Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 5th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 5th
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12:00 AM BBT Josh heads downstairs and to the Green room and tells them the conversation and what he is thinking. He feels the 4 of them need to stick together. He leaves the room and Alex goes over and tells Kevin that Ramses has the curse and Matt walks by so she pretends to talk about fiber. Josh comes back and whispering starts again. Jessica Elena and Mark are in the WR, Elena is talking about a rug smelling like urine? Feeds cut briefly and when they come back they are talking about going around the perimeter but not in the center. Mark and Elena leave and Jessica is alone in the WR. Jessica heads back upstairs and the other 2 head into the green room area. Jessica begins getting ready for bed in the upstairs bathroom.
12:09 AM BBT – 12:26 AM BBT FEEDS OUT
12:26 AM BBT Raven, Elena, Matt, Paul, and Mark are talking about being verified on Social media, Elena says its a lot easier to get verified on twitter. Feeds cut again and returns with all cams on green room, Alex, Kevin, Jason, Ramses, and Josh talking about Jason being popular
when he gets outta here and doing a show. Jason says he has Whistlenut and ole bough so no one can steal it. Josh says sleeping in the HN is like Narnia. Josh is talking about taking Tums for his stomach and he says he took 7 fiber pills. Alex tells him that’s why he is constipated. Alex asks Ramses what’s going on in the rose room. Ramses says just random talk. Alex says why talk about sex in here you can’t have it. Josh wants some good music to wake up to, mentions Frank Sinatra and feeds cut. Alex asks Jason if he brought his rodeo makeup. Jason says he forgot it he hopes it’s in his HOH basket and explains what he does for his make up.
12:35 AM BBT Meanwhile in the rose room Paul and Christmas in one bed, Matt and Raven, Dominique, Mark,and Elena all talking about what they have done and how they have been loyal and how they feel people are all over the place. They are discussing making Cody feel uncomfortable during a conversation and all feeds switch to green room. Kevin asks if Ramses is planning to go clubbing when he gets home after BB. Kevin is playing with his rosary, and they tease him about shaking it at Ramses. They talk about when the SR will get restocked. They discuss the fish and how it’s gone bad and feed it to everyone else before the HOH comp. Back in the rose room, they are talking about stories with Josh and teasing about him. Elena doesn’t want to sleep but feels like the lights going to be on for awhile. Ramses walks in and both Raven and Matt begin cracking up Ramses says something about it’s because of the slop. Josh walks in and lays on Paul and almost hits Christmas’s foot. She keeps mentioning it and telling him not to touch it. Paul mentions hand prints on the ceiling. Josh and Mark head out of the room, Ramses crawls into bed with Dom, Christmas heads to the restroom so mark holds the door for her. Paul tells a brief story about Ramses shitting himself from laughing. They discuss how Christmas pees while on crutches. Green room has turned off the lights and are heading to bed. ( Kevin, Jason, Alex).
12:45 AM BBT Paul ask Dom if her head is on the bed still at her angle she says yes. Round mattress confuse him. They mention how warm it is in that room. Matt and Raven try to sleep while Paul, Dom, and Ramses talk and lights are still on. DOMINIQUE PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Paul says he is going to turn the lights off, Matt mentions Christmas coming back. He says he will just help her back into bed. Christmas and Jessica are in the Kitchen , Josh is walking by. They discuss if she knows what time she will be leaving tomorrow. Paul and Josh are in the SR whispering and Josh says he only trust Paul and Paul says he is the secret weapon. Feeds cut briefly and return to the green room where lights are off and Paul is goofing around, Josh heads to the Restroom again, Kevin heads to the WR, Elena comes back, Jillian is standing at the HN room door looking tore up. Elena and Mark try to figure out how to lay on the bed and fit. Raven comes by and with everyone laughing and whispering you can’t tell what’s being said. BB keeps saying the bedroom lights must remain on. NO one turns the lights on and BB keeps getting more upset. Feeds in and out while they keep saying turn lights on, people trying to sleep.
12:55 AM BBT – 1:04 AM BBT Feeds were down.
1:05 AM BBT Feeds come back with Raven and Paul looking in the fridge for something to eat. Dominique is there with them. They are laughing and banging stuff around in the kitchen. Josh has joined them. Josh has been told to readjust his mic.Paul comes back out and joins them. He is whispering to them , it is hard to make out but something about Christmas. Dominique says Mark’s head is back in the game which is good. Raven has finished eating, Paul is saying that he thinks that once they get Cody out that Jessica will reach out to him. Dominique says she was going to eat a piece of pizza but decided to be healthy. Raven and Dominique are saying they both have gas. They are also saying that GOD is good. Dominique says if you ask GOD he will give you answers. Paul comes out and washes is hands at the sink.
1:15 AM BBT Paul says Josh told him that Cody asked him for his vote to keep Jillian. Paul says Cody is trying to play everybody and got caught. Paul asks if they heard that. He says last season it happened to, they heard footsteps and no one came. He says weird stuff happens in this house in strange ways. Paul says Cody and Jessica are still acting like King and Queen but after POV the HOH has no power. He says Cody can’t compete in the HOH. They tell Paul that they are glad he went for the Have Not Temptation and got the right one. Raven and Dominique head to the washroom to prepare for bed. Paul heads to bed. Raven stretches out in the WR waiting for Dominique to finish so she can go in. Raven is talking to the camera asking it why it moves so much. Dominique comes out washes her hands and says good night to Raven, who heads into the WR. Raven starts her bedtime routine. All other HGS are in bed.Raven whispers to the camera, says good night big guy and heads to bed.
1:30 AM BBT – 2:45 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping.
2:49 AM BBT Christmas wakes up and makes her way to the washroom.Christmas heads back to bed at 2:54 AM BBT.
3:00 AM BBT – All HGS are still sleeping
3:06 AM BBT Matt gets up go to washroom and stops by the fridge for a snack on his way back, he heads back into the washroom looks in the mirror turns around and heads to bed.
