Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, September 7th

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12:00AM BBT Off go the lights in HOH and she lays down for the night. In the HoH she tells the camera about Jason going home that she hopes that he understands and that she understands what josh is saying. She talks about her personal feelings and how she is having so much fun with Alex. She feels like she is the black widow and has gotten everyone out that has came after her. She doesn’t think the rest that are not her team have targeted her and that this makes it so hard. She talks about her paranoia, and she doesn’t understand her feelings. And that these people will not all wanna be her friend out of the house. She says she struggles with Raven and the way she is. She says her heart is starting to get away from her and starting anxiety and emotional feelings are starting to happen. She says that she can’t be herself because of the cameras and laugh and dance and sing and she is in a purgatory of emotion.
12::15AM BBT Xmas sees Paul in the kitchen on the cameras and says that Paul makes her smile. She says there is a nugget of Information. She sees Alex go to the bathroom and then back out again. Kevin still wide awake laying in the bed. Xmas puts on her earphones and listens to music. Jason comes back to the bedroom and talks about Alex possibly trying to scare him, she tells him he’s paranoid and they laugh.
12:30AM BBT Josh is in the DR, Alex sets something up so she can scare him. Kevin starts talking to Jason about doing all the fun stuff before he was 23 and now he’s older and married and done all the fun stuff early. Production calls them out for talking with the lights off and Kevin says he will not miss them hollering at him all the time. They talk about Raven eating everything and that she uses so much salt in her food and she drinks soda out the jug and Kevin says that he can’t drink from it after she drinks out the bottle. They talk about going to Tahiti and Alex talks about the prices and Kevin says he will pass. Finally
Josh is back from the DR. Josh is sitting on the bed talking to Paul. He is telling josh what to tell Jason before the live vote because josh doesn’t want to blindside him. He tells josh they have no choice but to cut him but they can’t tell him to early because they are going to freak out and make it really weird. Paul says we have to just rip off the bandaid. He says it was not hard for him last year because he didn’t like the people last year but this year he has real connections.
12:45 AM BBT Paul mentions that Kevin brought suits to wear all season, he says that what did he come for to host the price is right? They laugh. You can hear Raven talking in her sleep. They try talking to her and she’s talking about eating pizza. Again they say that they thought they walked in with Kevin is like the big brother godfather. Still Raven moans a little and says no and responds to Matthew likes he is in the house. Paul can hear Kevin through the wall and says to josh that the fool talks so much, he tells Kevin to shut up in Spanish but not loud enough for them to hear.
1:00AM BBT Josh To the bathroom and then to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. He sits alone in the dark, eating. Josh finally goes back to bed but Alex is hiding under his covers and wakes the whole house with his hollering. Kevin laughs and says that Josh would but the Brooklyn bridge.
1:15AM BBT Everyone is settled back down and trying to go back to sleep.
1:30AM BBT All HGs are trying to sleep
1:45AM BBT – 8:00 AM BBT  All HGs sleeping
8:01 AM BBT Cams 1-2 swap to decorations in the house for a moment then back to sleeping HGs in Green room.
8:46 AM BBT Camera crew gets bored and starts zooming in and out on the sleeping HG.
9:19 AM BBT Wake up call. ( Fish)
9:31 AM BBT Christmas, Paul, and Jason awake and in the Kitchen talking about Coffee. Christmas goes off to the rose room while Paul comments there is a ton of ants in the kitchen. Josh asks if JUJU(Paul) wants to make him eggs. JASON PLEASE STOP SINGING. Christmas says josh is funny to watch running cam to cam. Paul comments about how everyone does dishes now sarcastically, then says he hates the ants they are all over him. Christmas asks why Josh is full drama this Am, He says they ants crawl up his male parts. Christmas offers plain scrambled eggs then heads to look in SR for more eggs. Kevin, Alex, and Raven all still in bed. Christmas brings in a box of egg whites and says no there were not any more cartons of eggs. Paul and Jason listen to the rumbles of the coffee. Christmas and Josh in SR talking briefly about how to talk to Jason. She says please wait till after breakfast to talk to Jason and tell him that he isn’t getting josh’s vote to stay. Christmas heads back to the kitchen and josh messes with his clothes for his shower. In the Kitchen they joke about the $12 coffee maker that is broken that BB isn’t replacing. Jason jokes and says he is going to stay in bed tomorrow till they are done making coffee. Josh heads upstairs to shower they begin to discuss feeding fish and feeds cut to the Fish Tank 9:43 AM BBT.
