Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 11th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 11th

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12:00 AM BBT In the Apple Room, Cody is trying to console Jessica. Jess says that the idea of losing Cody sucks so much, and says that she can’t express how she feels. Cody says that there’s a few days left. Jess asks how it’s a good thing. Cody says that if there was a fight to be a had… then Jess says that he would’ve fought. HGs in the house are celebrating Dominique’s birthday, being all loud. Jess says that she’s trying to figure out the next step, and asks if there’s something missing. Cody says that Elena confirmed to him that he’s leaving. Cody says that in Josh’s interview, he pokes fun of him by saying that he’d lie and say that if Cody did one thing different, his vote would’ve been different. Cody says that he’s not going to beg, and to let him go out in a blaze of glory. Cody says that even though the HGs want him gone, there are people watching that don’t want him gone. Cody says that “maybe he’s just talking out of his ass.” Cody says that he hopes that the crowd is so loud that it rattles the house and the HGs realize that they made a mistake. Cody says that this isn’t a team game. They both leave the AR a while later. In the kitchen, Dom and Mark are talking. Dom says that you’re gonna have to say no to a few things and keep things in moderation (regarding healthy eating).
12:15 AM BBT In the bathroom, Elena is tweaking Paul’s eyebrows. Elena says that she recently got period symptoms after coming into the BB house, saying that she hasn’t gotten a period in 2 years. Paul jokingly suggests that she’s pregnant. Cody asks Jessica if she’s still moody. Jess is surprised by this and laughs it off and jokingly hits Cody. They leave to bed together. In the kitchen, Dom says to Mark that it’s okay to indulge in whatever you want, as long as you work it off. BB yells at Cody and Jessica five times for messing with their microphones. In the green room, Alex asks Kevin for another story. Josh asks to wait until he gets out of the shower. Alex asks to go ahead with storytime without Josh. While Paul is getting his eyebrows tweezed, BB asks him twice to go to the DR. He ignores BB. They yell at him, so he goes.
12:30 AM BBT In the kitchen, Christmas is crying. Josh and Alex are consoling her. Alex asks if she got to talk to her mom. She says no, but BB told her family about her injury. BB says to Alex that she’s not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. Ramses says that BB is going ham on them. Kevin asks what that means, going ham on someone, so Ramses explains it. She says that she gets no special treatment in the house. Josh says that she has a strong mindset, and that’s why she’s still in the house, and that a man doesn’t have that kind of mindset. He says that she’s his angel and is here for her.
12:45 AM BBT In the green room, Kevin asks Ramses if he’s going to pick up his socks. Kevin says to wake up early, that way you’re tired at night. Alex says “if you get up and turn on the light, they leave you alone.” Josh asks for song requests to ask BB. Alex says that BB played Gimme Shelter a few days ago, then feeds cut. Ramses starts to play Charades, but is then called to the DR. Ramses comes back, saying that he has to change his shirt. BB says that you’re not allowed to talk about your DR sessions. Alex says that they’re really on it, and that After Dark might be on.
1:00 AM BBT Josh is talking to Christmas while he’s trying to poop, but Christmas doesn’t want to talk to him while he’s on the toilet. Christmas says that she wants to go to bed, but isn’t motivated to put in the effort. She gets up awhile later. Christmas enters the green bedroom. Kevin asks her when she goes. She says Wednesday at noon. The feed goes to the bathroom. Josh says that Cody said to him that when he goes out of the house, that he’s going to say that Josh is a sexual predator.
1:15 AM BBT Alex recalls from before, when she knocked on the door to the toilet and didn’t get an answer, so she opened and door and discovered Josh there. Christmas talks about the x-ray, saying that they x-rayed her left foot, then they switch all feeds to the Apple Room.
1:30 AM BBT HGs are getting ready for bed. Paul is putting on a face-mask in HoH, and Christmas & Kevin are chatting in the green bedroom. Paul is talking to the cameras. He talks about HGs, and says that Cody is being rude to the HGs. Paul asks his sis for some “pooch pics” (doc pics). He sees Dom entering the HoH room, so he scares her. In the green bedroom, Christmas tells Kevin about her heated conversation with Jessica. Christmas says that you don’t pull on heart strings as an apology. Paul enters the green bedroom and tries to scare Alex, but Alex says that she can’t get scared easily. Paul says that “she’s a fucking ninja.” Kevin asks where a HG is, and Christmas says that she’s washing her face. Kevin says that it shouldn’t take so long to wash your face. Christmas explains all the detail that goes into her washing her face.
1:45 AM BBT In the HoH room, Dominique tries to give Paul something while he’s in the shower, without accidentally peeking. Paul says that he’s more worried about the live feeders seeing him. The feeds go off for a little bit. Alex complains & questions that they’re not allowed to talk about the AC now. The conversation goes to Chanel. Christmas tells the story of Coco Chanel, saying that she started as an orphan. The feed switches to Dominique reading the bible out loud. Christmas feels the AC. Christmas leaves to go to bed, but decides to go to the bathroom first so she doesn’t have to get up at night.
2:00 AM BBT Kevin asks Ramses if it’s hot in there and they talk about it. Ramses says to Kevin to not yell to him awake. Kevin says even if they (BB) yells at you to put on your megaphone. They are talking about Christmas and how bad they feel for her and hope that they should have her comeback on next year. And how she is such a beautiful and strong woman to be able to persevere with her broken foot. Paul is grooming himself after his shower, and face mask. Dom is in bed. Paul turns out the light and gets in bed and says to Dom happy birthday and asks her if she is the one who makes the bed. Kevin and Ramses heard a noise and saw a flash and Kevin told him to go look and see and Ramses says no way he’s to scared. Paul and Dom say it’s really hot in the HOH room. Dom says if no one was there she’d be in bed naked and Paul says he does that all the time at home and said that last season when he was in bed by himself and would sleep butt ass naked. But worried that in the middle of the night he’d kick off the sheets and he’d be naked. Then they talk about how Paul put a lot of salt in Ramses water and told him hey you left this outside. Ramses drank half of it before spitting it out. Dom wants to prank everyone tomorrow. Dom says that Jessica came up to use the bathroom while she was in the shower and they said how weird Cody was acting all nice and actually talking to people. Dom was talking about Jessica and how she was talking about her ex and feeds went to fish. Came back to the Green room where everyone is sleeping. Someone is breathing hard. And snoring.
