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12:00AM BBT Sindy and Ika goofing around in the HOH Room. Demetres comes in and they talk about behaving since Mom is watching. Dre comes in…then Neda. They are all a bit buzzed. Dallas and Dillion kiss in the HT area Karen tells Kevin and Gary that she hopes her kids are watching her.
12:15AM BBT Dillion crying to Emily in the HT While Bruno, Jackie and William talk in the HT Ika and Sindy joking around in the bedroom Ika is doing impressions of HG and Sindy is guessing who it is Neda, Demetres, Dallas, Cass and Dre hanging out in HOH room.

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12:30AM BBT Demetres and Dre talking about how they did not know the half of what goes on the BB house because they never watched live feeds Emily wonders where Gary went Ika tell Sindy the worst day she has had in the house was the day she yelled at Sindy Dre joins them in the BR and says she is a little intoxicated that she is a light weight

12:45AM BBT Ika doing impressions of Cass in BR Dallas and Emily chatting Bruno, Demetres Jackie and William sitting in HT Kevin and Gary join everyone in HT Gary slips on his way there from the pool and he thinks he might have broken his toe Kevin says that it the hardest he has ever seen him fall Cass and Karen listening to music in HOH room
1:00BBT Sindy and Ika tell Dre that they have her back and they are glad that she decided to keep Demetres in the game. Dallas tells Emily the only way Dillon will stay this week is if one of them win the POV Dallas said he wants to be remember when he gets out of house Dillon joins them in BR they tell him that they are probably are going up this week and Dillon starts to cry
1:15AM BBT Demetres, Cass Kevin and Bruno talking about how they think the HN will go Gary comes out to ask Kevin to come and sit in the bedroom with him because they are a bunch of people in there Neda and Jackie listening to music and dancing on bed in HOH room They leave the HOH room with the music on to see if they will get away with it Cass tells Dre that she does not do well being an HN
1:30AM BBT Dallas tells Emily and Dillon that he hopes Demetres pulls the trigger on Karen this week Ika, Gary Jackie and William hanging out in hoh room Kevin and Demetres talking about Mark and how he got caught in a lie Sindy tells Bruno that Cass is going around telling everyone that Bruno and Neda need to be backdoored Bruno said he wants Cass gone and if he wins veto he has no issue with her going up
2:00AM BBT Dallas and Jackie are chatting.. Jackie says she’s on his side. Most of the other houseguests are sleeping. Jackie is afraid of Gary.
2:30 AM BBT Dallas and Jackie are heading to bed.
7:00 Am BBT All HG sleeping

7:45 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS but Ika and Karen are in the washroom in the washroom doing their morning routine. They are talking about Kevin thinking he is a target. Ika is telling Karen that she is the first woman in BBCan history to vote out a guy first. Karen is telling her that Bruno Dallas and Kevin all voted together. She says Kevin told her. Ika asked her if she thought that she was against her noms for eviction. They are telling each other they keep their word. Ika is telling her that Neda Cass and Sindy all stepped up to vote Mark out. They said they liked Sindy as she must of found it hard as both Bruno and Kevin were on her season and she went against them. Ika says Bruno told Demetres that he voted against him for eviction.
8:15 AM BBT They are discussing the yelling that went on last night. Karen is saying she had no clue what it was about. Ika said she knew it was going to happen. Ika is sitting in the washroom by herself deep in thought. Karen has rejoined her and is getting in the shower. Ika told her the water was nice and warm. Karen says she isn’t going to talk while in the shower as she gets in trouble all the time for talking without her mic on. Neda has joined them in the washroom talking about her William and Jackie standing in the washroom. Neda says to Ika you always get up early must be because your a mom. Cass has joined them. Cass has joined them. Bruno is in the other shower. Emily has been asked to arrange a whole house to change batteries. Dillon Demetres and Jackie have joined everyone in the washroom. They are talking about the party they had last night. Cass is saying she thinks it brought them closer.