9:47 AM BBT– Christmas cooking eggs, Jason and Paul making cups of coffee, josh hollering from upstairs, Raven, and Kevin finally out of bed. Alex is last in bed all wrapped up in blankets. Christmas says she made too many eggs, Paul tells her someone will eat it. Kevin is back in bed, Christmas offers raven eggs she says no Thank you. Paul finishes cooking his eggs, Raven grabs a bowl for cereal, Paul looks for his mug. Xmas offers Jason come nectarine with his usual one liners. They talk about adding sugar to coffee mix. The coffee has been too harsh.Josh is up Paul complains he will be looking for all the attention soon.Kevin and Alex still waiting for HOH LOCKDOWN. Paul says if Josh thinks he will dish up his food and take it to him he is mistaken.They talk about Alex scaring Josh last night.
10:00 AM BBT We are waiting for HOH LOCKDOWN. Kevin and Alex are in bed. Josh is up but yet unseen. Paul Raven and Xmas sit around counter. Paul asks Raven if there is a limit to alcohol she can have with her pacemaker. She says no. Paul wonders about the comp today. They think it will be order or luck. BB has asked the HGs to pick numbers so they think Black box is out of running for the comp. Paul whispers to Xmas about Josh when Raven goes to WR. Paul says you don’t laugh at Josh for his lack of knowledge like Raven has been doing. It’s just a bad idea. Paul heads to room to put on a sweater.Paul and Xmas talk red light districts. Paul talks about a bar in Prague where they have tablets with the hookers on it. Xmas talks about her trip to Amsterdam. A guy showed her a coffee shop in center of town. It was a drug coffee shop. She then went to Anne Frank House. Paul ditched his last day in Paris to hit Amsterdam.He climbed the eiffel tower.They did the Louvre saw Mona Lisa. Xmas says her sister looked like Mona Lisa in High School. Paul could communicate with French. But the French told them they spoke Canadian French.
10:15 AM BBT Paul talks about his France exploits. Raven got bored and went up to HOH.Paul can’t remember the name of the French girl he really liked. Raven got bored and came back downstairs.Paul talks about a rum drink. He can’t remember the bar’s name. He will ask the girl he forgottens name. Paul has now moved to trip to Italy. Xmas talks about her Germany visit. She saw some famous Reebok guy. Got to meet him at a gym.Raven goes back upstairs. Xmas got to join the guys lifting seminar. She remet the guy her boyfriend was drooling with envy. He gave Xmas his number and the boyfriend asked for it she said no. Paul tells Xmas that his Grandfather was Russian mob. Josh talks to Raven after his shower. When Paul started getting tattoos his Grandma told him he looked like her father. Paul googled tattoos from 1800’s. His mom was really mad at the grandma for telling Paul her dad was a mob guy.
10:30 AM BBT Paul continues his stories. Xmas is eating up all his stories.Raven is awake in HOH bed. Paul says Josh will lose his mind when Paul takes him around L.A. He warns Josh not to embarrass him. Jason and Josh meet up in WR. Paul tells Josh eat those eggs. Jason is putting lotion on his face, Jason talks to himself. Xmas talks about her trip to Berlin and filming her workout videos. Jason sneaks up on Paul but he sees him. Jason wanders to Green room. Kevin asks the time. Jason gets back in bed. Xmas and Paul continue comparing Berlin stories. Jason can’t remember the name of the comp Josh won for HOH. Alex tells him it’s graveyard golf. Josh sits down at counter with Xmas. Paul talks about Harvey Moon the photographer. Xmas talks about her photographer. She refused to do nude shots.
10:45 AM BBT Kevin Alex and Jason in bed. Raven in bed in HOH. Paul Xmas and Josh in KT. Paul and Xmas talk choosing models and butt shots. Paul doesn’t stay for the shoots. The models can’t believe he was so professional. They half assumed he would hang to see them changing. He only needs to see the shots when they are finished. Xmas tells the story of her first shoot in New York. Paul and Xmas talk about where they will meet up after the show,and when.They will do Vegas then Miami and go to Cuba. Then meet again in Feb. for Mardi Gra.They will meet up for Halloween, and anytime Paul will be flying back and forth to N.Y. They will rent a house for Mardi Gra.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, September 7th

1:33 PM BBT Jason and Kevin in the green room, Jason is lint rolling his hat. All other Hg in Kitchen area cleaning the Fridge and dishes. Josh says his heart hurts throwing so much food away. Christmas is working on dishes. Josh says he found Lemon pepper chicken breast, Alex grabs something to eat, they discuss cooking a package of meat that says sell by 9/6. Josh says this is disgusting but he will show his appreciation when he is home, JASON PLEASE STOP WHISTLING. He heads to the WR where Kevin, Raven and Paul are. Paul cleans his nose with the peroxide. Kevin and Paul leave the WR, Raven is showering, and Jason is doing ADL’s. In the Kitchen Josh is still cleaning out the Fridge, Christmas still working on dishes, and Alex eating. Kevin alone in the Green room packing up last minute items, cleaning in the kitchen continues.
