Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 2nd

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12:00 AM BBT The conversation in the lounge goes to ice cream. On the sky bridge, Mark is talking to Dominique about jury and veto. The backyard is open. Dom says that she was going to ask him about his showmance and presents uncertainty. Cody exits the HoH room, complaining about his heel. Mark says that Christmas pisses him off, saying that she’s questioning his character, when she asked him a question in front of everyone. Dom says that it put him in an awkward position. Dom tells Mark that Elena likes him, but it could also be her game. She says that he doesn’t need to bait her. Mark worries about not getting to jury. Dom says that he will. Mark recalls a suspicious conversation, saying that he hates a HG for putting ideas in someone’s head. Mark says that he hopes Cody pisses everyone off tomorrow. Dom says that he will. She says that she doesn’t know who he’s putting up, but it’s going to shake up the house. Dom says that his demeanor says that he’s going to do something unexpected.
12:15 AM BBT Mark says to Dom that he’s upset that someone asked someone something in front of him. Dom says that she trusts Christmas, but has her concerns. Dom tells Mark to not change his position, despite what happened tonight. Mark and Dom say that this is the Big Brother house. Mark says it’s so obvious that Christmas is being fake. Dom tells Mark to calm down. Mark says that the game has started. Dom says that the game started 3 days ago. Dom says “welcome to Big Brother,” then says that you can’t let them see you sweat. Dom says that she saw this coming.
12:30 AM BBT Dom says that it’s not about the money. Dom says to Mark that the girls don’t like the relationship that they have together. Dom says that Alex says that she’s not her target, and that she’s targeting the couples. Dom says that a target’s been put on her after doing that talk show, “one little show,” because it gave them a chance to ask questions that they wouldn’t normally as. In the backyard, Cody and Jessica are talking in the hammock. Jessica asks if Cody wants to put all the strong players in jury. He says yeah, and is glad that someone finally understands him. Cody says that he won’t “say shit” to the next HoH. Jessica suggests to talk to that person to see where their heads at. Jessica gives a scenario, asking if Alex is backdoored. Cody says that he’ll respect the decision. Jess says to talk to people to see where their head’s at, ‘cause people are dead set on backdooring Alex next week.
12:45 AM BBT On the sky bridge, Mark tells Dom that he completely trusts her with everything. Dom says that he gave her his word, and gave Cody his word. Dom says that people in the house want to ask her so bad what’s going on with her and Mark. Mark asks Dom how she feels about Paul. She says that she likes Paul. “Paul is smart. Paul is way ahead of the game.” Mark says that he needs Elena in the game, and feels like he is in a better position with a couple. He says that he likes Elena as a person, but together he doesn’t know how that would work. Dom says that she feels like she’ll be painted in the wrong light if she told America everything.
1:00 AM BBT Later on, Mark and Paul are talking in HoH. Mark says that people are fake. Paul asks who. Mark says he’s just venting, and that it’s not him. Paul asks if it’s Elena. Mark says that it’s the talk show. Paul said that it was weird, and that’s why he brought up stupid shit. Mark says that he has no idea who Cody is putting up. Mark says that he’s too open, but is done after that trust is broken. Paul says that even if people seem trustworthy, it’s not always the case. Paul asks him to open up, but he doesn’t want to ‘because of the people that he’s working with.
1:15 AM BBT He reveals that it’s about Christmas and Matt, and what was said during that talk show. Mark talks to Paul, and asks to keep it between them two. He says that he will. Mark says that he’s upset with those questions. Paul says to keep Elena thinking that she has control, but don’t let her have control. Paul says to not share that with anyone else. Paul says that showmances never work. Mark says that as soon as they get to jury, he’s going to make his emotions vocally clear. Paul says they don’t need to talk, and that he’ll talk to him if he hears his name. Paul says that if he has his trust, he’ll return that trust. Paul says that if he hears his name, he’ll talk to him, and hopes that he’ll return the favor. Mark says that the questions about past relationships got him furious. Mark says that he hates that fake shit. Paul says that their convo that they just had stays in that room and dies in that room. Mark leaves the HoH room. In the power bedroom, Jason says to Kevin that America already knows who’s going up tomorrow. Kevin asks how. Jason says ‘because they watch the feeds.
1:30 AM BBT Alex says to Kevin that she’s suggesting to Jillian to hide in the HoH room to eavesdrop. Jason and Paul talk game in the storage room.
1:45 AM BBT In the backyard, Cody and Jessica are talking. Cody says that he’s going to make himself be nominated next week. He then says that he really wants to play in the spelling comp. Jessica asks him what his word is. Cody won’t say. Jessica jokingly says that it’s CAT. Cody says that he’s going to throw the next comp. Cody says that he appreciates the blind trust that Jessica has in him.
2:00 AM BBT In the backyard Christmas and Mark are still playing pool, Elena is watching them. They are joking around. In the hammock Cody and Jessica are relaxing and deep in thought with no conversation at the moment. Back at the pool table Mark makes a bad shot so Christmas lets him shot again. Elena says she finds everything Christmas does impressive. Back in the Money Room Kevin asks Ramses who invites you to Thanksgiving, Ramses says you did. Alex says Kevin I thought you were coming to my place. Ramses is telling Kevin you taught me how to swear. Paul enters the room and Jason asks where he found his underwear. Jillian enters the room and asks them to keep it down. Ramses goes to the Have Not Room to sleep. In the washroom Christmas and Paul are talking. Christmas says she hasn’t heard Cody say he wants to backdoor Paul. Dominique is there as well Paul says there is a lot going on. Dominique says she has to respect Cody’s leadership while he is HOH. Christmas agrees with Paul that he should talk to Cody in the morning. Dominique says I don’t think you have any worries, she thinks Cody respects anyone who tries to hold their own in comps. Paul says he tries to keep it under wrap but doesn’t always do that. Dominique says she doesn’t know what is happening tomorrow but wishes she did. Out by the pool table Mark and Elena are talking. Elena is explaining to Mark how she feels about them. She says on the one hand she thinks he is a guy who came into her live and she is getting to know him, then she remembers that they are on a reality show and there are 40 producers around. Cody and Jessica walk by on their way back into the house. Mark and Elena head over there. Elena is worried she messed up her nail.
