Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th

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12:00 AM BBT Cody, Jessica, and Matt resting in Rose room, other HGs are chatting in the green room. Eyesight or hearing. Alex says hearing, mentioning that she could feel the bass. Paul asks Josh what blind people dream about if they’ve never seen before. Josh says that that convo is gumpy ‘cause he wants him to screw up. Paul tells Josh that it’s gumpy when he talks directly into his mic. Josh admits that he’s only masturbated in the house once. Paul says that it’s not good for your prostate to masturbate once in 49 days. Mark says that the last time he masturbated was 3 days ago. Paul talks about the terms, gumpy and meatball. Josh says that he likes boys. HGs laugh, and Josh corrects himself and says that he likes the term, boys. Paul tells Josh that he’s never met someone like him, and likes hanging out with him. Josh says to Elena that she’s a one-of-a-kind, then says that he’s met someone like her.
12:15 AM BBT Christmas says that they had 4 timeouts in 2 days. From the bathroom, Raven screams “Matthew!” In the green room, Paul says “here we go.” Raven accuses Matthew of messing with her hair extensions. The conversation goes to drag queens. Raven enters the GR, looking for her “weave.” Paul jokingly accuses Josh of taking it. Kevin helps her find it.
12:30 AM BBT The convo goes to the Haunted House temptation comp, then the goodbye messages that they’re filming right now. BB says that they are not allowed to talk about production. Paul says that that button must be screwed up by now. Jason jokes around Mark. Paul wonders where they found all these people. Kevin says that they found him with the Department of Corrections. Josh wonders why they keep them up ‘til 3am. HGs say that Matthew has been hiding the eggs. Christmas shouts from the GR to the KT that Kevin wants more chuck than slide. Raven walks in, talking about her goodbye message to Jessica, bringing out cat ears.
12:45 AM BBT Jason gives Kevin a sandwich. Kevin shares it with Paul and Christmas. Alex recalls that whenever she would pluck her eyebrows, there would be a hair in the center of her eyes. She says that she stopped taking a medication that caused that side effect. The convo goes to when they started drinking (younger than 21).
1:00 AM BBT The convo turns to Mark being catholic, but has stopped practicing and didn’t get confirmed because of stuff going on in his life.
1:15 AM BBT Jason recalls a story when he got punched. In the bathroom, Elena & Christmas are talking. Christmas says that Jessica is taking everything too personal. She says that she’s not going to beg for a friendship. Alex talks about a previous comp, saying how funny it was but they won’t show it all ‘cause it took too long.
1:30 AM BBT Josh asks if everyone else has done DRs. Josh says that he’s going to be the last one. Kevin says that they saved the best for last, the most animated houseguest. In the HN room, Mark & Elena kiss. Elena says that her goodbye message is so funny. Mark asks Elena for a backrub. Josh turns the lights off in the green room. Josh comes back the living room to say that Paul is screaming in his DR. When Paul returns to the GR, Josh recalls what he heard, but Paul asks for re-assurance that they’re voting out Jessica. Alex jokes that if she gets blindsided, she’s gonna be pissed. Kevin and Paul go over the votes. Kevin says that the votes will be 6-2 Jessica. Paul suggests that it might be 7-1. Paul tells Alex, Jason, and Kevin to study. Paul says that he doesn’t trust Matt & Raven at all. Alex says that Raven is getting paranoid, and got on everyone’s nerves.
1:45 AM BBT Paul says to study, if it’s an all-night comp. Kevin says that it’s gonna be easier now that there’s less houseguest. Kevin says that BB will give him an old family photo, ‘cause that’s the only one he could grab. Paul says that his family will give BB newer photos. Kevin tells Alana (his 22-year old daughter), through the camera, to go to bed. In the HN room, Elena is going through the bible.
2:00 AM BBT In the HN Room Elena is flipping thru the bible explaining the chapters to Mark. In the Green Room the conversation is continuing on general subjects. Paul is asking Jason if Gatlin would be afraid of his dogs, Jason tells him NO. Kevin says I am glad I carried the torch for you guys and had 7 kids. Paul says he wants kids someday 2 girls and a boy. Alex says she wants 3 kids as well. Paul is saying he isn’t sure how he would handle having to go into his kid’s school. Josh has come in the room from being in DR. Paul says let’s go to bed buddy. Paul says Good Night They give hugs all the way around. Alex says she wants to scare Paul and Josh in the HOH Room. Kevin is telling her to do it tomorrow night. In the kitchen Paul and Josh are getting drinks to take upstairs to the HOH Room. Mark is in the kitchen with them, Alex walks thru with Josh saying you are up to no good. Alex has run up stairs to the HOH Room. Josh and Paul head up stairs singing the Circus song. They go into the HOH Room trying to figure out what Alex did up there. Josh has decided to talk to the feeders about Today. He says he has been called everything under the sun, he cried some, but he had fun. Paul asks him to turn the TV off. Josh looks at the camera and says Who does he think he is. Paul asks him to turn the light and TV off. Paul says they are going to wake him up early. Josh keeps yelling “ Man shut the f**k up” They request music for the morning. Big Brother tells them they are not allowed to talk about production. All HGS but Elena and Mark are asleep. They were cuddling in Elena’s bed in the HN Room. Mark is now standing over her, giving her kisses. She is telling him about a case she has for her phone that has an extra light on it so when she takes a picture and the flash isn’t bright enough she can use that light. She is telling him how many likes she gets on twitter or snapchat . She says she has 30,000 followers but doesn’t get a lot of likes. Mark is talking but the mics are not picking up his voice, he has it too far down on his shirt. Elena says not everyone in the house likes me as much as you do.
2:15 AM BBT The conversation in the HN Room continues with Elena telling Mark about the last pictures she posted on Instagram and snapchat. She says some of the pictures she posted she can’t talk about on her. She tells him about a singer songwriter she knows in Dallas.
2:30 AM BBT Elena is still telling him about a song he is writing about writing a song, she says it ends with it being a screw you song because the girl messed around on him. Mark is just staring at her, listening to her tell him about the pictures she took. Mark has finally been told by production to move his mic up. Elena says we are probably the only people talking in the house so they are on us. She is talking about the show she use to work on. Mark says he is on Instagram once a week, she tells him she is on it 40% of her awake day. She thinks it is crazy that he is only on it once a week. Mark and Elena leave the HN Room. Mark goes to the washroom Elena heads to the washroom and tells Mark what DR said to her, he says he doesn’t believe that. Mark asks her if she would date someone in the spotlight or out of the spotlight. She leaves the washroom and heads back to bed. Mark is still in the washroom staring into space. He gets up yawning and heads to bed.
2:45 AM BBT He goes into the HN Room, turns off the light and crawls into his bed. Alex has gotten up and does a washroom run. Alex heads back to bed. All HGS are now in bed sleeping or going to sleep.
3:00 AM BBT – 3:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
3:30 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep Kevin gets up goes to the washroom, gets back in bed and puts his stomach wrap on and tries to get comfy so he can fall back asleep.
3:45 AM BBT – 4:45 AM BBT Kevin has finally settled back down and all HGS are now asleep.
4:30 AM BBT Matt is up and heads to the bathroom. Alex gets up, too, and heads to the bathroom. Matt opens fridge and gets some food out. Alex goes back to bed. Matt eats his snack, gets some milk, and then goes back to bed. Kevin seems restless but all other HGs are asleep.
4:45 AM BBT – 7:45 AM BBT  All HGs are asleep.