2:15 AM BBT Camera back in HOH room Paul and Dom talking about her dreaming and Paul says he’s coming he is gonna hop right in there. She laughed then quiet.Kevin rearranges his pillows and scratches his head.
2:30 AM BBT Everyone is asleep. Some are restless due to some of the HGs saying it’s hot in the house. Kevin says the 21st is Tuesday talking to himself. Kevin kicks off his blankets. Matt came out of the room and heads into the bathroom. Matt gets out of bathroom and stops in the kitchen for a drink and heads back to bed.
2:45 AM BBT Everyone is asleep. Kevin is tossing and turning. Paul and Dom tossing around says it’s really hot in there. Alex is tossing around.
3:00 AM BBT House guests are asleep
3:00 AM BBT House guests are asleep Kevin is still restless.Kevin gets up out of bed Camera goes to HN room where they are sleeping.
3:15 AM BBT- 5:59 AM BBT  HG’s sleeping.
6:00 AM BBT All Hgs sleeping Mark woke up to use the Washroom Elena is awake and used the Washroom Matthew woke up for the bathroom
6:15 AM BBT – 7:00 AM BBT – All HG Sleeping – Josh and Matt take bathroom trips. At 7:06 AM BBT Feeds go out.
7:09 AM BBT – Feeds Return – all HG are still asleep.
7:15 AM BBT – RAMSES PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Ramses goes to the WR. All other HG are still sleeping.
7:30 AM BBT – Hearing talking off camera, not sure who but it sounds like Kevin and Alex. Mics stop at 7:31 AM BBT and go to sounds of sleeping HG. All 4 cams are on HG Sleeping.
7:45 AM BBT- 8:45 AM BBT – All HG Sleeping
8:46 AM BBT Cody does half hops half skips to the washroom ( 8:50 AM BBT ) Cody does his half hops half skips to the kitchen where he starts to make coffee. All the lights are on. He is preparing his breakfast while waiting for coffee to brew. He has side skipped to the SR to change his batteries.
9:00 AM BBT He goes back to the kitchen and continues to eat his slop, while standing on his lily pad. Looks like all other HGS are still asleep. He has decided to go back to bed. All HGS are back in bed, except Matt all cameras are on sleeping HGS. Matt is in washroom washing his face, he heads back into HN Room and goes back to bed.
9:15 AM BBT All Hgs are in bed. Cody and Jessica are loving playing some hand to hand combat moves.
9:30 AM BBT All other HGS are asleep except Cody who is now up.Cody has gone into the kitchen to get coffee, still doing his side skip.He is walking outside sitting on his lily pad drinking coffee. Raven has gotten up and makes her way to the washroom.
9:45 AM BBT Raven is in the washroom putting her hair up. She walks right by Cody without saying a word and goes back to bed. Cody leaves the washroom and heads to the kitchen with his coffee, he looks in the backyard then comes back to his lily pad in the kitchen. Cody goes back to the HN Room to get his morning gear, in the Green Room Kevin is awake. Cody heads to the washroom to start his morning routine.
10:00 AM BBT Rise & shine has began with Cody & Kevin. Cody is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Kevin is in the storage room changing his batteries. Kevin asks Cody about getting up or laying back down & Cody tells Kevin he’s going back to lay down.
10:15 AM BBT All of the HG are up to rise & shine to a better day in the BB house. Today is Dominiques birthday. Kevin, Matt, Raven, & Jason are all in the kitchen. Raven excuses herself from the kitchen. Matt & Kevin began to have a lite conversation about what they are doing today. Raven return from the SR from getting cereal. Kevin goes to his room & tells Alex good morning. Ramses is in the bed still. Production asked Mark & Elena to go to the SR & change their batteries. Cody see’s Jessica getting up & gives her a BIG morning kiss on the face. Jessica heads to the kitchen where all the HG are being social to Jessica. Cody is in the kitchen being social with Matt & Raven. Seems like Cody has a change of heart from being isolated from the other HG. Jason is having a one on one with America.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 11th
10:30 AM BBT Jason tells us his birthday is tomorrow & sends his son a shout out to be good. While doing his shout-out Ramses & Josh was in bed listening to Jason. Josh is still in bed while Jason is loud doing his shout-out. Josh is now up. Elena peaks in the room. Josh is ok with Jason waking him up. Elena heads to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Elena sit with Raven at the counter. Ramses is called to the DR. Josh & Jason is having a lite conversation about Jason’s family & his birthday. Alex walks in the room with smiles & laughs. Matt is being creative with slop. Jessica & Cody is sitting on the kitchen floor together. Raven is doing ballerina moves in a bathing suit in the kitchen. Jason & Alex gets in the camera to give shout out to Jason family. Kevin’s heads to the BY to do his daily power walks to stay in shape with no shirt on for a little tan. Mark goes to the BY & help lower the shades with Kevin. Mark & Kevin talk about the next competition. Alex joins the kitchen & the HG for breakfast talk with Raven, Elena. Jessica & Cody heads to the bathroom. Jessica hops in the shower with her bathing suit on while Cody is on standby.