8:30 AM BBT Bruno Karen Dillon Neda Cass Jackie Ika and Karen are all in the washroom preparing for the day and talking about the drinking last night. Emily is trying to figure out who she forgot who to do for battery change. Ika starts listing all the HGS and they figure out it is Sindy with an S. Jackie is saying she ate last night so if she is on slop she’s on slop. Ika told her to eat something before. Jackie says maybe a shower will help her deal with her hangover. Ika told her it will help. Sindy has joined Ika in the HOH Room. Bruno Ika and Sindy are talking in the HOH Bathroom. Ika is filling Bruno in on a conversation last night with Demetres. Demetres is explaining who is in his pictures. Demetres is telling Bruno that he wants to work with him. Bruno is telling him he had no choice but to vote the way he did as he didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the numbers. Demetres is saying he is thinking of putting up Jackie and Emily up. Bruno is saying he will fight if picked for veto comp. Demetres is saying he doesn’t want to make his noms based on what happened yesterday. Bruno says he wants to reset, and work with him. Demetres is saying this week won’t be as stressful as last week. Bruno says he wants to work with him for the long term not the short term.
8:45 AM BBT Bruno is telling Demetres that if he wins HOH he is safe and if he is on the block again and he wins Veto he will put it around his neck. Bruno says you know what you want so go with it, but not to let everyone feel comfortable. Bruno says he is going to listen to others and get back to him. Meanwhile in the kitchen Dillon and Cass are talking. Dillon is saying that he thinks everyone likes him for the most part. Cass is saying she really likes him. Dillon is saying if he is on the block he is going home. Back in the HOH washroom Ika Bruno and Demetres are talking about the first HOH Comp. Demetres is saying that Kevin was really hurting but he felt he could hang on. Ika said she left the HOH Room last night and went to bed as it was freezing in the HOH Room. She got up early and showered.

9:00 AM BBT Bruno is leaving to make coffee. He tells Demetres good chat and he will win HOH next week and keep him safe. Demetres is telling Ika that Karen was telling him he should only put up vets. Demetres is telling Ika that Bruno and him had a very nice honest talk. They are now saying that Neda lied about the eviction vote. Ika is saying that Neda really wanted to keep him. Ika is now telling him about Sindy telling Bruno and Kevin that she was not voting Demetres out. Ika said she kept her word and did not vote for him. Demetres is telling her that he only really trust her out of the girls. Meanwhile in the kitchen Cass and Jackie are making something to eat. Kevin has joined them as well as Bruno. Kevin is telling them he was drunk last night. Karen has entered the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. She is asking if there is coffee as she needs some. She is told it is brewing. First pot of coffee is gone. William and Kevin are in the pantry figuring out what to have for breakfast. Kevin has left the pantry and is in the kitchen with Bruno. Bruno is saying that he should of had the HOH Comp but he messed it up. Sindy Ika and Neda are in the washroom putting on makeup. Dre is now applying makeup. Ika is saying that she doesn’t want any girls on the block. She is telling them what Demetres told her about Karen going to him and telling him Ika was trying to flip the house to get him out. Ika says it is okay that she said that because no one believes Karen. Ika is saying that Demetres told Jackie that he didn’t know what he was going to do. Dallas has awaken and entered the washroom.
9:15 AM BBT Sindy Ika Emily and Neda are all in the washroom putting on makeup. Dallas is washing his hands and leaving the girls alone. Emily and Ika are now alone talking about Emily voting against Demetres for eviction. Ika is telling her to go talk to him, but to realize he is not a dog and is smart. Emily asks Ika to talk to him as well. Ika is telling her that Dallas can’t be telling Karen stuff because she is running around the house telling everybody.
