Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, August 11th

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12:00AM BBT Paul and josh talk about her music that she had picked and Cody slides out of the room. Paul opens a beer and puts it in the michelada cup with some limes. He shares out with Alex and she likes it. Production comes on and tells josh to turn down the music. Elena tells everyone that congratulations to everyone that they made jury. Raven leaves the room she needs to change her bandage. In the kitchen Matt and Mark talking about Josh and the pots and pans. Mark says that he wanted to lay low and not draw attention but that went out the window.
12:15AM BBT In the hoh Alex, Elena, Christmas , Jason talking about phones. In the pantry Josh, Paul and Mark talking about Mark getting upset about josh liking Elena. He says he doesn’t care and if he wants something to go ahead and try it. Paul, Alex, Christmas, Kevin and Jason talking about who to put up and who should get safety and who should play for veto. Josh is going over why he wants Mark and Elena out. Alex says that Raven is mad at her right now that she didn’t win HOH. Matt and Raven run up to the HOH and Paul runs tongue bathroom. Alex asks for someone to throw the safety comp so they can stack the veto and Paul’s says he wants to win it.
12:30AM BBT Matt and Raven say they will throw it and they all agree to keep Mark and Elena calm and be friendly with them. Raven says she is about to go to bed but sits back down. Matt says that she needs to have a third nominee in case one of them wins the comps or veto. Paul out of the bathroom and Matt says he will throw it.
12:45AM BBT Mark comes into the room and Alex says that Cody was trying to be nice to her. . Alex says that Cody for some knowledge when he went home the first time the way people were perceiving him. He says that he got it from some interviews he did. Feeds cut out for a few and then Paul says that everyone has fans. They try to figure out what kinda comps are going to happen for safety and veto. Josh says that he’s tired and gonna get ready for tomorrow. Mark asks if Christmas was playing to ensure that Cody isn’t in last place. Paul tells Matt it will be either one of them and they will have a code to communicate it. Matt and Raven head off to bed and Mark and Josh quiz each other. In the bathroom Xmas and Raven primping for bed. Matt comes out of the stall and the two go to the APSR. Raven complaining about putting Elena and mark up if one wins win veto and one wins safety she has to put up possibly Matt and Josh. Matt says that if that happens Cody will be backdoored and he will go home. Matt asks Raven what’s the difference between Matthew and josh. Raven says that the three guys are stronger and should play for the veto because the guys are stronger than Elena. They agree that they need for Mark to leave the room so they can go back and talk to her tonight.
1:00AM BBT She says that if Matt is the third person on the block and wins the veto he cannot use it to pull himself off but if he’s nominated he can and then Cody can go up. In the bedroom Kevin is talking to elena and tells her that she is doing a great job. She says she has to be 100% and be herself. She says she is confident, beautiful and smart and will say what she thinks. She feels like she can make it to the end and if not she will do feels like she can do something that takes off for her because she was on the show. Matt and Raven sitting in the bathroom she is going over the noises sequence. Mark comes down to the bathroom and tells them goodnight and then goes to the bedroom. She tells Matt that they should go hear Paul’s song and head up to the HOH. Mark sit’s with Kevin and Elena and they talk about past houseguests and Kevin knows a lot about season sixteen. Mark talks about the others studying and Kevin says that he doesn’t think that it will be the safety comp because they don’t have to play and why waste all that effort.
1:15AM BBT Kevin laughs and asked if they will share a bed and Elena says no. In the HOH room Raven is pleading her case and they talk about Josh playing for the veto against Cody will piss Cody off. They say that they will meet in the HoH at 9:30 am so that they can study together. Again Matt and Raven head out and they say that the way they were acting was real sketchy. Paul says that the crazy thing that they are trying to protect Elena. Jason says that Matt and Cody are in the rose room together all the time and they are talking. Josh is saying that he will be a pawn if he needs to. In the bedroom Mark and Kevin are talking about football.
1:30AM BBT Back in the HOH Room Paul Christmas Jason and Josh are talking about Kevin. Josh says Guys he is 56 years old give him a break, Alex says if he needs a break he needs to go home. Jason says When Alex talks to him ( Kevin ) he comes back in line. Christmas says Kevin thinks Cody will go after Mark Elena Matt and Raven. Jason tells Paul that Cody calls it The Paul Show. Paul asks Can I call him out. Jason says He has said We have to get Paul out. Paul thinks that someone needs to check Kevin, he needs to tell them what he is saying. Jason says Kevin has told him We need to make a move to get Paul out. Christmas said Kevin was upset that she never told him that she had the the Ring Temptation. She says she told him that she never told anyone. Josh is saying that Kevin will not protect them. Josh keeps saying the same thing over and over again. Alex tells him that they know what type of person Elena is so he doesn’t need to keep telling them. Josh says he doesn’t know why Raven is wanting him on the block. Alex tells him that she wants to campaign against him. Josh goes to get Kevin. They want to tell him to cool it. Elena has entered the room. The conversation switches to general conversation. Elena says Cody is in the HN Room with the lights out.
1:45AM BBT Josh is on his way upstairs with Kevin. Mark is in the kitchen eating. Back up in the HOH Room, he says he was downstairs talking to Elena, She confirms that. Christmas says Can I just say I thought Cody was going to propose to Jessica, as she did give up her game for him. Elena thanks them for keeping her in the house. Josh thanks her for doing him a solid last week. Elena leaves saying Good Night. Paul is telling Kevin to be careful what you say to Cody, he will use it against you. Kevin is saying it is over with him, Paul says we need to be careful as they are shitting their pants down there. Josh and Alex leaves the room. Kevin says if we can’t get Cody out, we need to get Matt out as once he goes Raven will be all over Paul. She was even laughing at Paul’s jokes when it was not even funny. He says we can get Mark out anytime. Kevin says Cody first, he also says you decide which one you want out either Mark or Matt. In the kitchen Josh is dancing around while Mark is eating. Josh asks Mark to dance with him. Mark tells him no I just ate 2 bowls of pasta I will throw up. Mark continues to eat, Josh continues to dance.
2:00AM BBT Back in the HOH Room Kevin is telling them that Matt freaks him out with his constant touching his face, and his beard. Kevin says he would be easy to evict as he doesn’t have a lot of stuff. Christmas leaves to go to bed. Jason Paul and Kevin are there, There is a noise so they all run out of the HOH Room. Alex is grabbing her stuff to take up stairs. Josh is still dancing around.
