Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 16th

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12:00 AM BBT Christmas, Kevin, Jessica, Ramses, & josh are all in the room together listening to Kevin tell a story about the Eagles. Mark walks in the room with a fluffy gesture to Josh & tells them he is going outside. Matt is in the hot tub. Some of the hg have retreated into the By. Josh wants to make a protein shake. Raven is in the BY colluding with Matt’s game & who’s going OTB. Matt is very suspicious about Mark & Paul. Matt feels like Elena makes to long of judgment calls when they are deciding to evict. Raven states that Dominique is protected by Mark. Matt believes if the show would had never happened then Dominique wouldn’t be OTB. Raven agrees with Matt. Raven feels uncomfortable with Dominique’s show & wants to vote Dominique out. Raven is trying to devised a plan of voting Paul out. Matt & Raven count the votes who would be in their best interest for their group. Raven & Matt is discussing Paul being referenced as a snake from Dominique.
12:15 AM BBT Matt feels Dominique talked in circles & attacking the HG & waking up the HG out of their sleep is very weird to Matt. Raven & Matt is cross referencing their information & how they felt about the talk show because something doesn’t add up to Matt. Kevin yells to Raven he’ll be right out in a second in the BY. Kevin, Mark, Ramses, & Josh are in the kitchen talking laundry & flipping a grilled cheese sandwich. Josh is cooking a personal grilled cheese sandwich solo in the kitchen. Jessica is in the BR getting ready for bed. Ramses is headed to the shower to bathe. Kevin jumps on the pool table for a solo game of pool. Jessica & Josh have a lil convo about the BR & no issues presented between them two presently. Ramses goes in the BY & talks game to Kevin about voting out Dominique & who’s onboard. Ramses & Kevin racks the balls for a game of pool. Kevin tells Ramses it’s between Dominique & Jessica who is going OTB, but Kevin tells Ramses it could change but right now the HG are going after Dominique. All four HG are talking strategy in the BY. Ramses & Kevin. Raven & Matt are both in pairs comparing conversations & what they heard from around the house. Jason comes outside to the BY & Jessica.
12:30 AM BBT Matt & Raven exit the BY & goes in the house. Raven & Matt are getting closer with each other & playing as a couple. Matt & Raven are whispering about Christmas. Jason tells Kevin & Ramses hes going to bed & exit the BY back into the house. Raven leaves the kitchen to go brush her teeth. Matt stay in the kitchen & eats cereal like a bowl of soup. Jessica ask Matt if those are fruit loops. Matt says no. Jessica is preparing to eat fruit loops cereal. Kevin & Ramses are done playing the pool game & goes back into the house. Kevin heads to the BR to refresh himself. Jason & josh are in bed. Kevin & Jessica have retreated into their beds as well. Jason is upset about his bed in the HN rm. Ramses is trying to adjust his bed for comfortability. Kevin is telling Jessica a story but Ramses keeps making them laugh to mess up Kevin’s story. Ramses is hiding under the table to scare someone but him & Jessica just start laughing so hard they started getting everyone involved in their slumber party. Ramses hides under Jessica bed & scares the hell out of her. It fun & laughs in the BB house right now.
12:45 AM BBT The HG are so loud it’s starting to wake Dominique up. Production calls Jessica to the DR. Matt is being super playful with Jessica. Elena is in bed sleep. Kevin is sitting back in the dark watching the doorway like a sniper. Raven is so hyper with Matt he’s actually talking about Jessica to Raven & she’s ok with that for now. Matt & Raven are chatting about nothing in the bed. Matt is listening for Jessica to return from the DR to scare her.Kevin is still sitting in the bed wide awoke with arms behind his head. The blanket goes up over Matt & Ravens face & they tongues kiss quietly but can see their motion under the blankets. Kevin & Ramses is talking when BB will air & what day it is.
1:00 AM BBT Kevin gets on Ramses for being lazy today from not exercising this morning. Kevin is a big brother to Ramses when it comes to hygiene & eating. Kevin looks out for Ramses a lot. Kevin also can’t go to sleep until everyone is settled in his room. Raven & Matt are getting cozy under the blankets. Bunch of kisses coming from under the blanket. Ramses is out of his bed moving around the house. Matt & Raven is very giddy with each other & still waiting for Jessica to come out of the DR. Kevin is laid back in his bed with his hands cross on his stomach. Kevin, Matt & Raven are the only HG that are up but in bed.
1:15 AM BBT Kevin is fighting himself to go to sleep waiting for Jessica to go to bed. Kevin keeps tying his scarf around his eye & removing it. Kevin keeps repeating moving the scarf off & on his eyes. Kevin hears the BB cameras & he’s watching BB watch him. Matt & Raven have fell asleep holding each other in bed. Kevin keeps taking deep breaths. Production announces at mark to stop that. Mark walks through Kevin’s room & tells Kevin he can’t sleep. Kevin asked him what did you do. Mark replied I was getting pillows because “I’m uncomfortable & I can’t sleep.” After production called Mark out. It disturbed Raven, Matt, & Kevin who are now eyes open in bed. Kevin removed his eye piece & back onlooking the traffic in his room as they walk through.The HG are in bed but rather on edge listening for HG whispers, or groups of people talking strategy after last night meeting. The award goes to Kevin for mostly connecting with others & playing the game with the advantage of twenty thousand dollars. Kevin knows how to get information & sell it to Jason to stay afloat week by week. Kevin finally gets up & takes a stroll to the BR. Kevin returns to his bed. Fluffs his blanket & gets in bed with his rosary and prays.
1:30 AM BBT Kevin is peacefully praying in bed. All the HG are settled except for Jessica who hasn’t returned from the DR yet. Matt gave up on waiting to scare Jessica & fell asleep with Raven in his arms. Kevin is done praying. Although the headband has returned over Kevin’s eyes, & he doing deep breath exercises. Josh walks up to Kevin & gives him a high five & ask him why is he still up. Kevin tells Josh he doesn’t go to bed until 4am. Josh gives Kevin a high five & leaves the rm. Kevin can’t keep still in the bed. One minutes Kevin is hot, then the next he’s cold. Kevin keeps fighting his bed by kicking it. Jessica is still in the DR.
1:45 AM BBT Kevin has finally found a stilled position to rest himself. Josh walks through Kevins room to & speaks to him but get no response. Kevin doesn’t answer Josh. Josh proceeds to his bed. Matt & Raven appear to be asleep but they are ear hustling & having side conversations about random things. Kevin is winding down & starting do a light snore. Kevin is out for the count then walks in Jessica from the DR. Kevin tells Jessica that he’ll tell her the story in the morning. It’s so funny that production calls Kevin to the DR. Jessica die laughing because Kevin was out for the count but now has to get up to go the DR. Jessica get settled to turn in for the night. Matt doesn’t get up to scare Jessica. Jessica is sleeping. Dominique is on the right of Jessica & moves around in the bed but still sleep.
2:00 AM BBT It looks like all the HGS but Kevin are asleep for the night. Kevin is still in the DR.
2:15 AM BBT All HGS are asleep but Kevin who is in the DR. ( 2:21 AM BBT Jessica gets up you hear doors closing, she heads back to bed at 2:23 AM BBT ) ( 2:24 AM BBT Kevin comes back from the DR) Kevin and Jessica are talking, Kevin tells her to go to sleep as she is going to be tired in the morning. Kevin asks her how she is doing, he says he has noticed that she has been smiling lately which he says is better than the last 10 days. He says he doesn’t know what she did behind closed doors. They continue talking about things they asked the DR for. Kevin starts talking about prison time and the feeds cut to the Rose Room where all HGS are asleep.