5:15 AM BBT – 5: 30AM BBT All HGS are sleeping.
5:30 AM BBT Christmas has awaken and looks like she is in pain. She has left the Rose BR to go to go the DR.
5:25 AM BBT All HGs but Christmas are asleep, she is still in the DR
5:32 AM BBT Christmas has left the DR and is relaxing on the living room sofa. All other HGS are still in bed asleep.
5:35 AM BBT Feeds go down with Christmas in the living room and all other hgs asleep.Feeds come back up a minute later and Christmas is back in the DR.( 5:42 AM BBT) Christmas is now out of the Dr and in the washroom. Christmas has gone back to bed.
5:45 AM BBT – 9:16 AM BBT All HG sleeping.
9: 17 AM BBT Mark is up and in the WR, then heads right back to bed.
9:34 AM BBT Kevin and Jason are up, they head to the WR to freshen for the day. Kevin asks Jason if he knows how to make the coffee. He says yes and they talk about if they should go back to bed or stay up. They start talking about sticking to the plan or changing. Jason likes Paul and wants to work with him but doesn’t want to keep Christmas, Kevin said it’s a done deal anyways. BB Kevin Jason please put on your microphone. They head to get them and Alex asks what time it is.(9:30).
9:30 AM BBT They boys head to the SR to change the batteries. They compliment how nice it smells that BB must have cleaned it. Jason tells Kevin that Paul has told him.. If this comes out on the wrong side then we are coming for you. Kevin tells him not to worry about it don’t run scared they keep telling you you are next to go up and your pic hasn’t come up once. They head to the Kitchen, Jason makes coffee showing Kevin where the water goes and the filter. Kevin goes to grab his water cup, comes back and sweeps up near the sliding door and kitchen. Jason reads to make sure he puts enough coffee grounds and Kevin teases him. Kevin says last night there was almost a fight and he got up to help stop it, Jason says he sleep through it. They discuss a Ghost in the house, fruit flies, and Jason says he needs to use the restroom. Kevin begins talking to the cameras and does a funny little hand move and faces. Kevin starts cleaning up in the Kitchen area. Jason returns, Kevin asks how it was he said perfectly. Jason begins talking to the cameras saying hello, they both talk to the camera saying hello to Jason’s area. Kevin tells that he wants to come visit Jason’s town and what he wants to do .
9:45 AM BBT Jason says the I love yous ands miss yous. They begin to talk about places they have visited and want to visit. Kevin beings his Hellos to his family and says everyone come back at 5 Bean time and ill be back Jason says he will be back at 7 Iowa time. They play a 3 steps and Draw game Jason wins, Kevin begins to sing feeds cut, and come back to him alone in the kitchen. Kevin prepares Bagels for them says i got the bagels you got the coffee. Kevin begins talking to the cam about the foods he has adapted to and taken on the LA lifestyle. Coffee, bagels, Yogurt, granola, aloe vera in the fridge, silk almond milk, break free eggs..etc. Kevin keeps forgetting there are bagels cooking, He spills his coffee on his hand. Kevin enjoys playing the waiter. Jason says the workers are pretty quiet. Kevin does a shout out because this is nana and papa’s 59th anniversary.Kevin and Jason discuss whether there will be another World War.
10:00 AM BBT BB does a wake up call and the feeds stop.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds are still down.
10:18 AM BBT Feeds return. Kevin Jason Josh and Paul in the KT.Cody and Jessica cuddling in HOH. With some heavy kissing. Jillian is in Shower. Cody turns on HOH lights Christmas is up on her crutches Jason starts singing and the feeds go to fishes. Feeds come back and the guys are still in the KT. Christmas heads out of house to the doctors. Jess and Cody discuss game in HOH. Jess doesn’t want to start up stuff again.They head downstairs. Kevin and Jason clean the dining room. The bedrooms are still dark. Jessica and Kevin go off to the Bathroom. Jessica questions Kevin’s vote on Thursday. He says it depends if Christmas comes back OK or not. BB tells HG to turn on bedroom lights.
10:30 AM BBT Kevin slips out of talk with Jessica. She now discusses the talk with Jillian.Jessica feels Christmas doesn’t deserve a sympathy vote. Feeds go down.Jason and Kevin continue to clean. Jessica and Cody just sit at counter.They start singing and Fish return to screen. Kevin dishes out food that Jessica doesn’t really want. Alex is up doing her make-up in bed. Kevin wants everyone to eat. He is playing mother hen. He wanders off to the other rooms to see if anyone else wants food. Fish come on again.
10:45 AM BBT No one wants food. Alex tells Kevin she does make-up first thing because the DR always watches and calls her in first thing. Kitchen talk is about Kevin’s parents 59th anniversary and not missing any school.Paul is called to DR.In the KT they make small talk.Alex and Jillian chat in the bathroom. Paul comes out of toilet bragging about pooping.Jillian is going to keep acting like she is clueless. Kevin and Paul in HN room discussing game play. Kevin asks what he thinks the vote will be, Paul says 11-3 or 10-4. Jillian and Alex start whispering.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 5th
11:00 AM BBT Alex and Jillian discuss the message in sky yesterday. Alex tells Kevin next time don’t say anything.Paul in green room talking to Elena and Mark about Ramses curse. Paul feels Ramses is lying. That he read the card wrong and may have to be up every week. They go on to discuss a comment about Jessica and if it really happened. BB does a battery call on HG. Elena feels Jessica may be coming after her.Josh tells Jillian she looks nice Josh is going to shower and BB calls him to DR.. Mark and Elena change batteries.Alex and Jason and Kevin sit in LR. the Feeds to to FISH.
