Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 10th

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12:00 AM BBT GR Alex and Cowboy talking about Matt floating. They talk about wanting to get Christmas out. She wants Jason to suck up to all the girls so that they can all make jury and take them out. A lot of the people still outside exercising or lounging on the chairs. She thinks Jason should win HOH this week and stick to the other plan to make the other side think they are in control and then blindside them. Elena and Paul at the Hot tub just chatting. Game Talk stops between Alex and Jason as Ramses enters the room. They start talking about Ramses’ pink t shirt and then he leaves. Feeds go to fish…for a few seconds. Ramses enters GR again Alex starts laughing uncontrollably and Jason wants her to calm down.
12:15 AM BBT Alex tells Jason they need to use Paul. They have been whispering throughout the whole conversation. Alex tells him they need to avoid somebody next week. Cody enters the room and they talk about them being have nots before he goes back to the HN room. Alex says that her and Jason need to do Paul’s dirty work and that he should hang out with Jason more so Paul does not get sketChed out by him. She wants him to have more 1 on 1’s with people so he is more liked. She says that this is how she is able to get people to like her. She talks about Ramses almost winning the POV and how stupid it was for him to do it. She wants him to look less aggressive. Alex says the other side wants an unanimous vote so they have to stick with it and evict Cody or the closest thing which is 10-1.
12:30 AM BBT Kevin and Jason are now in the GR by themselves talking about who would be evicted until jury starts. They start talking about Ramses and how he was still adamant that he voted to evict Christmas. Kevin gets ready for sleep as Jason goes to the HN room. Josh, Paul, Elena, Christmas, and Ramses still lounging around the hot tub talking about Christmas broken foot again. She was about to tell them when she was going to leave for surgery tomorrow but feeds cut to Dominique doing makeup just before she got Called to DR. Alex and Kevin are also in the bathroom. Alex and Christmas now in the kitchen talking about their hair and what they do with it. They switch to talking about how Christmas activity level has lowered because of her broken leg and then talk about general exercise.
12:45 AM BBT The same people are still outside at the Hot Tub talking about Elena’s dad who has butt cancer called Oreo…? She starts reminiscing about her childhood and how her family had owned a farm in Texas but she did not live in it. She continues talking about him and how he is very entertaining and hilarious and very country so he talks very fast. She thinks Paul would love him. She says that she did not grow up around him a lot and was not really considered her dad but just a cool guy as he was not around a lot. She did not have a lot of memories with him as she only lived with her mom. She then explains a time where she got very sick and got Mono and almost could not graduate from high school. The talk then goes to volleyball and how Paul won a game just by serving. Elena continues talking about her college days. She likes her dad and thinks he is just a really cool badass guy but still not really a dad. She mentions that she does have a stepdad and gives a lot of great qualities about her dad.
1:00 AM BBT They start talking about the Mono disease that Elena had and how she did not treat it properly making her whole body system worse and getting a sinus infection and several stomach problems. She mentions how she got her medicine and prescriptions mixed up including Adderall. Paul goes back inside to the kitchen where Alex and Christmas are. Only Elena and Mark are still at the Hot Tub. They start talking about a time that Mark showed his dick because Elena wanted him to… Feeds go to fish
1:15 AM BBT Mark mentions his daily eating routine and how he eats 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner and late night snack. He says that he has 10 eggs, a couple of oatmeals, peanut butter and a banana for breakfast. Alex and Christmas whispering in the kitchen about Ramses and how well he did in the previous HOH comp. They continue talking about the HOH competition and what Jessica’s strategy was during it. They start talking about Jessica and the fight between her and Christmas. They think it was stupid for her to get mad at her when she had all week to talk to her. She tells Alex about a conversation with Jessica where she asked her if she would vote for her to stay and she said,” Absolutely” and gave her a hug. Alex tells her about how even though she loves the couples, they can become a threat. They talk about showmances and how they do not want to be in one as they came to play and not to have a romance. She mentions to Cody how she gave an honest answer to who she wanted to target as she had admitted to wanting to target the showmances. Christmas says she does not understand the beef she has had with Cody from Day one.
1:30 AM BBT They talk about Jason and how he needs to have a clear head and stop having paranoia.Alex mentions that he is her ride and die They say that it will get ugly when they end up having to pick off people that they like. They start wondering if there is a BattleBack. Christmas thinks there will be one. They mention that Cody might win it. Alex continues talking about breaking up the couples. Christmas is sure she won’t be safe long term as she has no ride or die, no showmance and has a broken foot. Christmas mentions that Ramses has been talking a lot of bad stuff about Kevin.
1:45 AM BBT Elena and Mark still at the Hot Tub talking about Mark’s previous relationship. Paul joins Alex and Christmas and they start talking about Cody and wonder who will say goodbye to him when he leaves. Josh and Alex now in the Apple Room. Josh says he wants to call Cody out tomorrow because he twisted Josh’s words about something. Alex encourages Josh to call Cody and Jessica out at his eviction speech as it would make good TV too. Elena and Mark talking about their relationship
2:00 AM BBT Josh and Alex in Lounge talking about how Josh needed to defend himself with Jessica and Cody and they are always talking behind his back and Alex is telling him that he needs to go and talk to them and tell them that if they can’t wait be cordial with each other then they don’t need to talk anymore. Kevin and Ramses in Green room talking Dom comes into the room and Kevin wanted to wish his Mom a happy birthday on Thursday so he wants to practice in order to get it right. They’re laughing about it. Kevin says that he’s getting hungry pains and makes a joke about it. Saying it’s like the HUNGRY GAMES. Camera goes back outside to Elena and Mark talking about relationships. All camera’s goes to Josh and Alex still talking about how Alex played the past weeks as against the others and knew that some of them like Jessica talked behind her back and says that she just lets it all roll of her back and tells him that he needs to let things go off his back and may a joke about it if Cody or Jessica starts at him and is talking him out of what to do when or if they confront him. Josh is telling Alex that he appreciated Alex’s help and suggestions. Camera’s goes upstairs to Dom and Paul in bed talking about Cody and how he screwing up his game. Dom said something to Cody earlier in the kitchen and he really had no comment. Paul says that he is playing his game with integrity and says that Cody and Jessica are following each other around the house like if Cody goes to the bathroom Jessica follows if Jessica goes to the kitchen Cody follows. Josh and Alex are still talking game. Dom says if she gets HOH she will most def. Put up Ramses. Josh and Alex now going to bed. Dom and Paul wondering if they’ll put a 7 person jury instead of 9. Alex comes into Green room and Ramses and Kevin asks her what Josh said. She tells them that he is just paranoid and Kevin asks her if she had a candy bar in her drawer she says no she has birth control pills.
2:15 AM BBT Alex gets up to go to the bathroom Kevin asked her if she can bring him just 1 cookie. Ramses asks for 2 and says never mind he’ll get to get them. Ramses is in the kitchen looking for the good cookies. Paul and Dom are talking about her dreams she’s had. Alex goes back into the Green room and says that Josh is talking what he wants to say in his speech. Ramses comes back into the room with a plate of cookies and glass of milk. Kevin says what they hell he was doing and says that he is going to stay awake. Kevin is having a cow messing with Ramses about dunking cookies in the milk. And he asks him if he is going to drink the milk after the cookie was dunked in milk he says yes. Then he lost the cookie in the milk and laughs. Camera goes to Elena and Mark talking about how she is feeling now and she says she is feeling bloated and full and tired. And says to him why is he looking at her then they go back and forth. They are talking about the Veto. And how Paul drew her name and made her to drink that crappy stuff. Made her throw up. Up in the HOH room they are talking about other players in the house like Elena and Mark. Dom says that she doesn’t understand Elena and how she is an attention seeker. Paul says that she is getting comfortable in the house and feels like she can let herself go and act crazy.
