Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 28th

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12:00AM BBT Dre tells Kevin that he has a lot of thinking of do Kevin tells her that he is not going to sit here and asks for his safety for next week he promised her safety this week with no strings attached Dillon asks Ika and Demetres how this week is going to go Ika said she doesn’t care and she is not going to throw anyone under the bus to kevin because if he wants to put her up he will Dillon and Demetres play pool Dre asks Kevin if he knew as soon as Demetres won HOH that he would be going on the block he said that he did he said the reason is because he campaigned for Ika to be the replacement nominee when demetres came off the block and that the never wanted Sindy to put Neda on the block he told her not do it he tells Dre and William that he has nothing left to hide and has no one else in the game.
12:15AM BBT Dre tells Kevin that she could have won the HOH and she knows what she would have done she said she would have put Kevin up because she would have to put William and she doesn’t want to do that Ika tells Demetres that she won’t campaign against him and she will tell Dre not to campaign her stay Dre joins Ika and Demetres in BY Ika tells Dre that Kevin will put them up and split them up Dre tells Ika that she told Kevin that it better for his game to keep them in the house because they are bigger targets
12:30AM BBT Ika tells Demetres she wants to go and lie down in the pink room and relax before going to the have not room Dre tells Dillon that she feels that Kevin will put up Ika and Demetres and she sort wishes she would have won so she could do it Ika tells Demetres she had to leave the conversation she was having with Dre because it was driving her crazy Dre and Dillon discuss what would have happened if Ika change her mind and wanted to keep Bruno this week Dillon said that Ika keeps throwing under the bus
12:45AM BBT Dre thinks that Kevin might be scared to go after Ika Dillon said he needs to talk to Kevin and heads to the HOH room to talk to him Ika tells Demetres Dre need to stay up a little longer and they would be safe this week Dre asks if it’s wrong to want revenge and get all the vets out Dre and Dillon talk about Karen and how well she has done for someone her age
1:00AM BBT William and Kevin go to bed Ika and Demetres do stretches in the BY while Dre and Dillon watch they talk about if they have ever sent nude pics to someone or have received them
1:15AM BBT Feeds cut in and out Dillon is telling stories about his fighting and his neighborhood and how hard it was
1:30AM BBT William and Kevin in bed Dillon still talking about his childhood
1:45AM BBT Feeds down
2:00 AM BBT8:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:16 AM BBT Lights on
8:21 AM BBT “Good morning Houseguests. Time to wake up.”
8:23 AM BBT Second wakeup call.
8:25 AM BBT Third wakeup call.
8:28 AM BBT Fourth wakeup call. Jackie is exchanging batteries.
8:30 AM BBT Feeds cut briefly, but nothing changes.
8:33 AM BBT Rooster crows.William attempts to start his day by pulling on his pants, and then collapses back onto the HoH bed.
8:35 AM BBT Karen, Dillon and Jackie in the WR preparing for the day. Jackie goes downstairs for a coffee. Dem and Dillon talking in the kitchen. Dem says they only have the backyard for 90 minutes.
8:42 AM BBT Karen regaling Dem about her hot tub at home.
8:45 AM BBT Ika, Dre and William in the WR. William says he had a dream that one HG a week could go out and meet fans. When it was hit turn, he went out and the fans were so disappointed it was him. Ika says she had weird dreams, too.
8:50 AM BBT Karen, Jackie and Dem in the hot tub. Karen saying Bruno didn’t campaign at all last week. Dem says he campaigned all week to him and Ika. William joins them. General discussion about how hard it is to campaign, especially in the first week. Dre joins them in the hot tub. Talk turns to how difficult it is to not eat while you’re a HN.
