Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 8th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 8th

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12:00 AM BBT Dominique and Mark are still upstairs “playing chess.” Everyone else is downstairs in the LR watching Kevin jumping around in a bunny outfit and Jason in a frog costume laughing. Josh jumped on Jason’s back. Christmas said, “I just had a flashback.” Ramses is touching the frog’s eyeballs and Jason is pretending to bite him. Everyone is laughing and carrying on. Now they are talking about Lorena Bobbitt. On that note. Paul said, “I am going to shower and go to bed.”
12:15 AM BBT Alex said, “that was so traumatizing, the veto competition.” Alex said, “do you guys realize that we have been in this house for 17 days without seeing anyone else?” And Jason said, “that’s the name of the game.” Paul went upstairs to head to his HOH room but stopped to chat with Mark and Dom. Paul massages Dom’s shoulders. Paul and Mark are talking about getting different massages. Everyone left the LR to go to bed. Kevin was talking with Alex and Jason and said, “you two are having a showmanship just a little and you have relationships outside the home.” Alex said, “Do not say that. We are not having a showmanship.” Ramses is in the BR brushing his teeth and talking to Alex who is taking a shower.
12:30 AM BBT Kevin asks Ramses to tell a story of his childhood where he was “packing.” Kevin starts singing and Ramses starts dancing. Upstairs at the chess table Christmas and Mark are talking about how calm the house is now that Cody isn’t the HOH and Josh is calm and Alex is calm. And people are having fun now. Mark and Christmas are playing chess. All the other hgs are either in bed or getting ready for bed.
12:45 AM BBT Paul is reading the bible in bed. Raven says goodnight to everyone. Everyone is complaining about how hot it is in the house. Kevin turned out the light in their bedroom and they are all trying to go to bed. Christmas, Dom and Mark are heading to bed. Mark went to the kitchen for some water.
1:00 AM BBT Mark said he is wide awake. Dom and Ramses are in the BR getting ready for bed. Paul and Christmas were talking in the HOH room. Paul said everyone was speculating that Christmas got the temptation. Paul asked Christmas to explain what it is, the temptation. She said she can change a nominee but not herself. They are talking about who they hope is picked for the veto competition. Christmas said Alex was nervous but now that she knows the plan and that everyone is aligned she feels better. Christmas said that Cody thought he was going up on the block but he wasn’t.
1:15 AM BBT Christmas and Paul continue to talk game play while getting ready for bed. Paul said Jessica is going to blame Cody for everything. And Christmas said Jessica follows Cody everywhere. She even went to the bathroom while he showered. Christmas says she was upset with Jason because he voted to have her evicted but she extended an olive branch to him. And she said it will be the only time. All lights are off in the bedrooms. The hgs are going to sleep.
1:30 AM BBT All hgs are in theirs beds heading to sleep. Kevin said he is sweating it’s so hot in there. Christmas and Paul are chit chatting about his cat. Paul said he is thinking about moving to NY for 5 years or so. Raven, Elena and Mark are up in the kitchen. Marks said he can’t sleep because it’s too hot. Alex and Jason were talking about the temptation and how many pins were in his doll. Then Kevin saw the camera going in and out and told them he was watching them.
1:45 AM BBT Kevin said he is going crazy because his sheets are so wet and he is so hot. Matt is up in the kitchen now. Kevin got up and went into the kitchen too. Jason hopped out to the kitchen in his frog costume too. They are all getting snacks. Alex also got up and went into the kitchen. Mark is in the LR working out because he cannot sleep
1:58 AM BBT Fish for a minute
2:00 AM BBT Elena joins Mark in LR. Kevin goes to DR. Paul and Christmas still talking in the HOH bed as she rubs his back. Elena says that they said they would fix the AC or at least look into it. Christmas says that Jessica is just a stepping stone for Cody. Paul tells Christmas that he knows for a fact that Josh and Kevin were the ones who voted to keep her. Elena says she doesn’t know why Mark is working out now. He says it’s because he can’t sleep. Matt runs to LR and sits on top of Mark. Elena asks Mark if he has a boner. Paul and Christmas continue to talk about all the HGs as they lay in bed.
2:15 AM BBT Matt and Raven head to the bedroom. Mark and Elena continue to flirt in the LR. Kevin comes through the DR and heads to bed. Dominique goes to WR and then heads back to bedroom. Christmas and Paul appear to be falling asleep. Kevin and Jason talk in the bedroom. Raven and Matt are talking loudly in the bed while cuddling. No one is sleeping real well cause the AC is not working well. They do think it is beginning to cool off a bit.
