Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 9th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 9th

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12:00 AM BBT Paul says that this game teaches you to face your problems. He says that it’s going to prepare you for the outside world. Paul says when you put a bunch of people. He says to not attach yourself to people. Paul brings up the live eviction. He says that later on she’s going to laugh at this later on. Jessica says that she was cowardly and just waited for the cameras. Paul says that it’s gonna get worse. Paul says that she’s going to be like “what the fuck?” when she reads what people have said about her. Paul says that people say . Jessica says that when people realize that she didn’t lie, that others will just say oh well. Paul says to not care. Paul says that last season he would cry in the hammock due to him missing stuff from the outside. Paul says that houseguests need a de-stresser in the house. Paul says that this house will break you. Paul says that he has it tough right now. Jessica disagrees. Paul says that America probably gave him that power ‘cause of Cody’s DRs. Paul says that his back is against the wall 24/7. Paul says that it’s a gamble once you get to final 8, saying that if you lose a comp, there’s a good chance that you’ll be the next one gone. Paul says that impossible to win this game, considering that he’s the only vet.
12:15 AM BBT Paul says that he’s here to play a game. Paul says that he enjoys people being verbally “saying shit” to him. He says that “if you’re a dick” to him on the outside, he no longer hangs out with them. He mentions that some people have done that to him from last season on the outside. Paul says that there’s people that hate losing, and that’s a character trait. He says that he doesn’t have that character trait. Jess says that she’s fine if people go after her. She says that she’s not going to just lay down and die. Jess says that she still doesn’t want out, despite what’s happening in this game. Jess thanks Paul for not putting up both her and Cody at the same time. Paul asks her who gave her the curse. She says that it’s Christmas, considering that she laughed at her frog costume. Jess says that she was blindsided. Paul says “welcome to Big Brother.” He says that people have lied to him. He says that Ramses was going to go against w. Jess says that Ramses said that Jillian is her best friend and he didn’t vote her out. Mark and Elena come in to get Christmas’s pillow. After they leave, he discusses a comp that he competed in last season.
12:30 AM BBT The convo goes to Kevin briefly. Jess says that she woke up to one of Kevin’s stories and was crying laughing. Jess says that she wants to know what he got on his IQ test. Paul says that he’s a genius, says that his IQ it must be really high or else he wouldn’t be on the show. Before Jess leaves, Paul says that he hopes that his advice was, then stops mid-sentence and says that he’s alone in this game. Jess says that at least it’s nice that he has people kissing his ass. Paul says that it’s temporary. He says that if you win HoH, you’ll have people kissing your ass too. she hugs Paul and thanks him for the talk. He tells her to keep her head up. After she leaves, Paul turns to the camera and makes the “blowing his brains out” motion. He says “give me a fucking break” and complains about her whining about the game being hard. He questions why cast so many babies this season.
12:45 AM BBT Matthew and Christmas are talking game in the Apple Room. Matt says to her that she needs to stay in Jason’s ear. Christmas says that he performs better under pressure. Paul enters. Matthew asks about his convo with Jess. Paul says that that was the weirdest conversation he’s had in his life. “Don’t talk to me.” He says that she said that the game is stacked in her favor, so jokingly tells them that they can just collect their 2-week stipend and go home. He says that she said that she wanted to just talk about personal stuff, then when they go up to HoH, she starts talking game. He says that he did take advantage of that conversation to get some info. Elena and Mark enter. He keeps talking about his conversation with Jessica. He says that he kept emphasizing “so when Cody’s gone…” He brings up what Ramses said. Elena asks if he’s going to confront him. He says no, that he’s going to mention it in his veto speech. He says that he’s going to go through the various medallions and act like it’s a mistake, take out the PoP that saved him last week, then the HoH key that put him in power, then the veto. Paul says “I want him to be ridiculed by a man wearing a purple fanny pack.”
1:00 AM BBT Alex and Kevin are talking in the green bedroom. Alex says that if they keep their head down, they will wipe each other out. She says to let them think they are in control. As long as we are not the target, there is no reason to start a war.” She says if Jason doesn’t get on board, they cannot help him. She says to Kevin that he has to distance himself from Jason. Kevin asks where Dom is in all of this. Alex says that she is playing the best game without getting her hands dirty. Alex says to not trust Christmas, and says she’s going after Jason. She says to keep her close.
1:15 AM BBT They mention that Cameron didn’t come to the photoshoot. In the HoH, Dom is reading the bible in bed. Paul enters and tells Dominique about his convo with Jessica. Alex is talking to Christmas in the Apple Room. Mark tells Alex that the targets in the coming weeks are Jessica, Ramses, and Josh. Alex says that she tried to get information out of someone, but couldn’t.
1:30 AM BBT Elena is called to the DR, but Alex rushes out to ask Elena to let Christmas go first so she could get her medicine. Alex and Christmas walk to the DR, and Alex speaks into her mic to ask BB to let Christmas inside first to get her medicine. In the bathroom, Ramses Elena Matthew and Raven are talking about the timed PoV comp. Elena says that she would bet her stipend that she gagged 40 or 50 times. In the kitchen, Alex is talking to Mark about Ramses lying. Mark is wondering about the votes, and asks Ramses. Ramses says that she voted to evict Christmas. Ramses says that he knows that everyone thinks it was him that flipped. Alex says that it might be Kevin.
1:45 AM BBT All the houseguest are heading to bed, but Paul was still talking game, and Kevin was telling one of his stories. Ramses says that you can hear them vacuuming in the backyard, so they’re just cleaning up now. In the rose bedroom, Raven says to Matthew that Christmas is using her broken foot for game sympathy. Raven says that it wasn’t smart of Paul to talk to Jessica.
2:00 AM BBT Christmas and Mark are talking in the kitchen, Mark says he likes to go to the gym and go home by himself. He likes it when they have the backyard. He tells Christmas that he enjoys talking and hanging out with some people in this house. They head to the washroom. In the Rose Room Raven and Matt are talking about general things and joking around. Matt is saying that he used a harsh tone with Ramses. He says he is struggling with when to give people advice or let them play their own game. Raven is telling him she burnt her fingers on the stove. In the washroom Mark and Christmas are talking about when they came into the house. Christmas said she came into the house pretty wounded but knew she had a game to play. She is telling him that she thought she would be a mentor to him but is learning that there is a lot she can learn from him. He says he is very emotional with her and Dominique and is trying to be the same way with Elena. He says the connection he has with her is very rare in his live. He says most people in his life are focused on the physical aspect of working out and it is more than that to him. Christmas is telling him that she is very grateful for meeting him. She says there is a side to him that she never seen at the beginning, she is glad that she has finally got to see it. Back in the Rose Room Raven and Matt are talking about personal things. Matt asks her if she uses fake nails, she tells him no that after she lost her nails and they grew back she lets them grow. She then tells him how to take care of fingernails. He is telling her that he has to go into the Have Not Room and make his bed as he hasn’t done that yet. Raven is telling him about going to her hair dresser. She says she talks to her and considers it a form of therapy, as it is interaction with a human. She tells Matt he can’t kill her because his game would be over.Raven is kicking him out of bed, he says YES MA’AM. The camera goes to the HOH Room where Paul and Dominique are in bed talking about what Cody does outside the house. Dominique says he is still works with the military. She says he was a military brat. Paul asks what that was. She tells him it is a child who is parent was in the military.
2:15 AM BBT Still in the HOH Paul and Dominique are now talking about Ramses and him not remembering his score from high school. Both Paul and Dominique say that is a lie because they both remember theirs. Paul says Ramses has a bad poker face he goes white. He says he can tell when Jason is lying too, as he will not look you in the eyes. Paul says his sister on paper is very smart but put her in the middle of a city she is lost, she has no street smart. Back in the washroom Christmas and Mark are talking about when Mark started into body building. He says he had no girls in his life or friends he just body build. Christmas says he has to get out of his comfort zone, he agrees with her. He says this is like a summer camp, it may get him out of his comfort zone. Raven goes into the shower, Christmas says she embraces being out of her comfort zone because it opens up more doors for her in life. She says up to the age of 22 she wasted her life but now at 35 she feels different and willing to embrace what comes. She says that maybe still single. She says she is okay with being broken again. Mark says I would be happy being like you instead of with someone and be unhappy. Christmas says humans are made to be partnered up, and want more. She says there are people like her that think you get more from within yourself. Where others think you get more from other people. She says she is happy with her work, she says when she is single she is single, when she is in a relationship she is in a relationship. She also tells him that she has put so much in a relationship that her work suffered which is a double blow to her heart. She asks Mark what he plans to do when he leaves here. He wants to develop a program that will get him out there. She tells him that is what she does, she tells him to contact her outside the house, she has people that can help him. He says he wants to keep talking to her, she agrees with him by saying the more he talks to her she can get her team to help him. Raven gets out of the shower but is not joining into the conversation.In the HOH Room Paul and Dominique are talking about foods that are not good for you. Dominique is telling him about her ex who was born on the same day as her but not the same year. She is telling him about him telling her to watch the Food Channel. All cameras go back to the washroom with Christmas and Mark who are working out a plan for Mark when he leaves the house. The cameras go back to the HOH Room where Dominique is telling him she is going to Africa in the fall. She says she got really cheap tickets, she is going to go with a friends’ family. They are saying that Kevin is smart and funny. Paul says he likes it when you thank him he gets all red. Paul says he is going to have a fan base, Paul agrees if he doesn’t quit. Dominique agrees he misses his family so much. They agree that Kevin thinks Josh is insane. Paul says he can’t wait to see what Kevin does next.
