Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, September 9th

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12:00 AM BBT Christmas and Josh are in the HOH bedroom talking game. Christmas said they need to gun for the VETO but best scenario is for Kevin to win it. Josh said he is going to gun it and win and leave noms the same. Christmas said, “Cruz, did you just show up for the game?” He said that he can’t believe what others have done in this game and said to him. She said you just have a big heart and others saw that they could attack that, but you should have a big heart. Josh asked, “Can we just talk about something else?” Christmas said yes. “What else do you want to talk about? You want to talk about the stupid fish on my foot?” Josh asked, “What did you and Paul talk about up here earlier?” She said, “He was just talking about how some people didn’t do anything in the game and what others have done. And he was saying that he has had to play a different game this season. He said he played an evil game last season, And he said that Elena was gunning after me early on in the game and was having Mark go after me.” Josh said, “Woah. Did he say that?” She said, “No he knew it because Elena was talking to Mark about it right in front of him.” Kevin is in the Green bedroom getting ready for bed but he is performing a silent movie for the camera. He was kissing his hand and then he blew kisses and turned off the lights and went to bed (at 12:09 am on feeds). He got in his bed and under the covers and wrapped his scarf for his eyes around his hand. Feeds go to the Rose bedroom where Alex is in the Round bed with yellow glasses on and under the covers just laying there. Back upstairs to the HOH bedroom, Christmas and Josh are still talking game. She said he doesn’t compete next but all he (Josh) has to do is sit there and talk crap. Josh said, “I can do that.” Christmas said that she knows it’s hard but she doesn’t like it that he said I was bangable in jury. Josh said, “What?” “He doesn’t deserve to win this game.” Christmas said, “No he doesn’t. And he already has $25,000.” “He is really a misogynist pig.” Then Christmas starts dunning down the different hgs and why they do not deserve to win and she told Josh that he does deserve to win this game because he has been loyal and he doesn’t do personal attacks. She said, “You have an amazing ability to break down others when you want. And you say just the facts.” Chirstmas said that Jason blindsided himself.
12:15 AM BBT And Raven she jumped on whatever bandwagon she wanted at the time. “You have to be pleased with your performance in this house. You should be proud.” Josh said, “Thank you for that. But you have been a badass in this game and crushed comps.” She said, “I have a broken foot.” He said, “You a a f**king badass!” Christmas said, “Yeah you should be proud. But no more going rogue though.” He said, “No I won’t.” He explained and said at least he was honest about it and didn’t use the Veto.” “I’m sorry about that. I really am.” Christmas said, “You see how she played you though right then.” He said, “Yeah. Are you still mad?” She said, “No. I don’t hold grudges. I need to feel it and then work through it and figure out what I need to do.” She said, “Tomorrow if we don’t win the Veto one of us is going home for sure.” She said, “I hope that I can play the comp tomorrow.” He said, “Me and Paul got this comp don’t worry about it.” He said, “It depends what it is because I can’t see if it far though.” Christmas asked, “Do you have glasses?” He said he does. Christmas said, “We are top four.” Josh said, “I know. I can’t believe it.” She said, “I know. We are at top four.” And they high five. Josh asked her, “What if you guys picked Mark instead of me?” Christmas said, “No way. I had him pegged from day one. He’s a douche.” Josh asked, “Why? What did he do?” She said just his character and he told me how pretty I was and I was just like, “He’s a douche!”
12:30 AM BBT Then she started picking at the tape on her foot. Joshed asked, “Do you have any more of that tape?” Christmas said, “No.” He asked, “What are you taking it off for then?” He looked closer at her scar. He said, “They did such a good job. It looks good.” She said, “I had a really great surgeon.” Christmas said, “I had such a good time yesterday.” Josh said, “You did? I was so worried for you in that comp. When you started to go down those stairs and then threw your crutch I know it was on.” She said, “Yeah. I was like #f**kthecrutch!” She said, “I’ve been calling our team the team of the misfits.” Josh said, “You have? Should I call us that too?” She said, “You can. Yeah you can tweet that.” He asked if Paul calls us that too. Christmas said, “I told him about it.” Paul comes out of the DR downstairs. He goes into the kitchen and eats some food out of the pan. Then he grabs a knife and the Tajin and goes to the SR. He grabs a lime from there and puts some avocados in the refrigerator. Then he went upstairs. He walked into the HOH room and said, “I grabbed you a lime and the Tajin bro.” Christmas told Paul that they were doing a recap of how the others game play was bad and stuff. And I was telling Josh how good he did. Josh said, “I was straight forward with my GBMs.” Paul said, “You think you were straight forward? Last season I made fun of all the hgs in the DRs and I have basically been so straight forward in my GBMs.”
12:45 AM BBT Paul told Josh to hurry up and go take a shower so he can beat off and go to bed. He laughed. Christmas said, “I’m just trying to get some guacamole. I don’t have the luxury you guys do.” Josh said, “I don’t want to sleep up here by myself.” Paul said, “Then come downstairs.” He said, “Ok.” Then Paul said, “Kevin told me to throw the HOH to him next week. I said to win it. He told me he has trying to.” “I was saying to myself, “WTF dude, Are you high? I don’t think so!” Josh said, “I just want to know why Raven had a hard on to get me out of the house.” Christmas said, “She holds grudges for sure. She didn’t like Cody because she rejected him in the beginning of the game.” Paul asked, “That’s what happened right?” She said, “I think so.” Christmas said, “I need a shower and I need some lovin in my laugh.” Paul was doing push ups on the floor. Paul told Josh that he should put the chocolate in the refrigerator because chocolate is the best cold. The he took some for Christmas. She said, “You saw me eyeballing that didn’t you?” He said, “Yeah that is why I grabbed it.” Christmas started up the shower and then asked Josh if she can use one of the towels there. He said yes. She got in the shower. Paul started looking at the pictures of Josh and his family he got as HOH. Josh said, “Please don’t. Those are some of the worst pictures of me.” Paul laughed. Then he started working out more. Joshed asked, “Was Kevin sleeping already?” Paul said, “I don’t know what that a**hole is doing and I don’t care.” Then Paul got his towel and some shorts and put them up on the side of the shower and told Christmas not to be scared and what he was doing. Then Paul told Josh he was going to go down and pt the potatoes away so they can have them for breakfast. He started walking out and Josh started saying something and he came back. Josh asked, “I wonder if we have any turkey down there.” Paul said, “WTF dude?” Then they both went downstairs together.
