Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, September 8th

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12:00AM BBT – In the Rose room, Josh and Paul are laying down having a little casual talk about life after the show. Josh tells Paul do you know how heated all these people are that we’ve made it this far? Paul says they played themselves big time. Josh asks Paul what he is thinking and Paul says the end. Josh says two weeks. Josh mentioned that he hopes he made his family proud. Paul tells him that he did. Kevin walks in the Rose room telling Paul and Josh how he found Maven’s condoms. Kevin says they can hide a veto but they can’t hide their condoms. Kevin, Josh and Paul go on to talk about how the audience was initially silently with the walk out last night. They mention the audience was probably shocked. Josh says it is pretty sad that you spend 80 something days for them to just walk out so angry like that. Josh think they will still be mad at them because it is just 2 weeks before the game ends. Paul tries to explain that it will be okay and to stop worrying. Kevin eventually walks out and Paul flicks him off. Paul says if anything the evicted houseguest probably hate him now Josh asks why and he says because he played more serious. In the Green room Kevin and Christmas are talking. Kevin tells her you actually get your own bed now. CHristmas says she doesn’t mean to be distant but Kevin says he understands that and knows Alex is going. She tells him he looked really sharp tonight and goes back to the Rose room to join the boys. Back in the Rose room, Christmas is lays down next to Paul. Josh says they have dominated for the past month and a half. Josh says this is unreal. Paul talks about worst case scenario Alex pulls herself off and Christmas says they have to put her up then. Paul says he feels bad asking her to do that.
12:15AM BBT Josh, Raven and Paul talk about scenarios of what happens if Alex wins the veto. Josh says he doesn’t think she will win. Josh says regardless one of them are going home. Christmas say it doesn’t matter who goes home because they rule the house now. Josh asks Paul what he is thinking. Paul says who should be the replacement nomination is Alex wins. He continues thinking and says he actually doesn’t want to think about it right now. Josh tells them just to think about it. Christmas says it is fine just put her up. Paul says it doesn’t matter because they will win the veto. Josh says this i crazy because he thought he was going hom week one. Paul says in the beginning he literally came to him asking why he was so paranoid. In the beginning Paul says Christmas was the most intimidating person. Josh agrees that she was a dominate woman. Christmas said she thought she was chill. Paul says he knew about 6 of the houseguest have been gunning for him and there was a pecking order to get them out. Christmas says she told Kevin that Josh didn’t know that she was supposed to take HOH. They continue whispering but it is hard to make out what is being said. Paul opens Christmas drawer to find her goodies stashed. They have some sine candy and Paul leaves to changes. Christmas asks if he is done freaking out and he says yes. Christmas says they need to study and he agrees. Josh mentions he can’t tonight and he is going to drink and go to sleep. Christmas says Josh is guaranteed 4 and Josh says so is she. They both dance around in the bed. Talk turns to Raven and how they got into it. She said Raven was all over her saying she had he back. Christmas says that she told her to back off and it wasn’t about her for a moment. Christmas says she snapped. Josh says every time a fight goes down she blacks out. Christmas says Josh had a good speech. Josh says Raven was trying to get him out eventually to (at 5).
12:30AM BBT Christmas and Josh continue talking and Christmas says that she does feel bad that She snapped on Raven so much. Christmas says the only reason she went of is because Raven was getting on her nerves for the last time. Christmas says when she kept coming up to her she went off. In the Apple room Paul is talking to the camera saying he can’t mess up next week and he has to win. He leaves the apple room and goes back into the Rose room. Kevin asks Paul what he has on as Paul passes him. Back in the Rose room, Josh says he had to tell himself it was just a game. Josh says it was back to back cold shoulders. Josh talk about how surprise he is that he is still there. Josh says he thought he was going to be a pawn all season. Paul tells him remember when I put you up I pulled you off the block. Josh says he knows and he trusts him. Josh goes back to feeling bad for Jason. Paul tried to get him to understand that everything will be okay. Kevin says he cleaned the bathroom and it look really nice. They all agree that it was all Raven’s junk and it will be a lot nicer since she has left. Josh says you guys want to know something funny. It is hard to hear what they are saying but Kevin says him and Josh slept together the first 4 nights.
12:45AM BBT Christmas, Josh, Paul and Kevin are still talking in the Rose room. Kevin asks about his speech and if he mentioned certain things. They say he did and Christmas say his speech was nice. They talk about the DR schedule and Christmas they are going to DR Josh before he does to his room.Talk turns to Raven and Kevin says she never talked to him and she guesses that is good because she never had a chance to say anything. Christmas says Kevin was the only one that got a hug. Cut to Fish. Feeds return for a second and Cut to Fish again. Feeds return and everyone gathers in the living room as Alex goes through her HOH basket. Alex opens her letter from her sister and reads it to the houseguest. The houseguest clap for her. Alex says she hates popcorn and doesn’t understand why they put it in her basket. Josh says he hopes he gets a goofy letter like Alex’s. Paul put Alex’s drink in the fridge. All the houseguest are still hanging in the living room having casual talk
1:00AM BBT As Alex goes through her stuff with the other houseguest, production calls Josh to the diary room. Alex says no more dried blueberries which was in her basket. Alex says it isn’t even blueberry but blueberry flavoring. They continue to check the ingredients in her HOH basket. Alex says Coca-Cola is good for you. Alex then mentions she didn’t get any pictures. Alex wonders if her HOH letter is a secret message to her. And feeds cut for a minute. Feeds return and BB says Alex please go to the storage room. She comes back with her picture. She has one photo and shows the houseguest. The houseguest continue to have casual chit chat while Josh is still in the DR. In the Apple room, Paul appears to be counting something in his head quietly. It looks like he may be counting the Apples on the wall.
1:15AM BBT Paul is still in the Apple room counting something quietly. Paul does his math over again and doesn’t understand why he is tripping. He seems to not be getting the math right. In the living room, Christmas and Kevin are still lounging looking at Alex’s stuff. Alex heads to the bathroom while Paul continues to count and lounge in the Apple room. Christmas and Kevin grow quiet in the living room and continue to lounge. Kevin asks Christmas if he would have guessed them 5 in the end. Christmas says she didn’t have he thought to think that far. Christmas says she had a rough start.Alex returns and Kevin asks Alex about Paul’s whereabouts. She tells Kevin he is lounging in the Apple room. ALex takes her HOH basket to her room. Christmas asks is she needs help and she says no. ALex says as long as no one eat my cereal. SHe says Cody is a tool. Alex starts to tidy and Christmas says we can actually keep the house clean now. In the Apple room, Paul is still lounging and Kevin sit with him as well. Paul tells Kevin two more weeks and he feels bad that Jason is gone. Paul says jason was a good dude. Kevin leaves and Paul asks if he minds shutting the door. He shuts the door and cameras follow Paul as he counts the Apples on the wall. In the Kitchen, Alex is changing the trash as Christmas appears to be tidying.
1:30AM BBT Christmas sits down to have cereal. Alex and her start to talk about Raven. Alex says the veto is something that Raven needed to win as she continues to clean. Alex says Raven is a sweet girl but she doesn’t think Raven was ever really herself with Matt. Christmas says Matt continued to call Raven and friend but Raven kept thinking they would date outside of the house. Christmas ask Alex if she cleans when she is stressed. Alex says right now there is not that much stress but she is sad. Alex says Raven was driving her nuts with a lack of cleanliness. Paul asks Christmas if Kevin is asleep and she says yes. She says he probably won’t come up to HOH. Alex, Paul and Christmas now go over the remaining house schedule. They continue having casual chit chat about how Paul weight lifted with someone from BB17 prior to being on the show. Talk turns back to Raven and Matt. They question if they would be together after the show. Christmas says she told her (Raven) that she might need to go home and see her mom after the show instead of staying out in LA.
1:45AM BBT Paul, Alex and Christmas continue talking and Paul says Raven told him that Her, Matt and her friend were going to get a house in LA. They talk about how wishy washy her stories are. They discuss how her stories don’t line up with her schooling and business. Paul says that Raven even told her that she plays the piano. They go over a story where Raven pretended to know something that he really doesn’t’ know. Paul says you don’t have to know everything. Feeds cut because Alex starts talking about her ex boyfriend who she is comparing to Raven. Feeds come back but Alex continues to talk about her Ex boyfriend and feeds cut again. Feeds come back and Paul says he was really confused by the actions of Raven.
2:00 AM BBT Feeds are still down .Feeds come back with Christmas talking about people who cut up their pictures so they look totally different than what they are. Alex says she will play with the colors of her pictures. Christmas is telling Josh to hurry up in DR. Alex says she wished they gave her hooker boots to go with her costume. Paul is saying that Jessica is going to book a party for them at some club. Alex says she thinks they should hire a party bus. Paul suggests they hire 2 uber drivers. They are all waiting for Josh to come out so they can see his HOH Room. The conversation is about trips they are going to take after BB. ( 2:11 AM BBT ) Josh comes out of the DR and they all head upstairs. Josh goes right to the pictures saying he looks awful in every picture. Josh gets a letter from his sister. Josh wants to read his letter but Paul and Christmas are still looking at his pictures. He tries to read his letter but Christmas keeps interrupting him.