2:30 AM BBT All cameras are still on the sleeping HGS in the Rose Room.(2:40 AM BBT ) Jessica is up and in the kitchen she grabs something and goes back into the Green Room and passes it to Kevin. Matt is now in the kitchen after a bathroom run, he is getting a drink. Jessica is hiding to scare Matt, she has an open container in her hand. Matt is still in the kitchen eating. Jessica is still waiting for Matt and peeks around the corner to see what he is doing. Matt heads towards the bedroom, Jessica has throw a powdery substance at him. He tells her he has had 9 of the cookies. He asks her why she is still up. They are now joking around in the living room. Matt heads into the Green Room and tells Kevin she sprayed me with baby powder. They head back to their beds.
2:45 AM BBT All HGS are in bed. Jessica is telling Kevin that it was worth it to stay awake and get Matt. He tells her to save it for Sunday Night as Sunday Night is Nut Night. He says he hopes she will be as happy tomorrow as she was today. All HGS but Jessica and Kevin are asleep. They are still fidgeting in bed.
3:00 AM BBT All HGS have finally settled for the night, they are all in bed asleep.
3:15 AM BBT All HGS are in bed asleep. Kevin seems to be having a restless time, he is tossing and turning in bed.
3:30 AM BBT All HGS are asleep, Christmas has gotten up and heads to the washroom, she heads back to bed.
3:45 AM BBT – 4:15 AM BBT All HGS are asleep.
4:45 AM BBT All HGS are asleep. (4:56 AM BBT Matt is up and on the move, bound for the WR) Matt makes a stop at the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.
5:00 AM BBT Matt returns to bed and Raven is now making her way to the WR. After feeling way in the dark, Raven is back in bed
5:15 AM BBT All HGS are asleep
5:30 AM BBT The HGS continue to sleep. (5:41 AM BBT Ramses makes a trip to the WR)
5:45 AM BBT Ramses heads back to bed. All other HGS are still sleeping.
6:00 AM BBT – 6:45 AM BBT All HGs asleep though Kevin appears restless.
6:55 AM BBT  – Mark heads to WR. Kevin stirs and asks what time it is. Mark says 7:00. Kevin asks him why he is up and he says he needed to get something. He puts his hoodies on and heads back to bed. He is sleeping alone.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs in bed. Mark is trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep.
7:15 AM BBT – 9:15 AM BBT All HGs still asleep.
9:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping Paul up to the WR. He looks in the BY, gets a drink in the kitchen and heads to the SR to change his batteries and grab something to eat before heading back to bed.
9:45 AM BBT Matt up and heads to the WR. He heads to the kitchen and gets coffee brewing. He heads outside, puts laundry in the dryer and starts another load.
10:00 AM BBT Matt makes some breakfast. The other HGs still sleep.GOOD MORNING HG IT IS TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY THERE ARE FRESH BATTERIES IN THE SR. Feeds go to Fish
10:12 AM BBT FEEDS return Matt asks Christmas how her foot is, she says it’s on there and it’s one more day closer to recovery. Kevin is outside folding towels.Matt is in SR changing batteries.
10:15 AM BBT THE LIGHTS MUST BE ON DURING THE DAY. Kevin says hi to Christmas She tells Kevin he is such an L. A. boy now. Kevin complains to Jason about Jess and her game play.Kevin heads back in the house and talks with Cowboy about Jessica’s stories from last night. Kevin does a little infomercial for emergenC. Kevin sings I think I love you to the honey.CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Matt joins the Kitchen and grabs a cup of coffee. Kevin says he is going crazy. Kevin keeps singing bits and pieces of songs. So Jason Christmas and Matt are up. CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Matt continues his cleaning obsession in KT. He has said,” I can’t believe how much my emotional well being in this game is tied to the cleanliness of the KT”. Jason says the cakes Ramses made with slop last night saved his life. Kevin Jason and Matt laugh over what happened at 1:30 am. Matt shouts good morning Jess. Kevin tells her he put blankets on her last night. Jason says Jess is more of a bareback woman.
10:30 AM BBT Jason asks her if she has the runs. She says not that she knows of, Jason yells “get up Mark you pussy” Jason needs to go outside and smell the sun.Kevin talks to Christmas about the ruckus at 1:30 am. Kevin sings the Fish flash on screen. The Feeds return. Jason says this is the best cup of coffee what did you do different. Matt says I made it strong. Raven is up. Kevin continues to harass Jess about last night. Feeds go to Fish. As Kevin and Jason put out awnings, They rumble that Alex as HOH has changed. Jason says he is amazed how all HG fall in line when a new HOH comes aboard. In KT Raven questions Christmas about how she feels.Christmas sits in Dining room with cast on table. Alex sleeps in HOH but the lights are on in room.Raven tells everyone how she found Matt eating a tray of cookies at 2:30 am.Kevin and Jason walk the BY. Ramses is up in KT.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 16th
10:45 AM BBT Christmas and Matt talk dreams they had.Jason and Kevin talk jobs and working as early as 12.  Kevin talks violence when he was a kid.Raven and Matt canoodle in KT. STOP IT NOW. Raven threw a liquid at Matt. She yells it’s non toxic Production.Christmas reminds Ramses and Matt she is “HIGH MAINTENANCE”. RAVEN PLEASE GO TO DR. Christmas bugs Matt about picking on Raven. Matt says Raven is the Devil.Matt made some slop for Mark because Mark can’t make it. Kevin out in BY reminding Jess and Jason tonight is the season premiere of Game of Thrones.Matt and Raven continue to slap and tickle in KT. Jason says his dad won’t eat chicken and potatoes because that’s all he had as a kid. The HGs are really rowdy today. JOSH MARK ELENA PLEASE CHANGE YOUR BATTERIES. Christmas yells at her leg because it is already losing muscle. Raven wants to kiss Matt but he doesn’t want more lipstick on his face, Christmas is in SR asking BB for tampons. She even sings it to BB. Christmas goes through rooms scaring HGs. Kevin can’t believe Jason has 30,000 FB followers. How people ask olie questions.
11:00AM BBT Jason needs people like Elena and Jess to follow him because they get things trending. That to find him people have to Google rodeo clowns. Kevin wonders if anyone is making breakfast. Kevin asks Jess if he was 20 years younger and not married would she go out with him. Jason makes scrotum jokes. THERE ARE BATTERIES IN SR. ELENA THERE ARE NEW BATTERIES IN SR. Kevin says Ramses hit him with a pool ball. Kevin jokes Elena will be up tomorrow. Kevin continues to harass Ramses. He asks Jason how was Josh last night. Jason was asleep. They harassed Josh and he got really upset about people touching his pillows. Elena is finally up getting batteries. Jason and Kevin discuss Josh’s threats and arguments. Christmas discusses healing and medication in KT.Jason says they are looking for any reason to get Josh kicked out. Kevin and Jason complain about josh.
11:15 AM BBT They continue to talk and laugh. In the Kitchen they discuss using wire hangers to make wands for bubbles in the backyard. Raven starts talking about a guy who wore heels and dressed up and danced to a Petty song. Ramses eats his Slop-oats as he calls them, Matt still cleaning out the Fridge.They share that they are out of large ziplock bags, Feeds go to Wr where Jessica and Christmas are talking, Christmas says she completely understands they have all been there. Jessica heads back outside and lots of loud hollering noises and Jessica says something about it going in her Butthole. Dom exits the RR and freshens up in the mirror not saying anything to Christmas. Jessica is back in Wr and Dom heads back into the RR. Jessica grabs another suit then runs back towards the guys outside. Jason is upstairs in the HOH with Alex, they are watching Jessica on the screen. Jessica is on the KT floor. Kevin says the dryer is messed up.Matt carries Raven over his head STOP THAT SHUT IT DOWN. Alex and Jason discuss Kevin and Paul in HOH They discuss being able to beat Mark. JESSICA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Jason asks Alex what her final six are. They didn’t have Dom on their radar now that she is she self imploded.They see through Kevin.MARK JOSH ELENA NO NAPPING. Jason feels it’s amazing Dom was in no one’s sights then bam put her up she falls apart. Jason isn’t afraid to put up Matt and Raven.
