Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 11th

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12:00 AM BBT Alex is out in the BY hoola hooping and ranting and raving about everything that has happened in the house. She says, “There are nothing but a bunch of counterfeits in this house. Paul is such a liar he is crying and he is such a fake counterfeit. Production says, “HGS THIS IS A LOCKDOWN. EVERYONE GO INTO HOUSE AND CLOSE THE SLIDING GLASS DOORS!” Alex says, “Ok. They are still counterfeits though and she goes into the house and looks in the refrigerator for snacks. She then heads into the SR for an apple and leaves the SR. She then goes into the HN bedroom and grabs the bible and starts reading while eating her apple. She mumbled something about the HOH and the SOBs. Up in the HOH bedroom Paul and Josh are chatting. Paul tells Paul to stop freaking out and says, “We gotta win.” Josh says you gotta win HOH and Christmas has to win the other. Paul starts saying something about the plan and the feeds go to fish. Feeds come back on at 12:11 AM and Josh is the only one in the HOH bedroom now. He put the headphones on while saying, “Alright do I gotta go now? God, I’m gonna mis this. He says, “Why is she hopping so hard?” Camera goes down to the kitchen. Paul and Christmas are down there talking about the audio. Josh came out of the HOH and asked what happened. Paul said, “They kick us out of the BY.” “We played ourselves big time.” Then he asked Christmas where the blender was and she showed him. He told Josh he had to take that back to them too. Josh asked, “Are you serious?” Then he told Christmas he was going to shower and she held up her crutch and pointed it at him like it was a gun and she shot it at him and said he was dead. And she said ok.
12:15 AM BBT Paul came back around the corner from the DR and the camera showed him tugging on his private area. He said, “Oh that’s nice just pan around right at me when I am pulling on my penis. I played myself.” Christmas was heading in the bathroom and was laughing and said, “They caught you tugging huh?” He said, “Yeah. I played myself.” Then Christmas started brushing her teeth and asked him what time it was. But Paul never answered. Christmas put some styling product on her hair and left the bathroom. She stopped in the LR and looked at the pictures on the memory wall and held her crutch up like a gun again at the memory wall and made a shooting noise and gesture and pointed at it. Then she smiled and turned around and pointed upstairs and did the peace sign with her fingers. She walked on and entered the Rose room and got in her bed. She pulled her hair up and put it in a ponytail and laid down and covered up. She faced away from the camera briefly and then flipped back over looking in the direction of the camera. She begins talking to the camera. “So thinking about everything in this game and sometime I am a little ruthless, and I am. And I have said I will give you the benefit of the doubt until you cross me, which everyone has except Matt. He played a straight and honest game. He was just protecting Raven. Alex chose Jillian in the beginning and Josh chose me and Paul chose me. Then she kept me away from Jason. She never considered me a player just a pawn in her game. I have been a very productive player and socialized and been very choosy in who I wanted to get over when. I still like Alex and it bothers me that she has to go home. And in a few days you will see me break down more. I will definitely be having a mental breakdown after the show and you will not have to see it on live feeds. But I think I have definitely played a good game socially and have had to rely on my social game and have given enough. I had ten broken bones. I had to have other people’s bone placed in my foot. I have a Franken foot. I am proud of how I have played this game and made it this far.
12:30 AM BBT Then Paul came in and said, “Who are you talking to?” Christmas said, “Just myself. No dirty chochas” she said. Then Paul said, “I am going to say goodnight to Alex and she will probably bite my head off.” He headed out to the HN bedroom and said, “Go back to what you were doing.” Christmas said, “Alright guys. Thanks for chatting.. Have a good night.” And she blew a kiss to the cameras. Paul came back in and said, “She is not happy.” “Oh well….something garbled.” Then he turned out the light and laughed as he walked to the other side of the bed and got in bed. Christmas asked him if he had a banana. He said, “Yes.I’m just tired.” She asked, “Did the milkshake help?” He said, “Yeah but it didn’t help my abs.” She laughed and said, “You’ll work it off tomorrow.” he said, “I’m just ready to get out of this f**king place.” She said, “Almost there.” He said, “It’s just been so hard and so difficult and a lot f work.” She said, “I know. I’ve seen it.” They started talking about the jurors. He said he likes to think the worst about the situation. She said she would think they would be pissed. “They are they. We are here.” Paul asked, “Do you think they will be bitter?” She said, “I don’t know. Each of them are a different breed. I wouldn’t be bitter.” He said, “You have a totally different personality and outlook than those people.” She said, “I’ll take that as a compliment.” He said, “It is a compliment.” She said, “Aww.” He asked her to tickle his back a little bit. She said that they will see her as a gimp that skated her way into it.” He said, “No I think they will see you as pushing through at all odds.” Then he said, “I’ve always been on your side.” She tells him that maybe they will see it as he played the way he had to and as good game play.” She asked him why he is obsessing about it.” He said he is not. He is just thinking about it because it is close and he may have a shot. She said, “you should be thinking about how you will explain why he did what he did.” “You can say you were on constant fight and attack mode and it will show how you know the complexities of the game.” He said, “I appreciate that.” He said, “ I don’t know how I can take credit for the accomplishments that I have done though.” Christmas said, “Well you can’t take credit for them because you weren’t the front man that did them. But you have to explain how you did what you did t them.” Paul said, “I hope there is an eviction tomorrow.” She said, Me too. The air in the house is very heavy.” Then Tuesday can be veto and Wednesday can be eviction.” She says”It’s Sunday night.” He said, “I know. But Tuesday could be a surprise eviction or tomorrow.”
12:45 AM BBT Alex went back outside in the BY for a little while with the hula hoop again. Paul and Christmas are still chatting. Paul said that this time in the house last season was brutal. Paul said he is happy he was able to get this boost in his twenties. Not that he needed a boost in his twenties. He asked her if she knew what he meant. She said no. He said a lot of people don’t do nothing in their twenties. They just let it pass them by. And he is glad he hasn’t and he has had this experience in his life. Christmas said she doesn’t know why people in their twenties think they need to grow up and get a job and all that. She said she has had many adventures and started her business and done some work and she has had a great time. He said, “That’s good.” Then they said thank God Josh calmed down and didn’t keep going on because he would have been kicked out and wouldn’t have this experience.
1:00 AM BBT Paul said, “I don’t know.” Christmas said, “You don’t gotta know.” She said, “How much do you like that answer?” He said, “It’s the shittiest.” She said, “You don’t always gotta know.” Christmas said, “Can I ask you a question?” He said, “When” She said, “During that last eviction.” He asked, “The double eviction?” She said, “No. I saw your pulse in your neck.” He said, “During that last eviction. Yeah I just didn’t know what Josh was going to say. That’s all.” She said, “I don’t care who goes next as long as it is not you or me. But I have to wait and see what Josh has to say.” Paul said, “It’s going to be hard to choose.” Then Josh came into the bedroom. He turned the light on and they said, “Turn the light off.” He said, “Were you guys cuddling?” He turned off the light. Paul said, “No. We were just chatting.” Josh jumped into the bed on them. He said, “I’m lonely.” Paul said, “Fool. Then go get your stuff and come in here.” Josh got up and went to the door. They said, “Don’t turn on that light.” Josh said, “Ok. I’m going to go to take a shower.” Christmas said, “What.” He left the bedroom. Paul tells Christmas a story. He said one time he went to the post office. He always hates it when he is standing in a long line and there is an old lady in front of you and she is only there to by stamps. I think my packages are way more important and they are international. So then I went to the post office and I was in the long line. There was this little old lady that comes inside and is carrying a backpack. She starts asking everyone if someone left their bag outside. No one claims it. Then she goes up to the counter and she gives it to the guy. She said someone left it outside and they may come in and be looking for it. So then this guy in line behind me gets all crazy and starts yelling at the lady. He says, “Lady don’t you watch the new these days? There could be a bomb in there or something. Take it back outside.” And he keeps yelling at her. So I finally turn around and tell him, “If you are so worried about there being a bomb in there you take it outside yourself.” Then the little old lady told the guy he was going to hell in her Christian manner. They both laughed. Christmas then started telling a story about how her mother getting arrested.