1:45 PM BBT Raven in the Shower, Kevin alone in the Green room, the rest of the house in kitchen cleaning. They are arguing over bread and if they should keep it. Jason heads to the Green room they both feel they are at risk of going home. Kevin says Josh has already been told what to do Jason says he isn’t going to ask him, Kevin Ironing his clothes for tonight Raven comes through to the red room after her shower. Cleaning continues in the Kitchen, they discuss about bleaching the counters. Alex finds the ants coming out the crack and tells josh Squirt em. Paul looks and says that’s where they are all coming from. Josh asks Raven if she is feeling any better she says yes and no. Josh offers to clean the toilet, and the discussion turns to Paul’s Poop issues how he can’t poop in a public place. He says he is a germa-phobe and wipes the seat every time he uses it. They begin to talk about cigarette smoke smell. Christmas and Josh alone in the Kitchen, he says he is waiting to have Jason alone to talk to him. Raven wanders around, Paul asks what she is up to she says she doesn’t know. Raven heats something up, then leans on the counter, Paul massages her shoulders. Christmas offered to bring her the tea, she says no walking around is all that really helps.. Its toughest the 1st day with Dysmenorrhea. Raven says she feels like she is going to be sick the pain is so bad.
2:00 PM BBT Josh offers to make Raven some soup, she says not right now but maybe later. Raven explains how large the clots are that she passes when this happens. She lays her head on the counter. Paul and Josh are cleaning the kitchen counters; Christmas and Raven are sitting at the counter. Kevin, Jason, and Alex in the Green BR. Paul recommends Kevin to use dish soap to clean his shoes. Jason says olive or coconut oil would help make them shine. Kevin is happy just to rub any dirt off. Kevin tells a story when back in the 1970s him and a buddy would go shoe shinning in the bars to make some money. Kevin proceeds to shine his shoes. Josh, Christmas, Paul, and Raven are in the WR getting ready. They talked about pulling the trigger. Christmas thinks Josh will be able to smooth it over with Alex easier than Paul since he has been more aligned with Alex. Paul takes Josh into the kitchen and says he is sorry, but he’s counting on him. Josh mentions that he needs to talk to him; Paul says that no he doesn’t need to talk. Then Paul says that it’s really up to you, dude. Paul and him begins to cut things up for dinner as Kevin comes out.
2:15 PM BBT Josh is again in WR talking to Christmas. Raven is aimlessly walking around; she is not feeling well. Josh complains more to Christmas in the WR about Raven on how she is so irritating. Alex, Jason, and Kevin are still in the Green Rm. Kevin says essentially what he will say in his speech. Kevin says he honestly had a good time, a great summer. The hard part was all the down time and there is more time to do nothing as it gets down to less people. Paul also comes into Green Rm complaining on how Raven is annoying; they all agree! Josh continues to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces. Paul begins to cook the chicken while Christmas sits at the counter to cut up the vegetables. They put Raven in charge of baking the corn on the cob; Christmas request it not to be salted. Josh goes back to the Green Rm and chats with them. Josh says Jason will look good with a bald head–nope!, Jason will not entertain the thoughts. Jason mentions the name Bobby Oar…even though he does not know who he is. Kevin informs him about Bobby Oar being the greatest hockey player ever. Only Wayne Gretzky would be in comparison.
2:30 PM BBT Josh comes back in to “steal the Bible”. Josh goes into HN Rm to help Kevin zip his bag–it’s stuffed! Kevin walks around talking to himself. He can’t wait to get out…to see his girls, son, and wife. Jason says he believes there are 13 more days. Kevin suggests him and Jason go around and say goodbye to everyone. What else do they have to do? The have the chance now… Josh is talking to the cameras in the Apple Rm. He is telling Holly and all of Jason’s family that he is sorry. He continues by saying that Jason is just too good; him and Alex together was too strong. Josh is thinking of his family back home. Josh reads from the Bible. Jason and Kevin bust into the Apple Rm saying they are dragging him out of here. Kevin says now is the time they want to say goodbye. Kevin leaves to go to the bathroom. Jason tells Josh, “Treat me right tonight, big fella.” Jason tries to recall when he saved Paul. Kevin comes back into the room. Josh wants to say, “I love both of you.” “I know we had our problems, but I love both of you being supportive and having my back.” Kevin says they will see each other after the show. Kevin says, “The cool people are those that leave while they are in a good mood.” They consider themselves cool. They talk on who might be in the audience at the Finale.
