Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

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Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

12:00 AM BBT Paul, Victor, Nicole and Corey in kitchen eating Victors homemade meatballs. General chit chat about places to travel and places they have been. James and Natalie in BY hot tub. Natalie focused on general pity party for herself. James told Paul and Victor earlier that Natalie has been hot and cold most of the day. Natalie told James she would have used the veto on him. She hoped to be able to stay and win an HOH. Natalie continues to remind James that she campaigned for him to stay. Nicole and Corey heading to bed. Nicole and Corey telling each other that they are each person’s BFF in the BB House. Nicole says to Corey that she saw Natalie trying to flirt with Corey. Corey said I Knoowwwww. Paul and Victor in kitchen, with Victor doing the usual cleaning and dishes, as Paul sits and watches.
12:15 AM BBT Nicole telling Corey that Natalie is just trying to get under her skin with the flirting with Corey. Nicole and Corey in their usual cuddling mode and make out session. Feeds cut to FISH at 12:20 AM BBT
12:30 AM BBT Still FISH After 15 minutes of FISH, Feeds switch to Jeff Highlights. Right before we got FISH, there was someone yelling into the backyard with a Megaphone. It was to heard in reference to “James and Nicole are in a pre-show Alliance”
12:45 AM BBT Feeds are back. All houseguests except Natalie in FBR. Talk is focused on Natalie. James admitting he emotionally committed too much into Natalie. Natalie alone in London room wrapped up under the blankets. Sniffles can be heard, possibly crying. James may have had words with Natalie while feeds were down. He said he unleashed on Natalie, she is alone in London room.

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

1:00 AM BBT Nicole, Paul, Corey, Victor and James in front bedroom talking about final night. What parties to attend, where to go, general What to do, chat. Paul tells James that he went savage on Natalie. House Guests talking about their DR sessions and we get Fish on and off. James sitting quietly on a bed in room with all others, appears saddened. He is being quiet. Talk of the megaphone comes up again by Paul and we get fish.
1:15 AM BBT James talking about being on the Block with Natalie how at first it brought them closer then as the days have progressed, she has pulled away. James saying Natalie wants him to stay, but acts the total opposite. Paul doesn’t understand why Natalie is upset when Victor clearly told her that James was the target. They are speculating on what Natalie may be thinking. They think she actually wants to go further in the game then she first said. Example: Natalie wanted to make it to Jury, which she did, Wanted to win a comp, which she did, They don’t understand why she’s upset that she may be going to Jury this week. Paul does not understand her logic.
1:30 AM BBT Paul being his usual loud, obnoxious self, over talking everyone. Making the conversations about himself. James to the kitchen to refill his water. Paul just revealed they are on a lockdown from the back yard as he was passing cameras on his way to the kitchen, stated he has laundry in the washer. Lockdown from the possible Megaphone earlier. Nicole and Corey telling James to not beat himself up over the Natalie ordeal. James wants to get all of his belongings out of London room and move them to another room. He does not think he will be sleeping in that room tonight with Natalie.

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

1:45 AM BBT Paul and Victor head to HOH room leaving Nicole and Corey alone in front bedroom. Cuddling resumes where it left off earlier. Feeds on and off fish. Victor in HOH bed, Natalie in seperate bed in London, Corey and Nicole in front bedroom James unseen on the feeds. Possibly in seperate bed in London room. Appears the house guests are all settling down to sleep slumbers, except Nicole and Corey active in their make out session. Paul announces back yard open again and says if anyone has anything outside to get it now
2:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey are cuddling still in Tokyo Room. Victor and Paul have gone to bed in the HOH Room. James and Natalie are not on the feeds right now but James suitcase has been moved into the Tokyo Room. Nicole and Corey are giggling with each other. Corey says there is something wrong with his wrist. He says it is really jacked up right now. He is now telling Nicole he broke his wrist as a kid. He said the other boy was bigger than him and was picking on everybody so him and Corey started exchanging punches, Corey said he punched him in the arm and broke his wrist. James has come out of the London Room and is getting into bed in the Tokyo Room. Natalie is in the London Room by herself. James turned the light out in there. He is now asking Corey and Nicole if he should go in there and say something to her now or wait til tomorrow.
2:15 AM BBT Corey is telling him to go say something on the positive side before he goes to sleep. Corey says she probably isn’t sleeping. James goes in to talk to Natalie. He tells her he just wants her to know he cares about her, he doesn’t want her to be upset. He says he is sorry, he tells her if she doesn’t want to be friends with him he understands but he will still care about her. He says it has been an emotional day for them. Natalie is crying and telling him she just wants to be alone. She is hiding under the blankets. He says it doesn’t matter how she feels he will still care about her. She is saying that she threw him under the bus and she is playing a Paulie she says she can’t wait for him to see the show and see what he said to her. James says he just came in to say he is sorry not to rehash it all. Natalie says she really wants him to stay, but it has been difficult because she wanted to change her life. She said she told Nicole how great a guy is and went to Victor and Paul and told them to keep him, making her an asshole. James is saying that Paul and Victor 2 times and the first time was upstairs and threw him under the bus. She is saying she does not remember saying she betrayed them because of James. She is saying she is tired of defending herself that she was not going to talk to him all day tomorrow and just get evicted. She is tired of fighting. She says she doesn’t remember saying she followed James and agreed to keep someone she didn’t trust. James says that she told them he said Paulie was coming at Paul, she said that she told them she said Nicole said it. James said I told you, you have hurt me all summer long and the only thing you came back with was you threw me under the bus.