1:15 AM BBT Paul then starts telling some other stories about standing in line at Target and telling off a lady behind him who was yelling at the cashier. He started telling another story about he went to Forever 21 before a dentist appointment and there was a lady standing outside stomping her foot on the ground getting mad looking at her wristwatch. She was said she was going to call the manager because they were supposed to be opened at 10:00 AM and it was 10:02. Then she tried to open up the grate but she didn’t get it open. She was trying to get me to engage and I wouldn’t even do it. Then a manager came over and told the woman that they were going to open in a minute but we can’t open until we have things together. She said she was going to call corporate and tell them because it is against the law and they are supposed to be opened when they are supposed to. Paul said that is not a law by the way. Then they opened the store and the lady ran right over to the manager and told her that no wonder she is a manager at a retail store because she is so stupid. She was being very cruel and mean to the manager. So he says he went in there and turned to the lady and said, “You are a complete cunt.” She said, “What did you say to me?” He said he called he a cunt again and said that the only ignorant person here is her and she has no right to be so mean to this lady. And he said he told her to leave the store right now. Then the girl thanked him for sticking up for her and gave him a super discount on anything he bought there. Then he tells her a story of two boys that were about to throw down on his way to BB. He said he stopped the car and got out and told them to stop it and make up. Then he tells a story about a waiter at a restaurant. Then another story about his drink not being made the way he likes it.
1:30 AM BBT Christmas then tells a story about them not getting her coffee drink right either and it is so simple. Paul said it’s a cortado.” She said, “They don’t know what that is though.” He said their mind will be blown. He said one time this one barista totally refused to make his drink. He said, “It’s just an iced cappuccino.” Christmas said they know all these other drinks and and the Unicorn drink but they can’t make my drink. He said his assistant is cut throat. He said Christmas would like his assistant. She said one time, “Can I f**king help you?” Paul tells a story about going to NY before here and saying that he had a mean person at a cafe there. He said he went to a Starbucks drive thru by his house and he didn’t realize there was a camera there. He said, “I drove up one time and said “Hi Paul.” And it freaked me out. And then said you want an iced cappuccino.” Christmas said, “Did you freak out? He said, “Yes. I was like, how does this b**ch know my man?” “And they knew my order and got it right.” Christmas said she doesn’t have a lot of stories in here because the house has made her very dull. She asked Paul if she can meet his assistant. He said, “Probably. Yes most likely.” She said, “You will like my mom. But she will probably grope you.” He said, “I’m down.” Then he said, “So Josh is not coming back down then?” Christmas said, “I guess not.”
1:45 AM BBT Paul said, “When he went to Pepperdine and was at Freshman orientation, he was in all black and tattoos and piercings and everyone else was all preppy and Malibu barbies and Malibu Kens. He said he was the only one there like that. She said, “You think.” He said, “All of the fathers were looking at me holding their daughters and I said, “I’m going to f**k your daughter and I am going to f**k your daughter. And they were like, “What is that?” He says stuff always happens to me wherever I go. Christmas said he always causes a commotion wherever he goes. He said he doesn’t. Paul asks her if he has ever told her about the crackhead that almost killed him when he went to get coffee one time. She said, “Nope.” He said, “Oops, did I hit your foot?” she said, “No it’s ok. I want to take my sock off. But I’ll do it later.” “It wasn’t my bad foot.” He said, “Oh ok.
2:00 AM BBT Christmas and Paul continue talking about general things. Christmas is telling him about someone who gives great massages. She says it was painful but every time he got to my thighs I’d pass out. Alex is in the HN Room reading the Bible by herself. Alex turns the light out and goes back to bed to try and sleep. Paul is snoring and Christmas has her eyes closed. Looks like all HGs are sleeping for the night. Both Christmas and Alex are restless in their respective beds. Alex is back out of bed , she is off camera and you can hear drawers opening. She is now heading to the washroom. She uses the washroom and heads back to bed in the HN Room.
2:15 AM BBT Cameras are on Alex in HN Room sleeping as well as on Paul and Christmas in Rose Room sleeping. We are assuming Josh is in HOH asleep and Kevin is in Green Room asleep.
2:30 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping ( 2:32 AM BBT) Alex is having a hard time sleeping do she turns the light back on and reads more of the Bible in bed.
2:45 AM BBT All HGs but Alex are asleep. She is still reading the Bible in the HN Room. (2:47 AM BBT ) Alex turns the light out and tries to sleep.
3:00 AM BBT – 6 :00 AM BBT All HGs are in bed asleep   Kevin gets up to go to the bathroom and goes to restroom then back to bed.
6:05 AM BBT –  9:00 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping
9:01 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH
9:13 AM BBT Cams return to lights up in the have not room, but we’ve still got sleepy HGs. Up in the HoH room Josh is talking to his family telling them he’ll be home soon hopefully with some money. BB tells him to put on his mic. He moves into the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready for the day, then pulls out his bible to read. Alex moves through the house to the bathroom downstairs to brush her teeth. Josh praying to bless the day, then heads down.
9:30 AM BBT Alex is in the shower, Josh moving around the kitchen making fresh coffee. Paul in storage with Christmas doing mics, as they come through they ask why the yard is open. Paul sees the time and says it’s only 9:30 F this I’m going back to sleep. Josh says good morning ninja to Alex, she looks angry and says call me Alex from now on. Paul goes to pop zits in the mirrored windows outside. Josh guess to tell him about what Alex said. Paul and Josh to separate bathrooms, one washed hands one didn’t. Alex is reading her bible in bed. Josh says he’s getting a little antsy and anxious, Paul says 8 days and a wake up. Josh says he’s cried more this season than he ever has in life, he says he’s not usually like this. He starts talking about how he’s going to call Kevin fat and old, how he hasn’t done anything this season. He says Kevin set in the corner talking crap about everybody.
9:45 AM BBT Josh and Paul continue to lay out on the lounger together. Josh is excited to see his family in 8 days! He wonders who may be there. He asks Paul if he thinks Alex will be bitter,Paul hoe not but sounds unconvinced. Josh talks about how it’s easy to get in a slump inside. Paul says he needs to get out of the house he’s over it, looks very depressed this morning. Josh reassures him he’s doing great. He mentions how Paul and Christmas have had some hard cuddles recently. Paul says he doesn’t give a F about Christmas cuddles, it’s more for her. Josh says he wants cuddles. Paul says he just misses his girl and family and real life. Josh reassuring Paul more that they are playing the game, he tells him he hadn’t told anyone but he sees Paul taking it. Paul says they all hate him.
10:00 AM BBT Josh is telling Paul that people like him. Paul keeps worrying about his comic being POTTYMOUTH, Josh asks him what is it that is bothering him so much because he thinks that Paul has played a great game and who cares what everyone thinks about whether or not he swore a lot says it didn’t matter because people looked up to him. Paul wished for the yard was closed and that way he could bottle everything and take it out on the eviction. Josh is thinking if he had hurt his mom by the things he has done or said. Josh says they can do a podcast or something. Josh says that if people doesn’t like him he says that he is over it and will go off on them. Paul is worried about the girl at home and if she still will be there when he gets back home. Josh says if she’s not then she wasn’t worth his time. Cams goes to Alex in the HN room reading the Bible.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 11th

10:53 AM BBT Feeds Back POV was NOT used  Paul is in the Kitchen getting Juice, Alex heads from the green room to wards the Kitchen then back to the HN room to read her bible, Kevin is making his bed. Alex makes a comment about reading 100 more chapters on this Shitty day. Paul comes in and asks “ Do you want me to Fuck off or can we talk, she says she doesn’t want to talk. He leaves and she calls him a Counterfeit son of a B. Paul and Josh in the Living area say they hope the show is tonight, Paul listens in and hears them building saying they are setting up now and talks to Production about his Laundry that’s left outside. Fish for a moment they return to Josh n Paul head up HOH Kevin follows them up. Kevin shakes Paul and Josh’s hand. He talks about being on the block at vote time and how he is a fighter this is 3 weeks evictions straight. They talk about the POV comp and how quickly Paul was able to do it. Josh leaves the room for a moment and then Kevin talks to Paul about his speech.
11:00 AM BBT Alex heads to the WR while the boys keep talking about Kevin’s speech. Alex stops at the memory wall on her way home. Josh is back in the conversation and they discuss how quickly they comp should be with only 3 playing. ALex grabs a sweater and her rosary, and heads into the HN room. Paul says they will all get Suitcases soon as they all need to pack. Kevin asks about why there are sayings on the snickers wrappers. KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Paul and josh whisper and hand gestures about needing to get Kevin out while he is in the RR in the HOH. Josh compliments Paul’s speech at Pov ceremony. Alex continues praying and saying her hail mary’s. Christmas went to the DR after the ceremony, josh says it looked like she was about to have a moment. Paul heads downstairs says he will be right back, Kevin says he is going back down to his corner. Josh says sorry he isnt company he is in a funk. Kevin explains and talks about his speeches and how he is a fighter and 30 years older than everyone. Kevin heads out the HOH room. Paul tries to talk to Alex and she is shutting him down. He keeps trying and she goes back to prayers and he interrupts them again. “Paul I don’t want to hear it.” “ okay i’ll respect that”- Paul and he heads up to the HOH room again. He walks in and says Kevin is getting on my nerves, they vent to each other, about his speech.
