Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, August 10th

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, August 10th

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12:00 AM BBT Alex back watching chess, no talking except for Alex critiquing Josh’s game. Mark goes into the HOH and talks to Matt about his conversation with Mark. He says that Mark sounded like a moron and that he can’t deal with him. Josh says that he thinks Mark is trying to clone himself into him amad he just don’t get it. Josh leaves the room and Matt sitting there thinking about what Josh just said. You can hear Christmas brushing her teeth in the HoH bathroom. Christmas in the bathroom talking about how she would so wanna get HoH and she would be the one to send him home. They talk about how it’s Cody and Jessica’s fault that they are not going to jury together. Christmas says she would love for Raven to get a letter from her mama, Matt says that she will win this time and she says she will cry because she has two hearts. Matt asks Raven and Christmas if he is head to head with one of them do they want him to throw it to them and they tell him “no”. Christmas says that as long as the top three get out they don’t care who wins. Christmas says that Cody will put Raven vs Matt against each other but he’s the only one that would do that.
12:15 AM BBT In the bedroom everyone except for Raven and Matt talking about skin care and eyebrows. Jason and Josh tackling each other and Christmas scoots away. She hollers and says that he jumped on Jason while she was sitting between his legs. Alex wants to do Jason and Josh eyebrows. They both say no. They talk about what they are gonna wear tomorrow and Mark says he wants to wear the whistle nut shirt. A lot of horsing around with josh, Alex and Jason they were taking Jason clothes and throwing them into the living room. They get called out and Josh whining he can’t see out if his eye. Still Alex and Jason wrestling and slapping. Cody and Jessica walk out of the bedroom, they all stop talking and Christmas says oooh oooh oooh. As they walk by someone says it was awkward. Mark says he’s going to be bed and says goodnight to all. Everyone tells Jason that his feet look like a fungus. Jason tells a story about a horse. In the HOH bathroom Matt is cleaning up the wet towels and stuff, Raven shows up with tweezers to get a few random hairs off his back. She says that Cody and Jessica were in the bathroom and Elena asks if he wants his hairs plucked. Raven and Matt says that she does it herself and that they can’t help her. Elena, Raven and Matt all in the downstairs bathroom no game talk just brushing teeth and hanging out.
12:30 AM BBT In the bedroom they talk about Alex cat ears and what they think Jessica will wear tomorrow. They say that they don’t care, Alex says when she gets out she will be looking for a new boyfriend. Raven and Matt comes in with a bra and shorts and everyone comments on her bra. They give kisses and hugs and say goodnight. Paul says that josh needs to stop trying to get words to stay because it doesn’t work. He says that meatball is a word and even Julie said it. Paul says because it’s all you say. They all talk about they forget things from home and wonder why. Paul says that they are gassing them at night.
12:45 AM BBT Paul asks where is his hot cocoa, they say that he misses it while he was in the spa. In the rose room Cody and Jessica are awake and fixing their pillows. You can see Matt and Raven are completely covered and trying to get comfy , no talking. Elena lays down on Christmas and says she wants to feel love. Josh says he is willing to cuddle she says yes that’s nice but doesn’t move. They laugh about Josh and Mark hooking up and that if Elena wants to reciprocate Josh feelings she needs to start. Jason starts messing with him and josh says to stop.
1:00 AM BBT In the rose room, Raven and Matt must be having a hard time since there is lots of movement and adjusting happening. Back In the bedroom Josh says that he loves the people in the house and that had so much fun today. Josh says that Kevin had went into the DR and they ended up with pizza, pasta and music and that it was fun. Kevin laughs and says it is because he’s such a cool day. Kevin asks what is happening tomorrow and Alex says it’s the same every week and she says we have live show. Jason And Paul are talking smack to Josh and making fun of him. Mark comes out and asks about pizza and they think that Matt and Raven threw the last of the pizza in the trash. Paul goes to look for it and says he will give them the benefit of the doubt. Matt comes out of the rose room and walks thru. Paul says he found it in the trash and that it was so good and they can’t believe that they would throw it away. Josh asks if Paul will carry him upstairs. Josh and Paul say goodnight and that they are going to bed. In the kitchen Mark and Alex are eating cake, he asks if she wants some milk. Matt gets a fork and eats a couple of bites himself. Alex and Mark go to the restroom, and she asks him if he wants to lunge back to the room. He says he has no shoes on so maybe just speed walk.
1:15 AM BBT Matt is eating and says that he doesn’t even really like it but has a urge to eat it anyway. They laugh and say that everyone keeps eating josh to mess with him, he walks in and says that they are wrong and messes up Paul’s face( on the cake ). In the bedroom Kevin, Jason and Alex lay down for the night. Kevin says he told the girls that Jason is his sweetheart and they all said “excuse me”? Jason and Kevin go to the restroom before calling it quits. Josh in the HoH complaining about Raven and Matt and all his stuff. Paul is hollering at him to turn the lights out and he says he has to find his drink because he will wake up and can’t breath. Josh runs downstairs and messes with the boys and gets called out. He says he is looking for his gallon of water and Alex says it’s in the freezer.
