Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, September 8th

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, September 8th
Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates:
Thursday, September 8th

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12:15 AM BBT – 1:30 AM Feeds go to Fish

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, September 8th

1:30 AM BBT James and Natalie are in the London Room James is rubbing Natalie’s back. Natalie tells America James is only rubbing her back. In the HOH Room Paul and Victor are having a hard time getting to sleep so are talking. Victor is saying he is the first person who has been evicted and could win. Paul says he is going to have 6 or 7 times on the block. Paul says he is going to put Vaseline on something so that when it gets picked up it is slippery. Victor is laughing. Paul is talking about him shitting on Natalie so much. Looks like Victor and Paul are going to try and go to sleep. Back in the London Room James is rubbing Natalie’s back. Natalie is saying something but is talking into her pillow.
1:45 AM BBT Natalie is saying that Nicole and Corey never talked to her at all today. James asked Natalie to pass him the water. She did they say goodnight to each other looks like they are going to try and sleep. James says being on the block sucks. Natalie said something into her pillow again. Natalie is talking about what she is going to do outside the house. James asks her if she is going to New York. He tells her she will like it in jury, it will be relaxing
2:00 AM BBT Looks like all hgs are going to call it a night and go to sleep.
2:15 AM BBT James and Natalie are having a hard time getting to sleep James is rubbing Natalie’s back and neck. Natalie is talking about little babies. She is saying she never seen one so little as the one she seen, she said they were going to have problems. James says there is a lot they can do nowadays. James is now massaging Natalie’s arm, he is trying to get her relaxed enough to sleep. Natalie is asking James what he will do if he really wins. Natalie says she is very good at some things. She says she would be better at another type of game other than Big Brother. Natalie thanks James for the massage, she says her shoulder is still tight so James starts massaging that. Natalie is telling James he has good karma and is a good guy.
2:30 AM BBT James says he is glad he met her. Natalie says the only reason she wanted to leave last night was because of all the words coming out of his mouth. She won’t care if the other guests said it. Natalie tells him he is wonderful at massages, she tells him he actually knows how to give one. He says he was always told that he hurt when he did them. She says she likes them when they hurt. Natalie is telling him he made her feel better. She says she is now a reality TV person. She says her friends know when she is going to blow something up and move on to something else. She says they tell her to make sure she has another job before she blows everything up. She says she is asked why are you becoming shady. Feeds go to Fish. Cameras come back on with all of them on the HOH Room where Paul and Victor are sleeping.
2:45 AM BBT All cameras are still on the HOH Room where Victor and Paul are sleeping. Cameras finally leave the HOH and go to London Room where Natalie and James are in the middle of a conversation. They are talking about James’s accent. Natalie says it was one of the things she liked about him. Feeds Go to Fish again. Natalie is saying she can deal with lots of different people. James is telling her about a customer he went to deal with, she told him to keep talking and she called her mom and told James to say something. He said they told him his accent was so cool. Feeds Go to Fish. Feeds come back on with all cameras in the HOH Room where Victor and Paul are still sleeping.
3:00 AM BBT All cameras are still on the HOH where Paul and Victor are sleeping. Cameras now go to London Room where James and Natalie are talking about accents from different areas. James says the farther south you go the stronger the accents.Natalie says it is better for us if we mixed our genetics, she could not live somewhere where that is frowned on. James says if you come to Texas you will see. She says I’ll feel like I’m in a different country, but I can do daisy duke shorts and cowboy boots. James says who knows you come to visit me you may like it and pick up the accent. She starts joking and tries a southern accent by saying shut your mouth sir. He says a friend of his from New York came to visit him in Texas and had a hard time at first because she liked to shop Vintage Stores and he lives in a small town. He is saying his friend started dating a friend of his and they take turns visiting each other and sometimes meet in Vegas. He says they are opposites she dresses vintage and he dresses cowboy but it seems to work for them they are happy. Natalie says there is no serious dating just serious talking she says New York is a loveless state, no one knows what love is anymore. Natalie says what if I tell you this was all part of a plan from 2 weeks ago. James tells her Julie is going to ask her what is going on with her and James? Natalie says she is going to say she has no idea or to be continued Julie. Natalie asks him if he thinks she is funny. James says what if Julie asks her what is something you learned about yourself here that you didn’t know? Natalie says I love to eat.


