Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 14th

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12:00AM BBT-12:12 AM BBT Dillon runs for another egg roll
12:12AM BBT- 12:20AM BBT Feeds Out
12:20AM BBT All the food has been taken away. Jackie and Dillon are wondering what the prize for this comp is going to be. Everyone else is silent.
12:28AM BBT A Siren went off and Karen was eliminated. Everyone is silent, and no one is talking. Karen was asking Sindy if it’s going to be an all night comp.
1:10 AM BBT Dre regrets not eating and is being tempted to get the Have Card. Dre talks to Will in French. Karen and Sindy talk about how Kevin is after them. Ika and Demetres talk about how when Sindy needed advice, she called on Bruno and Kevin. Karen tells Sindy how good of a move she did putting Neda in the Jury House. Ika tells Karen that she wants Sindy to go. Sindy joins them in the Kitchen and they all make tea. Sindy got in trouble for saying Big Brother 6 times. Demetres tells Ika how good the shrimp is. Karen leaves to go take a nap.
1:48 AM BBT – 1:55 AM BBT All Feeds Out.
1:55AM BBT Sindy puts Aloe and a bandage on her finger. Karen says that she’s letting her cut air out. Sindy ad Ika talk about college and getting a job. Everyone in the comp is completely silent.
2:15AM BBT A siren went off and Jackie was eliminated. Dillon said that anyone that was up with him isn’t going up on block. Dillon rants that he wants to see his niece’s face, that he wants to win. Jackie took the last Have Card. Sindy, Ika, and Demetres talk about the comp and how hard the comp was and how hard the day has been. Dillon talks about his niece who is 4. He says that he has full custody of her.
3:30AM BBT Dillon tells William, Kevin,Dre and Bruno that if he lets him win he will keep them all safe and give them all foot massages and do their laundry for 2 weeks. He says that I need to see my family and will do everything to make that happen. Dre asks Bruno and Kevin if that’s a good deal for them. Dillon says please guys I will do whatever to make this happen, and chants “trust me” until they all say they do. He tells them that it would be an easy week and they should all do this. He says if it’s a no, then just say so. He tells them he can see them hurting but they need to trust him.Kevin and Bruno say yes, but no one moves. They all want to do it but they are scared.
3:45AM BBT Big Brother offers 2k and Bruno runs off to find it. The rest go after the prizes. Bruno 490, William 1400 and Dre got 110. Kevin is eliminated and Dre says who will you put up if you win. He says Ika and Jackie but then says if you want something else I can do that, whatever you want.
4:15 AM BBT Sindy says Hidden in the house is one safety card. If you find it, you will be safe for the week and cannot be nominated. Sindy adds that The safety card is non-transferable and will be removed at the end of this round. William found the safety card. Bruno, Dre and William were going to do rock paper scissors for it. Feeds cut.  They all agree that they will let him win this. They all walk off and leave outside alone. He tells Big Brother that they can shut this down now because he won! But the rules state that he has to buzz in so he must wait.   In the house William and Dre are getting some food. Everyone is sitting on the couch Ika looks mad, Kevin and Bruno are inside getting water. Absolutely no talk amongst the house guests, i think some might be worried. The 5 minute countdown has begun. Dillon buzzed in. Bruno, Dre and William did not move and have not buzzed in.

4:21 AM BBT Dillon is the new HoH!
Jackie says I feel so bad for Neda. Dillon tells her I feel bad cause Canada actually hates her from what it sounded like. Bruno tells Ika If worst case comes, you know we have got you. Ika says  I know. I’m expecting it though.
5:00 AM BBT Burno, Kevin and Jacki are the have nots for the week. Jackie asks “Why did you vote for Neda to stay?” Kev and Bruno tell her “We didn’t have the numbers, nothing we could have done” Kevin tells Bruno and Jackie that he thinks Sindy being able to hear Canada booing Neda played a role in her decision. Bruno to Jackie, “Sindy was safe, she didn’t need to nominate Neda and me and Kevin tried to get her not to. Jackie tells Kevin/Bruno she considered NOT using the POV on herself. Bruno and Jackie agree that Demetres was “arrogant” when he told Neda “You were only safe for one hour before you were evicted.”Jackie says to Kevin and Bruno “Now Dre and Ika don’t get along…” (after Neda told Dre about the Six.)
5:00 AM BBT -10:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
10:30 AM BBT  Lights come on. Ika is the first one out of bed. “Good morning Houseguests. Time to wake up.” Ika doing a battery exchange.
10:39 AM BBT Second wake up call. Bruno gets up; Sindy still in bed. Dillon still in bed in the blue BR.
10:41 AM BBT Third wakeup call. Karen in pantry. HGs starting to get ready for the day.
10:45 AM BBT Sindy and Ika whispering in the bedroom. Sindy says that they made some sort of deal last night. Ika saying Jackie bugs her, Sindy says she’s fine now. Ika says she never would have made a deal. Ika says if they made a deal, one of them (Sindy or Ika) is going up.
11:00 PM BBT Sidney and Ika are in bed awake talking about what happened on last night’s episode. Ika doesn’t feel comfortable with Dillon as HOH. Bruno, Kevin, and Demetres are chatting in the kitchen. Demetres is talking about last night’s competition. Sidney and Ika are still chatting. They are talking about the events that happened this season. Bruno, Kevin, Demetres, and Dillon are in the kitchen waking up. Demetres and Dillon are making coffee. Sidney is up and dressed for the day.
11:15 PM BBT Feeds down. Feeds Back. Everyone is up and getting the day started. Dillon is waiting for his HOH room.
11:30 AM BBT Demetres is getting a glass of milk. Kevin is in the Have not room. Kevin and Bruno are happy with the competition result. Karen, Ika, and Dre are in the washroom getting ready. Demetres says he is very sore from the competition.
