Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 13th

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12:00 AM BBT Paul says that the atmosphere after the show was a little stretched and he says that he was watching others reactions. In the bedroom Kevin, Jason, Josh and Alex talking about the HOH. josh says that if they don’t want it they can throw it to them. Josh says that he thinks that Paul is trustworthy, Jason says that he does tell white lies but he believes that too. Josh says that it will be an interesting week, Alex says they will be either really sad or really happy and talk about who Mark would put up if he wins. In the have not Jessica and Cody talking about she is trying to think before she says thinks. And that if they fight or disagree it doesn’t matter that she will not walk away from them. She says that she is not pulling away she just needs time to calm down. She says she thinks that he is scared that people walk away from him, he says no he just wants to make her happy and feels like a failure when he doesn’t do this.
12:15 AM BBT Back in the HOH Matt, Dominique and Paul they are talking about Christmas. She points out that she has personal relationships with others in the house and that they don’t. For example Josh, Jason, Kevin, etc… and they have conversations that they don’t. Matt says if they feel like it’s a problem that he will talk to her. Mark carries Raven into the HoH and Mark says that he went up to Cody and says “it’s a game”, Paul says what does this mean? He says I don’t know I just wanted to say something because I was pissed. Dominique gets up and goes talk to Kevin about Jason. While she is gone Paul tells Matt and Raven that Cody said it was Dominique and Mark that knew about Cody putting up Paul and Christmas. Matt says that Christmas is very emotional and that if cody had told her anything she will come in and be hard to deal with. Paul says that he is gonna wait until Cody is out to ask mark and Dominique.
12:30 AM BBT Alex, Ramses, Jason and Dominique talking about the game. Elena walks IN and talks stupid things and leaves quickly. Kevin and Paul walk in and Alex brings up Mark and how he had gotten upset. Jason walks in talks about farting and walking away. Dominique asks if anything made them feel weird and Jason says some people were acting weird especially Mark, and they all laugh. Dominique and Alex talking in the lounge she brings up Jason and how he is feeling. Back in the bedroom Jason tells Paul that Cody told him that everyone knew his plan. Paul says that he thinks that it’s all so he can stir the pot and that it’s strange that jessica is running around smiling and having fun. Josh pulls Paul to the side that and tells him that everyone wanted him out. He said he was the only one that was excited about being here.
12:45 AM BBT Back in the HoH Paul telling about Dominique asking everyone if she made them uncomfortable and they all said no but when she left they were saying yes it did. Elena says that she didn’t like it and Paul asked them to tell her so she will know. Paul tells Elena that Cody told him Mark and Dominique. She says she won’t tell him but she’s really pissed off at Cody. Paul says again that this is one of the I’m going home last minute moves. He says that it’s a good one because everyone is talking about it. Paul says that he believes mark but it’s the others that don’t believe and trust him. Paul says that he heard it from Kevin, Jason , Ramses and josh what Cody had said.
1:00 AM BBT In the lounge Alex and Dominique talking and Alex says that she trusts Paul, she said that isn’t very religious but she just doesn’t lie and believes in her faith and tries hard to do the right thing. Dominique says she cannot trust Jessica or Ramses but the rest she is good with. Alex says that Cody told her that she needed to make an attempt to be more personable and she said that’s not how she worked and she tries to talk to the others and that it was her that puts herself out there but they don’t want to make friends. Mark said he got mad at Cody because he said he was his ride or die and then he lied on him. Alex says she didn’t want Cody but Jessica was jealous and mad because she thought he did. Back In the bedroom Paul and Ramses talking about the vote and who will be going home. Paul and Mark head up to HOH Elena follows and Matt and Raven all talk about it. Paul tells Mark it’s what others think and he says he talked about it with everyone else. Mark says that he’s already talked to Christmas and that he was honest and sincere.
1:15 AM BBT Paul says that he really wants to talk to Alex but that he needs to talk to Dominique and maybe that the others can talk to her tomorrow about being on the same page. Dominique says that the Alex and Jason got so upset by Mark and Cody because that they thought he was trying to throw them two up. In the other bedroom Mark and Elena talking about his conversation with Jessica and then Cody. Mark says that Elena needs to stop interrogating him. She says she knows nothing and she is trying to gather information. In. The lounge Alex and Paul talking game and Dominique. Paul says that he is ok with whoever wins as long as it’s not Ramses.
1:30 AM BBT In the Rose Room Mark and Elena are talking Mark says she is his closest person in this game but you never tell me anything. She tells him that she doesn’t have game conversations with anyone when he isn’t there. Mark says you always ask me about every conversation I ever have but you don’t tell me about your conversations. She tells him to feel free to ask. Mark tells her she is a very smart woman, she knows how to get information out of people. She asks him how she makes him uncomfortable he says that he feels that she only asks him about game. She explains how she acts when she is upset. Meanwhile in the HOH Room Paul and Dominique are talking about the show she did tonight. She is telling him that Alex thought that Cody was going to blow up her game. She says Alex was going to say something until Mark said something. Alex comes in and Alex says she needs to clear it, she did not know Cody was going to give her the veto. She said she thought all 3 of them were throwing the comp for her. She thought they all knew. Paul says Cody told him that he threw it for Alex to win. Alex thought it was a move to get her to trust them. Paul says we just f**ked ourselves because they are going to all be called into DR. Paul says we can’t forget that Ramses is a sneak and if he sneaks by this week he will sneak by for the next 2 weeks. Back in the Rose Room Elena is telling Mark that she has no problem being a bitch when she has to be. She says she doesn’t want to talk to Cody, she says he has thrown another bomb into her game. Mark says he told Josh that Cody is trying to cause shit. Mark says he told Josh to stick to the plan, he tells her he said the same thing to Kevin. He thinks both of them are okay. Josh comes in looking for a pillow, they tell him to take Christmas’s pillow. Elena says Alex needs to talk to other people in the house.