2:30 AM BBT Dominique is saying no one could sleep last night as it was way to hot. Paul says he can’t wait to get outside tomorrow. Dominique agrees saying she wants to eat and go outside to work out. The conversation there stops. Back in the washroom Christmas and Mark are still talking about their lives outside of the house. Christmas is telling him about the people who works for her. She says she hand picked them for her team. She says she knows how everything works so if something falls off she can pick it up. Mark says he loves helping people. Christmas tells him he has a lot to offer. They head to the kitchen where Raven is. Christmas says she wants her meds so she can go to bed. Mark asks where Elena is Raven says still in DR. Raven leaves the kitchen and Christmas and Mark are preparing a late night snack.
2:45 AM BBT They are both making sandwiches to eat. There is really no conversation going on just opening packages. Christmas asks him where he wants to go, he tells her he always thought Texas but he really doesn’t know. Raven reenters the kitchen.Christmas asks the fans to send her a German mustard, she tells Mark it is the best mustard around. Raven says a whole container of chocolate milk exploded today when it fell out of the fridge. Mark is saying Jason tried a bowl of slop and asked to see the list of what else he is allowed to eat. Raven says she is waiting for Elena. She also says she is glad she didn’t get picked for the comp, considering what they had to eat THOR would not be happy. They hear a noise out in the backyard and rush over to see. They realize that the backyard is just about to open. They all agree that they are happy about that. Christmas is telling them that the reason they told her that she tore some ligaments was because they looked at the wrong xray. They called her back because of her pain level. She says they told her that they were going to try for Monday for her to go back but she hasn’t heard anything yet. All the other HGS are sleeping but Elena who is still in Dr. Christmas is headed to the bedroom so she can put her leg up. Mark says he is going to have a shower but first may eat some more as he is still hungry. Raven heads to the washroom to start her night time routine. Elena finally came out of the DR. She is telling them what she asks for in DR. Christmas says she is going to bed. Elena says Did you just stay up to get your meds. She says yes, Elena tells her she requests her meds for her. Mark and Elena are in the washroom, Mark is having a shower.
3:00 AM BBT Still in the washroom Elena is relaxing while Mark showers. Elena says she hopes the backyard is open in the morning. Mark tells her it was open but it closed again so they figure they forgot to do something but it should be opened in the morning. Elena said she was going to bed Mark tells her he will meet her there. Elena heads out to bed Mark still in shower.
3:15 AM BBT In the Rose Room Raven and Elena are talking about the comp that Elena just finished. Elena says she got thru the first 2 parts easily. She said the food part was hard and then she had trouble finding the passport. They are now talking about Paul and his fan base, they agree that he has a target on himself. Elena says he has more Big Brother Fans than they do. The conversation now goes to Jessica and Cody, Elena is saying that she doesn’t hate them, she just doesn’t like the way they played the game. Christmas comes in and Elena asks her if she needs help. Christmas says how fun is this GIRLS NIGHT yeah. Elena says she should tell Mark to sleep in the Have Not Room, Raven says Yeah in the same bed as Matt. Christmas says she is going to go home and when the doorbell rings she is going to say who is coming in the house. Raven is trying to mimic Christmas’s snore from this afternoon. Mark has entered the Rose Room. Mark says he didn’t hear her as he was sleeping. Elena says she was sleeping on the storage room floor then had to go do a life changing comp. Raven starts telling a story Kevin told them today and all cameras go to sleeping HGS. Cameras go back to the Rose Room Elena said when she got to the food one she thought of just sitting there and timing herself out. Elena says she would do it all over again to make sure Paul won. The conversation now goes to past conversations that they have all had with Ramses.
3:30 AM BBT Christmas says her plan was to break her foot, not only break her foot but plan to fall off Jason’s back and have him fall on it. They are now talking about voting Cody out on Thursday. She says she is normally not this revengeful. She says she has a hard time wrapping her head around someone doing what he did when they have a great team and a good plan. He went maverick. Christmas says Jessica’s approach messed it up for him. She became paranoid and aggressive. Elena says she is thinking about the whole series of events. She says at the time it sucked but it actually turned out to be a blessing. Christmas says what am I going to say for my first vote. She practises saying somethings. She says this is the fun part but when we have to vote of each other it won’t be fun. They all agree that when it gets to that point it won’t be personal. Elena says she gets not trusting but not this week, this week he could have trusted. Christmas says it was a good show tonight. Elena says Mark told her she was in the DR for 2 hours Christmas says closer to 1 and half hours. Elena says Paul says the Veto Ceremony will be on Monday. Christmas says Jessica laughed yesterday and came to the show today because she knew what was/ is going to happen. Raven gets up to turn off the light. They all say goodnight to each other. They think it is closer to 4. They are hoping they don’t have to get up early in the morning. Looks like all HGS are finally calling it a night and going to sleep.
3:45 AM BBT – 8:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 9th

8:01 AM BBT Good Morning HGS it is time to get up. Feeds go down for wake up call.
8:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with some of the HGS up and slowly moving around. Paul is in the HOH washroom.In the Green Room Alex is tidying up her stuff. Josh comes in and says Good Morning A. Alex tells him she does not like that. Paul is in the kitchen, he heads into the storage room and says Good Morning to Kevin. Kevin says he doesn’t remember his sleep so he thinks he had a good one. He said he was the first one to sleep which is the first time since he entered the house. Alex is carrying her laundry and tells Paul they are locking us outside for a little bit. Paul asks her who said she tells him DR. Matt is making some coffee. Mark joins him in the kitchen. Raven enters the kitchen for a minute. In the Rose Room Christmas asks Ramses what time is it. He says early as shit. She asks him to grab her water bottle.Christmas leaves the room Ramses is still packing up stuff. Mark enters Ramses tells him Alex said they were locking them outside in 20 minutes. Jessica has been told by Big Brother that there are fresh batteries in the storage room to please change her batteries. Kevin is telling them to line up their loads of laundry in some type of order. Elena comes out and says she needs her beauty sleep.Josh laughs and says she is the star of the show how dare they wake her up. Jessica is up and fixing her hair. Big Brother has told the Houseguests this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door. Dominique is still in bed, she is just getting up now.
8:30 AM BBT The HGS are still trying to get outside. Big Brother has told them again It is a lockdown to go outside and close the sliding glass door. Elena is complaining that she was in the DR til 3 am and did not go to bed til 4 am, and they got them up at 8 am. . The HGS are trying to hurry and get stuff to take outside with them. Big Brother keeps reminding them it is a lockdown. Out in the backyard Jason and Cody are sitting on a lily pad.Jason points out the ants Cody says with the right cleaning product I could kill those suckers, but the cleaning products here are food for them. Jessica has joined Cody and Jason on the lily pad. Paul and Kevin are sitting over by the pool. Kevin is doing a fast count and says 2 people are missing. Paul points out that only Elena is missing. The blinds came down just as Elena comes out. Big Brother has told them to lower the outside blinds. Paul says he lowered the blinds for 99 days last season someone else can do it. Mark and Josh are doing the blinds. Ramses and Elena are also helping with the blinds. Paul says one less person this week. Paul says the house will calm down. Kevin is going over to check out his laundry.
8:45 AM BBT Raven Matt and Elena are lying down on a lounge chair. Elena said she was really mad this morning as she did not get out of DR until 3 am, by the time she got to bed it was 4 am. Feeds go down as Elena was complaining about DR. She asks if anyone was else was called. Raven said no they stopped with you. Raven says Kevin got up at 7 to walk the yard. Paul has joined them. Raven tells Paul to ask Kevin about his Viagra story as it was funny. Over on the lily pad Jessica Cody and Jason are talking among themselves. Jason says everyone is tight I’m just floating. He says this is like walking into a bullpen blindfolded you just don’t know what will happen. Cody is wishing he picked the other key for the HN temptation. Cody and Jessica start kissing. In other parts of the yard the other HGS are talking about why they are on lockdown. Feeds go down. They come back up a couple of minutes later with Elena still complaining about being called into the DR late. She is wondering why Mark gave the hammock up to Josh. She says she could cuddle with anyone in the house but not Josh at this time. Kevin and Ramses are talking on one of the couches Kevin asks him how he feels about today the 7-9-1-7. He says he doesn’t know yet,Kevin tells him to move his water out of the sun, he doesn’t want him to drink boiled water. They discuss what Kevin’s family would be up to. On the lily pad, Jody is kissing making out, Jason is laying on his back eyes closed.