11:15 AM BBT Josh asks Paul if he is okay, before she comes up and spazzes because we are in the feels, You did a great job. PLEASE STAND BACK AWAY FROM THE SLIDING GLASS DOORS. They go back to the conversation about the decision to send Alex out and Kevin still being there. Paul says please tell Christmas what Kevin is saying up here, they keep venting. Kevin is back in bed in the Green room, in his corner. Josh feels that Kevin is hiding something, they holler out JOY!!! Trying to figure out what she is doing gimping around. Christmas joins the HOH Crew, they ask what’s up why is she sad, Paul asks if she wants comedy. They tell her about the Kevin speech. Being on the block 3 times, I’m a fighter and 33 yrs older,.. They chuckle and talk about it. Christmas says “whatever FUCK HIM!!” they want the comp tonight. Christmas says that it’s Alex’s fault Kevin is here longer than her and Jason. Jason went rogue and didn’t go after Kevin in his HOH and wasn’t in her pocket like she thought, Christmas has a salty moment against Jason. She thinks he has a loose screw in his head. Paul asks her if his speech was okay she said it was perfect. Christmas has a rant moment about Alex and you can see all the Salty coming out. Kevin shit talking continues, Paul explains how Kevin thinks they are still a F2 and how he explained the comps and then beat him at pool with all his balls still on the table. Christmas says fun idea.. What about a split vote, reem Kevin, sorry Alex this is a Game, but Kevin will join you next. They like the idea but feel that they need to keep kevin really calm and then BAM blow it up.
11:30 AM BBT Christmas talks about using her Crutch as a rifle to shoot targets. Josh has finally come to the conclusion he can’t please everyone. Josh says he is not watching the season back. He needs 2 years before he will come back. HOH room goes back to discussing the speech from Alex and how her and Jason were on a power trip. Alex heads the Kitchen area with her bible to eat. Josh is worried about Alex’s rage is going to come. Christmas says Alex was arrogant and exposed her own game. Paul talks about how rude Alex was last night when he offered her to come join them for milkshakes. Feeds go out for a moment they return with Christmas telling about a pressure point to help relieve headaches. Alex still nibbling quietly reading in the kitchen. Paul tells about the game Golf with Cards that Nicole taught them last year. Christmas says it sounds fun if they get some cards. Paul hopes tonight is the eviction. Josh says the HOH is going to be Quick. Josh says he should have Ran this Morning.
11:45 AM BBT 8 days and a Wake up is what they have left in the house. Christmas can now put 70% weight on her foot. Alex Cleans up her lunch and puts it away. Christmas is excited for them to try her supplements. Josh talks about someone involved in Fashion week that lasts like a month. Josh says she wore her Petty hat i thought she was going to say some petty shit the others respond with SHE DID! He expected more. Alex cleans up her snacks and heads back to the SR room, Kevin exits the Dr heads towards the Kitchen. She calls them Counterfeit again. They are watching Kevin on the monitor making fun of him checking the slider door. You can tell he is stressing based on his rash. Alex back in the HN room. JOSH PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. Alex talks about how everyone is “ hiding” upstairs. Upstairs they talk about kevin’s pool game and how he is insecure about losing. They keep talking Shit on Kevin and his stories he tells. They feel jason protected Kevin and the idea of Kevin being a Soap opera star. They fell he is a washed up entertainment star. When Kevin lost it in the yard they knew they had him beat. BB yells at Josh again about his Mic. Paul says stop I can’t anymore today. Josh reminisces about getting out of the house.
12:00 PM BBT Josh is getting jealous of Xmas and Paul’s cuddles. He says he is getting Cuddles tonight they are sharing the bed with him up in HOH. Xmas please do not obstruct your microphone. Paul just wants to drive his car. They talk about the possibility of an eviction today or tomorrow. Josh asks if they are a showmance and says he feels like a 3rd wheel.( loss of sound for a few moments) Josh wants to go make something to eat but the others aren’t hungry, they ask Why Orwell is in the room he says he slept with him. Alex completes Braiding her hair and back to her bible. Paul makes jokes about josh being Horny. Paul tells him to stop singing, Xmas says that the first 5 call outs are Josh for his mic or singing. Josh makes a call out for his sister. They quickly discuss it move onto another topic.
12:15 PM BBT They discuss where to sleep and hotels for plans after the show. They make jokes and play around with Orwell. They discuss the games they and others played this season. They eat string cheese, while Alex has put the bible down for a bit and is just laying in bed quietly. HOH room laughs about the way Josh uses words. They discuss Gumpy.  Josh thinks all girls this season wanted to Bone Paul. They discuss the showmances, Lex stretches, Paul says he is anti-showmance. Josh tries to say he is too. They call him out for trying to get into a lot of showmances. They believe they are all real as Fuck. Paul tells josh go cut Chicken and i’ll cook it, he says no I been doing it all season.
12:30 PM BBT They shit on Matt and how Salty Ravens food was and all the Cereal, they say he was shredded from the dehydration. Then about Cody and Mark and the 12 eggs for a single meal. They begin going over dates. Paul is on top of it and josh wasn’t ready. Josh continues to grill Paul, while xmas listens and soaks it in. Alex gets up and stretches on the HN floor. UP in HOH they are still studying up in HOH. the days, when evicted, names of comps, HOH reigns. Meanwhile Alex is back in bed ,lying on her side and reading the bible.
12:45 PM BBT Josh, Paul, and Xmas are in the hoh room. Alex is in her bed reading the bible. They are studying in the hoh room. Josh is asking Xmas and Paul questions. Paul says close the fridge Kevin. They are going over days. Alex is now just laying in her bed. Josh asked who was the 10th hoh..Paul says mother fucker I don’t know questions like that. Paul says I have not sat here and counted hoh’s like that. Josh says well you need too. Paul replies Jason was the 10th..Josh says and Xmas was 9. Josh says the 11th hoh was Xmas. Alex was 12th. And Josh is the 13th. Josh asked on day 37 who was evicted. Josh says he doesn’t really know how to ask the questions, but at least they know the hoh’s. Josh says the questions are easy as fuck, but the way they word them makes it harder than it should be. Alex is still laying on her bed. Josh said today is September 11th…Holy smokes. Josh and Xmas decide it is day 83 in the house. Josh is talking it will be over a 100 days that he will be away. Josh is laying in the hoh bed, petting the stuffed owl. Xmas is on the couch. Josh asked Xmas what is she thinking. Xmas says just going over dates and studying.
1:00 PM BBT Alex is lying in bed , reading the bible. Xmas and Josh are going over hoh’s and veto comps. Josh is stumped on the 7th veto. Xmas said didn’t Jason win the veto? Paul joined the conversation. Paul left the hoh room. Feeds go down 1:03. Feeds right back up. Paul comes back in the hoh room. Paul said he is cold. Alex put her hat on and left the room. She went into the bedroom where Kevin is, and asked what he is doing. She tells Kevin she can’t wait to watch TV. Alex is in the bathroom. Paul is explaining to Josh what the comp is going to be like. Paul says he knows he has to add shit. He said they do it different every year. He is explaining what he had to do last year. Alex grabbed some of her stuff from the bedroom and took it back to the have not room with her. She is doing her workout. Paul is talking about a comp that was individual and if you finish last you are fucked. Josh is talking it might be black box and Xmas gets upset, and says if it is she can’t do it. Josh said even veto. Paul said,,dude they are not going to let her crawl. Paul said it might be chicken coop which is fucked. It’s hand eye coordination. Paul says Kevin is color blind. Josh says I think that is bullshit. They are talking about how their vision is checked before they get in the house and the feeds briefly go down and come back up. Alex is laying on her bed in the have not room, eating a apple and reading the bible. Josh is laughing about the words Paul taught him. Josh and Paul are talking about the words they use that get played out. Like gumpy and meatball. Paul says it is only 1 o’clock so it could be today. Paul asked why Xmas is shaking her head. Xmas said it in not happening today. It’s going to be really twisted if they do another double.
