Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 21st

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12:00AM BBT Demetres, Ika, and Bruno are in the HOH. Bruno congratulates Demetres. Demetres tells Ika that Bruno is drunk. Bruno leaves. Demetres and Ika agree that Bruno is likable when he’s likable and not likable when he’s not likable. Karen, Dre, and Will are in the bathroom. Karen asks Dre and Will to protect her from Kevin. Will leaves and goes into the Blue bedroom.
12:15 AM BBT Dre and Will talk in French. Demetres brings Ika a cookie and finds out what she’s listening Ola amd Demetres are listening to music. Demetres and Ika kiss. Demetres tells Ika that he didn’t expect to win today. Kevin, Bruno, Will, and Dre are talking in the hot tub area. Dre tells the guys that she wuld be boring on slop. Dre leaves to go take a shower and says good night. Bruno and Kevin agree that the comp today was hard.
12:30 AM BBT Kevin and Bruno don’t think there will be a Haves comp. Demetres tells Ika that her eyes tell everything. Bruno says that it’s crazy that Sindy isn’t here. Kevin, Will, and Bruno remember the players that were in the house but got evicted. Bruno and Kevin agree that Neda is going to have words towards Sindy.
12:45 AM BBT Bruno tells Kevin that Ika, Demetres, Bruno, and Kevin are the least experienced players and they are going after each other. Kevin and Bruno feel like they need to make a deal with Ika and Demetres and put two of the five up up on block. Bruno tells them that In the US you have to pay for the feeds, and asks if the players are allowed to nap all day.
12::52 AM BBT – 1:02 AM BBT Feeds Out
1:02 AM BBT Kevin and Bruno tell Dillon about how it is when he gets to meet fans for the first time. Dillon and Will say goodnight to Kevin and Bruno. Kevin gets told to turn on his Dre comes in and changes out her microphone battery and Bruno asks for a battery. Bruno jokes with Kevin and Dre that Kevin is mean. Dre leaves and Kevin and Bruno continue with the conversation about joining Ika and Demetres.
1:15 AM BBT Bruno and Kevin agree that they need to get up early and talk to Ika and Demetres. Kein tells Bruno that the five people in the middle between Bruno and Kevin, and Demetres and Ika. Bruno and Kevin agree that Dillon, Jackie, Karen, Dre, and Will feel safe. Kevin tells Bruno that Ika and Demetres should put up Jackie and Dillon or Jackie and Karen. Bruno and Kevin agree that they need to work with Demetres and Ika. Bruno and Kevin agree
1:30 AM BBT Kevin and Bruno talk some more about the next two weeks plan and how they want to work with Ika and Demetres. Kevin and Bruno talk about what they ware going to say Demetres and Ika. Kevin and Bruno agree that they will all talk as a four early in the morning. Big Brother says goodnight to the Hgs. Kevin and Bruno get out of the hot tub and go inside and dry off. Will is told to fix his mic. Will is told to put on his mic.
1:45 AM BBT – 2:00AM BBT All Hgs asleep.
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:20 AM BBT “Good morning, houseguests. Time to wake up.” Dre asked to arrange battery exchange.
8:23 AM BBT Second wakeup call. Dre not happy about being asked to arrange the battery exchange.
8:25 AM BBT Third wakeup call. BB is on them this morning.
8:27 AM BBT Fourth request for Dre to arrange the battery exchange. She finally pulls herself from her bed. Rooster crows.
8:29 AM BBT Rooster crows again. Karen’s in the kitchen; no one else is moving.
8:32 AM BBT Rooster. Bruno asks Kevin how it was sleeping in a bed and he replies, “Much better.” Dem sitting up in bed in the HoH room listening to music.
8:40 AM BBT Bruno, Dre, DIllon, Karen and Jackie in the WR getting ready for the day. Bruno heads to HoH room with Kevin. Dem asks if the TV says Noms Today. Bruno says it does. He starts pitching why Kevin and Bruno should stay. The five newbies are hoping to pin Kevin and Bruno against Dem and Ika, and Bruno and Kevin doing their best to convince Dem not to put them on the block. Kevin says Dillon was encouraging him to win the HoH. He says Dillon will go against Dem and Ika next week. Bruno and Kevin pushing for Dillon and Jackie to be nom’d; saying Dem will go next week if they stay. Kevin says Jackie is poison, running back and forth between the two sides of the house. Kevin says his distrust of Dem and Ika was caused by Dillon. Bruno says this is their last chance to team up with Dem and Ika to take out the other five. Otherwise, he says Dillon and Jackie will be F2. Kevin swears on his mother that he will put up Dillon and Jackie next week. Ika says they’ve trusted Kevin and Bruno before only to be taken advantage of. Bruno swears that it won’t happen again. Ika tells Kevin that Will is believable and he says that Kevin has talked a lot about getting Dem and Ika out. Bruno says this conversation would have happened if one of them had won HoH; they had decided in the HN room Wednesday night that this needed to happen. Kevin says Dillon, Jackie and Kevin are right in the middle and they’re the scariest. Ika says she knows she’s crazy, but she’s not an emotional player. She says the 5 trust each other and they don’t, and that’s why they’re in the position they are. Lots of apologies between both couples about the distrust. Kevin asks if Jackie threw the HoH. Kevin tells Ika that Dillon told him that Ika told Dillon to go against his word and put Bruno or Dillon up.
9:13 AM BBT Karen enters the HoH room and talk turns to Jackie’s ‘curse.’ Bruno says that she knows about ‘the curse.’ Ika says the worst thing that could happen to her in the house would be to wake up and see Jackie standing over her. Bruno brings the talk back to the four of them being the bottom of the house, and says that he’ll leave them with it, but he will prove his loyalty if they keep them.
9:19 AM BBT Bruno and Kevin leave and Ika points out the hickey on Dem’s neck. Dem is upset and tells her to go get some makeup. Dem tells her he has noms today and he can’t stand up there with it. Ika suggests a turtleneck; Dem says he doesn’t have a turtleneck. Ika says she’s going to see if Karen has the right makeup to cover it. Karen comes in and Ika makes fun of her for coming to campaign. Karen says that Bruno slept in the third bed last night. Karen asks who Bruno and Kevin told them to put up. Ika says they didn’t say, just that they would be loyal to them. Karen says that’s a lie and asks if Jackie is going up with Kevin. Ika says that Bruno and Kevin have to go up together or the one will take the other off the block if they win PoV. Karen says she would prefer Jackie for personal reasons, but she understands Ika’s reasoning. Karen says Kevin is the common element with Bruno, Jackie and Will and needs to go. Ika says she doesn’t know why they’re carrying Jackie so far. Karen agrees to go get Ika a coffee and says she only asked if she was going up because she doesn’t want to seem arrogant.
