Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd

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12:00 AM BBT Jessica, Cody, Matthew, and Mark talk about social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Jessica mentions that she deactivated some of her social media, but just set her Instagram to private. Kevin is telling stories of Boston in the Apple Room to Jason, Paul, Jillian, Dominique, and Josh. Everyone’s laughing. In the kitchen, the convo goes to if they were the first to be evicted. After Kevin finishes his story, he tells Paul that it’s his turn.
12:15 AM BBT Paul says that he has to think of a funny story now. Josh says that Kevin’s story reminds him being raised in Jersey. Alex brings up her in a haunted classroom in college. Paul says that his high school used to be a mental institution. He says that a female student experienced a haunting in a restroom. Paul says that after some investigating, he found out that woman hung herself in the bathroom. Mark and Cody go to HoH. Mark says that he’s been telling people that he’s torn, and recalls his convo with Christmas. Mark tells Cody that if they can get the numbers to get Christmas out and that he’s on board. He says Elena got pissy with him.
12:30 AM BBT Cody tells Mark he never gave Christmas and Paul his loyalty. Mark says Christmas says Cody did. Cody knows trusting Alex and Jason is risky but it’s worth the risk. Cody tells Mark he can feel safe with Alex and Jason. Cody says he brought in Alex. He says if Jillian goes home, he’ll spin it to blame Paul and Christmas so Mark doesn’t have a target with the other side of the house. Mark tells Cody he wants to sway Josh to get rid of Christmas. Cody tells Mark if he’s the tie breaker, he’ll vote out Christmas. Cody thinks Christmas is too emotional. Cody hopes fans are pissed off because a vet returned and is safe. Cody says this never would’ve happened if Paul had told him about his temptation. Cody doesn’t get how the others don’t understand that he made deals for their safety. Mark brings up Elena thinking she’s the next target. Cody stuck out his neck out to protect those he’s closest to. Cody wonders how they naturally come together, but their loyalty to Paul. Cody wonders if the others want Paul’s fame. Mark doesn’t understand how their group grew to 9 people.
12:45 AM BBT Mark wants to make sure he’s good with Matthew and Raven. Cody and Jessica are insanely impressed with Mark calming down the others. Mark thinks they have all aspects covered with Alex. Cody says Alex said he held up his end of the deal. Mark says Dom’s with them, but he knows she’s voting to keep Christmas. Cody says that he plans to keep his head low. Mark and Cody leave the HoH room. Mark hugs Elena. Mark says that he was talking about her, saying that she’s going to vote out Christmas ‘cause of her loyalty. They go outside to talk some more. Elena says that it’s concerning to her that he’s talking about her behind her back. Mark says that he’s not. He talks about his convo with Cody.
1:00 AM BBT In the Rose bedroom, Dom says that she doesn’t think that Christmas is going home. Raven tells Dom and Matt that they need to make sure Mark votes Jillian, otherwise it could be a tie and Christmas goes.
1:15 AM BBT Elena gives a gameplan of what to do, then says that it’s Big Brother, so her plan won’t work out. Mark reassures her, and tells her to think positive. In the Apple Room, Jessica says that she feels real close to Paul. Christmas says if Cody watched last season, he should know how Paul plays. She says that there was a time she was a Cody, says that she was a “stone-cold bitch,” and would give the cold shoulder to people who tried to help her. She says that she’s not here for the $500k. She’s here to test herself. Christmas says that she’s fine with being emotional, and says that means she cares.
1:30 AM BBT Christmas says to Jessica that she’s wondering why Cody was more concerned about putting Alex up than putting up her and Paul. Christmas tells Jessica that she’s (Jess) probably going to be perceived guilty by association. She says that people don’t see her as her own player. They see her and Cody as one player playing and making decisions together. Jessica tells Christmas that Cody made his own decision and that the two had agreed that they’re going to play two separate games. Christmas ask Jessica if she knows which way she’s voting. Jessica says she doesn’t know but she’s given her a lot to think about. They both go out of the Apple Room to the bathroom. Christmas is about to enter the bathroom, but almost opens the door on Ramses.
1:45 AM BBT In HoH, Jessica says to Cody that she’s stressed, ‘cause the people that he wants to work with aren’t people that she wants to work with. Cody says that she can work with whoever she wants to. Jessica says that you can’t expect to align with opposite sides of the house and expect it to work. Cody says that they’re going to separate them. Jess says that Paul will put them both up together. Cody asks what Christmas has done. Jessica asks what she’s done. Cody says that she (Jess) has played a pretty damn good game. Cody says that she practically single-handedly took out Megan. Jessica says that she literally regrets doing that. Cody says that at the time it was the right move. Cody says to Jessica that she’s playing the game. Jess asks about his loyalty. Cody says she’s at the top. Jessica tells Cody that she wants it to be as close as possible for a unanimous vote to evict Christmas.
2:00 AM BBT Mark is in the WR shaving. Cody and Jessica in the HOH room Cody is talking about his military experience. Paul and Elena are in the Kitchen talking about the plan he has to save Christmas. Paul is telling her to lay low and things will start working in the way he wants. She agreed. Elena eating a tortilla and says she doesn’t know why but just hungry. She goes into the WR where Mark still is and says that shit is about go down with the whole Cody situation. Mark farts and makes Elena leave the room. Mark asks if it was to soon in the relationship she says yeah. Cody and Jessica talking about what they had lied about when telling everyone what they really do. She says to him that she is a total stripper. He says no you’re not she says no I’m not really. Mark is talking about alliances that Cody could have made and how he is ruining things with most of the house guests. Mark says he doesn’t know who his keeping safe. Paul is in the Green room with Jason talking about how things are about to go and he asks Jason if he even watched his season Jason says he is looking out for himself. Christmas says that Cody wanted to talk to her and she told him no don’t even say one word to me right now she needed to be calmed down.
2:15 AM BBT In the Green room they are saying that Christmas was going to bat for Jason because Jason’s name in Cody’s mouth. BB says Jason Please Stop Playing with Your Mic. Mark and Elena come into the Green room with the rest of the group. They are having small talk Paul is getting ready to go to sleep.Alex came out of DR and joined the group. Cody and Jessica is talking about WW 1 and 2. And other military shows/movies. DR calls Mark. Kevin asks Paul how can he possibly sleep in between the two girls and Christmas says her and Elena are octopus arms Paul says he has to have total but control. Lights are going out in the Green room so that they can go to sleep. Paul is trying to find pillows says HNs have like 40 Christmas and Elena are talking about how Christmas is feeling and she was concerned for her and she said that she was OK she has dealt with way worse. Then they go searching for pillows. Camera’s goes to HOH where Cody is giving Jessica a back massage.
2:30 AM BBT Camera’s still all on Cody and Jessica. Jessica says that she has a scar on her but from a straightener she sat on it. They turn off the lights She cuddles up to him and says he smells good. Camera’s goes to Green room where Jillian is talking to Alex. Then BB says lights must remain on then Jillian goes into the other room and says that she’ll talk to her tomorrow. Paul is talking about his old principal. Cody and Jessica talking about other things they lied about he told her before that he graduated high school in 2008 but really in 2003. He told her that he was a PI and she asked him about he went with his dad to the Superbowl game this year and asked who he rooted for he says the Patriots. She was happy about that answer. She is talking about her flags on her balcony. He couldn’t stand people who bashed Tom Brady. She says she’d love to meet him. Says she’s a fan girl. And asks about season 16 where they took BB HG to the Cowboy game. Jessica says she had a productive day and got out a lot of secrets out of him. He says he didn’t mean to mess her game play up.
2:45 AM BBT Cody says that THEY will be gunning for him next week and she says the THEY is just PAUL, because Christmas is going home. He says he wants to win the 4th HOH because he didn’t want to show all his game moves just yet. He says that he told Alex to stop moving while playing VETO otherwise Jason would have won. Jessica says that his alliance towards Alex is making everyone uncomfortable and he is making her hate her that much more. She says that she really wants her out so that he can start making better choices for his game play. And play with a stronger head. He says that he put her up for the group and she says that he allowed her to win the VETO. He says he didn’t just allow her to she won it on her own. Then they start kissing. Camera’s ½ in the Green room everyone is sleeping. There is talking from another room. All camera’s in HOH room where Cody and Jessica are sleeping.
3:00 AM BBT All Camera’s on HOH room Cody and Jessica sleeping.