11:45 AM BBT Dre and Ika are working together and Ika said she won’t vote Dre out. Ika said Sindy is her target. In the HN room, Bruno and Kevin are planning their next moves. They figured out this is week 6. Kevin said he and Bruno are the closest pair. Demetres and Ika are chatting in the bedroom. They are both hoping to win the Power of Veto. Ika said that she
trusts Sindy more than anyone. Demetres is the biggest target Ika says
12:00 PM BBT Dre and Ika in Pink BR speculating who will be nominated and replaying comp and Neda’s actions. In the Living Rm. Dem tells Dillon that he knows, for a fact, that Jackie is gunning for him. Dem isn’t going to say not to put him up; he understands how he could be a nominee. Dillon says he thought about it prior to actually winning, but hasn’t thought any more about it recently. Dillon makes mention that he needs to think about Sindy, too. Dillon is called into the DR. Feeds go out with Kevin still talking to Bruno in the Cave. Kevin heard that Dillon has said that he (Kevin) is playing a great social game… feeds go down.
12:15 PM BBT Feeds come back on with Dillon in his HOH Rm. He takes a huge shot of alcohol. He explains a photo and how his papa was his role model growing up since he didn’t have too much of a Dad growing up. Dillon says for others to help themselves to the goodies and Ika, Sindy, William, and Dem jump at the chance. Dre and Ika goes into HOH bathroom to have their own conversation. A lot of giggling so don’t know the purpose of this discussion. Dre sees Dillon making his way back and stops mid-sentence but she started to say she was going to push for Jackie…and…. Ika leaves and Dre tells Dillon how good his music is. She goes out to the main HOH area for some snacks. Jake (short for Jacob) is the name of Dillon’s miniature schnauzer-mixed 3-year old small dog. Dillon returns to chug more of the alcohol.
12:30 PM BBT They continue to talk about the affects of alcohol and the potency of other types of alcohol. They comment how beautiful his niece is and several leave to finish getting dressed/putting on make-up. Sindy in the house bathroom tells Dem/Ika on how Karen believes they are mad at her. There is a misunderstanding…Karen comes in and they clear the air on what happened with voting out Neda. When Karen goes into the toilet area to put on her clothes, Sindy and Ika talk quietly about her (behind her back). Dem and William come into the BR and all talk about the “tangled” rope comp. That’s where Karen injured her knee. As some leave the BR, Dem makes the comment that the house feels so empty today….and boring.
12:45 PM BBT Dillon goes down to get ice to have alcohol on the rocks. He offers Bruno and Kevin a sip…they can’t since they’re HNs. Bruno and Kevin each take a sniff of the snack container. Jackie finds it interesting that when she gets home she will be able to see photos posting by Dillon of his winnings and she can say she actually knows this person! Karen is panicking since she left her diamond earing and necklace on the ledge in the HOH bathroom…and now they are gone. Feeds in HOH Rm occasionally briefly goe out. Snack foods, effects of alcohol, and Dillon’s life are the conversations in the HOH Rm where Dillon, Kevin, Bruno, Dre, and Jackie are hanging out.
1:00 PM BBT Sindy and Ika still talking in the BR. Assuming Jackie is on the block, if Sindy wins POV she will not use it. Sindy says they still have the votes. Soon after Sindy goes into toilet area, Ika turns to the camera, shrugs her shoulders, and says, “I lied, sorry, I lied.” and continues applying make-up. Sindy leaves the BR and Ika talks to the cameras. She still does not like Jackie and does not trust Bruno. She is still up in the air with Kevin. She mentions about everyone still in the house. Feeds in HOH Rm continue periodically being down; William has now joined the HOH discussions. Feeds come back and shows only Dillon, Kevin, Bruno, and Jackie still in the HOH Rm. Dillon says he is now kinda conserving the whiskey. They continue talking about what type of drinks they like. They realize just how young Jackie (and Kevin) are compared to Dillon and Bruno. They talk about the fear of mishappenings as we reached the year 2000…and nothing happened! lol Dillon goes down for more ice. Dillon tells the others in the kitchen and Karen in the pantry that he is day drinking and feeling good! Karen reminds him to not let those boys get into his head.
1:15 PM BBT Bruno and Kevin are talking about the deal that was made when Bruno hit the button and then realized he shouldn’t have. He continues to apologize to Kevin. Dillon is confident that he was always first to ring in! That’s why he trained his entire life for. It was a crazy challenge, but they liked it. Jackie verifies what all goes into the slop she will make up…and leaves. Bruno and Kevin congratulates Dillon, again. No game talk yet…only about expensive watches. Dillon has 6 ot them. Jackie is in the kitchen doctoring up the basic slop!
Meanwhile in the Pink BR, Dem tells Dre that a long time ago Dillon had said he would not put him up, but not sure if he will honor that deal. They think it will be safe for him to put up Jackie. Now that he is in power, they notice she has spent a lot of time already in his room. They talk more on the reasoning of Dre staying in the comp and not throwing it to Dillon.
1:30 PM BBT Dillon, Bruno, and Karen are in the kitchen. Kevin pulls William into the Cave to talk. Kevin says he thinks this comp brought him closer to Dre. Bruno congratulates William and briefly joins them in the Cave. They say they need to pull Dre in. Bruno leaves. Kevin doesn’t know for sure, but believe Dillon will put up Ika and Dem. Kevin says the discussion in the HOH Rm just now was congratulating each other on how the 5 made a deal and trusting each other. William said how Dillon, Jackie, and Karen was wanting to get Bruno and Kevin out. William doesn’t trust many of those though..he did put Dillon on the block. William leaves; Bruno comes back. Bruno believes that Ika is trying to get back into good with William. After last night, Kevin feels like the deal between Dillon, Bruno, himself, and Dre and William was a good show of trust. Bruno wants to keep the 4 together.