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th
2:30 AM BBT She is saying there was so many times she wanted to tell you what Paulie was saying but she decided that she was going to defend herself. She says she accepts his apology. She asks him if he ever thought that she was scared of how she felt about him. James says he really cared about her. She said she never did not like him she liked him, he said but I never pushed you away but you pushed me away all summer. She is now telling him that the first time she pushed him away was when Bridgette told her to be careful. James says they connected because they have gone thru some of the same things in life. He says he should of known. He is telling her he really cared about her, she says she really cared about him. Natalie says she wants to call people out but won’t because she is over it. James says he expected a lot more personally from her, he said he started realize that with her it was more game. He says he had a hard time separating it out. He says they deal with things differently. Her way is to sleep on it his way is to talk about it. She says she thought she was showing him she really cared that she has a hard time showing her feelings. She says you really hurt my feelings to night. James says if you want you can take a favor off after the show. She says she doesn’t know what that means. James says being on this show and learning about each other has been harder. He again says he is really really sorry for hurting her feelings. In the tokyo Room Nicole and Corey are still cuddling. In the London Room there is a very uncomfortable silence. James says he is not use to the distance thing, he says if you like someone you spend time with them, she says that is me James. James says he knows she has been blocking off some of her true feelings, she agrees. He says I haven’t been blocking shit, which may be my downfall.
2:45 AM BBT He is telling her that last season he went home sitting on the block next to his best friend so he knows how she feels. He is promising her that him and Nicole never had a final 2. She tells him not to promise if it isn’t true because she will believe him. He tells her he promises her him and Nicole never had a final 2. She says she trusts his word. He tells her that he does trust Nicole. She is telling him about conversations she overheard between him and others where she didn’t want to like him and or care. He says he isn’t going to sit here and tell her what to do it is her choice. She says You called me caddy. He says that word has been batted around all season. He is telling her to go home to her family watch the show and assess what really went on, then decide. Natalie is starting to nit pick about conversations and saying James said weeks ago and how it hurt her feelings. James says he is tired of it, he just didn’t realize how much he cared. They are now talking about Natalie’s ex boyfriends. She said every time she got hurt she would break up with them and push them away. James says you have to put yourself in my shoes you have been pushing me away so I started thinking different. James says I sheltered you throughout this game . She says she knows. James says he plans on living his life. He is not going to jump into a relationship right away. That it would be awesome if they stayed friends, but the ball is in her court. She asks him if he really thinks she is a heartbreaker, he says he knows that she plays that part because she has been hurt. He knows that because he has listened to her stories. She again reminds him that she has been campaigning for him to stay. She says she will be happy if she stays or goes. She is looking forward to being in jury with Michelle and Bridgette. Nicole and Corey are horsing around in the Tokyo Room. Corey is tickling her. Back in the London Room the issue here is I came to tell you I’m sorry as a man. You need to get back to your life, if things work out that’s great if not hopefully we can remain friends. She asks him if he was told to come talk to her. He says no he didn’t want to go to sleep without talking to her. James says one of his best moments here was when they went on the Ziggy Marley date. She says it almost felt like a real date. He says it was one of his best moments. Natalie tells America not to come on Big Brother and get in a showmance. James says some of them work out look at them out there they look like they were made for each other. Natalie is looking for something that belongs to Michelle that she wanted to bring and give to her but she can’t find it. She was thinking of wearing it. She thinks she lost it. Natalie says after this show professional cheerleader is a walk in the park. She tells America anyone can be a professional cheerleader. Natalie says this is the hardest roller coaster show, it is 3 months of emotional insecurity. She says the money is just enough for people to do some crazy stuff but not real crazy crazy stuff. Natalie says she knows she can do Survivor but she won’t. She has a mission and that is not it. James asks her if she wants him to tell her what happened. She says she knows. They both agree that she can win comps. He says that was why the target changed. Natalie says that makes them scared of her. She says she can beat Nicole in any comp but mental. She says she knew she would be good in these comps but not good enough to win.