11:15 AM BBT Elena tells the LR she needs a little light at night.Jillian continues primping in Bathroom. Kevin complains how everyone uses too many towels. Ramses is up and in Bathroom. Kevin Alex and Jason in green room. They plan to say yes to whatever the others ask them to do. But still sticking with their vote to keep Jillian. Kevin continues his weird stories. They are going to work out. Josh gets his shower. Ramses is brushing his teeth. Jillian makes a joke about him not brushing his teeth for 12 days. Alex asks Jillian if she is going to work out She says NO. She did spend the last 3 hours getting dolled up.
11:30 AM BBT Paul discusses last season in the kitchen. Paul complains about James bragging he played with BB legends. Tooting his own horn. The HG all sit around in the KT and talk past HG. Ravin is finally awake. Paul discusses the high and low points of his season. Cody looks put off by his conversation. Jessica starts talking Harry Potter wands. The Feeds go down every time Jessica mentions Harry Potter. Alex goes to LR to work out. Alex does a shout out to the camera.Jason and Kevin have a private joke and conversation in dining room. Making fun of the other HG.
11:45 AM BBT Paul entertains HG in the KT. Jason and Kevin sit and watch him from the Dining Room. Kevin starts in on the builders making noises like they are building a gallows and tells Jason the story of hangings. The conversations in the KT are all about Universal Studios in California.Kevin sits in Dining room with Ramses. Alex and Jason talk game in LR Feeds go to FISH.Cody lays down to exercise with Alex.They discuss who they have talked to and what votes they have.
12:00 PM BBT Alex and Cody are talking game. Cody says that you’ll be able to tell about someone’s game through their actions. Cody asks Alex how she thinks she’ll do on the wall comp. Alex says that that’s gonna be a tough one. Alex says that Jillian and Kevin would be good at mental comps. Cody doesn’t think the next comp will be that. Alex thinks that if Christmas goes out because of her foot, there’ll be a Battle Back for sure. Ramses and Jillian join the living room, where Alex and Cody are working out. Cody joins Jillian and Ramses. He tells Ramses that if he wants to get away from the commotion that he can go in the HoH room. Ramses thanks Cody but doesn’t move. Kevin works out in the LR. After Kevin tries to get Alex to join him in working out his arms, Alex says to not work out your arms in case of tomorrow’s comp. Dominique wakes up. Kevin tells another story in the LR.
12:15 PM BBT Elena goes through her stuff, looking for something, saying that BB took some of her stuff away. HGs ask her why not pack other stuff as well. She says that she was nervous that she wouldn’t have enough room or they wouldn’t let her bring stuff. She says that BB told her to pack it just in case. She says that if she packs a lot of shit and they take it away from her, there’s other stuff that she could’ve packed. Elena asks if they’re going to be on TV tonight or last night. Mark thinks that it was always Tuesday Thursday Sunday, but may have changed it. In the LR, they try to figure out the days. In the bathroom, Dom thinks of doing an assembly line, as an easier way of getting their makeup done. The girls like that idea.
12:30 PM BBT Raven wonders if she’ll still have health insurance when she gets out. She says that she has a pre-existing condition, and says that rape is now a pre-existing condition. She says that pregnancy is now also a pre-existing condition, but erectile dysfunction isn’t. Mark asks about the difference between contouring and bronzer. Elena brings up that when they were doing the cast photos, they said “Matte her highlight! Matte her highlight!” Raven said that they said the same thing about hers as well. Elena says that whenever someone’s on the block, she starts to think of what she needs of theirs.
12:45 PM BBT Paul says that he’s SAG-eligible but didn’t go through with it ‘cause he says that it’s better not to. Matt says that the inside days suck. Paul says that there’s going to be more ‘cause there’s going to be breakdown also. He says that there’s the Temptation room, so that’ll put a twist on things.
1:00 PM BBT Jason complains about fish. Alex says that there was some food in the fridge that was 4 days past the Sell by date. Jillian says she hopes that it’s a tie so that she can stay, and says that she had a dream that she had Mark’s vote. Jillian says that she does not trust Paul, and says to Alex that she hopes that everything goes to plan. Jillian says that she said a prayer last night. She says that she asked for help, then later on found her rosary and says the Lord is sending her a sign. In the HN room, Cody tells Kevin that she hopes that it’s a tie so he can send Christmas home. Kevin tells Cody that he has his word, and feels bad for Jillian being on the block so much already. Ramses says to Jillian in the apple room that they need to be careful what they say to Cody.
1:15 PM BBT After Kevin leaves, Jillian says to Ramses that Cody said that Matthew is afraid of Alex. Ramses says that he wants to be the one that takes out Paul. Jillian says that the girls say that Cody is attractive, but Jillian disagrees. Ramses agrees with her. In the HoH, Jess says that Christmas’s injury shouldn’t give her a sympathy vote. Cody says that Kevin said that he’s voting out Christmas. They’re wondering about Mark’s vote. Jess says that if he votes against them, that puts as target on him and Elena. Cody says that Matt talking about past seasons was a dig at him. Cody says that if Matt wins and puts him up, he’ll call him out. Cody says that Alex says that that the house is trying to make him a HN. Cody says “that they are going to literally shit when Christmas leaves.” Jess says that if she wins HoH, she’s not letting anyone use her shower. Cody says that they don’t know why they feel secure in the votes. Jessica says that they don’t have it. Cody lays on top on Jessica so close that the mic can pick up their heartbeats. Cody says that Ramses isn’t a withheld vote.
1:30 PM BBT Jess also says that Ramses kept asking the DR when it’s going to happen (the withheld vote). Jess thinks that maybe he has to throw the HoH comp. Cody says that it hopes that it pisses off the fans, that Paul keeps playing even though they gave him safety. Jess says that if Matt gets HoH, his main target would be Alex. In the bathroom, Dom gives a couple of confrontation scenarios. Matt says that with the questions he’s been getting in DR, Cody’s going to get destroyed. Raven says that her DR sessions are the same.
