Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, August 13th

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, August 13th

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12:00 AM BBT In the HOH room, Josh has left and said goodnight to Jason and Alex. Jason tells Alex that Kevin told him that Cody has a kid. Jason said if there is someone else has a kid it would make him mad because they are using their kid as a weapon. Jason says he didn’t want to hear about the kid thing. Jason says whoever it was needs to go now then. Jason said after that Kevin immediately dropped it and went back to Paul telling him he is probably lying (Cody). Alex thinks they should call out Cody. Jason does not agree saying Cody is going home. Alex says they need to put Kevin in check privately. Jason thinks they already have. Jason does not want Alex to tell the information he said. Alex says he already told Paul. Alex says if he can make Elena feel stupid in any conversation then do so. Alex seems to be upset because Elena chose the $5,000 dollars. Alex says she is not going to make her a have not and Jason says that is good to make her feel bad. Jason continues talking about how he has gotten what he wanted out of this experience. He talks about his goal of getting picked up/noticed. He says the last half of his 30’s have been insane and Alex says but it has been fun. He also mentions how he just wants to give his wife a big hug. Alex mentioned having a woman that supports you. They continue to have casual talk about their families and their goals financially. BB “ Jason you are so extreme” Jason gets up and throws his hands in the air yelling I’m extreme! Jason then tells Alex he is going to bed and him and Alex hug.
12:15 AM BBT In the Rose room, Paul and Christmas are laying down half asleep talking to Kevin. Kevin says he will see them in the morning. Jason and Josh are in the Rose room along with Raven and Matt who are in bed. The houseguests seem to be getting ready for bed. Paul silently instructs Josh to listen in (I believe in the other room). Paul says be useful for once and Christmas tells him not to be mean. The Rose room light is now off. BB “ Jason is going to bed what an extreme night’s sleep”. The houseguests start cracking up. Jason, laying down, says this cape is going to strangle him. He Rose Room Crew grows quiet. In the bathroom show washes his hand as Cody brushes his teeth. Josh leaves. In the Green room, Josh, Mark and Kevin are lounging before bed. Josh asks where is Elena and asks if she went to In and Out jokingly. They continue to have casual talk and joke around with each other.Kevin asks what they are doing tomorrow. Josh says he is going to workout and pig out if Have Not isn’t after. Kevin mentions that some of the Houseguest are going out to eat probably having cold beers while they aren’t. Josh asks Kevin to tell him a story but Kevin says he is tired and going to sleep. Josh and Kevin discuss working out and doing laps around the backyard. Mark is still lounging and decides to go to the bathroom. Mark asks if Josh wants chocolate milk or anything. Josh tells Mark he likes Mark’s shirt and he wants it. Mark says he could borrow it. Josh says he wants it because he likes to go fishing. Kevin and Mark make fun of him saying that he doesn’t go fishing and which kind of fish he catches. Eventually Josh says this kind of fish; and sticks up his middle finger.
12:30 AM BBT Elena comes in the room to get ready for bed. Mark insists he really was curious about what kind of fish because in Buffalo they catch Bass. Cut to Fish. Feeds are back and Elena is lounging on the bed talking to Elena. Josh asks Elena what she was going to ask him. Elena seems to be explaining the elimination veto to Josh as Kevin walks in to go to sleep. Elena says she took the money because she didn’t want the worst punishment as she knows how it works. Cameras switch to Cody in the Have-Not room reading the bible by himself. It is silent. Cameras are back on Elena talking about the elimination veto. Josh says he just thought she would take the veto because she was on the block. Elena says they tell her not to act paranoid so she took the money because she needed it. She says she does not have a job when she goes home and she depleted her saving coming there. Josh explains that everyone makes sacrifices to be there. Elena says she understands that they all make sacrifices to be there. Talk turns to all of Kevin’s children and their names.
12:45 AM BBT After lots of casual talk, Cody tells Elena that he is about to go to sleep and wants to know if she want some of the pillows in the Have-Not room. Elena says she doesn’t. Josh makes fun of Mark that he is going to take Elena on his Colorado trip. Josh tells Mark to formally ask her. Elena says that Mark is going to ask his ex. Josh says if he isn’t going to ask Elena then ask him to go. Mark says if he is going to ask anyone it would be privately. More casual talk ensues about Colorado and Elena says she went there for a modeling shoot. Not game talk is happening just casual chit chat in the Green room while the rest of the houseguest are sleeping. Kevin tells Josh to go to sleep. Josh says he knows and says goodnight to Elena, Mark and Kevin. Elena gets up to get ready for bed. Josh asks Mark if he has any stories. Mark says he may have some after the shower. Mark turns out the light in the Green room.
1:00 AM BBT In the bathroom Elena and Mark are talking. It is hard to make out what Mark is telling Elena but it seems to be about Veto and how Kevin says he is in a good spot. Talk turns to DR sessions and how Mark is probably next because he played in Veto as well. Elena then says that she is target number one because of Alex. Elena says why would she let Alex keep the 5,000 dollars. Elena says knowing she is a target, she would hate to be voted out and wished she would have taken the money. Elena feels they don’t have a chance in the game but Mark disagrees. Mark says that all they need to do is secure an alliance with either Alex, Jason and another houseguest or Matt/Raven. Elena doesn’t seem to work with Matt and Raven. Elena says she honestly has been throwing HOH’s but she can’t do it anymore. They talk about double eviction and winning HOH. Mark talks about having a conversation with Matt before the next HOH. Elena gets ready for bed. BB “Elena please put on your microphone”. Elena yells no because she changing and yells for them to turn something else down. Mark laughs. BB “ Elena, thank you”. Elena sarcastically says you’re welcome and they should turn the microphone down. Mark is trying to talk strategy but Elena talks about eating a lot of hotdogs. Mark says he will talk to Matt/Raven, Win HOH and Elena birthday will be that weekend.
1:15 AM BBT Mark and Elena and still talking in the bathroom. They are still talking about strategy but it is very hard to understand what they are saying. They talk about winning HOH and how important it is for the double eviction. Elena mentions she has talked to Matt trying to plant certain things in his head . Elena says Matt told her he feels he is good with everyone in the house. She says Matt really just wanted to make it to jury. Elena tells Mark he has optically impaired confidence and Mark says he is fine. Mark tries to get Elena to understand they still have a fighting chance but Elena isn’t buying it. Mark says that Jason isn’t coming after them also. Mark says Jason said he would put Christmas up. Elena says some of the houseguest were dumb in the veto. Elena and Mark kiss and Elena says she has to take all the makeup off of her face. They both kiss some more and Elena again says why wouldn’t she take the 5,000 dollars. She ponders why anyone would be upset about it saying it didn’t matter who won veto. Elena says she has to continue getting ready for bed and go to sleep. They cuddle and kiss more as Elena takes off of her makeup. Elena says it is annoying to her how people who do nothing in the game are the non threats. Mark says he is going to win HOH for her birthday. Elena says okay and she would want Alex to go home. He hugs her and again says HOH for her birthday. Mark proceeds to use the bathroom and Elena takes off her make up. Elena says she doesn’t even want the Outback.
1:30 AM BBT Elena mentions Paul is annoying her. She says she said something when Paul came in the room the first time and Paul tells her not to act weird and lay low. Elena says she didn’t understand why she wouldn’t act cool. Elena says she wants to call his stuff out. She says she always had his back. Elena and Mark questions Paul’s loyalty. Elena says she want to call his stuff out. Elena says Paul says trust me and implies she won’t be on the radar after Cody leaves. Elena says weird because she heard who Paul is working with and she is on his agenda. Mark says he got nauseous when Josh was holding Elena’s hand. Elena says he can’t like her that much. Elena says she has known him for 53 days and there is no way he could like her that much. He tried to justify his feels because it is 53 days non stop. Mark says he doesn’t know how Elena feels about him. Elena says she feels like she wants him to win HOH. Mark says that isn’t about him. Elena says she will tell him how she feels about him when she is ready. They casually talk about how they brush their teeth. Mark says what gets him about Elena is that even though she tried to act like she doesn’t care or doesn’t like emotional attachment she always goes out of her way to make him feel better. He says that is the quality that he likes most.