10:45 AM BBT Josh is brushing his teeth while Cody & Jessica give each other death stares because Josh is in the bathroom with them. Matt, Raven, & Josh are in the kitchen. Matt & Josh start talking about hair cuts every Friday. Matt asked Raven about her hair. Jessica is literally pouring oil all over her body so she doesn’t get a sunburn. Cody & Jason are still talkable with each other. Mark has been asked several times to put on his microphone from production. Cody & Jason is in the pool. Jessica is rubbing sunscreen on Cody’s shoulders & back. Jessica is trying to brighten up her hopes of depression by talking about her friends who make her happy. Cody is being supportive & less stressful to deal with. Kevin is the only HG that thinks strategy every second on the clock. Kevin’s morning strategy is to go around and collect daily information who he have an alliance with. The HG are called in the house for a lock down. Jason, Cody, & Jessica are the last one to leave the BY because of the toad suit they all have to put on. Mark is still being asked by production to put on his microphone. All three toads “Jessica, Jason, & Cody” takes their time going in the house. Ramses is talking about his culture. Christmas is getting cute & ready for the day. Both Christmas & Kevin are in good spirits. .
11:00 AM BBT Kevin leaves the bathroom & Mark walks in. Christmas asked how did Mark sleep last night & Mark replied ‘not so well.” Mark told Christmas it starts off good then it gets hot. Elena joins the bathroom alliance. Christmas calls BB adult day care. Elena wants to go outside & not be locked in all day. Cody & Jessica is in the green room. Cody talks about being picky with his drinking. Jessica wants to drink milk to clean out her liver. Cody & Jessica are on the floor as usual discussing BB & the HG. Jessica thanks Cody with kisses for being so good to her. Jessica tells Cody about Christmas foot. Jessica thinks Christmas believe she & Cody sabotaged her. Jessica is impress that Christmas looks good for 36 years old. Cody is frustrated that Jessica told him that Christmas told her that she needs to do damage control. Cody doesn’t agree with Christmas & wants Jessica to play her own game.
11:15 AM BBT Alex, Paul, Elena,Kevin, Ramses, Mark, & Jason are all in the living room socializing. Jason is called to the DR. Kevin gets a lesson from Ramses & Elena on slage words such as “shook & “wet.” Cody tells a funny bar fight story to Jessica. Cody laughs because he described himself as a useless bodyguard. Christmas walks up to Paul & tells him she feels like she’s living in a war-zone. Josh is interested in Christmas breakfast. Paul is subtle this morning & less cuss words with the HG. Elena gets back in bed. Kevin & Ramses is cussing with each other in the fashion of the “summer of love” Kevin tells Ramses. Ramses tells Kevin he doesn’t know what the “summer of love is.” Ramses asked Kevin have he lived in Boston his whole life. Kevin tells him yes. Ramses wants Kevin to visit him in Malibu. Before Kevin goes back to Boston he wants to enjoy the California vibe.
11:30 AM BBT Paul talks competition with Christmas. Protein shakes are not necessary Christmas tells Paul. Christmas discusses her protein launch. Josh is impressed. Kevin ask for some protein samples. Josh is happy for Christmas. Josh talks Jersey & Miami in November. Kevin likes how respectful Christmas is to him. Matt, Kevin, & Raven are in the BR shaving & wishing for clippers. Kevin asked Matt are those his clippers or BB. The protein shake conversation has made it into the bathroom. Raven wants a protein shake. Jason hops in BR & hops out. Raven is putting makeup on. Cody is in the green room eating viciously on some cereal while Jessica lays on her stomach & listen. Cody tells a cop story to Jessica about his cop friends.
11:45 AM BBT Jason & Christmas are in the living rm chatting. Raven is in the BR solo getting suited for today. Dominique walks through the BB house. Dominique heads up to the HOH rm, Matt is in the HOH rm also but walks out. Dominique is getting herself together for her big day today, her birthday. Production ask Ramses to go the DR. Elena is in bed reading a book. Mark is cleaning & loading up the refrigerator. Paul is cooking french toast. Matt is hanging out with Mark & Paul in the kitchen, & watching Paul cook. Some friendly thank you’s are exchanged between Paul Mark for putting breakfast together. Dominique’s comes to the kitchen from the HOH rm. Cody & Jessica laying on top of each other in the apple room.
12:00 PM BBT Christmas is talking to Kevin and Jason about how she loves the show Empire. Raven goes into the HOH room and says good morning to the fish. Ramses comes in while she is about to feed them. Raven is talking to the fish. Josh is sitting in the living room with the others just chatting about random things. Raven comes into the kitchen with Paul, Matt, Mark, and Dominique. Jason is showing them improv. Christmas does improv too. Cody and Jessica come into the kitchen and ask what Paul is making. Almost all of houseguests hanging out in kitchen and LR. Jessica joins in on improv fun.
12:15 PM BBT Paul and Cody casually talking while Cody eats cereal. Christmas does an improv scene of Paul and a genie and everyone is laughing. Alex is awake and eating in kitchen. Cody and Jessica talking in the apple room. Jason and Kevin talking in LR. Jessica said evicting used to be terrifying but now does not seem so scary. Jessica says she appreciates her friends more now. Jason upstairs playing chess. Christmas and Matt whispering in the bathroom. Christmas said the reason for Cody putting her up last week was because of the girls, not him. She says she wants to ask him before he leaves.
12:30 PM BBT Christmas saying she had conversation with Jessica about playing her own game without Cody. Jess says if someone like Raven won HOH would put up Josh to be clean. Cody said Paul told him he would not take Josh to jury. Cody says he has faith that it will work for them. He says it would be a nice buffer for them. Jessica says after BB she wants to go somewhere tropical. He doesn’t care where as long as the beach and sand are there. Jessica says they have 69 more days to go. In the WR – Matt Raven and Christmas are talking. Mtt says that once it gets down to the wire, people need to realize that it will be time for everyone to fend for themselves. Matt tells Raven as long s she keeps wearing her dresses that he will not put her on the block. Christmas talks about Cody and says that as a leader that you do not turn on your team. She says she realizes that it is a team game to some extent but that an individual game is important. Matt says people are trying to win this game, but Paul and Raven are big threats. Matt says he really just wants to make jury and hang out from there. Matt says he wants Raven to win this game instead of him. Christmas says that is collective but they are not gonna throw it to her.