7:47 AM BBT – Jason wakes up to use WR – goes back to bed.
8:00 AM BBT – All HGs are asleep
8:01 AM BBT – Raven wakes up to use WR – She rinses her mouth out with mouthwash. She goes to the SR to change batteries. She goes back to bed. Matt gets up to use WR. He brushes his teeth. He goes back to bed.
8:15 AM BBT – 9:22 AM BBT All HGs are asleep

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th
9:23 AM BBT – Cody gives Jess a kiss and goes to the SR to change batteries. He goes to the WR. He goes to the kitchen and starts making coffee.
9:23 AM BBT – Cody gives Jess a kiss and goes to the SR to change batteries. He goes to the WR. He goes to the kitchen and starts making coffee.
9:30 AM BBT – Cody, after standing staring at the coffee pot, goes to the storage room to get a packet of oatmeal. He returns to the kitchen and puts his oatmeal in the microwave. When it’s done he sits at the counter to eat his oatmeal. All other HGs are still in bed.
9:45 AM BBT – Cody still sitting at the counter, drinking coffee. He sits back in the chair with his arms folded and just keeps looking around the kitchen. He gets up and goes to the sink with his dishes. And goes to the WR to brush his teeth. Mark comes into WR.
10:00 AM BBT Cody is the only one up and moving around so far this morning. He had his coffee and now going back to bed with Jessica.
10:08 AM BBT BB wakeup call 10:22 AM BBT house guest are moving around getting batteries from SR. BB Josh please put on your mic. Kevin and Jason and ALex talking about dreams and Alex asks what was your dream about? Jason asks Alex if she had a traumatic childhood lol? BB reminding everyone that there are fresh batteries in the SR please exchange your batteries. HN no one moving yet with lights on. Christmas says day 50 what are we going to do today Kevin says he doesn’t know he is just going to keep doing what he does. Christmas asks Kevin how he slept and he said he woke up a few times in the night. Small things make a difference Christmas say to Kevin. Christmas says she is excited to meet Kevins girls Kevin says he in not sure all of them will come out . Christmas says she hopes they like her and Kevin say sure they will they will even like Josh as he walks into the Kitchen lol.
10:30 AM BBT Kitchen Christmas cannot wait to show them how big the scar is on her leg after the show is over they are not going to believe how big it is. Paul walks in and Kevin calls him the Paulinator and Christmas says that does not sound right. Christmas mentioned that BB had to do an emergency lockdown last night as they got too wild. Christmas mentions that it is pretty bad when you have to push back a scheduled show because you have too much to show lol. Kevin asks if Jason is alright? Josh asks Kevin if he wakes up to Pizza and Kevin says now Bacon and Eggs. Christmas says if they have Turkey bacon she would make it. Paul is complaining about his wrist hurting a lot. Christmas is massaging Paul’s right arm just above the elbow. Christmas says her friend has a tool that will work on the sore muscles you can use some lotion and a knife handle to stretch it out. Kevin is watching her and saying does that feel good Paul? Christmas tells Paul not to flex and Jason says that is the first time you heard a woman say that to you lol. Christmas says she had tendinitis so bad that she could not even bend her elbow. Kevin brings his Cocoa butter calling it Coconut butter and Christmas corrects him as it is Cocobutter. Jason says after Kevin says the cocoa butter is from 1917 that it is an antique . Then Kevin reads the directions from the bottle and then the talk does to Ron Jeremy from porn. Jason says he is pushing as hard as he can lol. Christmas say she is using all the tricks she knows to relieve the sore muscle. Kevin is talking about the 50 days of love and explains what it was about and all the groups and bands were there. Grateful Dead were there Jason starts to singing and then BB closes cameras and tell them stop singing.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th
10:45 AM BBT Kitchen Kevin shows that scab on his arm and asks if they want to peal it off and Josh says no but Christmas says she love popping and pulling. Jason says it is as much fun as pulling Porcupine needles out of your arm lol. Paul is still getting his arm massaged by Christmas as she explains what she is doing and where the muscles are attached to the bone on his arm. Chug Chug sounds over the speakers and everyone freezes to listen. Christmas says she is surprised that Josh didn’t join in. Christmas tells Paul to let it rest today. Then the talk switches to All that Ass discussion and what are you going to do with all that ass in those jeans? Make me scream. Matt and Raven are now in the kitchen. Bathroom Jessica is putting on her face/makeup. Jessica yells out Black Eye Peas to the Kitchen question. Paul thanks Christmas for making his arm feel better. Jason says to Christmas Pump the brakes on the that bike. Kevin says he is going to put the Cocoa butter away so that no one thinks there is funny stuff happening under the table lol. Christmas is going to make turkey bacon and Matt says Raven likes it. Christmas rips open the bacon bag and Paul says it sounded like she ripped a good one. She said that she would have been proud of it if she did. Green Room Kevin tells Paul to try and make himself better each day. Kevin says he was told to cut his hair the other day. Paul is singing Baby dog jack down .… song to Alex as to remember the words.
11:00 AM BBT Kitchen Kevin says he goes to In – N – Out Burger to fill up. Something tastes like Ass as Josh made it Paul says. Paul is still singing over and over the Baby Dog Jack down song. Bathroom Cody watching Jess put on her make up. They are talking about what sounds they have heard and when it was and Cody says he does not think there will be any tomorrow. Bathroom is dark no lights on and Kevin comes in and opens toilet room door and it pitch black inside. Jess says they will probably have a lockdown to fix it later. Raven asks Matt what does he think he is doing? She says she wants to take a shower and Matt says no way. BB Matt please put on your mic. Christmas says she did a whole package of the bacon. Raven says she is overly tickless all over so bad she cannot breath. Raven asks if there are any egg and Christmas says there are foe eggs and Raven says she doesn’t like fake eggs and look in the fridge and finds eggs. Green BR Paul Josh and Jason talking with Alex about someone speaking in tongues. Talking about Dom thinking she was a Profit. Talking about the next comp being a real tough one and it is going to be the 28th. Josh says it is hard because they cannot remember what day it is just wake up and drink coffee and go to bed and do all over. Paul saying the Baseball one was the most difficult one he ever did as you have to get everything right before you go on to next one. When it gets down to top 3, not sure if they are going to do a know your house thing without things to study. Especially with the house guest ripping off the apples all the time. Josh said that during Candy Crush he could not get it because he could not think fast enough. Paul says that the ball comp when they had to get the tickets was fun for him. Saying how Ramses was trying to bank it too hard every time. BB Jason please go to DR.