9:00 AM BBT Dillon talking to Kevin in the HoH room. Dillon says he’s much closer to Kevin than he is to Dem and Ika. Kevin says they have real conversations. Kevin says he wants to build a stronger relationship with Dillon and Karen. He says it’s so hard to be around Ika. Kevin says that he still has to talk to Karen and Jackie, and then he’ll let everyone know that Dem and Ika are going up. He says there may be some backlash, but he’s ready for it. Dillon says he, Jackie and Karen will vote however Kevin wants. Kevin says the decision will be up to them. He says that he’s always been closer to Dillon than he’s ever been to Ika. Kevin asks if Dre would have really put up Dem and Ika; Dillon assures him that she would have. Kevin says that Ika told him that Dillon was going to put him up if he had won. Dillon assures Kevin it was nothing but talk. They agree that Ika can convince people of anything. Dillon says that everything Ika says is 150% bullshit. Kevin tells Dillon that Bruno spent the last three days convincing Kevin to work with Dillon and Karen and to keep them safe. Dillon leaves to go to the hot tub and Kevin says he’ll join them out there.

9:11 AM BBT William, Dre and Karen in the hot tub. Talk about the HoH comp; they all thought that Dillon would win. Karen says he had it, but he was messing around too much and lost focus. Dillon joins them at the hot tub. Dillon says that Karen should have yelled at him to focus; Karen says that she was afraid he would yell at her. More talk about what was allowed and what wasn’t allowed. Karen says at one point she wondered if she was cheating, but decided she would continue what she was doing until production told her not to. BB tells them to stop talking about production.
9:18 AM BBT Kevin asking Jackie if she wants to talk after she changes and she says yes. He says he’ll be in the HoH room waiting for her.
9:20 AM BBT Dem and Ika talking in the WR as Ika gets ready for the day. Dem says he’s not going to go into the HoH room first thing in the morning. Ika asks if he thinks the noms will be late and feeds cut.
9:24 AM BBT Feeds back. Kevin still waiting for Jackie to appear, but she’s in the WR doing her makeup. Talk about Dem being too warm after being in the hot tub. Jackie says she sat outside in the breeze until she cooled down.
9:30 AM BBT Jackie finally makes her way to the HoH room. Kevin asks how she’s feeling about the week. She says she’s feeling pretty well. She says that Ika scares the living shit out of her. Kevin laughs and says he’s told her that to her face. Jackie says that the last thing she told Bruno was that if she won, she’d take Ika and Dem out for him, Neda and Sindy. Kevin says he’s concerned that the talk he and Jackie had got back to Ika. Jackie assures him that she did tell Ika about the conversation, but not until Ika asked about it. Jackie says she’s not working with Ika, she’s never been working with Ika until she was on the block against Sindy. Kevin asks her what she was thinking when it was down to him and Dre for the HoH. Jackie says that she was okay with either of them winning because Kevin had told her he wanted to get blood on his hands. They compare stories of how Ika plays one person against another. Kevin says, for the third time, that he wishes that his conversation with Jackie hadn’t got out. Jackie says that Ika made it seem like Kevin had already told her about it. Jackie says that she’s tried to play an honest game. Kevin says he’s never been happier than when they were The Peasants. He says it would have worked if they got power, but Bruno was convinced that Jackie flipped. Kevin says he’s going to think about everything and decide what he’s going to do. Jackie asks how his conversation with Ika and Dem happened last week. Jackie tells Kevin that Ika told her that the only reason Neda got close to her was because of her need for Jackie’s vote. Kevin says yes. Feeds cut.
9:47 AM BBT Feeds back. Kevin telling Jackie that he’s been feeling like a lost puppy lately, too. The last three weeks, he’s seen his closest friends leave the house. Jackie says that it puts them in a good position to not be noms, but a bad position to be replacement noms. Jackie says she’s been pretending to like Ika this whole time and she can’t do it anymore. Kevin tells her they don’t need a truce, they can both confidently go about the week knowing they’re okay. Jackie leaves. Kev cam talks saying that was a horrible conversation and out of all the players left, he respects Jackie’s game the least. She’s so flip-floppy and tells everything to everybody. 3 minute warning for the backyard being off-limits. Will comes out of the shower and asks Kevin what Jackie said. Kevin says she said nothing. Will asks if she tried to throw Ika under the bus and Kevin says she did. Kevin tells Will he talked to Jackie last week and 5 seconds later Ika knew about it. He says she told him that Ika manipulated her. Will says they were best friends.