1:00 AM BBT Paul started putting the potatoes away. He said, “Man these f**king ants bro. Can you guys give us some nontoxic ant spray or something. I’m going to Febreeze them.” He sprayed the Febreeze on them. Paul asked Josh if he told Alex he was going to get me out. Paul said, “She told me that you said you wanted to get strong competitors out and if you couldn’t get her then you were going to get me.” Josh said, “I did not say that. I swear on my life.” Paul said, “That’s sketch.” Josh said, “No and I am going to ask her tomorrow why she would say that.” Paul said, “No wait until after.” “Josh said, I can’t let someone say that and get away with it.” Paul said, “I know but wait until after.” Then Paul left the kitchen and started working out more. Then he said, “My arms are starting to get big again.” Josh said, “Yeah you are getting more built.” Paul said, “I don’t want to go out of her fat. If my girlfriend is still waiting for me I don’t want to go out of here a chunk.” Christmas came out of the HOH bedroom and Paul looked up and asked her if she was done showering. She said, “No.” And she laughed and he laughed. She came downstairs. She said, “I don’t think I need to use my crutch anymore.” Josh said, “I’m tired. I think I’m going to go to bed.” He asked Christmas, “Are you going to bed?” She said, “Not yet. I still have to put lotion on and brush my teeth.” He asked her if she was going to come upstairs. And she said she will think about it, she is not sure. Paul washed out his cup and a glass and got some water. Then he went upstairs. Kevin came out of his bedroom and went to the bathroom. He saw Paul and asked him, “You’re still up?” Paul said yeah but he was going to go take a shower and go to sleep. Kevin went into the bathroom to go to the restroom. Christmas was in there brushing her teeth.
1:15 AM BBT Paul entered the HOH bedroom and went to get in the shower. Josh asked him if he was going to turn on the light. He said no. Josh asked why. Paul said, “Because it’s peaceful.” Then feeds went to fish. Feeds came back on at 1:19 am. Christmas is still in the bathroom washing her face and stuff. Alex came to the bathroom and she said hi to Christmas. Christmas said, “Hi. The water is not getting hot here or upstairs in the HOH room.” Then Christmas was called to the DR. She said, “Really?” “I think they do this on purpose.” Alex came out of the restroom and was washing her hands and said, “What? Call you to the DR when you have already taken your makeup off?” She said, “Yes. Ok. Two seconds guys.” Alex walked out of the bathroom and said goodnight to Christmas. On her way back to the Rose bedroom she looked at the clock and said, “1:20, I need to get some sleep.” She entered the Rose bedroom and pulled her hair back and got in bed. She put her eye mask over her eyes and pulled her blankets up. Her bedroom light is still on. Meanwhile, up in the HOH bedroom, Josh is in his bed with the headphones on and his eye mask over his eyes. Paul is in the shower.
1:30 AM BBT Paul is still in the HOH shower. Christmas is still in the DR. All other hgs are in bed. Christmas is out of the DR and in the kitchen getting some water. She has her sunglasses on and is looking around the kitchen and LR areas. She finished drinking her water and washed the glass. She then went to the bathroom. Christmas was looking around the bathroom for something and then said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Production called Paul to the DR. Paul went into the Rose bedroom to get some clothes and come his hair. He said there is only 10 more days left in the house. Alex said, “That’s too long.” She asked Paul what Christmas and Josh were doing. He said that Josh was sleeping and he thought Christmas is in the DR but they just called me. “So I don’t know.” Alex said, “Does your beard get tangled?” He said, “No.” Alex said, “I would rather watch you comb your beard than anything right now.” Christmas then entered the Rose bedroom. Alex said, “I’m bored.” Paul asked, “Where is my red brush? Raven jacked it man. Oh wait. No she didn’t. We packed for her. I played myself.” Alex said, “I’m tired but I’m not tired.” “I’m bored.” Paul left the room.
1:45 AM BBT Alex and Christmas are in the Rose Room Christmas is asking Alex if Paul says it moves fast now that we are down this low. Paul has entered the room asking Why they are so jazzed. Paul says he feels uneven they tell him his right shoulder go down. He turns out the lights and says they may let us have a good night chat. Alex says she is bored and can’t sleep. Paul says you will sleep I’ll tell you too a story. Paul jumps into bed and tries to think of a story. Paul asks them if he told them about his stories. He finally started a story about when he was in high school and a football player named Tim. He is telling them about what him and another kid did to his classmate Tim.
2:00 AM BBT He then tells a story about a teacher who got fired and what his friend Tim did to the teacher. He says he recently touched base with his friend Tim. He starts talking about another teacher and the cameras move to Kevin who is asleep in the Green Room. Kevin seems to be having another restless night tossing and turning. You can hear Alex Christmas and Paul talking thru the walls but can’t make out what they are saying. Kevin is up and going to the washroom, he checks the time on his way by. He heads back to bed, he is really having a hard time sleeping. You can still hear Paul talking thru the walls but the cameras are still on Kevin sleeping.
