Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, May 12th

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12:00AM BBT Ika Kevin and Demetres talking about Jackie and how much they wanted to vote her out when she was on the block but it was not the best game move at that time Demetres said his plan coming into the house was to lay low for the first few weeks but that didn’t happen Kevin said Sindy laid low for awhile and so did Dre Kevin said that he did not respect Dre’s game Ika said the hardest person to work with was Dillon Demetres said he made Dillon a Dillian in his mind right from the beginning.
12:15AM BBT Karen and Ika talking about Kevin Karen said that he trying to be really nice with her because if she goes to Jury she is vote Demetres is wondering how the final week will work they discuss how difficult the HOH comp Karen said there brains work much faster than hers Karen asks Demetres if Kevin thought he would have beat him Demetres said Kevin told him he probably wouldn’t have won that one Karen said it has been a long day and tomorrow might be another one
12:30AM BBT Karen is mad at herself because she didn’t get one question right in the HOH today she said she would never come back because it’s a kids game and she is having a hard time keeping this schedule going BB goodnight HG sleep well
12:45AM BBT Karen tells Ika and Demetres that Dilon tried to get her votes but she told him that she has been with them since day 2 Karen said she could never lie cheat or steal to win the game since she wouldn’t do it it in real life and she would be able to live with herself if she did Karen is mad that kevin told her she is below Jackie Demetes goes to bed Ika feels bad for not winning anything Karen told her to tell Demetres how she feels and it’s ok to have these feelings
1:00AM BBT Karen tells her to go and talk to him now and not wait till until tomorrow and then she needs to go to bed Ika goes to talk to Demetres and Karen goes to bed Ika waits for Demetres to get out of the shower so she can talk to him Ika and Demetres listening to music Demetres tells if she doesn’t want to say anything right she doesn’t have to and he understands that she really wanted this HOH Ika said she just annoyed with herself and is embarrassed Demetres said he feels bad
1:15AM BBT Demetres asks if she wants him to stay with her in the bedroom she said no he got his room he should stay in it and she is happy that he won and that she is not mad at him she is mad at herself
1:30AM BBT All HG in bed
7:20 AM BBT Dem and Ika talking in the HoH room. He’s saying he sees where she’s coming from but he wants to get to the end with her. He says that he’s going to stop talking because anything he says, she shuts down. He then says, “They told us to go to sleep because the PoV is tomorrow,” and they go silent.
7:30 AM BBT – 8:23 AM BBT All HGs in bed silent.
7:45 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:24 AM BBT “Good morning Hgs, time to wake up.” Karen jumps out of bed. Kevin asked to arrange battery exchange. Ika leaves the HoH room and heads to the pink BR where she jumps into bed. (she has had an hour’s sleep…yikes!)
8:30 AM BBT Kevin and Karen up and downstairs. Ika in bed in the pink BR. Karen makes coffee, fills the ice cube trays, heads to the DR and then upstairs to the WR. Rooster crows. Karen heads to the pink BR and says coffee is on. Ika says she woke up and went and apologized to Dem. She says she told him she’s not angry at him, she’s angry with herself. She says she thought about the season, and she’s feeling resentful towards Dem. She thinks he didn’t do anything for her this season. She says he said winning the comps was for her. She says Dem said if it wasn’t for Ika and Karen he wouldn’t be here, so maybe taking the win was selfish. Karen says that Ika is allowed to have her own opinions and feel the way she feels and no one should take that away from her. She says it doesn’t make her a bad person, it means she has her own mind and feelings. Karen says as long as she was honest, they’re allowed to have different opinions. Ika says she doesn’t feel like Dem would have done for her what she’s done for him in this game. She says she asked Dem what he’s done in this game for her or Karen that wasn’t beneficial for him and he had no answer. Karen says this is the ruthless part of the game because Ika is right.