2:15 AM BBT In the kitchen Paul asks Jessica if her and Cody are going to bed, she says yes. Paul tells Dominique to stop looking at his butt. Jessica and Cody are having a snack. Back in the backyard Mark and Elena are talking about how Mark felt about how he felt when they were all asking him questions. Elena asks Christmas if she wants to join them she says they are having c**k talk. Christmas says maybe later. Elena is explaining how she felt the first day they entered the house. Mark says to her so you keep rejecting me. He says the first couple of nights he was really hurt with her sleeping in bed with Paul and Christmas not him. Inside the house Paul goes upstairs to the HOH Room to talk to Cody. Paul tells him that he realizes that first HOH is hard, putting up 4 people is hard. He says he has been telling people to back off. Paul is telling him that when he went to get his boxers. He is telling him that the 4 in there where talking and then started talking loud. Cody asks him if Kevin was there. Paul says he isn’t sure if he was when he first went in the room. Back in the backyard Christmas is over talking to Mark and Elena. They are saying blood has been spread, the battle has started. Christmas says we have to win the next 3 HOH, then we will be home-free. Mark says he thinks there has been a jury buyback. Christmas says asks Megan then corrects and says oh yeah she quit. They think Paul may know. Elena tells them Paul never watched until he was on. Christmas and Paul head back into the house. Christmas says to Paul you are responsible for your boners. Do you want to sleep with 2 girls or not every night. Paul says he will never get the chance to sleep with 2 girls again so he is going to take it for what it is.
2:30 AM BBT In the lounge Paul and Christmas are talking about Cody not really talking game with anyone. Paul is telling Kevin to go get his mike and join them for storytime. Big Brother tells Kevin to go get his mike. Ramses Josh join Christmas in the lounge for storytime. Paul goes into the Money Room to see if Alex and Jason want to go to storytime, Jason is asleep. Paul asks if Alex knows anything about tomorrow. Alex says she thinks it is Jason but isn’t sure. Kevin is making english muffins and chocolate milk. Kevin says he has a wonderful story about Glory and a makeout place. Kevin says it is a true story, Paul tells him to wait til story time to tell them. Paul is looking for something to eat. Matt walks thru the kitchen on his way to the washroom. In the HOH Room Cody and Jessica are in bed with the television on trying to see what everyone is doing in the house. They are kissing and cuddling. Back in the kitchen Christmas is telling Paul that she would like to go back to school.
2:45 AM BBT Paul is telling her he assisted his teacher in one of his classes, he is saying it is about using cheap labor overseas, compared to here and advertising. Paul says he thinks that real life experiences trump schooling. Christmas is saying that she is happy with her business plan now. Paul is telling Ramses that he will make him the best pb&j after he is off slop. Kevin comes in with the towels Paul says it is 3 am you are not suppose to do laundry. Raven has joined them in the kitchen. Christmas says Kevin gets up at 3 am and starts to clean. Paul says he isn’t going to hang out with Christmas at night because he is going to get fat. Kevin says it is story time, he is saying it is a scary story. Kevin has a razor in his headband. They ask Elena if she has any scary stories, she says yea she will tell them about her breast reduction. Paul leaves to go brush his teeth as Christmas says he smells like fish. Kevin says he is going to start his story about Gloria. Kevin says his kids were scared to go up to the place. Kevin starts his story about a section of Boston called Brookline. He says it is a makeout spot.
3:00 AM BBT In the lounge the story continues the feed goes to fish. In the HOH Room it looks like Cody and Jessica are sleeping. All cameras go to the HOH where Jessica and Cody are asleep. Cody and Jessica wake up enough to give each other kisses. It looks like there is some heavy duty cuddling going on under the sheets, all cameras are still on the HOH Room. They have pulled the covers up over their heads but as all cameras are on them we have no idea how Kevin’s story is going. The cameras go back to the lounge with Kevin saying his girls will not go there, if he takes them there they will call the police. Paul starts his story about the first time he seen a ghost he was 13, he was at a camp. He says one night they had an overnight hike, he says the whole reason was for the leaders of the camp to scare a bunch of kids. He says deep in the forest where he knew it was not one of the leaders he sees something. He says he didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want to be scared. He says they start to tell them a ghost story where a loud horn went off. He says a girl he met there he was talking to her before the next year camp they were talking and the girl tells him she seen a little boy in the distance. Paul says he tells her he seen the same thing. He says that year when they went to camp he looked for the thing. He is telling them the leaders told him they were going to kidnap him. . He says the leader told him that they did it to him when he was 14, Paul says when they asked the other campers where he was, he says the leader starts yelling at the leaders, the kids were all crying. He says the other kids would not talk to him for 2 days. Paul says the nickname of the forest was The Forest of The Missing Children. He says when he went into town he seen an old picture of the kid he seen as a ghost. He says the kid he seen was never found. He starts another story about a family friend family who are very straight laced. All cameras go back to the HOH Room where Jessica and Cody are still into some heavy cuddling. Jessica says she is so glad they found the rat that was under the sheets. Cody says yeah but it took awhile.
3:30 AM BBT All cameras are still on the HOH Room the cameras go back to the lounge area. Josh starts his story but tells them it is not a ghost story. Paul says he had to get his house blessed from playing with Ouija board. He says his Mom was really mad at him. Kevin tried to scare them but they all see him. Josh goes on to tell his story as it also is a true story all cameras go back to the HOH Room again, where Jessica and Cody are wrapped in each others arm sleeping. Back in the lounge Paul is talking about some forest where people were murdered. Paul says no animals live in the forest, he also says there is a circle in the forest where nothing grows. Paul tells them about an old sheep herder who has one eye. Paul asks his friend to ask him where the circle is in the forest. Paul says his friend tells him that he told him to go in the forest and find out yourself. Paul says the first day it was raining so they left. He says they went back the next day and decided to stay there. He says remember no animals live there, he sees a horse a black horse. His friend tells him not to touch it as it is wild, he says he tries to go to touch it. He says he started petting the wild horse.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 2nd
3:45 AM BBT Paul continues with his story, he says the horse kept his eyes on them. Paul says later he sees a fox, who was following them. He says they finally get to the center of the forest and it is a huge circle where nothing grows. He says they walk for about an acre at 3 am in the morning, they found mounds of dirt in perfect circles. He says at sunrise it starts to pour rain. He says all of a sudden they start hearing a baby crying. He says the baby was crying very loudly. He says he sees a shack in the middle of nowhere. He says that is where the baby was crying. He tells them that his friend grabs him. He says his friend tells him it makes no sense and they need to go. Elena asks him if they went to the shack, he tells her no. He says they walked to the edge of the forest. When they got out of the forest and the rain stopped. Elena says she has to go to sleep and will probably have nightmares. Josh says he is going to work out tomorrow. Paul starts another story that he says is quick. He says someone was babysitting a kid who kept telling her there was a clown in his closet. Paul says the babysitter went up to the kids room found a full grown man in the closet. She grabbed the kid ran out of the house and called the police. He says it was a true story. All cameras go back to the HOH Room where Cody and Jessica have stopped looking for rats in the bed and are sleeping. Back in the lounge Paul is saying the dreams you have in this house are very vivid. Everyone leaves the lounge to prepare for bed. Christmas and Ramses head to the washroom. Elena and Mark are in the kitchen. It looks like everyone but Josh is heading to bed. Josh is still in the lounge In the bedroom Paul and Christmas are getting into bed. In the kitchen Elena and Mark are talking, Elena is asking Mark if he is lying to them and if he had anything to do with the cracker box because of what the box says. Elena says we have so much to talk about. Mark is staring into Elena eyes, she is looking back at him. Mark says tomorrow is going to be interesting. Elena says she doesn’t want it to be interesting. Mark says it will be because it is Cody being Cody. Mark asks Elena if she wants to sleep with him or go back to her threesome. Elena says she can’t sleep with him because he sleeps catty wants it. Mark says so I have to win HOH to get you to sleep with me. She says yes or get another bed.