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

3:00 Am BBT Natalie says the biggest mistake she made in this game was trusting Nicole and Corey. She says she is going to call them out with facts and the truth.
3:15 AM BBT She says PR is suppose to be about the truth. She says she was put on this show for a reason and she will find out what that reason is in the end. She says she has worked so hard her whole life to get everything she needed. Corey beat her by 3 minutes. She says she doesn’t understand how she is a bigger threat than Corey. James says because she has lots of street smarts. She said she told Nicole that Corey was going to win it because he was so tall and strong. She said she was jumping on it with 2 feet where he didn’t have to. She said she kept going over because she didn’t know how to do it. She said the black box one was easy for her. The conversation has switched to shoes for a minute. She says she has the cheaper brand of ALDO shoes or something like that. She says she doesn’t care what people say as long as they say it to her face and keep it real with her. She asks James what he talked about their fight with the other hgs. She is asking him why he would talk about their fight. She asks why as it was none of their business. James says well they heard some of it and he wasn’t sure what they had heard. She says when she walks out there in the morning they probably won’t talk to her. James says he doesn’t know what they said about her. She says none of them care about her feelings as not one of them came to see how she was after their fight. She says she doesn’t want them to know her business. She says James never of said anything to them. James reminds her he had nowhere to go. James again says he only came in here to say he was sorry. She thanks him again. Jame says he wants to hang out with her. She says she honestly doesn’t know if she wants to do that. James says on that note he will exit this room. She tells him he doesn’t have to go.
3:30 AM BBT There is a strange moment of silence. James says did you ever wonder after that moment in the bumper cars with Corey did she think they should of just remained friends. She said she didn’t want to just be friends at that time. Natalie says it looks like Paulie calling her a Jersey Girl. James says it will depend on how things are told to the people on jury. James says Paulie will tell him that I told you so bro. Natalie is telling him to watch the show and he will see how much she cares about him. James tells her to be prepared to deal with Paulie in jury. Natalie says she doesn’t care what he says as long as he is healthy and his family is healthy she doesn’t care and never cared. James says he told Paul that sometimes people just talk and it is not always about game. James says he will be her friend until she decides what she wants on her end. James says he will try not to make her stressful as he now knows his boundaries now. He will just be a friend not a boyfriend. Natalie says she isn’t going to tell jury any information about what went on between them. She says she will only let them know what she wants to let them know, when she is ready. She says it is her business and if she doesn’t want to share it she will. She asks why he is so stressed about it. She says she is going to not talk about him. He says he is worried about how they are going to treat her as all summer to watch his back. She says she doesn’t care what anyone in this house thinks. James says live feeders see everything. She asks why he is so worried about what people think. She says she wasn’t mean to him but when she gets hurt she distances herself. She says she told him all season if I’m ever bad for your game tell me I’ll leave you alone. James says he could play the game and keep his personal feelings for her separate. He feels that she ran hot and cold with him all season. She says I told you but he said I just started learning this stuff about you, he said you should’ve told me early. She said the fight they had about Corey she thought of not being involved with him.
3:45 AM BBT James says you started distancing yourself from me and running hot and cold before that fight. James says it started awhile ago. She says so you think it is all my fault. He said no I’m not. I just think you had trouble getting over the fight. James says it hurt me that I was your 3 pick. Natalie says Victor hit on her she tried to avoid him. She says she thought Corey was cute. She says she doesn’t understand why he is yelling at her for stuff that happened before. He says you are saying that you can’t let go of what I said about you and Corey but I’m suppose to forget that I was your 3rd pick. She says whatever James you win I give up. She says you are throwing shit up in my face. He says I am just telling you that you were not the only one got hurt in this relationship I did too but I let stuff go but some stuff I can’t. She says I did stop flirting, she says she just can’t do it anymore. He says if you are my friend you need to hear me out, about how I feel. She said I have heard you out but you are coming at me with stuff tonight after you hurt my feelings. She said she feels like self evicting, she says you should have talked to me when I hurt your feelings so I would know. He says he is sorry about how he blew up at her but he felt he needed to get it off his chest. She says I’m glad you got it off your chest and I hope you feel better.
4:00 AM BBT All other hgs are sleeping. Natalie and James are in London Room not talking. James tells Natalie that even if he gets evicted next, they probably won’t see each other until finale night. She starts talking about jury house, and how much fun she’ll have and how much she’ll drink She thanks James for apologizing, and says she shouldn’t have come on the show. James tells her she has a thicker skin because of it, so it was a good thing. James tells her he was okay because it was his second time; next stop Survivor. Natalie is promising to call everyone out in her speech.