2:15 AM BBT You can hear Alex and Christmas laughing at what Paul is saying but you can’t make out what he is saying. It sounds like Paul is still telling stories about his high school days. Paul seems to be talking louder as you can make out some of his stories. He is talking about being at some type of magic show. Kevin is still trying to sleep in the Green Room by himself. Josh is in the HOH Room visiting dreamland.
2:30 AM BBT All cameras are on Kevin in the Green Room who is still trying to get some sleep. You can still hear Paul talking in the Rose Room but still have a hard time making out what he is saying. Josh is asleep in the HOH Room or was last time we could check.
2:45 AM BBT All cameras are still on Kevin in the Green Room who looks like he may finally be asleep. You can still hear Paul talking in the Rose Room but no cameras are showing us that room so we can’t understand what he is talking about, it is still just mumbled words we hear thru the wall. Last time the cameras were in the HOH Room Josh was sawing logs in dreamland. Kevin is asleep as he is snoring very loudly.
3:00 AM BBT Christmas is up and heading to the washroom, all cameras go back to a sleeping Kevin. She heads back to the Rose Room. The cameras finally go back to the Rose Room where Alex Christmas and Paul are. It looks like they are finally going to sleep. Paul and Christmas are whispering in bed.
3:15 AM BBT – 5:559 AM BBT All HGS are in dreamland sleeping
6:00 AM BBT At this time, the entire house is quiet and all are in their comfy bed asleep.
6:15 AM BBT Nobody is awake for the moment.
6:30 AM BBT No game talk, no whispers, no one is up as they are still all snoozing away.
6:45 AM BBT Besides a few tossing and turning, all of them are asleep except Paul who was just called into the DR 2 minutes later. Looks like Christmas is awake but she is wondering thru her dresser and is searching for something but then decides to get up. She is headed to the WR.
6:55 AM BBT Christmas is done in the WR and is going back to her bed to some some more sleep.
7:00 AM BBT Paul is done in the DR and is returning to bed as well. And for now, all HG are cozy.
7:15 AM BBT The sun might be rising outside the BB house but not these HG.
7:30 AM BBT All of the HG are sleeping as they have no intention of getting up anytime soon.
7:45 AM BBT And we still have all of the HG tucked-in in their bed asleep.
8:00 AM BBT – 9:00 AM BBT All HGs continuing to snooze. Kevin gets up to go to the bathroom, and then goes straight back to bed.
9:15 AM BBT HGs are sleeping the morning away! Fish, then back to sleeping house guests. Josh and Christmas are told that there are fresh batteries in the storage room twice.
9:30 AM BBT HGs continue to sleep. Production announces that the bedroom lights must stay on during the day. Kevin turns on the lights in the green BR. Production thanks Kevin, and says, “Good morning, house guests. It’s time to get up for the day!” Christmas gets up and leaves the rose BR. Josh is told again that there are fresh batteries in the storage room and to please change his batteries. Christmas goes to the bathroom. Josh gets up and goes to the storage room. Christmas turns on the lights in the rose BR and goes back to bed. All cameras are on sleeping house guests.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, September 9th
9:45 AM BBT HGs continue to sleep despite production telling them it is time to get up.
10:00 AM BBT HGs are still sleeping they are moving around The announcement came on that HG must be awake between the hours of 10 AM until 10 PM Alex please go to the DR
10:15 AM BBT All hgs minus Alex are all sleeping Wakey wakey HG Christmas please go to the DR Christmas asked what time it was Alex said when they woke me up it was 9:18 AM Paul is talking about his dream that he had last night Paul please go to the DR Paul said you guys are high you called me for the second time already Alex said if you check the time can you let me know what time it is to Paul
10:30 AM BBT all the HG are sleeping minus Paul Paul said why are you guys horney today Christmas please go to the Dr Paul said some d***k head was going to pop thru the doors Paul said to Alex can i borrow your tweezers Paul said that catlin was in his dream and she was mean and James was in his dream as well Paul walks into the Bathroom
10:45 AM BBT Josh is pouring peroxide out he is trying to clean it while it’s in Alex is doing her makeup Alex and Paul are talking about the bb comics how they were on his season he said he doesn’t know if they were going to do it different Paul said he can’t even sing his song Paul said i don’t know what to do right now Paul said why are you h****y right now Paul said where are we going first are we going to Canada Paul said i like this season alike
11:00 AM BBT Josh please go to the DR Alex was asking if she was sleep talking Christmas please put on your microphone Josh is walking back up to his HOH Room Alex and paul are talking about the hustle Paul said you finished already Paul said it’s cold Christmas said it makes me think that Winter is coming paul said i don’t think Matt really cared about the game Paul said Nicotine is gumpy Paul said that Elena had a good social skills Paul said that Elena is not afraid to change in front of the cameras i saw her naked Paul said i hope that they are not all miserable and salty at jury
11:15 AM BBT Paul is talking about his tattoo that he wants to get. Paul said that somebody was telling him about their mom and that there mom goes to college. Paul said I had no idea who pedro was. Christmas said leave it to beaver. Paul said big Meech I wish you were in this season. Paul said she would hit you where it hurts and then cry she is cool. She is funny. Paul said I still talk to a lot of them before I came on this season. Kevin is waking up. Christmas said he told me afterwards that’s how he was in real life. Paul said what’s up pale mouthwash.
11:30 AM BBT Paul said he doesn’t care s**t about my birthday. Paul and Alex were talking about the JW that they don’t celebrate birthdays or holidays. Christmas said that she loves Ellen. Christmas said that the guy that she dated. He took her to the prom. Paul said to Christmas that you should be a broken foot for Halloween. Christmas said that she would have her boot off by Halloween. Paul said don’t old people call whipper snapper. Christmas tells Josh to be careful of the coffee pot handle because it’s broken. Josh said it smells like steak. Alex said it’s probably the steak pan from last night. Josh asked where is the coffee. KEVIN! PLEASE RE-ATTACH YOUR MICROPHONE! KEVIN PLEASE PUT YOUR MICROPHONE ON YOUR SHIRT! Josh is yawning. Paul said I don’t like taking photos unless it’s a photo shoot. PLEASE STOP SINGING!