10:00 AM BBT Houseguests are slowly waking up. Kevin is making a deal to keep himself, Demetre, and Ika safe. Kevin says he’s not after them. Demetre says that with him and Ika working with Kevin they have a better chance at winning. Ika is talking to Dillon. Ika said that she would give $5000 to Adale from season 3. Demetre leaves the HOH room. Kevin is alone in the HOH room.
10:15 AM BBT William is up, but Dre is still in bed. Karen is in the washroom doing her makeup. Dre is up and showering. William, Demetre, and Ika are in the kitchen making breakfast. The screen behind them says nominations are today. Ika wonders if what they are eating has nutritional value. Demetre is alone in the living room.
10:30 AM BBT Demetre and Ika are eating slop in the living room. Demetre is telling Ika what Kevin told him in the HOH room. Feeds out. Feeds back. Ika is telling Demetre about her friends getting her a wrong gift. Kevin is all alone in HOH room. William and Kevin are in the HOH room talking.
10:45 AM BBT William said that Kevin shouldn’t trust Karen. Neither can Jackie and Dillon. William is giving his input to Kevin about who to put up. William said that Karen is going up regardless.
11:00 AM BBT William and Kevin say that there are about 21 days left and the winner of the POV gets a car. William said that Gary was mean. He is glad Gary is gone. Kevin said that Gary is a hot mess. Kevin is wondering when Karen is coming in to speak. Kevin says he’s happy when Dallas, Gary, and Cassandra left the game.
11:15 AM BBT Feeds out.
11:30 AM BBT Feeds back. Tells Kevin that he won’t break her. Says Demetre and Ika are cold to her. Kevin asks why was she a replacement. Says she wasn’t sure. Karen said that she was upset she was on the block. Says the situation was like a jealous girlfriend. Karen said that Sindy couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Squirrels drive her and Kevin crazy. Karen and Kevin are going to try to work together. Karen said to Bruno that she doesn’t trust him but will tell stories and hang out. Dre hopes that Ika and Demetre on the block. Kevin says that he wants to work with Demetre but doesn’t know what to do for nominations. Kevin said that he trusts Dillon and his word. Kevin says that Ika plays the social card and Demetre wins all the competitions. Karen says she’s surprised Sindy didn’t talk to Karen. Karen said that she doesn’t know the individual days.
11:45 AM BBT Bruno said when he left that he’s rooting for Karen, Kevin, and Dillon. Kevin said Dre trust Ika the most. Karen said that everyone has to go. It’s just the order that they have to go in. She doesn’t know how to be fake. Karen says no one likes her. Not even Canada. Karen is telling Kevin how Bruno wanted to work with Karen. Dillon enters the room. Karen said that the plan is Karen and Dillon are going up. Jackie is replacement nominee. Karen says she has a headache and Jackie is sick. Karen feels light headed. Kevin is called to the Pantry. Kevin has returned.
12:00 PM BBT Kevin is going to rip off the band-aid and tell Demetre and Jackie they are on the block. Jackie enters the HOH room. Karen, Dillon, and Kevin are talking about the Princess Bride. Now they are on Forest Gump. Karen is going to eat slop and drink some tea. Karen is going to rest.
12:15 PM BBT Feels dizzy. Karen said she’s not going to campaign. Almost fell in the bathroom. Karen said that she tries not to overeat but after slop she gorges. Karen hopes she gets a pizza meal. Some of the houseguests are talking about family. Kevin said that this is the day he left in season 3. Kevin said that Ika wanted dre to stay in the competition. Dre and Demetre are in the bridge and feel like they are against a wall Ika says she knows. Says she sucked in the HOH comp. Feels bad.
12:30 PM BBT Ika hates them all. Karen is getting foil to make slop. Going to save some slop and heat it up for later. Karen said that her vision are blurry. Has a really bad headache. Low blood sugar. Dillon is making slop. William and Kevin are hanging out listening to music. Everyone going about their day.
12:45 PM BBT Kevin and William talk in the HOH room. They discuss the pros and cons of putting up Ika and Demetres on the block. Kevin says he wants to talk to Karen and then talk to Dre one more time.
1:00 PM BBT Kevin talks to Karen. The discuss Bruno and how much they both enjoyed him. They discuss Ika and Demetres and why they are the best to go on the block.
