Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th

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12:00 AM – 12:32 AM BBT Feeds Down for POV
12:32 AM BBT – The feeds are back with the houseguest changing from their POV competition uniforms. Jason and Mark are in the Have Not Room with Elena entering. Josh also enter apologizing to either Elena or Mark as Elena/ Mark cuddle on one of the Have Not Beds. Elena says she thinks she can beat Josh. Mark tells Josh he loves him and Josh responds then leaves the Have-Not room. In the next room, Christmas and Dominique are talking about a conversation Christmas had. Christmas tells Dominique that she knows there was a strenuous interview. Christmas said that she wanted to talk to her about that. Christmas says that she got information from Cody but she has been out of the house for 2 days. Christmas says that she took Cody’s talk with a grain of salt to stir up drama. Christmas says she came home with a bit of confusion with the votes being off, Josh being pissed at Cody and she is confused. Christmas says she understand on Dom feels because she felt betrayed as well. Dom responds saying she wasn’t betrayed by her team though as she was. Christmas says she didn’t know that at the time until she was able to piece everything together. Christmas says she felt that in the kitchen Dom said she was betrayed and was targeting that at Christmas. Dom disagrees. Christmas says she is still confused about what Cody said. Dominique says that what Cody says was a complete lie but she did hear them having conversations when she was going into the shower. Dominique tells Christmas that she told them that Christmas has my vote. Dom says she asked Cody what he was doing and he said he put Christmas up because she was emotional. Dom continues to try and convince Christmas that she had no part in Christmas being put up by Cody. Dom tells Christmas that she is pissed because her team betrayed her. Dom continues to say that she has observed a change within the way their group was treating her. Dom tells Christmas that no one talked to her directly except Paul that they had a problem with her interview. Christmas says she feels bamboozled and asked Dom if she has an idea of who turned their back. Dom says she has an idea but she doesn’t want to name names.
12:45 AM BBT – Christmas and Dominique continue to talk. Dom tells Christmas she felt Christmas was second guessing her trust with Dom. Christmas says she honestly was second guessing everyone 4-5 days ago. Christmas says she feels like she is floating between couples. Christmas says she wasn’t questioning Dom’s trust but she was trying to get everything together. Christmas said a couple days she was feeling on the outs. Paul and Elena walk in with Mark. Paul leaves after he grabs something and the other two leave as well. Dom says she understands it is a game but she is taking it personal because there is no reasonable basis for them to target her. Dom continues to question why it is her that people are thinking didn’t vote against Cody. Dom says she never had conversations with Cody or Jessica while other people from their group did. Dom reiterates that she never had anything to do with Cody putting Christmas up. Dom says the interesting thing about the interview is that she didn’t know Cody was going to do the Dom show. Dom says she wasn’t going to get to personal but Alex says that Cody says he was open to answering any question. Dom says the approach was that the interview removed layers of security from their group. Dom says Cody answered questions but also inserted his agenda. Dom says that the issue for the group was her saying “the organic forming of the group”. Christmas says people maybe didn’t feel like being called out. Dom says that it wasn’t like anyone didn’t know about the group. Dom says whether she leaves the house or not more things will come out and she feels the individual who has done with they have done it will be returned. Christmas says it is only process of elimination. Dom says if it is time for her to leave then she is gone and if not she will continue to be there. Christmas says that she was trying to give Dom space but knew what Dom was thinking. Christmas says she told Alex that her and Cody had a conversation but she couldn’t name names. Christmas says she know the conversation she had with Cody was to set his agenda.
1:00AM BBT-In the other room, Mark, Paul, Matt and Elena are talking. Mark believes that it was Kevin who was the secret vote. There is a lot of whispering. Paul says Dom is not happy. Elena says she is going to the Diary Room. Paul says that they don’t have power this week and it is going to be hard to convince people of Josh. Paul continues to harp on the fact they don’t have power this week. It appears Mark is trying to do something to fix the vote but Paul says it is going to be hard without power this week. The camera switches to Jason and Alex. Alex says that Paul want her to put up Mark. Jason says that at the POV ceremony he is using the POV on Jess. Jason said that if he wins HOH Ramses has to go. Jason says he doesn’t understand why the group is still clumped up. Jason says if she put Raven up, he doesn’t care who goes home. Alex says they need the number and the can’t just go against things now. Alex says that she feels Mark might Self evict if Dom goes home. Jason tells Alex to put up Raven and not Mark. Alex says they also need to talk about Kevin. Alex says that Kevin is playing both sides. Alex says that Kevin threw a competition. Alex says Dom is not being crazy because Dom thinks Alex is on her side. Alex then says they have to make strategic moves. Jason is adamant that she puts up Raven. Alex says they need to be looking at Kevin after the two hink votes. Jason asks if Alex want to put Kevin up. She says not but then changes her mind. Jason says Alex should threaten Kevin that if he doesn’t come clean he is going up. Jason says this week they have to send Dom home and stick with the plan. Alex tries to convince Jason that Jessica needs to stay on the block. Jason and Alex says they couldn’t put Josh, Ramses or Paul up. Kevin enter HOH saying he is going to be embarrassed on TV. Alex says they don’t know if they want to put Raven on the block or not. Alex says they talked about putting Mark up but she promised safety this week. Kevin says no one can beat Alex, Jason and him together.
1:15AM BBT– Alex, Kevin and Jason continue talking. They are deciding on whether to put up Raven or Matt. In the Bedroom Paul is telling Mark that if he doesn’t have to get involved don’t get involved. Paul says his best advice is not to get involved and hide in the shadows.Paul leaves the bedroom as well as Mark. Paul joins Christmas in the next room. Paul asked Christmas how was it and she says that it was awful. Christmas tells Paul that Dom knows that she had a conversation with Cody. Paul asked Christmas if Dom asked about the votes and told her that she was confused about a lot of things and didn’t want to lie. Paul and Christmas continue to talk in a whisper but then Christmas leaves to the DR. Cut to Fish. Christmas returned to the bedroom with Paul. Jason also enter the bedroom. Christmas brings up that Jason won Veto. Paul asks Kevin how it feels and tells him he gets snapchat glasses. The three have casual conversation as Jason paces around the room. In the bathroom, Raven, Elena, Matt and Mark are lingering as Kevin is grooming. Cameras focus on Elena and Matt whispering. Elena asks MArk if he want to go to the Apple room. Elena and Mark continue their conversation in the Apple Room.Elena asks if Mark has any information and he says Dom told him to be careful who to trust. Feeds switch to Alex and Jason in the HOH room. Alex seems bothered and says Paul wasn’t supposed to know and also seems to blame Jason for whatever it is. Alex and Jason leave HOH and the camera switches back to Elena and Mark. Mark seems to believe that Christmas campaigned against Dom but Elena doesn’t seem to believe it. Elena tried to seek information from Mark about his conversation with Dom. Mark hesitates as he tried to give Elena information. Mark tells her that when he tells Elena his concerns with people she brushes it off.
1: 30 AM BBT– Feeds switch to Dom and Kevin in the storage room.Kevin claims he doesn’t even know what is going on. Dom tells Kevin that people were affected by the interview. Dom says Cody said everything but she is the one being blamed and also being blamed about the vote. Dom talks to Kevin and tells him that she didn’t do the vote. Kevin is eating and continues to play up that he doesn’t know what is going on and he hold no weight. Kevin tells her not to take it personal but Dom feels it is personal. Dom tells Kevin that if he has any information on the vote to tell Alex. In the bedroom, Paul, Matt and Elena are talking. Paul says that he can get Kevin to vote Dom out. Paul begins to reiterate the conversation that Christmas had with Dom. Dom enters the bedroom and talk switches to Christmas being able to compete. Com asks to speak with Raven privately and the boys leave. Dom asked Raven if she would ever to betray her. Raven says no and she is trying to figure out what is going on. Dom then asks if she blamed Dom for the secret vote and Raven says no and she feels Christmas should go home. Dom continues to question her and Dom asked Raven why she thinks people are targeting her. Raven says she doesn’t know but people were bothered by her show. Raven says she wasn’t bother but wondered where the question were coming from. Dom says she is trying to figure out what about the interview was her fault. Dom says she doesn’t recall asking Cody any game related questions and it was initiated by Cody. Dom asks if she has Raven’s vote and Raven says yes against Jessica. Raven says she did not know that Dom was going to be her second nominee. Raven tells Dom that she is sorry she is in this position. Dom says she just wanted to talk to everyone and get a feel for what is going on. Raven reiterates she feels bad for her.