12:45 PM BBT Christmas says she loves giving a lot but she likes taking a little. Christmas says Alex will make it further, Matt says she played a bad game the first week. Matt says the turnaround she has made shows how intelligent she is. Christmas says she is pulling a Paul from last season. Josh and Dom go into storage room and Josh tells Dom he completely trusts her, Mark, and Christmas. He knows he hasn’t played the best game but is gonna improve. Josh says he will be social with everyone but not give his word to everyone. Matt telling Raven not to win HOH this week unless she has to. He says the less blood she has on her hands the more she can influence other people in the house. Matt talking about how rude Cody was for being mean as soon as the game started. Christmas says America will continue to dislike him because of his behavior. Dominique tells Josh if you watch Big Brother you know not to talk game the first few weeks. Christmas still talking about Cody putting her on the block. Jason comes into the bathroom. Dominique comes into bathroom too. Mark and Ramses playing chess. Christmas talking about looking for a significant other.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, July 11th
1:00 PM BBT Jessica asks to let the toads outside please. She leaves Cody in the apple room. She comes back and says she feels sick. Christmas gets up to fix her hair. Matt and Raven tickling and laughing with each other in the bathroom. Elena finally out of bed walks into the bathroom. Elena says she got a lot of good bible reading in. Cody says there is still options left.
1:15 PM BBT Paul gets snapchat sunglasses and Jessica wants to go, Cody says to go without him. Cody says it is just the HOH that has to wear them. Paul tells Jessica to put frog hat on. Paul said they record then go onto snapchat. Paul shows Thor, Raven’s pacemaker, to snapchat. Jessica and Cody laying in apple room moping around. Paul looks at snake statue and says he could make Nicole jokes, but he won’t “Big Meech” her. Paul tells Kevin to send a message to his fans and he starts talking about his favorite “mojos”. Paul tells them they are building a comp and they cannot go outside for the next 3 days. Group brings cake out of storage closet for Dom’s birthday.
1:30 PM BBT Jessica says she is gonna go say happy birthday, Cody says go for it, Jessica pulls him up to come on. Houseguests sitting around table celebrating Dom’s birthday. Cody goes into apple room to find Jessica crying. Dominique gives a quick birthday speech and all the houseguests are eating cake, except Cody and Jessica who are still in the apple room with Jessica crying.
1:45 PM BBT Jason asking about getting another cake and she says she will make a slop cake for him. Cody stands up and leaves Jessica in the apple room crying. He ran to the bathroom to get tissues and comes back to bring them to her. Jessica is crying about all of the repercussions of her curse, being stuck in the house because of the lockdown, eating slop, etc. She says she never thought it would be this hard. Paul and Raven watching fish in the HOH room. Jessica says they broke her, it is official and they won. Mark and Elena hug in red bedroom and Elena says she feels sick. Elena and Mark get into bed and are kissing. Paul dressing up in Jason’s cowboy outfit for snapchat. Paul and Jason move to the kitchen/living room. Paul continues acting the cowboy part.
2:00 PM BBT Cameras go to the bathroom where Matthew, Christmas, and Raven are talking and wondering how to react to Jessica since she is upset. Cody is in the apple room alone eating. Dominique joins Matthew and Christmas in the bathroom. Jessica and Raven are in the bathroom stall, but Christmas comments that she can’t hear what is being said. Paul comes into the bathroom, and Raven and Jessica exit the stall. They go to the kitchen and hug it out some more. Raven asks her if she needs some hot tea and she answers she needs Jesus, and Raven answers, well, yes, that’s true…Jessica thanks Raven for comforting her. They move to the storage, and Jessica is explaining why she is having digestive problems. Jessica says, “This is so embarrassing!” and cries some more. Raven comforts and reassures her some more. She suggests that she go use the HOH room/bathroom and have a few minutes to herself. Jessica is called to the Diary Room. Raven walks her to the door and tells her to come get her if she needs her. Raven explained to Paul, Matt, and Christmas what she is dealing with. The slop is apparently what is bothering her, on top of her having trouble going anyway. Raven explained that she told her to go to the DR and ask for some help, so that is why she is currently in the DR. Paul tells Raven that she is a good person, better than the rest of them. Alex, Ramses, Paul, and Jason are in the living room talking and goofing off. Apparently they had put salt in Alex’s drink and she didn’t realize it for quite a while.
2:15 PM BBT Matt and Raven are hanging out in the bathroom with Christmas. Kevin, Dominique, and Kevin are in the green bedroom talking about general stuff. Paul tells Kevin that last year’s houseguests slept the entire season. In the bathroom, Raven is talking about liking to go to children’s hospitals dressed up as a princess and taking stuffed animals and doing some ballet moves for them. Cody must have fallen asleep in the apple room, because the announcement comes on about no napping. Jessica comes back out of the DR and Raven checks on her in the kitchen. She (Jessica) goes to join Cody in the apple room and is taking whatever they gave her to help out her stomach issues. She vents to Cody, saying that her mother is going to fuss at her for crying on national television. She says that he gets to go home, and that she will still be stuck there and needs to find a way to bounce back. Cody says that he feels bad because he has caused problems for her and won’t be there to take away the pain, and that he cares about her a whole lot. Cody says that he wouldn’t take a million dollars to not be able to see her, he wouldn’t take it. And that she is getting ready to lose him for a while. They start talking about food from Shake Shack.
2:32 PM BBT Josh and Paul are in the HOH talking about the HGs from BB18 and whether or not Paul keeps in touch with them. They agree to get Ramses out soon. Dominique comes in the room. They talk about how they are gonna work out with no backyard. They talk about how their lives are going to be different when they go back home. Dominique asks what they are gonna do, and Paul says that he is gonna think real hard, gonna dance around in his head. Dom says that she has had out of body experiences, what she calls trances. She says that she has been taken to where Jesus was crucified. Cameras move to living room where Alex, Jason, and Kevin are talking about getting a friend of Jason’s to pick them up in a Cadillac and drive them home.