1:15 PM BBT Kevin goes into the bridge where Ika and Demetres are. He tells them he has talked to everyone and had some good conversations. He tells them in the end he will be putting them (Ika and Demetres) on the block. He said they put him and Bruno on the block last week. They said they understand.
1:30 PM BBT Ika went to Dre Jac in blue rm asking Jac what she said about her by throwing her UB w/Kev. Jac willing told Ik that she felt manipulated by her. Ik said well its nice to know what people think of me why I am going on the block! She asked Dre if she had something to say & Dre says no. Ik leaves and tells Dem what she said bcz she wants herself voted out of Dem. Dem said to Stop bcz she will regret it! Then Dil comes in and Ik says you have something to say to me? Dillion says no and Ika says that is nt what Kev said that everyone of you threw us UB. Dillion lies and says I never threw you Under the Bus! Ika and Dem downstairs Dre comes downstairs and ask WTH is up & Ika says Kevin said everyone of you threw us UB & Kev stands up says I didn’t say that I said lots of deals were made (which is partly true but he also told Ika earlier that everyone threw them UB). Dem gives Ika look to stop & Dre goes I don’t get it. You come in the rm I want to come see my friends & I was ok w/you betraying me for 5 wks. You didn’t tell Neda to nt use POV Wm HOH wk & Ika says we all talked about it. Dre says no we didn’t. Ika says no them. Dre goes to walk away and says I was ok w/your 5 wks & now this!
1:45PM BBT Now Karen & dre are saying they don’t get Ika. Karen says Ika been bitch for 5 days to her & telling Kevin to put me up. Now Wm is there w/Dre Karen rehashing Jackie saying Ika is manipulated her & how she told truth. Dre telling Karen how Ika wronged her for 5 wks & she was played & she can be revengeful. Now Karen playing the victim I have been @bottom for 5 days so I don’t give a F Now Karen saying Ika kicked her in head never sorry. ar on a cursing rant of Ika & how she should have saved Sin & how she single handed saved her. Karen going on and on doesn’t deserve wrath from saving Ika & never did a damn thing to her. Karen saying how honest she is to Kev & how everyone made deals w/him. Demetres saying our downfall is being intimidating & Ika says no I needed to win that HOH. Ika saying to Demetres she doesn’t lka people crying On the Block. Karen was saying too she was pissed Ika eating & didn’t cook her anything to eat
2:00 PM BBT Cam 1&2 Has French connection and Karen in the Pink room talking about the prospective noms and how Karen was kicked in the head in the HN room and Ika did not apologize. Ika and Dem in the SR hugging and talking he is trying to calm her down as she just blew up at the house and is crying. French connection is talking in French while Karen lays in bed quietly. Ika feels that she let Demetres down and she does it every single time,she isn’t angry at them she’s angry at herself because she should have won the comp she knew they would be in this position. Dem explains that they have an honest true relationship and no one else does. She feels she ruined his game and says they better take her out if they leave her here she will kill all of them. Ika says “I hate them” repeatedly. Ika says let me go and don’t look at me and Dem says no not until you give me a kiss. She keeps saying how she should have won the comp. Demetres says if he were to do it again he would align with her again every time. Ika wants to take a nap and Dem convinces her to kiss him if he closes his eyes. Ika leaves and heads to HN. Up in Pink room they are discussing the Queen and teaching Karen French words. Demetres heads to the HN and offers Ika water and lays down to cuddle her. Karen asks did they call Kevin to the Dr? Will says yes, Dre says she isn’t sure, Karen said her head is hurting really bad, she’s trying to eat a little slop but it messes with her system so much. They talk about the 3rd bed revenge, Cass, Gary, Sindy, Bruno all slept in that bed and then went home. Karen asks about being locked in the room.
