Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 7th

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12:00 AM BBT Kevin and Will agree that Gary was flipping sides. Will and Kevin are talking about Dre, how Will and Dre aren’t always talking strategy. Kevin thinks that Will and Dre don’t always vote together. Will mentions how Kevin and Dre don’t get along or talk game together. Kevin and Will agree that Dre is a very loyal person. Kevin says that when Will nominates someone from Kevin’s side of the house, and that Will would never nominate people from his side of the house. Will and Kevin agree that Neda is a very good player. Kevin and Will talk about how Jackie wants to talk to Will at some point tonight. Will tells Kevin how people told Will that Kevin was fake.
12:15 AM BBT  Will is listening to music in the HOH Room Kevin joins Will. Kevin asks Will what would be the dumbest move he could do. Will and Kevin agree that if Will put a person from each side up on the block would be stupid. Kevin and Will joke about putting Dre and Ika up for eviction. Kevin and Will rest in the HOH room. Jackie fills her water bottle up with ice water in the kitchen. Kevin asks Will if he studied in French. Will said he did. Will and Kevin talk about the tie breaker. Will and Kevin talk about the different rooms to sleep in. Will mentions how the blue room is nicer to sleep in because it’s chill, and Kevin agrees.
12:30 AM BBT Will and Kevin say goodnight, and the lights are turned off. Everyone is asleep now.
12:35 AM BBT  All HGs asleep.
1:05 AM BBT Will and Kevin are eating some snacks and talking about how everyone cheered when Neda left during her Big Brother season. Kevin tells Will that Dillon and Emily don’t talk to anyone else and maybe the next targets. Will agrees. Kevin says that Cass was popular. Will says that people may not care if he leaves. Kevin disagrees and tells Will that people love him. Will and Kevin get in trouble for talking about production. Will getis in trouble for asking for them to stop listening. Kevin thinks he’s not a big star of the show. Will and Kevin get in trouble for talking about production. Will and Kevin think that Ika is a big personality. Will and Kevin agreed that Emily and Dillon are weird.
1:15 AM BBT Will and Kevin agreed that when Neda got eliminated that people cheered. Kevin told Will that people were cheering for him to win. Will told Kevin that he never thought that he would be playing with Gary. Big Brother says goodnight to Kevin and Will. Kevin thought he wasn’t going to get along with Gary but he really loved playing with him. Kevin heads to the bed, William heads into the HOH Washroom. Kevin lays in bed with a huge smile on his face. William comes to bed and they say good night. William puts his ear buds in and lights go out in the HOH room.
1:30 AM BBT All Hgs sleeping
2:00 AM BBT – 7:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:00 AM BBT LIghts still out and all HGs in bed. Ika and Dem (I think) whispering.
8:15 AM BBT Lights are on, but nobody is moving yet.
8:20 AM BBT Karen up and making her way gingerly around the house.
8:27 AM BBT First wakeup call.
8:34 AM BBT Second wakeup call. Dre asked to arrange battery exchange.
8:49 AM BBT Feeds cut. My guess is to yell at them as they have yet to move from their cozy beds.
8:51 AM BBT Feeds back on cams 1 & 2. Jackie is the only one moving as she was called to the DR.
8:56 AM BBT Third wakeup call. Bruno sits up in bed. He’s concerned with how Ika made out through the night. Both Cindy and Dem assure him she’s fine. Dem tells the room that Karen says it’s snowing. Cindy announces there are no havenots this week. Emily says Karen is still throwing up from drinking last night.
9:02 AM BBT Rooster crows. Small talk in the pink BR about the alcohol consumption last night. Meanwhile William is listening to music and bed dancing with his stuffed dog in the HoH room.
9:10 AM BBT Feeds cut on 3&4. We’re left with Will listening to music.
9:14 AM BBT Kevin gets called and the rooster crows. He sits up in bed beside William. William tells him he had chocolate for breakfast. He then tells him Karen is “lying on the couch dying; she threw up again.” William alone in the bed listening to his music. Only feed remains on William listening to music in the HoH bed.  We hear BB calling Ika to wake up; nap time is over.
9:30 AM BBT Neda and Dre applying makeup in WR. Neda, too, is feeling the effects of last night’s alcohol. Dre says she figures today will be a slow day. We hear BB saying, “Please clean the kitchen and the living room.” Dre says she didn’t even know they could say that. Dre and Neda still preening in the WR, complaining about the amount of hair on their legs. Neda says there’s no cute boys in there they’re trying to impress. Neda can’t figure out how everyone got so drunk last night. William joins them in the WR and says it’s weird to not see Gary sitting in his usual spot. Dre leaves to go get something to eat.
