Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 12th

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, July 12th

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12:00 AM BBT Mark is talking to Paul and Dom in HoH about him trying to relax, but Elena asks if he’s stressed. Mark says that he’s feeling the stress. Mark says that maybe if he dropped the weight on his head while he was working out, then maybe she’d shut up. There’s a pillow fight going on in the green room. The convo goes to Josh taking a long time to make a move. After a while, Mark leaves and the lights go off in the HoH. Paul talks to Dom about the game, then BB calls him to the DR. In the HN room, Cody is talking to Jessica in bed about game, saying what he’s going to do after the game. In the green room, Kevin is surprised at how many lights there are.
12:15 AM BBT Dominique is called to the DR. They notice that they’ve only been doing 30-minute sessions, letting them go to bed early. When Paul enters the green room, Paul hits Jason with a pillow. Jessica yells for them to keep it down. Jason says 10 more seconds. Someone says that that was 150 hits. Kevin asks Christmas if she’s gone in yet, and she says that it’s only been to give her her meds. She jokes that they don’t want a DR session when she’s high on her meds. Someone mentions that it’s so hot in the green bedroom, and Alex mentions that that’s why she wears a sports bra to bed. Kevin says that he thought that Elena talks to Paul and Mark about her chat with Cody. He says that he confessed that he’s actually 32, and eliminated his time in the Air Force, making him 27. She says that he wanted to be one of the 20-year-olds, and when questioned for more details, he said that he’ll tell her after the show. They talk game. Mark wants Jess out before Ramses ‘cause Jess is so fake. Paul says that Ramses out first is a better move ‘cause Ramses is a better player.
12:30 AM BBT Paul says that Christmas is no longer dropping a bomb on Jessica anymore on Thursday. Marks asks “what the fuck happened? That pisses me off about fucking Christmas.” Paul says that she is starting to feel empathy, which is exactly Jessica’s game plan. Paul says that he’s concerned about people cracking. Elena says that she doesn’t think Dom will crack. Paul agrees. Mark says that the hypocrisy from Christmas is what pisses him off. Christmas enters a while later. She says that Kevin is on board with the majority of their decisions, but doesn’t feel included. Paul asks what to do. Christmas says to maybe get his input on some things.
12:45 AM BBT Paul gives a gameplan of what to do if there’s a buyback. The convo goes back to Cody. Christmas doesn’t believe that he’s served the Air Force and Marines. Paul doesn’t believe that Jason would be good with an endurance “hold on” comp ‘cause he’s too tall. Paul says that a lady or Matt might take Christmas discusses who may fall off. Paul suggests giving the HoH to Josh, saying he’d put up Ramses. Mark says that he doesn’t see Alex dropping. Paul says that they could get into the final 8 as long as no one gets greedy or does shady shit. Christmas says that Raven might get it. The feeds keep going out when Christmas mentions her surgery on Wednesday.
1:00 AM BBT They talk about previous comps, including the spelling comp. Paul says that he really would like to compete in that comp. Christmas complains about the Cody, saying that Cody washes his hands with lotion. Josh says that he can’t find his pillow, so Paul suggests that someone stole it, so he Paul Christmas and Elena go help look for it in the house.
1:15 AM BBT Alex comes out of DR, and Paul asks her why she stole Josh’s pillow. Paul jokingly suggests calling a house meeting to find his pillow. Josh says that his water cup is missing also. Paul says that the fact that someone took his pillow and water bottle is hysterical. Alex says that she knows where it is. Paul says goodnight to the HGs and wishes Christmas good luck, then goes to bed. Josh playfully tries to attack Paul, but Paul says that he has an $8k mic on. After Josh goes to bed, BB asks him to exchange his mic. Paul runs to scare him when he comes out of the storage room. BB calls Kevin to the diary room.
1:30 AM BBT Ramses talks to Alex, saying that he didn’t vote out Jillian. He says that it was Mark (?), and was investigating. He says that he said “oh, it was just a game move” then would run away. Ramses says that he’s been sketchy ‘cause he keeps saying that “it’s just a game.” Kevin goes out of the DR, and Alex goes back to sleep. In the kitchen, Mark is eating cereal. Dominique goes out of HoH and lectures Mark about eating cereal. Mark says that he could’ve been eating milk and cookies right now.
1:45 AM BBT Mark is still munching on food in the kitchen everyone else is getting ready for bed. Matt has said good night to Mark and heads to the HN Room. In the Green Room Josh has gotten out of bed and heads out to the kitchen with Mark who is still eating and smacking. Josh states he can’t sleep but Mark does not reply as he is too busy eating. Mark says he is ashamed of what he has eaten, chips peanuts cereal bread is just a few of the things he has eaten in the last 15 minutes. Mark heads into the bathroom with Elena and Josh. Josh is complaining he can’t sleep because his brain is exploding. Mark says he can’t sleep because he ate too much.
2:00 AM BBT Josh says he keeps going over everything that Jess said to him about being a pawn. Mark tells him not to let it get to him. Josh says in the real world he has 5-6 friends that he is loyal to. Mark says this is not him in the real world. They are looking at the cameras and talking about them zooming in on them. Josh says everyone wanted him out day 1. Mark asks him why he says that, he mentions Cody’s name. Mark says that is only 1 person. Mark says why don’t you try to find one person you trust, tell them something and see if it comes back. Josh tells him that is what I have been trying to do, it hasn’t worked. He tells him he has tried it with Alex. Mark tells him to try someone else. Josh says he hopes this week proved to people that he can be trusted. Josh asks what Mark thinks about Matt. Mark tells him he likes him, Josh agrees but says he doesn’t talk game. Mark says there is not a lot of game talk right now mainly just talk about what is happening on in the house. Josh says he walks up to people and they stop talking. Mark says just because people stop talking when you arrive doesn’t mean they are talking about you. Mark tells him that this week he proved he could be trusted, they told him what they wanted and he agreed and did what was asked of him. Josh is telling him about his family life, how he misses his family. Josh thinks he is in the house by himself, Mark tells him he is not alone. Mark says there will be times where they need each other, what you need to do is keep that trust alive as neither one of us are angels. Josh is saying she likes Kevin but Alex said something to Ramses about him after the POV Ceremony. Mark asks him what was said he tells him he doesn’t know for sure because they stopped talking. Josh says when you watch the DRs you will see that I always said I trust Paul you. Josh says I’m not use to being like this is my real life. Mark tells him he isn’t like this either, with people you trust you have to be real. He uses the example of how Josh pissed him off during the Chess Game earlier. He said if I didn’t like you I would not have told you I was pissed off. Mark says he messes around with everybody in the house.
2:15 AM BBT Josh tells him that he has helped him a lot. Josh says he thanks God everyday. Mark tells him his goal right now is to get to jury, if you don’t come in 1st 2nd or America’s Favorite the only way to make money is get to jury. Mark is telling him he isn’t hearing anything about him, other than he is loud and annoying at times, he hears that about everybody in the house. Mark gets up to have a pee and asks Josh to wait a minute as he wants to finish this conversation. Mark tells him that as soon as jury hits that is when people will start to talk game with you. Josh says he is getting ahead of himself Mark agrees. Josh says he is only going to talk game with Paul him Christmas and Dominique. Mark says he came in wanting to lay low the first couple of weeks, he did not want to become a target because of his size. Josh says he doesn’t want his family to hear him be called names on national television. Mark tells him children call people names, it takes a man to walk away. Mark tells him a story about his ex who would say things to get him to react. He said he finally figured out that she did it to make herself feel better. He says after she finished talking he smiled and thanked her for showing him that their relationship was not healthy. Josh said everything that Cody said to him didn’t bother him but when Jess said he was a pawn for both sides that bothered him. Mark is asking him if the comp comes down to those two would he promise him that Jess will go home next week. Mark says he wants another week to relax so if he threw the comp to him would that prove that he trusted him. Josh tells him if someone pulls themselves of the block he would not put up Mark Paul Dominique Christmas and Elena. Mark tells him not to tell anyone he is thinking of throwing the comp to him. Josh promises him he won’t.