2:15 PM BBT Karen heads down to get her Advil, French connection talking in french, Ika and Dem in HN room They say that had Kevin not come off the block he would have gone home. They understand that it was the only way for him to have a big game move but it won’t matter when he goes to Jury right after one of them. Kevin and Dillon in the Blue room, Kevin says Ika promises to make every ones life a living hell. Besides Ika William is the only other one who had never been nominated. Ika was yelling at everyone including Dre. Kevin says couldn’t this have been a double. Jackie and Karen in the HOH talking about someone being very loud in the Pink room and not having courtesy. Its just a game. They will all have shitty days but in they end they have to live together so they need to get along on a surface level. Karen heads downstairs to sit in the living room alone leaving Jackie alone to relax. French Connection continues to talk in French and laugh loudly. Karen to DR.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 28th

2:30 PM BBT Ika and Dem in the HN saying they are not peasants, just in a peasant’s position. When you are at the top the only place to go is down, Dem thought it was a going to be a double yesterday and was even packed all the way up. Dem says don’t get your hopes down, things happen all the time we just gotta win POV and then rack our brains. They roll through the Hg’s and who spoke up and said other names in plea to be safe. They discuss how last week everyone hated Kevin last week and this week they are all BFF with him now in power. Ika asks would he have done anything different and he says no it was always clear. Jackie has entered the Pink room talking with Dre and Will. Dre says that Ika does the same thing to to hers as it’s done to her but it’s not okay when it’s done to her. Dre says she doesn’t do well with threats and she loves revenge. They feel she will stay calm and with Dem since she now knows that everyone know she has been giving the same spiel to everyone. Jackie said she has to sleep in the Cave with her. They all head downstairs to see if it’s been replenished they are hungry. Kevin is just sitting upstairs on the couches. Speaking French in the Kitchen, they are not replenished and then they find Karogi’s. Dre to the Dr. Karen walks in, Will asks how is Karen she says she went to get meds for her headache and her stomach. Will & Karen clean the SR fridge.
2:45 PM BBT Jackie and Kevin upstairs talking about how bad Ika is acting and how everyone wanted them up. How she goes through like extreme Hate and extreme BFFs. Kevin explains how he told them in the Bridge he will be nominating them and they asked why, he says I can’t trust you, you put me up last week. Jackie offers to help Kevin study so they can win and keep the Noms the same. Jackie says we haven’t had the Nom Ceremony and she’s already going around pissing people off. Karen says he doesn’t do well with confrontation. Jackie said it was the first time she held her cool. Kevin says she was against me the whole way last week. Jackie says Other than Ika Kevin is the only one to do better than the first time they played. Kevin says there is pros to keeping both Dem and Ika and there is no tie breaker but if she is making a fight with everyone maybe better to keep her. Jackie heads down to put the food in the pot, William joins Kevin on the couch, Karen walks by in the back. They discuss that it will be a rough week and she’s so mad. They feel it will be worse that Karen from the last week. Ika is trying to put everyone against each other and it’s not working. Kevin says he is scared and for William to protect him. William says “she is so ratchet when she does that” They laugh at how Ika was mad at everyone already and she’s not even nom’d and they can still play for POV. There is still time to talk to your people and get votes. Kevin thinks that Karen’s outburst last week made it to Air yelling vulgar things at Kevin.
3:00 PM BBT William is saying people take it too personally when on the Block. They discuss how they can hear some of the votes to evict you can hear the live audience and how they cheer and boo. Meanwhile in the HN room Ika and Dem are thinking about themselves and ika says this is why people hate us all we do is think about ourselves. Ika says all these people are boring and lifeless. They try to play a game “ What would you say if you had your way…” Kevin and William are still talking about Ika getting mad at everyone. They discuss the Kevin veto winner/ Will HOH week and how they tried to play each other but that who got involved to help abort a bad mission. Kevin says Ika has been on the Side of power the whole game and has been in HOH with DEM 3 times and has no problem putting outers up, but the moment she is up all heck breaks loose. Perogies are done and ready so they boys head down to eat. Dillon heads down for food as well, they talk about the food item. Ika and Dem in the Cave are talking about different HG’s and first impressions. In the Kitchen William tells the story of Brokeback mountain as Dillon has never seen the movie.
