Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, August 12th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, August 12th

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12:00 AM BBT In the kitchen are Mark, Elena, Kevin, Alex and Paul. They are all having casual talk about their food situation. Cameras switch to Matt and Raven in bed chatting with the lights out. They are giggling and whispering about something. Raven says apparently that is my role this week. In the kitchen cameras are on Kevin, the soon go to the rest of the houseguest where some are snacking. And they are all having casual conversation about the ingredients in Coca-Cola. Raven is now up headed to the bathroom. Most of their houseguest continued to talk about the calorie amount of Coca-Cola. Paul goes to the bathroom and returned to the kitchen with Raven’s extensions. He appears to be trying to find somewhere to hide it. Paul climbs on the kitchen counter and BB says no climbing. Paul obliges and hangs her extensions near the HOH stairs. Cut to fish. Feeds return with more talk in the kitchen about Coca-Cola calories. Paul returns to the kitchen with Matt and Raven. Raven sees her hair that Paul hung and she says are you kidding me.
12:15 AM BBT Raven comes to the kitchen with something to climb on to get her extension hair. Paul stops her and takes it down himself.Lot of casual talk and side conversations continue as most houseguest are in the kitchen. Conversation turns to Mark’s weight loss. Lots of side conversations but no game talk. Josh and Jason are now in the kitchen lay fighting having lots of laughter BB” no horsing around. They houseguest continue casual talk and Cut to Fish. Feeds are back with Elena thanking Paul and Christmas for feeding her.
12:30 AM BBT Cameras are on Paul massaging Elena’s shoulders. Paul complains about the amount of knots she has. Paul tells them to try using the Pizza roller on their shin. Josh tries and Paul uses it again. Most of the houseguest are just watching on casually participating use the pizza roller. Paul proceeds to use it on Josh’s back. Kevin leaves the kitchen where houseguest still are. Alex and Mark and talking about issues they have with their feet. Cameras are on Paul as he hides in the Apple Room and scares Josh as he walks about of the bathroom. Josh says he is going to sleep. Paul, Mark and Elena are still having casual talk in the kitchen and Paul asks how she is feeling. She tells Paul she feels great. Cut to Fish.
12:45 AM BBT Feeds are back and Paul says I wonder what it is with you (talking to Mark). Paul mentions intimidation but it is hard to understand which houseguest is intimidated by Mark. Alex heads up to her HOH room. In the Green room, Josh, Jason and Kevin are in bad. Christmas is in the Green room as well. Kevin says that Jason has become cool. They have casual conversation but no game talk. Josh says he doesn’t want to be a have-not even though he volunteered. Christmas says he can’t complain since he volunteered. Christmas says tomorrow morning they will know who the have not are. Jason says he think there are going to be 4 have nots this week and Josh disagrees. The Green room goes over the noises they have heard over the BB intercom. They think about strategy to remember the sequence of the noises they heard.
1:00 AM BBT Josh mentioned the competition was fun. Kevin says they are all fun. Christmas says the ballerina safety competition was so cool.They think of new ways that the ballerina competition could have been better. Jason goes over what he could have done better in that competition as far as spinning. Josh wants to be the host of the veto competition. Kevin says Alex better not make him the host as he would take too long. The Green room continues to talk. Kevin questions what their lives will be like after Big Brother. Kevin tells Josh to ask for a Led Zeppelin on song tomorrow. They continue their casual talk about song request (I believe for the wake up). Someone starts singing and cut to fish. Feeds are back and Christmas appears to be sleeping while the rest of the Green room is having casual chit chat.
1:15 AM BBT In the kitchen, Elena and Paul are having casual chit chat where Elena is talking about tailgating Alex has joined their casual talk, Lights are now out in the green room. It appears that most of the houseguest are getting ready to go to sleep. All cameras are on the Green Room. Christmas gets up to go to bed and thanks Kevin for cuddling with her. Christmas heads into the bathroom to brush her teeth while cameras are on Elena and Mark in the kitchen. Mark tells Elena he isn’t sure if she is giving him a dirty look or she is just tired. Elena gets out of her chair to stretch. Elena says her leg went numb sitting how she was in the Apple room. Christmas comes back from the bathroom and Elena asks if she is going to bed. Christmas tells them she hopes she and Mark have a goodnight. Elena says she meant to go to bed an hour ago.
1:30 AM BBT Elena and Mark are still in the kitchen, Elena goes to the bathroom to take her makeup off and get ready for bed. Mark joins Elena in the bathroom and she she says him sitting on the Purple couch scares her. He ask why but it is hard to make out what she says. The cut to fish. Feeds are back and Cameras are on Elena grooming as Mark watches on. Kevin is now in the bathroom and tells Elena and Mark to have a goodnight. Mark whispers something but it is hard to hear. Elena says him picking her ideally isn’t good for her if Cody pull her off the block. Elena says to Mark that Paul assured her that everyone has their own agendas when Cody leaves the house. Elena appears to walk out to make sure no one was there and she comes back and they kiss. Elena tells Mark that she knows Paul has a deal with Jason, Kevin and Alex and is trying to figure out if she wants to call him out on it. Elena mentions that she doesn’t know if she would feel safe if Paul wins.
1:45 AM BBT Elena tells Mark that she is working her way into Kevin and Jason. Elena feels like people would rather fight with Mark than her. Elena complains about how Christmas is acting and says she needs to calm down. Elena says Josh is fun to be around until you have to have a serious conversation with him. Elena says she likes Jason. Elena says she thinks Christmas has this idea that she is dominant and a boss lady in her head and she needs to assert herself all of the time. They stop talking for a minute and Elena brushes her hair. She complains that it is so thin. Mark and Elena are talking in the washroom about Josh bring up Dominque, Mark is saying if he brings it up one more time he is going to lose it. Elena says the Christmas shit is as annoying as f**k. Elena said she heard what was going on walked into the room, but she did not want to address anything with me. Elena says we need to get to Matt and Raven. Mark says he doesn’t trust Matt and Raven, that he trusts Jason and Alex more than them. Elena says that you need to stay away from Cody right now. Mark says he confronted Christmas so she could not run around to other HGS with her twist on it. Mark asks her if there is anything he can do for her birthday, she says let me pray on it. Elena has been called to the DR. Alex is in the kitchen in the freezer, she asks Elena if she forgot about her bottle of water, Elena tells her that yes she forgot it. Mark comes out of the washroom and talks to her in the kitchen.
2:00 AM BBT Mark says he may want to use her shower in the morning, she says yes. Alex says Cody did a great job cleaning the kitchen. She says there is no reason for everyone to be so petty. They say goodnight, she heads back upstairs. Mark heads into the HN Room where Cody is sleeping. He grabs some of his things and goes back out into the kitchen, heads into the washroom to change for bed. Mark has gone into the Rose Room to bed. Elena is still in the Dr. Mark goes into the HN Room to grab some pillows. All HGS but Elena are in bed asleep. Elena is in the DR.
2:15 AM BBT All HGS but Elena are sleeping. Elena is still in the DR.
2:30 AM BBT All HGS but Elena are asleep. Elena is still in the DR.( 2:31 AM BBT) Elena comes out of the Dr and heads to the washroom, where she starts to remove her makeup. She goes to the washroom comes out continues brushing her teeth, brushes her hair, fiddles with her face in the mirror but does not wash her hands. She goes back to removing her eye makeup. She heads out of the washroom and studies the memory wall. Kevin gets up to use the washroom, they pass in the hall.
2:45 AM BBT Elena is in the HN Room gathering up her things and heads out to the living room, she changes her clothes and heads into the Rose Room for bed. ( 2:49 AM BBTT ) All HGS are now in bed sleeping.
3:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep
3:15 AM BBT All HGS but Matt are asleep, he is making a washroom run, he heads to the kitchen to get something to eat. Mark gets up and heads out to the washroom. Matt eats 2 bowls of cereal and heads back to bed. Mark is still in the washroom. Mark finishes up in the washroom and heads back to bed.
3:30 AM BBT – 6:56 AM BBT All HGs Sleeping
6:56 AM BBT Cody is up and about, heading to the restroom but then soon is going into the kitchen and it looks like he is making some coffee. No talk, Cosy is silent and has just drank his first cup of coffee while all of the other HG are asleep.
