Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th

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12:00 AM BBT Paul got hit with the Slime the first round and was pissed he wasn’t playing and still got hit. They continue discussing how they felt about the different elements of the comp. (All cams are on the Kitchen area). Paul teases Josh about making a bet on the wall, ( Josh has lost every bet he has made). Kevin asks what time it is, the V toads answer that it’s after 12 midnight Kevin tells them take off the costumes. They say no we have to be told first. In the kitchen they talk about who will be have nots, Jason says he wishes he would have won HOH but it’s over now. They all make fun of josh having to drink pickle juice, and that Jason’s family is so embarrassed that they moved and left a note not to follow. Paul talks about production and how they use to get into tons last year and he learned not to push them and they all laugh. Elena says she is sore and Dominique offers her Ben gay. Matt was laying on the couch and Raven sneaks over and puts whip cream on him. She runs away laughing. The whole house is waiting to see Alex’s HOH.
12:15AM BBT Kevin and Josh in the bedroom, Dominique comes in and kevin asks her if she is alright He tells her not to worry because she is not going up. She says it’s nothing she just has things on her mind but it’s all good. Kevin starts talking to his girls, Ramses starts talking to them and Kevin leaves them alone. In the red room Dominique, Elena , mark and Elena talking about Kevin and where they think he is. They are kinda worried and want to talk to him a after noms. Elena says she wants to talk to Alex alone to verify her deal. She says she told some people that her deal was she could use her shower whenever she wants and no block or safety. Which is not true. Dominique says that josh wants in on the game talk but he’s very sketchy too. They say that he told Elena and Dominique to watch there back but wouldn’t tell them all the information. They all agree that josh is just fishing. They say that Ramses told them that someone told him that some votes might float his way but he for sure is not going home. Elena says she really wants to know who voted to keep Cody.
12:30AM BBT Paul asks who won the last temptation and Elena says Christmas but she says in her physical state it’s not beneficial to her. Paul says all this is a concern. Paul wants to know who would be voting if two of their sides were up. This upsets them. Mark says that she should do Jessica and Ramses because she hates them too. Elena says that Jessica went to Ramses before the vote and let him know that she was voting to send him home because she was trying to ask his permission and they think that sounds weird. Paul and Dominique agree that there is a missing link. Ramses, josh, Kevin and Jason in the bedroom talking about movies. Ramses says he wants music and Kevin tells him he will wake him in the morning.
12:45AM BBT Kevin asks josh if he has any girlfriends back home? They say what is taking so long with Alex and how tired they all are. Dominique and Paul in the storage and she says that she feels like some stuff is about to be blown up. Dominique says that she doesn’t trust Elena and that she is coming out of her box and her demeanor has changed. They say it’s shady she wants to talk to Alex alone if there deal is done so be it. She says it bothered her that mark did it defend her when she has always since day 1. Raven says that Alex told her right after the comp that Jessica would definitely would go up and she is gonna go after the person who lied and went after Ramses since she went up as a pawn and risked herself for liars.
1:00AM BBT They say that Mark’s name was brought up and they all agree not to tell him because he will blow up if he finds out. Raven says she thinks it will be Jessica and josh. Paul says he thinks that Ramses might have asked for a couple of votes so he could stir the pot and create doubt in the other alliance. Dominique says that she has a 50/50 thought it might have been Kevin that voted to keep Ramses. Paul says he thinks Ramses and Jessica might be working together. So back in the bedroom Kevin, Jason, josh and Ramses laughing and having fun, no game talk. Raven finally comes out of storage. Finally Alex comes out and says let’s see her HOH. They all dig in her basket and look at her pictures. She reads her letter and more digging in her food snacks and basket.
1:15AM BBT Her music is Meghan Trainor. Paul asks who she is. Lol. They talk about Cody not getting a letter and asking why she only got like 3 pictures. They talk about how hot it is, Paul says that it’s all the lights and by the morning it’s cold in there.
1:30AM BBT Kevin is the only one who has left the HOH Room. Alex says that she doesn’t care for bottle coke. They are complaining about the heat in the HOH Room. Josh says he is thinking about his 15 minutes on the wall, they all joke about Josh’s time with Raven saying 3 minutes. They all start to leave the HOH Room, Jason is going to ask if he can take his frog costume off. Raven Matt Mark and Paul are in the kitchen and getting drinks. Raven Matt and Paul head into the Apple Room where Paul is talking about Josh. They are discussing who voted for Ramses, they know Jessica did. Paul is asking how stupid can people be. Back into the HOH Room Elena and Alex are talking about Christmas and her broken foot. Alex is saying that she voted against Christmas because of her broken foot. They are now talking about who voted against Ramses. Elena says she thinks Christmas and they think Dominique voted for Ramses, Alex says she doesn’t think Dominique would do that as one vote would not make a difference. Alex tells her that going forward that she is not a target of Jason. Elena said she knew that once it came down to the two of them she was fine with falling off. They said that they know that Jessica voted Ramses, Elena says if it was Christmas that voted for Ramses, Elena says that although she likes Christmas she will be upset if she did that because the team is helping her stay. They are saying that they will give Christmas the benefit of the doubt because she isn’t here to defend herself. Alex says she isn’t sure about Dominique Elena is telling her that Mark stayed the most loyal to Cody and that is why Mark was so upset after Cody just dropped his bomb. Meanwhile back in the Apple Room Paul is talking about a conversation he overheard Cody Jessica and Jason laughing, he said Ramses raised his eyebrows whereas he felt Ramses was playing guard.
1:45AM BBT Paul and Mark say if Christmas did do this vote for Ramses after everything we did for her, Paul says yes after we all put our necks on the line. They are deciding how to deal with Christmas when she comes back. Paul is wondering if he should tell her no he hadn’t talked to Cody to see what she says. Matt says you had 3 people take shots at him this week. Mark says it will be clear when Alex makes her noms. Paul says why is Jess so calm, Matt says Jess is far better off in this game without Cody in the game. Raven is telling them that Cody made a pass at her the first night in the HOH . As the conversation gets personal the camera goes to Josh and Jason in the SR, Josh is saying that if he had won he wanted to back door Matt. Josh is asking Jason to talk to Alex and tell her that he has her back. Josh is saying he doesn’t trust Elena Matt Raven or Mark. He says they only have 2 weeks til jury. Josh says we have to keep our conversations private. Jason says Alex is not convinced. Jason says they are trying to get me out, Jason says they have to get one of their numbers out. Josh says he knows that they want to take him out. He asks Jason what he has heard about him, Jason says nothing. Josh says we need to talk to Alex about putting Mark and Matt.
2:00AM BBT Back in the Apple Room Paul is asking the group if he should go see Alex tonight. Raven says go see where her head is. Dominique says I know you can get the info out of her. Matt says Jason will be in her head to do something. Paul said she is smart and probably sees something in keeping Jason around for more than the numbers. Paul is asking Raven about her foot, she gives him an update. Paul asks when do they think Christmas will come back. Paul says it is strange that she comes in and out. Paul says why stir the pot 2 weeks in with something that is working. Dominique says Alex is as open about sharing things. Matt says Christmas feels insecure because she can’t contribute to the group. They do not understand why she would do it. Matt asks why would you vote against the house, they tell him to stir the pot. Back in the HOH Room Elena says she trusts everyone on her team but does question Christmas. Alex says she doesn’t understand why Christmas hates on Jason, she says she liked joking around with Jason, it was an accident and he feels bad about it. Alex is telling her that she was told they were doing things to mess her up. Alex says she doesn’t like being in a room alone with Jessica at all. Paul enters the HOH Room, he tells them to keep their voices down. Alex asks Paul who took her ears, Paul says he doesn’t know but would guess Jessica. Elena is telling him that Jess told her she hid Alex’s ears under the sofa. Mark had lost something, He lifted up the sofa and found Alex’s ears. Paul asks if there are any other concerns. Alex says she trusts the team but there are red flags for her Mark Dominique and Christmas. Paul asks her what about Ramses was in on it. Paul says he did not seem to panic about getting 3 votes. Paul says 6 people have come up to him since yesterday, Elena says that is because of what Cody did to him. Elena says she would agree to putting Mark up on the block.