9:00 AM BBT Cody teases about if there is a battle back how he would respond coming back in. They discuss how after Cody is out this week they want Jess to be out next week so if there is battle back they can talk and discuss who will come back in and if not then they are out the house together. Mark and Dom sitting together Mark is sharing how “SHE” wouldn’t open up to him, or couldn’t. He is missing her hard and Dom ask what about her are you missing. It’s not companionship he has that and it’s not someone really different he has that with Elena. He says talking with Dom helps she always makes him feel better. Dom asks could that be representative of something else? He isn’t sure, it makes sense but he needs to articulate it. Dom says this is abnormal, you hesitated. He still hasn’t answered, Kevin is walking the yard. Mark says he has never missed girls and he has known many girls for a lot longer but still didn’t miss them. He thinks it’s the emphasis on comparison to his mom. Dom tells him it’s sounds like he is just really missing his mom. Dom asks if he has looked in the Mirror lately, with a small little laugh. HG LOCK DOWN IS OVER. (9:10 AM) Dom tells him it is perfectly fine to miss your mom and to say that is what it is instead of placing it on an Ex because she is tangible. Mark says it just comes out of nowhere. Dom feels another thing is that he is giving someone else access to his heart and it opens up things that are unsettled. Dom and him continue to talk about it, on the lily pad Jody continues to cuddle together and Jason laying on his side.
9:15 AM BBT Jody begins talking about dressy outfits he would only wear a suit if it was tailored to hit his body perfectly. He wouldn’t mind wearing his Dress blues though. Cody hops to swap the laundry out. Jody heads in the house discussing which lily pad to go to go. Elena walks by out of the WR and BB says THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY. They make it to the room and cody gets ready to head to the WR. Outside Dom is still talking and comforting and giving advice to Mark. Mark says he is glad Dom is there to help him, She is glad to be there to help him as much Jealousy it produces. She asks if he has shared with Elena how he misses his mom, a little bit he has tried but only a few people he can be open with. He has a hard time opening up and being vulnerable with others but its so easy with her, she is a special woman. Kevin gets on the Hammock for the first time. Dom and Mark continue to talk, Dom shares that she asks guys what is their consensus on her as a friend or a dating mate and they all have told her “ waiting on the real you to come out” she had to learn not to be so open and trusting, She warns him about when he leaves BB he needs to be careful and use self discipline about letting people getting in and emotionally attached.
9:30 AM BBT In the HN room Cody and Jess on the lily pad all cuddled up. Dom and Mark still talking outside on the pool lounge chair. She tells him it’s okay to be vulnerable and emotional and still look and be tough. Mark asks if this being a game is the situation I am in with Elena good or bad? He feels that she is guarded and doesn’t open up but he becomes more and more open and vulnerable the more he falls for her. “What do I do in the situation? ” Dom says be you and treat it as you have 10 weeks and just be you. She doesn’t feel that this would last long out of the house. He says he is being himself but putting up with no response longer than the Mark outside the house. Kevin tries to get off the hammock but falls off. Dom and Mark go back to their conversation after laughing. Dom gives him the advice of make sure this is what you really want and have deep intimate non Sexual conversations and make your decisions. Kevin folds his laundry, Cody is starting a load, Jason still on the lily pad napping.
9:45 AM BBT Mark and Dom have moved to the Hammock ( in the shade) Cody is back in HN with Jess, Kevin is putting his clothes away. Dom tells him if he ever needs or wants to talks she is always there. Josh comes out saying he thinks Cody has the shits he keeps going it the RR and he just has to pee ( Cody is not in the RR and hasn’t been for over 5 min). He tries to use the restroom that is outside for their comps/lockouts. Jason is up and in the kitchen making slop. Dom suggests Mark mention E T in his post show interview to maybe help get his career start in motivational speaking. Jason makes some slop in KT. BB calls out ribbit Toads must remain on their lily pads. Jason moves to sit on KT floor.Dom is going to lay back down. Mark Thanks her for listening. Matk remains in Hammock. HG MUST REMAIN AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 9th
10:00 AM BBT Mark and Kevin discuss which days are birthdays this week.KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Kevin asks if Mark ate yet. Kevin heads in to make food. Jason hates the slop Kevin reminds him it’s only his second day. Kevin wonders where everyone is. Jason mentions he had his jaw wired shut for 6 weeks once and lost 30 pounds. Jason slept better last night in the spike bed than the regular. Mark comes in and makes Kevin some breakfast.
Jason hates that the lily pad outside is in the direct sun and he can’t take off the toad suit. HG MUST REMAIN AWAKE BETWEEN 10AM AND 10PM. Kevin suggests they really clean or the ants will only get worse. Alex looks like she is napping in BY on yoga mat.Kevin Josh Mark and Jason in KT.Matt wanders to WR. Mark is making Kevin something to eat. Alex comes inside to change.
10:15 AM BBT Alex plops down on bed and BB SAYS ALEX PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. she has to go back outside to get it.Kevin says he stayed up to 2:30AM. Kevin insists they take everything out of KT due to the ants. He is freaking over the ants. Alex collapses on the LR couch. Kevin says he hasn’t slept since June 14th. Josh complains about the same thing. That was when BB came to get them YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. RIBBIT. Jason says the ants are crawling all over him.” I’m going to start eating them I am a toad”JASON PLEASE STOP WHISTLING. Cody hops to the WR. Alex asks Kevin to bring her a pencil. She thanks him and crosses herself. Jason hops to LR lily pad. He wants the DR so he can ask for more Protein powder. Alex is worried over her glasses. Someone took them. Matthew takes out the trash to SR. Jason again says he slept pretty good on spike bed.
10:30 AM BBT HG MUST BE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM. Alex and Jason start whispering and using hand gestures. She is telling Jason what the other side is thinking about him. That they need to try and break up showmances. ALEX PLEASE MOVE I know my necklace i’m fixing it. Cody joins the LR and Alex quiets down. Alex tells him they are keeping her on the block. Yeah I know I’m going out says Cody. Cody isn’t sure if he should be flattered at all they are doing to get him out. Cody will say bye to Alex and Jason before eviction so he can give Jessica all his last moments. Cody says put the women up it will show how loyal they are after that.And if there is a battle back I’ll smoke them all and be back in the house. For revenge.Raven and Matthew are in the KT making small talk. Alex says the days will go faster now that they have a schedule. MATT PLEASE REATTACH YOUR MIC.Cody discusses the land care industry in Texas. Matt whispers to Raven about eviction day.
10:45 AM BBT Cody is going to check Laundry. Alex tells Raven and Matt about telling Cody about staying on the block. They all high five. Jessica comes in.They say you’re not hopping. She goes oh wow I forgot. Jessica heads out and immediately goes into cuddle mode with Cody. Kevin goes into GR mumbling and grumbling to Ramses. The Frogs are going to leap into the pool no pun intended. Matt whispers into Alex’s ear. She tells Jason they want her to keep an eye on him. Matt and Kevin dig into the laundry in BY.Alex tells Jason they think he is part of an overthrow plan. Cody joins them in LR. Cody asks if they will blow up as many games as possible. That if the couples are this disloyal to him what will they do to each other. That the other side will pick off the strong players and then it will be a boring season. He has never seen Men so afraid of women in a comp. Jessica and Raven chat while Jessica swims.
11:00 AM BBT Cody goes on to talk about the comp and Paul. He calls all the HG are so disloyal. He makes some rude comments. Alex says we just have to bide our time and make the jury. Nobody remembers the first people out. How their Favorite players work both Cody and Alex didn’t like the other Cody. They wonder about Megan. Cody wonders if the military really watches when others are on. Alex really got stuck on the math problem in the CBS questionnaire. Ramses is up and in the KT. Jessica just sits in swan in the pool.Kevin asks if Jessica wants some company. Cody. Alex and Jason whisper and downgrade other HG. Cody was mad that Josh and Ramses owe loyalty to Jillian and he was so mad when she left.Calls them Judas. Cody wants Alex to win game.
11:15 AM BBT Cody says his HOH blog now makes him look stupid.Everything then blew up. He feels the couples had a chance to take over then blew it.Jason asks how is it the warriors in the game are the underdogs. Cody says there is no honor.Cody calls them f’ing losers.Matt has been cleaning the KT. Jessica comes into house to find Cody. He gets up to swim.Alex and Jason continue to whisper. Then she starts whisper to Raven. She tells Raven how Cody wants all the women get out so he can win a battle back.She then explains why she told Raven that info to Jason. JESSICA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Alex gives Jason hints to get close to Paul. Jessica and Cody in pool. Jason doesn’t get it. Alex leaves the room and Kevin asks him whats up Are you getting yelled at again? Kevin tells him he did a great interview for their show last night. Kevin stretches out on LR couch. Jason says in the real world sleep is his enemy but in the house it’s his best friend. Kevin asks him what is the first thing you will do when you get out. They discuss his wife kid and Olie.
11:30 AM BBT Cody and Jessica talk in pool.He is questioning a conversation she had with someone in house.Cody feels his alliance was like the last supper.They go back to making out. KEVIN JASON DON’T OBSTRUCT YOUR MICS. Jason goes into a discussion of how someone thought he was Matthew Bauer the actor when he was in Sturgis. Kevin starts in with Ramses and calling him the nickname of shit stain Ramses says don’t call him that. Kevin goes through a bunch of names and they agree on RAMS. Raven and Matt have been cleaning out the cupboards and counters in the KT.Alex and Kevin talk favorite shows. Alex is into Walking Dead.