3:15 PM BBT Story time in the KT, William is about to tell the story of Brokeback mountain ( gay cowboys). Ika and Dem still talking about the HG’s and 1st impressions. Karen comes down and gets some tea or coffee and joins the story time. William keeps apologizing for not being a good storyteller, Jackie is helping to fill in the holes. Karen says she hears them refilling the SR, and today she can’t enjoy eating with Will but she can still see it and enjoy it. It’s the highlight of her week. Jackie says she likes grocery shopping and folding laundry. They discuss about Caitlyn Jenner ( Bruce Jenner) and how as a teen He had to Cross dress and had to hide it and then went to the Olympics and after that started hormones. The she was this huge American Iconic Olympian and didn’t want to let America down. HIs first wife knew and they got divorced and then with Kris the one of the daughters came home to find Him in her cloths and then it was out and then it was able to be broken to the world and started being herself.
3:30 PM BBT Karen tells about the accident that killed someone because they were chasing her. It was a total accident but it happened and it was a huge story. That’s when the public got the first pictures and clues that allowed more info to surface. Karen says when her Dad embraced it, her eyes were really opened and she was able to be more open and accepting. The conversation transitions into Audrey from BBUS. They discuss how it doesn’t matter when you are evicted it’s based on who likes you and doesn’t. Kevin tells Karen she needs to tell a but the story of Princess Diana, French connection talking quietly in French, Dillon up and around in the Kitchen. Ika and Demetres still in HN talking about how they started to like each other. How Sindy tried to come in between them but it didn’t work. They talk about how it took till day 20 to kiss and in the house that’s a long time. Ika says she remembers Dre telling her how much Dem liked Ika and she wasn’t sure but she knew how she felt about him.
3:45 PM BBT Story time in the Kitchen continues but Dre has left the area but Kevin, Dillon, and Will are both are still invested. Karen explains how when Princess Di died it was like losing your own family member. (1997) Karen explains how amazing of a woman and loving woman she was and passed away way too young. Demetres heads upstairs and that leaves Ika alone in the HN room she lays there silently. The Kitchen disperses, Kevin heads to do laundry, Karen and Will plan to go check out the food in the SR.
4:00 PM BBT Demetre and Ika are in the cave ranting about being considered nominated this week. Ika is freaking out. Considering leaving. Jackie and William are talking in some french. William staying away from Ika. So is Jackie.
4:15 PM BBT Jackie is telling the story about how she got on BBCAN. Feeds go out. Feeds return. William is talking about when he went to the dentist and the dentist asked where he was going. Feeds go out again. Feeds back. Karen is talking about her American express bill. Karen said that she got a $6,000 bill. Called the company and got money back. Dillon likes to use cash.
4:30 PM BBT Feeds out
5:00 PM BBT Feeds out
5:45 PM BBT Feeds down
5:58 PM BBT Feeds return. Dre and William are in the storage room, and Ika and Karen and Dem are in the bathroom. Ika is doing her makeup, and Dem is in the shower. Ika says that they’re getting alcohol soon. Ika is a little mad, saying how all of a sudden “you’re a freakin’ enemy.” Karen and Dillon are in the kitchen. She wonders what Kevin’s parents are gonna think when they see her licking whip cream off his face. Dillon mentions that he kissed Dre. Karen cracks up laughing after Dillon walked away to put out a loud fart. He forgot that he was on camera. The convo turns to prison. Kevin thinks it’s implied that they’re soon going to have a fun time. In the bathroom, Dem says that one of them will be there next week, talking to Ika. Ika says that she wanted to be final five. Ika thinks the party will be after the noms. Dem says that Dre threatened to “turn up.” Ika says that she always threatens to turn up. She says that if you’re going to turn up, you don’t tell people that you are.
6:15 PM BBT Karen walks into the bathroom. Demetres says “the pettiness.” Ika says that after the show, she’s going to first go to her friend to ask what happened, instead of asking others first, saying that it’ll give you a general idea and that they’ll tell you the truth. She says that she went to jury last time and got to see everything. Demetres asks if Kevin will vote to keep her. She doesn’t think so, considering what happened during the double, and wants the glory of taking Ika out. Demetres says she’s right. Ika says to Demetres that he could win the game. She says that she’ll just tell the jury “some shit.” Ika says that he should say whatever, even if it hurts her feelings, in order to win. Demetres says that the HGs are more scared of her (Ika) long-term, and him (Demetres) short-term. They say that keeping Bruno and Sindy wouldn’t have been good for their game. Dem says that he had fun, and didn’t expect to win the game.