2:30 AM BBT Jason continue to explain the votes and the game to Kevin. He says that people will say anything to get him to change his vote. Alex returns from DR. Mark walks through the room and Alex says, “What up, Baywatch?” Mark says he likes that. She tells Jason and Kevin that she doesn’t think Mark is going to screw them right now. Kevin says he is going to sleep and that they will talk in the AM. Kevin says that these HGs are professionals and should be in the FBI at Quantico. Matt and Raven appear to be going to sleep though Dominique and Ramses continue to talk about random things. Josh gets up and heads to WR and then back to bed. Mark and Elena in bed.with some cuddling and rubbing going on. They kiss and whisper. Camera goes to Jess and Cody sleeping together in a bed in HN room. Looks like all HGs are asleep except for Mark and Elena.
2:45 AM BBT All HGs asleep. Kevin seems a little restless. Christmas comes out of DR.
3:00 AM BBT Christmas still walking around the house. BB calls Josh to DR. Josh stirs but does not get up. A few minutes later, BB calls Josh again to the DR. He gets up and goes. Christmas heads back to HOH room and climbs in the bed. Elena gets up and heads to WR.
3:15 AM BBT All HGs asleep except for Josh who is in DR. Mark heads to WR.
3:30 AM BBT All HGs still asleep. Josh returns from DR and climbs into bed.
3:45 AM BBT – 6:45 AM BBT All HGs sleeping

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 8th
7:00 AM BBT Feeds cut
7:13 AM BBT Feeds return after morning wake up. Jason doing shout outs to home. Christmas complaining about being woken early.
7:15 AM BBT Jason making coffee in the kitchen. Christmas saying everyone else stayed in bed. Jason says his lower back is sore from hopping around as a V-Toad; Christmas says her one glute hurts from lack of use. Christmas asks Jason to get her glass of coffee from the fridge, hoping he’d have to hop it to her, but he accomplished the task without having to leave the lily pad. Christmas says Jason thigh is the size of her calf and asks how he stays on a bull with them. Jason tells her they’re ridiculously strong.
7:30 AM BBT Matt and Raven are up and join Jason and Christmas in the kitchen before heading to the WR. Jason tells Christmas that the V-Toads are not supposed to sit on chairs; they’re supposed to stay on the lily pads. Christmas says she’s happy she doesn’t have her phone; she says the house is like social media rehab. Jason says he was a recruit, and says at least half the cast are. Christmas says that she wonders what Megan is doing; she says she’s probably watching live feeds and making voodoo dolls of them all. Paul called to DR. Christmas says it still blows her mind that they’re on cams 24/7 and people are watching them. Christmas tries to explain to Jason what ‘trending’ means.
7:45 AM BBT Paul in DR. Christmas and Jason still in kitchen. Christmas says she’s very grateful she was allowed to stay in the House and recover. Christmas says Except she’s got more injuries in the house than collectively over the last five years of her life. BB makes a battery call, this leads to Kevin and Cody getting up and changing batteries. THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON. Jason is standing up so he turns them on. Josh waddles into the Kitchen and Christmas tells him they began playing wake up at 7am. Jason gets out the Frog suit and crawls back in bed. Cody back in HN room and BB says again about the lights he turns the lights on and crawls back in bed. JOSH microphone. Christmas and Him begin talking about when they were called to Dr.
8:00 AM BBT Christmas is warning Josh that it’s going to be crazy today when Cody can’t compete for POV, don’t let Cody get under your skin, have fun with it. We all have your back. Christmas asks about Dom and if he is talking game with anyone else. He says game with Christmas and Paul only and no one else is talking game but they do talk. Christmas gives him advice on being careful with giving info and not getting any back. Josh says week 1 before the HOH comp he over heard Cody, Matt, and Mark saying they were gunning for him and wanted him out he talked with Paul and Paul told him do what you have to so when Safety was an option he went for it. Christmas talks to him about an approach to the POV and goes over some words. Josh gets coffee and offers Christmas some. BB does another Battery call. Christmas says be aware of where you are and who you are talking to HOH has cameras. She tells him watch who talks to who and who do they talk to afterwards, be aware. Elena, and Matt are up a long embrace between the girls. SR temporary available. Christmas and Josh in the KT alone again whispering she’s still giving advice. Mark walks through the Kitchen and they compliment his abs. Elena walks though saying she needs her cup, Christmas to the DR. She says she using the potty first then she will be right there. ATTN HG SR IS NOW AVAIL.