2:44 PM BBT Cameras go to the Rose BR where Mark and Elena are all covered up and kissing. Back to kitchen where Paul and Jason are snacking. Paul predicts that this HOH will be an endurance comp and says they need to be prepared to be ‘as sore as shit’ on Saturday. Kevin and Raven are in there as well. Paul calls Josh into the kitchen for him to drink his glass of pickle juice for the day. He lost a pool bet and this is what he has to do now. He struggles swallowing it. He finally drinks it like a shot. Paul and Dominique talk about how her birthday has gone while in the HOH room. Paul asks her what she misses most about being outside, and she says her family and her phone and her friends. Kevin and Christmas are in the bathroom talking about razors. They talk about the ages of the HGs. Christmas says her foot is hurting more today.
3:00 PM BBT Alex, Ramses, Raven, Jessica, Cody, Matt, and Josh are in the kitchen. Jessica is sitting in the kitchen floor. Alex and Ramses discuss what they think the comp is going to be. Raven and Josh are talking about making spaghetti and meatballs and what ingredients they will include. They begin cooking and continue chatting. Christmas apparently got fussed at for discussing production, and went to fish for a little while. Cameras back to kitchen where cooking and general chit chat continues. Elena and Mark are out from under the covers in the rose room.
3:15 PM BBT Mark and Elena are talking about food. They leave the room and head to the living room/kitchen. Jason, Kevin, and Christmas are in the bathroom chatting. Alex used the bathroom and washed her hands. Mark and Elena come in. They talk about the big chess game Kevin is going to be playing this evening. They are also planning ahead for the pool tournament next week. Kevin asked Josh if he was going to play in the pool tourney next week.
3:30 PM BBT Christmas, Elena, Mark, and Kevin are in the bathroom talking about whether Mark ‘hits Elena in the right spot’. They are now talking some sexual talk. Raven and Mark are in the Apple Room alone. She is laying on his shoulder with her eyes closed. They aren’t talking, but lots of conversation from the kitchen can be heard. TOADS, PLEASE KEEP YOUR HEADS ON AT ALL TIMES. Mark and Elena are upstairs in the HOH bathroom. Paul and Dom are in the HOH room, and it looks like Dom is napping. Paul has something over his eyes trying to nap as well. Mark and Elena stop on the skywalk. Mark asks what time it is and says he need to eat but can’t eat what they are cooking. Elena lies down on the couch and Mark is sitting beside her. Christmas and Kevin are still taking in the bathroom. Cameras change to the living room where Alex is talking to Ramses and Jason. Jason is doing situps. Alex is telling them a story about a rough day that she had when she was pulled over multiple times.
3:45 PM BBT Kevin comes in the room and they continue to discuss tickets. Christmas and Matt are in the apple room talking about general stuff. They talk about other injuries she has had, and where else they have enjoyed visiting. Mark and Elena are still on the skywalk talking alone.
4:00 PM BBT Christmas is telling Matt about an experience in Sweden. Raven brings in a bite of food for her, and she says it is amazing. Ramses, Kevin, Alex, and Jason are still chatting in the living room. They discuss if Ramses will get in trouble for singing, but he says that he can sing a random tune but nothing that is copyrighted. They start playing charades. In the Apple Room, Christmas is telling Matt about a company that makes weight bars. In the living room, Kevin is theorizing about why they choose younger people for Big Brother, so that they will get on each other’s nerves and not be chill together. Raven, Josh, Christmas, and Alex sit down to eat. Kevin joins them, as does Elena. They all rave about how good the food is.
4:15 PM BBT Elena offers a bite to Mark, and he says no thanks, because he needs to eat healthy. Mark offers to make Paul some eggs. Upstairs, Dom is telling Paul her very involved dream about Big Brother. Dom makes her way down to the kitchen to eat and says Paul is coming eventually. Elena goes upstairs to the HOH room and talks to Paul. He asks her what her favorite thing is about the Big Brother house and how she is doing with it all. She says the honor of being on Big Brother is her favorite thing. She also says that she feels like the friendships/relationships that are built in this house are going to be special. They talk about whether or not Jessica has tried to befriend them again.
4:30 PM BBT Paul says that he thinks Jessica will try to befriend her or himself. He asks her if she would like to have HOH and she says it is a catch 22. She says that she doesn’t really want to be HOH next because Jessica is the target and the two of them were probably the closest before all the bad stuff happened. Paul says that he feels as though people want to get him out. He asks if she thinks if anyone will crack. She gets up and says she is gonna go vomit in his toilet. Mark, Dom, Christmas, Matt, and Kevin are still sitting around the table talking and eating. Alex and Josh are lying on the living room couches. They talk about how different everything looks bigger and different on TV. Cody and Jessica are lying in the floor in the have-not room. Cody is staring into space. Jessica’s head is covered. The awake announcement is made. Alex has left the couch and Jason is lying in the floor in the living room. He says he is hungry but is waiting for everyone to clear out of the kitchen. Josh offers to make his slop for him. Ramses and Raven are washing dishes. Mark tells Ramses where some of the dishes go.

4:44 PM BBT Jason is called to the DR. Alex has moved back to the living room.