2:15 AM BBT Josh reads his letter from his sister. Paul is helping himself to treats out of Josh’s basket. Josh is looking at the clothes in his basket. Paul starts singing a song and feeds cut. Kevin is sitting there not talking to anyone. Josh says Raven grabbed his last bag of chips and ate them all. Christmas says she ate all her popcorn. Josh says he is wasted in all the pictures that are there, he doesn’t like any of them. Paul asks questions about Josh’s brother and the feeds cut. Josh says they hooked him up with good music. Josh says he doesn’t like sleeping up here so whoever wants to sleep up here after tonight are welcome to. He says he wants to shower. Paul says isn’t it strange that we get excited over things like cereal. Alex says yes like pack animals.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, September 8th
2:30 AM BBT They are having a general conversation about things in their lives. The conversation goes to Raven and how she would hurt when she rubbed people’s back. Josh is talking about his brother and sister with Alex. Christmas is running her nails over Paul’s back. Kevin is sitting just watching everyone not talking. Alex and Josh are saying now that Raven is gone the stuff they got in their HOH baskets will not be messed up. Paul says we have 12 days left. Paul says to the viewers is it 2 weeks to us it is 12 days, no one else is counting days like us unless they are in prison. There is no conversations going on as all HGS are lost in their own thoughts. Everyone is leaving, on her way out Alex says I have a question for you. Josh tells her they can talk. Paul has been called to DR. Kevin is going to bed. Josh asks if they can let Paul out fast so they can drink a beer. Christmas is trying to figure out the percentage of booze each of them can have drinking the beer. Alex is saying she doesn’t want Kevin to get any of their beer. Alex says this is the first time we can come up here and be ourselves. They are trying to figure out how to work the remote. Kevin is in bed in the Green Room saying his Rosary. They are asking production to allow Paul to come up for 20 minutes to have a beer. Alex wonders if Jason is over being evicted, she also wonders if Raven told him she didn’t know he was the target. Christmas says she thinks Raven is still mad. Josh says at the beginning it was easy to vote people out but now it is hard because you actually like them. They are talking about the HOH Comp which was about BB Comics and past hgs from other seasons. Josh says in 2 weeks we can go to bed and sleep for a week. Alex says she forgot to pay 2 bills so she hopes BB told her ex boyfriend to pay them as she had requested. She says she didn’t know that they could borrow money from BB to take care of things, if she had known she would have asked for 2 weeks. The conversation goes to Josh’s dad who does not speak good english. Josh says he understands it but can’t speak it well. The conversation goes to what they want to do when they get out of the house. Christmas says she had crazy dreams when she comes into the house. Alex says she can’t remember her dreams. Alex says Elena did not try to win comps. Christmas says she tried at first but she also threw a lot of comps. They wonder what Jason is going to say when he walks into the jury house. Josh says Jason is a good man, he says Jason was not used to being around people like us. Alex says she wishes she had more one on one time with him before he left. Alex says if Raven had won the Veto she would of had to put Christmas up because there was no one else. Alex says she can’t feel bad that Raven is gone because she never tried to win Christmas said in her mind she thinks she played a great game. Christmas says she was surprised when Raven found Matt’s veto chip. Christmas says she thinks Matt told her where it was.
3:00 AM BBT The conversation goes to Alex saying she doesn’t know how we competed against football on Thursday night. Alex thinks if there is a Sunday eviction this week that they could Dr us all during the day but they will do it all tonight. Alex says they for sure have to do a Sunday eviction this week . Alex says we didn’t do the ball one the black box veto comps. Christmas says but we did new ones. Josh is asking them to call Kevin next so they can have a beer together. Alex is talking about her sign language class she took. Alex says she was pissed with Raven because she had to get signed off by her dean to take 21 credits and go to school in the summer. She is saying she had to do it so she could walk in the spring. She said her advisor told her that she was setting herself up for failure. She said she got A’s in all the courses. Kevin is in the Green Room by himself. He has turned out the light and crawled into bed. In the HOH Room Alex is still talking about her advisor in college. She says she never cried so much in her life. Alex says one of her friend’s is $80,00 in debt for her education and she isn’t finished yet. Alex says I am tired but want to have a beer without Kevin. Alex is going to get her beer out of the downstairs fridge. Josh has gone with her. Alex is looking at herself in the kitchen mirror saying she looks super curvy in this costume. Kevin walks thru asks her the time. She tells him they are still up waiting for their DRs. Kevin heads back to bed. In the HOH Room Alex is saying they edit the letters so some of them are short. Christmas is saying that she wonders if her Mom is watching her, so they joke around about her mom thinking she is away with her company. Christmas says her dad is an ex biker with old tattoos she hopes they get him for the wrap party. Alex asks if he was with Hells Angels she tells her no.
3:15 AM BBT Alex says it is funny that we are both middle children. Alex says she works hard for stuff but also believes in fate and God. She says if something is going to happen it will. Christmas is saying you have to focus on the positive, not what you can’t have. They are now talking about Raven and Christmas when Jason left. Christmas says Raven grabbed her and started bugging her about having her back. Christmas says she asked her to back off but Raven didn’t so when Raven came back at her Christmas says that is when she lost it she said she told her it wasn’t about her to stop playing the victim. Alex is explaining how she felt when the HOH for the double was played. She said she was having trouble breathing, but she knew she could not let Raven or Kevin win. Christmas says she felt that if Kevin had won he would have put up 2 women and she would have been evicted. Josh says she told me where all her stuff is. Alex thinks she faked being sick today so she could use that for not winning. Josh said he had patience for her as he has been around people who have copied everyone because she wanted to fit in. They all agree that Raven craves attention. Paul has come out of the DR and him and Kevin are talking. Paul is telling Kevin he needs to win the veto. Kevin gets called out for not having his mic on. Paul heads upstairs to the HOH Room. Paul says they just called Kevin to the DR. In the HOH Room Paul tells Josh to chill out or they will come take their beer. They all open a beer cheer each other and say Happy 5. They all chug their beers. Paul is telling them that Kevin is pissed about not sharing her beers. Alex says he can come ask her she will tell him why, she just doesn’t care anymore. Paul says he wants to get a buzz. He says he wants to chug an IPA beer now. They are all in agreement that they have given Kevin so many beers. Paul says this isn’t an IPA but is a pale ale. The feeds go down with Paul telling Josh to stop trying to open the beer he has.
3:30 AM BBT Feeds come back with Paul telling them about last year when he drank a lot of beer and 2 glasses of wine. Alex is saying Josh there is no way the beer hit you yet. He says no I am smiling because I am having a good time. Paul has turned the conversation to a time he was drunk trying to play with his band while drunk. Paul is asking who hasn’t has 2 beer.
3:45 AM BBT Paul says he is trying to keep this party going, the girls are talking about what day their birthdays fall on. Josh says this is my favorite moment in the house Day 80. They cheered Jessica as they felt that her and Cody must be pissed as the 4 people they wanted out are still there. Paul says he can’t believe they hooked up on Day 6 in the house, he was still trying to adjust. The conversation is on general topics. Paul is controlling the conversation about his fan and snapchat. Josh is laughing and talking loudly. Christmas tells him to bring it 2 notches down. Josh is telling Alex to chug her beer. Paul says I am half of you, you weigh what 240 pounds. Christmas and Paul are trying to have a conversation at the same time Alex and Josh are trying so they are yelling over each other. Paul finally brings the conversation back under his control.
4:00 AM BBT Christmas, Josh, Paul and Alex still in the HoH room, sharing beer and stories. Josh says this is the best moment he’s had in the house; they all toast that. Kevin out of DR and into bed. Christmas called to the DR. Josh wants to know why BB is harshing their vibe. Feeds cut to fish.
4:08 AM BBT Feeds back. Christmas gone to DR; Paul, Josh and Alex still talking in the HoH room; Kevin in bed. Paul comments that he hopes Kevin doesn’t come up and join them. Paul says that he should pour some of his beer out for Jason. Josh is still upset about voting him out; Paul says he can make it up to him by going inside his barrel and letting the bull knock him over. They think Christmas has bailed on them; have they forgotten already she got called to the DR? Paul asks Josh if he’s going to sleep up in the HoH room alone. Josh suggests someone can sleep with him. Talk turns to their planned trip to DisneyLand. Paul suggests that people can stay with him after the show, if needed; he has a queen-size bed in the guestroom, and his sister won’t be there so there’s a second one available. Paul says he cried in Christmas’ lap today; he has friends in the rw who have never seen him cry, but the HGs have. Paul says he can’t wait to get stoned with them. Alex says Cheesecake Factory is her fav restaurant and Josh says it’s his too. Josh teaches Alex how to say “I was making fun of you” in Spanish.
4:20 AM BBT Feeds cut to fish briefly as Paul and Josh start singing. Josh asking BB for more alcohol. Paul says this will be the last time they drink together. Paul starts talking about how horrible they’ve been as a cast this year, and that’s why they didn’t get alcohol this year. Paul says last year they didn’t misbehave at all; this year they’ve been horrible. Alex heads into the washroom, complaining that the costume she’s wearing will make it take so long. Josh and Paul talking about drinking once they’re out. Paul tells Josh he misses his girl; if he texts her and doesn’t hear back he’ll be devastated. Paul suggests they play 2 truths and a lie. Paul goes first. His lie was that he skipped out on prom. Paul changes the game to Never Have I Ever.