8:15 AM BBT JASON please exchange your MIC. Josh grabs a banana. Christmas heads to the Dr josh helps her with the Door. Josh peels an orange with the veggie peeler. He eats it then realizes the Camera is following him so he starts talking to the cams. Then ge goes to finishing his orange and Dancing in the kitchen, he finishes his orange and does some dishes. Christmas is out of the DR. sits back at the bar, josh tells her what a badass she is and then says he would be F’ed it it weren’t for Paul and Christmas. PAUL to the Dr. Josh n Christmas continue whisper very softly in the Kitchen. Christmas says filter, and keep the ears on when your not talking.
8:30 AM BBT Paul comes downstairs and heads to the Dr. He believes it’s time to pick veto players. Christmas asks if Josh will plant a seed to Mark that she has a general interest in his well being, She feels he is going to be one of the most trust worthy people. They talk about Matt, (CAM 1 8:36 am) goes to DR door time to pick Have Nots. Paul goes through the house hitting the can and waking every one up. Everyone slowly makes their way to the kitchen. All the VToads must be on the lily pad in the kitchen. Paul’s says as HOH I get to pick the 4 HN. The Frog family (Cody, Jessica, and Jason) and volunteers..between Matt and Mark, Matt volunteers. HN temptation back in play they can use a key to try and avoid HN for the week or accidentally extend it for a week. Paul warns them we will probably pick Veto players soon so I wouldn’t go back to sleep but you can do what you feel. They all talk about how late they were up for Dr’s.
8:45 AM BBT Jessica and Cody back to bed they call Matt a turd for volunteering to be a HN. Jessica is ready for all the stupid shit to be over. Raven heads to the SR, Kevin and Alex in the green room talking about the plan moving forward with the HOH. They mess with him about being a HN and then not being able to plot this week. Kevin helps him get his supplies for his bed. Josh and Christmas up in HOH WR talking. Christmas says she thinks she is alone and doesn’t have #1 yet. Alex keeps telling him to take more bed stuff so no one takes his bed. They put his hat and his branded shirt across the bed in hopes no one tries to take claim to the bed. Kevin please clip mic to your shirt. He says but i’m taking it off to shave.
9:00 AM BBT Meanwhile in HN room Cody n Jess try to convince Jason to take the HN temptation. He goes for it, he heads to the Dr to get the key, Cody thinks he will for sure pick the wrong one. Cody whines that they are going to come invade the space to watch him unlock the box. In the Kitchen Paul is cooking, Raven, Matt, and Josh are there with him. Josh washing dishes, Matt making slop. They talk about Jason trying the key and with his luck will get stuck with 2 weeks. In the kitchen they discuss music interest. Jason is back in the HN room all is silent all V toads are laying there. Cody tells Jason I think you are safe this week, they want to keep Alex up there and put me up next to her. Cody thinks that because Ramses put himself up that his chip is removed from the picks for POV giving him a better chance of playing. They discuss if they have to wear the outfits for POV what it might be. Back in the kitchen Paul is making French toast for everyone, raven is making her Breakfast, and Matt is prepping his slop. Josh comes out the WR and asks if Matt is already doing the slop. Matt says he should be able to lose a pound this week. Paul asks Raven if she tried the sauce from the meat last night she said no she avoided it all together to not be sick. Josh explains how Meatball and Linguine are insults and compliments. Kevin comes in and gets some food.
9:15 AM BBT Meanwhile in the HN room Jess n Jason are talking about players and jess says I hope you get the HN pass so we can just make out and make him uncomfortable.
Cody returns with Jessica’s brushes and gets his stuff ready for the Wr. Jason hops to the WR while thinking about his 50/50 shot of getting the HN pass. Jess covers her face to lay back down while Cody heads to the Wr to get ready for the day. In the Kitchen they are talking about marijuana for medical purposes. All cams in WR where the male Vtoads ( Jason and Cody) are freshening up for the day. Jason says he can’t wait to make a Dr in the costume. They swap sides of sink and then Jason heads to the KT. KT is still on MJ. They discuss why not use it for state taxes and how Dr.s and big pharma know how much it can do to help but then they won’t need the meds. They share their stories of how they know it can help. Cigs, and alcohol kill people all the time but Marijuana hasn’t and won’t but they won’t allow it, there is so many restrictions on it.