2:15 AM BBT Paul and Jason are in the Green Room talking Mark comes in the room Paul asks Mark if Cody ever asked him about voting Paul out. Mark tells him no he didn’t but he knows that we have a relationship so he won’t say that to me. He just asked me not to vote Jessica out. Christmas is giving Kevin a kiss good night. Big Brother tells Kevin to put his mic on. Mark goes over and tells Christmas she looks pretty. Kevin says Mark is now in grade 3 of Kevin’s manner school. Paul and Josh start horsing around. Josh says I need to shower. Paul is asking Josh if he would get him a glass of water. They are arguing back and forth about it. Christmas says you guys have been talking about it longer than it would take to get it. Josh leaves to go shower. Josh is holding the door open for Christmas, she has gone into the HN Room to get a blanket. Christmas says she needs an extra blanket because it is cold in the Rose Room. Feeds have gone down. Feeds come back with Josh taking pillows from the HN Room. Elena is saying the pillow you have been in the HN Room has been in the HN Room for the last 2 weeks. Josh is saying that is his pillow. Kevin is in the DR.

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Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, August 11th

2:30 AM BBT Josh is asking Mark what were you going to say to me. The conversation goes back to Josh taking a pillow from Elena. Jason is lying in his bed with his eyes closed, Paul leans over him and screams in his ear Jason jumps up. Josh is saying you can’t grab somebody by the ears as you can kill them. Mark keeps saying Josh’s name then saying nothing. Paul puts Josh in a leg hold. Big Brother tells them to stop horsing around. Jason jumps out of bed and jumps on Josh. Josh is saying he can’t breathe. Paul is laughing so hard he chokes. Feeds go down. Feeds come back with Paul still choking. Josh is saying his neck is sore. He tells them to stop grabbing me by the neck. Kevin comes out of the DR. Kevin asks Jason Did you get him ( Josh ) while I wasn’t here. Josh asks Elena if she wants to cuddle with him. Kevin says Josh you just don’t yell that out. Josh is finally getting his stuff together for a shower. Paul asks Elena what he is cooking her tomorrow night when she is no longer a have not. In the washroom Raven is looking in the mirror, she passes Josh in the hallway says goodnight to him. Josh is going to shower. Back in the Green Room they are trying to figure out how many weeks are left. Kevin says there is 5 weeks. Elena says she hopes she wins HOH next week as it is her birthday. She thinks it will be badass to be HOH on my birthday.
2:45 AM BBT Elena is talking about someone who people at her radio station interviewed. She says he tweeted that it was the worst interview ever. Kevin asks if the guy’s real name is Whiz. She says she doesn’t know. The conversation goes to a concert that Paul went to where some of the singers were really good, but he did not think Whiz was that great there. Mark comes in Paul asks him if he liked the concert, Mark says yes. Matt has been called to the DR. Feeds go down with Kevin asking to turn the lights out. Feeds come back with Elena lying down with Paul, Kevin is in his bed, Jason is asleep in his bed. The lights were still on. The conversation is on concerts that are coming up. Paul thinks his band will play at it, but will probably get a bad spot, but it means bragging rights.
3:00 AM BBT Mark comes thru saying he is going to bed as it is nearly 3 am. Elena and him head into the HN Room. Mark turns the light out for them. Kevin says he hopes Josh doesn’t come in horsing around. Paul asks Kevin for one of his headbands to cover his eyes. Josh enters the room Kevin asks if he is ready for bed, he says yes. Elena and Mark have gone to the washroom. Mark asks her for a hug. He picks her up and gives her a kiss. Elena heads to bed, Mark brushes his teeth. Mark heads into the HN Room, his bed is falling apart so he tries to fix it. He is making a lot of noise trying to get it setup right again. Elena offers to help him but he finally gets it says he is good. They say goodnight. All HGS but Matt are asleep. Matt is in the Dr.
3:15 AM BBT All HGS are asleep, there is no sign of Matt he may still be in the DR. Feeds go down. Feeds come back a few seconds later with all cameras on Green Room and HN Room. Someone comes out of the Rose Room, you hear voices and a door close. Matt has left the Dr and goes into the Rose Room. Big Brother has dimmed the lights for the night.
3:30 AM BBT All HGS are asleep. Kevin is talking in his sleep about some show. It is hard to make out. Raven is up and in the washroom, eating chips and looking at her face in the mirror. After eating the rest of the chips she brushes her teeth.
3:45 AM BBT All HGS but Raven are asleep. She takes a drink of water in the kitchen, then heads back to the Rose Room to bed.
4:00 AM BBT  All HGs tucked safely in their beds.
4:15 AM BBT – 8:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
8:33 AM BBT Cody is up and using the restroom then moves on to the kitchen to make coffee. Mark is awake and in the restroom.
8:45 AM BBT A lone Cody sits with his breakfast quietly in the kitchen occasionally staring at the memory wall.
9:00 AM BBT Cody still quiet and lonely in the kitchen… Feeds go to FISH.
9:15 AM BBT Cams back.. Josh is dancing around the kitchen as Cody blatantly ignores him. Cody back in bed. Josh jamming out to his own beat and dancing with the broom, frolicking around the house. Josh goes into the apple room to talk to cams and pray out loud. The rest of the house is finally stirring. BB tells Josh to adjust his mic so we can hear him better.
9:30 AM BBT Pretty much all the HGs are awake now and moving around the house doing morning routines, lights are all on now. Josh says it’s a blessed day, they’ve made it to jury and should be happy. They discuss being awakened by the music from The Lion King this morning. They complain about being locked in the HoH room. Cody sits alone in his bed ignoring the world.

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, August 11th

9:45 AM BBT Paul is leading a bash session on Jessica in the kitchen, says she’s the idiot who called them idiots while being evicted not making jury. That she’s probably at home crying in her bed NOT the big brother house. Christmas is doing her makeup in the bathroom mirror. Cody still alone in the Have-Not room.Paul walks in and Cody tells him to leave him alone. Paul says I’m not going for you dude. Paul and Raven whisper in Wr Paul wants Elena and Mark up. Raven had a talk yesterday with Elena. Elena mentioned it was someone else’s turn on the block. Paul says it’s BB you don’t get to pick.Mark will be ok as a pawn.
10:00 AM BBT Most HGs are in KT goofing over breakfast. Kevin got a yoghurt from the fridge he goes and gives it to Raven.Kevin and Paul go to the Apple Room. Kevin talks about an old movie. Kevin asks who’s going up. Paul says Mark and Elena. He says Matt and Raven are too sissy to help. Paul says Matt plays a game of don’t rock the boat just stay in it. They discuss Cody playing for safety. Jason is feeling down. Kevin thinks he misses his family Jason says no I’m a tool at comps. Josh comes in and they all say ah F**k.Raven Matt and Christmas in KT. Raven and Matt do their games. Matt tries to take the yogurt thinking she stole it from Kevin. Christmas joins the Apple Room group. Alex comes down from HOH. Josh says his HOH was short. Paul says you never had the HOH. Jason Raven and Matt goof off in the Hall to WR. Jason and Josh rib each other in Apple Room. Raven and Matt tussle over her Yoghurt. He put it in the microwave.