11:30 AM BBT Alex says that would have sent him home next week.MARK JOSH ELENA WAKEY WAKEY HGs. Alex calls Raven a psychopath.Alex says she needs to create a rift. Paul Raven Christmas and Matt whisper in KT. they think Alex is aiming for Christmas.Kevin is obsessed with the laundry in BY. In the KT they discuss DOm and how she could have used her show last night as a platform. Raven and Christmas whispers how dom can’t throw someone under the bus and then act Holier than thou. Jess is proving she is what they thought she was. Jess still implicates people in house. Alex and Jason discuss game in HOH.Jason says he was totally lost after Candy Crush all he could think about was where is the squirrel.Paul enters the HOH. They discuss how Christmas is baiting Dom to get her to admit she is the traitor.
11:45 AM BBT Christmas is making snide remarks in front of Dom. Ramses helps her to a lounge in BY. Paul and Jason talk game with Alex in HOH. Paul argues that he tells the truth and Dom kept lying. Last night Kevin hid Josh’s pillows under Ramses bed. They all started bugging Josh. It is PILLOWGATE! They are going to keep hiding things to harass Josh.Jess and Christmas in BY. Christmas thanks Jess for hanging with her again JOSH ELANA MARK IT IS TIME TO GET UP. Paul says Dom thinks she is a prophet. Paul is mad she brought God into the argument. Jason wants to call Dom out on her reading her bible. Dom mopes in Green Room. Dom says she would rather leave being who she really is. That the conversation she had with Elena upset her, When they brought up God. She plans to make a big speech. Dom thinks if she goes home the other side won’t have the numbers. Mark says he doesn’t know what to do.
12:00 PM BBT Meanwhile up in HOH they are discussing Josh and how he sometimes is super slow. Josh enters the room asks what they are laughing at, Josh says he knows Paul is involved, Ramses comes up and joins says he heard josh screaming so he came up. Josh says he is going to get them. Outside the ladies Christmas, Jessica, and Raven are talking about Dom. Jessica says Dom told her you can make a decision to not live in the dark… and she needs to take the advice herself. Matt comes over and they crack a joke about his abs and 9 cookies. They say that maybe Dom will be more receptive if the information comes from Jessica. Back upstairs they are talking about the weird dreams they have in the house. Josh asks if Paul thinks the next HOH would be mental. Paul says they are a combo usually mental/physical not a straight mental yet, feeds all on back yard JASON ALEX YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. Feeds back on HoH room and they are talking about Paul wanting to get a full get up and Jason says “rabbits are like dick socks, you just slide them on.” then he realizes what he just said. Josh heads to drop a big one. Ramses asks about spurs. Jason goes into detail about getting some of the items feeds all to backyard. Christmas is talking about an experience she was watching when to men got involved in a fight and then got tazed. Raven tells about Mace on her car keys and how she was out with a friend and she was semi drunk and sprayed it clearing out the restaurant. Jessica runs inside for a moment. Raven talks about the things she has to avoid or stay away from like metal detectors at the airport.. Tells about her trip out here. Says she will wear her card telling about her pacemaker as a badge now to help lessen the negative experiences.
12:15 PM BBT Christmas and her talk about grump moments and how to have them and move on. Christmas wants her to take a leap of faith and just take the meds that make her the best she can be. She says she didn’t bring enough because they are so expensive. Christmas wants to open her rolodex to raven and share contacts. PAUL DR. Up in the HOH fish are being fed by ramses, ALex is trying to put on a little face to liven up. ALEX PLEASE RE-ATTACH YOUR MICROPHONE. Outside Jason and Kevin are walking in circles around the yard, feeds swap to HN room Mark is trying to wake up Elena. DOMINIQUE HG BUTS BE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM-10PM. Mark Just wants the veto ceremony over with. Elena asks if He has eaten he says no but he will have a nice big Bowl of slop. Josh is freshening up in the WR. Mark says let’s just hope Jason doesn’t use the POV. Mark offers Elena coffee, she says she should but doesn’t move too quickly. JOSH PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE (with attitude). Elena finally in an upright position, they kiss a bit, and her mic falls off. JESSICA HG MUST WE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10A-10P. Elena and Mark make their way to the Rose room where raven is adding a layer as she has gotten a lot of sun in just the 45 min, she heads back out. Elena is left in the room alone so Mark can get wate.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 16th
12:30 PM BBT Matt is doing dishes, Raven is helping to dry them, Ramses is sitting on the table, Josh heads up to the HOH where Alex is getting ready to go down. Josh says he has bubble guts from the slop. Alex asks what everyone else is doing. Josh says that Dom is just praying. They talk about Josh needing to win HOH so he can get a letter and pictures. Alex pep talks him a little bit. They discuss how he is doing well right now. Alex tells them the less reaction the easier it is they don’t mess with you if not reaction. Josh feels that the other side is only together for numbers but that Christmas and Paul will be separating themselves they see who they are playing with. Christmas and Mark are in the Apple room talking. Christmas wants to be clear where she is in her view of him as he has shown trust. She tells about the conversation she had with Cody when he said he is just looking to stir shit up. She does not believe what Cody said and wanted to touch base. Mark says it’s not that he is upset with Christmas it’s with Cody for the way it happened and what it said. He would not have had that heart to heart with her. Mark says he never talked to Dom about it because she was always so strong about her allegiance to Christmas. Christmas explains her conversation with Dom and how she asked certain things to allow her to say her side.
12:45 PM BBT Christmas said she wasn’t home long enough to know the situation so she wanted know her side but was not aware that Dom threw her name out as the one to vote for Cody. Christmas says that when Dom asked for her vote Christmas told her she needed a little bit of time. The whole situation is crazy, Mark asks to clarify and Mark says so you did not vote to keep Cody? She says no why would I have done that. She explains more of the conversation with Cody. (cam 3 12:50 pm) Josh comes into the Green room and talks to Dom briefly, Josh shares that they are already questioning him already and he has to keep his distance. She says she understands and told Mark the same thing do what you have to for your game. She gives him mad respect for letting her know. Dom tells Josh if they put Mark on the block up next to me, vote to evict me and keep Mark here. Christmas and Mark are still talking about how she feels Cody tried setting her and that side up for chaos. Raven, Matt and Alex still in the Kitchen, alex is eating the others are washing dishes. Matt hears that Cody called him his ride or die and that ruins his game if someone believes it. Christmas doesn’t but that doesn’t mean others don’t. They discuss how if Dom or Mark wanted Christmas out they could have had her out week 2, and more conversations about Dom and how she has been given advice in the game and she wouldn’t/ hasn’t put it into practice.
1:00 PM BBT Christmas talked to Dom about how she missed her show last night and she feels Dom is giving up. Mark says some how he is in the middle of every decision in the house. Christmas asked Dom how do you know they are infiltrating if you can’t say a name but she still didn’t answer but then said it was Paul. They express how the game is made to make you blow your lid. Matt shares his thought “ you can’t win the game in the first few weeks but you can win the game in the last few weeks.” Kevin comes in looking for towels. Mark says the Candy Crush comp shows if I was ride or Die with Cody would i have helped Paul so much? Meanwhile in the Kitchen many of the HG are getting the PLEASE STOP SINGING. Jessica is in the green room talking to Dom, Dom says that Cody saw something very early on they need to be aware. Dom thinks that just because it’s a game doesn’t mean you don’t get the backlash when you get out. If you Backstab in the game then you will get your punishment even after you leave. They feel people are playing roles and not off of Scripts. The only way to get through this game is to lie, and backstab that’s not Dom and she won’t do it. Dom says she talked to Elena and shared a conversation and how she told Elena she may have been interpreting it wrong but the person who shared with her left out bits and pieces. Dom says she relied on God to show her what was wrong, and He said Paul’s name is 3 times and she didn’t want to believe it.