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 7th

4:15 AM BBT James and Natalie back to talking about their relationship. James asks her to confirm for the cameras (Chris in internetland) that she broke up with James. Natalie says that James broke her heart and made her want to self-evict. James pushes her for a yes or no; she replies she doesn’t know. James says that he wants a definitive answer from her about their relationship status before he does his good-bye message. She says that he is still her best friend. She says she wasn’t prepared for the show, and to have feelings for someone on this crazy show. James and Natalie start discussing what she could say to rattle the other HGs on her way out the door.
4:30 AM BBT All HGs except James and Natalie sleeping. Natalie is concerned she may get booed when she goes out the door. James says no one is going to boo her. Natalie again tells him that he hurt her tonight and she almost self-evicted because of it. James says she wouldn’t have done that and lost ‘all that money.’ She says she was told to sleep on it. James tells her he’s glad she didn’t self-evict. Natalie promises to tell all the jury members what the others said about them after they were evicted. James advises her to be careful because some people have been in the jury house over a month, and might be gamed out. He says she’s only allowed to talk game when certain people are there (production.) James asks her if she would mind if he slept in the same room as her tonight. She says she doesn’t mind and then goes on to say what a roller coaster ride this has been. She talks about how the only things that matters is she beat Paulie. James says he’s really tired; it’s been an emotional night. She tells him to go to sleep and then starts stressing about the good-bye messages from the other HGs. “Especially after you all talking about me tonight.” James tells her that not everyone hates her; that she’s not always the center of attention. This makes her pout.


4:45 AM BBT James and Natalie continue the autopsy of their game and relationship. Natalie says the only time she felt comfortable in the house was the week James was HoH. She said it felt like a vacation that week. James says he hates being single and that he can’t believe he got dumped on Big Brother. He asks her what it’s like to break up with AFP. She counters with, “What’s it like to be broken up with by AFP of BB18?” James says he has no idea who is going to win it this year.
5:00 AM BBT James and Natalie eating ice cream. The analysis of the game/relationship continues. All other HGs sleeping.
5:15 AM BBT James and Natalie still up; Natalie is still eating ice cream. Small talk between the two. The head back to the bedroom, turn off the light, and James crawls into bed with her. She again tells him he hurt her tonight He apologizes, she keeps ranting, he apologizes, she says she almost self-evicted, he says he’s happy she didn’t. She tells him that it was like someone else (she specifies Paulie) took over him, and she didn’t know who he was. “It was scary.”
5:30 AM BBT James and Natalie finally settling in for the night. She tells him he can’t sleep in her bed. He says okay, but asks for a ‘front hug.’ She complies and he tucks her in and tells America he’s in the doghouse again as he heads to the other bed. She says he’ll play a better game once she’s gone; that she was a distraction to him. She then starts complaining her stomach hurts and James tells her no one told her to eat a pound of ice cream. Natalie then starts reciting what James said, and how he hurt her…again.


5:45 AM BBT James and Natalie finally settling into bed. All other HGs sleeping
6:30 AM BBT All HGs still asleep.


5:45 AM BBT James and Natalie finally settling into bed. The other HGs still sleeping peacefully.
6:00 AM BBT -7:00 AM BBT James is restless but all HGs asleep.
7:15 AM BBT -8:00 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping.
8:19 AM BBT Fish. Then return to sleeping houseguests, lights still off.
8:30 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping,
8:38 AM BBT Fish.
8:44 AM BBT Back. Lights are on. Nicole gets called to the DR. HOH – Victor and Paul Still in bed sleeping. London bedroom – Natalie and James sleeping each in their own bed, feeds flip to Nicole at the bathroom sink.  Corey out of the loo washes his hands, leaves the washroom off feeds. Nicole uses the toilet. Back out washes hands…applies makeup.
8:55 AM BBT Nicole still working on her face. Fish. Back again Nicole walking to the DR. Feeds flip to James and Natalie still sleeping in the London bedroom. HOH – Paul and.Victor haven’t move. Corey in the Tokyo bedroom sleeping off feeds.
9:05 AM BBT Nicole out of DR joins Corey in the Tokyo bedroom. Nicole wants to make sure James is on their side so they have they are 3v2 and not Victor and Paul. Nicole says we have to talk to James later. Corey tells her it’s too early to talk about this stuff brings her in for a big snuggle. They go silent, back to sleep.
HOH – Paul and Victor haven’t moved.
9:15 AM BBT Lights are on but everyone is sleeping.
9:30 AM BBT -11:30 AM BBT All HG are still sleeping
11:50 AM BBT Corey was called to the diary room. He is trying to wake up, putting on his microphone and made his way to the diary room. No movement from anyone else in the house.

12:00 PM BBT At this time, Corey has just returned to bed with Nicole as everybody else in the house are still asleep. Nicole is mentioning that there is only 14 days left in the game as they continue to cuddle.
12:07 PM BBT Nicole is getting cranky and is telling Corey that she can’t wait to talk to him outside the house because she believes he is a combo of Paul and Corey when he is conversing with her. She is mentioning that he is not bugging her but… just being annoyed and doesn’t want to “play”. Paul is tossing and turning in the HOH bed as he trying to sleep but all of the other HG are quiet.
12:15 PM BBT At this moment, the house is quiet, which means, no game talk and no one is awake.
12:18 PM BBT Corey feels bad that he is “bugging” her.. They are just having some small chat in between their nap. They are just whispering and having “fun” together as they are the only ones in the London Room.
12:26 PM BBT Vic is up and is now feeding the fishes in the HOH room as Paul continues to stay in bed while we have Nicole and Corey laughing in bed. Apparently, Nicole doesn’t like to be called Nicky. Neither one of them know what they want to do today. She seem pretty excited that only 14 days are left of the show. Vic is still in the HOH room and is getting ready for the day as he is listening to his music.
12:31 PM BBT Feeds are down.
12:33 PM BBT Nicole and Corey still in bed enjoying each other’s company. James and Natalie must be sleeping because we haven’t heard from them. And we have Vic with his bag of laundry heading down.
12:35 PM BBT BB has announced that all of the HG are to report to the HOH room!! All HG are wondering what is going on. Nicole, Natalie, James and now Corey with Paul and Vic are all getting settled in the HOH room. They were asking each other if maybe an eviction today would take place?!
12:30 PM BBT Feeds are down at this time.