2:30 AM BBT Dom is talking about what she told Mark the other day that he needs to tell her to calm down a tad. Told him that Elena has nothing to worry about with him and Dom on how close they are. They are just friends and how Mark is letting his heart open up to new things and he is drawn into Elena and the person she is. They both have been hurt in the past. Mark asks Elena how she would feel if he took off her mic pack and pushed her in the pool she says she’d be a little mad. She is claiming assault but he is joking about whether or not clothes will be on. She says yes they will be. They go inside. Elena goes into the WR Mark in the Kitchen says the ants are in full force. Elena says that there will be a chance she is not going to eat and asks him WILL I DIE he says just drink water it’ll last longer. Paul and Dom are still talking about past relationships and at home stuff. She prefers wine. She is talking about her brother. Elena goes into the kitchen but is just wandering around the house just waiting for Mark who is just changing shorts. They are kissing in the WR. and says they are getting ready for bed.
2:45 AM BBT Dom and Paul are talking about family. Elena and Mark are talking about how he wanted to shave but will do it later. They go into the kitchen and talk about the ants. And where the camera’s are and now heading to bed. Everyone else is asleep. Elena and Mark get into bed and kiss goodnight. They are talking quietly in bed. Someone is breathing loudly.
3:00 AM BBT Everyone is sleeping except Elena and Mark who are in bed just bantering. Elena is just trying to get comfortable. Camera’s goes to HOH shows Paul and Dom sleeping. Mark and Elena kissing. Elena tells Mark to go to sleep.
3:15 AM BBT Everyone in bed. Elena and Mark not really asleep yet they are trying to.
3:30 AM BBT All is quiet other than snoring.Mark woke up coughing and Elena asked if he needed water he said no I’m good sorry. Then went back to sleep.
3:45 AM BBT – 9:00 AM BBT House is quiet everyone is asleep.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 10th

9:01 AM BBT Wake-Up Announcement from BB. Fish screen comes on when music begins.
9:15 AM BBT Matthew is up fixing coffee. Appears as if all others are still in bed. Kevin joins him in the kitchen; Alex and Jason are moving around. Coffee maker making a mess. Matthew and Kevin right there with towel to clean it up. Fish…feeds keep coming on and off. Jason is complaining about still eating slop. All but Alex, Cody, Jess, Elena, and Mark seen in or walking through the kitchen area. Jess and Cody in SR, then to WR. Periodic Fish.
9:30 AM BBT Jess in WR straightening her hair. Elena makes general conversation with Jess. Mark and Jason put down the awnings; Mark goes into the house to get sandals on since the turf is already that hot. Jason hops over to “Mark’s side” (in the sun) to do that side as well and goes inside. The guys are talking sports in the kitchen. Mark and Jason outside shooting pool. Cody stirring up slop in a bowl on the kitchen lily pad. Matthew goes outside to workout and says today is going to be a scorchers. Sports talk continue outside.
9:45 AM BBT Jessica and Raven still in WR applying make-up and doing hair. Cody is saying for Jessica to take all the time she needs; they have plenty of time to cook in the pool. Kevin is asking Mark and Jason if they think he can slip in a Happy Birthday to his mom during the show. BB tells Jessica to keep her frog head on at all times.
10:00 AM BBT Jessica and Cody hop back to the bedroom and stopped to have a quick kiss. They are changing to get into the pool. Mark and Jason still playing pool in BY. Cody and Jess climb under the covers to change. Cody holds the blanket so Jess can change. She says he just likes to see. Jason says there have been like 8 airplanes fly over so far since they have been playing pool. Jess holds the blanket so Cody can change and says she is not looking. They get out of bed and then begin kissing more. They dress back in the frog costumes and hop outside. Christmas joins Raven in the WR to put on makeup. Christmas asks Raven if she will help her do some laundry later. Christmas says that she thinks its funny that the frog team, not including Jason, won’t even acknowledge her and that it makes it sad for them. She thinks they are putting too much effort into not liking her. BB calls Elena to the DR. Raven says that she would like to write a book with her mom before she passes. Christmas says that her agent is amazing and is helping her with her book.
10:15 AM BBT Christmas and Raven continue to talk about their personality traits and how organized and thinkers that they are. They say they need to be more spontaneous. Matt and Mark are now playing pool in the BY. Raven begins brushing her extensions. Raven says that her mom says she is her miracle baby and thinks she will change the world. Elena joins the two in the WR. They tell Elena that she is just naturally pretty and that she looks exceptional without makeup. Raven puts her extensions in. Jason is making coffee in the kitchen. BB tells Elena to put on her microphone. She says that she is washing her face. Ramses comes into WR and tells the girls that he wants to watch them put on their makeup. Kevin walks in and he and Ramses hug. Ramses takes the crutches for a walk around the house. Elena says that she can’t drink sink water. She said that someone used the sink sponge on the floor. They asked her who it was. She said someone that lives in the house with them. She says she is going to ask BB for her own sponge, plate, and fork and keep it in her room. Feeds go to animals.
10:30 AM BBT – 11:32 AM BBT Feeds down.
11:33 AM BBT Feeds back. Josh and Jess are arguing in the LR. She told him that he is a floater. Josh walks away. Josh yells from the Kitchen that Cody will have his last supper tonight, meatballs and linguine. Cody and Jess head to WR. Paul and Kevin are in the kitchen trying to calm Josh down. Paul goes to Cody and tells him that he appreciates him keeping his cool. The other HGs are still sitting in LR. Christmas is telling Josh that he needs to say less and not get so upset. She continues to try and calm him down. Josh is wearing the veto necklace so he has been taken off the block. Jess and Cody go into the apple room and discuss Josh’ speech while they share a bowl of slop. She says Josh looks like a meatball, not Cody. She said she couldn’t help but laugh while Josh was talking. Paul and Jason talk in the bedroom. Paul said the vote better be a landslide.
11:45 AM BBT Paul and Christmas go into the Rose BR and talk about the veto ceremony. They thought it was entertaining. Christmas says that Cody is laying some footwork to save his girl. Paul tells Christmas that they need to separate more and look like they are planning their own games so that it is not obvious that they are working together. Paul calls Kevin up to HOH room. Paul tells Kevin that Ramses is telling everyone that Kevin is giving him information. Kevin says that he hasn’t done that at all. Paul asks Kevin to do him a favor. He asks him to vote to evict Ramses so that everyone will begin to wonder wtf. Paul says the vote will be 8-1-1. He says he wants to create confusion. Paul asks Kevin if he told Jason or Ramses about the 25K. Kevin says absolutely not. Kevin said he would do it. He said it was a done deal. Paul says not to confront Ramses. He said that Ramses will be out next week or the week after. Paul tells Kevin that he really needs to start keeping track of all the days. He begins quizzing him on the days so far. Paul says if anyone else asks him about the days, he should give them bad information so they mess up.