11:45 AM BBT Paul said hook your boy up! Josh asked if anyone had breakfast. Christmas said you did three workouts yesterday. Paul said I will take you to the run young cannon. Christmas said I really like kenny program. He is back and has a new baby. Paul said he is not too happy he didn’t get no Slip Knot this year. Paul is talking about the hard core bands that donated money. Paul is talking about the ghost in cycles and how they were limb. He talks about how they were in the hospital for 6 months and haven’t seen each other in a while. Paul is hoping that there new song is out.
12:00 PM BBT Paul and Alex are talking about music while Christmas listens in. Josh is cooking. Kevin is in the apple room. Josh made Christmas and Paul’s plate. Christmas tells Josh thank you! She tells him that lunch looks amazing. Josh drops the coffee pot and coffee goes everywhere. Christmas says that she thought the whole pot was going to break. She tells Josh that is why she tried to tell him that the handle was broken. Kevin is in the bathroom shaving his face and armpits. Christmas and Josh are cleaning up the mess together. Josh tells Christmas to go eat. He tells her that he will clean it up and they argue about who should go eat and who should clean. Josh convinces her to go eat. Paul starts singing the Granny Shirley Caesar song about Thanksgiving. “Greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes…” Christmas tells Josh to stop cleaning and come eat his food before it gets cold. PLEASE CLEAN THE MIRROR ABOVE THE STOVE! Paul says okay mom! Alex says that she doesn’t think production likes that.
12:15 PM BBT Paul asks how much more HD do you guys need! They start discussing voice acting. Kevin is sitting alone in the green room. Paul starts talking about his human skulls that he has. Alex asks him not to talk about dead things while she is trying to eat because it makes her sick. Paul starts talking about bartering with his tattoo artists for oddities. Josh tells Paul, Alex, and Christmas that he is going to sleep downstairs tonight because it is so lonely upstairs in the HOH room. PAUL! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Paul says that this is his third time to the DR today. Josh, Alex, and Christmas discuss who all will be at the finale. They still have not played the veto yet so they are still on lockdown. Alex walks into the SR. Christmas whispers to Josh that he needs to just let things between him and Alex be the way they are. She advises him to stop asking Alex how she is feeling. Christmas tells Josh that Alex was acting just fine until he came into the kitchen. They start talking about BB Comics comp that is coming up or so they think. Alex comes out of the SR with an apple.
12:30 PM BBT Josh says he is going to request a new coffee pot. A bell starts ringing, it sounds like a bell that would on a counter in a store to get the cashier’s attention. It keeps ringing and Christmas, Josh, and Alex start looking for where it is coming from. Feeds cut to fish. Feeds come back and Josh is back cleaning up the coffee mess. Christmas discusses with Josh what she thought the noise was. Kevin walks into the kitchen and Christmas asks him if he heard the bell. Kevin says no. Christmas tells him it was a fuck up anyways. Alex makes a comment about how Kevin didn’t use any soap when he washed his cup. Josh gets the swiffer ready so he can clean the floor from the coffee. Christmas tells them to just put their dishes in the sink and she will wash them later for them.
12:45 PM BBT Christmas is cleaning up the rose room. Alex is sitting in an eviction chair praying. Josh is cleaning up too. Paul comes out of the DR and Alex informs him where everyone is in the house. Alex tells Paul about the bell. She tells him that they all went looking for the sound and production came on the speaker and said it was a technical difficulty. Paul tells her that while he was in the DR that everyone in production disappeared. He said they came back and apologized saying it was a technical difficulty. Alex and Paul start talking about being friends outside of the house. Alex tells him that even if she gets evicted she is proud that she made it so far. Josh is doing push ups in the HOH room. Paul discusses with Alex about meeting fans. Alex says that she wants to go get a new iPhone when she gets out. Josh is talking to Cam 3 saying hola to his family.

1:00 PM BBT Paul and Alex talk about how much money is in their accounts. Paul tells her that he invested everything into his company. Josh tells Jason’s wife that he is sorry. He tells us that he is thinking about backdooring Paul if he gets the chance this week. He says that he could align with Alex but that then Christmas will target him for getting Paul out. He tells us that he is not a coward and will take a risk. Paul is on a total soapbox right now and talking all about himself. Josh is still talking in the HOH camera saying that he is going to see how things play out this week. ALEX! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Josh walks out of the HOH and Paul tells him to come downstairs. Josh asks him if he wants to play chess and Paul tells him to set it up. Alex comes out and is excited to have her glasses back. She left them outside. Production had to go outside and find them for her. Paul goes back on his soapbox about his life. Alex agrees with him and say that she feels the same way as him. Paul says that people say he is an old soul.
1:15 PM BBT Paul is telling Alex all about what has changed his life (i.e. a near death experience). He says that he is waiting for someone close to him to die. He says that death trumps everything and is a powerful thing that people don’t control. He tells her that it freaks him out. Josh finishes his prayer and heads out of the HOH to the landing looking and listening to the conversation between Paul n Alex. Alex asks if you could bring back one person from the Dead would you and who would you. Paul says no they would grow up a different person with new music, movies, friends and influences. He believes that the spirit does not stay trapped in your body when you pass. His biggest fear is lack of consciousness. Josh is back in his HOH room looking at his photos. Josh begins to talk to the Camera but audio issues in the beginning he says he is just doing the best he can, he wants to win and pay them back. Josh says that this week is crucial for his game as far as who is going to be evicted this week.
1:15 PM BBT Paul and Alex talk more philosophy. Josh is talking to camera 3 in the HOH room.