1:15 PM BBT They share how they have to adapt and it’s not easy. They begin to talk about Christmas and how she is playing a game and hard. Paul and Elena are out in the yard talking about how jealousy and other ‘issues” keep getting brought up. Elena says there are strong female personalities and it’s making it tough for others. Elena says that she just doesn’t know or care what Dom does anymore. He actions are showing, they ask the time and cam goes to the boys walking around. Meanwhile in the Kitchen Raven, Alex, and Christmas are talking about how Dom isn’t talking to anyone and Christmas was her closest female ally. Jess comes back to the Kitchen area in clothes they ask her about it she says she doesn’t feel well she is getting more and more sore after the wall comp. Alex says make sure your not getting sick Ramses thought he was getting sick. Kevin and Paul come in and to check the time 1:22 on the dot,( the clock inside is off a few min, has been all season) Paul says they hit the trifecta. 1:26, Kevin asks where Jessica is they say upstairs for a private moment. Ramses and Elena are out in the pool talking very quietly. Kevin is helping swap laundry loads. Inside they talk about how things are grown in one place and shipped other places due to size and space.
1:30 PM BBT Jessica is back downstairs making lunch, Raven cleaning around the sink. Feeds swap to Kevin and Jason walking the yard, talking about the interactions with Dom and how she’s acting like a baby. Kevin says Jessica I am ready for you,( she has undergarments in the wash he is trying to be polite) Inside Paul is telling about a person asking him to Neuter his dog, telling him it was against the law not to Neuter them. Jessica shares a story too, and then Christmas shares about Fran and how she had to get after a lady for letting her dog attack Fran. more Dog stories from Paul. Out in the pool Elena tells Ramses about the big blow up yesterday with Dom. Elena says she was hoping for Veto ceremony and Live eviction tonight but they would have to close the yard for an HOH comp. DOMINIQUE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. They continue to speculate about tonight and plans and comps coming up and when. Paul is still talking about dog stories and how he almost got into a fight with a dog owner. Raven has made her way back outside and they discuss the wall comp.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, July 16th
1:45 PM BBT In the Kitchen they are still talking about dogs, Christmas is sharing the story about Bull dogs. Mark has headed outside now over towards Raven and the pool. Matt is cooking food, Josh is working on Dishes, just listening to all the stories. Outside Jason, Alex, and Josh are sitting chatting. Mark walks by and says Slop is growing on me, they began to sing the Fresh prince of bel-air song so feeds cut for a moment. Alex asks everyone if they have sunscreen on. They discuss about a blanket that’s being used as a towel that supposed to be on Alex’s bed. Elena lays out in the sun to get some color, Raven is Butterflying it to get the inside of her legs. Jason heads in to get the sunblock. Josh says they are crazy to work out in this heat. Elena tells Mark about “ floating the river” and how you take ice chests and snacks. Mark has never heard Ice chest he calls it a cooler. Everyone outsides gets involved in the debate Ice chest v Cooler.
2:00 PM BBT Jason and Mark in green br whispering, they can barely be heard. Elena walks in and catches them, conversation goes to normal level. The guys tried to tell her the SR wa being restocked that’s what they were waiting on. The three of them enter the SR. Jason gets sunblock and leaves. He goes to the bathroom. Talking about facial hair with Christmas. Says he had “Matt beard”, but it was red before the show. Cameras go outside to Josh and Jessica talking about their families and how they are being treated because of the show. They are talking about what they are going to do after the finale. Josh says he wants to stay in LA for a week after the finale. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena in the kitchen cleaning up and munching. Alex walks in but walks through to bathroom. She starts talking with Jason and Christmas talking about Dominique. They think she is more worried about her hair than Big Brother. Then, conversation back to the HOH competition and where their feet were placed on the platform
2:15 PM BBT Paul and Jessica outside on a lounger talking about Dominique and how sketchy she is being. Paul says its the way that she has behaved since being put on the block that has showed him what type of person she is. Mark comes up and they are discussing him being a have not and Paul reminds him he can put creamer in things. Mark leaves and Jess and Paul continue to talk about Dominique and how they think she will use the veto platform to have an audience to try and call people out. He says he’s ready. Josh comes outside and gives a short spanish lesson.
2:30 PM BBT Mark and Josh are in HOH discussing their personal relationship and Mark tells him he is a very loyal person. Says that he distanced himself when Josh started acting weird and paranoid. Josh says he understands but doesn’t have “that one person” he can completely trust, so he hopes that they can work together in the future. Mark says he genuinely cares for Dominique, but he’s playing a game and hopes that they can be friends after the show. They talk about how hard the game is and how much down time they have each week that the outside world doesn’t see.
2:45 PM BBT Mark told Josh he had a girl that he dated for a year and they broke up in February. He said he gave her everything. Josh said he feels that way about a girl back home. Says they both do their own thing, but know that they can go back to each other and it’s been that way since they were 15 years old. Paul goes inside and interrupts to ask Josh if his laundry is done. The three of them begin talking about their vulnerabilities and how America portrays them. Mark asks Paul how he got on BB. Paul tells them he was recruited. He never watched BB other than season 16. Says he was bored with season 17 and then was recruited to play for season 18. Paul leaves, Josh asks Mark how he got on the show. He said he applied for 4 years, beginning with season 16. Josh says “the twins got on before me.”
3:00 PM BBT In green br, Paul, Christmas and Elena are talking about Dominique. Elena quickly asked Paul about his conversation with Jessica and if he got any info. DOMINIQUE GO TO THE DR. Their conversation is halted, they want to see Dominique go into the DR, so she can see them together. Paul flips her off when she enters the DR (she doesn’t see it though) Alex comes in to go to the SR, Paul and Elena follow her in. They are trying to find out from Alex if she has any scoop about Dominique – she doesn’t give up much info. Alex does say that she is nervous, and it is related to Mark. She thinks he is acting weird. Paul asks Elena to discuss with Mark that he needs to chill and not make people nervous. Elena asks if she needs to babysit him all day. Mark enters SR. Paul asks him if he feels ok. Paul says he believes that Dominique will be dropping a bomb about him, Raven and Christmas. If any bombs are dropped, Paul suggest they just say “Well if that is how you feel, then ok” so there is no further freaking out. Paul asks if Mark thinks she would ever throw his name out? Mark says he doesn’t know. Paul will not stop saying that she is going to drop bombs. Paul leaves, Elena tells Mark that he needs to stay close to her for the next couple days. She says its for his best interest and for his game. They start making out in the SR. Mark says his shorts are too tight for him to be doing this.
3:15 PM BBT Christmas, Alex, Paul and Josh in kitchen talking about bulldogs and cats. Mark and Elena walk up and join the conversation. Jess, Ramses, Jason and Kevin outside. Ramses is in the pool and they are talking about have nots. Jason can’t remember if he is on day 8 or 9 of being a have not. He wants salmon and tuna bad! Back inside, Paul and Mark are in the apple room. Mark is nervous and Paul says he needs to lay low so he doesn’t get nominated. Mark says he needs Paul to win HOH next week. They both agree that Ramses would be the one to go next week. They both say that they feel good with Alex now. Mark admits to Paul that he only has 3 people inside the house he trusts. Paul reiterates that “IF” she drops a bomb with Marks name, he needs to keep calm and cool. He believes that she will drop some bombs either at POV or when she is evicted. Either way, Paul says NO reaction. They start to leave the room and Paul sees Dominique’s bible. He looks at it to see if the word snake is anywhere on the page. They leave. Paul goes to kitchen, Mark goes outside.