1:45 AM BBT-In the next bedroom some of the houseguest are lounging (Kevin, Ramses, Josh and Alex) are having casual conversation. Cameras switch to the Apple Room where Dom and Elena talking. Elena said she felt 95% good about their conversation but didn’t like the word betrayal. Elena said that she would not betray Dom. Elena says that she has heard from 2 different people that Dom has been saying things about her. Elena doesn’t know what all has been said but has heard and says that her name has been heavily implied. Elena tells Dom she felt much better about their conversation but if she heard that Dom didn’t like her or didn’t want to work with her then she wouldn’t want to vote for her. Dom continues to pick Elena’s brain about what she is hearing. Elena tells Dom that she heard that Dom feels that she doubted her vote against Cody. Elena then says that she head that Dom is saying she is jealous of her relationship with Mark.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th

2:00 AM BBT In the HOH Room Paul Jason and Alex are talking about putting Mark up as a replacement nom. Alex says she needs to convince everyone that it needs to be a slam dunk. Paul says that if everyone tells Mark that they are not going to vote for him then he will be okay with it. Paul tells Alex that you tell Elena that I promised you that you both would be safe and you are. The best move would be to put Mark up because he would vote to keep Dominique. Alex says she doesn’t know if Kevin is the one that rocks the boat, Paul says he doesn’t think so. Paul says the POV is tomorrow as someone is going home on Sunday. Jason says he thinks both Elena and Mark need to be brought up together. Ramses opens the door and is told to give them 5 minutes. Alex tells Jason to lock the door. Jason says he feels bad about Mark Paul tells him this is a game. Paul says he is going to tell both Elena and Mark at the same time. They are telling Jason he has to keep his mouth shut. Paul says you need to tell him that he is safe but needs to be told that no one wants to keep Dominique in the game. Alex tells Jason that she has to be good cop and he has to be bad cop. Jason does not want to put Mark up. Mark enters the room, they ask him where is Elena she says talking to Dominique. Mark says you keep me safe and we are on the same page. Alex tells him that people are worried about where his vote will fall. Jason says that although he doesn’t want to do it. Alex says Christmas is not going to vote to keep Dominique because she knows that because of her leg she can’t make a move. Mark gets told to put his mic on, he leaves to go get it. Mark says he isn’t going to get upset with her because she was on board with them last week. Mark says Christmas admitted to trying to stir the vote. Mark says there was 2 people that stirred the pot do you not think they would not do the same thing. Mark says he wants to work with them, Alex says Elena needs to be on board with it. Alex says Paul is not going to vote against Mark, neither is Jason. Mark says he went after Cody because of what he said before he left the house. Mark says lets go over the names. He lists the people on his side. He lists Dominique , Paul, Elena, Matt, Raven. Mark says Kevin is a good guy but all he does is stir the pot. Christmas stirred the pot but admitted it. Mark says you are telling me that I can’t trust Matt and Raven. Paul enters the room and asks what is up. Mark says why do we keep Christmas because we can get rid of her, the same with Ramses no one trust or likes him, we can do the same thing with Dominique. Paul says Let me understand this
2:15 AM BBT Mark said they want me as a pawn because I am close to Dominique. Paul says 3 people just told him that Dominique has thrown his name out. Paul says why Am I up here. Paul says If you are on the block I would never vote against you. Paul says lets go thru the names. Paul says Jason, Elena, as soon as Matt and Raven get named he says he doesn’t trust them. Alex says I want to put you on the block because it would make you safe because you can’t vote so no one will think it is you. Paul says 3 people just talked to him and said that Dominique made them uncomfortable.
2:30 AM BBT Alex says you need to get in the game we are trying to save you, You need to get in the game. She tells him that people are questioning him, but he can be pulled back in the fold. Paul says let me try and explain this. You want to put Mark on the block as a pawn to keep him safe, Alex says this is what happened to me last week. Paul says Christmas just told him that Christmas will not vote to keep Dominique. Alex says I want you to be on board, she says its like Cody he never said anything bad about me, and I felt bad. Alex says you are Dominique’s best friend in the house. I don’t want people to look at you. Paul says I agree that Ramses needs to go. Mark says he understands that he can’t save Dominique. Mark says we are 2 weeks from jury so I would want to keep someone in the house that no one likes. Paul says you are not the problem. Alex says I am an outsider in your group let me do this, some one in your group is stirring the pot. Mark says okay bring Elena up here. Alex says I don’t want to blind side you, Mark says I just told Elena that I don’t trust Raven. Alex asks why he says because I thought she was trying to blind side Dominique. Alex says has Dominique told you about our conversation, he tells her no. Alex says I’ll tell you. She tells him that everyone in your group said her name to keep her safe, she is the only one who would not name names. She is telling him that Dominique threw Elena under the bus by saying that someone is coming after her because of her relationship with him. Alex says I want to make it clear that Dominique never mentioned names but she ( Alex ) isn’t stupid.
2:45 AM BBT Elena enters the HOH Room Alex tells her we want to run something by her but she isn’t going to like it. She tells Elena that she wants to use Mark as a pawn, the same way she was used to get Dominique. Jason once again he wants to put Raven up. Elena said that Paul doesn’t like that because of his relationship with Dominique. In the Apple Room Dominique and Paul are talking, Dominique asks him if he would vote to evict her. Paul tells her no. Dominique starts naming names, Paul says it is not my place to put targets on people’s back. Dominique says the snakes are all coming together, she feels she e is seeing the head of the snakes. Paul says I came to you up the problem I had with you. Paul says the more people poke and prod around me I am getting pissed off. Paul says I no longer think there is a group, I will retract in the next few weeks. Dominique says I can’t really tell you what to do, because it is your game. Dominique says I will be keeping my mouth shut, because apparently I don’t give out any information. Paul says I wanted to have a conversation with you, not around you. Paul says Maybe you should not pull people into rooms to talk to them, it is making people uncomfortable and question you. Paul says give me some time to think on that. Back in the HOH Room with Jason Elena Alex and Mark Jason says that is why I don’t want to put him on the block. Mark says he is trying to figure out how it is going to change the vote. Alex says we want to solidify your position in the house. Elena tries to explain it to Mark but is at a loss of words.
3:00 AM BBT Mark says who are you trying to save me from. Jason says it is your HOH do what you want. Alex says I am trying to keep others safe. Alex tells Jason that he doesn’t shut up which is why she won’t be able to keep him safe. Mark says he has to go downstairs. Alex tells Jason to leave and go downstairs because he is tired. Paul has entered the room, he asks if they want him to stay. Paul says according to the math Paul says both Raven and Matt will both vote to keep Mark. Elena leaves the room to go get Mark. Alex tells Jason to stop fighting with her to not put Mark up. She says she will tell Dominique that people have been dropping her name and she put Mark up to keep him safe. Paul says to Jason to agree with every word Alex says. Elena and Mark both reentered the room. Paul says Can I be brought up to date on the conversation. Alex says I trust Mark but want to use him as a pawn, to keep him safe. Jason goes to feed the fish. Paul says to Mark that you need to trust the people in this room. He also tells him that the people Mark is worried about are on board with Dominique out. Paul is telling him that both Matt and Raven that Paul is the only one who questioned my interview was Paul. Paul is telling them, that when he questioned Dominique she lied about what was said. Paul says he has no doubt that Matt and Raven will vote to keep Mark. As Mark does not want to be the pawn Elena throws out then I will be the pawn will you be comfortable with that. Mark says Hell No. Paul asks Alex if she will tell the people on her side that Mark is safe. Alex says Yes.
3:15 AM BBT Elena says she hasn’t processed everything that she has been told tonight. Now I’m in a conversation using someone a pawn. Mark asks once again Why you want me on the block. Alex says Again to protect you. Elena says let me say this. I had a conversation with Dominique and she told me that yes she did say to Alex that someone who is close to someone I am close too, is using Alex to get me out. Elena says she can’t understand why her relationship with Mark would come up in a conversation between Alex and Dominique. Alex tells her that she came back up after she told Elena what she said. Elena is telling them about her conversation, Mark says in defence with Dominique she did say to him that there could be a problem because Elena maybe jealous of how close Dominique and Mark are. Elena says why she brings me up to you when I have safety this week.
3:30 AM BBT She says she asked Why Alex needed to know how you feel about me and Mark. She says she still isn’t clear when she left. Elena says most of the conversation with her ( Dom ) is what her purpose here with her belief in GOD. She doesn’t want to think that Dominique would use her religion to keep herself safe. Paul says when he was questioning why she ( Dom ) is dropping his name when he has safety this week. Paul says there is something he was told a couple of days ago, he gets them to promise not to repeat, they all give him his word. He tells them that Dominique pulled him into the SR after they all had in the Rose Room. He said that she told him that someone has a motive to come after her because of jealousy. He says although she did not mention any names, she told him that she did not trust that person. Elena asks why would I be jealous of her. Paul has been called to the DR. He ties up his conversation. Elena says she trusts everyone in this room. Paul says he just wants to offer moral support. Elena continues that she does not want to go against the house but she does not want to be the reason she goes home. Alex says Dominique came into the room and was the only one who would not name names. Alex says she is making people uncomfortable on both sides of the house because of the way she is drilling people. Elena says she has questions about the show. Alex says I can comment because I was confused about that whole show. Paul says he never had trust issues with Dominique but can’t see why the people who told him what he has already told them, have no reason to just to get under his skin. Paul asks Jason to watch the monitor. Elena says Christmas was very cold to her so she asked Dominique . Paul asks Elena if she trusts Raven wholeheartedly, Elena says no not in this situation because it is a he said she said.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th

3:45 AM BBT Elena said that she would like to talk about Christmas. She said she asked Christmas if she voted to evict Cody. Elena says I told her that because she hasn’t been in the house for a few days so yes Elena did say maybe Christmas was so stoned she threw the wrong name out. Mark brings the conversation to him as a pawn. Elena says if you are not 100% comfortable with being a pawn let’s move on. Paul gets called to the DR again. Dominique is on her way upstairs to see if Jason is ready to talk to her. He leaves to go talk to her. Alex explains that is why Jason doesn’t like her because of how she pulls people out.
3:45 AM BBT In the Apple Room Dominique tells Jason that she was not the one who voted Ramses. Jason asks who do you think it was. She tells him that she thinks it was one on both side. They both said they don’t think it was Kevin. Dominique says they are trying to say that she used the interview to throw of other people’s game. Dominique said Kevin said it doesn’t matter. Jason says he didn’t want to vote Cody out but he had to, he said he told Cody that. Dominique says she trusts Mark she says she told Mark that people think because they are close they are an alliance and want to target them. Jason is keeping the conversation on Cody’s HOH. Dominique is saying her heart hurts because she is a team player and plays for the team. Jason said he thought it was Christmas Jessica and her that voted to keep Cody. Dominique is telling her about the conversation with Christmas she tells him when she asked for her vote to keep her safe she told her she had to think about it.
4:00 AM BBT Alex is repeating the conversation she had with Cody. Back in the Apple Room Dominique is telling Jason to watch and listen to what people say and do. Jason says he is slow. She tells him he is 38 years old and has lived life. Jason says that he only trusts Alex, she tells him that she only trusts herself. She says her team betrayed her. She says you need to think about. She tells him that she had a conversation with Elena, she said Elena asks her about something she heard Dominique say. She tells him that she explained it to her. The conversation goes back to Jason voting to evict Christmas, he said he gave Alex his word. Dominique says this is a personal attack not game and that hurts her. She says unless she is a threat to someone. She tells him to remember the saying Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She says she wants to throw this person under the bus and call them out but GOD hasn’t given her permission to do that. Jason says that he likes Mark; he is a good boy. Dom says that she and Mark have been targets. Dom says she is way smarter than she looks. Jason says that Dom may have to lay everything on the table in order to save herself. She asks for Jason’s help; they help each other. She wants to know who was doing most of the talking from her side; she is asking questions for him to be able to hint at who was saying lies about her. Meanwhile in the HOH, Alex, Paul, Mark and Elena are talking. Mark is wondering what happened between Dom and Christmas; they were close until a specific conversation Christmas had with Cody. Dom left the Apple Room and Jason has now returned to the HOH. Mark says he has never had a game relationship with Dom. Alex is questioning Mark about his connection to Dom.
