Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 7th

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 7th
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12:00 AM BBT Alex and Ramses in the bedroom talking to Jason about where Kevin is and that Ramses is saying that he did not vote Jillian out. Alex says that josh made a big mistake in voting against Jillian. Alex says that Paul had a whole lot of people feeding him tickets and that they almost had it and Paul swooped in for it. Everyone in HOH room still choosing who to put up and are kind of conflicted. They are predicting a lot of different scenarios if someone won VETO, would they take off someone or not use it. Paul is confident in his plan to put 2 pawns up so that there’s a 50% chance someone on their side wins…. It is mostly the showmances and Paul talking as Kevin, Josh and Xmas and Dominique just sit and listen. Mark is disagreeing with Paul’s idea and thinks there are better options.
12:15 AM BBT Mark and Elena leave HOH room and go to the Apple Room. Elena trying to comfort him. Mark is not happy with Christmas again because of her decision on who to put up and had dismissed his decision. Elena reassuring him and for him to not get emotional. Mark doesn’t like it when people don’t have valid points. Meanwhile, Dominique suggesting not to put up either Jessica or Cody on the block in HOH room. Ramses enters HOH room and game talk completely stops and changes. Paul goes to Apple Room and reassures Mark and tells him to just trust his decision. Mark is pissed that Christmas is dumb and that she dismissed his opinion. He thinks her idea was stupid to put Jessica and someone else on the block (Don’t know who) as there is no guarantee about something. Says it got him heated and he had to leave. Maven, Dominique, Christmas and Ramses currently in HOH talking about the competition and how it was really fun. Mark is still ranting to Elena about Christmas stupid decision on who to put up and he hates her because of it.
12:30 AM BBT Kevin leaves HOH and goes to talk to Jason and Alex about the whole discussion in the HOH. He doesn’t like how the couples threw the HOH to him. He hates that Paul had told him before that he would get out the couples but is now working with them. He thinks Paul sees him as an expendable. They are now wondering who Paul is going to put up on their side. They wonder about Ramses curse and if he was telling the truth about it or not. Kevin tells them that Paul went to DR to find out about the curse. Now Jason and Alex tell Jessica about the HOH plan to backdoor Cody. Everyone especially Jason is worked up in the Green BR. Lots of cussing going on. They realize that they will get picked off one by one by the majority alliance. Lots of whispering going on between them. Meanwhile, Raven is eating Paul’s snacks in the HOH room. Jason says that Paul can put him on the block but he will not volunteer. Jessica trashing Josh to the people in the Green BR.
12:45 AM BBT Jason talks about how he knew Paul was on a Candy Crush show and Jessica is wondering why there was such a show. Paul walks in right after and Jessica asks him about the show. Paul wondering where Kevin is as he goes to the Apple room to talk to Mark and Elena. Paul goes to Apple Room and tells them that he will know about the curse in the morning. Paul goes back to HOH and wants everyone to leave so he can talk to Alex. Alex enters HOH with Kevin. He says that he trusts her more than Jason and the HOH competition proved it. Alex had let him cut in line for tickets. Paul tells Alex about Ramses curse and how he had to be put up for 3 consecutive weeks. He thinks Ramses is the biggest snake and Alex agrees. She says that Ramses had confronted Kevin about being a snake. Mark still upset at Christmas and explains to Dominique about it in the Apple Room. Paul tells her that Jess/Cody OTB does not make sense. Jess/Someone else is hard as Cody could take her off. Paul is planning to put 1 person that everyone is targeting and one person that he trusts or a Dud. He names Kevin and says that he would beat him in VETO.
1:00 AM BBT He is kind of telling Alex to be a pawn. He asks her if Jason would vote out Cody over Ramses. She says that he is pissed at him his lies. He then asks her if she would vote Ramses or Cody out. She says Cody. Paul telling her about different scenarios about who would be picked in VETO and who would pick who if there was HG choice. (Note: Paul wanted to secretly work with Alex and so he decides to put her up as a Pawn…) Paul reassuring her if he wins, he will take her off and put Cody up. He tells her that basically everyone is against Jody. He wants it to be an A+ plan to get him out when he cant play in POV. He said it would be great if Christmas was picked as she would be a “dud”… They agree that Josh is a loose cannon and is totally against Cody. Paul again tells her why he wants Cody out because he is a strong competitor, is a straight shooter and does not show any emotions. Thinks that he will be extremely dangerous later on and now is the best time to strike. He hopes that Alex wins HOH next week and does what she needs to do. Paul thinks Jason’s social game sucks and she agrees. Kevin currently in showmance room talking to Christmas about how he does not trust Paul and wants to confront him. He is expressing his frustration to her about why Paul would put him up as a pawn instead of Elena, Dom or Raven. Paul is still continuing his talk with Alex. He hopes for Kevin and Jason to be in POV as they would be duds but could also take Alex off the block. Cody and Jessica in have not room playing with each other. They turn off the lights and get ready to sleep. Paul reassures Alex and thinks they could go very far. He says that he does not trust anyone but has a different trust with Alex. Paul calls everyone in his alliance full of sh*t because they all freaked about his decision. He likes Alex as she is a straight shooter and wants a secret alliance with her.(He could be lying to her about the whole trust thing)
1:15 AM BBT Seems like Paul has not really figured out about the curse yet. He thinks people hate Ramses more than Josh. Jason sleeping in the Green BR. Everyone else in the kitchen. Paul is confident that Cody and Jessica will not get the temptation and will talk to live feeders later about what he is going to do this week. He thinks that since the live feeders gave him the temptation, they would not ruin his HOH. (very cocky, i don’t like it) Paul trusts Ramses the least. He wants to get the domino effect going starting Cody then Jessica and then Ramses. He starts naming people who hate Ramses.