2:45 PM BBT Alex comes out into the kitchen to sample Paul’s chicken. She approves by saying it’s delicious! Christmas is making a sauce for the corn. Alex enters the Apple Rm, leaving Paul, Christmas, and Raven in the kitchen. Josh also tells Alex that he extremely blessed and thankful for Jason, Kevin, and Alex. “You showed me much love and was there for me.” Alex says, “No fake love here” and they laugh a bit and compare on how different the four of them actually are…including a huge difference in age. Alex joined them back in the kitchen. Paul talks about mosh pits and the Wall of Death set up by some bands. Paul is done with the chicken. Paul sings and Fish. Meanwhile, in the Apple Rm Kevin talks to the camera apologizes for his hair. He can keep the sides trimmed, but nothing is in the house to properly cut the top. The guys are called to lunch! Kevin and Jason leave; Josh stays behind reading more of the Bible. He says he’ll be there soon.
3:00 PM BBT Everyone helps themselves to lunch. Kevin still seems to stand or sit off to the side. Jason and Josh join Kevin at the kitchen table. The others sit at the counter. Kevin says he’s going to go ahead and take his shower and stuff. He personally thanks Christmas and Paul and the others for lunch. They all seem to like the butter/cream cheese sauce Christmas prepared for the corn on the cob; they actually like the entire dinner! Josh goes into the WR and Kevin flexes his muscles and wonders why he is bigger than Josh. Josh replies, “Because you are the stud, Kevin.” Kevin dries off from his shower.
3:15 PM BBT Josh is lying back in the Rose Rm round bed. He tells Raven that it’s hard since he has gotten so attached to everyone. At this point, the game is 100 times harder for him. If he’s going to do it, he wants to do it right before. He knows down deep this is the best for his game. He would rather be direct, but it is the name of the game. Josh goes into the Apple Rm and tells himself to snap out of it. Jason cleaned the kitchen. Kevin is in the Green Rm getting dressed. General chit chat in the kitchen among Paul, Alex, Christmas, and Jason. Paul describes some location where people tour a house. Jason, followed by Raven, go to the WR to floss their teeth…removing the corn. Kevin goes into Apple Rm to tell Josh that if he is gone, the coconut butter will be in the Green Rm for him.
3:30 PM BBT Jason goes into the Apple Rm to sit with Josh. Josh starts out by saying that he feels alone. Jason explains that it’s now a tough time to navigate. Josh says he feels good with Alex, but he doesn’t know where he stands with everyone else. Josh says he is not sure what the whole deal is with Paul. Josh says he feels as if he is next despite what might happen this evening.

6:00 PM BBT Summary of the BB 19 Live Eviction/Double Eviction Show: Julie says blindside in the works as well as a blindside with the double eviction. Recap of the past week shown up until veto ceremony. Alex celebrates in the DR that Kevin is going home. Paul says this could not have gone any better because Kevin thinks he might go home so Alex is comfortable. He says come eviction night, it will be a blindside. Kevin and Jason talk and Kevin says they will save Jason. Jason says Kevin is the target and he feels bad for him, but bye for now. Josh tells Paul that he is going to vote Jason out. Paul asks Christmas what she will do with a tiebreaker, she says she is fine with taking the heat. Paul tells Josh to vote for Jason, Alex will vote for Kevin, then Paul and Raven will vote out Jason. Josh is skeptical, but Paul tells him to listen to him. Josh talking to Jason in the hot tub crying sad that Jason has to go in a blindside. Josh is crying in the DR about blindsiding his friend. He says he doesn’t know if he can go through with it, but if he makes a crazy move he can blow up the house.
Live Eviction: Julie lets the houseguests know it is a double eviction and they all freak out. In Jason’s speech, he shouts out to his family, says he has confidence, courage, character and charisma and he wants to display more of that. Kevin says hi to his family at home, tells them he is sorry for missing one starting college and high school, he thanks the houseguest and Julie for his summer. Alex VTE Kevin. Raven VTE Jason. Paul VTE Kevin. Josh VTE Jason and cries while casting his vote. Julie announces it is a tie, and Christmas VTE Jason and Jason is evicted from the BB House. Jason walks out without saying a word to anyone. Alex runs after him and says it wasn’t me. Josh is apologizing to Alex and saying sorry while crying. Paul says if he was on the block he would have been evicted and asks Josh if he would have done the same to him, he says yes. Josh says it is just a game and he is sorry. Josh says he is sorry and as a team Alex and Jason are too strong. Paul tells him to shut up. Julie asks Jason how he is feeling. He says people are counterfeit, he is blindsided, it’s Big Brother, he didn’t expect to make it this far and he would like to go back in there for about 5 minutes. Julie asks what he thought happened. He says he thought people turned, she said so Paul and Alex turned? He said he doesn’t know, but Christmas may have, he is at a loss for words. Goodbye messages, Alex says she loves him, he is friend and family. Josh apologizes and says this was a big move that Paul made and he is in an alliance with Paul and Christmas. Paul says thanks for listening and trusting him, and he will try to make it far with Alex. Jason says Paul is now obsolete because he turned on friendship, and he can now take the bracelets and pitch them.