3:15 AM BBT They continue practicing possible Julie questions. James says Did you know what you were getting into here. Her answer will be No way it is a roller coaster. James says you are picking up my accent. She tells him about her sister picking up the Florida accent when they lived there. James asks her If you know what you know now would you do it all over again the same way. Natalie says probably not it was really stressful. She says she learned to live without her cell phone for 3 months. Natalie asks him will she ask about the spy girls. James says she may ask do you regret working with Nicole and Corey? Natalie says yes. James then puts his name in there, she says no why would I regret working with James. Natalie asks if Nicole is going to shit on her in her goodbye message. He thinks they all will be good except Paul’s his is iffy. Natalie says she doesn’t care because none of them are her friends. She says they don’t pay my bills so I don’t care. She is telling him about when she told her mom about getting implants. She says her mother was upset and she told her mother you don’t pay my bills and it’s my body I’ll do what I want. James says you are a firecracker. She says she is nice but she can defend herself. She says she likes to pay her own bills, she says her and her sister are on the same plan for phone bills and she tries to pay it as it slips her sister mind as she works all the time. She is saying that she would not press charges against anyone who did not want to pay to help raise a child that they made with her. She says she would just get another job and do it herself. She is too prideful. James says maybe not give money but help by getting things for them. Natalie says the thing is if they don’t want to help raise the child they help make than they are just a donor. James says when they get older they will ask questions. Natalie says she would tell them the truth your dad doesn’t want to be around. Natalie says let’s not talk about this subject anymore because I don’t have any kids and won’t have any kids with a deadbeat. She says she is a hit with the kids she does charity events for because she has a big personality. Natalie says she is always going to do charity work that is apart of me.
3:30 AM BBT Natalie says she is going to give a great speech but she isn’t sure what to say. James is telling her to do whatever she wants to do call them out not call them out. She says she is either high energy or low energy. James is once again rubbing her back. Feeds go to Fish. Feeds come back with all cameras on the HOH again where Victor and Paul are still sleeping.
3:45 AM BBT All cameras still on HOH Room where Victor and Paul are still sleeping. Feeds Go To Fish Feeds back with Natalie telling James she is very good at figuring out the time without looking at a clock and is generally pretty close to the right time.
4:00 AM BBT Feeds go to Fish Feeds come back with James rubbing Natalie’s back and them having a general conversation Feeds go to Fish and once again come back to Victor and Paul in the HOH. Cameras go to Natalie and James who are still having a conversation about life in general. Natalie is saying some one in the house needs to sleep with oxygen. James has his arm across Natalie’s back, looks like they are finally settling in for the night.
4:15 AM BBT All hgs seem to be sleeping.
4:30 AM BBT All hgs are still sleeping
5:30 AM BBT All hgs are sleeping
6:00 AM BBT All HGs still asleep.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs asleep.
7:15 AM BBT All HGs still asleep. Natalie and James are sleeping restlessly..
8:00 AM BBT All Houseguests are sleeping.
9:00 AM BBT Feed Check – Feeds 1 & 2 HOH – Victor and Paul sleeping. Room is dark, fish tank light is on. Feeds 3 & 4 London Bedroom – James and Natalie sleeping, same bed. Room is dark.

Daily Big Brother #BB18 Live Feed Updates: Thursday, September 8th
9:46 AM BBT All feeds turn to Fish. Time to get up for the day!
10:00 AM BBT Feeds return. Lights are on but all houseguests are still in bed. Victor and Paul are awake and laughing about morning wood. James is awake in London and staring off into the distance, possibly reflecting on his or Natalie’s last few hours in the house.
10:15 AM BBT No one has ventured out of bed yet, everyone is back to sleep.
10:30 AM BBT Still in bed.
10:40 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH, back a minute later to the HG’s in bed.
11:00 AM BBT HG’s are still quiet in their beds..
11:15 AM BBT Still in bed.
11:24 AM BBT Feeds go down for a few seconds and then back to everyone heading up to HOH room for lockdown.
11:26 AM BBT Jeff loop!!
11:45 AM BBT Jeff loop, feeds down.