12:00 PM BBT Kevin and Matthew is out at the pool table Paul said your best shot is to win the Hoh and put up Jessica and Ramses Paul said i have played the game before Jessica and Cody are going to get into the Pool Paul said maybe i can get America vote Paul said i was a new player last and i felt the same way about the vets Paul said a girl is going to win the game Jason said i want to make an alliance Paul said i really don’t align with people Paul said i was very nice to Cody i didn’t say anything to him Paul is giving Jason advise Paul said i have to be an open book Paul said that the end is a gamble Paul said that he alone wolf Jason said my advice to you win HOH and back up from Cody and Jessica and put up Ramses and Jessica Paul said was it a good game play look where it is now
12:15 PM BBT Paul said i wouldn’t be surprised if he is campaigning against you Paul said a lot of times people get evicted because of there mistake Jason said that i will never got over it that broke Christmas foot Jason said that i felt that Christmas and patched up Paul said that Christmas won’t stay in the game long Paul said that every time that Christmas wants something i always forget Raven asked Elena for nail polish Raven is painting Matthew nail Matthew is talking about the rules of a game that he is playing
12:30 PM BBT Christmas is drinking a drink Christmas said you can adjust as long as you stay in the position Jason and Kevin in the SR Paul said he is a butter up try and that everybody is going to slip right off Jason and Mark are talking Paul said i don’t think that a lot of people know how to play game Jessica and Cody are in the Pool Jason and Mark are playing pool
12:45 PM BBT Paul and Matthew are talking Christmas said what Ramses said don’t believe it Paul said that there is a reason that i laid it out to him as i did Alex said i tried to get 15 mins Paul said that Josh said that he ran through everything Christmas said yesterday he said he didn’t want to lie Paul said do you think that Cody is going to try to campaign Raven said oh look they are waiting Raven is talking to the Fish Christmas is talking about the makeup that she wears YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION Raven said they are ready they are so hungry
1:00 PM BBT Paul said i respect the people that like to entertain. Raven and Dominique are in the HOH room with Paul Paul said i think that you will get further Raven said with just entering this house it’s a winning for me Paul said you would be surprised at how many fans are in the hospital Raven is talking about her bracelet that her Gastroparesis had gave her Dominique said that i didn’t come here for 500 K Raven said that she is already winning Christmas has her foot on the Table Alex is eating Christmas said please don’t toss them out the Eggs i will always eat the leftovers
1:15 PM BBT KEVIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE Jason said i was hoping that somebody owned a restaurant Jason said i raise beef Paul said can you treat me how to hydroponics Paul is eating Elena said who else would you put in there to Kevin Christmas said it’s not illegal in North Carolina Weed Elena said what are you going to do when you get out of here are you going to stay here in La or are you going home Elena said i love old people Kevin said he was born on 8 / 7 /1961 He said that he is 29 years difference Elena said you are my birthday buddy Kevin asked Elena how many people before they start the jury house
1:30 PM BBT Paul said is talking about his shotgun Elena said that there is alcohol at the jury house Kevin is talking about his brother that had passed away ALEX PLEASE GO TO THE DR Elena is talking about the gold birthday Kevin was singing Elena said that there is a lot to learn Kevin said that Ramses thinks that everybody hates him Kevin said i really am not a game talk i rather them come to me Jessica and Cody are in the pool on the snake floating around Paul said he lived in london for a few years Kevin said where is Alex is she right here Mark said it’s to hot
1:45 PM BBT Matthew is flossing his teeth Raven said are you going to leave soon to Christmas Christmas said all i know is sometime this afternoon Elena said that my lease is up in September Matthew said he doesn’t want to deal with another winter in Washington DC Paul said that La is local
2:00 PM BBT Paul is talking to Matt & Elena about where he lives & the drive to Malibu. Alex, Josh, & Ramses is in the living room talking about getting nominated from America. Jason hops into the conversation & lays on the on floor. Production calls Jessica & Cody to put there mics on. Cody & Jessica continue to isolate themselves from the hg. Jessica & Cody constantly talk game & strategy. Jessica & Cody plan is to lie to break up the truth with the other side of the house who is against them. Those against Jessica & Cody are Paul, Christmas, Dominique, Ramses, Josh, Raven, Matt, & Alex. Jason has went rogue on who he has a alliance with but still very close in the game with Alex. Cody is controlling Jessica & who she should talk too. Raven is outside rubbing sunscreen on Mark’s back. In the kitchen Jessica & Cody is making slop & Matt is fixing himself a be. Jessica whipsters to Cody when they want to communicate among the HG. Jessica & Cody goes to the BY & undress for some sun kiss in the pool. Josh & Mark have a game of pool going on.
2:15 PM BBT Raven & Matt is sun tanning quietly. Matt sits up & start talking to Jessica in the pool while Cody is strongly listening to Jessica talk to Matt. Raven sits up to listen join in the conversation. Matt’s mic fell & Raven started chasing him & playing. Kevin joins the BY with everyone with no shirt on. Cody & Jessica are in the pool getting some R&R. The pool game is still going on between Mark & Josh. Cody & Jessica are always strategizing how to flip the house back into their favor. Raven & Matt are talking about life. Jessica & Cody who are not that far away are thinking game & silently chatting. Mark,Elena,Paul, & Josh go into the bathroom to laugh at Jessica & Cody & tell the others that they are ignoring the intimidation from Cody & Jessica. Mark talks fitness business with Paul when BB wraps up. Josh wants to grow his parents business. Paul talks travelling to Europe to do a group trip. Elena tells the guys she’s in for the trip. Elena is sitting with her legs cross & Paul is laying on her leg getting his head massaged. Raven tells Matt her dad has a sticker on her dad’s car she wants to pull off but she won’t.
2:30 PM BBT Elena ask Ramses how much does he weigh. Ramses replies that he’s 110. Elena, Mark, Paul are all joking with Ramses about his weight. Cody & Jessica are being social with Matt & Raven. Jessica & Cody are still enjoying themselves in the pool with laughs between them & Matt. Josh is on the floor listening to Christmas, Mark, & Elena tell stories from their personal lives. Kevin walks in the bathroom where everyone is bonding. Dominique is on the floor doing her hair. Paul talks religion to Josh & politics. Matt jumps in the pool & gets right out.
2:45 PM BBT Jessica talks to Cody about battle back. Cody isn’t convinced about battle back. Jessica doesn’t want to be in sequester to battle back in the bb house. Kevin is hanging out in the kitchen with Ramses, Alex & Jason. Jessica & Cody are talking where you can hear them. Jessica is talking about lottery to Cody. A story from Jessica’s past life in which finds humor in. Christmas is called into the DR. Jessica is keeping calculation how many times production calls Christmas name. Jessica talks about her dad’s death to Cody. Cody is really interested in how she dealt with her lost. Christmas heads into the DR with shades on. Elena, Paul, Mark, Dominique, & Josh are still in the BR catching each other up. Jessica talks to Cody with a smile & a little more bubbly than looking sad earlier this morning.
