use the PoV and didn’t. Karen goes on to say how Cass was a flip-flopper and could never pick a side. Ika says she wonders what would have happened if Karen had been on the block against Dillon; she thinks Bruno may have kept Dillon over Karen then. Karen says that she told Bruce before she started the game that she wanted to be HoH the first week so she would have the opportunity to talk game with everyone. Karen says she knew if anyone had no value, they’d be gone.
11:00 AM BBT Dem called to the DR. Karen and Ika still talking about what’s happened in the game in the pink BR. Karen says she thinks Bruno would have taken out a lot of people before her. Karen says that she was just a number for Neda. Karen says them getting out Neda was the best move in BB history. Karen tells Ika not to stress about this week; Kevin knows that Dem stands a good chance at winning the PoV. She says that Kevin feels he has the whole jury house’s votes. Ika doesn’t think the jury house will give Dem the win. She says they won’t give him the win because they’re vengeful and won’t look at what he accomplished. Karen says that Kevin can’t be in the F2. Karen says that Dre was fighting against Ika the hardest. She says that Dre believed if Ika was gone Dem would team up with her. Ika points out that as soon as Karen wasn’t HoH anymore, people didn’t want to talk to her. Karen says that she really liked Emily and Ika would have too if she had got to know her. Ika says there’s still time to get rid of Kevin; Karen says that it will be really tough because he can taste the win. Ika says that as soon as he saw the comp, he knew he was going to win. Karen says that he claims he didn’t think he could; they both agree he’s still lying.
11:15 AM BBT Karen and Ika still talking about Kevin in the pink BR. They agree he’s trying to prove a point by coming back in the game. Karen says he brought up the “Business Person Alliance” again downstairs. She says he’s not going to get over them putting him up. Ika called to the DR; Karen heads back to the WR. Dem showering, Kevin working out.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, May 5th

11:23 AM BBT Karen goes back to the pink BR. Ika is there, and Dem comes in. Karen telling them that she overheard Kevin telling Dillon about the “Business Person Alliance” again. She then again acts out Kevin’s “The lied to me!” rant. Ika giggles and tells Dem they’re going on the block. Ika says that maybe they shouldn’t have made the deal with Kevin last week, but Karen says if they hadn’t made that deal, Ika wouldn’t be here anymore. Dem volunteers to make them food and leaves. Ika asks Karen if Kevin told her she was safe; Karen says no. Karen says she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, so it wouldn’t matter anyhow. Ika says that he’ll put Dem/Ika up because he knows otherwise one of them will take the other off the block. Karen says sometimes it amazes her that people seem to forget they’re playing Big Brother. Ika says your actions speak louder than your words in this game.
11:30 AM BBT Kevin sitting down cooling off after his workout. No cam talk. Meanwhile, Ika and Karen still talking about Kevin in the pink BR. Karen says she and Ika are winners because of how long they went without their asses touching the block.She says she had told her kids that would make her a success. Karen says that she feels like she already won because she outlived Neda in the game. She tells Ika that she called Neda Gepetto. She compares Neda to a spider out by the hot tub. Ika says Neda underestimated them in the game. Ika says she knows Karen loves her for sending Neda home. Talk turns to the cursed bed. Ika tells anyone who ever wants to play BBCan not to sleep in that bed. Karen wonders how their relationship will look to Canada. Karen goes on to talk about how upset she was when she went on the block. Ika says she feels like she’s being blamed for what Dem said. She explains it was his decision and she just backed him up.
11:45 AM BBT Dem goes into the pink BR to tell them that breakfast is ready. Karen leaves to go eat. Ika left alone looking for clean underwear in the pink BR. Karen and Dem eating breakfast in the kitchen. Karen says it seems so quiet, and Dem asks where Dillon is. Karen says she hasn’t seen him; Dem says he hasn’t seen him all morning and asks if he’s still passed out. Karen tells Dem she’ll do the dishes. Karen telling Dem today is Cinco de Mayo and then has to explain to him what that is. Kevin comes downstairs and says he’s going to make chicken and rice. Karen tells him it’s Cinco de Mayo. Feed cuts to Dillon and Ika in the WR. Ika is singing in the shower and Dillon uses mouthwash and leaves to make his way to the kitchen. Kevin asks Karen how to make rice. Karen advises him to use a 1:1 ratio of water and rice. That’s going to be some crunchy rice! Dem makes himself a protein shake and says it’s the worst he’s ever made.