9:45 AM BBT Only active feed is on Neda doing her makeup.  Emily loading dishwasher and cleaning kitchen while Dem cooks and Bruno eats. Dillon sitting at counter. Random small talk. Dre goes to listen to music while she eats her pizza.
10:00 AM BBT Will oges into the WR to get his grooming supplies where everyone is preening and says it’s weird that nothing is on the television screen. He goes back to the HoH room. He tells Dre that Sindy voted for Will to be on the block. Dre says that she doesn’t believe it, because Jackie says her vote wasn’t for Will it was against Dre. Dre says that she doesn’t understand why Kevin would say that. Dre makes Will pinkie swear that he won’t let his heart get in the way of his decisions as far as Kevin is concerned. She tells him that everyone thinks he’s being puppeteered by Ika and/or Dre. She tells him to do whatever he wants, but make his speeches good. Dre says Jackie is good at telling lies and having people believe her. She advises that when people come to talk to him, he should be asking them what they would do so he can get information from that side of the house. She tells Will to tell Sindy what Kevin said so he can gauge his reaction.
10:15 AM BBT Dre and william are in the HOH speaking Dre is saying not to say anything to anyone just try to get as much information as you can. William says if he puts up Jackie he doesn’t know what to say Dre says talk to her but be careful because she lies. Dre is mentioning that sindy told her that there was a moment that jackie told her that she had to go against dre because she was campaigning for cassandra. William says there wasn’t a time where Jackie talked to them in private. Dre is mentioning how Jackie comes into the room and folding her clothes she doesn’t get why she would be in the room with people that don’t like her you only come into a room with people you don’t like when you have something to say. Dre saying how Ika was talking about how when she get hoh nobody will come into her room and she will get out the person she doesn’t like and jackie says yes ika i get it and ika exploded and said that she wasn’t talking to you and don’t get into my conversation.Dre is mentioning another time when ika said she won’t allow anyone peasants into her room well maybe everyone but you and pointed to Jackie. Dre is also saying how annoying Jackie is and how she keeps saying this is Big Brother Canada and Dre says yes it is let’s start playing it.
10:30 AM BBT Dre says she still has a conscious and she did ask Jackie if she was ok she doesn’t want her to feel bad about herself but stands behind what she says that she really believes that jackie lied.William now joins Bruno in the bedroom and Bruno asks how he slept William says he slept well but he is worried something is going to happen but Bruno says he isn’t worried about anything he is sure that he will have the room for the week. THey are now talking about how much fun last night was and how drunk Ika was but they had a good time,

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10:45 AM BBT Feeds down
11:00 AM BBT Feeds return with Jackie and William in the kitchen laughing. Sindy joins them in the kitchen and says that she is going to heat up some pizza. BB announces that this is their final warning they are going on BY lockdown, HG are rushing to get what they need before they have to go outside as the house is now off limits. Ika says she is going to sit somewhere to get her make up down Karen makes a comment if anyone wants to do her makeup she is down for it as she has a really bad hangover. Sindy and William are now talking Sindy says i know i don’t talk much game with you and i talk to Dre more but whoever you put up i am sure the house will support you and William says he would never put her up and she responds with a thank you. Sindy is now mentioning how Kevin slept in the HOH room and William says they slept a lot and Sindy says she heard a lot of turn the music down. William is worried about his English and being on TV and Sindy tells him not to worry. Sindy now talks about how some people were throwing up last night then the feeds turn off.
11:15 AM BBT Feeds Down
11:30 AM BBT Feeds return with Ika and Demetres talking about who William puts up on the block, they want to have Emily, Dillon on the block but it may be Jackie and Dillon.  Vote out Dillon but they are worried that they will vote out Jackie. Ika says if Jackie and Dillon are on the block and they vote out Jackie she will be pissed and Demetres thinks Jackie will go and leave the duo Dillion and Emily in the house.William, Dre, and Sindy are on the couches chit chatting.
They are chatting about kids and how they would be as parents. Bruno and Ika are now talking by the pool about who William will put on the block and Ika says how William thinks that Bruno voted for him. Ika is saying how she asked William about Kevin and William says that he doesn’t trust Kevin because he played games with Gary. Bruno doesn’t care if it’s Emily and Dillon on the block.