1:45 AM BBT Mark and Elena are still talking in the bathroom. Elena asks him if he has cried about her more than once. Mark says he also cried in the DR and explains the session to her. BB “ You are not allowed to talk about your Diary room sessions with other houseguest”. BB says it for a second time and they both say they weren’t talking about it but fine. The conversation continues with Mark saying it is the little things you do that make me crazy. Elena says I told you to be careful, he says You did but I clearly didn’t listen. Elena tells him I am horrible, she says I’m not even worth it. He asks her why. She says I’ve known me for 27 years, you have known me for 50 days. Mark says Are you telling me to be careful because I won’t like you outside this house or that you would reject me. He keeps asking her to answer, she avoids answering him. Finally she says if you care about me this much in 53 days it scares me that you can care this much after such a short time. Mark says I am going to go to Dallas and take you out. She says we live states apart, I’m not sure it will work. Elena says she had to come in from outside because she didn’t want to have to pretend with Alex. She says you have to win HOH and send her home. Mark says she probably won’t vote for you. Mark brings the conversation back to Elena saying she thinks he is perfect. Elena says did you see how Christmas got upset when we opened the door to get my stuff. Elena finds an ingrown hair in Mark’s eyebrows. She is trying to get it. He tells her to be gentle. She tells him to be still.
2:00 AM BBT Elena continues to try and get the ingrown hair out of Mark’s eyebrow. All cameras go to sleeping HGS as they start talking about Mark’s ex. Mark asks her if she has any interest in him. She tells him that she doesn’t like this house, she thinks about it then says maybe . She tells Mark we have to go to bed because she is tired. She tells him we stay up all night, we miss people talking game in the morning without us. She finally says Mark let’s go to sleep in our own beds. Mark brings the conversation back to Do you like kissing me. She refuses to answer telling him when you win HOH I will answer. Elena leaves to go to bed. Elena stops to get a drink of Sprite. Mark asks her why she is drinking it. She tells him that sounds like judging me. Mark is in the washroom by himself. Elena has gone into the Green Room to sleep. She goes into the living room with her bag and starts to dig thru it for something. Mark calls Elena into the washroom he asks her if he looks good. She gives him a kiss, walks away. Mark says goodnight. Elena goes into the Green Room Mark stays in the washroom.
2:15 AM BBT All HGS but Mark are in bed asleep. Mark is lying down in the washroom, talking to himself. It looks like his is counting out days and comps. He finally gets up, blows his nose, stops in the kitchen says “ How F**king How” heads into living room. Feeds go down. They come back on with Mark in the kitchen refilling his water glass, heading back to the washroom. Mark leaves the washroom, he goes to lie down on the sofa in the living room. Alex comes in the living room, she asks him why he is still up, he tells her waiting for the DR. Alex heads upstairs comes back down telling Mark she is scared she is going to trip on the stairs as her backpack is so heavy. She says goodnight to Mark. Mark gets called into the DR.
2:30 AM BBT All cameras are on sleeping HGS. Mark is still in the Dr.
2:45 AM BBT Matt gets up goes to washroom, he stops in the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. Mark is still in the DR as far as we know as cameras are on Cody in the HN Room and Matt in the kitchen. Matt heads back to bed after 1 bowl of cereal.
3:00 AM BBT All cameras are on sleeping HGS, we still don’t know if Mark is in bed or in the DR.
3:15 AM BBT Mark has finally come out of the DR and has joined the rest of his housemates sleeping. BIg Brother has waken Jason up. Jason yells I have been doing some extreme dreaming. He goes back to sleep.
3:30 AM BBT – 4:15 AM BBT All HGS are asleep

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, August 13th

4:30 AM BBT The HGs continue to sleep. Alex has been called out to make hotdogs and she is offering them up to the HGs.
4:45 AM BBT Elena is in the Bathroom and Alex is now packing up her camping supplies.
5:00 AM BBT Alex has completed her punishment and is now back in the HOH and is going to the Bathroom. She is now sitting up in the HOH bed. Paul and Christmas are now on the move.They are going to the Bathroom. All other HGs are asleep.
5:15 AM BBT Alex is getting dressed again and is carrying her backpack downstairs. She has a brief conversation with Paul outside of the toilet and then she leaves the Bathroom. Christmas comes out of the toilet and Paul is now in. Alex is back in the HOH and is getting back into bed. Paul and Christmas are getting re-attached and washing up. They are now going back to bed. Alex has turned out the lights and is now trying to sleep.
5:30 AM BBT All HGs are settled back in bed and appear to be sleeping
5:45 AM BBT The HGs are asleep. Paul and Christmas are still restless. Being attached is cause for some cuddling.
6:00 AM BBT Cody is up. He went to the pantry to get coffee and is now making a pot. He is now sitting with a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal
6:15 AM BBT All HGs but Cody are sleeping he is drinking coffee and eating slop.
6:30 AM BBT All HGs are asleep but Cody who is drinking a coffee in the kitchen deep in his own thoughts.
6:45 AM BBT The HG are sleeping except Cody. Cody is making himself some slop.
7:00 AM BBT HG are sleeping. Cody is still in the kitchen fixing himself some coffee & slop.
7:15 AM BBT The HG are asleep except Cody cooking slop & roasting coffee. Cody makes himself enough slop to eat now & some to zip-lock freeze for later to eat. After getting his breakfast squared away. Cody goes to the BR, washes his hands, returns to the kitchen & fixed himself a cup of coffee and sits at the kitchen bar as his morning ritual.
7:30 AM BBT HG are still asleep & Cody is in the kitchen at the bar drinking coffee staring off into space. Matt gets up to go to the BR. Matt returns to the Rose rm & get’s back in bed. Cody is still in the kitchen at the bar drinking coffee.
7:45 AM BBT HG are asleep. Cody is up having coffee in the kitchen at the bar. Cody goes to the bathroom to relieve himself. Cody is done in the bathroom. Cody washes his hands & rinses his mouth out with mouthwash & heads to the kitchen for another round of coffee.
8:00 AM BBT Cody is still sitting in the kitchen alone. All of the other houseguests are sleeping. Cody gets up and goes to the bathroom. He washes his hands then goes back into the kitchen and cleans his coffee cup. He goes in the storage room and switches out his microphone. He digs around in the storage room for something to eat but comes out empty handed. He messes with the settings on the coffee maker and then carefully prepares another pot of coffee.
8:15 AM BBT He looks in the fridge but doesn’t eat anything and then goes back to the have not room to lay down.
8:30 AM BBT All houseguests are in the respective beds. Cody gets up and heads to the bathroom. He washes his hands, checks on his coffee brewing, and then lays back down in bed.
8:45 AM BBT All houseguests are in their beds. JASON IS CHILLING AND GETTING EXTREME RELAXATION. Jason gets up, puts on his helmet, pokes his head out of the bedroom door and yells “I am extreme!” Jason lays back down, and a few minutes later, JASON IS DOING SOME EXTREME LOUNGING. Jason groans “Oh, Christ.” as he gets up, puts his helmet back on and says “‘Cause I’m extreme!”
9:00 AM BBT All houseguests are in their beds. Cody gets up and puts his socks and shoes on, then goes to the bathroom. He washes his hands and goes into the apple room. He looks at the camera and says “I am so bored.” then starts tossing around the apples from the table.
9:15 AM BBT Cody is still in the apple room tossing around the apples. Everyone else is asleep in their beds. Cody goes to the bathroom, washes his hands, checks on his coffee, then goes to get his toothbrush from the have not room. After brushing his teeth he lays back down in bed.
9:30 AM BBT All houseguests in bed.
9:45 AM BBT – 10:00 AM BBT All houseguests in bed.