1:45 PM BBT Bruno says they need to hang out with Ika and Dem again to prevent Dre and William getting back in good with them. Kevin trust William in that he, too, wants the new found trust among them to work. Bruno trusts Kevin. They know who are against him. Bruno believes it’s possibly what Ika has told her on why him and Dre have never connected. They are glad Dillon will be taking a shot for them this week. They try to plan ahead on who they want to go next. Dillon is on their hit list.
They agree they need to hang out with Dem, Ika, and Sindy. They are the ones in trouble and have to be there for them. Dem and Ika go into Pink BR to talk. They say Jackie is trying so hard not to be on the block. They play around a bit about how Ika dislikes it when Dem is clean shaven. He says he gets no kisses for the next 4 days until the hair grows back. If he survives this week, he will not shave again until it’s over. They and many of the other HGs are coming downstairs…the BY is open! Dillon shows Karen something in one of the photos. Karen just loves the photos of his niece. As they leave the HOH Rm, Dillon tells Karen that she is his girl now. He comments on how a box full of stuff can really make him tear up.
2:00 PM BBT Jackie, Karen, Dem, and Dillon are in the Hot Tub area. They comment on how little sun is left…it’s later in the day than they thought. The four talk about being at parties with beer pong. Bruno and Kevin, along with Dre and William, talking in the Cave. In the meantime, we have Karen with Dillon and a couple of more HG that are sitting in the jacuzzi area chatting about life in general, no game talk. Dre, William, Kevin and Bruno are amazed that they have made it so far and wondering who will last to make it to the final 3-4. Dre is asking if BB will have any more twists in the game as having a DE is actually just the norm of this game. They are discussing how hard the last comp was, not mentally but physically to a certain extend as they had to stand close to the buzzer in order to push the button on time. Dre is commenting on how skinnier the HG are getting with being on slop and comparing all of the previous comps were and what they should expect next. Demetres and Ika in the storage room are discussing on how to manage the rest of the house in order not to piss off anyone and get themselves on the radar but their discussion is being moved into the outdoor space.
2:15 PM BBT Demetres and Ika are in the BY talking game on how now the house are having their little clicks and he doesn’t really want to push himself onto other HG. Ika is telling him that he should hide how upset he is for being the first person to lose the comp last night and not to trust William. Ika has left him to play Pool by myself as she walked away. In the Jacuzzi room, we still have the other HG as Dillon, Sindy, William, Dre are chatting but it is not game talk for the moment. Upstairs, we have Ika and Dre chatting in one of the bedrooms. Ika is trying to figure out if she is going to be a target but Dillon has mind of his own and Dre is not sure who he will put up on the block. Dillon will not put Bruno up but maybe Demetre could be a target. She is begging Dre to work hard in order to make sure that neither Ika or Demetre find themselves on the block. Dillon is very much with Kevin as per Dre as Ika feels like she is at the bottom of Dre’s list to keep her safe.
2:30 PM BBT Karen, Dre, William are now talking about getting ready to go to the pool or the jacuzzi. Sindy and Dillon are catching up on game talk in the HOH room. She is telling him that he was never the target and is explaining to him her reasons why she had put him up with Emily as Sindy felt that neither one of them made an effort to talk to her about game. Demetre, Ika and Sindy do not seem to be Dillon’s target for the moment.  In the jacuzzi room, we have Kevin and Bruno chatting about the different comps that they had to endure since the game has started, especially the buzzing game and how Bruno was getting so hungry during the comp while Dillon was running and taking a chance to grab some food in between the bell ringing. Demetre and Jackie seem to be Dillon’s target at this time. But, they are talking about all the different scenario of who should be on the block and what would happen if they win veto. Dillon is explaining to her that once he gives an answer to someone, he goes for it and does not change.
2:45 PM BBT Kevin and Bruno are still chatting in the Jacuzzi room, as Neda is now part of the jury. Bruno is expressing that having the jury house is great when leaving the BB house as the HG needs to decompressed. But they do believe that Neda took it very hard as she was evicted from the BB house and that the DE episode was epic for the fans and everyone watching the show. At this time, we have Ika and Dre in the BY pool discussing the scenario of who will be nominated and how of a possibility that Ika could be next out of the door. Sindy’s loyalty is to Bruno and Kevin is their belief. Ika thinks that Dre can do it and persuade anyone if she really tries. Ika is trying to make sure that Dre keeps Demetres and her safe because if they both go home, then Dre will have lost some allies in the house. We still have Sindy and Dillon in the HOH room chatting but it is just general at this time on how she is not a dog person but thinks his niece is cute.
3:00 PM BBT We have Dillon in the HOH room all alone relaxing but not for long as Dre is up talking to her about the nominations prospects. She feels relieved that she is not his target. Dre is back down with William, Karen and Ika in the BY but the conversation at this moment is not game talk. But, in one of the bedroom, we have Sindy, Bruno and Demetres chatting where she is telling them about her conversation with Dillon. They are think that now that Emily is gone, Jackie is trying to bring Dillon to her side and thinks that Ika will not go on the block. And that the best thing for Demetres to do is to lay low and let Dillon put him on the block. Bruno is very happy to see that Sindy has his back. As all if this is happening, we have Dillon who have joined in the other HG in the BY with the rest of the house. Dillon is amazed on how Dre looks so good in her bikini as he comes into the jacuzzi room where she is with Kevin. Seems like he had a little too many drinks as his words are getting a bit too flirty and … well, let your imagination run.