11:15 AM BBT Green BR Paul says he wants to play on the new Candy Crush game. He says to Josh that BB might ask him to to play in BBOTT Josh says he doesn’t know if he would play and Paul says even if they offer you 250k and Josh says Maybe but what about if the had two or three of us in BBOTT and Paul says they would not do that many all stars in BBOTT. Paul say they asks Jose to play BBOTT but he was too nuts for it. That is his character. Josh says that if he was named Jose’ he would get made when they call him JOSE not Jose’ he would get all over them. He was wild and crazy. Paul says someone might have to play the safety comp just to get Cody out. He will either have a 1 in 6 chance so iff he Cody loses he will be out. ANy body needs to take the chance to get him out. Alex they can’t win that Veto we have to win. Josh whispering that guys have to win it and not play it safe about Cody. Deal being made Paul says he is easy to f*ck with very easy to play with his mind. ALex saying he is such an asshole too. He said the words that even if they were in the wrong it is wrong to attack someone. No matter who is wrong the circumstances don’t support it. “It is okay to call Josh fat” Cody was telling Paul. Alex and Paul are talking about how Cody was saying it was not personal attack on Josh it was playing a game. Christmas comes into Green RM with Bacon and offers anyone wants some. Whispering about Cody saying that is was antagonizing when they were push Josh and it wasn’t bullying but it was and it is going to hurt Josh’s family. The body shaming stuff is going to be a crisis for him. Kevin says that he hopes that he does not have any haters after the show and Paul and CHristmas affirm him that he will not have any haters
11:30 AM BBT Green BR Kevin telling a story about a game where someone was yelling at the ref and chases after the ref then there was 8 guys running around not sure if they were all chasing the ref or the guy that was chasing the ref. Kitchen Raven and Matt sitting at table Jason and Cody doing dishes. Back in the Green BR, Raven is in there with Paul & Kevin. They are going over the order of the sounds. Paul whispers to Raven do it the way you want. He also whispers that he would throw it to her. She gives him a kiss on cheek & exits. Christmas comes in. Kevin says that he doesn’t understand why people are against him. He says that when Paul came in, he was the vet, but Paul tried to be fair about the bracelets. Kevin says since then, he has gotten to know Paul & Paul shares his information & he tries. Jason comes in. Paul says that since he is the only vet this season he had no one. He chooses to share the info & hopefully people will ally with him as they have. He said he could have kept it to himself. Josh comes in. Jason is looking for Jess’s friendship bracelet that Paul gave her in the beginning of season. Christmas says. “Good morning Big Brother.” Elena is called to the DR. Jason, Kevin, Christmas, & Paul are talking about the sounds again. When human voices were heard with each sound. Kevin says that he does not think that Jason is the type of person who would kick someone when they are down. Up in the HOH room, Josh is with Raven. Raven is going over her eviction night speech. Raven asks if she can use his shower. He tells her of course. He asks that she bring up her own towel, as Mark used his & did not bring his own. He says that he is mad at Mark for that.
11:45 AM BBT In the Kitchen, Alex & Jason come in. Jess & Cody are there already. Jess comments that she never drank so much coffee before she came in the house. Jason says same. Plus now he plays pool & never played that before he came in the house. Jason says that he will walk back & forth from the bedroom to kitchen for his exercise as well as some push ups, since he cannot go in BY right now. Alex is asking him where his son would be right now. Jason says since it is Wednesday, he would be with his grandma. Cody asks him what they do in his town. Jason says his town is 600 people or so. He says that his dad makes jewelry & stuff. He will weld things, too. In the Green BR, it is Christmas, Kevin, & Paul. Christmas asks what he does with his friends. He says that people either come up & ask them what they do or they leave them alone. Josh enters the room. He tells of a time in a bar. Says that he was talking with a bunch of girls & a guy came over & asked what they do. States that the guy told him after a few minutes, he was scared of him when he first came in. That he looked like a really tough guy. Told him that Paul appeared to be a really cool guy. Christmas tells of a guy who talked to her & admitted that he did not like girls with tattoos. But that Christmas did not represent what he thought girls with tattoos were like. Production tells Mark, Elena, & HGs no napping between 10 AM & 10 PM. At 11:54 a musical horn sounds. Alex & Jason come in to talk about the sound that just played. Paul, Christmas, Josh, Alex, and Jason trying to add to their jingle to help them remember the order of sounds they have heard.
12:00 PM BBT Cody and Jess are in the Apple Rm. Jess says she is worried about him staying in here. She is worried she will not see him again for 50 days. The same time they have been together, they will spend apart. Cody says it will be a good test of their relationship….not that it needs to be tested anymore. After everyone leaves the bedroom, Christmas repeats the jingle outloud many more times to commit it to memory. Jason, Paul, Josh go into HOH Rm where they talk to Raven about identifying the sound…horn? clarinet? Paul says everyone has their own studying method. Raven is doing her hair. Christmas tells Alex in kitchen on how Josh feels as if Raven is taking over his HOH Rm. She keeps taking more and more of her belongings up to the room.
12:15 PM BBT Jason takes a spin on Christmas’ scooter. He tries to tighten up some bolts for her. Cody telling Jess about the conditions he has experienced being in the Marine Corp, and it’s not because of physical strength as to why females should not be in the infantry. General talk in the kitchen among Paul, Alex, Christmas, and Jason. They talk about Mark still being in bed and wonder how late they stayed up last night! Christmas whispering about last night. Christmas wonders if anyone is in the DR since BB won’t open the DR for her. Christmas needs her nerve medicine so that she isn’t in pain. Mark is still in bed.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th

12:30 PM BBT Jess tells Cody she will miss him… He shakes his head in agreement. They seem to be enjoying their time together. The kitchen conversation turns to sports (resulting in broken bones) with primarily only Matt and Kevin talking. Alex asks what was the scariest time of your life. Jason said he doesn’t remember any of it, but the scariest for others was when his head was squashed and he was lifelined to a hospital. Elena joins them in the kitchen. They begin talking about tv shows, and Alex and Elena has their own conversation on what has happened with Mandy Moore. They talk about how Paul entered the house. He has yet to talk to Julie Chen this season, and last year he only saw her 3 times with no real discussion with her.
12:45 PM BBT Kevin came out of the DR. They gave him Epsom Salts to give Josh for a bubble bath. More general chit chat in the kitchen. Paul asks Elena if Mark is like dead. Elena says he wants to get away with sleeping just as long as they will let him. Matt has cooked something to eat and preparing his place at the dining table. Kevin, Jason, Raven and Alex go to Green Rm. Raven is pushing Kevin’s hand cuticles back. Mark emerges from the HN Rm! They greet him with a “Good Morning!” Raven fills Mark in on the sounds that were heard this morning…10 chugs and a clarinet/horn sound. Kevin told Alex and then Jason that he loves them. They are repeating lyrics from songs. Paul, Matt, Josh, and Elena are in the kitchen…Mark joins them before going to the WR and retuns. They continue talking about phone notifications. Paul and Matt says grown men just don’t have anything to talk about and their conversations last only about 45 seconds. Elena and Josh talk to their mothers many times each day.
1:00 PM BBT Alex, Raven, Kevin, and Jason in the Green BR talk about past comps. Kevin mentions how only the 4 “good” girls are left in the house. Jason wants to learn how to do what Alex is doing…pulling out her whiteheads (scratch and then pull it out with tweezers). Raven is still working on Kevin’s hands ending by a lotion massage. In the kitchen, Paul explaining the different feelings between skydiving and bungy-jumping; he has done both.
1:15 PM BBT After Raven leaves the Green BR Kevin repeats all the sounds with Jason. Alex also in the room. Kevin says that he is going to dress up tomorrow because all the ladies dress up for the live shows and he wants to represent the gentlemen by looking nice. Kevin keeps singing and BB repeatedly calls him out. Matt does not like that they must stay awake during the day when there is nothing to do…backyard is closed, etc. Paul, Matt, Elena, Mark, and Raven in kitchen talking about the sounds they are periodically hearing. Paul also complains on how boring it is. He thinks it was later that they became bored last season. All but Elena, Mark, and Paul has left the kitchen counter. Feeds show Mark getting into bed in the Rose Rm where Christmas is sitting. Kevin says that they (Jason, Alex, and himself) need to vote to see if they want to accept Josh back into the room with them.
