Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 17th

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 17th

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12:00 AM BBT The HGs are teaching Josh how to speak correctly. The keep correcting the way he says asked. Paul is making him repeat him. HN Paul and Elena looking to see if Josh fixed something. Kitchen Paul and Elena and Raven talking about Raven’s dad before her mom and dad got married. Back Yard Cowboy going to make a suite for Paul that has scales for Cosplay, Paul was the devil last year he painted himself red. Marvel is going to make a comic about the HGs after the show.The Meatball man for Josh crying all the time. Josh says he is the Meatball man a good guy Matt is going to be the Silver Fox, Ramses is going to be the bitch. Mark is going to be the Pink Hunk, Elena is going to be Thunder Queen. Cowboy did a lunge earlier and hurt is butt so he does not want to do any more exercises. Paul wants to get Ramses baked (drunk) after the show. Kitchen Alex and Elena talking about them growing up and her step brothers. Mark walks up wants some of their food but he is a HN and he can only have salsa and no chips. Christmas says she would have sucked on the comp. Elena tells Mark that he is not going to get favoritism just because he likes her. Mark is not able to workout as he is too hungry.
12:15 AM BBT Kitchen Elena tells them that mark cannot workout because when he eats slop 30 minutes later he has to poop from the slop. Back yard Kevin and Cowboy talking about Ramses as acting like a little kid but like to help him. Raven goes out to hammock and sits with Matt. Paul says he see Josh getting paranoid and Ramses freaking out. Kitchen Cowboy Alex and Elena eating. Back yard Paul says Kevin would blow them all away at partying. Paul would be the guy to run and get burgers. Paul talking about when he was on tour and saw all the stars in the sky because no pollution in New Orleans.Josh asks Paul if he has ever been to Miami and Paul jumps back and says I told I have never been to Miami before but I want to go. Christmas taking about being a judge on a tattoo show in Miami. Paul saw the Tattoo artist that he uses only does Old Flash art and never uses the same one over. Talking about Dom going to bed too early and how Kevin is going tell her she needs to play the game. Kitchen, Cowboy saying he wanted to talk to Elena in casting before after he saw her with her scarf around her neck.
12:30 AM BBT Kitchen, Elena talking about people that she thinks are not attractive and Mark says like me? She calls people like that are Chad named. Elena says she has not warn her bandana since being in the house and Cowboy say Him too. Elena says that she is afraid that if she trips around Mark and would eat her as his mouth is so big. Talk changes to 50 Shades of Gray being a Love Story but then say if was about the guy being women until he fell in love then it turned into a love story. Mark asks Elena if she cries at movies she says no. Ramses walks by going to bathroom and Elena yells out “Did you just fart as you walked by” He says no. talk changes to Mark crying Ramses says he cried at this one movie . Mark said he cried at Beastly with Selena Gomez. Backyard Paul and Christmas saying that Dom is pulling a cast from last year. Saying that Paul is going to be out soon and bring up that she is saying that from someone being on the block. Alex said that You called him Paul a snake she said no. three points that she pulls out of thin air she looks like a dumb dumb calling him a snake. Paul says she is doing this because Paul is a vet and that is why she is doing this. Christmas says that one thing about Paul is that he is going to tell it like it is and not soften it up for you. Josh said that he was sleeping in the room when this all took place last night/morning when they woke him up with this fight. Paul asks Dom why is he a snake? Asks Dom if she ever watched BB or not as the way she is acting. He does not need any more info about her. Dom was called out but did not want to confront the rest of the HGs as Paul had her. Josh says that Dom did say the snake thing but did not say Paul’s name but did infer to Paul. This was after the Nominations. She s aid there is a snake in this house but would not say a name. Josh says that Dom tells him a lot about the game.
12:45 AM BBT Backyard Paul asks Josh about what Dom said about the other HGs . Paul saying that he did not put her on the block and did not have anything to do with it. Kevin asks Josh if they met in Miami or not before the show? She said I cannot confirm or deny it. Christmas says she Dom is trying to use things against the hgs but not having anything to use. Kevin asks is everybody still up and Josh says yes Elena Cowboy Mark and Alex are in the kitchen talking. Paul tells how he told Dom to stop using God in the house as the House in not a place to use your religion here. Paul says he is not a sketchy person he plays it hard. Do not disrespect him say it to my face not behind my back. Do not use it as a backward agenda ask me and “I WILL TELL YOU” Christmas said that Dom gt so pissed when asked if Christmas was going to vote for Dom or not and Christmas said she would not vote to keep her here. Talk goes to Dom acting like Tiffany did playing everyone against her.Kevin and Josh fighting over when the Jury house opens Kevin says it will be after Dom leaves Josh says it will be this week. Kevin says he know that it will be after Dom as he has watched this since the beginning.
1:00 AM BBT Backyard Kevin says that BB want to keep this cast as they are good for them BB. He know it. Kevin says that it will be 9 in jury and if it is 7 then he was just of because of the early out. Kevin says this cast is so unpredictable. Kevin says he knows for a fact that BB will announce it as they have in the past. Christmas says she cannot wait to get to Jury hose and tell the stories Kevin says he is going to be in the final 3. Talking about how the 3rd person that is voted out is out one week before the finale vote. Kevin saying that if his guy win HOH then they have no problem. If Paul makes it to HOH that he is going to dominate. If Jason wins HOH he is going to put up Ramses and Josh. Kitchen Paul is going to take Mark and get him Manscaped, they are going to take Paul’s car and Mark will have to sit in front seat as he will not fit in backseat. Backyard Kevin and Christmas talking about if Christmas wins HOH is she going to put up Ramses and .. She would listen to the group and make a group decision Jason wanted to make the power move. Kevin is going to talk to Jason as they walk around the yard about what they should do with the POV use it or not. Kevin saying that Jason of Mark will win this week. Should you use the POV this week since you won it would change things up. Jason asks is there a theory to use it or not this week. Kevin sounds like he is going to use it make sure that Dom goes home this week. Kevin says that Jason might take Jess down. Christmas says that if Jason uses the Veto to pull off Jess that it will put the target on him. Jason says that he would never tell the person that he is going to use it on that person as Pawn but he would not do that. Kevin trying to control this for Jason
1:15 AM BBT Backyard Kevin and Christmas and Jason talking about Jason using the veto. The numbers are 3 for Dom, Ramses and everyone else is going to vote the same way 10 and 0. Jason says that if he uses the veto that he will know who is going to be put up. Jason says that Jess has asked him to use it on her. Mark walks out and wants to play a game of pool before he goes to bed. Going to play Mark against Cowboy and Kevin play the winner. Kitchen Paul yells out that Raven is such a Bi but stops with that as he knows that Raven is walking out of bathroom. No game talk just chicken talk. Backyard Christmas goes into house as Kevin and Jason and Mark play pool. Raven asks Paul if he heard of the Stanley Hotel she says yes. Oral sex talk from Elena you cannot have oral sex if you eat cheese Paul says well I guess I am not getting any tonight as he is eating cheese in his eggs. Jason asks if Paul uses Social dating sites or not. Paul says no way not out here in CA there are more fake account with is name on them. Paul says to Josh that when he comes out to CA that he will show him why he does not use social dating sites.
1:30 AM BBT Raven says that they will see her curly hair tomorrow as she is going to do up her hair wild. Christmas just realized it is 1:30. Ramses made Ice cream in a bag it might need sugar but it is good they are calling him the HN God as he made ice cream out of slop. First time to make slop ice cream in BB house. Ramses shows them how he made it with just a bag. Alex tries to use the walker that is there for Christmas and Christmas said that she could not get it work for her too Alex almost fell using it. Josh wanted to use the Cream Cheese frosting in the fridge but was told my Ramses that they can have milk and creamy but not the cream cheese. Raven going to bed now. Alex asks Christmas if she doesn’t have enough calcium in her bones and she says she has all kind of calcium but it was caused from the way she fell with her then Jason falling on her and she felt everything break in it.Bathroom Paul asks Kevin where he is going to sleep. Kevin brings in the towels he just washed and dried 41 towels. Paul said that is what Kevin’s name for Comic book is going to be Towelman Kevin says no he doesn’t want to be Towelman..