12:00 PM BBT At this time, we are on lockdown and Jeff’s loop is on.
12:15 PM BBT Live feeds are down and Loops are on.
12:30 PM BBT No Feeds at this moment but Jeff’s Loop is showing clips with Derrick as his guest.
12:45 PM BBT Jeff’s loops are running.
1:00 PM BBT Feeds are still down.
1:02 PM BBT Feeds are back up and Vic looks like he has packed his stuff out of the HOH room. Vic and Natalie are in the kitchen as James and Nicole in the bathroom getting ready for tonight’s live show. Paul and Vic seem to be stacking the fridge from what looks like Vic’s HOH fridge. Not much talking in the house. We now have Paul, Corey, Nicole and James in the downstairs bathroom. Natalie has returned in the London room to nap.
1:08 PM BBT Feeds are down again but just for a few seconds. We see a couple of the HG in the kitchen and back to fish and again back live. Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo room just chatting and laughing up. In the background, we can hear Paul talking out loud. Corey and Nicole just sitting on their bed as she is suggesting that they should play a card game. Natalie is still all alone in the London Room napping.
1:15 PM BBT Vic, Corey, Paul and Nicole are sitting at the “big” table in the kitchen about to play cards as they are chatting and enjoying their time together. Paul is talking as usual… asking what the couple’s favorite position is?! Glad there was no response to that. James has left the bathroom and returned to the London room to get dressed but there is not much conversation between Nat and James. He is asking her if she is ok and her replies was that there should be no reason for him to check on her as they are just friends. Natalie is having a mean moment as James is trying to be nice and cheer her up. The only thing that she is looking forward to is to get into the jury house and see Bridgette. And that James really need to get over this. Natalie is refusing to be kind to James at this moment as she is wondering why being a nice girl has not gotten her too far. James is so trying to comfort Natalie and doesn’t understand why she is being so negative in the house especially as it is her last day. Natalie says hopefully she will stay friend with James and just want to be out of the game. She is also telling him that there are many reasons why she has decided not to be in a relationship with him and one of them are some of his comments. James in his right moment is telling Natalie that he wishes she would see how she treats him and put herself in his shoes at times during this game. She wishes him a good rest of the game and hopes he wins it.


1:30 PM BBT James is in the London room getting ready for tonight’s show as Nicole, Corey, Paul and Vic in the kitchen. Natalie wants to know why James is telling the other HG how she made him feel and she hates the fact that James told them that they got into an argument. Natalie keeps repeating that she just wants to leave and James is finally agreeing with her so she can find her happy place.
1:33 PM BBT Feeds keeps cutting on and off as the HG are getting prepped for tonight. In the kitchen, the other HG are playing their card game. James and Natalie are still chatting about their time in the house, the lows and highs of their game. James is doing his best to cheer her up and to show her how loyal and a good person and team player he has been to her.
1:43 PM BBT There is no more conversation between James and Natalie in the London Room. The room is quiet at this time. But, we have Corey, Nicole with Vic and Paul in the kitchen playing card game. They seem to be really having a good time since there is no game talk. James looks so sad as Natalie keeps whining on how much this is torture to have to wait till eviction and hates the fact that she got involved in a showmance. James apologizes to Natalie by saying he is sorry for ruining her game. Shortly after, Natalie leaves the room to get something to eat, which leaves James all alone in the London room but to return back in the room with a cup of cottage cheese that she eating. James’s face on seeing her eat her cottage cheese right out of the bowl with a big spoon is priceless.
1:55 PM BBT Vic, Paul, Nicole and Corey are talking about how many days are left in the game and they are continuing their card game. Natalie and James still in the London room where neither one is speaking.
2:00 PM BBT James and Natalie still sitting silent in London room as Nat eats Cottage cheese. Nicole, Corey, Paul and Vic still in kitchen playing cards. Talk about having a poker face and how the professionals hide their faces and wear sunglasses. Natalie called to DR. James sits silently alone in London room. James is in deep thought alone as Natalie returns from DR. Natalie once again says “count down begins, I can’t wait” in regards to her impending eviction later. Paul called to DR.
2:15 PM BBT James leaves London room to check what time is it. Camera on Natalie alone in London room laying on bed under blankets. All other house guests in kitchen at round table. Paul still in DR. Corey asked to clean window above the sink in kitchen. Paul out of DR. James back to London room with Nat. Nicole cleaning mirror in bathroom. Victor and Paul go in and Victor helps clean mirror. James sitting on bed in LBR eating, no talk between him and Natalie. Nicole is taking makeup off to get ready for live show. Paul and Corey in kitchen.
2:30 PM BBT Nat telling James she realized how much she liked to cook in the house. Corey is getting ready to shower. James asking Natalie if she will cook her pasta one more time before she leaves today. Natalie just told James that she is so excited to go to jury, that he doesn’t understand just how excited she is! Corey in shower, Nicole and Paul chatting in BR. Nat saying she will give James a quick hug and will RUNNN to Julie. She will have Mr. Jenkins in one hand and her bag in the other. She is talking about what she will be doing after BB is done. She has a feeling good things will happen for her now since this experience. Victor cleaning BR, Corey showering and Paul into WC. Nicole doing makeup on bench in BR. Nat telling James how expensive it is to live in NY. Vic goes from kitchen to BR with a bowl of rice talking to Nicole. He looks into Safari room and states how much of a mess it is and that no one goes in there anymore. Paul out of WC and Victor tells him to wash his hands and go check out Safari room.
2:45 PM BBT Natalie and James talking about dates and when each person won a comp. They are still alone in London room. Each on a separate bed. Corey and Victor sitting at round table. Corey watching Vic as he plays Solitaire. Vic teaching Corey how to play. Natalie telling “America” that James has drove her crazy all summer long! She tells him he’s one special egg. She compliments his legs and calves. Nicole and Paul talking in BR. Nicole asks Paul if he thinks she’s rude. Paul bashing Natalie saying she will throw a backhanded comment towards Victor. Paul worried Nat will crap on him, on her way out. James and Natalie talk about skydiving. Nat says she couldn’t be paid to do it. Paul and Nicole out of BR to kitchen. Nicole wants rice. Corey now playing Solitaire at table as Victor eats and watches. Paul and Nicole general chat in kitchen. Natalie all giggles now with James in London room. James looks relieved and appears to be enjoying this time with Natalie.
3:00 PM BBT Natalie on repeat. Telling James once again how excited she is to go to Jury, how amazing it will be to live in a mansion for a whole week, how she can’t wait to get out of the BB house. She said why would she want to stay in the BB house and be tortured any longer. Once again… “James you don’t know how excited I am to get out of here, you have no idea”! Deja vous, have we heard this before?? James thinks this seasons show was much more controversial over seasons past. He says there were several showmances and more drama this season.
3:15 PM BBT James and Natalie discussing possible votes for who may be the final 2. Nat tells James that if he is final 2 with Victor, she doesn’t think James will get the votes. James says he knows he should have 4 votes, but Natalie won’t confirm who she would give her vote to if it’s between James and Victor. James will have her vote if it is Nicole and him at final 2. Paul scared Nicole as she came from Bathroom area. Nicole, Paul, Corey and Vic back to table to play more cards. James and Natalie still alone in London room. Nat is telling James that their showmance didn’t work out but she wants to be his good friend. Talk about James going on Survivor how she will have shirts made and will be supporting him. Feeds cut
3:17 PM BBT. Feeds down for Live show. Updates will resume when feeds return.