3:03 AM BBT Camera ½ goes to WR where Paul, Raven, Ramses and Elena are talking about how certain people can hurt others. And to hurt people who are different than others of minority groups. Mark comes out of DR says goodnight to the WR group. They say that they can’t stand bullies. Then talk about cats. Elena says she’s edgy. Then they talk about tattoo’s. Paul says that one of his friends has a tattoo of a tea bag tattooed to the bottom of his nuts. DR calls for Elena, Paul say oh no that means they’re about to make their rounds and he’s going to bed before they call him. Ramses is having tummy troubles tonight. And Paul says he’s leaving him to do his business and called him a gassy string bean.
3:15 AM BBT DR has called Elena. Paul went to bed. Everyone else is asleep.
3:30 AM BBT HGs sleeping now. House is quiet. Raven is up heading into the WR. Raven heads back to bed.
3:45 AM BBT All are sleeping, Elena gets out of the DR and gets into bed with Mark they start kissing. She leaves him and goes into the Kitchen to see what time it was then goes into the bathroom. She comes out, washes her hands, makes faces in the mirror, walks out goes to Mark and asks him if he was asleep. Kisses him and goes back into the room and heads to bed. Jason and Mark now up and talking in the Apple room. Jason asks Mark if Jessica and Cody are really solid. He asks if there is anyone in the six (the couples–Cody, Jessica, Elena, Mark, Matthew, Raven) that he wants to get rid of. Mark explains that everyone was blindsided by Cody putting Christmas up. They hear someone up and stop talking.
4:00 AM BBT Mark tells Jason to relax, that he knows he is safe, and that whatever Cody told him will come out, to just relax for now. Jason says that it is wide open right now, that what they want to happen can happen. He asks if Matthew is his boy, and Mark admits that they all kind of got grouped together. Jason asks if two of his group can be kicked out for him and Jason can come on. He ask if he wants him to just be calm Mark says that yes, he wants him to stay calm. Jason says if Christmas stays, we’re gunning for Cody. Mark doesn’t like that plan. But Jason explains that if Christmas stays, that means that Paul is gunning for Cody. Jason says he is just trying to figure out how to spin the heat from Alex and Paul. Mark tells him to relax.
4:15 AM BBT Jason says he is just gonna lay low, and Mark says for him to trust him. Elena pushes the door open and asks what’s up. She calls them weirdos and closes the door again and heads to the bathroom. Jason leaves, and Mark hangs his head. Mark goes to the bathroom and explains what they talked about to Elena. Mark asks her if she knew that Cody had gone to Jason and told him that nobody trusts him, and she said that she didn’t. She says that she coughed herself awake and noticed that he and Jason were not in bed. Elena speculates about what Cody means when he says nobody trusts him: she thinks it means that he doesn’t think that them (Elena and Mark) trust him, and that trust is a mainstay in a game like this.
4:30 AM BBT Elena says that she can’t sleep. Mark says that he is so tired but is awake now. Elena talks about how she feels like she doesn’t know what is up. Mark says that they just need to wait and see what happens over the next few days. Elena says that she and Dominique are the most rational females in the house whereas the other women are reactive and emotional. Elena is going person by person saying what she thinks about them.
4:45 AM BBT Mark says that things were so crazy today, it was almost like a twist. Elena is very concerned about getting chin acne and says that she is almost out of face wash. Mark lies down and snuggles up to her. They go into the kitchen and stop and hug by the front door, go into the bedrooms and kiss good night as they separate.
5:00 AM BBT – 7:15 AM AM BBT All houseguests are in bed sleeping and snoring in different tones.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd
7:30 AM BBT All Hgs are sleeping Matthew is awake going to the Bathroom Alex is awake and went into the Bathroom
7:45 AM BBT – 8:44 AM BBT All Hgs are sleeping wake up call houseguests are getting woke up.
8:45 AM BBT Jason and Christmas are outside.
8:47 AM BBT Christmas has hurt her foot while working out with Jason. Jason goes to move her Christmas says NO! Tells Jason to just leave her and get help.
8:48 AM BBT Christmas in lying on the ground trying to breathe through the pain
8:49  AM BBT  Christmas calls to production for help…She tells them she can feel the blood moving in her foot. Cameras zoom in on her foot/ankle area. You can see she is in pain. Christmas cusses out loud MotherF’er oh shit F me….
8:51 AM BBT Christmas calls out Hey Guys…Hey Guys…Somebody please Feeds go down.

9:00-9:39 AM BBT Feeds are down
9:40AM BBT Feeds come back with Jessica Matt and Cody in the kitchen. Cody is saying he doesn’t want Josh to make this about himself. Jessica asks why they woke us up early. Cody says maybe another twist. Looks like all the other HGS are still in bed but Matt Cody and Jessica who are all in the kitchen. Matt is making something to eat. Cody is telling Jason that him and Matt carried Christmas to the DR. Cody is saying the lump on the bottom didn’t look good. Matt says just for the record we haven’t evicted anyone yet. Big Brother tells them fresh batteries in the DR and bedroom lights must remain on. The conversation in the kitchen about Christmas’s accident. Paul Matt Cody Jessica and Jason are there. Big Brother tells them they can not talk about production. Jason explains what happened. He was carrying Christmas on his back he slipped and she went down, her foot hit the ground.
10:00 AM BBT In the backyard Paul Cody and Jason are talking about what happened. They are told to stop talking about production. Cody asks if there is such a thing as too much material. Big Brother has called out the rest of the HGS for not being awake and to get up. Jason says he wasn’t go to say anything. Those in the BY (Paul, Jessica, Jason, and Cody) are talking about foot injuries and referring to Christmas’ injury. Matthew is tidying up the kitchen.
10:15 AM BBT More HGs are up and moving about. Matthew states this seem to be the most destructive season of all time. Elena quietly talks to Matthew. He says how he admires Paul and his game. They talk about Cody’s comment on how things always seems to work as as they are meant to. That comment struck both of them a little odd. Elena complaining about Mark speaking to Cody on her behalf; she can speak for herself. In the bedroom, Ramses, Alex, Mark, and Dominique talk about how so many people have already left when they haven’t even had their first eviction night. Raven, Jillian, and Mark wondering more about Christmas. They are afraid if she broke something (and still at the hospital), she will be taken out of Big Brother. Jillian is surprised Christmas did not shed a tear despite the pain. According to Matthew, the foot looked horrible (broken). Jason feels bad and feels as if he is responsible.
10:30 AM BBT Most of the talk is about Christmas. Jillian says this is really weird…everyone who goes on the block with me, disappears! They are waiting around to hopefully hear more about Christmas. Paul talks to Jason in pantry. Paul says how they have to win HOH next. Paul says there are many people upset with Cody’s decision making. No one can also figure out Jessica. Cody and Jessica are on the top of their lists to take out. Paul comes out and gives Dominique a shoulder rub. Mark talks to Paul in the kitchen about Jason freaking out. Paul, Mark, and Jason carry the conversation outside where Kevin is also there. Paul is trying to tell them that Cody is jumping from his side and working the entire house. They are going to keep it under wraps and will tell Elena later. They need to win HOH. Kevin keeps doing laps in the yard listening in. Jason says he feels like he’s floating around and not sure who to go with who. Paul says to stop that or to get away from him. Jason agrees to trust Paul. Ramses is also on his list for eviction. Kevin stops to listen to the conversation. Paul just asks them to float for a couple days without saying anything; Paul’s plan will work. Convo goes to Christmas’ foot as Josh joins in from a distance.
10:45 AM BBT Meanwhile in the HOH Rm, Cody and Matthew are talking. Matthew suggests that Cody try to be a little softer when he puts people on the block. If Christmas doesn’t come back and he needs to put up someone else, he isn’t sure who he would say–possibly Ramses. Cody does say that he would like to work with Alex. Her strength can be an asset. Matthew also likes Alex but he (and looking out for Raven, too) seem to think Alex is unpredictable. Cody does not think everyone can relax and agree to get out Josh. Cody sees Paul too much gunning for him. Matthew thinks him winning the HOH would be the best scenario for the entire house. Matthew wanted to know what safety agreement Cody made with others. His safety was only for this week; next week they now need to hold up their end of the deal. Cody wanted to set a Maverick tone to the house on the way he operates…that is why he told no one his plan so they could not talk him out of it and no one would have had a target on their back. Cody’s ultimate goal was to get out Megan…he doesn’t care who else leaves. Since Paul was safe, he chose Paul’s closest ally, Christmas.
