Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 12th

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12:00 AM BBT Paul and Josh are in the HOH bedroom. Josh is trimming his nails and he said to Paul, “Fool my nails grow so fast in this house. I literally clip them like once a week.” Paul started the shower and got in. Josh put on the headphones to listen to music and continue clipping his fingernails. Meanwhile, Kevin and Christmas are chatting in the Green bedroom. Christmas asked Kevin if his arm feels better when he extends it. He said, “Much better. Thank you.” Kevin said, “I heard you guys telling stories in there last night.” Christmas said, “Yeah we were and Josh came down and said he didn’t have anything to do and he was lonely so he was telling stories to keep us awake until Josh came back from taking a shower. But he never came back.” Kevin said, will they have the comps all at once and on Wednesday or Thursday? Because football season started. Today was Monday night football.” Christmas said, “Probably, yeah.” He asked, “Do you think there is enough time? Yeah, there is.” Feeds went on and off briefly. Then Christmas asked Kevin if he saw her foot yet. Kevin said no. So she got up and moved closer to Kevin and took her boot and sock off to show him how it has healed up already. He said to her, “I missed this quality conversation like this Christmas.” She said, “I know. I had to lay low before all this though. She (Alex) thinks I stabbed her in the back and betrayed her. But I actually helped you.” Kevin asked her if he didn’t trust him or something. She said, “You were in Jason’s ear. He was like the girl in the middle.” “I never promised her anything.” Then Alex came out of her room. Christmas asked her if she wanted some of the cream. Then Alex said the wrap she had on was supposed to get warm within 30 minutes but it isn’t warm at all yet. Then Christmas asked if they had ice or something like that and Alex went to look for it. Then Christmas showed Kevin her foot and she said, “So I have ten screws, four plates and two pins and a turtle looking foot right now.” The camera zoomed in on her scars on the top of her foot. Alex came back and Christmas asked if she wanted her to rub some of that cream on her. Then she walked away. Then Christmas asked Kevin if her foot looks like a real foot. Then she lifted her leg and showed the cameras. She said she likes looking at it. Then Alex came back out and got some of the cream and put it on. They started talking about other creams that are good. Christmas said there is one called “Rock sauce” which is like a kinesiology tape.Then Alex thanked her and went back into the HN room. Christmas said something about her acting like that. Then Kevin said they need to have a class to teach the HGs how not to be bad sports when they are leaving the house. Christmas said she doesn’t think she would isolate herself like that. Kevin said, “You know it’s hard to deal with people’s personalities isn’t it? Especially when its adverse times. It’s easy when you are up in the penthouse and you’re feeding the fish and you’re having a beer and then everything’s cool, everything’s great. And then you come down to the outhouse and if you have to lie to deal with things trust me.” “How many HOHs are there left?” he asked. He said he doesn’t even know what happens. He asked how the comps were at the end, if there are physical or mental? She said they are both. He asked what she was going to do when she gets out of here. She said, “Have a drink and go to the wrap party.” Then it went to fish briefly. She said fans will be there and family will be there at the wrap parties. He asked if they will be able to go to the beach. She said she thinks so because they will have Thursday and Friday. Kevin said knowing his luck it will rain. He asked Christmas if she would do it again. She said, “With a good foot, I will.” “I would get kicked out within the first two weeks though.” Then he tells her she should learn from this year and how he thinks she should align herself and with who.
12:15 AM BBT She said that she thinks Josh would be invited to over the top. She tells Kevin that Paul was loud last season and calling everyone out and was a dick. Kevin asked her, “Really? Really?” He said Paul was cool and calm this season. Christmas starts telling Kevin what Over the Top is like and said Josh would be great for that show and maybe Jason and maybe Raven. He asked when that starts. Christmas said two weeks after this show ends. She said, “Nothing is ever guaranteed until you walk through that door.” “Sorry Cameron.” And she said it is half the time of this show and much more loud and all. Christmas said, “I’m going to go put on my jammas.” Kevin said, “Thank you for the arm.” She said, “You’re welcome.” He said, “It’s probably 12:30 right now huh?” She said probably. She said she wasn’t supposed to be walking around without her crutch until next week but she wanted to see what it was like. And she will probably get her crutch to go to bed. Kevin came out and and said something. Paul came down from the HOH bedroom and Kevin asked him to read something for him because he couldn’t read it. Then Kevin said he was going to go potty and go to bed to Paul. Christmas came into the kitchen and warmed up something in the microwave. Kevin told a quick story to Paul about putting 4 advil in his pocket for later and then he forgot they were there and he put some m&ms there too. And then he was walking around and reached in his pocket and threw some in his mouth and started chewing them up. And thought to himself, “Boy these m&ms taste awful.” And they were the advils. Then he went to the bathroom. Paul told Christmas, “Thank you. That was very important.” Then Paul left the kitchen and Christmas said, “Bye,” He said, “Bye.” Paul went into the Rose bedroom. He was looking in the mirror and doing something to his face for some time. Then Kevin came into the Rose bedroom. Paul said, “Get some good rest tonight because the next comp is more than likely physical.” Kevin asked if he really thought so. He said yes and he will probably beat Alex and Christmas. Kevin asked Paul if he thought Christmas would be petting him up on the block again or if he will. Paul told him not to worry about that right now just to get some good rest and be ready for the comp. Kevin said the kid has been up on the block already 3 times. Paul just told him to get rest. Kevin said goodnight and left the room. Paul came out shortly after Kevin left. He asked if he took one advil if it would do anything for him. Kevin said yeah and here they are. He took one and left the room. He went into the kitchen. Christmas came into the kitchen and Paul said, “He ain’t winning shit tomorrow.” Christmas asked him what he said. He said it again, “He ain’t winning shit tomorrow. He isn’t in the right mindset.”