4:30 AM BBT Paul: “Never have I ever done blow.” Alex and Josh lose a finger. Alex: “Never have I ever had sex with a woman.” Paul and Josh lose a finger. Josh: “Never have I ever had a threesome.”
Paul: “Never have I ever had a car accident that was my fault.” Alex: “Never have I ever been to ultra.” Josh is down to two fingers. Josh: “Never have I ever smoked three blunts in a row.” Alex and Paul each lose another finger. Paul: “Never have I ever had an STD.” Everyone maintains. Alex: “Never have I ever killed an animal.” (Paul supplies the question for Alex because her brain isn’t functioning.) Josh down to one finger due to fishing. Alex screams out “Never have I ever been to Mexico!” putting Josh out of the game. Alex announces she has to pee again and heads off to the WR. Josh tells Paul about taking a girl to the movies he really liked. He went to kiss her and sprayed soda out of his nose. Josh says he hasn’t been with a lot of girls; he speaks to the same girls all the time. Josh says he’s been in 4 relationships. Paul tells a story about meeting ‘a chick’ at Pepperdine. She was a good girl, quiet, goody-two-shoes but he didn’t give a damn, he was just scoping. Every time he’d ask a question in class, she’s answer or add to it. He figured she wanted friendship, so he gave it to her.
4:40 AM BBT Alex back from the WR. Paul still talking about the girl. He says he backed off because he didn’t want to taint her life. She came over to watch a movie at his apartment one night; she ended up naked he told her to put her clothes back on because his roommates were home. She did and then it got strange. Josh breaks in to talk about his college dorm.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, September 8th
4:45 AM BBT Paul talks about how he lived in London, and Josh says that he wishes he had studied abroad. Josh wants Alex to talk about her dating life. Alex says she uses dating sites; she and her ex broke up on a Friday and she was boning someone else on Saturday. Alex says when she’s in a relationship, she’s in 100% though. Josh says that he’s going to know who ‘the one’ is when he meets her. Paul moaning that he played himself with the girl he met just before going into the house. Alex says it’s time for bed, and she goes out to check the time. Josh tells Alex she can’t leave him, she says that they have a job to do tomorrow. Paul comes out of the WR and says he’s going to bed because he’s trashed. First he opens some of Josh’s snacks to eat because he’s got the munchies. Josh says he misses Whistle. Paul asks what they figure Kevin’s doing, Alex says he’s definitely hating her. Josh is worried about them all drinking at the afterparty. Alex sprawled on the HoH bed, Paul says he’s a baked ham right now. Josh asks them not to make him trip out when they smoke together. Josh and Alex called out for obstructing their mics. Paul tells Alex it’s time to go. He wants them to act sober around Kevin.
5:00 AM BBT Alex, Paul and Josh leave the HoH room. Alex announces she needs to pee…again. They reach the kitchen and Paul whispers it’s 5. Alex heads to the WR. Paul heads to the SR and uses mouthwash. Christmas out of DR. Alex tells Christmas the party is over, she’s upset they didn’t save her more beer. Paul is already in bed in the rose room. Alex wants to go to sleep, Christmas wants to rage. Christmas uses mouthwash and spits it all over the bathroom sink to anger Kevin. They make their way to the bedrooms where Alex grabs her blankets and moves to the rose room. Christmas is bugging Paul, and he says not to. Paul tells them Josh went to the DR.
5:10 AM BBT Alex and Paul in bed, Christmas still raging that they partied an hour longer than she did. Christmas getting ready for bed. Josh comes into the RR and admires Alex’s picture of William. Alex announces she has to pee again but will wait. Josh hugs everyone and says he loves them. He turns off the light on his way out, and makes his way to the HoH room.
5:15 AM BBT Josh turns out the light in the HoH room and then makes his way to the WR area to drop off the stuff he brought from downstairs. He has a couple of mouthfuls of snacks and camtalks that he’s top 4 and wishes his family a good night. He strips off his shorts and goes to the WR. All cams on sleeping HG downstairs. Alex heads to the WR, and directly back to bed. Small-talk between Alex and Christmas about Alex being in the RR.
5:30 AM BBT All HGs Sleeping
5:45 AM BBT Josh in the kitchen for a snack; taking a page out of Matt’s book he makes himself a bowl of cereal. He heads to the WR before eating it. He comes out of the stall and notices baby powder on his back. He asks America not to judge him for putting baby powder in his butt. He washes his hands, combs his hair and heads to the kitchen to eat his cereal. After looking at the photo wall, he finishes his cereal and heads to bed. He puts headphones on. He grabs his letter from home and is laughing while he reads it.
6:00 AM BBT – He talks out loud telling people that he misses them. He is talking to his family telling them he hopes he is making them proud. He says if he wins or loses, he tried his best. He says he could read his letter a million times. He says his letter smells like home. He just continues to read his letter with a big smile on his face giggling from time to time. All other HG are in bed asleep. At 6:08 AM BBT – Josh puts his letter back in the envelope, gives it a kiss and rolls over to go to bed saying “Thank You God”.
6:15 AM BBT – 9:00 AM BBT All HG are asleep.
9:13 AM BBT Paul gets up and goes to kitchen, moves around getting a drink. Goes to bathroom. Christmas wakes up and moves around, so does Paul.
9:30 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH
9:47 AM BBT Cams return to the house alight but showing sleeping HGS with their eyes covered. Everything is quiet. Christmas walks through Kevin’s room and he waves, she goes into the Rose room to bed with Paul. BB says HGs must be awake from 10 am to 10 pm. BB is trying to get them up. Paul says WHY.
10:00 AM BBT The houseguests are quiet this morning. All still in bed.Josh is up comes downstairs and goes into the SR to change his battery. He leaves the SR goes past the GR and opens the door to the Rose room peeks in and closes the door says good morning to Kevin and heads back upstairs. BB says it’s time to get up. Josh says you’re trippin’ , Kevin says for what. Josh goes to the bathroom and then back to bed. BB tells Josh the lights must be on during the day. Alex’s eyes are open. Off camera BB tells Josh about the lights he gets up says you’re trippin’ today. Turns them on and BB thanks him. Paul gives a thumbs up to the cameras and then BB makes another wake up call.
10:15 AM BBT Everyone is still in bed. BB is still trying many attempts to wake them up.
10:30 AM BBT HG’s still in bed. Christmas looks over at Paul who has his thumb up in the air. BB says thank you for your cooperation. Paul asks where is Josh. Christmas says she is surprised he was not down there. BB tries again to wake them up and Alex says why? Christmas wonders for what reason do they need to get up. Alex gets up out of bed leaves the Rose room heads into the bathroom. Camera to HOH Josh is still sleeping. Alex washes her hands. Paul and Christmas are awake wondering who else is awake.
10:45 AM BBT Alex heads into the Kitchen. Grabs something to drink and stops to look at the memory wall pictures. Paul gets out of bed. Puts on Trejo. And his shoes, his microphone. Grabs a comb and combs his hair in the mirror. Heads out of the room. Goes into the Kitchen asks Alex if she was going to throw up. They both said no, just don’t feel good. Paul thinks he will be put up on the block and get voted out. They are talking about Kevin. Alex says BB played Wanted Dead or Alive for Jason. Paul is spraying the ants. Alex is making tea. Kevin is awake and goes into the Kitchen looks in the fridge. And stands by the counter just starring. Walks over looks at the memory wall then sits on the stool in the kitchen. Christmas leaves the Rose room and heads into to Kitchen. Paul is trying to pour water into the coffee pot and the top falls off. They laugh about it. Kevin is talking about the music they played and Paul says there’s ants on the coffee maker. Says they won’t make it through the 2 week stint. Kevin asks what time they came down to bed. Paul is saying it was because of them being DR’D. Alex is in the GR finds Cowboy’s hat. She is talking to herself. Kevin says he’s going to go put pants on because he is cold.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin asks Paul if he was cold, he says he’ll be cold when he dies. Paul is telling Christmas that he wanted to throw up last night but says it came out both ends. Saying how Alex needed to go to the bathroom last night she went upstairs and Josh had locked the door. Alex is in the GR praying. Christmas is saying her foot hurts. Her and Paul are talking about the ants. Paul is going upstairs to see what Josh is doing. Paul tells Josh he almost yacked last night. Paul asks Josh if he has over been to the Vatican he says no. Paul starts to leave Josh asks if he was leaving Paul wants to listen to JB. Paul is asking Josh about when he was crying. BB asks Josh to put on his mic. Kevin is shaving. Christmas comes out of the bathroom. Paul is wondering if Josh is nervous. Josh says he has a hangover. Paul tells him to drink lots of water. Josh says he feels dehydrated. Josh is saying something about his DR session BB says stop talking about it. Josh is wanting to talk to Alex before noms. Paul tells him he is technically allowed to do that that is why they have noms first then talk about it afterwards. Josh says he doesn’t want to talk to Kevin. Paul wonders why Jason didn’t get cheers when he left. Josh says maybe it’s because of the way he was shocked. They are talking about how he left. Paul says he swore on Live TV during the comp when he dropped the ball. Alex is taking her makeup off. Christmas says she wants to rest her foot. Paul goes downstairs to find out where everyone was at. Alex goes into the Rose room with her letter and is talking to Christmas about it. Paul asks Kevin if there was something on the TV about noms then goes into the bathroom.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, September 8th
11:15 AM BBT Kevin tells Paul nothing yet on the TV. Then sits back down to eat. Paul sneezes. Heads back to the rooms. Goes into the Rose room. Camera goes back to Kevin eating. In the Rose room Alex is going over her letter. They are talking about how much of a light weight they all are. They are asking if Josh was still in bed. And if he was ok. Alex is talking about how she had to go to the bathroom and Paul was in the downstairs and how she was trying to get Josh to wake up. They are talking about the comp.Kevin goes back into the GR. Kevin lays in his bed alone. Alex and Christmas are talking about the stairs in the comp that made her out of breath. Christmas says it was all she could do to not fall down and break her neck. They are talking about how tough it was to get the balls in. They are saying it was about time how Raven was really trying to win that comp.