2:15 AM BBT She says if he is playing this game with everyone she wants to but him out. She also tells them that she is concerned about Dominique and Christmas. Elena asks if she should tell Mark about this conversation, Paul says that is your call. Alex is saying Dominique is very smart and would not do that. Elena says if Noms are tomorrow and Christmas is not back it is very easy to put her up based on what I know. Alex says Cody was his Right or Die. Elena said Mark doesn’t think things thru. Back in the Apple Room Dominique Mark Matt and Raven are talking about Ramses and Jess being in the washroom doing girly stuff. Dominique says Ramses has to go. Raven says he has to be backdoored because he is smart and can compete. Dominique says Alex was very strong up there on the wall Mark says he was hoping Elena would make a deal with her. Dominique says Alex knows BB like the back of her hand, and is good at comps.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th

2:30 AM BBT Mark is saying goodnight to everyone. Dominique says she will be following. They both leave the room and leave Matt and Raven alone. Raven says the way Dominique talked when she walked into the room she was very open about her agenda. Back in the HOH Room Elena Alex and Paul are talking about what Elena should tell Mark.Elena says she wants to have a one on one with Paul. Elena is leaving the hoh room, Paul is telling Alex something is up with Dominique, and Jason and Mark, Paul is whispering about Jason, if Jason is kept being poked he may say another name, Paul keeps saying something is up, Ramses is a snake Paul says, Alex thinks they have to keep tabs on Ramses, Both agree that Dominique, has something that is up, Paul is saying to back door, someone, and Alex is talking about trusting Kevin put up Ramses , back door Mark, Raven and Matt think Dominique is up to something, Paul is talking about Mark and Dom, Alex is trying to decide who goes on the block, Paul is saying he trust Alex, and that he does not trust Kevin with game talk, Alex wants to put Mark up, Elena is wondering about Dominique, and then Dom always turns the target on them, Alex is talking about Matt and Rave, so Paul wants to go back down and not make it obvious that they are talking, So they both are saying what to tell the people down stairs, Like Alex does not like Jessica, Mark is the one they keep talking about yet they do not want anyone to know. Paul and Alex are going downstairs, making small talk about feeding the fish, O now Alex is alone in the HOH, she is talking to the cameras and is excited about her Meagan Trainor cd. ALex is supposed to be going to the DR but she is checking he music first, Back in the apple room, Paul is speaking about drawing a line in the sand, not to cross it with Jess, Josh and it is clear other things are going on but Paul is not sure, what is wrong, He thinks he has an idea but he is not sure, something changed since yesterday with Dom’s name and Mark’s name. Fish
2:45 AM BBT Paul and Raven and Matt keep speaking about nominations, Mentioning Jessica . Paul is talking about how info gets around with not actually saying, Paul thinks something is so weird with Dominique, He justs keeps saying he does not know . Elena is saying how Dominique asked her Who did You evict ? , who would it benefit, So now they say not to say if they are not sure, or gets them in waters they do not want to be in, Dominique keeps being brought up, Paul is genuine with what he needed to say, and people are telling her, I think they are talking about Alex, But it seems they are talking about Dominique, Matt says O God, Paul is worried what people think how long he spoke with Alex, They are commenting where are the people doing and where are they at two thirty in the morning, Paul is still worried, what everyone will think, if they have info and do they tell them or not tell them for their own good, Elena says Mark is emotional so she is protecting him, Matt says yeah to protect, Mark by not telling him, So Paul and Raven want Elena to go check on ALex. THey are talking about Christmas, yet Elena say it does not look good for her, her use is for a vote, she is a number, Elena says they can count on her vote and if it does not align with their vote as a group .
3:00 AM BBT Jason and Josh and Alex are talking in the HOH Room, Alex says Do not bring Jessica on board. Big Brother calls Jason out for his mic, he jumps up of the bed. Josh says what he is going to tell her he swears on his family. He says he does not trust Matt, Alex is telling him to drink the pickle juice because they are trying to get him to react. Josh asks if he is their target, Alex tells him no. Jason asks if he can eat any of her food she says you can if you are allowed. Alex says she doesn’t think Matt voted to evict Ramses, Alex says she can’t name names. Josh says he is going to prove to her he is loyal thru his actions. She tells Josh she wants to talk to Jason, he leaves. Alex says she has his back in this game, she isn’t going to tell him everything to protect him. Alex says she is targeting Dominique. Alex is telling him that she thinks Ramses won the $25,000. ( although Kevin took it ) Ramses knocks at the door so Jason and Alex stop talking and let him in. Alex asks Ramses what he wants, he tells her he just wants to know where her head is at. Alex tells him he is not her target. He says he knows that. Alex tells him that she already knows who she is going to nominate so she can’t name names. Alex asks Jason if he is okay. Alex says to Ramses do you want to give me anyone else. Ramses tells her Raven doesn’t like her. In the Red Room Mark Elena and Dominique are talking. Elena says Alex said the same thing Cody did about not being able to say who you are putting on the block. Elena is telling them Paul is going to talk to Kevin about his vote. Elena says Paul got Kevin to go against his word and voted to keep Christmas. Elena says maybe she should have not given up the HOH but she felt good at the time. Elena says because she had a relationship with Jessica and would find it hard to put her up on the block whereas Alex and Jessica do not like each other it is easier for her to let Alex put her up.
3:15 AM BBT Elena says if it was someone in their group that voted against Ramses it worries her because that means she is putting more trust in someone. Dominique says she is rethinking her trust of everyone in their group. She says she isn’t going to say until she has more prove. Elena says if it wasn’t me or you or Mark was it Matt or Raven. Mark says How do you live in a house and not know what is going on. Mark says why would we flip our trust that we all gave to Paul last week. Mark is going to look for Paul. Dominique says she thinks it is outside the group not inside. She thinks this is small but right now a big deal. Elena says she thinks Alex wants to talk to everyone one on one to see where everyone is. She says she is going to agree with her to that. Meanwhile back in the HOH Room Alex and Jason are talking about going along with this, Jason asks why is Mark being such a douce, Alex says she doesn’t know but thinks Dominique has some strange power over her. Alex says if this leaks out we are f**ked Jason says they won’t hear it from me. Jason asks her why she has to go back to the DR. Jason says he is hungry he tells Alex Kevin wants some of these things he is going to take him 4. Paul is in the kitchen, heading to the DR. Alex asks him if he is going there he tells her yes because they have called him. Alex heads back into the washroom and asks Matt who is still up. Matt and Alex are talking in the kitchen about the vote. Matt says it really feels like Christmas. Raven joins them in the kitchen but is talking so low she can’t be heard, Matt just say good observation. In the Rose Room Elena and Dominique are talking about Dominique’s hair, she says she doesn’t like going to bed with wet hair. She says when she blow dries her hair it goes straight. She tells Elena that she wears her weave but doesn’t want to put it in in the washroom so she will go up to the HOH. Elena says she thinks there is another temptation tomorrow and she thinks Raven will get it. But if she does get it and it is $20,000. She will take it. Elena goes out and talks to Kevin. Big Brother calls Kevin out for not wearing his mic. He asks her what is tomorrow, she tells him the Den of Temptation and Noms. Elena and Matt are talking about the vote. Elena is saying she doesn’t think it was either Mark or Dominique. In the Apple Room Mark and Alex are talking about the vote, Mark is saying that he does not think it was Dominique.