11:45 AM BBT Kevin got really confused when he tried Game of Thrones. Alex explains Walking Dead to Kevin. Ramses does his own cosplay make-up.Matt asks Raven if Elena has gotten up. Alex asks Kevin subjects to interview him about. She mentions 1972 Ramses pops in 1972 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Kevin says god Ramses that was 1492. ATTENTION HG THE SR IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. All the HG cheer and clap. ATTN HG THE SR IS NOW AVAILABLE. Kevin rags on Ramses for yawning without covering his mouth. Alex asks where Ramses was held after comp.He was kept in the SR. Ramses asks Alex if she waited before pushing her buzzer. She did he didn’t and he regrets it. Kevin says Ramses is being a gentleman right now except when he yawns. Alex seems to think people keep stealing her stuff. The HG start talking about their dreams.Kevin goes for M&M’s Josh and Raven talk dreams in KT.Someone stole Alex’s real glasses. Matt rubs Ramses shoulder He turns around saying don’t touch me.All cams on KT. Kevin tells Ramses it’s on record you have been abusing me the entire time.
12:00 PM BBT Raven gets hurt in KT. Matt reminds her how badly she broke her toe when kicking appliances. Matt and Raven thank Josh for helping in KT. All cams on Raven, Matt, and Josh cleaning in KT. Raven comments that she’s accident prone and keeps injuring herself while trying to clean the KT. Ramses comes in from BY and thanks Raven, Matt, and Josh for their deep cleaning of the KT. Matt comments that they can’t let the ants infiltrate their home. After being off camera for a couple minutes, Ramses comes back into Kitchen and asks how he can help. He starts helping clean out the cabinets and wipe them down with bleach to kill the ants. Kevin comes in from backyard and starts helping organize and clean the kitchen items.
12:15 PM BBT Kevin again starts discussing the interviews from the previous night and how impressed he was with everyone’s answers. Ramses mentions wanting a popsicle and Kevin creates a song about popsicles and comments that he’s losing his mind. Cam 1 and 2 switch to backyard where Jason, Cody, and Jessica are in the pool. Cam 3 and 4 stay on the HG’s in the Kitchen. Jason is telling Cody and Jessica that he thinks Paul will win the game, and Cody agrees. They believe he is the smartest and will be able to formulate the best strategy to get to the end and convince the jury to vote for him as the winner. Cody comments that when he exits the house if he is booed he will make sure he tells America that all of his actions and decisions were his own and they do not reflect on any of his allies in the house. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Jessica is in the pool telling Cody about her online catfish using her picture and information. Jason is yelling across the yard to Kevin about giving bull riding lessons. Cody is wondering what secret life Jessica has been keeping from him and she starts joking that she is a secret porn star, Nascar driver, and olympic runner. Kevin is folding laundry on the pool table and yelling across the yard to Jason. Jason says since he’s a frog he is planning on hanging out in the pond AKA the pool all day. Jason, Cody, and Jessica begin talking about what the jury house is like. They’ve heard you can drink all day and get massages. PLEASE STOP SINGING.
12:30 PM BBT In the Kitchen Raven, Matt and Ramses are still cleaning and the others have left the room. Jason, Cody, and Jessica are in the pool talking about the live eviction when Jillian was voted out. Jessica goes inside to get a drink and Kevin joins Cody and Jason at the edge of the pool to discuss strategy moving forward. Cody recommends Jason and Kevin wait for their opportunity to strike and “they” AKA the rest of the house will fall apart after that. Jessica comes back outside and Kevin goes into the Kitchen to talk with the other HG’s as Josh also walks back into the Kitchen. Kevin and Raven remark that they are glad to get to know the real Josh now that he is not as anxious. Jason, Cody, and Jessica are talking in the pool about the other HG’s commenting on their frog costumes. Jason has no problem with the costume and plans to make a skit with it when he gets back to his Rodeo job. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Jessica and Cody are kissing and cuddling in the pool. Jason is asking what made Kevin choose his hairstyle. Kevin said nothing at all, he just stopped cutting it on the top and only pays $12 for a haircut. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Jason says the haircut reminds him of high school, ‘96-’97, some of the football players had that haircut. PLEASE STOP WHISTLING. Jason is telling Kevin about his brother’s job in construction and masonry.
12:45 PM BBT Cam 1 and 2 switch to Josh in the Wave Room alone talking to the camera. Josh says he has a bond with Kevin and Jason and wants to help them get far in the game. Josh says he has been analyzing too much and his game play has not been good. PLEASE STOP WHISTLING. Josh says he may appear as a flip-flopper but that is because he has had to adapt and do damage control as the game continues. His advice to the HG’s next summer is to come in and help out around the house with cleaning and chores to win over their fellow HG’s. All cams on FISH. Cams back after about 30 sec. Josh is flipping through the Bible and continues discussing his strategy to lay low to the camera. Josh says he wants to get Ramses out, but trusts Alex, Kevin, and Jason. Josh starts singing and back to FISH for a few seconds. Dominique emerges from HOH room upstairs and pops her head in on Josh while he is talking to the camera. He tells her he’s saying “hi” to his family. Alone again, Josh says that in the outside world he is very aggressive but in the house he had to take a step back to prevent himself from appearing as a threat. He thinks he is very intelligent and underestimated. The Kitchen is now clean and Ramses is making something on the stove. Cam 3 and 4 switch to Paul in the HOH bathroom. Raven and Matt come in to talk to him. JOSH PLEASE STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR MICROPHONE. Paul is telling Matt and Raven about the potential of having a jury or pre-jury battle-back where they compete for the opportunity to come back into the house. PAUL PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Paul asks everyone to leave the HOH room so it can be locked down. In the Wave Room, Josh is still talking to the camera about how much he has grown as a person. Cam 3 and 4 switch to Rose Room where Paul is talking to Elena and Mark, who are in bed. Christmas is in another bed in the same room. Paul is saying that Cody hopes the house votes out all girls so he can win his way back into the house. Paul calls him a delusional little man and comments that they should send Jason out to compete against him so he cannot easily win, assuming that there even is a battle-back. Christmas calls Cody an “arrogant prick”.
1:00 PM BBT Christmas is in the Rose Room telling Elena and Mark that Jessica does not perform well under pressure, but Jason is a strong competitor and can handle anything. She says Ramses could have stayed longer and not been a target if he had just done what he was supposed to do. She would love to win HOH to show everyone that even with an injury she can win and send Cody and Jessica out of the house. Kevin comes into the room and the strategy talk stops. Kevin fills in Elena, Mark, and Christmas on what they have missed in the house while sleeping. He goes off on a rant about gambling unprompted then leaves the room. KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Josh finally ends his talk with the camera in the Wave Room and comes back out to re-join the other HG’s. Cam 1 and 2 switch to the Bathroom where Dominique is showering. Josh is singing in the water closet and is told to stop singing again by BB. Christmas comes into the Bathroom on her crutches and begins talking about her injury with Dominique. Cam 3 and 4 are on pool area of BY where Jason, Raven, and Jessica are swimming. HOUSEGUESTS MUST BE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM. Jessica says pretty much everyone is still asleep inside. Cam 1 and 2 are on Dominique getting dressed in the Bathroom. Cam 3 and 4 are on the pool and Ramses putting on sunscreen.
1:15 PM BBT Cam 1 and 2 switch to Kitchen where Kevin is talking to Christmas about what she’s making to eat. Ramses joins Jason, Raven, Cody, and Jessica in the pool. Jessica and Cody are cuddling in one corner of the pool. Raven is on a floatie in the middle of the pool. Josh comes into the Kitchen and is making coffee for himself and Christmas. Ramses calls to Kevin from the pool to close the door so the cold air doesn’t get out. Christmas and Kevin are in the Kitchen giving the camera her recipe for yogurt with protein powder. Ramses is telling Raven that she will be driving the nerds wild because she looks like Sailor Moon. Cam 1 and 2 switch to Christmas and Josh who have gone into the Wave Room to chat. Josh is telling her he was angry that the plan to throw the POV competition was not followed. He and Alex were both supposed to be pawns and the competition was to be thrown by Ramses so someone could be backdoored. Christmas is letting Josh know that he is safe right now but he needs to continue being a floater for now and not be angry with Ramses. She gives him advice on how to talk to the other HG’s to help his game. Matt joins the other HG’s in the pool and is floating on the swan floatie.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 9th
1:30 PM BBT Elena pops her head in on Christmas and Josh and says she’ll be right back to talk with them. Christmas gives Josh step-by-step instructions on how to play the middle of the house. Cam 3 and 4 switch to the Bathroom where Mark is talking to Dominique while she does her makeup. Cam 1 and 2 Josh leaves Christmas and Elena in Wave Room where Christmas fills Elena in on their conversation. Kevin comes in from BY to take a break from the heat and chats with Mark and Dominique in the Bathroom. Kevin leaves and Josh comes back into the Bathroom and comments on Mark’s bathroom habits. Mark says, “Can’t we keep anything private in this house?” Dominique responds, “C’mon now, that’s not what you signed up for.”
1:45 PM BBT HOUSEGUESTS, THIS IS A REMINDER, SLEEPING IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE BEDROOMS. HOUSEGUESTS MUST BE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM. Elena tells Christmas to ask for help instead of trying to do everything herself with her crutches. Elena is making fun of Mark being a meathead to Christmas.