10:15 AM BBT In the Apple Room they go over BB clues. Matt complains that Mark and Elena are allowed to keep sleeping.The Apple Room group discuss the votes. Christmas says she didn’t expect to get out so quick in the comp. Paul says You also didn’t plan to break your leg. She hates not competing. JOSH PLEASE GO TO THE DR.They walk through scenarios for the eviction.Alex Cody and Matt in KT discussing Alex getting real sushi.Christmas really worries over not getting to compete.Jason tries to bolster up Christmas.
10:28 AM BBT – 11:35 AM BBT   Feeds down
11:35 AM BBT FEEDS RETURN. Mark and others in the Apple Room Mark is finally talking. He is not jealous and not dating Elena. Raven and Matt cuddle in WR. Mark and Josh argue over Elena. Josh just wants Elena as a friend. But goes around telling her she is his type. Kevin comes up to confirm a conversation they had. FISH Flash. Josh tells the group in Apple Room how he feels about women. Paul heads to WR to comfort Raven. Mark and Josh talk about Elena. Josh says he pumped his brakes so Mark could have a chance with Elena. Mark thanks him they continue their back and forth.
11:45 AM BBT Paul jokes they will have a comp for Josh and Mark to win Elena. Jason goes into HOH Alex says don’t mess with my fish stuff. Paul and Kevin come up to HOH also.Jason tells Paul about a conversation he had with Alex and Paul runs over to Kevin for clarification. FISH flash. Alex is doing make-up in HOH bed. Kevin is berating Jason. Mark and Josh continue chat in Apple Room. Alex says it will be a long day. Kevin says he left his athletic skills back in the 80’s. FISH flash.Josh Elena and Mark talk in Apple Room. He is so thankful for this experience. He never felt safe in the game.Raven Jason Kevin Paul and Alex are in HOH going over the clues.
12:00 PM BBT Josh is talking about Dom’s game and how she isolated herself from the rest of the house and yet her and Josh talked and prayed together and thought that she is still a great person and would like to be friends outside the house and thought that she just made some poor game choices that messed her game up. They are talking about how people make relationships in the house and Josh says that he wants to be friends with everyone else in the house and Mark says all would be to much and they talk about Cameron, Jillian, Josh said that he liked Jillian she was cool but didn’t get the chance to get to know Cameron that much. Cam’s go to HOH room to the conversation of they are wanting Josh to play safety comp and possibly throw the comp and yet still have chance to play VETO. Paul says he said he’d play and throw it. Alex is talking about her tweezers being plated gold not real gold. FISH. Kevin comes into the Apple room and says that he wants to sweep that room up. He leaves to go shave.
12:15 PM BBT Josh and Mark are in the Apple room talking about their families and missing them. In HOH room they are talking about how Mark and Elena are really nervous. Paul says to Alex that they don’t want to tell them where they are voting. In the WR Kevin and Christmas are talking about wanting Matt and Raven out before Mark and Elena. In the HOH room they are talking about last night’s comp and how Mark and Elena played. Alex is wondering if they just threw the comp and Jason says that Alex thinks everyone throws comps. They are talking about how they just need to keep winning comps to keep things on their sides. In the WR Kevin sits on the purple couch and he is telling Christmas that Josh needs to play his game and not Pauls. They are just talking about what needs to be done from this point in the game. Josh comes into the WR uses the bathroom, washes his hands and leaves. Paul finishes his conversation upstairs and says he should go down and see what everyone else is doing. In the HOH room Alex asks Jason if he has the sounds down and Jason says he knows them Josh comes into the room They are going over the sounds and shouting out numbers and going over sounds that goes with them. Josh says he had a good talk to Mark and says they are fine. Josh says he needs to stop saying nice things to Elena because he thinks Mark really likes her. So he wants to leave her alone. Downstairs Christmas is telling Kevin what she was telling Cody how she knows it is hard to play this game without Jessica. Paul comes into the WR and Kevin says what’s up PIMP and then FEEDS GOES DOWN

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, August 11th
12:30 PM BBT – 2:57 PM BBT  Feeds down for Temptation Comp
2:57 PM BBT Feeds return Mark wins Competition Comp is safe for the week and Matt lost and is now the 3rd nominee. Josh asked when are they doing HN Christmas said that they do the Noms today Christmas said that she has tators for the steak Josh said that he made serious guest
3:00 PM BBT Paul said what is there no garlic Mark is in the SR Christmas said is everybody okay with scalloped potatoes Paul said all of these marinaded yes Paul said why are freaking out what is going on to Kevin Kevin said you have to put up a good player Kevin said you can play paul Kevin said let’s have mark packs his bags again Kevin said let’s hope that we don’t get picked again Kevin said that she don’t talk to him she talks to Jason Elena is in the SR Christmas said who wants potatoes latter Elena said Congrats to Mark Mark asked if there is coffee or half and half in it and wow
3:15 PM BBT paul said you played yourself Kevin said that there is 25 days Kevin is showing Jason about his socks how to roll them up Kevin asked Jason do you need some lotion Alex and Jason are in the SR Christmas said that nobody ever uses the red potatoes alex is talking about the nominations alex thinks that it is a extensive comp alex said to Jason do you want me to put you on the block Jason said that we don’t know what the comp is Alex said i don’t think it’s gonna be spelling since OTEV was a spelling Comp Jason said i don’t care if i go on the block Jason please go to the DR
3:30 PM BBT Elena said that she can’t decided what she wants to eat at midnight Elena said are we doing anything with parmesan cheese Christmas said if you guys put the meat in the bag i will beat it Josh and Kevin are talking Kevin said we have to send a guy we can’t keep sending a girl Kevin said and do you want to make a speech Paul said it dropped on my shorts and i ate it Elena said i was going to come to you and say i will be a pawn Paul said if one of you gets house guest choice pick me Elena said that there was an ant crawling in your hair let me get it Alex said i just want to beat jason in the Veto Elena said if i go home i will be spending the jury on my birthday and it’s not funny Kevin said we have to clean the bed tonight Christmas said that Raven is pissed already
3:45 PM BBT Kevin and Paul are talking paul said i think that the veto is going to be wild kevin said you think i care Mark said i would rather have him play than me he is talking to Elena Kevin said come on pal she is not leaving you Kevin said i will take them home to holly what size do you think that they are Damn holly they won’t fit
4:00 PM BBT In the Apple Room, it is Josh, Elena,Christmas, Paul, Kevin, & Mark. Matt comes in the doorway. Paul makes a comment, joking about how he cannot hear because of Josh baniging the pots & pans. Josh says no it is because Paul does not clean the junk out of his ears. Paul playfully wrestles Josh. Josh says stop before he gets in trouble. Paul sits back. Mark says that Elena & him are not a thing. He asks Elena if they have done anything. Josh says what the heck is “Marlena”. He asks if Mark has been in the same house. Mark tells Josh that when he flirts with Elena, just don’t include Mark or mention him. Josh says ok. In the Green BR, it is Jason & Alex. Jason is told not to obstruct his microphone. Alex is talking about how Kevin irritates her. He goes through her basket & what not. She says that she is tired of them carrying him & he wants to be included in the conversations, but he does not contribute. Christmas comes in. Alex whispers that the plan is for Elena to go up on the block next to Matt & Jason. Worse case scenario, it will someone. Alex does not say, she just motions towards the kitchen. More inaudible whispering. Jason then says that he was told he was elsewhere when the cat call came. Alex said that he was with her. Alex exits syin that she is going to change her pants. They talk about how Cody was only in one of 2 rooms. Alex is called to the diary room. Christmas says it won’t be too bad if she gets picked. Worse case, she has to sit out. Jason says it must be nomination time. Christmas says that it will be soon. That they are cutting it close. Christmas talking about someone getting on her nerves & tells Jason that if she gets that annoying, please tell her & she will go off by herself. Paul is called to the DR, but Jason says that Alex is still in there. Christmas says that she talked to Alex & they agreed that when Christmas cannot compete anymore, just go ahead & send her to jury. For right now, she is a vote. Christmas says she just needs some help, but she does not expect to be carried.