1:30 AM BBT Paul wanting the secret alliance called AMF. (american moutherfers) Alex loves it and says she trusts him now. (Dont know if it’s real or not) Conversation finally ends and Alex leaves HOH. Christmas with her crutches looking down from the upstairs hallway to the kitchen. She then enters HOH. She gives her concern to Paul about nominations. She doesn’t understand why Paul is talking to people outside of their alliance. She points out that he just talked to Alex. He tells her that Alex is the pawn and that it was not easy to convince her. Dominique enters HOH. Paul slowly explains his plan to Dom, Christmas and Matt. He is definitely not putting up Maven on the block even though he was confident with it before. He loves them too much to do it. Raven enters HOH. Kevin enters HOH. He tells everyone in the room that Alex is going up as a pawn with Josh as another pawn. He says that Josh sucks at competitions. He wants to make sure everyone is set on voting Cody to evict if Alex or Josh is against him on the block if one of them comes off. (he is saying all of this in front of Kevin) Paul reminds everyone that Cody is his target, not Jessica. She would go next week. Paul kind of talking about the same thing over and over again. Christmas questions Paul if Cody gets picked to play POV and wins what happens. Everyone questions him about that scenario and who would go home if Cody did not go use VETO. (This would be when Ramses is also on the block because of his curse) Paul says Ramses would go home if Alex, Josh and Ramses were on the block.
1:45 AM BBT Paul continues to refer Alex as Pao Pao from BB16. Mark enters HOH and apologizes for being emotional. Paul wants to have a secret conversation with Josh without anyone similar to Alex’s. They say that because Alex and Josh are on the block when it comes to HG choice, they would not pick Cody. Although there is still a slim chance that his name is pulled. Dominique goes through a scenario that Cody takes Alex off the block, who would Paul nominate. People dismiss that as Cody would not use the VETO with a high possibly about Jessica going on the block. Matt thinks even if Cody wins POV and is safe, Jessica would be the next target. Paul thinks Ramses should be the next target as he is sneaky if Cody wins POV.
2:00 AM BBT The conversation in the HOH Room is still about Paul’s plan, he says he thinks that the curse is 3 weeks in a row that Ramses has to put himself up because he is safe for 3 weeks. He asks them if they are in agreement with him. Christmas says this is the way a team works, you give us your plan and we discuss it and make improvements to it. Matt is leaving the HOH saying he loves the group conversation and thanks them. Matt leaves the HOH Ramses enters. He is telling Kevin that the kitchen is stocked. Kevin asks Paul to sit down, have a beer with him and talk. They are chugging a beer. Kevin wins. Paul is telling him not to let anybody get in your head. Kevin says I am fine I’m going to bed. In the pantry Christmas Matt Elena and Mark are discussing what type of food they have. Christmas is filling Elena in on the conversation that took place in the HOH. Elena says if Josh is good with being a pawn so is she. Christmas says Josh will be fine after Paul talks with him. Elena is hiding food in the back of the fridge. In the Green Room Alex is telling Kevin what her and Paul talked about. Alex says it is a good plan. Kevin has left the room to go wrap plastic around his stomach, he says then he is going to bed. In the HOH Room Josh and Paul are talking about Paul’s plan. Dominique is there listening to music. Feeds go down.
2:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with Paul telling Josh that it is a good plan. Josh says the only thing is if you win the POV you take me off. Paul is telling him you have all these people keeping you safe. Worse case is Cody gets picked to play, Cody wins POV he is safe, Ramses is on the block and he goes home. Paul says if this plan is amazing. Paul says I am not trying to get you off. Paul said he was pissed by the way Cody talked to Josh. Paul says I am not going to put a target on you. I am just going to say Josh You are just a little crazy man. Paul tells Josh you are actually playing the game now. Paul says we have to get him out of here, he is making the house tense. Josh is telling Paul about a conversation he had with Jessica but he is whispering and keeping his hand over his mic. Paul says she is just trying to get in your head. Paul says he never shows emotion. In the kitchen Ramses, Kevin, Elena Mark and Christmas are finishing up snacking. Kevin leaves to go to bed. Raven walks thru Elena leaves with Elena. Kevin is talking to Alex and Jason saying that he never gave Paul any tickets but he heard upstairs that 4 people gave him tickets. He also says he wants to make sure that the 3 of them make it to jury. He asks Big Brother to please open up the yard, he says he is begging them. In the kitchen Christmas Elena and Mark are talking about a skin rash. Elena says she hasn’t had it in years but does now. Ramses walks thru saying he is going to go lay down, he isn’t sure if he will sleep. Paul notices that the hamburg is leaking blood. Elena offers to clean it. Paul is filling them in by telling them Josh is on board. Elena asks they always are up late. Mark leaves to watch Elena clean the fridge in the HOH. Paul asks Christmas if she is sleeping upstairs. She tells him if he keeps bossing her around she will get even. Paul leaves to go get his stuff to put upstairs. He says he wants to get his stuff but they are sleeping in there.
2:30 AM BBT Paul says Good Night to Kevin and heads to the pantry. Dominique and Paul are happy with the food that was brought in. In the washroom Christmas and Raven are talking Matt is in the shower. Christmas says to Raven I am fine with making promises just as long as you don’t lie. Dominique has entered the washroom with them. In the HOH Elena Mark and Paul are talking is worse case Ramses goes home, best case Cody goes home. Paul says he promised both Alex and Josh they would be safe. Paul says he trusts them because they agreed to be his pawn. He is repeating what he told Alex. He is asking them to reinforce what he told her, that they are not going to vote her out. Paul says if Cody stays in the game he may hit him. Paul is telling them that Josh told him that he is just going to talk shit to Cody everyday. Elena is telling them that Ramses told her he maybe putting himself up this week. Elena said she told him that this is the best week as the whole house wants Cody out. She says she doesn’t feel bad about saying that to him because it is true everyone does want Cody out.