3:30 AM BBT Mark is saying if she keeps him safe he will keep her and Jason safe. Alex says I like you as a person, and I really respect Elena after what she did today. Mark asks her to talk to Dominique because she would not do that to her. She is telling him that she does not like Ramses or trust him. She says she wants to talk to Raven Christmas and Dominique. Mark says everything was fine until Cody thru people under the bus. Mark is telling her that Cody told Christmas that him and Dominique were against her. Alex says why do you want to keep Christmas so bad, Mark says he doesn’t want to keep her but he is trying to stay loyal. Mark says he feels bad for her but Jason didn’t put her on his back she jumped on it. Alex says Christmas is no good for anyone’s game because there are comps she can’t compete in. Mark asks her to keep him safe he will have her and Jason’s back. They leave and head to the kitchen. Mark asks if they were restocked, they tell him no just milk. Elena and Alex are in the Apple Room talking Raven has joined them. Alex says she thinks Christmas voted Ramses. Elena is saying that the only thing Christmas can offer the group is a vote and if we can’t depend on that she is no use to the group. Alex says she is an easy target so maybe we should keep her around for a bit. Elena says the pros of putting someone up from a group would be it could be the person who voted Ramses. But the con would be that it isn’t the person who voted against us it will cause problems. Elena has left the room so Alex and Raven can talk about who threw her name under the bus.
3:45 AM BBT They continue their talk Alex asks her if she hid her ears she tells her no. She then tells her that Ramses told her that Raven hasn’t liked her since day 2. Alex says Jason told her that he point blank asked her ( Jessica ) if she hid Alex’s stuff They both agree that they trust each other as well as Elena. Alex says she does not want to throw peoples name out. She wants to give everyone a chance to talk to her. Alex says she has Raven’s back and Raven says she has her. Alex says she feels bad about how Jessica is alone in the house., but she doesn’t like in the same room with her. Alex is telling her about the conversation she had with Cody before he put her on the block. In the washroom Elena and Paul are talking, Dominique comes out of the washroom Paul asks her if Mark is okay she says yes. Paul asks if she is okay she says yes because she knows what is going on. Big Brother calls Dominique out for not having her mic on. She says she is just looking for something. Elena has been called to the DR. Paul is telling Elena that she is going to have to play Big Brother real soon. She tells Paul that she trusts a lot of people in the house. He tells her Mark is under hot water with a lot of people in the house.
4:00 AM BBT Alex telling Raven she wants to make sure that Jessica goes home this week. Raven assures her that she and Matt are behind Alex’s choice. They are trying to figure out who keeps throwing in votes to go against the rest of the house. They are down to a few suspects: Jason, Christmas and Kevin. Raven says Christmas can’t compete, so all she has to do is vote with the group and if she can’t even do that, *shrug* Alex says that so many people are happy she won this week so they don’t have to pull the trigger on the kill shot.
4:07 AM BBT Paul telling Elena that he can’t take the heat for people who aren’t going to be loyal to him. Elena asks if he feels like she’s jumping shift on him. He says he wouldn’t be sharing information with her if he didn’t trust her. Raven and Alex come into the WR and break up the convo.
4:10 AM BBT Paul and Alex are now talking in the HoH room. Alex tells Paul that Mark said he needs to rebuilds trust with Paul. Alex says that she believes Mark wasn’t the rogue vote. Paul and Alex agree that they think that Dominique is suspicious. Alex says that Ramses tried to throw Paul under the bus, too. Paul reminds her that Ramses tried to screw them over with the Veto. Paul says he told Elena he may abandon ship because he’s catching too much heat over it; he says Elena asked if she could jump with him. They discuss votes should they put Dominique up. Alex says she’s going to need help with her nom speech; Paul suggests using her interview with Cody as a catalyst.
4:15 AM BBT Paul gives Alex various ideas on what to say in her nom speech against Dominique. Paul says he thinks Dominique is expecting to be put up this week because of things she’s said this evening. Paul says if Alex is going to catch shade anyhow, she may as well pull the trigger on Dominique. He says that if Jessica goes home this week, it’s not a bad thing, but he’d rather they got out a strong target. Paul tells Alex that he’s got her back this week and next, and reminds her he can compete next week and he’ll keep her safe. Paul leaves the HoH room at 4:22 to head to bed and Alex says she’s going to do the same. Alex uses the WR, gets changed and sneaks out to peek downstairs before heading back to the HoH room. She cam talks that it’s too hot, that’s it’s 100° in there and asks BB to do something about it. She turns out the lights, climbs into bed and tells the live feeders that if they’re fans of Dominique they better pray for her because it’s not looking good for her. Feeds cut briefly and Alex is up again pacing around, listening to music with the lights on.
4:30 AM BBT Alex listening to music, reading her letter, eating some snacks in the HoH room. Everyone else in bed, silent.
4:45 AM BBT Alex still up listening to music in the HoH room; everyone else in bed sleeping. Alex cam talks and says she can’t go to sleep. She says that this is super late for her. She says they’re going to sleep deprive her, and then she’ll get paranoid and start talking to herself like she already is. She says she’s about to go insane. Alex tells us her hand is bruised from the comp but it was so worth it. She gets called to the DR at 4:51 AM. She has a brief conversation with Elena on her way to the DR and tells her she talked to Mark and she thinks he’s solid. Elena brushes her teeth, uses the WR and heads to bed.
5:00 AM BBT Alex in DR; all other HGs in bed.
5:11 AM BBT Alex out of DR. Says she’s going to be angry hooker cranky tomorrow. She gives her Snapchat info and asks someone to let her sister-in-law know she thinking about everyone and she loves them. She heads to the WR, turns out the lights and gets into bed.
5:15 AM BBT All HGs in bed.
5:30 AM BBT All HGs in bed. Alex is restless and coughing/clearing her throat a lot.
5:39 AM BBT Alex, still coughing, says she thinks she’s allergic to the feathers.
5:45 AM BBT Alex still restless/coughing. All other HGs sleeping.
6:00 AM BBT – 6:30 AM BBT – All HGs sleeping…
6:45 AM BBT HGs are sleeping a bit restless,Alex is awake and just staring at the ceiling in her HOH room.
7:00 AM BBT – 8:45 AM BBT  All HGs sleeping

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th
9:00 AM BBT HGs are asleep. Raven wakes up. She was sleeping in Paul’s bed. Raven comes back to bed and cuddles with Paul.
9:15 AM BBT HGs are sleeping. Mark wakes up and sits on the edge of the bed and puts on his shorts. Music begins to play and feeds are cut to fish.
9:30 AM BBT Feeds are on fish. Feeds come back to Raven sitting on a stool in the kitchen. She is moaning as if she is in pain. Jason is hopping around in his frog suit. Matt is cooking. Kevin and Jason are talking in the bathroom. Jason tells him that the target is Dom this week. Kevin asks if Alex said anything about him and he says no. KEVIN! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! THANK YOU! Jason tells Matt and Raven that he is ready to be out of this costume. Raven whispers to Matt that she found out some things about Jess that pisses her off. Raven says that Jess told Jason that she was the one who took Alex’s ears and hid them. JASON! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Matt says this house sucks right now we are out of all of the things. Raven laughs and says they have not restocked yet. Raven dances vogue for the cameras. JESSICA! HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR BATTERIES! Mark and Elena are cuddled up sleeping still and Paul is still asleep as well. Raven and Matt whisper about a conversation with Alex about Elena and Raven says that Alex is going to talk to her so she will not be shocked.
9:45 AM BBT Matt says that they have noms and snake shit today, meaning den of temptation. Matt is washing the dishes while Raven sits in the kitchen wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. Raven leaves to the Apple Room to contemplate her life. Lights on in the Rose BR. Paul is covering his eyes Matt is in KT washing his face. Matt goes to Apple Room to whisper with Raven. Matt calls the situation in house the perfect storm. Matt heads to KT.
10:00 AM BBT Matt is in KT and Raven is wrapped in blanket in the Apple Room.Most HG still in bed. Matt cleans up around KT. Matt seems to be cooking slop. Cam1 and 2 still on Rose BR with sleeping HG. Matt has put a strainer over the trash can in KT. He is straining whatever was in pot. Alex is awake and in KT. Matt says no on is up and Alex offers her time for a talk. They head up to HOH.