HOH: The competition is called “fake news”. Julie reads a series of “BB Headlines” that either took place or did not, and they have to answer real or fake. Each correct answer gets one point, whoever has the most points at the end is the new HOH. First statement is “Unbelievable! Cody evicted twice with 7 votes”. Answer was real, all 5 get a point. Second statement is “Only 8 houseguests were present for Zingbot this season”. Answer was fake, Raven, Kevin and Alex get a point. Third statement is “Who wore it best? Jessica stuns in red-caped “VETOAD” Costume”. The answer is real, all 5 get a point. Fourth statement is “Zingbot says that the house is gross”. The answer is fake, Paul, Josh, Raven and Alex all get a point. Raven and Alex tied for first with 5 points. Fifth statement is “Spaced out: space cadets mission lasts over 2 hours”. The answer is fake, Josh and Alex get a point, Alex takes the lead. Sixth statement is “Juicy! Ramses blasted after missing second question of BB Juice Blast”. The correct answer is real, everyone gets a point. Seventh statement is “Horror! OTEV asks question about Gravestone Golf”. The answer is fake, Alex gets the point and she wins. Paul runs out to hug her. Alex comes inside and is crying, nominates Kevin and Raven, says Raven is for the vote.
POV: The competition is called “Lime Drop”. HGs have to raise down stairs into lemon trucks and dive in and search for limes. They must transfer limes one at a time and drop them in their tube. If they miss the tube they have to continue to search. The first to drop 4 limes into tube and race back and push button will win. Josh finds his first lime, but misses the tube. Paul finds his first lime, but misses the tube. Josh, Christmas, Raven, Kevin all have limes and miss tube. Paul misses again. Alex and Josh both land one lime in tube. Kevin misses again. Christmas sinks a lime, Josh misses again, Kevin misses again. Alex sinks a lime, Paul misses again, Raven lands one lime. Josh misses again. Christmas misses again. Kevin and Raven miss again. Alex lands a third lime. Christmas makes a second, Kevin lands his first and Paul lands his first. Raven lands a second lime. Raven lands her third lime and so does Josh. Josh lands his fourth lime and so does Alex, Josh races back and hits his button first and wins the POV. Josh decides not to use the POV, so Kevin and Raven are final noms.
Live Eviction: Kevin tells everyone to do what they feel is right and thanks Boston and family for supporting. Raven says it has been an awesome summer and wants to spread more awareness for gastroparesis, she hopes they keep arkansassy around longer. Paul VTE Raven. Christmas VTE Raven. Josh VTE Kevin. Raven is evicted from the BB House. Raven starts crying and Paul apologizes to her and so does Josh. Raven says she thought they had her back and they didn’t. Alex promises it was not her. Paul congratulates everyone on making it to final 5. Alex is sitting down speechless. Josh is in apple room balling his eyes out. Raven and Julie laugh, Julie asks if she was shocked to be evicted by Kevin. Raven says no because Kevin does not have much going on game wise, they would not want them to take her to final two because of her story being sympathetic. Julie talks about Raven’s game, and Julie says they did not see her play the game. Raven said she played the game with Paul in her corner, she threw comps for Paul, and had a good social game with Matt and she played the game to the best of her ability. Julie says up next is an unexpected announcement. Julie announces that Sunday will release the BB Comics “The Revengers” Trailer. Julie also announces that Wednesday will be a special eviction, in addition to Thursday’s live eviction. The big announcement is “expect the unexpected”, they will be back next summer, but will also be back with winter with Celebrity Big Brother. Alex asks Paul what is going on and he says no idea. Josh says he voted for Kevin. Live show ends!
7:10 PM BBT Feeds return. Alex, Paul, Josh and Christmas in the rose room. They are talking about Raven being mad about eviction. Kevin is in bathroom making hand motions to cameras. Josh makes a comment about dreams and the feeds cut, when it gets back they aren’t talking about it. Josh says he doesn’t want to fight with Paul or anyone, feeds cut again.