12:00 PM BBT Ika and Dem discussing Nominations and POV. Dem says this is the most important POV. Ika says you have to win it. Ika says she hopes they are both there for the award shows. She says she has always wanted to see it. Dillon comes in. She tells Dillon in the history of BB this is the first time someone won HOH and no one has gone into campaign. Ika tells Dillon Dem is his best chance to make it to the end and get rid of Kevin.
12:15 PM BBT Kevin and Karen in the kitchen. They are discussing their relationship and how Karen hated Kevin. Kevin is saying I’ve won HOH and I kept you safe. In the bathroom, Ika tells Demetres and Dillon that Kevin didn’t play a good game but people will think so cause he’s the typical white nerdy guy. Karen said i know you don’t trust me at all the time Kevin said i don’t think i have dre vote Karen said you already won Karen said i can tell soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce Dillon Ika and Demetres is in the WR Karen said 2 many eagles Karen said call him why don’t you feeds are down
12:30PM BBT Feeds down feeds returned at 12:39 pm Ika said i want you to see the finished project Feeds went out
12:45 PM BBT Feeds returned Karen and Ika are in the WR area Kevin is in the kitchen area Karen said they picked up our lanes last night Karen said he was asking if somebody was coming back karen said you know i am not going to remember that that we need floss paper towels and dry sheets Karen said can my eyes be anymore bloodshot today Kevin is gathering his clothes and putting it in the HOH room Kevin said as a person jackie is a sweet girl and that Jackie had a tough time i kinda feel bad for her Kevin said i didn’t know that Jackie wanted to self evict
1:00 PM BBT Ika is applying her makeup in the WR Demetres is laying down Karen said now there is 75 of us that knows what we are going thru Karen said i didn’t like that the chase was going Kevin said JP leaves Sindy is crying Kevin said you can not hide votes in here Karen said he can play it in he gets to play in it Karen said i need a nap Karen said do you think that there is more twist Dillon said i hope not Dillon asked Karen do you think there is more twist Karen said i am very Physical and mental exhaustion
1:15 PM BBT Karen said and i total get that Karen said he broke the spell on that bed Dillon said if i can win the HOH and the POV next week and we keep you and Demetres against him Karen said i did better than you last night Karen said but i didn’t study Dillon said i know it’s not looking good Dillon said if he wins i hope i can get to final 2 Karen said plus they had a different deal coming in don’t forget Ika said i should have pulled out all the names Dillon said when you’re in those comps what do you do Karen said i am the one to beat for the old people Karen said i was 48 when i first tried out i am now 53 Ika said having Sindy in this house for attention Ika said Demetres Karen and Dillon is in the Pink room
1:30 PM BBT Demetres said why do you think that i let Ika sleep on the side Karen said is it about getting Laid Ika is talking about the day the day that i got drunk Karen said he wasn’t here and i called you out in the bed Karen said will was laughing and then will stopped Karen said the rats were in the plexiglass Karen said somebody needs to take her to the petting zoo please go to the HOH Feeds are out

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, May 5th

1:45 PM BBT-3:56 PM BBT Feeds down
3:57 PM BBT Feeds back to Ika putting on makeup. Talking to Dem about the game and who would have played a different game if they were still there. Dem wonders what Kevin’s f3/f2 choice. Dem says the 2 of them need to win. They are discussing what the game move they want Kevin to do this week. Feeds back down
4:00 PM BBT Feeds back onto Dem and Ika saying they are hungry and thirsty and goes downstairs. Most of the houseguests are down stairs. Kevin asked Karen if she was offered cash on night 1 and leave the game. She would take the money. Dillon wouldn’t take it. Kevin said he would but it would be a set amount. Doesn’t know what it would be. Karen is telling her process of nominating. House is confused. During the backward week, Karen thought Jackie wold get a lot of jury vote. Dem is called to the Diary room. Dillon is making fun at Ika. Kevin is talking to Dillon, Ika, and Karen about the HOH competition.