6:30 PM BBT Demetres says that in this game, he goes from HoH to on the block to HoH to on the block… Kevin, Karen, Dillon, and another HG are resting in the living room. Dillon sees a bug. Dillon starts to whistle. BB tells Kevin that they pantry is now open. It’s party time! There’s 2 mugs of beer, pizza, chicken wings, and salad. He brings out the beer and some food, and the HGs gather. William asks if there’s any wine. They cheer to the final 8. Demetres says that it’s going to be nice to go home and have multiple choices of alcohol. Kevin says that was a fun task. Kevin says he liked that kiss, and tells Dre that he thinks she liked it, saying that that’s the reason they kept resetting. Dre says no, she didn’t. Demetres says that he wants an NHL update. Kevin says that it would be nice to have Google for an hour. Demetres jokingly says to Karen that she’s still hungry after all that whipped cream.
6:45 PM BBT Demetres says that the cups are too small. Dillon jokes that he’s already shit-faced. Demetres asks if there’s alcohol in jury. Kevin says yes, saying that there’s supposed to be a limit, but they ignored it. BB says to please stop talking about production. Dre asks if they change the jury house. BB says to please stop talking about production. Feeds go out for a couple minutes. Kevin says that they were gonna give us more alcohol, but when they saw Demetres in that towel in the DR on day 27, they said nope. Then feeds cut. Kevin asks how his kiss was with Dre. Dillon starts to talk, but Dre tells him to stop talking. Ika pokes fun of how William reacted, after Kevin asked, saying that William was really interested to hear how it was to kiss Dre.
7:00 PM BBT Dillon says that Dre’s eyes were closed, and her lips were soft. They continue to talk about them kissing each other during the tasks.
7:15 PM BBT Dillon says that BB will play out their kiss. Dre wonders what they can do with 5 seconds. Some of the HGs leave the table after a while. Kevin and Dillon talk about nominations. Dillon says to “nominate the queen.” Kevin thinks of what to say, saying to Ika to take her throne. Kevin says that he’s on a TV show, and needs for it to be big. In the kitchen, Dillon asks Karen when he thinks the nominations ceremony will be. She predicts that it’ll be at 9pm.
7:30 PM BBT Karen talks to Dillon, Dre, and William about hanging out after the show. Dre jokes that her mom doesn’t understand how to FaceTime her, saying that she can only see her mom’s neck and chest. William talks about his dad has trouble with life too, saying that his dad once drove with the brakes on for 2 days. Karen talks about a time she forgot to pick up her son. Dre recalls a story on how her mother left a parking lot and forgot to drive with their little sister. Karen leaves. William and Dre start singing in French. After a while, BB tells Dre and William to please stop singing. They start reciting song lyrics, but hiding it in conversation.
7:45 PM BBT Ika and Demetres are cuddling in the pink room, talking game. William is speaking french to Karen, and teaches her a little French. BB calls Karen to the DR shortly after. William and Dre run up to the HoH. William goes on the HoH bed, and Dre asks Kevin if she can go on his bed.