9:30 AM BBT Alex Cleans up her Breakfast mess, Kevin, Raven, and Matt sitting at the bar, Jason on his lily pad, Paul cooking, still talking meds and conditions and benefits of Marijuana. All Cams on WR where Josh exits the rr and Cody is prepping for a shower. Kitchen talk continues about how CBD and THC oils have helped people they know. They transition to keeping a solid positive mind and yoga, Jason asks where is this Slop, Paul goes you have to make it! Raven tries to let the Rose room know Breakfast is ready but everyone is passed out. ( Ramses, Dominique, Elena, and Mark) Conversation is about B days coming up next week, Dom on Tuesday, Jason on Wed. Paul tells the recipe of his “Friendship French toast” to the Cam. Christmas heads down stairs and heads into the WR. Raven is in there getting ready herself. Cody is done with his Shower, Kevin enters the WR and heads back out. Raven explains how they were up all night because it was so hot. Josh heads in to prepare for a shower. PAUL to DR. ( veto players soon?)
9:45 AM BBT Raven and Christmas are talking about casts and how difficult it is and how because you don’t move it for so long the ankle becomes weak and you have to learn how to walk on it again. Jessica comes hopping into the WR to get ready for the POV picks. The Kitchen has cleared out just Jason on the lily pad in the kitchen, Cody hops back in and confirms that there is slop in the SR. Cody is making a non soy one for Jess.
9:53 AM BBT – 10:15 AM BBT Feeds down POV player pick.
10:15 AM BBT  Feeds Return The POV Players are Paul, Alex, Josh, Ramses, Matt and Elena Cody  is in the KT. Paul telling Ramses he is safe. The only way to mess things up is to win. Paul meets Matt and Raven in WR with Mark. They discuss who can win. Anyone as long as they stay with the plan. BB calls Jessica to DR. Elena and Mark were picked for Veto comp. Christmas Jason Ramses Alex in GR. with Kevin Paul tries to keep Ramses calm before comp.Jess ica Raven and Matthew in WR getting ready for comp. Jason will host the POV comp. Kevin and Paul discuss great boxing matches and boxers. Jason bounces out of WR and joins the GR. So to recap the POV players are Paul Alex Josh Ramses and Elena. Christmas wants an electric box around her foot so whoever gets near they get shocked.Paul shows Matthew how to sleep in the spike beds.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 8th
10:30 AM BBT Kevin is called to DR. Jason questions Paul about if Cody was pulled for POV. Paul says he has a plan and Jason needs to stop questioning it. Jason sits alone on his lily pad in GR.Paul and Josh in HOH. Girls are all getting ready in WR. Elena is excited about competing in POV. It will be around 98 degrees for comp. Paul calls Cody a dead fish in the water. He says no matter what Cody promises players he is going home.Cody and Jason hop into KT. Cody only wants to protect Jessica. Matthew tells Paul that Cody was talking about the chance for a battle back. Josh feels Cody will go out with a fight. Josh mentions he heard that Cody is worried Jessica won’t make it in the game without him. Paul questions Kevin about Jason’s intent in game and what the DR asks him.
10:42 AM BBT The Feeds go down.
10:43 AM BBT Feeds are back. Paul discusses his speech for Cody. They feel Paul needs to win and Cody will probably try to get him to not use it.
10:45 AM BBT Cody talks to Jessica in KT. Cody bends down and kisses Jessica’s belly. Josh discusses Cody not talking to him til he needed his vote then calling him a coward.Paul plans to hand Cody his bag on Thursday.Matthew says Paul called the game from the beginning. Matthew says we are all smart in house and know that at some point they will have to go up. There is no reason to get personal like Cody did.Josh says he was shocked that Cody was gunning for Paul from the top. And he couldn’t believe that Cody didn’t realize America loves Paul. Paul knew from the beginning he knew Cody would be like Paulie last season. Cody made a comment that Production set Paul up as a god. Instead his actions caused America to tempt Paul because they see everything. Cody and Jessica cuddle on the lily pad in KT. Cody hops to HN room tells Jason they can’t lay on bed. So they sit on lily pad and talk personal stuff. Cody plans to keep his relationship with Jessica after the show. He didn’t plan on a showmance.
11:00 AM BBT Paul talks about a lack of kindness in the world. That Cody makes the military proud hopping out of the house. Cody and Jason talk pizza. Paul Josh and Matthew discuss all Cody’s faults. Kevin and Ramses in LR. Kevin starts to sing and FISH cover the screen. Kevin asks how he thinks the show is going over on TV. What he thinks the fights make HG look like. Matthew and Paul discuss hiding Josh’s emotions. That at 23 they had problems holding their emotions. BB calls out to HG that they must be awake between 10am and 10pm. Josh and Paul don’t trust Ramses. He had told Jillian that Josh is evicting her. Paul tells Josh to let others do stupid stuff and he will go alot further. BB shouts out Mark and Elena what part of wake up do you not understand. Jason and Cody with HN room. Jason doesn’t understand why this is the Paul show and that Production won’t help Cody.They complain about Alex just putting on make-up.