1:30 PM BBT Josh is worried that jury is going vote Paul to win if he is in final two. He compares Paul’s game to Vanessa’s. Josh says that he sees the game that Paul has been playing this whole time now. Josh says that he has a feeling the fans want him to take a shot at Paul. Paul is talking about religion now with Alex. Kevin is just laying in the bed in the green room listening to Alex and Paul talking in the living room. Paul says that he thinks Jesus was just a philosopher and that is where Christianity came from. He says that is where he thinks all religions came from. Paul tells us to go read “The Universe Does Not Give a Flying Fuck About You.”
1:45 PM BBT Kevin is just listening to Paul go on and on about how people need to find happiness. Christmas and Alex are enthralled in Paul’s conversation about happiness. Christmas says that she puts goals on her mirror and that it works for her. Christmas says that she thinks people forget about the goals they have attained. She says that people focus on the goal and not on the process. Paul says that is why he has a skull on his bookshelf to remind himself that he is going to die. Alex walks into the green room and grabs a blanket. She doesn’t even say anything to Kevin who is still sitting alone. He looks like he could cry. Paul is talking about how money and love only go so far. He says that money is unlimited, but time is limited and the most valuable thing we can share with others. Josh walks through the living room into the green room. He says what’s up to Kevin. Josh goes into the living room. Christmas is now talking about her first competition in Crossfit.
2:00 PM BBT Christmas is saying that she doesn’t think that she is athletic as she looks. She says she wanted to be at least the top 50% of her weight regions. Saying that she was picked up by another team because they saw her training techniques. She just didn’t feel like she’d be able to keep it up. She is calling it her BABY MONSTER. Of her being a competitor. She says she didn’t think that she was capable of doing it before she tried it herself. She says that she this opened up many doors for her to do things like Nascar. Crossfit, opening up her gym, being on BB. etc. She says that she tries to be a motivational as much as she can and give everything that she can just from her experience.
2:30 PM BBT-6:41 PM BBT Feeds down for pov (WINNER: Paul)
6:41 PM BBT Feeds return with Paul wearing veto necklace. Paul tells the other houseguests his strategy was to line up all the comics first then look at them to see what was different between the options, then he went and checked the comics on the wall two at a time. Paul goes into rose bedroom and does a victory dance while he’s getting his hat. Paul says his comic character was “Potty-Mouth”. He says he thinks he’s being portrayed as a villain this season. Josh says the villain this season is “Hell-ena”, which was Elena’s comic character. Josh says he doesn’t get his because it was “Meatball”. He says he’s not the meatball, Mark is. Paul tells him he played himself thinking he wasn’t the meatball all along. Jessica’s character was “Hex-appeal”.
6:45 PM BBT Alex says she’s didn’t get Raven’s and Paul says she kept calling herself “Arkan-sassy” so that’s why that was her comic character. Alex goes in the storage room and says to herself “You played yourself.” Josh asks Kevin what messed up him up so bad in the competition to give him such a bad time. Kevin says he missed the different colored smoke on Paul’s comic and kept changing all of the others thinking Paul’s was right. Paul says his mom is probably pissed at him for being “Potty-Mouth”. Kevin says his comic character was “Mer-Man”. Josh says Alex got the best comic because she was a superhero while the rest of the them were villains. Paul says he’s surprised Cody’s comic character was the “Stare-Crow” since there were a lot of other things they could have called him. Paul says his comic character is going to bother him all night. Alex says her tagline was “serving up justice, one wiener at a time.” Alex and Paul start cooking dinner while Josh is doing the dishes while Kevin sits at the bar and Christmas cleans up clutter around the house. Paul says he’s glad Cameron got a comic and Megan wasn’t involved in the comics since she quit.
7:00 PM BBT Alex says Jason got a good comic book cover and Ole was in the picture with him. Josh talks to production and tells them that he’s not the meatball, Cody and Mark are the meatballs. He’s not sure if they understood that, but he’s still happy to have a comic. Christmas asks Josh to let her finish the dishes, but he insists on finishing them himself. Josh starts counting all of the cups that he’s washing that were used by Paul. Josh and Alex start counting “Paul, Paul, Paul”. Then Big Brother says PAUL. Paul says maybe I’m just gumpy and I don’t know. He waits for Big Brother to say yes he is and Big Brother says, PAUL, NO. Paul celebrates that Big Brother said he’s not gumpy. Paul tells the group that once you exit the house, everything that happened in the game is irrelevant and you don’t care anymore.
7:15 PM BBT Christmas and Alex talk about how they are both customers of USAA and the good customer service they have received. Paul says Christmas’ comic character was “Fa-La-La-Lunatic”. Christmas says, well I’m definitely a lunatic. Kevin is putting away dishes and accidentally breaks one of the glass cups. Paul says he played himself and then continues his conversation with Alex and Christmas. Josh asks Paul if it annoyed him when Matt and Raven would always hide his stuff. He says yes it was pretty annoying because at a certain point he just wanted to know where it was, it wasn’t funny anymore. Alex and Paul go into the storage room and high five over Paul’s veto win. Alex asks him who they are taking to the end and if it’s Kevin. Paul says no, definitely not Kevin. She asks him if Kevin threw the veto competition, and Paul says yes he definitely did but he doesn’t know why. Alex leaves and Christmas comes in and tells Paul that she’s sad and excited. She feels bad about voting out Alex when she tried to win the competition and Kevin did nothing. They both say they don’t know what he was doing in the veto competition but he completely messed up. Paul tells Christmas he needs their help with what to say to Alex because he feels bad. They go back into the kitchen to continue cooking. Paul asks what everyone thinks Raven and Jason are saying to each other. Alex says Raven is probably calling Jason a counterfeit because she would always use his words against him. Alex says if she got Matt out, she wouldn’t want to be in jury with Raven right now because she would keep talking about it. Paul says by now Mark, Elena, and Cody are probably over talking about the game.
