Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th

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12:00 AM BBT Ramses and other HGs are celebrating no longer being HNs. Jessica is called to the DR. Alex talking game to Kevin, about changes. Alex says that things change in the house so quick! Kevin tells a story of when he sprained his ankle. Paul says that Cody wanted to get Paul out, Paul says that he failed. Paul says to Christmas. Paul says that he said to Jessica that Christmas staying in the game is best for his game, since Cody tried to take him out of the game. Paul says to Christmas that he’s the general on their team, and his next attack is going to be against Cody, and they’re going to take him out!
12:15 AM BBT Alex and Jillian talking game in the HN room. Alex says to Jillian that Kevin says that “he’s voting for Christmas, but he’s not. He’s voting for you. You have my word.” Jillian says okay. Dom is talking to Christmas. Dom says that she said to Kevin that she’s “his homie.” She says that Kevin suspects that she has something going on with Christmas. Christmas says that Kevin said to her that he would mentor her when they get out of the house. Paul comes in to give Christmas some food. Kevin says that Cody poked fun of Kevin head gear that looks similar to a hijab, by making a head-hanging motion.
12:30 AM BBT The former HNs make sleeping arrangements. Jillian says that she’s going to sleep in the HN room and doesn’t have shame. Mark and Jessica talk in HoH. Jess say that she’s frustrated, saying she doesn’t want to break her word. Jess says that her voting for Christmas to stay says that she doesn’t care. Mark says that she says that Jess got the wrong idea. Mark says the past few days have shown him who’s loyal to him. Mark says that he’s mad at himself for not doing anything when Christmas was in pain.
12:45 AM BBT Mark says that he feels like he’s fucked, considering with a few HGs. Jess says that she has his back regardless. Jess says that she’s not giving Christmas her vote. Jess says that if she wants to backtrack, she can backtrack. Jess says that Christmas made her intentions clear. Jess says that she put her cards on the table. Jess says that she’s protecting Cody and herself. Mark says that Christmas wanted him to reiterate that message. Jessica says “How brave of her.” Jessica says “I don’t know if she (Christmas) thinks I’m a weak person that can be intimidated. I’m not that person. She fucked that up” Jess says that she understands he wants to vote with the house, but “at the same time, if you don’t believe in something, why are you doing it?” Jess says that she loves him regardless whatever he decides to do. Jess says that she and Cody are going to pour their hearts on the table in the game. Paul and Elena talking in the rose BR. Elena predicts that the HoH is who can stay on the longest. Elena says that right now, her and Mark aren’t 100% okay. Elena says that Christmas literally told her that if she wins HoH, she’s not going after Jess. Paul says that Cody is the target literally everywhere. Cody says that the majority of the house will evict Christmas.
1:00 AM BBT Jess asks Mark wants a hug. He says no, and says that he’s an emotional player, and is about to cry. He says that he thought that it would happen on Day 30, not Day 14. In the rose BR, Christmas talks to Elena. Elena tells Christmas that she’s still a number for them. Christmas says “She’s lying about me coming after her. If she is telling people I said that, her & Cody are perfect for each other.”
1:15 AM BBT Paul enters the Rose BR, saying that someone gave an eye-roll when they heard that Elena was going to sleep in the HN room. Paul says that he called it, that people will show their true colors 2 weeks in (today is Day 14)!
1:30 AM BBT Christmas talks to Paul, saying that Cody is pulling some psychological warfare, by telling her that a bone is sticking out of her foot. On the sky bridge, Mark and Dom are talking. Dom says that people in the house know that he’s emotional and that’s dangerous, and she says that that needs to go by tomorrow. Dom says that Jess is manipulating everyone. Paul joins the convo. Paul joins Mark. Mark says “I can’t go against Christmas. That is not a thing.” Paul says “You do not want to be caught on the opposite end. It’s not just the group. Nobody is happy with that behavior. I am telling you to back the fuck up cause Matt and Raven have abandoned that (Cody/Jessica) ship.” Paul leaves. Mark says that he’s going to be a new man tomorrow.
1:45 AM BBT Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven talking in Apple room, about what Jessica’s been doing. Paul walks in, saying that Christmas has 7 votes to stay. He says that he “has shit covered.” Paul says that the people that play the game so early, are usually the ones that are evicted first. Dom says that she doesn’t like that Jessica is trying to manipulate all of them.
2:00 AM BBT Matthew gets called to the DR Elena is talking about Cody’s agenda. They are talking about Jessica is playing a BLACK WIDOW game and will strike when needed. Cody and Jessica in bed Cody farted and made Jessica get up out of bed and had to leave the room. Back in the Apple Room they are still discussing conversations that both Cody and Jessica has talked with all of them separately and trying to get out Christmas and they all have said that they don’t want to talk game to either of them. Dom is saying that Jessica is trying to isolate everyone and starting things against everyone else. Dom says that this early in the game should be working for the team and not individual to final 2 only 13-14 days in. Paul says do not let anything they say do not allow them get to them. They (Cody and Jessica) are trying to go against everyone and they are not playing the game this week. Paul says he wants the HOH this next week because his is out for blood for those who stabbed in the back. Paul wants to start calling people out. Elena says they should start talking about something else until Matthew and or Raven come back. Paul looks at Christmas and say how high are you and she says that she’s totally high then laughs. Christmas says she was kind of confused on what was going on while she was dealing with her foot issue.
2:15 AM BBT They are talking about how you can hear all the conversations in the Apple room from the bathroom so they need to make sure that when they are in there discussing game they have to whisper. Mark gets up and leaves the room to go to bed. Ramses and Raven are in the Kitchen. Elena leaves the Apple room only leaves Christmas, Paul and Dom. Paul leaves. Christmas is telling Dom what the conversation her and Jessica had. She is telling her that several in the house are so young and immature Dom says that both Cody and Jessica are ruining their game plays by proving themselves this week. Showing their true colors and showing that no one can trust either of them. They say that they are acting petty and childish. Christmas is saying that she knows exactly who the type of person Cody is. And knows other military people who act like him and others who act so much better. Mark is outside on the hammock and Elena joins him asks him what was wrong and he tells her that he is pissed because he trusted Cody and Jessica and now he’s not so sure what to do now. Christmas says to Dom that she is ready to compete in this game she wants it bad. Elena asks Mark if he was 100% with the plan and that side of the house he says YES and he just wanted to be at least civil with Jessica and Cody. Elena says that she is voting for Christmas to stay and wants to not feel bad about her decision and doesn’t want to regret any move she makes.