11:45 AM BBT Ika and Bruno are talking about William’s relationship with Kevin, and Bruno doesn’t understand how they can spend so much time together and not talk game and trust each other. Bruno says that Demetrius has to get closer with Dillon so if he doesn’t go and get HOH he won’t put them on the block. Ika is saying the problem isn’t Bruno that the problem with William trusting them it’s Kevin, Bruno says he will wait till William does his nominations before he goes and talks to him and doesn’t want to be fake or suck up to him. William and Dre are speaking to each other in French. Bruno and Ika are talking about how Neda got cheers when she got out of the HOH comp. Ika thinks people are regretting giving her the power because her ego. Ika is mentioning how Neda acted when Cassandra come onto the screen and how she was upset about who she voted for last week.Bruno is telling Ika that she has put more work than anyone else for this alliance.
12:00 PM BBT William and Dre having their conversation in French in the BY. Ika and Bruno in pool area talking when Dem walks in. Bruno believes the viewers don’t care how good of a player you are…they want to see drama. They are probably loving this season since every week there has been turmoil and a stressful time for the players. Ika likes how they like it when someone creates chaos. They say the only person Gary had been totally loyal to in this house has been Karen. Ika and Bruno are making plans on working together (and with Dem) to get people out. Ika acts out how Cassandra acted in talking with her and Dem. Kevin joins them when talking/acting out Gary’s and Cass’ antics.
12:15 PM BBT Bruno, Ika, Dem, and Kevin continue to rehash their decisions to get Cass and Gary evicted. William and Dre has briefly had brief visitors to their conversation, but has now moved from the BY.
12:30 PM BBT More HGs have come into the BY. Emily is holding the pallet of make-up while Karen is applying it while basically lying down. Karen said she had a headache; Emily says she is just speculating, but maybe because she was hungover. Karen says Bruce (husband) will be disappointed in her (drinking too much last night). Emily is complimenting Karen on her eyes, lips, etc; Emily says she must have been really hot back in the day. Karen thinks Emily is too hard on herself. Karen describes the show “HeeHaw”. Karen pictures HeeHaw when Emily says she has overalls to wear. They talk about country songs. They both agree country that is more pop is okay. How can “chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit” be a song? How did a song about a red solo cup ever become famous? Emily says how 6 years ago, country music seemed to come alive because it went mainstream. Having good looking people to look at also helped. Emily moves over to lay near Dillon; heads meet at the inside corner of the couches. I believe Sindy is also curled up (sleeping?) on one section of the BY couches. Dillon puts his head over Emily’s and kissing. He lays back and strokes her face/hair. Dillon, with his hood up over his head, says she can get in there anytime she wants. Emily says she will be there in a minute…don’t wait up (and chuckles).
12:45 PM BBT Jackie sits at the foot of Emily’s feet briefly and then leaves to bring back a slice of pizza to eat. Jackie eats while ignoring Dillon and Emily giggling. A fly flies onto Emily’s boot and she tries to feed it pizza. Emily and Dillon also talk about the fly and how it, too, is trapped inside the house. Those feeds go down. Around the pool now sits Kevin, Bruno, Dem, Ika, Dre, and trying-to-sleep William (he puts a pillow over his face). They are still recalling and laughing about events that took place by evicted houseguests.
12:53 PM BBT All feeds down
7:18 PM BBT Feeds in HOH return William and Dre in the bed talking French, william playing with his dog stuffed toy. Jackie, Dillon, Neda and Emily outside by jacuzzi smoking. Kevin and Ika talking very quietly. It looks like they are all with sleeping bags and pillows downstairs. ( All the Hg have to sleep in them downstairs tonight) Jackie and Karen in WR, Karen s folding clothes. Demetres and Dre in HOH room in the bed now talking. Dem says he will give William his two cents if he wants it. They haven’t talked much. Kevin enters the room, asks about the Wr and heads over to the other one. Dre/Dem talk about Neda and how she pouts. They talk about the audience and how they react and how people perceive them and really don’t know much about them. How Gary played and how he is shown is different.