3:17 PM BBT7:03 PM BBT . Feeds down for Live show. Updates will resume when feeds return.
7:03 PM BBT Feeds return for the live endurance HOH comp. HG are trying to fill their container with buttr. Looks like Corey is going strong while james takes a water break. James seems to struggle with being winded going back and fourth down the lane. Paul takes a fall. James drop his cup half way back to his container. Paul takes another hard fall. Vic makes a joke “butter not slip” Corey seems to be in the lead at the moment but he is getting tired. corey is starting to start to struggle, James falling and just crawling uphill. Nicole seems to just be running uphill and Paul is doing well going down. James again falls when he is running uphill.
7:15PM BBT Victor tells Corey that he makes this look so easy. Nicole is almost done with the small container, again James crawls back to the butter. Paul throws his scoop and then crawls up the hill. James falls hard and you could hear the thud. James and Paul do well going down but going up they crawl on all fours. Corey is almost skating down and running up.
7:25PM BBT Nicole is one or two scoops away from filling her small bowl, Corey has his large one half way. Paul has his small one half way, Nicole keeps filling her small one but cannot get her ball out when she puts her hand in to get her ball out her butter comes out but no ball. Now that Nicole has her big scoop she is working on her big bowl.
7:30PM BBT Paul comes halfway back to the bowl and bites it. It looks like a nicorey comp. it looks like Corey’s long legs are a good tool in this game, he tells Nicole that she will probably catch up to him. Paul falls and it’s a loud thud. It looks like Paul has given up with the small bucket and focusing on the larger one.
7:37 PM BBT   James makes the comment that he’s getting too old for this crap and Nicole tells him he’s the biggest kid. Most playful and then Victor. Paul slides down the slide in his butt  and almost spills the butter. Nicole says that’s awesome and looks so fun. Victor tells him he’s going to hurt himself like that. James is in second place in the HOH jug, he can’t believe that. Nicole’s big scoop is helping her a lot. 8