1:45 PM BBT Paul is telling a story of when he was 3 or 4, he would always run around naked. Matt says that people are getting fired up. In the apple room, Raven says that she hopes that it’s the wall comp. Matt says that it has nothing to do with mental.
2:00 PM BBT Kevin and Jason are on the living room couches talking about trust and who has or hasn’t earned his trust. Jason says if we save Jillian then we are still on Cody’s good side. Jason asks can we trust Ramses, Kevin says he wants to twist him into a pretzel. The look for Alex and Jillian. They find Alex in the green room and she says she just did a rosary they talk about glasses and socks. Meanwhile in the Apple room Matt, Raven and Mark are still talking, Mark says he needed the emotional moment and glad it’s over raven says we told you they was going to try it. Matt says Ramses, Cody and Jess need to watch the hell out, Jillian hasn’t been mean or rude so she has a pass. Mark explains he tried to talk to Jess outside but it didn’t go well. Raven asks what nail he wants painted Hot pink. Its color changing polish but they don’t think it will change he’s always hot. They are discussing who and how they want to evict people they feel although they can’t stand Josh he isn’t a threat. Elena comes and joins them in the Apple room then Dom Joins them as well. In the green room they are discussing the levels of Faith the HG have and how they feel some take it too far saying Jesus said or did this for me and not that they are using the tools he gave them to accomplish anything. Kevin begins to worry about the time so he can talk to his family. Kevin heads to the front of the house Jason says he feels the 3 of them are solid. They discuss why Jess and Cody had a big fight and it was over Alex and Paul. Jason says he feels Cody knows that Jess is entitled. Kevin is back and wants to talk but first they need a name for their alliance. They run through a few options talking about nicknames, cowboy, tiger, guy from Boston, Kevin begins talking to the Cams to his family.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 5th
2:15 PM BBT In the Apple room they are talking about getting the chance to really clean the house tonight and tomorrow. Mark asks What Elena is thinking she says you don’t want to know and it turns out it’s Sexual. She goes back to putting in her earrings, Matt mentions how much Paul can talk, they are amazed at just how much. The discuss how there are no smokers this season and only Megan was a vapor but still no actual smokers. Mark is trying to tell them that that he knows Christmas is staying for a fact and how Ramses and Jess are the only 2 who he thinks are actually voting to keep Jillian. Elena says that she was told by Christmas that she has a hold of Josh and he is voting to keep her. Ramses, Matt asks Dom if she thinks Cody threw the veto, Jillian and Paul have joined the green room Josh enters the room too they are talking about music artists, snapchat, & cars. Dom has moved closer to the group in the apple room so they can talk. Dom says she had a conversation about the banner yesterday. They are glad yesterday went down like it did.
2:30 PM BBT If gave them peace and stirred up frustration in Dom with him ( Cody) trying to stir stuff up. Dom teases about how Matt already has people chasing him for his looks but the show is his get away, he says he lives a simple life. They discuss how a guy can think about literally nothing but there is always something going on in a girl’s mind. Possibly Chicken Parm for dinner, they then tease Dom for being the very last one up. Back in the Green room they are talking about food. Paul explains how he is Right handed but can fight with either. Says with his beard he gets told he looks old without it he looks 15, then people dressed up as him for Halloween. Said he got lots of pics sent to him. Josh mentions when to cook the noodles, Kevin asks about whip cream for his pineapple, Kevin says that the fridge in the SR smells horrible Paul smells it and begins to help clearing it out. Jillian heads in tothe HN room, everyone minus Mark and Elena have cleared out of the Apple room. Jillian and Alex walk into the Sr, she mentions how stinky it is and why, Jason comes in and opens the fridge and they discuss how much Fish cost and was wasted. HG are in and out of the Sr grabbing food talkin about things so make. Ramses and Josh left in the Sr talking about food and what to make. Paul has entered the Apple room they are talking stories about turning down a porn star. Most other Hgs are in the Kitchen.
2:45 PM BBT They discuss online dating, porn, and other sexual things. In the kitchen Jess and Cody are sitting at the bar watching everyone around them. Kevin takes the trash out, and runs into Jaso in the SR they talk about the girls spending so much time doing their make up and they are playing grab ass not BB. Alex and Ramses has joined the apple room, they talk about how this is a blessing not a right to be in BB, you are not an A list celebrity just from this. Jillian has joined them and Cowboy. Jillian says she thinks that when people watch the show they think they know you and they really don’t. Back in the Kitchen raven and Matt are working in one meal while Josh is working on another. Raven is only putting cheese on one since Dom can’t have cheese. Raven cracks a joke to Jessica and it goes quiet very quickly. Both Cody and Jess head upstairs, she needs a bra and he wants to stretch out real good. Feeds follow up to the HOH room with Jody. They begin to stretch and she’s teaching him yoga. Kevin is fixing Elena’s shoelace in the Apple room.
3:00 PM BBT In the Kitchen matt is nibbling lunch meat and sauce, whole Josh and Raven prepare food for cooking. Matt and raven begin to sing Feeds cut, they are back and Kevin is out checking on Josh cooking. Raven puts the chicken in the oven at 3:06, She joking tells Kevin the Chicken is kicking her ass and Matt says its kinda a lot to kick. Matt helps her as she is getting Chicken juice everywhere. Raven is making extra chicken for dinner.Raven Tells Matt where is Christmas Joy and Matt says to Raven he would be so happy if she walked in right now.Raven is now freezing the rest of the chicken she’s not using . Kevin is talking about what he would say if he walked out the door and he would wear and curse .Paul,Ramses,Elena,and Mark tell kevin no that’s not a good idea.