1:30 AM BBT Elena and Alex are in the storage room, Alex is climbing into the garbage can to hid. Elena enters the HN Room where she asks Mark to help her get her suitcase. Mark enters the storage room Alex jumps out of the garbage can and scares Mark. Mark goes in and says to Jason do something to her will ya, Jason tells him I’m trying to think of something to do. In the HN Room Elena gets a hug from Mark and asks him what is on his mind, he tells her he is stressed about the comp today. He tells her that he was expecting a different response from her earlier today than what she gave him. Apparently she blew off a kiss and hug he tried to give her in the washroom, she gives him some kisses now and asks if he feels better, he tells her yeah. In the Green Room Jason Kevin and lex are talking about Josh and his big head. They are talking about the sounds that Big Brother has been playing the last 2 days. Josh has entered the room, they tell him he is going to get a beating tomorrow. Alex says we had 1 noise on Monday, Jason and Kevin say no it started on Tuesday. Kevin says 5 Monday 1 yesterday. Alex says you guys are mixing me up. Jason says he doesn’t care he is going to sleep. Alex has left the room but comes back says I know the sounds but think it is too easy. Kevin says maybe they will give us 9 tomorrow and make it an even 20.
1:45 AM BBT They are still talking about the upcoming comp, Alex says she isn’t sure what type of comp this is, as she doesn’t remember any like this. They tell her to sleep on it and say goodnight. In the HN Room Elena and Mark are getting into some late night cuddling. Kevin asks Alex if she is saying her prayers, she tells him no she is counting her days. Mark and Elena are going at it pretty heavy in the HN Room.
2:00 AM BBT All HGS are in bed sleeping except Jason and Alex who are saying they are itching. Alex thinks something is biting them Jason says no nothing is biting them, it is in Alex’s head. He says someone took his pillow so he can’t get comfy. They try to go to sleep. Mark is up Elena asks he what he is doing, he says I’m going to the washroom, she says for what he tells her he doesn’t know. He goes over to her bed and they get into some more heavy kissing and cuddling. As things in the HN Room heat up all cameras go to the Green Room. The camera goes back to the HN Room with Mark getting on top of Elena in her bed with Elena asking him “ What are you doing? “. As we leave them things are getting pretty hot and heavy in the room.
2:15 AM BBT All other HGS but Elena and Mark are sleeping. All cameras are no on the Green Room where Kevin Jason and Alex are.
2:30 AM BBT Mark is up and heading into the washroom all other HGS are asleep. After 5 minutes in the washroom Mark heads back to bed. Kevin passes him in the hallway asking what time is it, goes into the kitchen looks at the time, heads to washroom. Kevin heads back to bed. All HGS are in bed once again.
2:45 AM BBT Alex has made a washroom , on her way back she stands in the kitchen and talks into the camera thanking people, she then heads back into bed where all other HGS are asleep.
3:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep Mark and Elena have waken up and turned on the lights in the HN Room. Elena looks at the camera and says “ Leave me alone. “ They both head to the washroom. Mark sits and waits for Elena to come out. She brings Mark’s towel out of the toilet area and says You are not leaving it there. They head back to the HN Room where Elena examines a pair of her underwear saying they are all wet, Mark tells her it grosses him out. Cameras cut to sleeping HGS. Back to the HN Room Mark and Elena are still up.
3:15 AM BBT Mark is turning the light back off. Elena says we should have done that in your bed so the wet spot is in your bed. Mark says I offered. Mark gives her some more kisses. Mark says that was so much fun. Elena “ Glad you enjoyed it. “ Mark : Did you” Elena Yes”

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, August 10th

3:30 AM BBT All HGS have finally gone to sleep.
3:45 AM BBT – 4:45 Am BBT All HGS are asleep:
5:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping. Matt up to the WR. He inspects his face, pops a pimple and heads to the kitchen. He has a bite to eat and a glass of milk, rinses his glass and heads back to bed.
5:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
5:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping Raven up to the WR. She licks some toothpaste, washes her face and heads back to bed.
5:45 AM BBT – 7:45 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
7:47 AM BBT Matt wakes up, puts his shirt on and goes to the WR. He splashes water on his face and looks at himself in the mirror. He brushes his teeth. He goes to the SR to change his batteries. He heads back to bed. Alex gets up to use WR. She returns to bed.
8:00 AM BBT -8:30 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping.
8:34 AM BBT Cody is up, changes his battery in SR, and goes to the WR. He makes a pot of coffee and mixing/cooking a patch of slop in the kitchen.
8:45 AM BBT All HGs except for Cody are sleeping. Cody is mixing up maybe oats and boils it on the stove. Cody pours himself a cup of coffee.
9:00 AM BBT Cody drains off the boiling water and dishes it inside a plastic bag and places it in the refrigerator. He washes the dishes.
9:15 AM BBT Cody walks over to the dining table and looks at the leftover cake from last evening and returns to the refrigerator to fix him something to eat (from another plastic bag, oats?)…cleaning the counter before he continues. He sits quietly at the counter by himself eating, then washes up those dishes as well. All other HGs are still asleep.
9:30 AM BBT Cody sipping coffee and appears looking at the Memory Wall when feeds go to Fish. A little early Wake-Up Call?
9:45 AM BBT Feeds resume at 9:47 AM. Kevin, Raven, Matt and Christmas are up in the kitchen. BB Reminds them it’s time to get up for the day and fresh batteries are in the SR. They talk on when they went to sleep. Kevin chuckles about Jason and Josh; he’s surprised Matt and Raven didn’t hear them but didn’t continue saying what they did. Christmas called into DR. Cody waking up Jessica with kisses. Little talk that can not be understood from Cody’s mic. Christmas called into DR again. Elena and Jason also up. Jason’s foot is still hurting him since last night. Kevin eating a yogurt cup. Jason says dreams were flowing last night! Christmas asks if she said hi? Jason says a part of Christmas was a PART of the dream!