12:45 PM BBT Feeds are down
12:53 PM BBT feeds have returned. Corey and James in the bathroom getting ready for their day as Paul and Nicole in the HOH room chatting. Paul And Nicole do agree that they should keep James in the dark so that his attitude doesn’t change and they can console him later after the veto has taken place. They all feel bad on how Natalie has been acting towards James in the house. In the meantime, we have Vic and Corey in the kitchen and about to make some coffee.
1:00 PM BBT Nicole in the bathroom getting ready as well while James is showering. Paul is now joining Vic and Corey in the kitchen and shortly Nicole comes in too. They seem to be asking James if he knows what is going on and why they were on HOH lockdown. Paul is walking into the London Room as James is right behind him. James is working on packing his suitcase by rolling and folding his clothes. He has just said hello to Natalie but no response from her as he continues to pack. Vic, Corey, Paul and Nicole are in the kitchen prepping for lunch. Paul must have lost his mind for a few seconds as he starts singing loudly but soon is being cut off by BB production to stop. In the London Room, James is still working at this suitcase and then now Natalie decides to talk and is letting James know that Michelle warned her. James is telling her that the reason Meg left last season was because James chose not to use to Veto on her but feels that this season is a bit different due to their relationship. No other conversation is being made at this time.

1:15 PM BBT As James is packing while Natalie is still laying in bed and not having any conversation with James, the other HG are in the kitchen cooking and laughing. Corey and Nicole sitting at the big table eating lunch. And we are having Paul talking about what is an “ATHEIST”. He is explaining that once you die, nothing happens and if you are buried in the ground, worms will just eat you. And that he is not the one who started this conversation but blames it on Michelle. All is quiet in the London room, neither James nor Natalie are talking to each other. Vic and Paul are joining the other two HG at the big table. They are all having some small chat and cannot wait until they are out of the house and really enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about game.
1:23 PM BBT Feeds are down.
1:24 PM BBT the HG can hear a lot of noise coming from the BY. Natalie is now up and left the London room to go into the bathroom. They are discussing table now and how to use their utensils at the table. Paul is mentioning that he doesn’t use chop sticks and rather use a fork so he can actually eat his food without having to “fetch” for it! LOL.
1:30 PM BBT Natalie returns back to bed in the London room as James packing, but shortly he leaves the room and heads to the kitchen where the rest of the HG are but then decided to return to the London Room where his suitcase is awaiting him. All quiet. In the meantime, the other HG are having a good time in the kitchen where some of them are playing dominos.
Paul is telling the group that he is going to S–T on Michelle at the end of the show’s party. Paul is saying that he thinks Michelle has major issues. Neither James nor Natalie are talking in the London Room even tho they are the only two in there. Corey left the table as the domino game is over. Paul is telling that he never S–T on Nicole. She is saying that she would not accept money from her friends like Paul if she does something for them. They are discussing each other’s mom as Vic and Nicole are resetting their Domino game. Nicole says that she will be checking up all of Paul’s social media when she gets out. He is telling her that she would love to go out and have some Mexican food as Vic is mentioning that he would really like to go and see his old house.


1:45 PM BBT James seem to be all done with his packing in the London room as he is exiting it and heads up to the HOH room but to return shortly thereafter. James says sorry to the noise he is making but Natalie tells him that there is no need to apologize and hopes that she is ok. He is asking her if she wants to talk it out but to no avail as she is saying that she doesn’t want to stress out. James is trying to have some kind of conversation with Natalie by telling her that he can’t believe that he was able to fit everything into his small suitcase. She wishes the eviction was today to get it over with and wants to make sure it will be tomorrow on Thursday. She tells him that she loves the fact that she threw him under the bus and laughs about it. James is saying that he understand it if that is her game but that is not how he operates. Natalie is telling James that he should really go and hang out with the rest of the group but James is saying that as a friend, he rather spend the last day with her. But, Natalie replies that he will have a very boring day just sitting there as she sleeps.
2:00 PM BBT In the kitchen, we have Nicole, Corey, Paul and Vic are still in the kitchen playing dominos as BB calling out Nicole to go to the storage room and exchange her microphone battery pack. Nicole is saying that she will have pretty cool friends outside the house. Paul is exciting that the fact Nicole will be reachable and could act as his nurse and will definitely call her in case he gets weird symptoms. We are having Natalie and James still in the London Room chatting and how exciting Natalie is to finally meet Julie.
2:00 PM BBT everyone in the house is enjoying their day. Natalie and James are spending their last full day together.
2:15 PM. BBT all hgs enjoying the day
2:30 PM BBT Natalie and James talking in the London room. Natalie says showmances are fun. Nicole and Corey are in the kitchen chatting. James is upset that Natalie is upset. Natalie says if she returns she won’t have a showmance. Natalie says to James we will be friends after the show. James asks Nat if she would do the Amazing Race with her.