3:15 PM BBT Christmas returns back to the house and Christmas says her foot is broke and they recasted her foot. Christmas says she had the choice to come back and she chose to stay in the game and big brother said they wouldn’t change any comps or anything. Chistmas says she’s on a low pain med during the day and more at night. Paul begins to explain what type of comps she may or may not be able to compete in. everyone but Cody and Jess have met her at the door and asking how she is doing giving love. Josh back in the Kitchen cooking, appears everyone is happy she’s back and looking forward to the rest of the season. Jess n Cody trying to watch the TV in HOH but can’t. IN the Green room Matt and Paul are talking and Paul says that this isn’t game related this is is someone hurt themselves… some people.. Referring to Jody, cams back on HOH room and they say they wanna know if her cast is still on or not. So they are aware that she’s back but aren’t going down to check on her. They make out a bit, down in rose room Dom and Christmas are talking about Cody and how he is acting and how he was acting. Jillian and Mark are in the Wr Paul exits the restroom and feeds back to rose room.
3:30 PM BBT Dom says she knows there’s an infiltrator but she isn’t 100 on who so she isn’t saying names. Dom told Mark, what we have is going to be an issue, Elena has come to talk to Dom and that’s good but Mark needs to talk to Elena and if they like each other they need to talk and be open and not worry about Dom getting in the middle. Alex comes in and brings in a pillow for her Christmas’s foot and Kevin follows behind. They discuss b days coming up next week Dom 7/11 and Jason 7/12. Paul says ungame related he finds it’s rude that others didn’t come down. They share it shows the real true people and it’s not just a game. Raven is in the WR with Elena and Mark Elena and Mark are talking about them and their relationship. Dom and Christmas are talking about if the infiltrator is in their game or not. They talk about how the break is a complete game changer for Christmas. Dom says that ramses cam to her about Mark and Elena right before ramses went to Elena about mark and Dom. Dom wants to call him out but hasn’t and Christmas says you should have. It all surrounds the “sky message” from yesterday. Feeds swap to the WR, Raven asks should she go tell Jody that food is ready they decide not to. Dom tells Christmas about how Jessica was doing her make up next to her and didn’t say anything until she sneezed.
3:45 PM BBT Ramses enters the rose room and comments on the new pillow for her leg, he hands her her BB bag so she can change, Raven brings some Chicken in for the ladies to try. She heads out and the conversation is back on Mark/ Elena /Dom /Ramses. Christmas wants to play as long and hard as she can until she becomes a burden on the team. She wants to atleast get to Jury, she knows she can’t win as she has an injury. She wants to talk to the team all incognito and let them know where her head is at. Paul walks in and they keep talking and He agrees with what he has heard. They head out the rose room, Dom says she will Iron a shirt for her soon, and helps Christmas get to the Apple room, Jillian and ramses is sitting on the living room couch. Meanwhile in the Wr Matt and Elena are still talking and Paul enters with some info. Paul says after the way everything has gone down he wouldn’t be surprised if the Villain of the season edit is Jody. They are all talking about a story from this morning food is being served in the Kitchen, Christmas heads into the WR conversation continues. Paul talks about what’s going to happen when he wins HOH.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 5th

4:00 PM BBT Paul, Matt, and Dom are in the WR. Paul is saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion.. Dom is called to the Diary Room. Dom states that she asked someone else what they were going to do with the publicity when they leave the house. She states that the person said they would go back to life as normal. Paul states that last year he literally made a comment about what and who James literally is and he got flack for it when he came out of the house. He said that he was accused of being racist, so that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, America could and can see their comments another way, Jessica and Cody come out of the HOH room and head to the kitchen for dinner. Jessica is asking Christmas about her foot. She asks how long the cast will be on. Christmas says as long as it takes. Christmas is thanking everyone for being understanding and helping her with her leg, The house is either fixing their plate or already sitting down to dinner, Raven giving some shout outs Cody tells Christmas that he is glad she is back and Christmas says that she is glad to be back, Christmas is telling about when she came back from the bathroom, that Elena had most of the bed and that Mark was curled up in a corner with barely a stitch of the blanket covering his butt. Paul states that he covered Mark with a blanket in the middle of the night, Jillian talking about how Dom made her feel bad about eating, Dom was eating a healthy salad and all Jillian wanted was pork chops and chocolate.They are talking about the SR being restocked tomorrow. Paul is shouting out to Production to not give them any more fish because no one is eating it and to not waste money, Everyone is also telling what they want. Kevin states that eggs and bacon is a must. Christmas states that it is nice that everyone is just sitting around the table eating dinner and they are not there for nominations.
4:15 PM BBT Everyone is in the kitchen Christmas states that tomorrow night if she is voted out that she just won’t walk out. That she is just happy to have one last night there. Paul is talking about a dessert he is going to make with cookie dough. Jason is washing some dishes. Paul states how his dad is going to love Jason Says his dad watches some show because he just loves what the people are doing.Kevin is talking about little league baseball. Christmas tells Raven that dinner is delicious and that if she is kept being fed that way, that she will gain weight because she cannot work out and then says nevermind I will find a way to workout. Someone says that they want iced coffee. They girls tell Josh to quit cleaning. That he cooked and he says he is just trying to keep busy, Cody and Jessica are just sitting at the table looking around and not saying a word and no one is talking to them. Matt has Raven over his shoulder and carries her to the SR. She jokingly says that she cannot be recycled. Matt tells Raven that Josh is being human for once. They exit the SR. Christmas asks where one of her water bottles is at. That it is the easiest to carry. Elena states it is by Matt and Raven’s bed, Kevin asks when will they be able to go back outside to enjoy the sunshine, Someone states that probably not until after the HOH competition. All sorts of different conversations going on in the background. Mark and Elena are close together talking. Paul is making ice cream. Elena goes up to see how it is coming and asks who all wants ice cream.