10:00 AM BBT feeds cut out to wake up the HG Feeds returned all HG are awake
10:15 AM BBT Elena is talking to Mark about the noise Mark said that they where nice of enough to let me lay down Matt asked Kevin how did you sleep Feeds cut back out Feeds returned Cody is talking about the hot dogs Elena said i was passed out Cody said that they shut it down when i woke up Cody said maybe they will do the OUTBACK earlier Mark said that everything was set up YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION ELENA PLEASE GO TO THE DR HG YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY SESSION WITH OTHER HG Kevin said that he sleeps hard Mark said i was thinking of them waking us up early and locking us in the HOH Cody said you will notice the difference if you drink decaf coffee
10:30 AM BBT PAUL JOSH RAVEN CHRISTMAS there are fresh batteries in the SR Mark said why did i get an ingrown hair in my eyebrow Mark said that she has to do it upstairs but she has to come down for the hotdogs the bungalow sound went off Cody said that the bright side elena you are on the tv kevin said that i have never drank coffee back at home Alex is setting up her tent alex said she is never eating another cosco hotdog again after this Kevin said Alex do you want a coffee alex said no thank you HG YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY SESSION WITH OTHER HG THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY
10:45 AM BBT Paul asked are you okay Paul asked what day is it today YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION Paul asked was it Paul please put on your Microphone Kevin is talking about that Alex had to make the hotdogs early this morning Kevin said if you need anything i will be there to help you Kevin is talking about Matt was taking him this morning Alex is opening the buns for the hotdogs Alex said Jason why are you not using the upstairs PAUL PLEASE CENTER YOUR MICROPHONE PAUL SAID IT’S NOT EVEN ON Kevin said yell to me when you need me to come in Jason said that things are about to get extreme Kevin said Paul come and see this Paul thinks that the dinner will be tonight
11:00 AM BBT Alex is chopping up veggies Jason said that his toad costume stunk Cody is talking about the money that people get in the air force about the hazard pay Cody is talking about the dead mice that he had to clean up and that a mice jumped at him Paul asked how long do you have to do it feeds cut out Alex is taking down the tent Paul is talking to Cody Paul said did we get any action i tried Christmas said to the dr we go i have to get my medicine Christmas said do you want to get your coffee first Christmas was telling paul to walk Paul asked alex are you hanging out upstairs Paul said if i jump off the second story how mad will BB be
11:15 AM BBT Paul asked Raven can you do me a favor can you pull out the milks Kevin and Paul are talking Cody is talking about the parking about the Los Angeles how much it took to get the car out of the impound Matt is helping Jason out with his Costume Matt asked Kevin can you zip this Kevin asked Jason did you put up your microphone Kevin said it looks like a girl Matt said Alex has done how many campsites Kevin asked how was the bed was it comfortable Jason said that Christmas was stuck with Paul Raven said that i can’t eat the hotdogs
11:30 AM BBT Alex said Jason come and eat your hot dogs Alex said you are sitting you are not brushing your teeth HG please report to LD in HOH Kevin said Paul come here Alex said jason come and get your hotdog Jason said you are cooking more stuff than hotdogs Christmas said we should probably put the coffee in the Refrigerator Alex said i literally told everyone not to get in my bed Jason is going up the spiral stairs that’s extreme Jason do you want to feed the fish Raven said here Jason. 11:38 AM BBT feeds go down.
11:38-12:02 AM BBT – FEEDS DOWN FOR HN (Have nots are Kevin, Mark, Paul, Jason.)
12:02 PM BBT Alex announces on how she will keep her word and will not designate Elena as a HN during her birthday week. She adds that no amount of money is worth her word. BB notes that the HNs will be those first out during the Hocus Pocus Comp….Paul, Mark, Kevin, and Jason. Paul goes into DR. Christmas reattaches herself to him and then head to HN room to get their beds ready. Paul and Christmas claim their HN bed. Mark makes his bed, and Kevin brings in blankets/pillows to make up a bed. Paul says that he hates that he has to make Christmas do it for a day. Mark says the worst thing for him being a HN is a cold shower. Alex relives the comp and wants Mark to understand why she thinks Elena did her wrong; however, Alex wants to stay true to her word. Matt and Raven are whispering in the kitchen. Matt is playing with Raven chasing her around with a hot dog. BB announces….safety first, no horsing around. BB comes back on to stop it! Raven is mad; Matt says she is being ridiculous and asks her if she needs a nap?
12:30 PM BBT Elena doesn’t like it that now she is viewed as the bad person even though she won the comp and took the money.. Mark agrees with Elena but would not do any good saying anything to Alex. If anything it would hurt his position in the game. Josh tells Jason and Alex that Cody had asked Kevin if he would rally for votes for him to stay. Josh says Kevin is acting more shadey. Jason asks Josh about something Mark had said; Josh denies it happened. Raven and then Kevin come into the HOH Rm. Meanwhile back in the Rose BR, Elena and Mark still rehash the comp and what would happen if Cody played. Mark states that Paul already got the key (for either no HN or 2 weeks of HN). Elena says Jessica will LOL this episode….she hated Alex and she’ll love that she took the money.
12:45 PM BBT Mark says he has never been so aware on how he speaks since Elena keeps correcting him. She says to continue his way of speaking since it’s apart of who he is. He says he wants to speak grammatically correct. After this, Elena wants to teach correct English grammar to Mark. He would love that. Paul/Christmas has joined them in the HOH Rm. They talk about cars and driving. Alex now has an old Mustang; her prior car was a 1988 Mercedes. Paul offers his dad to hook her up with car stuff that she needs done. Mark once again reaches over for a hug and kisses Elena appearing as if he is leaving. Mark sees it as if they need to win HOH and have a serious discussion with Matt and Raven to make sure they are with them. Cody is in the kitchen looking at the Memory Wall when Mark comes by heading upstairs to join the others. Matt goes to the WR. Cody remains in the kitchen sitting quietly drinking Diet Coke.
1:00 PM BBT Up in the HOH Rm, they think Cody knows he will be leaving. When the BY opens, Alex would like to take a long shower and would appreciate if someone will wash her uniform that she has to wear. It’s beginning to smell. Paul talks about last season when he was a part of house security; he had to run around to make sure the house was safe whenever BB made their announcement. Paul believes this is the end of all BB punishments. Christmas says in a week she would have made enough money doing BB for a boob! Raven comes out of the HOH shower and goes downstairs. They talk on what they would have been doing at home if not on BB. BB makes the announcement and Jason stands and yells! They talk about how Jason had to get up like 5 times and Paul took 3 buns but 2 dogs this AM from Alex. they laugh about it. They laugh about how the BB announcement for jason was “jason was kissing now that’s extreme” but he was just chilling in a chair. They mention how Jessica kept taking her Frog head off and not wearing it but they are on top of Alex about wearing the 50 pounds of camping gear. They say they don’t feel Jess is in love with Cody like he is with her. Matt and Raven in the Apple room. They can’t stand hearing Mark try to kiss up, Matt eats some slop. They talk about how Elena sleeps 12 hours of the day and Mark was asking if there was any slop in the fridge. Matt told him he didn’t know. ( cody made a giant pot this AM) Matt says he is worried about if Kevin is working with Mark then they need to watch what they are saying around him.
1:15 PM BBT Raven heads to go do her hair, Matt sits alone eating his slop. The conversation upstairs is still very basic. They talk about being a HN, what is an issue for each of them, Paul and Mark discuss the Key, should they take it or not. Mark heads out the room, heads to Elena in the rose room where she is passed out, he messes with her bandana and then leaves. Mark joins Matt in the apple room they talk about slop and the yard. Mark tells Matt that they are talking about if Paul will take the key. (so far Paul is the only one who got off slop, everyone else had a double week) They talk about where they slept last night. Upstairs they are talking about how this is a good week to be a HN and not to take the key. EXTREME ANNOUNCEMENT. They talk about Elena and how she yells at producers and frustrations. They share frustrations about Elena and how she is in the house. Down in the apple room Matt says he laughs at Mark and Josh’s relationship. They laugh and giggle about it, and then the blow up from the other day.
1:30 PM BBT Mark is concerned about everyone upstairs and how close they are, is it because they are bored nothing to do or are they really that close. Upstairs they are talking about money the stipend and how Elena took the money. EXTREME ANNOUNCEMENT Christmas says she made a promise in front of everyone and then went back on it. Jason says Paul just please tell me do i have to compete in this.? Paul says sorry buddy yes you do. It depends on the comp but most likely yes. They discuss the outback dinner. Raven Chimes in from the WR upstairs saying she doesn’t like outback because she got food poisoning. Matt and Mark talk about trips and areas they have or want to visit. Alex gets up to check her stash to make sure she is prepped for next campfire grill out. Christmas compliments ravens top, she then asks do any of you 3 boys wanna do me a favor and grab me a medicine bottle, Raven says she will bring her the bottle. Mark heads to the Rose room to try and get Elena up but she isn’t budging. Raven and Matt in WR whispering, matt starts singing big butts feeds cut a moment.Alex asks if anyone saw the green platter she thinks it got left down stairs. She finds it and cleans it then packs it back up.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, August 13th
1:45 PM BBT Cody sitting Drinking soda alone at the counter, Kevin tells the other HG upstairs that Cody asked him about the vote and if he had a chance at staying since Elena pulled this stunt. Kevin says NO you will be out 9-0 sorry. They talk about the conversation he had and how they all made trust in people and who made good choices. Josh says he gravitates towards real people. They discuss how Cody has other secrets besides his age, but they aren’t relevant to game so he isn’t sharing. Paul says obviously they are if you are hiding it. Raven is alone in the WR getting ready doing her make up. They talk about Mark and how he flipped back n forth between Cody and Paul’s side.