7:30 PM BBT Josh says Mark is going to hate his comic, and Paul says well he shouldn’t have cried so much. Alex starts trying to cook steak the way Jason made it and Paul and Josh both try to take over and she tells them to get away and let her do it. Kevin waits until Christmas asks him if he’s going to eat and then gets a plate and thanks her and Paul for cooking. Josh and Paul take over cooking the steak and Alex goes to sit down and eat. Josh dances while he cooks.
7:45 PM BBT Christmas tells Alex that she can’t wait to meet her whole family. Alex tells a story about her Dad trying to yell at her and her sister but they were laughing at him because his fly was down. Christmas says she was so sad that she couldn’t do the comic veto competition and she wasn’t given any music to listen to while she waited. Christmas tells Alex that she has a friend that was on Desperate Housewives but she can’t remember his name. Josh finishes the steak and Christmas comments on how delicious it is and says it’s the best steak to date. Christmas says another pair of her workout pants is now missing and Elena took three other pairs of hers so now she only has one pair of workout pants left. Kevin leaves the kitchen and Alex whispers that Kevin definitely threw the competition.
8:00 PM BBT Josh heads upstairs to shower in the HOH bathroom. Josh says hi to his family in the HOH room and tells them they will die when they see his comic book cover. Josh puts on his headphones and starts dancing around the HOH room. Josh’s music can be heard on his mic through his headphones. JOSH, PLEASE TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN. Kevin tells Paul that it’s his turn to win HOH next week and he will put up Josh and Christmas and then Paul will end up winning. He says he will leave the house before he lets Paul get evicted. Paul goes into the Rose room and lays on the bed and starts dancing. Alex walks in and asks Paul who fixed all the beds and Paul says Christmas. Kevin tells Christmas to tell Paul that he requested a deck of cards in the DR. He says that production would look into it.
8:15 PM BBT Christmas walks into the rose room and asks Paul to get up please. She is going to pluck some of his back hairs. Paul says that Kevin is an asshole. Christmas tells Paul that she is going to “blue sky” for a few mins. Paul doesn’t understand what she means and she says just talk about all the options. Paul tells her to talk really low because Kevin or Alex could be listening from the green room. Christmas suggests that Paul use the veto and take down Alex and Josh can put her up so they can vote out Kevin. Paul says no because he may lose the next HOH to Alex and then there is no way they will beat her in the next veto. He tells Christmas that he is not going to be using the veto on Alex. He says that there is no way he is going to do that and there has to be some way to distribute the blame so that Alex doesn’t hate him. Kevin is going to shower. He stops in the apple room to talk to the cameras. He says hello and he tells his family that he misses them. Alex walks into the rose room and tells Christmas and Paul that Kevin wants everyone to know that he is taking a shower downstairs. She leaves. Paul and Christmas go back to talking about Alex. Paul tells Christmas that he plans to tell Alex that he can’t use the veto on her because then he is going to piss off everyone. He plans to tell Alex that Christmas will be the replacement nominee and then Kevin or Christmas will go to jury. He says that is will say that then Josh will be pissed at him. He says that he is going to tell Alex that then he will lose like three jury votes for sure. They discuss that maybe Paul should just tell her that he can’t beat her in the comps or in the end with jury votes. They talk about how Alex is going to be made either way so. Christmas continues to search for back hairs on Paul. She tells him that she is sorry he had to win the veto. He tells her that he had to and he knew he was going to have to win that one. Paul says that he has another idea. Alex is talking to herself in the living room. She says that she can’t wait to play video games and that she wants to play the Sims 4. She says that she wants to build a house like the BB house and eliminate people by death. She laughs. Christmas and Paul continue to talk about how to handle the veto ceremony. Paul says that he is going to tell Alex that if he saves her that he might as well give her his game. Josh walks into the rose room. Josh says that he has tried to be straightforward with Alex. Paul tells Josh that he plans to tell Alex.
8:30 PM BBT Josh starts freaking out saying he feels like something is crawling in his ear. Paul looks and tells him that nothing is there. Josh says that it must be some kind of nerve. Paul asks Josh if he is okay with him saying that he won’t vote for him if he uses the veto. Josh says that he doesn’t want to do that. Alex moves into the green room and is trying to listen to them talking. Paul says that he will have to explain why he isn’t going to use the veto on Alex to her. Josh catches on and says that duh we are not using the veto and Alex is going this week. Paul tells him that Alex wants him to use the veto on her. Josh says that he will go along with what Christmas and Paul want to tell her. Paul feels like this is the least damaging to everyone’s game. He is worried Alex will go to jury and tell everyone that Christmas, him and Josh have been fucking everyone over for a while. Paul tells Josh that Kevin is an asshole and that he thinks he threw the comp. Paul tells Josh and Christmas what Kevin told him about him saying he was going to win HOH this next week and nominate Christmas and Josh. Paul tells Josh that he needs to go off on Kevin after the eviction to throw him off his game. Paul tells Josh to go upstairs or something. Alex talks to Josh about Kevin trying to put stuff on Jason’s bed. Josh tells Alex that he wants to friends with everyone outside of the house and he says that they really have no options. Alex tells him that they do have a plan and they need to stick to it. Alex says that she thinks Kevin threw the comp. Christmas tells Paul that Alex is going to take it bad either way and that they need to prepare themselves for Alex blowing up. She says that her and Josh need to have a solid explanation of why they would vote for Paul over Alex if they were final two. Paul explains that he means that Josh and Christmas will vote him out to jury then. Kevin walks back into the green room. Alex asks Kevin which was his favorite comic? He tells her that he liked all of them. KEVIN! PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE! Kevin tells production sorry. Christmas complains to Paul about how Josh can’t help make a decision and just says he will go with whatever. She says that then Josh gets mad about the plan.