1:30 PM BBT Everyone remains bored…separated in rooms having their own little general conversations. Josh is called into the DR. Raven is painting her nails at the kitchen counter. Paul pours trail mix into the peanut can and returns to the Green BR. Jess and Cody sit eating chips in the Apple Rm. Jess complains on how many grams of sodium he has eaten in the past few minutes. In the Green Rm, they (Paul, Mark. Jason, Alex, Kevin) talk about how little food they have, but have plenty of hot dogs!! Elena and Raven join them in the Green Rm. Christmas comes rolling in from next door; others thought she was in the DR this entire time. They talk about taking care of each other. Some are cold, tired, misses their mom’s, etc. They talk about how Kevin nicknamed Jason the “ism”….so many of Jason’s stories involve getting it on with women. They inform Kevin on the terms used in purchasing items at a sex store.
1:45 PM BBT Meanwhile in the Apple Rm, Cody and Jessica talk about their lives before each other. Cody talks about his daughter. Cody says Jessica is willing to talk to his ex as little or as much as she feels comfortable. He thanks her for being so understandable. Jessica says she realizes he did have a life before her. Jessica says she has never dated a guy with a kid before. Paul is called into the DR….3 times in a row. Christmas is heard from the SR. Most everyone makes their way to the SR where BB has treated them to new metal water bottles. Christmas complains more about all the vegetarian food they have available. Josh stays behind and talks to Christmas in SR. Christmas says Alex is being nice to Cody just in case she needs him. Christmas says she feels super solid with Alex, Kevin, Paul, and Josh. They will talk later upstairs. Kevin and Alex is back in bed; Kevin says he is nice and content sitting his his bed. Elena is cold…hoodie on and getting in bed. Kevin says she needs someone to cuddle her; Kevin does not feel up to the task right now. Kevin says the BB is a good experience in that you get to meet and get to know different people. Elena has a hard time finding a man who can challenges her. Kevin suggest she look for an older man. Elena agrees.

2:00 PM BBT Jess and Cody are in the Apple Room talking about their lives outside the house before BB. Jess says that sometimes she will just go to Dave & Busters on a random Monday night and go play Mario Kart. They talk about how muscular Cody’s legs. Elena, Kevin, and Raven are in the Green Room talking about what they would normally be doing if they weren’t in the BB house. Raven says that she would be teaching her students and then she would go hang out with her best guy friends. She tells them that she stays the night with him. Kevin is very inquisitive about this guy friend and all about the dynamic of their relationship. He keeps asking about what he looks like and etc about him. Cody and Jess are talking about undergarments like underwear and socks. He tells her that all of his kids will have the same socks so that it is less confusing. She says that she doesn’t want to share socks with anyone. Jess tells him that they are not having kids because he didn’t make the basket. Cody says “oh, I am having kids….you can choose to be a part of the process or not.” He was being sarcastic. Jess jumps on him and pretends to strangle him. They laugh. He says that he is not going to be able to get up for a few minutes now. He tells her that all the guys watching are thinking he is the luckiest guy in the world. Jess says she will have to marry him now because every other guy is going to know she is crazy. Oh just noticed that Christmas is cuddling with Kevin in the bed in the Green Room. They are both wearing sunglasses. She is snuggled up to his chest. Raven and Kevin are talking about a gourmet cupcake place. Elena is lying next to Raven as she describes all of these cupcakes. Elena is on her second week of slop and we all know she is wanting to strangle Raven.
2:15 PM BBT Raven is still talking about herself. Alex, Josh, and Mark are in the kitchen. Josh says he is a lover and not a fighter. Mark says me too! Josh says but if you want a fight then you got it and Mark says me too. Josh heads upstairs with his Epsom salt to take a bubble bath. Matt tells him that he is going to come up stairs to work out in a little bit. Cody comes in the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal. Matt asks him how he got his calves so big and he says genetics. Matt says he can’t get his calves that big no matter what he tries. Cody tells him that he doesn’t even work them out. Cody goes back to the Apple Room with his cereal. Matt goes upstairs to work out in the HOH while Josh showers. Kevin and Christmas are still laying in the bed together. Jason has joined in on the party in the Green Room. Elena is now wearing sunglasses too. Raven is still talking about racing horses. Josh and Matt are in the HOH talking about Mark. Josh says that Mark is trying to be friends with him again. He says that Mark is not loyal that he turned his back on Cody. Josh says that he is loyal and genuine. Matt agrees and says that he has not agreed with all of the things that Mark has done in this game. Josh says that he is just being nice to Mark to keep the peace, but that he has not forgotten how Mark has been. ELENA! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Matt starts doing push ups and Josh get down to his boxers to get in the bath with his music. Raven comes in. Josh tries to get in the bath but he says that the water is too fucking hot. He turns on only the cold water and it is just trickling.
2:30 PM BBT Raven and Matt start discussing who they will put up in the case of them winning HOH. Matt says that there is no reason to worry about that until after the Temptation Comp. Raven says no in case there is a double eviction we will not have time to discuss it. Matt says in that case that they should out up Pawns and try to backdoor Cody and that if Cody wins the safety then they should backdoor Mark. Matt says that if he wins HOH that he wants his target to go home one shot one kill. Raven says that she thinks Paul would be a good pawn. Matt tells Raven that if Cody wins safety that she can put him up against Elena and backdoor Mark. Raven leaves. In the Green Room, Paul and Alex have joined the party. Kevin and Christmas still snuggled up in Kevin’s bed. Paul tells them that they should rent a cabin in the woods away from civilization and just chill. They talk about where they want to go and what they want to do. Matt leaves HOH and locks the door on his way out. Everyone in the Green Room just talking about random subjects. Alex is picking at her fingers. Matt is in the kitchen with Mark and they discuss his work out. Raven is stretching in front of the sliding glass door. She has her legs in a side split.
2:45 PM BBT Raven takes her puff bread into the Green Room to show it off to Paul. Paul and Jason both hold it and everyone thinks it looks awesome. She rips off a piece and gives it to Paul. Kevin, Christmas, Paul, Jason, and Alex discuss hanging out outside of the house. Paul whispers of song to remember all of the noises. Mark comes in and sits down next to Alex. They just talking about random subjects. In the Kitchen, Raven asks Matt if he wants to go to the Apple Room. He says yes and they go in and start going over the sounds and sayings. He tells her to keep going over it in her head. She says she really wants to win HOH. She asks him if he had to do a goodbye message while he was in the DR and he tells her that he told production there was no reason to do one since she was not going home, but that they made him do it anyways. Raven says that Mark said something about a rogue vote this week. Matt tells her that Mark has no idea how many people are pissed at him in the house. He tells her that Josh is and so is Alex. Matt tells Raven that she was having a bad dream last night and he shook her and gave her a little kiss. He tells her that she went back to sleep. He tells her she is so weird. He says only 47 more days to have to be around her. They laugh and she tells him that his life would have been so boring if he would never have met her. He tells her that she bit his beard so hard last night that he was worried she was going to draw blood. Raven says that it will be so interesting to see how Cody will act when Jess leaves. Matt says that if he could throw the comp and just walk out that he would. He would just drive up the street and be with Jess, but he has to go to jury. Matt says so Cody is probably thinking he might as well take out as many of us as he can until he is evicted. JASON! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM!