2:00 PM BBT Kevin is talking about a hockey puck that was hit in the face and he had his whole mouth wired for a few months Matt said i am still trying to figure out another activity that is free PAUL PLEASE GO TO THE DR Paul said i can take down the pie Alex said we can have pie when you guys get out of the DR Josh said i didn’t played basketball Cody said why do you have a pie Mark said you said there is a whole bunch of the napkins in the SR Alex is putting on her makeup Cody said i am not going to be out there without my shirt off Elena no napping Mark said i feel like it got to be more lenient around day 70 NO NAPPING HG cody said i wounder with double elimination if they all have to pack Mark said i don’t think double elimination will be this week
2:15 PM BBT Mark said let see how this turns out Josh said you know how much the fans are loving us Kevin said are you going to take care of me Alex Alex said i will come to you i don’t want to move him Cody said when you first open your phone are you going to be nervous Mark said did i remember to pay my credit card i hope it’s on autopay Alex said can you cut me a piece of pie Kevin do you want pie to oh that’s right you can’t have it it’s key lime pie Matt said that Raven is the only one that trust in this game Matt said that Mark has to go Matt said we need to figure out where Kevin is at Raven said that nobody thinks Kevin is a threat Matt said that we don’t know where Kevin is at Josh and Christmas are talking Matt said i brought this up to Paul before and Mark blew it off Christmas said my eyes hurt so bad Christmas said what do you think that the next HOH is going to be Christmas said i just want to play Christmas said that i will make a burger for you who ever is a have i will make them a burger NO NAPPING HG
2:30 PM BBT Matt said mark has to go asap Matt said almost to the point that i want to backdoor him Matt said we are in danger next week ELENA NO NAPPING Raven said i can’t nap and i’m a sick person Matt said that Raven and Paul are the biggest targets Matt said i want you to wear them know it’s gonna be hard Matt said if it’s you or me you will win Raven said i kinda wish i didn’t throw that one to Paul josh is talking to the fish Raven said i’m gonna eat ELENA NO NAPPING josh said i asked Alex if i can use her bathroom Mark said i have never heard anybody that gets called out that many times Kevin said i don’t even eat pie Raven said to Matt do you want to make me a meal matt said we are going to make chicken pasta if you want any
2:45 PM BBT Kevin said we are not going to get the yard tonight Matt said when i was 16 i used to work in a factory and made macaroni salads Raven said i can talk to you while you are cooking my meal Mark said i want to send home Alex Mark said who is the worst person for my game right now Elena said Jason and lex Matt asked cody witch season was your favorite season Cody said BB16 Cody said BB10 was odd Matt asked who was your favorite player Raven said Dan Cody said Evil dick Matt said Jerry that 70 year old person Cody said i talk to Jerry every so often Cody said i don’t like it when they bring back the sibilans Matt said i have seen BB10 3 episodes Matt said when i lived in Az my roommate watched the big brother Matt is asking Cody if him and jessica are going to hang out in LA CODY PLEASE GO TO THE DR Raven said i am here for moral support that’s what i’m here for
3:00 PM BBT Raven is telling Matt what spices to put in Raven said mix it like you mean it we are on a cooking show Rachel Ray Matt said i’ve never seen it Paul is eating Paul said thank you Alex said i wonder where mark is Alex said i feel like she doesn’t do enough for the show Kevin said she sleeps all day Christmas said grab that before you connect us JASON PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE Kevin said i don’t have my shades either Mark said i can’t get alex gone for my game sake Mark said she should’ve took my trip to begin with Mark told Elena that she told Matt to throw it Mark said she could be very good that she could be playing me Mark said do you honestly think that i want to be friends with Josh out side the house Alex has to set up the tent to make the cookies Elena said i am not a nice person Mark said i am far from perfect i made a mistake Alex please move your hair away from the microphone
3:15 PM BBT Christmas said i will tell you Josh that the motherf****r lied to me Paul said that she fell asleep waiting for me Christmas is putting on her makeup she has to do her DR Paul said i will make my sauce Paul said maybe i can cut it up put it in slope and fry it Josh said i am going to sleep in the rose room tonight Christmas said i have to move to the mirror Paul said let’s go Christmas said you are going to have to get close and lean in Alex is asking Jason to grab her bandanna it’s a blue one or a yellow one Jason said how do you want your bandanna pulled in Alex said it’s f****n hot as s**t Alex said we don’t have any options Alex said i thought Christmas was in the bathroom area Alex said can somebody ask Christmas if she wants Onions or Guacamole on the hot dog or peepers i have ketchup and mustard
3:30 PM BBT Paul said why me Alex is taking photos with her camera Kevin said you get to take off your camera Christmas said i can take off my helmet because it was before the comp Alex said what did Christmas say Matt said that the pasta is done if you want some Jason said i am not even going to go anywhere Alex said Christmas do you want peppers Christmas said no thank you Alex said i think Cody is in the DR Josh said i am bring chips Christmas said give me my hotdog really fast i am going to shove it down and go to work Alex said i didn’t bring plates but there is napkins Mark is talking about the competition Alex said we are out of bacon Mark said she is mad that you broke your word that is why she is m ad Elena said dude stop f****n saying it Elena said that my hot dogs are gross Mark said thank you Alex you look great in that outfit
3:45 PM BBT Kevin is talking about the extreme Kevin said that the kids are running down and saving him Mark said chicken parm Saturday again Alex asked Jason if he was tired Raven is talking about the guy from modern family he likes Raven said hey lady gaga do you need a backup dancer Kevin shouts to Paul that there is another hot dog Kevin said if nobody wants it i will eat it Alex said too bad that there was no bacon or cheese NO NAPPING HG Jason is sitting down that is some extreme KEVIN JASON PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, August 13th
4:00 PM BBT Raven says she’s glad she is not part of the Outback dinner because the last time she ate there she got food poisoning and now the thought makes her sick. Kevin says America sees the live feed and knows everyone’s true character. Alex says yes and no because not many actually watch live feed and depending on how the episodes are edited they could look like good or bad people. Paul is still laying outside of the DR waiting for Christmas. Mark, Cody, and Elena talk about Mark visiting Dallas once they get out of the house. Christmas gets out of the DR and her and Paul walk to the kitchen so Paul can get a bowl of slop. Kevin, Jason, and Alex are laying upstairs in the campsite and Kevin is telling them about his neighborhood back home. Cody tells Paul about the MRE’s that he ate while in the service. Elena says it’s funny that Paul chose to be tethered to Christmas. Christmas says that Paul had to ask production if Christmas was medically cleared to do it and they said yes, but it would rude to choose her. Paul just wanted to roll around on her scooter. ALEX, PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Jason complains to Kevin that the compression shorts he has to wear with the uniform are very uncomfortable and he doesn’t know how he is going to put up with it.
4:15 PM BBT JASON IS DOING SOME EXTREME LOUNGING. Jason jumps up and yells over the railing down to the houseguests in the kitchen. Christmas says the helmet she’s wearing isn’t bad, but the glasses keep fogging up. Paul says he has a sore spot on his arm and Mark suggests it could be a bone spur. Kevin tells Jason that the have not this week don’t have it too bad because they are allowed to eat the hotdogs that Alex is required to serve. Kevin says they have to start evicting more guys because no one will watch the show if it’s all guys in the house. He’s says luckily Josh is in the house and provides some excitement. Paul and Christmas come upstairs and are annoyed when they find out that Alex is doing her HOH blog. They don’t want to sit on the floor because it’s uncomfortable.
4:30 PM BBT Paul and Christmas still don’t know what they are going to do about the Outback dinner, if they will detach or Paul will have to forfeit his spot. Christmas says he is more deserving of the dinner than others that are going so she doesn’t want him to give up his spot. MATT, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Raven comes upstairs and joins Josh, Kevin, Jason, Paul, and Christmas in the campsite. Kevin tells a story about going to the Little League World Series in the 70’s. Matt comes out of the DR and Mark asks him if production said anything about the dinner. He says no. ELENA, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. FEEDS DOWN. Cody teases Mark about his car which is 10 years old. Raven says she wants to get a tattoo on the back of her neck. The houseguests complain that they won’t be able to go in the backyard tonight. JASON IS CHILLING, AND GETTING HIMSELF EXTREME RELAXATION. Jason yells and then lays back down. He says it raises your heartrate having to jump up and yell when you’re in the middle of sleeping and then it’s hard to fall back asleep.