1:49 PM BBT Alex has a wardrobe malfunction on Cam 3 Bless her heart she caught it and said ” oh I nippled out” and went on like nothing happened. Cam 3 and 4 switch to Mark and Kevin talking in the Kitchen. Mark and Kevin talk about visiting each other after they get out of the house. Josh joins them and talks about meeting somewhere in the middle for all of them. Christmas tells Elena that she thinks Mark can be a big fitness star or public personality when he gets out of the house. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Kevin comes in to join Elena and Christmas in the Wave Room. Josh and Alex are hanging in the Kitchen while Mark is cooking. Jessica comes into the Kitchen and is doing dishes, while Kevin comes in to join Mark, Alex, and Josh. Christmas tells Elena that even if something changes in the game, the other side of the house doesn’t have the votes to do anything so they will keep the control. Christmas gives Elena advice about negotiating to skip payment on her car payment for a few months by giving them a sob story if she is broke after she gets out of the house.
2:00 PM BBT Elena is telling Christmas in the Wave Room how much she admires her mother for being so hard-working. Josh, Alex, Kevin, Mark, and Dominique are talking in the Kitchen about the songs played that morning while Mark and Dominique are cooking. Jason comes into the Kitchen in his frog costume to get something out of the fridge. Christmas and Elena are still in the Wave Room talking about their family’s finances growing up. Elena tells about a hit and run accident she was involved in, Josh and Ramses watch Alex and Mark eat. Dominique is preparing food. Jason spills his bowl of slop. Raven and Matt come in from outside and join the kitchen crew for a few min. Raven says she wants to shower, asks about Paul if he is in hoh or DR. they say they think DR but HOH is locked. ALex complains about the butter and how people are using it.
2:15 PM BBT Mark washes his dishes and asks about why the sink is clogged.. They say it’s from the slop you have to use your hands to clean it out. Elena and Christmas head out of the Apple room, feeds cut to Kevin and Ramses outside sounds like Kevin is talking curses. Paul is out of the DR and looking through the cabinets and then Elena makes a big TY to those who cleaned the kitchen. Paul heads out and asks if they have seen the teal fanny pack. Ramses heads in it’s too hot outside for him. Paul comes in and says it was the one Josh had, they find one and Paul takes it back to production. They ask Ramses to show them the recipe for the Italian slop he made. Paul, Alex, and Mark are in the green room talking about the possibility of a battle back and who would be involved. Kevin comes in the the room talking about a piece of jewelry. They tell Alex that Jason, Cody, Jess are all about battle back and it’s only a slight chance. ( we know better we know there is one). Alex leaves the room, Paul explains what Alex’s response was as Elena missed it. Paul doesn’t think there will be a Battle back. Jason hops in and they ask how things are going. Are the fellow toads trying to make any deals? Jason says no.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 9th
2:30 PM BBT In the Kitchen Alex is making food, Cody making slop, Christmas having a drink talking with Matt, Dom and Ramses. Jessica hops into the kitchen to get herself some slop. Ramses asks Christmas about her pain meds, she says every 4 hours but she hasn’t taken any today, she doesn’t want to be dulled down. She explains her medication strategy. Meanwhile in the Green room the conversation continues about what is going on around with Jody. Paul brings up how everyone is getting sketch about Ramses. Jason feels that he has been Fing everyone by being here. Paul asks do you think Jess will crumble when Cody leaves. He says he doesn’t know but he has made it clear he wants to slam her head in the toilet. Raven comes quickly to the SR as she cut herself shaving. =(. Jason asks why is Paul so sketchy about what’s going on if he is in power and knows what’s going to happen. He explains that no one knows what Jess would do. In the Kitchen the food prep continues, they talk a little about the POV comp.
2:45 PM BBT In the green room Josh has joined the conversation and they are talking about going home and watching the season or just certain episodes back. Feeds cut briefly and when they return they are talking about havenots and how it will affect him. Dom comes in and takes a blanket from Elena and Mark.They discuss that he is a complete HN for 2 weeks unless he wins HOH and he gets to wear the costume even for live show on Thursday. Christmas joins them in the green room. Josh and Paul explain they want to say speeches tomorrow and how he wants to go after Cody. He gets up runs out the room and back in excitedly. Cody and Jess washing dishes, Alex looking around in the Kitchen for items as she’s making more food. In the green room they discuss the comp from yesterday. They talk about maybe trying for Fear Factor. Jess and Cody head back out to the pool with their cups of slop. Josh says he would do fear factor Paul Calls him out and says you wouldn’t do it Josh. they go back n forth for a min and they talk about a video about it josh saw on Youtube.
3:00 PM BBT Christmas was talking about sharing eggs with someone and not getting any, Paul offers to make her some, they ask about who is cooking, they know Dom is making the Tuna, so they plan to make veggies with it. They apologize to Jason who is a HN and Paul says why did you take the key I would have advised against it. Jason says you told me too ( Paul did advise him to try) Paul denies it and convinces him it was in his head. They talk about how HN is for him. Paul thought it would have been the bed that killed Jason he says no it’s the slop. The discuss their Crazy. Meanwhile out in the pool Jody is making out, and staying cooler in the pool. Feeds swap to the Kitchen where Alex is cooking and Paul has joined her. They discuss if there is a pre jury buy back. How many people would be in it, Alex takes the steaming pan outside, Paul forgot he had to do the Blog and says he will be there in a moment he is going to eat really quick. Paul tries a bite of something she cooked, Dom and Josh head into the Kt and try it as well. Alex says she will be trying to the HOH next week a hoping it’s not Math. Jason comes hopping through the house Kevin follows him outside. Paul offers eggs to Kevin. They are both worried about Jason and how he is behaving. Paul doesn’t know how much more clear it could be. Meanwhile outside Kevin and Jason fold clothes and Kevin vents about them complaining about Ramses. He says he is trying to lay low and leaves the room when this happens.
3:15 PM BBT Inside Josh is at the bar, Paul hollers that the eggs are ready to Christmas, Alex says something about the food she cooked and feeds cut briefly they return and Kevin is getting a drink, they are discussing the proper pronunciation of Salmon. Outside Jason has entered the pool again, they are discussing Disneyland and Disney World. Cody brings up Six flags and if he trusts roller coasters. Inside Hgs are eating and talking about what is left this week ( POV ceremony this week and the Live show) Ramses is trying to cook everyone Hotdogs. Paul heads up to HOH to do his Blog. Feeds swap to Kevin, Mark and Elena talking Kevin leaves shortly and Marlena talks about how others can’t trust Ramses. Outside the 3 V toads are in the pool relaxing cooling off.
3:30 PM BBT In the green room Marlena discusses their relationships and past. Elena shares how she feels she has grown and matured since her last major relationship. Outside they talk about how many people watch the show and feeds, how many are watching live feeds. How many people Audition and yet they made it. Jason says he tried out for the amazing race. Tells stories of the audition process. Inside Mark and Elena still talking, he’s describing his ex and the difference between Elena and her is the hair color. He explains why they broke up. Dominique is in the apple room talking to feeds. In the Kt Christmas, Ramses, Raven, and Matt are talking.
3:45 PM BBT Raven is cooking and they are discussing what color cast she wants tomorrow when they recast it tomorrow. ( The HG think it’s just a recasting but Christmas has shared with Paul and Dominique only that she’s having surgery.) She wants a BB blue if possible and a sharpie for 1 hour to let everyone sign it. The conversation switches to American Ninja warrior. Christmas says she isn’t interested in ever doing it, Ramses asks why? Feeds cut for a few min. When they return Kevin is inside asking about clothes, Christmas goes to get hers together so he can help her. Matt and Christmas in the WR talking about how the comps are Physical and they feel Jason is playing both sides and will be more loyal to Jody. He isn’t being as loyal to Alex as he is playing off to be. They play with the idea of Jessica and Jason on the block and backdoor Ramses if they win HOH next week. They discuss what they think Jess would do if she won HOH, they feel it would be an emotional move and Elena and Christmas would be her targets. Matt gets up to check and make sure no one is in the RR. Mark comes in and knocks on the RR then tells them the idea of Battle back that Paul shared with him earlier.
4:00 PM BBT Ramses, Christmas, Raven, and Matt are in the WR. Ramses is looking through a bag looking for something and Christmas says she had no idea that was his bag. Once Ramses leaves, Christmas and Matt continue talking about what would happen if the other side of the house wins HOH next week. Christmas says someone wants to talk to her later, but that she won’t believe a word they say. Matt, Raven, and Christmas all say they want Jason gone before Jessica as he is unpredictable. Feeds cut out for a few minutes. When they came back, Christmas & Matt are still in the WR. Matt is informed that the other side thinks that it is Ramses that flipped his vote to vote Jillian out. Matt says that is perfect. In the background, Kevin can be heard talking about the ants in the house. They go back to discussing what happens if someone from the other side wins HOH next week. Christmas states that she will not worry about it too much as there are always deals to be made. Matt says Raven is not happy about cleaning kitchen for 2 hours for it to be messed up. Paul comes in and they continue talking about scenarios for next week. Christmas states Jason needs to go next week if they get HOH. Paul says he thinks putting Jess and Ramses on the block would be better, but that is just his opinion. They state that if Jess gets HOH, she will put people up based on emotions and not be strategic. Christmas says that she wants to work on repairing her relationship with Ramses, and Paul says that he wouldn’t. She tells him to let her do what she can do to try to work her magic from one end and he can work his from another end. Paul says that he cannot believe Ramses. That he could not believe anything that he says after yesterday. Jess is in the WR and they talk about the yogurt that Elena made him try and what is being cooked in the kitchen. They speculate about what the next comp could be, Paul tells him that they may think that they want a wall comp, but they really don’t. Paul says this past HOH was fun. Raven says it was, but getting hit by the candy.