7:00 AM BBT Shortly after that, he seems to be cleaning up the dishes and putting everything away. He is now getting something to eat.
7:15 AM BBT All alone, Cody is sitting at the kitchen counter having some kind of oatmeal and a cup of coffee in peace as everybody else is sleeping.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, August 12th
7:20 AM BBT Jason is being called into the DR. Done with his breakfast, Cody continues to enjoy another cup of coffee as Jason is finally up and headed to the Dr as instructed by production.
7:25 AM BBT Cody is going back to use the restroom as Jason is in the DR.
7:30 AM BBT Jason is done in the DR and is headed back to bed as Cody finishes in the bathroom and has just being called into the DR now.
7:32 AM BBT Feeds are down.
7:45 AM BBT Its FISH TIME, all feeds are down for the moment. Nothing to report.
7:46 AM BBT Feeds have returned. Cody is still in the kitchen drinking his coffee as the rest of the house still remain in bed, but, all the lights in the house are turned on now but Jason is actually up and joined Cody in the kitchen. Production is informing the HG that they are fresh batteries in the SR. It is amazing that these 2 HG are just sitting and chatting but it is not game talk. They are discussing magic show and how the tricks are being made. Mark and Cody are in the SR exchanging their batteries and BB is telling the HG that it is time now to get up. Feeds cut to fish.
8:00 AM BBT Feeds back. Christmas, Cody and Jason in the kitchen drinking coffee. Most others still lounging in bed. Talk in the kitchen centered on how tough it is to get them up in the morning. Paul, Kevin Josh and Elena called out by BB to change their batteries twice. Elena gets out of bed and heads to the SR. Kevin appears in the kitchen, checks the time and proceeds to the WR. Elena appears in the kitchen and Cody tells her she looks like a movie star every morning who’s pissed off about getting up. She giggles and thanks him. Paul and Kevin get back in bed after changing their batteries, Josh gets up and heads off to get his. Elena heads back to bed, as does Josh. Christmas and Cody discussing his bowel functions in the house. Cody asking when the table will shrink, and Christmas says not until they’re down to single digits. Christmas says she thinks this week will be a DE, and Cody agrees. Jason asks if it’s normal to send two people to jury at the start of it. They agree there’s no real pattern, it falls how it falls. Cody leaves the kitchen to use the WR for the third time this morning. Jason talking about his aversion in the real world from just socializing over morning coffee with peers. He says you either get labelled the thinker or the follower. He says he has to make an effort to be different in the house. Jason and Christmas discuss her breaking her foot and production shuts them down. Cody returns from the WR and BB reminds him to put on his mic. Jason says when the gate went down, he thought he was in serious trouble so he went back to bed, hoping to be able to play dumb. Talk continues when the cams cut to HGs sleeping.
8:15 AM BBT All cams on HGs in bed; talk about Christmas’ fall continue in the kitchen but it’s too quiet to make out much. When the kitchen cam returns, talk is about Jason’s accident with the bull. Christmas talks about how ‘they’ called her two years ago and were looking for a ‘badass girl’…and feeds cut to fish.
8:21 AM BBT Feeds return. Christmas talking about riding a bull, and how she doesn’t know if she’s too old at 33. Jason says that aging is tough on cowboys. Christmas says they were conditioned for different sports but they’re both quite capable in their own ways. Jason says there is no conditioning for getting stepped on by a bull. Christmas says that she can do this stuff, but she couldn’t imagine getting in the ring with a bull. Talk turns to body-building. Jason asks if the really muscular women are naturally like that. Christmas says some of them are. Talk turns to outside world people and feeds cut to all HGs sleeping.
8:30 AM BBT Kitchen cam back on and Jason is saying he wishes he could get bigger legs. Christmas says his legs are strong like cable wire, he doesn’t need to work out. Christmas says he doesn’t need bulk because he’s naturally thin framed. Christmas tells Jason there’s two jean companies he should look into. Jason says he tried doing 60 calf raises in the shower every day to try and get some definition in his calves and nothing happened. Cody says he’s never worked out his calves and he’d be afraid to because they’d blow up. Cody says even if he wanted to get into skinny jeans he couldn’t because they wouldn’t go past his calves. Talk turns to skinny jeans, then bathing suits and hair highlights. Cody says all women in Dallas look like they came off an assembly line. Christmas asks if there’s someone in the DR and Cody jokes that they’re just sick of her in there and that’s why they deny her. BB calls her to the DR.
8:35 AM BBT Cody and Jason joking about the production control room. Cody asks Jason if he thinks this is a high-rated season or a low-rated season. Jason says he doesn’t know because he doesn’t really have anything to compare it to. He says he was told to watch certain seasons, Cody asks which he was told and we have momentary fish. Feeds return to Jason saying if he had to guess it would be high-rated. He says Paul said his season slept 18 hours a day and feeds cut to fish. Feeds return and Jason is saying the comps are short. Cody says that he’s sure that everyone playing in every season probably thinks it’s the best one yet, but how do they know? Jason says he has no idea but ‘they’ know how to gauge it. Cody says this seems like it’s an atypical cast this year; he feels like this is the strongest female season he’s ever seen. Jason agrees with the exception of Megan and Jillian. Cody talks about when he saw Dominique walk onto the stage with Julie he was stunned. He says Dom kept trying to tell him stuff and Julie kept talking. Christmas returns to the talk of Dom and they try to explain to Cody how Dom changed after he left. Jason says he didn’t talk to her at all; Christmas says that they had some deep personal convos. Christmas says that she doesn’t think Dom talked game to anyone in the house. She says that Dom kept everything to herself unless and until it became house knowledge.
8:45 AM BBT Jason asks Cody if he’s an actor and Cody denies it. They start talking about HGs and Jason says that he thinks someone in the house is working for production. Cody and Christmas shoot down that idea. Alex called to the DR. Cody says it is obvious that Jason has never watched the show. Jason says he gets excited when someone talks about an episode he actually saw. Alex asks the time on her way to the DR. Feeds cut to fish briefly. Cody saying to keep your career secret in this game is no big deal; he assumes that everyone is brilliant in their own way. He says there’s personal stuff he’s kept hidden to avoid giving anyone ammo to use against him. Cody says there’s no big secrets left like him being Tom Cruise’s nephew. Jason immediately asks him if he is and they all joke about it. Christmas says she hopes everyone can separate House life from real life and leave the house stuff in here.
8:55 AM BBT Christmas and Cody discussing life after the show, they both say that they don’t anticipate and big changes. Feeds cut to fish first and then animals.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, August 12th

8:55 AM BBT – 9:21 AM BBT Feeds down   Assuming they’re picking players for the PoV.
9:21 AM BBT Feeds back.  Mark and Paul are the 2  veto players Alex, Elena, Jason and Mark in the HoH rooms saying today’s going to be a long day. Mark says he’s going back to bed. Mark says he doesn’t think they’ll do Havenots today. Elena saying she’d prefer to have notice when they’re going to be recording because she gives them better tv when she has her eyelashes on. Elena leaves, Paul comes in. Sounds like Cody wasn’t picked to play in the PoV. Mark and Paul play rock, paper, scissors for HN. Mark loses two in a row. Mark agrees to recreate this downstairs for the show. He leaves the HoH room. It sounds like Mark is playing in the PoV. They discuss how he’s trying to use the football player dumb persona but isn’t that dumb. He makes moves in chess really quickly, and he remembers stuff. Kevin comes into the HoH room. Paul tells him about Mark losing in rock/paper/scissors to him. Paul asks Alex if she thinks Mark should go before Elena; they discuss it as a group. Jason says he doesn’t care. They say if he wins HoH he’ll target Josh and Christmas. Jason says he’d rather split up Matt and Raven and Paul and Alex explain why splitting up Mark and Elena is the better move. Paul says Matt will probably throw this veto because he doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands. They discuss how if Mark wins PoV he has to use it on Elena or she’ll go home. Talk turns to DE. Paul says that they need to target one of the couples to prevent them from teaming up. He says you can’t put up one from each couple because it’s more effective to just name them. He says in a DE there’s no time to talk and explain things, all you have time to do is say sorry. Kevin leaves and Alex comments that he never comes in here and is getting sketched out.