3:00 PM BBT Alex is giving Mark a manicure in the Green Room. Kevin whispers to Christmas where no one can hear him. He covers his mouth and says something about someone wanting to take her place but that is never going to happen. Most everything else was not audible. Kevin asks Elena when she got so cool. She says she was born this way. Paul joins Matt and Raven in the Apple Room. They discuss if there will be a double eviction this week. Paul says probably next week if they are going to have one. There is a the safety comp this week so there is no way that there will be a double this week. Paul says that he feels good about Alex, Jason, and even Josh. He says that Christmas too but that she can’t really compete. They discuss who to bring to final 5 and 6. They say that the further they get in the game the less comps Christmas will be able to compete in. Paul says that if Cody wins safety this week that they have to put up Mark and Elena together. Paul says that they should not put Cody up and try to backdoor him. He says that Cody will probably try to throw the Temptation Comp if he can’t win and try to be third nominee to ensure he will have a chance to win the Veto. Paul says that Alex and Jason are speculative of Kevin. He says to just leave it alone and let that form on its own. Paul tells them that if they have to he will go up as a pawn but that he doesn’t really want to. Matt says that he would rather be a pawn and doesn’t care from here on out because he at least made it to jury now. PAUL! PLEASE MOVE YOUR HAIR AWAY FROM THE MICROPHONE! Paul keeps saying that Cody won’t win safety this week. He says that he wants to target Cody this week and next week Mark and Elena. Paul says that he is going to leave before anyone sees them whispering. He says that he doesn’t want anyone to start saying something about their trio. Paul leaves. Matt tells Raven that when she wins the $500k she can take him out to dinner one time. Raven starts going over the sounds again.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th
3:15 PM BBT Paul runs into the Green Room and tells Alex, Mark, Christmas, Kevin, and Elena that he though Jess and Cody were in the Apple Room, but he heard Raven laughing so he went in there and it was her and Matt. He said he thought it was Jess, Cody, and Raven with some kind of weird thing going on. They discuss where Josh is. Mark tells Paul that he gave Josh the Epson salt and he is taking a bath upstairs. Paul asks Mark why he did that because he had hidden it from Josh. He asks Mark if he really thinks Production gave that to Josh. Kevin starts asking them what the base state is? What is the sunshine state is? He is shocked that no one knows the answers. Kevin quotes some movie. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE DIALOG FROM MOVIES! Kevin says they just hit the button when I talk no really that is from a gangster movie. Kevin is still quizzing about what is _____ from which state is this. He laughs and says this is for the POV get your buzzers ready. Paul just keeps saying Utah, Utah…even though he knows that is not the answer. He says that Utah is a weird state. Mark tells Alex is nails look amazing. Kevin asks Elena in front of Mark why no one is hugging on her anymore. He tells her that he will hug her later. Alex starts working on Elena’s nails. Kevin tells Paul that Wonder Woman is so sleepy. Paul leans over and listens to see if Christmas is sleeping. He says that it would freak him out if Christmas pops up and scares him. He touches Christmas head and starts singing Christmas Joy! She tells them her nerve medicine makes her so sleepy. ALEX! PLEASE GO TO THE DAIRY ROOM! Paul goes over to Elena and lays her head in his lap. He starts rubbing her head. He tells her she smells so good that her pheromones are awesome. Paul proclaims that he thinks he is so weird. He says that ever since he started collecting human skulls he can’t help but think about what people’s skulls would look like.
3:30 PM BBT Kevin, Paul, and Elena start talking about what they want but can’t have in the house. Paul says a guitar, a 40, and a joint. Kevin says a gallon of sangria and two sleeping bags. Get it? Only two sleeping bags. Kevin says but only the four people in this room can come. Get it guys only us four and two sleeping bags. Paul tells them that he has a prescription bottle of cocaine from the 20’s. Alex comes back in and starts on Elena’s nails again. Elena says that this is her dream life. Kevin laughs and says see after I said something now you are getting all the attention. Alex says that the people watching the cameras are probably thinking what is going on in that room right now. Kevin says we are just chilling. Paul starts telling them all a story. Matt and Raven are still flirting in the Apple Room. Paul tells them that his masseuse is Thai and that he needs to go to Thailand to find a good wife. Josh is talking to camera one in the HOH. He says that he is going to work with Paul, Christmas, Jason, Kevin, and Alex that they have a final 6. He says that this week being HOH has been really eye opening for him. He says watch this and walks out to the HOH loft to mess with Jason and Mark. He says that he could see them talking in the HOH tv and then he walks out and they stop. So he knows that Jason and Mark have something. He says that he is going to keep his 6 close. He says that he hopes Jason can see that Mark is not loyal. He says that Mark is the Ratatouille now, but there is now cheese for you buddy. He watches them have a conversation outside from the HOH tv. He says Jason why are you so stupid. He says he is keeping mental notes on everyone. He says that Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven are black and white to him already. Josh is watching Jason and Mark have a conversation while they are playing chess. The camera spins and we can see that they are in fact sitting there talking about something. Josh says that him and Christmas have final two and that he wants a final three with Paul. He is mad that Jason is talking to Mark.
3:45 PM BBT KEVIN! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Camera 3 goes to Mark and Jason talking while they are playing chess. They are whispering. Jason tells Mark that Josh planned everything that happened yesterday. He says that Josh planned that how eviction comments to poke at Jess and Cody. Mark asks him what him and Alex think about Paul. Jason says that he doesn’t know but he thinks that Paul has the best interests. Jason tells Mark that he thinks that Paul is helping everyone. Mark says everyone. Jason says yeah he doesn’t know why maybe Paul thinks that he needs everyone’s votes at the end or something. He says that Paul is smart and his mind is sharp. He tells Mark that everyone is Paul’s buddy and that they are going to vote for him in the end. Jason asks Mark what he thinks. He says that he is a fan of Paul though so he doesn’t know what they should do about Paul. Josh walks out and winks at them. Jason asks Mark what he is thinking. JOSH! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Jason says that Cody and Paul are like the same person Cody just doesn’t have a good social game. Jason asks where Matt is. Mark says him and Raven are in the Sex Room (Apple Room). Mark says that it is like that everyone thinks this is how you play Big Brother that one guy tells everyone what to do. Mark says that it is like Kevin, Alex, Jason have control of the votes now. He says that it just depends on who is in power if Cody will be safe or not. Mark says that there is only one voice telling everyone that Cody makes everyone uncomfortable. Jason says yeah Paul. Mark says that they need to take Paul out of the house because Josh, Christmas, Matt and Raven would be so lost. Jason says that they would have to backdoor Paul because he was on the block most of last season. He says how do we even get rid of that mother fucker. Mark tells him that this conversation has to stay between them that he can’t even tell Alex. Mark tells him that the same thing is happening like last year and if they don’t take Paul out that he will skate through to the end again. They agree that they have to work to get Paul out of the game or he is going to win. Mark asks Jason what he thinks Alex will say about this plan and he says that he thinks she will at least entertain it. He says that Alex likes to stir up shit. Jason says he is guilty of following Paul too.