4:00 AM BBT Elena is taking her earrings out. She and Mark are kissing in the washroom. Elena asks him if he is tired. He says he kept falling asleep while Paul was telling his story. She says she knows. She kept waking him up. Elena says she is not as tired as she should be. Mark says he was very nervous to kiss her. She says she wasn’t. Mark says that she is a pleasant treat. Elena says that Mark is being cheesy with his comments. They are talking about living in the present and not worrying about the future. She says that she has some good qualities; she has good eyebrows and she catches on quick. She says that the cheesy shit has to go. He asks if she means instead of saying the way the light is hitting her hair right now is beautiful, he should then say yeah you look alright? She says yeah.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 2nd
4:15 AM BBT Mark and Elena continue to kiss in the washroom. She looks at the cameras and says how weird it is that there are so many cameras. Elena says that she has small features on her face. He says that her eyes and ears are not too small. She says she doesn’t want big ears. He says she has proportional ears. Elena just said to Mark, “I wonder what my boyfriend at home is going to think about this.” Mark responds with “ohhhh, ohhhh”. She laughs and says, “aren’t I funny?” And then back to kissing. They both agree that it’s night, night time, but they haven’t moved. Alex just walked into the washroom. Elena asks if Alex has to poop and she nods yes. Elana and Mark get up and she asks him if he can walk. He says no. She asks if he is ok, and he says not no, it’s a little hard as he readjusts himself. They walk to the bedrooms holding hands.
4:30 AM BBT Now they are walking back to the washroom. Elena is removing her shorts and goes to the bathroom. Mark waits in the washroom for his turn. Elena comes out, gives Mark a kiss and then heads to bed; neither are wearing microphones.Elena climbs into bed with Paul and Christmas. Mark is finishing up in the washroom and heading to bed; he stops to look at the picture wall. All HGs are in bed.
4:45 – 8:51 AM BBT AM BBT All HGs are asleep
8:52 AM BBT Kevin speaks to Matthew as he heads for the WR; Matthew returns to bed telling Kevin the time.
9:00 AM BBT All HGs are still sleeping.
9:09 AM BBT BB’s wake-up announcement. Music begins and feeds are cut.
9:15 AM BBT Most HGs are up and about getting themselves ready…ADLs.
9:30 AM BBT Some HGs are still in bed (Paul, Elena, and maybe more) with bedroom lights out; BB reminds them BR lights must remain on. Lots of good mornings to others and discussions as to when everyone went to bed. HGs moving around getting dressed. Kevin tells Christmas he didn’t get much sleep. Many stating they are tired; they got woken up earlier this morning. Jillian talking to Elena, Ramses, and Jessica about how this house reminds her about the house that is alive on the Disney channel. Feeds keep cutting off and on. Raven asks around on who wants pancakes. Jessica sits with Mark on the double lounger in BY telling him how she reads Cody and how he is playing. They all wonder who is going up…Cody has such a straight face. Cody wants to talk around before noms.
9:45 AM BBT Kevin discovers laundry left in washer all night and now rewashing. Jessica made mention that her and Cody’s clothes has bugs on them. Cowboy working out; lifting weights while riding a bike pedaling backwards. Matthew making the pancake mix while Raven, Jessica, Jillian, and Christmas chatting about songs at the counter. Christmas and Jillian go out to help Jason put out the window shades. Jason informs them that he asked BB to time him on how fast he can accomplish it by himself; Christmas and Jillian helps on the other side since Jason was on a mission with BB. Jason goes back working out; girls go back inside still talking about Celine Dion. They continue talking about Las Vegas shows/clubs. Raven frying bacon.
10:00 AM BBT Jillian throws out the idea on who would rather be at work right now? Christmas wants to make a game plan to clean on Thursday since that is when they will get a vacuum cleaner. Kevin also in BY with Jason working out; Alex stretching; and Mark lounging. Jason goes in for cereal. They discover Elena went back to bed. Paul is also in bed. Christmas has made a plate of pancakes; Raven finishing up the bacon.
10:15 AM BBT Christmas appreciates how Jason is the only guy that will jump up and dance with her in the morning. They look forward to their dance sessions. They don’t like to stay in bed; the music stimulates them to get moving. There was a pop in the kitchen. Everyone thought someone clapped real loud; they don’t know what the sound was (maybe a light popping). In the BY Keven is doing laps in yard. He is angry that someone is saying is is a saboteur news reporter. He is working on laundry. BB tells Cody to change batteries. Cody runs through house to SR. Christmas is still cooking asking if she should make a plate for Matt. because she cares for him.Most of HG in KT. Cody calls Jason up to HOH. Jason wants to see if they are on same page. He is afraid to share info if he is put up. Cody says Jason is closest to his personality. If he goes up now he would go. Cody hasn’t got an alliance yet. And probably wont. If he keeps Jason he must protect Dominique and the couples. Jason feels that won’t help his game. He agrees finally but only til Jury. Eleven people Cody will protect Jason since everyone wants him to go.All 3 pairs Dom, Jason can take Christmas out. Cody will even be a pawn to get her out.