9:27 AM BBT Ika goes into the HoH bathroom, where Dem is taking a shower. He’s still upset about the hickey. She tells him that Karen came to talk and then Jackie comes into the HoH room. She agrees to come back when Dem is out of the shower. As she’s leaving she says, “I’m so pissed.” Ika goes to the WR to get some of Karen’s makeup and Bruno and Kevin are in there. Ika tells them about Jackie’s visit to the HoH room. They tell her that she had asked them why she wasn’t part of their conversation in the Hoh room if they’re working together.
9:30 AM BBT Ika, back in the HoH bathroom, says she’s not sure that Karen’s makeup will be effective. She says Neda’s makeup would have been a better match as everyone left in the house is too white. She tries Karen’s makeup and says it looks horrible. Dem tells her that she doesn’t need to mark her territory against her best friend in the house and a 53 year old. Dem says that he needs to keep the makeup because this is going to last a few days and Ika says no, she’ll have to steal it every day. Ika complaining that Karen’s makeup is too thin and says that her concealer might work better. Dem says that maybe if he wears a shirt, no one will notice; keeps calling it a bruise.
9:40 AM BBT Dem and Ika talking in the HoH room about whether or not they believe Bruno and Kevin. Ika says she trusts Dre more than Kevin and Bruno. Ika says that Kevin, Bruno and Jackie are the sneakiest in the house. She says that she’s sure that their only real threat is Jackie. Bruno and Kevin have consistently lied to them in the game, but if they leave, Dem and Ika are the big targets. She says that Bruno and Kevin can only be trusted on a week-to-week basis. Dem and Ika debate who should go up.
9:44 AM BBT Jackie comes into the HoH room and apologizes immediately for not trusting them. Ika says Bruno and Kevin told them she’s running everything back to them. Jackie says that she told them she’d put Dem and Ika up, but she was lying. (Side note: Jackie shouldn’t wear pale pink leggings as it makes her look like she’s wearing nothing.) Ika explains to Jackie that Kevin and Bruno only got close to her the week of the Dillon/Emily vote because they knew they didn’t have Dem and Ika’s vote. She says they sucked Jackie in. Jackie says she’s sick of being used in this game. She asks what Dem and Ika want to know about Kevin and Bruno because she’ll do anything to get them out. Ika says she doesn’t want to know anything. Jackie tells them that their alliance name was the peasants because they wanted to slay the queen. Ika and Dem laugh. Ika says all they’re asking for is honesty. Jackie says she’s not going to make any long term plans in the game anymore, she’s going to play it week-by-week. She says she wants Kevin and Bruno out. Ika says that Kevin and Bruno told them that they weren’t going to put Dem and Ika up and Jackie says she was the only one they were talking to (as well as Sindy) and they were definitely planning to put them up. Ika again telling Jackie that the split in the 6 happened the week that Dem/Ika wanted to save Emily; right after that Neda became Jackie’s best friend. Ika tells Jackie that William doesn’t like her. Jackie says that if they don’t put her up, she’ll work with them to get Bruno and Kevin out. Eventually she’ll have to put them up as Dem is a huge target, and he explains that he understands that but they’re only talking about the next couple of weeks. Ika asks Jackie if they get one of them out this week, how they will know that Jackie won’t put Dem/Ika up next week if she wins. Jackie says if one of them goes this week, her next targets would be Dillon because he put her up or William.
10:00 AM BBT Jackie campaigning to Ika/Dem not to go on block in HOH. Ika saying she values honesty and she would keep Dillon because he has been honest with her. Jackie says how about this since you have been keeping me safe I will work with you. Ika brings up the fact Ika/Dem have been the deciding votes each week, Dem brings up the unanimous votes are because Dem/Ika would not flip so the other side went with the house. Ika says they chose loyalty, that is why they kept Dre over Gary. Ika says Jackie has proven she win things, that is what they *Bruno/Kevin* are saying. Jackie says they have won just as much as me. Jackie tells Ika she has been the most truthful. Jackie says she would take this *Ika/Dem* over them *B/K*. Ika laughs and says the peasant alliance is so funny. Jackie says Kevin said that because they are at the bottom. Ika says this is the first week they have been at the bottom, every week Ika/Dem have been nervous. Ika tells Jackie that they said she was so happy when Dem won, why is she so happy and sitting pretty. Ika says she was going to honor the truce and Kevin/Bruno told them there was no real truce. Jackie makes a face and says there was, Jackie asks them to let her show them through her actions. Ika tells Jackie she did not tell Sindy what Jackie told her. Jackie says the both times she had meltdowns in the house was after comments, and Sindy came to comfort her and she would relay the info Jackie gave her back to Ika. Jackie says Bruno does it to, when she is upset he will walk in and she thinks it is a dirty way to play. Ika says that Bruno/Kevin think it is fake when she cries. Ika tells Jackie if she won hoh Jackie would not even be on the block. Ika again says to have these people tell me that you told them there was no truce and it was a complete lie. Jackie says because she doesn’t have a true alliance she needs to see what is going on. Ika tells Jackie that they are being honest, and clearly she did not lie because these ARE things she did say. Jackie says clearly she needs to be more honest and tell them. Jackie says the problem is she is putting her trust in the wrong people each week. Ika says she feels like they help people out and they never remember it. Jackie says believe me I will remember this, I will. Jackie thanks them and leaves HOH. Before she leaves Ika asks Jackie to not tell them anything and Jackie says she is not talking to them the entire time they are here, they can Fuck out. After Jackie leaves Ika laughs and says “ that is how you do it, you get the tea” Dem laughs about the peasant alliance. Dem says that is always one of the questions in the final two “ what lies have you told” Dem says they can say we didn’t tell any lies, he says I won some comps and told the truth. Dem complains about the hickey. Ika is laughing so much about the Peasant alliance name, she says they took the name I actually call them and made an alliance to come after me, the queen. Ika says he problem with Jackie is she comes in here and spills all the tea, instead of talking to them before she comes in and tells everything. Ika laughs at Dem because he just hit his head, then laughs again about “The Peasants” Ika then brings up that they really are being seen as big targets, you won three HOH’s, but I haven’t won anything. Dem says but you are so good at getting the tea. Dem says do you think if Kevin/Bruno won that Dillon would have dropped us like a sack of shit. Ika doesn’t think Dillon wouldn’t have dropped them but he would have felt save. Ika thinks they only person that wouldn’t have dropped them is Dre. Dem is worried that Dillon wins next week and puts them up. Dem says the thing is there are a lot of people coming after them anyway. Ika thinks Dillon won’t do it because he would have Dre and Ika mad at him. Ika laughs and says Jackie just told them she is coming after them because they are big targets, she says Jackie, what is wrong with you. Dem says she is being honest but all he wants to hear out of her mouth is she is not coming after them. Ika says this is the thing, they have fought for Bruno to stay off the block and he didn’t remember it. Ika doesn’t think they can blame the girl for being in a horrible position. Ika thinks if they didn’t put Jackie up she will remember it, but she is still going to the power each week. Ika says he feels like there gut instinct is to put up Bruno/Kevin.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 21st