2:30 AM BBT Elena is telling Mark that she operated differently in game play vs in her personal life. Paul brings Christmas a toasted peanut butter sandwich. And heads off to bed. Christmas and Dom say that they are going off to bed to. They stop off in the kitchen and Paul asks Ramses what he is doing and he says he’s making a sandwich for Raven. Mark and Elena are talking about relationships and Elena says she was upset with him for comparing her to other types of girls. She doesn’t want to be compared. He apologizes to her. Raven walks outside and Elena asks her if she was going to bed and she says no she wanted to wait for Matt. Then goes back inside. Ramses asks Raven what was going on outside and Raven says to leaving them alone they needed to talk. She felt uncomfortable just by being out there. Mark and Elena are still talking about trust issues and relationships.She says she just doesn’t want to get fucked over.

2:45 AM BBT Matthew comes out of DR asking what is going on and where everyone was Raven says Paul and Christmas went to bed and Elena and Mark outside and asks if he wanted to go out and talk to Elena about what is going on. Ramses says he’s heading to bed. Raven goes into WR where Matt is and says they won’t be getting any sleep tonight. She says that Mark is very upset and Matt says he can’t blame him. Raven asks him what did Jessica said to him and he said that she just wanted Christmas out. Mark and Elena both say that they’d like to find out where this was going to go because they both truly like each other and feel like they are both special towards each other. He doesn’t want her to move at a pace she is not comfortable with. He says that he can be patient and wait. Dom is heading to bed and Matthew and Raven head outside to talk to Mark and Elena. Elena says she got her clarification she wanted and now knows where she lies with Jessica. When Jessica stormed off mad. Raven and Elena walk off talking and heads into the bathroom and leaves Matt and Mark talking. Mark tells Matt that he appreciated them sticking by him while he was trying to make up his mind on where his game lies.
3:00 AM BBT Mark says that he trusts him, Raven and Elena in his close group the most. Mark says that Jess has ruined the whole plan and started to make everyone go against everyone and says that’s not going to happen. Mark says that he needs to win hoh so they can gain back control. Mark and Matt say that they definitely wants to work with Paul and Christmas because of the way they both handled the situation yesterday, Elena and Raven leave the WR and heads back outside. Raven asks Elena where she wanted to sleep and she says that she didn’t really care at this point Raven says that she should go up to HOH and sleep in bed with Jess and Cody’s bed right in the middle. Elena says that if either of Jessica or Cody get power in the next 3 weeks she will go up and go home because she says that Jessica is being petty and is now against Elena. They are trusting Paul because he has not shown her a reason not to trust him. They are talking about the possible effect of the next HOH comp. Elena says that she wanted a true relationship with Jessica outside of the house and says now she’s not sure if anything will be fixed before then. Raven tells Elena that she just needs to walk away for any possible fight and stick with her, Mark and Matt. they’ll paint nails or just hang out. Raven says that Jessica will be just the show of emotions. And will cause a fight because that is the person she is and wants to be.
3:15 AM BBT Mark says that what Jess said to him was that she wanted to talk to Raven and Matt and wanted to get them to see where she is coming from and they both laughed. And said she didn’t say not a word to them. They are talking about how Jessica does an eye roll every time she hears something that she doesn’t want to hear. Mark says that Jess went to Alex earlier and Alex told her that she was voting out Christmas and keeping Jillian. Mark says that he is just trying to keep things ok with Cody and Jess but he’s with the other side. Elena says Jess and Cody must really think that she is dumb. Raven called Jessica the BLACK WIDOW saying that after Christmas gave her that name. She says that she is definitely acting that part. Matt says that how mean it would have been if they had voted Christmas out of the game now after all this. Elena says that Raven needs to live long enough to start up a goat farm with her and Matt says she needs life because they’ll come up with a cure. Now they are talking about where they are going to sleep. Matt says he wants to Starfish on Paul’s bed. They laughed. Raven and Matt go off to bed leaving Elena and Mark on hammock still talking about Cody and Jessica and the situation. And how frustrated Elena is and Mark thanked her for being patient.Raven tells Matt that Paul coming back into the house is NOT a punishment at all. It was a blessing.
3:30 AM BBT Raven tells Matt that Paul puts things into perspective and places game where things need to go. Raven and Matt goes off to bed. Elena says to Mark that when Paul tells her that her and Mark are the 2 he trusts the most. She was concerned when Mark is in HOH hoping that they are still good. But trusts him. She says that she trusts Paul now more than before and wants to trust where Mark is coming from. She is telling him he was just wondering what going on when Mark was talking to Jessica in the bathroom and she was standing there and felt like
Jess was talking about Elena and says that she just wanted to attack her. And Mark says that Jess attacked Mark about Elena.
3:45 AM BBT Mark says that Elena can sleep in Mark’s bed she says that she just doesn’t want to be complicated and he tells her that he wants her to be comfortable. And not rush anything. Elena asks him about why he feels comfortable with Dom so much. Elena thinks he likes being around her because he can open up to her about anything. Mark is talking about his past relationships because he says that he was very close to his mom and when she passed he says that he holds back things and his feelings. He says that he wants to be opened with certain people and Elena says that he can take his time and he said that if he wanted to open up to her at any time would she be ok with it. She says yes. But doesn’t want him to rush. They just want to be on the same page. Mark says he is at a loss for words and thinks they should go figure out the bed situation. She says she’s too tired to get up.
4:00 AM BBT Elena asks if he is ready to go night night and they get up off the hammock. Elena realizes what time it is and is not pleased. They go to the bathroom. He offers to carry Elena to bed because he says he won’t be able to pee with her in there. He walks her to the power room and she prepares to lie down, while he goes back to the bathroom. Elena lies down.
4:15 AM BBT Houseguests except Mark are sleeping. Mark comes back into the room with a pillow and gets into bed with Elena.
4:30 AM BBT – 6:14 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping.
6:15 AM BBT HG are sleeping. Kevin seems to be in a deep dream. Josh & Elena are up for a bathroom break. Josh walks back to his bed & see’s Christmas up. Christmas is up re-wrapping her leg brace. Elena gets back in bed from the bathroom. Josh got in bed, then got out of bed to help Christmas with her crutches by holding the door. Josh escorted Christmas out the room to the storage room & awaits for her to return. Alex is having a hard time sleeping.
6:30 AM BBT A few HG have gotten up to go to the bathroom & returned to bed while Christmas & Matt are the only HG that are up but not wide awake. Christmas comes out the storage room as Matt is right there hand & foot to help her get back down the hallway & to her bed. Christmas thanked Matt for helping her. Matt takes his shirt off & get back in bed after Christmas is settled. There is no more activity among the HG. They are all sleeping babies. A few bathroom breaks from Matt, Elena, & Christmas who returned to dream city.
6:45 AM BBT No movement among the HG. All sleeping & enjoying their rest. Mark is slowly moving around in his bed as well as Dominique & Ramses. A little tossing around from the HG in bed, trying to find comfort & that good shoulder on sleep on before they hear wakey wakey HG. Matt was called to the diary room @6:56 AM
7:00 AM BBT Matt comes out of the DR @ 7:03 AM. Kevin ask Matt what time it is & Matt told him seven & Kevin turned back over & went back to sleep. Dominique does a lot of rocking in her sleep. Christmas does a little positioning for her cast to sit upright so it doesn’t hurt her back. Paul is scratching his face while sleeping.