4:30 PM BBT Kevin is asking someone in the background if they ever played spin the bottle.Everyone is still in the kitchen, now eating dessert or finishing their dinner. A lot of different conversations going on, but inaudible or too much background noise. All cameras are focused on the kitchen. Everyone is being cordial and just enjoying themselves. Some of the girls talking about how rich the ice cream is. Jessica and Cody are still not talking to anyone nor is anyone actively seeking them out. Lots of laughter. Kevin tells a story about in the old days, how prisoners used to watch out the windows as gallows were being built and the townspeople would come in with picnic baskets to watch the hangings.Jessica let the table. Cody gets up to get something to drink. The hg’s at the table discuss who will get called out for napping. They say Dom. She says it seems that they call her out after she has done something States they must be scared to call her out. Raven and Paul seem to be cleaning up and Paul gets called to the Diary Room. Cody is now sitting at the bar by himself. Christmas says that her ankle itches. Jason asks if she wants him to get a coat hanger and Elena says ruler.
4:45 PM BBT Jessica is back in the kitchen. She sits next to Cody at the bar. Jason asks Christmas to mention him in her next book, even if it is negative. She states that she will think about it but that he will have to do more than just break her foot.Others say please don’t injure Christmas any more. Christmas says that she does and does not want to see the footage of when she broke her foot. She goes to explain how he broke her foot and the feeds cut to fish for a minute. When they come back everyone is still in the kitchen, except Paul, who is in the Diary room.Mark and Matt are talking in hushed whispers at the sink. Mark and Jason head up to the Sky Bridge. Mark says nobody is to suspect anything and that is how they want to keep it. They start playing chess. Mark tells Jason that everybody is on the same page for the next three weeks and all they have to do is go with it until jury. Mark states that Paul likes Jason and that Mark told him about Jason, but not about their deal. Mark tells Jason that he does not have to go along if he doesn’t want to. Jason asks who is to get HOH and Mark says Paul. He says that he cannot blame him after all that was done to him. Mark says someone is upset over the banner thing and he thinks that it was a scare tactic. Mark said he got to the bottom of that situation very quickly, but that he is a loyal guy until betrayed. They continue to play and talk chess.
5:00 PM BBT In the HOH, Jessica and Cody are watching the monitors. They say how they hate Matt’s laugh. Jessica asks if Cody thinks that Jason is talking to Mark about his vote. She asks if Mark told him where he is in the game. Cody says that Mark said to give him a but that he is with Cody. Jessica states that she wants HOH really bad so that she can get revenge. Cody says that Raven is going to watch the show when she gets out and is going os see that Cody had her back. Cody thinks that Raven may be jealous that she has Matt instead of him. He states that Raven is a very affectionate girl and that Matt does not give her what she needs and that when she looks at Jessica and Cody, she appears to be sad. In the living room they are giving shout outs. Matt is cleaning up the kitchen. Raven is in the WR. She states that Matt made her leave the kitchen Christmas states that is because she never leaves the kitchen. Dom is in there sitting on the floor putting on her makeup. Christmas is talking about the different times she got up in the middle of the night. How Raven was not i bed. Dom asks was there something on her mind. Raven states that her mom was on her mind. She just worries about her mom. They tell her that her mom is proud of her. They tell Raven that it is amazing how she got everyone to come down for dinner. Christmas asks how many times have you seen that on past seasons. Dom said never unless Production orchestrated it.
5:15 PM BBT Raven, Christmas, and Dom are in the WR talking about how Jess was just in a daydream state at dinner. That when they caught her looking in their direction they just smiled. Dom says that she could tell that Jess is the type to latch onto any man. They feel bad that she just latched onto the wrong one. Alex comes in to tell them how Paul was laying on the floor and Elena had milk in her mouth and was standing over Paul. That Paul opened his mouth and Elena let the milk from her mouth dribble into his. Alex leaves. The girls talk about how superficial that Jess appears to be. How she got upset about her $250 bathing suit getting ruined. Dom states that from the beginning that if there was going to be issues between the girls that she knew that Jessica would be one of the girls involved. Josh comes in asking for nail clippers. He also asks for peroxide. Jillian is in the WR now, brushing her teeth, Raven comes back in and so does Josh. Paul now enters the WR. They asks how his workout was. He says that he is not done. Up in the HOH room Jessica is at the door trying to listen to the conversation outside. She then crawls in bed with Cody and just lays on his chest. Cody says but a vote 7-6…Jillian you are safe, He states he always liked when they said it that way.
5:30 PM BBT In The Apple Room, Jillian and Ramses are talking in whispers. They state they must win HOH this week. Ramses states that he believes Jillian has enough votes to stay, but if not worse case it is tied and Cody will break the tie and he will vote for her to stay. Jillian starts to sing and the feeds go to fish for a minute. Alex and Kevin are in The Apple Room when cameras come back up. Ramses states that America loves Kevin. They ask Kevin about his kid and wife. The cameras switch to HOH with Jess and Cody. Cody is talking about he Paul told him that in his season was loyal. Cody says that he watched Paul’s season and that Paul gamed the whole season. Jess and Cody talk about Paul and Cody really get along and that people will be confused after the season when Paul and Cody are hanging out. The cameras go back to the Apple Room. Josh is in their talking about his promos. Cameras go back to HOH. Jessica states that by their original group isolating them is helping them. She says that they are all so dumb. Cody says once Mark votes out Christmas, Elena will see that Mark was helping her game and she will be thankful. Cameras switch back to the Apple Room. Ramses is talking about how he makes his cosplay costumes. Jillian says someone’s girlfriend makes her own cosplay too, so that when Ramses comes to visit her, she will take him to meet her. Josh gives some shout outs. Ramses says that he cannot wait until he gets out and has some money to spend. They are all discussing when jury comes in. Which eviction will put them at jury.