11:30 AM BBT Alex is talking about game move others made. Jessica, Elena. ETC. Alex is telling them about the things Cody said to her. Trying to keep him and Jess. Alex is wondering about her water for her tea. She heads to the kitchen. Paul and Christmas are talking about beer. Alex comes back to the room and says that she swears the time was off. They are talking about Kevin. They are talking about their DR’s from last night. Alex is talking about her family. How they had money, plains, then cameras goes to Kevin still in the GR alone in his bed. Alex is talking about her mom and dad and how they fell in love with each other. BB calls Josh to go to the DR.
11:45 AM BBT Alex is telling home stories.Xmas tells family cancer stories. Alex is talking about her grandma. And going to hospice in Hawaii. She is saying that the cancer didn’t kill her grandma it was not eating anything. Christmas is saying that she ordered her food so that it was brought to them so she didn’t have to cook. Alex says that it’s like Sex in the City Christmas says it sounds like what her mom did. Alex’s grandma wouldn’t take drugs along with the chemo. Xmas and Alex talk about Raven’s claims. Alex has been praying for Raven for 8 days. Alex tells America if Raven was lying she will be really mad. SHe has been praying really hard for raven and her family. Xmas said Raven would set up a story line and repeat it the next day as fact. They argue of secret clearance and Ranking because Raven brought it up.
12:00 PM BBT Xmas has filled clearance forms. They are like books. Kevin still sits alone in the Green room. Alex talks about making a family tree and because of it her Dad had trouble getting clearance. They speak about Jason not understanding things. That Jason isn’t very far in his business plan.Alex says she learned nothing in college to help her in the world. They think our education system needs to work on Real world needs.How to look someone in the eye. Alex went to world school it really helped. Learning what was offensive to other cultures. Be open minded.Alex had wanted to be a dentist. Xmas Talks her education and her business. Xmas has no college degree.
12:15 PM BBT For so many years athletics took up most of Xmas’s time. Now she wants to mentor and she now has injuries that keep her out of competition. Kevin still lays silent in his bed.Alex has nothing tying her down right now. Kevin gets up! He wanders to WR. Xmas compliments Alex on her future plans.FISH.Alex says she can always rely on her family if needed. Xmas gives Jess props for having her rent paid thru November. Kevin throws a ball all the way back to bed. Xmas says Elena would go into overdraft to pay rent. Elena had no future plans ready. They discuss some of Elena’s lies.They discuss followers. Xmas had thought BB put together athletes this year. She thought Alex was in the same field she was. Alex says 123 followers is all the people she knows. Xmas has a company keeping ghost accounts out of her feeds. Paul is sleeping next to Xmas, Well he is listening with his blindfold on. They continue to talk about followers and social media. Xmas leaves room to make food. Paul asks the time because they should do noms soon. Josh hasn’t been on FEEDS he may still be in DR. Alex heads to KT.
12:30 PM BBT Alex makes soup. Alex and Xmas poke fun at a comment Raven had made about needing canned water to go in her canned soup. Xmas heads back to bed with Paul. Alex dances in KT. Kevin had a yogurt earlier.Xmas gets back out of bed. Alex finds some OJ. Xmas gets on a sweater. ALex mumbles it sure is getting lonely around here. Xmas goes to the SR.Alex eats her soup. Or just plays with it.She mumbles to herself. Xmas has gathered up something and heads to KT to cook it. Kevin lays on bed. Alex and Xmas chat in KT. They talk about ziplining.Alex bangs a coffee can and cleans it out. Xmas talks vines, Australia and Aborigines burying their dead in dead trees. Alex and Xmas head to SR and find they have no sugar Alex found sugar..Alex made a fruit fly trap.The HGs mix sugar in their coffee grounds now. They discuss the Math part of the last comp.
12:45 PM BBT Alex talks about past HGs and the fact the only ones who really hold grudges are in the jury house.Alex brings up Matt making a comment about a concert pianist in the house. . Xmas says who the hell do we really have in this house.They discuss child prodigies Kevin continues to lay in bed. Josh is out of the DR. Alex tells him how she tried to wake him up this morning. That Josh answered the door naked. Josh asks where Paul is.PAUL PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Kevin and Josh chat. Kevin says he is chilling. The other HGs are younger go do what you do. He tells Kevin he can shower upstairs. FISH. FEEDS return. Alex and Xmas make comments in the KT.Alex and Xmas discuss what’s up after the show. Xmas going to check on home first and have a BBQ. The feeds and the memory wall go black. The feeds return and Alex and Xmas yell at the memory wall to come back. It does they were scared of a new twist. They discuss Jess trying to get Alex out.Mark wanting to vote for everyone in house Xmas says not me.They discuss beds Mark and Elena. How Elena played Mark.
1:00 PM BBT Josh in HOH screaming into cam he is in final four. JOSH PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC.Alex and Xmas keep talking about Elena and her lies. Josh prays giving thanks.Josh talks about putting up Alex. He would love to get out Kevin but he can beat Kevin. How making a big move may affect Xmas game. That he would need to get VETO. But what if he messes up and hurts Xmas’s game. With Paul he can go to final three and see what happens. He isn’t sure what will happen with him and Xmas against Alex and Paul. That if he takes a wild shot Xmas will be against him. He tells America he loves Paul.
Paul has played the best game since Derrick. If he goes up against Paul the jury hates him now. So going up against Paul now or later he isn’t sure. If he goes up against Paul the jury hates him now. So going up against Paul now or later he isn’t sure Josh feels people came into house looking for showmances. Alex isn’t sure who had sex in the house.Xmas says that after Zingbot Matt and Raven may have done it. They think raven is spreading tales in jury house.They look at memory wall and go over jury members.That everyone in jury house hates everyone in house. Josh wants to complain about Raven. He asks when is this nom thing.
1:15 PM BBT They keep telling Josh he is burning his eggs. Josh wants to talk to the three of them later. Alex plans only to eat all day. She asks who do you think is maddest in the jury. They think once Raven gets there Matt will freak. Kevin joins them in KT. Josh gripes about Ravens spicy tacos. They discuss days. Xmas is in WR. Alex and Josh whisper in KT. They talk about Dominique not being genuine. Josh wants to be in bed. So he invites the girls to come upstairs. Josh tells Xmas she had a good buzz on last night. Josh goes to shower. Alex wants a lasso of truth in the house. Alex eats Xmas cleans up in WR. Paul in DR.Josh showers and Kevin is in bed.
1:30 PM BBT Alex goes to Apple room to count the days.She says she doesn’t have Jason to do them with her anymore.Xmas does her make-up. Paul is out of DR. Alex tells him Josh wants to talk to them. Paul asks if Josh fed the fish. Xmas has joined the HOH room. Alex says Kevin won’t look at him Paul is hungry. He asks Josh when he’ll be done. Xmas says Josh ate. Kevin is in WR.
1:45 PM BBT They wait for Josh to finish showering. Alex says she wishes there was a button to push. Paul says if a button appears nobody touch it. Paul is rooting through Josh’s food. FISH.We are quickly back. Josh gets into bed. Xmas makes a joke about not leaving the room you will get locked out. Josh says Kevin told him he doesn’t like Alex.Alex asks what are we doing today guys. Josh says we are having steak and potatoes. They complain about BB waking them today at 9:30. Josh asks if anyone else has the beer poops today. Xmas refuses to talk about pooping with the guys. FISH flash. They talk about their dreams. Xmas asks about Ravens bruise from the hot tub intake valve. Josh has a rash.Alex scares him about it being ringworm. Paul, Alex and Xmas are talking about Raven. Xmas said that production needs to check her for ringworm before she goes to the jury house. Josh went downstairs to get his rash checked out.