10:30 AM BBT Cody calls Alex up to HOH. Alex wants Jillian safe. Cody sees the house as his side and not his side. Cody will put up his side to even numbers. He tells her if she wants to keep Jason and Jillian.She wants to even numbers.She feels Jason and Jillian are the only one’s who want to play a straight game. Cody won’t tell her who he is putting up because the trust isn’t there yet. Cody agrees this is only til jury. Cody really needs the stipend. In the BY Jason goes to Kevin and whispers about the deal. Then all goes quiet. Alex heads to KT to finish her breakfast. BB tells Christmas to move her mic higher. Cody goes out back. Kevin tells him he put his towels upstairs. Seems he is kissing Cody’s rear end.
10:45 AM BBT Cody calls Matt up to HOH. Alex and Jillian discuss her Cody talk. How they established team leaders. They discuss the deal. Jillian asks if Alex is sure. Jillian hopes his plan works Alex reassures her. Jason joins the girls Alex asks if he trusts him. Jason isn’t sure either. Jillian says she even tried tears but Cody was stone cold.Jason leaves.Alex thinks Cody will get out Christmas and Ramses. Keven is all about how great it is in house. No stress.Cody is called to DR.Cody and Kevin say the best cups of coffee are when you are in stressful conditions. Kevin has never had a cup outside before.Christmas and Raven are in the WC discussing who may have 2nd temptation. They think maybe Ramses. Then Ramses walks in and talk changes to make-up.
11:00 AM BBT Ramses complains the girls are shedding their hair everywhere.Raven and Christmas discuss the the temptations.FISH flash. Alex is in BY on bike.Kevin continues his walking Matt is on weights. FISH keep flashing. All cams on WC. The conversations all about what’s coming up and if they will do nothing for the next 4 days.Cams go to BY again. Alex talks about smoking a hookah. BB calls her to DR.Ramses got a face mask on and Christmas just washed hers off.Kevin gets on Matt for using 2 towels. BB tells Raven to stop singing. Matt agrees with Kevin and starts on weights.
11:15 AM BBT Christmas whispers with Raven about Cody’s strategy. That Jason has to know what’s up but they are not sure. Jillian chatting up Ramses in BY.Raven and Christmas continue talking strategy in WC.Kevin continues his pacing in BY Jason is in Hammock. Matt is doing curls. Cody is just watching everyone in BY.
11:30 AM BBT-12:42 PM BBT  Feeds Down for Pov Ceremony
12:43 PM BBT feeds return Christmas is yelling at Cody. Paul played his 3 weeks of safety card and Cody is mad Christmas is yelling about being blindsided. Christmas is furious. Confronts Paul. Tells paul how Cody promised her safety.Cody in BY discussing POV. Christmas says Cody had not a real strategy. Calls a dictatorship.Christmas has the house riled up. Jason asks for a high five from Kevin he thought he was going out. The guys go inside to see whats happening. Cody asks Dom if Paul told her he took the temptation. Cody says Paul was the only poison in his plan. That there is a reason Paul made it to final 2. Dom says this changes the whole game. Cody hopes Paul can’t play for HOH. Dom is angry with Cody for ruining the peace in the house. Cody stomps off downstairs. Jessica follows him and confronts him about walking off. Cody says the only thing she should feel for him is trust. Christmas is in KT saying she isn’t worried she is pissed. She and Paul discuss why would Christmas be the replacement for Paul. Cody and Jessica talk about his actions with his noms. Christmas is out there now and everything is silent and tense.
1:00 PM BBT Paul said three weeks what’s up Cody said that was the first nail Paul said he is an open book with the people that he thought that he can trust Paul said if i didn’t take the temptation i would have gone home this week Paul said america is going to get a fucken show Paul said now i have to see who i can trust paul said to Cody i know what you are hinting at but i was taken it from a different angle Paul said the first hoh is hard paul said to Cody maybe you took it the wrong way Cody said i fine being a target Cody said me being a target now i have accomplished that Paul said i appreciate the honesty to Cody Cody said i didn’t tell a single person of what i am going to do.
1:15 PM BBT Elena said we made it look like uncomplicated Christmas and Dominique are talking Christmas said don’t be a fucken lier Dominique please put on your microphone Cody said whatever i have to do to make myself look like a target i will do it so that you can stay in the house Elena said i don’t want to vote out Christmas Matthew said if we don’t stay together we are fucked Cody said that Christmas is his target Jessica said right now Paul Christmas can not win any competitions Jessica said i don’t feel good about that Jessica said if anything we are going to have to reunite.
1:30 PM BBT Jessica said Kevin is going to want to do whatever paul tells him what to jessica for somebody that didn’t want talk game that is all you’re going to hear now Jessica said we are going to have some serious DR sessions today Elena is talking to Paul Elena said it makes me look bad Cody said that Alex is good with Jillian Elena said who can i trust Ramses said do you think cody said anything about you Cody said i don’t know if i can pull it off Matthew and Christmas are talking Matthew said i don’t expect paul to trust me know Christmas said that paul is friends with everybody Jessica is talking about the number thing Mark said just don’t tell Christmas that i am going to campaign for her Cody is talking about the deals that he is making
1:45 PM BBT Dominique please put on your microphone Jessica said that raven is not going to flip the votes Dominique said that’s what makes it default for me Raven is giving Christmas a hug Jason and Paul are talking Jessica said i am so happy for you to Cody Jessica said should i laugh or cry Jessica please do not stretch your microphone Alex is in the backyard alex is talking to Paul Elena said i don’t feel good for voting her out and i don’t have a relationship with her Jessica said they are going to put us up Jessica said Christmas going after Cody is a Nail in my noms Raven said it seemed like he wanted to vote out Paul
2:00 PM BBT Jessica said at the end of the day he won HOH Mark said last night i just had a heart to heart with him Alex said last night we talked about it paul Cody and Christmas are i the HOH room Paul and Alex are talking Christmas said i had fire under my ass before Cody said that Paul was his target Cody said i wanted Megan out Cody said i had to break that group thing Cody said that the Anxiety is a lot higher Christmas said can i ask why was Paul a target Cody said is it because i am a strong competitor Christmas said thank you for talking to me she said to Cody Christmas said that she likes to talk to everybody Christmas said she is upset that nobody told her that she was going to go up Christmas said i believe you to cody even though i really don’t want to
2:15 PM BBT Mark and Paul are talking outside Christmas said i can tell you that she is pissed Christmas said he had to trust his trust Christmas said i can’t speak for him Christmas said i love pushing people past there limits Christmas said i am pissed at you Christmas said i hope i can campaign appropriately Christmas is crying Cody said i think right now is best thing to distance myself Jason and Alex are talking Christmas is talking about the apple blow up Christmas said thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk to you i was to heated earlier Christmas is asking if somebody has some allergy medication Christmas asked Jason do you have a minute Jason said where do you want to go and Christmas said Cowboy’s choice