7:30 PM BBT Dem says the reason he Ika and Dre are good is because they are so real and the others are sketched by others because they are sketchy themselves. They discuss the shittiy situation that Dem was put in a bad situation. In the Kitchen Ika, Karen and Sindy are making food, Salmon and rice. Kevin, Emily and Jackie are up on the couches talking. Bruno comes by and they talk about there’s just no way and she will go home. Jackie says she just hopes he plays his game and knows she would never put him up. She couldn’t sleep last night she’s tired. Kevin talks about pairs and how they think william will nominate. They think it will be Emily, Dillion, or Jackie a combination of two of them. They joke about a instant eviction tonight in the sleeping bags. They all have just one person they want to outlast in the game. They discuss Kevin’s sleep over with William last night. They ask would Ika ever be nomed and kevin says Never! William, Dre, and Demetres agree they just want one of the 3 out. (Jackie, Emily, Dillon)
7:45 PM BBT Kevin and William in HOH talking about kevin’s headache and his curly hair. Bruno heads into the Wr for a movement. William says that kevin was cute when he was talking and was enjoying it. William heads downstairs sneakily. Kevin asks Bruno whos better to leave this week Jackie or emily they both agree Emily. Dillion laying in the blue room, Neda touching up her make up in the mirror. Kevin tells Bruno that William is not comfortable with either of them but Kevin is working on it. Downstairs Sindy is eating something, and Demetres found out that they just restocked the SR. Dillion comes into the HOH. Bruno comes out and says his stomach is bothering him. He and Dillion leave as william comes back in with something to play with for HG. Ika comes in to use the RR. Kevin admits he is working with Bruno and if either of them win they want to keep William safe and want to work with Dre. Kevin says he wants them to have a friendship with the other side one on one to save each other. Kevin says his target is Karen, Ika and Dem are a power couple.
8:00 PM BBT kevin and William are trying to figure out who would go after who with text mix. Kevin says he is going to make Sindy a raisin because she is all over the place and Jackie is a flip floper. Kevin mentions that him and william will work well together and will work on his relationship with Dre. Kevin says that because they are close and connected and through him he can feel safe with Bruno. Kevin says people don’t view Karen as a threat but he does because people forget about her and she is not paired with her and she can make it to final 3 or 4. William says he has to see who is the most dangerous for his game and Kevin says that he is the only one who would go after Karen. William asks if he is close enough to Neda to know who her next target is and Kevin says he doesn’t know but can say that she is a leader of the other people. Jackie, Dillon, Bruno, and Emily are in the blue room wondering who William is going to put on the block and Bruno asks how they are feeling and Emily responds their only hope is to be up next Karen and maybe push for Sindy to get nominated. Emily says that she wishes that she can muster up something to tell William.Jackie says it is really scary that they always have to count on someone to use the veto. Dillon asks Bruno what he think and he says he think it is going to be one of them in the room. Emily mentions that when you sit down and talk to someone and some you feel like you just can’t talk to them and William is one of those people and she can’t talk to him. Emily tells Bruno that the only way that William will listen if Kevin tells him to put Sindy up and Bruno says that Kevin is going to be very important this week. Dillon mentions if one of them goes into the HOH room now and talk to William it will only put our names in his mind and one of them will def go up. Emily says nobody says Sindy’s name and that really pisses her off. Feed switches to Dre and Karen talking in the Pink room. Dre says she doesn’t know what is going to happen and karen says she says the only way we are going to feel safe is to be in power and she can already see them squirling around. Dre says there is a pool William is choosing from and that is Kevin, Bruno, Jackie, and Emily and he is just trying to figure out who is the best for his game and he won’t put up sindy because he doesn’t have any bad blood with her. Dre says next week they’re all gunning after her and karen says that whole side is after our side, Karen says she would really love to see Dillon to go because he is so big but she would also really like to see Jackie go Dre mentions that one of them are good at comps and could win the Veto.
8:15 PM BBT Kevin and William are still in the HOH room talking Kevin mentions that if he hears Williams name he will let him know.William says he is Really scared of Bruno and he would really love for Kevin to be honest with him about Bruno and where his head’s at. Kevin says do you want me to bring in Bruno and we can have a talk? William agrees. Bruno joins William in the HOH room and says they need to have a chat and Bruno says that he isn’t coming after him and he isn’t a target of his and they can make a deal that he keeps him safe this week he will keep him safe next week. Bruno mentions that there is a power couple in the house Dillon and Emily and he also says that he is a family man and some of the things they say and do he can’t be associated with. Bruno says that he doesn’t see sides of the house only people that he sees people who deserve to be here and if he wants to take a shot at them then he will support him and hes a family man and he wont break his word. Bruno says he doesn’t know where Dillon and Emily’s heads are at because he doesn’t talk game with them he may shoot the shit with them or play pool but don’t talk game he doesn’t have that connection with them, William asks Bruno if he was HOH what would he do, Bruno responds that Jackie would of been his target he would of had to put up Dillon and Emily but Jackie would be his target. Bruno also lets William know that he didn’t vote for him. Bruno also mentions that the deal doesn’t have to be for just this week he would love to work with William moving forward and thinks William is playing a good game. Bruno leaves the HOH room and says if he wants to chat later to just come and get him,
8:30 PM BBT Neda is in the blue room alone going through her stuff. Bruno is talking to Ika and Sindy about his conversation with William that Bruno would keep William and Dre safe if he doesn’t go up on the block.Bruno and Dillion are talking about where they gonna sleep tonight they have to sleep on sleeping bags on the floor tonight.Bruno goes in the bathroom and talks to Neda and he asks Neda if she is ok and Neda says yeah.All Houseguest have to sleep on sleeping bags on the floor tonight.