4:15 PM BBT Big Brother comes over the speaker to make a ribbit noise. Jess gets on the lily pad, but then realizes that she left her frog hat in the pool. Once she skips out, they talk about Ramses did not allow the time to run out. How they believe he tried to win the POV and how that would have messed up the plans to get Cody out. Matt tells them about right after Raven cleaned the kitchen, Jess and Cody came in an dirtied up the sink. They say how he was talking crap about Jess and Cody, but they know that the day before he was trying to make a deal with them yesterday. Christmas still thinks that she can sway Ramses. Elena, Raven, and Dom are now in the WR. Paul says that Cody is banking on a battle back. Paul says that there is no guarantee that they will have another one this year. They are talking about it is smart to keep Alex on the block next to Cody. Kevin is in the WR and Elena has left. They talk about how Jessica cannot survive without Cody. That Cody is the one that makes slop for her and she cannot seem to do anything by herself. They are talking about making Ramses a Have Not every week. He is having problems being one now and it has only been one for 36 hours. Christmas says that Ramses wants to talk to her later. Dom said that Cody told Jess on day 3 that he would not date her out of the house, but she seems to forgot that. Matt says Cody will be leaving in a frog suit when he leaves the WR. Paul says that Cody has a big ego. Paul asks Christmas who she thinks are the biggest threats. She says J, R, and J. They are not saying names as Josh has come in to use the bathroom. They state that the first J is a more physical threat and a wild card. Paul says that somehow the first J knew that he was the groups back up plan when Alex took herself off the block last week. Which shows them that he is loyal to Jess and Cody. They talk about how close it was for the POV and how it would have been disastrous.
4:30 PM BBT Dom, Paul, and Christmas are still in the WR. They are talking about Ramses. Christmas says she will talk to him and see if he is lying to her. They tell what the tells are for Ramses lying. Christmas states he is easy to read. They then say that the second J would be the easiest to get out. That she cannot do well without Jessica. Christmas states that Jason needs to go first, because she believes that Cody has made a deal with Jason to protect Jessica and that when Cody gets back in the house, Jason will be rewarded. She says as much as she wants Jessica out, but Jason is the more dangerous player. They discuss how smart Ramses is. Christmas states that they need to get rid of the more physical threats and that Christmas can rattle Jessica when need be. Christmas aks why not put up Ramses and Jessica next week and put Jason up if one of them comes off. Paul says that is good, but they need to make sure that they win next week. Christmas states that Jason will just blurt out information without being asked. Christmas states that she extended an olive branch to him and he is supposed to do her a favor later on. Paul asks if she believes he will follow through and she does not know. Paul says that he is operating on honesty. Paul says that Jason knew that Paul or Christmas were going to placed as replacement noms. They state how they know that Jason is loyal to Cody. But that Jason knew that Cody asked for protection for “his” people. His people were the showmances, not Paul or Christmas.
4:45 PM BBT Christmas says that Jason said he was first promised Jillian his vote, then Alex, then when Christmas went on the block, he went back to Jillian AFTER he broke her foot. Jason, Cody, and Jessica are in the pool. Jason says that he is going to talk to his son via the cameras at 5. Cody and Jess are talking quietly. Jason asks Josh for dumbbells so that he can work out in the pool. Due to the frog costume and heat, he cannot work out outside of the pool. Jessica and Coy are kissing and talking in each others ears where no one else can hear them. Up in the HOH room Kevin tells Paul no one talks to him and he likes it that way. Kevin says that he knows the targets are Jessica, Cody, Josh. Paul says Josh is off the radar, but that Ramses is now on it. Kevin puts towels away and notices the trash in the room. Paul talks about the blog he had to do. Paul says the other hg’s are slobs. Kevin says that they can trust Alex and Paul tells him he knows. He tells Kevin that Jason believes that Ramses was the person who flipped and voted Jillia out. Paul says tomorrow he is putting Cody on the block. Paul says that he is going to lay low after this week and he will step up his game if he feels that he is in danger. Kevin says that he would not tell Cody who he voted for. That it was none of his business. Kevin says that Cody, Jess, and Jason have been in the pool for 7 hours. Paul says that next week he will let whoever gets HOH be. He won’t get in the way.
5:00 PM BBT Kevin asks Paul if his girl is in New York. Paul says that he is thinking about moving to New York. Kevin says that he will come visit Paul if he does. Kevin gets the CD player and begins to listen to Paul’s CD. Kevin is saying the lyrics. Kevin removes headphones and says that Christmas will be eliminated soon. They whisper for a few minutes. Paul then says that Christmas is very bossy, but you just let her be bossy. Feeds go down for a minute. Kevin and Paul are still in the HOH and Kevin is telling Paul the music he wants to hear. They move on to talking about the HOH competition this week. Paul tells Kevin to go for it and do his best to win HOH next week. Kevin says if he gets it, then he will have Paul tell him who to put up, other than Jason. Says he does not want to have him coming up all week to him. Paul says put up Jessica and Ramses. Kevin mentions Josh, but Paul says Josh is good and is doing better. Kevin talks about his birthday coming up and then gets up to leave. Says that he at least has Paul laughing which is better than last year where Paul was arguing all the time. The camera switches to the Kitchen where Kevin and Jason are. Kevin says come on, time to go talk to your family. Jason hops out. Kevin is in the Green Room with Alex now and he helps here fold laundry. He asks where everyone is, outside? Alex says that everyone is outside or upstairs. Kevin says he is going to work out outside with her and Alex informs him that she is not going outside right now. Jason hops out of the Green room and Kevin goes outside. Mark and Elena are in the back yard. She is laying out in the sun and he is playing pool by himself. She says that she wants Eugenia to be watching. Josh comes out and he goes to play pool with Mark. They start to play a game.
5:15 PM BBT Dominique tells Raven she’s gonna make some fish for dinner.Raven and Dominique are talking about BB telling them to wake up.Jason tells Dominique he is gonna love his slop and tells Raven it can’t kill him and Raven says to jason it will make him stronger. Jason says that if he was a real toad he would help Dom out with the ant situation in the kitchen. The camera switches to the BY where Christmas is on the couch with Kevin. Christmas says they(people in the yard) are cracking up and that they have only been there 19 days, Kevin says Ramses is doing the towels wrong. Ramses tells Kevin to quit patronizing him, Kevin says patronizing is telling him he is doing something good when he is not. He says that he is telling him he is doing something wrong. So he is in fact criticising him. Christmas says it irritates her when people are not team players. Kevin says that the people in his room that he sleeps in just assume he is with them because he sleeps in there. That they told him to vote Christmas out and he did not like it when they talked bad about Paul. Kevin and Christmas announce to the cameras that there will be a chess game at 11 tonight.
5:30 PM BBT Kevin tells Christmas that Cody and Jess have been in the pool for 6 hours and that Jess looks like some Las Vegas movie. Kevin states in the 60’s it was cool was to be classy but then came the hippies and messed up everything. Kevin asks if she is till taking her medication. Christmas says that she has not had one today but she can have one when she needs one. That she is in pain, but it is bearable. They then discuss how Jess and Cody went from the penthouse to the outhouse. They say it shows how they are. Kevin says Megan was not his favorite person but how Cody treated her at the nominations was awful. They talk about how Cody only has 4 nights left. Paul comes down to join them. Big Brother comes over and says toads put your hats on. Paul tells how that is a penalty vote. Christmas says she never has her hat on and she never stays on lilypads. Kevin remarks on how low a plane is. Someone says something to Christmas and she says no, they were referring to Jessica. That she went in the house without her hat. But she never wears it and they already pinged her earlier. Kevin asks what tonight’s show is about. Christmas says the HOH and nominations and Wednesday will be the POV and of course Thursday will be the live eviction. Kevin & Paul get up and Josh comes and sits down. In the kitchen, Matt, Alex, Ramses, Dom, and Raven are talking. Rave is doing her nails and Kevin asks Alex what she is doing. Cody and Jessica come into the kitchen. Neither are hopping like they are supposed to be, but are at least wearing their toad hats. A bottle of polish gets knocked over and Alex cleans up the mess.
5:45 PM BBT Alex and Raven are talking about how fun the Candy Crush comp was. Alex says it was easier than the vine one. Alex says her arms are still sore from the vine one. Christmas comes in and asks what is for dinner. Raven says she is thinking about making tacos. Mark, Elena, Matt, Ramses, and Kevin are in the BY. Kevin is in the hammock and Mark and Elena are on a lounge chair together. All are quiet for a bit. In the SR, Christmas goes to get some food and Jessica and Cody are in there talking about the sauces to put in the slop. They whisper for a second and continue talking food while Christmas is in there. Christmas leaves and Jess takes her hat off and then outs it back on. Cody hops out, but Jessica just walks. They go back into the Kitchen. Alex asks what tattoo Christmas is getting next. She says she does not know. It has been a few years since she has gotten a tattoo. Alex says she is due for one then.Christmas, Dom, Jess, and Cody go about fixing their own food. Someone says if everyone would clean up after themselves, then ants would not be an issue. Raven is still painting her nails.