9:35 AM BBT Alex says that Kevin is getting paranoid and is trying to play it off as missing his family. Alex says he’s stirring the pot, and if he doesn’t change after Cody leaves, it’s time for him to go. Alex says he needs attention, he’s missing his family, and he’s messed up in the game and has been found out. Paul and Alex talk to Jason about about Christmas talking to them about Kevin making a deal with Cody to keep them all safe. Alex says that she thinks that Kevin convinced Cody to approach Jason about voting for Raven. Paul says he told him yesterday to chill the f out yesterday. Alex and Paul discuss how he’s using missing his family to cover his paranoia. Alex says that she’s sown the seed with Christmas about Kevin’s strange behavior.
9:40 AM BBT Alex says that Josh will just defend Kevin and they agree to just leave Josh out of it or he’d get under Kevin’s skin and end up getting a bottle thrown at his head. Alex says that he plays the sympathy card and the old man card to control people. Alex says not to feel bad for him because he’s convincing everyone to do things for him because of it. Alex says he’s not an old man; Paul says he knows how to party and Jason agrees that he works out and is strong. Alex says he’s smart and now that he’s getting called out for being shady he’s playing sad. Alex says she doesn’t want to put him up this week because he’ll wig out.
9:45 AM BBT Jason says that Kevin kept asking this morning if it was okay to talk to Cody now. Alex continues to talk about Kevin being a gangster. They comment that his relationship/snuggling with Christmas is strange. They start discussing Christmas; they don’t mind taking her further in the game if she gets a handle on her craziness. Jason explains the metamorphosis of his relationship with Christmas. They continue to discuss the Kevin/Christmas relationship and how it has become stronger since Jason has convinced her he doesn’t want her in his bed. Paul says that they need to convince that Matt and Raven that they are part of the F5 with them. Talk turns back to Kevin because Alex points out that he never slouches but he’s doing it now to portray the frail old man persona. Josh comes in, Paul leaves and Alex asks Josh to leave so she can talk privately to Jason. Josh leaves and Alex tells Jason that her speech yesterday to try and protect both of their games. She says Cody has no idea they’re working with Paul; he thinks they’re both pawns. She says that she told Jason to be cool with Paul and he’d pull him in and that’s what happened. Alex again points out that when Kevin talks to a man he stands straight; when he talks to a woman he slouches. Alex tells Jason that it’s her, him, Paul and Jason for sure. Jason says on day 1 Mark proposed F3 to him and is trying to hold him to it now. Alex says she wants to carry Christmas to the F5 as long as she can reel her crazy in. Jason tells Alex that when Mark and he were playing chess, Mark told him they needed to get Paul out. He asks Alex not to tell Paul that but Alex says Paul already knows Mark is targeting him. Alex explains to Jason that it’s important to follow through with things you say on ‘live television’ (she means stuff you’ll see on tv).
10:00 AM BBT Alex is explaining how she doesn’t understand Ravens illness because all she does is eat junk all the time, Jason says yes pizza and stuff and then complains how her stomach doesn’t digest. Alex is talking about how Matt and Raven don’t do anything in the house for a half a million dollars, But she will always help Jason have moves and be involved. Alex says all the fights don’t mean anything to her and you will NEVER see her cry. She says it’s a sign of weakness. Jason saying Kevin finally broke last night and was crying about his family.Now they are on to Raven and how she is starting to be petty with her. Jason is having issues with Kevin and why he is messing with Alex, Alex says it’s because she the shock collar and without her he thinks he could control the rest of the group but she doesn’t think that will work. Jason is asking how Alex picks up on all that she does, Alex said she’s a psychopath and she reads people really well, And that BB picks the people they do on purpose that they thought she would be in the house as the “NERDY” one But that isn’t what they got, Jason is just sitting there with his mouth open saying WOW just WOW. Jason is letting Alex know that her speech pissed him off, She explains it was all just game play, He says well I was ready to find another partner. Jason can’t believe how good she is at this game, She explains we are playing the long came people like Mark play the short game and that’s why he’s where he is.
10:15 AM BBT Raven just brought Alex breakfast to the HOH and Alex replies after she leaves “ See even this is a ploy she has NEVER brought me anything” she always brings Paul and everyone else food all the time, never me. Raven and Matt are in the Apple Room talking about her willing the HOH next week and Paul is the only one that has NEVER been on the block. Matt is explaining about how you have to trust people to volunteer to be a pawn, Them they go on to talk about Raven having back dreams. It switches to Kevin and Josh in the BR Josh talking about how he was targeted this whole game and now that Mark and Elena are they don’t like it. Cody comes joins them and sits on the sofa. Kevin continues to shave and it just got quite.Kevin brings up how he was missing his family last night and he was glad it passed, Josh explains he was a mess until he finally got a letter and it made things better, Tells Kevin when you get like that just talk to someone it helps. Back to Raven and Matt, They are talking about Raven winning HOH again and who she would put up, she’s saying that she would put up Josh and Mark up because they don’t like each other and Mark gets so irritated with him easily.
10:30 AM BBT Kevin has now joined Alex and Jason in the HOH, They are talking about the double eviction,Alex is explaining that a double is really quick and depending on who wins HOH is scary because you don’t get to talk to anyone. Jason switches convo to his beard, So Alex suggest that they all go downstairs.She leaves Jason and Kevin stay and start chatting about who’s on slop. Jason tells Kevin that it’s a done deal Cody is going home and no need in talking strategy about anything with him, Kevin shes yes I know I just ask him for his razor. Jason goes on to tell him what a badass Alex is. Kevin said I told ya’ll that from the beginning. Jason goes on to say that they need to step it up and win comps. Kevin says he’s ready he’s ready to work out and do this, He also thinks that he has a great social and ask doesn’t that count for something. Kevin stating that he thinks Matt and Raven should go next Jason agrees, But says they rest of the group wants Elena and Mark should go because they flip flop so much. Kevin says he needs to keep himself in check that this is a game and nothing personal against him. Josh comes in and they start telling him he needs to shave cause he looks bad and going on live t.v and they start joking around. FISH
10:45 AM BBT Paul, Raven and Christmas are in the kitchen Christmas is talking about what her job consist of. FISH…… Matt has now joined. Paul is talking about how his friends “REAL FRIENDS” and how they supported him when he came out of the house last year, Christmas says her friends say her friends tell her she just wants to be famous, she replied to them with If I wanted to be famous I’d be a porn star, She says she wants to just do something to impact something be, She keeps explaining that she doesn’t think everything is always about her and if her so called friends don’t get that they don’t know her very well, She just wants to help change people’s lives.Josh and Jason are in the HOH Josh is saying that you can’t try and build a relationship with people in the house that you haven’t talked to in 30 days and now that Mark as distant is himself from Elena that is what he’s trying to do and he could just go fuck himself, He said that Mark is smart but not smarter than he is.As they now try and think of 20 letter words for the comp they think is coming. Josh is telling him he better win the veto pull himself off so Cody can go home, Jason “I AM WINNING THE VETO” Josh is dead set on Elena being shady to the “GROUP” and now switches to how Jason hurt his feelings, Jason said why because you were pointing your finger to a girl, What you want me to do rearrange my words, Josh says now but you could have done it in a different way.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin and Cody are in the Green BR.. (All cameras went to HOH) Josh is explaining why he has the attitude he has against the people in the house, Like Mark he states that he still likes Mark as a person but doesn’t like his game play, Jason goes on to tell Josh that he is a bully. Josh denies it as Jason goes onto explain that yes some of your ways at things are bullying, banging pans in someone’s face for 20 min. Josh says a bully is someone who attacks a weak person, Jason disagrees. Josh is stating that it was Cody who was the bully and is a coward. Jason ask Josh what he thinks about Mark, Alex walks in .. Josh replies that Mark is just talking to them because he knows that he is next,He says that Elena is the brains in that couple and as soon as they get power they will see what kind of people they are. Josh is defending his loyalty to Alex and Jason, Jason is saying he never questioned it, Josh says he just wants to make it clear. Josh is saying that he doesn’t have to say anything and just sit back and watch people. Jason is explaining that he just gives Josh constructed criticism to help him.Josh says that when Jason looks back at the season he will see how he was bullied, and this is how he is going to be in life from now on, That he isn’t going to back down from anyone anymore if it takes pots and pans they will get pots and pans.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, August 12th
11:15 AM BBT Paul, Christmas and Kevin are in the Kitchen, Paul is talking about self love and selflessness. Christmas goes on to talk about her grandfather and how he would buy so much food for Thanksgiving, They live in a very small town and everyone knew who struggled, so they would make extra dinners, bag them up and deliver them on the porches of the less fortunate so they wouldn’t have to go to the soup kitchen for Thanksgiving.Back in the HOH room Alex is studying for the upcoming comps she thinks will be, And remembers about one with the memory wall her and Jason leave and go downstairs to secretly study.Josh stayed, Raven came in and he walks out. Raven is now listening to music dancing in the HOH by herself. Christmas,Paul, Jason, Matt and Alex are in the kitchen. Christmas is still talking about her family. Matt is headed upstairs to the HOH.
