Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th

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12:00AM BBT Most of the HG are together bonding in pairs with each other. Ramses & Kevin are chatting in the same bed. Jillian & Josh are in the same bed talking about the veto competition to Kevin. Alex is in the bed by herself talking to Kevin, Ramses, Jillian, & Josh. Raven & Matt are in the kitchen having a late night snack just the two of them. Alex starts to whisper to Kevin & Kevin starts to tell a story about being righteous. Josh gets up & starts dancing & singing. Production tells Josh to “stop singing.” Josh tells his crew he’s going to bed after being called out. Raven, Matt, & Ramses started singing in the kitchen & got called out by production to “stop singing.” Matt starts to clean the kitchen & wash dishes. Jason walks in the room with Kevin,Alex,Jillian, & Josh. Jason calls Josh a meatball & everyone laughs. Alex doesn’t want to go to bed. Mark & Elena are upstairs playing the game board. Kevin starts to take a survey who has use the hoh bathroom since Cody HOH. Josh tells Kevin he asked to take a shower upstairs to Cody & he told him to go down stairs. They all booed in the room (Alex,Kevin,& Jillian) what Cody told Josh.
12:15AM BBT Christmas walks in the room & talks about the pain of her leg to Kevin. Ramses & Raven are in the kitchen doing ballet. Kevin calls Whistlenut aka Jason to come in the room. Ramses is in the kitchen dancing for Christmas. Christmas wants a snack. Jason gets in bed & talks to Josh, Alex & Kevin about being a whistlenut. Then they all start to whisper about tomorrow’s competition. Josh tells them they better have his back. Josh keeps referring to himself as “smart.” Josh wants they to turn their fury up for the competition. They fear Paul winning so they want to banned together to get this win for their alliance. However, they respect Paul & they like Paul they want this win. Jason starts to story-telling about a trading post for rabbits. Jason bought 60 rabbits, Alex laughs not understanding why he bought so many rabbits. Kevin jumps in the story about how to kill a rabbit called the rabbit test, meaning you skin the rabbit to eat. Alex is grossed out by Jason killing rabbits to eat.
12:30AM BBT Christmas & Raven are enjoying themselves talking about body paint. Production calls Dominique to the DR. Christmas is secretly bonding with everyone for strategy & thinking about what’s she’s going to say tomorrow when Julie asks her a few questions she may need to answer LIVE on air. Jason is still talking about eating 200 rabbits. Alex is grossed out & keeps asking what his wife feels about the rabbits. Jason told her his wife is against the rabbit eating & doesn’t eat rabbits. Alex continues to try to understand who Jason is as a cowboy.
12:45AM BBT Elena, Paul, & Mark are upstairs talking about how is Jessica so involved with Cody and it’s only 14 days. Elena says she sick of Jessica. Paul tells Elena & Mark he’s going game-face mode tomorrow. Paul checks out of the conversation & tells Mark & Elena goodnight. Elena & Mark kiss then discuss going to bed with hugs & kisses up stairs before they go down stairs. Downstairs is a social fest about the rabbits. Kevin keeps trying to tell a story about rabbit testing with pregnant women. Raven tells Paul Matt went to sleep & Christmas went to sleep.Paul wants to shower so he not head bumping no one tomorrow in the bathroom. Alex yells “I’m Hungry.” Kevin is trying to read a book. Josh laughs makes everyone laugh. Mark & Elena are still passionately kissing upstairs. Dominique returns from the DR.
1:00AM BBT Kevin tells Dominique about Jason killing rabbits. Jason laughs so hard to clear his name. Kevin calls him the bunny killer. Dominique stands there to listen to the story & she laughs trying to understand Jason story. Raven is called to the DR. Kevin & Jason duo are the only ones in the room. The HG went in the kitchen for a snack. Dominique heads up stairs & sits at the game board by herself while Elena & Mark are on the couch necking each other. Mark gets a word in there with Dominique. Elena looks a lil jelly when Mark makes Dominique laugh & a reference how to play the board game. Instead of being salty with Dominique. Elena & Mark sit down to play with Dominique. Christmas comes in the room & sit down on Kevin’s bed with shades on. Paul, Christmas, Kevin, are listening to another story Jason is telling about “carmex.” Ramses joins the conversation. Kevin never heard of carmex until he got the bb house. Kevin said he only use chapstick. Ramses & Paul leaves the room. Most of the HG are piling up in the green room where the laughs are taking place. Jillian, Ramses,Christmas, Alex, Jason are around Kevin’s bed bonding.
1:15AM BBT Christmas tells Jason,Kevin,& Alex she was born in New Orleans. Production calls Ramses out to “stop singing.” Elena is asked to come to the DR from production. Jillian talks about loving wings. Mark & Dominique are still playing the game upstairs & only talking the game board not strategy.
1:30AM BBT Josh adds to the green room conversation with Kevin, Alex, Jillian, & Jason. Christmas left the room with her shades on. Josh gets called out for saying he’s going to sleep by Alex. Josh says good night. Alex says “see you in 5 mins” you always come back to Josh. Kevin gives Ramses a shoulder massage. Josh gets called out by production “not to hold the microphone.” all the HG laughs at Josh. Cameras switched to the HN room & Josh haves a personal confession with himself about the HG. Josh still feels like an outsider. Josh doesn’t feel threaten by Jillian. Josh is torn what to do about Jillian & Christmas eviction. Josh is talking about his safety how he got the apple & saved himself. Josh calls himself the odd ball out. Josh trust Dominique, Christmas, Paul. Josh doesn’t trust the showmances Raven & Matt, Elena & Mark, Jessica & Cody.