1:45 AM BBT In the Green Room Alex has turned out the light. Ramses says he didn’t win the $25,000. But everyone thinks I did. Ramses says he takes the city bus to school so he would buy a car if he had won it. Kevin starts to recite everything Ramses has told him about his life. Back in the Rose Room Elena and Mark are talking about Christmas has a conversation with Jason everyday. Elena says it is called Coffee with Christmas. Elena says she knows they have had one on one conversation since the vote. Mark says he wants to know if his name came out of her mouth as he will be pissed. Elena says so will she. Mark says he hopes that what is said between them stays between them. Elena says is there a reason you are bringing that up right now. Elena says if you tell me something you don’t want me to repeat, you need to tell me. The conversation ends for a minute with them agreeing that they are good In the HOH Room Raven Matt and Paul are talking Raven says she can’t put any pressure on the ball of her foot. Matt says he trusts Elena and Mark but the people he trusts to make the right game move are in this room. Paul says he will talk to Dominique tonight about her asking game moves on her show, he says that can blow up someone’s game and that’s not cool.
2:00 AM BBT Paul is telling them that Cody told him that he threw the comp to Alex. They all say that they don’t understand that relationship as Alex does not like Cody. Paul says Cody told him that he did not like Paul in his season but likes him now. He says Cody told him that he wanted to avoid both him and Jessica and look where he is. They are talking about Cody lying about his age. Matt says he is getting crushed. Cody lies to him about his age, Alex thinks he threw a comp to her, Josh and Ramses both beat him in a comp. Paul leaves to go check on Elena and Mark. He finds them in the kitchen and brings them upstairs. Paul tells them Dominique is in DR. Paul and Elena are saying they are stress eating. Paul says he went downstairs once and Jason was in the HN Room with Cody and Jessica talking very low. Mark is telling them about the conversation he had with Kevin. Paul says he thought it was funny that when he was asked who he wanted to go farther in the game when he put Alex first before Jessica. Paul tells them that Matt did so bad in the comp that he threw it to her. Paul says Matt gets the shitty end of the stick. Mark says he told Dominique to put him on the block as a pawn because he wants to compete as a pawn. Paul asks that they please tell Dominique that she can’t ask game questions on her show.
2:15 AM BBT Elena says she will be probably asks her in a way like If I ever make it on your show please ask me any game questions. Mark is saying he wants to work out before the comp tomorrow. Paul says not before the comp maybe after, Mark says maybe during the comp. Elena asks if she always has a bitchface. Paul tells her yes unless icing is involved. Mark says or any food. Paul says Ramses is more dangerous than Jessica. Paul says maybe we should put both of them up and let the vote go however. If one of them wins veto put Jason up. Raven gets called to DR. Matt carries her down the stairs, he says she weighs 105 pounds, Matt comments 40 pounds is butt. Elena and Mark are talking about going to bed. Mark is trying to figure out what to eat. The conversation goes to why Dominique never cooked Paul a piece of chicken. Matt walks back into the room. Mark picks Elena up to carry her downstairs. Big Brother tells Mark to put her down. Paul and Dominique are talking about the questions Dominique asked. Paul said he has had a conversation with everybody on the team and they all felt the same way. He tells her she can ask them herself. Paul tells her they all think the game questions were strange. Paul says when he called her up with everybody, he was upset that they never said anything. Paul tells her that Mark said he is going to talk to her during their chess game. He said he told them that this was just Cody trying to cause problems. Dominique says she only trusts him and Mark but she doesn’t really trusts Matt. Paul says he doesn’t think that the questions were in her agenda, but she was in the moment. Paul says if the team falls apart we have nothing, he says if the team falls none of them have nothing. She says it was not part of the plan she was just going with where Cody was going. Paul says he is the only one who is going to tell her the way he will. Dominique says she would put up people she doesn’t want to put up, because it is for the team. Meanwhile in the kitchen Matt and Raven are talking.
2:30 AM BBT Raven says it would be very entertaining to put both Jessica and Ramses on the block. Matt says he wishes everyone knew her the way he does. Back in the HOH Room Dominique says you need to think of the way people react. Paul is telling her that Cody knew that Dominique and Mark wanted Christmas up. She tells him that she didn’t know that. Paul says he wasn’t upset by what he told him, he is concerned about the way he told Christmas. Dominique tells him to play it however he wants to. He asks her what that means she says we know how Christmas is and she does not want to put any distrust in him. Paul tells her that Cody also told him that if there is a battle back and he wins it, he now has more people on his agenda than him. Dominique said she asked Mark if he knew that Cody was going to put Christmas up, she tells him he told her he did not know. Paul says he is worried about this week HOH Comp because they are down numbers because of injuries. Paul is telling him that Jason has openly said he does not listen to anybody he learns from his mistakes. Dominique says Cody dislikes the most that Mark was disloyal to him. Paul says if the vote is not 10 to one tomorrow he is taking this ugly piece of art and hitting Jason with it. Paul says they are all full of shit like we have been saying from the beginning. Dominique says she has to think about why it is Dominique and Mark now. Paul tells her that is because everyone sees her and Mark together and talking all the time. He tells her that they all assume that they are talking game. Dominique says she likes the fact that he came right to her, Paul says that was the topic that was coming up, which is why he called her up, he says unfortunately people got shy. Dominique brings up how Raven brought it up, Paul tells her it just wasn’t her it was the whole team.