9:30 AM BBT Ika and Emily are saying they don’t trust Karen at all. They are now talking about who Demetres will pick to be have nots. Dillon and Sindy are talking about Demetres putting Dillon on the block, he is saying hopefully if he does he hopes Karen is on the block next to him. Kevin and Sindy are in the pantry Sindy is saying that she thinks Dillon and Karen maybe on the block. Kevin is saying he will go talk to Demetres. Dillon Kevin and Cass are in the kitchen Dillon is telling them about his niece. Feeds go down as Dillon is talking about his family.Dallas and Demetres are in the HOH talking about everybody who comes in here are going to talk about what he wants to hear. They are talking about how Karen can’t be trusted. Dallas is telling him how she came up to him and said I heard you were coming after me. He said when he asked her who she said Dillon told her. Demetres asked him about what happened last night. Dallas says he doesn’t really know he was confused but in the end it was said it was Mark making a last ditch effort to stay. Dallas is telling him he won’t tell him what to do but this is what he would do. He would put up Dillon and a girl. Demetres says he is putting Dillon up for sure but doesn’t know who else. Dallas tells him he will give him his word and keep it if he does the same. Meanwhile in the washroom Kevin Neda and Ika are in the washroom talking about all the vets working together now, she is asking if they the newbies think that because of the way the vote went. Ika is telling Kevin that Karen said to Demetres that Kevin has to go. Ika told everyone that Karen said Bruno and Kevin are working together. Dallas and Cass are talking Dallas is saying the noms are today. Dallas is telling her what he said to Demetres, he is telling Cass that he wants to see Karen go as she makes up stories. He feels she is the weakest link.
9:45 AM BBT Emily and Demetres are in the HOH talking about people rallying against him last week. He is telling her that it hurt when they were trying to get him out. He is saying he has to stay with his Dillon thing because of how he tried to get them to put Dillon up instead of him. He said after the shit show last week, he worked his butt of to stay here and he wants to feel safe next week. Emily is telling him he is not a target of hers. Emily has left the HOH to allow Demetres to finish his morning routine. Back in the lounge area Cass and Dallas are still talking Dallas is saying he doesn’t have supersonic hearing. Cass says she does, that she hears things when people are talking. Dillon has joined them but is laying on the other couch. Emily is there as well. Dallas says he came in single this year, as he didn’t want to lead anyone on. Cass says you are one upstanding guy. Dillon is asking Dallas if he knows who Demetres is putting on the block. Dallas told him he mentioned his name only because of last week. Cass is telling everyone that this is bitches corner and she is sitting there all day.
10:00 AM BBT Dallas is saying they gave us more wine this year than last year. Cass is saying she thinks Big Brother trusts them. Dillon says Drink a couple of casks of wine they say it will be fine they say. Dallas tells him thats funny.
10:45AM BBT -11:30 AM BBT Feeds are still down at the moment
11:45 AM BBT Feeds just returned they showed them the have nots room they said where am i supposed to sleep Ika and Neda and Bruno are in the have nots room talking strategy Sindy said to Ika the slope was nasty.
12:00PM BBT Dillion and Dallas think that POV is tomorrow. Ika is playing a joke on the houseguests.Gary hates the smell of Slop. Everyone is making lunch. Feeds out. Demetres and Jackie are chatting game in the HOH room. Nominations are today. Ika, Sidney, Cassandra, and Emily are this week’s Have Nots. Demetres says he likes Karen. Feeds out.
12:15 PM BBT Feeds back. Everyone talking about what the live feeds are like. Karen called to DR. Cassandra wants to hang out with Gary. Cass says Demetres still on her radar.
12:30 PM BBT Everyone getting ready for nominations.. Gary getting ready.
12:45 PM BBT. A lot of game talk going on before nominations. Everyone is having a good afternoon. Dallas and Demetries talking in the blue space room.
1:00 PM BBT Dre and Cassandra making an alliance. Sidney, Demetries, and Bruno chatting in HOH. Ika, Karen, and Neda putting on Makeup in washroom.

1:15 PM BBT A lot of whispering in the house.
1:30PM BBT not much going on.
1:45AM BBT Nominations starting
2:00 PM BBT Emily said we really can’t do anything until we figure out the VETO. Dallas said he cried for a hour last night. Dillion wants to go outside and Dallas said that they are stuck in the house. Cass said it’s the texture of slope. Ika said that she forget that she was on Slope.