4:00 PM BBT Paul, Elena, Josh and Kevin and Christmas and Alex are all in the Green Apple room lying down. Another loud noise came on and they were listening to it. It said, “Lookin Good, Hey Baby,” and whistled and there was loud banging. Paul and Kevin said it was construction workers making a cat call. Then Kevin asked Elena exactly what they said and what it would be under. Paul was rubbing Elena’s head. Paul got up and left the Green Apple room. He went into the Green Apple room and Josh is in there and he asked Paul if he could talk to him. And he shut the door. He asked Paul why he is hanging out with people that might be against him. Paul said he needs to be careful and not talk too much. Paul left the room and went into the kitchen mumbling the loud noises to himself to remember their order and what there were. Josh went up to the HOH bedroom and looked at the camera and said, “Look at Mark, Alex and Jason.” And he just stares at the camera on them. Then he says, “I have my doubts. Why Jason, Why?” Camera pans to SR where Paul is singing a song to remember the loud noises.And Kevin was in there too getting food. Then Paul asked him the order of the last one. Kevin said it was looking good hey baby. Then Kevin says he is going to go upstairs and watch the chess game. Jason, Mark and Alex are upstairs playing chess. Then they start trying to remember the noises. Then they left the area and went into the HOH bedroom.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, August 9th

4:15 PM BBT Then there was a loud jack hammer noise three times before they went into the HOH bedroom. Then Josh came into the HOH bedroom and they all continue to try and remember all of the noises. Cody and Jess going to the SR to get food. He said he could make some homemade chicken noodle soup if she is down for that. Then he said no, I will just cook some chicken. They leave and go to the kitchen. Raven and Matt are in there cooking already. Back to the HOH bedroom. Josh asks, “What’s with Mark?” Jason asks Josh why he asks that question. Josh says he is not hanging out with Cody to try and look like he is getting back good with us. Alex says wait hold on. “We need to let Mark think we are ok with him and just listen to his fake clues and stuff. Just ignore him, what he says, and coddle him.” Josh said he is still with Elena no matter what you guys think. Josh said he has been saying that I provoked that attack yesterday on myself. Jason said, “So what?” Alex said we know what is going on and we are going to keep you safe no matter what. Top five here. “Don’t worry about it ok.” Then they start studying the sounds again. Kevin and Paul are in the Green Apple room talking game. Paul is singing a song to remember the sounds. Mark comes into the room. Kevin asked him who won the game. Marks said nobody. He is eating slop. Mark asks if it was hey baby first or looking good first. Paul said, “it was one or the other, I don’t know. Paul is eating too. Christmas came into the room also. She said, “That medicine knocks me out.” Paul said, “It sure does.” Kevin asked, “But you feel better right.” Jason comes into the room also. Paul gets up and leaves the room. Jason asked what they are calling #9 and said he remembers it as “Whistle.” Kevin said to remember it like that otherwise it will mess him up. Alex then came into the room and is eating chips and said she shouldn’t be eating them at all.
4:30 PM BBT Cody, Raven, Paul and Jess are in the kitchen. Cody and Raven are cooking. Christmas then comes into the kitchen. Production says, “CLEAN THE MIRROR ABOVE THE KITCHEN SINK PLEASE.” Paul asks where the cleaner is and he starts cleaning it. Cody says, “Don’t burn you dick.” Paul says it’s inevitable at this point.” Mark comes out into the kitchen also. Mark is called to the DR. Matt and Alex also come into the kitchen. Paul leaves the kitchen and goes back into the Green Apple room. Raven made large pots of chicken and pasta. Matt smacks Raven on the bottom and she screams out and says “always the right cheek.” Then Christmas says, “You have to distribute the pain evenly dude.” Raven tells Josh to come and eat. Josh and Alex thank Raven for cooking and eat. Christmas goes into the Green Apple room too. Paul and her are talking game. He says that whoever wins the Veto that is the third nominee must use it. “The third nominee would have to stay on the block until the eviction night if we want to back door Cody.” Then he says Mark and Elena must go up.” Then Paul said, “You might be HOH.” Christmas said, “That would be great!” Christmas said she would be ok with helping them get to five but she is not ok riding someone’s coattails. She is being realistic of her physical capabilities. She doesn’t want to play that like. She said if it is something I can play I want to play.
4:45 PM BBT Josh came in and said, “Whistlenut.” Christmas said, “Let’s do HOH.” Paul said if it is down to her, Jason and Kevin and him he would want one of them to win the HOH. Josh is called to the DR. Kevin asked Christmas a personal question. She said, “Yes we’re friends right.” He asked, “If you win HOH can I come up there?” She said, “yes of course I already told you that.” Paul left the room. Christmas starts leaving the room also. All the other hgs are in the kitchen eating. Paul and Alex are talking. Alex is talking about hockey. She was talking about working as a cheerleader or trying out for a cheerleader for the team. Christmas comes in and eats. Alex said that the only thing she was good at was horsebacking riding. Paul said he just doesn’t get sports fans. Alex said she likes fighting when it comes to her team. Paul said he just doesn’t get the face paint and all of that. He says but he does weird stuff too that people don’t get like tattooing over his nipples. Alex is talking about horses and cleaning their private areas. Then she said she wants a miniature pony but that they are mean as hell. Paul said it will bite you. Alex said, “yeah they bite.” Raven said, “Miniature ponies are mean as hell.”
5:00 PM BBT Cody and Jess left the kitchen and went to the Rose bedroom. Jess says, “The final chapter.” She asks Cody if he can feel that.” They were saying that Alex has a great strategy of talking about BS and then sleeping all the time. Cody says that there are going to be a lot of people that are going to contact her outside of the game. She says, “You think I care and I don’t right now.” Jess says, “All I want out of this experience is to appreciate things more. And I think I will. And for you and I to work out. I don’t want a following from it. And I don’t want anything else from it.” Cody says, I will always be a positive force for you.” Jess said let’s make a deal. I want 7 days after the game to talk about what we need to after this game, the other hgs and then move on from it.” Cody said, “I will agree with that.” Then they shook on it. Feeds cut to fish. 5:08 feeds come back on and goes to the kitchen. Mark is cleaning the dishes. Alex asks Christmas to tell her more about the sharks. Matt comes in the Kitchen and changes his shirt at the kitchen table and throws his blue shirt in the middle of the table. Christmas and Alex are talking about traveling and all the places each of them should be going when they are back outside of the house. Matt is putting the leftover food from dinner away. Feeds cut to fish at 5:11 then come back. Back to Jess and Cody. They are talking about having children. Cody says, “I will always be faster than my children.” Jess said, “Give me my coffee back.” “One sip for you is 6 for me.” Jess told him he is cuter when he doesn’t talk. She said, “You’re a solid 10 until you open your mouth and then you drop to a 9 ½.” Cody says, “Well I have to leave room for other men out there. They laugh.
5:15 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the Green Apple room. Raven is putting makeup on Matt. Jason, Josh and Paul are also in the room sitting down watching them and talking. She is telling him what she is doing while she is doing it. Matt says, “This is silly.” Mark comes in the room then. Josh says that he can’t mess with Cody after Jess is gone. Matt asks why. He said because Production told him he can’t. Paul said like what things. He said Pots and Pans and trying to provoke him. Back in the kitchen at the dining table Christmas and Alex are talking game. They are talking about Raven and how she is always loud and copying the other hgs. They said she will say that she is always helping and cooking for everyone. They are talking about how Mark and Cody are still very close and they are close with Mark and Elena. Christmas said Josh earned his HOH and they won’t leave him alone. Christmas said, “We should do amazing race together.” Jason comes out of the Green Apple room.