10:00 AM BBT Kevin is looking at the Memory Wall studying people’s eyes (in preparation of a photo matchup comp?). Jason talks about his tiny town and businesses (e.g., Starbucks) they do not have. Christmas is pan-heating a turkey dog to eat with peanut butter. Kevin requests a morning song for BB to play. Kevin compliments Christmas on how nice she looks. She is cold so he goes to get her his gray sweater to wear. Cody and Jess walking out of the Rose BR. Paul from outside the HOH Rm recalls their wake-up songs. Kevin starts singing them and feeds go to Fish. Kevin loved the music this morning. Kevin put on another gray sweater of his anticipating being sequestered inside HOH Rm listening to music and chillin’. Fish this time for several minutes.
10:15 AM BBT Several are milling about the house. Christmas, Jason, and Kevin sitting at the kitchen counter. Paul making another pot of coffee. Josh and Alex comes into the kitchen. Appears as if Alex has maybe bug bites and even though she just washed the sheets, maybe there is left over food in the area. Kevin, again, states he loved BB’s choice of music this morning. Kevin wants to go now to vacuum the bedroom to rid it of possible food crumbs. Kevin wants Jason to clean out the roller brushes so maybe the vacuum cleaner will again work. Elena goes back into the HN Rm. Kevin mentions the vacuum cleaner has probably not been cleaned since BB12! (I have the exact Dyson…it’s common for hair to build up on rollers and eventually clogging the intake.) Cody and Jess are in the WR. No talk between them; Cody is shaving, then showering and Jess eating a bowl of cereal watching. I believe everyone has been up except for Mark; Elena was up walking around, but now possibly back in bed in the HN Rm.
10:30 AM BBT Paul, Kevin, and Jason talking again mention about the dolphin in the jacuzzi. Kevin goes into Rose Rm to select his clothes to wear. After cleaning the rollers, the vacuum cleaner once again has suction! Jason vacuums the Green BR. Alex, Christmas, and Paul talk very quietly and says she is so weird. I’m not sure who they are talking about….Jessica or Elena? They recall some of the random things “she” has said. Cody and Jess is back in the Rose BR. Christmas says “Well, if you love someone, what is a couple weeks?”[….from that I assume they’re talking about Jess]. Josh says he is surprised he’s still here. Paul was also surprised once he saw he was the only returning vet. They talk how Cody has such a big ego.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, August 10th
10:45 AM BBT Meanwhile in the Rose Rm sits Jess and Cody. She likes Cody clean shaven. Jess says the next 7 hours will be the most painful since she wants to enjoy the time…she doesn’t want to hear them talk. Cody says it’s being a coward to attack from only from a position of strength. He will remain silent if anyone ask him about any of the chicks, but will tear down any of the guys. He has nothing to gain to bash any of the girls. After Jess is gone, he says he has nothing to lose in this game. It’s all downhill, or easy, for him. Christmas, Paul, Josh, and Alex are still talking in the kitchen. They talk how whatever happens in the house, is easily forgotten and doesn’t matter three days later. Kevin and Jason continue vacuuming. Josh can not remember who but tells Paul that someone said “we got to get him out”, and now laugh that Kevin did not know who Paul was. They agree that his peeps would not be so chill, calm, and organized if Paul was not currently in the house. Paul immediately knew Cody did not like him when he arrived in the house. They agreed this year’s case have strong personalities and were fun. Paul says last year’s cast was not fun people.
11:00 AM BBT Paul asks around if he should continue to grow out his hair. Matt has joined them in the kitchen. Jason and Kevin are also done vacuuming and in the kitchen. Raven at times passes by. Jess and Cody sit primarily quietly in the Rose Rm. He is trying to keep her positive. He wants her to know that BB is only a very small portion of their lives. Very little talking. Cody knows he will always be the weaker target, but he will not give up. It’s hard for Jess to realize she will be gone away from Cody in several hours. Jess says she has not seen Raven doing any packing. Mark and Elena is still in the HN Rm (probably sleeping).
11:16 AM BBT – 1:34 PM BBT Feeds go to fish then to playful kittens from the Humane Society. HOH Lockdown.
1:34 PM BBT Back now to live feeds, Kevin doing the vacuuming for tonight’s show, Bathroom Christmas doing her hair Mark cleaning up. Kitchen JODY eating. Oh dang my shoes are gone Elena says. Josh dancing and whistling in kitchen. Anyone knows where my stuff went from in front of the bathroom sink Elena asks and Paul joking says he took them then says no he didn’t. Paul asks who is microwaving what? Raven says we are good in the hood about eating chicken nuggets. Bathroom Paul and Christmas talking about I am making a point and draw the line here with who is the stronger duo then it will be easy peazy. SR Mark and Elena Elena getting medicine and ask Josh about what he takes and Mark tells him he needs to take Claritin everyday even when you are not having problems. Elena says something is weird and Mark starts to say something then Raven walks in and Raven says to stop being paranoid we know who is going out. Mark says he was in SR last night when Alex came in and grabbed a suitcase and laughed. Mark asks Elena if she is getting her suitcase too and they walk out of SR. HN rm mark and Elena continue talking about about who is the target after HOH and Kevin say You to Mark.