5:00 PM BBT Paul and Kevin are talking Kevin said to Paul what are those socks Kevin said i got these socks before i left they are fruit of loom socks YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION Josh said that he has Acid Refluxes Kevin said hey christmas Josh said that she is in the DR Kevin is talking about the Pins and screws that Christmas is getting tomorrow Jason is mopping the floor Cody and Jessica are going to shower Mark said i will be right up and to start the chest game Christmas please go to the DR Kevin said Josh you lost your bet you have to drink pickle juice Josh said you have to drink pickle juice with hot sauce to Paul Paul asked Christmas so what time are you going tomorrow Christmas said between 12pm and 1pm
5:15 PM BBT Dominique said that she just woke and her eyes feel like swollen she said that she took some allergy med Josh said that my wife is going to change the diaper Josh said i will change the diaper while i am drinking a beer Paul said i will make a HN room in my house Elena said that the fact that he lives in NY and i live in TX about Mark Kevin said 21 loving days Josh asked Paul what was the best about last season Paul said that another shocking eviction that they played videos from home Paul said only me and Victor cried Paul is talking about the road kill how it was anonymous and they are talking about the battle back
5:30 PM BBT Paul is talking about big meesh Paul said that bridget would make cookies Paul said we will find out Paul said next week on big brother Dominique and Elena are talking Elena said that Mark kinda compared me to other people Paul said that he loves to argue
5:45 PM BBT Paul said that James tried to call him out Paul said that Meech tried to backstab him in the back Mark said you’re about to kick me out of the HOH bedroom Paul said shout out to big Meech i miss you i wish that you were here in the house Paul said that Brigitte was a badass Christmas said that James was not campaigning against James they are talking about Natalie Dominique is talking about the bible that she is reading about Paul said that we all disliked james
6:00 PM BBT Mark/Elena and Dom and Matt talking, Mark wants to know if Jessica wants to leave the game. They wonder if she will keep her cool after Cody leaves. Elena thinks she’s going to stay calm and cool. Elena says she’s not Jessica’s protector and that’s what jess wanted. mark wants jess out and Elena wants Ramses out first. Dom thinks they are underestimating her ability to compete. Mark thinks he’s a target to Ramses and Jessica so if he was HOH he would put the both straight up. Mark repeats he doesn’t believe in pawns when you have the numbers. Matt says it’s not a pawn if it’s only 1 person?!
6:15PM BBT Mark said he heard of Alex was targeting him, which she denies. They all say they like Jason as a person but he’s no use to them in the game. Dom says if she wins HOH, Ramses is the target. They ask if she would BD him or initial nom? She says that’s a good question, she’s thinking back door. She would put up someone on her side, plus Jessica. Mark volunteers to be pawn.
Matt says it’s not that he doesn’t trust Jason, but thinks he’s not playing with a full deck.
Mark says whether it’s Ramses, Jessica or Jason, we need to communicate this week just like last week with Paul.
Matt thinks raven has a great shot for the next temptation. Mark says maybe Christmas got the last one bevsur it sucked. Matt says maybe not; she has had a hell of a week with her broken foot.
Dom and Mark alone now. Dom says he shouldn’t play with elenas feelings. Dom says Elena is really crushing on Mark. Mark says he’s noticed the past few days that she is around him all the time. Mark says we still really don’t know each other and the last thing he wants is to hurt her. Mark says he was more open with her than his ex, even.
6:30PM BBT Dom says she doesn’t want to lose what she’s feeling so she’s possessive. Mark says Paul’s very smart for his age. Dom mentions that Christmas and Paul have something going. Kevin rolls in and asks Mark if he’s ready to play?
Meanwhile, Maven and josh are in the KT area. Feeds turn to the lounge Wii Paul, Ramses, Josh, Jason and Christmas, all talking about tattoos. Josh thinks they should all get “what the fuck” on their asses. Christmas says you first.
6:45PM BBT Matt and raven joking around in bed. Matt says ravens not playing with a full deck. Raven “yes I am, it just has extra jokers!!” Mark tells Elena she’s so sexy.
Feedspan to Jessica and Cody. They’re not speaking. Alex and Jason talking in the green room. Jason says he doesn’t understand the draw for jury. Alex says they’re lazy and get more money getting drunk in jury than at home. Jason says he loses money the longer he stays but wants to play the game. Alex says she came to play, not for jury. Alex says chickens suck because they smell like poop. Jason “they’re FARM animals!!”
Alex says no way Paul’s playing for his fans, he is totally playing to win. Jason agrees but says he does have integrity.
Alex wants a miniature pony, but only the non overweight kind. She wants a proportional rate one. She says they’re a better value than dogs because dogs die too soon. She wants to name it pickles or glitter .
7:00PM BBT Paul and Christmas talk about bikes. Meanwhile Matt tells raven they can’t just keep putting up Alex and Ramses every week. Raven says she’s more worried about jess than ramses. Raven says she’s more likeable and more manipulative… and people can grow to like her whereas no one will like Ramses. Raven says she would backdoor Jessica. She says her speech would be “jessica, you like buttholes, so I’m giving you the back door. Matt cringes and laughs.
Mark comes in and asks Raven how to cook chicken on the stovetop. Oh, my goodness . Insanity. How old is he?! Throwback to bb14 when Ian the student cooked chicken tenders on the stovetop for over an hour because he had no idea.
7:15PM BBT Raven and Matt both say they feel bad for the week Jessica has had but she still needs to go asap. Raven says josh can go after jess and Ramses.and then Jason. Raven tells Matt she has a secret. Matt says we all do. Raven says her and Paul spoke outside the house (which all of us knew since there was a photo floating around of him and raven). Matt says it’s no big deal and raven says it would be if certain people know. She feels like she has a tighter bond with Paul because of it. Christmas comes in and talk turns to her crutch cozies.christmas says they make all the difference . Kevin is with josh and Ramses and Jason , Kevin wants to know who they choose for the music in HOH. Josh says Kanye west. Kevin tells a story about one direction, his friend left them tickets at Will Call, and Kevin thought the guy was going to call him back– never heard the term will call before.
7:30PM BBT raven and Matt talk about they cannot believe Jason broke christmas’s foot and then voted her out. Christmas says she’s going to be part robot just like raven.
Christmas confirms her boot list would be Jessica, Ramses, Josh , Jason, then Kevin.