5:30 PM BBT Paul comes out and Christmas says, “We are just having a bitch fest.” Alex says she is just copying everything we do. “Did you see Kevin’s hands were bleeding?” Josh came into the kitchen. He asks them what they are talking about. Alex says, “Just traveling the world.” Alex said, I can see this now, we go with you and you translate something incorrect and we are on the side of the road because you translated something wrong and said something about one of their mothers and gave them all of money.” Mark and Josh go upstairs to play chess. Josh said, “Ok let’s see how long I last.” Mark said, “you can go first if you want or I can go first, whatever you want.” Josh said, “you can go first.” Josh asked, “After this game can we play another and then you explain to me what you are doing?” Then Mark called out and asked if Paul could come up here and watch if I can explain how to play to Josh. Then Alex came up there. Mark said, “Well Alex is here.” Paul said, “Well am I coming up there or not?” Mark said, “You’re coming up here.” Alex and Paul start asking Josh why he is making this move and that move? And he said let me play this game first and then you can help me. They said ok.
5:45 PM BBT Loud cats noises started. It was 6 loud cats screeching and then it was over. Mark and Josh continue to play chess. Alex keeps asking him questions. Back in the Green Apple room Raven continues putting makeup on Matt. Raven said, “Frankie Grande is so going to be into you right now.” Raven said, “Let me put the same lipstick on before we go out.” Matt said he doesn’t like how it feels. Raven laughed and said, “You look so pretty.” “Come and take a closer look.” He looks into the window/mirror. He said, “The lipstick looks so ridiculous.” He comes out and Paul starts cracking up and says, “Who would smash?” Then Christmas sees him and says, “You look so great. Your lips pop now.” Raven says ok let’s go upstairs now. She says, “Come on Matthlena.” Christmas said, “You are not ready for this!” Josh says, “What the F__K!” Alex and mark laugh. Then Josh says, “Your eyes pop.” They laughed again. Then they go downstairs and go into the Green bedroom and Matt says, “Are you ready for your kiss?” They start laughing at him. Kevin says, “Oh my goodness.”

6:00 PM BBT  upstairs outside the hoh room Josh and Mark are playing chess. Downstairs in the bathroom Paul, and christmas are sitting on the couch. Paul is going over numbers.
6:04 – 8:00 PM BBT (feeds go down)
8:02 PM BBT – Feeds back. They had their halfway party. Elena, Mark, Josh, Jason, Alex, Paul, Christmas going over days in the kitchen. Jess and Cody come out of bedroom. Cody going to get in shower. Elena talking to Jess in bathroom. Kevin talking to Jess in bathroom then goes up to shower. Kitchen group talking about Armenians to Paul. Alex asking people about the show Lost. Raven goes up to HOH to talk to Matt. They are reviewing the sounds they have been hearing. Mark is eating leftover cake.
8:15 PM BBT – Kitchen crew looking at bug bite on Alex’s back. Raven says she wants to win HOH so bad. Paul giving Mark a massage. Jason and Alex whispering in Green BR talking scenarios for upcoming weeks. Paul comes in and they stop talking. Says if Cody wins veto Matt could end up being who they send home. Paul says everything can’t be a number so it can’t be counting. Matt and Raven see how long they can kiss. Josh whispering to Kevin in HOH shower. Can’t hear but says they are gonna talk once he gets out. Green BR talking about the hex again, Paul says he was unamused by in. Christmas rolls into HOH. Mark said it had to be the worst OTEV ever because of how long it took them to figure out answers. Mark says he explained the confusion in DR and production said I have no idea what you just said. Josh tells Christmas he is annoyed. Says Matt and Raven are in there 24/7.
8:30 PM BBT – Josh says Matt thinks he won HOH. Raven says Josh is worst game player she has seen. Josh says Matt is acting sketchy. Kevin now talking with them about Matt and Raven. Matt starts saying that production is literally asking…feeds switch. Matt claims he is a younger Donny. Christmas saying to get Cody out next, Kevin says not to worry about him yet.
8:45 PM BBT – Josh thinks Alex threw the veto. Christmas and Josh doing a lot of whispering but cannot hear because mics are low. Josh says is Jason playing with fire right now. Jason and Alex talking a lot to Mark. Raven and Matt talking about living life and Raven is talking with heavy accent, Matt is making fun of the way she is saying words. Josh saying Mark has turned on everyone and he will turn on Cody too. Josh says his ride or dies are Paul and Christmas, but Christmas is his #1. Says he loves Kevin too. Christmas says if they cannot backdoor Cody next week they need to get out Elena or Mark. Josh says he thinks Matt and Raven are on something crazy and that Matt wants to get Paul out next week. Christmas says they won’t have the votes. Production calls Cody to DR. Raven thinks Cody will cry tomorrow. Josh talking about the good traits of Cody.
9:00 PM BBT – Matt and Raven talking about Raven with Malcolm? In the storage room. Raven says they split the jury people from everyone else so she will be stuck with Jillian, Cameron, Dominique (not true). Matt says he has only watched the BB16 finale. Matt asks Raven what questions the jury asked Paul last year. Raven said she thought Paul would win. Raven says she loved Nicole but did not like her game play. Matt said people probably don’t like ours we don’t do anything. Raven said that is a strategy. Raven says they have not come up with any alliance names. Matt says there haven’t been alliances. Christmas and Josh talking about Paul’s gameplay from last season. Jessica gets called to DR. Raven names Matt and Paul the gypsy squad. Elena comes into Green BR and is trying on outfits for tomorrow. Jess is laying in bed eating cereal. Elena talking about her boob job.
9:15 PM BBT – Mark and Cody whispering in kitchen. Mark says there is a good chance Cody is winning tomorrow. Cody Jess and Elena talking in Rose BR. Jess and Cody laughing in bed. Josh and Christmas talking about Jess throwing her game away. Josh says she will feel stupid when she watches this week back.
9:30 PM BBT – Cody talking about how excited he felt when he was playing in battle back and knew that Jess was inside. Cody talking about them being in love and they start making out. Paul comes up to HOH. Elena and Matt trying to get eyeliner off of Matt. Paul is talking strategy with Josh and Christmas. Alex comes up to HOH to shower. Paul talks about Cody being a huge fan of the show but claiming he did not watch last season. Josh says he does not think Cody is a big fan of Paul. Christmas talking in conversation but mic is too low and you cannot hear her. Matt and Raven messing around with food in kitchen and Raven has whipped cream all over her face.
9:45 PM BBT – Josh thinks if Cody wins HOH he will put him up. Group in HOH reviewing sounds again. Up in HOH they are discussed how they want to keep Raven and Matt feeling comfortable and safe that way when they are used as “pawns” they aren’t really pawns and go home because they feel comfortable. Josh says it’s just hard because they are always up in HOH and it would look suspicious to ask them to leave for a little bit so he can talk to even Jason and Alex. Josh talking about how Matt makes suggestions of things they should do and Josh is gonna start telling Matt to do the things he is asking. Matt and Raven coming upstairs and they cut the conversation. Josh keeps talking game but switches it to Cody. Josh says he cannot get into it anymore with Cody. Elena is in bathroom curling her hair. The HOH Conversation changes to Mark and Elena as Raven and Matt have joined the room. Paul says he has done Damage control but they are unsure what Elena would do with HOH. They try to weigh the options and what would happen if Cody, Elena, or mark got HOH.