2:30PM BBT Raven and Mark are talking Raven said i am going to go and find cody and tell him Jason said can i ask what you guys talked about when you went upstairs Christmas said i appreciate your honesty Jason said i don’t want to sit in the Jury house i either want to win the game or go home Jason said it’s in the rules you can’t tell that he is your target Jason said that nobody is going to vote off Kevin because he is funny Jason said i had a couple rough days i miss my family Christmas said i can handle being on the block i just don’t like the idea that i was his target Elena said i love you too bye big brother christmas said let me ask you this what should i be seeing that i have not been seeing Christmas said who do you think he was going to put up after the conversation Christmas said that everybody was talking about the romances Jason thought that he was going home Raven and Matthew is talking Christmas said that Cody should not have failed the trust

2:45 PM BBT Jason said that they are telling you something that you want to hear Jason said if you stay who are you going to put up Christmas said i kept telling Jillian she needs to talk to people and she is not a two faced bitch Christmas said i want you to watch with when i am done and by me a drink Jason said that there is no fucken way did they find out about the pawns Christmas said i was blessed 13 years ago i found out who i was Christmas said i am trying to be there for josh Paul and Jessica are talking Christmas you can see that he didn’t keep his deal with me or with Paul Christmas said they were not listening to me target you Christmas said that nobody talks about shit and i like Ramses Christmas said that we have a similar life’s Christmas said i hope that those puzzle pieces come together Christmas said i believe that Cody was talking about you Christmas said that Cody said that Paul was a target and that i was the the next target Christmas said use me as bait but don’t tell me you are going to use me as baits Christmas said i want him out
3:00 PM BBT Jason said this is big brotherng that this is fucken nuts Paul and Ramses are talking. Ramses just told Paul, Ramses’s curse is he has to choose when to go up on block during next three weeks. So Ramses has to put HIMSELF on the block once in the next three weeks, and he can pick which week to do it. And he has to go on the block one time in the next 3 weeks. Christmas said if i win hoh i will be coming after other people Christmas said to Jason do you think that they are pawning me Jason said we have 4 more days and i feel that it is going to come out Jason said that there is 15 of us Christmas said that 3 of us can’t vote Christmas said she didn’t see it coming Cody and Jessica are talking in the HOH room Paul said i don’t know why he is pissed off christmas said i like hanging out with you Paul and Jason and Christmas are talking christmas said i appreciate that Paul said i already told Jason Paul said i am not going to compete again like last season
3:15 PM BBT Paul said it’s up to you Christmas that there is not really much that i can do Paul asked Raven are you going to vote out christmas Christmas said that she is cold Mark and Jessica and Cody are in the HOH room and Elena Mark said are you really folding the towels jessica said you don’t say Raven said i got sick last night Raven and Christmas are talking Raven said i have Josh Raven gave Christmas a Hug Matthew is eating eggs Dominique is sitting in front of the Mirror Paul says you love the Mirror Dominique said i think this mirror loves me Mark Jessica Cody Elena are in the HOH room Dominique said i hope when they watch it that they don’t feel the same way Alex said do you guys want eggs Dominique is talking about everybody in the house is going to come after you cody

3:30 PM BBT Elena is talking to Christmas Elena said that Cody wasn’t talk Christmas said he tried to make an alliance from day 1 Jessica is stretching work Alex and Jillian are in the pantry talking Alex said if it comes to a split vote that Cody will have to break the tie Kevin said i am sorry Alex said to Kevin do you want to split an english muffin with me Elena said i am very hurt and Confused Elena is talking about the water that was missing Elena said i know who i am drawn to Jessica please center your microphone Kevin please go to the DR
3:45 PM BBT Mark said Ramses where is your head at with everything going on Christmas said i am passionate Christmas said Jason asked me are you a pawn Jillian is doing her hair in the bathroom area Christmas said we left on good terms Elena said i have concerns Feeds went down. Dominique and Josh are talking privately about working together and not being offended at each other by what they say to each other
4:00 PM BBT In the lounge, Paul, Raven, Christmas, Matthew, Mark, and Elena are discussing who is voting against Christmas and what Cody’s strategy is on putting Jason up. In the HOH room, Cody is rubbing Jessica’s back. She says that ‘we don’t have the majority of the house anymore’ and Cody answers, ‘We shall see…we have some real f-in fighters in the house though…’Cody is called to the DR and Alex and Jillian join Dominique in the kitchen. Back in the lounge, Paul is saying that if his trust and friendship is broken in week 2, don’t expect it to be redone in week 7. Out in the backyard, Jillian and Josh are having a heated conversation about whether or not Josh is voting Jillian out, because that is what Jillian had heard. He says that he never said he was gonna vote her out. He asks if someone said that if she was speculating, and she said that someone did tell her that but that she was not going to say who. Josh still says that everyone wants his head on a stick and that he would be out if he did not have safety. He says that when they get out of the house, he and Jillian are going to go on a date. Jessica tells Josh to chill because he is safe and fine, and not to be erratic and not do anything crazy that would make him need to apologize again.
4:15 PM BBT Raven, Elena, Matthew, and Mark are in the lounge still talking about how they are not going to go back on their word. Matthew says that he wants to have a talk with Cody and say that he still trusts him but he needs to know what is going on in his head so ‘this doesn’t ever happen again.’ Ramses comes in the room momentarily. Matthew says that he thinks Cody had good intentions in order of protecting them. Kevin and Jason are in lounge chairs outside, Paul is in the hammock, and Jessica is on an exercise bike. Cameras move to the upstairs lounge area, where Dominique is reading scripture and Christmas has just joined her. Raven, Elena, Matthew, and Mark keep talking about who they need to vote for and why in the lounge area. Matthew says he doesn’t know why Cody was so determined to work with Alex and Cowboy (Jason) when neither of them are loyal to any of the rest of the group. Raven says smoke is coming out of her ears so she is going to get more coffee and leaves the room. Upstairs, Dominique and Christmas are discussing who each houseguest is voting out. Christmas says that she thinks that everyone was blindsided by Cody putting her up, but that Jessica was not blind to it. They speculate on why he did that.
4:30 PM BBT Dominique says she had almost a vision when she was reading the other day that the game was about to be blown up, and that Cody blew it up. Paul comes in the lounge and talks to Elena, Matthew, and Mark about how the plan is good until someone effs it up. Raven comes back into the room with food, and Jessica comes into the room. Jessica tells them about Josh flipping out on Jillian outside. Cameras move to outside sitting area, where Jillian, Ramses, Alex, and Kevin are sitting. Jillian is speculating on who is voting for her.