7:15 AM BB Quiet house, no movement, everyone’s eyes are wide shut, no blinking, & a few snores. Matt gets up & walks out the room & then returns to get back in bed as he faithfully pulls his shirt off. Paul is moving around from the noise from Matt opening & closing the door.
7:30 AM BBT – 8:59 AM BBT Houseguest are still sleeping beauties.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th

9:00 AM BBT Houseguests still sleeping. Kevin awake and moving around in the backyard.
9:15 AM BBT Kevin in bathroom brushing teeth. Jason gets out of bed as well and goes into bathroom with Kevin. Kevin goes back to bed and Christmas is awake. He asks how she is feeling and she says good. Jason goes into kitchen to blow nose after getting dressed. He tells the camera good morning America, happy birthday and 4th of July. Jason gets on bike and starts casually exercising.
9:30 AM BBT Jason still exercising. Kevin trying to go back to sleep. Feeds cut for wake up call. After feeds return, Jillian is in kitchen making coffee. Kevin is sitting at kitchen table, Christmas standing in kitchen on her crutches. Kevin is mad because they didn’t play a 4th of July song for wake up call. Paul, Matt and Elena shown still sleeping. Production tells Christmas to put on microphone so Kevin goes to get it for her. Kevin turns lights on in their room to find her microphone and they are all laughing at him. Cams switch to Jessica and Cody cuddled up in the HOH Room. Production wakes up Jessica and Cody to put on their microphones. Big Brother tells them to turn on the lights during the day. Jillian is happy to be eating regular food after being a have not for the past week. Cody kissing Jessica in the bed. Matt walks into the kitchen.
9:45 AM BBT Kevin says he never drank coffee in his life until now. Jason says he only ever drinks water or mountain dew. Kevin and Jason joking around in the kitchen, Christmas and Jillian laughing. Cody gets out of bed and goes into bathroom. Christmas talking about how nice Raleigh is in the fall. Jillian is making bacon. Christmas says she stayed up late. Jason and Kevin are in the backyard. Jason starts working out on the bike again. Kevin goes back inside and is talking to Christmas.
10:00 AM BBT Jason and Kevin in BY working out and giving shout outs Jillian and Christmas in the KT. Jason and Kevin discuss Paul and his attitude last night Jason feels Paul and Mark are leaning towards him now. He talks about a star comp, They head back into KT.The rest of the HG are still sleeping. Kevin says he got 5 hours of sleep. The four clink coffee mugs. BB tells them to stop singing. Christmas has slowly stealing paul’s clothing.She gives a happy 4th of July shout out.Jillian dishes up breakfast BB gives a wakeup call.Have you changed your batteries. Alex is up. Dom changes batteries. Kevin and Jason joke in the Bathroom Kevin shaves. Alex is spooked by the cameras following her. Kevin asks if Christmas has a razor. Alex is in BY brushing her hair. Christmas is glad they only played 2 songs this morning. Alex talks to camera in BY.Then quits and does her make-up. Jason talks about his land and Horses. He goes on to talk about taxes and government taking property.
10:15 AM BBT BB again calls for HG to change batteries. Jason talks about what should be going on at his place back home.Christmas talks about her building back home.Cody is up ad in KT. Paul is up Kevin bugs him about sleeping in. Alex and Jillian discuss the vote count for this week. Going over who the got. Jillian is going to just act like Christmas has the votes.Kevin talks about 4th activities back home in Boston. Paul sings nasty songs. BB flashes the FISH. Jason and Kevin put up awnings. They discusses how people live a long time in the country.Cody and Christmas discuss how the house gets cold in some places and Cody complains how hot the HOH gets.Paul in BY e Kevin and Jason make fun of Jessica in BY. She does nothing but sit in the HOH bed.Jillian joins the conversation saying she made the comment that she doesn’t date older men and Jessica took it as a jab. Cody and Christmas talk about a bad Independence Day last year.
10:30 AM BBT BB tells HG bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Cody tells how he got in trouble and arrested for that bad 4th of July.Paul tells Jason he better not backstab him.They are talking about Mark and his loyalties. They discuss how HG are lugging the Bible but don’t even read it. Matthew is up in the KT.Christmas is going to do laundry.Alex and Paul talk about actions speaking louder than words in this game.Paul says he was promised safety then look what happened.He gets angry over Cody and his actions.Paul and Alex talk about targets in house.Paul tells Alex his plan is golden.Cody and Jillian whisper in KT.
10:45 AM BBT Paul trusts some but not all in game. THey talk about Matthew and Raven being nice.Alex doesn’t understand their comment about drawing a line in the game. Jason is up goes outside yelling for Paul. Cody goes upstairs.He tells Jessica Jillian’s plan to act like she has no votes. Paul discusses his plan last year and his plan now. Cody eats and Jessica hangs all over him.Jessica asks if they will lockdown today. Cody says it’s the 4th of july they won’t lock em down. Josh is trying to cook in the KT. Cody is outside talking to Alex. She tells him he needs to cut his toenail. Christmas and Raven and Jessica are in the Bathroom. Jessica complains about Cody’s gas.She had to run out of HOH room. While Cody talks how his guts were on fire and Jessica had to suffer.Paul tells HG they will see all kinds of planes out for the 4th.
11:00 AM BBT Cody talks about the fighter planes taking out ISIS. He talks about war. Paul is working out because he ate a lot of the wrong food yesterday.FISH come up.Jessica and Cody in the Hammock.Ramses in bathroom with girls. Jessica asks Cody if he will say I told you so.Asks if she knew she would play such a big roll in the game. She has rattled people’s nerves. Jessica feels HG and America will think her evil. Cody compares her to Rachel. Alex is in the kitchen talking to Matt and says she wants to cook some eggs .
11:15 AM BBT Kevin is talking to Ramses about July 4th celebrations.Cody is talking to Jessica
About relationships he’s had in the past .Cody tells Jessica about a ex girlfriend he had and that she was a great person but it got toxic .Jessica tells Cody at least he was mature enough to know and do something about it .Matt is in the bathroom flossing and Raven is putting her make-up on and Raven tells Matt Josh can stay around in the game as long as he doesn’t do any more peek a boo’s while she showers.Raven asks Matt if he has eaten yet and he says no he will be in a few mins .Ramses is in the kitchen cooking bacon and Ramses tells Josh he loves Jason.Matt comes to the kitchen to make his breakfast.Paul tells Ramses, Matt, and Josh he’s going take a shower to get ready to dress in his July 4th outfit .