11:30 AM BBT Matt and Raven are in the HOH just chilling. Matt eating and Raven still listening to music. They are trying to figure out who they are listening too. Paul come in to talk to Matt and Raven about throwing the HOH comp. Matt is talking about Elena and how she keeps saying how she knows she next to go home, Matt says he just looks at her like why you say that, Paul said she’s just being paranoid, Matt is saying that he is going to throw it, Raven agrees says he don’t need to win. Paul is still talking about Cody saying he’s an idiot.They are laughing about Cody throwing the comp. And how Jessica went home and now he is first person in jury without her. Paul has is now saying that he is going to throw the comp also. They are second guessing sending D home instead of Jess, Matt says yea like Josh, Paul replies yes but we need him.
11:45 AM BBT Jason, Alex and Kevin are chilling in the Green BR, Paul comes in to talk about who’s going to throw the comp and that Matt had agreed to do it. Josh comes in, Alex is talking to Paul about what she thinks the next comp. Is gonna be, they need to be studying. PAUL GO TO THE DR. Matt and Raven are still in the HOH, Laughing about Paul’s hand jesters.Still making fun of Jess and Cody, how Jess basically lost because of him. Matt says his friend told him every single year there’s a messed up showmance and it better not be you, Matt said oh it won’t be, (they laugh) Raven replies yes but you picked good.They go on to discuss how many followers they have and if they set IG to private.MARK PLEASE GO TO DR.All cams on Green Room. Paul returned from DR. They chat.
12:00 PM BBT Jason Josh Paul all sit around Green Room. Raven and Matt in HOH. Raven tells Matt what she left as message on her page.Christmas and Elena talk in WR. Elena says she isn’t paranoid but being a pawn is scary.She says if the VETO is used she wants off the block. Matt can’t take himself off the block. Matt agreed to take Jason off the block. She doesn’t want to pack. Christmas asks if she thinks it’s double eviction. Paul worries because he is in a relationship now and he worries about it.Paul Josh and Kevin talk about after the show and what is expected of them. The girls talk about coming out of DR really late. Raven ate a whole bag of chips. Paul feels if someone bothers Josh after show he has a moral responsibility to kick the person’s butt. Kevin says yea he’s a little brother. Josh plans to travel and visit the HG’s Paul says he is welcome as long as isn’t an ass in the real world.
12:15 PM BBT Mark is up and going to shower. Josh Kevin Paul and Jason chat and tell stories in Green Room. Christmas started talking production and cam switched to guys in Green Room.They rib Josh over his job choices.Josh must learn the world is a crappy place according to Paul. Elena talks about her family’s charity.Paul says What would we do without you Josh. Alex is down in WR.ALEX PLEASE GO TO DR. The guys get vulgar.Christmas mentions the card she got that refers to what she and Jason were doing.The
12:30 PM BBT The guys plus Alex talk boxing in Green Room. Raven and Christmas whisper in DR. Matt comes in and Christmas asks why everyone is wearing blue today. Christmas talks about an encounter with Mark. Mark questioned her about what she said to Alex. She saw Mark and Cody talking. She says Mark got aggressive. In the Green Room they continue sports talk. Mark made a comment to CHristmas” I knew how I felt about you before but this confirms it.” She says Mark remembers so many details but nothing about his talk with Cody CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Cody heads up to the chess table alone and plays.
12:45 PM BBT Josh tells fight stories.Paul gives him fight advise. Josh hugs him.Elena asks Matt to take her down from block. He has to ask Alex.Paul comes into KT. Tastes Elena’s yoghurt. She jokes that Paul needs her. As she spills yoghurt down her front.Elena tries to get BB tell her if VETO comp is today. Cody continues his solo chess game. Josh sings and FISH fly. He and Elena dance in KT.Matt is in HOH exercising with a chair.JASON PLEASE GO TO DR.Mark has finished his shower in HOH.Matt heads down to Raven in Kt.Raven made Kevin Yoghurt.Paul and Mark talk in HOH.Jason returns from DR saying they just wanted to give him fake love. KEVIN PLEASE GO TO DR. The HGs chat in Green Room.
1:00 PM BBT Josh continues to dance in KT. Christmas talks about Hgs that hit her cast. Jason belches. Kevin plans to blow them away with fun facts tonight. Paul in WR cleaning his face. Cody and Mark head to WR at same time. Split when they see Paul. Jason does not have a porch. Cody goes back to HN room. Paul tells Elena to tell him what she misses outside of the house. She reads her bible differently. She says Mark doesn’t know bible stories. FISH flash. Cody goes through Green Room and Kevin whispers about a talk he had with Cody. Kevin notices Christmas has lost the calluses on her hands. SHe says they proved her hard work.Elena misses her dog and mom. Paul gives her work advice. Kevin razzes Josh. Paul cleans his piercing. Kevin says Josh’s grandma will now wake him up with pots and pans. Elena wants to capitalize on being on BB. Elena talks nettie pots. CODY PLEASE GO TO DR.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Saturday, August 12th
1:15 PM BBT Elena continues her Nettie pot story. Matt leaves WR ignoring Ravin. Kevin Christmas Josh and Jason make small talk. Raven and Elena talk being on the block.Paul puts on Josh’s white gloves. They chat about magic clubs and magic shows.Raven and Elena talk game in WR. Paul pulls a magic trick on Josh. Elena and Raven talk about VETO game. Paul and Kevin whisper in Green Room. Raven says she forgot her speech last eviction night. Kevin tells Paul how Cody talked to him.
1:30 PM BBT Christmas can’t poop. BB calls out the HGs for talking about DR sessions.Paul is amazed about how so many HGs come from different walks of life and how they all get along. Kevin has never met someone who wore a cowboy hat. Kevin whispers with Paul about Cody. Paul can’t believe it.That cody should have said something to other HG’s.If Cody would have shared with HGs things would have been different. Matt and Raven talk game in SR. Paul feels if Cody was honest from the get go it would have helped. Matt got called out for napping.Cody was playing the game for his kid. Christmas and Elena talk comps in WR.Paul wonders why Cody used persona of mean guy instead of a dad.
1:45 PM BBT Elena talks social game in BB. Jason stretches on bed. Kevin says Cody only spends a couple months a year with his kid.Kevin hopes that telling Paul about Cody will change his last days in the house.RAVEN PLEASE STOP SINGING.Elena and Christmas discuss OTEV.Kevin said he asked Cody why he acted the wrong way. Kevin wondered if Cody is lying.Mark joins Kevin and Paul on bed.Paul leaves after Mark gets shaving advice.Cody is in KT. Kevin asks where is everyone and accounts for everyone. They wonder why they were woken so early and doing nothing. Mark, Kevin, and Cody discuss how Kevin is contemplating changing his shirt for entertainment. In the bathroom, Christmas and Elena are discussing how slowly that time is passing.
2:00 PM BBT Christmas says that she is sorry that Elena had to hear Mark fight. Kevin is telling a story to Cody and Mark. Cameras change to Paul and Josh sitting in the apple room. Josh is contemplating about Jason getting closer to Mark. He tells Paul not to tell anyone else about it. Elena and Christmas are talking about why people didn’t trust Cody and Jessica. Christmas and Elena join Raven and Matt in the kitchen. Elena is mad because there is no sour cream in the house the week that she can eat.