4:15 PM BBT The Pantry is open. Food delivery. The houseguests are happy. Demetres is juggling fruit. Karen is talking about Williams secret POV. Demetres and Kevin thought the POV would change the game. Totally not over it.
4:30 PM BBT Kevin said that Canada is happy Demetres won the triple HOH comp. Kevin said that the comps will get more intense since there are only five left. The houseguests are requesting chips, pasta, and paper towels.
4:45 PM BBT Kevin said that he doesn’t have to be nice to anyone anymore. All he needs to do is win final four veto. If he doesn’t, there is no point of him being in the game. Karen, Demetres, and Ika are wanting to target Dillon and Kevin. They are whispering in the kitchen. The house is celebrating no have nots the remainder of the season. Ika and Demetres are talking by the Bridge. Demetres said Dillon is a jerk. Ika is mad at Demetres. Demetres said that he felt defeated last week.
5:00 PM BBT Ika is worried about Demetres. Demetres says he’s okay. Ika’s stomach is upset. Demetres said it might be nerves. Demetres said that since Gary left, everyone have been scared of both Ika and Demetres. The house is making dinner and celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Demetres needs something different. Ika said that if BBCAN never existed, she would have never met him.
5:15 PM BBT Ika said that if Dillon was on the block and won a comp, it would be hard to get back on the block. Big Brother told Kevin to return the battery box to the Pantry. Karen is eating Scallops. Demetres doesn’t like them. The house is happy about no have nots anymore.
5:30 PM BBT Dillon said all he does is cook and clean in the house. Kevin is going through the different final four vetos. Most of the house is eating. Kevin says he doesn’t like Dre. Karen and Kevin are glad she’s gone.
5:45 PM BBT The house is talking about Dre’s game moves. The house says that Jackie will be shocked to see two people walk in the jury house.
6:00 PM BBT Dillon is talking to Kevin in HoH and Dillon tells Kevin he don’t want to be sitting next to Ika or Dem in final 2.Kevin tells Dillon he would take him to final 2 and Kevin says he wants Dem to go this week
6:15 PM BBT Kevin tells Dillon Ika and Dem would take Karen to final 3 not Dillon.
Dillon tells Kevin he wishes Dem wouldn’t be able to play in the pov..Dillon tells Kevin Niagara Falls will be lit if he wins the money.Kevin tells Dillon if Dem wins the pov it’s 4 hoh’s and 3 pov’s he’s won Kevin lays down in bed thinking.BB calls Kevin to the diary room .Kevin comes back and Dillon says that was quick and Kevin says yeah just was asking him questions.
6:30 PM BBT Kevin comes back from diary room and lays down in bed and Dillon is in Hoh listening to music.Karen is talking to Ika and Dem and Karen says she came play big brother and she will go hard. She is talking about Dillon and that he has never said they need to keep Kevin. Ika tells her that Dillon told them to put her on the block. Ika says to her, no matter what you are not going home. Karen said that they are playing a game and she would have not held it against her. Ika says that Dillon was talking about it and he changed his conversation when she came over. Ika said the only way she would send Dillon home would be if Karen came to her and told her that he had to go. Karen says that she trusts Dre and William more than others. Ika said that they are giving Kevin more credit than he deserves. That he is not as smart as everyone thinks he is. Ika says he is not playing logical and that he is an emotional guy. She did say that he has turned up his game here at the end. They say that Kevin is dangerous because he has William.
6:45 PM BBT Karen says that William is playing Dre. Ika says that in alleys in the house that when you are with your closest ally that you protect them. And that William is choosing Kevin over Dre. Karen says what happened with Dre and if she was losing control. Ika says that a part of Dre resents her and she didn’t know it until the blow up. Ika says that Dre feels like Ika overshadowed her in the house. Karen said that to her that Ika treated her like a little sister. They talk about Dre blowing up and that Ika called her out in front of Canada. Ika said that when she is working with people that she will stand behind them and stick up for their decisions but behind closed doors she will discuss it. Ika says that she will protect the people that fight for her. Ika tells Karen about Kevin pulling her aside and telling her that he was putting them up. Karen says that he has totally been flip flopping the whole game. Karen says that Kevin is the last one on her list of people she wanted to clear out of the house. Ika said that she tried. They say that Kevin is so sketchy but that Dillon is making a deal with him.