1:45 PM BBT Mark says he does not trust Paul at all Jess told Elena that someone from the other side of the house was talking to her and keeping her informed and that paul made an agreement with that side of the house to keep him safe. Mark said what did Paul say. Christmas was telling Elena last night that person X was telling her that they would not tell her who it was but that during ht at big fight she could have said something but didn’t. Where was Kevin and I was somewhere different and went around the corner and you was in here and Kevin walked into the Rose Rm to talk to JODY and then she confronted him about what he did and he just walked around her. Paul asked Kevin where is was an Kevin said he was just out there and Elena said no you was in the ROse RM. What was you saying about the vote to Jason about why are we spreading the votes? Mark says Why would we be spreading the votes Jason says we are not spreading the votes. We are good right? Paul walks in and asks if Jason is ironing and asks him to do his shirt. Elena asks are we spreading the votes do I need to pack my stuff and Jason says that we are not spreading the votes. Do I have to pack my shit and Jason says no. What I Idea did I say about spreading the votes. Are we voting out Jessica to Paul and Paul says NO. Paul says home girl is going out today to Elena to convince her it just a way to keep Jessica going. Paul holds up his shirt and says it is a thin shirt and does not know if it needs ironing or just steamed. Elena says she is just trying to be transparent and find out what is going on and not be confusing and Jason says yes you are being confusing now. It is that simple. Then they hear a weird voices from the wall and freak out like OK DEVIL what was that an say it was the wall talking to them. Josh comes in and says he is wearing jeans. Elena is still freaking out about her going home . Mark tells her, Elena says she is making sure that she is priority one with him that is why I called Kevin out last night. Who do I need to say goodbye too? Apple RM Josh And Jason talking about who is going to vote out about how shady they are being. They are shady as f Josh says. His actions speak for themselves Paul says to Josh last night. Do you know what Elena and Cody are doing they are trying to make it look like the are separated to keep the spotlight off themselves. Jason says he heard it is going to be 6 to 2 vote to Elena. HN Rm Paul and Jason and Mark and Elena talking and Elena said she heard them say about how she is going home and paul tells her that there is no way in the universe you are going home tonight she just wants to make sure of that and that we did not fuck up about spreading the votes. This all happened today Paul asks? She says yes it was Jason that said that. BB Jason please exchange your mic. Paul talking and Josh walks in and Paul ask him to let him finish his talk and close the door please.
2:00 PM BBT You guys are are the block so it is normal just understand it is ok don’t even ask it is you can’t at that point don’t underestimate it. Elena is going to pop a cork if she does not stop worrying about it. Paul is trying to convince her that there is no way of her not getting that stamp out. 7 – 1 – 0 votes Paul tells her. Help her pack tonight. Josh hugs Elena and tells her to not worry and they Elena and Mark thank him for saying that. Jason and Josh talking about how Elena is freaking out. Josh says he does not think they know what is going on we ain’t pulling you out. Josh says to Jason that he loves it when Jason says that he is pushing lies about game. Josh says we have got this game. BB tells Jason to change his microphone in the SR – he goes in and Alex jumps out and scares him. He tells her that she could have killed him. Jason tells Alex about the vote telling Elena they are spreading votes out. He says he got caught like a deer in the headlights. They come out of the SR and Jason asks who knew she was planning on scaring him? Feeds go to the WR where Jessica and Cody are getting ready. Elena helps Jessica with her extensions.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, August 10th

2:15 PM BBT BB tells Jessica to please put on her microphone. All HGs are still getting ready for the live show. Elena says she needs to cut her hair. Mark, Matt, Alex, Kevin, and Paul are all in the kitchen eating while the other girls are in the WR doing their hair. Cody is in the shower. Raven and Jess are both putting in their extensions. Jason is ironing in the Green Bedroom and Alex walks by and punches him. He says she is an asshole for always scaring him. Kevin is talking basketball about the Celtics. Josh joins Jason in the bedroom and they are talking about how they don’t think Kevin has ever washed his clothes. They are talking about what they will wear tonight. Josh says that he hasn’t seen Jason wear that green shirt. Josh tells him to wear a long sleeve shirt with his hat and boots. Jason says he needs starch while he is ironing. Elena is cutting her hair.
2:30 PM BBT Christmas is putting on the eyelashes and her makeup while sitting on the WR floor. Raven says she will help her if she needs help. Jess and Cody are in the Rose BR. Mark comes in to tell Jess that he loves her and that he can’t wait to see her after the show. They hug. BB tells Josh to put on his microphone. Mark says that he thinks that is pathetic how everyone takes direction from Paul. Jess and Mark hug again. Mark tells Jess that he needs to vote with the house so that he will probably vote to evict her. Jess says that he should do what he needs to do. Jess calls Kevin into the Rose BR and hugs him and says good-bye. She said she doesn’t want to do her good-byes at the door. Jess then calls Jason into the room. She said she wants to say good-bye, and they hug. She says she hopes he does well in the show. Paul enters the room but Jess doesn’t say good-bye to him. BB tells Josh two more times to put on his microphone. Paul leaves the room without speaking to Cody or Jess. Jess is packing to leave. Kevin says he is going to shower and asks Josh if he is still going to press his pants. Josh is whispering to Jason and he said that he never had a problem with Jess until she started disrespecting him and playing Cody’s game. Alex comes into the bedroom and they are singing. Josh is ironing his bandanna. They are talking in the Green BR about the votes and guaranteeing that they are voting Jess out.
2:45 PM BBT Paul, Mark, and Elena are in the kitchen. Paul is saying that he hasn’t done alot of shout outs in his votes. He did wish his mom a happy birthday. Alex gives her shirt to Jason to iron. He said what the f*** is this little thing. She told him to shut up and straighten in. Paul said that when Mark and Elena come to his house, his mom will show them all the pictures of him when he was younger. He was wearing tutus and his hair up in buns. Jason is ironing Alex’s shirt. Paul says he is cultivating mass and it is time to harvest. Jason eats something spicy and then has to drink milk to cool his mouth off. Jess and Raven still working on their hair and extensions in the WR. Jason goes to bathroom and opened the door on Cody. Elena helps Jess straighten the hair. Paul and Mark are talking about how long this season is going to go. Christmas said they had to add an episode. Matt said it is going to be 100 day season. Paul said it will end on the 20th or 21st. Paul says Mark is probably one of the most sarcastic people he has ever met. Elena says it is going to be a 90 day season and Jess said maybe 89. Paul said there may still be a jury buy back. Jess is sitting on Cody’s lap, and they are kissing and hugging.