4:15 PM BBT Jason asks Christmas who Mark would vote for if noms are the same. Up in the HOH, it is Josh & Alex. Alex tells Josh that he will be surprised on who noms are. But that it is for Veto. She tells Josh that he does not have to worry about being on the block. Josh is wondering why Raven suggested that he go on the block. Alex says because she is “friends” with Kevin & Christmas. Josh says that those 2 cannot stand Raven. Josh says that he knows that Alex is smart & she knows the game. Josh says that he is worried about Jason listening to Mark. Alex says that he is not. Alex leaves the HOH & offers to let Josh just hang in there by himself. She tells him that they do not get time to themselves often in the Big Brother House. Alex says that whatever is in the oven smells good. Kevin & Jason come in the Kitchen. Alex whispers to Jason as Kevin exits. Kevin asks if he can up to HOH & listen to music. She says sure, but she thinks that they will be called downstairs in a few so that she can do noms. She says that she expects them to call her in soon. That when they called her last time she was in bathroom, so they called Paul in instead. Elena & Mark are in the Apple Room. Elena is doing her brows & eyelashes. Mark is whispering something to Elena about Kevin. Christmas was in doorway. As she leaves to go back to Kitchen, he whispers,”Go F**k yourself.” Christmas comes back in as Mark is asking Elena if she would ever leave Dallas for a job opportunity. She says yes. Christmas compliments Elena on her make up. Christmas comments on how quiet the house has been. Elena says that is because Jessica isn’t here. She inspired the noise.
4:30 PM BBT Up in HOH room, Alex is jumping around talking to Kevin, Josh, & Jason. She is showing off the picture of her nephew. She tells them that her nephew is tall for his age. Feeds go down for a moment. When they return, cameras are on the Apple Room. Mark asks her when she decided to give him a chance. She asks when did she. He is telling her about the time she came out of bathroom in a towel & was wearing no makeup. That he has been hooked on her ever since. He says that she looks better without it. Cody comes in. Elena says that he knows the plan is to backdoor him. He says he knows. She asks that if he plays veto & wins, will he take her off, since he can’t be put up. Cody says yes. Cody & Elena leave. Mark whispers something about asking Elena out. In the WR, Elena & Christmas are putting on makeup. Elena asks if she looks like a hooker with the amount of makeup she has on. Christmas says no. Elena remarks that it is a lot of makeup though. Elena exits & it is just Christmas. Elena comes back in. She says that she should shower, but she is tired of cold showers, so she will wait it out. Up in the HOH room, Mark has joined Kevin, Josh, Jason, & Alex. They are talking about when double eviction will be. Alex says she does not think that it will be this week as it is the first jury member.
4:45 PM BBT In the HN room, Cody is telling Elena that no one wants to be targets, but he tells her that Mark & her are already targets. She says that she told the others that if she gets house guest choice she is picking him. She says that they all laughed, but she says she is serious. Cody says that would be funny. Elena leaves the room. Cody is just sitting in the room by himself. Back up in the HOH room, Christmas has joined them. Alex is called to the DR. Alex says that is horrible as Christmas just came up. Christmas heads on down. Mark leaves too. Downstairs, Paul is asking if anyone has seen his gray tank top. Paul goes in Apple Room where Mark is & tells him that there is an 8% chance that Cody will be picked for POV. Paul & Mark head back up to the HOH. In the WR, it is Elena & Christmas. Elena fixing her hair. Christmas says that Raven is definitely not feeling well today. Cody comes in & washes his hands. Elena asks how she looks. Cody says that she looks good & as he is leaving he says he thinks that he is getting sick. Mark comes in & compliments Elena’s dress. Christmas tells Mark that Elena does not need anybody. Mark says that he is aware as he has already been told. Up in the HOH, Josh says that he wants to host the POV, Paul says he hosted the temptation comp. Josh says he does not care, he still wants to host. They talk about if they get Cody out this week, then to get Mark out next week, then Elena after that. Paul asks that Josh go get them snacks. He tells them to get Alex’s. Paul remarks that if they eat her snacks, she will rip their nuts off. Kevin realizes it is almost time for noms. He says they need to go down to get snacks before they are locked in the room not allowed to do anything but stare ahead.
5:00 PM BBT Josh asks if they think Cody will give up. They all say no. Kevin says that they need to go downstairs. Paul says that as long as Cody does not play in POV, then all is good. That they just have to protect Alex next week. Kevin says that if Cody wins POV, then it is Matt that is f***ed. They all exit the HOH room. Josh says that he is starving. Matt is in the WR. Paul enters & exits. In the HN room, Cody is still sitting in the bed. He notices the camera is on him & he says that there is not much going on in there. Elena comes in & as she leaves, she tells him that she is going to eavesdrop. Cody exits the room as well & heads to the WR. In the Kitchen, Christmas is talking to Mark. Mark wants to know why Christmas was talking about him & asking him things about his conversation with Cody. She says that she asked him by himself about it so that he would not be suspect. So no one would think that he was working with Cody instead of being personable. She tells him that she only talked to Alex & him. She talked to no one else, so she has no idea how his name got thrown around. Mark says that she still threw his name around. She asks him why he voted for her to stay. And to tell her one she will believe because she knows that he said different things. He says that he voted personal, with his feelings & now he wishes that he voted her out week one. She asks him if he had an alliance with Cody at all. He says no. Christmas calls for Cody, but he does not come out. She says that Cody does not want to talk as both Mark & him are bros again. Mark admits to having an alliance in the beginning with Cody, but he went against him. Mark is positive that Christmas is the one that keeps his name being thrown out. Christmas says that Mark is making things a bigger deal than they need to be.