2:30 AM BBT Josh and Mark agree to keep their conversations between the 2 of them. Josh says he hopes him and Elena stay together outside the house, Mark tells him that remains to be seen, just deal with the summer. Mark tells him to sit back and enjoy the ride to jury. Mark tells him when the numbers get smaller people will show their true colors. Raven comes in to use the washroom. Raven says it is hot in the bedroom her hair has become frizzy. Raven says goodnight to them. Mark tells Josh that he didn’t relax when he picked him up. Raven comes back into the washroom. Raven starts to brush her extension. They are saying Matt requested clippers from DR. Mark says we didn’t get a barber, but lots of cooks. Mark says all the food he ate finally settled down he is heading to bed. Both Mark and Raven head to bed. Josh is still in the washroom alone.Josh washes up and heads to the Apple Room to talk to the live feeders. He is talking so low you can only hear every other word. Josh says he is trying to find someone to trust, he says he tells people things and no one comes back and tells him things. He says the first couple of weeks in the house he had a big panic attack, and other people in the house built relationships. He says he trusted the wrong people in the house so his name has been thrown around, he feels that he needs to show he can be trusted with his actions. He says he trusts Christmas totally. He thinks he will be going home within the next 2 weeks. He says he doesn’t do good with shady people, he prefers to not beat around the bush. He says there is a big alliance in the house and he trusts some of the people in that alliance. He says he doesn’t trust Matt Raven Elena in that alliance. He wants to trust Jason but thinks he is messing up. He thinks Alex is throwing him down the river. He says he has so much on his mind he can’t sleep. Josh says he wants $500,000. For himself and his family. He says that at the beginning he messed up but he is correcting that now. He says he knew he was going on the block and believed Paul when he said he would pull him off but he was still nervous.
2:45 AM BBT Josh continues to talk to the live feeders saying it is hard to be in this house alone. He says when people come after him he has a hard time not to react. He is saying tomorrow he is going to prove to some people that he wants to work with them by his actions. He says it doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. He also says Alex is done in his books. He says he likes Kevin but realizes Kevin is playing everyone but he respects that. He feels that the whole house will explode when it gets to jury. He says he knows he has to relax but he has a hard time seeing past people BS. He says if he gets HOH on Thursday he is going to give everybody a solid so he can chill the following week, but he wants to send Matt to jury first thing.
3:00 AM BBT “He says you have to play the cards you’re dealt. He says once jury starts he needs to win win win unless he gets backdoored. He says everyone knows he is a hot head, emotional. He wears his heart on his sleeve, if he is going to cry he’ll cry. He is telling us we don’t know how hard it is on him as he misses his family so much. He says when this game hits jury he is looking out for himself. He says he can see that Christmas tries to help him. That she likes him. He says he doesn’t have to hear anything he can read people by how they act. He says no one tells him what they hear. He thinks he is a good judge of people. He is now asking Rachel how she got thru all this stuff, he then says Oh I know you beast thru it. He thinks once people start seeing him act that it is going to get him thru. He says he hopes he can sleep in tomorrow because he can’t sleep now. He tells his family that he loves them and misses them and thinks of them everyday. He also says he thanks GOD he is here. He is hoping he gets past the next 2 weeks, he also hopes he gets HOH this week, so that he can show the people he wants to work with that he can be trusted. He starts to repeat everything he has already said. That he has always been a target and what will happen if he wins HOH , he has lowered his voice and is mumbling at points in his talk. He gets up to leave the room winks at the camera and heads to the washroom. It looks like he is finally going to go to bed to try and sleep.
3:06 AM BBT  All HGs sleeping
3:30 AM BBT – 5:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep
5:15 AM BBT A few HGs up to use the WR but then back to bed. Paul up, heads to DR briefly, stops in kitchen for snack and back to bed.
5:30 AM – 5:45 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
6:00 AM BBT Matthew is up to go to the WR – as he is washing his hands he is watching himself in the mirror. He heads back to the HN room and goes back to bed. Mark is up to go to the WR. He is half asleep when he is washing his hands. He heads back to the BR and goes back to bed.
6:00 AM BBT  – 8 :15 AM BBT ALL HG sleeping
8:15 AM BBT Cody gets up. He goes to the bathroom with a slight skip/shuffle in his step (“hops”), makes coffee, and eats a bowl of slop standing on the lilypad.
8:30 AM BBT Cody gets himself a second helping of slop and awaits for the coffee. After standing in the kitchen for a while he sits in the Apple Rm sipping his coffee and tells the camera, “Good morning, guys.” Sits quietly with little expression. Time for a second cup of coffee and remains standing in kitchen.
8:45 AM BBT Cody sits quietly on the kitchen lilypad drinking his third cup. Cody washes his cup and the V-toad heads back to HN Rm to cuddle with Jessica. Matt gets up to use the bathroom and back to bed.
9:00 AM BBT All HGs in bed. The house is not quiet for long as within minutes the feeds go to Fish! Feeds return showing only Christmas getting out of bed and hobbling to the kitchen to check the time and on to the bathroom. [Someone possibly came into the house and only awoken Christmas in preparation of today’s surgery.] She entered the DR at 9:10 AM BBT. Within minutes, Elena goes through the same routine of getting up, checking time, going to the bathroom,…and returning to bed.
9:15 AM BBT Christmas went into DR; all other HGs are in bed. A quiet house…once again. 9:24 AM BBT Christmas returns from the DR! She pauses at the Memory Wall and heads back into the WR….yawning. She drops off her one flip flop and continues with ADLs. She makes herself comfortable on the WR couches to put her face on.
9:30 AM BBT Christmas greets Cody with a “good morning” as he hops his way into the bathroom. Kevin is up. He exchanges his mic battery and gets food from the SR refrigerator, checks the oven clock, and talks briefly to Cody and Christmas. Christmas wants to talk to Cody. She would like an explanation of why Cody is so against Christmas. She wants to know what caused him to put her up. Cody and others felt as if there was always high anxiety/emotions whenever she is around. Cody was told by Mark and Dom that something was said about her not liking couples. Then really soon he felt as though Dom was just playing him since she quickly became Christmas’ best friend. The secondary reason was that she had a good relationship with Paul. He really disliked the yelling between Jess and her; right after Cody and his side was blindsided by Jillian leaving, they felt as if everyone was against them anyway. Cody feels as if he’s now playing the game for two people because he’s also looking after Jess.
9:45 AM BBT Christmas trying to understand more about Mark by asking questions. She tries to come up with events/situations to justify things. Cody says he played more with his head and realizes now some play more with their heart. Cody gets it on how he made the mistake of not keeping his alliance informed. They discuss also who were the ones who flipped the votes to get out Jillian. Cody definitely can not believe it was Kevin. Christmas says she can not still understand the animosity towards her. Christmas also again states how Jess maybe lied unintentionally that Christmas was coming after her. Christmas thought Jess should have had a disclaimer on her comments that it was her interpretation on what Christmas had said about being guilty by association. Cody says that there are three girls here he would give up his game for: Jess, Alex, and Raven. Cody would love for Christmas, Alex, and Jess to get on the same page and work together. Cody and Christmas discuss each player.