3:00 PM BBT Paul said he is going to change clothes because he wants to wish his parents a happy 30th. Kevin goes into Green BR and tells Alex that Matt said that they should shave her neck next. Alex said that she heard it for the BR and that it was Jess who said it. She said that bitch. Jess and Cody go to DR table and share a burrito. Paul says that he is ready to cut Mark’s hair now. They head to the WR and look for the clippers. Jess is pointing her finger at the memory wall at some pictures. She says she really can’t eat and pushes the food away. She begins to talk game to Cody. She tells him not to even trust Mark and Elena. She says they have been too trusting in this game. Paul and Kevin is whispering in the Green BR, and Paul is questioning why he shook hands with Josh. Paul tells Kevin not to mess up the votes. HGs all continue to get ready for the live show except Jess and Cody who are in the Rose BR talking on the bed. Jess says she can’t believe that this is it. This has been her reality for 60 days and that it has been a whole new chapter in her life. She said she just wants to be happy after this cause this has been hard. Cody just stares at her. He said no matter what happens, you got me. He says he is the consolation prize. Cody says do you think we have said it all yet. Jess asks if there is a word bigger than love.
3:15 PM BBT Cody says that he will be the next target. Jess says then Alex because people are saying that she is a big target. Jason is showering. Paul is cutting Mark’s hair. Kevin says that in the joint, if you are the barber, no one bothers you. They will do your laundry and leave you alone. In the Green BR, Christmas, Josh, and Alex are whispering about who the votes will be. Josh said he is gonna pray for positive vibes. Christmas says the meds make her feel sick but she is trying to push through. Kevin and Christmas talk about  the Hot chocolate from last night. Jess n Cody all snuggly their last few hours together in the house.
3:19 PM BBT –   Feeds down for Live Eviction Show. GRLOL Live Feed Updates will return after the show

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, August 10th3:19 PM BBT –   Feeds down for Live Eviction Show.
7:00 PM BBT Feeds come back up and Cody is in the Have Not room. He goes into the Rose Room and grabs his stuff and goes back into the Have Not room. Josh says that he is not happy that Cody is still in the house. Raven says the guy who was supposed to be supporting her the most voted against her fuck you! The HGs are chanting Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Raven tells everyone that Cody is moving into the Have Not room. Josh says that Cody is the biggest meatball in America. Josh says that calling people idiots is horrible. Kevin and Paul in the Green Room whispering. Paul tells him come on! You can’t believe that shit. Paul leaves Kevin in the Green Room. Josh says that Jessica is now America’s Sweetheart HA! My ass. Kevin looking in the mirror with his classic duck face. Paul says Jessica was right 50 days is way too long. Raven says Bye! BYE! Cody comes out of the Have Not room. He passes Alex in the hallway and says we need to talk. She goes into the green room and says that was awkward to herself and then starts dancing. Everyone in the kitchen is talking shit about Cody while he is standing right there. He doesn’t acknowledge that they are even talking. They stop talking about him. Alex, Jason, Matt, and Raven talking about the competition. Jason says dammit Alex you are outstanding what a stud! Cody left the kitchen and Paul starts talking shit about Jessica with Josh. Kevin pulls Jason into the Green Room just them and says let’s talk. Elena and Matt pass through. Elena goes into the Have Not room. Kevin tells Jason that no one is talking to Cody. He seems to feel bad for Cody. Josh comes in and starts chumming it up with Jason. Josh says that he is going to pesture Cody with the circus song. Jason says that he should provoke him to punch him so they don’t have to be in jury with him. Josh says I can’t do that. Kevin says that fucking Alex huh? They start talking about the question about if the ladies hair changed colors. Josh leaves and Kevin tells Jason to stick around. Cody walks back through the hallway. Paul comes in and starts talking about Jess. KEVIN! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE!