3:15 PM BBT Dre is telling Dillon that he needs to go and stop his flirty ways but the conversation is not improving. Oh wow, Dillon doesn’t seem to get the point and is explaining to her how attracted she is but Dre is telling him that she is already taken. Poor Dre, she is getting bombarded by Dillon and his forwards comments. Dillon seem to be so confident that he could pick up anyone if he wanted to but Dre is telling him that she would stay away from men like him. No game talk in this group, just on how they would pick up a girl. In the Meanwhile, we have Bruno, Ika and Sindy in one of the bedroom talking about how the comp went last night. Ika is telling them that Dre would have been a great allied to have at the beginning of the game and that she is a caddy person but not a very good player in the game.
3:30 PM BBT Sindy, Ika and Bruno are in the bedroom chatting about Karen and that they should really watch her as player as she is going under the radar. Kevin is telling his HG that he is a very confident person and always have been. Seem like Jackie has joined the gang in the jacuzzi but is not partaking much into the conversation. Dre is saying she respect herself and also has confidence in herself and is no longer shy. Ika is saying to Bruno and Sindy that things change not daily but hourly in the game and that they need to get together at least one a day in order to make sure all things are ok in their group. They think that the Vets have overplayed in the game and that is why they are already out of the house vs the newbies who seem to be more loyal. Its a 4/6 ratio.
3:45 PM BBT The conversation between Ika, Bruno and Sindy continues in one of the bedroom. Ika thinks that Gary is probably not watching the show since he has left the game and that he didn’t like Cassandra. Ika thinks she had a good relationship with Gary and even tho some moments were tough, they were always laughing it off.
In the kitchen we have Karen and Demetres cleaning up and cooking pasta, not much convo going on as other HG are in other parts of the house where, we have still Sindy, Bruno and Ika chatting about the same thing over and over regarding the last comp and if Gary is watching the game or not. They feel that Cassandra would not realize on how overbearing she was towards the HG and how intense she could get. Back in the kitchen, we have Karen and Emily chatting on who to trust in the house and how shady the HG can be.
4:00 PM BBT In the kitchen, Karen and Jackie are talking about Dillon and the noms. Jackie is telling Karen about a conversation she walked in on in the HOH room. Karen tells her that the house is full of liars and that the HG are throwing her name out there as well as Jackie’s. Jackie tells Karen they can be aligned and Karen says 100%. Jackie says they can not tell anyone. Karen says let’s not get caught talking right now. Karen says that Ika is being really bitchy today. Karen says again they can not get caught talking and Jackie walks away and says “screw em”. Karen is now alone in the kitchen. In the HOH room, Dem is talking with Dillon about noms. Dem tells him that they are the only two in the house who are straight shooters. Dillon says if he puts Dem up it will only be as a pawn and that Dem would win the veto. Dillon says that if that is the case that he will not be going for the veto himself. They shake and Dem leaves the HOH room. Jackie comes in the HOH room. She asks him if Dem is his target and Dillon says yes. She tells him that she with him and Karen should work together. She tells him that William and Kevin are close game wise. She says she is thinking that she doesn’t trust anyone except Karen and if he works with them that no one would see it since none of them have ever gotten along. She asks if that is something he will want to do and he says yes. He says that it would be nice to get Dre and William on board. Jackie says as long as they have the numbers. She says she is by herself and Dillon says that if it was not for Emily that he would have also been alone in the house. Jackie tells him that she is happy right now that he is HOH and he is getting his revenge. She says that they need to talk to Sindy because she is wondering about being a target. She says that everyone on the other side of the house wants her out. Dillon says “What Sides?? There are still sides here?” Dillon tells her some of the conversation he had with Dem about being put on the block. Jackie says at least on the block that the HOH gets to know where everyone is. He tells her that really the only one who has come to talk to him is Dem.
4:15 PM BBT She tells him maybe they don’t realize that the Noms are now.  She thinks that after everyone comes in from the hot tub they will all come in to talk to him.  They talk about the comment that Dem made to Neda about only lasting an hour after her immunity.  She said she didn’t hear him say that.  But they talk about the pressure that Neda would have been under knowing that Canada wanted her to win by giving her the immunity.  She tells Dillon that she can not automatically be a BBF with Karen or the house will know what’s up.   Jackie says that it would be great if they can get Dem out this week and then she wins HOH next week to get Ika out. He leaves the HOH room to go outside and Jackie stays in the HOH room to listen to music.  When he goes downstairs karen catches him to talk to him. She asks who he will put up and he tells her that Dem and Jackie is going up and tells her about her talking to him upstairs.  Karen says why would you not put someone on the block who nominated him.  Dillon says that Dem can win the veto then they will  put up Kevin.  Karen says she can go for that.  Karen says not to tell anyone the plan.  He says that she is the only one he has in the game – she tells him that she wants Kevin to walk out the door.  He reminds her not to say anything and she swears on her kids lives she will not.  He tells her that he wants her in the game and that she is his new Emily except as a mom.  They both go outside.  In the hottub, William, Kevin and Dre tell Dillon and Karen about Dillon teaching him about women.  Karen says she doesn’t want to hear it and goes back inside.  They talk about Dre’s butt – she gets out of the hot tub tells them not to look at her butt and she goes back in the house.  They talk about the pet names that Dillon has for people in the house.

4:30 PM BBT In the kitchen, Dem and Ika are making food. Dre is sitting at the counter. Ika goes up to Dre and talks about Dillon and what he talked about with Dem. Dre tells her that Dillon told her that Ika is safe. Ika says that she still should talk to him. Dem tells them that Dillon looked him in the eye and let him know he was a pawn. Ika says that they just have to make sure that Dem comes off the block. Dre tells them about the promise that Bruno told Dillon about throwing the POV so Dillon can see his niece but that it changed. Dre tells them that Bruno will push for Ika to be on the block. Ika says they need to break up the trio. They look at Dem and tell him just to win the POV. They say that Jackie is going too far in the game. They talk about who will vote for who. Dre tells them that Kevin and William are getting tight. Dre says that William would not put them up but would vote them out. Ika says that’s exactly why she would not adopt him when Dre wanted him to. Ika says the best thing for POV is for her to in it. Dillon comes in the kitchen. Ika tells him she can not talk to him because he is lit and his eyes are all red. Ika is making lemonade. Dillon says how can he do noms today. Ika says let her live and Dillon said he is coming after her jokingly. Dillon says Ika’s hair edge is tore up and Ika says that those are fightin’ words. Dillon says the thing that Ikas edges have in common with him is they are both tired. They talk about the songs he asked for. They talk about Ika’s edges again.