8:45 AM BBT Ika says she’s never had these thoughts before, but after Dem’s win she’s been looking back on the game and she feels he hasn’t made any selfless move for them. Ika tells Karen she feels like no one would have done what they’ve done for the people in this house. Ika says maybe she’s just reflecting back because she’s F4 and she feels like people are going to give Dem the credit for all her moves. She says that she was in a position where if she didn’t win, she was going home; if Dem knows it means more to her than him, why didn’t he throw the comp? Karen says because there’s a prize involved. Karen leaves to use the WR and get some coffee. Ika called to the DR. Kevin gets the rooster again. Ika prepares coffee for her and Karen on her way back from the DR. She says they told her she needs to get up and get ready for the noms. She and Karen head back to the pink BR to talk and feeds cut briefly as they’re told they need to get ready right away. Karen and Ika head to the WR. Karen again tells Ika that she’s allowed to feel the way she feels, that no one can tell her how she should feel. She and Ika both head into the showers. Dem still in bed in the HoH room. Feeds cut.
9:04 AM BBT Feeds back. Karen out of shower. Dem on couch in living room. Ika steps out of the shower and gets called to the DR. She heads down wrapped in her towel. Karen heads to get another coffee.Feeds cut.
9:11 AM BBT Feeds back. Karen and Ika whispering in the WR saying “He wants to listen.” Ika says Kevin and Bruno would just lie there listening to other people’s convos. Karen says it didn’t get them very far. Karen says when things don’t work out the way she wants, and she’s heartbroken and crushed, it always turns out better in the end. Karen says everything that Ika’s done will result in good things for her; if not at the end of the game, soon afterwards. Ika says she wishes she and Karen lived closer to each other. Karen says that technology makes the world borderless. She promises to tell Ika stories when they’re out that will make her points clearer. Karen says she’s not worried about other people’s shit, she’s living her life. Ika says it bothers her that people judge her; Karen says it’s not going to stop, what can stop is Ika letting it bother her. Karen says that she, Dem and Ika have played the best games. She says Kevin didn’t show up until day 48 when Bruno left.
9:20 AM BBT Ika and Karen talking in the WR as they get ready for the day. Karen says Ika needs to pull it together and be darling today because the game ain’t over. Karen says that Dillon quit at the final 5; that he’s out the door. Karen starts blowdrying her hair. In the kitchen, Dem is making himself a shake. He drinks it and washes his glass. Back in the WR, Karen is telling Ika not to do tit for tat. The game has changed, gloves are off, and it’s a new game. She says if Ika gets vengeful, she’s done. Ika says that everything she’s done in the game was to get her to the end; she never played thinking that she’d take someone with her to do her dirty work. Ika asks if Karen thinks the PoV will be something they had to study for. Karen says as a fan she’s never paid attention to what comps happen when. Karen speculates that it will be a physical comp, aimed at the guys winning.
9:30 AM BBT Ika says that yesterday Kevin said he’s come too far to go home. Karen says that’s how everyone feels, but two people are going. Ika says they’re waiting for her in the DR, so she’s not going to do her eyelashes. Talk turns to eyelashes, and the drops Karen used to get some. Feeds cut on them. Dem again laying on the couch, this time upstairs; sounds of construction. Karen comes out and tries the HoH door but it’s locked. She tells Dem she’s going to leave her stuff there because she’s a long way from being ready and she needs in the HoH room. She heads down to the kitchen to make herself something to eat. “Please get up,” probably aimed at Dem sleeping on the couch, but possibly at Kev who’s not on cams. Karen heads back upstairs with her coffee, toast and toilet paper for the WRs. She then goes back to get her makeup bag that she left by the HoH room to continue putting her face on.
9:45 AM BBT Dem joins Karen in the WR. He says he’s not feeling it today; Karen says she’s so done, that the game sure wears on you. She says they’re so close to the end, though, that they need to just get through. Dem says he wishes he could speak to his family, and Karen says she wishes she could talk to Bruce. Talk turns to what the comp may be. They start talking about the comp last night, and then running numbers from the season. The discuss number of wins, then who was havenots when.