10:15 AM BBT Ika/Dem in HOH going over options. Dem says they can’t trust Bruno/Kevin and they can’t honestly say they can beat them on a consistent basis, they are good at comps. Ika says that during the HOH comp she was talking to Kevin because she wasn’t 100% sure Dem would have won. Ika wanted to be open to talking to them. Ika does believe that Dillon did say stuff about them but Ika says Dillon had no loyalty to them at that time. Dem wonders who is going to put them up next week. Ika says Kevin scares her more that Bruno. Ika said because Jackie said Kevin was the one that broke things down to her. Ika said she doesn’t want her alliance to want them to go because they see them as big threats, Ika thinks Dre will not but Dillon will because he has an ego and he see’s Demetres winning things. Ika says Dillon does have a good heart and values trust. Ika says once you show them love even if it is in their best interest to they won’t cut you. Ika says you have to make Dillon feel safe, then he will be loyal. Dem says Karen they don’t know about, she is all over the map, she doesn’t trust herself, she doesn’t trust anyone. Dem thinks Karen will want to make a huge move and they are a huge move. Will might put them up if Kevin is there. Ika says we chuck up Bruno/Kevin, salvage what they can with Jackie, have Dre cleanse the area from Jackie. Dem does say Jackie will be the replacement nom. They kiss and lay down in bed. Talk turns back to the hickey. Dem asks Ika what to wear, she says the hoodie since it goes over his neck. She tells him to wear track pants, she likes him in that. Dem wants to look better for nominations. Ika says to wear Jeans and a nice sweater. Ika laughs again about the alliance named The Peasants. Ika wonders where Dre is she hasn’t seen her all morning, she asks where her daughter is. Ika tells Demetres maybe the red ones will go better with what he is wearing. Ika again says Kevin is hilarious, and he was taunting her with the hug. In WR Kevin/Will/Bruno/Kevin. Karen saying Dillon is stressing her out, Kevin says they keep waking him up and Dillon said “ Animals in the zoo get a nap” then the feeds cut. Ika and Dem are making out and game talking in HOH. Dem says he thinks Dillon sees things the same way they do, Ika says Karen can get into Dillon’s head but Ika thinks Dre has a stronger hold on Dillon. Dem says Karen is crazy. Jackie interrupts them and walks in. She tells them she wanted to tell them one more thing, she says if the Toyota veto is not this week it will be next week.
10:30 AM BBT Jackie telling Ika/Dem in HOH that Kevin knows the Toyota veto information word for word and if it is not this week it will be next week. Ika tells Jackie they did want to ask her who she thought was worse. Jackie thinks Kevin. Ika reminds Jackie she needs to show them with her actions, Ika says if she played this game emotionally they would have evicted her not Sindy. Jackie tells them out of everyone in this house,Dillon put her on block, William doesn’t like her. Ika interrupts and tells Jackie that William did say he wanted Sindy to stay. Jackie wants them to know she is chill now, Ika says she doesn’t want Jackie to do to the DR and laugh and say she is tricking them. Jackie says you guys have had my back, Ika says ya in a weird way and we didn’t even have an alliance with you. Ika telling Jackie she has a good argument to win and they need those people in the house. Ika tells Jackie she respects her, she respects strong women. Ika tells Jackie that Demetres proved he was a nice loyal guy. Jackie sums up she thinks Kevin is a bigger target. Ika tells Jackie that Bruno/Kevin wanted Jackie up and gone. Jackie tells them Kevin is ridiculous, she knows everyone’s speeches. They say Kevin is smart and Demetres says to Jackie “ so are you” Ika interjects and says we don’t see that as a bad thing. Ika says that her and Demetres have their own mind, she will talk to him till she is blue in the face and Demetres will just say ‘nope’ they just happen to agree on most things. Demetres and Ika say they still disagree about the Dallas one. Ika says it is just annoying because people will say one thing then change the following week. Jackie leaves. Ika says it is so stressful for you being up here (to Demetres). He says she takes all the stress away. Ika laughs that Demetres has to stand in front of people for the third time. Demetres says he doesn’t even care, they are already big targets. Demetres says he does believe when it is meant to be it will. Demetres says the thing is they can’t trust Kevin/Bruno and they don’t know if they can beat them so they have to go up. Ika agrees and says they have great arguments. Ika says she is just not turning her back on Dre. Ika says they reason they have gotten so far in this game is because they have taken Trust/Loyalty over strength. Demetres brings up it is better because if you work with strong people then they can win and screw you over if they are not trustworthy. Ika says these people care about us, they think Dre is loyal. Ika is having nightmares about cutting Dre and Dem says he hopes it is finale day. Ika says she doesn’t see them like the others do and she thinks Dre will not betray them unless she HAS to vote one of them out. Demetres gets up and asks Ika how he looks (about hickey) then leaves HOH. Ika says “ i just love that guy, he is such a good guy” about Demetres after he leaves.
10:45 AM BBT Karen/Will/Bruno/Dre talking about Neda going out right after her immunity was up. Bruno asks do you think the power helped or hurt her, Karen says hurt her, because of the dictatorship. Karen says the target was just getting bigger. Bruno wonders if Neda would have been out before. Karen says it depends on who was in power. Karen says she knew once the immunity was up the clock was ticking. Dre says she felt Neda had an advantage because she was respected, she as a good player. Neda walking in she was already everyone’s favorite. Dre thinks she is honest, loyal and that is how she played before. Karen says as a fan she thought she should have won that immunity, but she also though Cass or Gary would have gotten it. Dre said she thought it would have been Neda, Gary or Cass. Dre says she didn’t think Bruno/Kevin or Sindy would get it. Bruno agrees and thinks him, Kevin or Dallas would have had a shot at the immunity. Karen says she wonders if they will ever find out how many votes everyone got. (For the record Neda was 1st, Kevin 2nd, Cass 3rd) Bruno brings up about Cass at the beginning of her season a lot of people didn’t like Cass. Kevin says when Mitch left he was mad but then Cass saved the show. Bruno says she was cheering for Cass to win. Dre thinks Cass/Tim were loved. Karen thinks Kelsey should have won over the Pac Brothers,but she was rooting for Cass/Tim. Kevin says Cass was her favorite. Karens says but you didn’t work with her. Kevin says it just didn’t work. Karen can’t wait to go see Cass. Bruce and Cass went to the same neighborhood. Karen loves Winnipeg. Karen goes on and on about how beautiful Winnipeg is. Kevin said he heard Cass and Jared do not get along, Karen says that would make sense. Bruno saying how the first week it is just mayhem, you can’t be alone every room you walk in there are people. Bruno says now you can at least be alone. Kevin brings up she hopes they cheer Neda and she didn’t get booed. Kevin says he has never heard booing from the Canadian crown. Karen says she has, there was a few. Feeds cut. HOh room Ika talking to Dillon. Ika telling Dillon what Kevin/Bruno said about him. Ika tells Dillon she told Demetres she does not care what Dillon said, at that time he had no loyalty to them. Now that they have trust and he proved it is what matters. Dillon says he is still mad they said that. Dillon says he does not like people putting words in his mouth. Ika says they were trying to campaign and say they want to work with Ika/Demetres. Ika tells Dillon what Kevin/Bruno said about how Dillon/Karen/Jackie are sitting pretty, Back in WR talking about what happened during Bruno’s eviction. Bruno says think about this, last night we are sitting there just about ready to vote then someone gets up with two POV’s. Karen says ok so no one could even talk about who to vote. Kevin says he wasn’t there, he was swimming in the pool at jury house. Bruno says he was basically sitting there ready to vote then he was out the door. Kevin asks Bruno if he was balling, Bruno says no. Karen asks him how long it took him to get over it, Kevin laughs and says how many years has it been.