7:45PM BBT The others call Nicole the energizer bunny, she say that is what she was called in high school. Paul still working on the small tank so he can still get the big scoop. Nicole falls hard, she says that it knocked the wind out of her. They all ask if she’s okay except Corey. She constantly tells everyone how good they are doing. Victor goes to look for the HOH key, he thinks he might have left it in his pants. Corey is like ⅔ done.
8:00PM BBT Corey has like one or two scoops left and he will be the next HOH.9

8:08PM BBT Jeff feeds.
8:20PM BBT Back in the house Corey won the comp and everyone is excited, well except for James. Everyone getting showers and cleaned up just talking about how many times they fell. Nicole and Paul making some chicken , everyone’s hungry after that workout. They talk about Becky from last season winning this comp and getting all three prizes offered.
8:30PM BBT Corey out of the shower and says he’s tired, they tell him that it’s still early and will have to wait till hi room is ready and the might have to do DRs. Nicole tells James that she is sorry about Natalie, he says that it’s fine and that he appreciates that he was kept. They ask why she thought she was going home since Victor made it obvious that his target was James. The subject changes to the comp and the falls and funnies that happened during it. Nicole says she is the last girl and then Corey says for right now and they all laugh. She says the execs are back. They all laugh again. Nicole says she is getting ready to shower. Paul says he hurts so bad that he might take a ice bath later. James and Corey in the living room talking about evictions, Victor comes in and they talk about they need to send two more home before next Thursday.
8:45PM BBT Nicole tells James that Natalie told everyone James was her soulmate and that there is only one of them in your life. They say that they might get married. James says we will see what happens when we get out cause I didn’t like the way she treated me in here. He says she couldn’t separate the game from personal. Victor and Corey tell Nicole that she has awesome legs and that they are very strong. They said they really saw it during the comp. They all agree that they will feel the pain in a few days. James takes his bag back to the LBR, he just stands and looks around. He tells America that he feels like he just got done breaking up, Paul comes in and ruins the talk. James thanks Paul for keeping him, Paul says they thought the nicer person was him and deserved to say. Paul says that he thought that she was taking advantage of him, but he hopes that he’s wrong. James says they will see.
9:00PM BBT Corey trying to get into the DR, they don’t let him in. Nicole in the shower and James waiting to get in. Corey is resting in the living room, he says he’s hurting bad and can’t sit in the kitchen right now. They all agree that they are all tired, Corey says after the room reveal they all need to go so he can sleep. Corey says that he thought James would be better than he was at the comp. Corey said he thought there would be others better than he at that comp. Victor laughs and Paul tells him he wasted a lot of time on the small tank. Victor says that James crawled 80% of the comp. they all laugh. Nicole and James in the bathroom she asks if Natalie was happy to leave or was just saying that , he says yes that she was saying that all week and she was mentally checked out. He doesn’t say too much. They all holler back, what was Natalie’s secret? He says that she was a professionally dancer. They wanna know what kind , but he doesn’t tell them.
9:15PM BBT James tells Nicole that Natalie knew that nicorey wasn’t gonna keep her. She says as long as he’s okay that , that’s all she cares about. She says she was a sweet girl and that she left her a nice goodbye message. Corey talks about what music he  would want and snacks. James says that Dierks Bentley follows him on Twitter, he says the story about the first time he tweeted him and he had called James buddy and he was so excited.
9:30PM BBT The foods ready so they all get food. A little bit of talk but it’s mostly about the comp that they just did. Corey is called into the DR , they talk about being the final five. Victor talks about Paulie being in the jury house with all bitter girls. They talk about how Natalie doesn’t like Paulie but James says that she said that she was excited to see them all. (Not what we heard)
9:45PM BBT Nicole and James talking about the comp, Paul and Nicole get dish duty. James says he is really hurting and feeling his age. Corey says that he is ready to get his HOH room and get in it and pass out. They talk about what the veto comp might be. Everyone’s tired and they all want to lay down and relax. They all decide to go to Tokyo and rest. Everyone but Victor in the Tokyo talking about Natalie’s eviction and if the show showed there fights.