4:45 PM BBT Cody says he hopes his truck didn’t get towed because he left it parked in the street before he left. Jason says he’s seen the end of a rainbow and Kevin asks what’s there and if something magical happens to you. Jason says no, it’s just light rays. JASON, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Kevin tells the group upstairs about Josh going fishing but having no idea what type of fish he is fishing for. Cody goes in the green bedroom and puts clothes in a trash bag then lays down on the bed. Matt and Raven are in the apple room and she is popping zits on his shoulder, then she starts picking dead skin out of his ear. Matt tells Raven that when he and Mark were talking, he wanted to say to him that he should put up Paul if he wins HOH, just to see how he would react. She climbs up on the top of the couch to pop zits on Matt’s other shoulder. He looks annoyed.
5:00 PM BBT Elena is with the group upstairs and they talk about their favorite funny news interviews. Kevin asks where they find this stuff and they say the internet. Raven tells Matt that Kevin has been acting very strange. Raven thinks that Alex and Elena are going to get in a fight at the dinner. Mark and Elena are hugging the rose bedroom. Mark seems like he is upset or crying about something. Mark kisses her and thanks her for coming downstairs with him. They stare at each other for awhile not saying much and then start making out.
5:15 PM BBT Mark tells Elena that he talked to Paul earlier when he was waiting outside the DR for Christmas and Paul said things are weird in the house. Elena says she has been a little rude to Paul and not really acknowledging him. She has a feeling that Matt’s going to use the veto on himself. She thinks that Paul is rallying the house to vote her out this week. She thinks Mark could possibly be the replacement nominee and Cody is part of the plan to vote her out. Mark tells her that Paul wants Cody out of the house this week and he would never vote out Elena when he has the chance to get Cody out. Elena says she’s going upstairs and Mark says he can’t be around Josh right now. They make out for a minute and then Elena tosses Mark the Bible as she walks out of the room and tells him to read it. Mark sits with his head down for a minute before leaving the room. Jason tells Kevin he has to go to the bathroom and asks him to come help get his costume off. Mark tells Cody in the green room that their initial thought was wrong, this is a dud season and it’s going to be boring for the audience. Cody says yes, there are a lot of duds playing. Mark says that Alex is the best player and Cody agrees and wants her to make a big move this week, not just focus on taking out Cody.
5:30 PM BBT Raven, Paul, Christmas, Elena, and Josh are sitting upstairs. Cody and Mark complain that there have not been enough physical competitions where they could dominate. Raven drops leaves over the railing upstairs onto Matt at the table below. Alex sits down at the bar to enjoy some key lime pie. She takes one bite and then the bugle goes off. Alex makes a pouty face as she slowly walks up the stairs to start building her camp. In the HOH room, Paul, Christmas, Josh and Jason talk about Kevin and how they do not trust him. Kevin walks into the room and they change the subject. Paul says Raven overheard Mark and Elena talking in the rose bedroom about them all having an alliance to get Elena out. Matt comes into the HOH room. Paul says if they all stick together, they are final 8 no question. FEEDS DOWN. Feeds come back and Alex is taking the tent back down. She says she hopes whoever is running the soundboard today gets slapped but not fired because everyone makes mistakes.
5:45 PM BBT Paul suggests that on Thursday when Elena goes around campaigning, some of them tell her they are not sure how they are voting. That will cause Elena to freak out, which will in turn affect Mark and they will both perform badly in the HOH competition. Alex calls down to Cody in the kitchen from upstairs while she packs up her stuff after a false alarm. He says he’s eating the leftover chicken and then asks what she’s thinking but the camera cuts to the HOH room. Paul tells the group in the HOH room the strategy for the upcoming double eviction. He says that half of them should say true and half false if it’s true/false questions, and the same for more or less questions. That will help ensure one of them wins the competition. Mark and Elena are in the apple room talking about drinking. Mark says he wants to go out with Elena and drink the same amount as her. She says he would never be able to keep up with her. Cody joins Mark and Elena in the apple room. Elena says everyone is upstairs in the HOH room talking about how they are going to get Matt to use his veto on himself so they can vote her out. Cody says he’s sure that he’s still a juicier target for the house. Raven and Matt are in the rose bedroom and Raven is telling Matt about the conversation she overheard between Mark and Elena earlier. She says if Mark wins HOH she thinks he will put up Paul and Josh. If Elena wins, Raven thinks she will nominate Paul and Alex. Matt says he would love to see Mark go home.
6:00 PM BBT Josh says he doesn’t care who goes first between Mark and Elena. He thinks Mark is smarter and a better competitor than Elena. Cody tells Elena since he was not able to obtain one sympathy vote for Jess, he knows that he has no influence and doesn’t think there’s any way he could convince anyone to keep him this week. Cody says he would have had to swap HOH with jess to last in the game. KEVIN PLEASE TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN he has the headphones around his neck but no music playing. Up in hoh Paul is telling about some comps that he was in last year for the double to help prepare the group. Alex gives Jason a pillow to help with his heavy helmet. Josh says if they need a pawn he is willing to go up, dont sketch Raven and Matt out. They call Matt to the DR the HG in HOH think it’s time for the outback dinner. They send Josh down to the WR to grab something to see who is in APSR ( apple room). Elena, Cody, and Mark are in there goofing around, Elena has a blanket over her face because of the Farts from the guys. 6:10 feeds cut to fish
6:10 PM BBT-6:20 PM BBT Feeds out preparations for Outback dinner.
6:20 PM BBT Feeds return they were given information about the outback night. They slowly all separate and begin to get ready. (Alex, Matt, Jason, Mark, Paul, and Elena -Christmas will be attached but not eating) have a dinner from outback later tonight. Raven will be the only female left in the house with Josh, Kevin, and Cody. ALex says she will chug the beer, and then asks if she can bring a coke with her. Alex talks music in the Kt. while Mark and Elena are in the green room chatting about buying stuff for each other. Trying to figure out what to wear.
6:30 PM BBT Elena tells him he is not allowed to buy her anything but he keeps saying the she made the summer special for him. Raven, Paul, Christmas in the WR talking about being tiny but mighty and taking care of Ravens hand. HOH room Jason and Alex alone.. Alex feels like Elena is tripping out. She says that anytime anyone talks to Cody she is worried. They begin talking about Matt, and how he could have been the one with a trip and Mark in the costume. Cody comes in and asks is there anyone else you can put up, if Jason comes off and he goes up he is a gonner. Alex says that the only other person would be Mark but they don’t have the numbers if they team up. It’s only 3 of them and they are trying to stay safe. Cody recommends Josh as the replacement, Alex says that Josh is what saved their game. Cody stresses that he is not with Marlena, Alex says they fought for it to be him who made it to Jury, Alex says she didn’t want this HOH but she couldn’t let Raven have it she doesn’t trust her. Christmas showers downstairs, Elena is doing her makeup, Raven and Matt are chilling talking with Paul. Josh is in the Kitchen, Elena tells a funny story about Ramses. Mark looks for his cup that Elena wrote his name on.
6:45 PM BBT Meanwhile upstairs Cody still trying to convince Alex and Jason to no make him the replacement nom. Alex tells how she caught Mark in a lie and confused him and how you can’t trust him, On a personal level Alex likes everyone but in the game you can’t. Kevin comes in and interrupts the conversation. Feeds continue to cut in and out. Alex says she would consider keeping him if he can give her a good enough plan to keep all 4 of them safe. He says he knows who voted for him but he can’t break that since he promised not to. Alex respected that and says it’s probably for the best. She explains how everyone had to trust her this week, and why she put Jason up on the block. Meanwhile in the WR Paul is sitting just outside the shower, Elena still doing her makeup, Raven, Mark, and Matt, lounging on the couch and Josh talking about clothes outfits. Mark says his pants are loose on the waist but tight on the thighs. Elena asks what outfit should I wear? They toss the idea of her outfit from last night black and white. Paul, Elena, Raven, and Mark are discussing designers. Matt has no clue what Yeezys are. Paul brags about buying his ex-girlfriend a pair of louboutins and the nail polish too. Christmas is in the shower so Paul has to stay next to the shower door with her because of his punishment. Cody is in the HOH room talking to Alex and Jason. Cody tells them that Jess was trying to make a deal with the devil (Paul). Jason tells them that he thinks they should team up. Jason tells Cody about his conversation with Jess about taking Alex’s stuff. Cody laughs and tells him that was Raven. He tells them that he told Jess to get her stuff.