4:45 PM BBT Paul is trying to cook and Raven is trying to help him find a lid that fits the pot that he is using. Christmas is also in the kitchen with them. Back outside, Jason has moved the group in the sitting area. They explain to Kevin that evictions are done live. Then they speculate the height of the walls and how tall/old a particular tree is that they can see. Christmas joins them outside and Kevin compliments her and says she looks really nice, what did she do, shower or something? She answers, no I got pissed off! Cameras go to cats. Cameras back to Matthew and Mark in the lounge room speculating on why Cody nominated Christmas. Christmas is sitting by the side of the pool talking to Josh. Josh tells her that he is keeping her. Christmas says she will keep her distance from him.
5:00 PM BBT Jessica, in the lounge with Mark and Elena, tells them that she talked to Alex and that Alex said that she was surprised that Jessica was on the same page with her, and walked off. Paul, Raven, and Christmas are in the kitchen. Cameras move outside to Jason and Kevin talking about what Cody’s decision might mean. Kevin says Alex is the best so far in the game, and Jason agrees that Alex is bad ass. Christmas is called to the DR. Kevin says that Christmas will be in the diary room until 7 o’clock. Cody is out of the DR, so Jessica joins him in the HOH room. Jessica tells him that she tried to talk to Alex and what she said, and gripes about how socially awkward she is.
5:15 PM BBT Cody tells Jessica that he has extended his loyalty to Alex for only the week. Josh and Jason talk to Kevin about what happens on Thursdays with the elimination and immediately to HOH. Josh says he may not be able to beat them physically but that he can outsmart them. He says he didn’t win safety by being a dummy. Josh says he hopes to get Cody out so he can cuddle with Jessica. In the lounge, Mark and Elena are cuddling and talking. Elena is complaining about how she was spun to not be loyal to Christmas and Paul and now she has to fight back and isn’t sure that they trust her. They kiss. Back in the HOH room, Cody and Jessica are also cuddling and kissing a little. Cody gets up and folds blankets. Cody asks Jessica if she thinks fans are pissed off because they brought Paul back into the house. The discuss whether or not he can get another temptation.
5:30 PM BBT Kevin came in the lounge with Mark and Elena. He says that outside everywhere he was, Josh was there. Kevin says to them as well that Alex is sitting pretty now. Elena and Kevin talk about reading the Bible and praying and saying the rosary every day. They discuss how Cody is. They tell Kevin says that Cody is upset because he has had to put up 5 people. In the HOH room, Cody is telling Jessica about his daughter Paisley
5:45 PM BBT Elena and Mark are playing pool in the backyard. In the HOH room, Cody says that his daughter is part of the reason that he asked for no pictures or letters, so that no one could use his daughter against him as in ‘what would your daughter think?’ He says that from the start he wanted to show his daughter how to win, but that he doesn’t think that he will be in the game too much longer. Jessica tells Cody how Mark stood up for Cody and her in the lounge. He talks about how his strategy has been screwed up this week. Dominique and Paul are sitting and talking outside in the sitting area. He suggests that Dominique get baptised as an adult. He also suggests the she go to the Vatican on the 3rd Sunday so that she will be there when the Pope speaks. Kevin joins them outside, and asks Paul to fix French Toast tomorrow morning.
6:00 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are in the HOH room talking about the 4th of July and if they will be drinking. Kevin, Paul, and Dominique are still sitting in the BY. Paul said that America gave him the gift because they saw that he was in jeopardy. Cody says that he really doesn’t get the game of BB. Jessica says that she thinks he does get it. They continue to talk about what they thought BB would be like. Cody thinks others are intimidated by him and that he was on their radar from the beginning. Jessica asked him if he threw the Veto. He says ‘no’ but that he did slow down when he saw that Alex was going to win.
BB says that the house is on lockdown. Everyone is instructed to go to the BY. HGs begin heading to the BY. BB tells HGs that they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions with other HGs. Jillian tells Josh that someone told her that he was going to vote her out. He says that he wants to know who said that. Kevin is talking to Christmas and says that everytime BB closes the door and locks them out, he is missing some stuff. He then starts asking Christmas about the schedule for the week.
6:15 PM BBT Kevin asks Christmas if she could settle down with one man. She said she would love to but the she has been engaged twice, but they both lied. They begin to talk about Jillian and how she isolates herself. Kevin tells Christmas that if she makes it through this week, that they are gonna be sorry. Matt, Jessica, and Dominique are sitting on the lounge chair chillin’. BB tells the HGs to please stop singing. Raven joins the three. They are talking about the POV ceremony. Kevin is asking Christmas if she has to pack her stuff. She says ‘yes, on Thursday.’ They begin talking about the ages of the HGs. Christmas says she is 35 and that Dominique is 30. Jason is 37 and Matt is 33. The rest of all in their 20s, except for Kevin. Matt and Cody go into hot tub. They ask BB to turn on the jets. Jessica is talking to Dominique about why Cody nominated Paul and then Christmas. Dominique said that he should have put Jason on the block. Jessica said that if she wins HOH next week, she wants to backdoor Alex.
6:30 PM BBT Jillian goes over to talk to Jessica and Dominique. She says that the HNs get off tomorrow night at midnight. Cody and Matt are talking in the hot tub. They are talking about their life outside the house. Matt said that his advice to Cody is to have a good time while he can. They talk about how BB is like a 3 ring circus so far.
6:35 PM BBT Feeds down. Feeds back after a minute. Matt and Cody still in hot tub. Elena joins Christmas, Jessica, and Dominique on lounge chairs. BB asks the HGs to lower the awnings. Christmas, Matt, Jillian, and Raven lower the awnings. No game talk now. Jessica says that she needs to pee. Christmas says that she can ask BB for the key to the port a potty and that it is not bad. It flushes and has running water.
6:45 PM BBT BB announces that the lockdown is over and that the HGs are free to walk about the house. Alex heads back into the house. Joss and Kevin are playing pool HGs begin going back inside. Jessica heads to HOH room. Cody is in shower. Paul, Mark, and Elena are laying in the hammock, and Elena is rubbing Paul’s leg. BB says ‘HGs, no sleeping.’ as Paul appears to be asleep. BB says, “Paul, Mark, I’ll ask again nicely. No sleeping.” Elena is questioning Paul about the special gift he received. Paul said that Ramses has the punishment. Paul said that it was random who received it. Paul said that he thinks Elena and Mark are fine but because they are in a showmance that they may be targeted. Christmas and Dominique are talking in the lounge chairs. They are questioning why Cody would flip the group. It doesn’t make sense to them. Dominique asks Christmas who she feels will vote for her. Christmas says she is not 100% sure of anyone. Dominique says that she is asking God to show her who to be loyal to.