11:30 AM BBT Josh asks Ramses what time is it and he says 11:30.Ramses is washing dishes this morning. The HG is eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Jessica & Cody are still being cozy with one another & passionate laughs. Cody has a creepy conversation with Jessica about a movie with Adam Saddler about a 13 yrs old who liked a teacher. Alex talks facebook & Ramses say he only has 5 friends & laughs. Jessica mentions the hashtag sign & social media. Kevin & Jason are doing there daily power walk briefing in the BY. Christmas tells Ramses she suffers from moving around when she comfortable she has to go to the bathroom. Christmas Is so happy to wake up in the BB house on the 4th of July. All the HG are happy & full of laughs. Ramses tells Christmas he wants kids one day, possibly 2 son’s.
11:45 AM BBT Back Yard social session from all the house guest. Cody wants to talk to Alex but Jessica is in the way of Cody having that conversation with Alex. Jessica & Cody is operating like a couple. Cody is feeling pressed to talk to Alex. Cody respects Alex game but scares his personal game. Cody looks annoyed at times when Jessica is in his face because he has moves to make but he’s being watched by Jessica & the rest of the alliance. Josh wants to show his loyalty. Josh worries about his family, but he mentions Kevin reminds him of his dad & uncles. Josh feels bad Kevin is upset with him he wants to give him his space. Josh appreciates Christmas,Dominique, & Mark for talking him down for missing home. However, Raven in the beginning according to Josh. Raven is a angel with her heart & her story & who she is as a person, he feels bad about missing home, when other HG many more problems than his problems. Josh is soaking in his feelings. Jillian is in the pool on a floaty talking to Alex about Jessica. Alex talks friendship about Paul to Jillian. Jason comes outside to the BY upset & cussing. Production shuts the conversation down. Alex goes rouge about her DR’s.
12:00 PM BBT HOH Paul talking to Jessica about what is going on later today but can’t talk about it. BY Kevin helping Christmas . Alex in the poo saying the water is too cold. HOH Paul and Jessica and Cody talking about the best food before they came in to BB19. Paul says that he cannot figure how him and Jessica did not run into each other before BB19 as they go to the same places. BY Christmas and Raven talking social issues about who said what and who didn’t. “Who is coming after you Raven “ I didn’t say that. Raven said that I told Paul that I did not have feeling for him. Veto meeting discussions Christmas saying she was plan B. Christmas and Raven talking about Cody and Paul having each other’s back.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th

12:15 PM BBT Christmas telling Raven that she know about the Military life and Raven says she could not get in because of health issues. Yes sure they are going to take someone with a pacemaker lol. Both saying how Elena is using others feelings against them. Matthew comes out in blue on blue and and both Raven and Christmas compliment him on the colors. Christmas wants to cuddle last night but could not turn on her side as it hurts too much. Matthew and Christmas talking about Jessica talking about Alex and talking sh*t , she Jessica is spoiled. Josh Jason and Cody talking in Kitchen with Paul talking about teachers in grade school. Hot teachers and what they went through. Kevin comes in and says he thought about going to college and decided that life was better than college. The boys are talking about Paul’s beard and Kevin says he could not grow a beard in a year. Playing with Rock Band Guitar to learn how to play music.
12:30 PM BBT Kitchen – Kevin, Josh and Jason all laughing about Kevin’s description of what people do playing Rock Band guitars but could not play a note. Kevin ask Ramsey if got a guitar as kid Ramsey says no but he did have Rock Band Guitar. Kevin tells he needs to apologize to his parents for wasting their money. Boys talking about the Fight coming up on the 28th that they will not get to watch. Raven comes in and the talk switches to music and the best groups and Kurt Cobain being the best. Kevin’s says “Fish couldn’t would get caught is it kept it’s mouth closed”. BY Christmas and Matthew talking about someone sleeping in the bed with someone not making a good deal for themselves (Jessica ). Matthew saying he is glad that it happened when it did. Matthew saying he would not want to play against Paul in the end as he is Paul is tough but that he did come into the house as a good guy not a tough guy. Christmas saying that the 2 Veterans in the house are being played as villains not good guys. Ramses comes out back to get some sun and swim. Christmas saying it is like Christmas out here with all the hotties out here. Christmas sitting with ice on her foot. Now Josh comes out to talk with Christmas and about how he got out of voting last week. Christmas saying that Josh is in a good position to stay in the house this week. Kevin stops buy to say how many people he knows would love to be in BB house.
12:45 PM BBT BY Kevin saying about the Eagles band and the bikers group hung out and that those were the years. Josh says he never saw a bikers squad/game before. Christmas says that her mom was a badass person and her dad was also a badass. The story from Christmas’ mom and dad were good stories of the past. Kevin asks Christmas he she want him to fold her laundry or just drop on her bed. She says I do not have a feeding tube in my thoughts I can do some things. Christmas now consoling Josh on how he needs to be more comfortable around others and to ask more questions to fit in. BR Paul talking with Dom and Paul says that h thinks others want him to be HOH next week. Dom tells Paul he is Hot as F*ck. Dom and Jessica getting makeup on for party later. Mark comes in and tell them they are hot. Paul and Mark discussing what to have for lunch. Kitchen comes in to get more ice for foot. She asks Josh how he slept last night and if he needs to talk just come to her He says that it makes him feel good to talk to her.
1:00 PM BBT Kitchen Josh is helping Christmas get ice and reset the ice trays. Raven and Josh taking care of Christmas and Christmas says how these crutches are making her looked Jacked Up. Raven is going to make Baked Mac – n – cheese for BB house. Josh says he was hoping someone would make it as he was looking forward to some Mac-n-Cheese for today. Raven’s Mac-N-Cheese is going to be the Bomb according to her. Raven says “Happy Birthday Merica”. BY Cowboy and Kevin playing pool in the hot sun, It is too hot for Kevin even though he is from L.A. Heat is getting to Kevin he cannot shut pool today. The table is so hot that they cannot touch the outer edge. BR Dom and Jessica are still putting makeup on and Christmas is in shower . BY Kevin and Paul finish pool and come into house to cool down. Kitchen Raven and Josh still making lunch.
1:15 PM BBT Kitchen Josh and Raven adding all kinds of stuff to lunch. Raven know what’s up in the kitchen. Apple Room Cowboy and Christmas talking about how Christmas likes watching the boys walking around the BY. They are talking about what will be for the late dinner and if BB will give them a grill or not. Merica yes Merica. > Christmas talking about how when she is doing competitions she pees sometimes doing a jerk and lift and does not worry about it. Hoping that they get to see some fireworks tonight? Cowboy says that he has seen a few police helicopters flying around the skies. Christmas talking about Wednesday appointment for her MRI and wanders what they will find and what will be done when they do find pulled ligaments or whatever, what will be doe to fix it. Kevins tells her to take Zinc and Calcium to help heal it as he had broken ribs and it helps him. Christmas says she takes them everyday as part of her normal regiment. She want to win HOH but not sure if she has a chance but wants to try. Cowboy says that when He broke his ribs he was able to still do rodeo-ing and did not have to cancel any rides even though it hurt a lot. Christmas tell Cowboy that she has written a book and he says no way all he can say is holy f*ck cannot believe that she wrote a book with so many pages of 300 pages is so much to write. She tells him it was about workout and diet/nutrition. He says that he heard her tell him the other night but it did not register with him.