2:15 PM BBT Dallas said that nobody wants to talk to him anymore he goes in a room and everybody leaves. Emily said she thinks the camera is a 360 Cam for the live feeders Gary said he shaves his head and Eyebrows 3 month stand. Jackie is folding her clothes so she can put them away. Jackie and Karen is talking in a room. Karen said to Jackie said you were going to vote with the whole house. Jackie said to Karen that she was lying and she didn’t want to talk to her. Jackie is crying she is mad at karen.
2:30 PM BBT Jackie said i want karen out. Dre Said to Jackie everyone knows that you were going to vote out Demetres out.Jackie said that Karen called her a liar. Jackie said Karen is digging a grave and i don’t give a crap. Jackie said to dre dont call me Red that is what karen calls her. Jackie said she thinks that Karen is doing this so that Demetres would put her on the block. Jackie is telling others that she just yelled at Karen. Gary said is it true some people take time off from work so they can watch the feeds.
2:45 PM BBT Jackie and Emily are talking Emily said that Karen rambles and rambles. Jackie said she is really neverse about wanting to be around Karen. Dillion and Ika and Cass are talking in the Have nots Room Ika was talking about blankets.Cass is like i don’t want to lose my temper on tv Gary please go to the Diary room.
3:00 PM BBT Gary said Big Brother when am i get my bucket. Dre is cleaning. Dillon said he dose trains.ika said it’s not fair to you karen that you don’t have anybody to relate to Karen said she didn’t do anything Karen said it’s hard to live in this house. Karen said she is hurt.Karen said the people on the outside means the most to her.
3:15PM BBT Karen said that she has luckily 10 to 12 woman that care about her.
Karen said to ika that you’re Strong and Beautiful. Karen said that people are not going to get to know her.Karen said she is going to fight to be here. Karen said that everybody hates me. As a fan of this show to have the 8 in here it is a test of everything. Karen said i hope that you target me. Karen is talking to Ika about how nobody would talk to her. Karen said it was so uncomfortable that mark was saying stuff. Karen said that her son was upset and was mad he wouldn’t talk to her. Ika said to karen they all want you to win. Jackie said that Tennis is hard.
3:30PM BBT Sindy and Emily are in the Have not room they are talking about how they don’t like Cass. Cass said that we didn’t have that many have nots comps. Ika and Bruno are chatting about Karen.

3:45 PM BBT Ika told Dre that neda is a cool person and to trust William. Ika said your smart William ika said always ask me to william.William is eating.Dre likes Bruno. Ika said if i win i want her out. And people make enemies each week.
4:00PM BBT William said he had wore it for the first time today. Gary is putting makeup on karen. Karen said they should be calling us soon. Karen said to cass is this what you did in your season with slope..
4:15 PM BBT quiet in the house. Not much going on. Some hgs talking about nominations.
4:30 PM BBT some houseguests sleeping. Sindy, Karen, and Ika doing their hair in the washroom.
4:45 PM BBT Ika was told to stop talking by BB. Karen feels very tired. Gary and Dallas Making Slop for dinner. Everyone is lounging.
5:00 PM BBT Cassandra and Emily talking in HN room. Kevin and Gary talking about Snakes and Rabbits. Casual day in the BB house. Hg’s are trying to find a secret power.
5:15 pm BBT Cassandra called to DR. Kevin and Gary talking about life goals.
5:30 PM BBT Some of the vets are in the HOH room. Everyone trying to find things to do.
5:45 PM BBT Not Much going on in the house. Cassandra likes the slop cookies. Everyone is waiting for nominations.
6:00 PM BBT Gary & Cassandra doing Laundry, Gary questions Cassandra about a 3 way girls alliance with Neda and Ika she says no it was a moment they were all in the bathroom together. Gary wants her to work with other people as well as him. They head to the bedroom and start talking about how the other houseguests are starting to look not so trustworthy. Cassandra says Demetres told her that he was putting up Emily and Dillion. Kevin wants to work with Jackie and Cassandra. Per Cassandra Dre was a huge fan of hers from the previous season and Dre wants to work with her, Cass feels she is in good with all the newbies and her and Gary are safe. They feel Bruno is working with everyone and they need to get him out. They want to work with Kevin but need Bruno out the picture. Bruno Kevin Sindy are working together per Cass. Gary is not a fan of Dillion at all and can’t work with him but they may need him if he stays at the end of the week.