1:15 PM BBT Paul is saying they have to film it do the hoh and noms and veto. Paul said Xmas is guessing. Paul said you are dipping on your timing. Josh said what the fuck are you guys talking about. Paul told Josh to shut up. He said I already tried to tell you and you didn’t get it. Paul and Xmas are going back and fourth in a vague conversation. Xmas says it makes me nervous. Xmas said she is blindfolded, hogtied and put in the trunk. Production said you are not allowed to talk about production. Alex is in the storage room. She grabbed something she said was frozen and went into the kitchen with it. Kevin is in the kitchen with Alex. Alex said thank to Kevin and is going back to her room. She told Kevin thanks. Alex is sitting on her floor reading her bible again eating an apple. Paul, Xmas and Josh are still trying to decide when they are doing the comps etc. Josh said we are just speculation. Paul said we are speculating because we are bored. Xmas said Monday night if football they wouldn’t do it. Paul is sitting on the couch playing with a plastic hanger. Xmas is saying why it won’t happen tonight it would tomorrow. So it won’t compete with other CBS channels. Paul said I just want it to be today. They are talking about how Alex told Xmas and Paul she didn’t want to talk to them Josh said he is hungry and what he really wants is avocado toast. Paul says you don’t make the bacon Josh. Josh asked why. Paul says your bacon suck , ask the bacon. Production told Josh not to obstruct his microphone. Xmas and Paul told production to tell him again cause he is still doing it. Production does. Josh doesn’t move. Xmas and Paul say one more time. Production told him again. Josh asked if production told him to fuck off, cause that is what he heard. He said that is so mean. Xmas said everyday you forget your microphone. Paul tells Josh it is all your fault. Xmas told Josh these are the rules you should not be breaking. This is your job, it is like showing up for you job without the tools you need. Production calls out Paul and Xmas and says thank you. They are all laughing and Josh said you are a big meanie. Xmas says you do this to yourself. She said every situation you make it worse for yourself.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 11th
1:30 PM BBT Paul is telling Josh and Xmas he wants some gouda. Some smoked gouda. He said the whole foods by his house, makes a Gouda dip. Paul says fuck my ass. Xmas says potty mouth. Xmas is telling him he is aggressive. Paul said it is another way of saying I will go fuck myself. Paul said my friends get it. Xmas says I get it, it’s just aggressive and potty mouth. Xmas said you are saying it like a dirty cunt. Paul said he got in trouble for saying cunt last year. Xmas said it is how you use it. Xmas said what is the official word for vagina. Xmas said so vagina , pussy, fuck hole. Paul tells Josh not to obstruct his microphone , he is still doing it. Paul said it is coming to Josh, Xmas said you’re talking shit to production, don;t be an Elena. Xmas said she was bad to them. They are talking about Cody. Paul says for sure we looked like the crazy ones, cause the fool doesn’t talk. Xmas says there were so many rules put in the handbook because of us that week. Xmas, Paul and Josh are watching the cameras, and are talking about Kevin freaking out. Paul says look. He is counting. Paul was just called to the diary room. Paul said I just played myself. Paul says watch his reaction on the camera when i open the door. Paul says he played himself. Xmas says how do you think I feel. This dude is talking about banging me. Xmas is saying that Kevin says she is going after a married man, and how he said him and Jason could bang her in jury. Josh said is he crazy, his family is watching. Xmas says he doesn’t care he is going to say it’s what he had to do, and he thinks they can’t hear him if he covers his microphone. Xmas says..Let’s go over dates. Josh and Xmas are going over dates. Alex is still sitting in her bed, in the have not room reading her bible. Xmas is going over dates. Josh says I’m sorry to interrupt you, but let’s go over everything. Xmas says that is too much for her brain. Josh and Xmas are laughing at Paul on the camera, Paul is acting like Kevin Josh says. Josh was just called to the diary room. Paul is coming back to hoh room. Xmas says that is obviously fast. Josh says that is fast and Paul says that’s what she said. Paul says he asked Kevin what he was looking at. Xmas says what did he say. Paul says he said No shit Paul, I have nothing else to look at. Xmas is eating a Kit Kat. She is telling Paul she likes them so much. Paul says the same. Paul is putting all the candy bars in the fridge. Xmas said number 1 ingredients is sugar. She is talking about carbs.
1:45 PM BBT Xmas and Paul are looking at the pictures on the camera. Xmas asked if his sister is going to go to the party. Paul said she will come. Xmas said she is not sure who will show up from her family, but they are all crazy. Paul said his sister would do terrible at this game. Paul said if they ever did that twist, nobody would know she is his sister. He said she would get played and she would never sign up. Paul said his mom would do it, and she would probably do well. Her social game, cooking cleaning. She would do well. Paul says they would never know she is my mom either, maybe because she has been interviewed a lot. Xmas said she apologized to her mom for putting her through hell. Alex was called to the diary room. Xmas and Paul are talking about the fish. Josh is back in the hoh room and says he is hungry, let go make some toast. PAul asked if you saw Alex. Josh said yes, and Paul asked if she was pissed. Kevin is laying on his bed in his bedroom. Paul is saying he lost a lot of weight and how it shorts don’t fit. Xmas says all 3 of us have. Josh said it’s not a good weight, it’s stress. Josh said Paul was chubby, Paul says chubby? Xmas said you lost mass. Paul said so I look skinny now? Paul asked who is that ? Xmas said Alex. Josh said I can’t call her tiger anymore. Josh aid I was a fucking meatball in my comic. Josh said I was just a round old meatball. Josh is yelling at production telling them they fucked it up, Mark is the meatball. Paul said they should just have called me Mr. Gumpy. Josh said we have literally been cursing all season. Paul said why didn’t Jason get potty mouth. That fool said shit. Xmas said cause they can’t air what he said. Xmas is talking about how Jason grabbed Alex face and straight skull fucked her in the living room. Paul is saying everything we said has been caught. Paul said it’s not ok to say somethings, referring to something Jason said. Josh’s aid one thing that really really bothered me, like the whole intelligent thing. Xmas says , you mean Cody and Jessica attacking you. Josh said that is why I shut her down, talking about how she didn’t have an education. Xmas said Jessica also shit on her mom. Josh says I am not the brightest bulb in the crayon box and starts laughing.
2:00 PM BBT Jason, Xmas and Josh are talking about how Raven called Paul fat. Xmas is talking about how she ate two plates of mashed potatoes. Paul said if you have knee problem you don’t jump on your knees on a bed. Josh is telling them how Raven over reacted and Matt had to carry her, and than the next day she is dancing around. Paul is talking about how she would mimic everything. Paul says she claims to be one person and she is not. He said she is not a terrible person, but he doesn’t know what she is trying to achieve. Josh thinks it’s because she is young and it’s the environment. Josh feels she felt she needed to fit in. Paul is talking about how she set the chess board up for him and Jason. Xmas said she had no idea what she was doing and was caught in a lye. Paul is talking about how Raven said she can play anything by ear on the piano. He said she said I don’t mean to toot my own horn. Paul said she is talking about how it;s not legal to make the piano anymore, and Raven said she has a stand up grand piano. Alex is still in her bed reading her bible. Xmas is talking about her remembering her whole experience etc, with her own mom, and if she finds out Raven lied about her mother having a terminal like breast cancer, it is not OK. Xmas says I hope she wasn’t lying. Xmas says she gets tested every 6 months. Xmas said she would not qualify for that kind of testing. Xmas said she gets one mammogram a year. Xmas vents and says but I couldn’t say shit. They are talking about Raven talking about security clearance. Raven is saying level 6. Xmas said she made that up by Alex talking about level 6 in the military. Josh is saying he knows she could talk about it. She didn’t even have to mention names. They are laughing about a brothel. Talking that Raven was laughing and clowning on Josh he didn’t know and she didn’t know.
2:15 PM BBT Paul is talking that Raven said she loves LP and she has never heard her before. Josh said I guess I excuse it as she is young. Paul said you are the same age, josh said but I am mature. Paul laughs. Josh said he tried to tell her to just be herself. Paul said every once in awhile the real Raven would come out and she is a sweet girl. Josh said all the extra shit she did clouded her. Paul is talking about how her accent would show up right after she said the word without the accent. They are talking about how she said she is gypsy because of Paul’s stories. Paul said Raven was mean. Paul said she started calling him fat. Paul said if she sees someone doing something to someone she would jump on. Josh said Raven argues like a baby. My weight, saying I am a moron. Xmas said she was mean. Josh said she went personal in fights. Paul is showing how Raven would bend over and pick things up showing her ass. Paul is now doing splits etc. He is acting like Raven. Paul said and then she would say that Jessica needed to cover up. Xmas said she would have a stronger game is she would have just stuck to who she is. Xmas said Kevin is coming up. Kevin comes into the hoh room and says did you hear what is happening and double flips them off. They all laugh. Kevin said I can only lay in that bed for so long. Paul is asking what time it it. They are all betting on time. Josh asked if we can go make toast. Paul is going to see what time it is. Kevin said he can’t see colors, and Xmas asks how is that possible and Kevin said I don’t know it happened when I got older, I couldn’t see Paul’s comic. Kevin and Xmas are talking about how it has been 83 days. Josh, Paul, Kevin and Xmas are in the kitchen. They are making avocado toast. Kevin asked if there was any speculation for today., Paul says either a eviction or not. Kevin says that is a good speculation. Kevin and Paul are in the storage room. Paul told Kevin Alex doesn’t want to talk about it. Xmas is in the bathroom area doing her makeup. Josh, Paul and Kevin are in the kitchen. Paul is telling Xmas he does not know how to do a egg. Paul told Josh you don’t need butter for bacon. Paul asked if that is the good bacon or the J/k bacon. Xmas said it is the good one. It’s pork. Paul said there are ants on the pan. Xmas asked Josh if he is busy. Xmas said will you do me a favor. He said no. Than he said yes and she said never mind. Paul asked Kevin what Alex is up to, does she feel better. Kevin said he didn’t ask. Josh went upstairs to the hoh room. Paul asking Kevin if she has been in the room all day. Paul is cooking bacon.