11:00 AM BBT Karen going over Bruno’s eviction again. Karen compares it to the double eviction when Neda went up and they couldn’t talk about it. Kevin says when he went in the DR, he said I vote to evict, then he paused and said Neda, Then he heard loud applause from the crowd and he was like “holy shit” Kevin then says before Sindy put up Neda he was looking at Arisa on the screen and behind her was this old man, who shouldn’t even be a big brother fan stood up and screamed and pumped his fist when Neda got put up,like his team won the super bowl. Karen says that tells her as a player, not a fan, that she can’t wait to see all their conversations because the tide turned, and there must have been some good conversation. Karen is honest and says it would have been her and Dillon because Neda was saying in the pantry to put up Karen so she puts everyone on the spot who they would have voted for. Kevin’s face turns white and no one wants to answer. Karen is replaying the storage room conversation between Ika/Neda/Sindy on double eviction night. Bruno says he was just standing there in the pantry and didn’t say a word. Karen says Demetres went in pantry because he thought he was going to have to hold them back. Karen says you know they were holding the show because they were saying back to the living room for fifteen minutes. Will/Dre in pink room talking about Jackie making a deal. William is talking a mile a minute in French, Dre is putting on makeup. Will is worried that Dre would be the replacement not Jackie. Dre doesn’t think that. William says Jackie looks pissed. Dre said Jackie is lost she needs help. Dre tells William not to believe Jackie, that she is not stupid. Dre telling William that she doesn’t know what deal Kevin/Bruno can make other than having Ika/Dem go after the people in the middle like Jackie or Will. Dre doesn’t see them betraying her now when Kevin and Bruno are still there. Dre says until they are gone they need each other. Dre says she has been careful not to give all her information away, she tells Will she doesn’t tell Ika everything. Dre says she only told Will, Dillon and maybe Jackie that she is not with Ika. Ika screams Dre in the background. Dre says “YES” the Dre starts talking to William in French. Ika walks in and asks Dre where she has been. Dre says she is not wearing any underwear. Ika says she is pulling an Ika. Ika tells Will/Dre that Jackie told her that they have an alliance called the Peasants and their job is to take down the queen. Ika laughs and falls on Will in the bed and tells him “ see my King is not protecting me, you are supposed to take down the peasants” Will says he is a bad king, he is the worst king ever. Dre asks if they formed this when they were have nots. Ika tells them Jackie told them that is was the three Kevin/Bruno/Jackie. Ika tells them Kevin/Bruno came to HOH to tell them to join them and they threw Dillon, William and Jackie under the bus. Will asks they threw me under the bus.
11:15 AM BBT Ika continues to tell Will/Dre about her conversation with Bruno/Kevin. Demetres walks in and he lets them know what is going on. Ika tells Will/Dre that Bruno/Kevin said you guys are sitting pretty in the middle and they want Ika/Dem targeting them and B/K targeting Ika/Dem. Ika said they threw Dillon under the bus and the reason they didn’t trust Ika is because Dillon told them Ika was coming after them. Ika tells William NOT to tell the Peasant boy. Dre says that is the problem with them they can’t be loyal to their people. Ika says if they win HOH she is going to say to them “I have no tea for you, put me on the block” Ika says she is not going to throw them under the bus,even if she leaves because she wants Dre/Will/Dem to have each other. Ika tells them Bruno/Kevin also told them Jackie lied about the truce and Ika said she confronted Jackie and she said she DID say it. Dre says girl you were sipping tea all morning. Ika says William it makes me mad when you hang out with them because they will betray you. Ika says come POV when Bruno and Kevin are on the block after POV they will betray each other. Dre says they make it seem like they are the loyal one and they are not. Ika says Kevin told her the only time he was shady to her in the game was the last three days. Demetres/Dillon in HOH talking about how both Kevin and Sindy both tried to throw the Double HOH. Demetres saying they want Kevin out, and it will loosen Will up. Demetres says if it is a tie this week he will be the tie breaker. Demetres says they are in good shape after this, Dillon says great shape. Demetres says he feels there will be another endurance one soon. Dillon says they are in such a good spot and the four of them are not wavering. Demetres says who knows it could be a double this week, they say there has to be one to catch up. Ika/Dre talking in pink bedroom. Dre says to Ika don’t be mad at me, during Dillons hoh he said he was going to put Ika/Dem up, and she was so tired. Kevin/Bruno was still there and she thinks Dillon knew she wouldn’t drop because of them, so when he said to her they could talk about nominations she was ok and dropped out. Dre says again, Can I tell you something and you won’t be mad. Dre tells Ika Sindy WAS trashing her. Dre says she didn’t want to tell her because she was stressed. Dre didn’t want Ika to not trust Dillon either because Dillon really likes Ika. Ika says she trust Dillon.
11:30 AM BBT Dre/Ika talking about what Sindy was saying last week. Dre thinks Sindy was trying to get Dre not to trust Ika. Ika saying no one knew Ika told Dre everything about The SIx. Ika says after she told Dre she let Demetres know and he was totally ok with it. Ika tells Dre that she told Demetres that if she leaves he has to have Dre’s back. Ika tells Dre if she leaves she will never have to question Demetres. Dre doesn’t want to feel like she is being dragged because she can’t win. Ika says no, Dre saved her. Ika telling Dre that she liked Sindy the most because she was the only one not trashing Dre. Ika said she feels like Sindy did that because she didn’t know that Dre knew about everything all along. Ika said the part that bothered her was she was trashing someone that was not even on the block. Dre said she thought Sindy was smarter than that and thought she would do what she did yesterday morning. Jackie interrupts and says, “I made pizza, if you guys want some it is ready.” Jackie leaves and Dre cleanses the area. Ika tells Dre that Sindy told her she was the reason Ika wasn’t on the block. William comes in and joins the conversation. Dre continues to tell Ika about the HOH comp with Dillon and whether she could drop off, when she asked Dillon who his targets are and Dillon said Ika/Dem and Dillon saw her face and Dillon knew that was not what she wanted. Dre said she thought in her head she could save both Ika/Dem because she had a better pull on Bruno. Ika hugs her and says she is glad she told her. Dillon/Dem in HOH talking about TV shows. Dre still telling Ika her thought process during the Buzzkill HOH comp. Ika says she understand why Dillon would want to put them up. Talk turns to Jackie, Ika tells Dre that Jackie did say if she wins HOH she will put William on the block, Ika said but she is not telling William that. Ika brings up the fact it is ok for Will to be a target too, they all are.