4:45 PM BBT William and Kevin are still in the hot tub. William tells Kevin about the advise him mom gave him before coming into the house and that his mom probably doesn’t like Ika. Kevin says in Jury that he will stay away from people he doesn’t like. William asks if it’s a big house and Kevin says the size of the Jury from his season. William how they come back from jury for finale and Kevin says it is stressful. Kevin says he doesn’t feel that he has been on the show that much this year except for his last veto win. William gets out of the hot tub and says he needs to go get some water. Kevin also gets out and they put the cover back on the hot tub. They struggle to get the cover on but get it done and go inside. In the Pink room, Karen and Bruno are talking about Jury and that it’s the evicted HG responsibility to tell the other evicted HG what happened but you never know if someone is lying. Bruno comes in and joins them. They talk about Dillon and his drinking and different times in the house when they got drunk. Ika and Dem are sitting on the couch talking and Dem says that he thinks people in the house are shady. Dem says he would like to send Bruno home before Kevin. Dem says that him and Brunon were actually friends at the beginning of the game but now he can not stand him because he is ruthless. Ika says that she was being fake with them upstairs. Dem asks her if it’s hard to be fake with Dillon and she tells him to stop because he goes and massages girls in the house to not give her a hard time teasing with Dillon. Dem says he knows what she is doing so he can control it. She says she hates it. Dem says he can not wait to get out of the house and just hang with Ika. Ika says she has his back 100% and would even tell him something that would hurt him to protect him. Dem says that’s why he is ok going up today because he was the one who put Dillon up but he told Dillon if he survives this that Dillon will not be on their radar. Ika says that he is going pretty far in the game.
5:00 PM BBT Ika says that because both Dillon and Dem are both very loyal players that they should have been working together this whole time instead of against of each other. Ika tells Dem that he helps her calm down. They are talking about previous conversations with Bruno and Dillon and Ika says if she tells Dem exactly how she feels inside it would make him upset. She asks Dem if he would have chosen Bruno over her and he says no. They move into the kitchen. Sindy is sitting on the couch and she sees Dillon grab to kiss Ika and she yells at them. Dem goes to the pool table and Ika goes to take a shower. Sindy goes to the WR where William is showering and he asks Ika what happened. Sindy tells Kevin and William what happened with Dem and Ika. They all follow her out to the pool table where she is hiding. Sindy yells out if they can have a house meeting and says she wouldn’t need to if Ika would talk with her. She tells her that she needs to tell her or she will call a house meeting. Ika runs to the blue room and pushes herself up against the door so Sindy can not get in. Sindy gets in the room. They go into the WR. Ika says she will have a conversation with Sindy in the living room and Sindy says that she has 30 seconds before she yells it out to the house. Sindy and Ika go to the couch. Sindy tells Ika what she saw them kissing.
5:15 PM BBT She asks Ika if this is their first kiss and Ika says no, it’s their second one. Ika says she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it. Sindy tells her to spill now or she will spill to the entire house. Ika tells her about their first kiss. She tells Sindy that Dem asked Ika that she has to know how he feels. Ika tells her that when he went to kiss her the first time that she pulled away and put the sheet over her head. Sindy said that he put his heart on his sleeve and she pulled away and asked about in front of the cameras and Ika says she forgets they are there. Sindy asks how she feels and Ika says weird because she is not the kind of girl to kiss boys. Ika asks not to tell anyone and Sindy said it would have been fine if she would have sat down and talked to her upfront and not make her chase her around the house. Sindy asks if it’s a showmance and Ika says it’s not like that. She asks her again how she felt when he kissed her and Ika says that her heart is cold and Sindy says did he warm it up. Ika says she is like an annoying little sister. Sindy jumps around on the couch singing the KISSING song. Ika says that Dem is her friend. She says when they leave the house and that it will not be the same as in the house. Sindy says in the house that emotions and actions are real. Ika says then why doesn’t house relationships work outside the house. Sindy says that normal relationships don’t even work outside the house. She tells her to explore the options outside the house. She tells her if she already says that it will not work outside the house that she is sabotaging herself anyway. Sindy says that they still have 40 days inside the house is a long time. Ika says do you think he likes me or is it just because they are stuck in the house. Ika said she was trying hard to get Dem and Sindy together so that she would not. Sindy says that if it happens again that she needs to tell her or if she finds out from someone else in the house she will spill all the t in the house.
5:30 PM BBT Ika says ok if a kiss happens again she will tell her. Ika says she still can not believe she saw them. Sindy said she saw them in the mirror reflection. Sindy says if there is anything else that Ika should tell her – Sindy says if she finds out there is more and she finds out that there will be a side of their friendship that Ika does not want to see. Ika says that she doesn’t think that the cameras even saw anything. Sindy says that the live feeders for sure saw it. Sindy says after the house she is going to make a montage of their relationship in the house. They leave the couch. In the kitchen, Jackie William and Kevin are either eating or making food. William says after being a HN for 2 weeks that he feels bad sitting next to a HN because he knows how it feels. Jackie says it’s ok. They talk about the HOH comp and the cards that were available. Sindy said that she was having fun tempting the HG with the cards. In the Supply Room Dillon and Karen are talking. She tells him that Sindy kept them safe and tells him that Neda said to put Dillon and Karen up and Sindy didn’t do that and if Sindy did that Dillon would have gone home. She tells him not to put her up. She said if things were different that they would not be there talking right now. She says that letting Dem fight for the POV then they can back door Kevin. Dem walks in and Karen changes the conversation – Dem leaves and Dillon says it was too obvious. Dillon says he doesn’t want to make it look like a vendetta. Karen says they need to weaken the troops. She says that they will either backdoor Kevin or Jackie will leave this week.