2:30 PM BBT Kevin, and Paul are in the kitchen. Paul is talking about how big the avocado is. Josh brings Xmas her bag and Paul tells him to start the toast. Josh asked Kevin if he wants toast and Kevin says sure. Josh and Kevin are sitting at the table and Paul is cooking. Paul is getting on Josh for eating sweets. Josh said he is stressed. Paul says we have one week, we can look fat or…Josh starts singing and feeds go out and come right back up. Paul said when they get out of the house, they will not be working out. He said he didn’t go to the gym until like 6 months after. Josh said 6 months? Paul said I went to the gym but he wasn’t committed. Josh told Paul he is burning the food. Paul is asking Josh where the plate is that he asked for. Josh is telling Xmas he fucked up the bacon. Production asked to clean the mirror above the bathroom sink. Xmas asked for a paper towel. Kevin says he has it. Paul asked Josh to bring a lime. Xmas is in the kitchen making eggs. She is asking Kevin how many he wants. Josh burned the toast. Paul says you couldn’t even make toast. Josh said it is perfect. Kevin is cleaning the mirror and the bathroom area. Kevin is back in the kitchen with Xmas, Paul and Josh. Xmas is asking how easy he wants his egg. Kevin said he likes his eggs hard. Paul doesn’t want them runny. Paul said they need to fatten Xmas up. Xmas says thicken me up. Alex is lying in her bed. Josh hummed and Paul told him he sounds like Homer Simpson when he does that. Xmas is asking for the next plate. A egg fell on the floor and Josh said iI don’t work well under pressure. Kevin said Xmas thank you very much. Paul is blaming Josh for the egg dropping and Josh is blaming Paul. Xmas asked why is everyone so grumpy today. Paul takes the plate to Xmas and says let’s try this again.
2:45 PM BBT Josh said this is exactly what I wanted, this is the money and that he loves those guys. Xmas says thanks guys. Paul, Xmas and Josh are sitting down eating. Kevin is standing by them eating. Xmas says the bacon is delicious. Josh said the one thing I am going to miss from the house is this. Xmas said you can make this at home. Xmas says he is going to ask his mom to make it. Kevin is now sitting with them at the table. Alex is still by herself in the have not bed. Josh again says thank you guys, that was really good. Josh said he will make dinner for them. He is going to make chicken, steak and potatoes. Josh said I played myself, i don’t know how to make potatoes and paul said chicken either. Paul said at least you don’t say axed anymore. If he did one thing this summer, and Xmas said he learned really fast. Paul took Xmas plate and put it in the sink. Paul asked who is doing dishes and Josh said he would do them. Paul said he isn’t doing them. Kevin is putting the clean dishes away. Josh is cracking his knuckles..He is sitting at the table watching Kevin put dishes away. Josh brings his plate to the sink. Josh tells Kevin I will wash those later. Josh asked Paul what he is doing. Paul is trying to un wrap the saran wrap. Now Josh is trying. Josh asked Kevin if he knows how. Josh figures it out. Josh said he is going up. He asked if Xmas is really leaving. Kevin said my stomach is fucking killing me, must be nerves. Paul said me too. Kevin says he is going to back to his corner. Kevin and Paul are in the living room, Kevin is telling Paul how he wouldn’t sit in the 2 chairs the first few weeks and now he is there 3 times . Paul is talking about how many times he was on the block. Kevin said I prided myself not being up there 79 days.Jos is talking to Xmas in the bedroom. Xmas handed Josh some snacks to put in the kitchen. Josh is talking about the ants. Kevin and Paul are sitting in the living room and it is quiet. Paul tells Kevin it doesn’t sound like they are doing much more outside anymore. Xmas is brushing her teeth. 2: 58 feed down. And they are right back up. Xmas, Paul, Josh and Kevin are sitting on the couch in the money room.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 11th

3:00 PM BBT Xmas says she needs to find out the down time for her next surgery so she can understand her schedule. Paul says he for sure needs a nap. Josh says me too. Xmas said it got so hot last night. Paul said I don’t think the air conditioner was working. Paul is talking about how he wants to get all the toxins out of his body, massage, weed. Paul is talking about going to Halloween horror nights. And how they are going to do the BBq at his house, and how they can fit a hike in. Paul is talking about the hike and how Xmas might be able to do it. Xmas said she don’t care she will do it. Paul is telling her how she can do half the hike, and wait for them. She said ok, if I feel I need to bitch out. All four cameras are on them in the money room. Josh is laying on the couch, Xmas and Paul are sitting near each other, and Kevin is sitting in the block chair. Xmas whispers to Paul. He says excuse me? She says I wonder if my dr. saw my veto. Feeds go down and come right back up. Josh said he wishes they had the yard so he could run. Paul said it’s either super elaborate that they need two days or it is going to be tonight. Paul is thinking maybe the veto ceremony Wednesday. Paul is talking about what days they will be doing hoh and veto. He believes last year the veto ceremony was live, but says he does not remember. He said if it was live, it could be tomorrow. He can see it happening today and tomorrow. Xmas says definitely not Wednesday and Paul says no, there is not enough time. Paul is talking about Tuesday they don’t do anything before the finale. Xmas was called to the diary room and Paul and Josh say goodbye to her.
3:15 PM BBT Kevin is talking about how stressful this is. He is talking about when the gave is over. Kevin is talking about how far they have come in this game. Kevin and paul are talking about Paul’s shoes. Paul said Xmas should be back here by 4:30. Kevin is talking about how hard it has been not seeing his family for 90 days. Kevin is telling them once you first born child is born, you think of your child every day. Kevin said he never thought this would be this stressful, Paul said it gets worse. Kevin said it is difficult. Paul said we know. Paul said 4 hours from now, it is his halfway mark 6 months in the bb house. Kevin reminds him it was 911. Paul and Kevin are doing shout outs to people of 911. They are sending positive vibes to America. Paul said he was in the third grade when that happened. Josh is talking about how they let him out of school early. Paul said he didn’t go to school, his mom kept him home and they watched the news. Josh is talking about all the smoke and fire. Josh is talking about how he saw it. Josh said it was really scary. Kevin said he is so anxious. Paul says he is too. Kevin said his heart is pounding like when he got married. Kevin asked how they liked the coffee and Josh said he made it very bitter. Kevin says sometimes you sit back and wonder why you worry. What is going to happen is going to happen. Kevin said thank god for Josh or else he is the one that they would be yelling at . (Production). Kevin is saying how weird it is, to be sitting with 2 guys that are his kids ages. Paul says he just wants a guitar. Kevin is going into the storage room. Paul acts like he is shooting himself in the head to Josh about Kevin. Paul said he doesn’t think he has been so bored in his life. He says he has bad anxiety and his chest hurts. Josh said don’t think about it. Kevin came back out and sat down in the chair. They are talking about chocolate. Kevin is making jokes to Josh. Paul lays down on the couch and puts his hat over his eyes. Kevin lays on both chairs. Josh is laying on the other couch. Room gets quiet. Production told the houseguests no napping. Kevin said what else do you want us to do, give us suggestions. Paul says he is wide awake just covering his eyes from the light. Paul asked Josh where is he going. He says upstairs to have a bowel movement.
3:30 PM BBT Paul asked Kevin what his best memory was. Josh is in the hoh room. Kevin is telling a story, and the feeds go in and out. All cameras switch to the hoh room. And now back to Kevin and Paul in the money room. Paul asks Kevin how he would describe his childhood. Kevin said you had to fight for everything. Kevin said at 12 he carried a knife with him walking to the store hoping he wouldn’t get into a fight. Kevin said he wishes he was on this show when he was Paul’s age. Kevin said he abused himself. He said it’s only been a few years since he stopped because he was tired of going to court. Feeds go down. 3:34. Feeds right back up and Kevin and Paul are still in the money room. Josh is in the hoh room. Kevin said after that new year’s eve everyone started to die. He is talking about some overdosed some hung themselves and some went to prison. Josh is coming downstairs from the hoh room. Alex is in the kitchen. Production told Josh to put on his microphone. He is headed back up to the hoh to get it. All cameras are on him putting it on . Josh is cleaning up the table in his hoh room. He is looking at the cameras in his room and using the remote. Josh is cleaning up all the garbage in the hoh room and throwing it in the trash can. Josh is talking to the camera. He said he is in a zone and he is ready to win. He said he is going to fight his ass off to get to the final 2. He is going to continue being himself to the end. He is hoping he comes out on top and he is the winner. Kevin and Paul are both laying on the couches in the money room. Paul asked Kevin if he used to skate. Kevin says ice skate. Paul says skate board. Kevin says no never. We lived on a hill. Kevin is telling him about a kid that got hit by a train because his brakes gave out on his bike. He said the mother was never the same ever. Josh is picking up trash near the chess table area. Alex is eating in the kitchen. Josh is coming downstairs. Alex is reading her coke can and eating. Josh is in the bathroom area washing his hands and looking at his teeth in the mirror.