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 17th

1:45 AM BBT Backyard Elena playing pool She says she doesn’t have any shots and Paul says she has the cumshot and she says that is available always. Jason and Elena talking a him using the veto and does Christmas know anything about that plan about her being the pawn. Jason is scared to use the veto and it making him freak out he is going to tell Alex that he is not going to use the Veto. Elena says to Jason the only thing we need to talk about her getting fat in the house. Jason says that he is not going to use the Veto Mark and Elena trying to comfort Jason on the not using the Veto. Jason says that the reason for putting up .. is because of the rest of the house. Paul walks out and they stop talking. Jason messing with Mark’s head about using the Veto but then says he is just f*cking with his head. Jason is going crazy and says he is not sure why because there is no Mtn Dew in the house. HOH Ramses and Alex talking about who went out on what days. Alex cannot remember what happened on the first Live Eviction. Josh is going downstairs to get Kevin and Paul to discuss this. When did the Den of Temptation start? Alex and Ramses cannot remember. Alex watching Josh on tv and wondering where he is going. Alex thought that today was going to be the use of the Veto meeting. Josh came back up. What s the HOH comp going to be the date comp or what? Alex saying that she is a visual person and needs to write it down to get it. Megan left one week from first day in house. Kevin comes into HOH and they ask him what day things happened on. They all want to discuss the timeline. Kevin is saying he cannot talk about it tonight as he is too tired tonight so they say they will talk tomorrow. Josh complains about the heat in the HOH, Kevin tells them it is because of heat rises to the top and this room is upstairs.
2:00 AM BBT Alex wants to sit and talk but wants to go to bed. Ramses and Josh are talking about the mystery votes. And who they think they are, Ramses thinks it was Dom or Christmas or maybe Mark. They look on the TV and see Kevin and Paul talking in the Kitchen. Paul counted all the blankets on Josh’s bed and says he has like 18 blankets. Paul and Kevin go into the rose room and talks to everyone in there looking for blankets Kevin says to Jessica that he was gonna jump in bed with her. Outside Jason is telling Mark and Elena that he is tired of messing around with the Veto. He says now he still doesn’t want to use it. Mark is having questions and doubts about why Alex wants Jason to use the Veto so bad and feels like he’s going to go home. Jason shook Mark’s hand and promised him he is not using it, He is tired of dealing with it. Paul comes outside. Paul says he is going to bed and Jason called him Paulie from BB18. And says don’t call him that. Ramses accidentally grabbed a piece of chip then remembered he was a HN. Then puts it down he didn’t eat it. Josh says that he really needs to win HOH. He says there are people who are talking shit about him in the house and Alex asks him if it was Dom and said to don’t listen to that.
2:15 AM BBT Outside Paul comes out looking for Christmas’ leg thing and Mark said that Jason wasn’t going to use the Veto that was that. Jason was concerned about hurting some people’s feelings but he didn’t want to mess up the relationship he has with Mark. Elena makes a farting sound on Mark’s arm and Paul thought he really farted. Paul and Jason goes back inside. Paul tells Christmas that he couldn’t find it. Elena keeps smelling Marks armpit and says she is getting to fat and wants to stop eating. Mark and Elena move from the pool table to the hammock and talk about the whole Dom thing got really weird. Mark says that she went to everyone and blew up several people’s game. And with the Dom and Paul thing they think she is going crazy and they are fearing that the house is starting to flip on them. Mark says he has a feeling that she will be fine. Paul comes outside and says that Jason told him that Elena blew on Mark’s arm to make the farting noise and Elena says that Jason can’t keep his mouth shut. Mark says that is why he can’t trust him. Alex is in the HN room talking to Jason and moving around the pillows to stir up paranoia and Paul comes in when Jason was going over the names of votes to make sure Dom goes home. Paul and Alex leaves the room goes into the Green room and talks to Kevin and Christmas they are wondering where Ramses and Josh are and Alex says that they were upstairs talking about alliances. BB says all bedroom lights be on Alex goes back into HN room and messes up the other beds. Paul told Alex to go and tell Ramses that Jason is messing with his bed to see what he’d say. Josh says no one better mess with his bed. Josh and Ramses was talking about the Veto comp. Ramses says he threw it and didn’t think his time was really that close. Alex says she wants to go to bed. Ramses heads to bed Josh stays to talk to Alex wondering if Jason was going to use the Veto or not.
2:30 AM BBT Josh says that he thinks everyone in the house thinks that Jason is going to use it and that there was going to be another nom. They are talking about needing Dom to go. Josh thinks that there are side alliances he says the only one that he truly trusts are Ramses and Alex. He thought that everyone was sketchy when he walked out of the room where him and Dom were talking. Josh says he really needs to win HOH Josh says he’d put up Matt and Raven and maybe not Matt so much right away. Alex says to back door someone. Josh says they need to start comparing notes he asked her what she thinks about Elena and she says she likes her. They are talking about who they’d want up next. Josh says he would but up Ramses as a pawn but wants Jessica to go. Ramses comes in and tells Josh that all his pillows are gone and they all go downstairs to look. Someone put Vaseline on the doorknob. Just to mess with Josh. They say its semin on the door. Alex goes back upstairs. Josh, Ramses in HN room refixing the beds. Outside Mark and Elena still talking about relationships. And kissing. Someone put M&M’s in Josh’s bed he goes to Kevin and says he thinks that Kevin did it. Kevin says he didn’t do it.
2:45 AM BBT They are talking about the vaseline on the door. Kevin says that he didn’t do it They say that Josh is going crazy and going to get mad and think that Christmas did it. They are changing the subject and going over history. Josh comes back into the room and says the games are on for revenge of the pranks. Paul tells Ramses to put more vaseline on the door. Christmas told Ramses to talk shit about Paul and says to go shave off his beard and get a real face. Paul says touch my beard and you’ll be in a position you’ve never been before. Josh comes back and grabs the door again. Josh says prank games are coming for them all. They are talking about the pool game from earlier. How Paul beat Josh. They are making jokes.
3:00 AM BBT Outside Mark and Elena still talking about past relationships. Elena has asked him if she doesn’t sleep with her would he still want to be with her he says yes he would because he likes her. BB keeps telling the Green room that the lights must remain on. Paul says what is the point of the infrared light. Josh and Kevin still at it. Kevin says he doesn’t have any vaseline he could put chapstick on the door but that would take 2 hours. Josh leaves the room and Christmas says she needs to go to bathroom Ramses keeps farting. They keep messing with Josh. Josh thinks that Paul did it but Paul says don’t even look at me and Josh says what is up with all the paranoia Josh declared war on both Paul and Kevin and Paul says he’d poop on his bed. Josh went into the the HN room and Paul put more on the doorknob and Josh caught him in the act and Kevin says Josh needs to apologize to him. They are all laughing. Outside they are talking about how he can’t trust Alex because she wants Jason to use the Veto and put him up. Elena says that maybe Alex wants to use it because she definitely wants Dom to go home for sure. And think it would be less of a comp with Jess down of the block. Christmas goes to the bathroom and the Green room says to Ramses to apologies to her that they were noisy and says that they’ll go to bed. Elena says that she has to pee and asks Mark are you coming and Mark says multiple times.They are continuing to kiss.
3:15 AM BBT Elena and Mark get up and goes inside. Josh goes into the Kitchen and then into the bathroom Dom is in the WR talking about God. And says she’s ready to go home and sees her family. Josh mouthwashes and Elena is brushing her teeth. Mark sits down next to Dom. Dom is re-siting from the Bible. Josh says that Dom is practicing her speech. Paul wants Josh to go listen to it. Ramses goes. Paul wishes that she finds peace in whatever she may need to get through this. Ramses is brushing his teeth. Elena is washing her face getting ready for bed. In the Green room they are still talking about the prank on Josh. 3:26 AM BBT Feeds cut out. 3:29 AM BBT Feeds back In the WR talking about pranks on Josh. Ramses says goodnight Dom says goodnight. Mark asks Josh if the lights are on or off. Elena asks Mark when will he stop farting he says Thursday when he wins HOH. Ramses and Josh goes into the HN room.
3:30 AM BBT Paul gets up and puts more vaseline on the door for Mark. Ramses comes back out and goes into the WR where Elena and Mark still are. All cams goes to Mark and Elena. Kevin was talking about things sold in the Staple stores and yellow clown wigs. Elena asked Mark if he wanted a blow job and he says no and Elena says that their whole relationship was over. And she was making a joke about it. They are talking about who was funnier. Elena wondering what it would be like to look into her own eyes. They are bantering back and forth about what you can look into. Elena says the Dom thing is weirding her out. She says she stays in the room while Dom was in the room and didn’t want her to give her the chance to talk to Mark. Mark farted and Elena left the room. And says it smells so bad in there, and wanted Mark to spray in there. He says he’ll spray the whole house. She walked outside to get something . All cams still on WR. She comes back into the WR and goes to the bathroom and wanted to ask Mark something and he left to blow his nose. Mark wanted to know where the paper towels were.
3:45 AM BBT Elena comes out and says she wanted to ask him about how he would put on the toilet paper roll on the holder. She says it has to go over not under. Elena pushes Mark away when he wanted to kiss her and says how cute they were when they matched. Mark and Elena touching each other and kiss. Everyone else is sleeping. Elena asks why is it that they are always the one’s who stay up past 4am. They keep on kissing. They tell each other their ‘types’ as they go to the kitchen. They walk, hand in hand, to the bedroom.