10:15 AM BBT Alex says Elena is going up as 1st nom. She is unsure on Nom 2. She needs to put someone from their side.Someone’s name keeps coming up as untrustworthy but she isn’t sure. She is not sharing names. Jess was throwing Alex under the bus. Alex says they need to stay on the same page. Raven confirmed Jess statement and Alex trusts Raven. Alex heads to Apple Room to talk to Raven. Tells her she shared their conversation with Matt. Since they don’t know who is stirring trouble they will keep Jess at arms length. Ravin says she wants the ducks in a row. Right now they have squirrels. They just can’t figure out who is the one not sticking to the plan. (Kevin did not vote with group). Alex promises to be totally transparent with HOH. Matt is draining Slop in the trash. Alex heads to Green BR and HN room to see if anyone is up. She tells Matt that if anyone wakes up send them upstairs.Raven speaks with Matt in KT. She wants everyone to follow the rules and can’t understand why they don’t.Matt has squeezed all the liquid out of his slop.Alex lays on bed in HOH and talks to herself about her game.She needs to stay strong enough and long enough to make it.
10:30 AM BBT Matt and Ravin whisper very low in WR. Matt is upset the house is in such shambles. They whisper they trust Mark. But he is an emotional roller coaster. They feel Elena has been acting weird since yesterday. Raven sits down to eat.Alex falls asleep. Matt is very intimidated right now there is no dish soap. He will use hand soap. Matt whispers about Elena and Ramses. It seems Elena told Ramses they should go after Raven and then Jessica. Matt attempts to wash dishes with hand soap. Ramses is up and in WR. Matt and Raven have a whole conversation about throwing out the milk from her cereal.
10:45 AM BBT Raven shouts out BB can we have some more food. Matt would like the game to go simple and easy but it has proved difficult every week. Matt washes and Raven dries. Jason finally comes out of the DR. He still has to wear the costume. Jason asks who is up. Jason and Ramses meet in the SR. Jason talks about Alex,that she feels she is protecting them. Josh joins them. They discuss Alex’s came. Jason is going to stay tight to her. They need to stay away from Paul. Just do what Alex says.Josh leaves saying morning meatballs. Jason and Ramses in Green BR. Ramses isn’t sure if he should discuss things with Alex now or after the Noms. Jason and Ramses try to sleep. Josh whispers and Jason follows him to SR. Josh says going forward with Alex and Jason. But he needs to know who is throwing his name out there. They agree to do what Alex wants but next week we need to get HOH. Josh lists off seven HG verses Paul and Dom. Josh calls Alex a strong player.
11:00 AM BBT He asks how can he get her trust him. Jason says it’s impossible.Blaming it on how Josh competed on wall. Josh says we can’t change the past. Jason tells Josh that he has to come forth with real info. Josh says he can see her distrust in her face. Jason tells him it’s all the other crap Josh does. He needs to settle down. Josh wants a shower but there are people in there. Josh asks when Jason gets out of toad costume Jason says some time today.Ramses asks Jason if Alex is putting up Jess. They feel there are bigger fish to fry in house. Jason goes up to HOH. PAUL PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Alex talks about Jessica and how she now trusts her.Alex says Josh and Ramses need to be quiet after noms. He will tell them Jason says they need to get rid of Dom. Jason tells her to give Kevin a warm fuzzy. Kevin wants to hang out in HOH. Jason keeps kissing Alex’s rear end. Jason says he told Josh and Ramses do whatever Alex says. They talk about Josh getting off the wall so early.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th
11:15 AM BBT Alex says she has the other side trusting her now.Jason asks who are her final 6 She says you, me, Paul.Then they break into a discussion of Dom. Raven and Elena in Rose BR discuss Raven’s talk with Alex. Kevin and Elena talk in Green BR. Jason says to Alex if I win HOH next week can I give it to you? She lists off Alex Jason Ramses and Paul as final players in game.Alex says Josh better do what they want. To evict DOM. Alex just wanted their side in control. Cody blew it. Dom comes into HOH with Kevin. The conversation stops and turns to sleep habits. Kevin discusses telling everyone to leave Alex alone and Josh acted really weird. Alex tells them just do what I say.Kevin says all she has to do is give him a wink. The ladies are getting ready in WR. JOSH PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Elena shouts out he is dude he is washing his face. Kevin makes fun of Josh and his jokes. JOSH PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC. Jason says when he gets his HOH he wants a 6 pack of beer and will give it to Alex.
11:30 AM BBT Kevin continues to rag on Josh. Jason joins into the Josh bashing. KEVIN PLEASE MOVE YOUR MIC HIGHER.Paul heads up to HOH. Kevin says he waited to drop in comp until enough dropped to cover the Have Nots. They will have a drink after the POV tomorrow night. Kevin wants Josh to keep his name out of his mouth. And Ramses is a little B&^%$ Paul is going to bed.Kevin talks about hearing Elena talk about going up first. Kevin says Ramses told him he liked him. Paul and Elena meet up in Rose BR. Paul tells her Mark isn’t helping her game in BB. Elena tells him about her conversation with Alex.
11:45 AM BBT Elena says that she wants a promise on votes if she goes on block. Paul feels there is something up. Paul says Alex is gathering info everywhere. Paul tells Elena she is acting weird and odd. That the HOH has the power. Elena wants to know if Alex will say why she is up there. It is hard to campaign against a team mate. Paul again mentions Dom was up to something. Dom is in HOH talking to Alex.They discuss that someone on Dom’s team is gunning for her. They bring up the “Rogue in the House” Dom hasn’t figured out who it is. She just feels things are fishy.Paul and Elena continue talk in Rose BR. Dom tells Alex it was not her She voted to get out Cody. She has been questioned by her own team mates. Everyone believes in Kevin. Alex wants the Rogue on the block. Dom says everyone questions her talk show with Cody.
12:00 PM BBT They felt she asks questions that helped Cody’s game.Paul Elena and Raven discuss Christmas and the fact she is missing the game in house. They will not fill her in when she returns.They agree it’s awful she has to go through all this But she isn’t in the house. It affects the game. Alex said she would put up Christmas but it’s not fair she hasn’t been here. Alex tells everyone she is open to 1 on1 meetings now. Alex tells Josh the person they want out is Jessica. Josh says I can’t change the past. Alex says she will keep him safe but if he messes up he is out. Josh goes on a rant about how great he is. Alex will not name names to Josh. He has to just trust her.Kevin tells Paul how Josh was waking people up last night. Jason says he was awoken by Josh and ended up flipping off the bed. They call Josh a mad man. Josh talks to Alex about making a game move not a personal move. He has never gone and told anyone anything Alex has said. Dom is in WR with Paul saying she isn’t going to go around convincing everyone she is honest.
12:15 PM BBT PLEASE STOP SINGING. Dom goes up to HOH for shower.Paul meets Dom in HOH. They talk about who is going up. He talks about his talk with Alex. Paul gives all his info to Dom. Dom tells him how someone is throwing her name out there. RAVEN PLEASE GO TO DR. Dom is watching for who is gunning for her. Paul says he realized Alex wasn’t listening to her so he just put the info out for her. Dom is irritated that people are gunning for her and Mark. Paul asks her how she feels about him.FISH come on screen quickly. Paul predicts the crumbling of their team after this week. He is worried about what Christmas will do when she comes back.Paul goes into how Christmas being gone changes the BB mindset.
12:27 PM BBT Feeds go down.
12:29 PM BBT FEEDS return. Paul in Rose Room Talking to Mark.Telling him about hearing Elena’s conversation. Paul explains his convo with Alex.Paul again says their team is in trouble when Christmas comes back.
12:30 PM BBT Mark says that he knows what the vote is. Paul says that he needs to move past it, and that this week is going to be a pressure cooker. Feeds go out for a bit. Mark says that he’s just going to keep his distance between him and Christmas. Mark says that he’s going to keep Cody’s name out of the house. Paul says that he wanted to wait ‘til Cody is gone to talk to him. Paul says that he’s not making the same mistakes the did last season, and needs a group. Feeds go out at 12:37pm.