1:45AM BBT All of the HG are headed to bed except Mark & Dominique who are still playing the board game upstairs. Josh is still talking to himself in the bed about his experience with each HG & their loyalty. Josh confesses that he rather keep Cody & Jessica because it’s best for his game even though he doesn’t like them. Production calls Alex to the DR. Josh is happy he is being begged for his vote. Alex & Paul goes to check on Josh & turns the light off for him & continues to talk winning HOH.
2:00AM BBT Jillian is looking in the drawers in the Green Bedroom looking for something. Ramses is waiting to be called into DR. Kevin is talking to one of his daughters and Ramses. Jillian is still looking for her Rosary, she said she found it earlier but lost it again. Josh has left the HN Room. Kevin has asked Ramses to turn out the lights, he says good night to Ramses and Jillian. Meanwhile in the washroom Elena Raven Mark and Paul are talking Josh comes in washes his hands and leaves. Mark starts talking and says Josh asked him if he wanted to get him out. Paul says don’t say anything until after nominations. Elena and Raven are talking about their belly buttons. Dominique is preparing for her bed. Alex tells them she is headed to the DR. Elena has cracked her back, her and Raven are flexing their bodies. Mark tells them to stop that the moves they are making can’t be good for them. Alex yells Good Night to them. Elena says if everyone watches Shameless she could explain her father. Mark is saying that he didn’t like Paul at the start of last season but Paul grew on him. Mark says he didn’t like Paulie. Elena says she has met Corey and he is a really nice guy in real life. Elena is telling them a story that Corey told last year, she says she was there at his house when it happened. Mark and Paul keep interrupting her. They are asking her if it was a mud room. They are asking her if there was a washer and dryer in there. Now the questions are getting crazy. Feeds cut out.
2:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with the conversation ending about Corey’s mud room. Raven says she is going to bed. Paul and Mark start ordering food. They are joking around saying things like Can I order a 10 piece chicken nugget with 20 pieces. In the HNRoom Alex, Jillian and Josh are talking. They are whispering and it is hard to make out. Jillian is saying she is now telling people to vote for who they want out not what other people want. Alex is leaving the room Jillian and Josh are in bed in the HN Room. Looks like everyone but Paul Mark and Elena are talking about a show. Paul yells Good Night to Dominique. Mark and Paul are telling her the show is so funny. Meanwhile in the Green Bedroom Dominique is still preparing to go to bed. Alex is getting into bed. They say Good Night and Dominique goes into the Rose Room. Alex gets up and goes into the HN Room to tell Jillian not to talk too much tomorrow. She is telling her to not say to much to Josh or Ramses because she thinks he is repeating info to the other side. Alex is telling her about a conversation she overheard between Josh and Raven. She says Josh told Raven that at first he didn’t like her but now he does.
2:30 AM BBT Alex is saying everyone hates him and wants him out. Alex is saying it will all depend on when Ramses drops the curse. She is telling her that they want to save him when he does but she doesn’t know if they can. She says that Josh keeps going off by himself. Alex is telling her that they are working very hard to keep her safe. Jillian says in her real life she is in control and she has a hard time not stressing about it. Jillian says she has been on the block every single day since they have been in the house. Alex says she thinks it will be a tie in the vote tomorrow. She thinks Cody will vote to send Christmas home. She says Cody has burnt bridges on the other side so he has to work with them. Alex leaves the room before Josh gets back there. Back in the washroom Elena is preparing for bed. Mark is washing his hands. Elena is telling them about a friend of hers. Paul says you need to watch Practical Jokers, it is so funny. Elena says that is the type of thing she likes. Paul says he likes to say random things when he is out on a date. Paul says he wants an ice tea with extra ice and no tea. They are making practical jokes. Mark says he would like a bacon cheeseburger without the cheese and bacon. I want you to put it on there but take it off. Paul says it will work for him ( Mark ) because he is so big and can keep a straight face. Mark says he has never done it except for in the gym, he says when he tells them things in the gym they don’t listen so he started joking around. Josh is leaving the washroom and Mark says Josh did you ever get the blizzard from Starbucks, you know the chocolate ice cream in a vanilla cone. Paul starts laughing. Paul says there is going to be hundreds of live feeders trying this tomorrow. Mark and Paul are practicing practical jokes with each other. Paul is laughing. He is saying that they need to do this when they get out. Mark is telling Paul about a drink called the Hulk. It looks like they are all heading to bed. Paul is telling them that he seen ants in the kitchen. Paul says it is 3 am and tells them Good Night. Mark says he is wide awake.
3:00 AM BBT Elena and Mark are heading into the green room and Elena returns to the kitchen to get a drink. Big Brother calls Elena out about her mic. She goes to the washroom to get it. They continue going into the Green Room to get in bed. Lights have dimmed and all HGS are now in bed.
3:15 AM BBT All HGs Sleeping Sounds like Mark and Elena are doing some heavy cuddling.
3:30 AM BBT Everyone but Mark and Elena are sleeping. They are still cuddling.
3:45 AM BBT Everyone but Mark and Elena are asleep. Mark and Elena are into some serious cuddling in the Green Bedroom.
4:00 AM BBT Mark and Elena are still hot and heavy under the sheets in the Green Room while the other HGS sleep.
4:15 AM BBT Matt and Mark in the kitchen for a bedtime snack. Mark heads off back to the WR, and then Matt heads to bed.