3:00 PM BBT Cody & Jessica moves to the hot tub out of the pool. Mark & Dominique is in deep thought about who is going OTB. Mark wants to take out Ramses. Cody tells Jessica theirs no heroes in BB. Cody is resistance about watching BB when it’s over. Cody said he didn’t want the watch the show because he doesn’t want it to upset him. Elena & Ramses walks in on Marks & Dominique conversation & they mute what they are talking about because they want Ramses in the dark about the plan going forward for their team. Josh pulls Mark to the side to talk game in the apple room. Josh wants protection from Mark’s side. Mark told Josh from day one he is loyal but he is not thinking Josh to go OTB, & not on his mind right now. Mark is telling Josh to lay low, & he trust him & he got his back. They hand slap & Josh feels secure with Mark’s alliance. Josh ask who’s next. Mark said Ramses. Josh feels relief he’s not thought about to be OTB. Mark calls Josh his lil bro. Mark told Josh linking up with him will be long term.
3:15 PM BBT Mark is telling Josh the plan & tells him to stay low & don’t backstab him because he will come after him if he hears his name. Josh confirms to Mark that he is not telling & loyal to next week’s plan. Mark dismisses himself from Josh & goes to the BY & sit with Kevin to talk BB & life. Kevin wants to know what are they going to do once the living environment changes. Kevin tells Mark he’s keeping close to Ramses to keep an eye on him. Kevin don’t want the HG to think he’s connected to Ramses. Kevin complemented Kevin on his maturity with Cody & Jessica. Paul & Dominique is in the storage room looking for lunch. Cody & Jessica are still in the pool chatting. Kevin was called to the DR. Cody wants to make new slop. Josh goes upstairs & high five Paul. Josh tells Paul , your a man of your word. Paul tells Josh his plan is going the way he wants his HOH to go & Paul is happy about the strategy he put together.
3:30 PM BBT Cody & Jessica are talking game & what went wrong. Cody wishes he would had thought ahead of friendships & playing his HOH. Jessica is called to the DR. Cody hates to be without Jessica while she goes into the DR. Elena gets into the hot tub. Cody stares at Kevin for talking to Jessica. Josh & Paul is going over Paul’s HOH. Paul is so happy that his planning is going well. Paul gives friendship chat to the cam. The rundown from Paul is that he couldn’t trust the HG & how the pendant saved his life. Elena & Cody chat about Cody being a strong guy. Elena is in the hot tub & Cody in the pool talking life. Dominique is asked by production to stop singing. Alex & Jason is talking POV & eviction. Alex is telling Jason stories about Christmas. Alex told Jason that Christmas told her that she feels like she’s on the outs. Jason tells Paul & now Alex she’s the one that cursed him.
3:45 PM BBT Alex doesn’t want Jason to feed no one nothing. Alex wants to be the one to speak for Jason. Josh,Jason, & Alex are in the storage room talking about Ramses. Josh & Jason believe Ramses is the one who messed up the game. Jason just found out hes in the clear. Jason now feels secure that the HG are not talking about him. Josh is called to the DR. Dominique goes into the storage room while Josh is talking but Josh continues to not hide his conversation. Jason was timid but learned that when Dominique’s “me too,: Jason is double secured he ok come eviction night. Kevin & Mark is talking about how huge is BB. Mark tells Kevin that he trust Paul. Mark wants to play the game not be in an intense hostile living situation. Kevin is concerned about Jessica being crazy. Mark tells Kevin, Jessica brought that tension on herself. Jessica returns from the DR & heads outside. Jessica gets in the pool & chats with Elena. Jessica & Elena laugh together with no tension, & all smiles. Cody joins in every now & then.
4:00 PM BBT Kevin and Mark are in BY talking about how being in the house can cause people to go stir crazy and it makes others want to start drama. Kevin says that is why they are made to get up so early. They then talk about how old Mark’s grandparents are and when his grandfather went into the military. They then talk about how much Paul knows about the world, geography wise. Paul then comes outside and Kevin tells him that they were just talking about him. They start asking where certain countries are. They ask about Montenegro. They believe it is in the Caribbean. Paul then talks about Florence, Italy. Says that is where he had the best pizza. He talks about secret bakeries, people making foods from scratch, architecture, and the women. Paul says that Italian women are wonderful. Matt and Dom are in the SR talking about the next HOH. She says that she wants Ramses out because he is sowing seeds of deception, but she thinks that it is best to get Jess out for. She says that Jess is stronger physically and she is more social than Ramses. Dom says that Jess burned bridges, but that she does not know if she can repair them or not. She does not want Jess to get the chance to try. Matt agrees. She brings peppers out to Raven in the kitchen to see if they are usable, Raven cuts into them and sees mold and says no. The camera switches to the pool, where Cody and Jess are. They are talking low, too low to hear. Paul can be heard in the background talking. Jess and Cody speak up a bit. They are talking about places in Florida. She says it rains five times a day, but lasts about 10 minutes. Jason come out and gets in the pool. Jess and Cody drop their voices and continue to talk in low voices.
4:15 PM BBT I the BY in a corner, Kevin, Mark, Alex and Elena are listening to Paul talking about different countries. Paul is talking about Barcelona. Paul talks about going to places and not making plans, Alex says that she does not want to be on an itinerary when she travels. That there are places she says she wants to see, but that she does not make a schedule. Elena says that someone is in the kitchen making a cake for Dom’s birthday. Ramses comes out to join them. Paul has left. Matt is playing pool. Cody and Jess stare at the people in the corner. Elena starts to yawn and asks why they get them up so early. Kevin replies that he doesn’t know. Elena says that she is on the losing side of 25 and informs Ramses that he is on the winning side of 25. Elena says there is a song stuck in her head, Kevin says he cannot sing without being told to stop. Says that he is trying not to sing, but he cannot help. Rases says that he lived in the Dominican Republic. Elena asks Ramses if people say they won’t visit him because he lives in Michigan. He says yes. She says don’t worry no one wants to visit Raven in Arkansas and Matt in D.C. either.
4:30 PM BBT Matt and Josh are playing pool in the BY. Feeds cut out. When they come back, Josh and Matt are still playing pool and Josh is humming. Someone tells Ramses to please stop singing and he says ok. Ramses is looking into a pair of sunglasses and Elena asks Ramses how he looks, He says ugly and speculates on how they look on TV. Kevin has a yogurt and Elena asks him if there are any ants in what he is eating. Kevin says it is sealed. Mark comes back out, and Elena asks if he ate. He says yes and she asks for help up if she is not too heavy. He said he never said that. Elena says he implied that earlier. Mark asks for specifics and she gives no clear time when he said that. They are now talking about words and phrases and someone said something that has Elena asking if they think she is dumb. Mark says no. Ramses informs Elena that there is bee near her towel. Someone comes over the speaker to ask Alex, please no sleeping and do not make them ask again. In the kitchen, Paul is slicing potatoes into french fries. He tells someone to bring him oil, but not olive oil because he heard they set their kitchen on fire. Someone asks what about peanut oil. Paul says he never cooked with it, but who care. Raven says it is good for you and Paul jokingly says, “Who wants healthy?” They are talking about food that they are going to make for Dom’s birthday. Paul is looking into the camera as if he is on a cooking show teaching people to make “friendship fries.” Someone says that Paul is weird. Dom says that she is weird and that is how she got on the show. Paul is mad about the ants.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Monday, July 10th

4:45 PM BBT Elena come into the kitchen with Paul, Raven, Alex, and Dom. Paul is complaining about having bakes instead of fries because of no vegetable oil. Camera switches to the Apple Room. Jason come in and Alex is now talking to the cameras. Giving some sort of advice. Jason says maybe she should give the girl version and he should do the rebuttal. The advice seems to be about getting over someone you have broken up with. Out in the BY, Ramses is helping Kevin up and camera switches the kitchen. Elena is talking about a conversation with someone about how Jess would do when Cody leaves the game. Elena says that everyone wants to know that. Paul says he went up to someone and said. “Thanks for understanding this is a TV show.” The talk turns back to cooking when Ramses comes in. Paul is singing. He yells that he is singing his own music so don’t yell at him. He then turns to the camera to continue his cooking show. He calls the show “Cooking Friendship with Paul” Paul leaves and goes up to the HOH. Dom is wiping down counters and Raven is prepping food. Meanwhile, in the Apple Room, Ramses has joined Alex and Jason. Alex is saying something about a date had vomited in the popcorn. She says that date didn’t go anywhere. She says another date took her to see one of the Paranormal Activity movies and she looked over to see that the date was more terrified than she was. She said that went nowhere. She asked if they have had any bad dates. Ramses says no. The camera goes to the kitchen, where Elena is talking about Christmas coming back with a light blue cast. The camera switches back to the Apple room. She is talking about someone having a gun and pizza delivery.