2:00 PM BBT Kevin is sitting on his bed. Josh came back into the hoh room and said it is not ringworm. Paul, Alex, and Josh are all in the hoh room. Josh and Xmas are laying in the bed. Paul is on the couch and Alex is sitting in the chair. Paul is telling Josh Beeber is gumpy. Josh asks Paul if he wants to play chess. Paul said in a little bit, I feel like shit. Josh said me too. Paul asked Xmas to tweeze the black hairs off his back today and she said yes. Paul asked Alex if she had tweezers. Alex said yes. They are talking about how one of the girls must have taken a pair. Alex is saying she brought 6 of them. Alex is talking about how they went threw her bags and the feeds go down. 2:02. Feeds come right back on, and Josh is laughing. Xmas said the fish are so mean. Kevin is still laying on his bed with sunglasses on. Josh keeps singing. Paul tells him to stop. Paul said he needs a fucking banana. Xmas said she will go downstairs grab a banana water and tweezers and asks if they need anything else. Josh is laughing at Xmas saying she is ticklish. Xmas said you do not tickle girls that hit. She doesn’t like it. Josh said Xmas needs to go to timeout. Josh said he needs nose strips. Alex is listening to music. Josh tells Xmas he is sorry. Xmas said where did I hit you. Josh said you wacked the fuck out of me. Xmas says they should just pull that one fish out. Make it a fish eviction today. Xmas tells Josh she is sorry again. He said it’s ok. Paul says he feels like shit today. Xmas is getting ready to go downstairs. She is asking Alex where the tweezers are. Paul asks Xmas if she needs help and she says she is good. Josh asked Paul to get the sun chips and Paul says you don’t need them. Josh says ok, hand me the goldfish. Xmas is in the bedroom where Kevin is. She is looking for tweezers. Kevin is asking her if it is going to be an ordinary week. Xmas says she is not sure, they could do another double next Thursday. She is telling him she didn’t see this one coming and Kevin says me either. Xmas is still looking for the tweezers, she can’t find them. Paul is laying on the couch eating goldfish. Josh is saying how his sister picked all those pictures because she looks good in all of them and he doesn’t. Xmas went into the other bedroom to look for the tweezers. Paul just asked if Alex and Josh wanted goldfish. They said no. Production told Alex to clip her microphone to her shirt. She said you guys are such wieners.
2:15 PM BBT Kevin is still in his bed. Paul, Alex and Josh are still in the hoh room. Alex said this is going to be a long 2 weeks. Josh said this is going to be the longest 12 days of our life. Alex is asking Josh if that is his bible. He said it is , but it smells like storage. Josh is reading the bible. Paul asked if Xmas died. Alex said she is right there. Josh is reading out loud. Kevin is laying on his bed playing with a ball. Production told Paul to stop ..and Josh says singing. Xmas is back in the hoh room and says she can’t find the tweezers. They are restocking the bananas. Production told Paul to turn the music down. He is like wtf? Paul asked Xmas if she got the tweezers. Alex says did you just miss that whole conversation. Alex said she will do down and get them. Paul asked Alex to grab the advil when she does downstairs. Paul says he is not in pain he just feels like ass. Production told Josh to put on his microphone. Josh is getting in the fridge, and is asking if anyone wants a cheese stick. He is complaining he didn’t get ice cream. Production told Alex not to move the furniture. So she moved the chair back. Production told her thank you very much. Xmas and Josh are eating cheese sticks. Paul and Alex are on the couch. Production told Josh to not obstruct his microphone. Paul yells holy fuck. Xmas said Kevin is going to let them know when they get restocked. Alex says he thinks he is useful. He takes out the trash. Alex says she wonders if he is really married, because if he were her husband he would drive her insane. Josh and Xmas are talking about how good the cheese is, and Xmas says she loves eating them at home. Josh says you know what would be nice right now. Xmas said a few things. Josh said I was thinking a doorbell. It would give us something to do. Josh said the comforter smells like Jason, He doesn’t think they wash them. Kevin is still by himself in his bed. Xmas said she is excited for Alex’s bikinis. Xmas crawled into the bed with Josh. Josh put the pillow over his head, and production says no napping house guests. Xmas said we are just chilling out, it’s all good we are sharing thoughts in our head. Production said it will ask nicely again to not nap. Pretty please. Kevin is now sitting on his bed. Xmas says they have not Dr’d Kevin. Xmas says that is not fair. Than she says sometimes they do it to us. No biggie.
2:30 PM BBT Kevin is still on his bed. Josh and Xmas are in the bed in the hoh room. Alex and Paul are on the couch in the hoh room. Everyone is pretty quiet. You can tell they are all tired but production keeps reminding them of the hours to be awake. Josh says they had a long night of drinking. Kevin is in his bed thinking. Everyone in the hoh room is quiet. Production says no napping house guests. Paul wiggle his toes but no one moves. Paul takes off the music, says he is going to go get Advil. Xmas says she is sorry she didn’t get him that. Alex says production is gumpy, they are not even sleeping. Production reminds them of being awake hours. Alex said we are just not talking. Xmas asks for more games and they will perform for them if they give them little treats. She said we are like pets. Paul is downstairs talking to Kevin. Kevin told Paul he can tell Paul drank last night. Paul is telling Kevin that Alex said she wasn’t going to give Kevin a beer. Kevin says why. That is mean. Kevin is talking about how he put some things on Jason’s bed and Alex moved it and put it back on his bed. Kevin is telling Paul he doesn’t mind being by himself. Kevin said this is what I am supposed to do right? Kevin asked Paul to look and see if they stocked it yet. Kevin said I need to eat. Kevin asked Paul if Xmas would go for it. Paul says what, he says going up. He has done it twice. Kevin says you do realize I could have won that last night. Paul says it makes no sense. Kevin says it is good I didn’t ask her for a beer so she could tell me no. Kevin said it is mean. You can see it on camera. Kevin says if you guys have dinner please make me something. Kevin asked who showered up in the hoh room. Kevin asked who was napping and Paul said all of them, I was just listening to music. Kevin tells Paul bye see ya later. Paul is talking about how he needs a banana. Kevin asked is it open? Kevin is still on his bed. Josh, Xmas and Alex are all quiet in the hoh room. Kevin is on his bed thinking. Playing with his sun glasses. Still quiet in the hoh room.
2:45 PM BBT Josh, Xmas and Alex are in the hoh room. The room is quiet, as they appear to be napping. Paul is downstairs with his floatie on. He is counting apples downstairs in the rooms. He is also looking at what different kinds of apples there is. He is counting mirrors in the bathroom and different kinds they have. Paul goes into the green apple room and closes the door. He says it is time to fucking study. He sits on the couch. He is talking to the camera about how all his plans worked. He is walking us through it. He is talking about how he had everyone throw the hoh comp. He told Xmas who to nominate and she did. He won the veto, he blindsided Jason and Alex. He pulled Alex off and Kevin up. He told Josh and Raven who to vote for so that Xmas had to be the tie breaker vote. He is talking they had a fake fight with Josh. Paul thinks that Raven thinks he was the one vote to save her. Paul is talking about how he didn’t want to win that veto because it would have fucked him. Paul is talking how he convinced Kevin to throw it and he did. Paul said it would have looked better if Kevin won the hoh , but he didn’t know who he would put up. He says he needs to beat Kevin next week. Paul said he is in the final four. He knows Josh wouldn’t put him up. Paul is talking about how he may make the whole season without touching the block once. He feels that will help him win. Paul is not sure if he want’s to win this veto or not, because he is fucked if he doesn’t pull Alex off if he wins. He says put Xmas up, vote Kevin out and then it is going to be weird. Paul said I will figure it out. He is going through different scenarios in his head. Paul says…Yeh dude. It is getting down to the wire and shakes his head. He says Fuck. Now Paul is studying out loud about the apples and mirrors and the tree in the houses. He is talking about the temptations that are on the tree. Everyone in the hoh room appear to be napping. Alex is on the couch, and Josh and Xmas are in the hoh bed. Paul is studying out loud about mirrors etc and colors they are. Now he is going over days.
3:00 PM BBT Paul is in the green apple room studying out loud by himself. Josh, Xmas, and Alex are in the hoh room and appear to be napping. Paul is going over days, he is using his fingers to count them. He is trying to decide if it was day 3 or day 5 for noms. He is studying days. Alex, Xmas and Josh still appear to be napping in the hoh room. Paul continues to study in the green apple room. Paul is now going over temptations. He is going over the dates when they had people come in like Derick, Bobby, and Zingbot.
3:15 PM BBT Paul is still in the green apple room studying out loud. Josh, Alex and Xmas appear to be napping in the hoh room. House seems to be very quiet. Paul continues to study days. He is going over days and who won hoh’s. He is trying to decide if it was day 2 or 3 Cody won hoh. He is now studying vetos. Alex, Josh and Xmas are still napping in the hoh room. Paul leaves the green apple room and is studying things in the house. He asks Kevin if the storage is open. Paul is in the storage room and gets a banana. And puts the lettuce in the fridge. Paul is headed upstairs to the hoh room. Kevin is still laying on his bed. Paul gave Xmas a banana. Alex asked what Kevin is doing. Paul said laying in his fucking bed.
3:30 PM BBT Paul says you guys are boring. Alex said yes. Xmas said she was so cozy. Xmas asked for the peanut butter and Paul handed it to her. Production told Paul to stop it. Pauls said I have played with this thing all season and you are being gumpy. He said they are all horny and they can’t touch anything. Xmas said she feels like a little Deva right now, laying in bed eating with her fingers. Paul is talking about getting a get away place with Xmas and Alex. Xmas said as long as it is in a cool area where we can walk to like a coffee shop. Paul said ideally you don’t want to have a car. Xmas is talking about Uber. Xmas is talking about Richmond and how sketchy is it. She is talking about how her roommate was held up at gunpoint. She asked Paul if he had ever been to Richmond and he said no. Xmas is talking about Fargo, North Dakota. She is talking about the movie. And how it snows there. She is talking about Shark Tank and Mr. Wonderful. She is talking about how she was on shark tank and she went to Fargo with them and went ice fishing. She is explaining ice fishing to Paul. She said she has never saw anything like this in her life. She is talking about the house that was on the lake. It is a single wide trailer. She is talking about when you walk on the ice you can hear it cracking. This trailer was made for ice fishing. She said they fished and drank moonshine. She is talking about a kid that was there, and she asked if she could take a picture with him. She is telling Paul that Mr, Wonderful showed up the next day. Kevin is in the bathroom area.