3:30 PM BBT Alex, Josh, Matt, Christmas, Paul and Jess in the kitchen, conversation is about first dates and how to get into a relationship. Josh finally goes outside to finish his laundry.
Elena and Mark lie on a lounger and she asks him about his boner. He says it’s a half. He tells her that she would like it if it were a full boner. His shorts are so tight that it would go down a leg or out the top of his shorts. She tells him she thinks that it wouldn’t. Paul yells for Kevin to help him with the washer settings. Mark has to get up to help him and needs a towel to cover his boner. He announces “It’s a little chilly out here” as he wraps the towel around his waist. Ramses dies laughing and they all begin to make fun of Mark. Kevin comes out and helps with the washing machine.
3:45 PM BBT Raven cooking, Alex is munching and Christmas just made some ice with coca-cola, then she goes outside. Alex and Raven begin to discuss Dominique is mad at her. Alex said she can’t be mad for her (Alex) just telling the truth. Outside, Christmas, Mark and Paul are talking about using the BB game and a positive platform.
4:00 PM BBT Paul, Elena, Jason, Christmas, Josh, and Ramses are outside around the pool. Paul is telling them about the finale night last season. Dominique is gathering dirty laundry. Paul tells Mark how hilarious Paul thinks he is. They both like the show Impractical Jokers and have a similar sense of humor. Dominique and Jessica are in the apple room sleeping. BB warns them against napping. Dominique tells Jessica about her theory behind why she was nominated and that the houseguests are all liars. She says when she hears something in the house and it doesn’t sound right, that’s because it is a lie. She continues talking while Jessica lays facing away from her with her eyes closed.
4:15 PM BBT Paul tells Mark and Elena that no one who lives in California uses the term “Cali”. When someone says that to him he immediately knows they are not from there. He then starts telling them about the timeline of his different hairstyles and what he plans to wear next. Dominique tells Jessica she believes that Alex is doing someone else’s dirty work, i.e. Paul, just like she believes Jessica was doing Cody’s dirty work. She then starts talking directly to the cameras and the livefeeders about her relationship with God. She tells a story about God warning her to get rid of her car and soon after the car started acting up. Jessica gets up and says she will give Dominique some privacy and leaves the room. Mark tells Paul that because he is so genuine, the people that are paranoid assume that he must be fake. Jessica goes to the picture wall and strokes Cody’s picture. Paul tells Mark and Elena that Dominique thinks he is the mastermind behind everything happening in the house. Raven joins them by the hammock. Paul tells them they are crazy for sitting in the sun with it being so hot. Paul tells them that Michelle passed out last season from the sun and then the next day was back outside tanning. He was concerned that she would end up with melanoma because she was not meant to be in the sun that much. Elena decides to go inside to cool off. Paul tells Mark there would be no possible way that a diamond power of veto would be given as a temptation
4:30 PM BBT Christmas goes inside to use the restroom and chats with Ramses who is in the have not shower. Paul and Mark wish that they could be guests on Impractical Jokers. Paul and Elena are annoyed by Dominique doing laundry. Paul says he didn’t want certain pieces of clothing in the dryer and is annoyed that Dominique put them in. Elena says she has no clean clothes and needs to do laundry but Dominique is using the washer and dryer. Paul tries to go up to the HOH room and then calls down to Josh in the kitchen that he can’t get in.
4:45 PM BBT Josh is trying to cook slop cakes but can’t figure out how to work the oven. Mark and Elena are cuddling in the hammock. Dominique comes into the kitchen to start cooking and Josh leaves. Jason tries to go up to the HOH and can’t get in either. He yells through the door at Alex and she tells him she is blogging. Elena, Raven, and Paul again complain about Dominique doing her laundry. Kevin is in the green room changing and Elena holds up a blanket to block him from the cameras. She tells him he shouldn’t worry about changing in front of the cameras because that wouldn’t be shown on the livefeeds anyways. She says they only show important game conversations on the livefeeds, not every day things like getting dressed. Christmas is giving Elena some clothes to borrow so she can shower since all of her clothes are waiting to be washed. Paul and Mark are in the backyard talking about their favorite action movies. Christmas and Elena are in the rose room complaining about Dominique skipping the line and putting her laundry in the washer. They talk about some of their clothes that they are missing. They wonder if one of the houseguests is stealing their clothes. Dominique is in the supply room talking to the cameras about staying true to yourself and making wise decisions. Kevin walks in and interrupts her. Kevin and Christmas are in the rose room wondering when the POV competition will be held.
5:00 PM BBT Kevin and Jason go to a camera in the kitchen to talk to their families. Jason says he plans to shave his head bald and grow out his beard. Jessica tells Elena about Dominique talking earlier to the camera in the apple room while she was trying to nap. She says Dominique told her that Paul loaded the gun and Elena pulled the trigger. Elena says that last week Dominique would say things to her about Jessica pretending that they were never friends. Elena says unless Paul is the best actor of all time, what Dominique is saying about Paul isn’t true. Jessica says she can’t wait to get out of the house and talk to Cody to find out the truth behind everything. She says he purposely kept things from her to protect her. Ramses, Jason, Kevin, Paul, Mark and Josh are all hanging out in the kitchen while Ramses is cooking. Elena says she’s scared to watch the season after the fact and see people that she thinks of as a friend say negative things about her. Paul comes into the bathroom and talks to Elena and Jessica about dressing up in one of her dresses for the veto ceremony and asks what other things he can wear to make him look like a snake. Paul finds Christmas in the rose room to get her leggings and dress so he can try them on and see what it looks like.
5:15 PM BBT Paul calls out to Elena for her to come to the rose room and see his ensemble. Alex tells Ramses in the kitchen that she would like a hunger games style competition where they all shot each other with paintballs until the last person standing wins the HOH or Veto. Mark comes into the rose room and sees Paul’s outfit and Paul asks him not to tell anyone about his plan because he wants it to be a surprise. Paul’s idea is that Dominique will try and call him out during the veto ceremony so he wants to be wearing a ridiculous outfit to make the whole thing a joke. Ramses is making a batch of slop in the kitchen. Alex is carrying a heavy load of laundry to the HOH room from the backyard. Jason and Alex talk in the HOH room about Dominique being calm and they wonder if it’s a trick that Paul and the others are voting her out. They’re not sure if they do have the votes to get Dominique out. They doubt Kevin’s loyalty. Alex says she may have Jason take Jessica down off the block and put Kevin up. That will keep him from voting during the live eviction. Jason says he doesn’t want to play with a bunch of makeup wearing girls, except Alex of course.
5:30 PM BBT Josh walks in on them and they ask him to give them more time to talk. Alex is worried about Mark’s vote as well. They talk about the scenario of putting Mark up on the block to keep him from voting and make Elena vote to evict Dominique. They agree that if Christmas goes on the block she will go home over Dominique. Jason says if Dom goes this week it will ruin their game and people will start catching onto their plan. Mark, Elena, Kevin, Paul, and Christmas are in the rose room telling stories about the origins of different words. Alex tries to tell Jason what to expect being the veto holder during the ceremony. Big Brother gets onto her for talking about production. Alex has an idea to tell everyone something before the vote to confirm if Kevin is the one going against the group. Paul tells the group in the rose room about Romania which segways into the abuse scandal in the Olympic women’s gymnastics team. Alex tells Jason not to tell Paul that they’re trying to catch Kevin because Paul doesn’t believe that Kevin is the one that keeps voting against the group.