6:15 PM BBT Neda, Sindy, Dre, Ika, Jackie, Bruno, and Demetres are all up in HOH having conversations getting to know one another making small jokes. They begin talking about Pandora’s box form BB US and how they want one in their season. Cass and Gary continue talking in the Pink room about who they do and don’t trust and they want to Backdoor Bruno. Gary tells Cass to slow down that noms need to be made first. Tortoise and the Hare new alliance name for Cassandra and Gary. Cass says she has the votes to get Bruno out if Jackie, The Frenchies (Dre and William), Karen, Gary, and Cass to vote together. Gary wants Cass to talk to Dillion and remind him not to say who is voting for.
6:23 PM BBT William and Karen sit in the Living room talking about the chaos of yesterday. How you feel so alone and that you are truly alone. Emily, Dillion, and Kevin in the KT talking about what to do with POV and who they think who will be on the block if it is used. Ika and ?? come down talking food and tea and “interrupting” the trio talking. It doesn’t phase them and they keep talking. Kevin says if he is drawn for POV he will play to win to pull one of them off the Block. Dallas joins them and conversation goes to his make up. Neda, Sindy, Dre, Demetres, and Jackie still up in the HOH talking wanting to nap. They joke about missing everything downstairs with Karen and who all she has yelled at today.
6:38 PM BBT Demetres, William, and Kevin in kitchen talking about when to make dinner and how a few people have been able to nap and not get buzzed. Gary and Cassandra Join the Kitchen party. Ika is making tea & Slop. Everyone disperses leaving William and Kevin in the kitchen in silence. They begin talking about their height and then Ika and Cassandra return talking slop. The kitchen goes back to discussing dinner and the HOH room crew heads out and downstairs.

6:45 PM BBT Dre and William are in the Washroom and talking in French. General conversation with most other Hg in the Kitchen. Cass tells a story about snakes and why she’s afraid of them to Demetres and Jackie. Gary and Kevin begin prepping for dinner. Ika and Neda back up in HOH talking about how Drunk they were last night and don’t remember a lot of it. They discuss who to encourage Demetres to put up. They both think it’s Dillion and Emily but feel Dallas is the best option in their opinion. They talk Demetres crush on Ika, and how they like Sindy but they need to be careful because she is good, Cassandra Joins them. The French conversation continues in the washroom.
7:00 PM BBT The ladies up in HOH talk about not being able to nap and how tired they are. They share their feeling about how it’s tough being Karen having no one to relate to. In the Kitchen they discuss the festivities from last night and how everyone was a bit drunk last night. Upstairs they talk about options to discuss with Demetres Dillion, Karen, Emily are all names thrown around. Ika heads downstairs, Cass and Neda talk about Double evictions and needing to spend a little more time with specific houseguests. Emily and Dillion Join them, Neda asks about Emily’s outfit and she shares about all her pieces. They then talk about the HN room and weather they get blankets or pillows. William and Jackie are in the Pink room talking
7:15 PM BBT Jackie says that Demetres does nothing for her game. She says she sees him with Ika a lot. Jackie says it feels like the vets are trying to take in the newbies to make little alliances, but they have their own big strong bond alliance. Jackie said they feel like “The Leftovers” and then says to William, that’s a good name for us. Jackie says the game is fun but stressful. She is glad William came out of his shell. Jackie confides that Dallas wants Sindy out because he is scared of what she can do. William steps out for a moment. Dillion, Demetres, and Emily in HOH talking about possible noms and why he would put them up. Emily is likely to be nominated just because she is associated with Dillion. Emily asks Demetres if he feels people are being fake because he is HOH. Demetres says he isn’t stopping anyone from coming up and hanging out and using the restroom he knows its limited facilities and perfect temperature. Conversation turns about their home lives.