10:00 AM BBT Kevin listens in on Christmas and Cody’s chat from the KT. Christmas thanks Cody for information. Cody has no options and wants to stir up stuff. He looks forward to a battle back. Cody now has a new hit list. He explains his loyalty to her was just an opening move. Kevin comes in to say 40 seconds til music. Feeds go down for wake-up call.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds still down for wake-up call.
10:16 AM BBT Feeds return. HG getting up Except for Mark and Elena.Christmas is about to leave. She is going to DR first. Christmas is called to DR. Feeds go down
10:20 AM BBT Feeds return. Matt and Raven say goodbye to Christmas. Jason Alex in Green BR. The light goes on in HN room They start getting up Jason comes in to say good morning. Alex and Ramses and Kevin in Green BR. Kevin refers to Doug Flutie. Ramses doesn’t even know what the Heisman Trophy is. Kevin explains and grills Ramses on what it is over and over.Kevin heads to KT Raven Matt Jason And Josh are there. Josh is whipping up eggs. They comment on Kevin’s great hair. How the stripe is natural Kevin thinks it comes from having 7 kids.Cody and Jessica talk in SR.It seems someone has stolen Josh’s pillow he knows who and won’t start anything. They discuss a big fart Cody did last night. MARK HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR BATTERIES?
10:30 AM BBT The HG ask Alex how she treats her boyfriend. HG start yelling HAppy Birthday to Jason.Jessica and Raven start talking in WR. Kevin goes into Green BR to annoy Ramses some more. He goes to WR to bother Raven. Jason asks Alex if she did team sports. Alex explains she was kicked off a few teams.HG were worried that they were out of coffee. There is none in SR but still some in KT. Cody and Jessica cuddle on KT lily pad.Raven does her hair in WR. Matt gives Mark and Elena credit that they just ignore the call to get up from BB. Josh makes Kevin Scrambled eggs. Ramses comes in KT. Kevin bugs Ramses about bagels. Kevin and Matt talk sports.The movie This is the end becomes the big conversation. Alex and Jason talk in the Green BR. She tells him they saw him with Josh in the SR last night.
10:45 AM BBT Alex explains how people are starting to show their true colors. Alex thinks she and Jason will be the first out.They discuss HOH plans. Cody and Jess in the Apple room alone. Jessica explains to Cody how he is messing up their game telling people is going to battle back. Alex and Jason whisper strategy Cody tells Jess she is too critical of his ideas. She explains last time she trusted him they ended up in Frog suits. Christmas comes back in house she forgot something. She says BB will call her when it’s time to go. Jessica really worries Cody’s actions will ruin her game.Jessica asks Cody about his dream. CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO DR. HG start to hug her. Cody asks Jess if she wants to go say good luck.
10:58 AM BBT Christmas leaves house and will be spending the night in hospital. The surgery is supposed to last 3 hours.
11:00 AM BBT Cody tells Jess she isn’t miss sunshine. She never sees the silver lining. She is offended. She says viewers have seen her talk about silver linings all the time he just doesn’t listen. Alex and Kevin in LR with jason. Jason talks about his shows and how they work. Cody and Jess talk what needs to happen when he is gone.PAUL PLEASE GO TO THE DR.Jason discusses bullfighting. Jason talks about Olie being on TV. Olie had to poop on who is going to win the election.
11:15 AM BBT Jessica and Cody discuss what you would tell her kids about life and discipline.
Jason talks about his hospital stays. How a local woman had him ready for rodeo in only 2 weeks. Alex does skate exercise. By door. Kevin talks sports when he was kid.Jessica talks about a homeless person attack she saw. Fish flash for a moment.Feeds return to the LR with Alex and Ramses on couches. More talk about exercising. HG MUST REMAIN AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM. Raven goes to SR. Cody says how much he loves the beach.PLEASE STOP SINGING. Jess asks him about his surfing. When he goes but he admits he is a crappy surfer.Kevin tells Jason about WWII history.The best sportsmen in history. From boxing to horse racing.The other HG convince Kevin to list the best boxers throughout history.
11:30 AM BBT Paul comes out of DR. He wants to finish out the french toast mix before it goes bad. He asks the other HG if they will eat it. Matt really needs the clippers.Paul says they may get them but it can mess up continuity of the show. They joke about if Paul is going to do the haircuts. Kevin sings a Ramses song. Ramses is in love but he doesn’t know it. FISH fly and when they return Ramses laughs you got in trouble. Kevin goes into famous football players and games. Jess and Cody cuddle in Apple Room. DOM PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Paul is miffed there is no bread to make French toast. MARK PLEASE GO TO DR. Kevin and Matt continue football talk. Matt asks Paul what sports Arminia plays. He says Chess wrestling and soccer.Then he adds any kind of yelling. Cody talks about Turkey Iraq and the Triangle of death. HG MUST REMAIN AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM.
11:45 AM BBT Jessica tells a joke and Cody doesn’t laugh. He tells her she isn’t funny. Cody wants to tell a story but can’t mention his name he didn’t sign a release. Ramses shaves Kevin’s neck. Kevin talks to camera doing an infomercial with Ramses. Does a dance invites everyone to watch Dom’s show tonight. KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC.KEVIN PLEASE STOP SINGING. He asks if he was singing he doesn’t remember.He must be losing his mind.HG gather in KT. Paul is tempted to shave the sides of his head but promised his barber he would grow it. Paul and Kevin head to HOH. Paul questions Kevin. He had a talk with Christmas and Dom. They think Kevin is sad. Paul says our plan is working. They feel they should bring Kevin into their plan. Paul says he saved his butt because they felt he was getting too close to Ramses.
12:00 PM BBT. Kevin and Paul continue to talk in the hoh room . Paul is stressing the importance about the vote thing tomorrow. Paul tells Kevin nobody can know..Paul says Jason still thinks it was Ramses. Paul said we need to do this together, THese people are stupid. They think Kevin is just the old guy.. Kevin told Paul his word is his bond. Kevin said if they want to talk they go to play chess. Paul said we don’t need to talk ..Kevin is glad that people think he doesn’t know how to play this game. Kevin said him his wife and kids are coming to Paul’s for thanksgiving. Paul is feeding fish. Kevin left hoh room. Cody is taking a shower. Jessica is washing her face. Kevin is at the sink in bathroom area.. Kevin , Matt, and Ramses are making small talk in kitchen. Alex and Raven are cooking. Dom asked if Paul is up in the hoh room. Matt said he would let her know. Matt is in the hoh room..said he has to make a poop. Paul is washing his hands in hoh room. Cody just got out of shower, and Jess said you look great! Paul left hoh room and is in kitchen. Raven says…”what can I say..southern bells can cook. Kevin asked whistle nut if he likes Rave music. He started to hum. Kevin and Jason making small talk about sleep. Kevin tells jason he doesn’t know what he is doing here, he is not a good game player. Kevin says he forgot more than these people will ever know. Kevin says Paul for his age is very intelligent. Jason agrees.
12:15 PM BBT Josh comes into room with Jason and Kevin. Josh is saying if he wins hoh room, he wants to see his family. Jason said I need to win hoh so I can get off this slop and f’ing costume. He tried to wash the costume last night and they stopped him. Jason and Kevin are talking about conan movie. Paul told Kevin he needed to get the pickle cup for Josh. Josh said f you. Alex said this rice is good but it’s spicy as f dude. Jessica is in the bathroom putting on her make-up. Cody is just sitting next to her with his feet on lily pad. Dom said she is going to make eggs. Dom and Paul are cooking eggs together. Paul asked if she wanted seasoning..she said what seasoning? Paul said pepper, garlic..Dom said yes. Kevin and Jason are talking . Kevin told Jason you’re safe for a couple weeks. Jess is next. They are numbers and jury. Kevin said thank god for mirrors..Alls they do is walk around and stare at themselves. In the washroom Jessica is applying make up and has slipped Cody her number on a piece of toilet paper.
