Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, September 10th

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12:00 AM BBT Kevin and Josh are in the Apple room having casual conversation with the cameras, Kevin tells the cameras that Mark can stay with us because he has no one here. Kevin tells his family to also take out Josh to have a good time. Kevin says he will take Josh out one night but he might rather want to hang out with his kids. Kevin tells Josh to let him know when he want to come and he will stay with him. He tells Josh that his wife will cook for him and he will take him to the mall. Kevin says everyone at the mall is going to want Josh’s autograph and he can bring pots and pans with him. Josh laughs as Kevin talks. They continue having casual chit chat about dangerous locations to go to. Cameras switch to Christmas and Alex having casual chit chat. Alex tells Christmas that she would make a great mom. She gives examples about how Christmas listens to both sides of the stores so that would make her a good mom. Christmas thanks her and cameras switch back to the Apple room. Kevin and Josh are talking about Kevin’s long power of veto time. Kevin says he didn’t think is was that long and Josh says he messed up alot during the POV competition. Talk turns to telling their families not to yell or get mad at the already evicted houseguest. Back in the Rose room Alex and Christmas talk about Raven’s inconsistent stories. Christmas says that she almost flipped out when Raven said she should have gotten a hysterectomy before she came in the house. They begin talking about Raven’s insurance where Alex says she thought Raven had good insurance. Christmas says that she was told that she was about to be dropped from insurance. Alex says that Matt made fun of Paul about wanting to be in a relationship and would say that he just wanted to just be friends with Raven.Outside Kevin and Paul are starting a pool game. Kevin says that Alex messed up Jason’s game. Paul says here is the thing the whole house wanted something and he couldn’t help him anymore. Kevin says she tell Alex that he is leaving the noms the same and thats it. Kevin says that his social game was the best in the house but Paul’s has now surpassed him. Paul says he doesn’t know if he can win with the jury members
12:15 AM BBT Paul and Kevin continue their pool game and Kevin says he is going to continue to act nervous, wear his suit during eviction night and thank his kid. Paul says he has been working hard and Kevin says he is the best Big Brother player. Kevin says he doesn’t know how good this feels because he has been in the bed for four straight days. Kevin asks Paul if everything is all set and he doesn’t have to say anything? Paul seems to agree and Kevin says good, He mentions the last HOH being the most important. Kevin says that even Josh is talking to him and asked to talk with him which he was shocked about. Paul asks what he said he he said he didn’t talk game but just talked about family and how much Josh loved Kevin. He said Josh did ask him if he through the competition and Kevin says he didn’t. He sarcastically says yeah, I threw the competition while I am sitting on the block. Kevin continues talking about going to final three with Paul. Kevin says Paul is the best player and in his speech he would never speak a bad thing about him and tell the jury to vote honestly. They end their pool game and proceed to work out. Paul says he is going in to use the bathroom and tell the other houseguest to come outside. He then says nevermind he won’t tell them to come out. While Paul has gone to the bathroom, Kevin gets some Gatorade and sit on the lounge chair. In the Rose room, it appears Alex and Christmas are getting up to leave while having casual chit chat with Paul. They all proceed to walk out to the backyard. Paul says he is going to lift for 15 minutes and then shower. Alex and Paul have a quick chat in the bathroom about some of the other houseguest being weird. Paul says something it up. Alex goes to the bathroom and Pail quickly leaves. After Alex leaves the bathroom, she quickly runs to her room to look for warmer clothing.
12:30 AM BBT Back outside, all the houseguest appear to be there. Kevin is standing around as Alex and Paul workout. Josh may be in the DR. Christmas and Alex make casual chit chat about a TV show. Christmas is laying on the hammock. Alex asks Kevin is he has ever played soccer and he says no. Paul kicks the ball in the backyard. Kevin finds Hula hoops on the side of the washer and Dryer and Alex proceeds to use one. Paul and Kevin are kicking the ball back and forth. Christmas is still lounging on the hammock. Alex goes back to talking to Christmas about her foot. Alex tells Christmas her foot is looking good as she has seen a lot of broken foot in her life.
12:45 AM BBT All the houseguest except for Josh are outside. Kevin appears to be lounging on one of the workout machines while Paul runs back and forth across the yard also working out. Alex and Christmas are still having casual chit chat. Not much is happening at the moment other than a lot of working out and lounging. Alex is not playing with the hulahoop as well as Christmas looks on. Not much talking is going on.
1:00 AM BBT All the houseguest except Josh are outside. Paul and Kevin are still working out, Alex is Hula Hooping and Christmas is lounging on the hammock. Alex appears to go in for a break and take her medicine. Paul is now laying on the hammock next to Christmas but he gets up to put on his microphone and returns to the hammock. Paul talks to Christmas saying Alex told him that Christmas was acting like she was going home tomorrow. Christmas is having a hard time hearing him and Paul says he will tell her later. He quietly repeats what he said again and Christmas tells him that he hasn’t said anything. Paul says Alex told him that Kevin is being weird along with Christmas. Paul says he doesn’t know what Alex is trying to do. Christmas says she hasn’t been weird with her but kind of quiet. Paul says Alex said Christmas verbally said something like she was going to see Raven in the jury room. Christmas says why would she say that. Paul says he isn’t questioning her he is just relaying information. Christmas says that she knows what Alex is trying to do. Christmas says Alex has been saying things that are super disturbing. Paul mentions that Alex even mentioned that Kevin is being super nice to her. Christmas agrees that Kevin is being super nice to her. Paul thinks that Alex is under the impression that Paul is pulling her off for them to put Christmas up. Paul and Christmas agree that Alex is threatened by Christmas. They also mention Kevin is being super chummy and Paul is on the verge of getting Kevin to throw the HOH. Christmas says she doesn’t know how Paul does the things he does. Christmas says Kevin want to go all the way but now win anything. Paul says he rather not make things ugly with Alex since he isn’t using the veto. Christmas says Alex will have private conversations and make things aggressive. Paul says the only one he is worried about is Josh.
1:15 AM BBT Christmas says Josh can’t be around Alex. Paul says they may have to keep Josh out of it. Christmas thinks that Alex would be spiteful when she is on the way out the door. Paul says he is not wanting to make things aggressive with her. Christmas say that Alex is petty though. Alex says whenever Alex is up against someone she goes a subtly talk crap about them. Christmas says she is trying to be really patient with Kevin because Kevin is implying to the world that she is trying to pursue Jason (a married man with a kid on the way). Talk turns to a song by a band and Christmas says she is excited to hear Paul’s band. Talk turns back to game. Paul says he never promised Alex a final two. Christmas says she has a few different approaches she can take. She says her angle is she doesn’t think Alex will take her to final two. Paul says just use his angle of he doesn’t think he can beat her in final two. Paul says he wonders if he can use the ultimatum of if he doesn’t use it they can battle it out. Christmas says she doesn’t mind but she doesn’t think Josh will like it. Paul says he doesn’t understand why Josh is so worried about the jury votes when it is all said and done. Paul says he think he needs to have a talk with Josh saying his fate was decided when we walked in the house. Christmas says Paul needs to talk with Josh emotionally. Christmas says Josh makes a decision before he should. Paul says Josh needs to be confidant in his decisions. Christmas says just talk to him and let him ask questions.
1:30 AM BBT Christmas and Paul are still talking about Josh on the hammock. Christmas says what happens if she can’t perform in Veto next week, Paul says put all your energy into me and Josh. Christmas says that it makes her feel like the is freeloading. Paul ask how is she freeloading? She has done all she can do in her situation. Christmas say Paul performed amazing in the Veto. Paul says he doesn’t know what Josh’s mental stability will be like when they get down to final three. He says Josh choosing between Jason and Alex was hard what is he going to do when it is between Paul and Christmas. Paul says Josh need to pull it together. He says he doesn’t know why Josh won’t listen to him when he has played this game before. Paul says he fears for Raven’s possible jury question to him. Inside Alex says goodnight to Josh. Josh is now in the kitchen putting on his microphone. He gets a drink of water and heads outside. BB calls Kevin to the diary room. Josh walks up to the hammock. Josh says that he checked Kevin and asked if he threw the Veto. He says Kevin told him that he was color blind. The fill Josh in on how Alex thinks that Christmas is probably going home tomorrow because Christmas has been implying it. Josh goes to get pillows.to sit down. Josh says this is strange and feels drained. Paul says snap out of it. Paul says Josh as to be firm. Paul says that Josh has to stop thinking about the jury because their minds are already made up. Christmas says that they aren’t going to connect them three together. Josh says he thinks Jason had caught wind. He tried to explain the relationship between Jason and Kevin. Paul says that doesn’t matter because they are sending Kevin out last he won’t have time to get into any ones ear because he is walking into Dr. Wills segment.