7:15 PM BBT Feeds are still cut with technical issues. The top of the screen says some browsers are having issues they are working to fix. Josh and Christmas talking in apple room about the votes. Alex and Christmas talking in the rose room. Josh says coming up Paul has to win veto. Paul predicts it will be BB comics. Josh says thanks for having my back, Paul says if it wasn’t for Josh he would be gone. Paul says they have a common target in mind, Kevin. He says Josh has to win HOH. Alex comes in to talk with them. Christmas says to the cam for the record, that sucked. Josh tells Alex before the show he was in the apple room with Jason and told him he felt alone in the game. Alex asks who launched the plan, Josh says Kevin has been in on everything. Josh says he made a decision because Kevin told him they were going to 5. Paul says if he did not win the veto he would have been gone. Paul said if he was on the block he was going home and how crazy it was. Josh said it breaks his heart because Jason won’t talk to him again. Christmas comes into apple room. Josh said Jason told him he would not have his back or evict him so he had to do it. Alex says if they are gonna backdoor her to tell her now so she won’t cry. Paul says stop and asks where Kevin is. Josh said he thought it was hard going against Jess and Cody and this is way harder. Christmas says to Alex she is glad that she understands. Paul walks in kitchen and is looking at the camera gasping. Paul goes into green br and talks to Kevin. Paul says he has always been honest with him. Alex is crying worried Jason is mad at her. She says if she gets to the end she does not care if he loses as long as he votes for her. Paul goes into storage room. Paul gets Kevin’s friendship bracelet to give to Raven. Apple room talking about alcohol.
7:30 PM BBT Paul and Alex leave the apple room and Josh tells Christmas he wanted Kevin out. Christmas says they have to talk before doing things on their own. Paul comes in and says Kevin is going to throw the HOH. Josh and Christmas agree they won’t blindside Alex. They will nom Alex and Kevin and Paul will win the veto. Paul is dancing and saying he told them his plan would work. They agree Josh should win HOH and they will vote unanimously so that he won’t have to break a tie. Paul kisses them both on the head before leaving. Paul tells Kevin to throw it and Christmas will win. Kevin says he is a man of his word, Paul says he has a good argument to win because he did not have to win anything to get to the end. Paul tells Kevin he is going to win the POV. Kevin says they won’t talk for 2 weeks. Kevin asks Paul about final 3, Paul says it will be them and Christmas 100%. Alex and Paul going to pack Raven’s things. Alex and Paul talk in storage room. Paul said he thought he was getting backdoored, Alex says he is the only person she trusts right now. Alex tells Paul that Jason has said he does not trust him. Josh talking about his worries with Paul again and Christmas defending him. Josh talking about how Christmas was awesome in the veto comp and threw down her crutches.

7:45 PM BBT Alex says all Jason had to say to Josh was I have your back and he would be here. Paul says Jason was too honest and he tried to teach him that. Christmas says she won’t throw anything else. Christmas and Josh complaining about how annoying Raven was after Jason got evicted. Paul and Alex trying to figure out when the special eviction will be. Alex says it is scary because Christmas and Josh are talking right now. Christmas talking about how Josh almost exposed team misfits in his veto speech. Paul wonders what the HOH will be. Alex says she does not trust Christmas. Paul says if it would have been him and Jason on the block he would have went home because Christmas wanted out a strong male competitor. Alex says now with Jason out they have to end up in the final two. Paul says he feels the same way. Alex says Paul is her ride or die. Paul tells Alex to stop freaking out. Feeds cut and then come back with Raven answering questions. How are you feeling at this moment. She says numb and shocked, but not as shocked. She said Christmas would not look her in the eyes so she knew. Tell us what happened and why you are here now. She said the HGs knew that she could win because she had a great social game, had no blood on her hands and has a great story that she would hate to go up against. Were you expecting tonight? She said she was shocked and did not expect the DE. Who do you feel most betrayed by? She said Christmas, she thought she had her back and would keep her and vote out Kevin, she does not feel a grudge but feels betrayed. Who do you think should have gone in the second eviction? She said Alex because she is a beast and will steamroll to the end and is a beast. Who do you want to see go far in the game? Her buddy Paul. He has been loyal and has her vote. Who do you think is running the house? Alex, she has Josh, Christmas and Kevin in her pocket. Kevin called her a puppetmaster and was right. Who is flying under the radar? Kevin. He could make final 2. What do you think about showmances? She laughs and says her and Matt clicked and never had an argument. He is awesome and threw away his game for her and she has no regrets about Maven. Do you think being in a showmance affected your game? No, it helped her game and Matt was in their alliance. Her and Matt were the most loyal players besides Paul. Will you continue your relationship with Matt outside the house? Yes, they talked and want to see each other. Would you do anything different? No. She couldn’t have done anything to change it. What are you looking most forward to doing after? Going to a restaurant to be served and not cook, to have her phone and see her mom. Any last words for fans? She never thought she would make it to BB with gastroparesis and her pacemaker, don’t let a disease hold you back. She has so much wrong with her and still did it. Don’t give up and make a bucket list. Feeds cut.