12:30 AM BBT She smiled and went to the microwave and put something in there. Then went back over to Paul. Paul said, “Yeah and he said worse case scenario, you play veto and we win veto and we have the vote we’re fine. And I’m like, yeah, I’m just going to take it tomorrow. And he said, Yeah, you’ll smoke all of us tomorrow. And I’m like.” And he nods his head yes and smiles and walks away from Christmas. “Bye.” Christmas said, “Just keep letting him thinkin.” He said, “Yeah.” Christmas said, “You smell nice.” He said, “Thank you.” Then Paul asked where Alex was if she was inside. And Christmas said yeah she was in the room yeah. Paul said he was going to ask her tomorrow where she wants me to vote cause I technically don’t want to fight with her. He (Kevin) wants a split vote. Then Christmas said she was taking the heating pad to Alex for her shoulder because she asked and she is just taking care of er’body. He said ok. Then Christmas said that is how hot she wants her water in the shower to be. Then she took the heating pad into Alex and Alex was excited and said Thank you to her. Paul went into the Green bedroom and talk with Kevin again. Kevin told Paul he would never go against Paul. Then he was asking Paul about why they were asking him questions. He said they are asking you questions because you are the only one playing and they won’t ask me. Then Kevin said the things that he has been doing funny things in the camera like magic tricks and hiding behind the scarf. Then she came and asked him about his arm and said she saw him rubbing it. But that was like 12 hours ago. Cameras went to fish briefly. Feeds came back and Kevin said to Paul he didn’t have to worry. Paul said, “I’m not worried.” Then Christmas came out of the Rose bedroom changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Kevin said, “There ya go.” She went to the kitchen to get some water. Kevin and Paul were talking about the game again. Christmas came back and Paul asked if Josh was sleeping. She said she yelled for him and he didn’t respond. He said, “Maybe he’s in the shower.” She went back out there and up to the HOH bedroom. Kevin and Paul started talking about when he and Josh were fighting about him and the money. Christmas is coming back downstairs and she strolled by the cameras and did a little dance. Then she went into the SR. Christmas came out and into the Green room again. Paul asked about Josh f he was up and showering. She said yes he was up and showering and said he was going to come down in a minute.
12:45 AM BBT She went into the Rose bedroom and said, “Goodnight boys.” They told her goodnight back and Paul said, “I’m going to be sleeping soon.” Kevin said, “Skin” to Paul and did a handshake and told him again he would never go against him. And he said that Paul would have to navigate him through. Then he started telling Paul who would vote for him and against Josh. Paul went into the Rose room and Christmas asked if they were having a good time.
1:00 AM BBT Paul said, “He’s and idiot.” (about Kevin) Kevin told him that they are after you next you know that right? Paul said, “Yeah I know that. I’m not an idiot. Of course they are.” He said he didn’t want to tell me because he was afraid I would be mad at him. Josh was upstairs getting dressed and prepared for bed. Kevin was saying his prayers and preparing for bed. He turned out his light. Josh came down to the Rose bedroom and turned the light out and lay down in the round bed.