11:00 AM BBT Mark and Paul talking in the Rose BR. Paul unifying his alliance. Elena and Jessica in pantry. Jessica says she has heard that if Christmas remains in the house, she is targeting Cody (or then Jessica). Jessica wants everyone to know that she did not know anything about Cody’s decisions and doesn’t want to be targeted because of him. Jessica agrees that Cody is being selfish. Elena tells Jessica that she does still respect Cody and thinks he’s an incredible human being. Jessica confirms that Cody would throw himself on the block to keep any of his people safe…including her. Jessica wants everyone to know Cody is playing his own game and she was not a part of it.
11:15 AM BBT Feeds went out as Jillian starts singing. She is in the WR with Matthew with Raven coming in and someone in the shower. Mark, Jason, Cody, and Kevin in BY. Paul still talking to Jason in kitchen. Jason agrees to completely trust Paul. Paul was happy to hear that Mark had also told Jason to trust Paul. Jason went outside and spoke to Josh as he rides a bike. They talk about trusting Paul. Jason now walks around BY with Kevin talking about comments that have been said by different people. Jason is unsure who to trust; no one seems to be taking a clear cut direction for him to follow. Kevin says a lot of it is to wait to see what some people do. Kevin and Jason wonder how Cody can fall in love with someone in 2 days; they continue to talk bad about Jessica.
11:30 AM BBT Mark comes into pantry and breaks up the conversation between Jessica and Elena. Elena states she does not want to play this game anymore. Elena says that her and Jessica are on the same page and they have a common goal they want to achieve. Mark says he’s trying very hard not to get upset at the situation….he doesn’t agree with Elena’s thinking. Mark doesn’t like hearing she is on the same page as Jessica. Elena says they would hope to get Paul and Cody together to make sure they all will make it to jury. Mark says there is no way of this happening. Mark and Elena are on different pages and it’s frustrating Mark on also not wanting to tell Elena yet on everything Paul has said. Elena wants to remain an alliance with Cody and Jessica. Until clear lines are drawn she want to appear to be mutual friends with all sides. Elena says her and Mark does not have to be on the same page. Elena plans on having a conversation with Cody on how she feels all of his actions have affected her in the game. Mark says no big moves need to be made until Thursday. Elena says she will not vote Christmas out and not sure how Cody will feel about that. Elena now says they are on the same page on how they feel about Cody’s actions. Seems like Mark is also unsure on what side he is going to support. Especially because Christmas injured her foot, Jessica says she can not for sure vote her out. Christmas had told Mark that if she wins HOH she wants to work with him but will not target Cody.
11:45 AM BBT Matthew comes into pantry to find out no more protein powder. He remains in listening to Elena and Mark. Elena is confused that she can not keep her word to everyone she has promised (because of the scenario that Cody created). Elena does like the idea though that Cody is truly a protector of hers. She is unsure that Cody is willing to share his ideas even in the future; she does not want to be hurt more because of not knowing what’s going on in her alliance. Elena says after Thursday it might be easier to decide on sides. Jason is outside talking to Alex and Cody. Cody is stretching out. They are talking about votes. Cody mentions that many on our side are not gunning for him and Jessica. Cody says that if Jillian stays the deals will remain; if Christmas stays then come after him/Jessica. Cody can not see why everyone seems to trust Paul over him. Jessica tells Matthew in the pantry that there is no one on their side of the house that she is targeting. Most are in the kitchen getting things to eat/drink. They are complaining that they have no milk at all. Jessica and Cody talking more game (same stuff) on the hammock.
12:00PM BBT Alex and Jason believe the other side is trying to split them up. Jason is worried about Christmas. Alex and Jason is talking game against Cody. Alex believe Paul is a better pick for loyalty & “friendship.” Kevin joins the conversation with Alex & Jason of speculation who is loyal & who isn’t. Jillian walks up to Jason, Alex & Jason started piecing together who’s trying to control their game. Alex, Jason, Jillian all believe Cody & Paul are controlling their game. Jason doesn’t trust Jessica. Jillian, Alex, & Jason want a five person alliance including Kevin.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd

12:15PM BBT Raven and Jess are tanning. Kevin and Jason is really heavy into discuss game strategy and manipulation. Kevin thinks Jess & Cody are here for tv. Raven is being social to everyone and Jess is rocking Raven in the hammock. Kevin told Jason, Cody is head hunting. Kevin laughs that Josh is safe while everyone is worried about their safety. Raven tells Josh that Kevin is talking game. Raven & Josh doesn’t like what’s happening to Christmas. Josh & Jillian continues to talk about Christmas. Julian tells Josh that Paul said they’re going to get picked off one by one. Josh tells Jillian to relax it’s only been 13 days. Kevin & Jason is still discussing strategy.
12:30PM BBT Alex & Jason are working out & wondering whats happening in the world. Josh & Jillian continues to talk game under the shade. Alex ask Josh what is the master plan. Jason whispers to Josh to spread the word to see who is doing what. Jason ask Josh is he keep Jillian, and Josh said Yes. Alex join the conversation and agrees. Josh wonders who’s coming back into the game, or if their is going to be an extra player because Christmas injury. Dominique is reading the bible in the BY & chatting with Mark. Dominique asked if Mark is happy with his discussion to voting Christmas out. Paul adds to Dominique & Mark conversation. Paul & Dominique calls Cody creepy. Mark sun bathes with Dominique & Paul on the side.Dominique is concerned about Christmas & what’s going to happen to her.
12:45PM BBT Paul is working his social game on Jason. Josh & Alex is talking game against Paul, & whats going to be a toss-up. Paul tells Elena stuff is going to hit the fan. Josh tells Jason he doesn’t wanna be worried. Elena tells Paul we need Christmas. However, Paul doesn’t really trust Christmas because he felt Christmas has another agenda & concerning to Paul. Elena doesn’t want to mess her game up changing plans because Elena believes in giving her word in a real world. Elena isn’t worried about hearsay. Elena tells Paul she’s aware of the shady people & Paul warns her if she changes he’ll be over her. Raven & Josh thanks production while in the storage room. Dominique & Mark discusses Cody. Dominique trust Cody but doesn’t understand why he doesn’t tell everything to his alliance. Cody doesn’t think Paul needs the money.
1:00PM BBT Dominique doesn’t understand Jessica relationship to Christmas. Josh, Ramses, & Jillian talks BBQ for tomorrow. Elena & Paul briefs each other on the outcome of Christmas. Paul tell Elena don’t mess up with what he is doing, & he has a really good plan. Paul is guarded about Cody. Jess goes upto Dominique with some concerns about Cody & his family. Elena & Paul continue to build & bond with each other over strategy. Dominique gets knew news from Jess about who is a target.
1:15PM BBT Josh is happy to still be in the game with his many break down as he tells Jillian & Ramses under the shade in the BY. Jessica & Dominique are in deep conversation & putting the puzzle together,& who is who. Dominique tells Jess the HG is going after the couples Jessica appreciates the awareness from Dominique. Jess tells Dominique about her hearing Kevin’s Plan & too put Jason up. Dominique tells Jess that they need a backup plan . Dominique tells Jessica that Cody shouldn’t put up Paul. Dominique also while going back & forth tell Jess, if & when we talk we ‘can’t be noticeable & Dominique is going to act like she doesn’t know Jess so their cover isn’t blown.Raven & Jessica is checking the HOH to see what happen when they were locked out.Cody is eating a jar of pickles.
1:30PM BBT Jessica finally gets to check on Cody about him & his Family. Cody tells Jessica that everything is fine & head bump Raven as an indication it’s all love,& no need to worry. Jessica continues to press Cody for information but Cody is being limited in what he tells her. Cody is very guarded about his personal life & when you ask about his family, Cody always smoothly gets out the conversation when asked about his family. The HG wants BBQ & burgers. Cody thinks everyone like Paul because of his fame. Paul is going around the backyard doing one on one’s to see where everybody head is at. Elena tells Marks she’s worried about Cody. Elena told Mark that Paul is not sharing the information they need to know so it worries her about Paul truths or alliance to each other. Elena wants clarity from Paul. Cody & Jessica goes up to the HOH room to talk game, however, Jessica keeps asking Cody about his family, with a bunch of hugs & kisses.
1:45PM BBT Jessica tells Cody that she wants to backdoor Alex if anyone from her alliance gets HOH.Cody & Jessica gets cozy while discussing strategy. Jessica tells Cody her whole Conversation with Dominique. Paul & Dominique are bonding about life & investments. Paul is really happy about his life decisions & doing big brother.