8:45 PM BBT Paul tells Christmas that as long as her and Josh don’t mind if he tells Alex that he will lose their jury vote then that is a good explanation. Christmas says that as long as she can get her explanation down then that is fine with her. Christmas tells Paul that maybe she should also tell Alex that she thinks she has a better chance of beating Paul in a final two then her. Christmas and Paul decide to go talk to Alex and Josh separately. Paul says that he is going to tell Alex that this is just a game move and not personal. Paul and Christmas leave the rose room. Christmas gives Alex back her tweezers. Paul goes upstairs to the HOH room. Alex asks Josh and Kevin what is the first thing they want to do when they get out. Alex says that she wants to get the new iPhone. Josh says he wants to go out and get drunk. Kevin says that he wants everyone to meet his family. Paul calls Josh and asks him if he fed the fish yet. Josh tells Kevin and Alex that he is going to go upstairs. Christmas and Paul are waiting for Josh to come upstairs. All of the HGs are discussing if there is going to be a Sunday eviction. Alex goes upstairs to shower in the HOH room. Paul hurries and puts on Josh’s headphones. Josh tells Kevin that he is going to go upstairs and he invites Kevin to come up. Josh stops in the bathroom downstairs. He goes upstairs to the HOH room. Alex is sitting on the couch. They all discuss why Kevin botched the comp. Paul tells them that he thinks he remembers Kevin telling him he was colorblind. They discuss how most of the comp was about color and that is why Kevin lost. We can hear Josh’s music, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

9:00 PM BBT Paul goes downstairs. Alex starts telling Christmas and Josh about how she had a partner in school that was colorblind. Paul goes into the green room and starts talking to Kevin. Paul tells Kevin that he is going to have to tell Alex that he is not going to use the veto. Kevin asks Paul what he wants him to say during the veto speech. Kevin advises him not to say anything to Alex tonight that he needs to wait until the last possible minute so that they don’t make her miserable. Paul tells him that he is going to tell Alex that if he uses the veto on her that then Kevin will go to jury and he will lose his vote. Paul and Christmas go into the apple room. They are talking about what to tell Alex and how the jury will vote if Alex is in final two. Josh leaves the HOH room and goes downstairs. Paul says something about Alex trying to get Christmas to tie up the vote and make Josh decide. Josh pops into the apple room and Paul asks if Alex is in the shower like in the water. Paul and Christmas tell Josh that they are all going to have to tell Alex why they want her out this week. They tell him that they are worried that Alex is going to go to jury and tell everyone there about the scheming that went on this season. Paul tells them that they need to explain that if they don’t get her out this week then they are all going to lose the game to Alex. Josh tells them what Alex said about how the plan this week is to get Kevin out and how she still thinks that is still the plan. Josh tells them that he is not down with blindsiding Alex this week. Josh starts talking about how Kevin threw the veto comp and Christmas gets pissy. She tells Josh that she doesn’t want to talk about Kevin right now. She says that they need to talk about a solution with this veto before Alex gets out of the shower. Christmas tells Paul that she doesn’t think he should mention the jury votes unless he is okay with them not admitting they said that to him.
9:15 PM BBT Christmas looks at Josh and tells him that she is going to have a serious moment with him right now. She tells him that she wants him to make a commitment right now and that if he says he is fine with whatever that she is going to light his ass up. She asks him if he understands or if he is just staring at her. He says that he understands. Josh makes a point that Alex thinks that Kevin threw the comp and is fishy about it. Kevin finds an ant in his hair and sits up in the bed and starts hitting his blankets. He gets up and leaves the room. He goes into the SR and walks back out. He is making fun of production by saying, “kevin stop that. Kevin stop that.” Christmas is mad at Josh because he voted for Kevin last week. He tells Christmas that he apologized to her for that and he knows that he fucked up. Paul tells Josh that Alex is going to fake cry to him and try to get him to flip. Paul tells Josh that he needs to keep acting like he wants him out. Kevin is showing us his ice cream. He takes it into his bed. No wonder he has ants. They start talking about their goodbye messages to everyone in jury.
9:30 PM BBT Christmas and Paul talk to Josh about how he is being so emotional right now. Paul keeps telling Josh that he needs to blow up on Kevin next week so he will lose the HOH. They go over what they are going to tell Alex again. Christmas looks so spent and Josh too. Kevin is sitting all alone as usual in the green room. They discuss how many days they have left. Josh leaves the apple room. Kevin is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Christmas and Paul discuss how Josh is not ready. Josh is in the SR. He says that Christmas is such a fool and he shakes his head. Christmas tells Paul that she has only made it this far because of Josh and Paul. Josh goes into the HOH room. Alex asks him what everyone is doing. Christmas asks Paul why he didn’t play a different game if he thought he was not going to win and Paul tells her that he wanted to go as far as he could in the game.