4:00 AM BBT Mark and Elena are talking, loudly, in the bedroom. Apparently something wet is on the door handles. Josh has apparently taken Mark’s blue pillows and Mark is quite irritated. Paul apparently the culprit of the wet door handles with Vaseline. Kevin comes back from going to the bathroom. Mark and Elena get in bed to cuddle. In the other bedroom, Paul and Kevin are settling down. They keep laughing over what people have said after trying to open the door with the vaseline handles. “Josh, why did you moisturize the doorknob?” is what Mark said. Kevin is complaining about not having eaten anything but granola and yogurt all day. They talk about Elena choosing to sleep with Mark in the HN room.
4:15 AM BBT All house guests are settled in to sleep. Elena says that she is going to go sleep in the other room, but then they kiss and she doesn’t get up. Elena: “This spike bed isn’t too bad. I’m not sleeping here, though.” but she still doesn’t get up to leave. Finally, she does, and goes to the other room.
4:30 AM BBT All houseguests are quiet and seem to be sleeping or getting to sleep.
4:45 AM BBT – 8:30 AM BBT All houseguests are asleep
8:45 AM BBT All HGs still asleep. (8:47 – Elena gets up and heads to other BR. She picks up a blanket off the floor and then puts in on the bed in her room. She then heads to WR. She goes into storage room to change her batteries but says f’ing Paul. She comes out and Paul asks her how pissed she is. It was some prank that Paul did. She said she left it for the next person.
9:00 AM BBT All HGs back asleep.
9:15 AM BBT Feeds down. FISH

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 17th
9:26 AM BBT Feeds back. HGs are moving around the house. Jason is up in HOH but Alex is still laying in the bed. Matt is in the kitchen. They think that Kevin is the flipper vote. Ramses told Alex that Christmas swore she wasn’t the flip vote. Jason said Christmas is a catfish. Alex says she needs to go. Alex says that she is starting to be more impressed by Matt and Raven. Alex says she is suspicious of Kevin and Christmas talking. Jason says he thinks Paul is the one going around saying things about using the veto. Alex said Josh is driving her nuts. He said that Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena are in an alliance. She tells Jason duh. Alex says Kevin is a snake. They talk about letting Paul win the HOH this next week since it is the last week of his safety and he won’t be able to play in the one the next week. Jason said Paul is not his parent. He says he’s not telling him what he is doing. BB calls Paul to DR. Jason says he is not going to use the POV. He said Paul was the only one really wanting him to use it. He tells all the other HGs that he shouldn’t use it but then tells Jason that he should. That way Paul looks like the hero. Alex says she really wants Christmas out. Jason tells Alex not to believe Paul 100%.
9:45 AM BBT Alex said that maybe Mark was the vote for Cody to stay. BB says that the bedroom lights must be left on during the day. Jason and Alex keep talking about the votes last week. Paul tells that he put vaseline on the doorknobs to HN room. He says that last year he used to put the vaseline all over the place and then forget about it and get himself. Jason joins Matt in kitchen. Matt asks him if he is ready for his speech. He says he thinks so. They talk about how they are sore from doing exercises. BB calls HGs to storage room to get fresh batteries. BB makes a mistake when calling the HG’s names and calls Cameron to the storage room so Matt and Jason begin yelling for Cameron. Matt calls to Raven to come out of WR when she is done so they can ask Jason some questions and see how Country he really is. Matt asks Jason if he is in any duck clubs. Jason says yes…Ducks Unlimited. He proceeds to explain what it is. Matt asks Jason if he thinks Raven is a hillbilly. Jason says probably.
10:00 AM BBT Matt, Raven, and Jason in the kitchen. Mat is stirring a pot of something on the stove, and Jason continues telling stories of living a life of a cowboy. Alex is lying awake in the HOH bed. Jason tells them how the tv show, Duck Dynasty came about…he entered a duck call carving contest, won, and the rest is history. Jason says how it’s actually hard to kill a duck (just like a turkey) because of their keen eyesight. Raven tells the story of her incident of hitting a raccoon with her Mustang car (unable to swerve)…the raccoon cracked out her A/C unit (of all things).
10:15 AM BBT Raven tells more about living in the area with lots of water all around….flooding and alligators. Big Brother calls HGs into the DR one by one or reminds them that there are fresh batteries in the SR. Jason goes to WR, Raven learns Matt is cooking slop for Mark and Josh. Raven tells him that is sweet. Christmas comes out of SR heading to the WR. They all greet her with a “Good Morning.” Raven and Jason compare more about being “County” (from Arkansas or Texas). Words used such as caddywompas, backassward, and nickers are words that they’ve grown up with. Camera goes to Rose BR where Christmas is settling back into bed.
10:30 AM BBT Paul recently got up and in the kitchen briefly before going back into the Green BR for a jar of Vaseline and proceeds to put it on the DR and maybe SR doorknobs. Dom is up walking to WR. Kevins gets up and makes up his bed. Kevin sticks his head into the HN Rm and tells them it’s time to get up and heads to the kitchen. Feeds go down for a minutes. Matt, Raven,and Jason still talking in the kitchen; Kevin getting dressed in the Green Rm. Dom called into the DR. Dom is told 2 times to put on her microphone. Jason comes into WR laughing out loud! He tells Paul how he saw Dom opened the DR game and threw her hands up in disgust. They laugh at her falling victim to Paul’s joke (driving everyone crazy in his words).
10:45 AM BBT Kevin was outside. BB says to put down the awnings. Paul heads outside for both of them to do it. He says Matt should also go outside for a morning workout. Matt laughs how Jason prior had said that Southern girls are so desensitized (by all the slaps on their bottoms as they walk by) and that is why they become flamboyant with their bodies. Matt asks Raven if that is why she is so flamboyant. Raven orders him outside and eventually he goes. Feeds go to fish as Kevin comes in from the outside and starts singing. Kevin threatens to bang pots and pans to wake everyone up; Raven likes it! Kevin heads back outside. Pauls finally figures out and puts up the double lounge umbrella. After a couple walks around the BY, Kevin heads in saying he’s going to shave. Matt continues to workout. Paul also heads inside saying he has to use the little boy’s room. Jason is brushing teeth as Kevin lathers up his face. Jason advises on what disposal razor to use; Jason would never used one more than twice. Jason makes comments that everyone was stressed at first and now everyone is becoming more comfortable and that’s when paranoia sets in. They whisper more as the water is running (not too audible). They end their conversation in the Apple Rm. Jason is sorry he read into it. Kevin sees it as it doesn’t matter. Jason says, “then you came outside and asked him if I would ever hump her.” [I have no idea who they are talking about.] They laugh and go to the kitchen making the announcement that “Paul is working out!”

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 17th

11:00 AM BBT Alex gets dressed and head downstairs. Dom is preparing for a shower. Paul goes to HN Rm to give Jason some lotion to use on his face. They make funny comments about the others still asleep/laying in the HN Rm…Josh and Mark. They again laugh how Dom got her hands into the Vaseline he put on the DR doorknob. Jason is outside advising Kevin on lifting some weights; Kevin continues walking, and Jason working out. BB tell everyone again to get up. Kevin hates that they have to keep making that announcement. Kevin says he will take pots and pans in there to do the job for BB.
11:15 AM BBT Kevin tells Jason he is with them 100% and to let them worry a little bit. Jason says he told Alex that he is not using the veto. Kevin says whatever way they will carry on with that. They will stick together. Kevin says Christmas is so nervous. Kevin refers to Jessica as the little fruitcase…in honestly, he forgot her name and came up with fruitcake until he remembered her name.
11:17 AM BBT – 12:15 PM BBT Fish then to the dog pound  Big Brother Live Feeds are down for POV Ceremony.
12:15 PM BBT Feeds resume with Matt giving Jessica a big hug. All of the HG are in the kitchen. Jason gives Christmas a big hug and tells her good job. Jason is happy about the plan, as he lunges in to tell Elena. Jason heads outside overly excited & tells Kevin he’ll be back. Kevin tells Mark he’s not doing the show with Dominique. Mark tells Kevin he doesn’t understand Dominique’s speech about Elena. Alex joins the BY to see if Mark is cool with the POV ceremony, Mark tells her yes. Jesica comes into the BY & Kevin calls her sexy momma. Jessica tells Kevin he scared her. Jason tells Mark and Jessica how he wanted to make good Tv and say ALEX, I have chosen to NOT use the POV” but didn’t want her to shit her pants and scare her. So he choose to just NOT use the POV on Jessica or Dominique and leave them the same. Now Kevin singing in the BY “goodbye Dominique it’s time to go.” Paul has set up his target Dominique to fall on the sword & now Paul is telling everyone Dominique is not his fight as the HG discuss their dislike for Dominique & voting her out. Mark & Jason are having an intense conversation on who to evict. Jason wants to get Christmas out but feels bad about breaking her foot. Elena steps in the BY & tells Mark & Jason that Dominique came for her & she doesn’t want to argue because she was wrongly implicated by Dominique. Jason tells Elena that Dominique & the bible thing bothers him. Elena believes that Dominique is a modern day prophet. Jason tells that Kevin keeps backpedaling on voting & lying when it comes to votes.