5:15 PM BBT Mark accuses Christmas of voting for Cody to stay. She says she didn’t. She had surgery that week. Mark says that there were 3 votes for Ramses. Mark says that this argument is going nowhere, so he wants to end it. He says that he is glad to know where he stands with her. Mark admits that he has not liked the questions that Christmas asked from day one. Christmas asked why. Is it because she asks straight up questions? Josh inserts himself, saying he cannot stand the bs. He asks Mark about all the times that Mark flipped when he thought that the house flipped. The only time that he stayed true, was when he voted for Josh to leave. Josh asked why he voted for Josh. Mark admits that he would have voted Ramses had he known the house was voting for Ramses. Mark does not appear to understand how that is considered flip flopping. Josh told Mark, that it is ok for Mark to be friends with Cody, but game wise, Mark keeps flipping. Cody is standing at the door in the HN Room listening to the argument. Mark insists that he is not in an alliance with Cody, but that he is friends with him. Josh comes in asks him about his alliance with Mark. Cody says that he does not want to talk game. Josh says that Mark is not his friend. Cody says that he has no friends. He says that the only person who he talked game to was Jess. Kevin comes in & wants Cody to come out. Josh says to leave Cody alone. He tells Cody that he understands that they do not like each other.
5:30 PM BBT Paul comes in to ask Cody if what he said to Paul when he left the first time was true. Cody tells Paul that he did tell Mark he was thinking about putting Paul up & Mark shied away. He tells Paul that Mark has always been loyal to Paul & Elena. Paul thanks him & leaves. Back in the Kitchen, Christmas is telling him that she saw something that was suspect to her, so she asked Alex if Mark talks game with her. She knew that Mark was up in the HOH room at the time. She did not want to ask him in front of everyone. She was looking for clarity & wanted to make sure she was not reading too much into what she saw. They continue talking about how Mark goes where the numbers are. In the Green BR, it is Elena, Mark, & Paul. Kevin enters as Elena is telling Paul that she did not realize that Christmas was talking about at first. Alex comes out of DR, & Elena tells her about her glasses. They leave Mark alone. Elena goes into HN room and says something to Cody about it being a game. In the Kitchen, Paul asks Elena if she wants them to make her a steak now & save it for her, or to save one & make it for her after midnight. She says not to worry about her. Paul says that she has not had food in 2 weeks, he just wants to make sure that she gets some. She states that she just may have some avocado toast. She does not want to overwhelm her system. But, she does ask that they save her some potatoes. Paul says of course. Paul says that he is trying to get a consensus of who is eating. Elena says that they do not have to save for her. Paul says they know that they do not have to, but they want to save her something. She finally agrees to let them cook her some steak & putting it & some potatoes in a container for her to have after midnight. Alex realizes her door is locked. Paul says they may be getting it ready. She thinks she did it by accident.
5:45 PM BBT Feeds down for a couple of minutes. When they come back, Paul, Matt, Cody, Christmas, Josh, Elena, Mark,Jason, & Alex are in the kitchen. Jason leaves from cooking the steaks to go talk to his family via the camera. He apologizes for being late to their talk as he was making steaks. Jason then heads to the Apple Room with Kevin. Paul enters the room too. Elena talks about the season where Rachel was making food. Production tells Alex to go to the SR. They give her a key to her room. They begin to talk about season 15 & other previous seasons. Paul tells about previous BB players that he has met. Dr. Will, Rachel, Frankie, & a few others. Paul talks about meeting Zach outside of a Survivor Wrap party. Everyone begins talking about different things at once. Raven enters the Kitchen as Paul calls Jason to help with the steaks.

6:00 PM BBT Mark and Kevin are talking in the apple room. Christmas, Elena, Jason, Alex, Matt, Raven, Cody and Paul are all in the kitchen hanging out and eating. Matt, Raven, and Elena go into the bathroom and Elena tells them about Cody and Mark’s conversation in the apple room earlier. She says it was a short talk and they were not discussing anything of importance. Elena joins Mark, Alex and Kevin in the apple room and Matt and Raven head upstairs to the HOH room. Matt tells Raven how fast the argument with Christmas and Mark started. Matt tells Raven about Christmas being called out about voting Cody out when she was in the hospital. Alex tells the group in the apple room who she doesn’t want to nominate as a have not this week.
6:12 PM BBT- 7:13 PM BBT –Feeds cut for Nomination Ceremony (NOMS: Matt, Elena, Jason)
7:13 PM BBT Alex, Josh, Matt, Kevin, Mark, and Jason are in the green room talking about what the next veto competition will be. Elena comes in and sits on the bed next to Josh. Paul tells her that if she gets to pick for veto, pick Cody. She jokes that if he keeps saying that she will do it accidentally in real life.
7:15 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the apple room talking about her disease. She says if she doesn’t get enough sleep her disease will act up. Elena says she hopes the next competition is a luxury competition. Matt brings up to Raven the competition in season 16 when Caleb sat out and Frankie won on his own, rather than preventing Frankie from winning like he was supposed to. Alex leaves the green room to go shower. Paul comes into the apple room to talk to Matt and Raven. He tells Matt not to trip out, they will put up a replacement nomination. Matt and Raven talk about a competition that they just played. Mark and Alex talk in the HOH room about his confrontation with Christmas. Alex tells Mark that a lot of people are still upset about him using the veto last week and a replacement nominee going up. She tells him if he wants to have longevity in the game, he needs to work on building trust with the other side of the house. She says she wanted to show him a sign of good faith this week by putting up Elena instead of him. Elena complains in the green room about not being called into the DR immediately. She wants to plan out her eating plan for later tonight and take her makeup off. Raven comes into the green room and joins the group. Alex tells Mark that by him staying up on the block this week as a pawn and not pulling himself down if he wins veto, he will regain trust with the rest of the house. Alex says that Elena and Jason are not his targets and she would not put them up if she thought there was any risk of them going home. Jason and Josh are in the storage room eating. Josh asks Jason to please win HOH on Thursday. They talk about the confrontation earlier today.