11:45 PM BBT Ika telling Dre what Jackie said about wanted Will to be a target. Ika tells her how she tried to put Dre in a better light with Jackie. Ika said she wants to put them over William a little. Ika tells Dre that Jackie said she hates Bruno and Kevin and if one of them stays she will put them up with William. Ika wants Kevin to go so William can smarten up. Dre telling Ika she talked to William and told him he is not part of any alliance with Kevin. They decide not to tell William anything. Dre said Dillon told her William is lying to her. Ika doesn’t think that, Ika thinks William only trust her and Kevin. Ika says we need to look at this smartly, body language says everything, as soon as Ika said she didn’t trust Kevin he got right up off the couch. Ika says when she was giving Kevin dirty looks William got mad. Ika tells Dre that Kevin/Bruno did NOT say William it was Jackie, but she wants William not to trust Bruno/Kevin. Ika tells Dre everything Kevin/Bruno told them. Ika tells Dre their theory that the middle people will go after Ika/Dem next week once they do their dirty work for them by getting Kevin/Bruno out. Ika also says they made a point of calling out Dillon for saying Demetres is a comp beast with three HOH’s and they threw Jackie under the bus. Ika says everyone spilled the tea. Dre says, everyone spilled the tea are you quenched. Ika says Bruno gave me a tall glass, Jackie gave me two glasses and Kevin gave me a glass with ice Boo Boo! Ika brings up everyone is telling her not to trust Dre. Karen tells her not to trust Dre. Ika says Karen doesn’t like Dre, she thinks a lot of comes from William though. Ika brings up she is worried William is telling Kevin and Bruno things. Ika tells Dre how Kevin/Bruno wanted to team up with them and go after Dre/Will etc.
12:00PM BBT Dillon left the HOH Rm and no longer talking with Dem; their conversation was general chit chat (no game). Bruno and Karen in WR talking about selling houses/real estate. Dre and Ika still talking in Pink BR. Ika justifies to Dre her past actions on voting the way she did. Ika says she and Dem has not made a Final 2; Dre says the true with her and William, too. They both agree if they came that far, they would just be grateful they made it that far! Dre says how she likes seeing Dem and Ika together. Dre can see it in his eyes and how he treats her. Karen is called into the DR; Bruno asks if William is sore today and goes into HOH Rm to listen to music with Dem. Bruno mentions it’s country and talks about the HOH food. They talk about how the comps are so fun. Sounds like Dem just barely won HOH over Bruno. Bruno says he is sore–especially his thighs.
12:15PM BBT Feed cuts back to Dre and Ika, but now Dillon has joined them in the Pink BR. They recall the Neda/Ika blow-up in the pantry and the situations afterwards before Neda walked out. Dillon says how Neda was such a Debbie Downer; they said she must be allergic to Fun. Kevin and William are in Blue BR sitting and talking in the same bed. Kevin says William was not a part of the discussion with Ika and Dem. William says Ika told them that Bruno/Kevin did want to get him and Dre out. Kevin emphatically denies! William says he still trusts him. William is telling Kevin everything that Ika had said to him and Dre. Bruno wondered if William even tried to win HOH Comp; William swears he did try and Kevin responds that he trusts him. Now William is saying that Ika said that only Bruno mentioned his name as a suggestion to be on the block. Kevin says all he suggested was Jackie, Dillon, and Karen. William said that Dre was so mad that Dem won. William admits that the only alliance he was a part of was the French Connection. Kevin tells William about how Jackie was upset that Bruno/Kevin went in to talk to Dem without her. She knew they would throw her under the bus. Kevin says Jackie is playing both sides.
12:30PM BBT Kevin and William still talking; Kevin saying the comps and this game is wild. Ika still talking to Dre and Dillon on how Bruno/Kevin has for weeks been throwing Dillon under the bus but then saying he will be able to reel him back in. Dillon has said he has felt it time and time again. Ika is trying to justify how she could not see how Emily could continue working with “them”. It wasn’t until they both were on the block that Ika got a read on her and by then it was too late to save them both. Dillon adds on how she was a smart girl. All 3 talk about hair and Karen walks in; they had good timing in changing the subject prior to someone coming in. Ika and Dre talks about the word “extra” and explains to Karen and Dillon the phrase means over dramatic. Ika says that Karen is “extra”. Karen laughs on how she is called all names and now “extra”.
12:45 PM BBT Jackie is lying on the circle couch on The Bridge. Bruno joins her. They lay quietly in the room. Kevin and William scooched more down in bed facing each other still talking. Kevin looks like he’s more interested in napping than talking; William also says he is tired. BB tells Kevin and William to wake up. Kevin asks BB for 15 minutes, please. Bruno walks into the BR. Feed go out (12:48). Karen and Dre folding towels in the the WR while Ika touching up her make-up. Ika misunderstood that there would be a party today; Karen says that they just said it would not be last night. They are happy they have at least made it to jury! Karen are washing whites. They’ve kept making mention of not touching someone’s belongings or what she has touched; I believe they are referring to Jackie. Dillon, Karen, Dem, and Ika now recalling conversations and who was suggesting who to go on the block–they agree it seems like it’s been months ago! They laugh how Karen at one point told vets that “this is the reason you guys did not win your season.” Bruno comes in to take a shower. They continue talking about Sindy’s mistakes.
1:00PM BBT Ika finishing her make-up in HOH Rm. She tells Dem about Karen’s conversations. Dem says how Bruno came in and tried “bro”ing down hard. Ika says that she feels she is the most normal person here. Ika said that Dre just confessed that during the BuzzKill comp, Dre asked Dillon who he would put up if they allowed him to win. Dillon said Ika and Dem. They are not sure if they can trust her all the time. Ika feels like the only person who consistently has her back in this game is Dem. Ika wonders why Dre tells her that info now. They also said that Sindy was bashing them hard. Dem wonders how much truth is in all this….but it doesn’t matter. They both don’t totally trust anyone else. They agree they need to portray they trust others since they feel they are the biggest targets. At this point Dem trusts William the most, but they know William will take Dre over either of them. They just need to get to the Final 4. Dillon, William, Dre, and Karen are in the kitchen. William cutting up a honeydew melon. Karen doesn’t want it just in slices….she wants him to cut the rinds off and put it in squares. They all chuckle; Karen says they have nothing else to do so might as well do it.