10:00 PM BBT – In the HoH room Raven says that which one would freak if Mark or Elena would win. They all agree that Elena doesn’t care if he leaves, but they do agree that he will fall apart. Mato and Raven push that Mark has a better chance of winning a HoH out of the two. Josh says he doesn’t agree and he says that there disloyalty is what puts a target on there back. Alex says that it is part of the game and Josh says fu*k that. Christmas says that with only the three against them they don’t have a better chance. They all think that they will work together. Josh says that as soon as Cody won the battle back he jumped to Codys side. Christmas says she thinks that Elena will play both sides. Josh says that she has the power with her points to have people to flip the way she wants. Paul sends Jason down to break it up. Paul tells Raven, Matt, Christmas and Josh that with who’s in the room now has it down and they are loyal and have each other’s back. The only one left is Alex showering and Raven and Matt say they are next. Raven starts going over the sequence of things to study for the HOH comp. Paul and Kevin with Christmas in the living room and Paul says that Matt was trying to save Elena. Christmas agrees and says that Matt was trying to push Mato up first. They agree that Raven has too big of a mouth and that he probably wouldn’t have told her anything. Paul says to Kevin only that he thinks Matt is untrustworthy and up to something Kevin says he’s not that smart and that they should go after the first three and then worry about the others.
10:15 PM BBT Josh and Matt in the HoH talking about how he can’t trust Mark and, Matt says that someone saying you can’t talk trash is like telling a baseball pitcher he can’t throw a fast ball because the batter can’t hit it. Matt goes into the HOH bathroom and Raven starts talking about the comp and then her and josh talk about the goodbye messages. Raven says that Elena keeps asking her if she should pack and they both say sees she is shady. Josh says he’s going to see if there is pizza left. She is left looking at her hair in the mirror. In the bedroom downstairs Mark, Kevin and Elena laying around. Josh comes down and tries to lay on top of Mark he settles down on the bed with Kevin. Kevin says he’s about to have some hot cocoa and whip cream and they talk about who is showering and that Elena finally ate some food. Paul comes into the HoH and tells them to practice the comp things by number. Alex asks where is Mark and he says with Elena in the have not room and back then they talk more about the possible comps. They talk that it might be a face off and to play the Cody vs Mark and then the winner against Elena so they can get as many as the other side out fast. Paul says that with those three as targets and one of them always in power he is ok. Matt says we might have to draw a line in the sand against Mark and Elena and Paul says that’s fine and he doesn’t care.
10:30 PM BBT In the bedroom Elena and Kevin are the only one there. Elena talks about the food and that she doesn’t feel good now and her body must be in shock. Kevin starts singing.. fish. Kevin sets up his bed so he can do his chocolate and lay down. Kevin says that something bit him and he doesn’t know what it was. Kevin says he put toothpaste on it. Mark is laying on Alex bed and Elena warns him she will really get mad at him. Josh in the pantry telling Jason to come upstairs with him because Raven and Matt are annoying him. They agree to go hang out in the APSR room, josh says that his whole week has been frustrating. He says that Raven and Matt are getting under his skin. Jason asks how long do we need the numbers, he says he doubts Matt and Raven will go back to the other side. Jason says that it sucks that we have to keep them over Mark and Elena. Josh says that Mark is trying to hang onto Kevin and Jason because he’s scared. Josh talks again about their disloyalty. Josh says they are smart and using whoever they can. Josh says that Mark didn’t want Jason to win the wall comp and that mark prayed to god that he would fall. Josh says that he knows that Mark and Elena if they came into power will go for him and now at the last minute they are on Jason and Alex side.
10:45 PM BBT Jason says that at first he thought the Snapchat thing was planned. Jason says that he looks at Josh as the same as Alex. Josh gets called out because his pizza supposedly is on fire. Alex comes in and says the showmances are paranoid. She says they need to go talk to Elena and be ok with their side in case they win HOH. Josh comes back and tells Mark said that Josh was asking for the blowup yesterday and that he was talking without knowing the whole story. Josh says that Mark is trying to build an alliance and go against the group and that’s why he’s trying to hook up with Jason and Alex. Josh says he doesn’t like Raven and Matt but he needs to stay friendly so he keeps the numbers intact while he needs those votes. In the bedroom Christmas, Elena and Kevin drinking the cocoa and talking about Christmas surgery and her being on enzymes and she’s not eating right and exercising. Elena says her hair is starting to fall out, Kevin says it’s the stress and she thinks it’s partly because of the way she has been not eating the past few weeks. Alex, Jason and Mark come in and Alex tells a story of her and her mom.
11:00 PM BBT Christmas talks about her Christmas party she has and how she can’t wait till they all get to come. Alex is doing Jason’s nails and Kevin says that Raven did his and she tore his up. Josh and mark take off to play chess. Christmas says she left her clothes in the backyard, Kevin says that she can leave her clothes for him and he will do it. She says she doesn’t feel like she deserves it and he says it’s nothing just leave it. Elena and Christmas talk about how pretty they think Elena is. Christmas talks about in college she use to do a lot of acid and then we get fish. Upstairs Josh and Mark are playing chess, no talking going on. While they are playing Josh asks how he felt about the fight that happened yesterday . He says that he didn’t know the whole story but now that he does he knows that they started it. Mark agrees even when josh says that he has never started anything with anyone. Josh says he has never went looking for anything that Jessica and Cody start it and disrespect him and come for him and now it’s fair game. He says that he has never went personal with them ever and that the I’m coming for you out of the house, that it’s disgusting and so personal and wrong. Mark agrees and says what Josh wants to say.
11:15 PM BBT– In the bedroom Christmas says that she had a boob job, Kevin says he doesn’t believe it. She says that her boobs were like as big as her back and she only made them 8 oz. Elena starts talking about her boob job and she has no regrets. Playing around Kevin tells Jason that he should get something done. Christmas talks about her weight lifting and NASCAR things that has tore up her body and the surgeries she has done in the last few years. Up in HOH Alex and Paul are talking about how the HG are all getting paranoid about each other, no one suspects they are working together and it’s helping to keep them safe. Christmas vs Maven, everyone wants Mark and Elena out, how DE is coming soon. Playing chess Josh is still talking bad about Cody to Mark and that he is like a target for everybody and Mark tells him that he’s tired of everyone has said something about it afterward. He says that no one has went and told Cody afterwards that he was wrong but they wanna judge others that supposedly didn’t say anything. Paul and Alex come up and Paul starts talking about it and saying that josh didn’t want anyone in it. Mark says he is sick of it and again they wait till it’s over and point fingers at others that didn’t say anything.
11:30 PM BBT Mark says that after Jessica walks out he feels like it should get a little better. Alex says that they asked who we like and what kind of people we would not like to spend the summer with and they talk about people types that they don’t like. Mark says that maybe try and walk away when they open there mouth. Josh says he can’t do it , it’s not in his blood to walk away. In the bedroom Kevin, Christmas and Elena talking about when Elena had a migraine and had to go to the DR, she says she has the same guy again and he told her how mean she was to him. Jason comes in and lays down and Paul walks in with just his underwear and socks on. Upstairs Alex tries to help Josh so that he’s better at the game. Kevin tells Kevin and Christmas about his modeling in New York and that he wonders If they will send any of those.
11:45 PM BBT Jason is getting his bed ready and says that he hopes that no one messes with him later. Christmas says that she feels a little bit of feeling up to her knuckle and that’s progress. Elena and Paul come back into the room she is getting ready to massage his face and pluck his eyebrows. Alex comes back in and lays down and Jason pulls her into the air by her legs. Mark and Josh still playing chess but the conversation is done and they are just focused. In the bedroom Paul makes a joke about Josh and Mark hanging out together. They say Elena will be left out and they will hold each other in the corner, Jason and Kevin laugh. Kevin says he feels bloated and will have to wrap himself tonight and lose weight as he sleeps. Paul laughs and makes fun at him. Kevin and Elena talk about football and the Dallas Cowboys.

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