2:00PM BBT In the BY Paul, Dominique and Mark are talking about making plans and they have time to talk because they are not planning on leaving the house any time soon. Mark leaves the convo. Paul talks about getting his Masters Degree. Dominique talks about her schooling and how hard it was. She tells Paul that the human body intrigues her. Paul tells her that his sister just became a doctor. That she fast tracked and was able to finish at 28 years old. In the Pool, Jillian, Matthew, Jason and Raven are talking. Raven is talking about her being injured and not being able to dance and how she would get letters and things and that she looked forward to them. Raven says she wonders what her mom named her pacemaker. They talk about Zingbot and wonder what he is going to say to them. They talk about how hot it is outside. Raven leaves and Kevin joins them. Kevin finds a piece of plywood in the grass. Kevin walks away. They talk about how production sets up the back yard and how it completely changes the way it looks. They say it is amazing. Jillian asks Jason where they fell this morning. Jason tells her that he had Christmas on his back and that he was running really fast. That he fell and that her foot hit the ground. Then she told him that her foot was broken. In the Rose BR, Raven and Elena are talking about things in the house that have been moved. They talk about Cody wanting to be alone in the HOH room and that he was sneaky trying to get in and not let anyone else in. They think that Cody knows something that no one else knows.
2:15 PM BBT Raven says she loves Cody but after what happened yesterday that she is leary. They say that Paul is genuine and a good guy. They say that BB won’t let anyone in the DR so they hope Christmas is coming back. They talk about Jason going back to bed after it happened and that if they hurt someone they would be upset. They both say they wish they would have known because they would have been with her. They say the past 24 hours has been crazy and that the house keeps flipping. Raven tells her that last night Jason tells her that the “9 of ya’lls leader went Rouge and struck a deal”. Elena says that Cody is HOH so he is in power but to call him their leader is not right. Raven says she is just going to continue to play dumb. Raven leaves and lets Elena continue her bible reading. In the HOH room, Cody and Jess are talking to Mark about Christmas and what would happen if she doesn’t come back into the game. In the Apple Room, Raven and Paul are talking. She is telling him about Cody locking himself into the HOH room and not letting Jessica in. She says it was suspicious. Paul says that he needs to go. Raven says it could be nothing but she thought it was odd. Raven says that Jessica was listening at the HOH door but then 15 min later he came out.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd

2:21 PM BBT  Feeds go to the DR Door. Christmas comes back in on crutches. Jessica asks if she is on painkillers and if she can have some. Christmas says she is getting her swimsuit on and going to sit outside. She tells them she tore ligaments in the arch of her foot and that she has to go on Weds to get an MRI to see if she has fractures. Christmas asks if Jason is ok. They ask to sign her cast. She says she needs to keep it elevated and iced. She asks the girls for favors later. Dominique helps Christmas in the house. They go into the Rose room and she tells Elena what happened. Christmas says that the most upsetting thing is that she didn’t think she could come back into the house.
2:30 PM BBT The girls in the Rose room, Christmas, Elena and Dominique are talking about people seeing them playing the same game. But that she knows they are not. Dominique holds the blanket over Christmas so she can change her top. Christmas says she just wants to make sure that whatever Cody is doing isn’t going to affect them. Kevin comes into the room and asks her what’s going on . Dominique goes to get Christmas new batteries. Christmas tells Kevin that she is not quitting. He says that she needs food and that she is shaking. She tells him to go and tell everyone that there is a twist. They all go to the kitchen and Raven and Paul run to her and give her a hug. Kevin tells Jason to stay away from her. She tells Jason to check his guilt. Everyone runs into the kitchen to hug Christmas. She tells them all again about her foot and that she thought it was broken. She says she is a little high right now. She says the Xray looked good but they think that it is a hairline fracture but because of the holiday she has to go back for the MRI on Weds. She tells them that she had to wear a hat and a sweater. She said BB is going to figure it out as they go and they are not going to take her out of the game. She tells them about the Nurse at the hospital refusing to sign the BB release. She says if she leaves this week that it was OK at least she was able to come back into the house.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd
2:45 PM BBT In the supply room, Paul is talking to Jason and that he thinks that Cody is up to something – that he is waiting for Mark to come back with info. Jason says he is leery of everyone. Paul says he trusts Kevin, and Jason. Jason talks to Paul about mailboxes and that there is a key. Jason leaves and Raven and Elena talk to Paul. He tells them that he is good with Mark. Elena says she thinks he means what he says but that they were i a disagreement on what to do but that he has a harder time being decisive. They say that it was disrespectful that they did not come down to see her. Paul talks about Cody running up to the HOH room and locking himself in. They talk about it being weird that things were moved that leads them to believe there is something going on. Paul says he is being sketchy and he wants to know about what’s going on. Paul says it may be a reset week. And if that is the case they would play the same HOH comp again. Elena says that Mark will tell her what he found out. Raven goes out to season meat for hamburgers. Elena tells Paul that she feels close to him. Kevin comes into the storage room and Paul leaves. Elena continues to pull out things for the food. In the kitchen, Paul, Matt, Alex, Dominique, Elena and Raven are talking about all the things you can add to hamburgers. Dominique is sitting at the table doing her nails. Paul and Elena go back to the storage room and resume talking about them being upstairs for a long time. Mark comes into the storage room and Paul says something is up. Mark says that Cody seemed relax but that Cody really didn’t tell him anything. Mark says they talked about temptations and the votes and their position on Christmas. He says that Cody said he didn’t understand why Christmas was coming for him. Mark says that he told Cody that he was trying to keep peace with Cody. Elena tells him that it was not good that they didn’t come down when Christmas came in.
3:00 PM BBT In the HN room, Josh is talking to Jason and is telling him he knows where he stands. Jason tells him that he needs to ride it out and before the vote on Thursday they will have something letting them know they want to keep Christmas. Josh tells him that on Thursday that he is getting HOH and will tell everyone they need to share stuff. JOSH ARE YOU WEARING SOMEONE ELSE MICROPHONE. Josh looks down and laughs. He says him mic fell in the toilet so he took a spare one. Outside in the BY – Paul is talking to Jess and tells him that what is happening is not anything major but it’s an HOH thing having to write a blog and doing tweets. Paul says he remembers. She asks who he is voting for and he says that he doesn’t know and Jess says yes he does. Jess says that she was told by Christmas that she is on her radar and that she feels no loyalty to her anymore. Paul says he doesn’t think that way. She asks Paul if he gets HOH will he put Jess and Cody on the block and he says no. He says “This is not my first time playing this game – do not get paranoid unless you hear it from my mouth. You clearly don’t know my game play.” She tells him to look him in the eye and tell her he will not put them on the block. She says that people are telling her stuff and he says whoever is telling her this is lying. She asks if Christmas is a better ally than her and he says no. But he made a promise to her and that he is true to his word. She says that he made a promise to her also and he tells her that she is not on the block. Jess said that someone on the block is threatening her. He says that he has nothing to do with it. Just because her agenda is different has nothing to do with him. She says that Christmas told her last night that she is going after them and talked to everyone in the house says that they are a target because they are guilty by association. Paul says that she can not assume that he is in the half. Paul says it’s game time and it’s time to play since Cody stabbed him in the back. He says it’s unfortunate that she is in this position but he doesn’t know what to tell her to help. She asks him who is her biggest threat in the house. He says he doesn’t know that has to be up to her. He says she is not in danger. He says people feel like they have been back stabbed.
3:15 PM BBT Jess says that she was also blindsided and Paul says that not to put him in that group because he has never said that. Jess says she asked Cody if her relationship with Paul was why he was the scapegoat. Paul tells her that they are getting bamboozled. He says that he is the easy target. Paul says that Cody told him that he was going after him. He says he is not an idiot – he is not going to go against the person in power. Jess says from her position she was blindsided and she is making the best of the situation. Paul says that it put people in shambles. He tells her not to worry about the vet but worry about the other people playing the game. Paul says he is not campaigning for Christmas but he did make it clear who he is voting for. He says voting and campaigning are two different things. He says they have a lack of an understanding of the words. Jess says she has heard it twice today. He says when he wins HOH that they will see. Jess asks for his word that the will not put up Cody or her on the block. He says for him he will not but that he can not say for anyone else. He tells her that she is not his enemy or a threat. Jess says she wants to keep him as long as possible. He says he is not tag teamed with Christmas but for his game it’s better to keep Christmas. He says he will not turn his back on her. But that they are playing two different games, just like Jess and Cody are. He tells her to ask Cody why what and how the shake up happened. She says she did and that he told her where he was coming from and the info she wanted to know. She says she told Cody she didn’t agree with it but moving forward if he blindsides her again she will put him on the block herself. She says that he didn’t have the information that he thought he did. She tells Paul that Cody thinks he is a fun player. Paul says he came to play the game and not to be a weenie in the game. He says that it is obvious that he is here to play a game. He says he doesn’t like it when people assume things. And just because Cody put him up that he would do the same. Jess tells Paul that she will backdoor Alex when she gets the chance because she doesn’t like his relationship with the other side of the house. She says she doesn’t like it and wants it over. Paul says then she will not put him up and she asks if he is stupid. Her cards are on the table and she wants the same people out.