6:00 PM BBT Mark and Elena are laying in the sun, talking about wanting to go to the final six. Fish back on screen. (feeds down)Feeds back up. Matt and Elena were looking up to the sky..I heard Kevin say how cute and feeds went down again. Alex, Matt, Mark, jessica, Cody, Dominique and Ramses, Raven are all in the kitchen..cooking. Paul is laying down in the rose room with Kevin.. Paul said he could use a nap. Kevin said it’s time to workout. They decide to get a cup of coffee. Josh is showering..So is Jason. Jason is putting back on the frog costume, while Kevin talks to him. Paul is making a pot of coffee. All hgs are in the kitchen making small talk. Except Jason, I saw hop across the room.
6:15 PM BBT Jason, Josh are having a conversation about Cody. Jason asked Josh who said we can’t talk about him. Josh said it’s a game..You’re fine..Just chill. Josh said he is not letting it affect him..Just chill. Josh said whatever I tell you to Jason basically stays between them..No talking to cameras etc. Cause it will fuck them. Josh said I want to look out for you. Jason is upset. Kevin came into the room. Kevin is talking about doing laundry. Jason got on his lily pad and started doing sit ups. Kevin laid down, game talk ended. Paul, Mark and Elena are in the HOH room eating snacks. Production said toads must remain on lily pads. Elena said she is backing away from Ramses..They do not trust him. Paul told Mark and Elena that they NEED to win HOH next week. Paul asked if you guys saw the banner. Mark is saying that Ramses was making up shit on what the banner said. Cody and Jessica are sitting in the apple room on a lily pad together. Paul, Mark and Elena are discussing Elena’s hair color.
6:30 PM BBT Cody is talking to Jessica about his truck repairs. Basically making small talk. Mark said he will be staring at Cody the whole time and can’t wait to hear what Josh says. Paul said Alex volunteered to stay on the block. Paul said I respect it, but she has her own agenda. Josh enters the hoh room…Paul asks him what’s up? Any news? Paul says Ramses has called Josh annoying. Josh said everyone is acting f’ing weird. Paul asks who is acting weird..Paul is talking about Alex’s sugar intake a day. He says they should have a house meeting about it. She is gonna die. Mark just left the HOH room. Cody and Jessica are still in apple room alone. Jessica said to Cody since the cameras are on them today is there anything you wanna say? Cody doesn’t answer. Christmas, Matt and Raven are in the hoh room. They all are talking about the veto comp. Times , etc. They are discussing about Ramses not maxing out his time on comp. Paul basically said he is the one link that could f this up and look what he did. Christmas said he tells someone something different to every person…Paul asked Josh..Josh..so Ramses gunned it? And Josh said gunned it..literally sprinted..Paul said that is all we need to know.
6:45 PM BBT Still discussing comp in hoh room. Production came on about napping..Paul asked wtf who is napping? Christmas says Paul needs to call Ramses out next week. Paul said but I have no power next week. Paul says he tells Jason nothing. Jessica and Cody are still in the apple room having small talk about food etc. Paul said he tried to help Ramses and He f’d him..so basically Paul said..You f me..I will f you. Matt said basically same with Jason, and asked what is his plan. Production just said Alex..No napping. Paul is talking about Cody, and Cody saying paul was under minding him etc. Paul said I am not Jose. Josh is talking about his conversation with Cody about voting Christmas out, and how Cody spazzed out. Production announced the lockdown is over.
7:00 PM BBT Paul said he is just very confused by people’s actions in this house. It is virtually impossible to win this game on your own. Ramses just entered the hoh room. Production announced they are on lockdown again. Feeds down. 7:01. Fish. 7:09 feeds back up. Christmas is talking about her dog. So is Raven and Paul. Cody and Jessica are in the apple room eating. Jessica is asking Cody what the inside of his fridge looks like. He replied a bunch of Dr. Pepper cans..They are making small talk. Christmas is talking about how much her cat loves lasers. She runs herself into a wall. Paul and Mark are talking to Jason from upstairs. Paul is trying to help Jason making slop cookies. Alex is eating in the kitchen. Mark and Paul are discussing how they saw each other faces when Ramses came into the hoh room. They laughing it off. Paul went back in the hoh room. Dog talk continues with Paul, Raven, Ramses and Christmas. Matt just left room. Paul is showing them how he trained the fish. Paul calls them friends
7:15 PM BBT Cody and Jessica are still in the apple room secluding themselves. Ramses is talking about the animals in the pet store he goes too. Raven is talking about animals too. Paul, is talking about his pictures in the hoh room. Raven is looking at them. Paul is talking about how he messes with his sister. Cody was in the kitchen with Jason and Alex. Cody asked if he could try Jason’s slop cookies after they are done. Jason said yes. Alex asked Jason when he can take his costume off. Jason said Friday. Alex told Jason he didn’t turn on the oven. Kevin just came into the kitchen. Kevin is playing around for the cameras. Production asked Kevin to put on his microphone. Alex is helping Jason make his slop cookies. Cody is washing dishes. Paul is saying his next dog will be an english bulldog. Paul, Christmas Raven and Ramses continue to talk about pets. Cody is somewhat hoping in kitchen.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin is in the hoh room. They are talking about his shirt. Paul said it is true vintage. Paul is talking about clothes. Matt and Raven are in the kitchen. Raven is looking for her cup. Small talk continues in hoh room, and kitchen. Jessica is also in the kitchen, but is not wearing her hat. Josh was in kitchen, just left. Josh is now in the hoh room. Paul is talking about South Park the cartoon etc. Ramses, josh, christmas and kevin are also in the hoh room.
7:45 PM BBT Alex is talking about tattoos. Alex just checked on Jason’s cookies. Alex and Cody are laying together in the lounge room. Jessica is talking about how Cody fell in love with her while she was in the frog costume. They are holding hands. Cody said literally since no game talk this week, dr is non existent. Paul is talking about gypsies. Paul said the gypsie takes a ring from someone and tries to sell it to him so they can see how much money he has in his wallet. Jessica is still not wearing her hat. Her and Cody are still in the lounge room. Cody is talking about being a marine again to Jessica. Paul continues to talk about gypsies. He is talking about his experience in Europe.
8:00 PM BBT Jessica said I honestly don’t think that I saw Jeff and Jordan season Paul said that he knows Romanian Jessica said I will have to wear it during the eviction for sure Elena is talking about how they had her in the dr at 3 am and they woke everybody up at 8 AM and that they are giving her a leeway Elena said that she is not a quitter that she is a fighter Jessica said i am going to have to win the Veto Jessica said when i talked to Paul last night i felt that he was emotionally disconnected from the game Jessica said that Paul couldn’t play in the next week’s HOH Christmas said a massage is a fucken Massage
8:15 PM BBT Christmas said that she ate bugs Christmas said it’s a different job Paul and Christmas are talking about Thailand Paul said that the Thailand people are very friendly Christmas is snacking on Cheetos Paul said you go to a pinball show you will have a blast Paul said that i have been wanting to go to thailand so bad Paul said that he loves Thailand food Christmas is eating cereal Christmas said that she prefers Crickets over worms she said that the cricket was good Christmas said that the lava worms are not okay Paul said he has been to spain
8:30 PM BBT Christmas said the hospitality is so different in Europe Paul said i was supposed to go to Russia this summer Jason and Kevin are talking in the Apple room Paul said that there is a lot of Romanians in Michigan Ramses said that there is a lot of Turkish Paul said a lady in Paris had a tumor in her face and she wanted to Die her school students didn’t want to see her and she didn’t want to have her children see her and the Governor wouldn’t approve it so she went and Drank poisonous stuff so she died that way

8:45 PM BBT Dominique said that it smells like cookies Dominique said i didn’t realize that it was that late and the Pizza smells so good it smells like cookies Dominique said Matthew so you work in sales like consulting Jessica said there goes there goes the road trip idea i hate driving Jessica said to Cody what kind of car am I Jessica said she is getting knots in her stomach
9:00 PM BBT Kevin is talking about the Veto comp Jessica said i am going to have a shower i am going to grab my stuff she asked Cody do you want to shower first Christmas said we should go to a full moon party
9:15 PM BBT Christmas said i will see you in a minute to Alex Christmas said that she is tired and that she going to get her medication Kevin said tomorrow is the home run competition Christmas is reading something about the Slop rules Jason is eating elena asked what time was it Jason is talking about the lilly pads
9:30 PM BBT Kevin is talking about his Children to Ramses Kevin said call Jason Ramses classic Kevin said he is going to teach sign Kevin said if you screw up Ramses you have to give Jason and me a bottle of water Ramses said probably Libby is a cool girl Alex asked if they are doing sign language Kevin said say hi in sign language Ramses asked if the cookie’s were done Kevin said don’t forget your milk Jason said what would you say if they asked you about Jason to Jessica
9:45 PM BBT Ramses is talking about his sheet Jessica is putting nail polish on Kevin finger Kevin asked Alex how many packs did you bring Kevin is talking about the cameras is automatic Josh is going to bed early and Kevin is making for of him for going to sleep so early. Alex asked Kevin to sign a Drake song he does Drake Drake Drake. HOH Paul and Mark and Christmas talking about not having limits. Christmas says that it has been three weeks and she had fun.