4:15 AM BBT Alex says she trusts Mark, but she’s not sure if it comes down to Dom or them, then Alex is not sure who Mark would back. Jason has the POV. Elena asks Jason what the conversation was with Dom just now. He tells them that he told her she has to work to save herself. Jason says that he is already breaking his confidence with her by talking to them about his and Dom’s conversation. Elena is relaying her conversation with Dom and that God will help her to stay. Elena says the vibe she got from her convo with Dom was that the head of the snake was Jason, Raven or Paul. Paul is saying that he is tired and he is annoyed that his name was brought up. Jason says that he believes from his conversation with Dom that she believes the head of the snake is Matt or Paul. Paul says that he told her there were three as the head of the snake. He says that she is changing up the numbers to get them to react.
4:30 AM BBT Jason says he doesn’t know what to do. He says that he is scared now that he has had a conversation with Dom. Paul says that he is there for Mark. He says that Mark has not betrayed him. Mark says he doesn’t feel confident in being up as a pawn. Paul says that Raven is a vote to get Dom out. Names are getting tossed around as possible nominees to ensure Dom goes home. Paul says that Mark being a pawn is best thing he can do for his own game. They are talking about Dom’s conversation with Ramses from the morning. Paul says he called her out on throwing his name around. Paul says he is very clear who his targets are always. Paul says they have eliminated the fact that Mark is a not going to be a pawn. BB just called Alex to the DR. Paul just sent Jason to go get Raven. Now that Alex is gone, Paul is having a frank conversation with Mark and Elena. Paul says he cares about Mark and he wants Mark to stay. Mark is still trying to reject being used as a pawn.
4:45 AM BBT Elena is supporting Paul in his bid to have Mark on the block as a pawn. Paul says that using Raven as a pawn is also a great idea, but he says that it is best for Mark’s game to go up as a pawn. Mark lays it out to Jason; he says it is your POV and you’ve heard my concern. What do you think? Elena chimes in and says she doesn’t want him on the block even if it makes sense. Mark says he doesn’t trust Ramses. Paul says he doesn’t either. Jason says that someone is coming up. Paul dashes for the shower and Elena goes to pee.
5:00 AM BBT Mark and Jason are talking and Mark is asking him if there is any way he can turn Jason to Dom. Elena comes back in the room. Mark says Dom is a number. Get Ramses and Christmas out of the house. Mark says he is not going to say don’t put me up, out of respect. He says whatever they decide to do, he respects them. Paul says he is confident that the HGs will not vote against Mark. Paul says he is confident that they are going to get grilled by Dom. Jason says he won’t; he will run away from her. Elena makes it clear that she has never said she wants Dom to leave. Paul says again that he has made his agenda clear. Paul says if Dom comes up again, he’s jumping back in the shower; they all say they will. They are beginning to re-hash what Dom has told them. Elena is talking about her conv
5:15 AM BBT Paul says that Dom has never given Elena’s name to him. He says that the things that Dom is saying don’t really make sense. Mark is again saying he doesn’t feel comfortable going up as a pawn; he is using a possible temptation as his reason now. Paul says he didn’t think of that. He is suggesting maybe Jason doesn’t use the POV and they keep Jessica to get her back in their good graces. There no real bite on that suggestion, but Paul does says he detests Jessica more. Paul says that Dom intimidates a lot of people.
5:30 AM BBT Elena, Paul, Mark and Paul are now making fun of things that have been said in the house. Alex and Dom are talking. Dom wants Alex to think about some things. She says there is a common denominator and she doesn’t want to call out names, but if she has to, she will. She is asking Alex for permission to share some things about their previous conversation. Dom says that Paul has come to her a few times reiterating his position. FISH at 5:37 AM BBT Feeds are back. Dom is saying she wants to prove to Alex and Jason they can trust her. She is saying that there is somebody in the house who is acting as a tempter. They end their conversation. Alex returns to the HOH and Dom goes to bed. They ask Alex what she did and ask her if she is the snake. FISH. Alex is relaying that Dom said that Paul is a snake. She says that Dom wants to have a meeting with everyone. Alex asks where they are with the noms. Paul says he is down with a group meeting.
5:45 AM BBT Paul has left the HOH and is going to talk to Dom. He asks her if she wants him to start hiss’ing at her, he will. He invites her up to the HOH. He says he wants to hear from her. He says to Dom, please humour me; let’s hear it. Paul says that she is indirectly calling him a snake. Dom says that she did not call Paul a snake, but she gave Paul specific information that came out. Elena is relaying the conversation that she and Dom had. She says that by the end of their convo that she had better clarity. Now Paul is calling Dom the snake because he lied to him. She says again that she never said that Paul is a snake. Dom is asking who said she didn’t vote for Cody. She makes it clear that she did vote for Cody.
6:00 AM BBT Dom says that she has been loyal to everyone on the team. She says she is tired of being called something that she is not. America is going to see that she was the honest one. She is calling out Paul for saying that the 7 person team is dissolved and that he is working alone. Paul says that God cannot vouch for her words right now. She says truth will prevail. Josh and Jason have been called into the room. Paul says he gets upset when his integrity is called into question.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th

6:15 AM BBT Dominique is saying that she told her all the information because she wants everyone to know she is not a liar here, Paul says I said you called me a snake. Dom interrupts him and he says I let you talk. Paul says 3 people told me that you said this and this about me. He said I went to you and asked you. He says you denied it and said they were lying. Paul says all of a sudden I am up here talking to these people and I hear you are talking to Alex. He said I went down to Dom’s bed and asked her to come upstairs. He said they asked Elena if he said that Elena said 100% No you did not. Dominique says she never gives names but Paul said but you ask for names. Christmas said Who did you talk to. Paul said you told me you only talked to 4 people. Paul says Why do you want everyone here. Dominique asks to wake up people. Paul says you are going to call this house meeting for me to throw 3 people under the bus which I am not going to do. Dominique says she just wants to plead her case to everyone. She voted with the team. Matt and Raven entered. She says she wants to let people know that she is a team player. She says she is being target and it is untrue, she says she never talked bad to anyone about Paul. She says she told Alex that she wanted everybody that she talked to in the room.
6:30 AM BBT She is telling everybody that Paul said he wanted to dissolve the team. Paul is questioning her. He says he never said dissolve the team, he said he said he didn’t think there was a team anymore. The conversation is becoming heated a Paul said you started this conversation with there are sides Paul sides and my side. Dom interrupts him by saying that the 3 people are liars. Paul said to Elena I hate to bring you into this. Alex says you said to me ( Dom ) that Dom told her that this is a season of temptation and there is a snake. Alex said it was implied that Paul was a snake. Paul says you keep saying you are one team for one fight. Paul says you have thrown both me and Elena under the bus, and called us snake. Dominique says I don’t remember saying that. Elena gets called to the DR. Dominique says when I said if I am being blamed for something I don’t remember saying that. Paul says you just said it with 6 people here. Paul asks some people agree that yes she has implied that Paul of being a snake. Dominique says you all vote that way you want, but it will be proven that I am not lying. Paul says I will answer your question I believe them and not you because you have called or implied I am a snake at least 4 times. Christmas says why won’t you name the person who told you this. Christmas says I do not understand why you wanted us all up here and then not state the person.
6:45 AM BBT Dominique says people don’t want to say who said what to me. Christmas says I don’t understand why you won’t give us a name. She tells her she never planned to tell who the person was. Paul says so you wanted to get everyone up here to say someone is telling you things, you wanted to say someone was a snake, and then drop my name. Dominique says Oh Paul you are good, know wonder BB wanted you back. Paul says my question to you was this your plan to call someone out tomorrow. Paul says to me it seems you wanted to call me out, you have a group of people here and you wanted to imply I am a snake you messed with the wrong person. Dominique says inside and outside this house she will not spend anymore time defending herself as the truth will come out. Christmas says if you have the chance to throw out this name and save yourself from the lock. Dominique says she doesn’t want to throw out names. Christmas says I am trying to understand why you won’t take this opporunity to clear your name. She says I won’t name names. Dominique says people up here know what I said to Paul. Christmas says I don’t understand why you are not saying who. Dom answers again because I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus. Christmas says I just don’t understand you are saying you are more deserving to stay then the other person but you won’t name them. Dominique is saying Paul had conversations with Paul, she said she told Paul that the people who told him she spoke badly about him, I told him they were lying.
7:00 AM BBT Christmas said so there is 4 people that you talked to and they are saying the same thing. Paul says I told you not to talk to people privately. She keeps telling people to watch how Paul talks. She finally admits that Paul is the one they have to watch. Paul says lets ask name so more things I did. Christmas asks her why did Cody bring up your name to me, Paul says he also brought it up again. Christmas says I want an answer to, I want to know what your relationship with Cody outside the team. Mark says Are you asking if Dominique about who she was voting for the first week she never changed from saying she would not vote for you. Christmas says I am asking questions to see if you had a side deal with Cody. Dominique says no there was not any other side deal. She asks Christmas if when she was on the block did Paul ever advise you not to talk privately to. Paul says When you are telling me that the people you have private conversations with are lying maybe you should not have them. Dominique says I have said all I have to say, I did not mean to wake everybody up, I just wanted to give Alex a heads up. Dominique leaves the room The conversation continues in the HOH Room, Paul is explaining what he had said to her. Christmas says that’s what you told me. Paul says that she is tossing blame and he proved her wrong. Paul says when have you ever known Dominique to not look you in the eyes. He said I looked her right in the eyes and asked her questions. Christmas is explaining what her and Dominique Paul said Alex came down to Paul and said she told me to go get Paul.