2:45 AM BBT Paul is saying that Christmas’s target is Jessica. Paul says she is really stoned or has tunnel vision. Elena is talking to Mark about Mark’s emotions. Paul says I told you guys give me your tickets I’ll win, part 2 I’ll get Cody out, I’m working on it. Paul says I will work with you, but the minute you abuse my trust I will cross you off my list, he names Cody Jessica and Ramses. Meanwhile in the washroom Christmas, Raven and Matt are talking about how Cody and Jessica are taking this week. Christmas is saying that they are taking it personal because they are immature. Dominique says you have to add value to your friendships. Christmas asks Matt to bring her BB bag upstairs, she tells him where it is. Raven says We will wait here for you. Dominique says although she is open to develop new friendships with Cody and Jessica are acting proves to her that this is the way in their real life. Christmas says Cody was rude to her when she came back in the house with her foot. She says he never even checked on her, as well as the way he talked to Josh. Christmas says her foot is killing her. Dominique says maybe tomorrow you can sleep in. Matt has taken Christmas bag upstairs. Christmas is trying to figure out if she should take a pill. Raven is helping her up the stairs. She is going upstairs on her butt. Raven is carrying her water and bananas. They enter the HOH Room.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 7th
3:00 AM BBT The only people up are in the HOH Room. Elena Paul Mark Christmas Matt and Raven. Elena says if you make me a Have Not I will lose weight. Paul says Jessica and Cody already said they would. They also think Jason and Ramses for lying to them. Christmas says Jason is a wild card and will do what he wants. Paul says did anyone else notice Ramses comes in and just listens, then leaves. Paul said Cody told him that they were like to Generals are at war. Mark is explaining to them the conversation he had with Cody. Mark says we made good television, first we work as a team , get screwed over by a member of our team, then do everything we can to help his target win to get him out. Paul and Mark are teasing Elena about Corey’s mud room again.
3:15 AM BBT Paul is telling them that he thinks Josh is the only one who has gotten emotion out of Cody. Elena and Raven are expressing concern about how Cody talks about having sex with Jessica. Elena says Josh told her he got a boner watching her ass today. Mark gets called to the DR. The conversation goes to Mark and his bathroom trip last night. Dominique enters the HOH Room, she tells them she heard them laughing downstairs. Matt says sorry he was laughing so loud but once she hears the story he will understand. Matt and Raven says good night and head to bed. Matt is going to bring a pillow up for Christmas. Dominique asks if anyone heard Mark last night. Paul says we don’t yell when we jack off. Dominique says well at least he told you.
3:30 AM BBT Paul asks Dominique what time it is. Elena says she is going to try and force herself to sleep. Paul is asking them to try and convince Christmas not to sleep upstairs all week as he doesn’t want her to hurt herself more. Paul says he convinced Josh to talk shit to Cody all week if Cody gets picked for POV. Dominique is saying how Jessica got right in Christmas’s face after the eviction. They are also talking about how Jessica was scratching Josh during the comp. Elena and Dominique are telling Paul about when Jessica attacked Josh and Cody jumped in. They are telling him that they attacked his family. Raven and Matt were told to put on their mics. Christmas says Alex said Josh was keeping it going. Christmas says not the way you talk to someone. Elena says she won’t come after her that way. Paul is asking Christmas after the eviction. Paul says Cody is the strangest person who he has ever met. Elena has left the room to go to bed. Dominique says good night and leaves. Christmas says she can go sleep with her if he wants to be alone. He says he doesn’t care he just doesn’t want her to get hurt. Christmas and Paul are looking at his pictures. Paul is in the HOH washroom and Christmas is brushing her teeth. Christmas says Cody just blows her mind, Paul asks her do they teach you that in the military. Christmas says they also teach you honor. Mark comes out of the Dr and into the washroom with Elena
3:45 AM BBT Mark is kissing Elena on the neck while she is brushing her teeth. In the HOH Room Christmas and Paul are getting ready to go to bed. Paul has turned the bedroom light out. The only people that seem to be awake now are Elena and Mark. Elena said your mouth is big. Mark says everything about me is big. Mark says my bicep is bigger than your face. Elena says you need to keep your bicep in front of my face as it is pretty than my face. Mark says Yes. Elena looks like at, he says I didn’t mean that I was looking at my shoulder. Elena asks him if he is hurrying or taking 9 years, he remarks 8. Elena is making fun of herself for wearing makeup to bed. She says she feels ugly and doesn’t want to. He tells her she is beautiful.
4:00 AM BBT Mark and Elena appear to be the last HGs awake. They’re both in the WR preparing for bed.
4:08 AM BBT All cams now on HGs in bed.
4:15 AM BBT – 9:00 AM BBT ALL Hgs in bed.
9:15 AM BBT All HGs Sleeping Matthew is awake to us the Bathroom
9:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping feeds cut out
9:45 AM BBT feeds returned they are all awake Paul is in the storage room Jason is in the shower Christmas is in storage room Christmas please go the DR Kevin changed his batteries Kevin is saying they stocked the thing last night Raven Ramses Matthew Josh your microphone needs new batteries Kevin please put on your microphone
10:00 AM BBT Raven please go to the DR Christmas is elevating her foot Raven is the bathroom area Jason said that they can do whatever they want
10:15 AM BBT Jason said that his hat is filthy Christmas looks like she is napping Jason is napping Jason please go to the DR Ramses is in bed Kevin is in bed
10:30 AM BBT Christmas is napping. She looks in pain. Jason just entered the room. Cody is making coffee and goes into the storage room.