2:45 PM BBT Natalie is finding something to eat. She is going to eat a breakfast burrito with hot sauce. Everyone is up and enjoying their day.
3:00 PM BBT Not much going on in the house. Victor, Corey, and Paul chatting in the living room.
3:15 PM BBT Just chit chat going on. Corey, Paul, and Vic are hanging out in the living room.
3:30 PM BBT Not much going on. Small talk going on in the London room and Living room.
4:00 PM BBT Paul,Victor, and Nicole sitting around dining room table while Nat and James talking in the London Rm. James is talking about his daughter. Nicole (and Corey) says if they hooked up with Paul (and Victor) earlier, it would have been smooth sailing! Nicole and Paul talking about the MemoryWall photos. Victor cleaning the kitchen.
4:10 PM BBT Corey came out of DR; Victor called in. Fish. When feeds come back on, Paul shuffling cards. Decided to play BS, then Texas Hold ‘em.
4:27 PM BBT Nat and James both say that if they won POV, they would have used it on the other person. They talk how and for who they campaigned for this week. Nat says she is content on being convicted sitting next to James. She is glad it wasn’t one of the other HGs. She is proud she is viewed as a bigger threat than a vet (James). She says what all she will say before the votes take place…she wants to let them have it. It is wrong to talk negatively about others. This will give her closure.
4:36 PM BBT Texas Hold ‘em is being played at the dining room table betting with Starburst. Victor is the “banker”. They are teaching Paul how to play. Paul wins the hand…and didn’t know it! The 2nd hand he won lots! 2

4:45 PM BBT James did say how early on he prevented Nat from being thrown up on the block as a pawn. Nat still tries to think of what to say in her speech. Both Nat and James appear tired; there is a lot of no talking (and eyes shut) between thoughts. Within 10 minutes, James and Nat are asleep.
5:00 PM BBT Nicole is barely holding on playing Texas Hold’em; she is about out of Starbursts. James and Nat are asleep in the London Rm.
5:15 PM BBT Sleeping in the London Rm and Texas Hold‘em card game continues.  Nat awakens; she unwraps and sucks on the lollipop on the nightstand. She reads the inside of the wrapper. Not much discussion between them.
5:30 PM BBT Paul took everyone’s Starburst “money”. He is the Texas Hold’em winner! Nicole wants to go rest for a bit. Her and Corey head for the Tokyo Rm. Victor gets back to cleaning the kitchen. Corey and Nicole trying to spell things out in sign language. Fish.
5:45 PM BBT Nat questions if James has changed his attitude and is ready for a relationship. She goes on to say she wants to be independent and successful on her own. She is not going to force a relationship. If it happens it happens. They continue talking on how they each foresee an ideal relationship.  Paul reads the poker card that lists the different hands. He discusses with Victor what hands are higher than others.  Corey gets up and joins Paul and Victor in the kitchen/dining areas on his way to take a shower. Paul mentions only 13 days left after tomorrow. They talk about fixing chicken and rice for dinner.  Nat thinks she would be great playing Survivor. James talks about how much money is made being on Survivor. He had a friend who was on Survivor.
6:00 PM BBT Back in the kitchen, Victor is again upset on how dirty the place is! Dental floss on the floor by the dining table! Paul and Corey would hate to be Victor’s kids. Parents of other kids would not be upset at him, since the kids would go back home a better kid. Corey has a cleaning service that comes in where he lives.  Nat bugs James until he tells her the truth on if he threw the comp. He shakes his head no in that he did not throw it. Nat plays around with a dab of lotion and puts on James. James retaliates. Nat puts the lotion on the backside of the door knob….a prank for someone else.
6:15 PM BBT On their way to the WR, James asks Victor if it’s spring cleaning time. Nicole appears as if she just came down from showering in HOH Rm and puts on make-up in the WR.  Nat and James back in London Rm. Nat is excited to go to Jury House where it will be clean! She has never lived in a mansion before. James and her reading labels of their juice bottles using each other’s voices/accents….laughing.  Paul in HOH Rm where Corey is showering. He helps himself to the jerky, plays the air guitar, and listens to the iPod lying on the couch.10