3:45 PM BBT Xmas said the people in Fargo love you. They went crazy. Biggest turn out for a meet and greet she has ever had. She said she donated all the money to charity. Xmas does a shout out to Fargo. Paul says he has never gone fishing, let alone ice fishing. Xmas said fishing is fun. Paul said he could catch and release is cool, but he can not hurt animals. He can not kill an animal , it is not in him. Xmas is talking about how she went fishing since she was little. She said her grandma and grandpa fished. Paul says what a boring day. It doesn’t even say nominations yet. Paul says maybe we are going to do the veto today too. Xmas thinks noms will be today. Paul and Xmas are trying to decide if the show ends on day 92. Paul doesn’t think they will do a final four this year. Paul feels this is a special Sunday eviction. Paul says that in the final three there is 5 to 6 days. Paul is telling Christmas about Kevin asking if he got a beer last night. Paul says that he told him Alex gave him one. He says Kevin was upset, & he told Kevin that they were Alex’s beers so he can’t say who she gives them to. Christmas talks about travel & Paul tells her Quebec is nice. Christmas says that she hopes some friends of hers have not gotten married yet. She wants to go to the wedding. Christmas states that it has been a bizarre summer. They both admit it was fun though. NO NAPPING HOUSEGUESTS. They tell Josh to wake up. They speculate how much time they have left in the house. HOUSEGUESTS MUST BE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10 A.M. & 10 P.M. Josh says he is awake. Paul teases Production about letting Josh sleep. That he worked hard. They talk about if the SR is open. They talk about not getting fish.
4:00 PM BBT The talk in the HOH is about what fish they have received. How some was bad, so they told Production no more fish, & now they cannot get good fish. They notice Kevin is sitting in the Green BR & say that he is dreaming about winning that money. Alex is there stretching & eating snacks. Christmas talks about crossfit & who may have won. She also offers to assist Alex with her costume. Christmas asks Paul how long he was downstairs. Christmas asks Paul can he imagine how people sit at home all day & do nothing except watch TV. He asks if people do that & if so how they live. She says she does not know. The talk goes to pressing a button. Alex & Christmas say that they are going downstairs to see what they have to eat now. Paul says that he does not know why Kevin feels like he is obligated to get a beer. Alex says that they should tell Kevin that there is going to be a party. Alex exits the room. NO NAPPING HOUSEGUESTS. Paul asks Josh to wake up so that they can talk. Josh asks where Alex is. Paul says she is gone, that is why he wants to talk to him. Josh says that he wants to talk to Alex before noms. He says that he won’t tell her that she is the target, but he feels that he needs to tell her that she is going to be nominated because of them blindsiding Jason. Paul says he should wait until afterwards, but that it is Josh’s decision, then he says that Josh needs to get his head in the game before he ends up going out. They talk about how Kevin will gun for the Veto. JOSH PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. Christmas sees Kevin on the monitor & says he will come upstairs now that Alex is downstairs. Josh wants Paul to make Kevin think that Kevin & Paul are going to final 2. Paul says he has already done that. That he hates Alex & that he wants her gone. Christmas says that they need not to be so confident right now or they will get knocked down. They say it is their best case scenario if Kevin wins veto. Paul says that Kevin will vote for Alex to go. They talk about how Raven wanted to clip Josh at final 5. Paul says that Josh should not feel bad for not using that Veto.
4:15 PM BBT Josh, Christmas, & Christmas in the HOH talk about the Veto. How hard it was & that they are glad he did not use. They talk about the fact that the downstairs is silent. They talk about how they do not want Alex in the final 4 because then they may not have it be all them in the final 3. They talk about how Kevin is gunning for everything. Josh talks about distracting Kevin during next HOH. They talk about all the comps that they have not done & what possible ones that they can be performing since they are down in numbers. Josh talks about liking Alex. Paul says that he liked Jason too as well as others that have left. Paul says that Alex’s attitude has changed. Christmas tells what Alex says about how she is in real life & she has proven that by the way she treats Kevin. Paul talks scenarios. Christmas asks where Alex went as Alex is climbing the stairs. When Alex enters the room, she says that the sign is up that says nominations are today. Christmas asks if they have tuna. Alex says no. They talk about making shrimp & steak. They talk about getting a deck of cards or dominoes. Paul says that last year at this time, they gave them that during Victor’s HOH. They talk about the games they could play.
4:30 PM BBT Paul is telling of a game Nicole taught them. Josh says he is going to see if they have steaks. Kevin is still by himself in the Green BR. Christmas asks Josh to bring her back some water. The talk turns to sparkling water. JOSH PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM.
4:33 PM BBT – 5:40 PM BBT Feeds down for nomination ceremony.
5:40 PM BBT Feeds come back up, Alex & Josh are in the Apple Room. Alex is crying. Paul enters to see about steak, Josh asks that they be left alone. Alex says save her a steak. That she is hungry. She tells Josh that he was the last person that she trusted. Christmas comes in. Alex says that she is not ready to talk, but that she will play for the veto & that she will play the rest of the game. Alex says that she knows it is a game, but that Josh is her friend. He says that she will always been his friend. He cautions Alex not to talk game to the rest of them, to please come to him. He asks if she trusts him. She replies that she did. He tells her that he needs to talk to her & he will give her a moment. He gets up & hugs her. Asks if she wants him to bring him a soda. She says no thank you. He exits the room.
5:45 PM BBT Alex gets up dries her tears. ALEX PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Paul is in the SR getting food. Back in the Apple Room Christmas is hugging Josh & telling him that it will all be ok. Paul comes in & Josh says that he feels like he is an awful person. Paul asks why. Josh says that he feels bad for nominating Alex. Paul reminds him that it is a game & that Alex is taking advantage of him because of his big heart. Paul tells Josh that they are still friends. He reminds Josh that Alex never talked to him about anything other than the top 5. She wanted to clip him. Paul reminds Josh that Dr. Will will host the round table & he makes it about gameplay. Paul reminds Josh that his friends voted against him & those he thought would be petty, voted for him. Paul tells him to get to the end. He reminds Josh that Alex is thinking about the game until the end. Paul tells him not to worry about Jury votes. Paul says that this is just a game. Paul tells him that outside of the game no one will mention the game. Christmas says that the people that will be there for him after the game will understand & those that don’t are not his friends. Paul says that him & Christmas do not question Josh, they just worry for him. They advise that Josh not talk to Alex again. Christmas says that Alex is making it personal. Paul says to bottle the energy & use it against Kevin next week. Paul tells Josh that when Victor left, he cried for a whole week & that Victor told him he was not mad when they saw each other again. Paul tells Josh that the only people judging him are the people he beats. He tells Josh to get out of his head. They have a veto to play. Christmas says that they need to get their heads in the game if they want to make it to the final three. Christmas says that Alex is messing with Josh’s head & that he needs to not let her. Christmas tells Josh to suck it up & for them to go eat. They all leave the Apple Room & head to the kitchen. Kevin is again all alone in the Green BR. KEVIN PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Alex heads back to the Apple Room. Paul tells Josh he has it & heads to the Apple Room. Paul tells Alex that if Kevin comes down it is the two of them together on the block.
6:00 PM BBT Christmas tells Josh that it’s hard, but Alex is not playing the same game he is and he has to understand the psychological warfare that Alex is playing. Christmas says Paul is probably just talking to Alex so that it doesn’t seem weird, but he’s not strategizing with her. She tells Josh she doesn’t want to win veto because she doesn’t want to have to make the decision of what to do with it. Alex tells Paul that they are both in grave danger right now and need to be careful what they do next. She says the only thing she still has up her sleeve is making Josh feel bad and cry, she doesn’t have anything else. Paul says they played themselves big time. Christmas tells Josh that he’s done a great job playing the game and the jury will recognize that when they are making their vote at the end. Josh starts crying again and Christmas comforts him. Paul comes out of the apple room and goes to Josh in the kitchen. Paul SLAPS Josh… Josh asks why? Paul says Alex just told him, “Did I ever tell you I can cry on demand?” Paul says that Alex knows Josh is starting to focus and play the game hard, so her last ditch effort is to mess with his emotions and upset him. Josh goes to the bathroom and Paul whispers to Christmas that he’s shocked at how Alex just spoke to him in the apple room while she was talking bad about Christmas and Josh. Paul says Alex told him they messed up by trusting Christmas to just be a shield for them because now she’s actually trying to win the game. Christmas and Paul make some steak in the kitchen.