1:45 AM BBT Paul, Josh and Christmas continue talking by the hammock about how jury is feeling about them. They think because they are sending Alex out next, Raven won’t be as mad at them. Josh doubts the jury won’t be mad at him. Christmas says that Matt was impressed with Josh’s improvement. Paul tells Josh he needs to stop thinking about the jury. Paul says for example Alex thinks he is weak and she is playing him by using her tears. Paul says Alex probably will start talking to Josh when he doesn’t use veto. Paul says Alex is a game player and she is using him. Paul says Josh has to be firm with her. Paul says he is mad that Josh isn’t confident in himself. Josh says he is confident. Josh seems very confused about where this conversation is coming from. Paul explains his reasoning for clipping Alex. Alex says Alex is a game player. Paul says he promised them if they get him to five he would get them to three. Paul continues to tell Josh he needs to get it together. Josh seems to agree and says he is drained from his DR session.
2:00 AM BBT The conversation on the hammock continues between Josh Christmas and Paul. Josh says Kevin told him he is going to win HOH next week. Paul says he told him that he was going to win and put Christmas and Josh up. Josh says I feel bad for him. Paul says you feel sorry for everyone and no one feels sorry for you. Do I need to slap you again.? Josh says I am going to miss being like this with you guys. Josh says Did you tell Paul our promise? Christmas says No. Josh tells him the winner is taking us on a world trip. Paul says he is down for it. Christmas says she will try and book something. Paul says we all will go to Canada. Paul gives a shout out to Canada. He says to Josh they may not let you in because you thought was a state. Paul asks Josh if he has a CR. Josh says no just a speeding ticket. Christmas tells them about a ticket she got. Paul says he is going for go get chicken. Josh asks him to bring some for him Christmas asks for water. Paul says Josh come with me. They are in the kitchen making snacks. Paul says the time. Josh says I haven’t worked out today and I have been stress eating. Paul says I don’t like hot food. Josh says I only like cold pizza. Paul is asking Josh Why would Alex say Christmas was acting like she was going home. Paul tells Josh that he thinks Christmas is protecting her own game. Josh says I only gave my word to 2 people. Paul tells him if it is his choice he will take him. Paul tells him if he gets upset after the game he wants Josh to call him every day if he has to.
2:15 AM BBT Josh is taking water out to Christmas who is working out on the bike. Paul is going to have a bowl of cereal. Christmas said she was scared that Alex would grab you on your way out. Josh says No she just told me you were outside as she was going to bed. Josh says he can’t wait til they are out of the house and sitting at a bar. The conversation continues over the size of the evicted HGs ego. Josh thinks that Matt and Raven will get the America Sweetheart Award. Paul says Matt was the only guy who went before his girl. They are talking about things that the evicted HGs have said to them . Kevin comes out to join them. Josh says you DR’ed already. Paul is asking any fans he has left to please respond to every hate tweet about him with Quay. Kevin is walking the yard. Josh asks if they believe in UFOs. Kevin says there is over 7 trillion people in the world and you think we are going to see a UFO over LA. Kevin tells Josh about Roswell New Mexico and the fact that an UFO landed there. Paul says he believes in UFOs. Josh says we aren’t the only planet in the universe that has life. Paul asks Christmas if she has been called to DR. She says no. Paul says you throw a paper ball at her she throws a cinder block at you. They are talking about how Raven went after Jessica. Paul says I thought Raven was going to call her out for throwing her under the bus, but it got out of hand.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, September 10th

2:30 AM BBT They agree Raven went for below the belt. Kevin says he is going to bed. The conversation stops while Kevin is still there. The conversation continues how mean Raven was to most of them. Paul says he was so over her telling Matt to go shut your dick in a door. Christmas says she never heard it say that, Paul says she said it all the time. Josh says if I hadn’t been here you would have been stuck in the house with cornballs. Christmas says you are a cornball. Paul brings it to Megan. They agree that she would not have been able to handle some of the fights that have been going on in the house. Josh says he enjoys not having forced conversations. Josh says he has had good conversations with you 2, Jason Elena. Paul says he had nothing to talk to Matt about because Matt was into sports and I’m not. Josh says I want to get into crossfit but I have a bad lower back. Christmas says just like every other excuse. Paul tells him to wear a belt. Paul says 9 more wake ups. Josh says there are times he wanted to tell Raven to shut up for an hour. Christmas says I did it. Josh says we look like a bunch of cats on catnip. The conversation is on general topics. Josh says I miss my siblings but you guys are like my family. Josh and Paul are making sounds with their hands . Christmas says I spent 4 years in Iraq 3 months here please send me back to Iraq. The conversation goes to fans and what is going to happen. Paul asks if they can sleep. Josh asks them if they can sleep upstairs with him. Paul says if this goes on til Thursday they are doing a 4 special. If they do a Sunday or Monday. Paul is trying to figure out how the next week is going to play out.
2:45 AM BBT Christmas says What if it is a double next Thursday. Paul says When we make Final 3 they give us a brunch. Paul says POP gives us stuff to do. Paul says he doesn’t know of a Final 3 that was this close. Paul says last year he was on the outside. Paul says he needs to shower. They all get up to head inside. Paul asks if Kevin was crying when he came out here. Christmas says he didn’t look well and his eyes were red. Josh says he did not realize Kevin was crying. Josh and Christmas look at the memory wall. Christmas is saying tic tac toe. She is waving bye to the evicted Hgs. Christmas says she wishes she could have played in the POV Comp, she says she is good at matching stuff. They hug and tell each other they love each other. Josh is heading upstairs, he returns the milk to the fridge. Josh asks if Paul is showering downstairs or up here. Paul says When have I showered downstairs, I even showered upstairs on Jessica’s HOH when I flipped the house. Josh says he has to remove the garbage from here. Paul says he has been looking for his brush all day and it has been here. Paul is having some of Josh’s snacks. Paul says if the yard is closed tomorrow we drop the bomb on her.
3:00 AM BBT Paul is telling Josh he just has to say that You are a strong player and you can’t beat her. The conversation goes to what Alex told him about Christmas thinking she was going on the block and going home. Josh says he gassed out on the comp, he said he did 15 to 20 trips. Josh says he wants to shut the lights. Paul asks him to wait til he gets a towel. Josh has been called to the DR. He says You told me I was done I could go to bed. Christmas asks him what are you doing. Josh tells her they just DRed me. Paul is showering in the HOH Alex and Kevin are in bed. Christmas is in the kitchen. She starts to head to bed then goes back into the washroom . She puts some perfume on to go to bed. She tells Kevin to sleep well, says goodnight and heads into the Rose Room. Kevin is awake and in deep thought. Josh has left Dr and heads back up to the HOH Room, where Paul is still in the shower. Paul says he really hopes that tomorrow is the eviction.
3:15 AM BBT Paul says if we straight up tell her NO NO NO what is she going to do about it? Josh says I like her as a friend, Josh says just don’t make it seem like I forced you. Paul says No I am going to tell her that I talked to you 2 and you told me I was next so I made the decision to use it. Josh says you used a lot of spray. Paul says they already told me I had potty mouth so I at least want to smell nice. Kevin got up to use the washroom and heads back into bed. Paul rinses his mouth out spits in the sink but does not rinse out the sink. He says good night to Josh and heads downstairs. Josh is in bed listening to his music. Josh says his prayers and lies down. Paul has gone into the Rose Room and crawled into bed next to Christmas. It looks like all HGs have finally settled down for the night.
3:30 AM BBT All HGs are in dreamland except Christmas and Paul who are whispering to each other in bed. Christmas is massaging Paul’s head
3:45 AM BBT All HGs are in bed. It looks like Christmas is stroking Paul lightly but we are unable to know for sure, just going on Christmas’s hand position in bed.
4:00 AM BBT- 8:45 AM BBT All HGs Sleeping
8:59 AM BBT Christmas gets up, peaks briefly outside the patio doors, and proceeds to the bathroom. She goes back to bed in the Rose Rm with Paul. All other HGs are asleep. Around 9:05 Paul raises up, takes a sip of water, and lies back down.
9:15 AM BBT All HGs are still in bed. Paul keeps moving a little. All others appear asleep.
9:30 AM BBT – 10:00 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping.
10:04 AM BBT Fish. Wakey, wakey houseguests.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds return to still sleeping Kevin In HOH lights still off but Josh is moving around in bed.PAUL XMAS THERE ARE FRESH BATTERIES IN THE SR. Josh jumps on Alex and Paul. Josh says no more sleeping lets go outside. THE LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY. Josh dances around in KT. He says hi to his family on cam. Kevin is gathering laundry to do outside.KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC.JOSH dances out the door singing and FISH flash. Paul Xmas and Alex still in bed.
10:30 AM BBT Kevin walks the BY. Josh goes upstairs.THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY. Josh flips on the HOH lights checks out where everyone is on the TV.Josh now burrows down in bed and Kevin walks the yard. Kevin goes to WR. He is shaving.