10:45 AM BBT Jason is telling Kevin that Cody has the coffee going. Kevin, please put on your microphone. Jason is talking about the game Candy Crush. Cody said i have never seen it but jessica has played it and that there is many games out there Jason thought that Candy Crush was a teteris Cody is talking about the POV. Cody said i bet my dad eats yogurt in the morning Cody said she better get it together Kevin please put your microphone to your shirt.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin complains on how others sleep more in one day than he does all week. He wondered what the rules were; Jason says the rules are more guidelines…. Ramses is up and joined the other guys in the kitchen (Cody, Kevin, & Jason). Christmas has her foot elevated in the Apple Rm (possibly sleeping). Cody awakens Jessica in the HN Rm (Spikes). She didn’t even realized he was gone. Cody says he rolled over onto a spike every once in awhile, but worth it sleeping next to her. BB announces that it is time to get up for the day. Kevin is called into the DR. Paul is also in the kitchen and when Kevin leaves, he asks Ramses about the curse. He’s making sure it’s only 1 of the 3 weeks and not on the block for 3 weeks. Ramses confirms. Paul suggests it being this week since everyone wants Cody out. [Paul is not telling him he does not plan on putting Cody up initially.] Paul snaggs his mic wire on a cabinet handle and breaks it; he goes to pantry to turn in the defective mic.
11:15 AM BBT Kevin is back and Paul wonders why he didn’t tell them about his aching tooth. Kevin quietly mumbles something to Paul. Paul suggests him and Kevin go upstairs to chat. Kevin is again called out about the positioning of his mic; Jason helps to adjust it for him. Kevin again complaining about them still sleeping. Feeds go down. Jason and Paul in HOH Rm. Ramses is in the Apple Rm sitting with Christmas. Ramses is telling Christmas on how he feels with people think he flipped his vote. Christmas said she respected those people who stuck to their prior promises and that’s why she did not campaign to him. She doesn’t hold it against them. She does not like how Jessica conducted herself, and after the HOH comp Christmas went up to Jessica and Cody and said she wanted to self their heated discussion and live cordially. Jessica again started going off on her. Christmas sees her as immature and Cody can be quite aggressive. Christmas hopes they are not making Ramses feel bad. He hates that they don’t believe him that he voted to save Jillian. Christmas says their goal is to get the troublemakers out so they can have some fun in the game. Christmas is telling him more on what Cody had told her about his own game plan. Christmas never had an issue with Jessica.
11:30 AM BBT Meanwhile, in the HOH Rm, Jason said that Kevin wanted to talk to him. Paul said he tried to get him up for some bro time and asks Jason to go get him. Dominique is taking a shower in the HOH bathroom. Seems as if BB keeps calling most HGs one by one in to change their microphone. Kevin comes up and worried about his safety. Paul calms him, and says he needs to band together with people, a.k.a him, to get to the end. Kevin says he is only close with Jason and Alex. Paul cautions him with Jason because he is loud and several HGs don’t like him. Paul continues to tell him his plan for this and the following weeks. Now that he feels more safe, he says he’s going to go into the DR to apologize. He’s been refusing to say much at all to her last night and today. He wants to listen to Paul’s music but doesn’t know how to work it. He’s surprised that little thing has so many songs on it. He interrupts and says that he will answer truthfully any question Paul wants to ask of him. Ramses and Christmas are still talking in general about the other HGs or about her broken foot. Elena joins them.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 7th
10:45 AM BBT Kevin leaves HOH Rm. Paul tells Dominique that they need to vacate soon. BB needs to do some maintenance. Feeds go to Jessica up hugging on Cody in HN Rm. In the Apple Rm, Elena is pretending to do an ultrasound on Ramses moving a wooden apple across his abdomen. Ramses called into DR. Elena, Raven, Christmas remain in Apple Rm; Mark and Ramses comes in. Elena announces that she is so horny. They talk about being in the BB house versus their personal lives. They talk about food.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin, Jason, Cody, Jessica, Alex, and Paul in Green Rm. Kevin talks how he pays over $650-$800/month for his family cell phones. Kevin wondered why he never gets SnapChat videos from his kids. He always have a story…this time when he was in Vegas. Everyone is surprised that Jessica does not Snap; she said she has never been able to get behind it. Kevin talks more about “mojos” (emojis)…they laugh. Christmas, Elena, Raven, Ramses, and Mark still in Apple Rm. Christmas says she needs to pee; Raven asks Ramses to do her make-up. He would love to, if she will let him. Someday she said she would left him. All but Elena and Mark leave. Mark moves up to cuddle with Elena.
11:15 AM BBT Kevin tells more stories of when he coached or helped with his daughter’s t-ball/baseball/softball games. Paul had left and Ramses took his place in the Green Rm. When his kids were older then it was basketball, travel basketball–no wonder parents become alcoholics. Of course, all of his kids were excellent players. 🙂 Story goes to his adventures at Comic Con with his kids. Christmas talks to Josh while he’s fixing eggs and bacon. She wants to help her team as much as she can as far as keeping them safe, but she is also a realistic knowing at some point her foot will be an issue. Josh calls everyone for breakfast.
11:30 AM BBT Kevin is still talking with Jessica, Ramses, and Christmas listening. Others most likely eating breakfast; Dominique and Matthew in the washroom. Dominique putting on make-up and Matthew observing. Paul eating in Apple Rm with Elena talking to him. Paul wants Ramses to put himself up just in case Cody does escape the block this week (temptations are always unknown). Jessica lying in HN Rm with Cody sitting by her side. Jessica talks to America saying they are desperate. Cody says he’s not, he’s ready to go. Jessica is relying on the Battle Back with the other evicted HGs. Cody now feels as if this game was not meant for him to win. Most HGs are mingling in the kitchen eating.
11:45 AM BBT Jessica and Cody talking about other HGs. Elena appears to have falled getting off the ridge in the Apple Rm. Did she roll off sleeping? She is still holding onto her dripping straw glass. No one else is in the room with her. She moves her wrists a little, but still lying basically motionless. No one has discovered her in the room. Kevin tells about the 2015 snowstorm that hit Boston. At times there may be snow that didn’t melt until June. Elena makes her way to the kitchen. She is asked what was in the mouthwash…she looks drunk.Elena puts on sunglasses and heads toward the bedrooms.