5:45 PM BBT Alex calls down to Jessica about borrowing her lotion as a ruse to get her up to the HOH room to talk about the veto ceremony. Alex tells Jessica that they’re going to take her down and put up Mark. Alex says Jess can vote for whoever she wants, but if she votes for Mark it will look sketchy and everyone will be suspicious of her. Jessica says she has no problem voting out Dom especially after their interactions over the past couple days when Dom has been telling Jess every negative thing she has said about her. Dominique is talking to Josh in the apple room and warning him to watch out. Josh explains that he knows where he stands and he is purposely playing the role of a lost floater but in reality he knows what is going on. Alex asks Jess that if she hears anything about anyone voting for Mark to leave to warn Alex so she can handle it before the live eviction. Dom tells Josh that if she stays it is game over for everyone that’s why they have to get her out. She says she is planning to call people out during the live eviction. Jason tells Jessica that the majority in the house is strong-arming a lot of people which is why they need to shift the numbers in the house, starting with Dom.
6:00 PM BBT Jess, Alex and Jason are talking in the HOH room. Josh and Dom are talking in the Green Apple room. Josh said if anyone walks in here pretend like you are praying for me. Dom said, “I won’t act, I will pray for you.” Dom said she doesn’t trust anyone in the house but only Mark. Josh said Mark doesn’t talk t him. Dom said he will work with you. Dom said she knew everyone was targeting her. She said she told Mark he better watch out because after they get her out they will be coming for you. Josh said everyone talks about him behind his back and everyone sees it on the live feeds. Dom said Christmas is ok but I just question her loyalty. Dom said Alex said she is ok with lying in this game. Dom said she doesn’t know how she became a threat. She thinks it was because of her show. She thinks people are jealous. Josh said in the beginning he and Dom didn’t get along but he really trusts her and likes her now. And she is going to do well outside the hous. “God will see to that,” he said.
Raven, Ramses. Matt and Jessica are in the kitchen. Ramses is eating “slop meatloaf” they called it. Ramses said it’s really good. Jason and Alex came downstairs and joined the others in the kitchen. Jason went outside. Kevin is outside laying down. Kevin would ask Jason if he would have sex with Chritmas. He said you can’t do it. And you have a son too. And you know who’s side your son would be n if you did? Jason said the mom! Then they start talking about game play. Kevin said if you win HOH you need to put up Mark and Matt. Kevin said, “Christmas can’t do anything.” Jason said he is going to use the POV and take Jess off and Alex will put up Mark. They went into the house.
6:15 PM BBT Jason went back outside. Elena is out there doing her laundry. Jessica, Ramses, Matt and Alex are in the kitchen talking still. They said the comps are really good. Then Ramses asked how much do you think they cost them to do the comps. Jess said she has no idea. They are talking about the Candy Crush comp. Jess said she wasn’t paying attention to the instructions at all. Then she was asked to demonstrate it. Ramses starts singing and humming and they all laugh. Paul walks through the kitchen and goes outside. He went out to check his laundry. Elena is outside folding laundry. Mark is also outside. Kevin goes into the BR. Jess joins him in there and Josh is in there. Christmas is washing her hands.
6:30 PM BBT Kevin said he told Jason when he plays the POV the whole house is going to go crazy. Kevin said we need to all stick together. Jess tells Kevin she doesn’t trust Ramses. She said he lies. She says Ramses told her that he was going to vote for her because he thinks the whole house will be voting for her. She said didn’t Alex just tell you different? She said her came to her and apologized for lying this morning. Dom came into the kitchen to cook food. Alex, Matt, Ramses and Raven are all in there talking about football. Paul came back in and brought his laundry. Jason followed him there. They went to the HN bedroom. They are talking about the POV ceremony. Paul asked Jason not to tell Mark what he is doing. And he said do not say “Paul told me to…!” Jason said he is going to go tell the hgs what he is doing. Paul said, “No don’t go and do that.” Paul said you have the power. Paul said, “I don’t lie. It’s not in me. It’s not good for my game.” Paul said,”Quit talking about it.” He said, “The one person you don’t want to piss off is Alex.” Jason said he just doesn’t want to make Mark mad or for him to go him. Paul said, “He won’t man.” Paul said, “Just relax man.” Jason said, “I’m not pussy in real life. Why am I letting this get to me so much?” Paul said, “It’s just the game man. Just relax.” Jason left the HN room and went to the kitchen. Kevin came in from outside. Paul came into the kitchen and started dancing with Elena. Then he said let’s do this. Let’s play two truths and a lie.
6:45 PM BBT Jessica and Mark go outside and get on the hammock to talk. Jessica asked Mark to just be honest with her. Mark said you are safe with me. He told her, “Just between you and me I am voting Dom out. And I will tell her on my own.” She said, “Ok.” Mark said, “I want to get to know you more and I really like you.” Then Mark said, “Let me go beat Josh in this game.” They went over by the pool table. Mark said let’s make a bet to Josh. Josh said he doesn’t want to. Then Mark yells out to him and he said ok and shook Mark’s hand. Kevin, Raven and Jessica are sitting down watching them play and chit chatting. Ramses and Mark are also outside watching the pool game. Jason and Alex are in the storage room discussing the POV. Jason is going over the ceremony with her again. Elena came in the storage room. Alex said told Elena they are putting Mark up on the block. Elena said Mark feels uncomfortable about it. They are trying to fish out the mole. Alex said she cannot tell her who it is. Elena said “Kevin?” Alex said Yes and shook her head. Alex said we are trying to get two birds with one stone. Elena said she doesn’t feel comfortable with it either. Alex said we have the votes to keep him. “He is safe.” Alex said, “Don’t tell anyone.” Jason is very uneasy and said he should have tripped at the last second and let her have POV. They left the SR and went into the kitchen. Josh is in the kitchen getting food. Mark and Jessica went back to the hammock and talked again. Matt and Raven are playing pool in the backyard. Mark and Matt are starting a new pool game. Elena came back out to check her laundry.
7:00 PM BBT Kevin, Jason and Ramses are outside by the pool talking about what it takes to set up the comps. Christmas is in the kitchen eating dinner now. Paul is in the kitchen talking about a competition from last season. They are talking about the “Black Box” challenge. Paul told Josh to go in the Storage room to pick some pickles. He said it’s his choice. Then Paul asked him what Dom said to him. Josh to Paul she just prayed for him and his family. He told her he was going to vote her off. And he said she said do what is best for your game. Matt and Raven are outside hugging. Raven then comes into the house. Matt stays outside and gets some weights for the bench. Then he begins to workout. Most of the hgs are in the kitchen eating or cooking. Dom walks through with her bag. Kevin and Jason went outside to play pool. Alex and Jessica get chairs and go out and sit by the pool table to watch.
7:15 PM BBT Raven joins them but is standing. Then Jessica yells, “Oww I just got a paper cut on my finger from this popcorn bag!” Paul is cutting up some chicken in the kitchen. Christmas asks, “What can I cut up for you?” Paul asked Christmas how her leg is doing. She said it is feeling much better today. She asked Paul if she can get anything for him or help him with the dinner. He said he was thinking of making a sauce for the chicken and a salad to go with it. Paul told Christmas she can go get the spinach. Mark and Elena go to the Rose Room. Kevin and Alex are now playing pool outside. Ramses gets a chair and brings it outside to sit with the girls to watch the pool game. Kevin beat Alex in their game of pool. Josh is racking the balls to play now. Kevin said he will play him to show him how and practice. Kevin showed Josh how to set up the balls in the rack properly.