10:45 AM BBT He grabs a few items from his bed. Grabs some paper towels and holds the broken coffee pot to pour some coffee. He talks to BB through his mic that the washer isn’t working correctly. He grabs a yogurt his coffee his clothes and heads back out to laundry.Kevin sits in BY eating his yogurt. All the other HGs are in bed. HGS THIS IS A LOCKDOWN PLEASE GO INSIDE AND LOCK THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR. KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin bitches because there is no one around him so why does he need a mic. So he goes back to bed. Everyone is in bed.
11:11 AM BBT HGS THE LOCKDOWN IS NOW OVER. Kevin jumps out of bed oils himself up and heads back outside.KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Kevin gripes about everything the sleeping all day is his current topic. That’s why they want the mic on him.
11:15 AM BBT Kevin in BY. Everyone else in bed.NO NAPPING HGs. Josh says he isn’t napping he is sleeping.I ASKED NICELY HGS ARE NOT TO NAP DURING DAYTIME HOURS. Josh says I’m not napping I’m thinking.WAKE UP!!!!!. Josh says that was really mean. Mean and scary. He says I thought we were friends BB why the attitude? Pump the brakes BB. Paul and Xmas start to move. Xmas tells Paul about her dream, Paul sings and we get FISH.Josh says someone cleaned the WR and it wasn’t him.
11:30 AM BBT Paul says if Josh cleans a pot he will make breakfast. Alex remains in the bed.Josh says today I run.Kevin comes in and asks how everyone is. He tells everyone that he is going to do laundry. The lockdown was to fix the washer. Alex says quit fing singing Because Josh keeps bursting into song. And BB keeps telling them to stop. Paul says he will kill Josh. Xmas Josh and Alex sit on couch outside. Josh wants good talk not crappy talk. Xmas says a nice comment about Matt, Is that what you mean josh. Xmas gives Josh life facts. How to handle the fame and Fans. BB says PAUL. He says what? BB says SORRY. Xmas tells Josh how to deal with women after the show. Paul and Kevin discuss the eggs, Kevin gripes to Paul. Paul tells them go eat.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, September 10th
11:45 AM BBT Alex says she is going to be petty as F today. Josh says Tiger be nice. Alex is having eye troubles today. Xmas asks Paul if he is grumpy today. He says no I’m sore. And tired. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Paul says he is going to put his fist down Josh’s throat.Alex has negative thoughts. Paul tells her to stop saying SH#$$% things. They all sit outside.
12:00 PM BBT Kevin has two of his shirts hanging on the window ledges to dry in the sun and Big Brother says KEVIN, STOP THAT. He removes the shirts. THANK YOU. Alex and Christmas tell Josh and Paul about Raven moving up to the HOH room with Cody the first night and then got upset when he was spending time with Jessica. Josh says it’s crazy that these people came into the house and immediately went for a showmance, Raven even brought two matching bracelets into the house with her so she could give the other to her showmance. Paul says he didn’t even plan ahead to bring enough socks, he can’t believe she had the forethought to plan something like that. Josh talks about how Jessica’s behavior immediately changed when Cody walked back in the house. He says he didn’t like that Jessica was involving herself in men’s fights. Alex and Christmas jump on him immediately about his sexist wording. Josh says that even though Jessica has a bitchy side that she showed a lot in the house, he thinks she does have a good heart. Big Brother tells Josh to PLEASE STOP SINGING. He says he knows what song he can sing and starts singing his pots and pans song. THAT IS REALLY ANNOYING. He apologizes to Big Brother for being annoying. Christmas tells the group about a fitness competition that she’s going to take them to and how fun it is.
12:15 PM BBT Christmas tells Josh and Paul about one of her sponsors that sells a supplement and how much the company have grown over recent years. She says instead of being paid she requested shares in the company which have grown exponentially since she started the investment. Kevin goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. He can’t find a towel anywhere to dry his hands, and then finds a blanket in the cabinet under the sink and uses it to wipe down the counter. Christmas says she can’t wait to have a really good sushi meal once they get out of the house. Josh says he’s going to shower and Alex says it’s weird that everyone always tells us throughout the day what they’re doing. Christmas says it’s because they’ve been programmed all summer to tell people what they’re doing so that they’re not suspicious. Josh goes up to HOH and Paul is in there. Paul says Christmas and Kevin on the block next week. They laugh that Kevin said now it’s time to turn it up and he’s going to win HOH next week. They can’t believe they actually pulled it off and they’re making it to the end together. Paul says he’s going to get coffee and will be back later. He leaves Josh and goes back outside to Christmas and Alex.
12:30 PM BBT Alex and Christmas talk about their trips to Thailand. Alex says next time she goes she’ll take more hand sanitizer since you poop in a hole and there’s no water to wash your hands. Kevin starts another load of laundry in the washer and then lays out clothes on the pool table to dry in the sun.
12:45 PM BBT Alex goes inside to finish her prayers for the day. Outside Paul tells Christmas that he wants to talk to Alex and not prolong it anymore. He wants to give her a heads up that she’s going home this week. Christmas tells him he should talk to her whenever he feels he needs to. She says they need to be prepared for some backlash from her and the potential that she might say some things that aren’t true. Paul asks if Josh is ready for the backlash from Alex. Paul says they can just explain to her the game reasons behind why they have to make this move. Christmas says before this week Alex asked them not to blindside her during a vote, she would rather know ahead of time if she is going. Paul asks Christmas to go inside and talk to Josh while he talks to Alex to prepare him for the backlash and tell him not to believe anything Alex says when she is angry. Paul calls Alex into the apple room to talk to her. He says he’s in a pickle because he thinks if he uses the veto on her he is going to throw his game into the trash. Christmas tells Josh she is going to feel bad if she isn’t cleared to compete because then she has to rely on Josh and Paul to beat Kevin twice in the next two competitions. Josh says it doesn’t matter because he will break Kevin mentally because he hasn’t done anything this whole summer. Paul tells Alex that he knows he and Alex could easily go to the end together but he would never win the game in the votes against her so he is torn between being loyal and losing against her, or getting her out and having a better chance of winning against someone else.
1:00 PM BBT Alex tells Paul he has to do what’s best for his game, that’s the right decision to make. Josh says to Christmas he feels Alex will be bitter towards him more than Christmas and Paul. Alex tells Paul that she didn’t want to throw the veto last week to Paul because she was going to win and pull Jason off the block. She could have won and chose to throw it to Paul thinking that he was going to save Jason. She’s been feeling guilty about choosing Paul over Jason in the game. She says she feels that she’s the only person playing a straight game and she’s getting screwed left and right. Paul tells Alex that if she thinks she can convince Christmas and Josh to keep her then he is open to it but he doesn’t think they will budge because they have been hostile every time he has tried to bring it up to them. Alex says it sucks because one of them is going to end up going to the final two and may end up winning and she doesn’t feel they deserve to be in the final two. Paul asks her if she thinks he can get to the final two on his own and she says yes probably. He tells her outside of the game they are going to be close friends because they are so much alike, but in the game he doesn’t think he can keep her because he will lose to her by a landslide. Alex says she knows if Paul does not use the veto she will go home because she has already tried to talk to Christmas and she told her she played a good game. Paul says it sucks for him to make this decision, but he can’t let himself make the same mistake he did last year and come in second place twice in a row.
1:15 PM BBT Alex asks Paul why he doesn’t split the vote and have Josh decide. Paul says he will do it if she thinks she can convince Josh but he doesn’t want Josh to be mad at him for making him decide. Alex says she’s annoyed because every competition she’s won it was because no one else knew the answers and the one’s that Josh and Christmas have won it was because she threw the competitions to them. Josh goes outside and says to himself that he keeps getting screwed in this game. Alex isn’t happy about losing to Josh, Christmas, and Kevin because she doesn’t feel they are deserving. Christmas comes outside to work out and Kevin is sunbathing. Alex says it sucks because she could have won the last several competitions and threw them because Paul told her to and now she has screwed herself because Paul was setting up the game to allow him to easily go to the end with Kevin, Josh, and Christmas left and she is leaving. She understands why Paul is doing it because it’s the best thing for his game in order for him to win the game, but she’s mad at the situation because things could have been different if she hadn’t believed Paul the last few weeks.

1:30 PM BBT Alex says she wished Paul had talked about this to her before because if she had known she could have won competitions and changed her own fate. She says even on this last veto she was walking when she could have won because she wanted to make sure Paul won the veto. She’s mad at herself for doing that because she thought be letting Paul win she was saving them both and guaranteeing that Kevin goes. She tells him she gets it, and they don’t need to keep talking about it, but she wants him to know that if the situation were flipped, she would have still taken Paul to the end. Alex says it’s not all Paul’s fault either because she set herself up for this too and knew that they should have gotten Christmas and Kevin out earlier but went along with what other people wanted to do. Paul tells Alex she is not his enemy and he didn’t want to hurt her so he wasn’t going to blindside her by not talking to her about it ahead of time. Alex tells Paul that she doesn’t want to make him feel worse, but she wants him to understand that him doing this is guaranteeing that she loses at least $40k. Paul tells Alex he will try and talk to Christmas and see if there is something he can promise her to make her keep Alex. Christmas goes inside to the HOH room to study with Josh.