12:00 PM BBT Raven, Mark, Paul and Matt in the bathroom. Raven talking to all of them about her disease/pacemaker and about her mom. Kevin, Josh and Ramses in the kitchen Kevin talking about his kids. Kevin gets called to the DR. Christmas comes into the kitchen as well as Elena and Alex. Christmas standing and eating while Alex and Ramses sit at the bar. Elena goes into the bathroom and sits between Matt and Paul. Raven saying that her organs will die and her legs will deteriorate because of “Raven disease”. Raven says her mom can’t travel which is why she has lived longer. Josh hanging out by bathroom now. Christmas talking about the pain she was in last night from being on her foot yesterday. Christmas said she is happy Raven got the “Never Have Not” because of her condition. Kitchen crew listening to Raven in the bathroom. Raven’s mom had surgery and Christmas said that no news is good news so the surgery must have went well. Josh said Raven is an inspiration and Paul says he thinks she is lying, jokingly. Raven says she wants to live her life while she still can instead of feeling sorry for herself. Dominique also in bathroom with them. Christmas and Ramses come into bathroom as well. Kevin talking to Alex in kitchen and asks who Paul is gonna put up. Alex said he asked her not to talk about it. Kevin says is it you and she shakes her head yes. Alex says if it backfires it is on him. Kevin says he will not vote her out. Alex says she wants to punch Ramses in the face. Kevin says me too. Alex says they were “best friends” and Kevin says no one will remember the numbers later (Kevin is actually the one who VOTE Jillian, not Ramses). Alex says she thinks Ramses would be at the reunion. Jason also in the bathroom now. Matt leaves the bathroom and others follow. They ask if Paul’s room is open and they say no, they talk about hearing power tools and big brother says stop that. Jessica makes her way through to the bathroom. Kevin talking to Ramses about cosplay.
12:15 PM BBT Cody comes into bathroom and is brushing teeth. Josh asks about doing have not competitions and Paul says they didn’t do that last year. Ramses asks Kevin about doing a daytime storytime. Paul goes upstairs to check and is still locked out of HoH. Ramses and others in kitchen agree Kevin would look good in cosplay as Two-Faced from Batman. Christmas asks Elena if she got some good stuff last night. She laughs and says no. Cody and Jessica in storage closet, kiss and hug. Mark steps in, then Elena comes in with him. Cody and Jessica leave. Jessica and Cody go back to the have not room and are joking around with each other. Raven putting on eyeliner in the mirror. Christmas gets in floor to use Raven’s makeup because hers is upstairs. Paul, Josh and Kevin in apple room. Josh asks Kevin for a story and he says he will tell a nice one tonight. Jessica eating yogurt and keeps kissing Cody. Jessica asks Cody if he regrets telling Elena before the HOH that she will be fine no matter what. Jessica said she is sick of these people feeling so safe. Cody says there is a lot on his mind right now.
12:24 PM BBT-2:54 PM BBT Feeds cut to cats.
2:54 PM BBT FEEDS back The Den of temptation as been revealed to the HG. Raven, Paul, Mark, and Elena are in the Sr talking about how up to 3 people are cursed and how the 3 people will be affected. Paul and Raven leave Marlena says they hope its loss of a vote. Christmas, Kevin, Mark,and Ramses in the LR discussing what the characters up there look like.
3:00 PM BBT Cody & Jessica are having a bowl of cereal moment in the apple room. In the kitchen Paul Mark Elena & Raven are wondering what Jessica & Cody are talking about in the green room. The door is close in the green room. Raven is the contact spy to see what being said between Jessica & Cody.
3:15 PM BBT Jason & Kevin is discussing the den of temptation. Paul walks in on Kevin & Jason talking & tells them he’s knows it’s not them gossiping or ling to him & keeping friendship first as his policy to move ahead in the game during Paul’s “power.”Elena goes up to Josh to see how he is doing. Josh tells Elena that he’s nervous. Kevin goes in the living room & starts doing push-ups. The HG are preparing for competition. Paul & Ramses talk about the competition & he tells Ramses not to worry. Kevin & Jason is hardcore strategizing their competition with major whispers of what to do. Alex joins Jason & Kevin to see what the numbers are. Paul tells everyone he’s not putting Cody & Jessica OTB. Paul Raven,Jason, Kevin, & Alex are trying to figure out who got the temptation. Jessica & Cody have singled themselves await from the HG. Cody tells Jessica his style of doing things is not being a idiot. Jessica & Cody awaits their faith if their going OTB. They both anticipate going OTB. Jessica wishes & hopes for a “battle back.” Cody doesn’t care if there is a battle back or not. Jessica is feeling like Cody is being cold towards her hopes of”battle back.” Jessica thinks Cody is a little negative & escape from him & goes into the kitchen for some relief.
3:30 PM BBT . Dominique refuses to sell herself out to win BB. Dominique is holding a conversation with Ramses that she will not lie & tell lies to move up in the game. Dominique doesn’t want to remembered in a negative fashion when BB wraps. Dominique tells Ramses she’s not out for him. Everything Dominique do is based off of behavior as she tell Ramses. Ramses venting to Dominique he stated he feel she is the most honest in the game to talk to & Dominique appreciates she is valued as trustworthy from Ramses. Christmas decides to have a interrogation conversation with Jason. Jason comes forward & tell Christmas he didn’t want to vote her out. Jason said he needed to do that because Cody blackmail him for safety. Jason said he didn’t want to do what he did but he had to because a DEAL was made to keep Jason safe in the game. Christmas wants to know why Jason is not clear with his social game.
3:45 PM BBT Jason remains clueless to Christmas questions & telling the truth. Jason tells Christmas she’s on the strong side & he’s on the weak side & he feels like he is on the outside of everyone’s game & Christmas tells Jason she feels she’s on the out’s is why he voted for Christmas. Christmas & Jason heart to heart fixes the misconceptions of belief on both ends that they are at odds & they are not, they both now are on the same page. While in the bathroom area Paul & Matt is talking trust & a BD for Cody. Cody walks in on the end of the conversation. Paul is taking notes who’s on board to get Cody out. Paul wants to do a clean eviction as he tells Ramses about going up OTB. Ramses is prepared to seal his faith for the den of temptation. Ramses tells Paul he’s going to fight for veto because he doesn’t want to go home. Paul makes Ramses feel better about the HG choice & all being unison. Paul Talk to Cody to bring down the tension between them two. Cody is reserved & socially speaking to Paul, no vile comments are being said.