3:00 AM BBT Dominique tells Paul that she knows who is going to target her, Paul is saying that he liked the way Elena made the point about religion. He says he wants to get the saying I am my own disease tattooed on me somewhere. The conversation goes back to Jason who Paul says he doesn’t trust. Dominique is telling him that Jason and Alex were talking about what type of comp it will be. Paul says it will be interesting when he tries to pull Kevin in. Paul says he trusts Kevin tho. Paul says these comps are not designed for big people. He reminds her that Corey last year fell fast each time and he was very fit. Paul says we have to keep the team informed, that we all have to talk, we could have another month in the house as a team. He says Christmas is going to be interesting because she is going to be bitchy because of her surgery on top of what Cody said. Paul says as long as we have power we can have control.
3:00 AM BBT It looks like Paul and Dominique are finally calling it a night. Paul says he doesn’t understand why people lie about their age. Big Brother has called Dominique out 2 times for not having her mic on. Paul tells her she does a good job hosting and thinks she will have some doors open for her on the outside. Paul is getting his stuff ready to move in the morning. Dominique is getting ready for bed. Paul is saying he doesn’t have to say anything to Cody when he leaves because the one person you had strong feelings about put you out of the house. I’m just going to let that burn your skin. Paul has turned out the light and crawled into bed. Dominique is still in the washroom getting ready for bed. Dominique has left the room to go downstairs, she getting a glass of water. She heads back up to bed and is still puttering around the room. Looks like all other HGS are in bed sleeping. Dominique is now sitting on the edge of the bed eating while Paul is trying to sleep next to her.
3:15 AM BBT All HGS have finally settled down for the night.
3:30 AM BBT All HGs are asleep ( 3:36 AM BBT ) Both Elena and Mark get out of bed. Elena asks Raven if she needs anything, she tells her no. Mark and Elena head to the washroom. Elena comes out Mark goes in, Elena waits for Mark to come out, she asks him how’s it going. She asks him if he is pooping, he replies I’m trying. He thanks her for waiting, she tells him she will see him in bed. Elena and Raven are complaining about how hot the room is. Elena says she has all kind of energy during the night and wants to sleep until 2 pm. She says they won’t let her nap. Raven says she was tired until all this stuff happened. Elena says if she doesn’t fall asleep in 15 minutes she is going to the Apple Room to read a boring chapter in the bible.
3:45 AM BBT Elena is saying she should have gotten a water bottle when she was up. Her and Raven are trying to sleep. Mark is washing his hands in the washroom, all other HGS are asleep. Mark goes to the kitchen opens the fridge looks at the food and heads to bed. Mark and Elena are whispering in bed and giving goodnight kisses. Elena starts to laugh at something Mark whispered to her.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
4:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
4:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping. Matt up briefly to use the WR and get a drink.
4:45 AM BBT -7:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
7:15 AM BBT Mark is up and in the bathroom but is quickly back to bed.
7:30 AM BBT -9:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping. [Feeds went to Fish 8:04-8:11 AM; when feeds returned, all HGs were still in bed with lights out.]
9:00 AM BBT Can hear door closing and footprints, but feeds are still showing only sleeping into kitchen. HGs. Feeds jump to Cody taking a quick HN shower. He moves quickly (without his V-Toad costume) into the kitchen for a drink of water and back into bed with Jessica in the HN Rm.
9:15 AM BBT Wake up call was at 9:23 AM (Fish). Fish continued until 9:39 AM. Feed show only Matthew in WR doing ADLs. Finishes flossing his teeth in the kitchen. Paul comes out of HOH Rm and goes straight into SR. Kevin is also up. Kevin for a change commented that he did sleep; Matt says any time he can sleep at all, it’s a success. Paul goes back up to HOH Rm.
9:45 AM BBT Those in the Green BR (Jason, Kevin, Alex) talking about what they will probably be asked to do today….locked in HOH Rm, told to clean up the house because of live show, and HOH Comp. HGs are beginning to stir. Jason hops to the kitchen for coffee where Matthew has taken out the trash and tidying up a bit….and cooking slop. Raven, with her feet propped up on the counter, sits watching. Jason and Cody also fixing or eating their bowls of slop on the lilypad. Matthew thought BB should have allowed him regular food for his birthday; Jason says but then someone would have said not fair.