6:15 PM BBT Paul tells Josh not to get played by Alex’s games. Josh says he can’t help that he has a sensitive heart, it happens to him all the time in his regular life too. Paul tells him he is learning the lesson now to be careful and guard himself. Paul goes into the green room and tells Kevin that he didn’t know Josh was going to say that. Kevin says it’s ok, they just have to make sure someone besides Alex wins the veto and they will be fine. Kevin comes into the kitchen and joins Christmas, Paul, and Josh while they are cooking. Christmas tells them about an around the world airplane ticket that a friend of hers used. She wants to use some of her earnings from the show to do it. Paul says he’s in. Josh is doing the dishes and Kevin is helping him dry them.
6:30 PM BBT Paul asks Josh what’s wrong and why he is acting so drained. Josh says he’s just tired. Paul says don’t let anyone play you, we will have your back and not let anyone take advantage of you. Paul goes into the apple room to check on how Alex is doing with her studying. Alex tells Paul that he has to win the veto to save both of them and make sure Kevin goes home now otherwise Josh and Christmas will team up with Kevin and vote them both out.
6:45 PM BBT Alex says at the nomination ceremony, Kevin and Christmas both seemed to be in on Josh’s plan and they did not act surprised by the nominations. Alex says that if she trusted them she wouldn’t use the veto if she won it and she would be fine staying on the block. However, now Josh seems to have gone rogue and she may go home if she stays on the block. Paul tells Alex that they have the best chance of winning the veto because Josh and Christmas don’t know the dates as well as the two of them. Paul goes back in the kitchen and Christmas says she can’t wait to see Paul’s band. Paul asks if his band sucks if they will tell him or they will pretend that it’s good. Josh says he thinks Paul’s band will be really good. Christmas comes in the apple room to talk to Alex. Josh comes in and asks Alex if she hates him and she says no she doesn’t hate him, she’s just sad. Christmas asks Alex how she is doing and she says game-wise she understands but personal-wise her feelings are hurt because she has done a lot for Josh in this game and she’s sad that he would put her up. She’s annoyed that she is up next to Kevin who hasn’t done anything when she has played the game hard. Josh goes upstairs and Paul follows him up to tell him to get out of his funk. Alex says she knows Kevin is not going to win the veto, she just wants to make sure that she doesn’t go before Kevin. Paul tells Josh that most likely they will win the rest of the competitions in the house since Kevin and Christmas won’t be able to beat them. Josh asks Paul if Christmas would be upset if they cut her at the end. Paul says he doesn’t think she will because she is already successful outside of the house and she told him before that she’s doesn’t want to be carried to the end, she only wants to earn it on her own. Paul tells Josh to give himself credit where credit is due. Josh says no matter what happens, he is happy with himself. Paul starts to talk about some of the financial problems that his family is having back home but cuts himself off and says that doesn’t matter because everyone has family stuff back home and it’s not related to the game. He believes the person that wins at the end should win because of their game play, not a sob story.
7:00 PM BBT Alex tells Christmas that even if she gets past this next veto, she still thinks she will be a target for the rest of the game, and doesn’t think she will be making it to the final. Alex tells Christmas about the things that Kevin would say to Jason to make him dislike Christmas and why Alex and Jason started to dislike Kevin. Kevin kept saying that Christmas likes Jason and was trying to hit on him. It made Jason uncomfortable since he is married. Christmas says she is not attracted to Jason whatsoever. Paul tells Josh that they have to be careful next week because if Kevin wins the final veto, then he is the vote that decides who is going home. Paul tells Josh he has to stop playing with his heart. Alex is just messing with his head because she’s playing a game. Christmas tells Alex that she sees everything that Kevin is doing even though he thinks he’s being subtle.
7:15 PM BBT Josh tells Paul he could never go through this again, he doesn’t know how Paul is doing it for a second time. Alex and Christmas talk about Megan leaving. Christmas says it wasn’t even that big of a blowup compared to the other fights that happened later in the season. Josh and Paul both talk about the fact that they could never work a 9 to 5 job in an office. Paul tells Josh that his family was very confused by his lifestyle at first. Pauls says he has a very conservative family. Paul and Josh talk about the family values that they have in their cultures and why they both still live at home with their parents.
7:30 PM BBT Alex tells Christmas that if she goes this week and Josh is in the final two, she will give him a fair assessment, but she won’t be friends with him after the show. Christmas tells Alex that she respects that Alex always looks at things rationally and analyzes each situation rather than acting on emotion. Christmas and Alex go outside to check the food and realize it’s done. Josh tells the camera that he is considering taking Alex or Kevin to the end of the game in order to win. He asked Christmas earlier if she was going to take him to the final two and she said she wasn’t sure. He thinks that Christmas would take Paul to the end because she thinks she has a better chance of beating Paul. Paul told him he will take Josh to the end, but he knows that Paul would beat him. Josh now feels really alone in the game. In the kitchen, Christmas whispers to Paul that Alex told her she threw the competition last night to Josh. Josh thinks that if he moves forward with Kevin and Alex, he knows that each other them will take him to the final two over the other option. However, he’s not sure if he can turn on Christmas and Paul at this point in the game. Josh says Alex has played a straightforward game with him and has never put him on the block. He wants to win the veto and take Alex down, but he doesn’t know if Alex would vote Paul out if he puts Paul up as a replacement nominee. It might be better for him to wait until the final three to take his shot at Paul. He says he has to win the veto next week. Josh heads downstairs to join the rest of the houseguests in the kitchen. Josh goes into the green room and asks Alex if she is going to eat. She says no she doesn’t get hungry when she cries. She says she needs to pack some of her stuff and then she may come out to the kitchen later.
7:45 PM BBT Kevin goes into the apple room to say hi to his girls and asks Josh if he wants to come with him. He tells Josh that he didn’t have to say what he did about Kevin during the nomination ceremony. Josh tells Kevin he had to say that to make Alex think he was the target. Kevin says it’s fine, he’s not upset, they’re just talking. Kevin says when Josh doesn’t talk to him he thinks something is wrong, but now he understands why he was doing it. Kevin tells Josh if he’s going to win HOH he has to enjoy himself and not get upset. Josh says he knows but it’s hard because you get attached to people. If it was a house full of Codys it would be easier for him. Josh and Kevin walk back into the kitchen and both start coughing because of all of the smoke from Paul’s cooking. The houseguests finish cooking their dinner and all sit down at the dining table to eat. They all cheers to the final five.
8:00 PM BBT Paul asks if anyone has been to a steakhouse called Mastro’s and says he wants to go with all of them after the show. Alex says it’s about $300 for two people there, and Paul says that’s ok, one of us will be picking up the tab. Josh says he wants ice cream for dessert and Paul says no you can’t have any because we are working out. Josh says he doesn’t want to work out. Loud construction can be heard in the background and Paul says, what is that the seven dwarfs outside digging? Paul wonders if they are going to have a special host for the veto competition tomorrow like Victor or Frankie. Paul talks about Michelle from last season and says if she was in the show this year, Meech would crack all of them. Josh says no, she wouldn’t crack Alex, but she would probably crack him a hundred times. Alex says she is worried her dog has died while she is in the house.
8:15 PM BBT Christmas tells Alex about her sister’s family and says she doesn’t think her sister will be able to come out to the finale because of her demanding work schedule. Alex tells her about her family and how they all live together.Paul, Christmas, and Alex discuss what it will be like to get out of the BB house. Alex talks about her ex bf’s. She says that the “crazy one” probably came and got the dog. Kevin is sitting in Kevin’s Corner in the green room all alone. There is a cowboy hat at the head of Jason’s bed. It is kind of sad. Alex asks Paul if he goes and gets Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and he says that he does.
8:30 PM BBT Kevin goes into the kitchen where Alex, Christmas, and Paul are sitting around the table talking about random topics. Kevin picks up the ball from the POV and starts bouncing it. He takes a seat at the counter. Alex is talking about Raven not liking the term “YOLO.” Alex starts talking about who Paul looks like: Bin Laden, Castro… Kevin goes into the bathroom. Paul says he is sooo bored and asks POP! to send them a giant dildo. Alex, Christmas, and Paul continue to talk about Raven. Paul says that Raven said she has a stand up Grand piano and he tells Christmas and Alex that is not a real thing. They discuss how Raven is a liar. Alex starts talking about tv. They go back to talking about Raven and how she was all about the attention.
8:45 PM BBT Kevin is back in the green room. Paul and Alex start whispering in the kitchen. Paul asks Alex if she had a conversation with Christmas. Alex tells him that he needs to win and he says yea no pressure. They start discussing the Revengers comp that they played for HOH it sounds like. Paul says that he bombed that one. Kevin goes upstairs to the HOH room where Josh is. Josh is laying in the HOH bed listening to Justin Bieber. Paul says that he bets that Josh is not listening to his music. Alex makes a comment about Kevin being desperate and that is why he is going up to the HOH. Alex and Paul discuss that Christmas is a con. Alex says that she will shit her pants if Josh and Christmas make it to the final two. Kevin and Josh are talking about how Kevin has been a target for no reason and that he has not done anything. Alex whispers to Paul that she hopes this week is not a backdoor. She says that Christmas is crazy! Josh tells Kevin that people in the house have been talking about wanting Kevin out for a long time. Kevin is shocked. Paul is acting like Jason going home was not a part of his plan this last week and that he had no idea about Christmas plans. Josh is listening to Justin Bieber, “Sorry.” Paul and Alex discuss where they think the jury votes will be. Josh is talking to himself. He says that Alex is ruthless and will do anything to win. Kevin goes into the apple room. He is talking to the cameras. He says that he is on the block for the third time this week. He says that if he doesn’t win the POV this week then he is probably going to jury. He has a snickers that says sleepy on one side and he makes a train noise and eats a piece. He then pretends to fall asleep. He talks about BB comics and how production made them into comics. He says that he doesn’t think that anyone his age has made it this far ever in the game.