7:15 AM BBT Paul said you want an audience, everyone is here. Paul says I like it when people try to call me out and I can prove them wrong. Paul asks Josh how he feels Josh says she wasn’t make it sense. He then asks Matt and Raven. Raven says Dominique called everyone i to the Apple Room for a private conversation. Christmas says So Paul are you throwing everybody from the team under the bus. Paul asks if she starts something
Tomorrow do you all have my back. Jason says yea she said the same thing to me that the snake is not a female but a male. Paul asks why did you say that., but Jason had a sleep. Elena comes back from the DR and Mark has been called to the DR. They are now replaying the whole thing for Elena as she was in DR for most of it. Christmas says she never answered any questions, Paul called her out, I asked the questions again and she still would not say. She said she just wanted to make 4 points. Paul takes over the conversation he tells Elena the same thing. Elena says she has said to Dominique I do not understand why she was talking to Alex about me because one I am safe this week and the second thing is it has nothing to the game of Big Brother. Elena says she says things in a certain way so you are painting your own picture. Elena says Mark has told her that Dominique has told him not to trust anyone. She says Dominique opens the door and asks her if she had her vote. Elena says she told her at this time yet. She continues saying that she wanted to talk to Alex as she was the one who told her. Christmas says don’t do anything juicy I have to pee very fast. Elena say I didn’t want to give my word. She says Dominique then asks Mark do I have your vote, Mark says today tomorrow next year next year. Elena says that’s because its Mark and he has an emotional relationship with her.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th
7:30 AM BBT She is still repeating the conversation she had with Dominique about Dominique implied that she allowed Alex to have the HOH so she did not get blood on her hands. She tells them that Dominique says okay who said it. Elena says I would not give her a name. She said she told Dominique that you never give names. Elena says I may ask you a question twice it is because I don’t remember who I asked. She said she admitted it but said she wanted to clarify. Elena says I hid my feelings very well I can have hid my emotions real well. She says Dominique says she believes that her ( Dom) and Mark are there together for a bigger reason. Elena says you didn’t need to bring up jealousy at all to Alex. Elena tells her she is not jealous of her and Mark. She says Dom told her a bunch of stuff like she knew women. Paul reenters the room says he doesn’t know if Mark is coming back up. He tells him they are just going over the same thing. He asks Josh how he feels about it all. Josh says he doesn’t understand it. Elena is still talking about the conversation with Dom. She says she thought I was campaigning against her. She says Dom told her that she found out that was different. She says there was a lot of God talk. Josh says if I openly say I don’t like someone there is no way I will not vote to keep them. Josh asks if he was ever the topic to be put on the block, they all laugh and ask him who told him that, h does not name anyone. Alex says she told her she wanted someone present with her when she talked to her the second time.
7:45 AM BBT Christmas says she was really nervous sitting at the table, it was almost like she knew she was going on the block. Christmas says she told her she didn’t know if she could give her vote. Christmas said she told her no she needed to find out what has gone on in the house since I have been gone. Christmas says she asked her up here what her relationship was with Cody, she tells Elena that Dominique never really answered. Paul says did you catch how she answered with I do not have an inner circle with Cody. Elena says I think I made the show today. Elena also says the live feeders are eating this up. Everyone is talking at the same time. Christmas continues talking about her being put on the block, she says she was asked by Dominique if she would betray me, Christmas says she has a couple of people I trust. Elena is now controlling the conversation . Elena says according to the meaning of betrayal No I would not betray you but if I choose to stop working with you. Alex and Paul are telling her that she just implied things, she never named names. Paul says she just painted the picture. Christmas says she never names names.
8:00 AM BBT Elena, Christmas, Alex, Mark, and Josh continue to have a game conversation about Dom. Paul tells them all thank you for batting for me. Christmas says that Dom told her that there is a boy/girl team running the house. Paul and Mark leave the HOH room and are talking in the kitchen about how crazy Dom is being. Elena says she doesn’t have an alliance with anyone in the house. Christmas says this is the year of zero alliances. Paul goes to storage room to change batteries. He tells America that we are welcome for the show he just provided. Paul and Mark head back to the HOH. Paul gives a ‘pro’ tip to everyone to go change their batteries so they don’t have to get up in a bit and go get them. They leave the HOH room except for Josh and Alex. Josh says he completely trusts Paul. He says he will call anyone out if he thinks they are being shady. Josh thinks it a vital week and that everyone wants them to take out Dom, but he isn’t sure that is what they should do. He says they are threatened by Alex and Jason. He says Dom has loyalty to nobody. Alex said she had Josh from day 1.
8:15 AM BBT Elena and Mark are talking in WR. She said that Dom obviously has some issue with her. Elena says that she was totally campaigning for Dom and now she feels dumb. Josh turns out lights in HOH and leaves Alex to go to sleep. Christmas, Josh, and Paul are whispering in the kitchen area. Paul says that Dom sunk her own ship. Josh says he trusts Christmas and Paul. They don’t understand why Dom attacked Paul. She should be rallying to keep herself in the house. Elena tells Mark that he is in a difficult spot since his best friend is on the block. (Dom) Paul said Dom is full of shit. Josh said that Dom did tell him that there is a snake in the house. Paul said she told him there were 3 snakes. They are trying to figure out who she thinks the snakes are. Paul said he thinks she means him, Christmas, and Elena. Paul tells Josh that he is safe and that he wants to keep working with him.
8:30 AM BBT Christmas tells Paul and Josh that she gets frustrated when someone says I know a secret about you but won’t tell it. Josh says that his actions are going to prove his words. Paul says if you scratch my back, I will scratch your back. He says he owes Josh for voting Cody out. Paul says the vote is going to be 9-1 against Dom. They break up and head to bed. Elena and Mark walk to the bedroom. Christmas wants in the DR to get her pain beds. Mark changes his batteries. Josh and Paul head to their beds. Elena changes her batteries and goes to BR. They are all going to bed.
8:45 AM BBT – 9:45 Am BBT All HGs in bed.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th
10:00 AM BBT All HGs are asleep.Feeds on FISh should be wake-up call.
10:13 AM BBT Feeds return. Only Matt is up. He puts coffee filters and napkins in coffee maker. HG MUST REMAIN AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM. THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON.None of the other HGs get up or turn on the light. Matt cleans in the KT.Matt goes to WR, no one else is moving.
10:22 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH
10:25 AM BBT Feeds return with Christmas in WR THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY Christmas heads to the DR.Feeds show and empty LR. and A Dark HOH,
10:30 AM BBT HOH room still dark. Kevin changing batteries in SR. THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY.Kevin with his hand towel over his shoulder heads to WR.Kevin returns to Green BR Dom tells him to turn on the lights. ELENA PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Christmas changes batteries. The Green room has lights but Christmas crawls into bed in Rose BR leaving those off.ELENA PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM.The HG slumber on. ELENA PLEASE GO TO THE DR. She finally gets up and goes.She went to the WR and is now in DR.HOH lights are finally on.
10:45 AM BBT Elena in DR everyone else still in bed.
11:00 AM BBT The lights are on in the house. Everyone is in bed except Elena who is in the DR The HG had a late night comp. Then stayed up for hours talking game.THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY.
11:15 AM BBT The Feeds show the HOH room with Alex in bed and the Green BR. BB shouts out for different HG to change batteries.Jess and Jason in SR changing batteries They head back to bed. Elena is out of DR. ALEX PLEASE GO TO THE DR.Alex gets cleaned up for the DR Jason is still asleep in HN room NO NAPPING HG. HG MUST BE AWAKE FROM THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM.Jason mumbles along with BB.
11:30 AM BBT Alex heads downstairs to DR Ramses wanders back to bed.Alex heads back to HOH THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY I SAID!THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY.Ramses is in KT GOOD MORNING HG IT’S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY Ramses is in the WR brushing his teeth.Jess is up and in WR.HG MUST BE AWAKE BETWEEN 10AM AND 10PM. Matt and Ramses chat in the KT.Jess can’t believe it is 11:40 Ramses says they have been waking us up for awhile. Jess says “Have they?”
11:45 AM BBT Ramses makes tea Matt cleans KT.
11:46 AM BBT Feeds go to fish Ramses and Matt discuss the noises out back and he wants his clothes. NO NAPPING! Matt and Ramses talk dreams PLEASE NO NAPPING,PRETTY PLEASE.Christmas gets up. Matt and Ramses talk about his use of the curse.Christmas has trouble taking her bags and crutches to the WR. Matt says it bothers him that his emotional well being relies on the cleanliness of this KT.HG MUST REMAIN AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10AM AND 10PM. Christmas Matt and Ramses complain about the other HG cleanliness.
12:00 AM BBT Most HG are still in bed. Christmas Matt and Ramses talk deadbeat dads and wannabes. Christmas asks is there anything wrong with her wanting to be a sugar momma. Ramses and Christmas need to get a middle name. Kevin rolls into the KT. KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Christmas and Kevin hug. Christmas gives details of her pain meds. She needs it every 2 hours. Matt and Christmas say they need to make someone new do the dishes. Matt and Ramses argue about the insanity of staying up so late so early in the game. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION.Kevin yells at Ramses to cover his mouth when he burps. Ramses says no Kevin this is my house. Ramses heads to HOH.but Alex is still in bed The Fish flash up on feeds.
12:15 AM BBT Feeds return with Alex in HOH bed and Kevin wandering the KT with shaving cream on his face. Kevin shaves his chest. Ramses and Matt count votes.Matt needs to shower. WAKEY WAKEY HG.Kevin tells Ramses to touch his face to see how smooth he shaved Alex is in hoh laying down watching Kevin and Ramses on the tv screen.Kevin asked Ramses if he wants some yogurt and Ramses says no.Kevin tells Ramses everyone sleeps most of the day and Ramses says to Kevin production is take down the pov set outside.