10:00 AM BBT Jessica asks Raven how her foot is doing she tells her that she doesn’t think that it’s broken just feels the pressure in it. Mark is up, changed his mic Raven fixing her hair and Mark enters the WR asks Raven how she is doing. Jessica comes back in and says to Raven you deserve alcohol and she said that she kept asking for her bottle of wine was. She says she slept in Christmas’ round bed so she could just get up easier. Jessica goes into the Kitchen where Cody, Matt and Kevin are. BB says to Elena, Josh and Alex to change batteries. Matt is telling Mark how he makes slop. Jason and Cody are looking at Cody’s way of making his bowl of slop. Jessica is looking Cody over talking about his rash from the costume. Matt says he doesn’t remember ever having rashes. Josh is up heading into the WR. He is waiting to use the restroom where Raven was. BB says for Josh and Elena to please put on your mic. Mark tells Elena that it’s hot for her bed hair and her glasses she leaves the room to get her mic. Jessica asks Cody if her costume/hn is over Friday Cody says probably Sat. Alex is up. Matt says hola to Elena and her boobs. She goes into the bathroom. BB says to Josh PUT ON YOUR MIC.
10:15 AM BBT In the Kitchen they are talking about the questions that Dom asked about Megan and Matt says he was on his way outside to yell at her. Alex is sitting at the Kitchen table with her head down. Raven wants to remove the bandage to stretch out her toes but says that’s probably not what they wanted. She is looking for fruit loops. Matt, Raven and Elena in kitchen talking. Kevin and Jason in Green room talking about coffee. Kevin asks Alex if she’s ready for tonight’s HOH comp. She says oh yeah she’s ready. Kevin is poking fun at Ramses who is still sort of sleeping. Kevin is telling stories about basketball players back in the 70’s and 80’s. He asked Alex if she was a Valley girl. She says no. He is wondering where the valley was. Jason says he was up early sitting waiting for BB to wake them up. They are talking about age. And if they lie about age. In the kitchen they are talking while Matt is doing dishes. Elena says she had a productive morning already and Raven says ya you’re awake. Alex is asking BB for superglue for her glasses. Jason is talking about his polo shirts he wears. Alex tells Elena to wake Ramses up by dropping a tit on him she called it tea-bagging him. Elena and Kevin are wanting to talk like father/daughter. They are talking about respect. Kevin is talking about his daughters. Kevin says he thinks the boys should be the only one who drives when they are with their girls. Elena says she always let her ex’s drive her everywhere. Kevin and Jason are singing an El Paso song. Kevin is asking for a certain song he would like them to play sometime. BB says to Kevin PLEASE DON’T HOLD YOUR MIC IN YOUR HANDS. They all laugh Elena says she gets into tons of trouble in the house all before noon.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, July 13th
10:30 AM BBT Cody and Jessica in HN room drinking coffee and talking. Elena is talking about Machena and what she’ll do. BB tells Ramses to put on his mic. Twice now. Cody is telling Jessica that everything will be just fine when he leaves. Cody has burped and Jessica says that she is tired of him burping and farting on her. They are talking in the Green room about live feeds and Elena tells Kevin that certain programs you can rewind feeds and rewatch. Elena asks Jason what his last name is they are making her guess. Elena is talking about her radio show she works on says that one of the guys she works with talking about all the states that end in “a”. Jokingly says that there was only 2. Then they go over all the states. Kevin says that he wants to give out genuine hugs. Kevin asks Ramses if he wanted a hug he says no then Kevin tells him to F off. Ramses says he has to poop and Kevin tells him that was inappropriate it was disrespectful to discuss it in front of a lady. Ramses gets up and goes into the kitchen where Raven is and is asking how she is feeling
10:45 AM BBT Raven goes into Rose room looking for clothes. In the Green room they are just having small talk as Jason likes to say coffee chat. Kevin asks Elena if they way she acts is for needing attention. And just loves getting hugs. Kevin says he wants to be a dad figure for her. Raven goes into the WR Matt and Ramses is in there washing hands, face and brushing teeth. BB tells Ramses to stop running the water because of the drought. Ramses says sorry he was not use to the LA ways. He goes back into the Green room and tells them. Elena goes into Rose room where Mark is still laying in bed. She hugs and kisses him then leaves the room to go back into the Green room where Jason and Kevin are talking about the drought and if the creeks go dry in Texas then his horses can’t drink. Raven goes back into the Rose room. Alex is picking on Jason. Jason cracks and hops over to her and hits her with the pillow. Elena is asking Jason how many animals he has. Jason says he has little over 20 acres and she asks him how many of them are gentle animals. They are talking about how Jason makes his money with his livestock. He is talking about Ole’. Raven and Matt in the WR she is putting on makeup and getting ready for tonight’s show and Matt is clipping his nails.
11:00 AM BBT Matt and Raven talking about small tasks. Elena is talking about how bulls knows where each tip of their horns are located and what is near them. She is talking about Oreo. They are talking about longhorns. Elena is talking how country she is and says she trys to hide it. But says she can let it slip sometimes. Elena says she doesn’t think she has an accent. But loves the way Kevin talks. Paul comes into the room. They are talking about Enzo and how he annoyed her. Paul asks Jason to come watch him cook breakfast. In the kitchen they are talking about needing to eat and get ready to go up to hoh room soon. Paul asks Raven how she is feeling she starts to talk about it and Paul says stop he wants to throw up he says he gets grossed out by things. He talks about draining his ears and passed out when he saw it.