7:00 PM BBT They talk about Dillon believing the things that he heard and that it was freaking him out. Karen said that if Dem and Ika go on the block and get the POV that Karen would be the replacement nom. Ika said that Kevin told her that Dillon wanted Ika gone. Ika said that they wanted Ika out of the house. Karen said that if she would have told them that they need to get Ika out then they would have done it. Ika said that she knows the only reason why she is still in the house is because of Karen. They say that it is 3 – 2 in the house right now. Ika said that Kevin is going around saying that Ika and Dem played him to make Dillon think that it was Ika. Karen says that Kevin has every single jury vote. Karen said if Dillon gets on the block then they have the votes. They say they are at the end of the game but that Karen has people protecting her. Ika said that Kevin knew the best move was to keep Dillon. Ika says she stays up at night thinking of ways to keep them safe in the game.
7:15 PM BBT Karen says that she didn’t make any deals because she didn’t have any to make. Ika is crying saying that she feels that things are her fault and that people are going after Dem because of her. Karen says that is part of the game. Ika says they are going to take it away from him. Ika says she cares about Dem so much. Karen says she is glad that Ika finally let someone in. Karen says she came into the house with guns blazing saying that the big guys needed to go. Karen says that the loyal players are still in the house and the players that are not loyal are gone. She says that is what Bruce told her to do.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin is studying in the HOH room and hides it behind stools that he stacked up. The girls in the pink room are still talking about Dre and that she thought that she had power to control. KEVIN DEM PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER. Karen tells Ika who Patty Hearst is and she compares Dre that. Karen says they need to get one more big guy out of the game. Karen talks about her ring she got from her husband. Ika asks if Dem heard that. Dem asks what will Ika get him. Ika says that she needed Karen that she doesn’t think she could have done the rest of the game with any other girl in the house. Karen says she can’t stand when Dillon talks to Kevin about sex. He doesn’t want the visual in her head. They talk about Kevin not being able to sleep from Neda and it was driving him mental. That he actually got sleep after she left the house. They talk about when they first got in the house and the beds they chose.
7:45 PM BBT They start talking about past BB players and how they would have jumped on the young guys in the house and the feeds go down at 7:48 PM BBT.
8:00 PM BBT Feeds down Feeds back at 8:09PM Ika Karen and Demetres are in the Wr area Kevin and Dillon are in the HOH room Dillon and Kevin are talking about movies Dillon said karen did you get in a good nap in Kevin said Demetres i nominated you becauses you are a threat kevin said you and demetres survived last week but it won’t happen this week Karen is in the Kitchen
8:15 PM BBT Ika said if he stays here i’m gonna look like a bad guy Ika said i just think i had the numbers to get rid of dillon Ika said it seems that Kevin kept dillon Karen said we have 45 mins to go Ika said i am happy that i didn’t talk to him Dillon is in the WR Karen said they would never see it coming Karen said when you get to a 7 you have to play a final game Karen said i want Kevin out more than anything Karen said i have never been comfortable Karen said i am never not going to not try Ika said i was hoping for an endurance
8:30 PM BBT Karen said i am trustworthy and loyal Karen said if it’s an endurance comp then we are going to try Ika said Karen how do we pull it off Ika said what do you think that the POV is gonna be Karen said i will make you win Karen said i will make a deal with Demetres and say ika i am sending you home Karen said you do not make deals with Kevin Karen said people don’t hide very well Demetres said Kevin just can’t win it Karen said she wants to send home Karen Demetres said i am getting into game mood Ika said Hashtag big moves ika said don’t let him pull out his hair Karen said the only thing that i have not won is the Pov Karen said that Kevin has no problem putting her up Ika said your predictions have been right Ika said stop picking Ika said i don’t cry in real life i have cried more in here than in real life Karen said it’s not over Karen said he is not going to be on the block Karen said did they call you already Kevin said they are calling me know Demetres said that william is not here to eat the pudding snack Dillon said he used to eat them all Demetres said William hid them at the back of the fridge i grabbed them and ate them Dillon said i wonder if we can go to bed after this