8:04 PM BBT – 8:34 PM BBT Feeds down
8:34 PM BBT Jason interview. How are you feeling at this moment? Feels like he took a sword to the back. He had an alliance with Paul and Alex and is shocked because with those 2 that should have never happened. He is super shocked. Tell us what happened, why do you think you are here right now? He says not sure, there are 2 bigger threats in the house and one was Alex who was on the block with him. They know everything going on in the house. He thinks he was taking for granted a little bit, if others would have come to him it could be different. Was shocked by how the votes went 100%, when the vote tied he was pretty sure the girl who he broke her foot would VTE him. He thought it was a ploy for good tv but it was a plan that had been executed for 3 weeks. He wonders if Kevin was not telling the truth or if Alex and Paul were trying to lie on Kevin. He knew Paul and Alex had a hand in it and they can just…next question. Were you worried when Christmas won HOH? No, but they played him because they had a plan for her to be HOH in place. Why did you fall out of your chair? He knew he was in trouble. He did not think him and Alex would be on the block together, but he remembered Alex volunteered to go up as a pawn and he did not feel comfortable doing that so he knew he was the target. He thought they would still have his back and if he won he would have pulled Alex off because he is “a tool”. He said he should have had more aggression instead of teamplay. How did you feel when Paul won veto? Mad and foolish and that cost him the win. He did not feel out of line when Paul won because he was on his team. He wanted to win because of the rewards from that veto comp. Was I surprised when Paul used veto on Alex? No, if he would have won he would have used it on her too. It is the man card thing to do and he would have looked like a tool. You and Kevin have been close from beginning, talk about being on block with him. Funny thing is Kevin tells you what he is thinking subtly, and he kept subtly telling him since noms that he thought Jason would go home. He thought that was funny and agreed because he did not want to make him feel bad. He packed everything to keep Kevin from feeling bad. Turns out he is glad he packed because he got sent home. Being on the block together he felt good because everyone said Kevin was target and was treating him poorly. Jason said he hopes he won’t ever be the target for the yelling matches, but it turns out that worked for Kevin. You made good relationships in the house, who will you keep in contact with? Good one, because his lifestyle is way different than everyone else. He will try to keep in contact at least remotely with Kevin and Paul and that is it, who stuck them in the back with a pitchfork for the past 3 weeks. He says he should have opened his eyes a little bit. He does not know what is right and what is wrong. Jason really wants to get even with Paul and he deserves pain, a lot of pain. He says Paul thinks he is a badass and that the mirror does not chase him and he will bring him to his house and show him. If he has to buy him the ticket that is money well spent. Who do you want to see go far in the game? Christmas, wants her to win the game. It would be a funny joke if a girl with one leg wins, he is the one that broke her leg, she sent him out, and they all just kicked out a dangerous threat but she is a dangerous player. He would like to hold her head underwater for 5 minutes but also wants her to win. Who do you think is running the house? Should have asked himself this question a while ago. If it is Kevin he will die, but he honestly thinks it is Paul. It is definitely Paul. That is another reason that he deserves to be a renobroke AKA turned loose in a pen with fighting bulls to see what it feels like. Who do I think will be joining me next in the jury house? No clue, he had no clue he was going home. He is going to guess based on his knowledge Kevin or Raven. If Paul is running the house, it will be based on what he thinks is happening in the jury house. If he thinks they will lean towards gameplay, then Paul will want to kick out Alex next. If he pulls that off, he will just tell his minions to vote out Alex. If Alex won it will be Raven to keep the lie alive. Would you do anything different if you could do it all over again? Doesn’t know if he had enough time, he would do what just happened to him. Align with weak players, make friends with good players. Find the weak players in competitions. What am I looking forward to most? Getting to talk to unborn baby. Wants to get pickup, load family and bull and go to a rodeo. Any last words for fans? Rodeo is mother nature’s sport if you have not been, go. He just lost a paycheck because of Paul and Alex so tell a rodeo to hire whistlenut, thanks.
8:54 PM BBT – 9:00 PM BBT Feeds cut for HOH Competition.

8:54 PM BBT – 10:00 PM BBT Feeds cut for HOH comp.
10:00 PM BBT Feeds out for HOH comp.
10:28PM BBT Comp is over and Kevin is asking if the others want him to make a pizza. Someone says that Josh is HoH and Alex is dancing around in a superhero costume. Xmas tells Josh what to ask for in his HoH basket and she congratulates him. Josh talks about second guessing himself. She said for him not to worry about it because he still won. Xmas tells him to ask for healthy snacks and no junk food. Kevin in the kitchen talking to Paul about a story with his son waiting for some tickets and how Kevin waited in the car while his son waited and texted him when he reached the front of the line. Kevin goes into the APSR room and says hey to his kids. He is alone and just lays back and waits. Xmas, Paul, Alex and Josh talking about Jason and what he was like when he walked out. They talk about Raven and Xmas says that she snapped at her on the live show. Raven was telling Xmas about being scared about being in the block she kept on and on and she said she told her I’m upset about Jason and stuff to just give her a break. Kevin said she did a cart wheel when she exited and Alex says no she just threw her hands up and was like hey! They say she left a bunch of dirty dishes, and was just too immature. Josh says that she spent 4hrs on her makeup today. Paul says she took Xmas lipstick and wore too much that it would stain her teeth. Paul talks about her inverted spine but could do a handstand for 45 minutes.