7:00 PM BBT Christmas says to Dominique that she doesn’t understand who is uncomfortable with her. She doesn’t think that it is Jessica. Paul tells Elena that he doesn’t like Cody’s strategy and that he doesn’t think that he could ever work with him. Paul tells Elena that it is going to get harder and harder to trust people as the days go on. Elena tells Mark not to tell anyone that Ramses has the punishment and that if it gets out, she will kick his ass. She tells Mark that the punishment is that Ramses has to put himself on the block within the next 3 weeks. Paul says that winning this game is alot of chance and a lot of luck. Getting to jury is strategy. He says you need to make steps to get farther ahead. He say loyalty and trust gets you far in the game. Christmas joins the group on the hammock.
7:15 PM BBT Raven is in the kitchen with Jillian. She tells her that with her disease, she has to have a pacemaker. She feels that she is representing the disease, gastroparesis. She has seen so many people pass away with this disease. Camera go to HOH room with Jessica and Cody in bed. Raven comes in to go to bathroom. Jason and Alex are talking in the By. Alex said she doesn’t trust Paul. Jason says that Christmas needs to go. They begin talking about the vote and who they need to get. Back to the hammock, Matt joins the group. Paul gives his strategy tips to the group. He says not to make a lot of side deals like Cody in his season did. He made deals with everyone and then it came back to bite him. Elena says that Kevin will probably float all the way to the end and win this game.
7:25 PM BBT Feeds down for a few seconds. Paul is asking Matt who he thinks is voting for who. Paul says to Christmas that he thinks she is fine. Alex and Jillian go to HN room and are talking about Paul. Alex says that he may be screwing us over. She said he says he wants to be on a team with them and that he is going to try to talk to the people on the other side and get them to vote with them. She says she still doesn’t know if they can trust him.
7:30 PM BBT Raven joins the hammock group of Elena, Christmas, Matt, and Paul. Christmas says that if Cody kept them out of the loop on the renoms, that they should be worried about what else he is keeping them out of the loop on. Alex and Jillian continue to try and figure out what is going on. They say they don’t know who to believe. Matt asked Paul if he has any suggestions for going forward. Paul says he has all kinds of suggestions but he isn’t sharing them. He says that he doesn’t know who is winning HOH next week but if he does, he will do his own thing. Raven is telling the group about the bad dreams that she has been having. She says she thinks she is just upset because she can’t be there for her mom’s surgery.
7:45 PM BBT Jason joins Jillian and Alex in HN room. They continue to talk about who is on what side and what is happening. Jason said that need to make sure that Cody will break the tie in Jillian’s favor. They are whispering so that no one can hear them. The leave the HN room together. Paul and Christmas still laying in the hammock together. Christmas said that she wasn’t wanting to play an aggressive game. She tells Paul that she wants to work with him. He says that he actions speak louder than words. He said that he will help her stay in this game. He said that is she leaves that is not in his best interest either. He says he will guide her and help her but that they also need to keep their distance from each other. Paul says his next target is an obvious one but it won’t be obvious at all. It will be a checkmate. He tells her to be careful and that he thinks together they can do serious damage. Paul tells her that she needs to work on Jason and Alex. Elena and Matt are talking in storage room. Elena says that Paul is a little bit of a loose cannon but that she thinks they can win him back over. Elena says that she is unsure about Mark and his vote.
8:00 PM BBT In the backyard Paul asks who wants coffee. Jessica and Cody are fussing about the hot tub not being hot. Matthew and Elena are in the storage room talking about someone. She bargaining with him right now. Telling him that she can’t beat any of them in an endurance comp. Matthew says that he’d never want to go against him in a comp. Matthew said if he had to put someone up it would be Alex. They leave the storage room. Matthew compliments Mark’s butt.
8:15 PM BBT The camera switches back to the outside. Where Alex and Matthew are lifting weights. She tells him that he’s lifting uneven. Jessica, Dominique, Matthew, and Cody are in the hot tub talking to Mark who is standing outside of the hot tub. Jillian sits down next to Kevin and tells him that she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her that it’s not much she can do. In the bedroom Cowboy tells Paul that he wants the showmances split. Starting with Jessica.
Ramses comes singing into the room loudly. He freezes when he sees Paul and Cowboy.
8:30 PM BBT Paul tells cowboy that Cody is playing everyone in the house against each other. Josh asks Paul how he could go so long without companionship on the last season. Now Paul is in the room talking to Alex. Paul tells her that she needs to be careful and keep quiet, Alex tells Paul that Cody told her that he and his alliance were her people. She said that that’s a lie and that she thinks Jessica is running things from the other side. Paul agrees.
8:45 PM BBT Raven, Matthew, Alex, and Christmas are in the kitchen waiting on a pizza to bake. Christmas is telling them about a movie called bad words. Paul asks Kevin if he wants pizza. She tells them that there was a loophole to let an adult competing in a high school spelling comp. In the backyard Kevin and Cowboy are talking over a game of pool.
9:00 PM BBT in the kitchen the houseguest are talking about america giving Paul safety. Jillian, Alex, and Josh are in the kitchen. The camera switched to Dominique painting her nails in the bathroom. Now it is showing Matthew and Raven are in the green br. She says that minute that she saw Paul she knew that she wanted to work with him, and that hasn’t changed. She says that she doesn’t appreciate Cody talking to everyone but her. Raven says that Cody is making himself look bad when he doesn’t talk to the people that he’s working with. Matthew says that he’s not going against Cody at all. But he can understand what she’s talking about.
9:15 PM BBT Rameses comes in and freaks out when he sees someones weave. Josh asks Dominque if she’d be open to cuddling with him. She says no she doesn’t cuddle with just anyone. Dominique jokes that Paul is going to give her babies. Josh says that he’ll give her triplets. She says that she doesn’t like all the extra stuff.