2:15 PM BBT Josh is called to the DR. They say that there is more sour cream in the storage room, but that production won’t let them in there because they are getting costumes together. Kevin is lying down in the have not room. Paul is upstairs in the HOH room talking with Alex as she does makeup. The discuss backdooring Mark.
2:26 PM BBT – 4:54 PM BBT Feeds down for POV
4:45 PM BBT Feeds come back @ 4:54 PM BBT. Alex, Josh,Jason, & Christmas are in the HOH. They are telling Christmas that Elena threw her under the bus. Josh leaves the room. Christmas says that she is only being nice to Cody because he just lost his girlfriend. Kevin is talking to Cody in the WR. As Kevin leaves, Paul is headed in. Kevin asks if the girls are upstairs. Paul says yes. In the Kitchen, It is Josh, Elena, Matt, Raven, & Mark. They comment on how they are surprised that Elena did not take the Veto.
5:00 PM BBT Elena remarks that Alex will hate her for the rest of the season. Raven is talking about how she would take the money too. She claims to be $200,000 in debt & $5,000 is only a dent, but more than she has. Cody is in kitchen rifling through the ‘fridge. Mark offers him turkey. Up in the HOH, Jason gets up to leave & Alex trips him as he leaves. Josh is back up there & leaves again. All leave, & it is just Raven, Christmas, & Alex. Raven tells Alex that she would have told her that she needed the money & would take the money. Alex says that she is upset about Elena taking money as Elena has a back up plan for job & her mom helps pay her bills. Mark comes upstairs. He tells Alex that the Veto Comp was fun. One prize was a week for 2 in Colorado. Christmas remarks that she is amazed that Alex got 2nd place. Alex got some curse to make hot dogs. They remark how Matt went for Veto. Mark says that he cannot complain about what happened to him in Veto. Paul comes up. They talk about drinking beer.
5:15 PM BBT Cody is in the HN Room by himself. In the Rose BR, it is Elena & Raven. Elena has an idea she says, but it is not good. Raven exits the room. Cody comes in the Rose BR & tells Elena that she is crazy. Elena asks if she should not have taken the money. He says he would have taken it. Elena asks if it makes her more of a target. He says yes, but she is already a target as is. Cody said that she should have seen his face. She says she did, that is one reason she took the money. Matt won veto. Elena says that he will more than likely use it on Jason or himself. She says that if it is used on Jason, then at least she has an ally with her on the block. Elena is now in the SR getting food & then returns to the Green BR. Paul is there. Paul says that this is Big Brother & he would have taken it. Elena said that Alex could have taken the money from her. Elena says that she could not not have taken the money. Especially where she is at in the house. Paul asks her to explain. She says they will talk later. In the Green BR, it is Josh, Jason, & Paul. Josh says that it makes him mad that Matt took Veto. Paul says it is ok. Josh leaves & it is just Jason & Paul. They are whispering. Paul says that they pull him off the block & leave Elena on. They put Cody up & send Cody home. They talk about sending Elena to jury next week. Paul says that his only 2 true allies are Jason & Alex. Paul says that there is something hinky with Elena & Cody. He thinks they are working together. They hear people coming. Paul tells Jason, out loud, that he will enjoy Outback. Paul tells Mark that he can smoke a lot of weed in Colorado. Mark tells them that dinner is on him. Mark is called to DR. Paul says that he is not going to eat until the dinner.
5:30 PM BBT Raven & Matt are in Green BR, & Matt tells Raven to go to bed before she ruins her game. Paul leaves & heads up to the HOH. Josh, Matt, & Christmas are already there. Raven enters. She tells them that she drank a beer & fell & chipped a tooth. Alex tells her that she needs a bubble wrap. Paul whispers to Christmas that Elena is talking with Cody. They all talk about Elena taking the money. They cannot believe that Elena gave Alex, the HOH, a punishment while Elena, herself, is on the block. Kevin enters the room. They are teasing Josh on how he pronounced some words. All are talking at once. Down in the Rose BR, it is Elena & Mark talking. Mark tells her that he still wants it to be her, him, Matt,Raven, & Paul for final 5. Elena says that won’t happen because Paul is working with Alex & Jason. Elena says that she wants to win an HOH. Mark asks who she would put up. She mentions Alex & Christmas. Mark says Christmas doesn’t concern him, but Josh does. Mark says that this is pathetic & if he hears the phrase “what the house wants” one more time. Elena says they can always stir things up. Elena says that Kevin will never win an HOH & somehow will make it to final 4. Mark said he wanted to win Veto & had thought about not using it all & get Matt voted out. Elena said that would not have worked. Mark asks Elena if she wants to go to Colorado with him. She says she will think about it.She states that she does feel bad because they did promise not to curse each other. But she says that if anyone who watches Big Brother knows prize # 1 is always a bad one. Elena asks why people are afraid to communicate to her. She says that she is not terrifying & that they get him to communicate to her for them.
5:45 PM BBT Mark says that season is a joke. He says that if it wasn’t for Paul, they would not have strong people. Mark says that he needs Josh out. Mark does say that it sucks that Christmas got hurt because she may have been different. Mark says he cannot complain though, because he met her. They agree to feel out Raven & Matt to see where they are in the game. Mark tells her that he is mesmerized by her. Elena says that she is not that cool. He tells her that when she gets a new job to request a week off to go to Colorado with him. Elena says that to Alex thinks that she is disposable. Elena is upset about being on the block 2 weeks in a row. Mark says that they need to win the next HOH to stir up the house. Mark says that Josh has to go. Mark says that Alex put Jason on the block to show that they are not together. Mark thinks that Paul & Kevin are tight. Mark says Kevin does not want to win HOH. Mark says that the only one they have to worry about is Josh. Elena says that she tried talking game to Christmas today. Elena is whispering. In the Green BR, it is Kevin & Paul. Paul says he needs his hat & heads to the Rose BR, Mark whispers to Paul. Paul says he does not know who the next target is. He just knows Jess & Cody were the 2 they all had in mind. Paul tells Elena not to freak out, that she is fine. Paul heads back to the Green BR.
6:00 PM BBT Paul tells Kevin that they are not really doing anything upstairs. Kevin asks if “they” gave him those shorts. Paul tells Kevin that he needs to take it easy. Kevin says that he was nt the one kissing Cody’s a**. That others were. Paul heads to the HOH. Raven cries from the HOH bathroom that she hit her hand. Cody is up there as well as Josh & Christmas. Alex asks if Cody wants to apply for Survivor. Cody says sure. Alex says that they should do it. That it is more intense & shorter than Big Brother. Josh asks if Survivor is really intense & Alex says yes. Josh talks about the Wall being the most physically intense comp so far. Camera switches to camp. where Paul, Jason, & Kevin are on the ground talking. A mini camp ground is set up in the house, outside the HOH room, for Alex to stay in during her punishment, a mix of Paulie’s pies and Scott’s sand trap. Kevin asks if Christmas is drinking. Kevin asks if they were the last one, with the higher score, would they have taken the $5000. Paul said yes, but he would not have made anyone any promises. Paul says that he & Christmas will be stuck together for 48 hours. Mark joins them. Paul says that he would have picked Cody if he thought Cody would have done it. However, it is too late now. Raven joins them & Paul leaves.
Elena now speaking with Matt, saying she feels disposable. She says josh lied when putting her on the block by saying he needed a strong pawn. Matt tells her Josh told him it was because she voted for him. Elena says she knew that but Josh wouldn’t admit it and she did point out there were stronger pawns based on results. Elena says she doesn’t want to go on the block this week but she will ONLY if whoever wins POV takes her off so she’s not OTB on eviction night. She wonders out loud why people aren’t taking turns and she’s becoming the go-to pawn. She asks Matt who he’s safe with? Matt says Raven. He says it’s a game and when it comes down to it, Elena may need to put him up and Matt may need to put her up because it’s the nature of the game.