3:30 PM BBT Paul says that some people are loyal and honest and some are not. Jess said that if he was still on the block that he would have stayed anyway. Jess says that she is not a follower. That she would not have voted for Paul to go home and that she didn’t have any idea that he was going up. And she said that she told Cody how important he was to her. They talk about if BB will let Christmas stay in the house and not compete. Paul says he doesn’t know what will happen. They talk about Bridget from last season and that she still competed with her injury. Paul says that there are many comps that she can still compete in with her injury. Alex yells at Paul from the back door telling him food was ready. He tells her that a little bit of garlic and a little bit of mushrooms and he is coming. Paul tells Jess that she has two options in her game play and that he doesn’t want to tell her what to do because he doesn’t want it to look like he is campaigning. They say that the vote will be close. That there also could be a tie breaker.
In the WR Mark and Jason are talking and Mark is saying that he is confused on who to trust and that he is stressed. Jason says that he told Alex that he knows what he is doing and they are fine until Thursday. Jason says he knows what his gut is telling him. Mark leaves.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd

3:45 PM BBT In the BY, Elena and Matt are talking about Christmas and when she got back in the house. And how funny it was because she was high. The cameras follow Cody walking through the house. He goes to the Rose Room and gives Christmas a hug – then leaves. Josh tells Christmas that he wants her gone and Christmas says she knows. Back in the BY Elena is telling Matt about Cody’s actions are scaring her. Paul joins them. He tells them that there are a lot of vote talk going on and deals. He tells them he is not going back on his word. He tells them that Jess told him it’s not his best interest to keep Christmas around but he says it’s not his game. He says he is not campaigning for Christmas but he is not voting her out. He tells them to prepare for a tie breaker. They add up the votes to see if Christmas will stay. Paul says he will talk to Kevin. Elena says that she will talk to Ramses and Paul says that Jillian is close to him and that he will not want to do that and Elena says but he also doesn’t want to be evicted. Elena leaves and Paul tells Matt that Cody told him he wanted to Maverick and Matt says that he can Maverick as long as it does not affect other people’s game. Paul says he has plans but it’s all contingent on who is HOH. Paul says that there is a lot of BS going around the house. He goes to check on the burgers and stops to talk to Elena and Mark and says that people are saying that he is campaigning for Christmas. Mark says that he has avoided bringing his name up. Paul says thank you. Raven goes around the back yard asking how everyone wants their burgers done. Mark tells Elena that Cody did what he thought was best for them.
4:00 PM BBT Paul, Dominique, and Christmas are in Rose BR. Paul is relaying his conversation with Jessica to them. How Jessica was told that Paul was campaigning to keep Christmas. Paul says that he is not campaigning to keep Christmas, but that when asked, he tells people that he plans on voting for Christmas to stay. Kevin came in to let them know the burgers are ready. Dominique and Christmas let Paul in on Cody coming down to talk to the other people in the room last night. Stating that he does not like people with shaky feet. Christmas is concerned about Mark not talking to her or being able to look her in the eye. Paul, states that Mark is just an emotional guy, but he believes that Mark is voting to keep Christmas. Paul advises that Dominique needs to talk to Mark. He lets her know that Mark is outside on the hammock staring at the sky. Christmas wants to go out to talk to him too, but asks them to have Alex come talk to her before she goes outside, as she has been meaning to talk to her. Alex comes in the room and asks what is up. Christmas states that she knows that they had a rocky start and she apologizes. She states that Megan screwed up a lot of stuff for them. Christmas states that she did not have an alliance with Cody, but that he did come to her and offered her a deal where she would at least get to jury. He made her feel like she was safe. Christmas states that they thought that he would put up Jason when Alex came off of block. She points out that Cody did promise Alex safety on the trampoline and then he put her up anyways. That was the first deceit of Cody’s. Alex was under the impression that Cody had a tight group of 6, whereas Christmas states it was 9. Christmas tells Alex that Cody has a deal with Jason to keep him safe. Christmas says that Cody wanted to keep the couples safe but that she said that was too many people. There were only 2 people she wants safe. Christmas reiterates that Cody is not trustworthy. He put up 2 people from his own group and blindsided them. After he gave his word to them that he had it covered. Christmas states that Cody is still playing both sides.Christmas states she is just wanted to cover the bases with Alex and talking to Alex to let her know where she is at in the game. Alex tells Christmas that Cody came to her and asked what she was doing Alex said that she would go after the showmances if she got HOH. Neither know where Ramses is at.
4:15 PM BBT Alex and Christmas talk about Ramses being sneaky and a snoop. That he came in the room where she was sleeping in the same bed as Paul and that he went through a bag that he thought was Paul’s bag until she informed him it was hers. Christmas asks Alex if she wants to work with someone who has proven he is untrustworthy or does she want to work with her and make a true pact. She tells Alex about the argument she had with Cody after POV ceremony. Christmas states that she campaigned to keep Jason. Christmas states that she did talk more calmly with Cody later. Cody is convinced that Paul is untrustworthy because he did not tell anyone about the Protection Pendant. Christmas states that anyone would have kept it secret and no one else is mad at Paul for that. Christmas states that she does need team members and an alliance. She states that she does not have any loyalty to Cody because he broke her trust.She states that Cody only came down and gave her hug when she got back from hospital, but nothing else. Asks Alex if she wants to work with someone like that. She said that she has been wanting to talk with Alex since the POV ceremony. Raven comes in and brings Christmas a dinner plate.Alex promises to see what is going on by Wednesday and they will talk then,
4:30 PM BBT Cameras 3/4 have Kevin and Paul sitting in a corner talking about how Cody is treating people. Kevin states that Cody is acting like that he is better and more deserving than anyone else because he is with Jessica. Paul states that he cannot play that way. As a returning vet, he had to talk to everyone and get to know anyone. They talk about if Josh won HOH, he would be shooting out guns everywhere. Paul said he might just throw the competition to Josh to see the fireworks. Kevin doesn’t understand Cody’s attitude. He tells Paul that Ramses voted against Jillian before, but not sure where he is at now, Camera switches to The Apple Room, where Matt and Mark are talking in hushed whispers. Mark says that he wants Cody and Jess with them, but he does not think that is possible now. He wants to take Cody as far as possible,but he does not think that the others will agree. Mark says that he just has it stuck in his head a fantasy of all of them in the house together and he knows that it is not doable. That if he told Paul that they could still all work together, but it would be an uphill battle, that Paul would explode. Raven comes in the room with them. They thank her for dinner and tell her it was good. She jokingly tells them that if she gets HOH that she is putting them both up and they all laugh. Mark then states that he is torn, He states that he promised Christmas he would not vote her out, Matt states that Cody made a battle between Cody and Christmas, that he will not vote Cody out either, but the battle between Cody and Christmas is not his. Mark states that he agrees, that he just trying to be calm and keep the peace for the next few days. He knows what he has to do for his game and he is not giving up his game to vote for someone he does not even know their name(referring to Jillian) to stay, Raven states that Kevin has to make it to jury, but that Josh has got to go. She states that she does not like the way that Josh looks at her. It makes her feel uncomfortable. Mark says that Josh woke him in the middle of the night up asking what is going on. They are worried about Wednesday when Christmas is going back to the doctor. They are worried that she will be forced to leave or forced to vote her out if her foot is broke. Both Mark and Matt state that they won’t for her to leave, Paul comes in and says that he has Kevin’s vote for Christmas to stay and one other, The others say they do not want to know. Paul states that he wanted everyone to see how Cody has gone to the other side trying to make deals.