12:30 PM BTT Ramses, Josh, Paul, & Raven are in the kitchen playing with each other & changing clothes to go in the BY. Mark, Elena, and Kevin have strategically figured out that Kevin is the one throwing votes out & removing himself from conversation when they tally up the votes after voting is over.
12:45 PM BBT Paul, Raven, & Matt are in the apple room having conversation about Dominique. Paul wants to argue with Dominique about how she is reacting to the backlash. Raven doesn’t understand Dominiques behavior.
1:00 PM BBT Paul is telling Matt that Alex is HOH & this is the way Alex wants her HOH to go. Paul keeps telling Matt he would had went to bat for Dominique but Dominique didn’t go for him so it’s not his fight Paul’s feel. Kevin & Jason in the BY are discussing the team & Christmas. Jason feels like Christmas is the one changing the votes. Jason told Kevin he is making him nervous when he doesn’t socialize & not answer questions on the spot when asked because Kevin look guilty all the time. Kevin is having a panic attack with Jason. Jason keep telling Kevin to go talk to Alex because Alex is feeling like Kevin is being “sketchy,” Paul’s rhetoric. Kevin is getting irritated with the talk going on around him but not directly to him. Jason is telling Kevin the key is to be nervous & not comfortable. Paul & Matt go into the storage room to talk who’s good to go. Paul’s tells Matt that he wants to win HOH & get Ramses out. Paul is setting up targets with Matt & what moves to make. Matt tells Paul that Jason is growing on him. Matt wants to bring Jason in on their alliance. Paul gives Matt the ok to pull Jason in.
1:15 PM BBT In the apple room is Jessica, Raven, & Elena talking alliance. Elena rather play the game with Jessica & have good relationship with some of the cast. Jessica wants to be cool with all the girls & not fight because the Big Brother experience really means alot to her to be friends after the show & if they make jury. Jessica wants to go to jury & feels like a mistake what happen with Cody. Jessica is pleading herself to Elena & Raven for their vote to keep her. Josh & Christmas is in the BR. Paul is strolling the house to see if all conversations line’s up with his. Paul is going in on the kill with Alex & her HOH. Ramses & Josh wants to prank war the HG. Alex asked Matt would he ever be a stay at home dad. Matt responded yes. Jason is hyped up to go into the BY and swim. The guys are giving a three way massage. Ramses is massaging Mark, Matt is massaging Ramses, Matt is getting massaged by Paul & they start yelling BB19. The apple room cleared out except for Paul, Elena, & Mark stayed. Paul is making sure Dominique made the wrong game move & keeping the target on Dominique. Dominique & Jessica heads to the storage rm.
1:30 PM BBT Dominique tells Jessica to play the game as hard as she can. Dominique tells Jessica that she can lie on Dominique so Jessica can move further in the game. Dominique tells Jessica to watch herself with Raven. Christmas is setting up a play with Josh about the talks with Cody & Dominique. Christmas is talking with Josh & unsure about red flag behaviors. Christmas wanted Dominique to do her talk show because Christmas wanted more clarity on who to vote out. Jessica tells Christmas that she can’t be mean to Dominique because she knows whats she’s going through. Christmas tells Jessica that she wants Dominique to express herself because their is something else out there that she wants to hear from Dominique & it makes Christmas sad that she wont engage with her & talk. Jessica told Christmas that she knows she threw away her game for Cody but that was her alliance. Elena,Mark & Paul are still in the green room talking about Kevin & Josh insults.
1:45 PM BBT Paul is trying to stay under the radar by keeping other targets as an option & not him when it’s time to put up two HG. Jessica & Christmas is unlocking what to do to stay in the game as they both experienced being OTB. Christmas heads into the restroom & changes into a swimsuit. Jessica is upset she lost some eyelashes while doing her makeup. Paul see’s everyone heading outside. Paul tells Christmas that he hates the sun. Production calls Jessica to the DR. Mark & Elena is still in the apple room talking, kissing, laughing, whispering, and hugging. HG Jason and Ramses is in the pool. Christmas and Kevin is sitting ringside of the pool. Raven & Matt is standing in the shade in the BY. Mark & Elena are still being flirty with each other in the apple room. Paul strolls outside to be social with the HG.
2:00 PM BBT Christmas and Kevin laying out by the pool watching while some are in the pool. Raven joins Christmas and Kevin. Mark and Elena whispering in apple room with Mark laying halfway on top of her. Mark and Elena kissing. Elena tells him to get up. Mark shows off how pale his legs are. Ramses swimming with Jason. Elena laughing with Mark. Mark won’t let her get up. Ramses trying to jump out of pool onto side and can’t. Elena leaves Mark in the apple room. She goes to the bathroom where Jessica is putting on makeup. Christmas jokes about Ramses getting hurt like her. They all cheer when he finally jumps out. Elena tells Jess she wants to go outside to tan. Jason comes in and Jess asks what is going on out there, he says partying like rockstars. Dominique in kitchen cutting up some food. Elena says her stomach hurts. Mark comes out of apple room and says he has to go get his laundry, Elena offers to come help. Elena says today is the 16th, but is wrong (it is the 17th). Elena goes into the have not room and says it smells. She asks how many chapsticks one person needs. Mark thinks they are Ramses. Dom grabs her water cup and heads into green bedroom and gets in bed. Elena talking about her closets. Outside other houseguests still laying by the pool or swimming. Raven saying things in a southern accent and asking Ramses to repeat. Dom looking at Mark and shaking her head, wearing her sunglasses in bed. Mark and Elena now in Rose BR. Elena asks Mark if he feels uncomfortable around Dom, he says yes and she says she doesn’t because she doesn’t care. They walk by Dom in Green BR without looking at her and she just shakes her head. Production calls Dom to DR. Elena goes back into bathroom with Jess and says Mark won’t go anywhere without her and she does not like her. She thinks he is scared to be caught alone and have to talk to Dom. Elena calls him into the bathroom and asks Mark if he will still talk to Dom. He says briefly. Mark says he needs Elena to be there when it happens. Elena is surprised he wants her there. Houseguests outside singing I’m Petty song and clapping. Jess asks Elena if it bothers her that Mark is gonna have a conversation with Mark and she says not yet. Elena says she feels better that he wants her to be there.
2:15 PM BBT Production tells Elena to put on her microphone. She says no and laughs, she is brushing her teeth and about to use the bathroom. Elena talking to Jess from closed bathroom door. Christmas talking with Raven, Kevin and Ramses about music videos and dressing up Ramses. Christmas tells Kevin he needs to flip over. Elena talking about how she dresses down and does not wear makeup here and she always did outside of the house. They talk about how they judged Nicole for always wearing her hair in a bun and now they understand. Outside house guests asking for Big Brother to give them jets in the pool. Ramses tells Raven her butt looks nice. Mark working out and Jason comes over to him to work out with him. Jason says it is hot out today. Mark notices when Elena finally comes outside. They see a plane fly overhead. Raven asking Christmas about her injury and she says it is a lot better, getting better everyday.
2:30 PM BBT Mark calls out Josh for doing Kevin impersonation last night. Mark talking about Josh not being able to lift, Mark and Josh slightly argue and Josh says he does not want Mark and his cheerleaders to team up on him. Mark says he was complimenting him and he misunderstood and to shut the f up. Josh laughing now and says Mark binge eats every night. Mark says to define that and he doesn’t. Christmas making iced coffee in the kitchen for her and Raven. Raven takes Christmas in Rose BR and showing her some outfits. Mark standing over Elena and talking to her. Mark goes back over to lift. Christmas complementing Raven’s outfits. Matt and Ramses in hot tub say it gets too hot and get back in pool. Jessica joins group outside and sits by the pool. Christmas asking Raven if live feeders just watch BBAD, she says no that’s why they wake them up in the morning. Pool group talking about how Matt looks like Justin Bobby from The Hills. Now they are talking about drama on the show. Raven telling Christmas about when she fell down the stairs.