6:15 PM BBT Matt says he doesn’t care much because his goal is to make jury and help Raven get further. Elena says that was goal #1 but she wants to win. She says the longer she stay in the house the better the chances she has to maximize her visibility to be in the entertainment industry. She doesn’t have a job and her career is in entertainment. She says she almost didn’t take a $5000 because she thought that may give people an excuse to vote her out. She says she was so broke she only had rent through august. She says the only person she wouldn’t have taken the money from is Raven. Matt agrees. Matt asks her strategy. Matt is trying offer advice and says how dynamic the game is and how quickly personal relationships change, citing their trust in Cody as an example. Elena says she has no strategy and no one will talk to her. She doesn’t know where she stands with anyone in the house. Matt says his strategy is to chill and be friends with everybody. He suggests to figure out her strength and play that up. Elena leaves the room and heads to the KT.
Meanwhile, Paul/Cody/Josh/Christmas/Alex are upstairs in the HOH suite. They are talking about Caleb getting married and his home life after Big Brother. They talk about the boot order in BB17. Paul tells them that production put the golden apple there for HIM and feeds cut. Josh is surprised. He talks about his arguing with Megan.
Feeds turn to Jason and Mark. Mark says he needs to get josh out because he’s causing headaches for everyone. He asks Jason his targets. Jason says he’s not sure because Alex was being a bitch to him lately. Raven and Matt are also talking strategy and who various HGs would put up if they won HOH.
6:30 PM BBT Feeds back to the HOH suite. They are still talking about the apple competition. Cody says his team never discussed the apple because they were so intent on winning. He says Dominique cost them a ton of time. Paul says he’s surprised they haven’t had a hang on comp so far. Someone mentions the wall comp. Feeds go to the guys in the BY.
On the other cam, Raven asks production to call her to DR so she can talk about her injuries. She calls Matt an A-hole for winning the POV. Matt says he only won by process of elimination. She says all she’s good at is injuring herself. Matt says we’re all going to feel real sorry for you when you win BB. Raven says you don’t know that! She so annoying that eventually he says he’s leaving. She follows him out as he says she needs to be in a padded room in a strait jacket.
Back to HOH suite, Cody is describing the Battle Back competition. He says he knew he had it with the puzzle because he had a few secrets up his sleeve. He says he initially freaked out when he saw it wasn’t physical because he was thinking they all had an equal chance to win.
6:45PM BBT They start laughing about Cameron. Alex says it’ll be awkward at the wrap party, because she literally doesn’t know him. Cody says Cameron told Julie he wish he hadn’t stripped naked the first day. Josh says he creeped everybody out, with his aggressive campaigning. Paul says Cameron cornered him and Paul told him to say to someone else since Paul couldn’t even vote.
Cody asks Paul how bad it is when it gets down to only a couple people? Paul says you want to kill yourself. They give you silly things to do to stay occupied, like a sushi kit and cards. Paul says it also depends on who you’re stuck with– James and Nicole liked country so there was a lot of country talk the last few weeks.
Meanwhile, Jason and Matt are in the KT. Raven walks in . She says she got sick from Outback from a quesadilla that was undercooked. She had to go to the hospital. Mark comes downstairs and Raven asks him if he wants a cookie with icing? Mark says YES!! But no, he needs to save his appetite and not eat all that sugar.
Back upstairs, Paul is describing back from when the HG were put in teams of 4, and how one team got to “save” another team as well. They’re all jonesing for an Outback Steakhouse comp or luxury/reward.
7:00PM BBT Matt is doing pull-ups and gets called out for moving the furniture. Apparently, the HG were advised not to make dinner because it will be provided “later”. They say when Matt gets called to DR everyone will find out.
Alex says everyone is leaving their crap in the HOH suite and not taking it with them.
Josh complains he had to hide his Irish spring because everyone was using it. Mark comes Ina no josh says Mark was one of them! Mark says he will pull-up his shorts any chance he gets to show off his quads.
Alex and Paul talk about the budget and how they choose the money on BB. Alex says they had Cameron in sequester for like a month for Battle Back. She says Cameron must really hate his life right about now.
Paul says season 20’s going to be nuts.
Talk turns to Caleb being shackled to Victoria after a Veto during their season.
7:15PM BBT Elena is talking with Kevin in lounge. He wonders where everyone else is. Elena talking about how the viewers and live feed watchers see every mistake they make and know everything the HGs don’t know. Kevin says isn’t that the show? Elena guesses it is. She excuses herself to put on makeup.
Upstairs, they’re talking about a series starring Danny DeVito. Paul and Cody are laughing like crazy over specific episodes. Devito auditioned with a pocket full of hotdogs. Josh asks if it’s funnier than the Office? Cody says “WAY funnier, and I love the Office”. Josh says he needs to watch this. Kevin is in the lounge with Christmas and Raven. As soon as Raven leaves, he questions why Matt took the Veto . He says Matt wasn’t at risk and he would’ve taken the trip. Christmas tells him not to mention the money thing, because Alex is PISSED because Alex and Elena had an agreement and Elena broke it.
7:30PM BBT Feeds focus on DR door where Jason comes out in his extremetard. He had a cape and a big X on his hat. He looks ridiculous, and the others are loving it. Every time there’s an indicator recording, he has to scream “I’m so extreme!!”. Codys smiling, probably just happy it’s not him. Mark says his costume feels like 20 grit sandpaper. He asks what happens in the pool? Jason says they’re working on it. Paul is going to be shackled to someone for 48 hours. Jason says nothing can cover the X’s on his humilitard. Jason says the helmet weighs a ton. He says he has to wear the helmet even in the shower, except when he’s actively washing his hair. Jason to Kevin “I have to wear this motherf#cker for everything”. Kevin “live show?” Jason “everything!”
Upstairs, josh and Alex are talking and josh is concerned how close Elena and Mark are getting to Jason. Alex says he knows. She says Elena is nothing but a greedy bitch and you don’t f#ck the HOH!! Josh says they are both manipulative shady liars! Alex says she knows.she says Jason will be touchy this week because of his costume.. so don’t get on his bad side.
Feeds turn to Christmas who is changing her shirt in the red BR. Matt is on hands and knees in LR still doing exercises. In the KT, everyone is still commenting on Jason’s costume.

7:45PM BBT Cody and Raven finally gave up and are cooking up some meat.
Paul and Christmas get called to DR. Will they be shackled together with her in a cast? Someone clues in that since Christmas is shackled to Paul, she may be ineligible for the special dinner since she’s with Paul and Paul is exempt. Jason and Kevin in WC, Jason says he never asks for liquor directly because he figures they would offer it if they were going to share, and he doesn’t want them to be uncomfortable. Kevin tells Jason about how Elena reneged on the deal with Alex and screwed her over even though Alex is the HOH. Alex offers to braid Jason’s fringe so he can wipe his butt . Jason says he cannot alter the costume in any way, and the helmet weighs 14lbs. The other HGs keep mocking the recording. Alex says at least they’re not making pies for 24 hours. Jason says he’d rather make pie than wear this. Josh tells Jason his kid will think he’s an extreme superhero.
8:00PM BBT Cody gives Alex a hard time about drinking Coke and she says that the other houseguests drinking diet soda worries her because it’s worse for them. Alex says she can’t drink water because she’s allergic to it and it makes her pee and sweat. Everyone is waiting in the kitchen for Paul and Christmas to come out of the DR. Raven makes some food for Cody and he thanks her. Kevin and Jason are in the green room talking about Jason’s punishment. Kevin tells him he should have taken the trip and no one would have taken it from him. Jason says the outfit he has to wear is B.S. Kevin asks Jason how long he thinks Paul is going to be able to put up with his punishment. Jason wonders how he is going to be able to sleep with the outfit on. Kevin asks Jason if Alex is mad about what happened earlier. Jason said yes she was pissed because Alex had made a deal with Elena not to switch prizes, but Elena went against the deal to take $5,000. Kevin says if she made a deal she should have stuck with it. Mark and Matt say that the cold showers are the worst part about being a have not. Cody says he likes taking cold showers before bed to cool him down. Alex comes into the green room and says she had $5,000 taken from her and now she has to make a campfire. Kevin says he’s going to say something to Elena about going back on the deal and Alex tells him not to even bother bringing it up because it’s not worth it.