4:45 PM BBT In The Apple Room, Paul is telling Mark, Matt, and Raven about Jessica coming to him about Christmas staying. Paul states that he is not campaigning for Christmas to stay,but he is voting for her to stay. That having Christmas there is what is good for his game. Everyone is there to play their own game, but he is not going to play theirs. Paul states that he has an A+ plan, but that he won’t share until he is in power. Paul exits and they all say how that they love Paul. That step 1 is to keep Christmas. Mark and Matt tell Raven to stop with the cookies. Mark leaves and it just Raven and Matt. Matt tells her that he loves her cookies, but that he does not want to leave the house looking like the Michelin Man. She states how Josh annoys her. That he has seen her boobs, possibly vag, he pees on the toilet and does not wash his hands.Camera switches to Kitchen to Dominique and Elena. Elena states that Paul not telling anyone about his protection would not have messed up anyone else’s game. Elena states that there are a lot of emotional people in the house, She knows that she will get emotional at some point. Elena says she is trying to comport herself calmly in the house. She still likes Cody as a person, but as far as the team goes, she does not agree with him. She states that her Mark do not agree on a lot of things, but she is ok with that. Elena states that she does not know where her game is at, but she does know where her vote is at. She does not think that Christmas will vote her out because she is still friends with Cody. Dominique agrees.
5:00 PM BBT In the Rose BR, Christmas, Alex, and Paul are talking with Jason. Paul leaves. Christmas asks Jason if he thinks that Cody won’t betray him, then he is mistaken. He wants to know what they can do for him. She states that until they know they can trust him then they can’t tell him. He says that Paul is mad at him. Christmas states that Paul will not show his cards because he got burned. Christmas exits and Alex and Jason whisper. Paul comes back in and tells Jason that he does not mean to yell at him. He says this is not is first time playing and that everything he said would happen has. That was why he took the pendant, to prove that people cannot be trusted. Paul tells Alex that Jessica cannot stand her, That Jessica wants to rip her jugular out. Jason states that Christmas is being aggressive. Paul says ignore her, she is on pain meds. Jason said that no one was talking to him a week ago and that now everyone wants to talk to him. Ramses comes in complaining about doors being locked. They then talk about Josh going up to all the girls and using the same line to hook up with them. Alex states that they need some place to talk. She states this place will get you crazy especially with the questions asked of them in DR. Then Alex is told not to talk about the DR sessions. Jason says everyone is thinking that he is going crazy. Alex states that she told Christmas that they will talk more on Wednesday. Jason states that Jillian has always had his back. He says that Christmas wants him to cut Cody’s throat, but Cody did not put him up, so he feels loyal to Cody. Alex says they need to tell Cody what was said, but not name names. Alex says that Elena knows that Mark is going to vote for Jillian to stay and that Elena said she would talk to Mark about it. Alex says that they are being watched. She states that they need to watch out for Ramses as well. She says that if they betray Paul, they are screwed. If they betray Cody, once they vote out Jessica, then they can rein him back in. They are discussing who will vote for who, some of the whispering is inaudible. Alex says that she adores Jillian, but do not tell her anything because she tells people what is said.
5:15 PM BBT In The Apple Room, Raven, Christmas, and Matt are talking. Christmas thanks Matt for coming up to her when she came back and for being genuinely happy to see her. Christmas states that before she was taken to hospital, that Cody leaned down and whispered to her that her broken bone was visible. Not saying that he hope she feel better or anything, but that she has a visibly broken bone. She tells them that once they are all out and watch all this they will see how he is. Kevin comes in. They are talking about what the dots on his cup mean. He says his kids will be surprised at him. They will think LA changed him. Raven states that she wants coffee that she may go get some. Kevin states that he will tell stories, not scary stories,but life stories.Raven asks if Christmas ate her burger.Christmas states that she ate it all and thanks Raven for making it. Kevin says how Dominique and Raven are always dressed up. Raven states that she is Southern and a dancer so she always has to look good. Christmas states that she has to go back Wednesday to get an MRI to see how her foot is doing. Paul enters the room. The X-ray does not show anything broken. Says if tendons are torn, she will still compete, and will deal with the pain. She states that the pain is subsiding even with pain meds. She states that she freaked out when they said she had to leave to have it looked at, She said she would play with fish foot if it meant staying in. She was not ready to leave game, They told her she would be back. Camera switches to bathroom with Mark and Elena. They are talking about the position they are in.Elena says that she is choosing to remain calm in the chaos, even if she has eat a whole gallon of ice cream tonight. Mark states that nothing changes as far as targets go, but who they want to get HOH does.
5:30 PM BBT In the Green BR, Alex and Jason are talking in hushed whispers. They mention Ramses curse and then say that if anyone comes in the room, he pretends to be asleep and she will pretend to pray, They talk about how they think Ramses was fishing for information. Alex goes to look for Jillian to tell her not to trust Ramses, Alex finds her in the Rose BR She is sleeping so Alex says that she will talk to her later. Production comes over the speakers. Stating that the hg’s must be awake from the hours of 10A-10P. Alex states that Christmas never asked for her vote, but that she doesn’t know if Christmas and can be trusted. She says she watched Paul’s season and he was only loyal to his best friend Victor. But she is not sure if there is Team America or not. She theorizes that she has no idea if a Team America would put Paul up to splitting them up. Alex says that she does not want Cody and Jessica in the final 4 with them, Cody says no they will vote Jillian out. They continue talking in hushed whispers, not able to hear. Both are quiet for a few. Jason wants to know why Cody is upset with Paul for campaigning for Christmas, He says it does not matter. Alex says that it does not look good that Cody and Jessica stay up in the HOH all day. Both are quiet again. Switching to Cameras 3/4 . Jessica is telling Cody how Alex has been on her radar since the first competition. Cody asks if she had won HOH who would she have put up. She says Alex and Megan. They are talking about the POV competition. He says his base was shaky. She says that she disagreed with Paul telling Mark to lock in his time. Cody says he feels really relaxed and chill with Jessica and Mark.
5:45 PM BBT In The Apple Room, Matt, Paul, Raven,and Christmas are talking. Matt says that he does not want to see how he looks when he watches this back. Matt says he is going to get a shower. Raven asks if it is wise to take a shower before playing outside. He said he needs to be honest, that he did not shower yesterday. Paul says he is proud of Christmas, that they are not getting rid of her that easily. Ramses comes in. They give a few shout outs to the camera.
6:00 PM BBT In the HOH Room Jessica and Cody are talking about their relationship. Jessica is saying when you first asked I laughed. Meanwhile in the pantry Jason and Paul are discussing Cody not even telling Jessica what he was going to do at the the POV Ceremony. Paul is saying he is now backtracking, in case his plan doesn’t work he has Jason and Alex to fall back on. Paul says to keep Christmas is better as she is smarter, and she will have your back. He asks Jason Do you really think Jillian will have your back. Dominique enters and says she is going to have some cookies now as she is going to work out later. In the Apple Room Matt Raven Ramses Jillian and Christmas are all talking about the last challenges and Jillian’s bruises. In the backyard Elena and Mark are on the hammock, talking about a drink Elena is drinking. Jason and Paul have entered the backyard and are setting up the pool table for a game. Paul is telling Jason that if you want to play the same game as Cody go ahead and play, but don’t mess with the ones you are true to. Paul is telling Jason to trust him, he isn’t stupid. Paul says if you watched my season you will will see that I am loyal, but if you betray me I will f**k twice as hard. Paul is telling him that Kevin is on their side but also doesn’t want to destroy friendship. He says he really likes Kevin and Jason a lot .
He also says that he thinks Alex is a cool girl. He is telling him that he should not tell too many people that he wants to go after the showmances because they have the numbers. Paul says you have to understand that this is a marathon not a sprint. In the HOH Room Cody and Jessica are doing some serious cuddling. As we go back to the backyard Jessica is giggling. Paul and Jason are still playing pool. Alex has entered the backyard eating toast. Jason says he can’t hit the broadside of a barn. The conversation now is just about the pool game. Josh has entered the area. Jillian has been told to stop singing. In the washroom Christmas and Kevin are talking, Christmas is putting towels under the arms of her crutches. Kevin is helping her. Christmas leaves the washroom and Kevin prepares to shower. Christmas says she is going to be good at this soon. In the kitchen Christmas has joined Dominique Matt Ramses and Jillian. Big Brother told Josh to stop singing. Dominique says they are nice to her, Ramses asks her who she knows on production she says I know GOD. All cameras have gone to the HOH Room where Jessica is asking Cody if he was present when Mark and Elena told her they were worried about their relationship. Back in the kitchen Dominique Ramses Matt and Jillian are all at the bar. Dominique and Ramses are repeating verses that they know. Raven says she has written 12 poems so far. She tells them that her Mom told her that she was named after the poem The Raven. In the backyard Paul joins Elena and Mark for a couple of minutes.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 3rd
6:15 PM BBT Mark and Elena continue talking about general topics, mainly Elena talking about her relationship with someone. Jason and Paul are still playing pool. Jason says why do I want to vote out Jillian. Paul tells him that this game changes daily and you have to change with it. Jason says he doesn’t want it to be a clean sweep. Paul asks where Kevin is he is told in the shower. Raven and Ramses are in the kitchen with Josh and Jillian. Josh is saying he thought Jillian and Raven were sisters when they were on the stage. Josh goes over to talk to Dominique. Ramses says it would be funny if people really thought he was a triplet. Back in the backyard Jason and Paul are still playing pool. Big Brother has asked them to put the shades down. Elena and Paul are doing one side Jason is doing the other side.