11:15 AM BBT Paul is cooking eggs. Raven is watching him BB is calling for Dom to the DR. Mark and Paul are talking about chicken and eggs.Raven and Paul are talking about how Mark seems to be in a mood today. Kevin keeps asking what Paul is making and they say eggs and wonders if he put onions in it and he keeps saying damn. Elena tells Mark to please make Kevin just plain eggs nothing in them he says he’ll make them. Paul is telling Raven that walking is an important aspect of the whole BB game and tells her to rest as much as she can. Matt is poking fun of her and calling her gimpy. They are wondering when Christmas will be back. Raven says that she is on HOSPITAL time signing a lot of paperwork and says that it’ll take her a bit to be released. Kevin was singing and feeds cut out. Came back to Kevin giving Elena a big hug. Paul called Raven Harley Quinn. Kevin goes into the kitchen. Kevin asks Paul if he put anything in the eggs. He says no onions just magic ingredients. Matt is asking Kevin about basketball teams.
11:30 AM BBT Kevin goes back into the Green room eating his eggs on a coffee filter. Matt asks Dom what she wanted to do when she grew up she says a Dr. BB calls for Cody to go to the DR. Paul is telling about how Armenians have big butts, Matt asks if there are other famous Armenians, Paul talks about what he knows. Josh makes more food, while Dom, Mark, and raven listen to the conversation. Paul things Gwen Stefani is part Armenian In the Green room Elena, Jason, Kevin, and Ramses are laughing among each other. Kevin asks Josh why he didn’t smile at anyone but Elena. Kevin is talking about how he’s been disappointed with the songs they’ve been playing. They are talking about things that are backwards. And assbackwards. Kevin is saying words to a song. In the kitchen the conversation is about other languages. Alex and Jason in the SR she is telling him about following Paul’s plan. And says if Josh wins HOH says that’s fine because Josh wants people out.
11:45 AM BBT BB calls out to HG’s to report to HOH room. BB says it 3 times and Elena says BB we hear you. Matt carries Raven up the stairs. And everyone is heading upstairs. Jason in HOH room singing and jumping. Paul says that he is needing to take all his stuff back down after the lockdown. Ramses and Alex last one’s downstairs in the Kitchen Jason is grabbing the chess board to bring into the HOH room.
11:49 AM BBT –  FEEDS GOES TO DOGS PLAYING.Two small puppies are playing.
12:00 PM BBT – 1:39 PM BBT Houseguests are on lockdown in the HOH room and feeds are on puppies.
1:39 PM BBT Feeds are back up. Raven is telling production that she needs her antibiotics while she puts on her eye makeup. Kevin is shaving in the bathroom and Jess is showering. Elena is lounging in the bathroom. Dom and Paul are in HOH. Paul is taking all of his stuff downstairs and Dom is getting ready for the Live Show. Mark and Jason are playing chess. Cody, Alex, and Matt are in the kitchen making food and eating. No sign of Christmas.
1:45 PM BBT Feeds cut to puppies then back to the houseguests getting ready. Ramses and Elena cuddle in the bathroom. Elena asks who’s fucking dishes are in the sink, process of elimination. She says she is going to end up getting evicted because she is being a bitch about the kitchen. Ramses messes with Jess asking her what she is going to wear today. She says I don’t know I am think a red toad suit. Jess says she is sad that she didn’t get a unitard. JASON! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Raven asks him to get her antibiotics. Paul tells the girls that it seems that girls have so much more to do to get ready than guys. Paul massages Raven’s neck.
2:00 PM BBT Paul is massaging Raven’s neck and shoulders in the bathroom while Elena and Jess are getting ready. Dom is also getting ready in the bathroom. Jess is still in her towel and seems to be avoiding putting on her frog costume. Jason comes out of the DR and tells Raven that she has to go into the DR for her antibiotics.
2:15 PM BBT Cody and Kevin are talking in the Green BR and Jason is too. They are discussing where they live. Cody says that his appearance on BB will be a big deal in Iowa where he is from but not in Dallas where he lives now. Jason says that he can hook him up with the news channels for interviews. Cody says he is going to avoid interviews and that he does not want to do public appearances if Josh will be there. He says that they will have to choose between him and Josh and he wants that in the contract. Kevin says that it is so weird to think about leaving and then coming back 70 days later. Kevin and Cody discuss production is so young, but know everything. Kevin and Cody discuss music and Cody’s small town and how he never felt like he belonged there. Cody claims that he only has one friend in Dallas. Jason and Kevin tell Cody that he will be fine when he gets out. Cody says that he is sure that he has been painted as an asshole. Jason asks Cody if he thinks they could have rallied to save him and he says no. Kevin asks if BB will ask you where you want to fly. Cody says that he doesn’t want to make a speech and that he is done with air time. He says that he prays that everyone that wants air time gets it ten fold. Cody tells Jason that they put him and Alex on the block together because they knew he wouldn’t rally against her. Alex says that they couldn’t even play Candy Crush alone. Cody tells then wait until they hear his DRs. Cody says that if anyone asks him how he really feels about BB he is going to tell them.