1:30 PM BBT Apple Room Christmas is telling Cowboy about her and what she is and she is a writer and wants to help other. Cowboy says that he was asked about his hat and if he would wear it and tell BB that it is part of him and he would wear it all the time. BY Pool Ramses and Josh chatting about religion and what their beliefs are. Ramses says that Halloween is not something he does or would be part of. Josh says that his family is Catholic but he is a belief in God not Catholic. Ramses says that his family does some holidays like Easter and other religious days. Kitchen Paul Cody saying how they are not happy with BB not giving them Canola Oil and how are they going to fry fries? Rose Rm Paul talking to camera again and how tomorrow is going to be a day of paranoia and a fun day in how. He says that he thanks all the troops and and those that fought for our country. And those that how do other than help this country get lost get out. America needs to switch our agenda as to how we take care of our teachers that are there to take care of our kids. He walks out of Rose RM and and Dom says that she heard him talking in there to the camera.
1:45 PM BBT Apple RM Paul and Cowboy and Christmas talking about how Paul has never been to a rodeo and did not know that there was such a thing as a Rodeo Clown. He (Paul ) has been around the country in his band and has had a culture shock in some of the cities where there was cowboys and he didn’t know what they were. Christmas talks about how she was raised on a farm and Paul says he does not know how to kill for food and Cowboy says that is what you need to know to live. Then they talk about building bonfires and Paul says he stops at Ralphes and buys a bundle of wood and puts it into the fire pit made for them in the park. Christmas and Cowboy say how they cut down the trees and make a big fire. Paul says that after this Cowboy and Christmas need to break his country cherry and take him out and show him what it is all about. Christmas says she is a Country girl and Paul say they need to invite him out for country stuff. Paul wants to go to the County fair and ride a bull and Jessica walks by and says she wants to ride his bull. Lol Cowboy calls Paul a City Boy and he is going to make Paul work his butt off and make him stack hay and work hard. Paul wants to do all that. Christmas wants to come and supervise this week when Paul is working the country life. Paul says that he then want Cowboy to come to the city and learn the city life.
2:00 PM BBT Christmas said don’t eat the fruit Paul is talking about how his mom makes a sangria Matthew is eating Paul is talking about the African beetle Paul is talking about the liquor laws Raven is pulling out Mac and Cheese out of the oven that she had cooked Paul said that he collects advantage stuff Cowboy asked Mark are you eating now Christmas said have some mac and Cheese it’s delicious Paul said your mom or grandma did a good job raising you Kevin is putting the towels in the bathroom area

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th
2:15 PM BBT Dominique said I can carry that for you Christmas is putting her foot in a plastic bag so that she can shower Kevin and Paul are out in the Backyard talking Jillian is applying her makeup in the bathroom area Kevin is talking to his daughter and having her come to the computer so that he can talk to them Kevin said i am going to assume that your mother probably is sleeping or at the beach or working over time or in the bathroom Mark is laying down Kevin is talking about the mac and cheese that Raven made Mark asked Elena if she was going to go in the pool Jason said okay i am going outside Mark said it’s a very cute outfit i kinda like it though Matthew please put on your microphone
2:30 PM BBT Mark said that Jeans don’t fit me at all Mark asked Elena are you going outside Elena said i feel like I am at home Kevin was singing KEVIN PLEASE STOP SINGING Elena said I feel weird where these boots in a house Elena said thank you I needed to hear that Raven said Production we need more soap Cody is talking about jumping in the pool Paul said it’s too hot for you to work out Mark Kevin said guess what area code that i am in Cody said i gave the information to my buddy they are talking about Instagram
2:45 PM BBT Cody is talking about the people that was trying to advertise Jason and Alex are out in the backyard talking Dominique is eating Dominique said i am playing for my life to be transformed Cody is talking about the selfie Cody said i am seriously not processing that i am a TV show Dominique said my mom is probably getting the whole state of Alabama to vote for me and my sister probably is sharing photos of me that people rejected me Dominique said said my voicemail is probably is getting full and my email is probably going crazy Dominique said she is not changing her number until she gets married
3:00 PM BBT Cody is making Slop Jessica said i feel that it is closer to 4 Dominique said that i am just meeting a different side of Cody Cody said i don’t want to be naked on national TV Cody is talking about the Texas roadhouse Dominique said and we didn’t eat all the food Cody said she wants the rib eye steak at Texas roadhouse Jessica said i feel any relationship i have i had to pay for
3:15 PM BBT Jessica is talking about the toilet paper Cody said i like Texas culture Cody said that he used to live in Austin TX Matthew said that Cody pooped on Jessica Jessica is doing dishes Jason said don’t step on my hat Cody and Jessica went outside Cody said it doesn’t feel that hot outside Kevin is talking about the scarecrow Jessica said like the Crow number 2 Jillian is outside
3:30 PM BBT Jessica is talking about the Strategy that will work this week Jessica is talking about Megan the Dog walker she said i don’t think that was a real job NO NAPPING HGS Jessica said that Jillian is from Florida originally now she lives in Arizona Mark is in the pool Paul is laying down KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE
3:45 PM BBT Jillian and Alex are in the bedroom Mark is talking about his boss JASON PLEASE GO TO THE DR Alex is putting things away Dominique said when i get upset i talk really fast Ramses and Jillian are talking in the bathroom area feeds cut out feeds returned Jillian is talking about the guardian of the galaxy
4:00 PM BBT A big bug or something was circling Dominique in the backyard, and she ran inside. Mark and Josh are still in the back yard. Jillian and Ramses are talking in the bathroom talking about a collection of her. Fish for 1 minute. Jessica joins Ramses and Jillian in the bathroom. Dominique is back outside sitting in the sitting area where Josh is lying down. Mark comes over to talk to them. Mark says that it isn’t forgetting that he is being recorded, and he is gonna go home and see himself naked everywhere. Dominique asks do you know how hard it is to keep it together with all these attractive men in the house? Christmas is sitting in the living room with her leg propped up. Jillian is in the storage room looking for something to eat, and takes it back out to Christmas. Ramses is also sitting with them, as is Alex. Mark is telling Dominique and Josh about a relationship of his.
4:15 PM BBT In the living room, the houseguests are talking about their family members. Dominique asks Mark if he is falling in love. He answers that how could he not be in love with this lovely day. Cody, Kevin, and Paul are in the backyard as well. They start talking about musicians. Jason and Jessica go up to the HOH room. Jason thinks that they are getting set up. Jessica tells him that she is a straight shooter and she doesn’t lie. She says she thinks that she and Cody will end up breaking the tie. Jason says he is not putting Cody or Jessica up. Jessica asks if she has his word, and he says yes. He says he wants to keep Cody here for as long as possible. He says that he feels like he and Cody are on the same page. Jessica says Paul is going to vote for Christmas to stay, and Jessica says she is voting for Jillian to stay. She says that they had a very straightforward conversation. The agree that they had the same conversation with Paul about his mastermind plan. Jessica says that Jason, Alex, and Jillian are very close and obviously Jessica and Cody are very close. She wants reassurance that she and Cody are not going to be nominated by Jason, Alex, and Jillian. Jason says that yes, that is the case.