7:30 PM BBT Jason gets onto Josh about getting in Elena’s face and pointing his finger. Josh says he just expresses himself with his hands when he talks. Jason says it comes across as too aggressive when he does that. Mark tells Alex that he hopes he can win something soon and prove to her that he has her back. Mark comes out of the HOH and hears Jason mention that he was just eating something. He gets excited and calls down to Jason asking what he ate. Christmas goes to the apple room and sits in the chair. She feels her toes and tests what is numb and what she can feel. Elena talks in detail to Paul in the green room about what she plans on eating later. Mark comes into the apple room to talk to Christmas. Christmas says to start off she wants to acknowledge that they both got caught up in the heat of the moment and didn’t intend on attacking each other. Mark tells her that he gets overly defensive when people group him together with Cody because his is friend’s with Cody on a personal level but they don’t talk game and they are not working together. Kevin gives Josh tips on how to flirt with Elena. Elena takes Josh’s hand and leads him towards the kitchen where Jason is waiting around the corner to surprise him. Mark tells Christmas that he didn’t appreciate her bringing up their conflict in front of the entire house. He explains to her that at the beginning of the game, he wanted to align with other strong guys and they needed to take her out because she was a physical threat. Christmas starts grilling him on why they would try and put her up week one. Mark says he was never part of the plan of nominating her the first week, and he had no intention of backdooring her. Paul goes into the HOH room and tells Alex that next week will probably be a double eviction and they will protect her. He says Kevin is being weird and sketchy and Alex agrees. They say that Kevin thought that he had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, and now he is realizing that everyone is playing the game and he is not likely to end up in the final two with anyone. Alex complains that Kevin has already eaten all of the candy that she received in her HOH basket. She tells Paul that she thinks they can use Mark for a couple weeks and get him out later. Paul and Alex agree that they want to keep Josh to the end of the game because he is harmless. They plan to backdoor Cody this week. If they aren’t able to, they will take out Elena. They want to evict Matt next and then Raven alone can be controlled by Paul.
7:45 PM BBT Paul says he will try his hardest and will most likely win the double eviction HOH. He plans on putting up Mark and Elena. They discuss the potential of putting up Matt instead, but decide it’s too risky. Paul says no one has any inkling that he and Alex are working together. Alex says they could easily go to final two or three together. Christmas and Mark are still having an awkward discussion in the apple room about all of the specific things that have happened over the last several weeks between them. Paul tells Alex that in Matt’s mind, he and Raven are in the perfect position and they are helping Paul further his game. Alex says that Kevin doesn’t deserve to be in the house. He hasn’t done anything and he has been stirring the pot around the house. She has noticed him hedging his bets by trying to buddy up to all of the different houseguests.Alex tells him that Kevin knows more about them then he lets on. She says that he watches them and even pretends to sleep. She says that he is really a private investigator or a cop or something.
8:00 PM BBT Paul says that he tried to bait Kevin in a way by just bullshitting with him all the time. ELENA! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Alex says that Kevin is in great shape and is pretending not to be. She says that Christmas told her that Kevin got mad at her for not telling him about her Ring of Replacement. She tells Paul that she thinks the only reason Christmas is tethered to Kevin is for some male attention or some shit. She tells him that someone needs to give Christmas the male attention she is needing so that she will stop being aligned with Kevin. Paul says that he doesn’t have a problem with picking up that slack. Paul says that he is going to try to talk to Christmas and deal with Kevin because he is getting on everyone’s nerves. Paul says that Kevin is being so weird. He says that Kevin is going from nice to stern and back. Paul suggest that they try to get him to blow up. He asks her why they haven’t thought about that yet? Alex says that she is worried about how he will be when he does. Alex tells him that she caught Kevin hiding the Coke in the SR. She sounds like she is against Kevin now. Paul and Alex are totally aligned and agree with each other. They complain about Kevin being loud and talking too much. They say that they don’t know what is up with Kevin or what he does for a living to have seven kids. Alex says that he is probably an actor or something. She says that is doesn’t matter if his wife makes $200k a year they would be broke with that many kids. They say that Kevin is such a liar and that he knows the show more than he lets on. Mark and Christmas are in the Apple Room talking. Mark is telling her that he doesn’t understand why they have not gotten closer considering they are both huge into fitness. They discuss Cody and Jess. They are both talking about their relationships with Cody. JASON! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Paul leaves the HOH and Alex says that she is going to shower and Paul says he is going to lock the door. She says cool cause Raven and Matt try to bust in all the time. Paul goes downstairs and tries to go into the Apple Room and sees Christmas and Mark talking. Josh, Kevin, and Elena are in the green room talking. Elena is saying that she doesn’t want to have to pack again this week.
8:15 PM BBT Christmas and Mark are still talking in the Apple Room. The subject has changed to Dom. Paul asks Kevin, Elena, and Josh where Mark is even though he just peeped in on them in the Apple Room. Josh says that he is in the APSR (Apple Room) talking to Christmas Joy. Josh suggest having friendship time and Paul says that the Apple Room is booked and Alex is showering so… Kevin says that he needs to go rinse. Paul says and then what?! Kevin says I don’t know have some pizza? Josh says he wants to have some pizza and a grilled cheese since he starts slop tomorrow. Elena walks back in and says she is really tired but she is on the block so she has to stay awake because she will have to go into the DR like a million more times. Raven and Matt walks in the green room and asks everyone if they want bacon. Kevin whispers to Elena about something we can barely hear it something about being on slop and the block. Jason comes back in from the DR. Paul and Elena tell him that he looks so much better with facial hair. They are trying to convince him to shave his head. He says that he is worried that less hair will grow back if he does. NO NAPPING HOUSEGUESTS! Paul goes over to Josh and messes with him. Elena tells them “you know what they say about facial hair…..it’s like a mess sesh’ with two mouths” They all laugh. Paul says well there is only one way to find out. Raven walks in with bacon for everyone. Kevin is always so shocked by Raven making and bringing food to everyone. Paul and Raven chow down on the candied bacon. Elena is still on slop and is just staring at them. Christmas and Mark are still in the Apple Room. She is telling him that she tried to convince Jess not to use the Hex. They are talking about how Cody and Jess blew their games. They hug it out. Raven asks them if they want some candied bacon and they tell her no thank you though. They all go to the kitchen. Paul goes into the Apple Room. Christmas rolls to the bathroom and Cody comes in. She asks him if he wants to talk game and cause a riot. He says no he just needs to poop..
8:30 PM BBT Mark comes out of the bathroom and they talk about being on slop. They laugh about farts and poop while on slop. Kevin is stroking Elena’s hair in the Green Room. Paul pulls Christmas into the Apple Room and they are whispering about how Mark hearing his info from Dom. Paul brings up Kevin being mad at her about the ring. Paul claims he heard Mark say under his breath just now to Cody, “I guess you can never be too safe you fucking bitch.” Paul is saying they were saying that about her. Kevin pops in and tells them that he is getting in the shower. Mark did not say that and Paul is lying to Christmas about that. Paul says that Josh and Christmas are the only ones that have never fucked him. Paul tells her that Kevin has been acting weird and that she should try to calm him down. He starts talking shit about Kevin saying that there something weird about Kevin. Paul is talking about the “deal” that Kevin was trying to make with Cody. Christmas says that she will do what she can to help the Kevin cause. Paul tells her that Cody is such a liar and he brings up the “comment” that Mark and Cody just said to each other. Christmas is spilling the beans about Mark saying that he knows more than he is letting on. She says that he remembers a lot of details about the events that have happened in the house. Jason pops in and out to see who is in the room talking then he goes upstairs to the HOH room. Alex is still in the bathroom. Jason has a pore clearing strip on his nose. Downstairs in the bathroom Raven and Christmas talking about Raven’s pore strips.
Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, August 11th
8:45 PM BBT Paul whispers to Elena in the hallway. They are talking about someone making a scene even though they know the plan is to backdoor Cody. Jason and Alex are talking in the HOH. Paul walks in and tells Jason all about Kevin being weird. Jason says that he thinks that Kevin is upset about the possibility of his wife wanting to leave him when he gets out of the house. He says that Kevin made the comment asking him if he would hump Christmas in the jury house. Jason says he told him Fuck NO! He says why not there are no cameras. Jason says that Kevin asked if he could come stay with him if he can’t go home after the show. Matt walks in and Paul starts talking about Josh confronting Mark about being in an alliance with Cody. Raven leaves the kitchen and goes up to the HOH room. Christmas rolls out of the kitchen leaving Mark, Elena, and Cody in there alone. They are cooking. Paul is now in the bathroom talking to Kevin giving him fist bumps and Kevin says that this time next year they are going to own a restaurant. Paul goes into the kitchen with Elena, Cody, and Mark. Christmas makes it upstairs to the HOH and Alex says that she is so excited to hear about what Mark had to say. Raven, Jason, and Matt are also present. Christmas starts telling Alex about her conversation with Mark. She tells her what she told Mark about talking to Cody and how it makes him look to everyone else in the house. She says that she asked Mark if he was talking game with Cody in the Apple Room and that is what caused their little confrontation earlier. She tells her all about what she said to Mark about Dom and how she thought he was lying to her. Matt and Raven are just soaking it all in.
9:00 PM BBT Paul and Kevin are in the SR. Elena joins them. KEVIN! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! Elena asks Kevin if he will put some candy in his mouth and let her kiss him. Kevin says that Elena is so cool! Kevin leaves the SR. Mark walks in and tells Paul that he squashed things with Christmas. Elena asks him what was said. Mark tells Paul that he was talking to Cody in the Apple Room talking about the competition and if Cody threw the comp or was just not trying. Elena pipes in and explains the situation to Paul and how they were not trying to be secretive. Elena says that it was weird that Christmas would take it like they were trying to hide their talking from her. Paul says that they can talk again later and leaves the SR. Mark says that Christmas heard the veto question and that he told her something about that. He tells her that they were talking too loud and Christmas was overheard and kept bring that up. Mark tells her that he tried to play it off like he was busting Cody’s balls about him being backdoored. Mark is eating in front of Elena so she leaves the SR. Alex comes down the stairs with sweat pants up over her shoulders and her hands in the legs too. She still has on her paper face mask. She tried to scare Mark as he comes out of the SR. Looks like the HGs got there food and house stuff today as it is still being put away. Cody is cleaning the kitchen. He is wiping everything down really good even the vase that was on the counter. Elena says that she is so impressed with him and he says there is nothing to do. He is so bored. Matt, Raven, Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, and Christmas are in the HOH. Kevin is just making small talk with the guys while Alex and Christmas are still talking game. Alex says that she tried to convince Mark that he needs to join their side before he ends up going home. Elena walks in and they change the subject and act like they are just bullshitting. Kevin is trying to teach Paul how to snap a bottle cap at someone. Paul smacks himself in the face and then tries again and throws it. Kevin says no man don’t throw it. It is so funny to see Paul get frustrated by something so silly.
9:15 PM BBT Cody is still wrecking shop on the kitchen. He is wiping everything down with the clorox spray. I don’t think the kitchen has looked so clean since the day they moved in. Kevin is trying to teach Jason the bottle cap trick in the HOH. Alex and Elena having some girl talk about girl products. Kevin asks Paul what he thinks about that, referring to Elena. He sings some song as he leaves the room. Mark walks into the HOH room. Kevin and Christmas in the SR. Kevin is smiling at her all coy. He asks her about Mark and if they were okay. He says that he thinks Mark and the showmances are threatened by her physical abilities. He says physical, physical, physical and then leans in and kisses her cheek and they hug. They leave the SR and Kevin goes to the kitchen. He checks himself out in the sliding glass door. Josh wakes up and is talking to Christmas in the green room. He says that Jason is turned off by how aggressive he got with Elena. Christmas says that she doesn’t think that Alex knows that Jason is working with Mark. She tells him now is not the time to tell anyone we know that. Josh says that will burn Jason in the long run. Christmas says that Mark thought she was just going to back down to him and she says no way. Josh says that he is done with Mark and that he is so shady. Christmas says that she didn’t include anyone elses name in her conversation with Mark and that they need to be careful about what they talk about with everyone.
9:30 PM BBT Kevin walks in and tells Josh to prepare for a heart attack. Josh walks into the kitchen and is impressed with how clean the kitchen is. He tells him thanks bud. He says that the kitchen has never been this clean. Cody still wiping the cabinets down and everything. The kitchen is almost sparkling. Josh tells everyone in the HOH room that the Cody has the kitchen so clean. Paul says that he is silently campaigning. Jason says no way he is just bored. Josh tells them that he is just being civil with him. Alex drags Jason off her bed and makes him go downstairs. Paul watches Cody on the tv and says what is he doing? Elena says that he is reorganizing everything in the kitchen. Paul says that he chooses to be alone. Josh says that Cody told him that when he lost Jess he lost his game and he has no more game back. Paul tries to say that he thinks Cody fell hard for Jess and that he is not sure if Jess reciprocated it. Elena tells them that she thinks they were already saying they loved each other. Kevin and Jason are in the green room talking. Kevin asks if Jason thinks production will call and check on his family. He says that he doesn’t want to talk to them, but he just wants to check on them. Jason says that he battles this everyday. Kevin starts crying. Jason says that no one understands how it feels because they don’t have kids. Jason starts crying. He tells him that he goes in the DR and takes his mic off and just talks to the camera like it is his wife and kid all the time. He advises him to go and try it. Jason tells him that Paul, him and Alex have his back no matter what and that he needs to leave the girls alone because they are not going to be there for him in the end. They leave and go into the kitchen. Alex says something to Cody about cleaning and he says that they evicted his girlfriend so what else is he supposed to do. Elena thanks him for cleaning. Josh, Paul, and Mark are talking in the HOH. Josh is saying that it is hard in the BB house because they can’t get away from each other. They have to deal with each other and work it out or ignore each other. Kevin is crying in the bathroom. Elena and Jason walk in and ask him what he is doing. Kevin says he was checking out the shower. He leaves the bathroom and goes to the kitchen. He gets the trash and takes it to the SR. Cody says that he is thinking about sweeping the floor now because it is so fucked now. Kevin goes into the SR and puts his face in the freezer. He looks so damn sad. He leaves and goes back into the green room. Josh asks Mark about why he got so attached to Cody in the house. Mark gets defensive and starts talking about Dom and how she tried to throw Cody under the bus.