8:45 PM BBT Bruno and Karen are talking about his family back home and different things they like to do in the summer.William and Jackie are talking now and Jackie tells William theirs only one person she’s going after and that’s Ika and she will make it her mission to go after Ika.William asks Jackie who was the person to put William on the block and Jackie says it was Sindy and he can ask any of the others and William tells Jackie he doesn’t understand why Sindy would want him up.William tells Jackie he always trusted her and Jackie tells William she would never go after him and he can trust Jackie .Jackie tells William she has bigger fish to fry and she would never put William or Dre up together.Jackie tells William she thinks everyone is saying to put up Jackie and William says no there’s not .Willaim asks Jackie where she thinks Bruno’s head is .William asks Jackie if she thinks Bruno would put up William and Dre and she says she doesn’t think so .
9:00 PM BBT Jackie is asking William if he knew who ripped up his cheat sheet and William responded that he doesn’t know anything about that. William mentions that he likes Dre alot and talks to her alot but does tell her that she can be a mean bitch at times. Jackie says that even though she didn’t like her speech that she wouldn’t go after Dre and she would have to go after Ika and Demtres. Ika comes into the HOH room looking for Dre and mentions that she really isn’t feeling well. Jackie says that Karen needs to go on the block shes not been on the block yet and it would be nice to see her squirm abit.
9:15 PM BBT Neda, Jackie, Karen, Sindy, and Bruno are in the BY talking about past tasks and what the prizes. Karen is now talking about Horror movies and Neda mentions tha she has a scary movie marathon and she had to sleep with the lights on every night. Sindy says she doesn’t watch movies she just watches TV series. Neda mentions the other night she had to cover up Jackies butt up because it was completely out while she was sleeping and the conversation turns to people who take screenshots of and there is a whole page for it william and Ika are in the HOH room talking Ika mentions that everyone is talkin to you eh and William mentions about his talk with Bruno and he says he threw Jackie and Emily under the bus WIlliam asks if Ika trusts Sindy and she says that the only ones she trust is William Demtres and Dre and doesn’t believe Sindy would vote for william. Ika asks what Kevin told him to do and he told him no names. Ika asks William what does his gut tells him to do and William responds that he doesn’t know he is so confused. William told Ika that Jackie would come after Ika and Demtres
9:30 PM BBT William is mentioning that Jackie is still saying that he is her number one but he says he doesn’t want to associate with her. Dre joins the convo and william and Ika what Jackie told William that Sindy is the one who voted for him, They think maybe Jackie and Kevin is working together. Dre doesn’t believe that Sindy would vote for William and thinks that Kevin is lying and playing both sides and Dre says should i call a house meeting and call them out but William doesn’t want her to do that. Dre asks William if he thinks its weird that both Kevin and Jackie both said Sindy, Dre asks if Kevin told William who he would put on the block and William says that the thing he doesn’t say and Dre says you should call him back in and tell him to stop lying and tell him who he would go for, Ika is mentioning that if they can get Sindy to bring Bruno in on their side and they need loyal people Ika also says that Emily and Dillon won’t go after William but as a group they can’t trust them. Ika, William, and Dre ard in a dispute about how close Emily and Dillon are and Dre doesn’t think they are as close as they make people think they are, Demtres joins the convo and they ask him if he trust Bruno and he responds yes he does and Dre is upset and doesn’t understand where they are pulling this trust coming from. Dre gets up and says fine if you know where your doing then fine im leaving my stomach hurts.