6:30 PM BBT Nicole enters HOH Rm to pluck Paul’s eyebrows.
Nat and James back in London bed playing guessing games on what’s written on the bottle labels.
6:45 PM BBT Nat wants to tell the others that she has kept a secret before she leaves. She contemplated telling them she is an astronaut or something crazy, but then thinking about telling them the truth that she is a professional cheerleader. Corey and Victor starting to prepare dinner.
7:00 PM BBT Paul has joined in to help fix dinner. Paul making BBQ chicken and Victor rice ‘n beans. James and Nat back asleep in the London Rm.
Nicole wants to play cards again. She knows euchre (midwest type game); Victor suggested Spades, but seems like no one else knows how. Corey and Nicole try playing Go Fish; either know exactly how to play. The guys have never heard of Old Maid. Nicole likes it, but only knows how to play with a specific deck made for the game.
As Nat leaves the London Rm, she gets the lotion on her hands from the door knob. She pranked herself! In kitchen get gets a grapefruit and comes back to London Room to peel and eat. She is so bored! Nat says she is ready to go. James says he’s ready to win HOH!
7:15 PM BBT Nat says the next HOH person will guarantee Final 4…James needs to win it. Then need to win POV the following week. She hopes it’s not a “days” comp. She is also giving James pointers in his future play. James says it sucks since he will be stuck between 2 couples.
Victor is teaching Nicole and Corey how to play “3 of 1 and 4 of another”. They play the card game while dinner is cooking. Nat believes Nicole is the most dangerous and will win this game if she is Final 2. Nat thinks Corey bribed Victor to lose the veto comp.
7:30 PM BBT Now James falls for Nat’s lotion on the door knob prank. James is surprised BB gave them cards! Paul announces dinner is ready. Nat goes to take a shower. BB keeps saying to stop singing. Nat says she can’t help but sing…she is happy to be going to jury. She says it’s a spoiler alert that she is being evicted.  Victor, Nicole, and Paul rave about the delicious dinner! Corey is in DR. Corey dips up dinner and Nicole called into DR.
7:45 PM BBT Nat doesn’t want to see James so sad. James says at least they only need to do one goodbye message this time.16

8:00 PM BBT  James and Natalie in the LBR talking about if she goes home tomorrow she will get the live audience. They talk about the last HOH comp and that it was real close and if she would have won it would have been a game changer. They go in kitchen to get some food , the other four are in the kitchen playing cards. No conversations except for over the card game and how good the food is. Natalie and James go back into the LBR, he wants to hold her hand and she says that after last night she won’t.
8:15PM BBT Natalie saying that she was saying that she had a secret and James says that he didn’t think paul was listening until he said what secret. She says that they are for sure talking crap about them. James says that maybe after they are done we will play cards. James says that they can talk, Natalie says that they can do some pranks before she leaves , put icy hot all over Paul’s bed. Natalie says she cannot wait to leave, she says she is throwing her friendship bracelet into the crowd and that he should do the same. She says that she loves the way they don’t ask her to make a good bye for James incase he leaves because they know it would be a waste of time. She says she has to throw something into the crowd, they try to figure something out. Natalie says that she is so over the other HGs so much, she says that Corey was saying he was afraid of commitment. James says that he does not think that Corey and Nicole will be more friends after the show. Natalie says that Corey isn’t ready to settle down.
8:30PM BBT Natalie says that when she comes out of the house she is going to do a spin in her heels because she thinks it would be fun. She wants to know if anyone has ever done that before. Nicole, Corey, Paul and Victor in the kitchen playing poker and wearing sunglasses to hide their eyes and laughing. They are using mini candies as money. James and Natalie seem to be taking a nap. To buy into the game it’s twenty push-ups to get ten bucks of candy tokens.
8:45PM BBT Paul does his second twenty push-ups to get some candys. Looks like Victor is doing the best. Just banter back and forth.
9:00PM BBT Corey mocking Nicole a lot while playing poker , she will be whining later tonight. Paul asks if it’s Thursday yet and he reminds everyone that there is only thirteen days left.  Corey has called Nicole big bird three times in the last thirty minutes, she says she hates that would rather be called little chick instead. They decide to play blackjack now. Paul tells the others that Natalie  has put icy hot on the door handle in the room and to be careful not to touch this. Nicole  says for sure she could of possibly touched her eye or something and they feel irritated.
9:15PM BBT still playing blackjack. Conversations are so boring only about random games and such. James wakes up and turns off the light, I was hoping for some talk or drama. The guys keep saying dos Equis and two exes , Nicole asks if that’s their alliance? They say no, and victor says that is one of the stupidest things Pauls been saying all summer.  17