8:15PM BBT Alex says even though she is mad at Elena for breaking their deal, she’s going to stick by her promise of not making Elena a have not for her birthday. Josh comes into the green room and Alex tells him that when she goes upstairs to the HOH bathroom, there better not be a single hair in the shower from him. Kevin tells him how to clean the shower after using it. Elena goes to the bathroom and Cody sits on the couch in the bathroom. Matt walks into the kitchen and Raven asks him if he wants a bite. He comes over and kisses her and says, “Oh, you meant a bite of the burger?” Raven gives him another bite of her burger and he says, “Mmm, nice and juicy.” Then raises his eyebrows at the camera. Mark joins the group in the green room. Alex says that once Paul and Christmas comes out of the DR, she will have to go in and get her punishment. Then, Matt will need to go in and officially announce who he is inviting to dinner outside. Elena finds orajel in the storage room marked for Raven and she thanks production and apologizes to them for her rant earlier about all of her injuries she has had in the house.
8:30PM BBT Raven tells Matt in the kitchen that Alex feels strongly about making promises and then breaking them. She thinks Elena made a big mistake by doing that to her during the competition. Christmas and Paul come out of the DR in a tandem skydiving outfit where they are strapped together with Paul in the front and Christmas in the back. They are both using Christmas’ scooter to try and walk. They say that they have to be attached for 48 hours even during sleep. However, if one is going to the bathroom or showering, the other has to wait right outside the door for them. Alex asks Christmas if she’s coming to dinner with them. She said she doesn’t know yet. Paul says he has to go to the bathroom so they roll over and Christmas waits outside the door. She asks Paul if he needs water running or anything. He says no, he doesn’t care if she hears him. While Paul washes his hands, he whispers to Christmas about Alex being pissed at Elena, but they need to make sure that Cody goes home this week. They roll into the green room. Kevin says it’s quarter to nine and Christmas responds that there is no way the dinner is happening tonight because it’s too late. In the kitchen, Raven tells Mark and Elena that they could have attached this week and watched each other shower. Elena says she wouldn’t like it and Raven says she needs to focus on the positives. Mark asks Elena what the positives about him are and she doesn’t give any.
8:45PM BBT Paul and Christmas lay down in the green room with Christmas spooning Paul. He says he’s already over it. They tell Kevin that they have to wear the helmets and glasses at all times except when showering. Elena tells Mark in the kitchen that she isn’t afraid of Alex and she doesn’t care that she’s mad at her for breaking the deal. Elena says it’s not her fault that Alex doesn’t know how to play big brother. HOUSEGUESTS, THE LOCKDOWN IS OVER. YOU’RE NOW FREE TO MOVE ABOUT THE HOUSE. Mark says, I guess there’s no dinner tonight and starved myself for nothing. Elena heard from Cody that Alex was ranting in the HOH room about Elena earlier. Kevin starts gathering up his clothes and towels to do laundry outside. Josh and Mark complain in the green room that they haven’t been given enough food to eat for the week.
9:00PM BBT JASON, IT’S TIME FOR AN EXTREME POOL GAME. Jason yells, “I’m extreme!” He’s starts setting up the pool balls. Mark tells Paul and Christmas that they are troopers for putting up with their punishment. Christmas says, “Yeah, paratroopers!” Christmas and Paul get up to head into the kitchen. Outside Kevin and Jason play pool. The houseguests are already starting to get a little annoyed by Jason’s extreme announcements every so often. In the green room, Josh asks Elena about her outfit and tells her she looks nice. After getting some food, Paul and Christmas roll outside. Jason tells Mark and Elena in the kitchen that he’s extremely annoyed about having to wear his costume. Mark has a snack but still thinks there is a chance they are going to have their dinner tonight and doesn’t want to eat much. Kevin asks Christmas if she needs anything and she answers Skyy Vodka.

9:15PM BBT Cody looks at Paul and Christmas and laughs. Paul tells him they would be ultimate boys if they had been attached together. Paul says they may wait until after the punishment ends to have the dinner outside because then they won’t be attached or wearing the costumes. Elena tells Mark and Jason in the kitchen that she’s turning back into a regular blonde and it’s weird. Kevin and Cody play pool while Paul and Christmas sit on the lounge chairs outside. Matt is doing dishes while Mark makes some eggs for himself and Kevin. Alex comes out of the DR and says, “Hey campers, who’s ready for an adventure?” She looks around and everyone is outside. She has a bunch of bags and sleeping bags that she has to carry around. Every time a bugle sounds she has to pitch a tent. No one can help her with the bags and she has carry a portable grill with her at all times. The bugle sounds and Alex walks over to the designated spot to start pitching her tent. She whispers that she’s so angry. Jason asks if he can help and she tells him that he can read the instructions but don’t touch anything. She says she’s super salty.
9:30PM BBT Elena and Mark go in the storage room and Elena says, “Sucks to be Alex.” She refuses to feel bad because she won the competition and of course she would choose the money. She says she never made a deal with Alex, she just made a comment to her that they were the final 2 in the competition, and therefore they could choose any prize they wanted. Matt comes into the kitchen laughing and Elena asks him how it’s going. He says it looks like a complicated tent. Elena says she’s going to get annoyed by the sound of the bugles. Christmas asks if Elena has apologized to Alex for lying. Alex says no, she hasn’t apologized once. Jason tries to help her and Big Brother tells him to STOP THAT. Alex says no one can go in the tent and she has take the tent down immediately after assembling it. Once she gets done putting everything together and cooking the hotdogs, she has to take it all apart and put it all back in the bags. Elena tries to get into the DR. Alex asks the group what kind of girl makes her promise not to her curse her and then curses her. Everyone besides Mark and Elena are outside watching Alex. Alex is ranting about Elena lying to her face. The rest of the houseguests don’t respond, they just silently listen. Raven and Matt say sorry to Alex before walking over to get in the hot tub. Alex says if she earned this she wouldn’t mind it, she is just mad because someone lied to her. Mark tells Elena that if you can’t handle someone at their worst, then you don’t deserve them at their best. Since he has dealt with her inside of the big brother house, he thinks he can deal with her outside of the house. Elena says “We’ll see.”

9:45PM BBT Cody tells Paul and Christmas that now after seeing everyone’s punishments, he would take the frog costume any day of the week. Elena tells Cody that anyone with a flea sized brain would have known what to do during the competition in order to avoid ending up with the camping punishment. She talks about how she won the competition and can do what she wants. Mark says he wants to see how their relationship goes after the show. Elena doesn’t seem interested but says she will pray about it. Elena says she thinks Alex will make her a have not now. Mark says he doesn’t think so, and he bets that if she does he won’t kiss Elena for the rest of the summer.
10:00PM BBT Alex is still preparing hot dogs in the backyard. She’s already melted the astroturf to the lid of her grill. She is extremely frustrated that Elena gave her this punishment. Kevin, Josh, Cody, Christmas, Paul and Jason are watching her and unable to offer assistance. They keep commenting that this is the worst punishment ever. Everyone gets a hotdog and comments on how delicious they are; Josh says they’re raw. She goes into the kitchen to offer hot dogs to Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven. Elena refuses a hotdog which does nothing to get her back into Alex’s good books. When Alex goes back outside, Paul tells her that as angry as she is with Elena, Cody is taking this opportunity to reinsert himself back into the game, and they need to follow through with their plan to get him out. The discussion outside turns to Elena and Alex’s hatred of her. Christmas called to the DR so Paul and Christmas have to figure out how to get off the ground while attached together. Alex is now dismantling her campsite. Alex tells them she was told Havenots can have hot dogs. Kevin is teaching Jason about laundry tips. Paul is dancing outside the DR door as Christmas is inside. Jason has to announce he’s extreme again. He then asks Alex how she’s making out as she’s packing up. She goes on another rant and announces she’s salty as f right now.
10:08 PM BBT Christmas got her meds and she and Paul make their way back out to the BY. Jason has to announce he’s exteme again twice in rapid succession. Kevin asks Alex if he can help her and she again has to explain no one is allowed to help her. She goes on a rant about hot dogs and starts singing a song about it. All feeds cut to Mark and Elena in the kitchen while Alex gets called out by BB. Alex goes back to packing up her campsite, muttering about hot dogs. Cody making jokes about Jason getting called out to be extreme. He likes that they make the announcement situation specific. Alex asks production to wait for her to get the next batch of hot dogs before they blow the trumpet again.