12:30 PM BBT In the kitchen they are taking turns singing bits and pieces of songs. BB calls out to Paul and Josh specifically. Kevin lies on the couch in the living room, Cody still with Jess while she does her makeup says he is a marine and Marines don’t give up or retreat. Jason has joined the living room area lying on his lily pad talking about birthing stories of animals. Ramses joins them in the living room and sits to listen. From the bathroom you can hear loud talking from the Kitchen, Paul sharing stories. Matt enters the Wr to use the facilities doesn’t say anything and leaves after washing his hands. Mark joins the living room where they are now talking about Paul’s Halloween party. Kevin says when they come by to visit his house he has a pool table and liquor.
12:45 PM BBT While Kevin talks about what exit to take to get to his house feeds cut. Jason tells how he is 3 hours east of the dead center of the US. They he talk about his travel with Bulls and they types of bulls. Jessica has taken ½ her V toad costume off to finish getting ready. They are talking about TV shows and Netflix seasons. Mark comes in to use the facilities and brush his teeth. All conversation in WR has halted. Jason comes hopping in to use the RR, asking if anyone was in RR, Jessica says yes they talk about the v toad outfits and the candy crush comp. Jessica is fixing her hair. Mark continues with ADL’s the V toads of Jody hop on out the Wr. In the Kitchen Josh, Dom, Paul, and Matt sitting at the bar, Alex alone at the table, Ramses Kevin Raven Dom and Mark are standing around doing different things. V toads have shown up in the Kitchen. The discussions are about movies. Raven says she is making a SLop cake for Jason for B day celebrations.
1:00 PM BBT Movie conversation continues mostly scary movies or past “history” like Blair witch projects, about Sharks and Jaws. Jason is layin on his lily pad in the living room. Paul says that water is something he doesn’t mess with as it’s something you can’t control. Paul talks about being flipped in a double wave. He doesn’t surf unless he is with friends, he has crazy friends who surf at night with a full moon. Alex joins Jason in the living room she feels people are being too chummy, Jason says “he” deserves to relax a little bit. Kevin walks by and asks what Alex is doing eating Cady he thought she was on a diet. She says no like when she is eating the times not what. He heads into Sr and she makes a negative comment. Jason hollers to the Kitchen about smelling the slop cake. Alex has a watermelon on her lap puts her shirt over it and teases about being Prego. She heads back to the SR to get more food. Jason is alone so he begins talking to the Cam as soon as Alex is back it moves back over to a wider shot. Alex shares with Jason she can’t wait to get Jessica and Ramses out. They feel she is too flip floppy.
1:15 PM BBT Alex says Jess showed her cards last night by running straight to Paul the 1st sign of trouble, She really wants Ramses out. They feel it was either Elena or Ramses who got the 25,000 ( it was Kevin) they head to the Green room where Kevin is laying on bed. They talk about how they are keeping track of the days. They feel Josh is as Dumb as he looks, they talk about him. Kevin tries to share that the other side thinks he is dumb. Alex tries to explain how she thinks Ramses got the money. How she thinks it was thrown and how he threw it. They talk about the Show tonight with Dom the dominator. In the kitchen they have discovered a leak under the sink. Jess says if I’m going to be a plumber I have to do it the right way and pulls her pants down to show the crack. Looks like Jess has tightened it enough for it to stop.
1:30 PM BBT In the Green Room Mark Jason Alex and Kevin are talking about some of the comps on past BB’s. Mark said Jillian went home on day 17 Kevin corrects him and says no it was day 17. Kevin says last Friday was when they put their monkey suits on. Kevin says they put it on July 8th. Kevin says Cody told him last night he lied about his age when he came into the house, he said he did it because he thought it was better for his game. Kevin says I am really only 21, all my tattoos are fake, he starts laughing. Jess and Cody have made their way to the HN room and cuddling on the floor. Mark is telling about when a guy was arrested and went into life in prison but had tattooed the escape route to the prison but he dies before he escapes, Wentworth?. Jess n Cody discuss how awesome it would be if there is a battle back and if Cody had to face him and wins to come back in the game. Jess says when she gets out she better have a message waiting from him. Meanwhile in the green room the conversation has moved on to Kevin winning some money how he shared with the people he was with. They discuss the Canadian border security and feeds cut. When they return Kevin is in talking to Elena in the rose room, giving her the down low of where everyone is and that Christmas left. Jason is still talking about his DUI’s feeds switch to the Kitchen. Dom, Josh, Ramses, and Raven are talking thinking there would have been atleast a treadmill and or a stair stepper in the house to help with activity and work out. Raven heads to the SR to get meds and returns they are talking fitness still, Dom asks if she’s okay they are both PMSing. Elenda has joined the Kitchen Crew Matt comes out of WR area joins them. Elena is trying to figure out why she is so tired. Raven says that Jessica fixed the kitchen sink with her crack out.
1:45 PM BBT Cody and Jessica are laying together in the have not room on floor. Elena is brushing her teeth in the bathroom talking to Matt while he is using tweezers. No talk between Jessica and Cody just continue to lay together. Mark, Alex are sitting around the chess table. Mark says jason let’s start this birthday game. Jason hopped up to the chess table and has his foot on the lily pad. Mark and Jason are playing a game of chess while Alex watches. Jessica and Cody are laughing. Jessica has her hand over Cody’s mouth. Ramses just came up to the chess table too. Kevin is at the chess table too now. Kevin asked Jason to hand him his cup so that he could see the board too. Paul yelled upstairs for Josh. THey said he is in the room. Paul said call him down so he can drink his pickle juice. Paul poured him a cup. Josh said..I hate all you meatballs, you all suck but I am a man of my word and will do it. Paul is telling Josh to chug it. Josh is gagging..He said it tasted like a bucket of salt. Josh said he never wants to see a pickle again for the rest of his life..And that this sucks..Elena, Mark, Paul, josh kevin, Ramses Jason Alex and Dom matt and raven are sitting around the round table in kitchen..Raven just called the toads.
2:00 PM BBT All houseguests are around the table. Raven has cooked for them and they are all trying it. The sink was messed up, and apparently Jessica fixed it for them. Paul is massaging a knot out of Dominique’s neck. Everyone else is wandering around and chatting or sitting and eating. Apparently Dominique holds all her stress in her shoulders and Paul is working diligently to get the knots loose. He tells her to drink a lot of water to flush the toxins out. Jessica and Cody go to the apple room and are now complaining about what Raven had fixed. Paul and Josh go into the storage room. They talk about Josh needing to play along with the pickle juice, cause people love to watch that on the feeds. Josh comes up with what he wants Paul to drink for a week when he loses the pool bet next week. In the apple room, Jessica randomly stood on her head against the wall as Cody continues to stare out into space.
2:15 PM BBT Now Jessica does a handstand in front of the door to the apple room. She stands up and stretches her arms. Matt asks Dom what her favorite gluten free meal is. Dom tells them about wanting to be a gynecological oncologist, but that she wasn’t married and didn’t have a source of income. She talks about how she loves beauty, skincare, etc. and prayed about what she could go into. They talk about her franchising a Sally’s Beauty Supply. Back in the apple room, Jessica has Cody’s frog costume pulled apart at the chest and tells him that he is her Ken doll. She is sitting on his chest and he is laughing uncontrollably. They sit up and she tries to say the Marine Corps “ooh rah”. He tries to zip his frog costume back up and she says no that he is going to leave it, that she has 24 hours to enjoy his abs, so he will leave it that way. They are leaning up against the blue furniture side by side holding hands. Back at the dining room table, they continue discussing hair care. Dominique is starting a hair care/extension line. She is talking about the branding and doesn’t want to disclose her ideas about it since she is on camera. Back in the apple room, Cody is being silly. Jessica is called out for not having her mic on her shirt. They start talking about death. Only Dom and Elena are still sitting at the dining room table talking about the hair product line. They agree that they could work together and collaborate on some skincare products but don’t want to discuss it on camera. Raven joins them.