2:45 PM BBT Production reminds houseguests of times to be awake. Jess says she has been asked to do pilots of a few TV shows. Raven gets in shower. She has to wear a sock over her hurt foot in the shower. Josh and Mark in each other’s face yelling. Mark says he wants to do a bet. Mark says if Josh loses he has to drink a full think of pickle juice, all the pickles and half a cup of hot sauce. Say he has to do it in one gulp and can’t hold his nose. They are gonna play pool for it. They finalize the deal is one game of pool, have to call every ball, break on the scratch it is the other person’s turn. Half a cup of pickle juice and half a cup of hot sauce for the loser. Mark getting ready for the game, Josh went inside. Kevin comes over to watch. Mark is laughing and high fives Jason. Matt goes over there and Mark tells him not to bring the negative energy over there. Josh says he would be bored if Mark wasn’t here. Josh says that all of his coaches and cheerleaders can leave so it is just those two playing each other. Mark says he is waiting for everyone to come out to start.
3:00 PM BBT Mark and Josh argue about the rules before Josh breaks. Dom, Christmas and Raven in bathroom together. Ramses leaves outside and comes in bathroom with them. Production calls Christmas to DR. Josh playing good and yells at Mark and says “Do you like the taste of hot sauce Meatball???”. Raven doing her makeup in the bathroom. Jess and Paul talking about some movie.
3:15 PM BBT Christmas wrapping her leg in a garbage bag to prepare to shower. Josh and Mark game very close. Josh is mad about Mark double hitting and Raven says they should do a rematch. Christmas talking about hair styles. Mark getting sunscreened by Jason and rubbed in by Elena. Mark is mad because washer and dryer still have 37 minutes.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 17th
3:30 PM BBT Josh says he beat Mark at pool but everyone says Josh double hit the ball when he hit in the 8 ball. Mark threw pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face. Elena asks Mark why he makes bad decisions. Josh yelling that eye is burning, Paul says go get saline, he storms out yelling and Paul says don’t do it. Josh goes into storage room. Mark grabs hot sauce and takes it into kitchen. Josh says he is defending himself. Josh says that is a power move when Mark asked if he beat him fair and square, Josh takes ketchup and mayo and throws it all over Mark. Mark gets up and Josh says Mark threw hot sauce in his eye. Feeds cut for a minute then show Mark showering outside. Josh says it is a joke. Feeds cut again for a couple minutes then come back and Josh is showering outside. Mark is walking around outside laughing to himself. Elena is washing off Mark’s back. Paul inside talking with Jason, Kevin, Ramses, Alex and Matt about what happened. Elena tells Mark he needs to think things through.
3:45 PM BBT Josh said Mark lost someone that had respect and love for him for what he did. He says he will torture Mark every day until he goes home. Elena keeps telling Mark he made bad decisions. Christmas tells Josh it is in his best interest right now to drop it and let it go. Says what Mark did was not cool and was an assault. Mark heads into bathroom where Josh is. Mark says he is sorry and Josh tells him not to laugh in his face and that he messed up. Josh says it is not a joke. Paul asks if they can shake hands and Josh says no. Christmas says everyone needs a few minutes. Christmas tells Josh not to let it escalate. Houseguests in kitchen laughing, Josh still venting to Christmas and Kevin in the bathroom. Josh goes back outside into BY and gets in hot tub by himself. Production tells Josh to exchange his microphone. Matt and Kevin talking together in apple room. Matt says to Kevin everyone is starting lose it. He says people fight but he thinks that was close to being physical.
4:00 PM BBT In the Apple Room, Kevin and Matt are talking about being in fights. Camera switches to Josh out in the By. He is in the hot tub by himself, with his eyes closed. Back to the kitchen, Raven, Jessica, Ramses, Mark, Elena and Jason are there. Paul says that they just need to calm down. Something about testosterone building up. Mark is being told by Production to go change his microphone. Paul says that he is in the house to mend friendships, not break them. Alex now joins the other hg’s in the kitchen. Mark is telling Alex about what happened in BY with Josh. Mark said Josh doubled tappe 8 ball and Josh said he won. Mark said it was a scratch. Mark threw hot sauce in Josh’s face. He said that Josh threw mayo and ketchup on him. Mark said he sat there and let him. He states that after he showered off that he tried to apologize to Josh, but Josh told him to stay away from him. Mark says it is what it is. It is his fault. Mark goes outside in the BY to switch clothes around in the washer and dryer. Jason is called to the Diary room. Josh is still in the hot tub. Dom comes out to the BY and is talking to Josh and asking him what happened. Josh tells her his side. Dom asks if Josh tried talking to Mark. Josh says he was disrespected. Says that if Mark had not thrown the hot sauce in his face, he would not have thrown the mayo and ketchup on him. Josh calls Mark over and Mark says that he will come talk to him but not yell. Mark says that he is sorry for throwing the hot sauce in his face. That it was wrong. Josh keeps interrupting and Dom tells Josh that he needs to let Mark talk.
4:15 PM BBT Josh wants to know how Mark can say that he is not a man of his word. Mark uses instances of bets between Paul and Josh. Josh then says to him that if he is not a man of his word, then how is Mark a man of his word, since he was going after Paul since week one. Mark got upset about the accusation and went inside. Paul and Kevin come out to see why they are arguing. Josh upset about being told that he is not a man of his word. Paul tells him that it is not worth Josh’s game to keep going on about it. Josh still mad. Says he can be called names but don’t tell him that he is not a man of his word. Christmas comes out and Elena is also walking about the BY. Josh says that he knows him and Paul call each other names, but that they are joking. Josh tells Paul that he has been loyal to him. Alex comes out. Josh says that if Mark wants to make things personal, then he will make it game. Someone says something in the doorway and Josh yells that if they want to join the conversation to come out or shut the door. Paul tells Josh to calm down, gather his thoughts. Dom is nodding and Paul and her get in a mini argument. Dom says she wasn’t talking to Paul, but nodding in agreement in his assessment. Jason comes out. Paul tells him to gather his thoughts. Mark is back out. Josh tells him that he does not want to talk to him. That Mark needs to not talk to him and if Mark wins HOH next week and sends him home then fine so be it. Mark said that he heard his name and gameplay and wants to know what he was referring to. Josh tells him going forward to not talk to him. They keep going round and round. Josh thinks that Mark is laughing at him. Mark says that he is not laughing, he is listening. Josh tells him that he(Mark) was the one that got upset during the interview when Cody said that he talked to others about his decisions. Josh said no one else got upset. Elena asks for clarification for the Jillian/Christmas vote. He says that he did not promise anyone but Christmas his vote.
4:30 PM BBT Jessica in the BY and says that Josh did promise to vote for Jillian to stay. Jess wants Josh to explain why Josh has come to her several times over the last few days apologizing for not voting for Jillian. Josh says no. Everyone, he says, knew he was voting for Christmas to stay. Josh tells Jess to find some other way than him to reinsert herself into the game. Josh tells Jess that he still loves her and Mark, but no respect. He contradicts himself with Jess about what he said about Jillian. Josh says that Christmas knew that he said what he said. Jess tells Josh to shut up. Josh calls Jess “Boo Boo” and Jess tells him not to call her that. Josh says she uses that name and she says as a term of endearment and that she does not want him using her term for her. Josh tells her that she abandoned her people for Cody and now that Cody is gone, Jess is trying to get back into people’s good graces. Mark asks Josh why he took it this far when he only asked Josh about his bet with Paul. Josh says that he is done with Mark. Tells him that his character is s**t and so is his word. Josh tells Mark that he(Mark) has been paranoid since he heard that he may go on the block. Josh says that Mark is a fool. That he played himself and lost a friend. Josh says that if he goes home next week then he goes home with his word intact. Mark asks Josh if he has ever broken his word in the house. Josh says give him facts. Mark says he does not have an instance but wants to know if he has broken his word. Josh keeps saying prove I have.
4:45 PM BBT In the kitchen, Paul, Raven, Elena, and Matt are talking, Matt tells Elena to just stay out of it and leave them alone, referring to Josh and Mark. Paul talks about the argument with Dom and feels like it inspired Josh somehow. In the BY, but the washer and dryer, Mark thanks Elena for defending him. Mark tells Elena that he is glad that Alex saw that. He then tells Alex that he is glad she saw that. Alex tells Mark that she believes him. Mark heads back in, as well Alex and Ramses. Elena jokingly says,”So, from now on, we all need to agree not to throw hot sauce on Josh.” Dom is by the hot tub with Christmas, Paul, and Josh. Dom is telling her about conversations she had with Cody. Christmas says that she was told that her name was thrown around while she was out for surgery. Christmas shut Dom down by telling her that she made her decision and it is not in Dom’s favor. Josh goes to say something to Elena as she is sitting down, Elena tells him that they are good. She tells Josh that Mark is saddened by what happened. She says that in Mark’s mind, he thought that it would be Mark throwing something on Josh and vice versa and that they would joke about it and laugh it off. She tells Josh that it was not meant to be disrespectful. She agrees that Mark was in the wrong. But it is also perception and what you are comfortable with. In the Apple Room, Jason is telling Mark that Josh made a mistake by saying that he does not care if he goes home next week. Jason says that it worked out for the best what Josh said.