5:45 PM BBT In the Apple room, it is Kevin, Josh, Ramses, Alex and Jillian. Ramses states that he does not feel that he will be in many episodes of the show. They speculate on how many people are watching. Kevin says that you have to have a captivating cast. You cannot have a boring cast. Alex says that there are some boring people here. Josh gets up in front of the camera and makes funny faces and says that he is excited that the cameras were on him. In the WR is Dom, Kevin, Jason, Mark, Christmas, and Paul. Paul says he will work out later, Dom asks if it is true that Mark beat Jason at chess three times. Ramses comes in to use the bathroom. Paul says he is ready to sleep. In the kitchen is now Matt and Kevin. Kevin is whistling and Matt is doing dishes. Elena comes in asking about a napkin. Her and Kevin are talking in low voices. Kevin says it is 2017 what you going to do? She says win Big Brother, what are you going to do? He says watch you win Big Brother I guess.
6:00 PM BBT Christmas said it means you have to keep the bathroom door open when you shower Elena is talking about the catheter after her surgery Elena said Catheter is pretty
Cool Christmas is talking about packing her bags
6:15PM BBT Christmas is talking about that she still has work to do Ramses is eating Dominique said i am glad that we have a plan Raven is getting Makeup on Christmas is fixing her nail polish
6:30 PM BBT Mark is talking about the banner that Kevin saw Christmas and Dominquie are talking Mark said i will find out tomorrow whose side they are on Raven said she watched the live feeds last year to Matthew
6:45 PM BBT Kevin said i will announce right now for you about youtube Paul and some other HGS are playing a game Alex said she is Hungry Christmas said maybe i should mention my agenda Alex said i was expecting production to say to much liability Jessica Stop that
7:00PM BBT Kevin is talking about the game that they are playing Christmas said i am so excited Jillian said i wonder if somebody is watching it on the live feed and got it Ramses and Josh you are not allowed to talk about Production
7:15PM BBT Jillian is talking about she had done a Video of the butt flip cup Christmas you are not allowed to talk about Production Jillian said Ramses you don’t have any fans Jillian said i can’t wait for the challenge Christmas is talking about how long it takes her to get ready when she is at home Cody and Jessica are playing Chess Kevin said what if they put me on the block Mark and Dominique are talking Paul and Jason are in the pantry Paul said who wants spicy nuts Paul is making sweet Nuts and Spicy Nuts
7:30PM BBT Kevin said i play my music and drive how i want to Christmas please go to the DR Alex said that nobody needs to get hurt before tomorrow Alex is talking about the Pepsi challenge Alex said you can’t handle spicy or hot to Paul Jason said those nuts are on fire Paul and Josh are making a deal Paul said i’m telling you it’s going to get fucken harder
7:45 PM BBT Dominique said did you hear the whole milk deal Dominique said that people are going to go to people that can plant seeds Paul is looking for his shoes Dominique is trying to figure out if she should wash her hair or not Ramses was talking about one of his interviews that somebody cleaned the toilet
8:00PM BBT Josh asks Mark if he was going to vote him out week one. Mark says that there’s three people he wants gone that Jessica, Cody, and Ramses because he doesn’t trust him. He says that Jessica and Cody are isolated and screwed. Mark repeats that Josh told him that he didn’t agree with picking off the misfits. Matthew, and Dominique are surprised at. Mark says that he’s not going to be comfortable being the next hoh. Mark says that they don’t need to say anything to Jessica because she’s going to go back to Cody. Dominique says that if you talk to her long enough she’ll slip up. Matthew says that Jason said that he doesn’t fully trust Josh because he’s a loose cannon. Dominique asks when does he think the hoh comp will start. Matthew says that he doubts it’ll be right after the eviction. Dominique mentions how they will be told about the next hoh comp. Dominique says she doesn’t know what to do with her hair for the comp. Matthew leaves the bathroom and goes into the kitchen. Now he’s in the rose room. Paul is telling them about the time he couldn’t get a time to check out a car he wasn’t interested in. Paul says that the car was in perfect condition. Josh and Christmas are in the apple room talking about Jessica. Christmas says that Cody came to her and said for her to trust him because he had the number. She says that Jessica has said nothing positive to her about him. She says that she won’t be able to be happy with everyone. She tells him that he is going to need Alex and Jessica. He tells her that he told Mark he was going to keep her. He tells her that he would back door Cody. He tells her that he’d want to put Jessica too. He also tells her that Cody said he didn’t want to get rid of the misfits. She says that that was a lie. He wanted to get the strong players to the end. She tells him that she’s not going to blow up his game.
8:15 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are in the hoh room talking about the behavior of the fish. They are laughing at houseguests on the monitor. Cody says that if it’s a catch game Matthew or Paul will win. In the bedroom Kevin, Dominique, and Cowboy are talking. Dominique says she hasn’t had the chance to talk to them because she’s been watching.
9:00 PM BBT Dominique, Christmas, and Elena are talking about Josh. Elena said he rubbed her the wrong way. But it’s good for their game to keep him for a couple more weeks. Christmas is talking to them about the talk that she had with Josh. She tells them that he told her he wants to go after the couples. Dominique asks Elena if she trusts Rameses. She says that she does. The camera switches to outside the hoh room when Paul, and Mark are playing chess. Cody just sat down to watch. It’s quiet.
9:15 PM BBT Downstairs Josh and Alex are in the storage room. He tells her to watch who she puts her trust in. Ramses is laying down in the apple room. Alex just came in to say hi. She left. In the rose room Dominique is telling Elena and Christmas that she doesn’t know who to trust so she limits what she tells people. Christmas says she wants to keep her word to rameses, but she feels like she was stabbed in the back by him. Elena tells them about Ramses curse. She says that maybe she can convince him to go up. Dominique said that that isn’t really false. Dominique says that they need to play a little more nicer.
9:30 PM BBT The feeds are back on Paul and Marks chess game. In the hoh bathroom Cody is brushing his teeth. Paul tells Mark that he needs to learn how to control his emotions. Cowboy is sitting in the room. He’s listening to a conversation about a car comp the show had. She’s telling them about the time they had pets in the house. The feeds cut back to Paul and Mark chess game.