12:30 PM BBT All houseguest are sleeping except Kevin and Ramses and Matt .Kevin goes to storage room and grabs yogurt. Kevin goes in the green bedroom and Josh wakes up.Matt is heading to shower.BB says wakey wakey house guest. In the kitchen Ramses and Kevin while Kevin is playing around being silly while they talk to the camera. Kevin plays airplane and choo choo like he did with his kids. I’m guessing he’s pretending to be preparing food like a cooking show. Having some yogurt. Ramses tells the cameras that he doesn’t know what’s going on and is so alone in this season. Kevin still playing with Ramses telling America that he has been mean to him. Christmas comes in looking for her drink and Kevin asks if she wants some yogurt? She tells Kevin that last night was a big deal. She says that Paul called Dominique out and says that she didn’t have answers. She says that she is gone but doesn’t know if the veto will be used. She says she thinks that the noms might stay the same. Jason comes in and Kevin makes fun of him because he stayed up so late.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, July 15th
12:45 PM BBT Kevin and Jason go into the lounge and says that last night they talked about Raven or mark going up instead of Jessica. That mark doesn’t want to go up but Paul said it was better for his game so he wouldn’t have to vote against Dominique. Matt is in the bathroom getting dressed and Jason comes in to brush his teeth and wash his face. Dominique is sitting on the floor putting on makeup. No conversation happening. Ramses gets called into the DR and Raven hobbles in, her and Matt getting something to eat. Mark is now called into the DR. Christmas wraps her leg in plastic and Saran Wrap so she can shower. Ramses takes her a chair so she can sit down. Matt tells Jason that he feels like the show will help his career.
1:00 PM BBT Raven and Jason talking about how much sleep Alex has not got and that Thursday she never went to sleep and hardly any last night. Jason starts talking about bandannas that he sells and Matt tells him to maybe make a character and that might help. Jessica comes in the kitchen and Matt and Raven laugh and talk with her. Jessica starts talking about a dream she had about going to a restaurant. Jason says that this is his first day of week 2 of consecutive being a have not. Ramses says he has the season’s record. Ramses complains about his throats hurting. Jessica and Raven decide to eat fruit loops. Ramses and Dominique in the bathroom alone while Christmas is in the shower. No one is talking.
1:15 PM BBT In the living room Kevin, Jason and Ramses talking about all the drama last night while Kevin is trying to work out. Kevin tells Jason to go wake up Alex. Kevin laughs and says that if he heads upstairs everyone will run behind like he’s the mama chick. Mark comes out of DR as Kevin sings a bar of “sun shiny day” before the feeds go out for a minute. Jessica goes to the DR, Mark is in the kitchen while Matt is cleaning. Mark comes into the bathroom where still nothing is said between him and Christmas or Dominique. Mark smiled and said hi to Jessica and Christmas and Jessica spoke but no one else has. Back in the living room Ramses and Kevin talking about hoh and that there are cameras. Kevin asks if they have ever had anyone masturbate in the shower or bathroom stall and it was filmed and played on camera. Ramses says no, he asks Kevin if he wants to? He says no, and they both laugh. Alex finally comes down and is sitting in the living room with Ramses.
1:30 PM BBT Kevin comes Back In from the bathroom and she talks about her hurting and how tired she was. He asks her about the drama last night and she says it wasn’t about her. He says he wasn’t gonna go up there for that because there was so many all in her space. Jessica and Dominique in the bathroom kinda making amends for how they treated each other. After she leaves Christmas and Jessica talk about how being on the block and the division of the house and how they feel. Christmas says she feels good about herself and her comfort in who she is. She does feel betrayed but is unsure of from who. She thinks that she might need to talk to Dominique again. She tells Jessica that she tried to call out Paul but didn’t really come off with any clear reasoning. She hopes that Dominique will spend some time and try to clarify herself.
1:45 PM BBT Dominique comes back in and Christmas asks her if she is going to talk to the whole house and try to clarify herself. She says she is not sure. Christmas says she should consider it so she can go in composed and not so blindsided and heated. She says it might do her some good and Dominique says she will consider it. In the lounge Raven, Matt and Mark talking with Alex. Mark says that he is not fighting for Dominique he just says that Ramses and Jessica and Christmas are all sketchy too but yet that they are all safe. Raven says that Dominique is the one doing something right now and splitting the votes. Mark says that he will do whatever you want. He says that he respects Alex and will leave it alone. Matt and Raven left alone in the lounge and Matt says that Alex cannot control Jason. He says that Alex has even said this. Matt also thinks that Paul is overly paranoid about how close the other side of the house is. Matt says it is really strange that Jessica chose Jason to play for her veto and that maybe they are working together. Which is strange since Alex hates Jessica. They say that a pawn this week might not really be for real. Raven says Dominique did this to herself because she did that dumb show and Mark can’t see that because they are friends.
2:00 PM BBT Raven in the lounge with Matt talking about Jessica not being nervous and how the dynamic of the game changes week to week. That mark can’t wrap his head around it and that he doesn’t understand if he goes on the block it will show his loyalty and trust. Mark, Jason and Alex talking about the block and Jason keeps talking about why they want to put Mark up. Mark tells them that he trust Elena, Alex, Matt , Raven, Himself, Paul and Dominique. He says that they have the votes and Matt says that if he wins HOH he is putting up Jessica and Ramses and Christmas as a backdoor.
2:15 PM BBT Alex and Christmas are still talking about Dom. Alex is saying Christmas that they need her vote. Alex said she implicated Christmas because she voted for Ramses. Christmas said she told Dom she wasn’t trusting Dom because she implies and implicates people without actually naming names and she is frustrated with her. Christmas said Dom takes information and keeps it and never gives anyone any information back. Alex said Dom told her that Gillian was coming after her. She tried to tell her she was not after her. She is misunderstanding information and it is kinda dangerous. Christmas said that Dom is very aggressive when she is targeting and strategizes. Christmas said she heard Dom said that there is an infiltrator and there is a team within a team but she will never say a name or who it is. Alex asked what changed in their relationship? She said she had a connection with her based on what they do outside the house.
2:30 PM BBT Mark said he has a connection with Dom too but she does not speak game with him either. Christmas said yeah she really doesn’t talk game with her either. Jessica rang the doorbell to the HOH room. Alex said, “who is it?” Then Alex let her in. Mark then asked Christmas if she wanted eggs and ham. She said yes she does and thanked him. Jessica asked what they will be doing today. Christmas said nothing that she knows of. They are no longer talking game as of when Jessica came in. Christmas said her eyes are dry. Jason asked if she wanted her to get her eye drops. She said no and that she want him to tell her a story. Jason said he needs to feed the fish. Raven starts talking to the fish. Jessica asked what the food is and Raven said it’s bloodworms. They start talking about makeup. Dom and Josh are down in the Green Apple room talking game. Raven, Paul and Ramses go in the Storage room and talk game. Paul and Ramses go out and into the kitchen to get food. Matt and Mark are in there cooking and eating already. Raven also comes into the kitchen. Kevin also comes into the kitchen with trash from the other rooms. And he empties them into the kitchen trash and takes it to the storage room. Christmas and Jason also come down to the kitchen.
2:45 PM BBT Paul and Jason go in the Green Apple room and discuss who is being put up and voted out. Paul asked Jason if Mark is still rooting for her still after what went down. Jason said he doesn’t think so and that Mark is just staying out of the limelight. They left. Jason and Kevin went into the storage room and discussed pressuring to put a pawn up. Kevin said it should be 10 to 1. Josh and Jason talk in the storage room. Jason said you have to vote for Dominique right. Josh said yes he is. Josh then was talking about Matt going up then he might vote him. Jason said, “No! It doesn’t matter who goes up next to her! Vote for Dominique!” Josh said, “No, yeah, yeah, yeah I am.” Jason said, “You just said you would vote for Matt.” Josh said, “No. I will vote for Dom.” Jason goes in the LR with Raven and Matt and then Kevin joins them. Paul and Mark are in the Green Apple room talking game. Paul said “they” told him to talk with Mark because he was told he would only listen to him. Mark said he doesn’t feel comfortable and he told Alex that. Mark told Paul that he knows for a fact that Kevin voted against the group twice. Mark said he told Alex he does not feel comfortable being put up as a pawn but he respects her as the HOH. Paul said he will talk with her again. Paul said that if Power has told him that they are going to do it especially as many time as they have then that is what is going to happen. Jessica peeked into the room. Mark said he was never ok with Alex being in power. Mark said he is not fighting for Dom. Paul said he gets to play again next week and everything will be different. Paul said this is his chance to put a shift in the game. Mark told her that if she does put him up he respects it.
3:00 PM BBT Paul said Cody was going and threw Mark’s and Dom’s names out and now is his chance to turn his game around. He told him what happened with him last season when he was put up against Victor. Paul said he know why they are doing this. Mark said he is doing it but he is not comfortable and he will not campaign for Dom. Paul said ok but he is trying to comfort him. Mark said he doesn’t need to be comforted. Mark said why don’t they want Ramses out or Jessica? Why do they want Dom out when she is isolating herself. Mark said he doesn’t trust Matt and Raven because they are a couple. Paul said he has to tell Alex he talked to Mark. And he says he will tell her what he has said. Mark said he trusts Paul and Elena. Paul said he totally wasn’t expecting what happened yesterday. Then Paul starts talking about the dumb things Elena says and about jealousy and etc. Mark said he totally trusts Paul and respects him. Paul said Elena must make him uncomfortable. Paul said he is going to go upstairs and talk with Alex and tell her what they discussed. Mark said ok.
3:15 PM BBT Alex and Paul high five. Alex asked Paul if he is working with Kevin. He said no why. Alex said he is the one that is stirring the pot. Alex said he didn’t vote for Cody. Alex said he is playing them and he doesn’t know they are working together. Paul said he doesn’t think it is Kevin he thinks it is Dom. And Paul said he doesn’t know how to play. They agreed that Kevin is smart. Paul said next week if he wins HOH he is putting up Ramses. Paul said he likes Kevin and has a connection with him. But that he is real and they don’t think he will screw them at all. Paul told Alex that Kevin said, “that girl loves you.” He said he highly doubts it is Kevin behind their backs. Paul said he totally trusts Kevin. Paul then told Alex exactly what he talked to Mark about. And he is definitely going up as a pawn because of the connection with Dom. Alex said Mark is going around trying to see if the noms will remain the same. Paul said, “Don’t do that.” He needs to be up there. Alex asked, “Do we really have the votes? Because I do not want Mark to go home.” Paul said for Alex to go tell Jason that. Alex asked Paul to tell Jason. Paul said, “No, I don’t want it to look like I’m orchestrating this.”