10:00 PM BBT HOH Paul Matt Raven and Christmas talking about BONE Zone, Christmas asked Paul if just walks around town BONING Paul says that even at dinner at home his dad will say to him when Paul says his back hurt that Paul needs to stop bonning so much even in front of his sister . BB Christmas please go the DR. Time for her meds. GR Ramses Kevin talking about their feet and Alex said Ramses has Walmart feet. Ramses asked about the morning being locked out of house and if they told her beforehand that they was going lock them out she said no it was when she woke up. And then they were locked out for about and hour. Kitchen Paul Elen getting food. GR Cody Cowboy and Jessica sitting on the lilypad talking with Ramses. Jessica ask Ramses if he has a boner and he turns red and pushes it down and try to change the subject and talking about ComiC con everyone laughs. Cody and Jessica kiss an all leave to get food. Everyone is heading out back and the back yard is now open. Kitchen Raven and Matt eating and Kevin teases Raven and she says “why are you so mean to me” Raven asked Matt why are you so flustered and he turns red and says it is because it is warm in here to cover up. HOH Paul asking if the fish eat and Dom says that the little one are not eating. Paul doing weird dance in the mirror. BR everyone getting ready for bed it seams. Christmas sitting on couch says someone smells good and asks Raven if it her spray or what?.
10:15 PM BBT Kitchen Paul Raven and Josh and Matt talking. Paul said good night Meatball as he walks away and starts talking to cameras again in the SR getting Canola Oil for Friendship Fries. Toon in tomorrow for more on friendship fries. Ants all over the syrup bottle and Josh had them all over his hands. Paul says to put the sweet stuff in ZipLock bags. Raven going crazy about the Ants on everything. Raven giving Cowboy a hard time about not putting the syrup in a ziplock bag as it has dripping syrup all over it and Cowboy said he washed the bottle after using it.Paul asks Matt if he is lactating and checks his chest. Paul saying that BB has to use the picture of Matt and Raven laying on top of him please. The back yard just opened. All go crazy for the fresh air. Paul heading upstairs to HOH and says that was a lot of energy and he loved it. But then came back down to GR and walks up behind Christmas and massages her shoulders. Paul heading out back for a workout. He goes upstairs to change in the HOH and then talks to cameras again and says that they the cameras are so interest in him. Paul starts to whistle and then it goes to fishtank (most like to tell him to stop whistling). BY pool table Cowboy playing pool hopping around in the frog suit.Elena tells Josh to stop signing or he will get yelled at.
10:30 PM BBT BY Alex yells at Cowboy for going for the wrong ball. Not the right angle.Kevin says 8 ball in the “cooner pocket” Cowboy says that Mark wants to play Winna everyone using accents Alex shows Josh how to set up the pool balls. Kevin going to smoke Josh and Alex comes out and says that Mark was going to play again. Christmas almost falls down off crutches . Paul setting up ropes for exercise and the weight bench too. BR Raven and Alena brushing their teeth and talking about respecting others opinions. Ramses and Kevin help Paul with weights and spotting for him. Christmas sitting on jungle chair BB “Stop that” he says why he has been doing this for weeks. Paul asks for help after 2 more pushes on weights. Kevin and Ramses help him. Paul said that see BB I did not hurt my self. Christmas said that she could do it the weight if they put on the 35 LBS Paul say maybe but she shouldn’t with her leg. BB tells Paul to put his mic on. Christmas says that this is the 2nd years that she has not been in a CrossFit competition. BB tells Paul again to put on his mic and Christmas says OK stop talking to me Paul. Kevin talking with Christmas about her pain meds and what is she talking? She said that it is pretty light. Christmas tells Paul to use better posture and tells Kevin it it better for muscle building. Christmas that is a great night or star gazing.
10:45 PM BBT BY Christmas asks Kevin if his wife is going to be at the Wrap Party and he said “is there going to be a bunch of bands there” She said NO it is when show wraps up and he said as he is laughing that he knew just wanted to tease her. She laughs and said she thought so but thought so but that he hides it well. BY Ramses and Dom talking about her being Gluten intolerant that she was not this way but it came on her. Alex shooting pool and cannot hit the ball and asks if she can move it where she wants to . Cowboy says teasing voice “OH Yeah move i t anywhere you want” BB Stop signing. Alex shoot and the balls just bounce around and tells COwboy go ahead Beauch. She gets a lucky shot. Kitchen Cody is asks what he is doing by Dom and he says just Chilling as he stands on lilypad. Cody and Jessica go outback to BY and sit on lilypad. Jessica asks Cody about his family from DR discussion. BB tells house guest that they are not allowed to talk about DR talks. Cody and Jessica go to HN room as the ants were crawling all over the backyard. Trying to get the spikes covered on the bed better. Jessica brings Cody deodorant to put on before getting into bed.

11:00 PM BBT HN Cody and Jessica snuggling under covers no talking as they go to sleep. BY Alex Ramses playing pool Alex says come on Ramses shoot. Alex yells out MF Alex I will just watch then. How did that feel when you got your chest tattooed? Alex ask what happened to the other frogs? Cowboy shoots and says “Nice No Way”. Funny watching Cowboy hop around the table as he plays. Cowboy scratches and Ramses grabs cue ball and said Perfect. Christmas giving Josh instructions on how to activate the Glutes and if he leans back he can activate the quads. Christmas wants Kevin to come to her Gym to see her in action. Kevin says how Josh is doing way better on his exercises. Kevin and Christmas chair all of a sudden falls backward on them. And had to have it readjusted. Cowboy said He could put her crutch to stabilize the chair if she wants him to. She says that’s ok. Paul is doing one legged squats with a 20 lbs kettlebell. And Christmas says these will get easier as he does it. Christmas says to Josh that he is shooting too hard. And then tells Josh he is doing the lifts good. Christmas asks Mark to come sit with her for two minutes. Cowboy shoots and the ball flies off table and Christmas that he never listens to her. Kevin joins Christmas on the lounge chair and asks if the chair is going to fall again
11:15 PM BBT Bathroom Dom talking to camera’s and to her family that she has washed her extensions and face that she is getting ready for her bday is in 2 day. Talks about dreaming about BB not letting her have her flat iron in the house and woke up freak out/scared. Keeps weaving her hair extensions and says that her extensions take a lot without damaging her own hair. One thing she like is her hair to look like it is her hair company the web name in MyHair.com. The extensions should totally undetectable. Talking to herself and cameras that she knows that she does spend too much time on her hair. On the outside she does not spend this much time on it but in here what else is she to do with her time? Backyard Cowboy and Mark shooting pool trying to hit the eight ball . Paul walking around yard carrying weights. Kevin touches Ramses and Ramses yells BB joking around. Bathroom Elena is talking with Dom about her and birth control and that she was off for over a year and had hormonal problems so went back on them. Dom says that she does not like shots but the pill is ok. Backyard Kevin now playing pool against Mark as Cowboy watches in his frog suit.
11:30 PM BBT Backyard Mark asks how many tables did he run back home? Kevin says I don’t know/remember. Cowboy sitting on lilypad. Kevin is asked by Cowboy how to do a Rail shot? Kevin said he will show him. Christmas not too impressed with this game. Mark is now running he table BB Elena and Alex to put on their Mic’s. Mark with and then they all say they have to fix the table as it is way off. Mark showing Cowboy how to set up the rack. Christmas and Ramses talking about how Ramses likes to stick to his word. Ramses said that he got ganged up after veto comp and he just had to guess on some the questions in the comp. Did you have a better conversion with Cody after it was over Ramses said yes. Christmas says that the confusion could be from how this game is all about who and who you cannot trust in this game. We have and HOH coming up you could see if there is something that you can do for that to negotiate with. That could be a grand scheme for him. Paul said he needs more help and Ramses teases her as to why she isn’t helping him out. Mark is now lifting weights and Ramses and Paul are spotting him.
11:45 PM BBT Backyard Paul tells Mark to do 40 and adds more weight and tells him to keep his wrist straight. Kevin says to Ramses he is next to weight lift. Kevin and Christmas and Ramses toast and talk about what they would be drinking on the outside? Christmas said Moonshine and Ramses said he never had moonshine yet. Kevin telling Mark that he sweat real good from that workout and tells him to wipe the bench after that workout. Ramses asked Christmas if she is working out via Paul and Mark? She said yes as would love to be doing that with them. Kevin tells Paul that he can see his rib (Paul’s ribs) and that he is looking better now.Kevin said that he was using the rubber sweat suits love before they were born. Kevin trying to give directions to Ramses on how to shoot and Ramses said leave him alone. BB please stop singing and Kevin ask was it him and Christmas said it was Ramses. Kevin says that Ramses loves to shoot randomly and Ramses said yes. Paul is running back and forth over the jump box, mark is walking around carrying weights. Paul now doing box jump burpees and Christmas says Yes. Kevin say that looks tough. Paul tells Mark to jump and Christmas yells jump higher as Mark almost kills himself on jumping . GR Alex talking with Cowboy that if you want to be like a family saying that if you want him to float




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