4:30 PM BBT Jason says that he doesn’t know where Matt and Raven are. She says they are not going to vote to keep Jillian. He asks so they are not on the Cody train anymore? And she says no. He says he feels that all of the showmancers are tight, and she says yes, on a personal level, but they can separate personal and game play. Jason wonders about Ramses and Jessica says that he is solid and came to her with what he was going to do. Jason says that he feels like the game starts over with HOH, and Jessica agrees. Jessica says that it is good to be straightforward with people, but for Jason not to shoot himself in the foot. She says that she knows why he and Jason get along because they say I’m gonna just do this and see how it pans out. Jillian and Alex are in the living room. Ramses is called to the diary room. Jason and Jessica leave the HOH room. Paul and Mark are talking in storage room, say they got each other, and then leave the storage room. Paul, Jason, and Alex talk in the HN room. Jason says that Jessica is scared and Cody can’t compete in the HOH so they are well set up for HOH. Paul says they are paranoid.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th
4:45 PM BBT Paul, Jason, and Alex agree that they don’t trust Christmas. Alex and Paul scatter and Jason lies down and acts like he is asleep when they hear someone coming. Alex and Jason go into the green BR and are laughing and whispering. Alex leaves the room, and Paul comes in. They are trying to figure out who they can trust. Ramses and Elena are in the rose BR. Elena ask Ramses if he would be willing to put himself up if she could guarantee him safety. He doesn’t agree to change his vote for that. Paul, Mark, and Raven come into the apple room where Christmas is elevating her leg. They talk about how Jason and Jessica went up to the HOH room and talked for 10 minutes and then Jason went looking for his other buddies to tell them about what was said. Christmas says that Jessica is scrambling and the others agree. Elena shares with Ramses what she thinks is going to happen as far as votes go.
5:00 PM BBT Elena tells Ramses that she is not in an alliance, that Cody doesn’t like the idea of alliances, and since he was in power they didn’t form one, they were just going with friendships and didn’t know how things were going to go in the game, that it is too early in the game to make alliances. Cameras go to Paul and Jason in the green BR. Paul says that Jessica is asking for information when she talks to people one on one. Paul tells Jason that he doesn’t have to tell anyone which way he is going vote. In the apple room, Christmas is telling Matthew and Raven that she has Josh in her back pocket. Cameras leave the apple room to the back yard to Cody and Jessica.
5:15 PM BBT In the green BR, Jason starts shoutouts, and all cameras move to Jessica and Cody in the backyard. Jessica says that Jason and Paul got into a tiff. Two cameras move to the Apple room where Matt is telling Christmas and Raven that he has something on Cody that could split he and Jessica up tomorrow. Matt leaves. Fish for 5 seconds. Raven tells Christmas that while she was gone yesterday that Cody comes from DR, goes to HOH room, won’t less Jessica into the room, was telling production not to let anyone in the room, and then something about the safety deposit box and the table there near it all of Cody’s stuff was moved off of it. They speculate if every HOH gets a key to the safety deposit box. Matthew comes back into the room and they tell him that they try to go near the safety deposit boxes and that production told them to stop. Christmas tells them also that Ramses was going through his stuff thinking this was Paul’s. Paul, Kevin, and Jason are in the green BR talking. Paul tells Jason that not everyone is a straight shooter. Paul is called to the DR. Kevin tells Jason that the reason that he and Jason are darker than the other houseguests is because they aren’t drinking alcohol the evening before so they get up earlier in the morning and go outside.
5:30 PM BBT Mark and Christmas are in the Apple Room talking about Jessica. Alex, Kevin, and Jason are in the green BR. Jason asks Kevin what he says when he asks who he is voting for. Kevin answers that he tells him, whatever you say. Jason asks the same question to Alex. Alex says he doesn’t ask her because he knows she isn’t gonna answer. They speculate that maybe Paul has to keep someone as part of the twist. Jason says that Paul thinks that he is in bed with Cody. Elena and Mark come into the apple room with Mark and Christmas. Christmas and Elena talk about how appropriate the book of Proverbs is to be reading right now. Fish for one minute. Elena and Christmas have gone to the rose BR. Christmas says she has been worried about how she can contribute to the game as the gimp ass. Elena tells her not to worry about that right now. They agree that it looks like that they have the numbers for tomorrow.
5:45 PM BBT Christmas tells Elena that she has Josh in her back pocket, but he told her that he is telling Jillian that he is voting for her to stay. Elena says that they don’t have Ramses at all. He says that he has given Jillian his word, and Elena and Christmas both say that they told him that they respect him for that. Matthew and Mark are whispering in the Apple Room, but I can’t hear them clearly because of noise from outside the room. Raven comes in the room with food. By Elena and Christmas’s count, they have 12 against 3 as far as who will vote together as the game goes on. Jessica joins them in the Apple room. Mark, Raven, and Jessica are discussing coconut oil vs. butter.
6:00PM BBT Christmas seems confident Ramses will throw the next comp. Christmas wonders if Mark and Jess were hanging around today. She says she hasn’t had a chance to scope people out today, she’s just been resting her foot. Paul enters and tells Christmas she needs to have a one on one with Jason. She presses Paul for details but he just says Jason thinks Christmas squealed on a private convo. Paul also confirms Ramses is 100% not voting to keep Christmas.Elena tells Paul that Ramses wants to throw the HOH to Paul because he’s confident Paul will get rid of Cody. Paul says he has a sick plan. Paul says he wants to make it clear “if you fuck me, I will fuck you”. Paul says Christmas really needs to talk to Jason asap. Christmas says she tried to talk but he said not today so should she reapproach him? Paul says if Elena gets out, he will send Jason her way. Elena and Paul leave the bedroom and head out to KT. Paul heads to the BY and greets everyone. He heads to Jason and Kevin. Kevin and Jason wonder if BB is going to wait until dark before they start the party. Paul says they very well may be locked indoors. Kevin says he’s going to take a shower and offers his seat to Paul. Feeds turn to Cody and Alex in the other room. Cody says his only allegiance is to Jess and Matt.
6:15PM BBT Cody says he needs either her or Jason to win HOH this week. Alex says she’s going to try her best. Cody says production knew Paul was going to get that temptation because of his fan base and it’s not fair to the rest of the HG. He says how bogus it is that he gets immunity yet still gets to compete in HOH. Cody asks if she’s the leader of the misfits.Alex nods. She says she thought her side would’ve backed off after Christmas’s bum leg but they haven’t. Cody says it’s because they’re all bad players. She says her loyalty is to Jillian and Jason. Cody says it’s insane that they’re trying to say Christmas is a strong competitor. He says she was shaking like a leaf on the trapeze. He goes to leave and Alex asks if he trusts Dominique. He says he used to but she’s on her own now. Alex says she is the best at getting info from all sides.