9:00 PM BBT Alex and Josh are talking in the HOH room. Alex is questioning Josh of when the Jason plan started. He doesn’t tell her. He tells her that Paul and her are comp beasts. Josh asks Alex about what is up with Paul and her. She denies their alliance and says that he saved her and used her as a pawn once and that is all. Josh explains that he didn’t think he could beat Jason in comps. Alex tells him that she understands it as a game play but not as a friend thing. Alex starts talking about how she doesn’t want to be in the final two with Kevin because he will win. Alex tells Josh that she doesn’t like Kevin. Paul walks in the HOH room. Josh is telling Alex how he feels like he has lost who he is. Alex tells Josh as she is crying that she doesn’t know if she can be friends with him outside of the house. She tells him that she will give him a fair vote from jury if she ends up there.
9:15 PM BBT Alex continues to cry. She tells him that she didn’t put him up in the double eviction yet he put her up this week. Josh tells her that she still has the veto and she says that if she wins the veto he is just going to replace her with Paul or Christmas. Josh begs her to stop crying. She tells him that she thought when Jason left that it would be her, Josh, and Paul until the end. He tells her that she doesn’t know how hard this has been for him. Alex says that she is leaving and going downstairs. He asks her for a hug and she tells him that she doesn’t want a hug right now. Christmas walks in. She asks Josh where Paul. Alex goes into the apple room and wipes her tears and laughs towards the cameras. Christmas tells Josh that Alex told her that she was done talking to Josh and that she doesn’t want to be friends with him after the show. Paul pipes in from the HOH bathroom. He asks Josh what’s wrong and Josh tells him that Alex was upset. Paul tells Josh that Alex was being fake. Paul tells Christmas and Josh that Alex is going to try to pitch Christmas as a replacement nom. Paul tells them that Alex is doing this act to try to make Josh feel bad. Paul tells them that Alex thinks that she has him on her side but that if he wins the veto he is not going to use it. Christmas and Alex are giving Josh a pep talk.
9:30 PM BBT Josh keeps telling Paul and Christmas that Alex is not getting to him. Paul and Christmas both say that Alex is all for herself in this game and that she doesn’t care about anyone else. Paul and Christmas tell Josh that they are concerned for his emotional state. They start talking about the next comp being timed. Sounds like the comic comp on the zip line. They advise Josh not to talk to Alex anymore so she doesn’t have the opportunity to get to him. Paul is advising Josh and Christmas to mess with Kevin after the eviction this week. Christmas brings up that she has lots of stuff to say to Kevin. She says that the whole “bang” thing. She tells them that Kevin was telling Jason that Christmas was interested in Jason.
9:45 PM BBT Paul explains to Josh and Christmas that he wants them in the final three. Paul tells them about Alex saying that she will be so pissed if Christmas or Josh make it to the final two. Christmas and Paul both tell Josh that he did so well in his nomination speech. They discuss how this season was a lot of new comps. Paul is telling Christmas and Josh all about his bedroom. Christmas says that she would totally do Playboy. Paul tells her that he wants to come to an event if she really makes it in Playboy.
10:00 PM BBT Christmas says that she thinks that would be cool to go to the playboy mansion. Christmas recalls an ostrich egg that she has. She says that there’s a guy that learned how to carve ostrich eggs in prison, and now makes $10k-$15k a year. Paul mentions that they have 11 days to go, 10 days after tonight. Christmas says that it’s mind-blowing. Paul recalls Raven during the DE. Josh is called to the DR. Paul mentions that it’s interesting that they have so many people in the house, when last year it was going by so slow due to not a lot of people. Paul mentions to Christmas that he was Candy Crush before he came on, but lost. He describes his experience. Christmas says that she wants to go on that show. A while later, Josh mentions that BB might invite Christmas back when her foot is healed. Christmas says that she’d like to come back. Paul asks Christmas if she told people about her rogue vote. Christmas says that she told Josh.
10:15 PM BBT The convo turns to Paul’s gameplay. Paul talks about his experiences during both seasons. He says that he had to find people to work with. He had to find the right characteristics and saw that she and Josh have his back. Paul says that he mentored them to see how they go throw things. Christmas asks Paul if he stress-tested anyone. Paul says that Alex & Jason would beat him, so that’s why he didn’t go final 3 with them. Paul says that Kevin & Jason were the worst to work with ‘cause they spew “word vomit.” Paul says that he didn’t work with some people ‘cause they were just playing it safe and not actually play. Paul says that Matt was going after him. Christmas says that Raven would keep putting out Josh’s name out there ‘cause she felt very little of him. Paul says that Josh has grown in this house and is proud that he was a part of his growth. Paul says that people will try to take advantage of Josh ‘cause he’s so nice. Paul says that this season he had no room for error. Christmas says that it’s getting close, says that they have 3 more comps ‘til they reach final 3. Christmas says that it’s tough to wrap her head around the game almost ending.
10:30 PM BBT Paul says that he had to humor everyone’s bullshit and says that his brain is fried. Paul says that he can’t believe that he got everyone to drop in the running comp that Christmas one. Paul jokes that BB is wondering why they even set up the comp. Paul says that Cody’s been in jury for around 3½ weeks. Paul says that he’s grateful for that DE ‘cause the weeks go long. Christmas thinks that Raven will hold grudges. Paul says that Kevin’s colorblind. Christmas says that’s good. Christmas says that she felt good being able to compete in something. She says that BB might be able to let her compete in future comps. Paul says to Christmas that she’s a hero this season. Paul recalls past HGs that went against him. Paul says that they killed it. “We singled out everyone.” Paul says that he would always tell Christmas what Mark said bad about her. Christmas recalls the DE HoH comp. She stalled on a question because she didn’t know that was the end of the question. Paul says that Cody had no social game. Both he and Christmas say that his social game was “shit.” Paul says that he would’ve been better just sitting in a corner. Paul says that he doesn’t understand Mark’s infatuation with Cody.
10:45 PM BBT Paul says that Mark told him the day before he was getting backdoored that he tried to talk nice to him. A while later, Christmas says that it terrifyes her that he went rogue against the team. She says that it makes her really uncomfortable. She says that if Josh wanted to do something their team didn’t want to do, that it’s okay to voice his opinions and to not go against her trust. Christmas says that he was supposed to vote out Raven instead of Kevin. Paul says that he needs to get his head in the game. Christmas said that she “wanted to rip him a fucking asshole.” Christmas says that she believes that he does have his best interest in the team, but will sometimes pivot without thinking.
11:00 PM BBT They talk about veto. Christmas offers to be the replacement nominee if the veto is used. Christmas says that Josh is thinking about his family again. Paul says that he’s going to see them in 10 days. Paul says that Josh is going to sink his own game if he doesn’t get with it. Paul says that he (Josh) is his own worst enemy. Christmas says that she hopes that he feels better when he comes out of DR. Christmas says that she has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Paul wonders why it took the audience a couple seconds to react. Christmas suggests that maybe they were shocked. Paul says that when Jason talked, he didn’t have a filter.
11:15 PM BBT Josh is out of the DR. Paul asks Josh if he feels better, telling him to not freak out. Paul says that the people in jury have a vendetta against him. Paul says that he knows that he’s going to lose. Paul says that he’s come to terms with it and is glad that he got to experience it. Josh says that he thinks he’s disappointed his family. Paul says that’s not true and that they’re cheering him on. Paul says that he’ll be happy being evicted knowing that he stayed true to himself.
11:30 PM BBT Paul says that Christmas isn’t happy that he placed that rogue vote. Josh says that he told them beforehand. Paul says that Christmas said that she’ll go up as a replacement, but tells him to not use the veto if he wins it. Paul says that if he wins the veto, then Alex will expect for him to use it on her. Josh says that he needs to shake it off, how he’s feeling. Paul tells him to talk it out with him. Josh says that he’s still not over Jason being evicted. Paul tries to cheer him up. After a while, Paul is about to leave HoH to let Josh go to bed and Christmas scares him at the door.
11:45 PM BBT Paul leaves HoH. Josh asks Christmas if he’s annoying her. She says no, just concerned. In the red room, Paul & Alex talk. Paul says hopefully one of them will win veto. Alex says she hopes it’s him (Paul). Alex goes over votes. Paul asks who she thinks they could beat. Paul asks “everybody?” Alex says “yeah. Kevin is a maybe. Christmas is a maybe too.” Alex says to Paul that if she goes before him, she’s going to tell the jury that Christmas “hasn’t done shit.” Alex tells Paul that he would sweep the votes if he were against Josh. Paul says that he hopes it’s them both (Paul and Alex) in the final 2. Paul apologizes for not winning HoH. Alex says “it’s fine. You can’t win them all.” Paul says that he told Kevin to throw that one.

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