12:46pm BBT No more toad costumes! Raven is talking about her time helping sick kids. Mark and Dom are chatting in the bathroom., Elena and Matt in Apple Room. Matt says that he doesn’t want to be HoH unless he has to. Elena says that she’s a competitive person and needs to get HoH. Elena says that people might see her as a threat now, earlier than she wanted to. She says that she hopes that people don’t target her now. They exit, joking around. Jason walks out to applause. Raven talks about BatKid. In the bathroom, Elena and Mark are talking. Jessica asks Josh for his bandana ‘cause her red one has slime on it. Mark says that he saw on the screen in the living room that noms are today. Jason enters HoH. Kevin is getting ready to get in the shower. Jason says that Jessica wants to talk to Alex. Kevin says that he’s going to be in the shower and not care what they talk about. Kevin says that she was up here for an hour. Jason says that she’s transparent, can see right through you. Jason says that he told Alex that this HoH shouldn’t be wasted, and to nominate Matt and Dominique. He said that Alex said no. and am considering Jess and Dom.
1:00 PM BBT Jason yells about feeding the fish. Paul and Alex enter the HoH, but Paul asks for Jess says that she knows that she’s going on the block. Alex says that she’s not for certain that she’s going on the block, but if she does, she’s not the target. Jess says that she’s not on the side yet. Jess says to Alex that she wants to work with her and turn this house upside-down. Alex says that there’s bigger targets. Jess asks if she’s talking about D. Alex says that she can’t talk about that ‘cause of the cameras. Jess says that she wants to go after the people that went after Cody. Alex says that whoever voted for Ramses just tried to stir the pot and get Jason out. Alex says that she doesn’t understand why people want Christmas out. Jess says that she was in an alliance with Elena, and hates that she’s a scapegoat for all the lies.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th
1:15 PM BBT Alex leaves. In the HoH, Dom asks Ramses about the banner. Ramses says that the banner said Mark and Dom. Ramses says to Dom that she was being sketchy with some stuff. Dom says to Ramses that when she said “fake people showing fake love,” that wasn’t directed towards him. Dom says that that song wasn’t towards him, and that the fact that he thinks it was about him, that concern her. She says that the song was in her head, and since in that house, you don’t get to listen to music a lot. Dom says to Ramses that when he is her target, he’ll know. She says that she makes her targets clear. Rames brings up the banner again, asking who gave her that information. Ramses says that it was smoke, not a banner. Ramses says that he was close with Jillian, and Kevin was in the backyard with him.
1:30 PM BBT Paul tells that during his season, there were several instances of people trying to infiltrate the game. Feeds cut for a bit. Dom says that she was more calm when Production told her the banner wasn’t real. Ramses says that Cody told him about the banner. Ramses leaves. Dom says that Ramses kept looking around the room. Mark says that he feels nervous. Mark says that Ramses might bring it up to a female HG and she might be upset. Dom says she did that to literally scare Ramses and let him know that she don’t play.
1:45 PM BBT Ramses and Alex talk in game talk. She says that people are super scared ‘cause they don’t know what move she’s gonna make. Ramses says Dom says that people are saying her name around. Alex says that Dom made it up. Ramses brings up the banner again. Ramses says the only person he talked to about the banner is Jillian. Ramses says that he’s wondering who told her about him. Alex says that she made it up, and says that that’s a good plan and should’ve thought about it, ‘cause then people can’t bring up sources ‘cause she’s the only one. Alex says that she played him hard, and will be difficult later on. Ramses says that Dom probably voted to evict him, and that’s why she’s doing all this.
2:00 PM BBT Alex assures Ramses that she isn’t planning on nominating him, “but she can’t be for sure”. She says there are others in the house that have wronged her, and he hasn’t. Josh is someone who has wronged her feeds cut briefly. Ales says the people that voted for him (Ramses) is her concerns. Ramses mentions it being Dom. Alex doesn’t think it was her. Paul, Mark and Raven are in bedroom – Paul suggest that the three of them just hang out and do not mention any names. Raven said she witnessed Ramses visibly upset when he left the HOH. All of conversations are currently about the 3 Ramses votes and who they could possibly be. Matt and Raven think that Elena will separate herself and not pull a Jess.
Jess and Mark are talking about how she is trying to redeem herself and how difficult the past week has been. Mark says she has held herself together pretty well. She says she thinks that she will go home this week, but she knows that she is going home to Cody. Jess says they are going to split their time between LA and Dallas. Mark says that they are cute together
2:15 PM BBT Alex and Ramses are discussing Dom and how she has always been on Ramses radar. Alex says she has known that for a couple weeks. He asks who sais that, Alex says Jillian. Ales says there is a leak on their side. She asks Ramses who he thinks voted for him. He thinks it was Christmas, Dom, and Jessica. But he doesn’t think they are working together, just a connection. Alex assures him again that he is NOT her target. She says she’s going to find Jason, Ramses leaves HOH. Dom comes up within two minutes looking for soy sauce but doesn’t take it because it has wheat. Alex and Dom both leave to go downstairs. Most everyone other than Matt and Raven are now in the Apple Room hanging out talking about marketing and social media. Josh tells Elena that his sister has been in the club that Elena works at. Says he knows that they probably have met.
2:30 PM BBT Matt and Raven in bedroom – Raven said that Christmas complain about her foot too much! Wow! Mark and Alex are in the kitchen, Dom enters and Alex is talking about how she thinks there will be some type of temptation or challenge for the people that have left already. Their conversation is all-over. They discuss the HOH comp, how much Alex is eating, Mark’s dislocated finger, Boring convo… Back to the apple room and Jess says that she 1000% takes clients credit cards and tips herself if she thinks they are bad tippers. Feeds cut to another room. Alex and Mark are discussing when Josh took the golden apple. Raven enters and the conversation changes to why the back yard isn’t open. Mark thinks they are waiting for Christmas to return.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, July 14th
2:45 PM BBT Alex, Raven and Matt and Mark in kitchen talking about competitions. Mark is pretty quiet, just listening. Mark says that it’s been a slow day and he mentions he thinks that production is just waiting to bring Christmas back and then they will conduct nominations. Raven starts to cook. Then she starts talking to production. In the apple room, Elena is talking about her radio show and how they still use AIM (AOL instant messenger). They start talking about all the acronymns that people used on AIM back in 2004. Conversations lead to smart phones and being able to setup automated messages/text responses. Elena informs everyone that she hates and does not trust anyone who leaves a voicemail. She thinks that it 2017 and people should recognize that she will see a missed call and will call back when she wants too.Dom says that she loves voicemail because she can hear her grandpa only because of a voicemail that he had left her. Josh had a similar experience with a family member. Paul tells Jason that he’d be surprised if he makes it to 45 because of his work before he dies. They are all discussing the age of their parents.
3:00 PM BBT Josh Paul, Kevin, Josh, Ramses, Jess, Alex and Mark in the apple room. Mark tells them that he thinks they are waiting on Christmas to do nominations. They start talking about preparing some food. Eeryone leaves but Paul, Kevin, Jess and Mark. Josh returns and is quickly asked to exchange his microphone.
3:09 PM BBT Christmas returns – gets greeted by all. She said that things were “rough”. She wants to sit to tell everyone about the surgery, but wants to sit and rest her foot also. Paul asks Dom to hang around Alex until noms.
3:15 PM BBT Christmas finds a spot to sit and rest her foot and the group begins to fill here in n what she missed IE: Ravens tells her about her slip and getting stitches and Matt ells her how Elena came in second for HOH. Elena announces that she and Elena made an “agreement” for HOH and she came off the wall.
Christmas explains all of the “hardware” she now has.
10 broken bones, 4 dislocated and a dislocated ligament.
4 hours of surgery and she has one donor bone (from another person). She said the surgeon said it looked like a bomb went off. Kevin said yeah, Whistlenut
She has an additional 4 pins / multiple crews and plates. Says it is very painful, but she’ll be ok.