7:15 PM BBT Cody is in the kitchen chugging water from the faucet. Raven and Elena are making small talk in the bathroom. They are making fun of the guys for not noticing the hair color change. Alex, Paul, Kevin, and Jason are in the green room. Paul says that it is super crucial that there will not be a jury buy back and he says that they need to figure out who is going to throw the Temptation comp so that Cody can’t automatically lose to be able to play the veto for sure. Sounds like Paul has the plan going to backdoor Cody. Cody walks back into the Have Not room. Christmas asks Raven to let Kevin know that his hotdog is ready, so she walks to the Green Room. She says “Kevi your hotdog is ready.” Alex tells Paul and Jason that she wants to make sure she doesn’t miss laundry this time. She tells them that she missed HOH laundry last time. Josh in the Kitchen telling everyone how good it feels that Jess went home on his HOH. Alex tells Paul what her goodbye message said to Jess and she laughs. Christmas rolls into the Green Room and says that she ain’t going yet. Paul, Jason, Kevin, and Josh say they are going to all sleep in the Green Room. Paul is trying to convince Josh to be a Have Not with Cody. Cody and Elena are in the Have Not room. Elena is unpacking. Cody leaves and walks through the kitchen passed Raven and Matt. Jason and Josh dance around in a circle together in the SR. Paul tells Alex, Elena, Kevin, and Mark that is Jess would have just listened to him she would still be in the house. Kevin asks if everyone is competing in the Temptation Comp tomorrow and Paul says yes. Kevin says cool.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin says what if Cody throws the Temptation Comp tomorrow and Paul says so what someone has to do worse. Paul asks Elena if she is done with Have Nots tonight and Elena says no she doesn’t think so. Cody walks back into the Have Not room. MARK! PLEASE MOVE YOUR MICROPHONE HIGHER! Paul says that Jess didn’t say bye to him and Alex says she didn’t say bye to her either. Paul acting like this is his HOH and that he will get to decide who is a Have Not this week. Mark says that he really doesn’t want to do it. Paul says that he would but he wants to hang out with his boys and that he will think about Josh. Christmas, Raven, Josh, and Matt still talking about Jess. Raven says that Jess used her Hex at the wrong time. Raven says that she was so happy that Cody lost the comp before her. Paul tells them that he thinks there will be one double eviction. Alex says that it is awesome that they made it to jury. Paul says thanks everyone for keeping me around. Christmas, Raven, and Josh are still in the kitchen talking about Jess’s speech and how she called Josh an idiot and Forrest Gump. Cody walks through the kitchen to the bathroom to take a shower. No one is talking to him. Josh says that Karma is so sweet that the girl who was gunning for me went home only twelve minutes to your crib girl. Christmas passes Matt in the hallway to go the bathroom. Jason is talking about some rodeo partner he used to work with while Alex, Paul, Jason, Mark, and Elena listen on. Josh singing “Shake it Off” to Raven and dancing in the kitchen while Matt watches. He gives her a hug and says good vibes. Josh keeps singing everything he says. Christmas rolls into the green room to join in on story time brought to us by Jason. Josh walks back to the bathroom where Cody is showering. He turns on the sink water and is brushing his teeth with the water running. He continues humming. Raven walks in and goes into the toilet to change clothes. Cody is just enjoying his hot shower. Josh leaves and goes back into the kitchen. Raven comes out of the toilet and stops to check herself out in the mirror.
7:45 PM BBT Josh comes into the green room and jumps on Jason. Matt is in the kitchen making sweet tea. Matt is making tea. All of the other HGs are in the Green Room having story time. Feeds cut to fish and come back to Jessica in a live interview for the live feeders. She says that she misses Cody already, wants to punch Alex in the face for her goodbye message, and that she is scared to go back out in the real world. She hopes that she was well received by America while she was in the house. She says that she was not surprised by the vote tonight at all. She says that the reason she lost is from the beginning when Cody put people on the block that he didn’t have the support to evict. She says that Josh saying that his target was Elena just doesn’t make sense to her. She says that she threw the Scary Temptation Comp on purpose that at first she was just going to get the answer wrong but that she was too scared. She says that she was happy to be the Temptation Nom because it took some power away from Josh’s HOH. She says that the OTEV competition was super fun and awesome. She says she tried her hardest to win that Veto. She says that if Mark would have stayed on the block with her that she may have had a chance of not being evicted. She says that her and Cody are not a showmance because they didn’t have a showmance for the cameras like Matt and Raven. She says that she is really serious about Cody and can’t wait to continue their relationship after the game. She says that prays that Cody will not be isolated from the house and that she hopes he doesn’t trust anyone. She says that 100% she will be continuing their relationship as soon as he is out of the house. She said that Paul rallying people to isolate certain people each week is terrible since that is where they have to live. She says that she thinks Paul is great and loved him on his season. She says that he is running the house and that she has no idea how the HGs will get him out. She says that Paul is playing the best game, but Elena had a great social game. She says that she thinks that if her and Cody would have aligned right away that they would have done better, but they tried to play separate games at first. She says that to her fans that she is open to positivity and would love to get some positive messages. Feeds go back to the house. Raven and Matt are talking in the kitchen and Raven says she is so pissed she didn’t win. Matt says what is meant to be will be.
8:00 PM BBT Matt and Raven start whispering about Elena separating from Mark. Matt tries to bring up them separating some in the game. Matt is laughing at Raven about hiding the eggs. Raven said she was scared when she heard her name. Paul comes into the Green BR and makes a motion to cut it out. He says to nip it. Alex says their season is epic. Josh says he isn’t even allowed to say Cody. Drums play over the speaker and Matt and Raven talk about it. The jackhammer plays too. Raven says she is upset because she does not know who Alex is gonna put up but is laughing about it. Raven said she did not want Alex to win and get another HOH under her belt. Matt says Will Kirby won zero HOHs. Matt says there will be 2 doubles, Raven thinks it will be one. They start counting the memory wall. Raven says she thinks double will be next week.
8:15 PM BBT Whistlenut walks into kitchen. They ask Jason about it and he does not know. Elena talking about being a have not and sleeping on the beds. Feeds go black for unknown reason. Paul encouraging them to torture Cody and Josh says they could have a dance party in have not room. Matt says Alex has to be one of the best female competitors in BB. Cody is sitting in have not room alone. Raven has cut her finger and is cleaning it up in the kitchen with Matt. Cody is up and walks into kitchen. He eats while Matt washes dishes.
8:30 PM BBT Josh gets called to DR in the middle of someone’s story and he groans. He gets up and goes. Cody quietly eating chips and hummus. Green BR talking vulgar about sex and accessories. Cody in kitchen drinking multiple cups of water. Kevin gets up and does not want to hear their conversation. Cody goes into the bathroom. Cody goes into storage to get some mouthwash. Cody goes back to have not room and is reading the bible. Jason talking about orgasms.