7:30 PM BBT Alex went into the kitchen. Alex, Christmas and Elena are talking about breast surgeries. Paul said, “You all had boob surgeries?” Elena said, “I had a different kind of boob surgery.” Paul said, “ Quit having surgeries girls.” Kevin came into the kitchen. He said, “They are ready for the tournament now.” Jason is racking up the pool balls outside to play pool. Matt and Raven were wrestling around. Matt breaks. Jason and Matt are playing pool now. Jessica, Raven and Ramses are sitting watching them. Mark and Elena are going upstairs to the HOH room and taking some of their things up there. Paul and Christmas are cooking together. Mark comes back down to the kitchen. Ramses is running around chasing Jessica outside with powder and pouring it all over her. She poured it all over Matt. Jessica ran in the house to go get more to shake on everyone.
7:45 PM BBT Kevin said that it is all over the pool table. And we need to clean this table off. Jessica ran outside and sprayed the powder all over Ramses. Kevin told them to knock it off. Jessica and Ramses came back into the house. Alex said, “Oh my God!” Jessica and Ramses both took their powder bottles and handed them over to Kevin. They went back outside. Ramses is shaking the powder out of his hair. Jessica turned on the shower outside to rinse off. But then they went back inside the house instead. Matt, Kevin and Jason went back outside to play pool again.
8:00 PM BBT Mark and Elena are in the HOH reminiscing about the BB game and how crazy it is. Elena asks him if he will be friends with Cody outside of the BB house and he says it just depends on how he acts outside of the house. They talk about votes. Mark asks her if she wants him to stay this week if he ends up on the block. She says of course. They discuss hypothetical if Mark would have voted out Christmas would have made things different. Elena expresses that it is really hard to separate the game with “real” life because this is her life right now. This is where she lives and these are real relationships. Elena says that she doesn’t think she can trust Jess and is chooses not to. Mark tells her he loves the way she talks. They start kissing. Mark asks Elena who she thinks the next target will be if Dom leaves. She says she hopes not them. Dom is still isolating herself from the other HGs. Mark is trying to understand why anyone in the house would want him to go up on the block. They start kissing again. Dom emerges into the kitchen and grabs a bag of chips and goes back to the Apple Room. Paul comes inside and Raven tells him that Dom is up to being Dom. He asks her what she means. Dom comes back into the kitchen to get some ice cream.
8:15 PM BBT Paul, Matt, and Raven talk to each other and clean up the kitchen a little bit. Dom doesn’t say anything to them. The other HGs are still in the backyard playing pool and hanging out. Dom goes back into the Apple Room with her ice cream. She is reading the Bible. She starts talking to “Sweet” (her sister she says). She says that she wishes she could call her and be petty right quick. She says that someone threw out her balsamic glaze and doesn’t know why they would lie about it. She says that the house acts like she is going to come out of her body and freak out on them. She says how can you have a beautiful heart and an ugly spirit? Maybe beauty in the sense that it was created by the hands of God. She doesn’t know. She says she isn’t going to waste her time trying to figure it out. She says that she finds it interesting that some of the behavior that “we all” (the live feeders) and the people in the house, that people can be so intimidated by someone’s intellect and genuineness. Feeds cut to Jess and Elena in the Rose Room.
8:30 PM BBT Jess and Elena are in the Rose Room messing with Christmas medical thing for making sure her lungs don’t collapse. Jess says that is so crazy. Feeds cut back to Dom in the Apple Room. She says that she doesn’t want to fail because it will affect the present and future people in her life. Dom discusses with the cameras how she grew up and her life now outside of the BB house. Dom describes herself as a forerunner. She says that God is always with her. She says that isolation is not always a bad thing because you can have some quiet time with God. HGs are playing pool outside. Josh is being loud arguing with Paul who won the game. Paul is saying that he gave the game to Josh and Josh is mad that she is saying that. Kevin and Mark start their game.
8:45 PM BBT Matt is working out. The HGs are having a great time hanging out in the backyard playing and watching pool. Jason and Alex are playing a game of pool. Josh is still being loud and obnoxious towards Paul about their pool game. Matt and Raven discuss in the kitchen that their was no veto ceremony today and how that is so weird. They are cleaning the kitchen and Matt says that the clean kitchen makes him very erect. Raven and Matt share a quick peck.

9:00 PM BBT Elena and Matt discuss how easy it is to just dry a dish. Dom is still ranting to herself in the Apple Room. All of the other HGs are in the backyard playing and watching pool. Kevin advises Christmas to just lay low and let the young kids talk themselves out of the house. He says that they don’t know how to talk to people or when to shut the fuck up.
9:15 PM BBT Jason and Paul talking about riding bulls in the hot tub. Elena lifts her shirt and adjust her bra and Ramses tells her that is now all over the internet and is someone’s screen saver. He says that some creepy uncle is jerking off to her right now. She says that she has been in her bikini all day and that shows more. Elena tells Christmas that she is super sore still from the wall comp. She explains what the comp was like.
9:30 PM BBT Josh is being loud and messing with Paul. Kevin is waiting for Josh to come play him at pool. Raven is folding laundry. Paul tells Josh that he is a sore loser. Josh keeps busting Mark and Paul’s balls. Jessica, Jason and Ramses are hanging out in the hot tub. Paul joins them. Christmas asks Elena if she heard kissing last night between Mark and Elena and she tells her they have kissed. Elena says that they don’t kiss in front of people. She said that it wasn’t her and Mark. It might have been Matt and Raven. Alex is working out in the HOH. Paul comes in and tells her that Jason told him that he thinks he should use the Veto. Paul tells Alex that he told Jason to stop telling Mark that he is going to use the veto because then Mark gives Jason a guilt trip. Paul tells her that Dom has been pulling people aside to have private conversations with everyone by saying that she wants to have praying sessions. Paul says that he has a snake costume planned. Paul says that he tried being nice to Dom. Paul tells Alex to replace Jess with Mark. He tells her that Matt and Raven hate Dom. ALEX! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! She says thanks Big Brother. Paul says that he is still going to go after Jess and that he isn’t buying her bullshit. Alex says she wants to choke her. Paul says that if he is HOH next week that he is going to nominate Ramses and Jess. Alex says that she hopes Josh wins because he is so crazy. Paul says that he would vote Matt out over Raven. Alex says that Kevin doesn’t like Raven. Paul says that Josh will definitely stir the pot if he wins. Alex says that if Matt or Raven go out to jury that the other will want to follow soon after.
9:45 PM BBT Alex and Paul in HOH. Paul says that he doesn’t know how much longer Christmas can deal with her leg pain and that he wants to get her to jury. Alex says she is a snake too. HGs hanging out in the backyard. Dom is still in the Apple Room and Alex is in HOH. Jessica tells Christmas, Matt, Jason, and Ramses that random people are going to want to take selfies with them when they get out of the BB house. Christmas agrees and tells Ramses that Comic Con is going to want him to host after this. Ramses says he wants to marry Michael Ham someone from Comic Con. Kevin is in HOH with Alex. He is asking her about POV and what he can expect as in production of it. He asks her if she is having a good time in the house now. He asks her if Dom has tried talking to her and she tells him that Dom wants to “pray” with her on Wednesday. She says that she thinks that she wants to try to corner her like she did Josh. Kevin asks her what she thinks about that and she says that she thinks it is wrong for her to using praying to sneak and talk to people.
10:00 PM BBT Paul, Matt, Raven and Dom are in the kitchen. Dom is not speaking to anyone. Most hgs are outside. Ramses, Jessica, Jason and Christmas were in the jacuzzi. Jess got out. Christmas only has her good leg in. They are discussing her leg and jason’s bull. Paul and Josh are playing pool and making a bet. Kevin and Mark are watching. Paul told Matt he beat Josh but he wants a rematch but doesn’t want to make a bet. Matt asks both of them if they are out of the tournament. They say yes. Ramses got out of the jacuzzi to play his turn in pool.