Feeds turn to Kevin/Jason and Elena in lounge room. Kevin says jess was saying this is the worst week of her life. Kevin says Cody is too proud to even campaign against anyone and will only have a single vote (jess) to stay. Kevin says he just sat there with his sunnies on, wondering when he could leave.
Christmas tells raven her foot feels so much worse today. Raven says it’s because it’s trying to heal. But can’t do is going into panic mode (what?!?). She advises Christmas to drink water but not much and some Coke.
Raven says the temptation is coming up Thursday. Christmas says she’s more concerned about the curse TBH. What they don’t know is it appears the next temptation runs for 2 weeks which means this week may not have a new temptation at all.
7:45PM BBT Mark , Paul and Josh are doing some inside exercises. They finish their burpees and now Paul’s doing lift ups and sounds like he’s about to pass out. Marks jogging on the spot. Alex comes out and says how much she hates running. Mark says he lists a ton of weight.by running.
Now Kevin’s speaking to Christmas and Kevin discounting the possibility of a Jessica win. He says unless the HOH is falling over and putting on makeup. Christmas says she doesn’t like underestimating people’s abilities.
8:00 PM BBT Josh, Mark, Cody and Paul exercising while Alex is sitting in LR talking to them. Raven and Matt in Rose BR laying in bed talking. Raven says to the camera if America gives her the temptation Matt gets to carry her in a black trash bag and put her in the garbage can. They are both laughing. Kevin now in LR with them. Matt says he actually wants to put her in the fish tank. Alex is also working out with them now. Matt and Raven talking to the camera trying to get it to turn to them. Raven says she doesn’t know why everyone wants to get him out next week because he isn’t a threat. Raven mentions him being similar to Big Meech. Matt says as the game goes further comps will get more mental and he will be a threat. Matt wonders if Dom will get riled up at some point. Raven says yes and it is the calm and quiet ones you have to worry about. Dom and Christmas are also now in the living room. Raven and Matt talking about how much Josh cries on the show. Raven says she does not understand Jess.
8:15 PM BBT Raven questions why she went off on someone so early in the game and put a target on her back. Matt wonders why she wanted to come on the show, Raven said for exposure and social media followers. Jess in the kitchen eating and watching the guys workout. Raven thinks she has seen her on someone’s instagram who is famous. Elena in living room now as well. Matt and Raven joking in bed. Raven says she is upset because Matt has gotten shoutouts in the yard but she hasn’t. Cody and Jess upstairs playing chess. Alex, Dom and Christmas talking about how out of whack they are with their eating being in the house and how they want to cleanse and not eat after bedtime.
8:30 PM BBT Raven and Matt now join group in the LR. Christmas is giving boys advice on working out. Ramses comes into living room as well. Christmas says she is leaving for her surgery tomorrow between noon and one. Jessica and Cody restart their game of chess. Ramses said he always thought there was a separate room for the competitions, not the backyard. Kevin is reminiscing on being young and in love. Dom says there is only one person she has been in love with. Kevin asks if the camera sees them walking in the morning and they tell him yea they are always on. Mark gets playfully upset because Dom talks about him being a big guy.
8:45 PM BBT Josh, Mark and Paul planking. Jess and Cody still playing chess. Cody makes fun of Josh for being a victim, Jess says he can’t say that because she was crying today. Elena talking about how everyone in her family has large boobs. Cody is helping Jess to understand how chess works.
9:00 PM BBT Dom sitting in living room alone. Others are in kitchen. Elena is examining her hair color in the mirror. Christmas talking about being in pain and about surgery tomorrow. Says she will be leaving around 10:30 or 11. Alex and Jason talking in Green BR. Kevin walks in and says Alex is always doing her makeup. Kevin asks if it is automatic to be kicked out if you hit someone and Alex and Jason say yea. Kevin says Alex better not go to the DR first and leave him up with Ramses. Alex tells Kevin they told Jason he can’t get off slop for his birthday.
9:15 PM BBT Jason complaining about not getting anything on his birthday because of being a have not. Jessica and Cody laughing when playing chess because he makes a good move. Jess and Cody go downstairs. Cody stands outside of toilet room waiting for Jess to use the bathroom. Cody talking to Matt who is in shower. Alex telling Jason and Kevin they have to get rid of who the other side wants before targeting them because they won’t have the numbers. Alex mad because someone stole her glasses and she is wearing her backup pair. Alex says not to tell Kevin their plans because he may be the one that flipped and lied to their face about voting out Jillian. Alex says Kevin is paranoid based on the way he is acting and is being aggressive towards Ramses. Jason says Alex should ask him straight up what is going on. Alex talking about what kind of players get brought back on for a second season. Alex said Kevin told her he would win the 500K if he was sitting next to her and Jason. Alex says they need to pull more friends in or they will be screwed.
9:30 PM BBT Paul brings wooden spoon of food in bathroom for them to taste. Ramses comes into Green BR. Jessica says from being on slop she feels like an African child. Paul comes in Green BR to make them try the food and tries to make Alex but she won’t because she is not eating after 8. Jessica talking about getting her tattoo and how bad she screamed. Kevin comes back into Green BR. Kevin tells Jason if he wins HOH he won’t put up Jason, Paul, Alex or Mark.
9:45 PM BBT Cody, Jessica, Elena, Matt, Dom, and Raven hanging out in bathroom. Josh, Jason, Ramses, Alex and Kevin hanging out in Green BR. Just chatting about a variety of things. Kevin camtalking about pool tournament from last night, says he won and so he is purposefully gonna lose the chess tournament, everyone is laughing at him. Ramses says he does not want to talk to Cody. Kevin talking to his family saying he misses them. Kevin tells his family he will see him later and to “springtube” it (instead of youtube). Kevin says to Mark he is coming.