Rough post op experience and she couldn’t manage pain well, so she stayed an extra night to recover. Christmas reminded everyone that she will be told right before each competition if she can or cannot compete. Her recovery is a minimum of 6 wks in a cast – possibly 3-4 additional weeks depending on healing. NO full mobility, Christmas is crying and cannot continue to speak. About a year to continue arthritis 4-5 years and another surgery to fuse the arthritis down the road. She is visibly upsetting to tell the story. Everyone is consoling her.
Says she will need help with cooking. She said she is definitely retired. She asks for noone to feel sorry for her, says she just may need some assistance every once in awhile.
Jason is upset and feels bad, but Paul and Elena are reminding him it was an accident. It’s not like he did it on purpose.
Christmas heads to the apple room and Jason comes to help her. Christmas assures him that she does not feel any illwill towards him. She says she can see it in his face, and she doesn’t want him to feel bad. She knows it was an accident. Christmas says this was god’s plan and it may not be clear now, but it will be sooner or later. She asks Jason to not lose sleep or feel any guilt over this.

3:30 PM BBT Christmas said she wants to continue to dance in the mornings. Alex is in HOH and Elena comes up. Elena is wanting to know where her head is. Alex is being very evasive but eventually says that she may nominate Dominique, but is possibly doing so because she is kinda throwing Elena under the bus regarding a special relationship with Mark. Elena and Alex think that Dominique is lying about having a special relationship with Mark, and Alex says she believes Mark is not in a special relationship. Alex is also planning on speaking with Christmas, but Alex thinks Christmas will lie to her. Elena wants to know if Alex is ok with her speaking with Paul. Alex says ok. Alex firmly believes that Dominique had something to do with the 3 Ramses votes.
Jason and Christmas are discussing the HOH competiton, he’s filling her in on how things went down and how he was the last make on the wall. He’s telling her that several people were telling him to drop, but he said he’d only drop if he wouldn’t be put up and Alex apparently told him ok. Christmas asked Jason if anyone knows who the extra votes for Ramses were because it should’ve only been one vote.
3:45 PM BBT Christmas begins to tell Jason the story about her conversation with Cody the morning she left. Dominique enters and brings Christmas a dessert. In HOH, Elena and Alex are speaking about her relationship with Mark and how Elena wants to try to keep personal and game play separate inside the house with Mark. She wants to play the game!
Jason told Alex that Jess is trying to save her ass and said that one of the extra votes was Raven. Jess told Alex that her missing ears and dumped out coke was Raven. Alex believes Jess is lying and just trying to not get voted out this week. Elena tells Alex that she doesn’t respect Jess’s game. Says she doesn’t care if there are bigger targets to go before her, that’s ok, and Alex says she will go within the next couple weeks. Alex says she knows Elena had her back and Elena is the only one that she is completely covering her back at this point in the game. Elena says that she feels the same way. In the apple room, Jason and Christmas are discussing if they want or do not want to know who is being nominated. Jason knows he is good because he and Alex are tight, and made a deal. Jason said everyone stayed up until 5 am this morning because they were all worried about what was going on and wanting to talk with Alex but didn’t want to be seen doing it.
4:00 PM BBT Alex tells Elena in the HOH room that she needs protection if her target ends up staying in the house. In the kitchen Jason is teaching Josh how to dance. In the rose room Paul speculates with Mark and Dominique who Alex may be putting up on the block. Jason tells Mark in the living room that he feels guilty that he has ruined Christmas’ life by accidentally injuring her. Jason pulls Mark into the storage room to tell him that Mark’s name is starting to come up after Cody told everyone that Mark was involved in his attack on Paul and Christmas. Jason does not think Alex believed Cody’s claims or will put Mark on the block. Jason and Mark are strategizing as a team when Elena and Dominique walk in on them whispering. In the HOH room Paul and Alex talk about putting Dominique on the block. Paul tells Alex that Mark secretly hates Christmas and would target her if he wins HOH. They wonder if Christmas really did vote to evict Ramses as they suspect. In the rose room Raven is telling Christmas about her injury. Paul and Alex say they both trust Raven but do not trust Jessica. Mark joins Alex and Paul in the HOH room and says he is surprised Christmas would choose to stay in the house with the severity of her injury. Alex says that Christmas is just trying to stay long enough to take Jason out of the game.
4:15 PM BBT Raven tells Christmas that she had to refuse pain killers because of her disease and Christmas said that makes her feel like a wimp because she was crying for pain killers immediately. They discuss how accident-prone the cast has been so far this season. Matt is shocked that Production is even giving Christmas a choice to stay in the game. He feels she should have been removed from the house for her own health, especially now that she is stumbling around on her crutches high on painkillers. In the rose room Christmas asks Dominique about interviewing Cody on her show. Dominique explains that the team was unhappy with the interview and the questions that she asked Cody. Alex comes in and Dominique leaves the room to give her and Christmas some privacy to talk. Paul, Matt, and Raven move into the apple room to continue talking about Christmas staying in the game. Christmas reviews her conversation with Cody before he left the house to Alex. Christmas thinks she was nominated by Cody because Jessica was jealous about her dancing with him in the kitchen. Paul says he recommended to Alex to put up the two most dishonest people, which he believes are Jessica and Ramses. However, Alex is not interested in taking any advice and already has her mind made up about what she wants to do. FEEDS DOWN. Alex tells Christmas that based on the questions Dominique asked in her interview with Cody she thinks that he had an alliance that Dominique knew about containing at least 3 or more people. Paul tells Matt that he jumped ship at the right time and his name has not been brought up in the way that Mark’s has. Alex wonders if Cody was just trying to stir the pot before leaving, or if he really had a team of people involved in his decision-making as HOH.
4:30 PM BBT STOP THAT. Raven tells Matt and Paul that she and Alex had a conversation that they talked about each other previously when they weren’t sure about the other but now they like and trust each other. Paul says he did not come into the house a second time to win the game, he has other plans for gaining opportunities outside of the house. Alex recommends to Christmas to have individual conversations with each houseguest to see where their heads are at about her situation. Christmas promises that she will continue to compete and will only continue to get stronger now that she’s had the surgery. Raven, Matt, and Paul talk about the potential benefits of teaming up with Alex given that she’s a smart decision-maker and game-player. Paul reminds them that he can be an asset or enemy depending on how the houseguests want to treat him. Christmas tells Alex that she thinks she’s very smart and a great competitor, and she thinks they are closer than others in the house. Alex asks Christmas to back her decision and not vote out the obvious target, although she is not willing to say who she is nominating. Christmas tries to guess, but Alex does not budge. To earn her trust, Christmas tells her the names that Cody mentioned in their conversation, i.e. Dominique and Mark. Dominique and Mark weren’t happy about Christmas asking Mark if his relationship with Elena was a romance or showmance. Paul says he is available to Matt and Raven at any time for advice. Paul tells them it is not a game about deception and manipulation, it is actually a social experiment to see how bizarre people will act with a clear objective given to them. He says America likes to watch people create their own drama even though they have a simple goal at the beginning.
4:45 PM BBT Alex tells Christmas some of the reasoning behind why she has chosen her secret nomination without saying the name. She said people on both sides of the house dislike this person. Alex then tells Christmas about how Cody walked out of the house while hugging Jessica and not saying goodbye to anyone else. Mark and Elena are cuddling and flirting in the living room while chatting with Jason. Elena says she wants to get a teacup pig as a pet. She has a few friends that have pet pigs back home. She also wants a goat and dog. Alex tells Christmas that she has given all of the detail she can give at this time, but given that she went up as a pawn last week, she expects support from the house. She is telling everyone what she can so that no one is surprised like they were with Cody’s nomination of Christmas. Alex is trying to figure out who the other votes were for Ramses during the last live vote. Alex is willing to get blood on her hands and take shots at the alliance on behalf of people like Elena who do not want to target their inner circle. In the kitchen Jessica has found a baster and is excited to make jokes with it. Paul and Raven say they need it for the baking they are doing. Christmas is in pain and realizes she is late to take her 4:30pm pain pill. She goes to ask for it. Elena tells a story about her pet longhorn that she kept at the dorms in college. She says it weighed about a ton and Mark asks how many pounds a ton is. He never knew that is was 2,000lbs.