5:00 PM BBT In the kitchen, Raven, Elena, are prepping. Dom is cleaning and Paul returns and asks what Elena is doing. She replies, testing quality assurance. Paul is putting a lime in a beer and tells Elena that she needs to learn to drink real beer. Elena says taco and friendship fries is what is for dinner. Paul says that he feels like the fat kid from the movie “Matilda” Raven is making a dessert. Camera switches to outside, where Jess and Cody are getting out of the pool and putting their toad suits back on. Cody is told to exchange his microphone with one in the storage room. He hops in that direction with Jess skipping right behind him. He goes into the SR alone and switches out the microphone. In the kitchen, Jess is washing something and tells Dom that she should not be cleaning as it her birthday. Jess asks if Paul is making friendship fries. He says yes and she says last time she did not get any. Cody hops in and makes him some slop. Paul says something and Elena asks what show that is from. He replies Spongebob Squarepants. He says that is his favorite show. Jess grabs Raven’s butt and surprises her. Paul then continues his cooking show. Paul helps Raven figure out how to cover the dessert she made. Camera switches to the Apple Room, Kevin has joined Jason, Alex, and Ramses. They are talking about clothes that Alex wears.
5:15 PM BBT In the BY, Mark and Matt are playing pool. Matt says that even if the get Jess and Ramses out, they still need to make sure there are 10 people in the house before they worry about jury. They are speculating whether there will be a Battle Back and if it will be before or after jury. Either way, they need to make sure that they are still in the house. Dom comes out and they talk about the game they are playing. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Cody is still preparing slop. Paul has found vegetable oil and remarks that now he can fry them instead of baking them. He is talking to the cameras about marinating the oil. He does not know if that is good for you, but he remarks that we are all going to die one day. Jess asks Paul who is talking to. He says he is putting on a cooking show and Jess asks if they are on TV. Cody and Paul are talking about the way he is making slop. Cody says the camera is on them and Paul jokingly says “F**k you Cody” and Cody laughs. There is a bunch of talking all at once, but Paul can be seen placing his fries into the oil. Matt is now in the kitchen, and Elena has gone out to the Y with Mark. Paul is worried about burning Cody while both are cooking. Kein comes n to the kitchen. Jessica is on the lily pad dancing around. Paul asks Kevin if he is ready for fries. Paul tells Cody about Kevin putting some salt and vinegar chips in his mouth not knowing what they were and that he made an awful face. Kevin requests a batch of just plain fries. Paul goes to put more potatoes in the pot and asks Cody to please step back.
5:30 PM BBT In the kitchen is Cody, Jess, Paul, Raven, Matt, and Kevin. Everyone is moving about helping to make dinner or making slop. Jess is washing dishes. Paul says that he would normally make the fries a spicy lime, but he does not think that the lime will mix with the cheese they plan on putting on the fries. Paul tastes the slop that Cody made and says that it tastes just like oatmeal. Cody says that is because he asked that they not put soy in it. Paul gives Kevin his fries and asks hi how they are. Kevin says delicious. Out in the BY, Mark and Elena are in the hammock. Mark snuggles up to Elena and is laying on her chest. Elena says that she cannot breathe. Mark says that he smells fries out there. Elena says that she cut onions for Paul’s fries. She is wanting to pop Mark’s pimples, and he is saying no. She is getting aggravated that he won’t let her. Back in the kitchen, Jess and Cody are sitting on the lily pad eating their slop. They are whispering into each others ears. Matt asks Paul how many people said no to coming back a second time, Paul is comparing the cast from last year to this year He uses the example of last year that Bridget made cookies and the girls would tell her that they loved the cookies and as soon as Bridget would leave the kitchen, they would put the cookies in the trash and laugh.
5:45 PM BBT Paul is still making french fries and Matt and Raven are talking quietly at the counter, while Jess and Cody are still eating their slop while on the lily pad. Paul asks for more paper towels. Raven makes a sarcastic remark that they are up Paul’s butt, however, she says that there are some under the sink she thinks. She looks and of course they are there, In the Apple Room are Josh, Jason, Kevin, Alex, Ramses, and Dom. Someone says that they are waiting for Paul’s fries. Josh is talking about living in Pennsylvania and the camera switches back to the kitchen. Raven kicked her leg in the air. Paul is still making fries. Jess is now washing more dishes. Cody is in the fridge. Paul tells Cody and Jess that sometimes they can get other food to eat with their slop. Like if a competition has a theme, they use that. He tells of last year at one time there was garlic bread and beans, Some beans were bacon flavored beans. Jess asks where is that stuff when they need it. Elena comes back in and says Yay. Production says no napping. Elena talks to Josh, Jason, Dominique, Alex and Ramses in the Apple Room about getting in the pool. Elena then goes into the kitchen with Jason to get a snack while the rest of the group stays in the Apple Room.
6:00 PM BBT Alex tells the HG’s in the Apple Room about falling off and getting bucked off horses when she used to do horseback riding. The conversation then turns to animal allergies and pets. Josh says his family has a poodle, maltese, and mutt as pets. In the Kitchen Paul is finishing up his cooking while Raven and Elena observe. Josh tells Alex in the Apple Room about his father’s pet birds that live in their yard while Dominique and Ramses silently relax on the couch. Cam 3 and 4 switch to the BY where Jessica and Cody are cuddling in the pool while Matt works out. FEEDS DOWN. Feeds return to HG’s besides Cody hugging Christmas in the Living Room and telling her good luck on her surgery. It appears Christmas has just returned from a Dr.’s appointment and learned that she needs surgery.