10:00 PM BBT Jessica, Cody, Raven, matt and Elena in the bathroom where Jessica is applying makeup. Mark comes in and Elena asks if he wants his butt hole bleached. She asks the others if they are interested in taking her up on her services. In the kitchen Kevin and Jason talking about Alex being great at chess. Mark, Alex, Jason and Kevin head up stairs to start the chess tournament. Ramses comes in and sits down to watch. Josh and Dominique walk up and josh wants to share the chair with him. Jason tells him his butts too big. Josh ends up sitting on the floor. Back in the bathroom it’s only Cody, jessica and Elena. Cody is talking about his military time. He’s saying something about him being 30 and in the big brother house and how usually they don’t have so many older people and how they usually cast a bunch of 20 somethings. Elena says she can’t believe that Cody is 32, how he doesn’t look or act it. Cody says what was one of Elena’s secrets? She says that she wasn’t going to talk about her being on the radio and her followings and such but since everyone else was and has such a huge fan base she said why not.
10:15PM BBT Jessica teaches Elena how to clean her sponges after each use and elena says she never cleans them ever. Back upstairs Paul sitting and watching the chess tourney while he has a face mask on. Downstairs you can hear matt and Raven carrying on and having fun. You can hear Christmas gimping through, don’t know where she is on her way to. Elena says she has put in the bare minimum and leaves the bathroom and jessica is in the bathroom brushing her teeth still not wearing her frog head and her shoulder sleeve is hanging off the side and not closed. Cody just laying on the lily pad. Christmas and Elena upstairs watching the chess game too. Back in the bathroom jessica telling Cody about talking to Elena about his age and lying about it at first. She says that no one buys his reasoning. He says that he hopes that it doesn’t ruin her in the game and she says she doesn’t care.
10:30PM BBT In the bathroom jessica tells Cody to start thinking for two people especially out of the house. He says that is duly noted. She says that the DR asked her about Cody and she sa she didn’t wanna talk about him and production told her to stop tasking about diary room sessions. Mark is called to the DR so the chess game is halted. Cody says they haven’t called him all day, he says it’s because he has done nothing but sit on a lily pad all day. She says she has done nothing but cry in the diary room all day. He is laying on top of her and she asks if they can do it in the room with the light off and he laughs. In the kitchen Matt looks to be cleaning up. Upstairs josh, Jason, Christmas, Ramses, and Elena talking about doing some improv. Christmas and Jason talking about his birthday and some of his past ones. Elena pretends that she is a different person and Ramses asks her questions.
10:45PM BBT In the have not room Matt, and Cody trying to get some sleep. Dominique and Paul are in the hoh room she is reading her bible and he is washing his face and combing his beard. Mark seems to have got upset about something he left the room . Paul comes out and he and josh play together. Mark and Elena in the storage room talking about food. They move into the kitchen where they have a snack. Elena says she wants to lay down into she is called into the DR. Mark says they need to go lay down because he definitely needs to get away from the kitchen. Then he says that he really wants some cake.
11:00PM BBT In the kitchen Elena tells him he is a loud drinker, and breather. He tells her thanks she asks if he thinks that she looks better in makeup or not? He tells her she looks good without out it. She says should she fix her makeup or should she curl her hair? Her tells her she looks beautiful just the way she is. Seems like she is just fishing for compliments. Christmas telling people how to figure military time. She says subtract 2 and drop the one and boom. So 1400 minus 2 is 1200 drop the one is 200. There you go. She says that her ex who was military taught her that. Kevin walks up and is singing about The most beautiful girl in the world, Kevin says that mark says that about Elena all the time and Elena says that oh Kevin is your wingman. They all laugh. She goes on about her makeup and she talks about back hurting , mark is rubbing it as she burps in his face.
11:15PM BBT Dominique comes into the kitchen and mark asks her if she wants to share a piece of Birthday cake. They laugh and she tells him that he’s silly and he tells her he is having sugar withdrawal. Raven in the bedroom getting ready for bed. Upstairs josh and Paul still playing chess as Cody who was laying in the have not room asleep is called to the DR. Mark,Elena and Dominique in the hoh just hanging out. They talk about food and mark saying how he loves cereal and he misses his grandmother’s cooking. Jessica is in the bathroom washing her face and taking off her makeup. She just put it on like 2 hours ago and already it’s coming off.
11:30PM BBT Kevin and Ramses in the bedroom talking about stories and they say that they have to wait for Jason because it’s his birthdays. Ramses is talking about some girl named Emma which is his best friend. In the hoh Dominique and Elena are talking about mark while he’s there and he asks what they are talking about. Dominique says that he can asks all he wants but that doesn’t mean he will get answers. Mark says that the hoh room is very hot, Dominique agrees and says she sleeps with minimal clothing because of that. Paul and Jason walk into the hoh. They complain about Jason and say that he talks so much and annoys everyone while they play.
11:45PM BBT. Paul says that josh takes way too long to move a piece and Jason runs his mouth the whole time. Josh and mark leave the hoh room and Paul tells Dominique that mark will probably kill Christmas. Paul says that when mark was working out she kept telling him what to do till he told her to shut up. The two talk about Christmas and her leg and that she thinks she will be able to compete in 5 weeks and that she shouldn’t do anything to mess up her bread and butter in the outside world. Dominique says that she talked to elena today about her life outside of the BB house and that her and mark are totally different people. Paul says he’s gonna sleep into they call him to the DR. In the bedroom Jason and Kevin are talking who they would put up if they made HoH. They agree out of all the girls the best player is Alex. Kevin says he’s tired of the comments about he would be lucky to make it to the jury. Cody comes in and tells the two that he’s really 32 and that he lied. Jason says that they have turned us all against each other like a bunch of freakin rats. When Christmas and Alex come in Cody leaves. Kevin and Christmas talk about her surgery and that she was given some pain pills but it only dulls it. She says after tomorrow she should feel better. They get ready to give Jason a birthday whooping.



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