9:30PM BBT Paul explains the dos Equis and she says she doesn’t believe it and says that Corey acts sketchy when the words are said. They all laugh at her and says she is being paranoid. Victor says that Paul needs to stop making a person that they are working with feel nervous and Paul say f*ck you. They all laugh. Nicole decides to wash dishes and they stop to serve some more food. Nicole say Corey can use her money because she is done. Paul says he is going to lay down and tells Nicole that he and Corey do not have a final two. She says it’s fine if they do, Paul says so okay cool Corey were all good. He then says he is going to hang with Natalie and James, and they all laugh They make fun of a reset week and Natalie staying and sending home James.
9:45PM BBT Nicole seems mad and really quiet, they pick on her and say she gets like this when she loses. She says she just needs some time alone. Nicole and Corey walk off , Paul and Victor laugh and make comments. Paul is saying he is just so anxious. Nicole comes back in and Paul asks if they wants to come upstairs or are they going to bed? They start talking about episodes and different comps that they played. They discuss what the HOH comp might be. Nicole says she’s sleepy and Victor says say what you want you will be in the kitchen in a hour getting a snack, They all laugh. Nicole and Paul talk about that the knew last night that they would make up. Paul is whispering about what they will tell them tomorrow about the eviction and then they talk about the guy and the bullhorn. Paul says that things happen for entertainment and that it makes good tv. Nicole says she is off to bed.
10:00 PM BBT Corey and Paul in the kitchen talking, Corey saying one of them is going to win it. Corey hopes it is not endurance. Paul says that they are golden 13 more days. Corey is going to bed. Corey asks Nicole if she wants the lights on or off. Nicole says to turn them off. Corey gets in bed. Paul speaking to Victor. Paul says they should spread paranoia in the house. Victor says they are going to tiptoe to 500,000. Vic would like Paul to win HOH tomorrow. Vic is letting Paul know how they are going to get to the final 3. Vic thinks Paul is better under pressure than Nicole. Paul says tomorrow he is going to study all day. Paul says as long as James does not win they will be good. Vic says he is just worried about the veto. Paul says he does not see it anyway that they are not in the final 3. Paul is called to the DR. James speaking to Corey, Corey telling James not to get down because of Natalie and it is just a game and to just move forward. Corey says that Nicole and him have James’s back. James is going to the bathroom. Nicole says she is constipated and is trying to go to the bathroom. James tells her to drink lots of fluid.
10:15 PM BBT Nicole brushing her teeth, Nicole gets back into bed. Corey tells Nicole that he spoke to James and that he is ready to go and the conversation that him and James had. Nicole hopes that James does have their back. Corey is saying why would James turns his back on them now. Corey hopes that James wins the HOH. Nicole is worried that James may flip and out them out. Nicole says she wants to sit next to Corey or James in the final two because she loves both of them. Nicole says that Michelle wants to see her walk out the door. Nicole says that Michelle will not vote for her if she is in the final two and it sucks because Michelle was one of her best friends at the beginning of the season. James comes into the room and asks them what they are talking about. Corey and Nicole talking about what could have happened and you just never know what will happen. James telling Corey and Nicole that Natalie told him that they should have just been friends. James says he is over it and just remaining cool and get his head back in the game. Corey ask James what he thinks the HOH comp is going to be tomorrow. Corey saying the episode tonight is going to really good. Corey laughing how James broke the thing trying to get the key. James talking about his strategy during the comp.
10:30 PM BBT Corey thinks that it was a good comp for him to compete in. James telling them that Natalie and Meg are alike. James says he is going to find a nice southern woman to settle down with.
Natalie sleeping.
10:45 PM BBT Nicole talking to Paul about James and how Natalie just told him he just wants to be friends. Paul asking them how James is feeling. Corey says that he is fine trying to get his head in the game. Paul wondering what the HOH comp will be tomorrow. Paul going to bed.
11:00 PM BBT Nicole and Corey going to bed, Paul saying he is going to clean his nose. Victor is taking a shower. Paul in the kitchen making something. Natalie is called to the DR. Corey comes into the kitchen with Nicole.
11:15 PM BBT Corey, Nicole, and Paul in the kitchen, Paul is cleaning his nose and is over the his nose piercing and can’t wait to take it off. He will not pierce anything again.
11:30 PM BBT Paul, Vic and Corey in the kitchen talking about things they take to make them feel better. Talking about the drinks of Vodka they like to drink. Natalie and James in the London room, Natalie packing and what she will need. Nat says she is taking Tiffany’s glasses. Nat saying that Paul is the meanest person and have been since week 1. She has said that Paul has been rude to her and told her to the shut the f&*^ up today while she was talking. Nat is saying that Paul is not a nice person and she is going to put him on blast . Nat says she has not spoken to him all week and is the rudest person she has ever met. Nat has apologized to him and does not like the way he has treated her.
11:45 PM BBT Paul, Vic, and Corey in the kitchen talking about have a contest to have a fan go with them to a meet and greet. Corey and Vic going to bed . Paul is going to take a shower. Paul saying he can’t wait to bone. Corey asks Nicole if James and her have a final two deal. Nicole says no. Nat excited to go to Jury and enjoy her vacation there


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