10:00 AM BBT Karen and Demetres continue going over the Have Nots. Ika and Kevin join them in the washroom. Karen tells Kevin he may not have time for a shower he should go in the HOH one. She says they said 30 minutes and it is almost up. Ika says she should grab something to eat. Demetres says he thinks he had too many shakes because the one this morning did not taste good. Ika and Karen continue to put on their make up. Kevin is in the shower. Ika leaves the washroom and Karen and Demetres go back to the Have Nots for the season, Kevin is in the shower. They are now going over the names of the HOH Comps and who won them. Karen says she has trouble remembering weeks 6 and 7. Demetres tells her it is a lot to remember but once she sees it she will remember. Demetres says the pizza has him feeling sick. Demetres tells Karen that one day he was laying there and thought he was losing his mind because the pipes were moving. He says the pipes are shaking so he wasn’t going crazy. Karen looks at them and agrees with him. She also says we are all crazy for being in this house. Kevin gets out of the shower and Ika reenters the washroom. Kevin leaves to go get dressed. Ika is listening to Demetres and Karen go over the names of the comps. Demetres says week 8 was the triple so tells her she has to remember 2 HOH Comps. Demetres says weeks 8 and 9 are Kevin’s week. He is telling her the names of the HOH Comps and who won. Demetres says he just figures out the week and who was HOH then you can figure out what the POV was. Kevin has been told to put on his mic. Karen says he is the snake from the movie Jungle Book. Kevin leaves the washroom. Ika is just listening to Karen and Demetres list the HOH. Demetres tells Karen that the more you go over it the faster you get at it. Karen says it costs her brain power. Karen leaves the washroom, leaving Ika and Demetres in the washroom. Ika takes clothes out of the dryer and starts to fold them. There is no other conversation between them. Karen comes back and says she is going to put these in the washer and put the ones in her other hand on. She goes in to change. Kevin is in the kitchen by himself.
10:15 AM BBT Ika is still folding clothes Demetres is lying in Gary’s spot but they are not talking. Karen comes out dressed and starts her laundry. Ika says Karen’s shirt looks nice but she thinks it would look better with jeans. Ika passes Demetres his top, he thanks her says he is cold and puts it on. Karen comes back in with her jeans. Ika says she is sure that, that top will go better with jeans. Karen says she looks tired because it has been hard to get here. Ika agrees with her saying this has been the most emotionally draining thing in her life. Ika and Karen are now talking about seamless underwear. Ika says she likes them, Karen says she doesn’t because they don’t go over her butt. Karen and Ika are in the bedroom Ika says she hissed at Kevin when she went by. Karen said he is loving being called the snake. Ika says to Karen remember in week 1 when Sindy followed you around and you hated it. She says now I’m doing it. Karen says at least you have conversations. Demetres says Sindy only talked about herself. Ika asks Karen What was the best vacation her and Bruce went on by themselves. Karen tells her they have never gone on vacation alone they have always gone with the kids. Ika then asks her the best date, then says the best 3 dates. Karen starts to tell her about their first date but the conversation goes to Ika helping her with her top. Ika pinched her and now Karen is teasing her about pinching her. The conversation goes back to Karen’s first date with Bruce. Ika says she wants all the details. Karen starts her story. Karen gets told to fix her mic. She says it was like a small bar, there was no waitresses you ran the bar by yourself. She is telling them that a friend of her boss’s got stabbed. She won’t take him to the hospital but took him up the street to Denny’s so he could call for himself. She says the next night a young girl comes up to her and orders beer. The feeds cut.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, May 12th
10:30 AM BBT – 7:22 PM BBT Feeds down.
7:23 PM BBT Ika Demetres and Karen are sitting at the table Ika said what time is it Demetres said that the Pov ceremony is late Ika said they are waking him up
7:30 PM BBT Demetres is in his HOH room Karen and Ika are in the WR area ika said i am so nervous Ika said to Karen are you nervous Karen said i didn’t think that the POV was going to be today Ika said to Karen you played in how many HGS please go to the HOH
7:45 PM BBT all Hgs are locked down in the HOH Ika and Demetres is going over days Karen and Kevin are napping Ika said what do you think the POV is going to be
8:00 PM BBT Ika asked Demetres how did you do in the Toyota challenge he said he stayed calm Ika please go to the DR Karen and Demetres are going over the Days Demetres is asking Karen qustions Karen said i am so tired Demetres said everyone is feeling like that Demetres said i wonder if it’s going to be a timed one or is it going to be individually Demetres said i hope it was going to be an endurance and me and ika can beat him
8:15 PM BBT Karen said just tell Ika Karen said what do you think it is Demetres said i think that’s what they did last year the HOH room is now open Demetres said where is Ika and what is going on
8:30 PM BBT Kevin stop that Kevin said just looking for an advance for the POV Demetres please go to the DR Karen said that Kevin is funny Karen said how long of a wait do you think we have to wait around Kevin please go to the DR Demetres said i know how the boxes work ika asked Karen if your nerves
8:45 PM BBT Demetres is talking about last year’s final POV. Karen got called to the DR. Ika told Demetres keep me final 2. Kevin is in the kitchen .