6:30 PM BBT The shades have all been put down and Paul and Jason continue their game. In the kitchen Jillian is asking Jessica if what she is eating is glutton free. Jillian tells Josh that you can find a woman in your hometown. Josh says it is not about looks but what is inside. Josh says we are not like Raven and Matt. Josh tells Matt he is a lucky guy. Ramses and Dominique are talking. Dominique says whoever is the next HOH will have a hard time.Christmas comes out of the DR, Josh asks her if they gave her meds she says no just worked out the times. Jillian says she is trying to make friends but feels that because she is on the block people think she is only talking to them for their vote. The conversation is now about America’s Top Model and what they like and dislike about the show. Jillian asks Big Brother to fly in someone to do their nails and hair. Dominique asks Christmas if she is good. Christmas says yes it is a good day I have friends water and sunshine.
6:45 PM BBT Dominique says she doesn’t watch a lot of television. Ramses says he thought it would be all new people. Dominique says we are all new except Paul. Ramses says Jillian said the camera is on the door the first night they were in the house. Ramses asks Dominique what she does for a living. She says she does most of her stuff on Facebook and uses YouTube as a back up. She says she wants to host a show live. She says she is a motivational speaker. Meanwhile in the kitchen Jason is saying he dresses his son as a man. Jason is telling Paul that he told his wife you have 3 months to bond with him. Paul says by the time he is 31 to have kids. Jason tells him that is a good age. Raven says she can’t have kids. She says her disease has taken it away from her. She says she doesn’t have the money to freeze eggs. She says $30,000. She says she can’t ask her family to help because they have paid for 3 pacemakers. Cody asks her will they know if the eggs are bad, she tells him yes. She says over and above insurance a pacemaker cost her over $20,000. She says she owes over $200 grand in medical bills. She says she has 232 things she wants to do before she passes. Cody says hers and his books are the same, he wants a son to carry on his name. Raven tells him she just wants people to remember her. Jason says he hopes someone watching helps her .
7:00 PM BBT Meanwhile in the backyard Josh Dominique Jillian are talking about general things. Cody joins Elena and Mark and Jessica on the hammock. The girls are laying on the hammock the boys are on both sides. On the other side of the house Kevin and Christmas are talking about her meeting his family. He tells her he is going home at the end because of his son. Kevin asks if the show flies the family out. Christmas says her and her mom were out here a couple of months ago. Christmas is saying she thinks she needs to take some meds soon. Kevin and Christmas are talking about how Cody messed up the plan that the 9 of them had. Christmas says she tried to tell them that if Cody made this move against a team member up like that he has no loyalty to anyone. She is telling him that Cody told her that Paul was the target and his reason for putting her up was the other girls didn’t like her. Big Brother calls out Jessica for quoting movies. Kevin says once the head of the snake is gone what happens to the rest of them. Christmas says they will scrabble. Alex and Kevin are sitting there talking about Alex having to watch the show with her family so she had best behave.
7:15 PM BBT In the kitchen Elena and Christmas are talking in the house about Cody is only talking to no one unless he wants to make a deal with him. Elena says Cody and Jessica have a good relationship. Elena is telling her that Jessica told her they were not on the same page. Christmas says Cody is playing both sides. Elena says she is waiting because she believes more is coming out. Christmas is asking her why she respects him. Elena says she thinks he has a lot of good points. Christmas says Cody isn’t playing for the team he is playing for himself. Christmas says she is concerned that in a couple of weeks he is going to start taking out his own people. Raven has joined them in the kitchen. Elena said she felt it strange that he never came down when you came back. Christmas says he never said a word to her when she came back. Big Brother has called someone out for talking about their DR sessions. Christmas is saying before she left Cody bent down and told her that her bone is sticking out of her foot. She says he is playing mind warfare, he is knocking down his team to build it up. Christmas says he is a fake f**k. She says I am telling you this so you will watch out. Christmas says he only talks to people when he needs something. Elena says she hasn’t ask him why he did what he did. Elena went to get lotion, Christmas to get meds. Ramses comes in to go to washroom. Back in the Backyard Jillian Dominique Paul and Josh are talking about meditating every day. Josh says he needs to meditate because it will calm him down. Paul says he doesn’t like releasing his thoughts , he likes to control his thoughts. Kevin and Alex are talking about about the vote on Thursday. Kevin yells to Paul to come sit with them. Kevin says they will start telling them they will be telling stories after it gets dark. Alex says she goes home to celebrate the 4th of July. Paul says h lets of fireworks. Feeds go down.
7:30 PM BBT Feeds come back on with Elena talking to Cody about his plans. He tells her the first week was Megan, then maybe lay low for a couple of weeks. Cody says he has no plans as he nominated a third of the house. Elena says she was a little rattled because he didn’t stick to the plan. Cody tells Elena that he talked to Jason and Alex made a deal to keep the couples and Dominique safe. Cody says his worry this week is if Jillian gets evicted the deal is off. Elena says we were fast forwarding to much when they were in week one. She says she felt conflicted because he never told her what was up. She is telling him that she felt a little honored that he was trying to protect her but now she sees some doubt. She says she is moving with conflicted feelings, she says she worries when she talks to anyone thinking others are thinking she is making a deal. She says she would have disagreed with it. Jessica says Christmas told her that she is coming after both of them. Jessica feels that she should not be made a target because of something Cody did. In another part of the backyard Christmas and Paul are talking about a conversa that she and Jessica had. Christmas says even the way she is right now she is going to try to do everything on her own. Christmas is saying that Alex does not like the way Jessica has played into getting protection.
7:45 PM BBT Raven has joined Christmas and Paul she is telling them she did her nails. She leaves and the conversation goes back to Elena saying Cody hasn’t told her anything. Paul says he is more worried about Mark because he still trust Cody. At the chess table Mark and Dominique. She is telling him to play the middle until after the next HOH. She is telling him to pull away from Cody to only have private conversations with him not in front of anybody else. He says that is hard but she tells him to figure it out because it is for his safety. She tells him the majority of the house thinks he is tight with Cody. She tells him she is just trying to work out a plan for him. She is telling him to spend his time with him but to do it on the side. She tells him that he is not a threat but only a target because of Cody. She says she is going to teach him how to check his emotions. He says he needs that. She tells him to go look in a mirror and if he is alone to ask himself why he feels like he does. She tells him that she is concerned with him being played because he is so emotional. She asks him to tell her why he is loyal to Cody. She tells him she is really not an emotional woman. In the backyard Elena and Cody are talking
8:00 PM BBT Cody tells Elena that he put Christmas up because he wanted to make a big move. She tells him that she still wants everything to be the same between them going forward. Inside the house Dominique is whispering to Mark at the chess table. Outside on the hammock Elena and Cody are still talking about her game play. Elena is telling Cody that she wants to build strong relationships in the house. She says that she wants to keep Christmas and Jessica safe at the same time.
8:15 PM BBT Elena tells him that she’s not going to be a cold person on the show. She says that just because she doesn’t show her feeling doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care. Cody says that it would be great if two people walked out the door. She tells him that the game is crazy and that she forgets that she’s on tv sometimes. He tells her that she has to make sure that they make money off of this show. Upstairs Mark and Dominique are whispering. He is telling her that if they win hoh they shouldn’t go after Cody. Dominique tells him that Paul is smart and can talk to anybody into doing things for him. Dominique thinks that Jessica is playing the games only with Cody.