7:27 PM BBT Jackie and William in the Pink room talking about other players and how they think Karen is playing they think she just doesn’t know what she is doing. Jackie feels like she made a mistake with her response to Karen’s accusations earlier. They Feel Neda having safety to Jury is a blessing and a curse. It puts a huge target on her back once she is eligible to be nominated. Up in HOH Cass, Demetres, Ika, and Neda discuss the conversation Dillion and Emily just had with him. Demetres says everyone is throwing Karen under the bus and they feel bad because she had their back last week. Demetres offers some sweaters and a onesie to the girls to wear for HN room later. Jackie and William discuss the first HOH competition, who was paired with who, who fell in what order, the name of it. Then they discuss the outfits of everyone on day 1. Who were the first 4 and second 4. Day 2 Nominations, Day 3 POV who played, Kevin, Karen, Mark,Demetres, Ika, & Bruno, Host Dillion.
7:45 PM BBT Cass and Demetres in HOH talking about who would or wouldn’t come after each of them. Emily, Bruno, and Dillion in the living room area talk about how the Veto’s work and how it’s better to be able to play so you can save yourself. “Best case is Bruno and Dallas get picked for Veto, and Karen keeps digging her grave” -Dillion They discuss how to use the Veto is its won by Bruno or Dallas. Bruno feels they need to pull Dillion off and let a bigger target next to Emily since everyone loves her. Emily is concerned Kevin won’t try hard to play to pull them off. Dillion talks about how Kevin recognized him from his career and wanted to work with him from Day one. They talk about home life and missing the little ones and families back home. Cassandra and Demetres still up in HOH talking, now its more general conversation about overall of the game.

8:00PM BBT In the living room they are talking to Dallas about his past season and who they had voted back in. He says that as a group they didn’t make great moves. He talks about past players and situations. He says he tried to break up the brothers and no one saw it his way and that’s where they blew it. They go over how many from each season had returned. They say that they are catching up on drs before they do the nominations. Jackie talks about her job at the pizza place and how she gets kinda burnt out on it. Dallas talks about how he is always hot and sleeps somewhat almost naked and that if the have nots need his blankets to please take his. Cassandra comes in and her and Dallas talk about her boy toy and she not caring about being sexy because she is in the relationship back home. Karen and Demetres talking about possible backstabs and that the house were trying to flip and send Demetres home last week when the house had set up mark to go home.
8:15PM BBT Karen says that mark was walking around treating her bad and talking mess and that if he would have been nicer that he probably could have stayed. She says that Kevin Bruno Dallas Dillion and Emily are all working together and Dallas has two solid alliances in the house and is sitting pretty. Karen says that Dallas told her that she should go home since she put Demetres up. She said they’re scared because she is coming hard for them and they better be scared and that she isn’t easing up until they carry her out. He says that there’s so many lies going on and the quality of lies are so bad. Karen said that Jackie was campaigning hard against him because she wanted mark to stay. Bruno stops by and Demetres asks him to stay but he leaves. Karen says she will talk to him later but she keeps taking and she repeats herself over and over. She said that Dillon has been talking shit and it’s gonna get worse.
8:30PM BBT Karen still going on about if possibly they vote Emily out to keep Dallas. She says she didn’t know they were coming have to. You can tell Demetres wants the talk to cease he gets up towards the door and she walks over to and she stands in front of it and continues her ramblings. She says she has five weeks of targets and she pushes at him that the same people coming after her are coming after him. Karen goes into the bedroom to talk to Cassandra and she tells Cassandra that she wants him to put up two guys and she tells her about her five targets. She tells her she is worried and Cassandra tells her that she’s exhausted and doesn’t wanna talk game 24×7 and will leave it alone until after noms. In the kitchen the houseguests are setting up for dinner. Jackie tells Cassandra that will likes her and that he wants to work with her but hasn’t had the chance to get close to her.

8:45PM BBT Cassandra tells Jackie that she should talk to Demetres, she says she hasn’t found the right moment to do that and Cassandra told her that no matter what he’s not gonna put up Karen so it’s waste of they’re time to try and talk him into it. The have nots are laying down in the have not room talking about uncomfortable it is and how they will not be able to sleep with the lights on. They all laugh and think it’s funny that they are there. Dallas says he will probably stay there too because he’s tired of looking at some of the people in the house. Emily says that she can not stand the way her feet feels on the floor in there but she cannot find her slippers.