1:45 PM BBT Paul tells Alex even though everyone was telling Alex that they wanted Kevin out, they never did. They were always planning on getting Raven out because everyone dislikes Kevin but no one is afraid of his game play. He asks her if she thinks he can do it. Alex says yes, Paul will win because she will vote for him and will convince others in the jury to vote for him as well. Alex and Paul end their conversation and she tells him she doesn’t want to hug because she will start crying. Alex goes in the bathroom and Paul starts crying. He stays downstairs to make sure Alex sees him crying before going upstairs. Kevin comes in the kitchen and asks Paul if he’s ok. He goes upstairs and Christmas and Josh comfort him as he’s crying. Alex goes outside to finish her prayers. Paul tells Christmas and Josh what he and Alex talked about and how he told her if he takes her off the block and they go to the end, he won’t win. Josh asks if Alex is ok and Paul says she thanked him for being honest. He tells Josh and Christmas they can’t give Alex any hope when she comes to them; they have to give her a straight no.
2:00 PM BBT Paul says to Christmas & Josh that they can’t act any different when they’re around Alex & Kevin. Christmas says to Josh that when he leaves the HoH room, he needs to act how he was before, all happy. Paul says that Alex tried to tell him that she threw the veto to him ‘cause she walked during the comp. Paul says that he doesn’t believe that, considering her time. Josh says that he’s never playing again. Paul says that he was honest with Alex. Christmas asks if he told Alex he talked to them about not using the veto. Paul says “not really. I said based off the vibe.”
2:15 PM BBT Josh leaves the HoH to look for Alex. Christmas is concerned. Paul tells Christmas to “trail him.” Josh goes into the Apple Room. He says that it’s pissing him off that people are being manipulative, and hates that he can’t be honest. He says that it’s so fucked up. He wonders why they can’t show that they’re working together to share the blood. Christmas checks in on him. Josh says that he just needs a minute. Christmas says okay. “The way it’s being done is not fair.” Paul enters. Josh says that he needs a minute. Paul asks why he’s tripping. Josh says that he needs a Josh says that he didn’t go against people’s back and was honest with them. Josh says that he’s being honest. He says that he’s going to lose this game ‘cause he looks like the dickhead and Paul’s innocent. Josh says that everyone’s protecting their game, but when Josh tries to protect his game, he gets in trouble. Christmas tries to cheer him up, then leaves. Josh says that he feels heartbroken. Josh says that he doesn’t like hurting people he loves, and it sucks that he doesn’t have control. Josh says that he wants to be honest with Alex, but that’ll just ruin his game. He says that he’s been getting all the blood because of Paul, and is hurting another friend. Josh says that he doesn’t get it. Paul enters the Apple Room and asks what’s wrong. Paul says that he had a rough conversation with Alex.
2:30 PM BBT Paul says that Alex has worked harder than Kevin. Josh says that he’s all numb to everything. Paul says that he said that it’s going to get harder in the end. Paul says to Josh that he can’t just leave like that, or else Christmas starts trippin’. Paul says that he wonders who she’s going to hate the most. Josh says that’ll be him (Josh). Paul disagrees and says that it’s going to be him. Josh says that it’s harder in the end. Josh says that he doesn’t know how to explain this game. Paul asks Josh why he’s stressed, saying that he’s the one that should be stressing out. Paul says that Alex might leave ‘cause she hates Kevin. Paul asks Josh what he’s calling. Paul jokingly says to Josh that he needs a straightjacket, and to let it go, saying that the outside is going to be harder. Josh says that he hates it that he’s hurting his friends. Paul says that no one sacrificed their game for others. Josh says that he just wants to turn off his brain. Paul says that he’s wanted to turn his off. Josh says that he’s not going to play the game again, and knew that getting attached to the HGs would screw him up. Paul says everyone’s gonna go back to their own life. Paul is called to the DR. Paul tells Josh to just tell everyone that he needs a minute, so he doesn’t have a mental breakdown. Paul leaves the Apple Room. Josh lays there for a while.
2:45 PM BBT Josh asks himself “why didn’t I keep Jason?” He leaves and goes to the kitchen to join Alex. Alex says that Paul said that he’s not going to use the veto on her. Paul asks to talk. Alex says that she doesn’t want to cry again, and walks away. Josh starts to cry. He goes up to HoH to cry under the covers. He stays under the covers for a while. Alex does laundry.
3:00 PM BBT Christmas shows Alex the progress on her foot surgery. Josh says that he doesn’t know what to do. He says Christmas is so naive into buying into Paul’s shit. “Do I ruin my game and ruin the misfits to her (Alex)?” Josh says that it’s not fair that one person (Paul) is just protecting his game (Paul’s). “He has convinced everyone that he hasn’t done anything. All the attention has been on me and Christmas.” Kevin enters the kitchen, joining Josh, asking him what he’s eating. Josh says “cereal.”
3:15 PM BBT Josh is on the hammock in the backyard. He asks God for strength. “I only have 9 more days left of this shit. 9 days.” “This girl (Christmas) ain’t taking me to the end.” Josh goes back inside, up to HoH. “I fucking hate this shit.” Josh says that Christmas is taking Paul to F2, saying that’s why she’s letting him do all this. “They want to keep being selfish, I’ll fucking flip this house in 9 days. I’ll tell them in front of Alex to make it a split vote and I’ll send out Kevin.” “God, give me patience. I’m gonna blow everything up.” Josh says that he’s taking her to F2 ‘cause he’s gonna beat her. Josh says that Paul’s not taking Christmas ‘cause he knows that he can beat him (Josh).
3:30 PM BBT Josh tells himself that it’s Sunday and to “calm the fuck down.” “They think that they’re gonna keep him silent.” Josh asks God to give him strength and to let everything work out in his favor. Christmas is in the backyard taking out her stitches. She says that the doctor did a good job.
3:45 PM BBT Paul enters HoH. He says that was fucked up, then feeds cut. Paul asks Josh if he’s good. Paul thanks him for being there when he needed him. He joins Christmas in the backyard. Paul says that he feels bad ‘cause he let everyone down. He says that he had to take away someone’s BB experience. Paul says that he let’s someone down, no matter what he does. He says that it sucks making those hard-hitting decisions. He asks himself if it’s all worth it? Paul doubts that he can win, says that it wasn’t worth it. Christmas comforts him. She says that Alex might not like the decision, but respects it.
4:00 PM BBT Christmas says that she wishes that she could’ve won that veto for him. Paul says hopefully him or Christmas win next week, saying that he’s done nothing, and it’ll blow up on him. Alex appears to be cleaning up the green BR. She is packing things up as well. Christmas says they haven’t played a dirty game. Paul says that he hopes not, but he doesn’t know which way he has been portrayed. Christmas reminds him that he can’t control that anyway, and that he didn’t break any promises to her, that he hadn’t promised her final 2, 3, 5….that she will look back at your conversations and realize that you didn’t break any promises. Paul comments that he doesn’t know why Josh is so emotionally drained and upset. Christmas says that apparently, according to Alex, he is still trying to get her to talk. Christmas says she is having a really hard time seeing his perspective in relation to how he is feeling right now. She says that she wishes now that she had taken the HOH because she knows she has moments, but that she wouldn’t question her position, and then again, it would have fallen on him to make that vote, and that she would have been ok to have to be a tiebreaker. She says that she thinks it makes it much harder because last week was so chill and they were having such a good time, and within a matter of days, it flipped. She says that she doesn’t think he processes emotional trauma well. Paul says that he doesn’t know why Josh wants to talk to Alex and why he can’t let it go. Christmas says she thinks he wants to be the peacekeeper, and if Alex isn’t giving him that chance, that he isn’t going to be ok until he gets it. Christmas goes into the kitchen. Alex went outside and folded some clothes, and then went back to the green BR.