6:15 PM BBT Christmas and Jessica go into HN room to have private conversation. Jessica is explaining to Christmas why she had to campaign against her and that she has always liked Christmas as a person and has been concerned with her injury. She is hurt by how Christmas has been treating her since Cody put Christmas on the block. Christmas says Jessica has never been her target and she has misunderstood Christmas’ anger towards Cody as being directed at Jessica. Jessica ended up appearing guilty by association to the rest of the house because she is in a relationship with Cody. The rest of the HG’s are all in the kitchen eating Paul’s cheese fries he cooked. Christmas and Jessica are replaying each conversation they have had over the past few days and talking about how they each have been hurt and felt personally attacked by the other. Christmas says she feels for Jessica since Cody will most likely go home on Thursday and Jessica will be alone. They both agree that there was some miscommunication and misunderstandings between them. Christmas starts to push Jessica about the words she used to the rest of the house when describing their conversations for clarity.
6:30 PM BBT Jessica says since Cody is leaving this week and Jessica is most likely leaving next week she does not need any more stress and she just wants to drop their feud and move forward. She wishes Christmas good luck with her surgery. Christmas promises to be more aware of her words and actions towards Jessica. They both apologize to each other. Cam 3 and 4 are on Matt and Raven in the bathroom. Matt is comforting Raven as she is crying about her nervousness about Christmas going through surgery. Jessica and Christmas end their conversation on a good note and hug it out. Cam 1 and 2 switch to Living Room where Christmas tells Ramses about her MRI and XRAY that were done today. Ramses tells her what a bad ass she is to go through the injury and now surgery and refuse to leave the game. Cam 3 and 4 switches to the backyard where Jessica rejoins Cody in the pool and tells him about her conversation with Christmas. Cam 1 and 2 shows the Kitchen where Christmas, Ramses, Alex, Josh, Paul, Dominique, and Jason are talking. Cam 1 and 2 switch to bathroom where Paul is telling Matt, Raven, Elena and Mark about the different things that Cody has done that he feels are “not chill” such as making negative comments about transgender people. Matt says it is crazy how badly they all misjudged him by thinking that he was a nice, respectful, military guy rather than the ass he truly is. They are angry about a rude comment Cody made after learning about Christmas needing surgery. They say that comment was icing on the cake to ensure that they feel no guilt about voting Cody out on Thursday. Mark is pissed about what he felt was fake behavior from Jessica when Christmas came back from her Dr.’s appointment.
6:45 PM BBT Kevin comes in and talks about the pool tournament they are planning for tonight. Cam 3 and 4 switch back to Cody and Jessica in the pool talking about Christmas having surgery. Cody thinks it’s unfair that Christmas is being allowed to go out of the house so many times due to her injury. Elena is teasing Mark in the Bathroom about him not eating a cookie that she brought him. She tells him that in Texas if you refuse food from someone it is a personal insult. Jessica calls out to Production from the hot tub asking them to please make the hot tub hotter. Mark tells Matt and Raven that there is a trend in his life that he ends up fighting over food a lot with the girls in his life. Matt talks about the live eviction where he was worried he would accidentally say the wrong name when voting to evict. Jessica is telling Cody about her DR session. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSION WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS. Jessica calls to BB, since you’re listening to us, can you turn up the temperature on the hot tub? Matt wonders what Christmas did to Jessica to cause her to be so rude, and Raven responds that she has done nothing to deserve it. Christmas comes into the Bathroom and talks to Raven and Matt about her surgery and the severity of the break in her foot.
7:00 PM BBT Christmas tells Matt and Raven that she will refuse to receive any pity votes from any of the HG’s due to her injury. Matt asks about the conversation between Christmas and Jessica and Christmas says they have agreed to be cordial. The camera stays focused on Matt and Raven in the Bathroom, however, Jason can be heard in the other room saying he feels like this is the one time he should get a hall pass so he can help Christmas in the shower. Jessica and Cody are talking about their relationship outside of the house and how they would each react to cheating. Jessica tells a story about being cheated on by an ex boyfriend. Cam 1 and 2 switch to Paul on the hammock for a minute, then back to the Kitchen where Jason, Ramses and Alex are talking. Cam 3 and 4 switch to BY where Josh and Mark are setting up a game on the pool table. They are using towels to level out the table. Matt and Raven go into the Kitchen and start cooking. Ramses joins Kevin and Mark outside and starts asking questions about the rules of the game they are playing on the pool table.
7:15 PM BBT Cam 1 and 2 show Jason eating on his lily pad on the floor. Cam 3 and 4 show Dominique and Alex talking in the HOH room about Jessica. Dominique says it is important that they all think about the brand they are building for themselves while in the house. They talk about the potential that Josh has to go further in the game but he is a big baby and needs to grow up. Kevin remarks to Ramses and Mark in the BY that Raven is so sweet and cooks for everyone. Ramses agrees and says Raven is bae. Elena comes out of the HOH bathroom and joins Dominique and Alex. They start talking about production and get a warning from BB. Dominique talks about how impressed she is by Paul and how smart he is. She says they think about things very similarly. Dominique comments that she doesn’t care about the game because she was sent to the house by God and she will only do what God tells her to do. Alex comments that Paul is really good at game play, but he is playing a shifty game similar to Megan. They talk about Ramses lying to everyone and following them all around and ear hustling aka eavesdropping on the other HG’s by pretending to sleep in the same room where they are talking.
7:30 PM BBT Dominique speculates about what could happen next week after Cody goes home. They talk about whether or not Cody threw the POV competition that Alex won. Alex mentions that Jessica was jealous of her and Cody even though she had no interest in him at all. Elena says she had friendships in the house where she had their back but did not go around trying to make alliances with everyone. She said it’s better to wait a couple weeks so you can see people’s true colors before working with them. For example, she thought Cody was a stand-up guy initially and now she realizes she was wrong. Alex says if Cody had watched the show before, he would have known not to behave the way he has been and Elena agrees. On Cam 1 and 2 Jason is talking to Kevin and Ramses in the HN room about the next competition and the strategy they would use to win. They talk about what they will ask for if they get HOH. Jason says he hopes to get a 6-pack of beer and drink them all at once. Elena tells Dominique and Alex that her goal is to make it to jury because without doing so she will not be able to financially survive outside of the house without that money. Jason tells Kevin and Ramses that if he is HOH and no one volunteers to be a have not he will draw names to try and keep it fair.
7:45 PM BBT Alex is replaying the events last week when she was on the block and playing for POV. Alex still doesn’t understand why Cody decided to put up Paul and she thought everyone else in the house was in on it. Dominique and Elena tell her none of them had any idea what he was going to do. The three of them talk about whether or not Jessica knew what Cody was going to do ahead of time. Christmas and Paul join Dominique, Elena, and Alex in the HOH room. Christmas tells them about what she was told by the Dr. about her surgery. She says she will go into surgery at 3:30pm and will be done 7:30pm-9:30pm and will have to stay the night in the hospital. Cams all switch to BY where Josh, Kevin, Mark and Ramses are playing pool. Christmas tells Elena, Paul, Alex, and Dominique about her conversation with Jessica earlier. Christmas tells the HG’s that she provided Jessica with “big sister” advice on how she should play the game moving forward. She told her that if Jessica is with Cody then she is against the rest of the house.