5:00 PM BBT Paul and Raven are baking muffins in the kitchen while Alex and Jessica watch them. Alex is called to the DR and everyone comments that it’s time for nominations. Kevin is in the green room telling Josh and Ramses about his high school days. They wonder when the nominations will happen. Kevin tells Ramses he needs to get up and socialize with the rest of the house. Christmas and Matt are sitting on the couch in the bathroom talking. Christmas asks what order the other houseguests voted at the live eviction. Ramses found a switchblade in the storage room. He starts playing with it and trying to close it. RAMSES STOP THAT. FEEDS DOWN. Matt tells Christmas that he was angry by the votes for Ramses. Christmas says she doesn’t know who voted for Ramses but may be able to guess. Elena brings Christmas a cookie with icing. Matt is anxious for midnight so he can go ham on the cookies and the rest of the food in the house.
5:15 PM BBT Jessica is telling Jason in the have not room that she talked to Alex and was told she will be nominated but will not be the target. She did not say anything outright, but implied things that Jessica interpreted as Alex targeting someone else. Christmas tells Matt about her discussion with Cody before he left the house. Jessica tells Jason that she wants to work with Jason, Ramses, Josh, and Alex. Then the house would be evenly divided and a fair game. Alex is called to the diary room and Jason jumps at the sound of Big Brother’s voice. Christmas says it’s about time. Jessica tells Jason she thinks it’s a smart move for Alex to put her on the block so that she is guaranteed to play veto for their side of the house. Matt says that Elena asked Cody before he left who the people were that he was supposedly making decisions with but he refused to name names. FEEDS DOWN.
6:27 PM BBT – NOMINATIONS Jessica and Dominique Dom is in the rose room covered by blankets. Everyone else is about the house hanging out. Kevin goes to talk to Jess saying she isn’t the target and she will be safe this week. Elena, Mark and Christmas in the WR Christmas is explaining the conversation she had with Jess. Matt joins the WR while eating his Slop. She tells about how Kevin watched her and Cody have the talk before she left for her surgery. Muffins and desserts being made in the Kitchen. Kevin and Jess in the apple room talking and laughing on and off. Elena says it’s just 2 unknown votes and it’s tough she gave everyone a chance to talk and look her in the eyes and say if they did or didn’t. Elena is mad she threw the HOH she should have won it, now her ally Dom is up. Mark, Christmas and Elena are talking with Matt. They are discussing being aligned with Cody and say it was a waste. They stated Cody implicated Elena and Mark with his speech at eviction. Elena says she can’t read “her” after Matt says something about a female (which you couldn’t hear). They then begin talking about Mark’s dirty feet. Elena says he should wash his feet and she sleeps next to him and it’s gross he has dirty feet. He says he can put clean socks on and she says he is gross. Paul walks in. Elena asks why did we agree to Big Brother again? Paul asked if Big Brother is kicking in yet. Elena says it keeps kicking in. Paul begins whispering. Kevin walks in and asks about all the towels in the floor. The ground tells him not to worry about it and they’ll get it later. Dom was using restroom comes out to wash her hands. She walks out without saying a word to anyone. Paul asks “has she spoken to you”. Mark says no and Christmas says she told her that Dom said she doesn’t want to talk right now. Elena says hold on this is interesting right here. Paul says he tried to talk to her but gave her her space. Elena says she told her that she had made an agreement with Alex for them all to be safe before she jumped off. Elena asks did she make a mistake and says it sucks. Mark says it’s ok because they have the votes and if it doesn’t come through then their group is done. Pauls says that’s right because someone is not voting right and their screwed. Elena asks about the Den of Temptation. Paul says it’s weird because it is normally before NOMS and this time it’s after NOMS so who knows what it could affect. Paul says he’s out of the pool so it doesn’t matter to him. Christmas says yeah but who else is out. Marks says as long as the temptation doesn’t mess with the votes and someone doesn’t win Veto they should be good. They continue to discuss the random votes for Ramses. Paul says yeah he doesn’t understand 3 people stirring the pot.
6:45 PM BBT Mark says only 2 people stirred the pot. Paul being yelling at Raven in the kitchen about food then gets up to go to kitchen. Matt, Elena Mark and Christmas remain in the WR. Christmas says ok we have 5 votes and asked who else do we have. Mark says we just needs 6 votes so it doesn’t matter, we gotta get 6. Christmas asks does “she” think that was even possible. Elena says I have no idea so she knows her biggest concern was the vote and her guess is that she thinks Cody had something to do with that but she doesn’t think Dominque had anything to do with that. Christmas asks could someone have promised Cody they wouldn’t vote against him. Elena says she can’t see Dominque doing that because it doesn’t make sense to vote against the entire house. Elena says 2 people in the house are liars but it doesn’t add up because she asked 9 people and they all said they voted for Cody. She contemplates Josh but says she doesn’t believe he would have kept Cody. She says she believes Jason because he swore on his on. Christmas says maybe someone did it just to throw a wrench in their game and cause questions in the group. Paul walks in and says maybe Ramses orchestrated something but he doesn’t think he works that far in advance so it must have been to just throw a wrench. Paul says he believes it was just to stir the pot and Christmas agrees. Paul says they will just have to let it bloom and see what happens. Elena says she sees where “she” is coming from because they promised her a landslide vote and she understands why she’s upset because it didn’t happen. Paul says she is queen of that side and they all follow her (Alex). Christmas says if she had not won HOH, they would have idea where her head was at. Christmas leaves to request meds. Elena says she wants to go to sleep. Raven says she wants to bathe in icing. Mark says he’s pissed at Cody because he called names and told people they know about the nom for Christmas. Mark says Christmas told him that Cody talked but didn’t give names. Christmas says she asked Cody why he was telling things and was told Cody was just stirring the pot. Mark says he’s pissed because he thinks Christmas lied about exactly what Cody said. Paul says Cody told him that he had a conversation with Christmas about something so Paul says he should parallel convo to see what she says. Mark says he’s still pit because he believes Cody did tell her names even tho she says he didn’t. Mark says he believes Christmas is shady. Elena asks if she can talk to Paul about Christmas.
7:00 PM BBT Elena says she needs a moment. Matt says he needs a beer. Mark leaves. Elena asks Matt what he is thinking. Matt says he is so confused. Raven and Paul re-enter the room. They ask about the Convo with Cody. Elena says she was told Dom threw her under the bus. Raven says she was Dom told her Elena is an evil vindictive person. Elena says she doesn’t understand Dominque because she thought they were working together. Elena says Alex told her that the person she was putting on the block was someone she could take a shot at easier than their group could take a shot at so she believes Alex meant Dom. Paul says the interviews during BB After Dark that Dom did was shady and he didn’t not appreciate it. Elena says they have watched Dom operate now but she can’t take a shot at Dom unless she has support. Elena says Mark will never be on board and that could be a problem. Paul says the “not hugging anyone but Mark” was not beneficial to her or Mark because it is now perceived that Mark and Dom have an alliance. Paul says Ramses has been running around saying he has an alliance with Dom. Elena says the way Dom operates is that she will come to straight to her face and she is capable of handling that. Elena says Dom made a comment like “I knew it” at her after the noms. Elena says 5 mins earlier she had a normal conversation with Mark and Dom so she had no idea where it came from. Elena says she has known Dom said negative things about her all day and hasn’t said a word. Paul asks if “homegirl” was sketchy. Elena says when she asked her, she said “she” was adamant that she voted Cody out (believed meaning Christmas). Paul says he will have private convo with Christmas about the votes and see if he can figure out what’s up. Elena says her game is jeopardy now because Dom is throwing her name out and her being implicated in the noms from today. Elena says there are people she trusts but she trusts Mark less than Matt and Paul. She says she doesn’t think he would do anything and Matt says he doesn’t either. Elena says it’s the same with Christmas because the things she’s saying doesn’t make sense and the truth usually makes sense. Elena says Christmas is coming. Matt says they’ll talk later. Matt says his loyalty is to Elena, Raven and Paul so they can do whatever they need to do. She says she is concerned about Mark because he can’t control his emotions. Matt agrees. Elena asks “what serves me?” She says people are noticing that. Matt says he is a good guy but he is not good with his words and emotions.Elena says the perception of Mark being erratic makes is difficult to not have doubt him. Elena says “where is Mark right now, with Dom”. Elena says Dom said Elena is jealous of their (mark and dom) relationship. Elena says are you kidding me… Elena says she has known all day Dom was saying things about her and she was hoping she or Dom would win HOH and she would have thrown the comp to her because she could trust her.