As Cody leaves the HN room, feeds turn to the WC with Christmas, Kevin and Jason. Kevin’s in the shower. Christmas says she wants tea and offers Jason some. Jason says yes and he’ll even make it. Christmas asks Jason to come hang out for a minute.They head to the red/violet room. Christmas asks if they’re cool? She asks him to sit closer. She says jess has been lying about her. Jason “I don’t trust that bitch as far as I can throw her”. Christmas “I’d give you my damn dog if I’m lying. I haven’t asked any favours or make a deal. I want you do well. I don’t want you to wind up in their nest. Jason” I’m not in their nest. I’m with Alex.”
6:30 PM BBT Jason says he’s not campaigning for Jillian. He’d rather have Christmas there than Jillian but he feels close to Alex and Alex has his word he will vote to save Jillian. Jason says he feels like she should’ve said “you broke my fucking foot! You need to vote for me!” Christmas reiterates that Jessica has been flat out lying about things she said. Christmas says the house is not in Jessica’s favour. Jason says everyone was on Cody’s side for awhile. Christmas says that’s because he came out as a straight shooter but he’s just going to cut you asap. Elena enters to get her sunnies. Jason says it’s hard to know where you sit on the food chain. Elena says it’s hard to know the friendship hierarchy. Elena says jess got mad at her go saying she was staying with Christmas. Christmas says Cody told her his target was Paul. She says Paul is mentoring. Jason says he’s totally on board with that. Christmas keeps trying to speak and Elena keeps interrupting with questions about herself. Jason says he’s not close with Jillian. Elena pointedly tells him the game was different when Megan was on the block.
Christmas makes it clear the many reasons he should change his vote. Jason trying to explain himself and again Elena interrupts to campaign further.she asks what would be better for his game? Jason says voting with the majority would be best. Jason asks who Elena would put up next week? Elena says she’s interested to see what Paul is going to do. She says she doesn’t want to reveal all her cards yet.
6:45PM BBT Feeds turn to Ramses and Jillian. Jillian says Christmas Had a lot of stipulations for her vote, on day 1, which she agrees to. Ramses says we need to keep our group in the numbers. He says especially with the temptation, you don’t know what that shits going to be. Jillian says if she stays she thinks she will get the next temptation. Josh enters and asks Ramses how he’s doing. He asks Jillian how she’s doing? She says okay but she’s looking for Alex (she’s just trying to leave). Ramses is worried about having to go on the block (his punishment) and they will potentially have less numbers to save him.
Feeds switch again back to Jason, Elena and Christmas. Elena says to jason: she feels there’s 8 solid votes for Christmas, so I’m not saying you’re irrelevant, you’re irrelevant.
Christmas: you ruined my holiday , it’s the least you can do (as a joke)

7:00PM BBT Christmas says she wouldn’t gun for Jessica (she implies she would gun for Cody). She addresses jess’s emotional immaturity and jealousy. Jason says Alex probably wonders why he’s dragging his feet. [Jason appears to be lying here because he’s insinuating Alex is saving Christmas and she’s not].
Dominique enters and asks if anyone needs laundry done. They both get up to head out to he BY. Christmas says she’s not having trouble getting around but it’s a PITA. “I’m a bad bitch, broken or not”.
They stop in the KT with Paul/Raven/Matt. Raven says she’s thinking about making chicken and marinara. Paul says he’d pause on that (because they don’t know when the party will start)
Feeds to BY with Jess between cody’s legs, talking game. They just saw a banner overhead that read “Jess and Cody forever”. Cody says more people watch BB than he thought. Mark jokes and says they must not like him, or it would’ve read #Marlena forever.
Feeds turn to Paul and Jason/Alex. Paul says he found out that Jillian is the rat. He says he heard her say Jason’s name and she definitely has reason to frame Christmas. As soon as Paul leaves the room, Alex tells Jason Paul is lying. Alex thinks Paul has some kind of side deal to keep Christmas, that’s why they’re trying so hard. Jason says if Christmas goes home it’s fine. But if it’s a large minority and she stays, they’re gonna be hooped. Alex says Paul wants to throw Jillian under the bus for some reason. Mark enters and the convo screeches to a halt.
7:16PM- 9:00PM BBT Feeds go to fish/SPCA screen. Time for the 4th of July HG party
9:00PM BBT Paul, Elena and mark in the pantry talking about Ramses and the punishment since Paul getting his three weeks safe. Dominique comes in and Paul goes out and mark and Elena tell Dominique about the banner and it seems like they believe that it’s Cody and Jessica trying to plant seeds. Paul comes back and says that it’s horrible for there game and that it needs to be squashed now. Paul says he believes it’s Ramses and Jillian and possibly Alex trying to start things. In the bedroom josh, Kevin, Jason, Christmas, Alex, Jillian, Ramsey and Elena comes in they all talk about general talk and Kevin says that they should all sit in front of the fireplace. They all laugh when Ramses goes to look if there really is one, they laugh and say they were just making a joke. Back in the storage room mark says that Cody has asked about him and Dominique. Mark says that Ramses told Elena that he knows her and Mark are close but that mark and Dominique have been together since day 1. She said that Ramses approached her right then and said that Mark and Elena were in the storage room kissing. Dominique is really mad at what Ramses said,and she says that it’s dangerous and is really an issue. Dominique says that if there was a banner flying over that definitely the whole house would have been on lockdown.
9:15PM BBT In the bedroom Kevin talking to Jason if he has talked to his family on the feeds today, he said briefly because there was so much happening. They talk about the party briefly and how they got a little alcohol. Alex, Kevin and Jillian in the kitchen talking about the fireworks and that you can hear it through the door and that they are right there. Paul is called into the DR, Cody in the kitchen getting some water to hydrate his body. Cody in the lounge area talking to Jillian and Alex. Jillian says that Raven looks at her like she wants to kill him. Cody says that they should not be so paranoid that the other side is acting like that. Paul in the bedroom with Jason, Kevin, and josh talking about all the things cbs has had him do. Kevin asks if would you be on your own show, would you?? Paul says if I see a need for me. Jason starts talking about his bull. Back in the Apple Room are Cody, Jillian and Alex, Cody says that he only cares about Mark and Jessica. Cody says that he will save Jillian if they have a tie vote. Cody says that he and Paul only talk personal and that on a game move “it’s on”. Cody says that he knows now that they were only hanging out with him because he has the power. Cody says that they will crumble when Christmas gets sent home.