2:30 PM BBT Elena is explaining a friend of hers that is in the business.

2:33-2:55 PM BBT Fish
2:55 PM BBT In the HOH room, Mark and Alex are playing chess, while Jessica, Cody, Ramses, Elena, Mark, Raven, Josh, and Dominique are chatting sitting around the room. Paul and Kevin are in the kitchen. Jessica comes downstairs. Paul is cooking. Upstairs, Ramses tells the others about someone in a class of his that is a porn star. They discuss why they go on dates, and the boys are appalled to hear that some women go on dates to get a free meal. In the kitchen, Cody and Jessica are cleaning and sweeping. Elena is pretending to be her alter ego, Makenna. In the kitchen, Cody, Jessica, Paul, and Kevin are discussing restaurants. In the HOH room, Elena says that if she has a podcast or a radio show, she can do her Makenna act. She considers renaming her character. Elena leaves the room to go read the Bible. Raven, Josh, Matt, and Ramses discuss the music they requested if they win HOH. In the kitchen, Jessica is telling the others that she saw another human trying to fix the sink when she looked under it earlier today because the back panel was missing. At first she thought it was a reflection, but then she realized it was another person!
3:15 PM BBT They talk momentarily about Megan. They ask Jason if he is having a great birthday, and he says, “TOADally!” Elena is tickling Paul’s back. They talk about being in Big Brother being a once in a lifetime opportunity, and all of the sudden, Raven slips and falls on the stairs. She says she hit her head and foot and elbow, and is whimpering in pain. Cody and Kevin help her down the stairs. Her foot is bleeding.
3:19 PM BBT – 3:28 PM BBT- Feeds out
3:28 Pm BBT Feeds return Elena and Paul talking about what makes them sick. Jody is in the HN room. Cody comments that Matt certainly didn’t spring into action to help Raven. Jessica asks if he saw what was bleeding, and he said probably her toenail, that she probably hit it on one of the rails. He said it didn’t look life threatening. Jessica comments that it was a lot of blood. She asks if he has any advice about the endurance comp. Josh, Kevin, Jason and Ramses sitting in the living room having general conversation, Elena and Paul in the rose room talking about the bible. Cameras move to the apple room where Kevin and Mark are talking. They are talking about gambling in Vegas. Kevin asks Mark if he is ok, and he says he is. They talk about how some people are asking for something all the time from the DR, but that neither of them don’t. Cody and Jess sit quietly in the HN room. Cody says that Jessica would reject him in the outside. She asks why, and he says that he wouldn’t be as charming on the outside. She banters that he wasn’t charming in the beginning on the inside. “I”m telling you, it’s the eyes,” she comments. In the apple room, Mark and Kevin are discussing how they didn’t reveal their age or anything in the beginning. Back in the HN room, Jessica says that she is trying to keep it out of her mind that she is going to get out of the house and they are never going to speak again. Kevin and Mark are talking about how royally Cody screwed up, and that Cody lied about his age from the beginning. They agree that they give Jason credit for at least trying to get the key to get out of the Have Not room, even though he lost.
3:45 PM BBT Raven comes out of the DR and says that she has to get stitches. She has an ice pack on her head. A doctor is coming later to give her stitches. She says that she is shaken up. They told her to let them know if she gets dizzy. She says that they are going to send them all to the HOH room so they can clean the stairs, and that they want them all to put shoes on. Paul and Elena continue to talk about the Bible and theology in the rose room after asking Raven how she is. Matt helps her out of the room and they go to the storage room. HOUSEGUESTS, PLEASE REPORT TO THE HOH ROOM.
3:50 PM BBT – 4:15 PM BBT Feeds down while HG’s are in lockdown in the HOH, so that Production can clean up the House from where Raven fell.
4:15 PM BBT Feeds are back. Alex has left the HOH to take dishes to the kitchen. She i by herself and talking to herself. She says it is too much for her. People falling downstairs and getting hurt. She washes dishes. Kevin is heading downstairs. Alex says hello to him and he responds back, He goes to the memory wall and stares. He is mumbling to himself as he heads to the SR. Jess and Cody come down to the WR. Kevin and Alex are in the Green Room. Alex says that anyone that puts “her” up is setting themselves up, Kevin tells her that they all know who is going home the next 2-3 weeks anyways, so no worries. Jess and Cody come through on their way to the HN room. Raven and Matt are now in the kitchen. Matt offers to fix her some tea. Raven talks to the cameras telling everyone that she is ok. Nothing that she is not used to. Tells the cameras that she has to have stitches. Matt says that Christmas is going to come back from surgery and be in shock. Raven is upset because she is supposed to be helping take care of Christmas, but says she will hobble around to do so. Matt informs her that he will take care of both of them, Raven says that she cannot stop shaking. Matt says that she will stop eventually. She looks at the steps and is thankful that she did not fall all the way down. She says that she hurts and she will be bruised. She wonders why she is such a klutz. Matt tells her that Dom has slipped down the stairs a time or two. She says that they need to put some of those rubber strips on the stairs. Matt tells her that now she has to sit there and rest and relax. NO cleaning for her. She talks to her mother via the camera and says not to worry, that she is fine. Matt says that he will take care of the little gypsy. He says it has been one heck of a season. Matt hurts his finger, Christmas breaks her foot, Dom has hurt her quad,and Megan’s breakdown, that it will make one heck of a season.
4:30 PM BBT Jason comes into the kitchen and joins Matt and Raven. They remark that Production may have to get a babysitter to make sure that no one else gets hurt. They laugh. Jason asks where everyone is at. Mark joins them. Jason then moves to the Green Room. Kevin tells him to enjoy his birthday because it is all downhill from here. Kevin tells Jason that when he goes to a bar to drink to not talk religion, to not talk politics, and to not arm wrestle. The cameras switch back to Raven and Matt in the kitchen. Matt asks if she was told not to do anything until the doctor gets there to put in her stitches, She says yes. She is not used to people caring about her and being worried. Matt says then she should not make it where people like her and he smiles at her. Matt then tells her a story about a time in college that he was drunk and a cop came up to him with a German Shepard. He asked the cop if they could move away from the dog because it scared him. He looks over later and sees his friend Shep in handcuffs. His friend had come to get him, but he was drunk too, so both spent the night in jail. In the HN room, Cody asks Jess if he has a rash on his back. She gets up and skips out of the room to go get some lotion to put on him. Matt walks with Raven to the bathroom. He walks her back to the kitchen and sits her down at the counter. Raven is called to the Diary Room. Matt walks with her. He heads back to the kitchen, where Kevin and Paul are now. Paul asks Kevin if he has tried Paul’s Puppy Chow. Kevin says not, but that he will. Matt asks when they restock. Paul says tomorrow.