8:45 PM BBT Ika said Demetres tried twice Ika said he tried lying to me and i can’t believe it Ika said he is worthless Demetres said i wonder if they will have a favorite this year Demetres said the states have it Demetres said they should just play the tape from last week to save us some time Dillon said could you image the same tape stop are work is done Dillon said could you image fan favorite gets a car Demetres said is he in the DR Dillon said yup he just went in Dillon said how does this work with the final 4 Demetres said now i’m confused if he wins the veto than he wins the game Dillon said if ika is not in here or are you gonna take me or karen Demetres said i have not thought about it Demetres said to be honest final 2 would be funny Demetres said if Ika is gone i will take you Demetres said i would beat you no one is for sure Demetres said as long as it’s not me and Kevin Dillon said Ika has not won anything Demetres said i love Karen but i can’t take her to final 2 and Karen doesn’t need the money Demetres said i do love karen man Dillon said i need the money Demetres said i need to win tomorrow Demetres said if ika wins POV he would put up Karen probably to make sure that i go home Demetres said he has not played that good of a game Demetres said i have not study my days Demetres said the only way to get to the end would be you and me
9:00 PM BBT Dillon said he wants to this game so F****n bad Feeds went out
9:15 PM BBT Feeds are down
9:30 PM BBT Feeds Down Feeds Returned at 9:37 PM BBT Demetres said i think his final 3 is Ika Karen and him Ika said i can tell that he made a deal with them Dillon said i rather be here Karen said let me ride in this rodeo as long as i can go DILLON PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION Karen said i ripped my jeans Karen said we were just talking about the jury house Karen said i bet Jackie is having a few tears right now Demetres said i always thought that Jackie was super scary
9:45 PM BBT Kevin said sorry i am just zoned out Karen said don’t trick me anymore Karen said you are the biggest meathead Demetres said i can’t wait to go and find tell Sindy and tell her the story Dillon said i want you to tell it Karen Dillon was talking about the job that Sindy had on a cruise ship and she had to take photos Kevin said i didn’t mind it the fish tacos Karen said is that rude it taste like you took it out of the trash cans Karen said Strawberries Margarita sounds good Dillon said i hate this place Karen said that is sounding like Demetres we need to go home with you Dillon said nobody eats them anyways the apples Karen said i have to taste it first sir Dillon said how is the purple drink Karen said is that enough Dillon said that is good no lid on it Karen said do you want purple drink kid Karen said Kevin i thought you are going to go threw the stuff Kevin said what are you eating an avocado like that
10:00 PM BBT Kevin, Dillon and Demetres talking about Jackie and Neda bonding over their hatred for Ika. They talk about how some of the girls that was in the house were very caddy this season. Ika making some bacon to eat. Dillon singing some song about a booty and the others just looking at him. Kevin talks about the jury house possibly drinking and having fun. Demetres asks if you can eat raw bacon, the others tell him no. Dillon tells about putting raw bacon and salt out and how bugs start festering. Demetres talks about a cereal he ate in a restaurant and it had maggots in it. Ika says that his family should have sued. Karen gets called to the DR. Ika is talking about his speech and him saying about the broken promises that there was sixteen people in this house and they all did and he should say his scared since he is. She says that he’s lucky she isn’t going off on him and she has so much tea to spill. She screams that him, Neda and Bruno lied so much during the game.
10:15PM BBT Ika keeps screaming about broken promises and that he is guilty of it the most in the house. Kevin shows up and she starts screaming at him. She tells him to tell the truth, and tells him that he’s scared and that Demetres will beat him in any comp every time. He says that Demetres put him up during the triple and she is a great player. He asks if he can talk and she screams no and says he’s said enough. Kevin says that he’s not scared of her and him, she says you are scared of our game. She tells him that he better hope that they don’t stay in this house. She tells him to go fu*k himself and that all his friends can. She says that he will win against any of them if they take him to the end because he is bitter. Ika goes upstairs and Demetres follows her to comfort her. Dillon, Karen and Kevin are talking about what was said and Dillon says she is right if they go to the end with Kevin, he will win. He says I can’t change it and same thing happens if you go with one of them. Kevin says he has never had a heated discussion in the bb house before and that he will cross that off his list. Dillon says that she needs to come eat her bacon before he eats it all. Ika and Demetres come back into the kitchen.