4:00 PM BBT Cody is eating Paul is asking if it is a comment of your time Cody said if i get a tattoo i want to go all out Christmas said she loves people Christmas said i know your campaign for me Christmas said i wanted to clear the air with you to Cowboy Paul said the next time you have HOH in 12 hours you have to keep it Paul is talking about the fan mail that sent him all different kinds of socks Elena said Mom open me a P o Box so i can get things from my fans Paul said something smells good Kevin said Paul your mom looks young Paul said i how am i supposed to feed these Fishes i need fish food or the fish is going to die Paul said unless there is dry food for the fish
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 7th
4:15 PM BBT Christmas said that is a lot to ask to Jason…. Jason was thinking that Cody was going to put him on the block Kevin said so we are not doing an animation for for awhile Paul said to Kevin take a shower and bring a towel up from downstairs to Kevin Kevin asked Paul who was the last person to take a shower Kevin said i am going to go and grab my stuff Kevin said i guess i am going to shower Ramses is cooking Jason said i had every reason to vote out Jillian that she was annoying Dominique said i think i have to many chips would you like some Ramses Ramses said i took to many chips to Kevin please put on your microphone Ramses said why do you eat everything plain
4:30 PM BBT Kevin is eating Raven said she couldn’t sleep well last night Kevin asked Raven how many hours did she sleep Kevin is talking about how the refrigerator was back a long time ago Kevin and Raven is talking arkansas towns Kevin went to shower Josh is in the kitchen Josh asked Raven where did you go to college
4:45 PM BBT Raven said i would love to go skydiving Christmas said Jillian was ride or die she is gone Christmas said we have to win the Pov Christmas said i don’t know the HOH for next week Christmas said you are not on my raider to Jason Ramses please go to the DR Cody is in the kitchen Kevin please put on your Microphone Christmas said Raven did you hear the showmance Raven said what is everyone doing Alex is talking to Cody Cody said it’s not today right Alex said did you see the screen it said that the Nominations are today Raven said i feel pretty when i get dressed up Kevin said what’s up
5:00 PM BBT Alex said don’t promise Jillian and walk out Cody said i went right up to Mark and asked him who he voted for Alex said some of us will make it to jury Cody said coward Alex said i am hoping we get HOH Cody said they asked me what is your strategy Cody said i don’t have one Alex said it makes me homesick when everyone is Fucked up Alex said he gets to stay here over you Alex said i wonder if Jillian went home Alex said i couldn’t say anything Alex said i am by myself Alex said i don’t get why Christmas is here Alex said Raven owns her own dance studio
5:15 PM BBT Alex said they told me that the Martin dom thing was fake Cody said that they are all getting dropped out one by one and all i had left was mark Alex said i am going to vote for my friend and i did Alex said he has been depressed Alex said i will try to talk to her when i can but they are all watching us Alex said Jillian genuinely liked Jessica Alex said that they are terrified of you cody Jessica said i don’t feel well like that my heart is beating very fast Cody said has it happened before and Jessica said i don’t think so Christmas said i woke up in the same position Cody said i hope i don’t get to play in the POV Jessica said where are they going to lock us in the bedroom Cody said oh great
5:30 PM BBT Christmas is in the SR going thru her suitcase Cody and Jessica are in the washroom area Jessica asked Paul did they say what time the Nominations where today Christmas said i use a chair in the shower so i don’t fall down Paul said i need to pick a song for you to Josh Josh asked Paul have you had your steak yet he said no i am still marinating Christmas said it is hot as hell up here Paul said but did you Control the situation Christmas got the temptation is what she is telling Paul Jessica is cooking a Hamburger Paul said i am happy for you Christmas Paul said what is up sleepy pants Raven said what are you doing Christmas Paul please go to the DR Paul said probably Nominations are going to happen Cody is eating Christmas Choose Cody Jessica and Ramses for the Temptation Raven wants to get out Cody
5:45 PM BBT Paul is having people smell his marinated steak Paul please go to the DR Josh said kevin are staying up late with me tonight Christmas is putting makeup on Matthew said they can’t show anything that you didn’t do Jessica is eating Christmas said i will kill you with kindness F
5:50 PM BBT Feeds Down for nominations
5:50 PM BBT – 6:58 PM BBT Feeds down for nominations
6:58 PM BBT – Feeds return with houseguest in the kitchen. Paul says no one goes home except for Cody. Paul, Elena, Raven and Elena gather in the lounge. Paul convinces Ramses that he is not going home and to try to win the Veto. Jason joins in the lounge as Paul continues to convince Ramses that he is not going home. Paul tells Ramses “lets work as a team”. In the bedroom Cody and Jessica talk. Jessica says “so half of the house”. Cody says that Paul made a bad move and was surprised that they didn’t force his hand by putting him on the block with Jessica. Cody says that he wants to let Mark know if there is a battle back he isn’t going to go after him but the girls around him. Cody cuddles with Jessica in the bedroom and asks if it is tomorrow (she seems to be talking about the veto competition). Cody does not think so. Jessica says if Ramses won the veto there is no replacement nominee. Jessica says she knows that they told him to go on the block this week and he is going to throw the competition. Jessica says they wouldn’t be able to pick a replacement if Ramses comes off so he is going to throw it. Jessica and Cody begin to laugh at the thought of possibly getting picked for Veto. Cody says he is going to continue to walk around not saying anything to anyone so they can feel awkward. Cut to fish. The feeds return and Jessica says she is not sharing a bed with any of the other houseguest. The camera cuts to the kitchen and focus in on Josh. The house guest follow paul and the the houseguest in the kitchen are having casual conversation. The houseguest continue to linger around the house as Jason, Kevin and Alex join the others in the kitchen. In the lounge, Christmas, Paul, Elena and Mark talk about veto. Mark says Jason asked what is going on and he said he responded saying he had no idea. Christmas said she wanted to see Jason’s face when nominations were revealed and he thought it was going to be him. It appears. Elena says the veto ceremony was great. The lounge crew turns to casual conversation as feed cut to the kitchen. It appears Raven, Dominique and Matt are getting food together as Ramses and Josh lounge around having casual conversation.