4:45 PM BBT Matt says that he is going to clean out ‘fridge and restock with the items from SR before they restock. Kevin says good idea and he will help. He asks Matt when he wants to start and Matt says now. Paul is making chicken and brown rice. Kevin is eating a bowl of cereal. Kevin asks Matt if he has an apartment. Matt says yes and comments about keeping it clean. Matt is pulling food out of the ‘fridge. Anything that is bad he is throwing out. Matt says, “Damn, we have 2 girls that have gone home and 2 girls injured.” Paul jokingly says, “Plan initiated. All guys alliance.” Alex and Mark come in the kitchen and asks Paul what he is making. He says chicken and rice for Raven. He then remarks that he may make some Thai Peanut Rice. Paul asks Matt if he would chop up some garlic and rice. Paul and Matt go to get more food from the SR. Jason asks if Mark is going to eat the steak that is in the SR. MArk says no, it is brown and the sell by date was 3 days ago. Kevin asks Matt if he is done with the ‘fridge. He says no, that there is more to do. Kevin begins to help clean out the ‘fridge while Matt is chopping up the onion and garlic that Paul asked him to do. Raven is back from Diary Room. She states that she is not allowed to sleep for a bit, due to her nausea. She says they still need to stitch her up. They were just treating her for a concussion, but no sleeping for 6 hours.
5:00 PM BBT Feeds cut out for a few moments. Up in the HOH, Elena is with Dom, Josh, and Ramses. They are reading the Bible. Josh says he has noticed that Elena is a good person and she is also guarded. He wants to know if that is true and if so why she is guarded. She tells him that she had a similar conversation with Mark where she realized that she is guarded. Ramses is called to the Diary Room. Elena says that since she is radio personality, there is one side she shows to everyone, but the inner her, she shows to very few people. Josh tells her that she needs to give people chances. Dom interrupts and asks Elena why she felt that God wanted her to read about Boaz in the Bible. Dom says maybe she is supposed to be on the lookout for her Boaz. That it might not be who she wants or thought it would be. Josh says that he was guarded when he was in a relationship, but learned that he had to open up. He tells Elena not to be so guarded. He says that he is the male equivalent of Elena. Back in the kitchen, Raven is sitting at the counter while Paul cooks and Matt cleans out the ‘fridge, Production tells Jessica to get back on her lily pad. Raven says that the medic has earned his pay today. Mark says he has earned his pay for the season. Mark pulls something out of the ‘fridge and gets grossed out. He says that the house is disgusting. Paul says that he will help hi a moment. Jess asks Raven how she is doing. She says that the adrenaline is wearing off. She is bummed because she had to throw away her favorite pair of socks. Paul said to just wash them. She says no, Production told her they had to be thrown away.
5:15 PM BBT Matt is still working on cleaning out the ‘fridge, He comes across a pack of ground beef and shows it to Raven. She says throw it away.Someone remarks that the meat went bad because no one put it in the freezer. Someone asks Paul what he is doing. He replies making chicken and rice for Raven, but he made a s**t load of rice because he is also making spicy peanut Thai rice. Kevin is told to put back on his microphone. Alex and Jason are in the living room. Jason is laying on the lily pad with his feet propped up humming. Alex is lying down on one of the couches. Kevin comes in and sits in the floor next to Jason. Kevin goes back to talking about not talking about religion, politics,and arm wrestling. He says everyone has their own opinion and it causes arguments. He says when they started talking religion upstairs that is why he left. Jason tells of a time when some guys came up to his wife while they were at Walmart and were hitting on here with him right there. Kevin then talks about his knees cracking. Back in the kitchen, Paul is still cooking. Raven says she is going to wash her hand She walks to the WR and sits for a moment. She then gets ups and walks to the mirror and stares at herself. Camera switches to the HN room. Jess is telling Cody that people were watching them and would whisper to each other after they saw them. Cody tells her that she is reading too much into it. They are whispering so low that they cannot be heard

5:30 PM BBT In the HN room, Jess and Cody are sitting on the lily pad. Cody is not wearing his frog suit. Jess asks him if something was the first night that she slept in the same bed as him. Back in the kitchen, Paul gives Raven a taste of what he has been cooking. Josh comes in and asks Raven how she is and asks for a hug. She says she is good and she gives Josh a hug. Raven tells Paul that what he cooked tastes perfect. Jason comes in looking for pickles. Raven tells him to look in SR. Raven hobbles to Paul and begins to fix her some food. Paul puts rice on her plate and tells her to try the chicken and rice together. She does and tells Paul that it is comfort food and it is just what she needed. She heads into to the living room and sits on the couch next to Matt. Alex is still lying on the other couch. She is curled up, not moving, and wearing sunglasses. Production says, “No napping house guests.” Kevin and Mark talking about some game. Kevin says to use paper towels instead of aluminum foil. Kevin asks who ate all the chicken. Paul says that the chicken was made for Raven. Paul comes and sits by Raven. He is asking about the rice, She gives him a bite and he says it is good. Kevin is telling some story about Houdini and Raven asks why they are still talking about that. Paul asks if he is sure if Kevin is not meaning Mussolini. Kevin says Mussolini was killed in the streets by the townspeople. Kevin then asks Raven how she is really doing. She says that she is sore and that she appreciates how quick Kevin was to grab the paper towels to wipe up the blood. She gets up to take her dishes to the kitchen. Someone asks her about walking. She says she can walk and they will stitch it up later, it is just sore.
5:45 PM BBT Josh is drinking from a gallon jug and dancing around the living room. Ramses is getting some food. Alex is moving around now. Ramses heads upstairs. Ramses comes in the HOH and says that someone is going into the room one day and they will be naked. Raven says no,but she is going to check out her rear in the mirror. She comments from the bathroom that she is black and blue. She says that the adrenaline has worn off, so that she feels the pain now. Dom tells her that she might want to sleep in the HOH room tonight. Raven says that it is cooler downstairs though. She says that she will have to have 8-10 stitches. She says she cut it really bad. It is cut wide open. She is concerned about competing. She is talking about how both Cody and Matt were there for her. She says when they realized that she was bleeding, Cody just picked her up and carried her to the Diary room.