4:15 PM BBT It looks like Christmas is preparing to wash dishes. Alex continues to pack things up. Cameras go to Josh going into the storage room and applying deodorant and Paul lying in the seating area outside. Josh goes into the kitchen and asks Christmas what she is doing. She answers that she is washing dishes. They start whispering. Josh says that he told Alex that Paul is not using the veto and he asked Alex if she wanted to talk, and she answered no. Christmas asks what is wrong with him right now, and he says he just needs a minute, and that he will talk to her (Christmas) when he is ready. Josh goes back in the rose BR and asks Alex if she will talk to him. She says that she doesn’t want to talk game but will talk about anything else. He tells her that he feels like he is hurting her. He says it is really hard, that he never wanted to have to go against her or Jason, and that she would pray for him and his family, and that he wants her to know from the bottom of his heart that he loves her and that he appreciates her friendship and everything she has done for him. He says that he is really sorry, and she nods. He tells her that he has been honest and that he is in a really ‘fucked up’ position. Alex says you all need to stop crying, I should be the one crying. You guys want me out, I’m going out. I don’t want to talk about it, and she leaves the room. Josh says, “I fucking hate this place,” and starts sobbing. Paul is sitting alone in the Apple room. Christmas continues washing dishes in the kitchen.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, September 10th
4:30 PM BBT Alex goes back into the green BR. Josh: Tiger, please talk to me Alex: Josh, it’s not gonna help, I don’t wanna talk, it is only gonna make things worse. Josh: Tiger, I love you….I’m so sorry Alex: I’m tired of it! Me and Jason trusted you guys, and you guys…I’m tired of it. Alex goes to the Have Not room. He tells her he is sorry again and she tells him to stop crying, that you don’t need to cry. They both cry. He says he really does love her, and she says it doesn’t matter anymore, you guys are not really our friends, we trusted you guys and you fucked us, Jason’s my only friend and I got him out. She again asks him to leave her alone. She says she will give him a fair vote. Josh says that he doesn’t care about her vote, that he wants her friendship. She says that she won’t be his friend. She says that Kevin should be leaving, not her. She says that they kicked out a really good man, and she is sick of their tears and shit. She says she doesn’t want to talk to them, she just wants to get out of there. She says the only person who won’t get her vote is Kevin. She asks him to just go, that she needs a minute. He asks for a hug and she says no. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. She says she will go to jury with Jason and will talk him down, and that if he is the best person for it, they will vote for him. She says she is sorry that he feels bad, but now is the time for him to buck up, because he needs to win it. It is a game, she says, but you all have shown me the kind of people they are. He says that she doesn’t understand, and she says that yes, she does. She tells him to focus on winning, that he can win against them. He says thank you for everything else. She says she doesn’t want to hear it, but just to win. Christmas pulls Josh into the apple room and asks him if he wants her to go home. She says that he has three options: 1. We stay with what it is, she goes home. 2. Paul uses the veto. I go up there. You’ll be the split decision and decide who goes home. 3. Paul uses the veto. You go up there. I decide who goes home. She says, I’m telling you: make a decision and stick to it! Paul asks Christmas what happened, she says she told Josh he had three options, and that he tried to talk and she told him to think about it. She goes back to washing dishes. Alex is lying alone in the Have Not room. Josh comes in and asks Christmas why she is acting like this, Christmas tells him he said that he could handle this position, so handle it. He offers to help Christmas with the dishes and she refuses. She fusses at him for chasing Alex around. She says this is like a messy breakup. He says he is dealing with it. Christmas answers you deal with it your way, I’ll deal with it mine. She says it feels like Josh wants her (Christmas) out. She takes it to the Apple room.
4:45 PM BBT Josh tells her to calm down. Christmas tells him to pull his shit together. She says that this is a ploy. He says that he knows that. She says to let Alex be herself. She says that Josh is making it about him by moping around. Christmas says to leave her alone. Paul is in talking to Alex. He asks Alex why Josh is crying about it, and Alex explains that Josh says that they (Alex and Jason) are his friends, too. She says she wishes she could go home today. Paul says that he let her down and that he is sorry, that there are no excuses, that he fucked up. Alex says that is fine, but that she doesn’t want to talk anymore, that she doesn’t want to be a part of this. Paul apologizes again for letting her down. He says if the situation had been different and they were in the position to steamroll, that he would take her to the end. She says that she doesn’t want to make him feel bad about it and that is why she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He asks if she wants him to go talk to Josh, and she says that it doesn’t even matter anymore. She says you guys couldn’t even vote Kevin out for me. Alex says that Josh told him in the storage room that he wanted Kevin out. He asks with you there? And she says yes. Paul says they wanted bigger threats out, and she answers I know they did. Paul leaves the room and goes to the apple room. Alex says, I’m sorry Jason. Paul says that Alex is pissed and that he is jeopardizing all of their games. Fish. Josh: what, do you all want me to just shut up and go hide all week? Paul says that she is sobbing, and that she is magnifying that Paul is turning on her. Now she is bringing up why didn’t they vote Kevin out. Josh says that he just had to have a conversation with her. Paul and Christmas say that he didn’t. Paul asks how they are going to vote now. He says she mentioned it being a split vote and maybe they could convince Josh. Josh says do a split vote and I will send her home. Paul: your attitude toward the game right now is not what it should be. Josh says that he can’t help that he feels the way he feels. Paul says that Josh has questioned everything, and that now he is going sideways and that he just made the situation worse. Josh again says to do the split vote. Christmas says that he is jeopardizing them because before she could have respected their decisions but because he went crying to her, Alex is putting two and two together and inferring why he is upset. Paul says that his reactions are fucking up their game. They talk about the split vote again. Josh says to do it. Paul says he isn’t sure he can trust him. They say that this is why they doubted him taking the HOH this week: because of his emotions. Paul says I have done everything to help you and you just messed it all up. Josh again says that he didn’t say their names and they again say it isn’t what he said it was his reactions. He says for them to send him out next week if he has fucked everything up. Paul says that now she is going to go to jury and fuck everything up.
5:00 PM BBT They continue arguing the same points over and over. They discuss splitting the vote again and Paul again says that he isn’t sure he can trust him. Josh asks when he has said he was going to do something and hasn’t done it. Paul tells Josh that he is throwing them under the bus. Christmas says that he is not doing it intentionally. Josh says to go to have a conversation with her. Paul says he isn’t throwing them under the bus purposefully but that his crying is doing it. Paul says he doesn’t get what is upsetting Josh so much. Christmas says that they know it isn’t intentional and they know that his loyalty is there, but there is no room for mistakes at this point in the game. Christmas says that she gave him those options because Josh keeps kind of going off on his own. Josh calls this horse shit, that all he did was have a conversation with Alex. Josh says that the conversation started by Alex telling him that Paul was not going to use the veto, and that it went from there. In the meantime, Alex continues packing in the green BR. She heads outside to get clothes from the dryer. Kevin is sitting across the BY alone. Back in the apple room, they are still rehashing the same conversation. Josh says that he will send Kevin home and keep Alex so that she can go after the two of them.
5:15 PM BBT Christmas says that she knows because his heart is so big, this is hard on him. She says that he can argue well and that no one can argue against him and that is why they start personally attacking him. Paul says all his emotions spit out in one day went to waste and now they have to pivot. Alex goes back to the green BR and packs. Paul reiterates that they aren’t doubting him, but that his actions are making them wonder what is going on. Josh says that they need to do what they need to do, and that he will vote her out. Paul says that Josh is tripping because he is in his own head just like week one and that he is not taking his advice. He says it will mess everything up if he doesn’t quit. Josh says he is sorry, Paul says it is fine, that he gets that it is hard, but that he is the one making it hard for himself. Kevin goes to the green BR and lies down. Christmas says that Alex is alone and that she doesn’t want to talk to any of them, she wants to go to jury and talk to Jason. Paul says he knows how she works because he has been there with her gameplay and that Josh is getting duped by her. Alex is sitting alone in the BY sitting area working on her nails. Paul leaves the room and goes outside with Alex. Paul tells her that the split vote might work. She says she is just done. Paul says that he thinks that there is a chance. Alex counters that Christmas isn’t going to keep her because she wants to win.
5:30 PM BBT Paul says that he thinks it could be a tie. Alex doesn’t agree. Paul asks if when Josh was talking to her, he was just crying, and she says yes, and goes back over what he says, and says that she is tired of seeing his tears. Alex says that she doesn’t know if Josh would take Paul to the end. Paul says that he doesn’t think any of them would take him to the end. Alex says that she thinks Kevin would take him, and Paul says that he doubts that. In the Apple room, Josh says that he feels like he messed up, and Christmas says yes, a little bit, but that nothing that isn’t repairable because they still have the power. Christmas says that she is worried that Alex is going to guilt him all week. She says that he can’t cry because him crying gives her hope. She tells him that he can’t explain anything further, and that this is the only way that this can be remedied. Christmas and Josh go to the kitchen. They see that Alex and Paul are in the BY and start talking about food. Paul gets up and tells Alex that he will leave her alone, and she says thanks. He goes into the kitchen. Josh apologizes again. Paul says that he genuinely doesn’t know what to do, that it is the crying that is upsetting Alex. Josh is called to the DR. Kevin comes through and Paul asks him if he is feeling better. He says yes.