7:00 PM BBT Cody is working to get Alex and Jason to make a move that does not involve him going on the block. He tells them that he doesn’t think Jason should stay on the block, but that Alex should find someone else to put up. Cody tells Alex that Matt wanted him to backdoor her when he was HOH. Cody says that Matt is going to be the only dumb dumb in BB history that is going to be on the block and not use the veto on himself. Jason and Alex talk about how Matt didn’t need to take the veto from Jason. Matt walks in and Cody walks out. Jason asks Matt if Cody has asked him to help him and Matt laughs and says NO! Alex and Jason claim that they are not going to change the plan. Josh walks in and Alex tells him that Cody wants them to keep him and Josh laughs. Jason and Alex spill the beans about their entire conversation with Cody to Matt and Josh. Alex tells Josh that Cody suggested that they send Josh home. She tells him that he is not allowed to confront him in any way or they will never tell him anything again. Alex and Jason explain that Cody’s offer was that the whole house will be gunning for them, but that they can steamroll the house. Raven comes in and asks if she can listen to her music while she is outside.
7:15 PM BBT Paul and Christmas are still in the bathroom. Mark and Kevin are talking about music to Paul. Elena is doing her makeup. Christmas tells Paul that she is done and they roll into the kitchen. Paul is like her horse as he is pulling her around on her little cart! Paul and Christmas are in the HOH room talking to Matt, Raven, Alex, and Josh. They are talking about Matt’s cereal habit. Jason and Kevin are in the Have Not room talking about Cody. Kevin tells him about how Cody told him about having a daughter and his brother dying. Kevin tells him that Raven is not better and she gets on his nerves. Mark walks in and Kevin asks if he thinks he should try the key. They discuss how it is not worth the risk. They say that everyone that is in the Have Not room is awesome so there is no reason to try the key. Kevin says it is all guys in there anyways and Mark reminds him that Christmas is in there too. Kevin says that she is not so bad and that they lay together sometimes. He says the reason they do it because she is 37 years old and he not going to lay up with someone 22. He says that his kids would be upset about that. JASON IS DOING SOME EXTREME LOUNGING! Jason says that is because I am extreme. They discuss the special dinner that some of the HGs are going to get to have tonight. In HOH, Josh, Alex, Matt, Raven, Christmas, and Paul are all talking about Cody and Jess.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin and Jason go to the bathroom. Kevin is helping Jason take off his BB Extreme costume. Kevin is not too happy about being a Have Not this week. Paul tells everyone that they should still make Mark and Elena paranoid as fuck, but still send Cody to jury this week. The subjects changes to Mark and how he deflects questions when he doesn’t want to answer.

7:35 PM BBT – 7:55 PM BBT Feeds are down.
7:55 PM BBT Feeds come back up. Outback dinner for Matt, Mark, Alex, Elena, Jason, Christmas (Paul swapped with her). Cody, Raven, Kevin, Josh, Paul are not going.
Raven, Cody, and Paul in the kitchen. Josh walks through. Raven gives Paul a tip about getting a headache while on slop. She tells him to eat a pickle. Everyone leaves Cody alone in the kitchen. Kevin is taking a cold Have Not shower. Kevin is trying to stay out of the cold water as much as possible. He has the hot water on in the other shower to try to stay warm.
8:00 PM BBT Raven and Paul decide to make some slop cookies. Since Christmas is at the luxury dinner he has lost his tandem skydiving partner for a while tonight. He is in the Rose Room grabbing some clean cloths and staring at himself really close to the mirror. Kevin and Paul in the shower discussing how Paul is a Have Not. Christmas got to go to the dinner in Paul’s place. Kevin thinks Production should have let them both go. Paul goes in the kitchen and is talking to Cody about how to make some slop cookies. Paul goes upstairs to talk to Josh while he is showering in the HOH shower. Paul is going to the bathroom while Josh is in the shower. Raven walks in and is listening to Alex’s music and dancing. She starts putting on more makeup and then goes back to dancing like a cheerleader.
8:15 PM BBT Josh comes out of the shower to see Raven dancing. She stops for a moment. JOSH! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! He tells production, Got it! Raven goes back to dancing. She is doing some kind of dance routine and shaking her butt. Josh walks in and gives her a high five while he is swishing some mouth wash. Paul and Josh are discussing how Cody was trying to get Alex to put Josh up on the block instead of him. Josh tells him that he wishes they wouldn’t tell him stuff like that because it makes him want to go off. Kevin comes in and Raven gives him the music. KEVIN! PLEASE TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN! Raven tells Paul that Cody told her and Matt that now that Jess is gone he finally realized he is on Big Brother. Kevin mentions that Christmas isn’t getting to drink any alcohol. Raven says that after she has surgery that she is not allowed to drink for like a month. Josh keeps saying, Man shut the fuck up! He is upset about Cody talking about him. Josh says that he has an idea in his mind that Production went to his hometown. They question if production told him that in the DR. He says that they hinted it and then says no he is just feeling like they are there or they are going there or something. Kevin says that they won’t get to see that though and Paul says yea we get to see it. Raven says that she will be happy to see her mom after surgery. She says 49. She is a strong woman. The subject changes to the fish they named Cody.
8:30 PM BBT Kevin says that Cody is not as tough as he acts. He says that Jess is probably wondering what the hell Cody is doing begging people to keep him in the house. They start talking about the Outback dinner. Josh says look Cody is cooking. He is like a changed man after 50 days. He is cooking and cleaning. Kevin says Cody is trying to eat all the food out of the house he can before he leaves. Josh and Raven talk about how Mark doesn’t ever cook anything and how Mark always eats all of the protein from the meals that everyone makes. They talk about how Cody farts and burps in front of everyone. Paul says that if he did that in front of his mom she would knock him out. Raven says that when Cody makes the throat noise that is makes her nauseous. Raven says that Cody is making cookies. Paul says that it wouldn’t matter if Cody was in final two that no one would vote for him and he wouldn’t win. They continue to talk shit about Cody. Cody is making cookies in the kitchen. Raven says that she thinks they are going to get in a fight outside during the Outback dinner. They say that “tiger” aka Alex would win that one. They go back to talking about Jess and Cody.

8:45 PM BBT They all go downstairs to the kitchen. Cody tells them that the HGs have been screaming the whole time. Raven says that she can’t even eat anything out there right now so she gives zero fucks. Josh keeps saying, man shut the fuck up! Looks like Cody wants to blow a gasket. Josh and Raven go into the SR. Josh is saying that he can’t believe Cody was talking about him again. Raven says that her and Matt have not lied in the game at all. Josh talks about how Mark is a flip flopper. They leave the SR singing. PLEASE STOP SINGING! Raven and Josh are looking at the memory wall. They are talking about how the pictures don’t look like some of the HGs. They talk about how Production wanted them to look a certain way. RAVEN! JOSH! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! Raven talks about casting. RAVEN! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! I am sorry she says…..people think I look like Harley Quinn. RAVEN! Her and Josh say Raven didn’t say anything. They go into the kitchen in front of the sink and start dancing side by side. Josh puts his ear up to the sliding glass door and tries to listen. JOSH! He says that they are playing music outside. Cody and Kevin are sitting in the bathroom talking about the lucky server outside. Paul is cleaning his nose ring. Kevin asks what a pint is. Paul tries to explain that it is a size of beer. He says that he got to go last year. Cody tells them that he is probably going to have to throw the slop muffins he is trying to make out. Kevin asks if he can make his own hotdog or if he has to wait for Alex to make them since he is a Have Not.
9:00 PM BBT Feeds are down. They come back up and everyone is coming back inside. Mark goes into the bathroom and plops on the couch. He asks Elena what she thinks about him while he is tipsy. She says I don’t think you could hang with me for five minutes. ELENA! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! She tells Production to suck her ass. ELENA! She says production! And goes into the bathroom. Matt tells Kevin that they had a server and that she was nice. Alex and Jason are laying on the floor in the HOH loft. They say that they are so full. Jason says he is puking full. Josh tells Jason he looks happier. Mark tells Paul that he is drunk and he over ate. Paul tells him that means he had a good day. Mark tells him that he loves him. Paul tells him that he loves him too buddy. Alex and Jason are moaning and laughing. Paul asks Mark what the setup was like. He tells him that he is surprised that no people came out except the waitress. He says that she wasn’t allowed to talk though. Christmas says that at the end they were allowed to say something and she tells Paul that she got some friendship in there. Everyone is so full and moaning from eating so much. Alex is slurring her words as she talks to Josh. She is getting Josh to teach her spanish. Christmas and Mark are talking in the bathroom. He says that he can’t talk to girls when he is drinking. He says that he can’t talk when he is drunk that it comes out so wrong. Alex keeps laughing. She goes into the HOH room. Jason and Josh are still talking on the HOH loft. Jason farts and Josh freaks out. Alex is dancing and trying to run and jump on Jason. Josh is laughing at her. She asks Cody what he is making that smells like cake and he tells her slop muffins. She tells him that she is probably going to eat some.