11:15 AM BBT Elena slams a door into the dresser breaking something. Paul walks into rose room asking how stupid can Jason be. Paul says Jason is on his crap list. Cody and Jessica and Jason rag on HG in HN room. They hope Josh gets to jury to mess with the other HG. Jason calls Ramses is the devil. Paul tells Mark his speech for Cody. He and Dom like it. Jason tells about his conversation with his dad about being on TV. Paul can’t wait to do his speech. Mark thinks it would be so cool if Cody had to host the POV comp. Christmas and Alex with Matthew and Raven in the Green room discussing respect in the house. How Cody doesn’t understand the game, America’s influence and Fan bases. Paul in rose room discussing trust and the game later. Paul says after being in the house it changes you. Paul says he understands that and he doesn’t get ego a liar and a power hungry dickhead.Attacking my character.
11:30 AM BBT Paul, Dom and Mark in Rose room discussing character in house. Alex Raven Matthew and Christmas in Green Room. House and real life.They think Cody makes selfish moves in house. That screws you in the game. Cody came up to Mark right after the ceremony asking Dude what’s going on? Mark told him I don’t know. They worry about Ramses that he may try something slick. Paul again compares Cody and Paulie. Paulie’s social game is better. Paul is called to DR. Mark brings up the what if Cody was the host of POV. Matthew thinks it would have been epic Kevin and Christmas talk about Cody and Jessica wanting him to vote her out in the Green room. Dom in Rose room talking about her dream last night. Christmas is realistic that she will go home sooner rather than later.
12:00 BBT  Cody is talking to Jessica in a frog costume, speaking of what they will do when they are out of the house, Jason and Alex speaking in storage room. Talking about that they are going to be transparent, Alex tells Jason get your shit together, Kevin is talking it is over, Alex says the game is based on paranoia,
11:45 AM BBT Christmas thinks Cody is cooking up a deal to protect Jessica. Think that Cody blew up his game and Jessica stuck with him to not look like a ship jumper. Blowing up her game. Cody and Jessica in HN room discuss Paul’s game. Jason has joined the Green room and conversations stop. Jessica whispers put says loudly gotta hit em where it hurts. Cody just keeps touching Jessica. He says he is glad they have accepted what’s going to happen and can enjoy each other.Raven and Josh in HOH making up best friends for life. Cody and Jessica discuss the only time people get booed leaving the house. Cody discusses when he got Make-up and 2 artists doing him. Elena and Matthew in WR eating and chatting. Alex and Jason in SR Alex tells him she can no longer help him. That the house thinks he is making a side deal with Cody. So she can no longer help him be safe.Tells him to take it down a notch.Jason wants to know why he can’t hang they are going home and it’s cooler in HN room.
12:00 PM BBT Alex in Green room with Kevin and Jason. She tells Kevin to make sure Jason doesn’t talk to Cody. Cody and Jessica talk about a questionnaire. Paul comes into Green Room. So we have Jason Josh Paul Kevin Alex in Green Room. Josh can’t figure out if the boxer shorts are his or Marks. He calls Kevin a meatball. The talk turns to Graduation and degrees, Cody and Jessica continue to revel in each others company in HN room. The Green Room discuss how much it costs to live and raise kids.
12:15 PM BBT Paul said she was good in high school Paul said she has a different perspective on life Paul said i don’t see my friends scalp Ramses please go to the DR Raven please stop singing Jason said i gave myself staples a my skull was split open Matthew is using dental floss
12:30 PM BBT In the Green Room most of the HGs are discussing male baldness. In the kitchen Raven Matt and Mark are preparing food and drinks. Meanwhile back in the Green Room Jessica is talking about having her eyebrows done. She is saying she got a scar on her eyebrow from an accident she had. Big Brother has called someone out for singing. Elena said she never heard of it being done the way Jessica is saying. Christmas has been called out for napping. Kevin says he is cleaning the washroom tonight, he says he is going to clean it and spray it down. He says it will look sharp for 12 hours or maybe 4 hours.Mark is eating french toast and Paul tells Dominique he made some french toast for her. Dominique is talking to Jessica about being on her show tonight and Jessica apologizes to Dominique about the other day leaving in the middle of her show.Christmas tells Matt and Raven the POV is gonna be fun to watch.Raven tells Christmas she will do her nails later if she wants her to and Christmas says yea lets do it .Kevin tells Jason,Jessica,and Elena he can’t wait to see what costumes they wear for POV .Christmas tells Matt and Raven if BB would have let her sleep 10 mins more she would be feeling so good.BB says Kevin please stop singing .