9:00 PM BBT Kevin is in the kitchen. Ika said Demetres is crazy. ika Demetres Said please be an endurance comp. we will be up there for days. Karen said i can’t wait to get out of here. Ika said i can’t wait to get out of here and gain some weight. Demetres said i love the callus nothing hurts my hands. Karen asked before you worked for the car dealer what did you do. she said recreation. Karen said what was that .
9:15 PM BBT Ika said i don’t want to touch my skin. Ika said hi crazy to Demetres. Demetres said i think i am going to listen to some music. Karen said i can’t tell you how excited that i am. Kevin is practicing the days. Kevin is talking about the final Veto .Kevin said it should have been Dillon in the final 4. Kevin said i messed up. Kevin is in the storage room looking around . Ika said being in the house has changed me as a person. Kevin is in the WR area.
9:30 PM BBT Ika said casual fan. Ika said i don’t tell my friends about my feelings. Kevin walks into the storage room and going over days. Karen said you’re going to have to do hair splitting. Karen said nobody should tell you that you should not feel like that and you should not to. Ika said you know what you told me about the bruce story. Ika said i am gaining respect and friendship. ika said you have taught me a lot about myself. Ika said i am going to be know as a great strategic player and an entertainer. ika said what a blast. Karen said i think about the fun people that i met . Ika said i am so happy they kept Demetres. Ika said i just want kevin to go.
9:45 PM BBT Ika said i am tired i want to see my husband ika said thursday night you will or call them Thursday night Ika said i am thinking about outside of the house Karen said what time are we doing this Karen said Kevin the HOH is lock Ika said Karen can he keep that
10:00 PM Ika and Demetres in the pantry talking about the comp saying they don’t care what happens as long as one of them win. Demetres mentions Kevin always sitting in the pantry and Ika says he was probably talking to the cameras. Ika thinks it’s a timed comp where they play by themselves and the best time wins. Demetres asks if she thinks one of them will leave tonight and she says I don’t know. Kevin is laying in the blue room, he’s alone and not talking. Maybe he is going over things in his head. Ika talks about Demetres getting teary eyed in the house and he says it really was hard when dillon’s mom came in because he wondered what it was like if he saw his family. They hug for awhile and then they go look for Karen. Ika says that she is so tired and wants to sleep, she starts talking about what Demetres thought of her when she first came in the big brother house. Ok lays down with Karen as Demetres paces back and forth. Ika and Demetres say that Kevin was making fun of the bed that Kevin jumped on yesterday. Karen says anyone that sleeps in that bed will go home and Kevin showed it disrespect. Demetres calls him a smug a**hole.
10:15PM BBT production tells Kevin to stop that and Karen rambles over and over “what is he looking for”. She says that she should be depressed because she is on the block and that no one has asked her how she feels? Kevin is called to the DR, Karen said she has been in the block twice and Demetres says I’m just padding your stats. Karen says she would like to be taken down and he put Ika up and says then she would have the power to evict and send Kevin home. Demetres says something about Ika having doubt in him and he says you don’t have to say it I already know. She whispers it in Karen’s ear and she won’t tell him. He tells her that he never doubted her. Karen says she doubted him day 6 and Ika on day 45. Kevin is in the bedroom talking about the pressure as he hears Ika and the others laughing and hollering through the walls. He says that he has studied everything so hard and hopes that he can pull this off. He says that he has never wanted more than this F4 veto in his whole life, he says that if he walks out to the jury house he will be so upset. He thinks that there might be a small shot to get Karen on his side. He says that he has made himself sick going over all the info.
10:30PM BBT Kevin talking to himself saying that if Ika wins pov if maybe he can get her to keep him. He laughs and says it’s worth a try. Ika tells Karen that Sindy told her that her and Demetres were having a connection and Ika was coming in between them and that they kissed. He says that they kissed on the cheek and they were not cuddling he was laying down and she threw her arms over him.
10:45PM-12:00AM BBT feeds down.
Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, May 12th




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