10:15 PM BBT Christmas went back into the house. Raven also went back into the house. Raven went into the RR to change. Jessica is in there and getting in the shower. Dominique is in the Green Apple room. She is talking to the camera/audience and saying to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing and to make affirmations for yourself. She said it doesn’t matter your age it really works. Then she returned to reading her bible. Kevin and Matt are now setting up to play pool. Mark said to Josh that he lost to him in chess earlier also. All the men are telling Josh he keeps talking trash and not backing up. Ramses went into the house and to the bathroom and Jessica is out of the shower. They chatted briefly then he went back outside. Jessica is getting dressed. Dom went into the WR and is checking her hair out in the mirror. She is waiting her turn to use the BR after Christmas. Jason comes into the WR also. Jason and Mark are in the SR. Jason is getting soap. They left the SR. Then they went to the WR Jason is getting in the shower.
10:30 PM BBT Matt and Kevin are still playing pool outside. Kevin, Josh, Raven, Christmas and Ramses are watching. They are talking about different uses for slang in their respective hometowns. Paul is talking crap to Ramses and Josh and they are all laughing. Mark and Dom are in the RR. Dom is cleaning up and told Mark about her conversation with the audience in the Green Apple room. She said maybe he can watch it after the show is over. Elena came into the RR. Matt came into the RR and so did Raven. Raven said she thinks it’s her bedtime. But then she said, “How often do I said that and then not go though.” Matt got in the shower. Dom told Matt that she is assuming that the majority of the house wants her out and she is going home on Thursday but she is still going to have a show. And in that show she is going to reveal that she works for “Big government.” Matt said, “Who called that?” Matt said, “Tricky Dom.” She said she works for the Government, for the Heart of DC. He said, “I’m gonna guess, Navy Yard.” She said, “Why Navy Yard? There are a lot of jobs in the government.” She said Nuclear Engineer with a Masters. Matt said his mother lives in DC. She said she has a flex schedule. And every Friday she works from home. She said a Sales job. Matt said, “Nuclear Engineer. Good Lord woman.” Dom said she has been misunderstood and underestimated all of her life. Matt said he did not underestimate her. He then asked her what her favorite restaurant there.
10:45 PM BBT Josh went upstairs to the HOH room and opened the door and Alex had a towel on. And he said, “Oh are you in the shower?” She said, “I was.” He asks her if she wants to talk. She said yeah in a minute. Josh said yeah cause they are talking about it. Mark, Elena and Paul are outside on the hammock talking game. Paul said he can’t wait to dress up as a snake for the live eviction. Elena asked Paul if she should cry if Alex puts Mark up on the block. Paul said, “No.” Paul said he doesn’t want to be involved in the decisions and mentioned that he was in any way part of it. Then they started talking about going to Australia and parkas. Then getting something pierced or Mark having accessories. Elena said she doesn’t want him getting things pierced. Josh yelled over to Paul to come and play pool. Paul said he is tired and doesn’t want to play anymore tonight. He said ask Mark to play. Elena said, “Mark’s not available.” Mark said, “No I’m not.” Josh went inside. Matt, Raven and Ramses are in the kitchen. Ramses is making himself some hot tea and honey. Jessica came into the kitchen. Alex came downstairs and sat in the kitchen area. Paul and Raven are in the Rose Room chatting. Raven said she was worried what to do if she gets the third temptation. Then Paul hushed her because he heard something in the other room. And he left the room.
11:00 PM BBT Paul went into the kitchen and is talking with Christmas, Alex, Ramses and Matt. Then Raven came out into the kitchen. Paul went outside. Mark, Elena and Kevin are outside talking about Dom’s show. Elena said she is not going to do. Paul said Dom was asking Matt and Raven if they took her balsamic glaze. Elena then said she asked her too. Kevin asked Paul if Dom is just using him then. Kevin said Dom said to him, “Wednesday talk show. I want you to interview me and the other hg on the block.” Paul said he is not going to go to the show. Kevin said he told her he would. Paul said you should but then when Wednesday comes tell her you are not doing it. Paul said he can’t wait to wear his snake outfit. Elena said, “You should go into the Dr and request a snake costume.” Paul left. Elena said she wants to go eat and workout and then go to bed. Mark said, “Wouldn’t you rather go to bed and not do anything?” Paul went to workout with Jason in the BY.
11:15 PM BBT Ramses and Matt are in the kitchen talking about shopping for clothing. Alex came downstairs and brought someone’s stuff and left it in the kitchen. Matt said he is spiritual. Ramses said he goes to church on holidays. Raven came into the kitchen. She and Matt start playing around with each other. Ramses asks Matt and Raven if they want to play a game or some shit. They laughed. Kevin came out from the bathroom in his towel. Raven said, “Ooh Kevin,” Raven gathered the towels and took them outside to wash them. Ramses is calling Raven Gypsy. Matt asked Ramses what he thinks will be the temptation will be this week. He said it will be power. Matt said, “Do you want it?” Ramses said, “Heck yes!” Christmas and Jessica are in the Rose Room talking about Dom. Christmas said she feels that Dom just pulled away from everybody because she was betrayed. Christmas said she just can’t wrap her head around it. She said she feels like she has reached out. Kevin came into the room. He asked, “What are yous doing?” Kevin told Jessica Dom asked him to do a show. She said she feels like her and Jessica have the right to talk because they are on the block. Kevin said, “She bum rushed me.” He asked Jess if she was going to come outside or not. Christmas said she is.
11:30 PM BBT Christmas is coming out in the BY. Kevin came out too. Paul and Jason are still lifting weights. Kevin asks everyone if they are going to have a slice of pizza. Mark and Elena went into the house. Kevin said that she was in the bed and reading the bible. Kevin said she wants me to do a show on Wednesday. He said yes. But he is going to tell her no because no one wants to do it now. They said she didn’t do one Saturday night. Christmas said she is not going to go because she won’t talk to her. She has reached out to her twice and Dom will not talk with her. Paul said she is scheming and will probably start things and he doesn’t want to deal with it. Josh said she prayed for him and his family today and a couple of times. Paul said Religion does not belong in the game. Kevin says when he prays it is in the dark at night. Kevin said she told him she should have just lied because everyone else lies. Kevin said, “Including you.” Then they started talking about working out and running. Mark and Elena went into the HN room. Elena is lying on the bed. Elena asks Mark if he is going to go work out or what or touch me all night? He said, “Can I touch you all night?” She said to him, “I thought you were going to change and work out?” Then he starts rubbing her foot. She tells him to go change and work out. Most of the hgs are still outside chit chatting and working out.
11:45 PM BBT Christmas said, “I miss working out.” Ramses said, “Well go workout.” She said she was told she has to wait for a week. Paul went inside. Ramses said he is going to go in but he will be right back. Mark is in the RR. Ramses and Elena are in the kitchen talking. Elena said, “ Alright, I am going to eat one more cookie and then I am done.” Elena went into the RR and asked Mark if he is pooping in the RR. He said yes he is come in. Elena said really. He said what? I thought you wanted to talk. Paul went into the RR. Elena said for him to go open the door. Paul went and opened the RR door and shocks Mark. Mark changes to go workout. Paul went back outside in BY. Kevin asks Ramses if he wants to get up in the morning and walk with him. Paul told Josh he is going to freak out when he gets out of the house and finds out he has fans. Christmas said they are going to have “Meatball” on shirts. Josh asked Paul, “What is a one liner?” Paul said we talk about it. Kevin is talking about everyone getting BB19 tattoos. Elena is painting Kevin’s pinky fingernails. Alex came outside from the DR. Paul asked her why she is having so many long diary sessions. She didn’t say. Ramses starts dancing around. Elena is now painting Paul’s pinky fingernails. Alex and Raven went back into the kitchen.



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