8:00 PM BBT Christmas is telling the Dominique, Elena, Paul, and Alex about how she tried to Jessica, but Jessica still won’t admit she lied on her. Alex says that she leaves her room when Jessica comes in because she’s mean and talks about other people. Elena said she wanted to take a dip in the hottub. She said when she went out there Jessica and Cody were in the tub. But Jessica left to leave them alone. She says that she feels like they separated themselves from the others in the house. She says that she told Cody that she was once close to him in the house but he pushed her away. Elena says that he tried to play the emotional card with her. Saying that he doesn’t want the house to be mean to Jessica, but he selfishly hopes that Jessica gets voted out next. Elena says that she noticed that Jessica is trying to be nicer to people. Dominique says that Elena gave Jessica a game plan. Dominique says that Jessica told her that she knows Cody time is limited. Alex says that Jessica extensions are shedding. Elena says Jessica isn’t comfortable with herself. Alex says that she’s, Jessica< is stuck in her ways.
8:15 PM BBT Dominique says that she told Jessica that she needs to take care of herself better. Alex says that she thought that Ramses had won the veto. But at the same time she felt like Paul took less than five minutes. Alex says that Cody came to her and asked her to be nice to Jessica. She says that she told him that it would be awkward talking to her. She says that he told her that he understands that because Alex isn’t a girly girl like Jessica so they wouldn’t have much to talk about. Alex says that they do everything together. Dominique says that they were feeding each other. Elena says that it was crazy that she was jumping and kissing on Cody. Dominique says that it looked like the girls made a pact to go after the guys that would dominate in the game so that they would have safety. Paul comes into the room and asks what he missed. Christmas says that Jessica told her she was a threat because she was a mean girl. The camera switches to the hot tub where Cody is in Jessica face. Back in the room Christmas says that she tried her best. But she refuses to see that she lied to her about a lot of things.

8:30 PM BBT Paul says that it was a pointless conversation. Christmas says that it’s pointless and that she was just trying to cover her tracks. Paul tells Christmas and Alex that they need to drop bombs on Cody. Alex says that if Mark wins the next hoh he might go after Jason. Paul says that he feels like Rameses won the 25k. He says it’s not possible for Josh to have won it because he would have told someone. Paul says that he thinks that the next hoh comp will be endurance. Paul tells them about one of the endurance comps from last year. Paul says that James loss the game to Nicole. Paul says that when James could no longer hold one, he tried to make a deal. Christmas says that when she came out the room Jason ran up to her and asked her if she got it. Paul tells Christmas that it must be something about her that makes Cody feel inferior.
8:45 PM BBT Dominique says what is gonna happen if Jessica wins hoh. Dominique says that Christmas and Alex are at the top of her list. Alex says that she might even throw the comp Christmas says that Jessica says that this is the lowest point of her life. Christmas says that Jessica lets her boob hang out because she wants to be the hot frog. Dominique said before everything happened Jessica was looking for the popular people. Christmas says that Jessica has a problem with her because she has more confidence than her. Kevin comes in and tells them that there are goodies in the storage room. In the storage room a bunch of towels, shirts, and cups have been left for everybody. Kevin tells them that they have to leave stuff for Cody and Jessica. Christmas hops to the bathroom. Dominique waits outside.
9:00 PM BBT outside in the backyard Mark has just finished playing a game of pool. Jason sets up the pool table to play a game with Matthew. Mark is lifting weights at the bench. Alex says that Mark is lying about not being able to play pool. In the kitchen Dominique, Alex, Christmas, and Raven are making their tacos. Matthew comes in to use the bathroom. Matthew asks Dominique where they are in the house. Dominique says that they are upstairs trying to figure out what is going on with Jessica. Dominique tells Matthew that Jessica won’t admit she lied about coming after Christmas. Dominique also tells him about Cody campaigning for the house to be nice to Jessica and give her a chance.
9:15 PM BBT Alex tells Matthew about her theory of Ramses winning the 25k. She says that if Josh won it he would have made a big deal out of it by now. Mark says that you can only be hoh for a week. Alex says that he could always win veto. Alex is saying that they haven’t had one twist since Paul. Alex tells Matthew about what Cody said about her not being girly enough for Jessica. Alex says that she thought the trip was fake,
9:30 PM BBT Matthew is in the kitchen getting ready to make some food. The camera changes to Jessica. She takes off her costume so that she can shower. Outside the others, excluding Cody, Jessica, and Matthew, are sitting around the pool table. Jason is standing on the lilly pad watching the game. Josh tells Mark that he beat him at pool 3 days in a row. BB asks for Josh to stop singing. Josh is yelling. He is upset that Mark beat him at Pool. Paul makes a joke about a joke he had with Corey last season.
9:45 PM BBT he tells them that Nicole was upset with them because she thought it was a big secret. But really it was an inside joke about Corey’s job. Josh is talking junk while playing Jason at pool. Josh says that he will stop talking junk so that he can focus on winning the game. Paul tells Josh that he is screwed. They are trying to coach Josh about what balls to go after. Josh begins to yell at Kevin for helping Jason at the pool game. Josh tells Mark that he doesn’t want him around as he plays the game. Jason says that everyone is voting for him because Josh is a beast at pool.
10:00 PM BBT Back Yard wild night of pool. Josh shooting against Cowboy Kevin being the coach. Cowboy almost won but biffed it. Kevin tells Jason to get ready. Meatball what are you going to do? asks Josh. Pal says winner has to call their shots. Kevin going to play against Paul. Kevin scratches on break. Kevin still giving coaching even against Paul. Too bad Josh isn’t seeing this as he is in the house Kevins says. Kitchen Raven and Matt wrestling around Raven says come here and Jessica says that he did already (they all laugh). Raven shorting when she laughs. You like it rough to Matt. Elena is asked if she is wearing a bra by Matt and he reminds of what happened yesterday. Now she will be someone screensaver. BY Josh goes back outside and asks right away he Paul is loosing now? Christmas Ramses Dom Elena all sitting on lounge eating cookies. Christmas says she was going to eat healthy but will keep eating this stuff. Raven asks Josh how many times a day he poops and Josh says every day and she says man that is too much. Kevin gettin Christmas’ laundry for here so she can fold them. He even sets up the jump box for her to use.