5:45 PM BBT Dillon says that Karen is still his number one in the game and Karen says 100%. William comes in to the supply room and they go through the food. In the kitchen, Kevin, Jackie, Dillon, Bruno, Dem and Sindy are talking about making cold coffee. Dillon goes outside to smoke. He looks right at the camera and says “Really, give me a break” The camera moves and he says “Thank You”. In the pink room Dre and Ika are talking. Ika asks if Dre thinks if Dem’s family hates her because she is loud or running his game. Ika tells Dre that she doesn’t think that it will work out with Dem. Dre reminds her about the pinky swear that they made about what will happen outside of the house. That if Dem asks her out after the show and that she has to go and not make an excuse. Dre says that they need to take the time to get to know each other outside the house. Because things are different outside the house. Ika tells Dre that when she was drunk that she told Dem he was just a memory. Dre says that was hurtful. Dre says that the person who will mess up their relationship after the show is her. Dre says that ika needs to make an effort because Dem will treat her right. Ika says she can not be the older one in the relationship. Dre says that she thinks that Dem likes that he can take care of Ika. Ika says that Dem is stressed out for being on the block and Dre says she thought he was chill but Ika says it was because she told him to be. Dre says if she knew that she would have told Dillon something else. Dre talks again about Bruno throwing the comp. Dem comes in and says he hates Sindy. Dre says that what you get when you play adult stuff. Dre leaves the room. Ika and Dem talk about what she and Sindy talked about with the kiss that she saw.
6:00 PM BBT Karen is talking about a wedding coming up soon and Sindy’s b-day is during the live show on Wednesday coming up.(4-26) Sindy tells the kitchen about when she was evicted the first time and they zoomed in on a Asian family that was not hers. Karen asks Kevin about the Slop he is eating it plain with nothing in it. They discuss the sleeping situation in the HOH room. Sindy making her limeade and Bruno cooling the coffee for the iced coffee. Karen talks to Sindy about her Limeade and how awesome it would be. Ika and Demetres still up in the bed Chatting very quietly. Kevin and Bruno are adding ice and debating how much as the blender is super full. Dre asks Ika to put her mic in her Bra they are starting to get ready for the Nom ceremony. Ika tells them it was restocked and they want bacon later. BB wake up HG nap time is over. Dre exits the room and they discuss if they will watch the season after they are home. Ika and Dem hold hands as they try to nap.
6:15 PM BBT Kevin and Jackie pour the blended coffee into pitchers to cool it faster. Dre heads down stairs and make a yelping noise her and william then speak in French. Dre talks about making some Guacamole. Dillon is up in HOH with his music on and snoring, Kevin is laying on the couch up there. Kevin wakes Dillon up as he is being called to the DR and wasn’t hearing it. Feeds back to the Kitchen Where Dre is making guac and Sindy plans to make a small amount of her guac her mom used to make. William and Karen in the SR Dre peeks in and says she needs lemons, onion, tomatoes if they want guac. Karen explains an Idea of how to use the guac with Chicken Pita tacos. Karen helps to squeeze the avocado into the bowl. Jackie heads outside where Bruno is and they are talking about what they think Dillon will put up. They think it will be DEM and IKA, they want Ika out for personal reasons but Dem would be the one person to get out for everyone’s game. Bruno apologizes for not making a bigger deal of her winning the POV, it was a lot of commotion and he thinks it got overlooked. He tells her she is a good player and she isnt bottom of the totem pole. Dillon enters the outside and they talk about how Dillon fit in that comp yesterday. Jackie was worried at first thinking they were going to have to climb the contraption, Jackie asks how Dillon is and he says just tired but good. Bruno says I wonder what the last few prizes would have been if we had rode out the comp all the way. They discuss the prizes they got and that were offered. The speculate that it could have been a trip.
6:30 PM BBT Bruno says I wonder what the last few prizes would have been if we had rode out the comp all the way. They discuss the prizes they got and that were offered. The speculate that it could have been a trip. Bruno says he can’t believe Neda is gone. Jackie and Bruno talk about what time it might be. They think it’s about 5, Bruno says that Neda had a hard time in the game last time because she played all the way up till final 3 this time in Jury she has decompress time. They think it is all Ika’s fault and it is making her look really bad. Jackie says she wants HOH just for the video/letter she doesn’t care about the bed and goodies. Bruno says she will get hers and she says maybe next week. Jackie says the game is literally a mess and so F’d up as its humans lying to each other and being mean and rude. It’s not acceptable in the real world but it’s encouraged. Karen comes out and they ask her to estimate the time she says 6:30-6:45 Bruno gives up his Jacket to Karen and grabs another one. They tell her what they were just discussing and she agrees. Inside Ika and Sindy go into Dillons HOH and take snacks they realize his alcohol is almost all gone. Kevin stays passed out on the couch. They head back to the Pink room to share with Dem the goodies they just got. Sindy uses the gummies to count how many POV’s each player has played in. While Ika smacks her gummies in the background.
6:45 PM BBT Pink room still discussing POV plays, Karen, Jackie and Bruno head inside to the KT Dre and WIlliam are completing the Guac. Karen adds pepper to the Guac and Dre freaks out. Jackie comes and sits at the bar with them. William and Karen head into the SR to get supplies to make dinner. Dre makes a Salad, Bell pepper, tomato and Avocado. Karen talkas about the time again and how close she thinks she really is. Then heads upstairs to rest so she doesn’t keep eat. Bruno upstairs in the washroom, feeds switch ot Ika sneaking more candy from HOH Dillon and Kevin catch her. Ika heads downstairs to the KT. Dem and Sindy are laying down silently in the pink room. Ika asks what Dre is making.