7:15 PM BBT Elena says she also trusts Alex and swore to her she was protecting Elena’s game. Camera switches to Mark and Dom. They are talking about noms. Mark says she isn’t looking at me anymore. Mark says if you go home…nuh uh. Dom says if you notice in past seasons, the blank person is always targeted. Mark says we’re gonna stay positive and it’s a good thing she slipped because now they have seen everyone’s true colors. He whispers Elena’s names. Dom says yeah, she hides her tracks very well. Mark says he will be like a large sad puppy. Dom says you don’t need to do that. Mark says they’re gonna win veto tomorrow. Mark says he doesn’t see Paul being in on this and Dom says but he and Elena are close and you can’t ignore attraction and doesn’t think Paul would chose her over Elena. Dom says Mark is the only person she trusts. Mark says hopefully Alex will tell him why. Dom says she was told someone in the group was gunning for her. Mark says he told Elena don’t talk to me like that. He says he was talking to Elena about a convo with Jess. He says he told Elena he knows she is good with her words but she doesn’t need to talk to him like that. Dom says she likes you but it is also strategy. Dom says when a girl is jealous she will go to extremes to protect what’s her. Dom says you see me on the block. Mark says he wants to throw Matt threw a wall. Dom says she is going to integrate back into the group and see who is uncomfortable and then she’ll know who brought her up for noms. She says she is now only going to tell Mark about her speculations because she still doesn’t know if she can trust Paul. Mark says she should approach him first. Mark asks her if she needs anything, she says no, I’m not Elena. Mark laughs and mentions Christmas. Dom says everything will come back around. Dom says she was trying to make Raven uncomfortable by staring at her and when Elena came for a hug she just turned her way. Mark says Elena felt a certain way about that. Dom says she would feel a certain way too if she was lied to and put on the block. Dom says take care of yourself and do what you need to do. Mark says his emotional stability depends on her right now so she has to stay. Mark says she needs to pick him for veto and they still have a temptation so anything could happen.
7:30 PM BBT Mark says he going to grab some water, talk to some fake people, check his emotions and be fake with Elena and then he’ll be back to check on her. Dom laughs and says ok. Back in the WR, Ramses is talking to Elena, Matt and Christmas. Ramses is pointing something on his head. They are discussing blowing noses. In the HOH room, Alex and Mark are talking. Mark is telling them that Cody refused to tell him who he was nominating because he didn’t’ want to implicate Mark. Mark says he told Cody he would have his back but was thrown off by Christmas’ nom especially after he talked to Christmas. Mark says after he talked to Christmas he changed her mom. Alex what’s going with the Dom situation and says she was told they were conspirators in the plan. Mark says it’s crazy and they had no idea. Alex says the decision she made to protect them and protect Elena. Alex says Dominique threw everyone under the bus when she questioned everyone about the votes. Alex says Dom told her that a certain female was jealous because of her relationship with a male. Alex speculates who else could be the vote. Mark says you know it has to be Christmas. Alex says she knows but who else. Mark says what about Kevin. Alex says you think? She says she knows Christmas is lying and the only other option was Dom and possibly Mark. Mark asks if he is in trouble. Alex says he is not in trouble. Alex says she didn’t like what Dom said during their convo so that’s why she’s up there. Mark says he’s emotional and he and Dom have a good connection because they have been through similar things so they’re close. He says she supports him. He thanks Alex for keeping him safe. Alex says she had one on one convos with everyone and that’s what she came up with. Mark asks if the concerns came from people on their side. Alex would not confirm. Mark asks if Dom is the target. Alex says she is. Alex says Kevin swore on his bible that he was not the extra vote so that leaves Dom. Alex says everyone agrees that something is not right. Mark discusses who was in their original group. Alex says she told Elena how it was going to go down prior to the noms. Alex says Cody named Mark and Dom on the way out and people are believing it.
7:45 PM BBT Alex says Dom looks dangerous from an outside perspective. Alex says I like her as a person. Alex says when Jillian first went on the block and she campaigned for Christmas and Jillian to stay. She says shortly after the votes Christmas asked if she voted for her to stay. Alex says yes and Christmas asked how to figure out the votes. She continues to talk about that first vote that took Cameron out. Alex says she’s hoping the people she picked will play a straight game with her atleast until Jury. Alex says she has been a straight shooter the whole time. She says everyone knows she and Jason are ride or dies and they will both be on the block together. She says she knows they hang out too much. Mark says he’s upset because he feels responsible for Dom. Alex says they don’t know what the vote will be but he should go ahead and do his own investigation. Alex says if you’re gonna be a part of a team you can’t sell out your team. Alex says someone is stirring the pot and she believes it is to get Jason out and it makes her mad. She said she would like Christmas (and other) gone but strategically it doesn’t make sense right now and she’s thinking of the team because she showed her loyalty by going up as a pawn last week. Mark speculates that even with him trying to save Dom they only need 6 votes and he’s concerned even if people tell him they are voting to keep Dom, he can’t trust it because of the way votes have been going. Alex says right now it’s all a game of “can we trust people”. Dom knocks and comes in. Mark leaves the room.
Dom asks Alex what red flags came up. Alex says when she threw people under the bus, she had concerns.
8:00 PM BBT Paul and Mark are talking about her nom. Speech. Paul says that they are being nice to him because he’s already safe. Mark says Jessica is like his sister. Paul says Victor was like a brother but he saw him go three ties. Paul leaves and goes into the kitchen to cook. Paul is splitting up a muffin for them to split. Cowboy and Mark are talking on the couch in the bathroom. Jason says he doesn’t know who to believe half the time. Mark asks Jason if he should be worried about going up. Jason says that Alex hasn’t ranked who she wants to go yet. Jason says that if it was up to him he’d take care of the floppers. Jason says that they must be coming at Alex big time because she’s not telling him anything
8:15 PM BBT Jessica is in the room talking to Christmas. she says that she undwhat’s going on and why she’s on the block. Christmas says that she wants things to be better between them because they’ve both had a bad week. Christmas says that she can tell that’s she’s in a better place because she’s beginning to look better and play a better social game. Jessica says that she wants for her to heal up and be able to play the game. Christmas says that they are both very similar. Christmas tells her she hopes that she’s able to build better relationships, since she’s seen the importance of having allies in the house. In the bedroom Paul and Mark are talking. He says that he doesn’t want his game to crumble.
8:30 PM BBT- 8:47 PM BBT feeds cut to puppies. One of the puppies is right under the camera while it appears to be two in a kennel. There’s also a bird.
8:47 PM BBT Matthew, Elena, Paul, Alex, and Raven are sitting in the living room. Paul keeps saying that they don’t pick veto players and then not play. Jason and Kevin were picked to play in the veto game. Paul was picked to host the veto comp. In the green room Josh, Jason, and Kevin are talking about who might go this week. Kevin asks Alex if he wins does he use it, Alex says maybe.
9:00 PM BBT Feeds cut to puppies again. They are playing a night Veto tonight. Veto players were picked: HoH Alex and Nominees Dominique & Jessica, plus Christmas, Jason, Kevin, with Paul hosting.
9:00 PM BBT- 12:00  PM BBT  Puppies’ Feed . ( POV being played)

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