2:30 PM BBT Cody leaves to go shower. Matt carries Raven into the Purple BR. She tells him that Paul said Dom is acting weird. Matt tells her that they will have to separate from her at some point. Raven says that Dom is acting standoffish. Matt says that their entire group told Dom that what she did last night was not cool. Raven says that she thinks she took it way too personal. Raven says that you can’t have an opinion in today’s world and that she is not too sure what Dom plans to do now. She doesn’t trust her and thinks Dom is playing both sides. Matt says that Ramses wants Dom gone and Raven agreed. Raven says she has her own list of who she wants to take out and then lists her own alliance members and was clearly just joking. She tells Matt that Dom told her that she wasn’t here for the money and Matt tells her that she isn’t there for the money either. They continue to discuss the interview on the Dom Show last night and how everyone was behaving. Matt says that Mark hulked out. Raven says she thinks Dom likes the drama and like to push people’s buttons. Matt says that he doesn’t agree with how people in their alliance act towards people who are not in the alliance. Matt tells Raven that he trusts her and Paul to advise on game moves. They share a kiss. Matt says that Elena plays emotionally. They stand and hug each other. Matt tells her she has a nice butt. Matt says that Dom has a big ego and that is why she is so hurt by their criticism. The other HGs are in the kitchen making Josh drink pickle juice. He puked into the trash and floor. Kevin is so grossed out that Josh puked on Ramses. Josh lost a bet and that is why he is having to drink it. Christmas suitcase is in the Purple BR. Raven says that she is going to drop a bomb on everyone in the house to make them freak out before the HOH comp.
2:45 PM BBT Matt carries Raven into the bathroom. Dom and Jess are still getting ready in the bathroom. Cody is in one side of the shower and Elena is in the other side. She says life is weird right now. The guys are still busting Josh’s balls about puking the pickle juice out of his mouth and nose. Josh is being loud and dramatic as they discuss pool. RAVEN! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM!
3:00 PM BBT Alex, Paul, Jason, Ramses, Josh, Kevin, Mark, Matt, Elena and Raven are in the Kitchen joking around and making small talk. Ramses brings clippers out of the SR and the guys are super excited. Kevin is watching Matt cut his hair. They discuss how the clippers suck and are not working very well.
3:15 PM BBT Kevin keeps asking if the clippers need to charge.
3:19 PM BBT Feeds Down and we have puppies.

3:19 PM BBT- 7:00 PM BBT Feeds Down and we have puppies.
7:00 PM BBT Paul is saying just wait until it is 2 hours in and Jason says 2 hours! Paul says depends on who wants it and why. All houseguests are still on the wall. Kevin is asking someone if they are cold. Alex says something about a break and Paul informs there is no break. Alex says her feet already hurt. Elena asks Paul or Elena to tell a story. Kevin says he will tell a story later. Kevin tells Ramses to clean his glasses. Paul informs that it has only been about 10 minutes and to find their happy place. Someone mentioned Megan and Paul says he wonders if she will be part of the BB Comics as “The Quitter.” Mark is moving around a bit. Paul says. “Just a reminder that some of you quit your job for three months to stand on a wall.” Someone mentioned a deal and Alex says why would she make a deal. They are playing a guessing game & get blasted with water. Paul asks them how that feels, referring to getting hit with the water. Josh is first one down at (7:12 Cam 2). Josh is talking to Paul about his strategy when he came into the game. Alex asks Josh if he fell. He says yes. Someone asks Mark about his finger.
7:15 PM BBT All but Josh and Paul are still on the wall. Paul cannot compete as outgoing HOH and Josh was first one down. Raven is hanging in, Mark is moving a bit. Dom is being still. Ramses is shaking and moving his feet. Alex moves around a bit. Someone asks Paul how long this comp lasts. He tells them 3-5 hours, depends on who wants it. Someone asks for a drink. Paul tells them that no one will bring them drinks. That there are water bottles when they are off the wall. They just got hit with a stream of slime. Mark (7:20 Cam 3) drops. Mark informs Paul that Jess is not moving. Elena tells Paul that she wants to make a deal. She wants him to give her a shoulder massage when she is done. He says no. Paul, Josh, and Mark are discussing how the votes went. Paul tells them that Cody dropped names to Christmas before she left for her surgery. Who knows if that factored into her vote. Feeds down at 7:23 PM BBT for 3 minutes. Kevin asks Jess how she is doing. Paul is telling Mark they may never know how she voted, referring to Christmas. Jason and Kevin both holding on to the wall with knees bent. Kevin telling Jason how to bend his knees. Paul asks how Kevin he is doing. Matt and Raven giggling.Jess is moving very little ad Elena is moving around. They brace for water, but no water yet. Paul screams that he thinks the aliens are back & that they are even more p***ed. Paul has moved back a bit because he does not want to get hit with water or slime.
7:30 PM BBT They remaining hg’s are getting hit with a hard stream of cold water. Elena is bent all the way forward. Alex is being vocal and someone says hush. They get pelted with slime again and Paul almost gets hit with the slime. Paul asks if she is in super pain. They are getting pelted with more water. Raven( 7:38 Cam 4) jumps off. Josh goes to pick her up and carry her as she says her injured foot is numb. She is asking if she needs to unwrap her foot and change bandages as her foot is wet. Someone is telling Raven good job. Raven said she tried. Paul says 4 boys versus 4 girls. Paul tells Raven to take off her bandage to let it air dry. Paul asks for a medic for Raven’s foot as it is now bleeding. Someone says to look at Kevin that he is a statue up there.