9:45 PM BBT Ika and Demtres are left in the HOH room and telling William that if you want Bruno out it has to be a backdoor and Demtres says that if Ika and him are on the block next week that would be bad for his game. William says he is so confused because he doesn’t have a target and he didn’t need to win this HOH and Ika says she doesn’t want Dre upset and if he wants to do what Dre says that is fine but she says she mentions that if you attack both sides they will all come together and try and take us out, William leaves the HOH room to go find Dre so he can talk to her, Ika and Demtres are left in the HOH room talking about Kevin and how he is lying about Sindy and Demtres says that Kevin is a moron, Ika says that she told Kevin to push Demtres and Emily and he told her that he would and he comes in the HOH room and says no names, ika is saying how annoying Dre is being and that it isn’t her HOH and is trying to control things then she laughs because she is trying too as well. Ika wonders if it was Kevin who voted for William just to throw everyone off. Dre and William are back in the HOH room and they are talking to each other in French. Dre is telling William that he needs to open his eyes about Kevin and she doesn’t want him to be played like he played Johnny he comes into the room hugs you and gives you no information.

10:00 PM BBT Ika talking to Bruno and Sindy telling them that Kevin has put it in Williams ear that possibly Bruno and Sindy were after him. She says he threw them under the bus and talked in circles he never offered any ideas. Ika said she had to work hard to cover this up for them and they need to go talk to William now. They said that Dre said that Dillon promised on his hands and knees that he wouldn’t put her up and that he didn’t listen to Emily. Ika told her that’s stupid everyone knows that Dillon will do whatever she wants. Kevin tells Demetres that William said Bruno’s name, he said Dillon, Emily, Jackie and Bruno. Demetres said that they need to get his focus off Bruno. Ika, Karen and jackie come in and the subject changes to Kevin’s shoes. Bruno alone with jackie, where she says she’s worried. He tells her we gotta work on the veto and try to survive, but try’s to get away from her. In the bedroom Neda and Sindy talking about Cassandra and how her two votes were when she voted for her. Because Kevin telling William that Sindy put him up , was weird because she never told anyone that. Sindy says she would be good going against anyone but Bruno. William and Dre in the HOH talking, William says that he’s tired of Bruno and the father card. Dre agrees, she also asks if Kevin is HOH next week who would he put up Karen and who? Then they talk in French for a moment and then talk about who to put up. He says that either way they are not in a good space. He says that to go after Bruno would not be his best move and she agrees.
10:15PM BBT They talk about putting up Dillon and Emily and if one come off who to put up. Backdooring Bruno and Kevin was mentioned and William says that Jackie knows that Dre can’t stand her. There conversation is back and forth French to English. They say that it will be Dillon and Emily and possibly for one to come down put up Jackie. If Jackie wins it then to ask her not to use it so they can get Dillon sent home.
10:30PM BBT Demetres and Ika in the kitchen talking about Dillon and how must be nervous because he hasn’t eaten anything. Bruno, karen and Jackie laying in the sleeping bags talking about when he quit smoking cigarettes. He says when he first started a pack was 4 bucks and now more like 20 something a pack. William and Dre still talking about the house guests, she says that she can’t believe Sindy was the one that voted against Dre. She said if it’s true she would shave her eyebrows off and then she said no. The best I could do I could only not shave my legs. Dre says don’t let Kevin fool him.
11:00PM BBT Karen talking with Demetres and Jackie about when she moved and she got involved in real estate. The girls talk about possibly buying a house or condo as an investment and renting one out. Bruno says a nice house will be at least 500k. Karen says that if you get a house then you have to be ready for the maintenance also. Bruno says a roof is at least 10k unless you do it yourself.
11:15PM BBT Bruno in the pantry talking to Neda about Kevin about who will possibly go on the block. Dillon walks in so they talk about snacks and food instead. Dillon walks out and Bruno asks Neda what do you think? Neda says that she heard that Dre wants Bruno and Jackie. He says he didn’t do anything to her and he’s going to talk to him. Karen has Dillon bring down a mattress for her to put on the floor so she can sleep. Jackie and Emily are bringing a mattress down also, they laugh and Emily laughs and says Dillon is mad because he wanted to sleep beside her.
11:30PM BBT everyone laying in there sleeping bags. Conversations are all over the place about there lives and the show and friends.
11:45PM BBT William walks thru and Karen invites him to bring his mattress down and sleep with them. He says he’s too lazy. Dillon lays down on Karen’s mattress, he is whispering to Emily and Jackie and is laughing and I’m sure annoying the other house guests. Jackie on the floor trying to teach Dillon and Emily how to say her last name. Dillon asks Jackie if him and Emily are cute together? She said you need to end your real life commitments before you start another. He denies it being a full fledged relationship at home and says he doesn’t call it that.

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