5:45 PM BBT Paul and Christmas begin cooking. Paul says, “It blows my mind!” referring to Josh. Alex is putting on makeup outside in the BY. Christmas asks what Kevin is moping around for. Paul answers, I don’t know, he just wants to be mopy. Kevin is lying on a lounge chair in the BY. Alex gets up from where she was sitting, but it wasn’t shown where she goes. Paul and Christmas continue cooking. Paul goes to the storage room. Alex is in the BY working on laundry again. Josh comes out of the DR and into the kitchen and starts working on cooking with Christmas and Paul.
6:00 PM BBT Alex folds clothes on the pool table, then plucks her brows. Paul and Josh nibble the guacamole. Christmas makes one more sandwich for Alex, she knows she won’t ask but likes them. Josh n Paul head to the Apple room, Paul says he is concerned for Josh the way he is acting and tripping out. They don’t understand why he is acting like this. He tells Paul he didn’t tell her anything he just wanted to apologize, Paul says she is getting in her head and tripping out she doesn’t want to talk to anyone she is checked out. Paul asks what happens if we make it a split vote and it’s up to Josh. Paul doesn’t know what to do to calm her down. Josh tries to talk out how he feels when Christmas and Paul get on him and ask him what he is doing? Paul says he isn’t getting mad at Josh he knows he isn’t trying to mess it up he is upset at the situation. Paul says Alex blames him for the Kevin/Raven vote. Josh says tell her it was me and Paul says it doesn’t matter, they speculate about how the Jury members head to Jury Pissed and how to fix it. Paul is concerned that when ALex goes in Raven will expose everything and it will lose votes for all of them. Josh says talking about it F***s him up, he is done talking about it. Christmas heads out to Alex, Ales says a few questions, “who or why did you vote out Raven, who are you voting out this week.?”

6:15 PM BBT Christmas explains that Raven is a stronger competitor than Kevin, and so is Alex, she wishes it wasn’t this way she doesn’t feel Kevin deserves to be here, but this is what it is. Alex asks if Xmas would hold it against Paul if he used veto to save her and Xmas went up. Then they could vote out Kevin. Christmas explains that it was not personal voting out Jason and she hopes he knows and understands that, Alex says that’s it i just wanted to know. Christmas tells her the sandwich is in there. She heads back inside and Alex puts glasses on again and sits quietly. Christmas goes in to tell the boys the conversation she just had. She tells Josh that his job is to Check his heart and calmly and confidently tell her the same thing if and only if she asks him. Paul tells her just how Pissed it made Alex when Josh cried in front of her. Christmas heads back to the Kitchen the boys go back to their discussion. Paul explains more of the Kevin/Raven vote and how close Raven was coming and it was the one opportunity to get her out. Josh offers that Paul say that Josh and Raven were possibly working together. Christmas heads out the Hammock eating ice cream. The boys are still in Apple room and Paul suggest saying that Josh panicked and it will be better. Josh thinks if Paul gives a little space and let her calm down she will come around he thinks she’s fiery just like them. Josh says he was questioned by Alex about the Vote before Jason left. Paul says that it will be them in F3 but you can’t spaze out on me. One of them has to win Veto next week. Josh says that he wants to bring out Pots n Pans as soon as Thursday drops. He needs to think of what to say not to offend Kevin, they go over what F3 would be, Endurance, Physical/Mental, Luck to determine final HOH. Paul asks has Christmas mentioned a F2 they both say not directly.
6:30 PM BBT Alex went to the SR to get supplies and then the green room where Kevin is but didn’t speak a word. She heads to the Kitchen to make some food. Kevin walks through to read the time. Kevin asks about making bacon again in a pan. Meanwhile in the Apple room the boys are still discussing votes and Final 3. Josh says he is just Pissed he got really upset while they were talking. Josh notices a tat and geeks out for a moment. They continue to strategize how to calm Alex down, maybe a split vote. Paul tells him to hurry up and go Blog he says he doesn’t want to, they are going to make you, Josh says they told him they would give him time. Josh says you better believe he is going into a zone and not trip out. Paul jokes with Josh about being an undercover cop which transitions into what kind of bomb is Kevin going to drop on them. Josh says that he thinks Kevin is an actor or something with how much he talks about soap operas. Paul goes into the kitchen with Alex. Paul tells Alex to let him know how she wants him to vote and he will do what he can to help her however he can. Alex tells Paul that Christmas is going to take Josh to the final two. Kevin is laying on a chair by the pool and Christmas is relaxing in the hammock. Paul asks Alex if she thinks his best bet is to take Josh to final two? She tells him that she doesn’t know how everyone will vote.
6:45 PM BBT Paul and Alex start discussing what Alex can do for him as far as jury votes go. Josh, Kevin and Christmas are lowering the awnings outside. Kevin and Josh start playing toss. Alex tries to tell Paul that the other HGs are coming for him. She tells him that he has to win the next HOH or he will be the next to go. Paul asks her what she thinks the jury will think about him winning the next HOH because that will mean he will have never been on the block. Christmas discusses why she was being so stern with him last night. She tells him that she did not mean anything bad by it. Josh tells her that Alex is talking to Paul inside. Christmas tells him that is okay because Alex feels closer to Paul.
7:00 PM BBT Christmas tells Josh that sometimes she comes across as a cold hearted bitch but she really has a lot of feelings. She says that she just has to be tough sometimes. Paul and Alex discuss how Alex thinks the jury will vote. Alex is telling Paul where she thinks the jury votes will lie on finale night. Christmas is studying days in the BY with Josh. Paul tells Alex what he thinks about the jury votes. They discuss what each remaining HGs could argue on finale night of why they should win. Josh tells Christmas that he has not done his HOH blog yet because everyone is mad at him. Kevin walks into the kitchen and tells Paul that the water downstairs is not very hot, just lukewarm. Christmas tells Josh that she is ready for it to be top 3.
7:15 PM BBT Alex thinks there will be a surprise eviction tomorrow. Paul tells her that it might be Tuesday and she tells him that is good because she is tired of moping around. She tells him that she is done with all these counterfeits. Paul leaves the kitchen. Alex starts talking to America. She tells us that she is getting the short end of the stick and boned. She tells us that she would love to be America’s Favorite Player. Alex walks outside and gets some bedding out of the dryer and walks outside. Christmas tells Josh that Alex has checked out and that he needs to let her be pissy. Josh tells Christmas that Alex thinks she carried him to the end of the game. Christmas tells him that is not true and that he got himself through the game by winning and calling people out. Christmas tells him that she wants to study dates. Paul is working out and he tells Josh that Alex has checked out. He tells Josh that everything is Gucci. Josh goes inside. Alex is talking to herself in the have not room where she is making a bed. She says that everyone left in the house is counterfeit and not to worry Jason because she will see him soon.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin asks Paul why no one is talking to him. Paul says that everyone is just mad. Kevin says that he has not done anything and that he didn’t even put anyone on the block so he doesn’t know why anyone would be mad at him. Paul asks Kevin if it is anything new that no one is talk to him. Kevin says no it isn’t and that this game sure is weird. Paul tells him that if he hasn’t done anything then there is no reason for him to think that is why no one is talking to him. Paul goes back to working out. He tells Kevin that he will play pool with him after he is done. Alex is complaining inside that if there is not an eviction tonight that the next four days are going to be miserable. Christmas is also working out. She is on the bike. Alex is doing some stretching in the living room. She keeps calling the other HGs counterfeit little bitches. She says so much for friendship. She says that she is going to keep it classy and isn’t going to blow up anyone’s game. Alex says that she was praying Paul would win the veto and clearly she should have been praying that she would win. She calls Paul a coward and says that he is pulling a coward move right now. Kevin walks in and Alex asks him if he has the Bible. He goes and gets it for her and tells her that he would like to read it when she is done. He tells her that he reads the same parts every time as he is trying to remember it all. Kevin says that he reads the part from where Judas betrayed Jesus through His crucifixion. Alex talks under her breath that she wants to read about Cain and Abel. She continues talking to herself. She gets the Bible and goes into the have not room and starts reading. Christmas is killing her workout and Paul is too. She tells Paul that she is not eating anymore ice cream. Alex complains that this is boring and she says that she guesses this is what it feels like to be backdoored….even though she is going through the front door. She had a chance to save herself.
7:45 PM BBT Christmas is still working out. Kevin asks Paul to do him a solid and put some cream on his back. Paul says that he wants to use a paper towel. Kevin tells him that he is a good man for him to help him out. Paul asks Kevin what Alex is doing. Kevin tells Paul that Alex said she was going to read about Cain and Abel. Paul acts as if he is not familiar with the Bible and asks Kevin what the story is about. Kevin tells him that Cain killed Abel. It was like a backstabbing type incidence. Paul goes into the have not room and asks Alex if Kevin has amped up his ass kissing towards her and she tells him that he has just been nice. She tells Paul that Kevin is still not getting her jury vote. Paul claims that Kevin is worried about him coming in and talking to her and Alex says that everyone is. Paul goes outside and tells Christmas that Kevin is for sure trying to kiss up to Alex. He says that Kevin is being extra nice to her.