7:15 PM BBT – In the bedroom Jessica and Cody lounge on the bed and have also switched to casual conversation. Cody complains about the money he is spending on his car and other finances such as child support. Feed cut back to the kitchen where Dominique is making guacamole along with other houseguest getting food together. Houseguest seem to be having separate conversations all around. Kevin, Paul, Christmas, Josh and Elena are in the lounge room still talking. The houseguest talk about Jessica not wanting to be there anymore. Kevin says she doesn’t think she will walk out like Megan however. Christmas says they will get her out next week. Paul asked Kevin if he liked his veto speech and Kevin approves. Kevin asks if he thinks if Ramses made a good move going on the block. The lounge crew seems to believe he did since they don’t know what is going to happen in the next two weeks. The houseguest talk about voodoo dolls that were made to look like them. In the kitchen the houseguest continue casual conversation as they make food. Alex appears to be cutting up something as Dominique whips together guacamole. In the lounge Mark and Elena continue talking. Mark and Elena hug and Dominique comes in to offer the guacamole she made. Mark and Elena leave the lounge and join most of the houseguest in the kitchen
7:30 PM BBT – The camera cuts to Kevin brushing his teeth in the bathroom/grooming. Paul also enters the bathroom and feeds cut to Jessica and Cody talking in the have-not room. They both talk about how weak Dominique is in competitions. Jessica says the spikes in the have not room don’t really bother her. They both make fun of the houseguest if they try and take their bed and begin laughing. Cody sprays some type of air freshener and says the room still smells like Josh. Cody continues to say the way the other houseguest are playing is not good. Jessica says Cody is smart. Jessica says that Raven is catty and thrives on drama. Cody complains that he was even going to help her freeze her eggs when they got out of the house because of her condition. Cody says they are fighting week by week for survival. Jessica says she enjoys waking up next to Cody. Cody switches conversation saying Alex told Cody Kevin is depressed and Jessica agrees. Feeds switch to the HOH room where Kevin, Mark, Paul and Christmas are lounging. They are not talking game but having casual conversation about ice cream. Paul complains that the fish in his room hasn’t eaten the whole time Paul has been there. Paul feeds the fish as the other houseguest in the room watch him. Kevin says Ramses didn’t tell him about his curse that he got last week. He just recently found out and is surprised Ramses did not tell him. Kevin and Christmas continue watching Paul with the fish as Mark listens to music in the HOH room. Christmas says she wishes that they would take a fish out after each eviction. Christmas says “good day” and Paul agrees. Paul hope that Ramses follows his orders and says if not, the whole house would come after him. Feeds cut to animal adoption montage.
7:45PM BBT – 8:19 PM BBT Feeds are down (animal adoption montage is playing)
8:19 PM BBT the feeds come back to Jessica, Cody, and Cowboy in frog costumes. They said that they have to wear them while hopping everywhere. Cowboy is really excited about his costume. Dominique tells him at least it’s a fun curse. Cowboy says that he is sweating. Jessica and Cody are in the have not room.
8:30 PM BBT Jessica says that her family is probably so mad at her right now. They start kissing. In the kitchen the others are talking about the players from previous seasons.
8:55 PM BBT Kevin, Elena, Christmas, Raven, Dominique, Josh, Cowboy, Raven, Paul and Matthew are sitting on the couch in the have not room. Now they watching Jessica and Cody hop around on the tv.
9:00 PM BBT Raven says that she thinks that the veto comp might have something to do with hopping. Jason corrects her telling her it’s vetoad, and not veto. Elena is rubbing Paul’s neck. Jason, Josh, Mark and Alex are in the kitchen. Paul comes into the kitchen to check on his food. Jason is standing in place. He says that he can’t leave from off of the lilly pad. In the have not room Jessica and Cody are talking. She’s telling him about when she cries. They are sitting on the have not bed on top of pillows.
9:15 PM BBT Paul is cooking at the stove. Raven tells him that she was really happy to see him come back into the house. In the Have Not Room Jessica and Cody are sitting on the bed together. He tells her that he doesn’t like to be touched by people. He feels like the least amount of people who touch him the better. She tells him that she hates to see people’s instagram page and they have no pictures of themself. He said that he’s been swimming with sharks and didn’t take pictures of them. Or while he was there.

9:30 PM BBT in the kitchen the other houseguests, other than Jessica and Cody, are in the kitchen getting ready to eat. No game talk going on. Dominique and Christmas are eating at the table. Elena, Ramses, and Alex are at the island while Josh, Paul, and Cowboy are at the counter prepping their food. Paul has a seat at the round table. He tells them he’s ready to wind down. Paul says that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He just wings it. Paul is in the hoh room talking to Matthew. He tells him that the game is about finding people you can trust and working with them. He says that if you come in trying to be a dick head then you’ll be out soon. He said he’d rather have a good time and make friends. Paul says that he’s, Cody, making him feel bad. Paul said he, Cody, would have never talk to the other guys the way he talked to Josh. Paul says that he can’t wait to see what the veto is tomorrow. Paul says that Kevin said that the odds of Cody getting picked for veto and winning are slim. Matthew said that Jessica made the decision to exclude herself.