10:00 PM BBT Corey jokingly says that the small scooper is a tablespoon. Paul asks if they’ll show him sliding. Nicole says yeah. They talk about the comp. Nicole says that she went for the big scooper ‘cause she gets tired. James says that there might be another eviction on Sunday. Paul then works out the days remaining. Corey said that he’d be in better shape if he went for the bigger scooper, ‘cause he’s in pain right now. Paul says that his hamstrings are gone. Corey asks how long the comp was, and Paul says 1½ hours. Nicole says that it would’ve been better if they could’ve used the butter from their smaller bowl. Nicole says that they sought medical attention after they did that comp on her season, due to a tilt being there. Paul says that that’s why they got rid of it this season. BB says that they’re not allowed to talk about production. James talking about Natalie’s attitude the last 2 days, about leaving, saying that she can’t wait to go to Jury. Corey says that the way Michelle went out is his favorite. Nicole thinks Nat didn’t like her because of a personal reason that’s not game-related. Corey sent to DR.
10:15 PM BBT Victor jumps on Nicole’s lap after Victor gets out of DR. Nicole says that she has ice packs on. Victor and Nicole leave to go play cards, but can’t find them. Paul suggests that Nat took them as a final FU. Nicole says that she probably doesn’t think she took them. James says that she didn’t take them. James suggests that production probably took them. Camera zooms in on Nicole’s face on the memory wall, then pan up to Natalie’s face in B&W. Paul jokes that they’re just waiting to see Corey’s HoH basket. James says that Nat won’t get a lot of time to spend in the jury house, only 5½ days. James starts to talk about his time in jury last time, where he slept on the floor at the hotel (where you go before jury), then BB says “James, you are not allowed to talk about production.” Usually, when they say that, they just say “houseguests” instead of calling them out individually.
10:30 PM BBT James says he ended up sleeping in Victor’s bed most of the season. They joke and say that bed was the “doghouse” The houseguests talk about life outside the BB house. Victor jokingly tells Nicole that he would post Nicole’s phone number on Instagram if he’s not invited to her party in Ubly. Victor says there are a lot of men with built-up testosterone. Nicole is the only female. Victor says Victor says he went 14 years without boning, Paul says “You lost your virginity at 14?!” Nicole is surprised by this.
10:45 PM BBT Houseguests chit-chatting.
11:00 PM BBT Paul arranges a day for his meet-n-greet. James asks if he’ll give them VIP status. Paul looks at him and says that it’s a meet-n-greet, then laughs. Paul was planning on scaring Corey by hiding by the DR door, but BB told him to stop that, so he moved somewhere else near the door, and BB said that it’s really annoying, so he left.
11:09 PM BBT Time to see Corey’s HoH room! Pics of mom & sis and other photos, a pillow with photos of his dog on them, Taylor Swift 1989 album, Blue Moon IPA, socks, and candy. He looks at the nutritional facts. Nicole wants to see his letter. Victor is surprised that he got. He got a letter from his sister, Kelly.
11:15 PM BBT Paul raids his snacks. James puts on the music. Victor checks out what he got in the fridge. Victor is cracking up over a package of nuts, from its Bird of the Month. Paul is the first to leave the HoH room. James is singing along to the music. Corey says that it’s good news, from what he read in his letter. James mentions that they were playing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” and says that he thought that it was towards him. Corey says that because of his speech problem when he was little, he couldn’t say sister right, so that became her nickname. Nicole says that his sister would be a great cast member, ‘cause she’s so animated. Corey says that it’s weird that he didn’t get any photos of Dylan and Charlie. Nicole jokes that he didn’t get any ‘cause it would expose Corey’s secret.
11:30 PM BBT Corey puts on the headphones, then James starts singing, then feeds cut. Corey takes off the headphones and says that it’s too much excitment and that he’ll save it for later. Corey tries to put on the monitor, but it’s not working. Corey says “No cards? No dominos? Boring!” Nicole gets ready for DR, prepping for when they call her. James and Victor talk about upcoming days, discussing when the veto is. James says that the viewers probably want to get the rest of the show over with. Victor talks into his mic, asking BB to fix the TV. Nicole is mouthing the lyrics to one of her songs. Victor and James are walking down the staircase. Victor tells James that he’s tired of the couples.
11:45 PM BBT Corey and Nicole talk game after everyone else leaves. Corey tells Nicole his speech when he nominates Victor. Nicole says she doesn’t want to be there when their faces come up. She says that if Vic goes, they have a really good chance. Nicole says that she would go up if James won the veto. Nic says that Paul and Vic are crapping themselves right now. Nic says that they can’t get James out. Nicole says that she thinks noms will be in the morning. Corey thinking out the week, considering nominating Victor and Paul. He says that James would be crazy to take one of them down. Nicole says that he’d win 9-0. Nicole says the she wouldn’t even have to argue with the jury. Nicole says that he’s killing this game. Nicole says that this is the best strategic move.


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