12:45 PM BBT Matt tells Raven he will fall for her and Raven says that’s so sweet and Raven says she’s gonna be happy to sit out and watch the POV being played .Matt tells Christmas and Raven they learned week one that they couldn’t trust Cody and they happy they learned early. Raven asks Alex if she’s ready for the POV. Matt and Christmas is talking about how Cody played this game.Matt is talking about how Victoria played on season 16 and Christmas asks Matt how far she got and Matt says final 3.Matt and Raven said Derrick played the best game and didn’t go on the block not once.Josh asks Christmas if Mark just made eggs and she says yea a little bit Christmas is talking about having surgery on her foot.Matt asks Christmas when her first tattoo was put on and she says when she was younger and Christmas says she likes big tattoo’s.Josh says to Matt he wants some tattoo’s Jason,Kevin,Ramses and Elena all are taking a nap.Dominique comes in the kitchen to eat her breakfast and Mark asks Dominique if she wants him to make more eggs.
1:00 PM BBT Josh tells Matt and Raven he better start thinking of words in case that’s the pov.Dominique and Josh are talking about how hot it was outside for the last pov.Kevin is talking to Raven about tonight’s show and Kevin says they need to do something to do.Raven is talking about how when she was a baby people thought she was a boy.Mark is talking to Josh about working out .

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 8th
1:15 PM BBT Josh is starting to clean the dishes.Dominique made her some coffee and is now eating her food.BB says please stop whistling.Josh tells Jason and Mark if he eats enough food he wouldn’t eat so much junk food.BB says house guests have to be up from 10AM to 10 PM Matt tells Raven you remember when she slept 4 hrs BB never said anything to them .Jessica is talking to Cody about the showmances of Paul’s season.Jessica tells Cody she always liked showmances in the different seasons they had.
1:30 PM BBT Jason is in the kitchen cooking some slop.Matt is giving Jason some tips on making the slop.Kevin asks Matt if he thinks he has enough time to shower before the pov and Matt says he thinks so.Josh tells Jason to put some milk in the slop.Matt goes up to hoh and say hi to Paul .Paul asks Matt if he’s missed anything and Matt says nothing going on.Mark and Kevin go to hoh room to talk to Paul and see what’s happening. Paul asks Kevin what’s going on and Kevin says nothing everyone is all sleeping.Paul asks Kevin if Jason went to DR yet and Kevin says no .
1:45 PM BBT Kevin is talking about a card game he played .Paul tells Mark people wanted to pay money to Paul if he did a type of card game Paul says to Kevin David Blaine is the best magician.Jessica tells production to tell Josh to please stop singing.Cody is cleaning a few dishes he had and Jessica is sitting on the lily pad in the kitchen.Paul says not everyone can do magic and you have to have big hands and be able to do certain things to be good at magic tricks.
2:00 PM BBT Christmas walks into the Apple room where Ramses is at Paul is talking about the magic Kevin is talking about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon they are talking about a movie Kevin please hook your microphone to your shirt Paul said i would make a fool of people Josh and Christmas is putting lotion on Paul said i think he has an okay understanding of it Mark said i can’t wait to hear Kevin story Mark is talking about Glen the retired cop from BB18 Ramses said i don’t know when the jury house starts Ramses asked Raven how many people are in the Jury Raven said i don’t know YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PREDICTIONS
2:15 PM BBT Ramses said do you think that they will give you liquor in the jury Kevin said i can’t believe that i am here Ramses said you are a badass Kevin said are you going to do the counting again tonight Paul said hi child to Elena Paul said i am going to shout it out to Ramses to blow the comp Raven said make sure you guys hydrate Matthew please go to the DR Paul said Raven do you know what time it is when you came up here Paul said i don’t remember them doing a Veto comp at night Paul said i love to do the Vetos because you get to dress and put on cool outfits Alex is washing dishes
2:30 PM BBT Christmas is drinking a drink Raven and Matthew is talking Kevin said what did he tell you Elena is talking about how she lived in saint anglo for a while Jason said i am not i am learning to get that way he is talking about silence Jason said i am stuck in there so i am not going to talk to them Elena said what is it about her that you dislike her
2:45 PM BBT Elena got called into the DR Kevin said there was some kind of music let’s go see what it was Paul said does someone want to play chess Jason is hopping to his next lilly Kevin said hey Paul what is the theme Christmas said he explained this all to me Kevin said those pistachios are good for you but you will be drinking lots of water Ramses and Paul are talking about a Movie Paul said it must be Adam Sandlers