4:20 AM BBT Feeds on WR again. Mark finally emerges at 4:25, washes his hands and heads back to the kitchen briefly before heading off to bed.
4:30 AM BBT – 8:44 AM BBT All HGs in bed

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th
8:45 AM BBT Feeds Cut out Feeds Returned all HGs are awake Kevin was singing Matthew Mark Elena Jessica Cody Please Change your batteries
9:00 AM BBT Christmas is laying in bed with Paul They are talking about that they have to get ready for the Live show tonight Christmas please go to the DR Jillian is talking about that they played the Lion King music Christmas please go to the DR Ramses is asking are you making oatmeal to Raven Raven said she needed Energy Jillian said i dreamed about us Elena is in the Storage room Cowboy said they told you to get ready then get ready Josh and Elena are in the Bathroom Area
9:15 AM BBT Christmas said i am about to take a shower Josh is in the Kitchen Eating an Orange at the counter Jillian is talking about a Cat Jillian said it’s pretty said when people get old and don’t have family to take care of them Kevin asked Ramses where have you traveled to he said he has been all over the world Jillian said i can name then in alphabetical order the states Kevin said Ramses name the states that begin with a M Christmas said that’s a nice scream Ramses i heard you
9:30 AM BBT Christmas is is talking to Ramses Christmas said we should name it Jillian and Josh are napping Christmas is talking about her Medication Christmas is talking about how Paul took the covers Raven please go to the DR Elena and Christmas are talking about washing her hair Jason is talking about the water pump that went out in his pickup truck he said that he always carries tools Christmas is telling what she wants to wear Elena is doing her hair Elena said what am i going to do with my Eyelashes if you leave me Christmas is talking about what she is going to leave for Elena
9:45 AM BBT Elena asked Christmas if she needed anything Elena is talking about that she is on a major network Christmas said Ramses have a seat in my office Christmas said i am not looking for apology i am looking for the truth Dominique please go to the DR Christmas said i love the fact that you are truth and honest Raven asked who was in the shower Christmas said i am in an intermission shower Raven asked Christmas if she needed help Raven is running the Vacuum. Mark please go to the DR. Raven said on live days we get the Vacuums. Ramses said we get the hair trimmer too. Matthew is cooking.
10:00 AM BBT Matt, Jason, Josh, and Elena in Green BR (Alex appears to be asleep) when Elena was called into DR. Raven wants to vacuum other parts of the house, but she can not find any electrical outlets. Jason even thought of bringing the rug to the vacuum, but it’s stuck down. Christmas is helped out of the shower by Matthew. Christmas tells Dominique that she is leaving masks and lash boost products with Elena and said for her to share with Dominique. If she likes the products to please contact and buy from her (Christmas). Everyone is slowly getting themselves ready for the day. Cody packing his belonging in a black plastic trash bag to take downstairs/evacuating the HOH Rm.
10:15 AM BBT Dominique and Christmas has talked as if Christmas is leaving. She is filling Matthew in on what she knows about the HGs. Dominique comes in saying she hates Cody. Dominique is called out by BB not having on her mic on and jumps into the shower. She and Christmas continues whispering (I think talking about Cody). Matthew and Raven also in the bathroom; Matthew shaving and Raven applying make-up. Christmas makes her way to talk to Josh in the Green BR. Christmas says that everyone seems to good and he is safe with her. She says he does not need to go for safety. They feel good for at least the next 3 weeks. Christmas tries telling him not to worry and others are good with him since he’s changed his behavior from last week.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th

10:30 AM BBT Cody and Jessica is about done packing and ready to leave the HOH Rm. Paul and Mark are still lying down (sleeping) in the Rose BR. Kevin goes into Rose BR to give Paul a hard time for still being in bed. Instead BB gives Kevin a hard time 2x about his microphone. Kevin goes back into Green BR. They wonder the bed situation and who would take who with them depending upon who wins HOH. Josh and Matthew joins Jason and Cody in kitchen. Jason predicts that in about 20 minutes production will lock them up in the HOH Rm.
10:45 AM BBT Ramses has also joined them in the kitchen. They continue listening to Cody tell stories from Infantry School (which is 3x worst than Boot Camp). Christmas comes out to find something to eat. Ramses agrees to also make her some eggs, like he did earlier for several others. Christmas asks to talk to Jason alone. Jason doesn’t like the position he is in. Alex then Matthew comes in. After Christmas mentions that Jason has seen too many peep shows, Christmas tells Matthew about her nip slip the first night of live feeds. For a while BB feeds have been going out briefly and then resuming.
11:00 AM BBT Christmas explains why it’s important to stay hydrated. Kevin and Jason talks about boots and other clothing attire. Alex getting herself ready applying lotion. Josh getting dressed after taking a shower while Raven, Elena, and Jessica in bathroom. While Ramses back was turned Matthew hid a whole plate of eggs (prepared by Ramses) inside a drawer. Ramses was looking all over for it and now blames Matthew for cold eggs for Christmas. Kevin finds it amazing that Alex is using an eyelash curler. Christmas has extensions on her lashes that she gets applied once a month (for like $80).