9:30PM BBT Cody says that Paul screwed him with that crap move when he kept himself safe. If he had known he would have not made that move. Cody says that the other girls are keeping clear of Jessica and that the only ones who wants to hang with her is Jillian and Alex. Jillian says again that she thinks Raven doesn’t like her, Cody says don’t worry because they are all throwing shade towards him and Jessica. Cody says that Matt is scared to death of Alex and he told him what you are scared of a girl. They send Cody out so that they can talk in private. Alex says that she doesn’t trust Paul anymore because he’s trying to put Cody and Jillian as hiding stuff from Alex. In the bedroom it’s Paul and Jason talking, Alex and Jillian in the have not room and saying that they don’t trust Paul and are not falling for his friendship crap. Alex says she is going to have Jason vote her way.
9:45PM BBT Christmas and mark in the bathroom she is just hanging out and mark is using it. No conversation here. Jason asks Paul where Matt is? He says that he is not sure that matt says he is jumping ship and that he believes it about 70%. Paul tells Alex and Jason that Jillian and Ramses are the ones telling Cody things and saying that they are the ones talking to Paul. Jason says that if Cody is so shady how come he didn’t put him up like Jessica wanted? Paul says you were not on his list, I was on his agenda from the beginning. Paul says if you wanna stay with Jillian then go ahead because she’s back stabbing you but then I’m done protecting you. Jason says what do you wanna do? She says that Paul is lying and that they need to send Christmas out! Paul comes back and says if he didn’t wanna work with you two, then he would not waste his time. Paul tells them that they are good for at least two weeks and that if Ramses was smart he would put himself on the block when Cody is there because he knows Cody will go home.
10:00PM BBT Paul says if Jason wants hoh then he will let him have it but he wants to be the one who sticks it to Cody. In the hoh room Jessica and Cody are talking about how Jessica would survive without Cody. She says she doesn’t know how she could stand anyone responsible for sending him home. She asks if she goes home before him would he seek her revenge. He says he will be horrible to live with. He says he would throw his game to keep his game. He says that he would call Matt a pu**y and tell him you can’t even give that woman next to you loving she deserves. You can’t even give her a warm touch. Jessica says she is tired of Cody saying that he is going to ghost after the show. He says ok, she says she is still not happy with his answer. He says it was kind of a joke and he didn’t think he was hurting her feelings. Meanwhile downstairs the Hgs are getting ready for storytime, Elena and Mark help Christmas up so she can potty and join story time. Dominique begins getting ready for the night. Mark helps Christmas into the Apple room where most HG are and others are getting more food to eat while listening to stories. Upstairs Matt asks if he can use the shower and Cody says sure.

10:15 PM BBT Ramses is called to the DR, Mark and Elena in the kitchen talking about how much is too much food. Jessica and Cody in the hoh paying around she spits water on his chest as they rub the water on each other. Back in the lounge mark, Paul, Jillian, Jason, Christmas, Raven, Alex, Kevin, and Elena waiting for story time. Mark and Elena run for her to change her clothes and he asks her if she could see them being a real couple in the real world. She doesn’t answer but acts like she’s mad at his first reaction. She asks if they are going to story time and he says no and he doesn’t wanna go because of Jillian and a few others he doesn’t like. Elena asks why is Dominique so mad? He says because what people are saying about them two working together and he is only friends with her and he has talked to her about his parents.
10:30PM BBT mark tells Elena that he hopes when they get out of the house they have the opportunity to spend more time with her so he can prove to her that it’s not an act She says that she believes him, and they start kissing. They stop for a couple of minutes and start again this time you could one of their hearts beating on the mic. Dominique walks in and Elena asks if god has talked to her tonight and she says ya. They talk about going to bed soon, but he can’t walk around right now from all the kissing and petting. She says she is gonna make a appearance for the story time. Mark says that he’s sorry that everyone thinks they are working together because the only one that knew this was Cody. Dominique thinks that either Elena is planting a seed in Ramses head or something is up because she came to him with the Marlena situation in the store room. She thinks Elena is jealous of their relationship and this is aggravating especially when girls try to play both sides. She says that if Elena changes her attitude towards her then she will know more.
10:45PM BBT In the bathroom Matt and Raven primping, cleaning ears and getting ready for bed. Back in the hoh room all you see is Jessica watching the monitors to see what’s happening with the others. Raven lays down to sleep in the room where Dominique is reading her bible. The camera zooms in on her and she says no Matt hasn’t came to bed yet. Story time is in the lounge, Paul is telling some paranormal story. Raven is talking with Dominique about what’s bothering her, Matt walks in and seems like he’s interested in what’s happening. Alex and Jessica were in the storage room talking about something must have been some sort of verification. Now in the hoh she tells Cody that it’s about Jason and being in the toilet, she says she doesn’t know anything about it.
11:00PM BBT Back in the red room Matt, Raven and Dominique talking about Jessica and Cody and the Paul and Christmas deal. Dominique says that day by day she is losing respect for Cody. Christmas and Elena come into the room and Elena helps her get ready for bed. Raven says that Jessica said that if she picks to keep Christmas she is going against her and she would have drawn a line in the sand. They agree that they are glad that it’s happened sooner or later. Ramses gets called out for napping. Cody and Jessica are talking in the hoh to Jason. Jason is telling them everything that Paul has said. Jason says that he thinks that they are trying to get him and Alex apart.
11:15PM BBT Cody says he has more respect for Jillian now because she doesn’t freak out and she stays together. Jason says he is tired of it all and is just gonna says yes to everyone. They Go over the numbers and feel confident that they will to break the tie and Cody will send Christmas packing. Back in the red room they are back on the subject of the banner Dominique says she asked Kevin and it said happy birthday, mark walks in and they ask mark and he says that he heard the Dominique and mark alliance from Cody and Jessica.
11:30PM BBT Christmas tells Dominique, Paul, Matt and Raven that she talked to Jason today and that he is on her side and wants to keep her this week. Again the conversation about Jessica’s head they the sink and Christmas says she never heard that. Matt brings up putting Cody on the block with Jessica or backdooring Cody. Either way will be awesome to watch. Elena and mark in the bathroom Jason comes out of the stall. Elena says that her eyelash extensions are falling out. Jason comes into the bedroom to get ready for bed.
11:45PM BBT Christmas says that when Cody says sorry you’re screwed, that really meant that my girlfriend has it out for you. She already thought she was jealous when Christmas and Cody were two stepping in the kitchen that Jessica’s attitude had started to change then. Raven says that after Jillian goes home Jessica is going to blow up. They all say that they think that Cody thru the veto comp. that he was a beast in all the comps and then so aloof in that one. Josh is in the hoh room with Cody and Jessica, they are talking to him because they want his vote. He says that no one has spoke any game to him. He is pushing for him to vote Jillian safe. Cody tells him next week he will not put him up so that means Jessica if she wins won’t put him up. Cody tells him that he should try to hang out with the others more. Jessica tells him that he should tell Jillian if he votes to keep her then she should promise him something.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 4th



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