10:15 PM BBT Paul comments that they’ve set her up with some pretty sweet gear and she says she doesn’t get to keep any of it. Cody gives Alex advice on how to reassemble her gear. Alex says she has to shower with her hat on unless she’s washing her hair; “Who does that?” Christmas quickly says, “We do!” referencing her and Paul, as well as Jason. Alex really struggles to get her pack onto her back, and earns a round of applause from the other HGs when she accomplishes it. She barely gets to the door, when the trumpet sounds. Josh comments that Alex is going to kill Elena before the end of the week. Josh finally figures out that the trumpet wasn’t a joke, and Alex actually has to reset up her camp and do it all over again. In the kitchen, Alex is gathering the items she needs to make the hot dogs again, and leaves the SR without her hat, but enters the DR. Meanwhile in the kitchen Mark and Elena are trying to get Raven to side with them in regards to Elena taking the $5000 instead of the veto. Raven disagrees with their assessment on the veto always being the last prize. Paul and Christmas saying they need to be ready for “Even when Jason is sleeping, he is so extreme!” Josh finally figures out that these punishments aren’t just going to affect those who got them, but they’ll affect everyone for the next week.
10:30 AM BBT Alex is out of the DR, back into the SR and retrieves her hat and gathers what she needs for her next cookout. She cam talks telling America if they like BB they should go on BB. And production needs to pick people who actually know how to play. She makes her way out to the BY to start making the next batch of hot dogs. Mark and Elena have joined almost everyone else outside. Matt makes his way to the DR. Cody explaining to the HGs how hard sky-diving actually is while Jason and Kevin play pool. Christmas tells about going to an indoor skydiving facility she’s gone to. She starts to talk about someone on the outside and all cams switch to the pool game. Cody says that the guys who do the indoor diving are amazing once they go up for an actual dive. Christmas comments that Alex is moving so much faster this time and she says she’s timing herself. She again tells the group that HNs can have hot dogs. Alex asks if they’ve decided who the other HN will be and Paul explains that he and Mark played rock-paper-scissors earlier and Mark is it. He says they’ll recreate it for the cams. Mark points out that he’s the 3rd nominee, so they may still be short one if four need to be put up. Christmas says that she has to go the WR, so she and Paul make their way inside. Josh and Elena discussing prior season on the hammock. Paul dances outside the WR door as Christmas uses the facilities. Raven comes in and says that Elena told Matthew that Kevin is working with someone; Paull immediately throws shade on Mark. Christmas finishes up in the WR and they make their way to the rose room where they discuss Elena’s future in the game. They say she’s got to be the next to go and now they have tangible reasons to get rid of her.
10:45 AM BBT Christmas and Paul talking in the rose room. Paul says that Raven and Matthew are still on their side.Paul says that even if Kevin is being weird, as they suspect, they’ll have enough votes to get rid of Cody this week. Meanwhile Alex is cooking hot dogs out in the BY. Raven comes into the rose room and says that Elena is sitting on the hammock asking dumb questions. Paul disregards what she said and takes the opportunity to ensure that Raven and Matthew are voting Cody out again. Paul and Christmas make their way to the WR so they can brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Jason gets called out twice. Alex comes in and offers hot dogs as they’re still brushing. She retrieves the next package of hot dogs before heading back to the BY to disassemble her campsite.
10:55 PM BBT Raven rejoins Paul and Christmas in the WR and is immediately followed by Elena. Paul asks Raven to get him a towel and Elena offers hers to him. Elena then asks if they have to do this for exactly 48 hours or if will be two full days. Paul and Christmas say it’s 48 hours. Elena is hovering and being extremely helpful. Raven says that she’s going to have some ice cream and head to bed herself. Elena asks if they need to sleep in the helmet and glasses and Paul says no.
11:00 PM BBT Alex is still packing up her campsite; Jason and Cody are making small talk with her. Alex says that if this was the Hunger Games things would be going a whole lot different. Jason says he saw someone get hit in the shoulder by a slug that had ricocheted off a tree. Alex says that she wants to go deer hunting; Cody says he’s done it and she suggests doing it together as an extreme adventure. He neither confirms nor denies he’d be interested in that. Alex says she’s going back-packing after this. She says she’s leaving the states. Cody tells her the pouches on her hips are marine corps grenade pouches and he can’t figure out why they’re part of her uniform. Cody asks about swimming and Jason and Alex explain they (BB) will give them direction about that within 48 hours. Jason points out to Alex the straps she needs to attach in which order to get her pack back together. Alex says this is why people hate Americans; because they waste food like this. (All the hot dogs she’ll be making this week.) She says kids are starving in Africa, and Cody says even the African children would rather eat a worm than the soy dogs she just made. Alex finishes packing up and makes her way to the kitchen.
11:10 PM BBT Alex and Jason join Christmas, Paul Raven, Matthew Mark and Elena in the kitchen. Alex drops her gear and gets a drink of water. Meanwhile Josh and Kevin are playing pool and Cody has wandered over to watch them. All HGs in the kitchen agree that they’re tired, and they’re all winding down, having a snack and heading to bed. Cody, Josh and Kevin join the rest of the HGs in the kitchen as their pool game has ended. Josh tries to pick up Alex’s pack and says that it’s way too heavy for Alex to be carrying around all week. BB calls him out.
11:15 PM BBT Alex points out that Paul and Christmas brushed their teeth and then went to eat hummus. They shrug it off. HGs in kitchen discuss they misinterpreted some of the punishments/rewards in the PoV comp. Jason has to announce he’s extreme. Alex talks about the tv show ‘Cheaters’ and how it was extreme.Christmas complaining again about her goggles catching her eyelashes and being blurry. Alex says that Paul and Christmas look like conjoined twins. Paul says he figures HNs will take place tomorrow; Alex says she’s going to make a point of saying she keeps her promises when she announces them. (A dig at Elena.)
11:30 PM BBT Josh helps Jason to the washroom, as he needs someone to unzip him. As Jason is in the stall, he gets prompted to be extreme. We hear him scream. When he comes out of the stall he announces he’s extreme. BB prompts: “Jason is extremely annoyed!” to which he replies, “Because I’m so extreme!” Josh and Jason wrestle Jason back into his costume as Jason and Christmas make their way back to the WR. They talk to Josh again about Cody having to go this week. Raven comes into the WR and they ask her if Matthew is taking Jason off, she assures them he is. Raven asks if these will be the last costumes or if they think there will be more and Paul says he figures this will be it. Talk turns to the sleeping situation as those in costumes have to sleep in them and they’ll be hot. Paul suggests Jason ask Mark and Elena to move to the golf room as the rose room is cooler. Talk turns to the weight of Jason’s helmet. Alex stops in WR on her way up to the HoH room to say she’ll be spending most of the week there unless she’s on a mission. She says they’re all welcome to join her. Jason helps her up the stairs with her gear. Alex asks if Elena is pouting and Jason asks why she would pout. Alex says that when she came in the kitchen, Elena left. Jason asks if the plan is the same and he’s going to be pulled off; Alex says it is. Josh comes up to the HoH room to use the WR and says that he’s willing to be ambiguous with Elena about his vote this week. He advises Alex to have fun this week, and they’ll target Elena next week. Paul and Christmas make their way up to the HoH room. Paul and Christmas again stress that they have to keep their sites on Cody this week as he’s too dangerous.
11:45 PM BBT Josh says he’s noticed Cody is trying to get really close to Kevin. They start to talk about how sketchy Kevin has been lately. Matt and Raven join the rest of them in the HoH room. The group is still trying to figure out how a Kevin/Cody team would work. Matthew asks who cares how shady Cody’s being as he’s going home. They do a quick check of the numbers and all those present agree they’re voting Cody out. Paul, Christmas and Jason all say they’re targeting Mark and Elena (wish Elena being the target) next week. Josh tells them that Elena asked him to use the veto on her if he won it. Matt and Raven announce they’re going to bed and leave the HoH room. Paul and Christmas begin to make their way down to bed. Jason gets prompted and again announces he’s so extreme and is making his way downstairs to bed but doesn’t. Jason Josh and Alex are the three remaining in the HoH room. The resume their talk about the way Kevin is acting lately. Alex again states that Kevin is acting far older than he actually is, and is using it as a ploy in the game.


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