11:15 AM BBT No real game talk heard among HGs except for a sentence or two from Christmas before they get interrupted by someone else. HGs are showering, applying make-up, getting something to eat, or general chit chatting. Feeds switch to Jillian talking to the camera, “Trying to steal my votes, Matt? It’s not going to work. Cornering one of my votes in the room? Matt, I’m coming for you.” Cody lets others know that there is no toilet paper in HOH Rm. Dominique says they should grab some when they go up. Cody kisses Jessica and says, “see you up there.” Dominique suspects a longer lockdown since they gave them fair warning. BB announces for them to report to the HOH Rm for lockdown (11:22AM).
11:24 AM BBT HGs were told to report to the HOH Rm for lockdown.
11:25 AM BBT – 1:03 PM BBT Feeds Down…We get to watch the kitty’s play.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th
1:04 PM BBT Feeds back… Christmas Dom, and Jessica in Wr getting ready for the Live eviction tonight. Mark, Kevin, Matt Elena in the rose room talking about what the plan is for tonight, Sounds like they are making one last pitch to Kevin to vote for Christmas to stay. Kevin and Matt leave the rose room. Jillian has entered the WR. Paul and Ramses are looking for the pillows that are supposed to be throughout the house to prep it for live eviction. In the rose room Elena and Mark talk about the votes and confirm with each other. Christmas enters the room and asks if she’s interrupting, they say no and Mark goes to help her get her suitcase. They mention how bad is smells in the SR and that all the veggies and fruit needs tossed. Back to the rose room they go. Paul and Kevin talk in the green room briefly. In the Apple room its Alex and Jillian, talking. Alex says that Jillian talks to much and many people are coming to her complaining. They also discuss how Josh is causing problems too. Kevin heads in to talk to Christmas and says I gave you my word. Kevin is going crazy with everyone asking all week where his votes are. Kevin leaves and she tells the Camera it should be 9-3 Alex, Ramses, and Jessica for Jillian to stay everyone else for her.
1:15 PM BBT Christmas is talking about the break in her foot. How it’s the worst you can get and most painful and what she’s doing just 48 hours later. She believes in herself. She’s packing her bag, In SR Josh and Mark are talking Josh is saying how the Jody side messed up and how his loyalty is to Christmas and them only. PAUL DR. Mark says Ty and I appreciate it, Mark advises him to just keep laying low and things will work out. Mark and Matt in SR are clearing out the SR of all the bad foods. Mark tells Matt about the conversation with Josh and Matt laughs. They share what they have talked with them. Matt goes into the Rose room talks with Christmas. Matt says the only concern Kevin has shared is that he doesn’t know if Christmas should be here while healing. Christmas knows she will more than likely be a HN and she’s okay with that. Matt shares that he tried to explain more to kevin the benefits. Raven enters the room. She is not asking for help and is trying to do all she can on her own so she isn’t seen as a burden. Jason is the one they aren’t locked in on. Matt is going to have one more conversation with him. Ramses is in and out the room, everyone leaves and Christmas keeps packing. In the Sr Elena, and Matt going through the fridge. Kevin and Jason are cleaning the counter. Matt enters and helps to clean out the fridge.
1:30 PM BBT They continue to clean the Fridge out and deep clean it Josh enters to grab a few things as he is cooking lunch in the Kitchen, Christmas is still Packing her suitcase. Mark tells Elena once they are alone that they have talked to Josh, Kevin, and Jason and it’s looking good. MATT DR. Ramses is in the WR with Dom, & Kevin Paul enters the rose room and she says she just wants to Check in and Paul gives the advice he can to help her speech be solid. He tells her don’t be scared, be confident and lay it out there. Alex, Jason, talking in the green room, Elena and Mark pass through the room Raven brings Paul food and Jason finds out she got sick this AM. Elena, Christmas and raven in the rose room discussing the outfit for tonight. Elena flashes the cam full out. Cody and Josh in the kitchen cooking. Mark enters the rose room and checks in with the ladies. He is having trouble seeing her dressed up, Feeds swap to the green room where Paul is checking in with Alex, Kevin, and Jason are talking. Mark joins them.
1:45 PM BBT Kevin and Paul mess around and BB says STOP THAT. Matt and Mark in the Kitchen talking laughing with Jody cuddling across the bar from them. In the green room they measure who is taller between Kevin and Jason , Jason by like 1cm. They are talking about this coming week, Jillian comes by and says she is going to her room where she can’t talk to anyone, Alex says no come sit with them and be normal, she’s upset at the lies going around about her. They discuss her outfit for tonight. In the Rose room Elena thinks she finally picked her outfit, Mark is watching and Paul was putting clothes away while Christmas enjoys their company. In the Kitchen Dom is making food, Cody and Jess share a plat, Jason is eating and Matt gets a refill of his drink. Back in the Green room Alex and Jillian talk and mark walks by and they begin talking to him about his personal life. They ask about his finger as Christmas comes out the rose room and heads towards the kitchen area.