3:45 PM BBT Alex is putting her food away in the fridge. Feeds go down 3:45. And right back up. Alex is washing her dishes. Kevin and Paul are still laying on the couch in the money room. Kevin starts to sing and he stops. Kevin is sitting up now. Alex is using the bathroom. Kevin asked Josh if he is going to shower and he says yes. Alex went back to her room. Josh went to the bathroom area and is headed up to the hoh room. Production is reminding them that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms. Paul said played yourself. Josh is coming downstairs. He is in the kitchen at the sink. Josh tells Kevin he can go shower if he want’s. Kevin said he will take him up on that. Kevin is talking to him about Justin Beeber and what songs Josh likes. Josh says he is real basic when it comes to music or the album. Kevin said there is nothing else to do, so he will go up and kill a half hour. Josh is talking about how he would slice up fruits for Dom. Kevin told Josh he is a good kid. Josh is drinking water. Kevin told Paul he is going to go up and take a shower, and says ok? Josh is doing dishes. Kevin said it may be 10 or 15 minutes. Josh said take your time, and Kevin said he might listen to some music. Kevin asked again what two songs Josh liked. Paul is laying on the couch in the money room. Only activity going on is Josh doing the dishes. Alex is in the have not room. She is doing her finger nails. She is sitting on the floor in the have not room.
4:00 PM BBT Josh is doing the dishes. Alex is in have not room and looks to be cleaning under her toenails. Alex is now picking at her face as well. Alex is hunkered over in the floor so you can barely see what she is doing, but it appears she is touching up her face as she is holding a mirror. Alex now picking at her cuticles with tweezers. She is sitting on a pillow in the floor filing her nails down. Josh is still washing dishes. Alex gets up and gets in the bed, is reading the bible.
4:15 PM BBT Kevin comes into the kitchen and walks through with his BB duffle bag. Looks like he is going to pack. Josh finishes with dishes and starts putting away kitchen supplies left out on the counter. Josh says f me while cleaning. He dropped some gummies on the floor and is picking them up. Cameras switch to living room to show Paul napping on the long couch. Alex laying in have not bed chewing her nails after she spent so long filing them. Josh now wiping down the counters. Josh asks Kevin to request epsom salt. Josh speculates to Kevin that the competition will be big because they have started building early. Kevin says every time they have guessed about something they have been wrong so far. Alex laying in bed playing with her hair and staring at the ceiling. Josh now mopping the floor. He is dancing while mopping.
4:30 PM BBT BB says to stop singing. Josh heads up to HOH bathroom. Feeds switch to Kevin laying in bed in green br. He is staring at the ceiling. Neither have said a word. Alex opens up a can of planters nuts and eats some. Kevin rubbing his inner arm profusely. Alex eats some more nuts. She is now reading the bible again.
4:45 PM BBT Kevin and Alex still laying in bed. Alex reading the bible. Kevin puts on his sunglasses. Alex finally gets up out of bed and puts her hat on. She goes in the bathroom. When she comes out she goes back to the have not room, stacks some pillows up on the floor, and starts doing crunches. Kevin takes his sunglasses off and is staring again. Alex gets up off the floor and is doing exercises using the bedside table. Kevin wraps his headband around his wrist. Alex exercising with water jugs now.
5:00 PM BBT Alex walks back to the kitchen. She gets a coke out and is drinking it while staring at herself in the reflective sliding doors. Kevin is folding up his bandana and wraps it around his head. Alex goes back in have not room and gets in the bed, then gets up and puts a unicorn horn on her head. She gets back in bed with it on and is spinning her head around. She goes back to reading the bible. Kevin puts his glasses on and starts filing his nails. Alex talking to the camera. She says there is nothing to do here and that is why she is reading the bible, she has never read it all the way through. She starts reading out loud. She said this is where her life is at right now. Alex puts on her sunglasses. Kevin gets up. Alex asking questions a loud about the bible.
5:15 PM BBT Kevin takes trash out to storage room. He walks around in kitchen drinking coffee. He returns to his bed. Cams switch to Josh who is cam talking in HOH. He said when he gets to F3 he is going for it and taking the shot. He says he has to stay calm cool and collected. Josh says if he wins on the scale, he has been thinking a lot about what he will say to jury. He says the people he aligned with ran the whole game, other than Jess and Cody. Josh said they are probably asking Cody questions now, he says thanks Cody, now I am in final four and you are in jury, you played yourself. He says he can’t beat Paul in the final 2 he thought, but he has played a straightforward game whereas Paul has played everyone. He says Paul has run the show and he sees what a great game he has played, but he wants to be a man and take him on to face him in the final 2.
5:30 PM BBT He says Paul has played the best game this season, then stops talking because he sees Paul is coming upstairs. Paul comes in and Josh says he is showering. Alex is again working out in the have not room. Alex seeing if she can fit into bedside end tables. She says she guesses she could have fit before climbing out. Alex trying to juggle. Josh tells Paul he has never been this bored in his life. Alex won’t talk to him, he does not want to talk to Kevin. Alex goes into green br and gets a bucket and brings it back to have not. She is throwing balls to see if they will land in the bucket. Josh says he is going to continue to mess with Kevin and say this is a hard comp coming up. Josh says besides Alex, Jess was a great competitor. Paul agrees and says she was mentally too. Josh says he was not threatened by Cody. They laugh that Cody did not make it to the wall comp. Josh says all they have to do is beat Kevin and they are good. Paul tells Josh he knows every detail of this house. Josh says he has not at all, he only knows how many apples are in the apple room. He says 300, Paul says no 369. Josh keeps telling Paul to quiz me, Paul says no because they probably won’t quiz on that, he tells Josh to ask him dates. Josh starts quizzing Paul. Alex is playing a game that correlates with her workout.
5:45 PM BBT Alex gets back in the bed and is talking about the scripture “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Josh and Paul talking about their lives on the outside. Talking about working out and dieting. Josh and Christmas talking in the bathroom. Christmas is on one crutch. She says next week she will be walking. She walks upstairs to HOH. Paul complaining about his comic again as potty mouth. Josh says he is pretty sure he is not the only potty mouth because they all said horrible stuff all season. Josh says he was a meatball.
6:00 PM BBT Christmas, Paul, and Josh are in the HOH room. Josh is suggesting making shrimp for dinner. Paul tells him that he doesn’t like shrimp because he got sick when he was a kid. Alex is sitting by herself in the have not room. Josh is telling Paul and Christmas how he cleaned the HOH room. Kevin is hanging out in Kevin’s corner by himself. Alex is making herself some soup. Paul, Josh, and Christmas discuss how people this season isolate themselves when they know they are going next. They are watching Alex on the HOH monitor. They discuss what they want to do when they get out. Alex is talking to herself about how much she loves Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with one teaspoon of Tabasco. She says that she cuts up the noodles so that there is a noodle in every single bite. She says that she thinks she is weird. Josh says that it is September 11th. Paul asks Christmas if she realized that. Christmas asked them if they remember what they were doing on Sept. 11th. Paul said he was in 3rd grade and Josh said he was in 1st grade. Josh says that he saw the planes hit. He says that he remembers the smoke and the second plane hitting. He said it was terrifying. Christmas tells them what she remembers.
6:15 PM BBT Josh tells Christmas and Paul that he failed Kindergarten because he couldn’t speak english. Josh and Paul talk about going to college. Josh says that he recommends college to everyone. Paul tries to tell him that not everyone can afford to go to college. Josh explains that he did work study, took out loans, and applied for scholarships. Alex burps so loud that Paul, Christmas, and Josh heard her in the HOH room. Paul keeps saying that he is over it and he is ready to get out of the house. Josh suggests that they each tell each other some things that they love about each other.