8:30 PM BBT Mark, Dominique, Matthew, Raven, Paul and Elena are in the kitchen. Paul gives Dominique a shoulder rub. Paul said that one night while super stoned he had a vivid flashback from a different lifetime. He said that she never talked to him about things like that. The cameras change to Mark and Christmas sitting outside in the backyard. Kevin is lounging on a chair on the opposite side of the yard. Mark tells Christmas that he doesn’t trust Paul. Mark is apologizing to her

8:45 PM BBT Mark tells her that he didn’t know about her going up. He said he was in game mode and just wanted to protect Cody. He said that he felt like maybe she was coming after him. She says that she was hurt because Cody came to her and said that they were going to make it to Jury together. She says that he told her that he put her up because she’s emotional. Christmas cries to Mark and tells him that him not talking to her hurt her feelings. She said she thought she broke her foot, but when she came back everyone stayed upstairs. She didn’t feel like they cared. He said he feels torn between Jessica and Cody and her and Paul. She said she felt like he was keeping his distance because he had something to hide. He tells her that she’s safe. She tells him that she felt like Cody threw her under the bus.
9:00 PM BBT Christmas says that she would’ve been loyal to her team. She says that she no longer trusts Cody any more. She says that she feels like he’s made deals with the other side. She says that she is going to have a hard time trusting him because he’s not upset about Cody’s actions. Christmas says that she hopes that Cody will be as good of a friend back to him. She says that she’s not going to be in a good position to go after Cody. Christmas says that she told Jessica that she and Cody are playing different games. She says that she feels like Jessica needs to show people that she’s her own individual person. He tells her that when he gave her his word he meant it. Across the yard Dominique, Paul, Raven, and Elena are sitting on the couch talking about Jessica. Paul says that they are trying to backpedal because they made a mistake.
9:15 PM BBT Paul says that he’s going to play the game until someone bites him then he plans to bite them back. Elena says that Cody really planned to make big moves and do big things, but now he feels like hs back is up against the wall. Elena says that the next hoh is always key. Dominique tells them that she told Mark that this is a game and not the real world. He says that he has to take his emotions out of things. Paul says that is why he’s against showmances, because in the end one of the two would have to go. Paul says that you don’t really know people until you leave the house.Elena says that
9:30 PM BBT Elena tells Dominique and Paul that Christmas is talking to Mark about how is actions made her feel. Paul said that last year they’d want make one decision on Saturday but everything would change by Thursday because someone would drop a bomb, leaving the house in shambles. Paul says that Cody told him that he knows that he’s probably going to go home next week. Elena says that if Cody goes home Jessica will be emotional. Paul tells Dominique and Elena that he told Jessica that she had two options, and that he isn’t telling her which one to go with, but her actions show the others what her decision is.
9:45 PM BBT In the house Alex and Jillian are in the storage room looking for food. Jillian leaves from storage room because she’s too hungry. Now Jillian and Alex are walking through the house. In the kitchen Cody, Jessica, Ramses, Raven and Alex are preparing food. General chit chat going on in the kitchen. Jessica tells Josh that she only likes the shaped mac and cheese. She says that she feels like the shape hold the cheese better. She tells him to try it when he gets home and tell her about it. Someone jokes about putting mac and cheese on a pizza. The have nots are preparing to eat.
10:00 PM BBT In the backyard Kevin, Paul, Dominique, Elena and Raven are chatting about whether they would come back on BB if they were asked. Kevin goes back into the house. Jessica, Cody, Jason, Ramses and Jillian are all in there getting food and chatting.Christmas and Mark are outside on the sofa talking about her work and complementing each other.Dominique, Elena, and Raven are telling Paul about Josh talking to them about his “sex games.” And how he was going to be popular with America.
10:15 PM BBT Dominique is telling them also that she was telling Josh that he needs to chill out and relax and play the game. They are wondering when they will announce have nots. They go into the house and asked Ramses. He said he hasn’t been told yet. Paul said to go ask them because it’s almost midnight. Mark and Christmas are still outside. Mark is crying and telling her that he feels bad that he hurt her. They are hugging. Elena comes outside and approaches them and asked if they are OK. She sees Mark crying and goes back in the house. Alex walks out to the backyard. She sits down with Kevin. They are talking game play. He said he is not athletic. Alex said she has him covered. Kevin looks over at Mark and Christmas and says, “look at the hug fest.”
10:30 PM BBT Kevin and Alex go into the house. Jason is outside getting something to drink out of the refrigerator. Kevin comes back out and he and Jason are going to play a game of pool. Raven and Matt are up in HOH bathroom cleaning up. And Cody is in the restroom. Raven and Matt go downstairs. Christmas and Mark are heading into the house. Elena and Matt are in the Rose bedroom talking about Mark being too emotional. Matt asks Elena if she has any theories why Cody wants Alex and Jason in the Jury. She says she doesn’t understand his reasons. She thinks he is reaching for straws. Christmas comes in and they stop chatting.
10:45 PM BBT Jessica and Raven are in the Apple Room talking game. Jessica is saying Christmas is gunning for her. Jessica is feeling betrayed by her “day ones.” Paul and Josh are in the storage room looking through cabinets for canola oil. Josh tells Paul he was chatty with Dominique and he feels like he has a second chance in the game now. Elena is in the Rose bedroom updating Christmas about what she was telling Jessica about her. Christmas says that her foot is feeling much better and she thinks by Wednesday she will be ok to compete but she will see. Mark brought Christmas her water and he left. Christmas asked Elena if they were ok. Elena said, “yes, why, have you heard different?” Christmas said no. She said she was just chit chatting and being a mentor to Mark.
11:00 PM BBT Mark, Matt and Kevin are out in the backyard talking. They are talking about Kevin’s college scholarships and his children, Raven came outside briefly and then went back in. Kevin said, “I cracked his tooth and they are going to fix it on Wednesday. He says it shouldn’t take them long to pull it. And they can just do it in the DR for all he cares.” Kevin asked Mark if he washes his Jordan’s in the washing machine. He said no I would use a shoe cleaner. Then Kevin starts talking about his cousin being in Prison. Raven comes back out. Matt asks her if she has heard anything about her mom’s surgery. She said, “No, not yet.” Then Elena comes outside and Raven said she was coming in to do her nails for her. Then Raven goes into the bathroom and Jessica is in there. Raven said Josh is causing issues. She was telling Jessica that Josh thinks he is the BB bachelor.
11:15 PM BBT Paul, Jason and Ramses are cooking in the kitchen. Alex and Jillian are sitting at the bar watching them. Cody is in the HOH room getting cleaned up and ready for bed. Jessica came in and is talking with him. Jessica gets in bed. Josh got down on his knee in the kitchen in front of Dominique. He asked if he could sleep in the bed with her. Elena and Mark are out in the backyard talking. Raven and Christmas are in the Apple room talking about game.
11:30 PM BBT Christmas told Raven the conversation she had with Jessica. They left the apple room. Raven and Matt went out in the backyard and got in the hammock. Raven told Matt she does not like the game that Jessica is playing. She tells him that she is starting to lie and play a deceitful game. And she is doing Cody’s dirty work. She said she understands why Elena was upset now. Matt said, “so you want us to vote out someone who has our back? No way!” Paul came outside and over with Raven and Matt. Raven tells him the conversation she had with Jessica. Paul called Dominique over, who was jogging in the backyard, to let her know what Jessica said to her. Raven said that Jessica said to her if they vote for Christmas then you are drawing the line in the sand. Raven said she asked Jessica, “when did Cody decide to put Paul up on the block? And when did you decide that Christmas was the alternate?” Raven said to Paul, “I just thought you would want to know.” Paul said, “I already knew.” Dominique continued to go back to jogging. Christmas came outside. Ramses also came outside and told Christmas she looked tired and asked her if she needed anything.
11:45 PM BBT Alex is in the green room flossing her teeth. Kevin is in there too. They are chit chatting about who is making the jury. Ramses joined then. Kevin asked Ramses if he is ok. He said he is just tired. Kevin asked Ramses if and why he ignores him sometimes. Jason is in the green room too. He started whistling at the camera like it was a dog. Kevin asked Ramses in 35 years where does he see himself and when he looks back on his life what does he hope to accomplish. Jillian came into the green room also and joined them in the conversation. She said, “Tomorrow’s going to be a good day. It’s July 4th.” They are excited to be able to eat real food after midnight. Raven and Matt are still outside on the hammock talking about Jessica. Jason says that they definitely won’t give him the $500k. Kevin says that he’s going to keep telling stories so he’s not on their radar.

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