9:00PM BBT Sindy, Netta and Ika all in the bathroom talking. They are talking about possibly back dooring Dallas. And that if they do this that maybe they can work with Emily for one week too but no longer because they can’t stand all her cackling.
9:15-10:00PM BBT feeds down
10:00 PM BBT Feeds are still Down
10:15 PM BBT Feeds are still Down Feeds just came back up at 10:24 PM BBT Jackie said i can’t believe she ate pluto.Karen said that they can’t stand that everybody hates me Ika and Sindy and Karen are talking. Karen said that your friend Dallas was Companging.
10:30PM BBT karen said she can’t wait to see the tape. Karen said has Dallas ever been in harm’s way. Karen said it’s very hurtful to get targeted. Ika said it’s your game and you got out who you wanted to get out in his part. Karen said she didn’t like Dallas. Karen said listen if i get hoh 2 of those boys are going up if i get it. Sindy said is it day 6 they are talking about the Have nots. Feeds are showing them sitting down and eating dinner Karen said Dallas likes drama a lot and that Bruno does not like drama. Karen said it’s hard not to be upset. Karen is talking about Kevin. Ika said to Karen you did the right thing.
10:45 PM BBT Karen would love to backdoor Demetres. Karen asked if POV is tomorrow. Sindy and Kevin are talking. Dillon said to karen but i kept you safe. The tapes will tell us afterwards. Karen and Dre are talking. Dre said to karen let’s just breath. Sindy and Kevin are talking in the Have nots.
11:00PM BBT Gary and Dallas are talking about Karen Gary said to Dallas we need to get to the bottom of it. Gary said it’s big brother anything can happen Gary said that everybody hates Karen. Karen said she is taking off her makeup and she is so exhausted. Kevin and Ika are talking about in the Havenots room. Ika and Kevin are talking about if Jackie goes down then dallas will go up.
11:15 PM BBT  Kevin to Ika (in the havenot room) Kevin we’d make a great final 4 (neda, sindy, ika, kevin. Kevin says Dallas goes up, if Em or Dem come down . Ika say she wants to trust Cassandra, and would work with her, but she has too many enemies. Sindy, Bruno, Demitri and Neda join Ika and Kevin, and assure eachother they are on the same page. This group now are thinking of an alliance name. They agree that Dallas is their target. em and Bruno leave, the rest of the crew do a “happy dance” Sindy, Ika, Neda and Kevin, are gloating about the alliance. Neda confirms that the group is awesome.Neda says she could work with Emily in the long term. Neds also says that it’s great they are in the background Neda says we can’ get cocky, and fans hate that. Kevin says it’s great they are not nominated. And they were nominated by this time.
In the blue bedroom Gary said I will tuck you in. Gary said to Karen you look so sad right now. Karen said she is going to get her water. Karen please fix your Microphone. Gary said stay away from Dallas. Gary said he is just pissed that Demetres is mad because he can not get his way. Gary said do you mind if i fold my laundry.
11:30 PM BBT Bruno says he wants to play the Veto. Demetres is in the HOH room Demetres said it’s so hot in here. Jackie said it’s just hot everywhere. Bruno gave Karen a hug. Karen thinks that everybody hates her. Bruno said to Karen that i don’t hate you Bruno said there is times that i cry. Bruno said i don’t want you to ever feel alone and to shut the out side out. Karen Bruno doesn’t want Karen to feel alone.Bruno said not everybody is going to get along.
11:45 PM BBT Ika said that Bed is comfortable in the Have Nots room they are talking about the room. Cassandra said i hope that they turn off the light to William Cass said i want to work out i want to do Yoga. Ika said to William that everybody loves William and that William is the best. Jackie and Gary are talking. Jackie said to Demetres do you mind if I’m in here. Demetres was talking about Frankie from Big Brother USA. Jackie said that Karen ate her Pig that was made out of an Orange. And Karen sick afterwards. Gary is talking about the Water asking himself if he drank water today.Demetres tells Neda and Sindy that Dallas is freaking out

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