5:00 PM BBT Kevin comes in the Apple Room and tells Jason that is 5:00. Jason starts talking to his wife via the camera. He tells her about people having dreams about her and they have not even met her. In the kitchen, Christmas wants to know where Dom gets off asking her about her something. She says that when she came back into the house she was upset to find Dom on the block and she went to her as a friend. But that it is how Christmas is one of the people starting stuff. In the SR Paul and Mark talk about the arguments. Paul tells him to let Josh to calm down and then apologize. Mark said he expected a food fight, but not this. Feeds go down for a minute. Mark is called to the Diary Room. In the kitchen, Raven tells Paul that the chicken is good. Paul is saying that when Production tells people to stop that, they should. In the WR, Chistmas talks to Josh. Christmas says that people are upset that Mark did hit Josh in the eye with the hot sauce. In the Apple Room, Alex joins Kevin and Jason. Jason tells Alex that everyone told Mark that he was in the wrong for throwing the mixture in his face. But that Josh then went ballistic. Josh then comes into the Apple Room. Jason tells Josh that had he left it at Mark just throwing hot sauce in his face than Josh would be the winner. Jason says that Josh did lie and that is why they did not come to his defense, because if he had asked them, they would have to throw him under the bus. Josh said he never told Jillian that he would vote for her to stay. Alex, Jason, and Kevin tell Josh from now on for Josh to just keep his mouth shut. Jason is telling Josh that he is isolating himself by his actions and words right now.
5:15 PM BBT Jason is telling Josh that he needs to quit talking about what happened and to forget it and let it go. Jason tells Josh to go back to being Josh and to forget about today. He tells Josh to just chill. They leave Josh alone in the Apple Room. In the SR, Kevin is talking to Elena. Tells her to tell Mark not to get caught up in it. But that Dom is gone this week and Josh next week. Kevin says that he has not had an easy day yet and laughs. He tells Elena, as they are walking into the kitchen, that believe him, that Josh is going home next week. In the kitchen, Paul and Christmas are cooking. Elena and Alex are at the counter talking. They are talking in low tones and Jess comes up. Dom’s name is mentioned and someone asks if Paul knows. Back in the Apple Room, Jason walks in and tells Josh to calm down. That he does not want Josh to leave nor does he want him to blow up his game. Josh is still upset about the argument with Mark and Jason says he needs to calm down and quit letting people push his buttons. Jason says he needs to let it go. Tells him that he needs to not run his “yap”. He tells Josh he was his age once and he knows how hard it is. Ramses comes in the Apple Room as Jason leaves and tells Josh that he is sorry that happened to him Josh tells him thanks and ok. Ramses leaves Josh alone in the Apple Room.In the Green Room, Dom is reading her bible. She is by herself.
5:30 PM BBT In the WR, Jason and Elena are there talking. Paul comes in and tells Elena to go fix herself some food. Jason says Paul hates him because he is torturing him with food he cannot have. Paul promises to fix him food when he is no longer a Have Not. Paul says that he will be glad when Dom is gone. Paul also tells Elena that Josh is not mad at her. That he nothing but good things to say about her. Josh comes in and asks where Mark is. They inform him that he is in the Diary Room. They yell to Christmas that the spinach is good. Paul leaves to go get more food. Josh tells Elena that he feels bad. He feels like he lost a friend. Elena says that she thinks it can be repaired. Raven comes in and asks Elena if she ate. Josh tells Raven that she looks really nice. Raven says thank you. Christmas comes in and says she needs a place to set up and curl her hair. Josh is called to the Diary Room. In the BY, Mark is talking to Jess. He says that he is just going to avoid Josh for the next 11 days. Mark walks over to Jason who is in the hot tub. Jason is telling him his opinion of the argument. Jason tells Mark that he told Josh that he does not want to be around him for the time being because he is bad muju. He says Josh was upset. Kevin comes out. Alex now joins them. They discuss the argument a bit more. Alex says that Josh is the only one that gets heated and Kevin says that Jason is a nut. Kevin is pointing out a plane that has a thing in the back and feeds cut out. When feeds return a minute later, Matt and Raven are in the Rose Room. Paul comes in and Raven tells Paul that he was right. That Jess came running back to Raven and Elena. Telling them that she was sorry. That she wants to be friends outside the house and not be like Dom and making it personal.
5:45 PM BBT Matt says that it does not matter if Jess is in jury house or not. Paul says that they might want to keep Josh a bit longer as he causes drama. Paul says that he is concerned about the three of them. That he is concerned about their position in the house. Matt asks what they are going to do about Christmas. Paul says that Mark is not fond of Christmas, so it might be best to let him take her out during his HOH. Feeds go in and out and when they come back up, Paul says some HOH comps are crap shoots. Paul says that he prays that Raven gets the temptation. Raven says she does not know if she wants it. Paul and Matt say that she does not have to take it, but if she does, or doesn’t they would like to know. Matt asks Paul if he is comfortable taking Jason out. He thought Matt said Ramses. Paul says that it would be fun to see Josh get an HOH. They know that they would be safe, but it would be fun to see who he targets. Matt says he is trying to lay low and not “play” the game too much just yet, but knows that he will have to “play” soon. Paul says that there will be rogue votes again, but that Dom has dug a hole for herself that it won’t matter. In the BY, Kevin is telling people to let Josh go. That he is a loose cannon. Jess, Ramses,and Jason laugh at that. In the WR, it is Elena, Christmas, Mark, Paul, Alex. Paul asks if he should go into the room with Dom asks why she is upset with him. They all laugh, and Paul says that if you call him a snake then he wants to dress up as a snake.
6:00 PM BBT Jess, Rames, and Kevin sits outside around the HT quietly. Rames talks about needing flip flops and Jess mentions she doesn’t know if they will have to BY tomorrow. There are still remnants of the outside food war. Jess says she can not take Josh seriously. Alone he constantly apologises, but when he has an audience, he goes off on her. Jess hopes he learns from this house to not say anything unless he means it. Rames thinks Josh always demands an audience. Kevin thinks the BY could be closed off for the next 5 days! He considers himself lucky to be able to be outside now. More quiet time among them. The drier music goes off and Ramses goes in to tell Elena. Kevin dislikes how others talk toward women. Kevin wants things to always been good between him and Jess. Kevin refers to Elena as Elvira and goes inside. Meanwhile, Matt and Raven are lying in bed talking about her hair. Rames, Christmas, Paul, and Alex are talking very quietly in the WR. They analyze Paul’s geological sign, Gemini. Elena then Jason come in and more whispering. They are wondering what Dom is doing. Somehow talk turns to all the broken bones (including a penis) Jason has endured as well as broken bones he caused to others. Fish
6:15 PM BBT Jason is telling a story about a neighbor and eventually making a connection with a now friend after hauling this guy’s horse to Wisconsin. Matt and Raven preparing to go get some ice cream. Matt tells Mark, “No need to look in the refrigerator…can’t have any, buddy” (being a HN). Mark says, “Can’t he dream?” Jess is lying by herself on the hammock in the BY. Kevin goes out and sits by the pool. Jason’s story ends with doll hairs and money; they wonder why they all stuck around for THAT story. Everyone but Ramses and Christmas leaves the WR. Several go out to the kitchen. Several are dipping up ice cream or getting something else to eat or drink. Dom is “preaching” in the Apple Room to the live feeders quoting Bible scriptures before feeds go to Paul checking on Jess (napping on the hammock). She says she’s doing fine; Paul wishes he didn’t again mention his name in his rant. Paul walks away and feeds go to Fish.
6:30 PM BBT Kevin and Paul sitting on the double lounger. Paul says that he’s getting a religious earful from Dom. They continue to rehash the day’s events and how Dom is conducting herself. Dom joined in on the Josh/Mark condiment fight only to help still the pot. They want to continue with the talk show but maybe by renaming it. Alex, Matt, Elena, and Raven eat and talk at the kitchen counter. Jess joins them in also eating ice cream. Jason sits with Kevin and Paul rehashing events. Kevin had told Josh that he thought he had crossed the line. More talk about Jason’s college days. Jason says they will love Ollie! He is such a gentle giant. Ollie is 11 yrs old; they live 18-20 yrs. Ollie, a 2000 lb bull, plays tug of war with kids. At a fair 250 12-year old kids pulling him over; Whistle-Nut freaked out being on his back. It’s something the kids will never forget! More college and getting laid stories. Alex, Rames, Elena, and Jess join them on the double lounger.