8:00 PM BBT Christmas says that Kevin observed the disconnect that happened earlier today and is just trying to secure a jury vote in case he gets to the finale. Alex is reading the Bible about how long some of the people lived, 815 years etc and is shocked. She is reading the Old Testament. Christmas is still working out. Paul is back to running back and forth in the BY. Paul is sitting on some exercise equipment whispering to Xmas while Kevin is sitting in a lounger butt the pool. Paul is told by production to put his mic on, he took it off so he could work out but Xmas trying to talk to him made him talk back and production wants to hear what is said. Paul walks away and continues working out.
8:15PM BBT No talk in the BY and Alex still alone in the have not room reading. Alex goes to the restroom and finally Kevin talks to Paul about the moon and Paul kicking the ball around the BY. Alex back to the room to read and paul is asked again to wear his mic.
8:30PM BBT Paul says he was 23 before coming in the house and Kevin says he is a different mentality than josh. Paul says for sure but that josh is a good kid that he just needs to move out on his own and travel a bit. Kevin talks about the music that was played this morning. Paul continues to run around the yard playing ball. Kevin continues to talk about Hockey and different players, he says that he has never watched soccer. Kevin starts talking about different soccer players, Paul asks if josh is still blogging. Paul asks Kevin if he would Ike to play pool, they try to level the table but first Paul goes inside for a minute, he comes back with some sort of towel to put under the leg.
8:45PM BBT Paul and Kevin playing pool, josh is out of the DR and Paul tells him to go ahead and do his laundry, he tells him he will do his later because he has to get something out of the HOH. . Josh goes over to where Xmas is and he goes over and asks her what’s up. He says he loves Xmas and she says the same and that she is sorry for being so hard on him. Paul says he is going to the potty and he goes to the HOh and asks if the room is open yet. He pushes the doorbell and waits and no answer. In the BY, Josh and Xmas talk about how important of a game move it is to send Alex home. Josh says he is gonna chill and he won’t talk to Alex anymore. Josh excuses himself and he says he is gonna go see what Paul is doing. He finds Paul in the kitchen and he tells josh that Alex is pulling a Cody. Paul says that she said she isn’t mad anymore she just wants to go. Josh says maybe she will be over it and won’t bad mouth us in jury. Paul says he wants to poop and eat some dark chocolate. He says it’s only 9 and they haven’t even DR us. Paul says that for sure “they hate him “ this summer. Xmas in the kitchen with Josh and they talk about the new coffee pot. Paul is in the bathroom and josh follows behind and asks him if he’s pooping. He just told him that is what he needed to do. Josh starts to sing and walks around nervously in the room. Josh talks about eating junk food for the last two days. Josh says he doesn’t understand why they gave him so little snacks. He starts eating guacamole and chips.
9:00PM BBT Kevin again sitting outside completely alone. He finally goes inside to use the restroom and josh goes into the kitchen to get a trash bag so he can throw out some trash. Kevin sees josh and asks if he would like to shoot pool and he says maybe later. Xmas says she is going to shower and then will do her laundry. Josh says that he needs to feed the fish because if he has one die on his watch all of America will hate him. Josh says that he is so lucky and grateful he had all of them and he had a great experience. Paul says he is upset because he feels like he was forced to play a different game and now he thinks all of America hates him for it. Josh says who cares what they all think, but Paul says that he had no choice. Xmas says they will only see that you went against the bad people and you can’t help if we want her out it’s not your fault. Josh says they had no choice because we didn’t coward down against all the bullies. Josh says that he is grateful he found two real friends and that they clipped all the crap fake people. Xmas says she has real feelings for Alex friendship but has to wait till they’re out of the house because if not she will win. Josh says do you want me to do the split vote and Xmas says just do it don’t make her feel like she has a split second of hope. She says that she has came to terms with it so let her go. Josh asks what the beaches are like and Paul says that they are beautiful and he will take them after it’s over. They talk about what they will wear on finale night. Paul says he will go naked and she says her dress is almost that. They talk about the BB comics and going from hero to villain.
9:15PM BBT Xmas says that she didn’t think that there was an bigger person to bring to the end to snipe. The three talk about the language this season and Xmas says that Paul,Alex and Jason were horrible with the language. Josh brags about who cares what the jury thinks because they played themselves and how they ruined the Americas sweethearts. Paul asks if he should wear her cat ears or her petty hat during their final goodbyes. Josh wonders what Alex will say at jury and they all say that they don’t care what they say or think about them. Josh says one of them will win and he doesn’t care if they hate him when they get out. Xmas says that Kevin will be forgotten about and that he is nothing and no one will care about him. Paul says he is for sure drained. Josh says he needs a beer, blunt and some girl. Xmas says that she needs not a girl she needs a man, with her beer and blunt. Josh says he wants to watch Lion King and Toy Story. Josh says that they are gonna have a party the rest of the week and terrorize Kevin, Xmas says that they might have a eviction this Wednesday and Thursday. Paul says no that they aren’t and he knows everything. He believes they are having an eviction either Monday or Tuesday.
9:30PM BBT Xmas asks what happens to the F3 evictee and Paul tells them about what happens on the final show. Paul asks where Kevin is and Xmas laughs and says that he is camping outside the door. Josh says that they should start crap and maybe a food fight. Xmas that they should hold off till it’s the final 3 because they don’t wanna look or sound arrogant. Paul mentions his friendship with Victor and josh asks if they are close. Paul says you will meet him, he is a cool dude. They talk about how Alex is acting and that she will possibly calm down and wanna talk tomorrow or the next day. Xmas says she hopes that she leaves soon so that they can get the show on the road. Xmas shows her foot and the guys get grossed out. Josh lays in the bed and asks if anyone wants to cuddle, Xmas gets in the shower and Paul and josh go downstairs to check the laundry.
9:45PM BBT Josh is concerned with the laundry sheets says he is not a seventh generation fan and he likes tide. Paul says to rack the balls he will play one more. Josh is in the kitchen trying to dance and Paul is looking for something to eat. Kevin and Paul get ready to play, Alex still in the HN reading. Kevin asks if Alex and Josh are in a better mood, Paul says it takes a toll on him. Kevin says that they only thing I can say is that she would have definitely done it to you. Kevin asks if she is talking to Paul yet and he says she is upset but at least she is talking to me.
10:00 PM BBT Backyard Paul and Kevin shooting pool. Kevin saying he is not sure of what is going on with his shooting. Neither of them are playing good tonight. Both just shooting whatever they can and not making any shots. Paul says I f ed up and gave you the shot and present. Kevin says if you make this then I get 7 shots to your one. I can’t believe this Kevin says good thing there are no cameras working here. Kevin says take the pool table out of the yard it is over now. 7 balls to none Kevin tells Josh that he got whooped on. Worst game all summer. Josh laying on the hammock Paul and Kevin go back and talk to him. Paul walking around the back wall and hits his head on the frame for the windows covers. Josh says to production Ok BB how about a joke and BB says Josh. Kevin says he never heard them tell any jokes. Josh telling Paul to hold his shoulders back and don’t hump and Kevin says that is what he told Elena too. Paul looking the corner of the backyard and Josh says here is Paul staring into the corner. Paul says wouldn’t it have been good if he came out here every day and did this and see what others thought. Kevin is spinning the Hula hoop and tossing it out and having it roll back to him and Josh is just amazed that he can do that. Josh says he has a magnet in his hand and it is coming back to the magnet. Kevin shows his how it is done and Josh says he cannot do that. Paul tried it and cannot make the hoop come back to him it rolls to the pool end. Josh is just amazed that Kevin can do that with the hoop. Kevin and Paul tossing it back and forth. Kevin says there is nothing to do but throw a hula hoop back and forth. Kevin says OK now a Hula Hoop contest with Paul. HN room Alex is trying to go to sleep with lights out. Backyard Kevin and Paul playing Hula hoop comeback game and Josh doing the circus music for them as they play. BB Josh please go to DR. Josh says WHY I don’t want to. Kevin asks Paul what night do you think we are going to play the double eviction. Paul says Tuesday or Wednesday. Kevin asks what happens after the comp Paul says it will be three and you got to win or that is it. Kevin asks if it physical thing or not? Paul then says it will be endurance type of comp.
10:15 PM BBT Backyard Paul and Kevin still shooting pool Alex in bed trying to sleep in HN room Christmas is in HOH room showering. Kevin asks what next? Paul says they get a brunch made for the final three Kevin says what did you get and Paul says Bacon and egg waffles.. Josh comes to back door and tell Kevin and Paul he has a message to give them and calls them inside. Josh goes to get Alex and Christmas in the HOH room still showering. Josh says he feels bad that Alex is sleeping in the HN room and wanted Christmas to tell her she can sleep in the other room. He has a paper to read and it has something to do with fun. Living room all HG present except Christmas she is slow. Paul asks if he can eat it and Josh says something and BB says JOSH. Christmas comes in We got a message from POP You have been working the season hard now make a UNICORN milk shake. We are having a Milkshake part Thanks POP Paul says. Paul says that Orwell as Paul brings out a good bag from SR they have been hooked up with all kinds of good stuff. We are going to have the best milkshakes ever Josh says. Alex is not coming out and Paul asks isn’t she coming out. Christmas says can we keep this blender for smoothies tomorrow?