9:30 PM BBT Outside Kevin is talking to Christmas. They both agree that Cody is making side deals with everyone. But at some point he’s going to have to pick a side. Christmas mentions that everytime she walks into a room Mark walks out of it. She said that she used to dance with them every morning. She also says that Jessica began distancing herself. Kevin asks her who does she think she has when it comes to the vote. He tells her that when she gets the power she needs to flip on them. Let them vote to keep her now. Christmas says that the only reason why she’s on Cody’s radar is because she’s intimidated. Kevin says that Jessica is there for the camera. He says that she shouldn’t want to be known to throw her butt out. Paul is hopping over a box in the backyard. He is now trying to do push ups on the box.
9:45 PM BBT They cheer him on because he was able to do the push up on the wooden box. Now he’s back to jumping over the box.Kevin asks Mark if he’s gained or lost weight in the house. He said lost. He is used to eating 100 grams of protein a day. So It’s kind of a big difference. Raven, Matt, Ramses, JIllian, and Christmas are in the HT talking about outfits for the live eviction. Kevin begins yelling to them about birthdays and feeds cut and change to Jason playing pool.
10:00 PM BBT Mark and Elena are in the showmance room talking about what she is wearing.
Elena whispered she had to pee.Mark is talking to Elena..Dominique just came in room. Elena said I think you should listen to what Dominique says..Elena said I think we are all on the same page. Dominique is going to shower. Mark and Elena are talking about what is best for their game. Mark says what is best is we should be on the same page. Elena says what is best for her game is preference and they disagree…Such is life. Mark and Elena are playing footsies in bed. Elena says she is just incisive as Mark, but she will not vote out Christmas. Elena said she gave her word to Christmas, but told Cody she respected him as Hoh, but also told him today He , what happened today wasn’t ideal..and went against the house majority of the group….Ramses opens door and Elena asks him what’s up? They are discussing food and Ramses acts like he is still spying before shutting the door.
10:15 PM BBT Paul is in the showmance room talking to Elena and Mark. He is telling them if they had stayed level headed and stick and stick to the plan, Ramses would have had to go up on one of these weeks, no matter if we lost power he would still be up there and we would have still been up there, but because because i got fuck fucked, everything went to shambles..but if you just had trusted me, I had paved that road, because I solely believe that in that three weeks we would have made it that far. Cody and Jessica are on the Hammock in the yard. Cody is saying you can watch this back and say game move…or wow..I’m gunning for him. Christmas is in the showmance room talking to Mark and Elena about Cody integrity. Mark is saying he was not expecting this, but told Christmas not to worry about this, and can not believe he is in this. Christmas is questioning why Mark was not questioning Codys loyalty when he said he had wanted to work with Alex or Jason. Mark said he never thought about it.
10:30 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are laying on the hammock in the yard..discussing iPhones. Mark and Elena are still in the rose room. Mark is asking Christmas if i vote to keep you, and you win. I could just imagine you put up Corey and Jess..I’m not saying like to protect them, they both did what they did.but if one of them wins veto are one of us going up if you are Hoh? Christmas asked ..Did you know I was get bamboozled? Mark said. I had no idea. Christmas said..than No. Christmas Said if you don’t lie to me , and until I prove otherwise I am with you.( Dominique did enter the room and just sitting quiet) Mark is explaining..the way you answered that question..I am telling you I had no idea. Christmas said..Ok..I am not putting you up. Elena said I know you are not putting me up..Christmas said who is gonna wash my back. Christmas said..Mark I totally get why you are asking me this…and no. I am not putting you up. Mark guaranteed Christmas she has nothing to worry about and apologized.
10:45 PM BBT  Cody and Jessica still on the hammock .  Ramses was just called to the diary room.  Cody is telling Jessica if he would have won’t the Veto he would have used it on her and he would have been out.  Jessica said to Cody, if we could just get through this game without being on the block next to each other that would make me happy.  Mark is in the rose room telling Elena after today he wants to work with Paul.  Elena said she respects Paul enough to share how Mark feels.  Mark asked if we can keep it in this room.

11:00 PM BBT Paul is now in the rose room with Mark and Elena. Cody and Jessica are still laying together in the hammock in the yard. Ramses just came into the rose room and hugged Mark goodnight. Paul is fluffing his beard in the same room. Paul is saying that Raven Yells in her sleep. Elena said she wants to stay up all night just hear her. Paul said it is very terrifying. Paul was just called to the Diary room. Jessica laying with Cody on the hammock..says..oh god..”fuck Cody” .. Try to me up…3 weeks of safety..How do you like them apples. Cody says he appreciated his showmanship.. Cody thinks it would be pretty cool to do a head to head the whole time between him and Paul. Jessica is telling Cody she thought he threw the Veto comp. Matt and Elena in rose room. Elena is about to go shower. They are cuddling. Mark said he wants to talk to Cory and Jess to Elena..She is concerned. Elena asked him what is he going to say. Mark said I am going to honest with them, you put us in a sticky situation. But right now I have to stick to my game and word in this house.And Mark and Elena share a pretty passionate kiss. Back to the Hammock with Cody and Jessica. Cody feels he is going to be back doored. Jessica is saying how oddly stressful the game is, but does not want to leave.
11:15 PM BBT Jessica and Cody still on the Hammock. Mark and Elena cuddling in rose room. Christmas, Kevin, Matt and Jessica, and Alex and cowboy are in the kitchen. Kevin and Alex in the pantry. Kevin wants to know why they don’t have a blender. Alex said the noise. Kevin said the noise? He is talking about how loud Paul and him are. Mark and Elena are still in the rose room. Jillian is in the apple room, she is popping and dropping dance. Josh is encouraging her. Jillian said she loves to pole dance. In the apple room still..and Josh asked Dominique what her nationality is.
11:30 PM BBT Raven is in the kitchen cooking. Josh , Dominique , Alex still in the apple room. Josh said he would like to take Dominique out on a date..Ramses and Elena are in the bathroom. Elena told Ramses she needed protection. Can not make out words as the water is taking over on noise. Jessica and Cody are in the Hoh bed, sharing a bag of popcorn. Jessica said I am sure cowboy is relived today and Cody says probably thankful too. Ramsey is still talking to Elena in the shower. Ramses is asking Elena questions about her breast reduction. Cody and Jessica still in the Hoh bed munching on popcorn looking at the monitors in room. Jillian was just called to diary room. Jessica said please call me next..I have a lot to say. I need two hours to vent.
11:45 PM BBT In the lounge room..Christmas, Josh, Dominique, Jason and Alex. Relaxing with blankets and just making small talk. Christmas is asking Alex about her relationships. Josh, Jessica, Matt, Raven and Mark back in the kitchen. Mark is talking about icing his finger. Elena and Ramses back in the bathroom talking. Cody is cooking in the kitchen.

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