9:45 PM BBT Paul tells Mark that he’s in a good position because he’s not an enemy in the house. In the apple room Kevin is talking to Alex and Ramses. Ramses jumps up to make snacks. Now Josh, Alex, and Cowboy are in the kitchen. They’re joking about a movie plot. The feeds cut to the hoh room where Jessica and Cody are talking.
10:00PM BBT Kevin in the kitchen with josh, Raven, Matt and Jillian they are talking about having a live show in the lounge area where they will have a talk show. Jillian was in there earlier with Ramses helping someone hide under the pillows. Raven is making popcorn talking about how she is tired but got a nap today and for this she thanks production. In the hoh room Jessica and Cody are talking about football where Cody is talking about the reaction which will happen tomorrow and how many will be good. They are pretty silent as they watch the monitors to see what is happening in the house. Cody says that Dominique will slid thru this game, Jessica agrees and adds on josh and Ramses. Cody makes fun of Josh and they way he talks to the cameras. Cody says he wonders if mark is working on keeping Cody and Jess safe from Paul and Jess says she doubts it. He says that he does that for mark when he works with anyone but they doubt it will happen. Conversation goes over to country music concerts, he says it’s not his type of thing. He says it’s all so overpriced, and he’s a simple kinda guy. He says it makes him mad to pay 10 bucks for a beer. In the lounge area Dominique is the host for the talk shows and Christmas is the guest. She says she is excited about the twists and turns and is loving her stay in the house. Back in the hoh, Cody says he wants the DR to call him in and Jess says she will nap until she’s called. She gets on her mic and asks production to call her next because they are sleepy. Cody asks Jess if she thinks when Christmas goes if they will see a release of tension. She says yesand that Raven and Elena will cry about it, he asks if they would cry for Jess and she says no and she doesn’t care.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 5th
10:15PM BBT Jessica says she wants something but she doesn’t say what. She then starts saying it’s kissing. She then says she wants a hot shower with him and the lights off and without him wanting sex. She says he can leave his swim trunks on, and he’s saying no he doesn’t want to overexposure himself. She says that there are a million guy’s who would love to do this with her. Jessica says that the house wanted Jillian out but she said no let’s get out Cameron and she swayed the house. She says she is the reason Meagan left and Cody says he will be the reason that Christmas leaves. Mark is called to the diary and Jessica walks into the restroom area. Jillian is brought in to do the talk show. Her fun fact is she grew up in a Disney town called celebration Florida. She talks about her stay in the house. Her life in Disney and what she has taken away from the house the past 15 days.
10:30PM BBT Back in the hoh you can see Jessica in the shower just from her knees down while Cody is laying on the bed silently. Rapping up the Jillian session and now Kevin sits down with Dominique for the live show. They wrap up who all helped and when they will do it again. Two times a week, and Paul comes back and hollers playing how he missed it all. Paul talks about how is tired and that tomorrow is the hoh comp and how they will get woken up earlier. Kevin says he wants Paul to make him French toast, he laughs and says if they restock he surely will.
10:45PM BBT Jillian and Dominique in the bathroom talking about the interview and how Dominique thought that Jillian was so funny and glad she got to talk and get to know her better. In the bedroom josh, Alex, Jillian, and Ramses talking about story-time and how they had so much fun at the talk show. Dominique comes in and then Jason they laugh and have fun and then Kevin saunters in. They talk about Kevin’s outfit and then the talk goes over to movies. Jillian talks about her weight loss surgery and that she hopes she sent a positive note to people.
11:00PM BBT Back In the lounge Matt, josh, Raven, Elena Christmas and Dominique and Paul talking about the show and discuss if they think Cody and Jessica will be at the talk show? Paul says no! They all laugh. Josh says that he is having a hard time looking at Jillian in the face. Paul says get use to it and it will be really hard for him when they do a double eviction. Paul says it all takes place in a hour and they all freak out. Mark comes in and asks Paul if he wants to finish there chess game. He says nope because the girls are massaging and rubbing him. Mark stays for a few then leaves, Elena excuses herself to go the restroom and follows. Josh goes back in the bedroom with Jillian and Alex and everyone telling them what the others said about what he said about Jillian and they tell him just to stay on track and that’s what they get for trying to control the house already. Josh leaves again and mark comes in and they talk about chess. Paul goes into the storage room and comes out and tells the girls that there suitcases are in the storage. Mark is in the bathroom telling Elena that Cody and Jess are saying that there sure that Christmas is going home. Mark and Paul head back upstairs to finish the game. Paul pops into the hoh and asks if he can shower after his game. He tells her that they throw them out of hoh really earlier so anything they can get done tonight try to so it doesn’t make it so pressed for time tomorrow.
11:15PM BBT Jessica is called into the DR, mark and Paul playing chess. The outsiders in the bedroom where josh is saying that if they plan on having a chance at this game they have to stay together. Alex comes In and says they have to do goodbye messages. They all say that they already did them and why is she last. They all laugh. Christmas walks thru to head to bed, she stops and says a few words with the house guests. Dominique comes up to the balcony to sit as the guys keep playing. Elena comes up to hang out with her. Everyone in the bedroom eating, laughing and talking about general things.
11:30PM BBT Chess game still going on, Elena getting ready to paint her nails right there at the table. In the kitchen raven and Matt talking about her being scared of spiders. Kevin and Matt looking thru the refrigerator looking for something to eat.
11:45PM BBT In the bedroom Ramses is talking to the others about his school and what else he needs to finish to get his degree. Alex talks about her job and her degree and how she made more money before she got her degree. Jillian brings up the message in the sky and Jason is called to the DR. Back in the kitchen raven and Matt making some food to eat. Matt says he is going to eat another piece of pie and then head to bed, Raven says that he still has to says his goodbyes and he tells her nay , you tell them I’m not telling them anything.


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