6:30 PM BBT Josh got Paul to smile with this conversation change. He tells Paul that he is friendship. He tells him that him not using the veto was boys. Josh says let’s get over it and go cook a steak because I am hungry. Paul says that he is mentally and emotionally drained. He says his brain is fried and he is over being in the house. Christmas tells Paul that Jason and Alex were targeting him and they deserve to leave. Josh keeps saying that he wants to smoke a fat ass blunt with Paul when they get out of the house. Paul starts talking about food and Josh jumps up and say that he can’t wait anymore. PLEASE STAND AWAY FROM THE SLIDING GLASS DOORS! Alex is still sitting in the have not room reading the Bible.
6:45 pm BBT Alex is now reading the Bible out loud. Josh, Christmas, and Paul discuss beer and going out. Alex starts tossing some red balls into a bucket in the have not room. STOP THAT! She says what else am I supposed to do? She bitches about how production let her do it earlier. She says that she can’t wait until the next crew comes in and calls them bitches. She goes back to reading the Bible and picking at her hair.
7:00 PM BBT Alex is still sitting alone in the HN room picking at her nails. Paul talks to Christmas about smoking weed back home. Christmas tells him that you can get in trouble where she lives for having weed. Paul tells her that he will give her a cartridge or something. Paul tells Christmas that her and Josh should get a medical card when they get out. Josh is in the kitchen cooking. Kevin walks in just to have someone to talk to. Paul and Christmas are talking about who they think will win the game.
7:15 PM BBT Paul says that he has been in the BB house for a total of six months of his life as of now. He says that he loves it but he is ready to go. Kevin compliments Josh’s cooking and tells him that he should open a restaurant. He tells him that he should call it Meatballs. Kevin tells Josh that he is going into the apple room to talk to his family. He asks Josh if he can talk into any camera and Josh says yes. Kevin is cleaning the bathroom and complaining. Josh is complaining about Kevin to Paul.
7:30 PM BBT Everyone loves Josh’s food. Everyone is enjoying the food except Alex. Kevin says that it seems like a year has passed since they came into the house.
7:45 PM BBT Alex looks super depressed in the have not room. She has secluded herself and is laying in the bed reading the house Bible. Kevin, Christmas, Paul, and Josh are in the kitchen eating dinner. Alex told Josh that she did not want to join. She told him that she already ate. Kevin is standing in the corner of the kitchen. Paul tells him to sit down. Kevin says that he doesn’t know how he can be tired when they have not been doing anything. Alex makes herself some more soup and takes it into the have not room to eat alone. She says that Dominique was right about Paul being a snake and she should have listened to her.
8:00 PM BBT Josh is talking to Christmas about how she feels about the food. He asks her if something left a sour taste in her mouth. Paul says it’s his six month anniversary of being in the house. He says it’s been 182 and a half days in the house. Christmas tells Josh that Paul has twice as many days as him in the house. Josh says that Matthew talked about Dr. Will all the time. Josh says that a lot of season sixteen people have came to the house. Josh says that he feels that there was a lot of drama and showmances on the show this season. They talk about Megan’s sexuality. Christmas says that Dominique wanted to be a kept housewife. They’re saying that they hope that the returning house guests will be happy to come back.
8:15 PM BBT Paul says that when Jessica came in she said that she wanted to make it to Jury. Paul says that she botched that plan when she put all her faith in Cody. Josh was sitting at the memory wall talking about the evicted guests. Christmas says that Jessica campaigned for her to go up. Josh tells Christmas that Cody and Jessica didn’t talk to him until weeks into the game.
8:30 PM BBT the camera cuts to Alex in the bedroom reading the bible. The camera cuts back to Josh, Christmas, Paul, and Kevin in the kitchen talking about having an eviction for Peppy. Josh puts whipped cream in his mouth. Paul says that one day late at night Josh is going to be drunk. Paul says that he plans on liking all of Christmas posts on social media. Paul is in the refrigerator. Paul walks out of the kitchen. He follows Christmas into rose room.
8:45 PM BBT Christmas is folding clothes. She is in the rose room going through clothes. Paul and Josh are sitting at the chess table playing chess. They are also singing and dancing. Now Kevin has joined them. There’s no talk about the Big Brother game. They are just playing chess. Every move that Josh makes Paul says checkmate. Josh continues to say that he quits. In the have not room Alex sites reading the bible by herself. Now Christmas is at the chess table with Paul, Josh, and Kevin.
9:00 PM BBT Paul and Josh continue to play chess as Christmas and Kevin watch. Kevin gets up to leave. He walks downstairs. Paul is still heating Josh in chess. Now they’re arguing over the game. Paul is coaching him on how to play the game. Downstairs Kevin is talking to the cameras. He mentions how he won the $25,000. He wants to stay so that he can possibly win more money. He says that he has learned throughout life that you can’t go around yelling at people. Kevin says that he is the most targeted one in the house next to Cody. He says that he’s been nominated for eviction three times in five days. He says that after tonight he has eight days left in the house. He tells someone to come to the hotel with his family once the show is over. He says that the competitions mean nothing. It’s about social game. He says that the best competitors are no longer in the house. He says that none of the people left in the house has won any physical competitions in the house. He begins to tell all of his family members that he loves them.
9:15 PM BBT He says that he doesn’t know if he’s the oldest person to make it this far. He feels like it’s a major deal to make it this far in the game at his age. He feels like at this point it should be everyone for themselves at this point. Back upstairs Christmas continues to watch Josh and Paul play chess. It’s quiet at the chess table there is no game talk. Kevin is in the bedroom making up his bed. He has tied his hair down for the night.
9:30 PM BBT Alex leaves from out of the have not room. She hands Kevin the bible. Alex is now putting on makeup in the two way mirror. She hasn’t said a word to Kevin. Kevin is packing up clothes. Josh, Paul, and Christmas are still upstairs playing chess. Kevin is watching Alex pack up her stuff. The house is quiet. Kevin is now reading the bible, while the others are upstairs playing chess.
9:45 PM BBT there is no game talk. Paul tells Josh that he’s lost the game. Kevin is still laying in the bed. Paul, Josh, and Christmas have left the chess game. They are walking to various parts of the house. Josh is yelling because one of the fish died. They are now looking at the fish. Paul points at one and says that it’s dead and that it’s Josh’s fault.
10:00 PM BBT HOH rm Josh has killed a fish in HOH. Josh saying I cannot face this I killed him we need to get him out and flush him down the toilet. Paul saying he did it killed one on his HOH he killed Kevin the fish. Josh cannot handle this. Look at this guy he is starving. This is all I needed was to have a fish die on me.Christmas saying how he is the only one to kill a fish while HOH calling him fish killer. Christmas says and they think I am weird look at you Josh. Why did Kevin the fish had to die on me Josh says. Oh My God over and over Josh keeps saying. This little one is going to die we need to feed him mouth to mout. You grab him and I will feed him mouth to mouth. I am fucken about to die Josh says. America please don;t think I did this as Christmas calls Josh Fish Fillet. Josh says the BB needs to call him to DR as give him medicine for the fish. Josh is freaking out. Paul says you killed that one. Josh says Christmas did this by only feeding them once a every other day. Josh says Christmas is the fish killer. Now they are saying Kevin killed Kevin. Josh wants to put his hand into the tank to grab the dead fish and CHristmas says that you oils will kill the rest of the fish. Josh keeps saying over and over Guy (to BB staff) we need fish meds for these fish. Josh saying they are people and Paul saying they are not people they are fish. Josh wants to give them mouth to mouth and Paul keeps reminding Josh they live in water not air. Christmas evil laughs. Josh goes to DR as Paul and CHristmas talk about how Josh might lose his mind over this. Kevin comes into HOH rm. Kevin says he used to count the fish and only getting 13 fish he didn’t think to look behind the black box for more. Josh goes to Kitchen and gets the kitchen tongs to remove the fish. Christmas says that you need to get gloves and Kevin asks are you going to flush him? Josh freaks out and goes to DR again. Christmas tells Kevin Josh is going to freak more tomorrow as his food for tomorrow is Salmon
10:15 PM BBT Kitchen Josh is laying on the floor saying all the fishes are going to die. I am going to have to look that fish in the eye and says I let you die. He keeps saying he needs medicine for the fish and Paul asks him how he is going to give it to the one fish without others getting it. Josh goes back up the HOH rm and says he is going to go outback and exercise to get this out of his mind. Christmas says you did everything you could by asking for meds and a net to get him out. Josh said that they BB would get it tomorrow and Josh says Homie doesn’t have a tomorrow. Paul and Josh come back into HOH rm and Christmas says do you want to have funeral service for his tomorrow. Josh starts to tap on glass and both Paul and Christmas says stop you are hurting the rest of the fish. JOsh says he doesn’t want to be HOH anymore. Josh looks in his bag and says are these clean or not and Christmas says no those are the close you forgot to send out to cleaner because you want it to be like your home. Paul looks at fish tank and says there are more fish dieing. Josh trying to convince Christmas she is the fish killer. She keeps reminding Josh that he keeps forgetting everything like when to put on his mic and stop singing lol. Christmas says how Josh is the fish killer Paul says how when he was HOH he feed and talked to the fish daily and never had a fish die. Josh is sitting on bench putting on socks and Christmas asks him if they are clean as she saw him wear them yesterday and didn’t wash them, he lifts them to his nose and smell them and then tries to toss them Christmas and she says don’t you dare. Christmas says that is what killed Kevin was your socks. She then tells him that when she was HOH she fed them every day even with the cast on when she wasn’t suppose to be climbing up and doing it because you Josh did not come up to help me with them. Living rm Paul and Josh working out. Pauls says he is going to do as many push up as he can and not to put a limit it on as Josh was suggesting to do reps.