2:00 PM BBT Alex asking what are you going to wear today to Elena in the green room. Everyone getting ready for the show In Kitchen Cody and Jessica and Christmas and Kevin talking about what will happen during the show and the HOH contest. Talk about drinking days in the past Kevin says he doesn’t even drink coffee even after he is drunk doesn’t believe in it. Cowboy comes in and talks about stretching for the body is good for the body. Green Room Elena and Jessica and Alex talking about their time to shine. Cowboy walks in and belches out loud then walks away. Jessica please go to DR. Girls talking about their Instagram accounts. SR Cowboy and Kevin talking show about who is solid today Cody walks in and says that he thinks it is going to be 7 to 6 on count. Cowboy is just Solid on everything when anyone asks him how he is voting today. Cowboy says he wants to win today and cannot wait to put (just as cams go down and back up) so do not hear who he said. Cody goes into HN room to try out the beds and says this sucks. Talking with and saying that Christmas can shove it up her ass. He thinks that Paul is controlling too much in here. Cody is just going to stay in HN room as it is his safe place. BR Paul talking with Dom and Raven as they get ready. Paul said that the first time last year he came into house with almost all black and this time he choose more color.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th
2:15 PM BBT Kitchen Kevin Cowboy and Christmas. Cowboy says he is going to get a tattoo of Christmas and Kevin says that Cowboy’s wife will love that. Jalex romance (Jason and Alex) last night. The baby is going to look funny big arms and small neck. BR Paul and Jessica talking about sharing Paul’s shirt. 2:18 Animal Cameras. 2:20 PM BBT back to BR Matthew and Raven talking about how they think that the other team is being two faced as how they are not being real with them. Christmas says she is being loyal with her team. Raven talks to camera (BB tells her she is not allowed to talk about her DR discussions). Christmas says is sounds like it is going to be 9 to 3. Matt says that Paul is going to choke himself tonight. Christmas says it is going to stand by her words. Matt says he is going to talk
2:30 PM BBT BB Christmas Please go to DR. GR Mark and Kevin Cowboy and Alex about money issues from the show what are they going to do with it. Kevin Cowboy shows how someone was doing the Carlton dance earlier. Kevin asks about getting ready and everyone needs to use only one show downstairs. Needs to look sharp tonight need to be crispy Jillian is whispering the Rosary. BB Jason stop playing with your microphone. Ramses shoots a rubber band at Kevin. Jillian asks who is the Pope now and they talk about where he is from and how they use the white smoke and black smoke to display if they picked yet. BB Matt please stop singing. BR Matt and Raven says that “No Cocks on the Bar”. They all like Nashville Josh says he has a friend from Kentucky and he is crazy. Rave tells them about why they call the Mad Hatter was from the chemicals used to make the hats and Matt tells her that the Google thing is not always right. Talk about are they BB cleaning up the HOH room and Raven says yes and getting ready for the next winner. Kevin asks Ramses if he wants to go to NY and Ramses said yes as he has never seen it. Raven says go in the summertime, Jillian says to go in the springtime and it is the best time.
2:45 PM BBT GR Paul walks in sneaks up on cowboy but Josh snuck up on him and pops him in the butt. Josh in SR talking to camera about how Christmas is not a threat to him but Cody is a threat to him. It is going to one hell of a crazy day today. HN Cody just laying on spike beds by himself. Josh says that if Cody would not have isolated himself from him that Cody F*ck it up another thing is that Christmas is very genuine with him. Jillian is not sure if she can make good moves or not. Josh is trying to figure out Ironing board. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket this week he is going to see what happens. I will say who I was with on day one hopefully they see his character . He cannot find the puggin for the iron. BR Christmas talking to Raven and wants to go to the dance classes that Raven does. She is called Sargent Raven and does not take any stuff from students and tells them to put their phones away in class. Christmas wants to know if she should put on her lash extension but she might mess them up. Ramses comes into BR and saying Penis and Elena says inside me. Random stuff. He Ramses wants to take shower but Elena needs to take it first as she has more to do after than Ramses.
3:00 PM BBT BR Paul comes in and they ask about clippers for hair and Paul says that BB will not give it until later in shows. Ramses starts dancing in front of mirrors. Matt comes into BR and wants to take a shower and Elena says she is getting in first but still does not have her face mask on yet. Ramses said he is next for shower after Elena is done.
3:02 PM BBT Feeds down for show tonight.
3:15 PM BBT – 7:00 PM BBT Feeds down till live show
7:00 PM BBT Feeds down cat room
7:15 PM BBT Feeds down cat room..7:22..feeds are up..doing hoh comp..back to cats. 7:23, all house guests are opening balls, looking for something. Back to cats. Back to house guests opening balls. Christmas was hit in the head by one. Items on a conveyor belt, Kevin and Raven looking at items on belt. Kevin is biting open what looks to be a sucker. They are opening and tossing items. They are in search of something. Christmas is sitting on the ground looking at balls. I believe they are looking for tickets so they can shoot balls.
7:30 PM BBT The hoh comp is candy crush themed. House guests continue to get tickets, and get balls to play candy crush. Dominique is smashing suckers on conveyor belt, to look for tickets. Jessica is smashing suckers as well. Balls continue to fall from sky. Paul got it…He got HOH
..Jessica and Cody look pissed. Paul is wearing the HOH necklace. Feeds down 7:41. Fish..Can hear voices but still fish..Everyone is saying good job Paul! Production got on speaker and said emotions are running hi, don’t get nose to nose. Still fish, but production just announced they are letting hgs back in the house.