7:45 PM BBT Paul says that Production is not written on his forehead, so he does not have answers to their questions. They get pelted with the blasts of air and water. Alex is suddkked over. Elena is bent in half. Jess is not moving. Matt is not moving. Jason is singing and someone tells him to stop singing. Elena wants to know how long they have been up there. Alex says she now regrets skipping the gym. They get pelted with a blast of green slime. Mark if Elena if it hit her in the eye. Elena says yes. Dom is fidgeting now. Jess is solid. The wall is leaned forward. Elena almost falls but recovers. Ramses falls(7:53 Cam 3). He says the slime made it hard for him. Jason is squatting down. Kevin down (7:55 Cam 2).

8:00 PM BBT They are getting sprayed with water. Jason and Elena are squatting while Alex, Dominique, Jessica, and Matthew are standing. The wall tilts back up some. Jason slips, and the camera cuts to the dogs (8:01) Jason asks if there are any snacks over there, someone tells him to get down and find out. Paul asks if anyone wants to make a deal yet. The wall begins to tilt forward again. They are sprayed with water and fog. Alex tries to squat but stands back up. Matthew falls (8:06) everyone tells him good job. It’s down to Jason, Jessica, Dominique, Elena, and Alex. The wall tilts forward more. In the stands Matthew and Paul are whispering about the votes. They want to know who the third vote for Ramses was. They are being sprayed again. Everyone is squatting.
8:15 PM BBT Jessica falls (8:18) Dominiques falls right after her. Elena, Alex, and Jason are still on the wall. Elena asks Jason if he wants to make a deal. She tells him she can stand there the rest of the night. (8:23) the feeds cut to the dogs. Jason, Alex, and Elena remain. Jason and Alex tries to make a deal with Jason and Elena. Elena tells him to jump and he’s not on the block.
8:30 PM BBT Jason drops from the wall (8:30). Elena tells Alex that she’ll jump. Alex becomes the new hoh. Everyone congratulates Alex. Now the houseguests are going in the house.
8:32 PM- BBT Feeds cuts to puppies

8:46 PM BBT the cameras cut back on. Everyone is hugging Alex. Jessica goes into the have not room. Ramses is telling Alex and Elena that he could have stayed an extra ten minutes if slime didn’t get on his hands. Ales is in the bedroom with Kevin, Ramses, ad Josh. Elena tells Paul in the kitchen that she thinks the extra vote came from Christmas. In the bedroom Kevin, Jason, Ramses, and Mark are getting dressed. Alex, Josh, Paul, Matthew, and raven are in the kitchen.
9:00 PM BBT in the apple room Alex is talking to Matthew. She ask him if he thinks the vote was Christmas. He says I don’t know. Alex says that she spoke to Jason and it wasn’t him. In the bathroom Elena is showering while talking to Matthew. Paul and Dominique are whispering on the purple couch. Paul asks Dominique if he trusts Christmas. Dominique says she must have believed what Cody told her. Paul pulls Mark and tells them that Cody told him that they were the ones who told him to put up Christmas.
9:15 PM BBT Paul tells them that he didn’t want to tell them while Cody was in the house because he didn’t want an upset Mark to confront Cody. Mark tells them that Jason and Josh came to him and told him that they need to get rid of the other guys. Alex sits down in place of Paul. Paul tells Mark that Cody told him that he, Mark, knew that Cody was going to try to put him on the block. Paul says that Josh trusts them. But he trusts Christmas too. Dominique says the fact that Ramses shows that she doesn’t trust them.
9:30 PM BBT Josh is in the shower whispering to Dominique about something. She keeps asking him why. Mark says that Cody is a coward. He said that Cody looked at him and says that he wouldn’t tell anyone his involvement. Dominique says that Christmas should have kept a leveled head. In the storage room Alex, Jason, and Ramses are talking about the vote. Ramses thinks that it’s Christmas. Jason says that it could have been Mark. Kevin tells Alex her dad is proud of her. She says that he doesn’t watch, but she’s sure her brother knows. Mark tells Elena that he’s proud of her.
9:45 PM BBT Elena is telling them that she was in pain but could have stayed up there. She said that she had to make a decision. Be in more paid or have a better grip. Ramses and Alex are in the storage room grabbing a pizza. Elena says that there was nothing easy about that comp. Raven is brushing her extensions. She said that she got slime in them. In the kitchen Paul is talking to Josh.
10:00 PM BBT. Ramses in the have not room telling Jessica that he feels just as alone as she does. He says that he will try and help her get off with veto. He says that they dislike her and he feels like it’s not fair and that he is on her side. He says that he wants to have each other’s back. They say that something has to change and she is hoping that Alex is not scared to make some game changing moves and that her only ally left the game and how is that fair. Ramses says she should talk to Alex because she is a straight shooter and they could shake up the house. Ramses says that they need to push to change things up. In the kitchen Alex is jumping around waiting for food to get ready. Kevin and Jason are in the lounge talking about Jessica and Ramses being easy targets and that they should wait till later and do something significant now. Kevin says that they need to talk to Alex about what’s happening next. Jason says that when Alex gets her key that the three of them need to go in and shut the door and talk. Jason tells the others at midnight he can get rid of the frog suit. Josh reminds him that he’s still a have not. They all fix a plate and eat something Paul has made. Dominique is in the bathroom painting her nails, Paul comes in and offers to make her a plate. Raven has just got out of the shower and Paul gives her a taste and she goes on and on about how hot it is. Raven is called out for not wearing her mic and she goes into the kitchen to see what the others are up to. Everyone says that they need to wait up for the key to see the hoh room and hear her letter.