10:30PM BBT Karen tells a story about a guy that tried to come on to her in the real world. The house talks about the jury members and Ika starts naming each one one by one and saying that they can kiss her a*s. Ika says she doesn’t have to sit there and air a bunch of dirty laundry to make a point. Karen asks what she’s talking about? And Kevin says that after the triple nomination he went and told Dillon and Karen that Ika and Demetres made a final three deal with Kevin. Dillon says we already knew about it we just didn’t know the details. Karen and Dillon talk about people who didn’t clean up after themselves. Dillon says if Kevin makes it to F4 there is no reason to talk game anymore because Kevin will win. Kevin says if he makes it to the end he will take Dillon because he respects his game out of his and Karen’s.
10:45PM BBT Karen says she almost won money today, Demetres is making himself some ice cream and they discuss one of the comps that they played. Dillon and Kevin says that a Karen/Dillon team would be awesome on amazing race. Demetres says he has never seen it and they explain what it’s like. Demetres tells Ika that they should do it and she says no. Dillon says if you leave me in the woods for a week with a knife and he would have a hut, food and fire and be surviving just fine. He says then he might need a lighter too. Ika says that you can’t take any of that and there’s no squirrels and such available. There’s no way he could make it on survivor. Ika says that she believes that he believes it but she doubts he can do it. He talks about eating rodents and turtles and such.
11:00PM BBT Ika and Demetres in the pantry laying on the floor and a is saying how Dillon is crazy and could never make it outside. Ika says that she can’t believe that Kevin just kind stood there during their conversation. They stand up and talk about it while looking in the fridge for stuff to eat. Kevin in the hoh bathroom talking about asking someone to let him win pov so he can save Ika and laughs. He then says that he is so alone in this game and that he is going to really study so he can win the comp. he says he is going to study hard. Upstairs Ika and Demetres go into the bedroom. Karen and Dillon saying that they need to get out Ika and Demetres to stay to get out Kevin. Then they say that they have to win the next hoh. Karen says that no one is more deserving than another for the prize and that they think her and Dillon played the worse game out of the five. Dillon says that he doesn’t want Kevin to win. Dillon and Karen that whoever wins the next hoh will go after Kevin and hopefully send him home.
11:15PM BBT Karen says she has to go take her makeup off. Dillon tells Demetres that the plan is to vote out Ika because they need him to help get rid of Kevin. Demetres says that they don’t have a chance if he makes it to the final three. He says if he wins the final pov it’s game over. Karen and Ika talking about Dillon and some of the stuff that he said about Kevin and taking him out. Karen is worried about how Dillon is talking to Kevin and that he might be really working with both sides. Karen says that she doesn’t blame him but he needs to be careful because he should have relationships before money. Karen says she told Dillon that she is voting the way I want not the way Kevin wants. Karen says that Dillon should not waste the effort making a f2 with Kevin because they are taking Kevin out and it’s a waste of time.
11:30PM BBT Demetres says he justs wants Dillon to keep him over Kevin and then they can work on Dillon going home. Karen starts to cry and says she really wants for someone that deserves to win to win and that she doesn’t want floaters to make it to the end. She says that she wants that to happen during her season that the person who wins deserves to win. She says that she is going to do the best that she can to make this happen.
11:45PM BBT Karen says that all his friends are in the jury house and that they put them there and they had strength in numbers. They talk about the pov and that Demetres says that he will pass out before he falls off. Demetres off to shower and Karen and Ika still talking about them not giving up. Ika says that Demetres will win the pov and that he needed that conversation with Karen and that he is the most deserving and the puke Kevin that lied throughout the game does not deserve to win. Ika says that Dillon is working all angles and Karen says why would he try and settle for second place. Karen says that her and Ika should raise hell when they get to jury. Ika says she really hates them all. They both says that they didn’t like Bruno’s game and that as a person he’s ok but his game was sketchy.




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