7:45 PM BBT Paul is happy he gets a note from momma,,and maybe people can see him without a beard. And his hairless cat. Hgs are entering the house. Paul is getting a pizza out of the storage room, they get restocked tonight. Jessica and Cody are in storage room talking about game. Jessica said she will lie and backstab and throw people under the bus . Cody and Jessica said they have no regrets. Feeds down 7:49 PM BBT , fish again. 7:52..Jeff is live with Jillian..she was evicted 8 to 4 votes..She is very shocked and betrayed by 2. She feels Alex and Jason..Maybe Josh. She is not sure..Could also be Ramses but she was blind sided. She thought Christmas was going to be sent packing. Jeff asked Jillian who she thinks is running the house and she said Paul.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th

8:00 PM BBT Jeff’s interview with evicted houseguest (Jillian) is wrapping up and back to FISH.  Paul in the bathroom with Maven, Marlena, Dominique and Josh.  Josh is complaining and being paranoid.  Paul is trying to talk him down and tell him to calm down and think logically.  Josh is crying and says he’s angry.  Paul says he needs to control his anger and tells him he’s doing it to himself. Then they switch to talking about competition and how tough it was.  Paul moves to kitchen and joins Alex to talk.  They talk briefly and inaudibly and Paul picks on her and leaves kitchen.  Matt and Raven come into kitchen with Alex and they relive moments of the HOH competition. Camera switches to Cody and Jessica in the HN room.  Jessica is crying and Cody is trying console her telling her they will plan a trip outside the house.  She says she knew it would happen, just didn’t know it would be so soon.  Paul comes in and tells Jessica not to let it get to her.  Cody tells Paul it’s more about the betrayals of friends and not losing the competition.  Cody says he put her in the position and he feels bad.  Paul says the game is tough and it’s gonna get worse.  Cody tells Paul he needs to be there for Jessica when he’s gone because she has nobody.  Switch to Camera 3.  Paul joins group in the bathroom (Marlena, Maven, Kevin, Dominique and Josh.  Paul tells them about comps from last year.  Paul picks up tickets from the competition and tells the others to keep them and sign them and send them to fans.  Paul jokingly tells Elena she’s out of here and she offers to make him a cheese sandwich again.  In the kitchen Alex, Kevin and Jason are talking at the kitchen table.  Jason is whispering and conversation is inaudible.  Kevin asks if they can get clippers for a haircut.  Kevin and Jason go back to whispers.
8:15 PM BBT Alex, Jason, Paul, Matt, Rames, Kevin and Raven are all still in kitchen talking. Alex is cutting up food. Kevin stares off like he’s not paying attention while the others talk. Switch to bathroom and Josh is whining. Domique, Paul, Mark, Matt and Elena are talking about the competition. Lots of whispering so it’s difficult to understand what they are saying. Elena is saying someone came in and talked to Josh. Paul then says that kind of aggression is not ok in the BB house. Paul is discussing a previous argument. Paul says “they” will continue to do that and says “they” were yelling at Kevin. Other HGs discuss putting Cody and Jessica up. Paul says he will do it as long as he has everyone’s trust. He mentions putting up one and putting up someone else who he says everyone “loves him”. Paul says they would have to trust him and he knows the idea of pawns is scary but it has to happen to make the scenario work. He suggest putting Raven up backdooring Cody. Elena then mentions Ramses has to put himself up and Paul says exactly so worse case scenario “checkmate Ramses goes home”. More whispering. Dominique, Paul, Elena, Mark, Matt, Raven all involved in discussion. Paul says let it marinate, think about it and they will discuss additional options through the week. Paul says he wants no one on his team uncomfortable so they can discuss it. Paul says if they miss the target he will come back with a vengeance. Conversation changes and Mark about vegetarian chicken nugget.
8:30 PM BBT Group goes back to discussing nomination plan and back to whispering. Paul leaves the bathroom. Jessica and Cody are talking to Alex in the HN room. Jessica says she wanted Christmas out. Cody mentions that Ramses told him he would vote to keep Jillian if they agreed to help when he has to do his curse nomination. Cody says obviously Ramses did stick to his end of the deal because of the vote. He says Ramses is a snake. Alex leaves the room. Jessica continues to cry on Cody’s shoulder. Back in the bathroom, Paul, Matt and Mark are all talking Paul whispers something and Matt busts out laughing. Raven walks in and Paul tells her not to be nervous and he would never do anything to put them in danger. He says he needs everyone’s heads in the game and confident in the plan.Matt says everything is coming together “picture perfect”. Matt says Jessica was embarrassed on national television. Dominique re enters the bathroom. Paul leaves. Mark talks about he was aggravated earlier. Elena reminds him that she told him earlier to calm down. Mark says you were right.and hugs her. Dominique says “big brother can we please get some food”. Elena is discussing not being able to trust Cody because of how things went down. Elena says she can live with him but will never trust him again and will not include him in anything that is important. She said she learned her lesson and will move on. Matt says this team is how it should have been from the beginning. Elena says at least the breakdown happened early and not further into the game. Matt begins whispering. Mark says Cody confronted him about votes after the eviction. More whispering.
8:45 PM BBT  Dominique mentions that Mark has one calf smaller than the other. He explains that he had a “club” foot when he was born and explains the process of it being repaired and fixed and how he should have limitations with that leg because most people do but it has never affected him. He stated he may have to have surgery in the future. Christmas comes in. Elena begins talking about a guy she went to college with had tiny calves even though he was huge and muscular. Mark says he may have had club feet too. BB notes Christmas doesn’t microphone and Elena offers to go get it. Christmas says she face planted during the competition. She stated she just started collecting tickets and handing them off to Elena and Paul because she couldn’t get around enough to be effective. Elena and Dominique are left alone in the bathroom to talk. Cody is called to DR. Elena brings Christmas’ microphone. They begin discussing dinner options.Marlena, Dominique, Jason, Alex and KEvin are all in the kitchen. Paul comes in and talks to Alex. There is whispering. Alex says “don’t lie to my face”. Pauls says that happened and she said “obviously”. They both move to join the larger group. All HGs are discussing or fixing food. Paul and Mark got to storage to check on food. Celebrate with a high 5. They both raid the freezer and return to kitchen. Mark grabs a plate and drops it because it was hot. Paul offers to cook for others. Jason picks up the mess from the floor. HGs area all fixing different food items. Kevin and Alex are in Green BR talking about the votes. Alex is trying to figure out who voted for who. She says Ramses is lying. Kevin says he thought Ramses was nice but he’s playing the game. They are whispering so the conversation is hard to catch. They continue to discuss how the votes played out as they walk to living room.