6:00 PM BBT Dominique said that you are not allowed to work out Raven said that matthew just took out the old food Elena said that she hurt her foot last night as well Raven said that they told her that she had to toss her pink socks Raven said that her mom is gonna freak out that she got hurt Raven said that Paul is a sweetheart cooking Rice and Chicken Dominique said that i was terrified and Paul saw the whole thing Raven said that her foot hurts Raven please be careful Raven said that they are slippery and that’s how i fell Elena asked are you eating pickles and condiments Raven said thank you cody for carrying me Kevin please put on your microphone matthew is in the apple room doing push ups Alex pleases go to the DR Paul said that he never eats junk food Paul is talking about his Vapor Elena said that i am already doing it i am standing here Ramses said i am going to let you do these
6:15 PM BBT Elena said that she woke up at 1:40 AM and that there was no coffee cups clean anywhere Cody and Jessica are talking Elena and Jessica are talking about the Equinox building Dominique is working out Elena said that i would hope that people would want to follow me Elena said sorry about your shirt mark Ramses asked Kevin how his workout was Elena said that somebody smells good is that you Cowboy walk by me several times
6:30 PM BBT Ramses said Elena do you want me to swap out Elena said hey Jason Jason came and gave her a hug elena said that dirty sinks sicks her out Elena said that she used to work at pier one when she was in college Dominique please go to the DR Matthew is making coffee Josh is doing pushups Paul is in the kitchen putting food away Matthew and Raven are in the SR Raven please go to the DR Raven said hey paul can you set that on the counter for me Raven said maybe i am going to get my stitches right now Ramses said that your house is probably different colors Elena said that she collects Coffee cups Ramses said that it sounded like Christmas came back
6:45 PM BBT Elena is drying dishes to put it away Elena said she gets excited about the vanilla protein Matthew is eating Ramses said what time it was Elena is saying what day it was Dominique is working out Elena said i couldn’t do it alone man Matthew is talking to Elena Elena said that she lives with her parents right now
7:00 PM BBT Alex is talking about her Ex Boyfriend who gave her a ticket to thailand Feeds cut out Feeds returned Kevin is in the SR Kevin said i think that my girl’s is watching Dominique is doing her hair Kevin was singing Jessica is talking to Cody Paul is making Spinach and eggs Kevin said they almost killed me for tomorrow workout Kevin said that Alex is going to be on survivor Kevin said watch the show
7:15 PM BBT Kevin asked if Raven is back yet i have never saw anybody put stitches on there foot Kevin is telling us what shirt that he is going to wear tomorrow kevin said what do you have on your face to alex Alex said it’s a Face mask Alex said she brought it from amazon Kevin said why didn’t i bring in a face mask Kevin said he is going to wish my mother and my mother in law a happy birthday on the live show Kevin said what are you suppose to do with it Alex said you wash it off Alex said i feel like an aviator Jason is reading the bottle of the facemask Alex said is there horse shit in it Alex said that we need to come up with a game plan Alex said look at my skin i am 100 years old
7:30 PM BBT Jessica said that i have never been treated the baby of the family Jessica said that she don’t like Fish Cody said that pork chops are $1.00 in Iowa Ramses please put on your microphone Jessica is telling a recipe Alex and Jason are talking about the votes Alex said do you remember the plan we had before Alex is trying to come up with a key word Ramses has a suitcase Matthew please go to the DR Alex please stop that Alex said but i need my glasses Alex said that it has to be something funny Ramses is rubbing Elena Back Raven said that they couldn’t numb it so i felt everything Matthew said she didn’t cry Raven said that she was screaming Raven said that she has been thru stuff way worse Raven said that it was a lot of pain i’m not going to lie about and that it hurt really bad Raven said she can’t feel her foot and she has to take Antibiotics Raven said do you wanna Elevate your foot or anything Kevin said that the tooth akes won’t go away
7:45 PM BBT Kevin said that they put on the bluetooth as loud as they can get Kevin said at my house i do towels all the time Elena and Raven are eating ice cream together Raven said that she couldn’t get her foot wet Raven asked Matthew to carry her to the bathroom she couldn’t feel her foot they numbed it Paul is talking about his friend seth that he is a guitar player Elena is telling Josh how to mop Raven asked if there was anymore left and she wanted more Raven said matthew carrying me everywhere i think i will be ok Raven said that they couldn’t numb it because of the spot that it is in Elena put Raven Sock on her foot
8:00PM BBT Kevin, Raven, Mark and Elena in living room chatting. Paul and Dom in HOH room. Raven says she is gonna need some wine after all of this. She said she bled so bad while she got her stitches. Raven asks for a blanket and they ask if she wants to get in bed and she says no. Paul says he is tired and Dom says he still has to go on her show at 10. Jason and Kevin talking in Green BR. Jason asks if Ramses is trustworthy at all and Kevin says he is when his life is on the line. Jason asks if this week if they should kick out Jess or split up the other girls. Kevin says they should at least put her up. Jason and Kevin agree that Alex is a good player. Ramses joins living room group. Kevin choosing outfit for tomorrow. Matt holding Raven in his lap. Cody and Jess playing chess.
8:15PM BBT Matt says the veto comp where Elena was eating the airline food had to be the main part of what was shown on tv because it was so funny. They are talking about the sweaty guy that laid on them during the comp. Alex is carried through the house and is screaming to be put down. Cody helping Jess to be a better chess player. Josh says they would all get drunk fast if they had alcohol. Jason ironing shirt and Kevin helping.
8:30PM BBT Mark, Elena and Alex in bathroom talking. Mark talking about Jess being annoying and says he wants out of the house bad. Alex says she is just trying to get sympathy. Elena said she missed all of that happening. Elena putting on makeup Mark says she doesn’t need it and is a natural beauty. Kevin enters bathroom and asks if Mark is gonna ask specific questions tonight. Alex and Jason talking in Green BR. Kevin says Alex could beat him up. Jason wishes he had starch to iron. Cody gets called to DR. Cody says his frog suit gave him a rash. Jess yelling downstairs to ask Raven about her getting stitches. Cody returns from DR and is back upstairs playing chess with Jess.
8:45PM BBT Josh talking in Green BR about getting angry with Cody and wondering what he will do about his speech. Kevin is getting Josh as an audience member to Dom’s show to ask Cody if he would have acted the same way as he did if he knew where it would get him. They say Jason should ask about Alex’s dress and she calls him out for that being racist. Alex tells them she used to beat up boys. Paul gets called to DR. Jessica tells Cody she has knots in her stomach.

9:00PM BBT Jess thinks she will be sick thinking about tomorrow. Jess asking pros of idea, Cody says it is a last ditch maneuver and it is the only thing he can do to try to stay. Jess says what would be the pros to keeping him. He says he honestly does not know, he says he is going home tomorrow. Cody says they have talked about making waves. They go downstairs to the have not room to talk. Cody gets called back to DR. Kevin tells America to watch Dom’s show tonight and there will be audience participation starting at 10:00. Green BR group talking about what they do on New Years. Elena in bathroom fixing hair talking to Dom. They are talking about Elena’s relationship with Mark. Elena decides she is gonna ask Mark what his plans are post-show. Jess is going into Green BR to talk to that group. Dom is prepping questions that can be asked to Mark about his relationship with Elena. Elena turning side to side to see if you can see her boobs through her shirt sleeve (you can). Paul says he is going to sleep as soon as it is 10:00. Mark gets in shower.
9:15PM BBT Kevin is getting dressed for the show. Cody returns from DR and him and Jess go into have not room to talk. Matt gets in trouble for sleeping. Matt helps Raven get to bathroom. Elena says her pants cost $215. Kevin trying to finalize outfit for the show. Matt making fun of Elena because her shirt is see through. Cams zoom in on her boobs. Elena dry shaves her armpits in the bathroom. In Green BR they are practicing singing happy birthday to Jason. Elena is asking Mark is what is wrong with her shirt and Mark tells her she knows what it is. He says she just wants him to say her chest looks good. She says she does not know what is wrong with it and she has worn it out in public. Jess enters bathroom. Jess says she wishes they could have gum.
9:30PM BBT Jess and Elena talking about make up. Jason sings and production asks him to stop. Josh in bathroom with Jess alone and they are not speaking at all. Kevin preparing apple room for show. Kevin telling cameras that Ramses will be on the show tonight. Jason calls Cody into apple room to sit down. Cody says he is gonna be truthful tonight because he has nothing to lose at this point. Cody tells Paul that he told Christmas everything. Alex, Paul and Cody want to start the show now. Cody talks about his time in the air force, said he switched to the marines because he wanted to kill Taliban. Alex and Paul realize Cody is 32, not 27.
9:45PM BBT Kevin comes in and says it will be 7 minutes. Paul talking about benefits of having a rep to set up meet and greets. Cody is asking lots of questions about how that works. Kevin and Ramses help Raven into apple room. Elena picks her up and carries her. Paul talking to them about being verified on social media. Jessica is now interested in hearing about being reached out to after the show. Alex is waiting and is up first to be on the show. Show is starting and Kevin announces 3 guests tonight.