8:45 PM BBT Alex says please call her to the DR. Cody gets called to the DR. Josh in kitchen running water. He starts dancing and staring at self in mirror. Jason continues talking about sex and Green BR starts chanting “USA”. All cameras on Green BR sex talk. Elena and Alex very active in the conversation. They suggest he patent his toy. Whistlenut says he tried to sell the sex toy he created years ago. Cam shows Cody coming out of the DR and he goes into the bathroom from there.

9:00 PM BBT Cody heads to the WR, Alex asks for them to please hurry and call her to her HOH. Josh tells Whistlenut to stick with his look but don’t try to do the “pocketbook” Conversation continues to be about Vibrators and sex, In the Kitchen Cody and Kevin chat. Cody says there is still the safety comp and if not he will have to hope to play and win POV. Kevin asks what he thinks the plan for Jessica is. He says he thinks that she will have interviews and full access and freedom of the game. Kevin asks how they will live after the game, Cody says a week back n forth till they decide what’s going to happen. They discuss who they want to go after if they got HOH, he says he would go after the corners. Cody says he is really rooting for Alex, they discuss a DE but no Jury buy back. Alex comes thru to the WR to change her pants, Kevin goes for a 2nd bowl of Fruit loops. Matt enters the kitchen. Cody asks if you got HOH who would send you the letter, he says Wife and Kids. Kevin says he misses his kids more than anything. Matt leaves and they discuss more people who could leave. Kevin tells him that they plan to put Josh in HN with Cody. He says he knew what he was doing getting into Josh’s face as it gave peace to jess for a couple days. Matt is back in kitchen and Raven joins them. Jason and Christmas come in as well, Kevin asks how after 50 day Jason hadn’t told kevin the homemade Vibrator story. Cody asks before you came out here did you eat Cereal? He says no he didn’t eat any of this, but you have to adapt.
9:15 PM BBT In the GB Josh talks about how he gets warning after warning but Jess didn’t get one for coming at him with a spoon and cup. Mark is lying on Kevin’s bed, ALex on hers, Elena and josh on Jason’s bed and Jason on Josh’s. They talk about who josh likes and dislikes. Back in the kitchen a few Hg are eating others are co existing (Cody) silently. Christmas talks about how many possible DE’s there will be. Paul joins the kitchen crew, Christmas says she wants to go to bed early. Paul realizes Matt hid his bowl up high and Kevin gets it down for them. Most of the HG are in the kitchen now getting food and munchies. Raven tells Matt that she heard others were trying to get people to vote out Raven. The group discusses possible pawns, ELena heads to the WR, RAVEN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. “What the hell it’s on my tit” Mark follows Elena to the WR, and they talk about food. Paul heads into the Apple room to talk to Kevin and says Raven told him “ Jason told her that Cody tried to ask Kevin and Jason to vote against her.” Paul says it doesn’t matter he didn’t do it and they just talked for 5 min alone. He tells Paul what the conversation is. The kitchen clears out and Christmas and Josh are left alone in the Kitchen. They whisper about Raven and Elena, and how they really need to study. Josh tells Christmas they all did really well in the Comp. he heads ot Apple room where he is asked to leave for a moment. Raven back in the Kitchen, and Josh to the WR. and then the apple room.
9:30 PM BBT Kevin tells Josh what Cody said about being an a-hole to him. ALL feeds on Kitchen with Raven and Christmas. They begin to study the random sounds they been hearing. Christmas says he is going to gun for safety he won’t throw it. Marlena and Matt are in the Rose room talking clothes.She is going to try and fit her body in an outfit for finale night. Matt asks what an item is ( Christmas’s lung capacitor) They discuss how Elena hoards things after they get restocked. Matt leaves and Marlena talk about jury and eviction. Feeds swap to Jason and Aex in the Green room, she says she wants food but they aren’t restocked till tomorrow. They begin studying the noises. Alex thinks it would be for POV not safety. JOSH PLEASE GO TO THE DR. They plan to put up Elena and Matt and back door Cody, They want to rotate winning with Paul and just keep plucking everyone off one by one. Meanwhile in the Kitchen Christmas, Matt, Kevin, and Paul are all talking about Rage and the definition. HG you are not allowed to talk about your DR with other HG’s. Paul says he doesn’t change for anything or anyone he plays according to what he needs to for the game. Don’t come in for an alternate agenda you are mistaken he will call you out.
9:45 PM BBT All cams back on the Gr, they talk about the comp. PAUL PLEASE COME TO THE DR. They all begin studying the sounds again, Jason asks what Cody was saying and then Kevin tells Jason what Raven told Paul. they discuss what actually happen . Josh comes in looking for someone they tell him probably in there and point to Rose room. He disappears into the Rose room. Jason continues to whisper to Kevin it’s hard to understand him. Feeds swap to the Kitchen Matt, Raven, Christmas where they are still talking about Cody and Jessica. Christmas leaves and Maven chit chat a little but mostly watch the house. Mark comes in and says he stopped thinking about them and begins to refresh what they all were. Cody and Elena are in the HN room, they talk about bandanas and then the beds in the HN room. She offers to make him grilled cheese he declines. Kevin and Jason in the SR. Elena is making grilled cheese.