9:00 PM BBT Back in the kitchen HGs are eating. Ramses, Christmas, Jason, Alex, Kevin, Dominique, Paul, Josh are all milling around the kitchen eating and discussing random game things. In the Red BR Marlena and Maven are talking. Mark says he is proud of everyone. FISH… Marlena and Maven are discussing the weeks event but their voices are hard to hear. Elena mentions telling someone to be less of a target she needed to vote with the people with the numbers. Matt says Ramses and Cody are freaking out. Elena says she wants to confront someone for lying to her and doing in a respectful manner. Mark says something about Cody and they says “how many people can you piss off before even one person is voted out of the house”. Everyone laugh. Matt says he is glad Christmas realized they were not involved in Cody’s plan. Conversation is hard to hear again. Cody and Jessica are in apple room eating and then walk back into kitchen with other HGs and on the bathroom. Jason and Alex talking in the bathroom. Alex is frustrated. She says she wants them BOTH gone. Jason says it will be fine. Alex says she will always fight for him. Cody and Jessica in the Apple room cuddled up and talking alone.
9:15 PM BBT Back in the Red BR, Marlena, Maven, Christmas and Paul are talking about Jessica. Christmas explained that Jessica came to her and asked about how she feels even though she had just said she was asking how she felt. Christmas says she told them she is cool and they can just live together. Christmas says Cody stated they just wanna enjoy their time together. Paul starts talking and whispering about lying. Christmas says she should say she really enjoyed being lied too. Paul and Mark begin discussing carbs and protein and the other conversations can’t be heard regarding game play. They talk about how Jessica was flipping out during the competition smashing lollipops. They all agree she was being obnoxious. Christmas says she was gathering tickets and handing them off from her sweaty boobs. Paul says he remembers someone saying “where did you come from” after he won the HOH comp and he yelled “from BB18 mfer”.
9:30 PM BBT Christmas says when she was in the DR waiting for someone to get her after he foot was hurt, Matt gave her hug and told her to get well and then Cody leaned in close and said “you’re bone is sticking out”. Christmas says he was just trying to get in her head and when she returned he never attempted to ask how she was doing. She said Jessica never checked on her either and then tried to say today that she asked multiple times how she was doing. Christmas says Jessica is a straight up liar. Dominique says it’s great because nothing is hidden and everything comes out. Mark gets Christmas a pillow to prop her foot up.Christmas and Dominique talk about how Jessica and Cody are fake and liars. Christmas says “kill them with kindness”. In the Green BR, Paul talks to Alex and Jason. Paul checks his eye and says it got hit during the comp. Paul tells Alex and Jason to stay cool and then walks out. Kevin, Jason and Alex talk about the game. Ramses comes into the room. Alex says it was tough crowd today. Everyone asks where Josh is. Someone says he is in the DR. Someone says Josh didn’t vote the right way. Jason says it wouldn’t have mattered because they were 2 people down so someone else didn’t vote right either. Kevin says Josh is probably in the snake room with Cody and Jessica. Alex says maybe Jillian took the 25k so she atleast got something. Jason says we’ll never know. Alex asks Paul who. Pauls says he though Alex or Jason got it. Alex says she thought Jason got it but Jason says no way he didn’t get it. Paul says Kevin couldn’t have got it because the game was over and he was still pushing the button. Paul cracks up. Kevin says he was just trying to figure out what was going on and was trying to cool off because it was hot so he was taking his clothes off.
9:45 PM BBT   Someone asks when Paul will get the DR room. Paul says in about an hour. Paul then explains how the HOH process goes and how the letter is typed. Raven comes in with warm cookies. Everyone talks about how good then are. Kevin says they need milk. Jason asked Kevin how his tooth is. Kevin says it’s throbbing. Jason asks if BB is gonna fix it. Kevin mumbles something inaudible. Elena and Mark come in and they all begin talking about HOH competition. Elena says she found 25 tickets and explains her system for finding tickets. Marlena leave the room. Kevin says she never rolled a ball so she was giving tickets to someone. He says she must have been giving them to Mark because he never looked for tickets and was always standing in line. Kevin says that works since they are sleeping together because if Mark gets the big bed, she gets the big bed. Kevin says she may have been giving them to Paul and he will ask Paul later. Cody and Jessica come through with their stuff and say they’re taking their stuff to the HN room. Kevin tries to explain how a bed is empty in the Green RM. Cody says he will probably be a HN anyway so he’s just moving in. Kevin says he doesn’t understand the concept of not stocking the kitchen. He speculates whether there is a reason for why they haven’t restocked. Cody and Jessica in the HN room. Jessica is holding her stomach. Cody asked if she is good. Jessica says she wants to throw up. Cody says something then laughs and then goes cold faces silent. Jessica is pacing and says she doesn’t wanna _____ right now. Cody says he’s going to talk with Ramses and them because he wants to build their trust. He kisses Jessica and says what’s next. Cody tells Jessica there is literally nothing to stress about. He says they should be relaxing and chilling. Jessica continues to pace.