6:45 PM BBT Christmas is telling Josh in the WR that he has to get past the event. Christmas says that he needs to apologize and say that it takes him longer to settle down, but now wants to move forward together. Christmas also wants to make sure Alex or someone else like that is in the room when he says it to Mark. Christmas thanks him for defending him. Christmas stresses he has to learn to get some things go. Dom is still in the Apple Room talking about her website that will soon be up and running called Yes, It’s My Hair which is a branch of the parent company called Yes, It’s Mine. Dom is alone in the room talking to live feeders. She seems really happy reminiscing talking to special friends of hers. Josh is in the WR when Kevin uses the bathroom and walks right past the sinks (no handwashing that we see). Most HGs are in the BY. Kevin tells Paul and Jess another one of his stories. Elena and Ramses are on the hammock talking about Dom. Mark and Jason beginning to play pool. Josh walks through the BY. Paul’s story includes that he’s be sexually active since 15 years old. Jason let’s it known he has had gonorrhea 7 times! Kevin says his first experience was at 12-years old; he says he didn’t know what he was doing. Matt was 18.
7:00 PM BBT Ramses, Elena, and Mark on or near hammock comparing the size of the guy’s penises. Mark stands since the learns the grass is wet–blame it on Josh! Eventually, they talk about being on slop. Mark says he is gaining weight on slop! Elena says Mark’s action was ridiculous. Mark felt bad and went to apologize, but was not well received. It is what it is at this point. Elena says not to make any bets. Mark is surprised how big of deal this has become. When Mark leaves, Elena tells Ramses that her and Mark are opposites; she is too much for him, but he is nice. Mark goes in to get them a blanket for Ramses and Elena. They smell a grill! They talk about relationships. Elena has been in only 1 relationship that did not start well. Her real kiss was like 12 years ago; Ramses first serious kiss with a guy was about 3 years ago.
7:15 PM BBT Feeds go to Christmas telling Alex about her foot and when the next pain meds will be. Elena complains about the blanket Mark brings out. Eventually, Elena (and Ramses) thanks Mark. They believe Elena will be portrayed as a real B, and Ramses thinks he will be seen as the nerdiest person. Elena says he will be the most loveable. Ramses and Elena agree Matt is so gorgeous! Jess comes to hammock and jumps across them when she realizes the grass is wet–wet socks. Alex tells Christmas about a past discussion with Dom. Christmas tells her feelings of Dom’s demeanor when she confronted her and what was said. Matt joins in on their conversation about Dom.
7:30 PM BBT Everyone but Josh and Dom is in the BY. At least three separate conversations going on…those playing pool, Ramses and Elena on hammock, and Christmas, Alex, and Matt sitting in middle of yard. Rames and Elena talks about what might happen post Big Brother. Kevin tells them he’s going in to shower. Matt leaves Christmas and Alex’s convo and Christmas mentions more about Cody’s convo with her before his departure. Raven joins; Alex wants to check on Kevin to make sure he’s not messing up her HOH Rm. Dom is in kitchen. Alex goes into HOH bathroom; no sign of Kevin. Christmas, with Alex’s cat ears on, comments how Raven and her are dressed up, but sitting there with bum foots! Alex returns to the BY yard. Jessica is called into the DR.
7:45 PM BBT Paul is talking to Dom in the kitchen to let her know that he is not hostile toward her and was joking about the snake thing. Paul said he still has a big question mark as to why she thinks it was him. She says it’s not just him and wonders why people are stabbing her in the back. He continues up to the HOH Rm to use the bathroom. Jason and Mark on the hammock talks about being on slop. Mark has Elena check if his clothes are dried. BB makes the announcement of no napping….not sure who that is targeted at. BB reminds Elena to put on her microphone. Now Ramses, Mark, and Elena are all on the hammock. Elena burps and wishes it was a fart. She says she only goes 2 times a year; Mark says that can not be true. Elena says Paul was apologizing to Dom in the kitchen. Feeds cut to Matt, Raven, and Paul at the pool table. Paul tells them his discussion with Dom. They decide on a bet for the Matt vs Raven pool game. Matt is allowing Raven to take 3 balls off the table of her choice after his break. For the next eviction Raven will wear her hair curly; not sure what Matt will have to do if she wins.
8:00 PM BBT Kevin comes out to the hot tub and joins the conversation that Alex, Christmas, Paul and Jason are having. Christmas asks Paul if he’s going to do the same thing with the snake costume for the veto comp. Kevin says that being in the house messes your sleep schedule up because you don’t sleep until 4 am then you’re up at 8 am. Jason kept asking for more hot water in the hot tub, he notices that the water coming out is cold. Paul begins to talk about a trip he went to. Where he stayed at a 5 star hotel. Kevin tells them that he took 13 of his family members on a trip. Paul says that he tipped a guy and the guy kept bringing him beers and vodka.
8:15 PM BBT Christmas and Jessica are talking about different punishments. Christmas mentions the time that they put people from the amazing race on the show. Jason is now talking about places to go in Missouri. Paul gets called into the diary room. Kevin goes up to Ramses and fusses at him for sleeping. BB tells Ramses and Elena that they can’t nap. The continue. She has a towel over her face. He has on glasses.
8:30 PM BBT Mark is in the kitchen making slop. Back outside Ramses is up. Kevin asks Mark where the crybaby is. Kevin also says he can’t wait for Josh to leave. Mark and Kevin agree that after they get rid of Dominique and Josh they can go after Jessica and Christmas. Kevin says that they need to get them out so that they can start playing the game. Kevin says that Josh comes to him late at night.
8:45 PM BBT Christmas gets up to leave and go into the house, the others stay outside. They are outside playing a word game. Paul asks Kevin why he doesn’t want him to work out, Kevin doesn’t answer. Now Mark, Jessica, and Raven are in the kitchen. Paul walked up to Josh while he was laying in bed and told him that he needs to try to fix things with some of the other guys.
9:00 PM BBT Matthew, Ramses, Raven, Alex, and Jessica are in the kitchen. Jessica sits and eats at the table. Josh comes into the kitchen to grab some water. He’s standing near the sink. Raven and Matthew are talking to Ramses about a video. Jessica has moved from the round table to sit near Ramses. Raven and Kevin are now in the bathroom. Matthew grabs Raven and takes her out of the bathroom, he’s laughing. She’s fussing about her eye hurting, now she is chasing his around the kitchen. Kevin is talking to Christmas. He tells her that he doesn’t expect for Ramses or Jessica to make it to Jury.
9:15 PM BBT in the backyard Kevin is trying to point out a grasshopper to Jessica. He keeps asking her if she has a keen eye. Jessica and Jason tells Kevin about shrooms. Now Jason is telling them about the time he peeped on a pole after an event in front of a crowd.
9:30 PM BBT now Kevin is talking to Jessica, Jason, and Christmas about chess and superstitions. Ramses, Alex and ramses are playing pool. While Josh lays down by the weights. Now the feeds are on Matthew in the kitchen. Now they are in the bathroom. Elena is sitting on the purple couch. Matthew just walked back outside. Josh is left alone in the kitchen.
9:45 PM BBT back outside the rest of the house is hanging out in the backyard. Raven is changing the bandages on her foot. Ramses is asking Jessica about places in Los Angeles. He says that he can’t until he can chill out and enjoy the city. Jessica tells him that he might as well try since he’s already here. Alex and Jason were told by bb to stop playing catch with the apples. Elena says that she has gas pain.
10:00 PM BBT Backyard BB Kevin please go to DR.Jason sitting with Jessica and Elena on lounge chair. Water fights with Jessica and Jason, Jason cut a fart so bad everyone ran. Jessica said that Jason is dead inside from the slop after he let that fart go. HOH Alex and Josh talking about how they are trying to manipulate Josh but to stop letting them get to him. Josh says that he is trying to stay calm and stay away from the trouble. Alex says to hold it together. The second you lose it they win. Jason come into HOH and asks Josh if he wants Jason to leave and Josh says no. Jason asks Josh if he wants to feed the fish and tells him to get the food from fridge marked Monday PM. Just dump the whole contents of the bag into the tank they are blood worms. The fish are hungry. Alex wants to talk about what they were talking about . Josh says that you have to watch what you say as this house will hold it against you. Josh says he needs to chill for a few days and let the water settle down. Backyard Talking about the salsa fight from earlier today that Mark should have walked away. Josh says that they (Mark and Paul) want to push him. Jason wants to help eat all of the stuff but he is HN so he can’t. Paul starts to sing and the volume drops out. Mark and Matt and Paul talking about how Josh kepted asking did you win or not from earlier today it was funny. Then Josh threw the condiments on Mark’s face and Mark tried to hung him and Josh pushed him away.