8:00 PM BBT Karen is the Wr reading a box of crest white strips Karen please go to the DR Jackie is laying on the couch napping Kevin is listening to music and napping Jackie please go to the DR Dre and William are talking french Karen asked where have you been Karen said okay i don’t remember any of the other ones William is teaching french to Karen Jackie said i can’t wait to see a picture of myself to see how white my teeth are getting Jackie said one of us has to win Jackie said i want ika i am already starting to talk less in the house Dre and Jackie are in the WR area chatting Dre said they look good i thought that they were already White Dre said they will look good thanks to Crest
8:15 PM BBT Dre said Jackie sipping on apple juice Dre said i am kidding they are going to look white as your face Dre said can you believe that we are day 49 there is 1 hour until Nomination ceremony Ika said we will sit on the block together and hold hands Karen said i haven’t won the POV Dillon please wake up nap time is over Jackie said sorry i was singing sorry bb Ika said am i allowed to nap Kevin is in the storage room Kevin said i don’t know if Karen is going to win HOH Kevin said no more making the house happy do what i want to do so stupid why didn’t they keep Bruno Kevin said i want to get to final 6 Kevin said i don’t know how i am going to survive final 7 if i take out Ika and Demetre
8:30 PM BBT Karen said i am very tired Karen said i kept getting woken up last night Karen said i am glad that i get to go to the hot tube Jackie said did you stay up to see the lights dime Karen said i had my blinders on Kevin said look at the jury house Kevin said i will have 3 people fighting for me Kevin said Jackie would put me up Kevin said i can save these 2 oreo’s right now Kevin said maybe william Kevin said if i take out Demetres and Ika i won’t have anyone fighting for me next week Kevin please go to the DR Kevin said i don’t know what to do
8:45 PM BBT Karen said my mouth smells soap William said did you to the DR Kevin said i have to get ready Dillon said did you work out karen is talking about the soap William is reading a label ika is talking about the dress that Demetres loves so much Demetres said what should i wear Demetres said i don’t know how i feel about it Ika please put on your microphone Demetres said do you think the pink shirt will look okay William said i am going to miss this house
9:00 PM BBT Jackie said i’m going to go eat Dillon is listening to music kevin is in the hoh bathroom Kevin Demetres ika are in the WR Demetres said it has to be soon Ika said i think you should do it i’m just being honest Ika said William is strong and he has your back Ika said if i leave than dre might have your back
9:15 PM BBT ika said if i were to leave i want you to hang out with Demetres Kevin said they are going to call me in 5 mins let me think about it Ika said but you are trustworthy you and demetres has to work together Kevin is talking to Dre Kevin is going to the Dr Feeds down
9:30 PM BBT -10:30PM BBT Feeds Down
10:32PM BBT Dre, Ika and Demetres talking about past game play and Ika is telling Dre she is totally with her and she has stayed loyal to her. Ika says she was in the six but grew an connection with Dre and that changed for her. Kevin, William, Jackie and Dillon in the kitchen talking about USA big brother and how long they play. Dillon says that it’s such a long time in the house and they only have a couple more weeks left. Kevin is cooking chicken and says he learned From Gary. Ika talking to Dre about how she will be rude to everyone so that she guarantees her going home. She says that she doesn’t want to be against her friends so she will not blow up their game. Dre says she wants to work alone because she needs to feel like she is playing her own game. Ika tells Dre that she screwed up Demetres game. When she starts to talk about it she gets upset and leaves the room to cry. Demetres follows her but she is in a stall in the bathroom. They come out and they go to the blue bedroom , Dre leaves.
10:45PM BBT Ika says that they cared about Dre so much and her and the rest of the alliance seen this and that’s what happened to their game. Demetres says it’s all good , she sees us on the block and she jumps ship. Demetres tells Ika that if he felt like Ika ruined his game he wouldn’t have worked with her. He tells her that if everyone else is throwing people under the bus they better know we knew tons of crap too. Ika says she thinks it’s crappy that people take alliance info and use it against you.
11:00PM BBT Ika and Demetres talking about information for the possible comps. Karen and Dillon in the have not doorway talking about her pallet on the floor and it’s so uncomfortable. Demetres still in the bedroom talking about how he will play if she goes this week. Ika says that she is so happy Bruno and Sindy got sent home. She says that she is really upset for him. He says he’s not worried about it and it’s just a game. He says that he knows that if she could have won she would have. Demetres says that if he wins HOH next week that it wouldn’t be his smartest move to get Kevin out yet. She says that it will not be smart to go to F3 with William and Kevin.
11:15 PM BBT Dre and William discuss Ika in French in the bathroom while others come in but can’t understand what they are staying.  Dre is upset about the way Ika and Dem spoke to her after nominations.
11:30PM BBT In the kitchen, Dillion and William eat pudding. Kevin and Karen discuss her melt down on the block last week. Her words with Bruno and how she hurt his feelings.
11:45PM BBT Karen and Dillon head to bed.Kevin is washing dishes and William asks Kevin if he can still sleep in HOH. William tells Kevin he’s going to bed and he will see Kevin soon.



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