10:00 PM BBT Kevin, Jason and Alex in the pantry talking about the food they wanna eat while Kevin tells Alex congrats for winning HOH and that her family should be really proud of her. Mark, Alex and Jason in the kitchen getting some food, Mark is setting up some food for Elena to eat tomorrow and the conversation changes to Olive Garden and how it’s not good for you but it is so good. Josh, Matt and Raven come in and look for something to eat Josh already being loud and calling Mark a meatball. Matt asks him if it’s different for him in the house vs the real world and he says most definitely and talks about being attacked here in the house. Josh says it’s been very stressful and he’s genuinely glad he met all of them. Mark says that that it’s sweet and tells him he is glad he met him too. In the APSR room Xmas talks about how Jessica talked about Josh in the live show and she really showed her true colors. They discuss how many votes Raven received, josh tries to say that Mark voted for Raven to leave and Xmas says no she only got Cody’s vote. Josh says that Mark and Elena were mad when Cody lost the HoH. Josh tells her that he went to Jason and told him that Mark is two faced when it comes to Jason. He says that everyone is starting to see them for their true colors. Josh asks if Xmas will study with him later, she gets really upset that she didn’t win this HOH. She says she is use to being a top competitor and is very hard on herself. Xmas says that Kevin is upset because Raven twisted the story about Cody asking Jason to vote to keep Jess because he didn’t want her to have so many votes against her. They also say that when Jessica was saying her goodbyes to Mark and Elena it was not just goodbyes it was a plan.
10:15PM BBT Chrismas says that Mark and Elena are on Cody’s side but for someone reason Josh thinks they might need to get out Matt and Raven first. They both say that they need to stay with Jason and Alex to save themselves. Josh says the targets are Cody and Elena.He says he doesn’t have to say anything more to Jason because Mark will show his true colors in his own. They exit the room and say that if anyone asks they will say they were studying. Cody is lying alone in the have not room, no one for him to talk to. In the kitchen Alex and Xmas are talking pretty quiet. Elena is making grill cheese and Mark is waiting for his. Paul says hey we were suppose to be like dieting and he says he can’t help it. Mark starts talking about Taylor Swift’s album 1989. He says that he requested it when and if he wins HOH. Cody is called to the DR and the others still talking about nothing. Josh asks if they can all do Friendship talk in the APSR, no one responds . Josh says that they were wrong the way Jessica called them ignorant on live TV and they all agree that it was wrong. Jason says that if that’s all they called him during the duration of this show than he is doing well.
10:30PM BBT Josh says that Alex should lock her door and sleep for a whole day because people are going to drive her crazy. Alex says that Mark should start his diet on the day they get food and Mark says that he doesn’t want to until he finds out about who’s going to be have nots. He says that Mark had the hardest time on slop and that when he was hungry he was a beast. Alex talks about her ex boyfriend and her at a show and how she was asleep on the stage and she says that she had ear plugs on. Paul, Raven,Matt and Kevin in the APSR laughing about Paul telling the cameras what he should have said to Jessica and how she called them idiots but she jacked up her own game. He tells the camera about the deal he tried to make with Jessica and how she declined and ruined her own game.
10:45PM BBT – Elena talks about people liking her and sends her money in the mail and they should get PO boxes. She tells stories of things she has received. She says she got a huge teddy bear and she’s thought before that maybe it’s had a spy camera in it. They start talking about when josh wakes up he has to remind himself that he’s in the house. In the lounge area Paul, Raven and Matt were talking about how Cody and Jessica act together. And how they were almost scary how close they tried to be.
11:00PM BBT In the kitchen Paul and the rest doing the same story about the trouble about Jessica on the live show. Raven asks if Jessica has already made it home? Mark says how she has to do Good Morning America and Raven throws in that some even go on the view. Josh says he can’t go on because for sure his mom watches those shows. Josh still going in and on about what Jessica said tonight and how she called him Forrest Gump. Matt and Raven go to the bathroom and she talks about that it was a crazy day. Raven sits on the couch in the bathroom and says she wonders why Cody moved out of there room. Xmas is laying with Kevin and he’s rubbing her neck. Alex is called into the DR and comes back out to get something. Josh says he doesn’t wanna be a have not and Mark comes back with some chocolate milk for Kevin and Paul drinks some before he gets it. Elena and mark in the kitchen she is getting some milk and he is getting water. Elena tells Mark to be careful with her and he asks what’s that mean.
11:15PM BBT Mark asks if he should take a step back and she says that she doesn’t know. That nothing has changed. Josh says that Paul is mature for his age and wonders how that has become. Paul asks Elena what it’s like for so many men to masturbate to her? She says she is flattered. Paul tells Elena that she is naturally beautiful and she doesn’t need to put all that makeup and stuff on she’s naturally beautiful. Josh tells Mark that he is not naturally beautiful. Kevin says OK who else. He says Meagan and they tell him he’s not in the house anymore.
11:30 PM BBT Josh talks about Mark and Elena and how the two guys are so different and Mark tells him go ahead because she doesn’t want him. Josh says that he doesn’t wanna get with her because she was with Mark and he doesn’t want sloppy seconds. He says he only wants to be her friend. Saved by Alex because she is ready to show her HOh. Cody comes out of the have not room and joins them to check it out. Alex’s letter is from her ex boyfriend and she is really excited. They go thru her basket and she got a bunch of coke and a whole cheesecake which she says she will share with everyone. Cody actually interacts with the others and she is very happy. Her ex says he loves her like three times in the letter.
11:45PM BBT Alex says that she really loved the letter from her ex and she will see that after the show what will happen. She says he is on tour and opening up for Motley Crue. Mark and Kevin are talking about football and Elena tells a story about when her and her friend went to Beyoncé and had floor seats. Lots of different conversations about nothing everyone is just still hanging out. Matt is the first to leave, he says he is hungry.

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