10:15 PM BBT HOH Alex talking about not eating too much and gaining weight in here. Jason was asked if he had CHLamydia 7 times and he said no he was test but not positive this was before he was married while in college. Saying hes girls were across the the girls were a from every area not even cowgirls. Paul comes up and asks if he can take a shower up in HOH. Talking changes to if anyone that is this room (JOsh Jason Alex and Paul) win HOH then we are safe. Pauls says that who ever pisses of Josh will be up and they all laugh. Alex asks how old Jason was when he got married he was 26 and his wife was 21 and Alex says and she wasn’t a skank and Jason says great girl she was. Green BR Ramses and MArk and Paul Raven Matt and Jessica see that one the bed is covered in plastic wrap and rip it off the bed. Paul is fascinated by the manual typewriter in the Green BR playing with it.Ramses asks where is Paul sleeping at and says he should sleep in the backyard where he belongs lol. Kevin is told he needs to wear smaller pants and he sags to much. BB Jessica please re attach your Mic. Dom is trying to sleep in the Green BR and getting frustrated by the loud conversations. Paul asks Jessica if she put her ass in his face while he was sleeping earlier today. Jessica said yes she teabagged him but didn’t have balls lol. Jessica asks if what Paul says about not doing something because he Paul is a germaphobe so is this something she should do anyway. Like she did earlier to Josh with the pickle juice.
10:30 PM BBT Green RM Jessica says you have to have intelligence to get her jokes somewhere be the dick and poop to understand her. Backyard Matt and Ramses playing pool. HOH Alex and Jason talking about Paul not wanting to be HOH this week because he is still safe and they both say we have to make him be HOH and make him squirm. Josh says how he can her Raven always talking about him and he knows he is not her favorite person. Raven is always making comments about me. Josh tells Raven that he can hear her as these walls are paper thin. BB Josh please reposition your mic. Alex says that we need to remember that the next person we send home is important and the next week’s person will go to the jury house. Josh say do not think that Matt is playing it say Alex says no. Jason asks Josh if he would put him up as a pwn on the block if he was HOH Josh says no way. I think we can use Ramses Josh says and Alex agrees. Jason says who should we put Elena and Raven? Yes that would work. Matt would give us reports on what is going on in the house he would even come upstairs and give us the scoop. Elena and Matt are the threat in the house Raven is not a threat. Mark is an intelligent person Josh said he would put up Elena and Mark and Jason say h would put Elena and Matt. Bathroom Matt is is shower and gets flower thrown at him by Raven and sprays him with mustard too. She says get ready for round 2.
10:45 PM BBT HOH Josh says that when he wins and he is gunning for the win and he is going to put up 3 of the other teams members. Wants to know if Paul would come after him? Talk goes to Battle Back comps. Alex said that you have to remember who you send to jury as they might stab you in the back, you have a chance of reconciling with Mark but on with her. The moment they get power Josh says they are going to strike. Kitchen Ramses and Paul talking about if Paul was nice to Ramses’ he would not like it. Paul yells about the dirty forks and that he makes all the meals. Paul Kevin and Mark all talking about Whistlenut going next. BB Jessica please move your mic higher. Paul says between your breasts. Elena is popping pimples on Paul’s back as she does it every couple of days (even here in the kitchen) Kevin says not to let it fly over this way. Paul says that he hates it when he drinks pop and it hurts his mouth but he only ever just takes and gulp. Kevin talking about his dad would come home on Sundays and and that was the only time we saw him. Kevin says he never hugged his dad. Matt comes out and asks why Paul did not stop the girls from throwing the stuff at him while he was in the shower? Lol. Matt tells production as he is hugging Raven that this girl needs to be in the mental hospital not in this house lol. Jessica tells them to squeeze the tit but not that tit as it is the bad tit and explains why as it has scar tissue in it. Josh comes downstairs and Jessica starts to play with is mind and just sits there.
11:00 PM BBT HOH Alex and Ramses and Jason talking about timelines as to what days things all happened on. Alex asks was the 12th Tuesday? Jason says no it was his birthday. The day you was put up on the block to Alex was 10th. Ramses says he only ones to make till next week only. Kitchen Jessica talking about bleaching her asshole and Kevin says how many times a year do you have to get it done. HOH Ramses says ( is when you went up and 11 was Dom’s bday BB Alex please go to DR she says NO and BB Says Alex go to DR again. Ramses still trying to figure out the days things happened as him and Jason talk about them. Day 12 was Christmas went up and 13 is when she broke her leg. Nothing happens on Monday Tuesday nothing happened. Day 16 was the day the first live eviction. They are talking about when Cameron went out was they any audience out there or not. Asks Jason if he saw anyone out there or was it black. Was it 8 to 4 to vote out Jillian? Second den was? What day was it you came out of your costume? It was Saturday Jason said. Alex comes back up and said she had to change and go back down as this is her job now.Alex asks Ramses who he would put up if it was his week? Jason ask Josh as he came back upstairs if the slop is done or not. BB Alex please put on you mic she said it it is on nice try. Alex tells them to start taking things out of the HOH as it is getting dirty and stop bring up cups and leaving them there. Ramses asks Josh what is all the noise downstairs and Josh says they are talking about butt hole bleaching. lol.
11:15 PM BBT Bathroom Mark Raven and Paul and Elena as Elena is plucking pauls eyebrows. Elena says she wanted to take the straight razor and Paul says no way. Ramses comes in and see paul getting his eyebrows pluck and says Paul you are so GAY. Paul talks about the scar on his left eyebrow that he got when he was a kid running into a glass. Mark sits and watches this. Paul say after Elena say about if she is sitting of that not to worry as her Vagina is all over the internet now. Mark saw the best part of it. Elena says that worse part of her body is her ass. She wanted to know if production would turn off the camera if she was changing and Pauls says nope that is why they tell us not to change … Elena wants to still be here on her bday. Paul said he was not comfortable with him winning last week. Elena says that she forgot that this is all live streamed and that her and Jessica just talked about waxing and bleaching her asshole and that every guy was having fun for them. Backyard Kevin and Jason talking about how the girls do not hold anything back and how Elena was talking about when you are born you are born with a pink asshole and when you get older you need to have it bleach to make it like you were as a baby. Lol Jason laughing his ass off listens to this. Kevin says Have some shame. Jason asks how many guys d you have to go through is a week to need to get your ass bleached. Please wax everything. This is wild. About making things better for sex. Ramses come out and wants to know what they are talking about so Kevin goes into it again using was and a toothbrush to make sex better. Jason’s wife works at a spa and people ask about doing a Brazilian and he tries to explain but cannot figure it out and does not want to know about it.
11:30 PM BBT Backyard Kevin ask about how many women need at 25 need to have their vaginas need to be tightened up lol. Jason going to wash his sheets and close and wash them while he goes in the hot tub. Kitchen Ramses runs by Mark and slaps him on back and runs by. Mark and Matt eating ice cream and then Kevin comes in and changes conversation to bleaching again lol. Mark is not happy about being on slop and Ramses tells him to smell the ice cream at least it will help. Backyard Kevin come out and tells Jason that the boys inside are crying saying that his parents are home crying watching this stuff and if production would call his parents and explain to them what is going on.. Green RM Josh and Dom talking about how Dom is being framed and wondering if Christmas is going to do anything. Dom brings up the race card as she is black and that is why. She then switches it up to God and how things are that you cannot bring things up to her and then not explain them. Dom says production know s what is going on. BB says Dom you are not allowed to talk about production. She says that is why I tried to whisper it. Dom says that Christmas and Paul keep telling her to not bring up her God thing to them. Josh says he trust Paul completely and Dom says yes. He has a lot of trust in both Christmas and Paul, Josh thanks Dom for being in the house to help him and he is not sure how he is going to handle it if she goes. Josh feels like he lost a friend when him and Mark fought but D0m says she thinks it can be redeemed. Dom says that if Josh gives it time he will be forgiven and just realize that it will take time and to be careful.
11:45 PM BBT Green RM Josh says he is not sure how it grandparents are going to take this stuff as they do not know the whole story. He wasn’t raised this way. Dom telling Josh to be at peace and be cool. SHe is going to tell the house on Wednesday that she lives in DC and she works in Engineering that they are dealing with the wrong person. She left her place of employment to come her that she works for big government and cannot talk about it here. She says she was told that she will get a show after this it is her word. This is what I live by. I am only suppose to be loving kind and passionate. Dom tells Josh that she has been hearing that the house knows that He Josh is good person and the live feeders are going to Love you. Josh whispers that he is tired of giving them glimpses of him crying. Whispering that Elena is a Catholic but the way she is doing here is not right. Being a hater is not right Dom says she is not going to try and clap back and she does not have to respond back to the fans. Until you live it be quiet that being in BB they do not know what it is like it is way harder than it seams. Josh said he thought they was all going to vibe in the house. Dom tells him to not give up you ‘Got This” Tap into your old athlete self and pull it out. Josh says he is concerned that his parents are hurting watching this. Dom says don’t beat yourself up next time respond a different way. Josh asks Jessica about what he heard about earlier about Josh peeping on others in the shower. Backyard Alex and Jason laughing about Jason calling someone’s name over and over before they answer him.

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