10:00 PM BBT In the bedroom Jason and Ramses are laying down with no game talk. In the bathroom mark and Elena talking about Jason not voting for Christmas and how josh did. Elena says that I wonder if Christmas knows he didn’t vote for her even though he promised. In the red bedroom Dominique, Paul, Kevin, Christmas talking Kevin says that they have been questioning him about his votes. He brings up Cody and Ramses. Kevin asks for movies and Paul says nope sorry, but I’ll let you read my hoh letter over and over. In the bedroom cody is talking to Jason about Paul and how the game is bull poop and Kevin comes in and that Ramses has the curse and Kevin starts talking about Paul lying. Josh walk by and they discuss where they will sleep and then they talk about the nominations for tomorrow. Cody says that Ramses is a lying little bas*ard and that Paul has talked about josh being an idiot all week and then josh follows Paul like a dumba**! Cody talks to Jason and Alex about who they want out. Alex says she wants Ramses and josh out. Cody says that it’s gonna be the season of Paul. What are the fans thinking about.
10:15PM BBT Mark, Elena and Kevin talking about the votes and how much lying went on. Elena say’s she handed jury to Jason on the silver platter and he blew it. Cody and Jessica in the bedroom telling josh in front of Christmas and Dominique not to talk to them in a personal level. He starts to cry and goes to the bathroom. Raven And Dominique follow him and talk to him. Josh tells them that Jessica called him a liar and a bitch and fake. Dominique tells him to stay away from them because they are being petty and stupid, there emotions are raw and they are looking for someone to bully and don’t let them bother you. Dominique says that he needs to walk away. Mark says don’t worry because they have no one and you have all of us. Josh says that Jessica said when he leaves the house that everyone will laugh because he’s made a fool of himself. In the have not room Jessica and Cody are bragging towards each other about how mean that they were to josh. They say that there is no way that they will hang out with any of them after the game. Jessica says that they will possibly have battle back and he could come back in.
10:30PM BBT Josh says that he don’t owe any explanation of his vote to anyone because he did what he wanted. In the bedroom Alex, Jason, Christmas, Kevin, Dominique and Ramses talking about the last hoh competition. Dominique and Kevin are whispering in the corner about Cody and josh. They discuss where everyone will sleep to keep Cody and Jessica away from josh. They discuss about having have nots and if they will have a comp for it. Josh laying in the lounge talking to the cameras, about the first 15 days in the house and how he’s been treated and made him feel. In the bedroom they talk about the temptations and Dominique Saturday show. In the kitchen matt and Raven are making something to eat. Kevin walks thru and they see josh in the lounge he tells Jason and Ramses.
10:45PM BBT Jason goes to check on him and Kevin says that he asked Cody why they were mad at josh and he replied because he lied to me to my face. Kevin says that it’s a game and isn’t that what we are supposed to do? So why take it so personal? Then Kevin stops and Ramses says ya I’ll try talking to him. Alex starts talking about Meagan and her lies and she goes in depth about all the crap she says. Alex says that when she called me panda really floored me because I really didn’t understand it.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 6th
11:00PM BBT Elena and Raven are in the bathroom applying makeup, mark in the room just chatting about Jason lying about his vote. They both say that they promised to keep Jason till jury and they have to wait to send him packing. In the kitchen Jason, Raven, and Matt eating apple pie and whip cream. In the have not room Jessica and Cody talking she says she cannot handle this and that the game is personal and she didn’t sign up for this. She says she really just wants to pack her sh*t and go home. Production says for her to put her microphone on and she says no. Cody begs her to do this for him. She says she can’t do this but she puts her microphone on. Then Paul screams who wants to see my hoh room. Perfect timing. Cody goes to see the room and Jessica heads to the DR. They go thru his basket and then he reads his letter.
11:15PM BBT Paul telling the others that if they want to eat any of his stuff go ahead just save some of the beers for him. Josh leaves the room as Jessica enters. She just hangs on to Cody with no words. Josh goes downstairs to the restroom. So Cody and Jess come down, Cody and josh in the restroom together while Jessica is in the kitchen. Josh leaves the bathroom and he stops by the kitchen for a few. Alex is called to the diary room and Jessica says she needs to get away before they start coming down before she loses it. They go back to the have not room. Cody says that the being fake is horrible in the hoh, Jessica says that she doesn’t do well with threats and will not feel like this way again.
11:30PM BBT She says that two girls stood out her door and told her that her going after Christmas caused them to hold Christmas back from getting thrown off the show and that she can’t be threatened and it won’t happen again. Cody says he has her back. She takes her extensions out and changes her pants. Production says that the storage room is out of service for a bit, everyone cheers. Jessica says she hates all of them. As he lays there he asks her not to quit on him. SHe says she can’t make that promise because she won’t make it look like she’s a coward. But before she looks like that she will just leave. In the hoh it’s Paul, Dominique, Elena, Christmas and mark talking about Cody and how they are glad that they found out early in the game because he would have shown his true colors eventually.
11:45PM BBT Raven and Matt come in and Paul starts with his plan. He wants to put up matt and Raven as pawns. That makes two of them from his team to definitely play for the veto. They talk about different scenarios and about Ramses and what they want to do. Josh comes in and they stop talking about new stuff and kinda go over the curse that Ramses has. They try and go over other ways to do this without using his two pawns. Josh says that whoever no matter who he will vote Cody out! Paul doesn’t wanna budge he wants two of his people up which makes sense but it has holes in it.


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