10:30 PM BBT BB Kevin please put on your microphone. HN rm Alex talking to camera. Green rm Paul goes into talk to Kevin and then walks out (did not hear the question). HN rm Alex reading Bible. Says something about putting on the Coffee today. Living rm Paul and Josh working out. Josh saying he needs to stretch his F*ckin legs. Paul says to Josh why did you leave the stake wrapper on the sink now there are ants all over it again? Kevin comes out saying I heard you guys talking so I thought I would join you. All 4 cameras go to HN rm and Alex reading. Kevin sits on couch watching both Paul and Josh work out saying I am a proud daddy see how you two have changed since you have been in here. Kevin gives pointers. Tells Josh to walk around kitchen with his hand above his head to get more air into his lungs. Kevin tells Josh as he has to do when he gets home is jog or bike to get that baby fat off trust me. BB Josh please go to DR. Paul and Kevin whispering about is she going to do it or something like that. Paul says these two don;t know anything to Kevin.
10:45 PM BBT Living rm Josh comes out of DR and says they BB have to get him out of the HOH and Paul says when? Paul says to Kevin clear your mind. Kevin asks about are they going to clear the all the fish out of the tank and BB says you are not aloud to talk about your DR stuff to other HG’s. Kevin asks Paul about so there was a Doctor on here before? and Paul says yes he thinks he was on two seasons. Kevin yells to Paul the stuff is in the top draw it comes out fast. Paul comes back into living rm and Kevin asks him if he used some? Paul says not yet. Paul says that milkshake fucked me up no more junk food. Kevin leaves room and Paul starts to whisper to Josh (cannot hear it) You have to win something like that. Then he will know that pointing to Kevin. Josh picking his nose on camera real good job. Kevin goes to bathroom and Paul asks him if he’s going to bed? Kevin says no. Kevin walks back and asks about when are you going to the place to Paul and Josh after the show. Talking about going to Universal and then Disneyland . Josh goes into HN rm and talks to Alex and says he does not like not being able to talk to her, She says it is only for a few more day. She feels abandoned and left out you kicked out my friend and and in a few days I will be with my real friends. Josh asks her if they are all right and she says yes. Paul goes up to HOH and talks with Christmas and she says what’s up with Alex and Josh? Josh comes up and tells them he talked to Alex to see if she was alright? Paul says you need to go back and stay with him. Josh says yes we cannot leave Kevin and ALex alone. Kitchen Christmas come downstairs and Josh says he needs to get an Icy Hot for Kevin’s arm. Christmas says she will take it and fix his arms it is from the comp of holding onto the zipline. Asks him how many times did you go through it? Kevin says 45 minutes. Christmas says this is going to hurt but after it will feel better.
11:00 PM BBT Green rm Kevin asks Christmas how she is doing and she says I am ok just bored. She starts to rub his arms and he says how do you know how to do this? She says it is because I am an athlete is why. Kevin says you are tough and I compliment you for that girl. Kevin says you remember the night they yelled at me for not washing my hand and he starts yelling at me. Christmas. HOH rm Paul and Josh talking about what Alex told him about how Josh back stabbed her. Pauls says should I go talk to her? Josh says no then she will know I came and talk to you about it. But I think that with you everything will be fine. Paul says he feels her fate. Josh says he didn’t think she would be that way. The worst thing we could do would be to push on her. Paul ask should I ask her how I should vote or not? Josh says no. Alex talk Josh he does not need to check on her anymore. Paul says he does need to ask her Alex how she wants him to vote because she never told him. Josh says we need to pull Kevin up here to talk to him.
11:15 PM BBT Green rm Christmas and Kevin talking about the old days of MC Hammer. She has Kevin the feel it now it is softer now in his arms. Christmas says She used be a sweet girl when we first came in here. Kevin says he thinks she (Jessica) would like his girl. Christmas thinks/agrees that there are reasons to reach out to a few of the girls and maybe make a Dallas trip for them to meet Elena, or take them to NC to visit Christmas. Paul finishes up in the RR and heads back towards Josh. Josh says just give her ( Alex) time. He thinks he is F***. Paul says why I am more than you, everyone counted on me. He asks if the beige towel is his and they go back to the Idea of talking to Alex. Josh says she is actually really calm and then how she is whispering with Kevin and its odd. Josh asks what Paul is thinking, he says nothing Kevin is getting on his nerves. Josh says when he unloads he will attack his game nothing personal, they tickle the idea he has been studying fays but highly unlikely, Paul leaves the room and Josh asks for the time, he doesn’t respond so Josh goes to the door and asks, says OH SHIT and closes the door walking around listening to music. Meanwhile Paul has joined Christmas and Kevin in the Green room where she is rolling out Kevin’s arm muscles. He says they feel great he can move them so much better. Christmas says the stuff he is using is shitty, KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. He offers snacks of all sorts from his drawer. Kevin tells about his house and how he has extra protections around in case a break in. There is an Ax by every door and one in his room and his Car. Kevin asks do you remember the nights when everyone used to sit in here and tell stories. Christmas heads to get Cereal.
11:30 PM BBT Kevin tells Paul that he appreciated Christmas’s help, Paul tells him Xmas/Josh are a pair F2 so they gotta look out for each other. Paul says he thinks tomorrow is going to be physical. Paul says if he wins he has to figure it out the plan he might have to put up Kevin. Xmas is back with her bowl, Kevin thanks her, he says he misses them being down there and hanging out. He shows them something he found he is keeping for himself so he can give it to Jason himself. Paul says they may take it before hand. JOSH PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Kevin tells about a GUY named Martinez that renamed himself “?” and feels that he is an alien born on another planet and raised here. Kevin tells about a moment his Dad sold something to a bar and a fan being stolen, BB changes all cams to Alex in the HN room where she is silently reading the Bible. Kevin is telling about how close to the street the windows are. How they would sit in the window and watch the Car chases. Josh is out of the DR and joins them in the Green room. He says they are saving the Fish, Christmas is in the Kitchen dancing showing off how she is walking without a crutch. She comes back to the green room and gets comfortable. They discuss sheets for a bed, Kevin teases Paul about reading the ingredients on the cream bottle. Kevin asks what’s best Ice or Heat for the morning, she says Ice. she explains how rolling out his arm is going to help him not be sore tomorrow. Josh heads upstairs to Shower in the HOH. Paul gets up they ask what he is doing he says he is going to shower after Josh then get some sleep. Kevin says he cleaned out the toilet and the shower cleaned up in the WR. Upstairs Josh is talking to feeders about Alex, it’s breaking his heart she is isolated and not talking.
11:45 PM BBT He asks why the cam is looking at him touch, scratching himself. He grabs clothes and feed swaps the HN then quickly to the WR where Paul is cleaning his nose piercing. Heads to the Kt, where he grabs a nibble while Josh comes downstairs. Paul asks if he is showering, Josh tells him to go first he is going to cut his nails. Kevin continues the stories with Xmas, Paul talks to Josh briefly before heading into the WR and Paul grabbing more cereal to nibble. Paul heads towards the bedrooms then back for more cereal. Josh works on his nails in the WR. Paul heads into the WR and says let’s go upstairs. They both visit the Kitchen and then head upstairs. Josh feels like there is a nerve issue in his ear that’s bothering him, Paul says his ear has been plugged all season. They feel they need to chat up Kevin tomorrow so he isn’t studying. Paul says he threw Kevin off by telling him its physical, they talk about how Kevin has a small ego and thinks he isn’t the next target. They share how Kevin is feeding the double pairs for F4 and how they need to stand by each other and hold strong. Josh says he isn’t going to believe it as he has been with Paul from the start and the past is past. Josh feels Kevin will for sure talk shit once he is on the block and knows he is going home. They are surprised that Alex spoke to Kevin and told him study the days. ( or so Kevin has told Paul that she did) Paul prepares for a shower, Josh continues clipping his nails, while Xmas is down with Kevin chatting it up.


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