9:45 PM BBT Paul says that Cody needs to go because once you get rid of Jessica you still would have to deal with Cody. But if Cody goes than Jessica might open up to the others and play a better game. Matthew says that Jessica made the mistake of latching on to the wrong player at the beginning of the game. Dominique comes in and tells them that she tried to get Jessica and Cody to interview for the feeds, to get their side of the story. Dominique says that she wants to do them all separate. She wants to do her interview away from Christmas. Dominique says that she thinks it would be good. She says that she wants her to be comfortable. She wants to know what was going on in her head when she confronted Christmas on live TV. Raven comes in and complains about Josh cooking raw chicken. But it was burned at the top. Dominique says that she wouldn’t mind being the host for the veto comp. If her name doesn’t get pulled. Paul says that if it’s a spelling comp he will try to spell Friendship. Paul says that Karma did her job. Paul says that he told the others that with or without them Christmas was staying and that they shouldn’t be on the ladder. And they went against him.
10:00 PM BBT Paul, Raven and Matt are in the HOH room watching the fish and start talking about Cody’s game. They were talking about Cody’s reasons for putting up Christmas and trying to put up Paul. They feel Jessica knew the whole time what Cody was going to do. They do not believe her. Cody and Jessica are in the HN room talking about Hockey. Dominique joined the others in the HOH room brushing her teeth.
10:15 PM BBT Mark just joined them in the HOH room also. He and the others continue to talk about Cody. Matt asked Cody, “Why did you want Paul out?” Paul says Cody really believes they put him and Paul in there to go head to head. One of them said, “doesn’t he know that BB isn’t just with 2 people.” They are trying to figure out when the Veto competition is. They are talking game play for the veto competition. Josh joined the others in the HOH room also. Matt and Raven left the HOH room. Dom says she hot and hungry. Her and Mark were talking about playing chess. Josh and Paul talk about getting Cody out and what the eviction speech will be. Jessica and Cody hopped back into the house from out in the BY. Jason is in the BR shaving and trying to find the aftershave. He said he wondered how he was going to take a shower with the frog costume on.
10:30 PM BBT Raven and Matt are in the kitchen eating now. Cody and Kevin are discussing the veto competition coming up. Elena, Alex and Christmas are in the LR talking about Elena’s ex texting some girl. Raven is telling Matt that when she was 3 she didn’t have hair and her mom would scotch tape bows to her head. Cody goes hopping by in his frog costume. Dom, Mark and Paul are still in the HOH room about the game. They are saying if Raven gets to the end she will win because she is an anomaly, she has two terminal illnesses and deserves it. Paul said that there could be a pre-jury buyback. And Paul is telling them they will let them know when people will be in the jury. And they are talking about who went into the jury in BB18. Paul also tells them that he thinks that they do get a quick call to family, monitored of course, but no requested items. They are wondering if Christmas got the temptation. And now three people that messed her over are in frog costumes. They said she deserves it.
10:45 PM BBT They were also saying she said she wouldn’t mind being the first in the Jury House. Paul said it was dope that everyone kept giving him tickets and Cody was getting so pissed. Kevin and Jason were in the green room. Kevin is putting different items in his bag for his kids and wife as keepsakes. He’s explaining what the items are and who they are for and what the children can use them for. Raven and Josh are in the BR talking about Cody hanging himself. Matt comes to the bathroom and Raven tells him that Josh said if he gets houseguests choice he will pick him. And Alex tells Josh, “We got you. You’re good. You’re fine.” Josh leaves the bathroom and Raven and Matt begin wrestling around and Alex falls to the ground. She’s laughs. He picks her up off the floor. Then they hug. Kevin, Josh, Jason, Paul, Dom and Mark are all in the green room listening to Paul pretend to offer used BB items for free just call 1-800-BB. And Jason was signing numbers. Jason made a loud ribbit playing a good frog in his costume.
11:00 PM BBT Kevin picks up the frog head belonging to Jason and puts his hand through the mouth and said, “this is the fro BB land, ribbit ribbit.” Josh said, “We lost Whistlenut and now have Froggynut.” Paul returns to his HOH bedroom alone to shower and get ready for bed. Cody and Jessica hopped into the kitchen for food and drinks. Elena, Christmas and Alex are still talking in the LR. Jessica said to Cody, “isn’t it disturbing that Dom and Mark are always upstairs playing chess?” Mark is teaching Dom how to play chess upstairs. Paul is sitting with them watching and helping explaining points and pieces.
11:15 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are in the kitchen eating turkey and talking about why no one eats turkey very much. Paul comes in and tells them that they will put sound effects for every time they bounce, “boing, boing, boing, boing.” Paul joins Alex, Elena, Matt, Raven and Christmas in the LR. They are talking about their last names. They are talking about different dating websites. They are talking about Elena having a raspy voice. Jessica and Cody went back into the HN room. They are listening to Kevin in the other room telling stories. Jessica said he is so funny. They kiss and Cody says, “Ribbit.”
11:30 PM BBT Back in the LR Alex, Elena, Paul and Christmas are talking about drunk family members. Jason comes hopping into the LR and sits on a lilypad on the floor. Ramses joined them in the LR. Josh joined them in the LR. Kevin joined them in the LR too. They are all talking about random things. Mark and Dominique are upstairs “playing chess” which means they are talking gameplay strategies. They are talking about getting to the final 7 together and with who. They are talking about Elena liking him and manipulating/pulling strings to get where she wants. Dom says that if they have sex the whole house will know.
11:45 PM BBT Dom is telling Mark how she didn’t even know anything about BB and that she was sent there by God. She is telling Mark he doesn’t have to choose between her and Elena because she genuinely cares about him. She said she doesn’t talk about sex and penises and things of that nature. She said she asked God what his plan for her was going there. She said it’s all about God’s agenda. And Dominique is not supposed to leave the house until Dominique is supposed to leave. She said to Elena in front of Christmas that Mark and I have a connection that I cannot explain. He is like a little brother to me and I just didn’t want any jealousy going on here. And then Elena was teary eyed about Ramses.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 7th


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