9:15 PM BBT ALEX! PLEASE RE-ATTACH YOU MICROPHONE! Josh, Alex, and Jason are having a great time in the HOH loft. Alex tells Josh that they rushed them and that it would have been better if they could have taken their time. Jason is squeezing Josh’s fingers. Josh is screaming for him to stop! Jason laughs. Mark goes upstairs to see what is going on. Jason grabs Josh’s hand again and he starts screaming again. JASON! STOP THAT! Cody joins them and is watching Alex. Alex starts dapping. Jason says that he almost threw up just now. Josh tells him to go in the bathroom. Paul is showering while Christmas has to hang out next to the shower door. Kevin comes in and stands at the sink and files his nails. He looks sad. He asks Christmas if they had bread and butter. She tells him no, that they had baked potatoes. Alex is still freaking out upstairs. She is all over the place while telling Josh a story about her dad. The vibe between Elena and Mark is on the complete opposite perspective. Elena is acting like a debbie downer and is no being nice to Mark. Christmas tells Paul that her favorite thing was the salad. She tells him all about the dinner. She says that Jason got caught trying to bring some bloomin onion back into the house. Alex screams down to Cody and tells him to come sit with them. She says that she doesn’t want him to be down there by himself. Cody comes upstairs. He tells her that he enjoys not being around all of their yelling. He says that he enjoys the silence. Christmas tells Paul that they we were told not to be switching beers. Paul says that is because of last season and Big Meech puking. Christmas says that she feels like she missed a lot even though they were only gone like an hour.
9:30 PM BBT Elena, Josh, Kevin, Alex, and Jason are all hanging out in the HOH loft. Jason grabs Josh’s wrist again. Elena is caught in the middle. Josh starts screaming. Elena is yelling for them to stop. She starts correcting Josh’s speech. Kevin is just watching them and not saying anything. He shakes his head at them. Jason asks Josh if he takes his mom out with him when he goes out. Josh ignores him and says that Jason hurt Elena. Josh keeps messing with Jason. He tells him that from now on he will known as paquito whistle. Jason grabs him and tries to wrestle him. STOP THAT! Jason is so drunk. He keeps trying to wrestle Josh. Josh is holding his neck. He tells Jason that he is going to end up breaking something on him. Josh tells him you suck! Jason says you swallow! They all laugh. Jason looks like he is getting a little made and he calls Josh a dumbass. Cody and Elena talk about if they think Jess is still watching. Cody waves and Elena sticks her finger in her nose. Cody whispers hi Jessica. Jason starts trying to wrestle Josh again. This time almost on top of Kevin. Josh says whistle stop! Stop! STOP THAT! Josh says he is trying to kill me. Josh tries to get up and Jason shoves his head into the ground. JASON! STOP THAT! They keep telling Jason that his face is swollen. He tells them that it will go away. Josh looks like he is going to cry. He says that his neck really hurts. He tells Jason Fuck you! Don’t talk to me! And he storms off in the HOH room.
9:45 PM BBT Josh comes out of the HOH. He picks up the ketchup and mustard from Alex’s hot dogs stuff. He tells Jason that he better apologize or he is going to spray it on him. Jason tells him that he is going to kick his ass if he does that. JOSH! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! Jason is still sitting on the ground and he is threatening Josh that he is going to hurt him if he sprays him with the ketchup or mustard. JOSH! STOP THAT! Kevin tells him to stop and chill out. He is still whining about Jason hurting him. Matt comes out of the HOH and asks Alex if the guys are fighting over her again. Josh goes into the HOH. Kevin suggests that him and Jason go lay down. Josh is sulking in the HOH room. Jason, Kevin, and Elena go downstairs. Jason laughs at Christmas and Paul. He says that it is so funny that he pulling her in they are wearing those costumes. Christmas and Paul go into the Rose room and Paul looks at himself in the mirror. He says that he looks like a fucking cock. Christmas mentions that she thinks Elena is entitled. Jason and Kevin are in the Have Not room. Christmas and Paul join them. Paul tells Kevin that he thinks that Cody told Elena about the conversation they had upstairs in the HOH while everyone was outside enjoying Outback. Kevin says that is so funny because she came up to me and apologized. He says that Elena said she should have let him go since he is a Have Not this week. Paul and Christmas are trying to figure out the logistics of how they are going to sleep in a Have Not bed together. In the HOH, Matt, Alex, and Josh are talking about what Cody does for a living. Raven comes in the Have Not room to check on Jason. Kevin tells Paul and Christmas about the beef between Jason and Josh while they were wrestling. Jason tells them that he was serious about kicking his ass. Josh tells Alex in the HOH room that he is going to check on Jason. He says that he is pissed off. Josh goes downstairs to the toilet. Jason and Kevin go into the bathroom. Kevin helps Jason out of his costume so he can go to the bathroom. Kevin tells Josh that he wishes he could go to sleep early. Cody is taking a nice hot shower.
10:00 PM BBT Cody is in the bathroom taking a shower. Kevin is in there helping Jason use the restroom. Back up in the HOH bedroom, Alex, Matt and Raven are talking about the fight with Josh and Jason. Matt and Alex were talking about the Veto competition. Matt said his goal for the competition was not to get a curse. They are talking about Elena making a deal during the Veto comp. Alex said she just wanted the money. Mark, Elena and Cody are in the bathroom talking about Mark being drunk. Jason is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Mark said he is so full. Then he went over to do the heimlich and asked if he was really full too. Jason begged him not to do it. And Elena told him not to do it too. He did a little but stopped. Then a BB announcement said, “Jason’s brushing his teeth! That’s some Extreme cavity fighting!” Then Jason jumped up and put his hands on his hips and said, “That’s because I’m Extreme!” Then they all three started laughing hysterically. Mark said, “You love that don’t you?” Elena said, “Jason that is sooo funny!” Then Jason left the bathroom. Elena told Mark she is going home this week she can feel it. Elena, Kevin, Christmas and Paul went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Christmas and Paul are connected together in their parachute costumes and Paul is eating. Kevin said he wished they would open the BY up so he and Jason could go play pool.
10:15 PM BBT Kevin asked Paul if he wanted to go play pool and if he would have to take Christmas too. Christmas said she can play pool. Kevin said ok. Then Kevin started scratching Elena’s back. Christmas was called to the DR and unhooked herself from Paul. Paul starts talking about Big Meech from last season. Kevin asks, “What is a Big Meech?” Elena and Paul start laughing. Kevin asked if Big Meech is a male or female. He asked if she is married or single or if she has children. Then Paul and Elena answer his every question. Elena starts scratching on the couch and Kevin asked her if she wants to play tic tac toe. She said, Yes.” He said I will beat you. Elena said, “Bet.” Then he starts playing her making the x’s and o’s on the couch. Then he said I already won. Kevin beat her 2 or 3 times. Then Kevin told Paul how to play it and he needs to distract the other player. Raven came down from the HOH bedroom and told Kevin and Paul that Cody was up there and he was just talking about going to Mexico.