3:00 PM BBT Christmas said thank you Christmas said to Kevin did you get a chance to use the Razor Christmas said do you have your outfit tonight Dominique said i am not sure what i am going to wear Christmas said that everybody is tired Dominique said i was joking and kinda being serious with him Dominique said i love this show do you think i am going to risk lying Christmas said you and i are just alike Dominique said it’s going to be interesting Kevin and Alex are talking Jason please go to the DR Kevin said i am going to vote for how i feel from now on Alex is putting on her makeup Kevin said you make sure that you have my back and i will have your back Josh said what are you talking about Paul said it’s not about you i promise
3:15 PM BBT Raven said to Matthew do you want a bit of my french toast Christmas said that i hate asking all the questions Josh please put on your microphone Christmas said that you can always count on Kevin Christmas said tell me ladies do you know what color that i like to use PLEASE STOP SINGING Christmas said i am not getting up in the middle of the night anymore to use the bathroom or in pain Raven said it was hot Christmas said it was hotter upstairs and i almost slept downstairs last night Christmas said do we get baby oil Jason is talking talking about the HN who wanted to see the room Jason said that purple is my favorite color Jason said that i hate slop Paul said maybe know it will be the Veto
3:30 PM BBT Raven said you have been hanging out with this guy Paul is talking about Judo Jason said that they didn’t know what i was going to pick Alex said what happens if next week we won outback steak house you probably wouldn’t be about to eat it Alex said just think next week you won’t be in the Toad costume Ramses was called to the DR Alex says sorry Jason are you okay Jason said man fucking 2 weeks Dominique was refilling the ice cube tray Christmas said she is going to be tired all day tomorrow
3:45 PM BBT Ramses said that my stomach rejects it so bad Jason said i was reading off numbers on a raffle and he said i went into the bathroom i wasn’t wearing underwear and i made a mess he said it went right thro his pants Jason said his Wife is a clerk Jason said it’s you that smells like Human shit. Paul. Alex, Rames, Josh, Dom are in the living room. They are talking about when POV will start. Paul says that they have to get editing in. They are talking about someone getting two weeks of being a have not and walking around with a smile on their face. Paul says he would not be “hopping” around in a frog suit with a smile if he got 2 weeks of being a have not.
4:00 PM BBT In the living room, Paul,Alex,Josh, Dom, and Ramses are talking about frying pickles. They comment on how hot it is. Paul says at least it is bearable. He said last year that there was a day that they were up for 28 hours. He said that there were several comps back to back. Someone said SR is locked and they say it is about to go down. Feeds cut in at 4:01.
4:01 PM BBT – 9:35 PM Feeds down for POV.
Feeds Returned at 9:35 PM Paul has won the Veto Elena said you had to eat 3 things of petia Paul said lets us discuss latter who is going to come down Paul is talking about the Math competition Mark is eating Paul said that is probably one of the most fun comps that i ever played.
Jessica/Cody have been trying to make light of the situation. Are going to miss each other, but are making jokes and hugging. Jessica said she hopes Jeff roasts Cody. Hopes he goes to sequester and gets to battle back. Cody appreciates the experience. Jessica says “this was a tease” (not sure if she means the POV comp, or their stay together).
They are not surprised by the POV turn-out.
Comp included five rooms, math, knowledge of other rooms, if you get the question right you could move on, if not you would be delayed for a period of time. Each room appears to be a different country.
Paul in hoh with Raven and Mark. They are very upset that Ramses tried so hard. They said they can’t trust him.

9:45 PM BBT Jessica said why is this soaked Elena said whatever your eating right now just image that my mouth will taste like fish eggs for the next 10 14 days Christmas said sleepy on crutches is not a good idea Josh please put on your microphone Paul wants to get Cody out of the game Elena said she loves Bleach Josh is talking lysol or chlorine Ramses said my plan was to guess on everyone Paul said i am just glad that my HOH is success Christmas and Paul are in the Green apple room Christmas said Ramses feels alone because of Jillian
10:00 PM BBT Paul goes to Alex and says, “We need to talk.” She said, “Que tiempo?” He said whenever you like. She told Paul she will put lotion on and she will be right up to the HOH. Jason is upset said he has to hop around in a frog costume and eat slop for a week. Paul, Elena and Mark are upset talking game. They are talking about Cody’s character. They are thinking about leaving the noms the same and what happened at the POV ceremony. They are strategizing about the next HOH Comp.