1:15 AM BBT All hgs are in bed and lights are out. Paul and Josh are chatting. Josh said he needed to get really stoned and go to the beach. Christmas said, “Why don’t you offer for Kevin to sleep in the HOH bed up there because you aren’t going to use it and he hasn’t been upstairs at all this season.” Josh said, “Should I?” Christmas told Paul she was sorry for interrupting him. Josh went out to the Green room and offered the room and bed to Kevin. He declined and said maybe tomorrow. Kevin was telling Josh he lost weight in the house and looks all cut up and the girls are going to go crazy for him. He said thanks and said Kevin should go up there and the bed is nice. Kevin said maybe tomorrow he will. They said their goodnights. Josh went to get some water. He came back and went to the Rose room. Kevin said, “Goodnight Josh.” Josh said, “Goodnight buddy.” He went back into the Rose room. Christmas was rubbing Paul’s back. Paul was talking about posting to his page to twice a week. And maybe Instagram and Twitter more often. Christmas said she was doing twice a day before she left. Josh and Paul said that was crazy. Paul said he was verified before he left. Christmas said there is no application process for Instagram just Facebook. Christmas said you don’t have to post a lot then because of that. She said she posts quotes and photos. Christmas said that Social Media is a lot of work. Josh said he snaps a lot daily. Christmas said she likes instadaily. Paul asks Josh to go get a drink. He said, “I just did.”
1:30 AM BBT Paul said then go pee. Josh said, “Ugh, I will go get a snack.” He got up and Paul said check if they black olives. He said ok. Josh left. Paul started talking about his website and what he was doing before he left and a photo shoot. Production said, “THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON.” Paul said, “Why do they always do that when Josh leaves the room? We aren’t talking game.” Then Josh comes back into the bedroom with a can of black olives. He said they had them. Paul was all excited and he said to give them to him. Josh said, “You need to open them first.” Paul said, “They aren’t open? How am I supposed to do that? With my forehead? Did you really just bring me an unopened can to me?” Josh said, “Just come to the kitchen with me. You can’t eat them in here.” Paul said, “Just go open them please.” Josh went and left to the kitchen to eat them. Josh said, “You are going to spill them in the bed.” Paul said, “It’s just water just dump it out.” Then Paul and Christmas started talking about their websites and businesses again. Then Paul said, “What is taking Josh so long to open a can?” Christmas said, “He’s probably looking for the can opener and cussing at you and eating a cookie.” Then he came back to the room. Paul asked him if he got the can opened. Josh said, “No.” Paul said, “Are you serious? Just bring me the can fool.” He was already heading over to Paul with them. Paul and Christmas started eating the olives and saying this is so good. Josh said, “I can’t believe you guys are getting so gassed up about these olives right now. If it was Chipotle I could understand.” Paul said, “You are going to get out of this house and eat Chipotle and you are going to crap your brains out and regret it.” They start talking about making a burrito if he wants one.
1:45 AM BBT Josh said he wants friendship fries since you haven’t made them in a while. Paul said he can make those but he can make a burrito like Chipotle if he wants. Josh said, “I’m going to have the real thing in 8 days or so so please just make the fries please.” Paul is still trying to convince him he can make him a burrito with chicken in it. Josh said, “I’m not trying to gain 5 pounds fool, just make the friendship fries.” Josh said he can’t figure out the coffee at all. Christmas said, “Yeah your face this morning when you took a drink of your coffee. It was funny. You said “This is awful.” Christmas said, “I told you to put a little sugar on it.” Josh said, “No you didn’t.” She said yes she did. He said, “I swear I didn’t hear you.” Then Josh brought up the Vaseline in the coffee that Paul did to Cody. Paul said he got up when the music went off just to watch that kid get vaselined when he went to get his coffee. Josh said, “Yeah, Jessica yelled at me for all of the vaseline. She asked me when I was going to stop with all the vaseline. And I told her that it wasn’t me. And then the one time Cody came in the Rose room and wiped his hand off all over my bed. That was hilarious. That poor kid.” Then they all settled into their beds and became quiet.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 12th

2:00 AM BBT All Hgs are in bed they are tossing and turning
2:15 AM BBT –   
6:40 AM BBT – Alex gets up and goes to WR. She goes to the SR to change batteries. And at 6:43 AM BBT she is back in bed.
6:45 AM BBT – 7:45 AM BBT All HGs Sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All the HG are asleep except Kevin who is laying in bed thinking. All of a sudden Kevin gets up to go to the SR to change his batteries, walks through the kitchen in his underwear and heads to the BR. Kevin is in a hurry to get back to his bed from the BR. Quietly Kevin slips back into bed for some more rest & his rosary.
8:15 AM BBT Although the houseguest are all in bed sleeping, Kevin is the only official HG that is up running plays in his head.
8:30AM BBT Kevin is on patrol in his bed acting as if he is sleep but he’s wide awake while the other HG are still sleeping with toss & turns from Christmas & Paul.
8:45 AM BBT Houseguest are all in bed sleeping except for Kevin. Kevin is up relaxing in his bed in the Green rm, thinking about BB sounds he can hear behind the walls & many yarns to give.
9:00 AM BBT All The HG are in bed sleeping except Kevin
9:03 AM BBT Feeds are Down for a Special Eviction -They will resume tomorrow night after the Show.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 12th

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