10:30 PM BBT Then she got up and then came back and told Paul again what Cody was talking about in the HOH bedroom. Elena was walking by and and said, “I’m not an idiot.” Paul asked, “what?” She said, “Mark called me an idiot.” Mark yelled, “Don’t buy into it.” Mark came over and said he is still drunk. Paul said, “You are?” Mark said, “Yes. I don’t drink beer. I need another one though.” Kevin said, “Yeah just one more would help you go to sleep.” Elena walked by again and Paul said, “So you’re not an idiot? And she said, “I’m not and idiot. Mark?” Mark said, “Don’t buy into that?” Paul asked, “What did you do?” Paul asked where Matt is and Jason. Raven said, “Matt is passed out. Jason is going to bed. And josh is going to bed.” Mark said, “She’s going to bed.” Paul asked. “What did you do.” Elena came back out and asked if they are talking about her. Paul said they said her eyelashes are pretty and she is pretty. Jason, Alex and Cody are up in the HOH bedroom talking about winning the HOH bedroom. Cody is asking Alex and Jason to do their best to campaign to keep him. Alex said Elena is running scared. Alex said she took a shot. Cody said he really doesn’t want to campaign against Elena. Jason said he didn’t want to do it either but when he gave his speech he said he understood he wasn’t the target. Cody said he doesn’t want to campaign because he doesn’t feel he has the vote. Alex said Elena is the one in trouble because some are mad at her. Jason said he wants to make a big move but that he doesn’t feel now is the time. Alex said eventually if I keep winning HOH we will get Paul out. Cody said with Mark and Elena keep flip flopping they will not have the numbers later to get Paul out.
10:45 PM BBT Jason said if this week is a double eviction it is crucial to make a move. Jason said after what Elena did this week she is on the list. Jason said he hates to be a Debbie downer but it is a risky deal because they are going to sh_t the bed. Cody said he doesn’t want Mark to get antsy and not use the Veto on Jason. Cody went to the bathroom to pee he said. Alex looked at the cameras and said Christmas and Paul are coming and then told Cody to hurry up and pee. Jason starts asking Alex if she wants him to move the shoulder pads up for her. Christmas and Paul came into the HOH bedroom then. Christmas asked, “Where is everybody?’ Paul asked Alex, “How many hot dogs have you made today.” She said she is not sure but she feels like they are getting wasted. Rave then came into the HOH bedroom. Paul asked what kind of the hot dogs are they. Alex said they are beef, chicken and pork combined. Then she went and read the ingredients on the package. Chritmas said the fish need food. Jason said they should freeze the food. Paul asked Jason how he is feeling. He said, “I’m feeling good. I am pretty full.” Paul said, “Mark is still drunk he says. And it is pretty funny.” Paul asked what gave him a reaction. Jason said, “I think it was the onion.” Alex said we wasted so much food there. Jason said he tried to bring something back but he got caught. Alex asked Paul what time they are free from their costumes. Paul said, “At 8 I think.” Kevin came into the HOH bedroom. Paul asked where he got that cup. He said from the BY. He said, “They opened it up for me to go get it. But they said hurry up and get back inside. They put vodka in it for me. I need vodka at night to get to sleep.” Jason said, “Did they open up the backyard?” Kevin said, “I’m f___in with you.”
11:00 PM BBT They all started looking at the camera and saw Mark and Elena in the living room. And they see Mark get on the sofa on his knees and say he is proposing to Elena. They they start say Elena looks at the camera and says, “I think we are being watched.” And then laugh. Jason asked where Josh is. Raven said he is in bed. Jason said in the real world I don’t wear underwear. So this costume is killing me. He said they told me I had to have underwear when I came in here. Alex asked, “You bought underwear just for here?” Kevin said, “Imagine if they were given two more beers each.” Then someone asks, “What are they talking about?” Someone said, “You don’t want to know.” Alex asked, “What is she waiting for the DR for?” Then they start talking about Matt eating bowls of cereal all the time. Someone asked how many bowls of cereal do you think he has eaten in this house so far? Paul said, “The live feeders will keep track of it.” He said, “They will probably make a montage of it.” Elena went into the DR. Mark laid down on the sofa and closed his eyes. They laughed and said he passes out. Raven said, He is obsessed with her.” Cameras all go down to Mark on the sofa. He is saying, “F__k, F__k, F__k.” Then he says, “F__k me.” He is lying down on the sofa with one arm over his forehead. Back to the HOH bedroom. Paul and Alex are talking about Big Meech not being compliant. Paul said, “She would never wear her microphone.” Kevin said he had to go get some more vodka. He got up to leave and went over to Alex and gave her a fist pump. Kevin said, “Ok come on Jas.” He got up and gave a fist pump to Alex too. They left the HOH room. Cody aso got up and left the HOH room. Alex told Jason to come back together. Paul, Christmas, Raven and Alex remain in the HOH bedroom. Then they start asking what Cody was saying up here. Alex said he was saying he has a big plan and said they had to do it now by this Veto. Then they say Mark is up and going to go get cereal. They ask Raven to go down there and see what he is going to do.
11:15 PM BBT She leaves the HOH bedroom. Then Alex told Paul and Christmas said Cody wants to get Raven out. “Yes I lied.” Then she said Cody said Paul has Christmas under a spell. And now is a great time to make a good move. Christmas asks Paul, “Did you put me under a spell?” He said, “Yeah.” She continues to tell them everything Cody told her and what her and Jason told him. Paul asked, “Can I go call him out right now in this parachute costume?” Alex said, “No, not now.” Raven came back up. Paul asked if he was getting cereal?” Raven said no. “He is taking a shower.” Raven said they are talking about stuff right now. Paul asked, “Do you want to go crash this right now?” Christmas said, “Yes, let’s go.” Then Alex said, “Don’t start stuff without me.” Alex put her gear on and her and Raven head downstairs also. Alex said, “”We still beat them. They are so cute.” In the HN bedroom Mark, Kevin and Jason are talking about the fight with Josh and Jason. Kevin said Josh just kept on pushing and pushing. He said there is a point when you just have to stop. Paul, Christmas, Raven and Alex come in the HN bedroom too. Kevin said, “There they are.” Matt is taking a shower. Raven left the HN bedroom and went to the SR. Alex said to Jason, “You are so lazy. I told you to come back to the HOH.” Kevin asked Mark, “Where is my slipper?” Mark laughed and said, “I have no idea.” Production says, “KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE.” Jason and Alex left the HN bedroom and went back to the HOH bedroom. Christmas and Paul also left the HN bedroom and went back to the HOH bedroom too.
11:30 PM BBT Raven went to see Matt in the bathroom. Jason, Alex, Paul and Christmas start talking about what Cody told them. Alex said, “Oh f__k here he comes.” Paul said, “Who?” She said, “Kevin.” Kevin entered the HOH bedroom. He asked everyone, “Is my slipper up here?” Jason, Paul and Christmas are talking about Raven and Matt are all sketched out. They said there are tired of Raven repeating everything they say and saying she says she does stuff she doesn’t. Then Paul said he walked by Elena and Cody and they were whispering and stopped and Elena said, “Oh yeah, that was really funny.” Alex said, “Cody said she was seeking his counsel.” Paul said, “Here they come.” Raven and Matt came up to the HOH bedroom. Matt said we are not doing anything until Cody comes and talks to me first.” Alex said she told Cody that she and Josh hashed things out when Cody was voted out and now we are good. Christmas said, “Cody said out of everyone in the house he would vote for Raven.” Alex said, “Cody told her that he does not trust Elena and Mark.” Paul said, “I don’t know what his boner is with me.” Alex said that Paul and Christmas and Paul are so slow. Paul said he and Christmas were outside the HN bedroom listening waiting to hear him say one of their names but he was right there in the bed in the Rose room. He said Josh was in the round bed but Cody was in the other bed. So Paul said he will probably tell them we were outside listening to them. We were waiting for him to talk but we only heard Jason and Kevin. Then we went in and he wasn’t in there. Jason said we were wondering why you looked so stunned.
11:45 PM BBT Alex said we were telling Cody that you do realize we do not control the Veto. Paul said, “He is a dickhead.” “He is a real di hay.” Then Christmas said, “Someone is coming.” Then they look but the didn’t see anyone. Then Elena starts coming. She comes into the HOH bedroom and says that there is a weird noise out there. Kevin asked her, “Do you want to come and check it out for you?” She said, “Ok.” Kevin went to see if he could hear it. He came back in and told Jason to come and hear the noise. Kevin said it sounds like rats. Then Kevin and Jason went down the stairs and went into the kitchen to check it out. But then the noise stopped. They clooked in the cabinets and sink. The announcer came on and said, “Jason is going to the refrigerator to get some Extreme protein.” Then Kevin jumped and put his hands on his hips and said, “That’s because I am so Extreme!” And he started moving his hips around. Kevin is still looking for his slipper. He and Jason go to the HN bedroom to head to bed. And Kevin still looks for his slipper everywhere. Jason lies down on his bed. Alex heads back up to the HOH bedroom. Christmas and Paul also went up there and Christmas unhooked herself to use the RR. Raven and Matt are still up there. They continue to talk about what Cody was telling her and Jason. Alex said Cody said they all were not nice to Jessica.

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