3:30 PM BBT They leave the HOH room. Alex stops in the LR and asks Christmas if she puts Mark on the block will she still vote for Dom and she said she will. Ramses is also there and she asks him the same question. Ramses says, “Definitely!” Alex then goes into the BR and asks Raven the same question. She said yes. Alex told Raven that Dom said she doesn’t trust her and Matt and she didn’t want to tell her that because she knows she likes her. Raven said Dom twists everything. Raven told her that she told Matt she trusts that what Alex says she will do she does. Then Alex went into the kitchen and Kevin was there. She asked him if he wants to talk. And they head upstairs. Josh and Mark are up in the HOH room when they get up there. Alex asked them all what is going on in their heads. Josh says he totally trusts Paul. And after she was confronted he knows she has to go. But she was crying in the room and he was just being human and consoling her and wishing her luck. Then they talk about the fish for a minute. Then Alex asks Mark how he is feeling. Marks says he told Dom he likes her personally and doesn’t know what happened. He said he knows she has to go home. Josh left the HOH room. Then Alex says to Mark she has to tell him she has to put him up to ensure Dom goes. Mark says he understands what she has to do and he trusts her. But he is not going to sit here and say he is comfortable. Mark is visibly upset and he said he did not go against the votes.
3:45 PM BBT Elena, Jason and Matt are talking in the Rose Room. Eleena said all of yesterday was awkward yesterday. Jason said all of that Dom did was a dhit storm yesterday. Matt said she sat up there for 30 minutes straight and said there was an infiltrator and she wouldn’t say who it was. But then she did and said it was Paul. Jason said he doesn’t get why she said it out loud but why she said it but there is nothing they can do to get him out yet. Jason and Matt left the RR. They went to the kitchen. Jason gets a pickle and eats it. Mark and Alex are still in the HOH room still talking about him going up on the block. Paul and Elena were in the kitchen also. Paul said he was going to go up to the HOH room. But then he said it was locked and came back down to the kitchen. Alex came downstairs.
4:00 PM BBT-4:30 PM BBT Feeds down after HG’s told by production to go up to HOH
4:30 PM BBT All exiting HOH room. Alex having to choose to Have Nots. Jason, has an extension so he is still a Have Not. Alex chose Mark, Josh, and Ramses. Josh & Mark run to the Diary room to be the first one to get the chance to not be a Have Not. They tell Ramses to run too, but he decides not to. He says he would rather have the one week instead of risking 2 weeks as a Have Not. Kevin and Jason go to the Apple room and discuss how Kevin has been asked not to do the “show” and Kevin says that they are a bunch of babies. Josh and Mark will have to wait to see who gets the chance at escaping being a Have Not. There will be a random draw to see who gets it. Lots of talking in background while Kevin is talking to Ramses and then Christmas. In the SR, Elena, Alex, Mark, and Jason talking about the new slop. That it has whey in it instead of Soy. Mark and Josh get called to the Diary room. Josh jokingly tells Mark that he is going down “meatball.” Kevin, Paul, and Jason in the Apple Room. They are talking about what Jason will do with the POV. Jason says if he pulls Jess off, it is up to Alex who she puts up. Kevin says that the others need to know what it is like to be put up like they have been.
4:45 PM BBT Josh and Mark out of Diary room. Josh goes back in. A lot of talking at once. Josh comes back out and says that he will get instructions later. Jess is moving out of the Have Not room. Kevin tells Jess that she can bunk in their room. Ramses tells Jess that she can have his bed. Jess says that she will swap blankets though and Ramses says that is ok. Kevin says as soon as the BY is open again, he will wash all the sheets. Christmas and Elena are in the Apple Rom. Christmas is telling Elena that she has seen relationships ebb and flow since they came into the house,but she still really feels close to Elena. They are discussing Dom and never asking her for more concrete information. Back in the Have Not room Josh has the key and has to choose either purple or orange box. Josh is choosing purple because everyone is wearing purple and he gets an extra week of being a Have Not. All are laughing at him. Kevin tells him at least he tried. Back in the Apple Room, Elena says that she now has certain doubts about everyone. But, she will take things and evaluate them. Raven brings a sandwich to Elena and informs that they will be having steak, potatoes,and vegetables for dinner. Christmas says that she does not think the other vote for Ramses was Dom. All of sudden Elena can be heard, but not clearly what she is saying.
5:00 PM BBT Elena can be heard now, she says she doubts that the extra vote for Ramses, came from one of her trusted allies. She says though, that just because you trust someone does not mean that you should trust them, Christmas says that she wants to tell her about her conversation with Cody. Christmas says that he came up to her and she said that she wanted to know why he had such animosity for her. Christmas told him that Jess interpreted somethings as fact and that she(Christmas) was not going after Jess at that time, Christmas says that she is very much an alpha girl and she knows that she can be very domineering, but that she toned it down coming into the house. Christmas says that she went to Dom and Mark to convey what she was told and give them the chance to explain,not as she was accusing them and believing what Cody told her about them. Christmas says that Cody told her that his initial target was Paul, but when he could not put Paul up, he took his observations of Christmas and what others said about her, and used that information to put her up against Jillian. Elena is telling Christmas about a conversation she had with Raven and Matt about Mark before she got to know Matt as well as she does now. She asked them if they thought that Mark was only interested in her as a showmance, because she blew him off at first, or if he really was interested. They are talking about one of Dom’s talk shows where they were discussing the showmance between Mark and Elena. How Christmas and Mark were being silly to lighten the mood, but that Mark went up to the Sky Bridge to play chess with Dom and that they talked for a long time up there. They wonder if Cody overheard any of their conversation and tried to use it against them to stir up paranoia. Josh pokes his head in and they told him that they heard that he got 2 weeks of being a Have Not. He says yes and leaves. The girls talk about the bromance between Mark, Matt,and Cody. Christmas says that she knew the guys were close, but that Mark upset her by not coming to check on her when she came back from the hospital when she first broke her foot. Production tells Dom no napping. She says that she knows that Dom and Mark voted for her to stay. So she has some doubts at what Cody told her.
5:15 PM BBT Elena is talking to Christmas about her relationship with Mark. How she does not know if he is playing her or not. Christmas says that Mark’s interest is genuine. Christmas doubts that Cody and Dom had any relationship or were close, but both know that Mark and Dom were close. Elena says that Mark knows that his name is being tossed around right now. Elena says that she thinks that they have run the Dom situation to death. In the WR, Jason and Kevin are talking in low whispers. Kevin says that he is fixing to tell Dom to get up out the bed. He wants his room back. He says that Dom complains that “they” broke her heart. Jason says that someone is flipping votes. Kevin says he thinks it is Raven. That he is tired of his name being thrown around as the one who flipped. Jason asks what Paul said Mark said about Kevin. Kevin said that Mark is cool with Kevin. Kevin says that Jason does realize that they wanted Jason on the block the first week when Alex took herself down. And does he realize that it was Cody that kept him off the block. Now Cody is gone. Jason says that he does not want to waste his POV win. Jason leaves the WR and Mark joins Kevin. They discuss the noms and leave. In the kitchen it is Paul, Josh, Mark, Jason, Jess, Alex, and Ramses. They are discussing food and moisturizing masks. In the WR it is Matt and Raven are talking. Paul comes in and ask what is up. Raven says they were just discussing how Dom was talking about all of them.

5:30 PM BBT Paul is talking to Matt and Raven how Dom implied that he was “the snake”. How she would lay out points and let people connect them and say a name without her actually saying the name. Paul says that he knows what she is about now. He says that Dom says that she is all about the team, but she threw out Paul and Elena’s name. Paul says that shows that she is not a team player, He asked if they caught that Dom said that she did not have an inner alliance with Cody. Raven says yes, that they think that she has an inner alliance with Mark. Paul tells them that he informed Mark that if he gets on the block as a pawn, he needs to trust those that tell him that they have his back. That by trying to avoid being a pawn, he is makin it look like he has a secret alliance with Dom and that you don’t trust your allies. They are talking about a show Dom hosted and how they did not like a question that Dom asked and how aggressive Mark got. Raven says that Alex told her that Dom was upset that before noms that Matt and Raven distanced themselves from her. Raven says that she told Alex they were not distancing, but they never know where Dom is at in the house, but that whenever that she always talked to Dom when she saw her. Paul says that Dom claims that Mark, Elna, him and a few others cannot be trusted. Paul says that this is a game, he is not taking things personally, unless his character is attacked. Paul says that at first Dom accused just him of being an infiltrator and now there are several. Paul says that she cannot keep her stories straight. Mark has joined them and says that he will vote for Dom to go home. Raven says that it does not look good when she freaks out on others when she is on the block, Paul says to Mark, that it did not look good for you when Dom hugged you when she left the room, and no one else.
5:45 PM BBT Raven is informing Mark that Dom is implying that she has a strong relationship with Mark inside the house. Paul says that we will take care of you. That you have to trust your group. That cracks in the group need to be taken out. That they have his back. They all agree that Dom blew up her own game, but that she is blaming others for making her a target now. How she did not actually answer Paul’s questions and how she would not say names. How she claimed the snake is a male that was in the room and she said it was not Mark and she was talking to Jason. That she was ignoring Paul, so that others would think that Paul was the snake. Matt tells Mark that he does not have to be loyal to Dom when she is throwing him under the bus. Mark says that he is done with Dom. Elena comes in and tells Paul there is something on his face. Paul says that he is shedding and laughs. Paul leaves. Jess comes in and they are discussing the alcohol content of mouthwash. In the Apple Room, Christmas is talking to Kevin. They are talking about the POV and what Jason can do. Raven brings Christmas some hot tea. Raven says that she making the tea rounds. After she leaves, Kevin and Christmas think Raven coming in at that time was a bit sketchy. Kevin says that he has ears and for Christmas to trust him. Then production comes over the intercom saying, “ What don’t you understand about no napping? WAKE UP.” In SR, Josh asks Alex if Matt knows that he is a target of Josh’s? She says no, but not to talk about it until he gets an HOH.