1:15PM BBT Bruno comes in for a bowl of cereal; Jackie went into pantry and sits to eat as well. Karen make some purple drink (grape-flavoring drops into water) for others. William does not like the purple drink–tastes like popsicles and chemicals. Bruno is lying quietly in the WR by himself…staring into space. William and Dre talking in French in pantry…appears to be about game.
1:30PM BBT Meanwhile, in the HOH Rm, Ika is still putting on make-up. We can hear Dillon (from the kitchen) continuing with his purple drink song. Ika makes mention how he’s so loud. Dem walks in and says the scales are weighing 10 pound heavier. BB told him to tell the others it was off. Ika says that makes her at 107 pounds so she has lost a lot of weight. BB announces to stop talking about Production. Dem says who he will nominate is easy; they can take a turn on the block. Ika says though that everyone has valid points. The other feeds went out a short time ago so only the HOH feeds are on where Dre had come in and lying in bed with Dem and Ika sitting on the bed as well. They say that you can tell when Bruno is lying, but Kevin is so good. Kevin said that he came back for the experience. Dre says he sure did come back for an experience (and he had one…with William). They laugh! Dem says the experience is to be stressed out! It’s a fun stress though. Ika says she is already stressed for Thursdays; Dre says she needs to chill out. When Ika leaves the room, Dre talks about getting together after the show on what they can do in Edson (Dem’s home). Bruno has asked Karen to tell a story; she says she is not telling about graduation, prom, wedding, etc. It’s very personal stuff that no one has a need to know. She says she is storied out. She would like to say about how she auditioned for BB but she can’t. That one would actually be of interest. Bruno asks her more about college and she continues to say how she originally started in theater, but changed majors after her first year.

1:45PM BBT Dem and Ika are cuddling/kissing in HOH bed. William has come into the WR as well, sitting and talking with Bruno. Karen is brushing her teeth. Bruno and Karen both have videos with lots of views that are making them money. Bruno does not plug the BB Show. He has had his channel for like 10 years. Both Bruno and Karen do not use their real names on their video channels. Dre and Dillon has joined Ika and Dem in the HOH Rm. They are laughing on how to choose the next NHs–if it’s up to the HOH to name them. Dre and Dillon says to choose the ones who are already used to it. Of course, they do not want a turn to be a HN. They are again talking about past comps and HGs that have already left.
2:00PM BBT At this time, we have Bruno and Karen in the WR chatting about life in general and what would be their dream job be? Karen is explaining that she doesn’t like too much theater but rather do commercials. Bruno is saying that he would take on the ”small” jobs that Karen does not want! LOL, I believe that they are talking about about modeling. While they are chatting, the rest of the HG must be resting as the house is quiet. In the HOH room, we have Ika and demetres cuddling in bed with Dre and Dillon sitting on the couch while chatting away. Seems like they are reminiscing about the High School days and how their teachers would treat them and what kind of grades they would get. No game talk as Dre is talking about music. In the WR, looks like Kevin has join in the conversation with Karen and Bruno. They are discussing about how much money they need in order to retire. But regarding the Lottery, they believe that they would still want to work and using the extra income as a chance to be able to travel. But, it has changed into how to invest your money and Bruno is explaining to Karen that there is proper ways to make money in the stock market and you sometimes need money to make money and just have to be smart about where and how you invest.
2:15 PM BBT William is joining the conversation about investment and that he agrees that he would rather take the lump sum if winning the lottery rather than taking monthly payments. They are also discussing about life bills, shopping expenses and everything else and how their boys eat so much. We still have Dremetres, Ika with Dilland and Dre in the HOH room talking but it is about life and no game talk. Ika and Demetres realizes that Kevin likes to provoke people in the house. In the WR, Karen, William, Kevin and Bruno was still talking about their daily life outside the house. Bruno hates to wear regular clothes but rather walk around in boxer short. And that Dillon may be a brand name.
2:30 PM BBT BB production is asking the HG not to use brand name while talking. At this moment, we have Dillon walking away from the HOH room as Dre is telling both Ika and Demetres not to hide as they are kissing and they are wondering which day they first kissed.
Dillon in now in the WR with the other HG discussing about name brands. They are still talking about winning lottery and what they would do with it. Demetres, Ika and Dre are still chatting about how they “made” up while during a competition of the spinning wheel as Demetres is saying that they always end up making up and not staying angry too long.
2:45 PM BBT Dre, Ika and Demetres are reviewing all the dates and what happened on each of those dates, the HOH, the vetoes and evictions. Ika is saying that Sindy was very angry with the HG as she was put on the block and how she acted while walking around the house. Back in the WR, Dillon, Kevin, Bruno, William and Karen are talking about a court hearing and that you should not be lying while under oath because you could face jail time if you are caught. As the conversation continues, Karen is talking about OJ, the Kardashians and his lawyers. She is explaining about how he got captured but got away by being found not guilty in his trial, but then, ended up in Jail and then was found guilty by another trial. Back in the HOH room, Ika and Dre are conversing about Demetres. Dre saw this special look in Demetres eyes as he got closer to Ika. They are chatting about their relationship and how it has bloomed over the time and their preferences with what kind of man they are attracted to.
3:00 PM BBT Karen is still talking about the OJ trial. “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” They are discussing about the trial and how cops and other people lied during the trial, but some people use the 5th amendment as they could not be prosecuted if they were caught lying under oath. She is explaining that they were 2 trials, the civil one and the other one and that he was innocent on one and guilty on the other. And they believe that playing the race card also helped him into getting off. Dre and Demetres is walking in the WR as they are still chatting about the OJ trial.
3:15 PM BBT In the WR, Karen, Bruno, Dillon, William, Demetres and Dre with Kevin, the group are discussing about how the race card is often being played in order to get off from a bad situation. And how nowadays, it is very hard not to be recorded as everyone basically owns a cellphone where everything can be caught on camera. All cameras are in the WR as the HG are talking about police, their actions and other people actions as they see a crime and sometimes will continue on recording vs calling 911. Karen is chatting about Presidents, one of them being impeached and Kevin finds it so interesting on how trials takes place. And another trial that seem to fascinate them is the Cosby trial. In the meantime, we have Ika and Jackie are having a conversation about how she feels and that nothing seem to have been working in her favor since being in the house.
3:30 PM BBT The rest of the HG are in the WR are exchanging conversation about different trials as Ika and Demetres are retrieving back in the HOH room. Ika is explaining to Demetres that Dre saw the look that he had as his feeling towards Ika was getting stronger. Some of the HG are gathering in the kitchen as they are getting hungry and preparing to cook. It looks like Karen is getting the proper ingredients in order to prepare some sandwiches and as it looks like it is just for Dillon. Neither one of them are talking game tho. While in the HOH room, Ika and Demetres are surely getting comfy and closer in bed. Demetres is stating that he is getting bored and he is feeling pretty warm in the room as he is taking off his sweatshirt. In the kitchen, Bruno, WIlliam and Kevin has joined Karen and Dillon as they have also decided to make themselves something to eat.