10:00PM BBT Kevin starting the show he’s announcing Alex, Ramses and then last Cody. Paul’ says he wants to change the order I’m Guessing he is sleepy and wants to see Cody before he goes to bed. Dominique comes out and starts talking about her and Jason’s Birthday and her guests. They say that Jason is in the DR, but everyone is watching in the lounge. Alex is announced and she Says that a fun fact about her is she is an designer. She loves Coca Cola but she gives it up each year for lent. Saying she drinks between 4-6 cans daily out of the house. She says that she works out about 1-½ hours daily. She talks about her second stint on the block. She says she has one vote for sure and says that it’s Jason. She then talks about some of the clothes she has made but that some of the clothes were confiscated for being too risqué. She says she has a website but not too much stuff ready already. She talks about a lot of the people getting along and it’s not too bad. Then they bring up Meagan and the panda thing. Alex says she works for a cleaning supply company as a customer service rep and she use to work at marketing for NYC restaurants. She says after BB she plans on going back to work and will possibly travel a bit. They make fun of how much she eats and that she has a high metabolism.
10:15 PM BBT Alex says that she wants a miniature pony after the show. She says her Instagram is itsalexowhey if your looking for her online. They take a quick break between Ramses. He says he is a full time student and he was raised in the Dominican republic. He talks about cosplay and they fast go to the feeling about him being in the house. He says Alex looks like 17 and really sweet and demure but she’s a real badass. Dominique asks who he thought won the 25,000 he says he has his thoughts. She asks how he feels about being on the block, she asks if he’s been campaigning? He says not really he just hopes his personality would help. They talk about his trying out on the open calls and that people should be themselves because you never know what they are looking for. He says he’s never had a boyfriend because he had just shared it with his brother and he’s totally open about it now. He says post show he wants travel that he wants to be a Spanish teacher and learn about other cultures. He talks about why he waited to come out , mostly his religion. He says he wants a family and get married and Is excited about the future.
10:30 PM BBT Paul asks him about cosplay and his favorite costumes and characters. He says that slop and being a have not is so intense. He says he thought that slop was like oatmeal and no it’s not. He said that it really takes a large toll on his body. Now onto Cody!! His fun fact is handcuffs with a bobby pin like he said in his intro. He says he knew jessica was going to be problem because he didn’t wanna be in a showmance. He says that he didn’t like Paul from the beginning. He said he was loud and brash. She says that he’s a comp dominator and he tries hard to do his best and he was trying to get Paul out because he didn’t give him a bracelet. He said he wanted Meagan out because he didn’t like her. Dominique wants to know why he didn’t like her and he says socially she was horrible and that she said “I hate marines”. She brings up his HOH and about the teams that were forming. He says that he just wanted to beat Paul. She asks if he thought he was doing good by keeping his game private. He says he won’t say. She asks how he thinks he’s going home and he says he won’t campaign against Alex. He has mad respect for Alex, jessica and Raven. He says he knew that he was getting back doored this week. He says he knew this was going to happen last week. He spills his whole game. He says he’s not sorry for what he’s done and that he’s always going to take risks. He says that he feels like jessica is being shunned because jessica is loyal to him and that she knew nothing about his game. He says that the others all jumped ship. Cody says that one or two people knew his moves at all time. Mark calls him out and says what moves over and over and Cody won’t Answer. Josh asks him questions and he says he won’t answer his questions and that all questions about him and Jessica are private.
10:45PM BBT Mark asks him about jessica not being knowledgeable about his game but others were so he is trying to throw others under the bus. No answer given he refused and then they talk about his lying about his age. He says he came clean because he has nothing to lose. She asks about his faith and what’s important he says his family. He says that he only owes jessica an apology for dicking up his game and no one else. He talks about being a have not and the frog suit. The shows over but they say Happy Birthday and Kevin thanks everyone and say it was very exciting.
11:00 PM BBT Cody and Jessica leave the room and the rest get up and leave. A few left in the room and mark is clearly so miffed Dominique says that it looked like he was trying to throw matt and mark under the bus without saying names. Kevin says he feels bad for Jessica but he knows that she had to know what was up. Matt, Raven and Paul in the bedroom talking about Codys interview. Paul says he is not going on the show and he didn’t like the line of questioning not only game but also calling Ramses out on his sexuality. Matt says that the whole thing was just so weird. In the lounge jessica and Mark talking about why He was shunning Jessica and he mentions how she said that the line was drawn in the sand. Dominique pops in and says she wants to talk to them when they are thru. She says on a friend to friend level you have been ignoring me. He asks what did you and Cody plan on accomplishing by that interview. He says that if Jess and him plan on starting over, Cody needs to tell Paul what he was talking about because he is making him look bad. Jess keeps crying about being a victim. Mark says that he didn’t think she knew but why is he saying stuff like this all of a sudden.
11:15 PM BBT Mark says she has spoke to others but he has never spoke to him. He asks her again if she knew what he just said. She says she is not lying and is being everyone’s scapegoat. She says he will look back later and won’t like that he didn’t trust her. She says it’s not just game to her that she really took it all so personal. She says that no one looks at her and she feels so horrible and is literally alone. He says he wants to just start over. She says she appreciates that and that cody game was horrible. Mark says that he wished Cody had never been HoH and that this had never all happened. In the bathroom Dominique and Cody and Jess, thanking them for being in the show. She says that she only asked stuff that was collectively wanted to be asked. Jessica hops to the have not room alone and looks to be getting ready for bed. Cody walks in and she asks if he went upstairs and told Paul? He says yes is she alright? He asks her if he has lost her. She says that mark will flip because he and Paul are too close for him not too. She says she doesn’t know what to do or say anymore and they just look at each other. (All cameras on them so I don’t know what’s up in HOH ) she starts crying and asks what Paul said. He says that he told him that mark knew that he was going after him. He said that Paul said that he verified stuff that he kinda knew.
11:30 PM BBT Jessica says that she will feel so much better when she leaves this house. They said that it looked really bad that mark got mad and Cody said that Paul agreed. Jason comes in and asks if he goes against how they want him to vote is jessica will go with him. She says she definitely will. Jason says that Paul is scared to death and that mark just screwed himself up. Cody tells Jason to follow Jessica’s intuition because she can see stuff like a mile away. Cody tells Jason to get Mark and Dominique on the block because they are such threats. Jessica asks who Jason is going to vote for, Jason says he feels he has to vote out Cody and they both day vote out Ramses. Jason says he doesn’t have the numbers and he promise Alex he wouldn’t. Jason explains why he is staying away from them recently and that he is sorry that it’s happening. He promises Jess that if he wins HOH he isn’t putting her up.
11:45 PM BBT Jess tells them that Mark is going to stop treating her like the plague come morning. Jason says he wants to win or go home now he doesn’t care about Jury. jess continues to prepare for bed as they have this conversation. Jason has a rash from the costume and heat and it’s driving him crazy. He tells jess stay calm he is going to try to win and keep her safe. Jason shares that Kevin can’t stand Josh but he is trying to keep him focused on the threats and the girls who do nothing. Feeds swap to HOH room where Paul, Dom, Matt and Mark are at. Paul says please don’t be offended but some of those questions were off the wall. Dom and Paul discuss what may have been said with Christmas. Cody told Paul that he should talk to Christmas and that Kevin and Jason were whispering in the storage. Paul said that it looks that Cody was trying to create doubt in some people’s minds and based on some of the questions asked it looks like the outsiders might have taken something back with them that they didn’t get. They say that it maybe different that Christmas might not share the information. Paul says that he feels like she will. Paul says that he does not think game play should be discussed in front of everyone. It should maybe stay on a one on one basis. She thinks maybe she should have thought about why he agreed to come on the show. Paul says he is gunning for the HOH so they have to worry about if he has swayed from the plan. Dominique says that Alex told him not to mess this up because they need to get this HOH.

Check Back Later…. To be continued…

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