10:15 PM BBT Backyard Raven says she is going to vomit as she ate too many cookies. BB Josh please exchange your Mic with one from SR. Elena said that she wished she was small enough so she could wear the close that Christmas brought but cannot wear after surgery. Christmas tells them about how her foot is broken and the ligament is going to have to be replaced 4 months after they pin the bones. Kitchen Alena said to Ramses that she is going to do a poop and vomit. Talking about projectile out of her Asshole and Jessica asks if she wants them to hold her hair. Talking about pooping pants. BY Josh says he is not trying to be “coach Carter” but if you tap it it will go in. Mark Kevin and Paul talking about playing Chess in the morning. BR Jessica yells out I heard you fart then goes on to tell about last night Cody and Cowboy both farted last night and she was the only girl in the room. Jessica ask who is winning the tournament and Cowboy says Josh is. BR Kevin goes into the BR and ask if someone just went into the Men’s room and Jessica tells him no even those Matt just went in. Raven says don’t sass me that is my job. RAven tells Matt that she hit her arm and Matt says damn girl stop. BB Jessica please go to DR. Cody eating a bowl of food and sharing with Jessica and she asks are going to eat all of that and he says “if there is food in front of me I am going to eat it”. BY Ramses now playing pool against Josh. Christmas and Kevin sitting on lounge doing laundry. Ramses says this is such a boring game.Coach Kevin tells Ramses to take his time. Josh and Paul start talking Spanish cuss word to eat other. Paul asked if you took Josh into a pool hall in NY what would happened and Kevin says if he came in by himself he would be beaten but if he walked in with him (Kevin ) he would be ok. 10:30 PM BBT

10:30 PM BBT Back Yard Paul ready to do exercise and Kevin helps move the Jump box. Paul say he would give him 100.00 dollars if he makes this shot and Ramses misses and Paul says you owe me 200.00 now. Paul says he didn’t call the winning shot so he loses and Paul and Josh gets into again lol. Josh and Paul are playing and Ramses plays back by saying Josh lost because he didn’t call the last shot. Josh now changing the rules. Ramses talking with Cowboy in the spa and says that they spa looks like and smells like bleach. Alex ask BB to turn up the jacuzzi hatter for them please. Cowboy says that he was trying to people clapping but it was awkward like when you are in church and Alex just laughs. She says she is not going to be able to concentrate on comp as she will be thinking about Cody going home. Alex Yeh Yeh Yeh to Cowboy says did he trail off and she says yeah . Kevin comes over and talks about the pool game and how Josh is taking the game too seriously. Kevin says how Ramses goes to DR and says my underwear are missing. Alex said to Cowboy that she really wanted to win the 25K and he says he did too. Cowboy asks her if she wanted to go to Cambodia and she says that it depends on how much she gets from show. Depends if she gets enough to pay her taxes after show. Alex whispers to Cowboy that Jessica says that if we keep Cody here we can make a plan to get the girls to help Better guarantee me that this will work. Cowboy says that she is a tyrant about Jessica. He says that we cannot believe what they are telling them. Alex said we can use her Birth control to count the days. Cowboy asks when he had to put the Toad costume on. And Kevin tells him if was Thursday.
10:45 PM BBT BY Spa Kevin and Alex and Cowboy talk about what happened and about the Apple game and that Paul says that he Kevin already made more than anyone else has. Pool table Matt and Paul playing now. Spa Kevin and Alex and Cowboy, Kevin talking about the girls always have to put on makeup before coming outside. Alex says Paul is listening as he has good hearing. Kevin says that He doesn’t care what Paul thinks about him. Alex said she sees Paul listening in to there conversation. Kevin says who are you going to vote for next week to Paul. Says it is a good this that they have knuckleheads like Ramses and Josh in here to pull attention away. Kevin is talking about the BuyBack coming up Watch out for Cody coming back in the buyback. Says that Cody will just go back to Iowa when he gets out and won’t come back. Paul comes over and tells this it all depends on if it is before or after Jury house as to what will have a buyback week and when. Paul says that Cody and Jessica have been most likely been ffing in there and would not touch that room. Bath Room Jessica and Cody as Cody gets out of shower and swipering .
11:00 PM BBT Bath room Jessica asks Cody if he is planning on doing any campaigning or not he says no but if it would have Josh up against him then he would have. BB tells Raven and Matt to stop that as they are scared after what happened to Christmas being picked up. Backyard pool tournament is now Mark against Kevin. Paul teaching Matt fighting moves. Raven teases about Christmas getting dropped after BB tells her and Matt to stop. BB Jessica stop signing. Mark wins but then they see he scratched instead. Nw Mark and Matt play to see who plays the champ Kevin in finals. Raven says to Matt that he is not getting anything and he says yeah sure Raven asks Kevin if he has a Chess shirt too? Elena and Raven talk about what they are going to make for dinner tomorrow night and it wil lbe chicken parmigiana . BR Cody getting dressed under towel and Jessica asks if he needs help with the towel. Jessica says she wants food but it is just a mental thing… Cody tells Elena to tell Mark the razor is on top of the mirror. Mark come into kitchen and says he is ready for a show and go to bed. Elena says she has to brush teeth and take meds. And then brush her hair and Marks asks if she wants him to brush it for her.
11:15 PM BBT HN Cody spraying Fabreeze but says it is suppose to get rid of the smell from smelly dogs but it is not getting rid of his smell. Jessica tells him to spray it on his own butt to get rid of his stink. BB Jessica please go to DR Jessica says she is currently naked and asks for her silky panties. Cody make out with Jessica then tells her to go to DR so that he can go to DR afterwards. SHe wants her silky panties and Cody lifts up a pair of Spanks and says are these it and she laughs and asks if he even know what he is looking for. Cody is just going to chill on the f in lilypad till she gets back. Jessica says romance has gone out the windows when they get out of this house Cody is going to have to cork his butt as he keeps farting over and over. She goes to DR room. Kitchen MArk and Elena talking about her being worried about her and she says no she is worried about his future sexual partners. Elena asks if Mark is letting Cody back into the group he says no. We Elena says will see him in the finally . Kevin wins the pool tournament. Mark congratulates Kevin on win. Ramses asks Elena if her name is Alena or Elena she says that she was on BB 19 and the talk goes to erect penis. Mark says so what would tell someone that wants to go on a future BB and says don’t do dumb stuff but if you have a lot of sex in BB house this it is good if the opportunity come up. Ramses says he blacked out and just woke up. Matt is having BB Slop and Ramses asked what he put in it and Matt says protein powder cinnamon and splenda and Ramses asks why not sugar Matt says zero calories. Is why. BR Matt and Raven talking about Don like the ballet class for earlier. She Raven could teach him and he said no way he could do Raven jumps on Matts back.
11:30 PM BBT BR BB says Raven stop that or was it Paul that said that. Raven says what is wrong with me why can’t I speak and Matt says because. Raven asks Matt what he wants when he is off slop and he said not from you if you are cooking. She says that is blasphemy for a southern girl not to cook for her man. Elena come into BR and Matt ask her Elena about if that than antenna of a nip showing. She says that she cannot wear a bra all the time. Raven says that if it feels good do it from a good christian girl lol. Raven says that hot tub looks disgusting and if she went in it she would get pregnant from it. She will not go it it. Matt says he doesn’t care if anyone see his downstair.. Or the upstairs mix up.. Kitchen Christmas Alex Ramses looking at the pie on stove as Raven cuts it. Christmas is asked what she is doing she is making a pizza. Raven asks what she wants for after her surgery Christmas says Chicken parm from Raven. Christmas says she was told that the pain will be intense the first few days then get better real quick. This is a diet 6 cookies and a piece of pizza. Matt kisses Raven good night. Christmas says she would wished she could go bed like Mat but he is going to bed because he cannot have anything but BB slop. SR Mark and Elena getting snacks and Elena asks what are they going to do about her PMSing .
11:45 PM BBT Kitchen everyone coming in for pizza. BB Paul please put on your microphone. Christmas said she had her pre op exam today blood work and pee in cup. BY Paul lifting weights and Mark and Josh spotting for him. Elena stands between Paul’s legs and says it is a great view. Dom running around yard 45 laps so far. Kitchen Alex and Christmas talking about songs. Did you watch.. My brain is mush Alex says. HN Matt asks Jessica what time she wants him to fart as Her and Cody get the spike bed ready. BB Paul please put on your mic. BB real loud Paul and Dom PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONES. BY Paul and Dom talking about rudeness from earlier fight. Ramses teases about putting on Mic’s. Paul tells Ramses he is going to lead next week’s workouts


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