3:45 PM BBT In the kitchen area, Kevin is telling Dillon that he is 3 times Neda when comparing weight. Dillon is saying that he is at his biggest and that he was at 245 lbs before. Demetres and Ika in the HOH room kissing and trying to hide from the cameras by going under the sheet. Kevin is expressing that some items in the kitchen should really need to be cleaned up, especially after dinner as Karen is wondering if they have enough chicken breast for dinner and that everyone should contribute in order to get dinner done. Kevin is asking Dillon if he makes the same amount of money if he wins or loses. Dre and William are now sitting in one of the bedrooms and chatting about how Kevin is trying to manipulate the different alliances in the house in order to have the numbers to have the proper votes and eviction goes smoothly. Dre is asking Willaim if he tells everything to Kevin and that he needs to watch what he says because what he says and it gets repeated to Ika, then, she would know as she tell her. Dre doesn’t seem to understand Kevin’s play.
4:00 PM BBT William tells Dre that Karen told him that Bruno does not trust him because he thinks he threw the last HOH comp. William says that he was angry at the last HOH comp so he thinks that maybe it did look like he threw it. They say that who is it that Bruno does trust in the game. Dre says that they told her to watch out for Ika because she will back stab them. William says that of course they are going to tell us that to scare us to get us not to work with them. Dre says she wishes she could sit down with Jackie and tell her things but she says she doesn’t know about her. William says everyone that works with Jackie has gone home. She says that in all honestly she did want to remove the vets because they seemed like they had an advantage but the more she thought about it she thinks that because they did not trust each other that the newbies had the advantage. She thinks if all the vets were gone it would be great. She tells William not to protect Kevin because it will make him a larger target. She says it would have been different if Kevin was telling him the truth from the beginning of the game instead of just doing it now. She says now that he doesn’t have anyone that he wants William. Dre says that when it was Williams HOH that Kevin told Ika that William never went to him to ask for Dre’s protection. He said that Kevin never asked to protect Bruno but Dre tells him that he did ask her to protect Kevin but didn’t ask for her. Dre says right now they are not in power or on the block and now is the time to do something before something else happens. You can not wait until you are on the block so that when you are in power or on the block you can do more. Dre asks if William can tell when Kevin is lying to him. She says that no matter what Kevin says that William will believe it. She says if William would tell her that he can tell when he is lying then she would feel better not going after him but otherwise she doesn’t know.
4:15 PM BBT William says that he thinks that Jackie is a good girl. Dre says she dissed her and she says I’m sorry Jackie if you are watching. Dre says she doesn’t want the other side of the house to always go after them because they appear to be working with people. Dre says she does not want both of them on the block together. That if she is by herself on the block she is ok with that but not at the same time as William. She says she would like for Dem or Ika not to win any more HOH because they will dictate how the game will go because that means they will decide who goes home. Dre says she doesn’t mind planting things in people’s mind to do things and people not knowing it’s her and that she will reveal at the end and she says if she hears that Jackie says anything to Ika that she will pull out her acting and swear that she never said anything.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 21st

4:30 PM BBT They talk about Karen and they say she is a bad liar. Dre says she is going to use the Jackie thing on Karen. William says that Karen will not care about that. Karen does not care about people crying or feeling alone. Feeds went down 4:31 PM BBT – Feeds return at 4:34 PM BBT William and Dre are still talking about Jackie. William tells Dre that Jackie caught him kissing Kevin. Dre is upset that William never told her. She says how can she protect him if he doesn’t tell her everything. Jackie walks in. Jackie finds a pair of her underwear in the bed and puts them in her pocket – William and Dre teases her about it. Dre tells him “You and that Kevin Boy” He says are they kissing every day? Maybe. She screams. Dre says he is making her job very hard. William says it’s well hidden. Dre says – Jackie caught you, how well hidden is it? She says now she knows why he doesn’t want Kevin to leave because William sees him as Man Candy. William says he has never heard that expression before. He asks her to say it in french so she explains what Eye/Man candy is in French. She says the reason why William likes him is because Kevin gives him attention and that William is not seeing the game, he is seeing Kevin. She says she is going to try for Bruno because she thinks he needs to leave sooner and worry about Kevin later. She says that Bruno’s best game move would be to align with Karen. She says that she is going to try to reach top 5 at least with William. She tells William that she is not asking him to drop Kevin but to see the emotional perspective and the stargiety perspective. She explains the difference.
4:45 PM BBT Karen comes in and tells them that they are having dinner in 30 min and the pantry has been restocked. William gets excited and goes to see it. They tell Karen that she would have asked for help and Karen says they can be on cleanup duty. Then she tells them that she thinks Jackie needs to do something. They all go into the storage room and Karen shows them all the food that was stocked. Kevin and Bruno are just sitting on the couches. Dem is sleeping in the HOH room. Bruno tells Kevin he has a headache. Kevin tells him to drink more water. Bruno asks Kevin if he has talked to anyone? Kevin says no and that it looks pretty bad. Bruno says they should try to talk to them again after supper or right now. Bruno says that he will tell them that Ika and Dem will need them next week. They say that they are upstairs now and that they should go now. They do not end up going. William comes to sit on the couch with them. Kevin rubs Williams feet. He asks William if his hair is too puffy – William says he looks beautiful. They talk about how William gets his haircut by his mom. They talk about different places they get their haircuts.
5:00 PM BBT In the HOH WR they Dre, Ika and Dem are talking about HG and who is good at comps and Ika says they need to take into consideration the comps coming up and who is in the house still. Ika says that Jackie told her that Kevin knows all the speeches. Dre says she thinks that William is spilling what she says and that she doesn’t trust him. Dre says that she tells him not to say the things she says and that William says he isn’t and then asks if she trusts her. Ika says that the only thing saving William is Dre and that he is not trying to help her. Ika says at some point that Dre, Ika, Dillon and Dem that they will put Jackie and William on the block. Dre says then let them do it. Dre says that she doesn’t see William talking game, Ika says that if kevin is talking game to William then he is talking game. Karen calls them down for dinner so Ika and Dre go downstairs. All HG are at the table eating. They are in general conversation.
5:15 PM BBT HG are still eating at the table. Karen tells about when she learned she was going to come into the BB House. She couldn’t believe it until she was in the house. She thought that because she is older than everyone else and she thought that maybe she would have been a twist. They talk about the secret room. They tell her that she was paranoid when she came into the house. They laugh when Dem says that if she leaves that she will be paranoid that she will be kicked out of the Jury House. IKA PLEASE ARRANGE A HOUSE WIDE CHALLENGE. They start cleaning up. Bruno says that he still has a bad headache.