10:15 PM BBT Jason and Alex in the bedroom talking about talking privately later. Paul asks when they all wanna get together. Alex says she wants Paul there because he wants to make sure Elena doesn’t flip. Jason tells Alex that it was Raven that hid her ears and threw out her coke to get back at her for making fun of matt. She asks how he knows he tells her it was jessica that told him. Alex says can we trust her. Alex says she wants to stick with the plan and she reminds him that she doesn’t trust Ramses and jessica. Alex says that she doesn’t trust jessica and she is a liar. Ramses walks in and says he might sleep in Alex’s bed for the week since she will be gone. Jason says that either him or Kevin will win the next HoH. Kevin says when he wins they will make a big move. Alex says that jessica is not trustworthy but Ramses says she has no choice. Jason says that we have to make a hit and Kevin says they will not retaliate that they will be afraid of her. Alex asks Ramses who he would put up he whispers stuff to her but you can’t hear him. They say that josh is so with the other side he would put up jessica and Ramses. Kevin says he wants the backyard open.
10:30 PM BBT Kevin says look she is HoH and they are still all out there against her, not talking with her. Dominique and Josh in the bathroom talking about how he feels like he might be this week’s target. She reminds him that this is a game and to play his own and don’t let people make him sway and be consistent. She says she is going to go eat and needs to take her contacts out. Ramses tells Kevin that he can’t wait to see Ravens reaction of her hoh room because she really hates Alex since day 1. Josh comes in and they make fun because he was the first one out. Matt and Raven in the bathroom, Ramses in the shower they talk about the comp and how could everyone did. Raven tells Ramses that she felt bad that he got extra votes. Back in the bedroom Jason says that Cody said we could trust her. Alex says that she is two faced and if we trust her she will probably go to the others and say we approached her. She says that remember how she wanted me out because she thought I wanted Cody. She’s not trustworthy.
10:45 PM BBT Josh says he wants a story time, he says that he has a stressful time. They all laugh and say you were only there about 15 minute. Paul, Dominique, Elena and Mark in the kitchen talking about eating birthday cake. Paul starts talking about spirits and higher powers and such. Elena is putting on makeup talking about how she thinks she will be called to the DR. In the bedroom they are still talking about the comp and how if Jason would have won he would be off slop for the week. Ramses says that he wanted to win POV last week so he could take someone else off so that he was sure that Cody went up he said that he was scared Paul would win and keep the noms the same.
11:00 PM BBT Back in the kitchen Paul still talking about other worlds and spirituality. In the bedroom Kevin says he is going to tell Josh to vote with them, they all agree except for Alex that she should not send Jessica home. They say that they are the hoh winning team because the others only have Paul. Kevin says that they are saying that the first three that fell will be have nots. They laugh and say that Josh is begging not to be because he has diarrhea. They laugh and say that they are tired of him crying. They are telling her to tell Elena that they will save her and one other person because if they save all her friends that way too much. Alex is getting ready and saying she can’t find her hair clips. She says that someone took them they push to her that you know who it was, they laugh and she says we don’t need that. She’s ready to go to the DR,Kevin says he is tired and wants to sleep so hurry up and get her HOH room.
11:15 PM BBT Paul and josh in the kitchen talking about ufo’s. Dominique and mark there just listening and laughing. Josh says that he would like to met an alien. Paul says that he hopes Josh is not the first person that they meet. They all laugh. Ramses says in the bedroom that he wanted to be HoH because he wanted to make a big move and break up the other side. Ramses says he wants one of them to win the temptation. Alex says that Raven will probably get it since she got hurt and she believes that is why Christmas got the last time.
11:30 PM BBT Paul still in the kitchen talking about religion. Kevin tells Alex not to put Jess up, and to go after Paul’s team. She says She is not doing what she is told she says that she is following a pattern. Alex says that she does not trust her and she lies so much. Kevin says that if she puts up Jessica that Ramses is next. They want her to put up Matt and Raven. Ramses wants to let her do what she wants so they can throw the veto to Jessica and she can take herself off. Ramses says that he will talk to Alex alone and maybe he can get her to listen. In the bathroom Jessica and Elena doing their nails, Kevin Walks in and Ramses walks in too. Paul walks in and asks where Kevin was he said just hanging out. Kevin tells Jessica that she can take off her suit but she says no the DR will call us in tomorrow and tell us we can take it off then.
11:45 PM BBT Ramses and Jessica are the only ones in the bathroom no one is talking about anything. Kevin and Paul walk in and Ramses ask Dominique and Jessica if they had farted? They say no. Raven comes in and several complain about being sore. Back in the kitchen Josh, Paul, Raven, Elena and Jason talking about comps and that the noms are tomorrow and Saturday is the veto comp. They talk about Cody leaving the house with class and not being rude. They talk about crying and who has and haven’t done it. Elena says that she is emotionally immature and doesn’t process her feelings correctly. In the WR, Ramses, Dom, Kevin, and Jessica discuss the comp and how/when they slipped when the green goo came at them. Feeds go to the Kitchen area where Jess has moves to the lily pad with Jason. Raven shares a bite with Paul and they all laugh about something Mark did. Jess moves on to the HN room to get her toad head. Most of the HG are in the Kitchen sitting at the table discussing the comp and the slime and water.


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