7:00 PM BBT Jackie and Bruno up in WR. Jackie brushing her teeth, Bruno clipping his nails. Karen and William discuss if they could maybe make a homemade dip that he is eating. Sindy talking with Dem about the Hug/Kiss she saw him and Ika in earlier. Bruno brings a cup of iced coffee to Kevin and talks with Dillon about his nap. He asks Dillon if he got a buzz going today and he said yea he was and it felt good. They talk about Dillon Bruises and the color and the ingrown hairs. They begin talking about movies. Ika is back in the Pink room talking with Dem. Ika and Dem begin making out and then ask if they should go down and socialize.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Friday, April 14th

7:15 PM BBT Ika lays down to relax, Dem heads downstairs. Jackie and Sindy in Blue room talking. Sindy explains why she put Jackie up on the block and how she made her decision. Down in the Living room Dre eats a salad as Karen lays on the Couch, Dem laying on a couch eyes closed, William joins with his salad. Bruno heads upstairs to a room. Sindy and Kevin in HOH telling him about her conversation this AM with Dillon. Sindy thinks it’s still Dem and Jackie going on the block. Kevin asks does Sindy think Ika talked with Dillon and sindy says prob not. Sindy says it might be because he is Drunk but he seems very quiet and alone they think the Niece thing and missing Emily is part of it too. Sindy tells him Karen still hates Kevin.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin says he knows Karen hates her and he will go talk to Dillon in a little bit. Sindy asks how are Kevin and William doing Kevin says really good. Sindy says Dre is really skeptical of Kevin but its expected. Bruno enters the room and says that Dillon confirmed to him Jackie and Demetres. Bruno said there was no way he was going to let Sindy go up. It breaks apart quickly so no one gets sketched about the meeting. Kevin alone in HOH playing with his Knee. Dillon out on the patio laying on the couch, Dre walks through and checks outside and comes back in the house. She grabs some popcorn, and fills her water bottle. Bruno and Karen on the white couch in the living room talking about Bruce. Dre heads up to the HOH to listen to the music and eat her popcorn. Sindy and Jackie in the Blue room talking about needing massages and the Jury house. Sindy hints at Jackie being on the Block and just needing to play hard to win POV. Sindy comments how Jackie is emotional but also logical and understands. Jackie says that she doesn’t like holding grudges because at the end of the day you may be forced to work with some of these people. Jackie feels confident that Dillon is going Demetres and Ika on the block because it would be stupid not to. Sindy explains how she changed that last season she played.
7:45 PM BBT She explains how she came in with a open mind as a free agent and the way she is playing is way different. Sindy understands where Jackie is coming from and what she is feeling. Sindy explains at this point 7 of them are going to Jury house and there you can relax and really get to know one another. No live feeders so you can be raw and honest. They discuss how they want to vote for the best game player not the popular player. Karen and Bruno still discussing life. Sindy and Jackie are still talking about how they want Jury to vote they have had a lot of fights and catty stuff they don’t want that to be the only thing shown. Jackie didn’t realize how mental this is until she has been here. Sindy says it’s because as a viewer we are seeing all of what goes on but in the house you only see so much so you do have questions and do have to question things. Sindy says they are due for a crazy twist maybe a veto and explains the last few seasons have had something with the veto. Day 35 only 40 days to go!! Sindy says she knows Jackie is good at studying and they talk about the comps they are expecting to come up soon. They talk about the comp from yesterday.
8:00 PM BBT Karen and Bruno are in the living room talking. Karen says at the end of the day she wonders if people will come clean about who they were coming for. SIndy leaves her conversation with Jackie and joins Ika in the BR she says she feels hyper today. SIndy say that the cherry of her day is when she went to the BY and looked into the mirror and seen Ika and Demetre kissing. Sindy starts singing Ika and Demetre sitting in a tree and Ika responds that she will leave her alone in the room. Bruno and Karen are talking BBCA and Karen is joking around about voting out Kevin before her. Bruno is mentioning how when he entered the house on his first season at first he didn’t noticed the house was empty with no furniture.Bruno says it is a thing when HG enter they sit around the table and have a drink and introduce themselves he didn’t get to do that on his season and then mentions about the first night they had to vote who they wanted to evict. He mentions how funny it is that first night he nominated Bobby and Bobby nominated him and they have been bestfriend since. Bruno says he felt bad for Risha because she was the last to enter the house and she was tall beautiful lady and she was intimated. Feed switches to Ika getting into the hot tub. .
8:15 PM BBT Kevin and Demetre are in the BY playing a game of pool while BB wakes up William and Dillion. Kevin is mentioning to Demetre about his Twitch and Youtube he says he has about 30 thousand on Youtube but his Twitch is his main baby. Feed switches to Bruno and Kevin still talking BB Karen is talking about how she didn’t make it for season 3 and how disappointed she was and her husband was the only one who knew she was coming on the show this season she didn’t want to do anything to mess up coming on the show.
8:30 PM BBT Demetre joins Ika by the hot tub. Demetre says the house feels different since yesterday. Demetre says the only thing he is scared of is William he doesn’t feel like he has his vote to stay. Demetre asks ika if Sindy is still being annoying about seeing them kiss and Ika says yesssss she is obsessed. Bruno and Kevin are now playing a game of pool Dillon gets called to the Diary room HG think Noms will be going down. Kevin joins Ika and Demetre out by the hot tub and Kevin says he wasn’t told directly but heard the noms will be Demetre and Jackie. Ika says that it is so easy to feel bad for Jackie even when she was sitting outside alone she felt bad but she doesn’t have any loyalty and she is way to floppy. Kevin says this will be a good week, Ika mentions that Karen is a weak player but hates to say that just incase she does pull off a win Kevin say if she wins and takes me out i will commend her on a game well played.