5:30 PM BBT Dillon and Bruno lay on the couches while everyone else except Jackie cleans. Dem goes into the stockroom ad looks through the freezer and says they were stocked up. He and Ika talk about what he are going to say for the Noms. They are eating cookies. Dre comes in so they stop talking. Dre leaves and they talk again about the big targets are gone and there will be just Dem and ika left with smaller targets. Dem says he really wants kevin gone and Ika says her too. Ika says that Bruno never remembers anything good they have done. People keep walking in and Bruno asks if he can talk with them. Ika says she will meet them upstairs. Dem asks ika if he should tell them and Ika says it’s your HOH. He asks Ika what he should say. She tells him that they don’t trust them. Dem says that week one that they said that they could trust them and they flipped. Dem heads upstairs. Dem tells Bruno that they were in the alliance that when Dillon won that they knew that Dem and Ika were going up. He says if he knew that if he was going up there that the was fighting to get them off the block and to hear that they were pushing for Dem to go home before the POV. Bruno tells Dem that he told Ika that they need to reset. Bruno says that it’s bad for him but it’s equally bad for Dem. Bruno tells Dem that the house is laughing at him. Dem tells him that the first week that he was so set with Bruno and Kevin and then they flipped on him. Bruno says he understands the point and tells Dem to do what he has to do. Bruno says that he is not there to convince him not to put him on the block but he tells Dem if Kevin or Bruno go home that Dem will be out the following week. Bruno says that the house is waiting for Dem not being able to play to get him out. Bruno says he has no allegiance to anyone and he will take out anyone that Dem tells him to. He says Dillon is close with Karen and Dre and when they win next week they will put up a pair and it will be them. Ika says that if they would have had this conversation before the HOH there would have been a difference. Bruno says that they were feeding Jackie BS but Ika says that Kevin broke it all down. Bruno says they have 3 vets left and that Dem is the strongest newbie left. Bruno says it’s all vets going home.
5:45 PM BBT Ika says the people that they trusted have turned on them. Ika tells him that Jackie said things that Bruno wanted her to do. Ika says that Kevin has lied to her in the game even when he didn’t have to. Bruno says he understands but he is looking at the bigger picture. Ika says she isn’t thinking they are a threat but she is looking at trust. Ika says that when Dillon said he was putting Ika and Dem on the block and that Bruno said Great. Dre comes into the HOH room. They stop talking game. Bruno leaves the room. Dre asks what was wrong with Bruno. Dem tells her that he is just trying to stay off the block. Dem says that they trust Dre more than they trust them. Dem tells her that Bruno told him that Dem will be a target next week. Dem tells her that when he was on the block that Kevin told him that he was going home before the vote because they thought they had the votes. Dre tells him that they did the same thing to Cassie before the POV even. Dem says that they have not done anything to earn their trust. Dem says that’s why they are where they are. Dem says even when Dillon was HOH that he told Dillon he was not the target and that he wanted to work with Dillon and here we are. Dre says she wants to see Kevin and Bruno against each other on the block and see what they say about each other. Dem says that if they really meant what they are saying that they would have said it before.
6:00 PM BBT Dem tells Dre that she is a good position because they underestimate her and they shouldn’t . He tells her that he wasn’t seen as a big threat either. He says that Dillon is in a good position also. He says that he knew that with Ika and Dem were not safe. Karen comes in and tells them she can’t go in her room because of talking in her room. In the pink room, Ika and Bruno are talking. She tells Bruno that next week that they will turn on them next week. Bruno says for one of the 4 of them to win the game that they have no choice but to work together or the newbies will take control of the house. She tells Bruno that when she talked to Dillon that she was told she was going on the block and she told him to do what he had to do and that it was luck that she didn’t go up. In the living room, Kevin and William are chatting. Kevin says that he wants to pick a better shirt. Dre and Katie are talking game in the HOH suite. They both agree that Kevin needs to go home. The only way that can happen is to win the POV. Dre says that in the game, she has been clear to one side. Not switching sides. Dre says that she can’t stab people in the back like the others or get really defensive. Says that she understands the game but it’s not her. Dre thinks that Demetres will put up Kevin and Bruno this week.
6:15 PM BBT Ika tells Bruno that she does not trust Kevin. Says he doesn’t have a reason to trust him. Ika said to Bruno that he (kevin) Doesn’t trust him (Bruno). Ika, Demetres, and Bruno are chatting about what happened in BBCAN3 vs. BBCAN5. Says that events are scary and almost the same. Wishes he hoped to win HOH this week. Demetres tells Ika that there is nothing to worry about this week. Demetres trusts Dre but not Dillon. Feels like Dillon won’t put him up. Or at least he thinks not.
6:30 PM BBT Ika is suprised that Jackie is still here. Ika says she likes Jackie, but Jackie doesn’t like Ika. Ika feels like Jackie wold put Ika up when she has the chance. Ika tells Demetres that they are targeting Kevin not Bruno. Demetres trusts Dre. Kevin is heading up stairs while Bruno and Dillon are in the kitchen. Bruno is making something to eat and Filling his water bottle. Bruno and Kevin are in the bedroom. Bruno is telling Kevin what he was telling Demetres and Ika earlier. Bruno tells Kevin that he has or never will. Kevin and Bruno feel like they are going up. Bruno suggests that Kevin should talk to Ika and Demetres. Then thought it wasn’t a good idea because it gives away key information.
6:45 PM BBT Bruno, Kevin, Ika, and Demetres are talking about what the plan is about who is a target. Kevin says he would rather be put up against William rather than Bruno. Ika says she wants to trust them but tells Kevin in front of Bruno that she doesn’t trust him because he lied so much. Bruno is making a deal with Demetres hoping he doesn’t put them up. Feeds out
7:00 PM BBT Feeds out. Kevin, Bruno, Ika and Demetres are all alone. Kevin says that Dre is dr. will. Ika says she wanted to play with people who she can trust. Bruno, Ika, Kevin, and Demetres are making an alliance. Bruno says he sits around the house all by himself. He has no one. Thinks that if your board, you’re not playing the game. William and Karen are chatting upstairs. William likes the dinner they had tonight. Demetres is in his HOH room with Dre. Dre
7:15 PM BBT Dre is telling Demetres who she trust and who she doesn’t trust. Then Demetres asks Dre what William said on the couch. Then it got quiet.
7:30 PM BBT Jackie and Demetres are talking about older BB and BBCAN episodes. Karen, Dillon, William, and Dre are talking about their looks. Karen want’s to wear a bowl cut and no hair cut. Feeds out. Feeds return. They are talking about memes. Karen hopes she gets a Memes. William passed gas and chased Dre out.
7:45 PM BBT Jackie and Karen are talking about Williams TMI (Too much info). The house is worried about body smells. Karen and Dre are in the kitchen spraying pans.
8:00PM BBT -12:00 AM BBT – Feeds down for noms


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