10:30 PM BBT They are all wearing Unicorn hats Josh has two on since Alex is not out there with them.Each of them is making their own milkshakes and Paul says Thanks POPS for this. Christmas says we get to make smoothies now with protein and all. Paul says can you read this to me. Kevin reads it SPRINKLES. Josh says they gave us instructions for this and picks up a card that says “Mix ice cream and ingredients.” Paul says put the strawberries in the Christmas you are not doing it right. Josh says Christmas broke our milkshake machine. Christmas says it is perfect milkshake. Paul says she played herself. Paul says you for sure played me. Christmas says she it is perfect here I did not want strawberry. Christmas says she is going to do a vanilla shake and Paul says he wants to microwave something. Josh says this will not bring the boys outback this time. Christmas asks if Kevin wants some and Kevin says he wants to try some of everything. Christmas says she needs to to hurry as these boys are getting horny and Paul yells horny. Paul sprays some whipped cream into his mouth. Josh holds his shake up to the camera and says this is how you make a shake. Christmas says this is why we all exercised earlier. Christmas asks what are these dots and Kevin says food coloring.Paul says these are not good and Christmas points out that you have ice cream all over your beard how can you deny they are not good.. They all complain about the paper straws. Josh says they must have contacted POP all the way in LA and said Josh needs something and they POP said we will send this to him. Josh starts to sing “we have a friend” and BB says JOSH. BB Please stop singing to Josh. Josh is playing with the Owl on table. Paul asks Josh why are you gassing yourself up? Alex in HN room reading Bible. Kitchen Kevin Paul Josh and Christmas enjoying the milkshakes.
10:45 PM BBT Christmas says now we have more junk food to eat Kevin says if we are done then I will start to put the rest away. Paul having trouble opening some of the candies. Christmas asks if that went as good as PO wanted it to go? Paul asks how did you corner the market on these napkins and Christmas tells him they ordered. They are all getting sick from too much sweets. Josh tells Paul you have milkshake on your beard clean it. Paul says I don’t feel too good POP and Josh says same thing here my stomach hurts. Josh hurts himself running away from Paul and Christmas says you did that to yourself and Paul says he Played himself. Josh says that was and Awesome milkshake party and something about having a party with owl and Christmas and Paul says WHAT? He is weird and he will see that someday. Paul asks what do you do with this stuff holding a bottle and Christmas says eat it and poop colors for a week. Paul says milkshakes brings boys to the yard. Christmas talking to camera and says you guys must feel like we do. No Janga Christmas says. Pauls says Thanks PoP you make fat one day at a time. Backyard sitting in Hammock talking to camera about how everyone had their “ride or Die” but he had the best one he had Orwell the Owl just see run that clip. As he is hugging Orwell on hammock. Paul looks out the door and Josh says me and Orwell are having a talk about you. Paul asks did you take your laundry out? Josh says NO. JOsh says that milkshake has messed him all up. Telling Orwell that he has friends for him at home his dogs. Paul tells him he cannot take it home it is part of the house. Josh says he has too as this thing for telling Orwell everything. Paul walks by back wall and hits his head on the shower handle again and says if he does this again. Paul asks Josh if he has had the Captain Crunch Cappuccino before he has to try it. It tastes just like Captain Crunch
11:00 PM BBT Backyard Josh is going crazy saying that the milkshakes must have something in them as they were all being sad before but now they are happy as he yells WHY and there must have been drugs in the milkshakes. Paul says now we cannot give him alcohol or milkshakes now it is too hard for him. Christmas comes out and hula hoops and Paul says to Josh to put is stuff away and josh says can you see everything and Christmas says if he can everyone can see it. Josh asks BB if he can keep Orwell and Paul grabs Orwell and runs away with it from Josh. Paul jumps in the pool on the Pink Flamingo. Josh is losing it . Josh says give me Orwell and Paul says no why should I. Josh says because Orwell has been my buddy this whole summer. Josh says they get to beat me up all summer and I get called out every time lol. Christmas is throwing the hula hoop and having it return to her and Josh says do it again and she throws it at him. Paul says he is gassed and going to bed. Christmas hula hooping . Josh says about calling him things and Pauls says if he hears about potty mouth one more time. Paul says he is going to wake Josh up after he goes to sleep. Paul says eight day and a wake up. Josh says he was having a good night in the hammock and you came along and f ed it up. Josh says the milkshake was a bad idea my sugar levels are all messed up. Paul says he is in a sugar coma. You played yourself Josh Paul says. They fure sure put drugs in the milkshakes Josh says I feel like a meatball and Paul says you look like a meatball. Paul says I am going to put your close on the ground Josh say put it in the white bag there. Josh rubbing the horn hat on his head says this feels good and CHristmas says just image how good that massage is going to feel. Josh ask Kevin if he enjoyed his milkshake or not Kevin says yes he did.
11:15 PM BBT Backyard Christmas riding stationary bike and Josh still rubbing his head with the horn hat and saying this feels so good.Kevin asks Christmas if she falls to sleep real fast when she goes to bed or not? She says sometimes. Pal says he is going to bed and Kevin says he is going in to read then go to sleep too. Christmas is going Josh on hammock. Christmas says you have increased your social skills in here. Josh asks Why ? Is it because I held the hammock for you? She yes that is it. Josh says he is going to work out in the morning and CHristmas says yes you will need to as Alex will not be social for the rest of the time in here. They are talking about what day it is and Josh said today is the 10th and tomorrow in the 11th and they both realise that tomorrow in 9-11 Josh says he wonders if they will give them a time for memorial and Christmas says probably not but they can go into the Apple room and talk about where they were and what they was doing then. They Josh and CHristmas switch the talk to how Christmas did so good after her foot and how she has fought the way through it all. She says that no one else would have been able to stay after they broke it like she did folding it in half and shattering it so badly. Paul walks back out the back yard and Josh calls him Puta.. something and Paul call him back the same and Josh says you have called me that the whole summer and Paul says You taught me that fraise. Josh tells Paul to sit down and Paul says he cannot as his shorts are wet. Josh says we have to get together as CHristmas will be there in New York and so will you so we need to go see the tree.
11:30 PM BBT Paul says about taking them to a great bar where they wear lab coats and mix great drinks. Paul asks them if they like snails? Christmas says yes but Josh says NO. Paul goes to sit on hammock and Christmas says are going to sit on my face? Paul says yes. They start to talk about the Comic and how Paul need to be Gumpy and Josh is Potty mouth. Josh says he was Meatball not Potty mouth. Start talking about how they cannot wait to see the cuts of how they ruined the great relationship with Cody and Jessica. Things goes wild and screaming about and making fun about how she talked. Paul tells about how when they first was talking about he friendship and what Jessica like in a man as she was sitting on his lap she said Tall blonde hair and Paul just thought that is everything he is not. Teasing about how Cody just wanted to take her to Texas Road House after the show. Then how Mark was in the Jury house and every week someone comes in and Mark asks what? Christmas says she was never a villain before she came into BB house. BB Christmas please go to DR. Josh grabs Orwell and says OK milkshake party is over now and they all walk into house. Kevin follows them in. HN room ALex says these mother fuckers cannot look at me is because they are such cowards. The goes back to reading the bible. Bathroom Christmas says goodnight to Kevin and then yells out goodnight again. HOH room Josh comes into the room and hears Paul in shower and thinks Paul is there to scare him Paul says not just turn off the lights. Josh asks if we feed the fish or not. Kevin in Green BR reading.
11:45 PM BBT House is dark now everyone going to bed. Paul still in shower in HOH RM. Backyard Alex came outside to play with the Hula Hoop by herself. Cannot wait till I can play Survivor and beat people Alex says. All of the them son of bitches . I should have listened to Jason. The three are all shady Paul is a total boner I guess I got played at least my friendship card in intack . Thank you POP for the milkshake. Paul is afraid of me. I don’t hate Paul he is going to get my vote he is a douche but he gets my vote. SHe has never seen a bigger bunch of pussies. Don’t be a bitch.I should have listens to Jason Paul played me I guess his friendship is not that important to him after all. Paul is not standing up to what he says all along. That Stupid bitch stole 5k from me in the comp. She says she is sorry for going on it is because this is all she has to do until Thursday. When Paul cried to me it was a bunch of fake bullshit. Christmas is a liar saying my foot hurts so much. I am sorry I am being so salty she says. Douche bags I cannot do anything because of you all.

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