10:15 PM BBT Jessica is in the BR showering and Cody is outside the showering sitting on his lilipad. Kevin is now up in the HOH room. They are all discussing not liking Ramses. Paul told Elena not to trust Ramses or Mark. Alex went up to HOH room to talk with Paul. He told her that everyone likes her and think she is a beast. He said Ramses was going to stab her in the back. He told her to stay away from Jessica and Ramses. And she needs to keep Jason in Check because she can talk to Jason. Everybody hates Ramses. And Paul said the plan next week should be to put up Jess and Ramses. He is telling Alex she is safe. Paul locked the HOH room door so he and Alex could talk. Ramses tried to come in. Paul went to the door and opened and called out and Ramses came around the corner and said, “Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to have friendship time.”
10:30 PM BBT Christmas and Raven came up to the HOH room. Paul said they are going to have a meeting up in the HOH room with 9 people to reassure Alex that they will not be back dooring her and that the plan is to vote out Cody. Then Raven left the HOH room. Paul, Alex, Christmas and Elena start talking about the Veto Comp. Raven, Mark, Matt and Kevin are in the Kitchen. They are going to the Green Apple room to start one of the BBAD show. Kevin went up to the HOH room to get everyone for the show. Mark, Matt, Alex and Kevin are in the Green Apple room. Kevin introduces Dominique the dominator. She introduces Raven. Then Raven says she has a gastric pacemaker named “Thor.”
10:45 PM BBT Paul is up in the HOH room talking to the Cameras. He’s saying what the plan is for the eviction and next HOH comp forward. He says he is going to keep America updated on his plans. He says he is not being as crazy or rambunctious as last season. He says his motto for this season is “Like Moths to A Flame.” He is talking to his family. Down in the Green Apple room Raven is explaining what Gastroparesis is. She calls it the “GP Monster.” Paul is coming downstairs for the show. She said that her mom got her on the CNN show.
11:00 PM BBT Raven said her 1st pacemaker was named “Thumper” and her second was “Thunder.” She said that she needs another one and it will be Theodor. Raven said she needs money for the next pacemaker. She said that they are not FDA approved for human use yet and they are expensive. She states without the pacemaker she could die. She also said her brother also has GP and he needs a PM a well. You can follow her on her FB and IG. Next up in the BBAD show is “Whistlenut.” He explains he frog costume and what he has to do. He called his outfit “The V-Toad.” He has a blue tape V on the costume. Then Dom says he has an AP with his normal outfit on.
11:15 PM BBT In comes Ramses dressed in his jersey with “Whistlenut” on it and his black cowboy hat. And he does a portrayal of what Jason does. Jason talked about having a head injury once. He is excited about being on BB. Paul from the audience asked if anyone has ever told him he looks like Shaggy from the show Scooby Doo? He has his pet bull named Ole. He says his costume is GP Green for support and he likes that. He says he is going to turn 38 while in the house. And so is Dom. She asks him if he is the oldest hg. He said the 2nd one. He said he does not watch TV outside the BB House but he stays on top of current affairs. He said “Insecurities breed insecurities,” when talking about staying calm in the BB House.
11:30 PM BBT Jason said he loves what he does, being a rodeo clown. He said he always wanted to be on reality television. He told his family he was quitting his job because, “why should I give them all of me and you half of me?’ He quit and went to auction school and sold some metal art. Dom says he should make a FB page to peddle his metal on. Kevin asks if he can demonstrate his auctioneering. Elena asks if Jason would he be willing to have a play date with her boy and his boy. He said yes. She said, “follow up question, I don’t like to drive so would you be willing to come to Texas?” Christmas asks him what are his 3 most memorable moments in the game so far? He said when he danced with Christmas and she fell and broke her foot. And when he won his first HOH. And lastly he said his 3rd was getting the Frog Costume.
11:45 PM BBT Matt left the Green Apple room and is in the kitchen looking for something. Paul said he’s tired and he would do his interview Wednesday. He left the GA room. They ended their show shortly after. Jessica is up in the HOH talking to Paul. She says that when Christmas gave her speech she felt she was personally attacked by her. Paul asked her to talk with Christmas about that. Paul said he told her what his plans are for the week. He told Jessica she needs to talk with people and not isolate herself with Cody. He said it’s only 19 days in. She said she doesn’t want to leave Cody alone while he is going through this. She said it sucks because she thought she had serious relationships with people in this house. But now the only people who have asked me how I am is you and Jason. She is asking Paul his advice on game play. Paul said, “The game is tough.” “Your feelings should not be hurt in this house.” “This is a game.” “The hardest part of this game is to separate the game from the emotions.” “This house really amplifies shit.” He said you have only just met the people 19 days ago.


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