6:00 PM BBT Raven/Elena/Jess/Mark/Matt laughing in WC about writing a eulogy because Ramses’ has was so rank. They recreate the scene complete with sound effects. Ramses has no shame and takes part in the re-enactment. Jessica says how horrific the whole experience was and Ramses says she’s not exaggerating. Meanwhile, Paul is upstairs in the HOH ensuite brushing his beard and talking to Jason. He tells Jason he’s not sure what Alex wants to do. Paul says Dom tried to spin things on him but it backfired. Josh says he respects her on a personal level but on a game level, not so much. Paul says if someone comes after him, he’s gonna make her squirm. She’s so used to asking the questions, but as soon as you ask her something, she looks down and squirms.
Paul: I’m honest, you can choose to pick my brain and work with me, or you can go against me; Cody went against me. Josh: I’m so tired of people dragging my name. I ain’t telling nobody nothin’.. Paul “ who’s dragging your name???” Josh: “I don’t know. “
Josh and Paul think there’s a buyback. Jason “what’s a buyback??”. Paul says they’re building something outside, we’re having an HOH tomorrow. Josh says whoever comes back we’ll send them right out the door. Jason “d’uh, I don’t even know what a buyback is. What do you mean, whoever comes back?” . Alex arrives and explains battle back concept to Jason. They see Dom make her way upstairs and no one is happy.
6:15PM BBT Alex, Jason, Josh and Paul talk a bit about last season and S16. Jason asks how hot Zakiyah is. Paul says she’s pretty, no denying that, but her game wasn’t so great. Paul says the Codyfish is a dickhead. He’s a rude- ass fish who nips at everyone. They named him Cody. Paul says tonight is the Den of Temptation (we know it’s not until next week, where whoever takes the Halting Hex will set the battle back into motion, and letting a previous HG reenter the game).
Paul gives Jason advice on facial hair. Jason said he wanted to grow it but BB made him shave it “for continuity”.
Meanwhile Elena says she really wanted to win HOH and get the letter and she wouldn’t have nommed Jessica. Elena says Alex expressed concerns about Dominique and Mark. Elena says she went to bat for them both. Elena wants to know if there’s any truth in the fact that Dom and Mark were involved in Christmas’s nomination. Jessica says all she knows is she walked in on the 3 of them and everyone stopped talking which was bizarre. She says she was not told anything… and she didn’t hear what was said so she can’t vouch for Mark.
everyone squeals that they can go out in the BY. Almost all HG go immediately outside not speaking any game. Kevin comes into WC to remind Elena and jess to come outside.
Feeds back to Paul who’s now telling Mark that even cowboy told him that Dom heavily implied that he is a snake. He says please tell me either how I’m a snake, or why you lied about it. Dom stalled by saying she wanted to tell the house, and then changed her mind real quick and is now having mysterious one on ones with people.
6:30PM BBT Paul says to Mark if you ever go on the block as a pawn, keep your cool because Dom is going to self destruct.
Paul and Mark leave the HOH suite and Paul meets Christmas to catch up. Christmas tells Paul he’s the only person who knows how she really voted. He asks if it got around. She says no but I’m freaking out about it. She’s having a bit of a moral conflict right now because she doesn’t like to lie. Paul says here’s bigger fish to fry right now. Paul says Dominique trashed his name to 5 people this week and he made her look like the fool she is. Christmas says Dominique apologized to Jess for being so rude to her last week. Paul says she’s trying to pull herself out of this. He says when you’re telling the truth you fight.. and since she hasn’t fought, it shows she’s a liar. They finish their convo and head to the BY with everyone else. Paul goes back inside with Raven . They go into SR to catch up. He reminds her Dom shunned (quarantined) herself because she was wrong. They grab some meat and marinade for dinner.
6:45PM BBT Marlena is in he hammock and she is saying she is not 100% sure; things aren’t adding up. Mark says Dom turned what they talked about personally into something that could benefit her in the game, and not only that, but she completely distorted and twisted what he said. Mark says he went to Dom this morning and told her he loves her and once again, an ally of his is in a tight spot, but he hopes she can separate game from reality .
Mark gets off the hammock and Paul strolls over to chat with Elena and Jessica. He’s telling them the same angle he just told Raven, Christmas, josh, Mark and Jason. He’s saying why would Dominique continue to seclude herself if she’s telling the truth? Why wouldn’t she be fighting? Meanwhile Dom is in the KT preparing a snack (PBJ toast?) being completely silent as Paul is back to her.
Back on the hammock, Jessica, Matt and Elena wonder about the Den of Temptation. Jessica reiterates to Elena that Cody told her that several people in the alliance wanted Christmas up first in their alliance. Jess says no one was okay with Cody putting Paul up nor knew about it in advance but Cody wanted to go after Paul as another alpha and that’s just the way Cody thinks. Jess says she expected him to put up Jason. Jess says she told Cody she’s going to get him a mug that reads ‘Worst Big Brother Player Ever’. Elena says he came into the game with fire under his ass and she understands his big move.
7:00PM BBT Elena says if Paul hadn’t had the Pendant of protection she still wouldn’t have voted him out. Jessica says she told Cody that he didn’t have the votes no matter what and the fact that Paul had immunity was irrelevant. Elena wants jess to know that even though she didn’t want to vote Christmas out, doesn’t mean she wanted to go against Jess ans Cody. Elena says she knows jess and Cody wanted to spend their last week together and that jess probably feels like they were isolated and the rest of the HG probably think they secluded themselves. Elena mentions feeling backed into a corner. Elena says she’s had trouble with Mark because she’s making an effort not to be emotive because in a place like the BB house, being reactive can be detrimental to your game, but Mark feels that she doesn’t care about certain things because she’s keeping her emotions hidden.
Meanwhile and Paul and Raven prep dinner, Paul jokes with Mark about caking himself marky- Mark. Paul says he reminds him of Mark Wahlberg and that’s pretty much the best compliment ever.
Elena suggests for Jessica to have a private convo with Matt, Mark, Paul and Jason but don’t be insincere or disengenuous because they’ll be able to tell. Elena says maybe she’s not as cut out for BB as she thought.
7:15PM BBT Elena says she was hoping for the eviction to be early so Dominique could leave but it looks like she’ll have to stay until Thursday.
Matt and Jess saying lines from a movie and they both say the and line together and start laughing and freaking out. Kevin says he almost rubbed jessica’s breast. Jess says it’s like a genie lamp. She asks if he wants to rub it. Kevin says not right now. Jessica gets a huge kick out of his answer.
Inside, Raven tells Ramses Dom has literally thrown everyone under the bus. He asks if she would vote out Dom instead of Jessica. Raven says yes, 100%. She says they have the votes, solid. Ramses asks Raven if Elena would vote Dom out. Raven says oh yes the whole house is against her. Ramses says he wasn’t sure since he thought Dom and Elena were tight. Raven says people are tired of her talking trash about everyone.

7:30PM BBT Paul now in room with Elena filling her in on same info about Dom. Paul says if she has her talk show tonight he hopes nobody shows up because she will just try to spew her agenda. Elena says she wishes the evict was tomorrow. Paul says he still thinks so. Elena says wouldn’t they have had Veto ceremony? Paul says there is still tonight. Elena says she hopes so. Paul tells Elena to keep close tabs on Mark because he was still going to bat for Dominique this morning. Elena says she doesn’t want to be a do-nothing player like a James or Victoria but it’s early and she wants to be off the radar . Paul says he wants Ramses out of the game because he’s super sketchy but Dominique made herself a huge target.
Paul” you bat for me, I bat for you. I trust you. Elena “same”. Elena says I dreamt I had a dick and had buttsex with Whistlenuts wife. Paul “you went right to buttsex and you never even met Jason’s wife?”
Paul leaves and runs into Kevin. He tells Kevin Dom is out of here.
All feeds on Dominique alone in the lounge, blanketing. She tells the feeders she was betrayed , and it was pinned on her. She is asking America to send her a temptation. She says she trusts until you can’t be trusted and that might be where she went wrong. She says Paul disrespected her and her God. Hats one thing you cannot do and that’s disrespect her god. She says “a hit dog will always bark” and he was barking pretty loud last night. She says it sucks for Alex because she’s trusting people who would vote her out when they get a chance. She says she’s sure she’s missing things. Her plan at the Veto is say what it really is, and apologize to the HG who were offended, if it turns out she was wrong about Paul and Elena, she will apologize ahead of time.
7:45PM BBT Dominique says She doesn’t understand how Elena can stand behind someone who disrespects god. She says we cannot be cool when you disrespect my God.
She misses home. She enjoys Paul’s philosophy conversations. She says she’s smart enough to know when to speak and when not to speak. She prayed to god that if she’s wrong about Paul that He will correct her. She says it’s interesting how Paul doesn’t even have power yet the whole house respects him. She starts to compare Paul to a snake. Dom says she walked into a private convo between Paul and Raven and there was an awkward shift and deer in headlights look, game was being spoken. She finds it interesting how Paul and Elena became so close and had many private conversations [its called playing the game, girl!!]. Dom “lord knows I want to come after Paul and Elena so bad but idk if the house will support my residence here past Thursday”.
Meanwhile Elena and Mark in hammock. Elena asks Mark if he discussed anything with Dominique? Mark said he only went up to her because she was crying, and he says he can’t go to bat for her and there’s no reason for them to have open communications until after the Veto. He told her he’s in a similar spot to his feelings for Cody (he likes him as a person and respects him but couldn’t go against the house). Mark says Dom said she never tried to come in between him and Elena, nor throw her under the bus. Elena says you see how some things are not adding up here? Mark “yes”. Mark says he really hopes her eviction is tomorrow. Elena asks Mark who he would put up? Mark says he would nominate Ramses and Jessica. He doesn’t want to put jess up (Elena agrees) but he needs to put Ramses up though. Elena “are you deflecting?” Mark” I was trying to answer your question” Elena “Did you know Cody had a plan to go after Paul, whether long term or short term?”
Mark “NO. HELL NO! He voiced concerns about Paul and all the girls.” Elena “what were codys concerns about me?” Mark “he thought the girls would be hard to get out of the house. he was analyzing end game and was thinking 20 moves ahead, and I told him the blanket statement every time– let’s get to jury first, and go from there”
8:00PM BBT Mark says he went to jess instead of Cody to find out about noms, he felt uneasy because Cody wouldn’t give up any info. He says Cody said he didn’t want Mark to be involved just in case something went wrong. Mark says he was upset with how everyone was coming after him after Cody implied that he had told Mark he was going to nom Paul/Christmas.