9:45 PM BBT Mark is talking to Josh and Paul about Cody in the HOH. They all discuss Cody’s game and personal moves he has made. Josh says that he would like to squash the beef between them and Paul says that he advises to try to talk to him in the Jury or outside of the house. Paul says that some people just won’t want to be friends outside of the house. Kevin, Jason, Cody, and Alex are in the kitchen. Cody is cooking now and Alex is making something too. Elena walks into the HOH room and Paul is telling them that he has been genuinely sad by things that have happened in the BB house previously. He tells them that your feelings change when you leave the house. He says that when you leave the house that everything that happened in the house is tossed right out. Kevin is sitting at the counter just watching everyone. He seems to be somewhere else in his head. Paul still talking about how things will be different when they leave the house. Cody made a sunny side up egg and put it over half an avocado. Elena pipes in and says that if she stays on the block this week her speech is just going to be “Mom, I am going to need therapy after this.” Paul says that a lot of BB HGs have gone to therapy after the show. Elena asks if BB covers that and he says yes you will have access to therapy after the show for anything that you need. The feeds cut to the kitchen. Paul tells Josh that they are going to be so fucked up when they leave the house. He says that you will have trust issues. He says that this game is mentally exhausting. He compares the house to being in the war. Kevin goes to his bed and puts on his sunglasses. He is so depressed. Paul explains that being in the public eye after being in the house was super freaky and that he had an anxiety when fans saw him at the mall and started yelling his name. He tells them not to look themselves up online and not to read blogs or anything about themselves because it will only hurt yourself. He tells them to take a vacation after the show and stay level headed. Josh says that he can’t believe that will happen. Paul says that he could come out this time and the public hating him. In the kitchen, Jason and Cody keep thinking that the feeds are not on. Alex says oh I think it takes a pause every so often. Cody asks if feed watchers want to watch someone drink some Sprite Zero. Paul is still trying to prepare Elena, Mark, and Josh for how it is going to be when the show is over. Paul says good luck dating. Josh says what do you mean? He says do you wanna date someone who wants to date you because you were on a tv show or because they fell in love with you while you have been on the show? He tells them that he gets recognized everywhere he goes now. Cody and Kevin are talking in the green room. They are talking about the odds of his chip getting pulled out of the veto bag. Kevin tells him to try to enjoy himself the next few days.
10:00 PM BBT Paul says that this he smokes more weed to handle the anxiety. Josh says that he almost walked, due to panic attacks in the house. Josh says that Kevin asked him what he’s doing (trying to calm him down). Josh says that some production people talked him through it, and now he’s fine. Elena mentions online harassment. Paul says that people that can hide on the internet and be a bully. Paul says that if they feel like they need to talk to him when they get out, go ahead. He says that he had to put some people in his season “in check” (put them in their place). Paul says that he’ll tell people to “grow the fuck up” if people bring their personal stuff in the house back into the real world.
10:15 PM BBT Paul says that people will watch the show just to clown on them. He says that he should focus on his family & friends. Josh says that he’s glad that his family is a good support system. Paul is about to walk out, Josh asks if he screwed up earlier (game talk). Paul says no, he’s good. In the green room, Elena and Kevin are talking about the temptation sound competition. Paul enters. Kevin reveals that he’s getting homesick. Paul says that it’s going to get better, then recalls what he talked about in his post-BB talk in the HoH room. Elena talks to Paul about picking him if she gets Houseguest’s Choice for the veto comp. After Paul leaves, Kevin talks about family and not getting any family news. He says that Production keeps saying “no news is good news.” Elena says that it’s really bad news if you see a letter in the DR. Kevin asks Elena if she and Mark are an item (a couple), and she says no, but says that Mark is attracted to her.
10:30 PM BBT Paul and Kevin chat in Apple Room. Paul says that he can tell that something’s up with him. Kevin says that he wonders if his family is watching. Paul says that this game is psychological warfare. He says that he’s been there, and has cried last season when he was on. He continues to talk about him in the BB house. He says that on Day 72, he “cried into his fucking hands” when he heard his mother’s voice. Paul says to Kevin that he (Kevin) is going to crack, and is open to talk, and says to have a good time ‘cause he noticed that Kevin “has been down in the fucking dumps.”
10:45 PM BBT Paul’s talking to Mark, saying that he’s noticed that people are getting a certain way, and mentioned that he noticed that Kevin wasn’t right. Mark says that there’s something with the house. Paul says that it’s for the show. Mark says that he appreciates that he can talk to him. Paul says that afterwards, you’re gonna get so many text messages. They talk more game. Paul enters the HN room to talk to Cody about the craziness in the house, and if he wants to talk about anything, he can. Cody thanks him. After Paul leaves, Cody turns to read a bible. In HoH, Mark says that he’s taking that key, regarding have-nots. Elena asks Jason who he’s going to pick if he gets HC. He says Paul, then asks who she’s going to pick. She jokingly says Cody.
11:00 PM BBT Alex enters HoH. Mark talks about the Jason/Josh fight after the temptation comp, saying that he’s upset that his name came out of his mouth. Elena says that she’s confused how that whole fight started. Elena says that Cody looked at her and asked her if she thinks she’s going to be a pawn, and says that he knows that he’s getting backdoored. Elena says that Cody needs to not be picked. Alex says that he needs to be backdoored. Alex says that she doesn’t have anything personal against any of the houseguests except for Jessica, who kept making her uncomfortable, and that’s why she wanted her gone.
11:15 PM BBT They continue to talk game, and bring up when Big Brother does the punishments (shaved heads, stay on slop, etc). In the bathroom, Christmas & Josh are talking game. Josh says that Raven is gunning for him. Josh says that Jason is under Mark’s control. Christmas says (about Jason) “if he doesn’t look you in the eye he’s lying and he didn’t look me in the eye, he didn’t say I got your back.”
11:30 PM BBT In HoH, HGs are talking about smoking weed. Josh recalls when he got high for the first time in college. Josh recalls when she was high and driving, he was supposed to drive back to campus, but accidently drove to a beach instead. They continue talking about weed. Alex talks about growing weed. In the kitchen, Matt walks by. Christmas recalls when she & Matt accidently kissed, saying how he usually kisses the cheek, but she turned and accidently touched lips. Elena says that she can’t decide what to eat, when she’s no longer a have-not in 15 minutes.
11:45 PM BBT Kevin turns to the camera to tell Paul in the HoH to cook Elena some food. In the rose room, Matt & Raven are in bed. The microwave clock is a couple minutes early. The clock says midnight. She is now enjoying eggs & avocado on toast (Christmas made the egg, and Kevin made the toast).

Daily Big Brother #BB19 Live Feed Updates: Friday, August 11th

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