10:45PM BBT They discuss her cramps today and how extreme she acted about her pain. Alex says she takes a pill and she hasn’t had a cycle in three years. Josh says to Alex that she should chug her beers and get it over with. Alex talk about her and Xmas birthdays. Josh says he is tired and Xmas says it’s been an emotional day. Josh asks her who do you think will write your letter josh says he hopes it’s his sister. Josh says when his sister was doing her contest or whatever she cried a lot and went home 4th. He says she will probably make fun of his crying. They talk about jury and Paul says they get to call home but production monitors the call. Josh is talking about America loving them all and Paul says that he doesn’t care and Xmas says ya well we evicted everyone they liked. Paul talks about he will never play BB again and Alex says that he will at least come back and host a comp or something. Alex talks about her eating habits out of the house and how she eats a lot of fruit. Paul thinks that there will be another double or an special eviction night before this Sunday. Paul thinks that the game by went by so fast, he asks the others. They have mixed feelings and josh says the hex thing really seemed crazy. Paul agrees and says he had to take that week by the horns because no one else would. Alex is called into the DR.
11:00PM BBT Josh says he hopes he gets a picture of his whole family. Alex is out and they guess maybe she is getting something of Ravens. Josh talks to Alex about eating and Xmas says she is gonna lay down and elevate her foot. Christmas is standing in the bedroom waiting and Paul follows behind. He says something about he told someone that Xmas was going to win and that he must have got it wrong. Alex tells Xmas that when she packed Ravens stuff she was just dirty. Hair and makeup everywhere. Alex is laying in the rose room and says she might sleep in there tonight to keep away from Kevin. Xmas says she is greatful to Alex that she understands why she voted out Jason. Alex says she wonders what it’s gonna be like after Kevin goes to jury. She says he is gonna wig out. Alex and Xmas talk about going to Thailand and going to Coachella.
11:15PM BBT Paul and josh in the kitchen, Paul asks him if he knows what to do, josh says yes , and Paul says no questions asked. Paul checks the pizza and josh is making some chicken. Kevin talks to josh about his son thinking that comp was cool because he loves comics. Josh says his cousins do too and he says they will be excited. Josh tells Kevin not to talk to him too much that they need to be cool. Kevin says ok, no problem. Paul comes back into the room no more talking. Paul mentions Jillian and how she did literally did nothing. Josh throws everyone else’s name out there and they talk about the competitions and how Mark would get tired quick and it was because he did no cardio. Paul says he thinks there will be an eviction on Sunday. He says that there has to be because there are so many people left. Paul walks out of the kitchen, josh eating at the counter and Kevin on the table. In the rose room Paul, Xmas and Alex talking about the reason Alex loves coke so much when she was young she only got water or tea and generic soda.
11:30PM BBT Alex says that she wants to make some money so she can help her parents and her sister and her family. Xmas says she is trying to help her family also. Kevin alone in the kitchen, goes in the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready to lay down for a while. Xmas talking about her mom and when she was diagnosed with cancer and the chemo. Xmas says her mom thinks she should take over Kelly Ripas show and says that Xmas would be awesome at that. Kevin pops his head In and tells them that there is pizza ready. Paul, josh and Xmas alone Paul brags that everything they planned happened according to their plan. Paul says the worst case scenario is kevin wins veto. They talk about what could the next comp be Paul says black box or chicken coop. Josh says he is so drained because of all the drama and Paul says they only have like 12 days. Alex is called to the DR, Paul tells the others that he threw the comp because he didn’t want to win this one. Xmas says that they have to get Alex out this week, they have no choice. Paul and Xmas tell josh when they get to F4 that they need to go after Kevin and make him lose control and josh says he feels bad for the others that Kevin passed up and is still in the house instead of.
11:45PM BBT Josh says that Kevin has done nothing and he is the ultimate floater. Paul brags to Xmas how he pacified Raven and then she got voted out. Josh says that Kevin told Jason that they would be a tie and Xmas would have to break it. Paul says that Kevin just guessed because no one told him anything. Paul talks about when he first came into the house. Now Paul says that if he is asked back he would say yes. Josh says that he would definitely come back. Paul says that this is 6 month anniversary of being in the BB house. Paul says that when Kevin goes to bed tonight they all will go to the HoH and get lit. Josh talking to Paul about the evictions and josh says that it was so hard. Paul says it was worth it and Josh says yes it was. Josh says that these week was harder than any of the other weeks because he really liked Jason and has a friendship with him.


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