Elena and Mark are outside on the hammock laying together. Christmas is in the kitchen preparing some food. Kevin, Jess and Jason are outside talking. Kevin is saying he could have and was asked for Playgirl. He said his daughter was on HBO. Paul and Raven are in the kitchen and Ramses also preparing food. They are going to make some muffins. Ramses is talking about Dom was saying to him. Kevin was saying he had to go check the stuff in the dryer. He says how his kids are embarrassed of him when they go out in restaurants.
8:15 PM BBT Kevin went to check the dryer. Jason went inside to the kitchen. Christmas is sitting at the dining table in the kitchen area. Paul is cooking french fries. Jessica came inside and ran through the kitchen. Jason asked where Alex is. Paul said she is in the DR. So Jason was going upstairs and said so no one is in the HOH room then and laughs. Paul asked him, “Cowboy, what are you going to do?” He came back downstairs. Then Josh went upstairs. Kevin came back in the house and in the kitchen. Paul said to him, “I can’t believe you had an offer to pose for Playgirl and didn’t do it.” Kevin said, “Yes. I had a chance to go to Milan and didn’t.” Jessica went back outside and is playing pool by herself. Matt joined Jessica outside and so did Raven. But then they both went back inside. Jessica also came back in. They are all getting ready to eat. Mark and Elena are still outside laying on the hammock together sleeping.
8:30 PM BBT Kevin and Jason went outside to play pool. Matt and Raven are in the BR talking. They went back out into the kitchen. Everyone is getting ready to eat in the kitchen. Mark and Elena got up and went to the Rose Room and got in bed. The others are all in the kitchen and are talking about getting a hernia. They are playing a guessing game. Dom is all by herself in the Wave Room room. She has sunglasses on and has a blanket on her legs.
8:45 PM BBT Ramses told everyone the word they were trying to guess and it was Household. Then Raven had a word they were trying to guess. Kevin and Jason went into their room and began to discuss the game. Kevin said Dom is weird. How she is just not talking to anyone now and not campaigning. He told Jason that he would have never guessed that it would be Cody in the beginning and now Dom. Kevin asked Jason who is going to put up. Christmas he said. Kevin said that she is going to go anyway. Kevin said Matt and Josh. Jason said he doesn’t know but he could do that. Kevin said he isn’t going to win HOH but if he does he will put them up. Kevin said they are probably put Jason and Ramses up if “they” win. Kevin said put up some of the “Makeup” girls up so we can get into the bathroom. Kevin says he thinks Matt is creepy. And he really thinks Josh should be gone.
9:00 PM BBT Kevin told Jason, “Let’s go have some food and champagne.” In the kitchen everyone is eating and still playing the guessing game. Christmas is trying to guess. Kevin joined the other hgs to eat. Jessica is the one that that they are trying to guess the word from. Josh says he has a guess but he won’t say it because he says it’s stupid. Jess says it starts with an emp. They are all trying to guess but are stumped. Jess said the word is Emphysema. They all said, “Ooohhh!” Kevin is shaving the back of Jason’s neck in the bathroom. Jason then continues cleaning up.
9:15 PM BBT Paul asks Raven to cut up the onion in the kitchen. The hsgs continue to play the word game in the kitchen. Jess tells Jason to think of a word. Ramses says I think everyone is over it. He does And he says it starts with a “C.” Dom is still in the Apple Room alone laying down with sunglasses on. No one is going in there or talking to her. Christmas is getting up and using a walker to move around the house. She is making her way to the LR. Someone guessed Jason’s word. It was Copper. Jessica says she has a word and it starts with PE. Paul asks Raven to check if the meat is cooked through all the way. Everybody is giving up on the game. Josh asked Jess if the word was Perpendicular. Jess asked Josh, “Do you know what that means?” Josh said, “No.” And Jess laughed and Josh said he was done playing with her. Then they all started to ask questions again and try to guess the word. Alex is out of the DR and joins all the other hgs in the kitchen to eat. Alex guessed the word.
9:30 PM BBT They all decided to quit playing the word guessing game. And Paul and Raven are still cooking dinner. Christmas gets up and Ramses helps her to go to DR. Dom continues to sit in the Apple Room all alone. Paul goes in there and tells her that there are some fries if she wants some. She says, “Thank you.” Josh goes in there and asks Dom if she is going to have any fries. And Dom says No and shakes her head. He said, “ You don’t want none?” And she shook her head again and said uh uh. “Thank you.” Jason and Josh went upstairs and sat down to play chess. All other hsgs are in the kitchen eating dinner now. Paul went into the Rose Room and told Mark and Elena that there is food in the kitchen done and to come and eat food. Ramses went into the Apple Room and sat down to talk to Dom. He said you seem down right now. Dom said, “You would be down too right now if this was you.” Ramses said he doesn’t know what is going on in her head and doesn’t want to guess how she feels but he hopes she feels better.” Dom said she was personally betrayed. Ramses said there is no way to prove that. Dom said, “America knows.” Ramses said, “I apologize if there was anything I did or said that hurt you because that was not my intent. Dom said thank you to Ramses and that she appreciates that. Then Ramses left the room. Kevin went outside. Paul joined him outside. Kevin then starts talking about Dom and the show. He said what is she going to do just read the bible for 92 days. He said they broke my heart. Kevin said he doesn’t understand what she was talking about.
9:45PM BBT Kevin said Josh keeps going to the DR and pushing the button for every reasons. Kevin tells Paul that that it would be Jason, Paul and him. Paul said he doesn’t know about Jason though. Mark joined them outside. Kevin said Dom is mad and he is afraid to walk past the AR because he gets the evil eye from her. Paul said he went and tried to talk to her and said that they are making a tv show and they are making entertainment. And he respects her and hopes that they can be friends outside of the house. And Kevin asked, “What did she say?” Paul said, “She just said uh huh.” Paul said even Cody spoke to him afterwards. Paul asked Mark if she is ignoring him too. Mark said he told her the same and hopes they can be friends outside of the house. He said Dom told him she understands. Kevin asked Paul if Cody will come back if they have a “buyback” or “bring back” or whatever. Paul said, “We won’t even know.” Paul said, “The weather is nice out here tonight.” Christmas is back in the kitchen eating now. Mark went outside now. He went back in and Jason went outside with Paul and Kevin.
10:00 PM BBT Elena comes outside and sits next to Kevin. Paul is recalling a convo with someone to Ramses. Ramses asks Elena what would it take for him to lick the bottom of his foot. Paul asks how dirty it is. Paul says $100. Kevin asks Paul if he’s a psychopath for agreeing to do that for $100. The houseguests are now drinking alcohol. Elena says that she’s such a lightweight. Alex brings up the multiple injuries. Christmas says that they’re going to have to cancel the show due to all the injuries. Mark quits a game of Pool, and Josh shouts to him to not be a quitter. Josh then pokes fun of Mark. While everyone in the backyard is hanging out drinking, Dom is in the house gathering her things and getting ready for bed.
10:15 PM BBT Alex recalls a story where she spit out foam after a keg stand, and after she spit, she shouted “Let’s do it again!” While the houseguests are eating cookies, Christmas said “They shouldn’t call this Big Brother, they should call this Fat Brother.”
10:30 PM BBT One of the HGs jokingly suggest that BB will start the next veto comp, and another HG says that “that wouldn’t be lit.” Josh it calling pockets while playing pool, and Alex finds this funny, calling it theatrics. Ramses says to Jess that he feels bad that he BSed her, saying that Dom made him look really bad in front of everyone. He says that he wants to get rid of Dom. Jess says that it’s fine and laughs it off.
10:45 PM BBT Elena and Mark leave the backyard, saying “goodnight.” Alex, Ramses, and Paul sneak into the HN room and hit Jason with pillows. Ramses is irritated with Josh for taking his bed. Josh jokingly fights with Ramses and lifts Ramses, but Alex tells him to put him own ‘cause that’s how Christmas broke her foot. Paul tells Alex that she’s wasted. Alex goes into the HoH room and says that “it’s like an inferno.” In the backyard, Christmas recalls when Paul took Alex’s bed. They question if Dom’s still going to do the show. Kevin asks Ramses about his sleeping situation, and Ramses says that Josh took his bed. Kevin says that Josh can’t take his bed, and is ready to confront him, but Ramses stops him. Kevin goes to the HN room with Paul. Paul suggests taking his pillows, so he and Paul do so.
11:00 PM BBT Kevin goes to the backyard and tells Jessica what he did. Josh confronts Kevin in the HN room to not mess with his bed. Kevin says that he didn’t do anything and to “check the tapes.” Josh continues to fight with Kevin and Mark and says to not “fuck with his shit.” He says to “leave him the fuck alone.” Mark says “You are gonna come at me and say I’m going to get emotional?” Josh says “If I go back and forth with you, you’re gonna lose your shit“ After Josh leaves the HN room, Paul and Mark mess with Josh’s bed again.
11:15 PM BBT In the red room, Christmas says that she doesn’t want to unpack, in case she’s nominated again. Mark asks if she’s heard anything. She says that she hasn’t, just doesn’t want to go through that again. In the HN room, Paul messes with Jason’s bed so when he lays on it, it’s just spikes. Josh discovers what they did and laughs. Ramses sits on spikes. They laugh, and Ramses says that it’s been a while. In the backyard, Matt and Rave are the only ones in the backyard, talking to America (the cameras).
11:30 PM BBT Matt and Raven are being cutesy in the backyard, while most of the HGs are hanging out in the green room.
11:45 PM BBT The HGs are settling down. Ramses says that he’s drinking caffeinated coffee. Matt jokingly says to Raven that he’s going to turn on the TV and find out that Raven’s a serial killer and try to kill him. In the green room, Kevin asks Ramses when the moon landing was. He answers. Kevin asks who told him that. Ramses says “the history books.” Kevin says that it was him that told him. Christmas says that Ramses is implying that Kevin’s old.

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