8:45 PM BBT feeds were down briefly but return with Jackie, Ika, and Karen in the washroom. Jackie is applying makeup while Ika takes a shower. Bruno and Sindy are in the BR talking Bruno asks who Sindy thought Dillon would replace if either of the noms win POV Sindy responds that she thinks Ika Bruno says that he asked Dillon who he would replace and he said he wasn’t thinking that far ahead. Bruno says the noms needs to stay the same and Sindy says that she still has a game relationship with Dillon but Ika doesn’t. Bruno mentions that he found it weird that Dillon didn’t have an answer for him when the answer should of been clearly Ika. Bruno says that he will fight for Sindy and make sure that she doesn’t hit the block this week. William and Dre are in the HOH room speaking in French.
9:00 PM BBT Bruno and Sindy are talking about Ika and Sindy is defending how loyal Ika actually is. Sindy mentions as explosive as she’s been she still protected us and still voted with us and Bruno says then why has people been after me this whole time and Sindy says Ika is still more worried about Kevin then she is with Bruno. Sindy says she wants to win HOH next week because its her birthday and she will put up william and Dre up on the block even Karen she doesn’t care about them at this point. Bruno says that Sindy is playing a really good game and sindy says its not that she is playing better she is just talking more to people and building relationships. Sindy asks Bruno how he felt about the game and Bruno says he wants to be real and honest that there is so many personal relationships in the house and outside of the house but with some there isn’t like Demtere and he really doesn’t care about us and will send one of us home no problem like how fast he switched on Neda and how he acted. Karen mentions that they said 15 mins ago that noms will take place in 20 mins.
9:15 PM BBT10:30PM BBT Feeds Down for Nominations
11:00PM BBT Dillon and Jackie talking about that he had heard she was against him and Emily and that she was friends with everyone that has went home and had a part of everyone that had gone home. Jackie says he made a mistake and she had never said anything bad about him and Emily. He says he had heard that and she swears on her boyfriend’s life. She says that William is wrong , and Dillon says that everyone has told him this. Dre comes out and when Jackie stomps off she says we should get rid of Demetres. Dillon and Dre talk about Jackie and all the things she said and done. Dillon asks if he was wrong or rude, he says he has always been there for Jackie and that she is two faced and all she does is talk behinds everyone back. Bruno comes and tells him that he had to do it and try not to worry about it. Dillon says that Jackie was fine until Dre came out and then the waterworks started then. Bruno says who do you want out, what about demetres. The talk about either one going would be fine. Bruno says that they should play the veto and see what happens and then see who should go. Bruno says do you want the veto used and Dillon says no and then he says ok I get it. Dillon says I don’t wanna put up someone else. Demetres comes out and the talk about past evictions. Kevin and william in the have not room and they are talking about best friends in the house. Jackie comes in and asks William why he told Dillon that she was going against him. He says that he doesn’t remember saying this and he will talk to Dillon. She starts crying and says that his mistake has put her on the block. Instantly her tears go away and she lays down. Sindy, Dre and Karen cooking and Kevin just wants to hang out so he can smell the food. William tells Dre before finding Dillon the story that Emily just told him. He tells Dre that he doesn’t remember and she laughs and laughs. He keeps saying that I don’t remember it and he says that I’m going to talk to Dillon. Dillon comes in and they discuss the conversation again. Now Dillon says that he is not sure who told him and he doesn’t know if he told Jackie that William said it. Now Dillon says it could have anyone that said it and it could have even been Bruno. Dillon says he will talk to Jackie and get it straightened out. Dillon asks Dre who should we send home. She says either one but she feels like Demetres should go, she says that it would be the last of the duos. Dillon asks about her and William and she says ultimately we’re not on the same page but she asks Dillon to keep everything she just said to himself.
11:15PM BBT William goes to talk to Jackie and she says she doesn’t wanna talk to anyone tonight. Sindy, Demetres, Dre, Karen and Dillon in the kitchen eating. Someone’s asks if Ika is eating and she’s in the HOH listening to music.
11:30PM BBT Demetres and Kevin playing pool and they are talking about how they think that dillon’s target is Jackie and that to be sure nothing happen they need to win the veto. Ika sitting on the couch watching they just talk about pool. Jackie is laying down in the have not room, Bruno in the room telling Jackie that she shouldn’t give up and how strong she is and she can win the veto. Bruno asks Jackie if she knows if Dillon is close to Dre. She says not that I know of but he wants to be. She asks if Bruno knew she was going up and he says I knew right before but I couldn’t tell you. He also says that Ika and Dre are very good talkers and have a partner in the game and they always travel in twos. Jackie tells Bruno that Emily and Dillon were coming for Bruno and Kevin and it really floored her that she was on the block. She says what did I do, Bruno says that the week is not over and no one is safe. Jackie talking about her talk with Dillon and what he said about William.
11:45PM BBT Karen comes in and asks Jackie if she was ok and tells her she shouldn’t isolate herself Jackie says for tonight she needs to be alone and she will talk to Dillon tomorrow. Bruno talks about William and Dre and how Dre is jealous of Kevin. Bruno says that he knows he made a deal with Dillon but he is not sure if someone comes off that he might be in the spot to go up. Outside Sindy and Dillon asking her how he’s speeches went. She says they were good but maybe a little hard on Jackie when he called her two faced. Bruno still talking to Jackie and she says that she gave Neda a vote because she didn’t want her to go home with no votes. Bruno tells her that Neda really liked her and he does too. They figure that she only needs 4 votes. They go over who to try and persuade to vote to keep her.



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