9:45 PM BBT Christmas is stroking Paul’s ego and telling him that everyone in the jury respects his game. She thinks that Paul will win if he is in final two. Josh is in HOH by himself. Alex went to the DR. Josh is thinking a lot about what Christmas and Paul were just telling him. He says that Paul is putting all the blood on him and Christmas this whole game. Josh is not happy about the convo that just happened in the apple room. He is bummed that he can’t get his shot out on Paul this week since he just won the veto. Josh says that Paul thinks that he is going to go out with his hands clean and he says that he might just have to blow this house up. He says that Christmas and Paul think he is so stupid. He says that he knows that Paul told Kevin to throw that veto comp so that it would look like him, Christmas and Kevin were working together. Josh says that Paul is forcing him to turn on him. He talks about his goodbye message to Jason and how he told him that him and Christmas have a final three with Paul. He says that Jason is spreading that shit like wildfire in the jury house right now. He says that Paul is trying to taint his game. Josh says that he is in a house with a bunch of snakes. He says that he is not willing to throw shit on anyone on his way to the top. He says that is not his style. Christmas and Paul are still talking in the apple room. Josh says that Paul is playing Christmas. He says that if he makes it to the scale and wins that he is taking Paul out. He says that he will go to final three but Paul or Christmas better beat him. He says that in his speech he is going to expose their game. Josh is over it. He says that if the jury can’t see his loyal game then screw them too. He says that he doesn’t care anymore. He says that he didn’t ruin his game but he can thank his allies for that. Josh is super salty. He leaves the HOH and goes downstairs. Josh goes into the apple room. Paul asks him about something that he thinks will be in the next comp. Christmas, Josh, and Paul discuss the days and are going over what has happened for a comp they think may be coming up.
10:00 PM BBT They continue discussing the days for the “Days comp.” Kevin is sitting alone still in the green room. There’s confusion between the early days. Paul is quizzing Josh. Josh says that he needs to bug Kevin, suggesting to pots & pans him. Paul agrees. Christmas says that she can make him boil inside. Christmas says to Paul to put her up beside him ‘cause his ego will shatter. Josh says that Kevin has been floating and that other people had the balls to get that far. They talk about the comics. Christmas says that she likes her. Paul says that they called him a potty mouth but doesn’t understand it. Josh says that his mom is gonna be pissed at his.
10:15 PM BBT Josh says that he’s not going to want his family to talk to him about Big Brother when he gets out. Josh says that he found it odd that all of them were villains except for Alex. Josh is curious how they’re portrayed on TV. Paul brings up Dominique calling him a snake. Josh says that Dom told him that in that same room (the Apple Room). Paul says that Dom was a liar, but likes her out of the house. Josh wonders why she was called Dominique The Dominator. Paul wonders why, considering that “she dipped” (gave up). Christmas says that she didn’t do anything. They continue talking about the other comics. They bring up Elena and how she was disrespectful to production. Josh says that they’re so nice in the DR. Paul says that that’s their job.
10:30 PM BBT They talk about the comics comp more. Josh says that he quickly went through the zipline because of his weight bringing him to the wall quicker. Josh says that they paused the timer ‘cause something broke during his time. Paul says that they’re probably the dickheads of the season 100%. He says that he’s probably been getting death threats on Twitter. Paul again brings up that he was called a potty-head.
10:45 PM BBT Christmas says that she hopes that she’s asked to be brought back next year, saying that she won’t be hiding in a corner anymore. Paul asks BB to make him another comic. Josh asks BB to redo his also. Paul keeps going on about why he was called a pottymouth, considering that maybe on the show they just showed Cody & Jess walking out of Paul’s HoH room after the fight (after he nominated them both, the week she used the hex). Paul & Josh leave to get some food.
11:00 PM BBT Paul enters the apple room, hiding behind the door to scare Josh. Josh enters and scares him. They’re surprised at how long Alex has been in the DR. Josh says that he’s going to miss this time in the house, and is glad that he didn’t leave when he wanted to in Week 1. Christmas says that she’s glad he didn’t. Josh carries Paul out of the apple room. Alex gets out of DR. She was in there for about 2 hours. Christmas & Josh go up to HoH. Christmas says that she’s glad that Alex will be gone soon. Christmas talks to her about the plan. Josh sees that Alex is walking up, so he puts on his headphones. Christmas isn’t happy.
11:15 PM BBT When Alex leaves for a moment, Christmas says to Josh that she needs to study tomorrow in the APSR. Josh wonders if Kevin threw that last comp. Christmas says probably, and that she’ll call him out on it, and that they can’t find out that they’re (Christmas, Josh, Kevin) working together. Alex enters. Christmas asks if she saw Kevin. Alex says that Kevin was super nice. She says that Jason wouldn’t talk to her in his last week, and now Kevin’s being nice, so she doesn’t know what’s up. Christmas says that she doesn’t know why Kevin would try to be nice to her (Alex) now. Alex says that it’s not going to help his game any ‘cause she hates him. Josh says “hate is not a nice word, Tiger.” Alex says that she hates him in the game. “In real life, I don’t hate anyone.” Alex says that she thinks that Kevin knows that he’s next and doesn’t want to cause any problems because “he doesn’t want to have a blowout.”
11:30 PM BBT Christmas & Alex leave HoH. Josh, alone, talks to the camera. He says that Alex has played a truthful game and has been good to him. Josh says that if he told Alex everything, she’s turn. He says that Alex thinks that he’s crossing her, but that’s Paul doing that. Josh says that he feels really bad and has played a great game. He says that he had to align with Christmas and Paul from the beginning and hopes Alex respects his game move. He says that he’s not losing weight ‘cause he’s stress-eating. He says that Paul’s protecting his game, and he (Josh) needs to protect his. He’s going to be straight-up with Alex. “Homeboy has had no blood on his hands.” He goes downstairs. Josh asks Kevin if he threw the comp. Kevin says no, saying he couldn’t see the colors. He says that he’s mostly been working on his social game ‘cause his physical game isn’t great.
11:45 PM BBT After a while, Josh says that he’s gotten attached to all of them over time. Kevin says that he’s never seen the show before and thought that he’d be looking at actual comic books. Josh tells Kevin that he’ll (Kevin) be able to see his family in 10 days. They both go to the Apple Room. Kevin says how bad he did. Kevin then brings up how bad he did on a zipline in Mexico, saying that he hit his head. Kevin says to the camera that Josh’s social game has advanced more than anyone in the house. Kevin says that it’s due time that he wins an HoH. Josh jokingly says that he’s going to nominate him (Kevin). Josh offers to let Kevin have his HoH room for the night.

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